New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case

Never-before-heard 911 call and interrogation tapes show how Angelika Graswald appeared to react to fiancé's death.

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Never-before-heard 911 call and interrogation tapes show how Angelika Graswald appeared to react to fiancé's death.

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for New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case

KA SEFIKA - 2 years ago
She is innocent.Punishing her is a crime...
BRANDON NOEL - 2 years ago
this woman is a danger to us all how could they have let her free cold - blooded i hope she gets what she mostly deserves evil .
MR. Gentleman Sir
MR. Gentleman Sir - 2 years ago
Never date a Latvian cunt, fuck them and have them blow you then drop them, they are all dirty cunts!
nogoodwolf - 2 years ago
There is something really wrong with this. Too many innocent people go to jail and are practically forced to make a false confession. I'm only glad that she did not spend that much time in jail but still it's not fair to her. The system failed her.
Yaniris Cruz
Yaniris Cruz - 2 years ago
A ora la gente matan y solo ledan 2 años wao
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine - 2 years ago
Where's a serial killer when you need one? Don't they just love killing you blonde white chicks? Well if ever there was a perfect target....I'm just saying....nip tuck
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
Thomas Paine You're sick
Iazzaboyce - 2 years ago
She may have had multiple abusive relationships and become hardened to feelings of love and loss and it's not unrealistic for her to be relieved after a partner she was not crazy about had died, particularly if there was a life insurance payout. It does't mean she murdered him.
Carrie Banks-Wright
Carrie Banks-Wright - 2 years ago
Police took advantage of this poor child made it come back on their own life
James Bresnahan
James Bresnahan - 2 years ago
They are all nice girls until they kill someone.

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Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - 2 years ago
I feel for her next victim.....hmmm.....i mean next boyfriend
Azy wazy
Azy wazy - 2 years ago
She likes attention ... that's the reason she said all that she said.
Rae Peterson
Rae Peterson - 2 years ago
ALWAYS ask for a lawyer
Michael Smalley
Michael Smalley - 2 years ago
The boats they used were recreational kayaks suitable for small lakes and rivers. The Hudson on a windy afternoon acts like the sea. I am sure they saw other kayakers out that day. However I would assume they were prepared. Proper sea kayaks, PFD, whistle, light, VHF marine radio, sprayskirt, dry suit or wet suit, self rescue skills a float plan even. I think she "admits" to killing him in the sense that she was the one at pressured him to go out against his better judgement and feels its her fault.
Also it would take hours for the kayak to take on a significant water through a missing drain plug. The hole is above the waterline and who doesn't check their gear before heading out on the river? How many "experts were" consulted for this trial?
Rituraj Sharma warriorgyms teamwarrior
Rituraj Sharma warriorgyms teamwarrior - 2 years ago
She is the killer
rajamma John
rajamma John - 2 years ago
I don't know if she is guilty why did she agree to talk with the investigator without an attorney present and why did she admit removing drain plug that just doesn't make any sense.
mama 79
mama 79 - 2 years ago
I believe her.
Greg W
Greg W - 2 years ago
The guy was a pervert IF he wanted threesomes and foursomes but they weren't married. She could've walked away, what would be her motive for his death ? She's divorced two guys, there wouldn't be any problem with walking away from a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. I just can't find a motive.
Magic Class
Magic Class - 2 years ago
Yeah so pretty much there’s no fucking training at all for cops or detectives. Well, unless you consider that detectives/cops think they are actually (really shitty) shrinks (ya know a doctor...) Yeah, like doctors who are capable of staying awake all night and “interrogating” private citizens, simply because they took some adderall or borrowed some blow, and are capable of staying awake for over 12 hours... That’s the training? Otherwise what else makes sense? Where or what book/technique is this cop’s show from? Maybe he was winging it? The blow made him try a new technique? Otherwise, Ummmmm, this makes absolutely NO FUCKING sense, no sense and for over 12 hours. Wait. Maybe there’s training on how delusions of grandeur can make you think you have common sense when because America is so exceptional it’s a secret. We don’t want other countries to stop their bad guys so we hide the training for ourselves...? But let’s say this interrogation was “by the books,”. So in the training, cops are somehow taught that reality for them is way different and that the only sense needed; is how a cop should wield the power given to them by the tax payers.

Wow that’s advanced shit. The training must be super advanced. I wonder are there more then 1 class day or lecture on how to destroy someone in under 24 hours? Obviously cops know everything. They are such pillars of society, always doing justice stuff, especially if you’re black, and they’re super well traveled, this exposes them to different cultures and societies, and also due to the graphic nature of work (even though they’re are dozens of other jobs with higher death rates, the cops must get tons of medical treatment for their own psychosis. Wow - that’s why they are sooo smart.
The only downfall, is for us...
because they have the ability to destroy another humans life, even some weird ass foreigner’s life. And it’s fucking gross.

