Octopus Caught While Kayak Fishing

http://www.facebook.com/ZeeNorthwest http://www.hobiefishing.com/ http://www.kokatat.com/ http://nextadventure.net/ Bryce hooked into a octopus which he originally thought was a snag. I was able to get some pretty sweet underwater shots while it was next to his kayak. The octopus was kept and enjoyed. It swallowed a pretty large hook so its survival was unlikely. I used a Kodak Playsport (Zx3) to film this. Further info for the people commenting: This animal was not wasted. Its sacrifice was well respected among those that did eat it. I'm not a biologist of any kind, but a simple search on the internet shows that octopuses are not a rare animal. In fact, there is evidence that suggests they are overpopulated in their range. They have a life-span of 3 to 5 years so I'm guessing because of its size that this one was nearing the end of that span. So, I would rather it be killed quickly and not wasted than it be set free to suffer and starve for the last year or so of its life with a six inch hook in its mouth.

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http://www.facebook.com/ZeeNorthwest http://www.hobiefishing.com/ http://www.kokatat.com/ http://nextadventure.net/ Bryce hooked into a octopus which he originally thought was a snag. I was able to get some pretty sweet underwater shots while it was next to his kayak. The octopus was kept and enjoyed. It swallowed a pretty large hook so its survival was unlikely. I used a Kodak Playsport (Zx3) to film this. Further info for the people commenting: This animal was not wasted. Its sacrifice was well respected among those that did eat it. I'm not a biologist of any kind, but a simple search on the internet shows that octopuses are not a rare animal. In fact, there is evidence that suggests they are overpopulated in their range. They have a life-span of 3 to 5 years so I'm guessing because of its size that this one was nearing the end of that span. So, I would rather it be killed quickly and not wasted than it be set free to suffer and starve for the last year or so of its life with a six inch hook in its mouth.

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Yan Wong
Yan Wong - 3 years ago
Hug it, then release him
Eva Felipe
Eva Felipe - 3 years ago
That's nice
Gabriel Maya
Gabriel Maya - 3 years ago
Yanet Monsivais
Yanet Monsivais - 3 years ago
angel wild clash y mas
angel wild clash y mas - 3 years ago
Wow llegue tarde??
Patrick McHale
Patrick McHale - 3 years ago
Great video.
Trinity Rodgers
Trinity Rodgers - 3 years ago
That's nasty I hate their my worst enemy
Eva Krъsteva
Eva Krъsteva - 3 years ago
I like big octopus whit eat
Leticia Gabriela Munguia Campos
Leticia Gabriela Munguia Campos - 3 years ago

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ZoomerPlayz -roblox and more!
ZoomerPlayz -roblox and more! - 3 years ago
How do u get so close to the octopus?
Kerry Oshea
Kerry Oshea - 3 years ago
This looks fake but it’s real
Mai Vue-Mai
Mai Vue-Mai - 3 years ago
Iwona Reiter-Husmann
Iwona Reiter-Husmann - 3 years ago
SeittiSeppo - 3 years ago
Fucking creepy anime boi
looking awesome
JazAnne YT
JazAnne YT - 3 years ago
nelson valencia
nelson valencia - 3 years ago
El eccorsista dos
nelson sy
nelson sy - 3 years ago
Now I wonder if octopuses are smart
Ellie jenkins
Ellie jenkins - 3 years ago

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alan calver
alan calver - 3 years ago
Did you see the octopuses eye opening and closing
alan calver
alan calver - 3 years ago
look how high that water is
Nomis Torea
Nomis Torea - 3 years ago
I think your lying tbh
Isabella Super
Isabella Super - 3 years ago
Wow good job
Dani/Emma Andy
Dani/Emma Andy - 3 years ago
How did you did it wow
Johanna Itzel
Johanna Itzel - 3 years ago
hola soy latina saben esto no me gusta niciquiera da miedo que por queria
Lilyanaa Lozano
Lilyanaa Lozano - 3 years ago
Antonella Morici
Antonella Morici - 3 years ago
Daron Chaney
Daron Chaney - 3 years ago
faiza khan
faiza khan - 3 years ago
It's huge omg

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Angelito Hernandez
Angelito Hernandez - 3 years ago
so beatiful octupus
ColdfacekillerJr CFK
ColdfacekillerJr CFK - 3 years ago
Poor Squidward :(
jin mai
jin mai - 3 years ago
It looks yummy
Lps lost lollipop 2000
Lps lost lollipop 2000 - 3 years ago
Katie B
Katie B - 3 years ago
They should have let it free its not fair fishermen are supposed to catch fish not octopi
Brown Aarmoni
Brown Aarmoni - 3 years ago
Brown Aarmoni
Brown Aarmoni - 3 years ago
Chazidy Goodwin
Chazidy Goodwin - 3 years ago
Get out the water
Valerie Campbell
Valerie Campbell - 3 years ago
That poor octopus
Maya Talley
Maya Talley - 3 years ago
Alisha khan
Alisha khan - 3 years ago
Wow I really like octopus they r very strange. Aren't they?
Natalia Fernandes 2026
Natalia Fernandes 2026 - 3 years ago
Masima Begum
Masima Begum - 3 years ago
Dude its really scary when we see the octopus in the sea
Cats Around The World
Cats Around The World - 3 years ago
Leave him....
OatRun - 3 years ago
Its Super Big! O.O 0.0
EdieGirl AintNoLair
EdieGirl AintNoLair - 3 years ago
The octopus looked rickley
Micuțul Unicorn:Cornuleţ
Micuțul Unicorn:Cornuleţ - 3 years ago
daniela villora
daniela villora - 3 years ago
فجر ابراهيم
فجر ابراهيم - 3 years ago
samsungnat natalia
samsungnat natalia - 3 years ago
lo sacaste robado
AE5K PlaysChannel
AE5K PlaysChannel - 3 years ago
Mr.Octopus are u Dead ? Answer meee

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chase my baby brother and cole Wetherbee
chase my baby brother and cole Wetherbee - 3 years ago
That octopus is huge
carlos aguirre
carlos aguirre - 3 years ago
That would of been good eating for some Hawaiian food Hawaiian pokey
arti stic
arti stic - 3 years ago
omg !!!that's amazing and so scary
crazy ivan Tercero
crazy ivan Tercero - 3 years ago
Ohhhhhh Holly shit
Frieda !
Frieda ! - 3 years ago
Im so scared of them I can not watch any of these videos without crying there are soooo freaking scary
Baby Games HD TV
Baby Games HD TV - 3 years ago
IALEXIVO 2007 - 3 years ago
This is fake
Darian Calin
Darian Calin - 3 years ago
Future morti mati de ratat
Omqitskarlina - 3 years ago
Omg I hope you let him or her go they need to live and if that hook is in there for too long it could die we need them in our Ecosystem
ぷうちゃん - 3 years ago
Female octopus
Bouchra Bou
Bouchra Bou - 3 years ago
سبحان الله اوكان انا شفتو قدامي انموت
alli gambrel
alli gambrel - 3 years ago
You just sit there and didn't catch it
rainbow unicorns
rainbow unicorns - 3 years ago
Ewww but cool
Eclipse YT
Eclipse YT - 3 years ago
Tina Gargas
Tina Gargas - 3 years ago
kttsflips - 3 years ago
How can you unhook that? I suppose you cant
Yvette Tshuma
Yvette Tshuma - 3 years ago
John Suliman
John Suliman - 3 years ago
C c
Steven Carnegie
Steven Carnegie - 3 years ago
That was so nasty
Cap Gamer 10
Cap Gamer 10 - 3 years ago
魚紳 - 3 years ago
jsinn143 - 3 years ago
slimemakerari slimemakerari
slimemakerari slimemakerari - 3 years ago
COOL they are weird kind of cute I have not seen one so pretty I have not seen one in a long time
Lynn Tijger games
Lynn Tijger games - 3 years ago
Fake sws
Jyoti Rohitas
Jyoti Rohitas - 3 years ago
Oh so dangerous octopus it is also so big
LINDSAY ARVOLD - 3 years ago
That is cool you saw an squid
addyson werkeiser
addyson werkeiser - 3 years ago
Viola Weidemann
Viola Weidemann - 3 years ago
rappy scores
rappy scores - 3 years ago
anyone else wanted to see them grab the octopus and squeeze it? idk why i did
Frank Lance
Frank Lance - 3 years ago
The best thing abouy octopuses as that they are cannibals.
Malin Karlsson
Malin Karlsson - 3 years ago
So himla bra film
Alejo Kloss
Alejo Kloss - 3 years ago
Jessica Allan
Jessica Allan - 3 years ago
mean what did it do to you
nidia medrano
nidia medrano - 3 years ago
Wild Stuff
Wild Stuff - 3 years ago
I hate it
Jen Lally
Jen Lally - 3 years ago
I ment weried
Jen Lally
Jen Lally - 3 years ago
Sangeetha Sherpalli
Sangeetha Sherpalli - 3 years ago
It's f**king disgusting
Paige Webb
Paige Webb - 3 years ago
I hat you ok
rawkfish - 3 years ago
Paige Webb
Paige Webb - 3 years ago
I hat you ok
DARE_DEVIL MINECRAFT & MORE !!! - 3 years ago
Subbed !!!
DARE_DEVIL MINECRAFT & MORE !!! - 3 years ago
Oh np :) it was my duty
rawkfish - 3 years ago
Thanks! :)
Dreams Are Good For You
Dreams Are Good For You - 3 years ago
I mean the octopus didn’t do any thing wrong why must you catch and hurt it
claire swann
claire swann - 3 years ago
Is it alive?
fire-ice youtuber
fire-ice youtuber - 3 years ago
Love the vid
Slime Girl
Slime Girl - 3 years ago
So big I know I am late but my YouTube stoped working
Jeff sHo
Jeff sHo - 3 years ago
No way in hell you're getting me out there like that LOL, great video!
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis - 3 years ago
Hmmm what should I put oh I know WHAT ARE THOSE
Battle Oflife
Battle Oflife - 3 years ago
A massive creature.
Kris P
Kris P - 3 years ago
... now what??
Kayia Foster
Kayia Foster - 3 years ago
Delilah Fisher
Delilah Fisher - 3 years ago
I would be scared of the big octopus