In summary, yeah that crack-pot cop training makes cops more fucking crazy than they would have been as only limited bullies on the playground. For a cop to be obviously to the facts, even just once, is the worse thing our country has created. That we do nothing to fix the sadistic training, no matter how many innocent people they purposely destroy because of their lack of intelligence and lack of training is on us all. Fuck em

Shame shame shame.
Margie Mejias
Margie Mejias - 2 years ago
After 12 hours of interrogation your brain could be exhausted to the point you will confess to something you didnt do especially under so much pressure
miguel cervantes
miguel cervantes - 2 years ago
I agree.

20. comment for New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case

carlie Beau
carlie Beau - 2 years ago
A statement of i wish could have paddle harder. Really she was saying she wanted to resuce him. This is the stupidest arrest and convictions i ever saw
Asael Baez
Asael Baez - 2 years ago
Robinsinpost - 2 years ago
Sha is crazy. But I don't think se is guilty.
Had she done it it would not make any sense to act like she did.
Maryam Nadeem
Maryam Nadeem - 2 years ago
She should be in jail forever
Maryam Nadeem
Maryam Nadeem - 2 years ago
Vice Mugger
Vice Mugger - 2 years ago
no mail order EVER
T mo
T mo - 2 years ago
How the hell did she ever get convicted? why would her lawyer be so stupid?
chris bond
chris bond - 2 years ago
Of course she's guilty, her demeanor and body language tells us that,,,she pleaded guilty, but more than that what did she gain, money, property, status, possessions,,, a "thrill"?
Tab Valentino
Tab Valentino - 2 years ago
Eileen LeValley
Eileen LeValley - 2 years ago
Wow, when will people learn. Once they take you in the interrogation room, keep your mouth shut. Lawyer up.