100. comment for Octopus Caught While Kayak Fishing

Safia Benzait
Safia Benzait - 3 years ago
Relâcher le
Zait Huzait
Zait Huzait - 3 years ago
wow oversized Octopus thinks it's not got poison right?
Julian Castro
Julian Castro - 3 years ago
Patchie Reese
Patchie Reese - 3 years ago
Brynna Martin
Brynna Martin - 3 years ago
I feel bad for the octopus bc look how the hook was on the octopus
Keitra Ervin
Keitra Ervin - 3 years ago
Rachel Bukowiecki
Rachel Bukowiecki - 3 years ago
Holy shit
Luana Luana
Luana Luana - 3 years ago
ba ce pula mea e asta
Minecraft five nights at freddy's Krogh
Minecraft five nights at freddy's Krogh - 3 years ago
Is that a mini version of the kraken?
krezi boy
krezi boy - 3 years ago
Это ктулху
Young Pack
Young Pack - 3 years ago
didnt even get inkd
_-*Makayla Thomas*-_
_-*Makayla Thomas*-_ - 3 years ago
If octopuses (octopi) were endangered then why are we eating them?
smikkel beer
smikkel beer - 3 years ago
Alanna Calderaro
Alanna Calderaro - 3 years ago
I see a dolphin
Galaxywolf 101
Galaxywolf 101 - 3 years ago
WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa Wear
Alyssa Wear - 3 years ago
the octopus is hurt let him go
Bsprecks - 3 years ago
howd this go so viral
Matthew Quispe
Matthew Quispe - 3 years ago
Did you keep it and eat it or sell it?! Like if you let it go you lost big bucks man like da fuck unless it illegal to fish there or illegal to keep it.
cute snow vanpire
cute snow vanpire - 3 years ago
Arianna Case
Arianna Case - 3 years ago
,I now it's fake
Robert Lo Ricco
Robert Lo Ricco - 3 years ago
It’s not his fault an octopus hooked on to his line and he didn’t do it intentionally. Btw you can get the hook out of it it will just be very hard. So people complaining calm down it’s not his fault it hooked on to his line he couldn’t turn back time or do anything as if he knew that an octopus that big would hook on to his line.
Teyani Shanteau
Teyani Shanteau - 3 years ago
Pasquale Messina
Pasquale Messina - 3 years ago
Mumanddad Mckay
Mumanddad Mckay - 3 years ago
this video is animal cruelty who would catch an octopus    leave a like if you dont
Jonah's Life
Jonah's Life - 3 years ago
Hope you guys did not hurt the little thing
beckers siebe
beckers siebe - 3 years ago
Hey dude let him go
Aqua Mudkip
Aqua Mudkip - 3 years ago
Is it alive?
bim bam
bim bam - 3 years ago
I understand people who kill animals to eat. But not for sport. When you have enough to eat, there is no reason to kill wild animals. The problem is that these people are laughing. That show some kind of disrespect and show some kind of lack of awareness in front of octopus's sensivity. ( octopus is one of the most intelligent animal on this earth )You really need, guys, to be more brainy. Cause for the moment you aren't more than barbarians. Because ANIMALS are not THINGS, but living beings. You need to learn that !
TheKressCrew - 3 years ago
I watched this. Video when I was 5 years old so I watched this video when I was so young
JJ23jumpmanjr - 3 years ago
This is scary
Sommer Henderson
Sommer Henderson - 3 years ago
Jim Ronsivalli
Jim Ronsivalli - 3 years ago
Aisha El mansouri jimenez
Aisha El mansouri jimenez - 3 years ago
Geralyn Toledo
Geralyn Toledo - 3 years ago
I believe I see a big true octopus in. The world
ReaperTale Family React
ReaperTale Family React - 4 years ago
Pixel Gun Gaming
Pixel Gun Gaming - 4 years ago
This is scary
Pumpkin Girl
Pumpkin Girl - 4 years ago
Roblox ._.girl2018
Roblox ._.girl2018 - 4 years ago
hewwo squid ward
Fatima Lemghari
Fatima Lemghari - 4 years ago
Shauna Panoushek
Shauna Panoushek - 4 years ago
I hate your video
Dita Dian
Dita Dian - 4 years ago
wah hebonay
marisol molina
marisol molina - 4 years ago
Carla Hosey
Carla Hosey - 4 years ago
I would have been scared
Zyander Hutcheson
Zyander Hutcheson - 4 years ago
Octopuses are amazing and should not be caught on purpose.
Jake Kevin
Jake Kevin - 4 years ago
say hello to squidward..
Destiny Erwin
Destiny Erwin - 4 years ago
You shut off let him go and unhook him
Szydłoś TV Wędkarstwo
Szydłoś TV Wędkarstwo - 4 years ago
Great movie. I invite you to my channel. For great actions !!!!! :))))
Thijs Oldenhave
Thijs Oldenhave - 4 years ago
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 4 years ago
Bro if the octopus was right by me I will dip
Pato Dios
Pato Dios - 4 years ago
Hail-Falcor - 4 years ago
Good catch and good usage mane
大每运 - 4 years ago
I don’t let it eat me I will eat it
MZaid Hamidi
MZaid Hamidi - 4 years ago
can i put your video to add in my channel youtube sir?
leonel Gutierrez
leonel Gutierrez - 4 years ago
Michael De Santa
Michael De Santa - 4 years ago
Dear idiots, take a look to the fucking description before commenting
Dove Snow
Dove Snow - 4 years ago
Wow.was it dead?
Yimi Sepúlveda
Yimi Sepúlveda - 4 years ago
Son malos
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera - 4 years ago
Hhyy was my Higgs
Angel Montaño
Angel Montaño - 4 years ago
Zara Jillian Angeles
Zara Jillian Angeles - 4 years ago
please let it go
Zara Jillian Angeles
Zara Jillian Angeles - 4 years ago
joshua cornito
joshua cornito - 4 years ago
Ew it is so dirty
ana hernandez
ana hernandez - 4 years ago
Barbara Palvin +18 vid_eos ♥ http://3v3x3et.esevirizev.cf/?youtubeth8rpa9
Saletinha Santos
Saletinha Santos - 4 years ago
Calixdel Dela Cruz
Calixdel Dela Cruz - 4 years ago
itzel diaz
itzel diaz - 4 years ago
Pobrecito pulpo pulpo
Dreams Are Good For You
Dreams Are Good For You - 4 years ago
Hey realest it at once you are hurting it
TitanBeats - 4 years ago
your a tree hugger, a disgrace to the fishing and hunting community
monet43 xD
monet43 xD - 4 years ago
Beck no
Merly Acevedo
Merly Acevedo - 4 years ago
Sorry not trying to be rude but I don't like it
naela ispnioli
naela ispnioli - 4 years ago
68 mopar
68 mopar - 4 years ago
Well did ya keep it?!
murietta ambroisine
murietta ambroisine - 4 years ago
Ancsa Bognàr
Ancsa Bognàr - 4 years ago
Rafa blogs e gameplays
Rafa blogs e gameplays - 4 years ago
coitado do bichiho
Loic Gaillard
Loic Gaillard - 4 years ago
Amy H
Amy H - 4 years ago
My worst fear is an octopus their so ugly i rather catch a shark since thier my favrite animal
Tempestt Simpson
Tempestt Simpson - 4 years ago
Carlotta Williams
Carlotta Williams - 4 years ago
It open up his mouth
Lola H
Lola H - 4 years ago
Molly Bennett
Molly Bennett - 4 years ago
That’s one big octopus
Robert Pascana
Robert Pascana - 4 years ago
That's a big octupus
Ева star
Ева star - 4 years ago
Ты ГОВНО И Чее за бум
Aidanatior Films
Aidanatior Films - 4 years ago
Wow that was cool
Pennywise Fan Girl
Pennywise Fan Girl - 4 years ago
So big!
Kosara Atanasova
Kosara Atanasova - 4 years ago
Lior Aviv
Lior Aviv - 4 years ago
Delfina Galan
Delfina Galan - 4 years ago
The ‘
JR Schoemaker
JR Schoemaker - 4 years ago
it's so big
Fanili Trading
Fanili Trading - 4 years ago
Mustafa Enrique Johnson
Mustafa Enrique Johnson - 4 years ago
How does a person unhook one of those without hurting it and/or vice versa?
Gareth Kirby
Gareth Kirby - 4 years ago
Мария Казарина
Мария Казарина - 4 years ago
Мама Огромный спрут
Bing Bong
Bing Bong - 4 years ago
The dislike come from cancer people
Amalia Husna
Amalia Husna - 4 years ago
lu nyari cumicumi yang banyak
trotman Family
trotman Family - 4 years ago
It's so cute
Doc - 4 years ago
OLM octo lives matter
Alson Djedje
Alson Djedje - 4 years ago
Savannah O
Savannah O - 4 years ago
Sherley Bellrose
Sherley Bellrose - 4 years ago
This is kinda weird to say but I am afraid of octopus ☹
Sylwester Puchacz
Sylwester Puchacz - 4 years ago
verry Good look
Casey Danielle
Casey Danielle - 4 years ago
Eww you didn’t wanna mention it was dead af in the title?! Nobody wanna see that
BoboSixx II
BoboSixx II - 4 years ago
Casey Danielle,

You need to re-watch the video.

CLEARLY the octopus was alive because,

1) It has a FIRM bite on the lure. That colorful thing in it's beak (mouth orifice).
Look at the center of the underside of it, where it's beak is located.
2) It's tentacles are moving under the octopus own power.
Not listlessly floating in the water, decaying.
3) It BIT ON the lure in the first place to be pulled to the surface.
It obviously wasn't snagged from the water dead.
4) The breathing hole on it's side was working.
There was obvious water flow through it.

The octopus was ALIVE, fresh and ready to eat, for those inclined to partake, when this video was filmed.

No Worries!