30. comment for New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case

Yonis Harrier
Yonis Harrier - 2 years ago
This man who interrogates her is bad.
Contact Info
Contact Info - 2 years ago
Not a beyond a reasonable doubt murder conclusion, free her
Chayavat Mokarakorn
Chayavat Mokarakorn - 2 years ago
She's a sociopath.
A B - 2 years ago
a grown ass man cant swim? wtf
jacegil - 2 years ago
Have 2-3 beers and try swimming in 48 degree waters with strong currents.
Number One
Number One - 2 years ago
No, she didn’t understand that cops are liars and will try anything to solve their case. I think she was caught up in our very flawed justice system. Totally innocent of his death.
J N - 2 years ago
duh no life jacket, drinking and leaving to come back at dusk. who does that?
donna field
donna field - 2 years ago
Listen to her interviews with other people she understands and speaks perfect English! She also has great facial expressions along with her speaking English! I believe it was in full attempt to kill him and she accomplish that!
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!! - 2 years ago
This is like the movie law abiding citizens
Edward Wolski
Edward Wolski - 2 years ago
Just another Slavic bitch.
POLISH whores act similar.
Don720 - 2 years ago
First of all, you need a kayak professional to give you expert understanding. A plug doesn't matter, you need a sealed compartment or sealed bulwark that will make the kayak float-able. They just didn't have the right kayak.
Even, if they mannerism may be weird, you still have to look at the evidence. This whole interview by the cop, is no brainier. If the cop just ask an expert, they should know. For real, a plug don't do much to keep it a float if it sinks.
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
The kayak is made of plastic. It won't sink even filled with water unless there are no watertight bulkheads. The top will still be visible at the waters surface. But a strong undertow would pull it down along with him and at that water temp his struggles would be fruitless. The plug is a drain plug after the kayak is taken out of the water. The plug is on top and if the kayak capsized then water could then fill the bulkhead. It also depends on if they had kayaks that had a fore and aft bulkheads or just one.
Brandon Moskos
Brandon Moskos - 2 years ago
If I was her, I would sue.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
Mateese Rippy u would think. If things were according to some of these IDIOTS comments we would all be in trouble.
Wen Chu
Wen Chu - 2 years ago
she would not know mericunt legal system is that evil
Rene Segat
Rene Segat - 2 years ago
Interrogation techniques mixed with a biased detective leads to this bullshit. I see no malice here.
lonehorseman09 - 2 years ago
she deserved 30 years in prison.
Jill - 2 years ago
Kill him or just break up
Ptubes - 2 years ago
Everyone surprise she has no emotions but did y’all forget she’s Russian
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
Marisol Meza I am so glad for your comment. my sentiments exactly. This woman was stereotyped because of her culture. There is a stereotype of the cold, gold digging Eastern European woman. Her lack of obvious emotion on the surface was misunderstood. I have heard that it is not safe to openly grieve and show emotion where she is from. I am American, but have family from Eastern Europe, so I understand this. I am glad someone else does too. I have also been with this type of man she is talking about. When my grandfather died, The first thing my grandmother said was that she was so relieved that she could finally be herself. Fortunately his medical condition was well documented and she isn't in prison now. If this woman wanted to get money from killing this man why didn't she wait until they were married, when the benefits of it would've been greater? None of this makes any sense.
Marisol Meza
Marisol Meza - 2 years ago
Exactly. Thanks. But that's a personality for Russians. She didn't kill the guy that's why she is free. Her only mistake was talking too much about her feelings. She was sexualy used by the guy. She felt abused. I mean, he wanted orgys and she didn't want that. I can relate she sometimes hated him. And in the other place, english is not her native language, and sometimes we look fake when speaking a different language. I can totally relate to that too, I'm mexican and I have a really bold accent and on top of that my voice tone is very grave, so can you imagine how hard for me is to fake a nice tone when speaking English? I think that was unfair for her being in jail for two years. Those guys in the interrogation room lied to her, they make her believe that was only a chat. like therapy to help her, and what happened in reality they wanted to find her guilty of a crime she did not committed. Thise are assholes and i hope she can sue them....
Modern Savage25
Modern Savage25 - 2 years ago
Ptubes You saying Russian people have no emotions?
Courtney Silbs
Courtney Silbs - 2 years ago
Yoga is calming- so what!!
And people- DO NOT speak to authorities WITHOUT legal representation present- EVER!
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
Eric Fical  Pleading the 5th is something you do on the witness stand in court, not during the interrogation. Courtney Silbs didn't say anything about the 5th, she was talking about having an attorney present during the interrogation. Something that even you would be entitled to when they arrest you for being you. Doing Yoga, especially when you do it all of the time is not behavior, it's considered exercise. You do know what exercise is?
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
Eric Fical  Talk about inappropriate behavior, she probably made dinner or even worse went to the bathroom. Her conviction should never have been over turned.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
Courtney Silbs You're Gross BITCH!! And no empathy. so sad
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
Eric Fical ikr. a lot of fuct up ppl on this.......
Eric Fical
Eric Fical - 2 years ago
Yoga is calming but not really appropriate behavior in the situation and environment she’s in. And you’re instructing future criminals to plead the 5th. You’re a real winner aren’t you!?
Modern Savage25
Modern Savage25 - 2 years ago
That One Girl Yup, or she chose to get up and relieve her nervous energy by doing yoga. People do weird things under pressure.
Taylor man40
Taylor man40 - 2 years ago
When she says she tried to save him but she couldn't reach him? He was paddling 10 ft away from her so I call bs that she couldn't reach him.
lani jacquez
lani jacquez - 2 years ago