Emily Daniels
Emily Daniels - 4 years ago
Squid word us that you
Dhana Van Den Esker
Dhana Van Den Esker - 4 years ago
octo is that you!
Sonu Singh
Sonu Singh - 4 years ago
sale kuty
Andrea Maynard
Andrea Maynard - 4 years ago
Y Rodriguez
Y Rodriguez - 4 years ago
that is one hell of an octopus
Edgy Memelord
Edgy Memelord - 4 years ago
that's a girthy daddy i would most definitely smash 10/10
Shelley Behm
Shelley Behm - 4 years ago
Sleem Sleem
Sleem Sleem - 4 years ago
alondra Alondra2008
alondra Alondra2008 - 4 years ago
Teresa Zamora
Teresa Zamora - 4 years ago
Hola de
Shaizuddin Khan
Shaizuddin Khan - 4 years ago
Christopher Tacto
Christopher Tacto - 4 years ago
That is cool
GIGGLR - 4 years ago
Downvotes? Ain't nobody got time for that.
ewelinac ufxfufuoknurek
ewelinac ufxfufuoknurek - 4 years ago
Ośmiornica. ?????????????????
WRY Outdoor Media
WRY Outdoor Media - 4 years ago
Nice video guys!
Lynsey Eckhardt
Lynsey Eckhardt - 4 years ago
Awesome view underwater
Jojhesper Gasat
Jojhesper Gasat - 4 years ago
Its real omg
Num nom raspberry cream
Num nom raspberry cream - 4 years ago
Say hi to sqidward!
Lisa peterson
Lisa peterson - 4 years ago
Joakim Dahlén
Joakim Dahlén - 4 years ago
Aleli Retura
Aleli Retura - 4 years ago
its big
Linda Pacheco
Linda Pacheco - 4 years ago
I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leal Strozyk
Leal Strozyk - 4 years ago
You are idiots!!!
Leal Strozyk
Leal Strozyk - 4 years ago
You are rooining his life!!!!
Savanah Carter
Savanah Carter - 4 years ago
Brandon Stanford
Brandon Stanford - 4 years ago
Wow you have a great Chanel today
Savannah's Channel
Savannah's Channel - 4 years ago
Fokikovi Brown
Fokikovi Brown - 4 years ago
Your so cool
Raelene Martins
Raelene Martins - 4 years ago
That is so cool
Melissa Bingham
Melissa Bingham - 4 years ago
I find it hard to see the little (big) guy not fighting or trying to wrap around the kayak. hmmm. but fair game. dinner time.
Olivia Painton
Olivia Painton - 4 years ago
True or false
False "octopus" live at the bottm
Bo Hendriks
Bo Hendriks - 4 years ago
A fake
Hilly Wolters
Hilly Wolters - 4 years ago
Gerrie herwijnen
Gerrie herwijnen - 4 years ago
Dont fuck whit it. It wil drown you pull you down
UltraGamer GTA5 amations
UltraGamer GTA5 amations - 4 years ago
Judi Cordingley
Judi Cordingley - 4 years ago
Fadedazondoeplayz Playz
Fadedazondoeplayz Playz - 4 years ago
lolu k. Caviglia
lolu k. Caviglia - 4 years ago
Que misterio
Eliana Paglialunga
Eliana Paglialunga - 4 years ago
Mario Castanon
Mario Castanon - 4 years ago
This is fake
Lasia Whitfield
Lasia Whitfield - 4 years ago
your mean your harting it
KMW - 4 years ago
Looks tasty and dangerous if I got a hold of an arm
Maribel Rodriguez
Maribel Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Te be nobela
Диана вафляманка
Диана вафляманка - 4 years ago
Khadija Bakaev
Khadija Bakaev - 4 years ago
ellie lawson
ellie lawson - 4 years ago
Beanie Boo Studios
Beanie Boo Studios - 4 years ago
Omg the squid looked like there was jaws for thumbnail!
tt cool player
tt cool player - 4 years ago
Or did it die
tt cool player
tt cool player - 4 years ago
Did you let it free
EMRE HÖKEREK - 4 years ago
cristian gonzalez
cristian gonzalez - 4 years ago
odio los puuulpooooosss:/
Aww poor octopus
Jorge Barrozo
Jorge Barrozo - 4 years ago
Cenga Rosa
Cenga Rosa - 4 years ago
aflam albihar
Debbie Rowley
Debbie Rowley - 4 years ago
I had no idea an octopus even knew HOW to kayak, it's a strange old world.
Amazing horse lover 500
Amazing horse lover 500 - 4 years ago
yo that is cool
福島繁子 - 4 years ago
Kind_Kitty playz
Kind_Kitty playz - 4 years ago
Lords mobile is the worst game ever
Isaiah Louima
Isaiah Louima - 4 years ago
Too 2
Bishal Datta
Bishal Datta - 4 years ago
cutie puppy lil
cutie puppy lil - 4 years ago
Bruh what is Rong with this people get it from his hand
Battlefront Gaming
Battlefront Gaming - 4 years ago
That's massive
Lexia Xemial Versola
Lexia Xemial Versola - 4 years ago
Dude that is so super rare
Lexia Xemial Versola
Lexia Xemial Versola - 4 years ago
You must release it
Margarita Camaja
Margarita Camaja - 4 years ago
Liza B
Liza B - 4 years ago
That's amazing but u shouldn't of hurt it by hooking it with something as sharp as a knife !!!
Springtrap The Adorable Bunny
Springtrap The Adorable Bunny - 4 years ago
Princess Kailyn Bella Garcia
Princess Kailyn Bella Garcia - 4 years ago
OMG what!!!!!!!!!! That is cray cray
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart - 4 years ago
What river did you go to
Magda Mickūnienė
Magda Mickūnienė - 4 years ago
i'm never going on a kayak now ._.
macho nachos
macho nachos - 4 years ago
They creep me out
mixed talent gymnastics girl
mixed talent gymnastics girl - 4 years ago
that is very big
karen olivia naranjo naranjo
karen olivia naranjo naranjo - 4 years ago
eso es un calamar gigante
Rayan Beaugosse
Rayan Beaugosse - 4 years ago
Rayan Beaugosse
Rayan Beaugosse - 4 years ago
Wesley Bouwman
Wesley Bouwman - 4 years ago
Vet cool
Migdalis Nazario
Migdalis Nazario - 4 years ago
Wesley Bouwman séries
Bryan De La Nues Martinez
Bryan De La Nues Martinez - 4 years ago
Poor octopus
luna gaming
luna gaming - 4 years ago
No afence but i kinda dont like this animals
Gwen's Channel
Gwen's Channel - 4 years ago
Is that real OMG you can sell it at a japan resturant
Consuelo Martinez
Consuelo Martinez - 4 years ago
Consuelo Martinez
Consuelo Martinez - 4 years ago
Dana C
Dana C - 4 years ago
Lucas Righton
Lucas Righton - 4 years ago
Geegee Sandoval
Geegee Sandoval - 4 years ago
That squid is big
Shenita Johnson
Shenita Johnson - 4 years ago
Shenita Johnson
Shenita Johnson - 4 years ago
Nasty i don't like octopus i only like the octopus uma from decendents
Ansleyunater Link
Ansleyunater Link - 4 years ago
Preguntale a Dayana
Preguntale a Dayana - 4 years ago
Woou que inqreyble
SavageGangsterGaming YT
SavageGangsterGaming YT - 4 years ago
Amelia Mielcarek
Amelia Mielcarek - 4 years ago
omg that octipus is huge;o
Myriam Cisneros
Myriam Cisneros - 4 years ago
omg is so big
Raymond Chyu
Raymond Chyu - 4 years ago
leeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeee it be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very Adriansyah
Very Adriansyah - 4 years ago
Hati hati kalo mancing
Jasmine Gonzalez
Jasmine Gonzalez - 4 years ago
Narvada Nowbuth ok
Tatiana Beltran
Tatiana Beltran - 4 years ago
Omg so cool
thích chơi game hoàng
thích chơi game hoàng - 4 years ago
to thế
Jessica berg
Jessica berg - 4 years ago
Yadira Alvarado
Yadira Alvarado - 4 years ago
Yadira Alvarado
Yadira Alvarado - 4 years ago
Grape Juice
Grape Juice - 4 years ago
Kayak is a little boat nota fish
6556 Pokemon master
6556 Pokemon master - 4 years ago
It is huge
Dylan Trost
Dylan Trost - 4 years ago
Imagine eating a piece of pizza and suddenly being pulled into a different world by way of a hook to the mouth
denisse gonzalez
denisse gonzalez - 4 years ago
nhân trân channle
nhân trân channle - 4 years ago
no yeu dwvevdbs wfhsh
hằng my channel
hằng my channel - 4 years ago
What are they doing
peter bosman
peter bosman - 4 years ago
Fuck you!! Animals have feelings!!!
TTstone616 - 4 years ago
Octopus's are smarter than we've thought and it ain't cool that ya snagged it...
Alicia  Prater
Alicia Prater - 4 years ago
I don't give a damn how old these comments are here on YouTube....you people that are commenting in this section, are mostly idiots.
why are you going in bashing this man and saying he is trying to kill a protected species? 1st of all .... this Pacific octopus is not protected and not endangered. .... there actually an overabundance of them!
2nd, he didn't catch it on purpose if you idiots were smart enough to turn up your sound or use your brain to read first before you run your mouth,you would understand that. I would love to see you guys stick your hand up inside of that giant octopus and remove the hook!
Jason Rasmussen
Jason Rasmussen - 3 years ago
Alicia Prater
I would have kept the octopus and cooked it when I got home if I were him.
Jessa Nuqui
Jessa Nuqui - 3 years ago
leiyi sun
leiyi sun - 3 years ago
i agree
Jayla Fernandez
Jayla Fernandez - 3 years ago
Alicia Prater shut your mouth it sounds to me like you're just jealous cuz you didn't catch up octopus stupid so Who you calling idiot idiots when you're the idiot you're calling us idiots when we were just commenting cuz it's cool and true it's not it's not endangered but but you don't have to call the city it's idiots because you said if it is our if you idiots aren't smart enough to turn up your radio what's it called volume whoever you are I don't care how old you are stop calling people idiots I will send a text
Mountain Anderson
Mountain Anderson - 4 years ago
Alicia Prater hell yeag
Rodney Tate
Rodney Tate - 4 years ago
Alicia Prater gal