50. comment for New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case

Magpie - 2 years ago
Angelika Graswald did somersaults after killing fiancé....Jodi Arias stood on her head and Amanda Knox did somersaults...wth?
James Bresnahan
James Bresnahan - 2 years ago
Magpie Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty of murder? I did when I first heard the story in 2011.
Xher Blood
Xher Blood - 2 years ago
This is why I want to be a lawyer. She is 100 percent innocent. There is a lot of evidence to prove she is innocent. She needed a lawyer present when talking about her case because the media is twisting everything she said. Its insane how the public just believes this hype.
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
Nicole Vardaro Copping to a plea is not the same as admitting it. People accept plea deals all the time, regardless of guilt or innocence. You don't seem very informed about this case. There's more to it than you see here.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
Xher Blood Its insane u believe she is innocent! U WOULD MAKE A GREAT LIAR!! i mean lawyer.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
Xher Blood U r so dumb & evil. She admitted it dummy!!
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
Me too
Enid Pratts
Enid Pratts - 2 years ago
Chéri I agree as well!!!
Audrey Scherer
Audrey Scherer - 2 years ago
Chéri very well put! I agree.
Михаил Сеничев
Михаил Сеничев - 2 years ago
почти по Драйзеру. :)
R. Scott MacLeod
R. Scott MacLeod - 2 years ago
Lets all go kayaking in the biggest coldest river we can find because there's no possibility anything can go wrong....ridiculous....any piece of driftwood could have taken them both out...let me present this simple equation...kayaking+cold large river=stupidity...with or without a psycho fiancée....the only tragedy here is how stupid it was to go kayaking in a large cold river
R. Scott MacLeod
R. Scott MacLeod - 2 years ago
save your non-tragedy for idiots stupid enough to hear it.....if you hang off the side of a skyscraper getting selfies and then slip and fall to your death it's NOT A TRAGEDY...IT'S STUPIDITY....he died because he went kayaking in a large cold river
eddie mclaughlin
eddie mclaughlin - 2 years ago
If you are not prepared for water,it will kill you.Oceans,rivers & lakes are all deadly.
Chima Nnadi
Chima Nnadi - 2 years ago
I didn’t want to kill him : that’s an indirect confession
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
shari ferdinand  All of the answers were suggested to her when she was half asleep. This is what detectives do to get innocent people to confess. they give them the answers they want instead of having them write a statement when their still fully awake. Go sit in a chair for 12 hours getting grilled and see how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. She was tired and wouldn't show sadness or shock. Physically tired and probably had back pain and used yoga to wake up and get rid of the pain. When pessimistic people get an idea in their head, that's all they focus on. If they believe that the justice system can do no wrong, don't believe that any cops or detectives are corrupt, they come up with everything they can think of to justify their beliefs to try and prove their not wrong or mistaken. On the other hand, if their belief is that the person is innocent and that the cops are corrupt and incompetent, they'll do the same thing. Being optimistic you tend to calmly look at everything without having preconceived notions and put things together in perspective. You can't do this if you automatically hate one side or the other. And the Justice system is screwed up. Too many pessimistic, bigoted, racist, narcissistic nepotistic people in the system.
shari ferdinand
shari ferdinand - 2 years ago
Chima Nnadi come on naive comments. she admitted she wanted him gone. She said he drove her crazy for a long time. wtf
bailey1950 - 2 years ago
Poor white woman who thinks her skin color will get her off
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
She was eastern European where that is not so much of a theme that it would've been in the forefront of her mind.
Modern Savage25
Modern Savage25 - 2 years ago
Yeah, stop being a manipulative piece of shit that has to bludgeon people with racism .
Don and Leah
Don and Leah - 2 years ago
Will people like you ever learn to see past skin color?
Tracy Z
Tracy Z - 2 years ago
bailey1950 yes, because everything in life is about colour. People like you perpetuate prejudism.
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat - 2 years ago
She expressed that she wanted him gone, and admitted to tampering with the drain plud and paddle. Pretty tough for a fully conscious adult to drown in a functioning kayak. Obviously he had "help".
judy valencia
judy valencia - 2 years ago
She seems to be out of touch with reality. He wanted group sex and rough sex , but she still wanted to marry him, have children with him and live happily ever after?
harooni22 - 2 years ago
judy valencia she is lieing period
Lynn James
Lynn James - 2 years ago
It doesn't even sound that windy! She's just screaming for no reason!
Robert Park
Robert Park - 3 years ago
She pleaded guilty. She did it.
mama 79
mama 79 - 2 years ago
Robert Park just because she plead guilty doesn't mean she actually is. There's a new show on Netflix about this.
Nicole Pompey
Nicole Pompey - 2 years ago
Robert Park just like the Central Park 5? Guess what, not only were they NOT GUILTY, but DNA which showed who the actual rapist was as well as the actual rapist’s detailed confession when he learned the gig was up and he gave details only the rapist would know years after these kids were sent to prison. Don’t think because someone pleads guilty, they actually are. Too many cases of false confessions after police interrogations. Plus, she never confessed, the tape was edited. What she said prior to the outburst was “you want me to say I killed him? I wanted him dead? Ok, I’ll say it, then can I go home?” I don’t know what happened but what I do know is what the actual unedited tape was and that they allowed her to cop a plea on charges based on the fact that she didn’t (couldn’t) do enough to save him. She didn’t go to jail for murder. If they had proof of murder, she would’ve gotten murder. Unfortunately, the police have a history of corruption and not wanting to admit mistakes. Either way a man is dead, his mother lost her son. It’s sad all the way around. That’s just my perspective:)
Autumn Love
Autumn Love - 3 years ago
Is this real 911 audio? Stupid bish so guilty!
Adam Stahlman
Adam Stahlman - 3 years ago
This is the most unjustified act I have ever heard of.
Jay West
Jay West - 3 years ago
She basically admitted to killing him lol. She's guilty.
tammyicious - 3 years ago
Struggles with cultural differences; yea, I bet -- we don't kill our fiances in this culture.
Vincent2wice - 3 years ago
She seems cold hearted as Fcuk...... Something about her eyes screams Evil....
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
Vincent2wice It screams Eastern European, that's all.
joe abbott
joe abbott - 3 years ago
NIne million dollar bail. While George Bush, Cheney, Silverstein and Rumsfeld walk free the murdering bastards.
Winston - 3 years ago
And Hillary Clinton and John Podesta and so on.
Wolf Pak
Wolf Pak - 3 years ago
joe abbott --you've only got one paddle in the water, cool aid drinker
33X 33X
33X 33X - 3 years ago
this is why i never go kayaking
33X 33X
33X 33X - 3 years ago
46 year old men
stay away from 35 year old women
eastweymouthchris - 3 years ago
And this ladies and gentleman is why we do not talk to the po po without an attorney present.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
Skip Ruse
Skip Ruse - 2 years ago
eastweymouthchris she's guilty as hell.
Rayleen Gale
Rayleen Gale - 3 years ago
No one can be "euphoric" while their partner drowns and genuinely love them. It's very suspicious.
Daisy Kemi
Daisy Kemi - 3 years ago
Does anyone really know if it was here
barney fife
barney fife - 3 years ago
Its not  crime to be happy someone died or wish someone is dead. People say that all the time. That isn't murder.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
George Carpenter And that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.
But thx for clappin' back! dueces!
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
edydon  The statements were made under duress. That's what they do if they want to get someone to confess. (Which she didn't) They wear them down getting them all tired out and under stress. It's a tactic like what the FBI and CIA do. It's called brainwashing.
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
barney fife, she only said things under stress after they were suggested to her, that in itself is a crime. It's called brainwashing.
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
Nicole Vardaro  Intelligent people follow their own advice.
little Wizards
little Wizards - 3 years ago
barney fife I wished my ex-husband dead after his cheating. He married his lover. 3 years later he committed suicide. Worst feeling ever.
edydon - 3 years ago
Nobody says these statements are a crime. But they are incriminating. They indicate the mentality to commit murder. They are the beginning of a case.
barney fife
barney fife - 3 years ago
Only way she is guilty is if she beat the guy over his head with the kayak. Leave this poor woman alone, the guy was drunk and downed.
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 2 years ago
barney fife He wasnt drunk and she admitted it!! HOW MANY EVIL IDIOTS ON THIS PAGE???
Alex Oelkers
Alex Oelkers - 2 years ago
mama 79 what do you mean exactly? This is a old video. She pleaded guilty. Went to jail.
harooni22 - 2 years ago
She likes him wake up. Women get away with it because people can't fathom that they are capable of it.
Antonio Allison
Antonio Allison - 3 years ago
barney fife Her demeanor doesn't say that
El Santo
El Santo - 3 years ago
Maybe they were still fighting over that Cat they both wanted custody over.  New meaning to fools in love.
quest 77036
quest 77036 - 3 years ago
that was a different dude.
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh - 4 years ago
Weird women.
She so did hat.
Not sure what the guy in it I mean nothing to look at.Annoying smile.
Just burn it and walk away.
You can tell she is enjoying the attention.
Daniel Bausch
Daniel Bausch - 4 years ago
the way she acts its so obvious she did it
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
Jack Sprat  The drain plug had nothing to do with the kayak sinking. A kayak won't sink even if you chop it up. The only way that kayak would go under is if there was a strong undertow. ( If you don't know what undertow is, Google it.) If there was a strong enough undertow to pull a kayak down, it would have pulled him down as well and his struggling along with the temp of the water would have tired him out so fast he wouldn't have had a chance. His kayak was upside down and that's why it got pulled under and hers didn't. BTW, you could completely fill a kayak up with water and it won't sink all the way, the top will still be at the surface of the water unless there are no watertight bulkheads. If they had a fore and aft bulkhead then the plug out would of only filled up one bulkhead and the kayak wouldn't have sank from that. The water was cold, rough and choppy. It wouldn't have taken long for him to exhaust his energy and body heat and go under. Then there is the possibility that they didn't have any watertight bulkheads and the kayak filled up with water causing it to sink and leaving nothing for him to hold onto. They did say that the kayaks they had were wrong for a river and were made for a lake or pond. If their kayaks didn't have watertight bulkheads then they should have said a small lake because large lakes have rough, cold, choppy water too. There are flotation devices for kayaks without watertight bulkheads that they probably didn't have either. Neither one of them were experienced kayakers to be going out on a river or checking on the weather conditions and waiting till dusk or drinking beforehand.
Asael Baez
Asael Baez - 2 years ago
Asael Baez
Asael Baez - 2 years ago
12 hours in a tiny room will make do things like this
zed 502
zed 502 - 2 years ago
I think she felt guilty for feeling relieved he was gone. I think she was trying to hide that.
Go Bucks
Go Bucks - 2 years ago
No it isn't, she's distraught! This poor girl is innocent and after 11 hours of driving hey crazy they got an incriminating statement out of her!
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!! - 2 years ago
ZAR FX he gave his lifejacket to her
ZAR FX - 2 years ago
If you don’t grief your guilty. ?
Why didn’t he wear a life jacket. ?
Beer and boats. ?
ASMR ForDays
ASMR ForDays - 2 years ago
she wanted him dead , but she didnt kill him , there is no ways . it just has happened , but if she did put drug in his beer , its murder , did they find the body ? the dead body has drug inside ? if no hard drug , she didnt . paddle wouldnt have save him period, only hard drug would have drown him ( for her case ) , nobody dies hanging on kayak even in the cold and in the wind with beers . water current kills but she didnt know that for sure.. and where and when and how strong the current is ( wind dont affect inside water currents) . so if there is drug in the dead body , she did kill him or it was water current/accident (water current suck you down , very stronger than a life jacket)
she could have die too even with her ring and safejacket , water get inside anyways with bad weather/wind . # need better kayaks . planning to kill by water current that she could have been randomly stuck in .. ? , i dont think so. accident
he did it by himself , sailing in the wind with bad kayaks , getting in water because of the wind and got stuck in a water current , or got stuck in a water current and fall in water , is that her fault ? his paddle got away because of the strong current at the first place , also u dont sink without the ring