Alicia  Prater
Alicia Prater - 4 years ago
Valerie Pagendarm yeah it would have been a better video but I don't think they were making the video for that sole purpose I think they were making the video just to be showing what happened nobody said they were professional octopus Wranglers in the video's description and how do you know what happened in the end do you know if this octopus died or lived? I don't think you do, I'm quite sure that the whole reason they're waiting while it's dangling on the line is to try to think of a way they could save it if they were trying to kill it to take it home and eat it they wouldn't have filmed it I wish some people would get their minds together and I understand that you think that would be educational but these people were not professionals that we're going out hunting for octopus so how would they know how to do that seems they would need to call in the Coast Guard or Specialist or something and we didn't get to see what happened so it's best that we don't judge what we don't know
Valerie Pagendarm
Valerie Pagendarm - 4 years ago
It would have been a better video if they has figured out a way to release the octopus. Because it would require a certain amount of genius to do it without injury to either party.
rawkfish - 4 years ago
Thanks, you're good people. :)
M. Claud Peridottan
M. Claud Peridottan - 4 years ago
How the hell did you eat that massive thing?
Yee dinosaur 420
Yee dinosaur 420 - 4 years ago
Good thing they didnt pull it up those things smell horiible
DawnDanner - 4 years ago
That octopus was really calm!
I Love Drawing
I Love Drawing - 4 years ago
How many tickles does it take to tickle an octopus??