she didnt make him sink whatsoever , mother nature sucked him down with the whole floating kayak , the kayak poped up far away, river water current kills , i lost one buddy like that , he couldnt swim up against river water current, the force of it is way too strong . ( water currents = water torrent )
Jay  Neal
Jay Neal - 2 years ago
you must of been intensely interrogated by police who will only accept one answer like this poor girl was. most people under this kind of pressure will eventually say what ever you want to hear. some last longer some sooner but eventually we all break. Good cop bad cop is a joke there is just 2 bad cops here. this is the trouble with our judicial system in America. How dare they take advantage of our vulnerable citizens they swore to protect.
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat - 2 years ago
She didn't think they would notice the drain plug missing. Might have gone un-noticed until they got out into the water. May have been "jeeeust on there" so that it fell out just offshore. Could he not swim? It's cold, but you might make it to shore.....people in the Miracle on the Hudson did.
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 - 3 years ago
PEople act different. Don't assume that based on how she acts. Go by the evidence. She wrote she wished he was dead. She did cartwheels days after she killed him. That's much more damning then how she acts in interviews. People act differently based on their personality. Point; don't go by how they act go by their actions
Navy XA
Navy XA - 4 years ago
MURDERER!..Lock her up.
Navy XA
Navy XA - 3 years ago
+El Santo

El Santo
El Santo - 3 years ago
I didn't kill him, I just wanted him dead.  Watching him die gave me 'euphoria'.  All my troubles are being washed away, hooray.  And, He wouldn't give me custody of whiskers last year.  Imagine his surprise when she was laughing and turning cartwheels in the kayak.
asamatter offact
asamatter offact - 4 years ago
How does that work, having kids and living happily ever after and raise children while have sex with two, three, four people and everything else?
Daniel Hewitt
Daniel Hewitt - 4 years ago
It's irrelevant what type of sexual acts she is into or not into, this type of interrogation would make someone embarrassed (amongst other feelings) and they are likely to say something that isn't true or be pushed into saying something. I don't understand police who behave in this way, so one sided.
Storm - 4 years ago
girls just wanna have fun!!
Antonio Allison
Antonio Allison - 3 years ago
Karam Levi
Karam Levi - 4 years ago
She's not sad at all during the interrogation or in shock, she's a cold killer who lies to herself and then happy later.
Chris Walker
Chris Walker - 4 years ago
It's obvious she did it lol.
Borderline personality...
ourcorrect opinions
ourcorrect opinions - 4 years ago
All conjecture and atypical behaviour aside, there is absolutely nothing logical, circumstantial or direct, to even charge her, with murder, manslaughter, or anything else. There is no way she can rightfully be convicted when she didn't: force him to drink, not wear a life-vest, and paddle into dangerously cold and rough water leading to him drowning. In fact, people are taught to avoid helping a drowning victims unless they're in a superior and safe position, since people who are drowning usually take down their assistants with them.

So Angelika did not act "right" afterwards as we would expect? Fine. She is happy he's "gone", which doesn't mean dead? Sure. Is that cold? Yes. Did she cause his death with a kayak murder plot? Not a chance? Did she create the circumstances leading to his death? Impossible given the evidence that is supposed to help convict her, as well as her inability to make his borderline-suicidal decisions for him. 