Skullripper 225
Skullripper 225 - 4 years ago
Y do people believe such fake shit,that thing would have dragged him go the bottom of the ocean killing his ass
killa ROAST
killa ROAST - 4 years ago
rawkfish did you get paid much by youtube for the 56mill views you got?
Northern Witch
Northern Witch - 4 years ago
My goodness, the ethical question of killing. Sadly the survival of any organism in this universe depends on the consumption of another. Plants have been reported to feel pain and to recover from an illness you kill bacteria.
We all make choices daily and I Personally believe the biggest freedom lost on modern man is self direction. We are controlled by so many rules and regulations which are simply others dictating what they believe is right.
The animal you caught that day is a beautiful creature. Obviously your intent was not to hook her. (Auto correct changed it to book her three times so I giggled at thought of handcuffing an octopus.) It seems to me you respected this creature coming from a warrior code of not letting it suffer and appreciating a life sacrifice. I also ponder that the footage does not show the typical distress signs of her turning white and projecting ink. Maybe she we ok with her ending for a reason unbeknownst to us.
In the last few decades the octopus has been studied and many new discoveries have made headlines concerning the intelligence, emotions lifespans of an octopus that many have changed their first thoughts of creature from slimy oddity to fascination and wonder.
Now that we realize that the intellect and some of its evolutionary traits can be quite beneficial to us more than just a food source.
The worst thing we can do is decide that we should verbally beat up others because they don't agree with you. I think that usually makes people even more determined to do the opposite. So I think you did the best you could do with the situation. Just my thirteen cents.
Jonathan Creed
Jonathan Creed - 4 years ago
What type of octopus was it
Jake Aguirre
Jake Aguirre - 4 years ago
Courtney Ferebee
Courtney Ferebee - 4 years ago
Hey mom
Gabrielle Klenowicz-Bollack
Gabrielle Klenowicz-Bollack - 4 years ago
Vadym Antipov
Vadym Antipov - 4 years ago
so i made it too . just by using woodprix scripts:)
jhen diama
jhen diama - 4 years ago
wow gaint octopus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam Carroll
Pam Carroll - 4 years ago
this is the kraken
A youtuber quite Small
A youtuber quite Small - 4 years ago
If I even see a octopus I'm out
Raul Prowe
Raul Prowe - 4 years ago
Vss Svv
Vss Svv - 4 years ago
Nice dish
Caraghz Channel
Caraghz Channel - 4 years ago
N.0.3.C5 MINH_CẬN - 4 years ago
2' 56triệu view
Debbie Bingamon
Debbie Bingamon - 4 years ago
Well I thought this would be click bait
Laurits Kryger
Laurits Kryger - 4 years ago
Shiba Sue
Shiba Sue - 4 years ago
Hard to believe these giant Octopus only have a 3 to 5 year lifespan. Growing pretty quick to get to this giant size. Talk about a Calamari feast! :)
ela Riley
ela Riley - 4 years ago
san eee
san eee - 4 years ago
thing will die coz uno they not gonna get the hook out
Sunildutta Jaisawal
Sunildutta Jaisawal - 4 years ago
Rose Xoxo
Rose Xoxo - 4 years ago
That's fuckin hudge
BISCUTgamer 1738
BISCUTgamer 1738 - 4 years ago
This vid got so much views!!!!!
Arely Gallardo
Arely Gallardo - 4 years ago
I cot an octops
Faruk Ay
Faruk Ay - 4 years ago
Mustaq Saiyed
Mustaq Saiyed - 4 years ago
NatesTackleBOX - 4 years ago
people that are saying this was illegal need to use some logic and go read the regs. witch state u can catch and keep an gaint pacific octopis in marine areas 1-11 on hook and line.
NatesTackleBOX - 4 years ago
rawkfish thats what i was saying
rawkfish - 4 years ago
Not illegal. Consult the WA State DFW Regs, not youtube comments.
Pooka13 - 4 years ago
It looks squishy he's my squishy
Tommy Melton
Tommy Melton - 4 years ago
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen - 4 years ago
touch the octopus
alysson louise Destara
alysson louise Destara - 4 years ago
jan-willem van wingerden
jan-willem van wingerden - 4 years ago
Tristan Omalley
Tristan Omalley - 4 years ago
Anegen Cabarlo
Anegen Cabarlo - 4 years ago
its a pacific octupus
Oriana Lara
Oriana Lara - 4 years ago
que maldad en ves de gravar el vídeo porque no dejó libre a ese pobre pulpo.
que crueldad por es a nadie y yo me incluyo no los gusto tu vídeo que maldad.
Nick Salemi
Nick Salemi - 4 years ago
That is sick
Göran Larsson
Göran Larsson - 4 years ago
HSU Graduation
HSU Graduation - 4 years ago
Did you kill it?
hoge stee
hoge stee - 4 years ago
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo die is erg groot zeg
Edem Mapper
Edem Mapper - 4 years ago
poor kraken i hope they didnt kill him
Jonas Bulusan
Jonas Bulusan - 4 years ago
Calinut Pisica
Calinut Pisica - 4 years ago
Justin BP
Justin BP - 4 years ago
Bro wtf acary
Five Neddos
Five Neddos - 4 years ago
That octopus looks like my father twin balls
Thatcher - 4 years ago
Don't reel him up you fish-catching fuckheads fish don't feel pain octopi do!!! >:(
Me Myself
Me Myself - 4 years ago
I found octodad......
Me Myself
Me Myself - 4 years ago
beautiful animal
Matilda Walters
Matilda Walters - 4 years ago
that scare me is that real
ninjammer726 - 4 years ago
nhang carter
nhang carter - 4 years ago
YŌ CHAN - 4 years ago
Translation:How lucky are you that would be good to eat
Muhamad Haikal Izzar Norwani
Muhamad Haikal Izzar Norwani - 4 years ago
is look like kraken but is not kraken
Meyer Bonifacio
Meyer Bonifacio - 4 years ago
Is this real
Надюша Гусева
Надюша Гусева - 4 years ago
AMT MRY - 4 years ago
Good eats right there! ...next stop, local sushi spot!
Ninja Elite
Ninja Elite - 4 years ago
If u sell him alive u Get about $1,000,000
hello its me
hello its me - 4 years ago
I'm scared of sea creatures
Som Nang
Som Nang - 4 years ago
Lien Phuong
Lien Phuong - 4 years ago
can you please make pj mask ep190
Monique Robinson
Monique Robinson - 4 years ago
I want a scientific research on y the heck is its head so damn big???
Jessa May Dayondon
Jessa May Dayondon - 4 years ago
is that really true
Gamingbeaver Fan
Gamingbeaver Fan - 4 years ago
I still don't know if the kraken Is bigger than that giant octopus
Rachael Ainsworth
Rachael Ainsworth - 4 years ago
what the fricfrac
Funtime alice
Funtime alice - 4 years ago
fuck you the octopus is free animals ...eat your family
check my channel on how we fish in holland.
Robert Touitou
Robert Touitou - 4 years ago
Beautyisforus33 - 4 years ago
Beautiful but scary asf
Maeva Domingues
Maeva Domingues - 4 years ago
Ses un poulpe ou ses une pieuvre
Ning Zim
Ning Zim - 4 years ago
ronald galeas
ronald galeas - 4 years ago
why the octopus looks fishing
ignacia pascall rojas orellana Pascal Rojas
ignacia pascall rojas orellana Pascal Rojas - 4 years ago
♥hoooooo que pequeño jajjjaj♥
Maksim Trofimov
Maksim Trofimov - 4 years ago
Катушка супер! http://ali.pub/1db6a
Trixie Obirai
Trixie Obirai - 4 years ago
stop saying so much bad words gus.
ArtisannasitrA - 4 years ago
I heard Madonna wants to let one of these beasts attempt to mate w/ her. What a sight that would be. Poor Octupus would die I am sure. Heck I would lather up her kunt w/ fish guts to bait the Octopi but only if an ambulance is there to assist me if I am overcum by the stench of her stankhole. Ohh the things we do for "the Shot" .
Dark junejay Gaming
Dark junejay Gaming - 4 years ago
Shut up too nerd science
Haili Thaxton
Haili Thaxton - 4 years ago
omfg hat is amazing i can't belevie you cought an octopuse!
Tracy Saisbury
Tracy Saisbury - 4 years ago
dude let it go u stupid idiots it's probably dieing
Amber Pavon
Amber Pavon - 4 years ago
Octopi are beautiful, mysterious sea creatures for sure. I'm sorry it caught the hook but thank you for not allowing it to suffer anymore than it had to. I love all creatures on Earth , magnificent!!!!
reza rahmanpanah
reza rahmanpanah - 4 years ago
علاوي ايهاب
علاوي ايهاب - 4 years ago
Jon-kelly Bothwell
Jon-kelly Bothwell - 4 years ago
I wish that was me
B T - 4 years ago
What contry are you in
ARIZONA DRONE VIDS - 4 years ago
time to eat
Tiziana Cuba
Tiziana Cuba - 4 years ago
esta bueno
ghouleyemonster unravledby the world
ghouleyemonster unravledby the world - 4 years ago
Kaleen B
Kaleen B - 4 years ago
I am scared of octopuses
Farencius459 - 4 years ago
People, you've really gotta have a look at that description...
Jeweby Chewy
Jeweby Chewy - 4 years ago
i caught an octopus a while ago too!! but i didnt record it my phone is running low on battery.
HAI CHỊ EM / Nguyên-Ly
HAI CHỊ EM / Nguyên-Ly - 4 years ago
рыбалка Азии
рыбалка Азии - 4 years ago
Осьминожку жалко)
annecaroline Leite
annecaroline Leite - 4 years ago
Eu emmm
Alexander vlogs
Alexander vlogs - 5 years ago
this video is so fack
Darnell Bryant
Darnell Bryant - 5 years ago
I would have cut the line and let it go
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster - 4 years ago
Darnell Bryant
Farencius459 - 4 years ago
It's all in the description, guys.
Darnell Bryant
Darnell Bryant - 4 years ago
Jeweby Chewy
Jeweby Chewy - 4 years ago
Darnell Bryant yep he was a huge one! it belongs in the waters
Darnell Bryant
Darnell Bryant - 4 years ago
+Jeweby Chewy Lol. I felt sorry for the creature though.
Jeweby Chewy
Jeweby Chewy - 4 years ago
Darnell Bryant then the octopus calls for his papa............. kraken appears
cockatoo bird
cockatoo bird - 5 years ago
how about kraken or giant octopus
Susie Smith
Susie Smith - 5 years ago
Cellar Door
Cellar Door - 5 years ago
How are people so calm? That thing was huge!
no nameee
no nameee - 5 years ago
Brian J
Brian J - 5 years ago
wow theres no way you were able to get that lure out of its mouth which means you just cut the line and left it in its mouth.. good job you now killed the octopus you asshole
GunRunner Gaming
GunRunner Gaming - 5 years ago
I'm supposed to be fishing, but this one guy keeps stealing my bass