Next > The reference to the drain plug removal or absence is irrelevant and the ME is going to have a hell of a time defending both "drowning" (on autopsy) with manner being "homicide" based on the plug being removed. I've never heard nor read such a ludicrous reason for manner of death being homicide as this; it's almost as if the police were saying "please rule it a homicide... we can prove it was because of the plug. We promise". That's how desperate and pathetic it looks, not to mention lack of causation.

There is nothing at all to support a murder indictment, nor would any informed viewer of the "confession" see it as anything other than garbage where the person says whatever the badgering detective wants to hear at the end. Even saying she's happy he's gone is not a confession or a leg to stand on for an otherwise absent case. There is no way she could have created the way he died via the plug missing (which kayakers commonly take out anyway to dry out the area), nor by taking his paddle, which is irrelevant after he was in the water. It would only weigh him down or dip under with him. 

The confession is BS done by extremely poor detectives who do not know how to interrogate for the truth, but rather for what they want to hear. At first, you see a denial-based mindset rooted in the speech and body-language of a truthful person, and then after decisively saying she has to go tend to her cat, becomes a different person appeasing the "bad cop" to get out of there by saying "yeah, yeah yeah, ok", "I'll tell you whatever you say", or something to that effect. It's a blatantly terrible "confession" that should be tossed in even the worst court in the country.

Even if she somehow tried to kill him, the prosecution's so-called case doesn't prove anything close to it; their main strategy is not based on evidence as much as the "confession" of her callous words (and later appeasing words quickly admitting guilt in a frivolous, unreliable way). Oh, and their so-called witness testimony (which cannot possibly distinguish between her standing or kneeling to look for him and falling over, or pretending to fall over) in such weather conditions. 