Is it thefisher27

Yeah thefisher27
AylrBeats - 4 years ago
Damian Martinez who is thefisher27
Katerina Podarilova
Katerina Podarilova - 5 years ago
Akito Kosuke
Akito Kosuke - 5 years ago
I have seen so many hentai to know where this shizzle is going
Iva H
Iva H - 5 years ago
Halo Master
Halo Master - 5 years ago
Did you release it after and I hope he didn't hurt himself with the hook?
Halo Master
Halo Master - 5 years ago
You're right, they ate it :'(
Mutlu Youtuber
Mutlu Youtuber - 5 years ago
Halo Master they ate it it says in the description box,,, also if they released it he would die because of the hook
Sanne Floor
Sanne Floor - 5 years ago
Ben ik de einige nedelander hier?
Lacie Williams
Lacie Williams - 5 years ago
bra that was basically risking your life what if it got a hold of you it could of killed you
Louca Hubers
Louca Hubers - 5 years ago
an nam1
an nam1 - 5 years ago
good game and well player
smashpopvids - 5 years ago
how much do you think it wieghs
صيد اسماك النيل والبحر
صيد اسماك النيل والبحر - 5 years ago
مرحبا بكم هذا فيديو رائع
Sims4life Shea
Sims4life Shea - 5 years ago
I think that is real because why would 2 men go fishing and when they get back they go on there computer and edit a massive octopuse on a fishing line!?
Kaylee Pell
Kaylee Pell - 5 years ago
let it go!!!! this are a pice full animals
lol lps fun
lol lps fun - 5 years ago
my mom said ewwwww
MLG 420
MLG 420 - 5 years ago
i bet many japanesse girls went to beach to see it guess why (tentacle) :D
Mhine14 2ny14
Mhine14 2ny14 - 5 years ago
Stormy - 5 years ago
will octopuses hurt you?
George Meade
George Meade - 3 years ago
Super Amazing Girls
Super Amazing Girls - 5 years ago
So mean stop killing them
Suny Suny
Suny Suny - 3 years ago
Chloe Das xx
Sanashine Bateman
Sanashine Bateman - 5 years ago
Chloe 101 it would have suffer and starved to death if they had let it go. it had swallowed a 6 inch hook and would unable it to eat.
PRESTLEY ROBERTS - 5 years ago
that thing looks nasty
S Schmidt
S Schmidt - 5 years ago
did the octopus get hurt
Karen Smith
Karen Smith - 5 years ago
Tony Hong Fishing
Tony Hong Fishing - 5 years ago
Anyone have marinara sauce?
Rockfish00 [MCC]
Rockfish00 [MCC] - 5 years ago
ha I got Rockfish first
Iva Aleksovska
Iva Aleksovska - 5 years ago
Good job, but when I saw the guy who was so close to the octopus...... I just DIE YUCK!!!!!!
gone again
gone again - 5 years ago
Animals shouldn't be captured
gircakes - 5 years ago
Octopuses are one of the few really intelligent animals that are not mammals.
Eye See You
Eye See You - 5 years ago
it's unique
U.S.Slave - 5 years ago
if adsense pays 1k per million views ya got yourself 54k of one clip. could you imagine 20 years ago a fishing trip ever turning into such a thing?
misty lancaster
misty lancaster - 5 years ago
You heard that creature
Hampus Hansen
Hampus Hansen - 5 years ago
Jacob Tapia
Jacob Tapia - 5 years ago
Cali Mari time
Charles Randolph
Charles Randolph - 5 years ago
I'd be lucky enough not to flip my kayak while screaming and panicking!
lpslover58470 AJ
lpslover58470 AJ - 5 years ago
Honestly they scare me because THEY ARE SO BIG.......
Miguel Rueda
Miguel Rueda - 5 years ago
octopussy caught
Lucero Lopez
Lucero Lopez - 5 years ago
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - 5 years ago
Judge Judy
Judge Judy - 5 years ago
how are you supposed to kill an octopus if you wanna take it home?? sounds messy tbh lol
Debra Green
Debra Green - 5 years ago
thats not save but. . . WOW!☺
Azlan Aries
Azlan Aries - 5 years ago
Maria Alvarado
Maria Alvarado - 5 years ago
it is a kayak little boat
Maria Alvarado
Maria Alvarado - 5 years ago
it is not a canoe
Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt - 5 years ago
OMG is that THE Cracking!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
gone again
gone again - 5 years ago
Jennifer Hunt do you mean The Kraken? Jesus Christ...
Balleen - 5 years ago
Jennifer Hunt What's the cracking?
المعرف الذي لايعرف alaskar
المعرف الذي لايعرف alaskar - 5 years ago
عرب عرب
Мелани Ministerska
Мелани Ministerska - 5 years ago
Jayesh Joshi
Jayesh Joshi - 5 years ago
mrjtful Boy
mrjtful Boy - 5 years ago
cookie girls xoxo
cookie girls xoxo - 5 years ago
cookie girls xoxo
cookie girls xoxo - 5 years ago
Xbermations - 5 years ago
Guess you had a big dinner XD
Lea's Tierwelt
Lea's Tierwelt - 5 years ago
Oh no... cool video but the octopus didn't have fun i think....
HeyyIts Basti
HeyyIts Basti - 5 years ago
October. Is. big
HeyyIts Basti
HeyyIts Basti - 5 years ago
Octopus. Is. big
HeyyIts Basti
HeyyIts Basti - 5 years ago
Genesis Jorge
Genesis Jorge - 5 years ago
que mentira que yo sepa eso es un pulpo noooormaaaaaaaallll
Becky Dingreville
Becky Dingreville - 5 years ago
sai degoutan
Jules Kooij the microraptor
Jules Kooij the microraptor - 5 years ago
53mlm views and "only" 46k likes
EftelingPardoes - 5 years ago
did you let him go or did you kill it?
AidanProductions - 5 years ago
In the description they say that they killed it and ate it afterwards to not put it to waste. If they had let it go it probably would have starved to death because of the hook in its mouth.
Whit MAN
Whit MAN - 5 years ago
That is so cool
Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz - 5 years ago
It will probably flip over the boat
Yzave Bbb
Yzave Bbb - 5 years ago
Hajar Saydi
Hajar Saydi - 5 years ago
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith - 5 years ago
Am I the only one that's more scared of an octopus than a shark??
DragonMaster Chris
DragonMaster Chris - 3 years ago
Stephanie Smith your not the only one im scared of anything with tentacles
Tom Stamos
Tom Stamos - 3 years ago
nope. octopuses are evil geniuses and lethal.
bellanad - 3 years ago
Stephanie Smith was
Avas Vlogs/ Gaming
Avas Vlogs/ Gaming - 3 years ago
Stephanie Smith um they look scary but there not
Tom Stamos
Tom Stamos - 4 years ago
octopuses are smarter than humans
Manoj Kalita
Manoj Kalita - 4 years ago
Me too
L33K TR33K
L33K TR33K - 4 years ago
Stephanie Smith im not even scared of sharks, I'm scared of frikin orcas
BRAYDEN SCOTT - 4 years ago
ช่อผกา ปานศิริอาษา
ช่อผกา ปานศิริอาษา - 4 years ago
Stephanie Smith เ
Farisha Ilyana
Farisha Ilyana - 4 years ago
Stephanie Smith i am also scred of octopus
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster - 4 years ago
Stephanie Smith
No man I feel like the bottom it could eat you and they look scary
Frankie Ruesga
Frankie Ruesga - 4 years ago
Stephanie Smith yo add me on sc fruesga25 trust
Arnold pitbull
Arnold pitbull - 5 years ago
Stephanie Smith do I no u
Furkan Adam
Furkan Adam - 5 years ago
Stephanie Smith you're not alone
Anan Mitra
Anan Mitra - 5 years ago
Stephanie Smith oh I hi
Alfie,Roblox, iPad gaming And more
Alfie,Roblox, iPad gaming And more - 5 years ago
Stephanie Smith it's ok
Liz CP
Liz CP - 5 years ago
Stephanie Smith I am, I am too cause of their eyes they're much creepier and they look like a glare
The Maker Shoppe
The Maker Shoppe - 5 years ago
i think its bc of all the tales of how they take down and destroy boats
Jon Wright
Jon Wright - 5 years ago
haha me to. if I feel the ground on the bottom of the lake touch my feet Iam out of there.
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith - 5 years ago
Jon Wright I know haha it's cool to look at but not be near. I would have a heart attack if I saw one in the water with me lol. And thank you, you have a nice day too
Jon Wright
Jon Wright - 5 years ago
I don't know why I watch these videos but there cool. I liked your comment so I thought I would reply. hope your having a great day
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith - 5 years ago
Jon Wright exactly!! Haha
Jon Wright
Jon Wright - 5 years ago
me too. that crazy looking thing looks like an alien. and a shark looks normal
MeloKayy - 5 years ago
Why do they seem so calm and unshocked? I would literally be freaking out! Like who the hell manages to catch an octopus!!!
Nitroglitch - 5 years ago
shine bright
shine bright - 5 years ago
That's so cool
kckylietvcom kctvcom
kckylietvcom kctvcom - 5 years ago
in scared of that
jessica Alessio
jessica Alessio - 5 years ago
ATKAFilmsUSA - 5 years ago
Anyone interested in fishing?? Give my channel a peep. Thanks!
Dotty Animates
Dotty Animates - 5 years ago
Bro this is SICK (in a good way)!!!!!!!
xerke - 5 years ago
Is this in the sea? Saltwater or freshwater?
Dewpk - 5 years ago
You're lucky that it was shocked by the pain of the hook. If it had a sober thinking right there, there's a good chance that both of you would be rotting corpses down there.
Emo666Cali - 5 years ago
so what happens to the octopus?
Emo666Cali - 5 years ago
I think I would shit a city if I caught one or move faster across the water than Jesus
brookie418 - 5 years ago
Natedog365 - 5 years ago
pacifica - 5 years ago
I hope they set it free! I would hate to know it was killed and eaten :(
Pooka13 - 5 years ago
They ate it
ريال مدريد الملكي
ريال مدريد الملكي - 5 years ago

Dalton Coppage
Dalton Coppage - 5 years ago
did u guy keep the octopus
Engbretson Underwater Photography
Engbretson Underwater Photography - 5 years ago
Emerald girl
Emerald girl - 5 years ago
woah a real octopus cool
CatLuvr69 - 5 years ago
As much as I hate the idea of eating a creature like an octopus, I think they made the best decision. That octopus would've suffered of it had been cut free with that hook buried in it. The decision to kill it was the humane choice, and I do support that choice. Go ahead and call me - and anyone else who supports it - rude names, if you want. It's done and over with, complaining about it won't change a thing.
pixel art channel shaikh
pixel art channel shaikh - 3 years ago
wow amazing
TitanBeats - 4 years ago
well a gut hooked fish can survive 75% of the time a octopus with a hook in its tentacle has way more of a chance to survive than a gut hooked fish
Mike R
Mike R - 5 years ago
I wonder how deep that water is
rising chicken!
rising chicken! - 5 years ago
man your lucky but did you put that GIANT octpus back he was just chilling
rising chicken!
rising chicken! - 5 years ago
+MartinJʀ wut?
Pooka13 - 5 years ago
+rising chicken! *I'M
rising chicken!
rising chicken! - 5 years ago
Pooka13 - 5 years ago
They ate it
The Iron Donut Squad
The Iron Donut Squad - 5 years ago
Okay now who wants Sushi cause the rawkfish store has a special on octopus 50% off
Mr Gwarn Stylee
Mr Gwarn Stylee - 5 years ago
Good to eat...what's the best way to humanely dispatch one?
Lightning Jay1o
Lightning Jay1o - 5 years ago
It look do fake
kroakie4 - 5 years ago
Wow! What a beautiful red it is!
Miss Misty
Miss Misty - 5 years ago
I love how you justify killing it with your hook by saying they are over populated... Humans are over populated. Why can't people leave these amazing creature alone!
Antonio Alonso López
Antonio Alonso López - 5 years ago

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