Conclusion: She must walk, no matter how "euphoric" and heartless she may sound or be. And I'm usually I'm laughing off defense attorneys wild theories and alternate experts, but this time, they are the ones sticking to logic with reliable, known experts in the field regarding the confession. It is a miscarriage of justice to even have her charged, let alone possibly convicted. Hopefully the jury will be able to see through malicious thoughts, and notice how the answers to leading questions were converted to a false "confession" of guilt.
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
ourcorrect opinions.....Finally an intelligent comment! All the interrogators did was brainwash her after she was tired and stressed out by suggesting to her all of the answers that she gave. They were all suggestions, she didn't come up with anything on her own.
Peace & Love
Peace & Love - 2 years ago
ourcorrect opinions ... this poor girl needs you as her attorney, your rebuttal is a slam dunk case to acquit!
Em Dee
Em Dee - 4 years ago
I doubt he was even on the lake with her that day. She killed him elsewhere and then made up the story about them kayaking together. It's easy to claim someone died accidentally when you know their body won't be found. How exactly did she undo the plug in his boat while she was in her own? How did she hold on to her own boat? How did the plug really get out of his? She took it out as part of her story about an accident. The fat forensic guy is basing his examinations on her story (the story of a girl who said she was happy he was dead). I bet he is dumped somewhere she thinks he won't be found with damage to his head and other wounds that wouldn't have been explained away so easily if she threw him in that river and he was found. Money hungry bimbos like her P me off. I wish guys would stop dating women from poor backgrounds and then making them the beneficiaries to their insurance policies just because they think the women love them. Next up she will successfully sue the police department and get his life insurance. Double win for the sociopath all based on her made up story that they were out on the lake.
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
Bethany Anne Ritter  Maybe Em Dee has experience. Sounds a little angry to me, especially about something that doesn't have anything to do with her. But then I re-read her first comment and noticed that she was upset that Angelika had a boyfriend/fiance. Maybe Em Dee never had a bouyfriend or maybe she knew Angelika's fiance and was in love with him or maybe she is one of his ex-wives.
George Carpenter
George Carpenter - 2 years ago
Gerard Draetta  I guess your wrong. She's now out of prison and the plug wouldn't have made a difference. It's on top of the kayak and used for draining it after it's out of the water. All water craft take on some water when they are being used, even aircraft carriers and other large Naval vessels have bilge pumps to remove the water. Kayaks and other small craft don't have bilge pumps so they have drain plugs. And undertow is what took the kayak down along with her fiance. A kayak won't just sink. Filling one with water would cause it to sink if there are no watertight bulkheads. There could have been 1 or 2 watertight bulkheads. If only one then if the kayak capsizes then the bulkhead could take on water through the plug hole but it would take time when the craft is upside down as air would also have to escape through that same hole. If they had 2 bulkheads then one filling with water the kayak would still stay afloat. And the ring on the paddle won't make a difference either unless the paddle comes apart and he were to lose the paddle end itself. If his kayak didn't capsize he could have paddled with his hands and he wouldn't have been in the water in the first place. Also they did find his body and there weren't any signs of a struggle or injuries. If there were that would have been brought up and she wouldn't be out of jail now. He drowned period. I didn't see a video yet of the autopsy so I can't comment on how much if any alcohol was in his system but you don't drink and then go out into the water even for swimming, that's plain stupid. But most people who drink do a lot of stupid things. As for the life jacket there might be other witnesses to confirm that he doesn't usually wear one. That's also a stupid thing that people who drink might do.
Gerard Draetta
Gerard Draetta - 3 years ago
I guess you were wrong. She has now pleaded guilty to removing the plug and screwing with the paddle.
Kayak Excursions
Kayak Excursions - 3 years ago
Your an idiot.
Carolyne Mitchell
Carolyne Mitchell - 4 years ago
Hahaha then I think we see things differently on that case my verdict not guilty your verdict guilty. Can't say more
Em Dee
Em Dee - 4 years ago
I did watch it. I still don't believe her. It's easy to get rid of a body and claim they drowned in a place like that (she flutters her eyelashes and talks cute and they believe her). I don't and never will sorry.
Carolyne Mitchell
Carolyne Mitchell - 4 years ago
+Em Dee watch the full documentary on 20 20 ID you will see it differently and in the documentary they removed the drain plug and removed the ring on the puddle and guess what nothing went wrong... Just watch the full thing
Em Dee
Em Dee - 4 years ago
+Carolyne Mitchell it's only her word that he was drinking and wasn't wearing a life jacket. I don't believe her.
Carolyne Mitchell
Carolyne Mitchell - 4 years ago
If you watch her investigation on 20 20 ID full documentary maybe you will stop yapping... She didn't kill the guy,he was drinking before kayaking, ni life jacket no nothing and cops give an explanation as she removed the drain plug and removing the ring so he couldn't paddle... Lame excuses. Just watch the full investigation by ABC then u will know better
Michael Alan
Michael Alan - 5 years ago
Looks like we have a nice version of Jodi Arias. wow
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat - 2 years ago
Yoga and all.
dilberton99 - 5 years ago
She absolutely not guilty!Slightly built girl, did not use a gun, knife, poison, drugs, nothing! The proof is plug in a kayak ?? He, a drunken man, the figure shows that hi was big, strong, they expected from her to jump that saves him? her English is limited, obviously the police are making mental torture 12 hours in a row! They did not like her behavior, is that crime, the motive? Girls from Ukraine are naturally happy, love life, love socializing, she is young,you are expected to she cry for the dumbass who could not swim! Free the innocent woman!!
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - 2 years ago
drumtravelfun People plead guilty for all kinds of reasons besides being guilty. And do you neglect to mention that she pled to negligent homicide, not homicide.
Marisol Meza
Marisol Meza - 2 years ago
That was really unfair put her in jail
The mf wanted orgys and she did not wanted.
drumtravelfun - 2 years ago
She plead guilty. You can stop your white knighting now.
Demargh Simpson
Demargh Simpson - 5 years ago
justice will literally takes it's course
Amy Randall
Amy Randall - 5 years ago
bitch did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zigyzigy13 - 5 years ago
Threesomes, foursomes...What the hell. White people.
John Lamphier
John Lamphier - 3 years ago
zigyzigy13. It was her way of victimizing herself. She knew she couldn't sway it saying `he beat me`, so the uncomfortable sex thing was another avenue
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson - 3 years ago
Yeah white people...threesomes, foursomes...we have all the fun!
Cici Meme
Cici Meme - 4 years ago
+Wetty Bite Cause clearly zigy is a racist.
Mortifiend - 4 years ago
White people? Why does everything have to be about race nowadays?
Em Dee
Em Dee - 4 years ago
+zigyzigy13 she was just making him out to be a bad guy like female sociopaths do when they kill a guy for insurance money. "He raped me", "he abused me", "He wanted me to do weird sexual things". Same songs different singers with the same motive. Forever he will now be seen as a dirty perve even though he didn't want her to do any such thing.
TheGreat Extreme Nation
TheGreat Extreme Nation - 5 years ago
this is bull shit she didnt murder
Darnell Onyewu Thompson
Darnell Onyewu Thompson - 3 years ago
TheGreat Extreme Nation - She obviously didn't it! She laughs when asked if she killed him in a other video.
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 - 3 years ago
Her wanting him dead isn't proof she killed him. Idk if she did or not.
Kayak Excursions
Kayak Excursions - 3 years ago
After 12 hours of interrogation you'd be saying the same thing.
Stylish Sassy
Stylish Sassy - 4 years ago
She didn't seem convincing in her police interrogation. She admitted she wanted him dead.
Lucija Marcikic
Lucija Marcikic - 5 years ago
I agree

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