Rising star killed in attempt to master extreme kayaking

The Potomac River has some of the most extreme rapids that only the most skilled kayakers can navigate. CBS News correspondent David Martin recently followed young kayaker Shannon Christy for "60 Minutes Sports," as she prepared for a race down the river. Two days before the competition, Christy was killed in a practice run.

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The Potomac River has some of the most extreme rapids that only the most skilled kayakers can navigate. CBS News correspondent David Martin recently followed young kayaker Shannon Christy for "60 Minutes Sports," as she prepared for a race down the river. Two days before the competition, Christy was killed in a practice run.

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for Rising star killed in attempt to master extreme kayaking

Lily is
Lily is - 3 years ago
may this be a reminder to all in extreme sports; Never. Kayak. Alone. overconfidence is your enemy, and being by yourself is even worse
Jetty1502 - 3 years ago
It's the same with the sport of surfing when you go to a spot that you know is dangerous you make sure you don't go alone. Or at the least you have someone supervising your run or a jet ski from the shoulder. Confidence is one thing overconfidence is another. I'm sorry she passed away
Soul Fly
Soul Fly - 3 years ago
not extreme !? Snap into a slim jim !!!!!!
Its_an_Invasion_LowInfo_Votees - 3 years ago
DONT KAYAK ALONE and KNOW When You Are Stupidly Charismatic and all Chummy
Chavez M
Chavez M - 3 years ago
She's a tough girl, full of life. Too bad this happened, but she died doing what she loved.
LuckyPrepper - 3 years ago
stupid is as stupid does
Trevonious11 - 3 years ago
This is hella sad....... maybe because of the before hand vid of her, great smile, idk but i am now sad..
Terry Bruce
Terry Bruce - 3 years ago
Gotta compete with the MEN eh baby....over-reaching....now you're dead....feminism at its finest.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 3 years ago
She competed against men when the river was her enemy.

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Dennis Pfeifer
Dennis Pfeifer - 3 years ago
When he said they pulled with all their might and it popped loose,  I thought the arm or leg must have been pulled off the body.  It may have, but it was not shown.   She was  a little cocky or maybe just over confident in that interview before her death.  24 months is not a long time to learn a sport like that.
2centavos - 3 years ago
Not the 'girl power' vid it started out as.
Jona Nathan
Jona Nathan - 3 years ago
She was probably a real nice lady BUT,....it is hard to watch stupid people die for NO reason.
Jona Nathan
Jona Nathan - 3 years ago
I'm all for sports BUT,...you need to ask yourself...what is the purpose? What is the value for humans? Is it just a selfish pursuit?
This is similar to flying using wingsuits. There is NO real value to this sport.Why not take up Ping Pong.I could respect that much more.
vtrmcs - 3 years ago
Overeaching confirmed.
Air Bag
Air Bag - 3 years ago
Great Falls, an Olympian died there previously before her just practicing. I live near there, it'd dangerous
Tom Adams
Tom Adams - 3 years ago
Damned commercials ,  U tube ,  I couldn't watch this video because I wasn't going to wait 3 minutes ,  for a Japanese Dance show .  Do something about this please !!!!!
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe - 3 years ago
She swam and was swept into the pin. She swam for unknown reasons.
hahagotcha!!!! - 3 years ago
Good fishing at great falls....when the water isn't high.
Chuck Keough
Chuck Keough - 3 years ago
Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

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JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res
JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res - 3 years ago
Storm Drake
Storm Drake - 3 years ago
It is what it is
Wh0rse - 3 years ago
What a waste...
rats arsed
rats arsed - 3 years ago
Standing in front of trains is the new rich kids Adventure Sport.
Nick Hammer
Nick Hammer - 3 years ago
Don’t you have to be known to be a rising star?
Michael VR
Michael VR - 3 years ago
Uhm great falls is in Maryland not Virginia
J church
J church - 3 years ago
Hard to feel sorry for stupid ppl
Brian Hackert
Brian Hackert - 3 years ago
i smoke. they can say i died doing what i love.
Mike Raia
Mike Raia - 3 years ago
Brian Hackert thats true
J M - 3 years ago
Not a sport for women. Need to be strong like Tarzan.
spookym123 - 3 years ago
"Overreaching", "confident." Overconfident. How long after the last time anyone saw her alive did a TV camera crew spot her? Wasn't anyone in this event watching her? Is there no buddy system, or spotting?

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fuck off
fuck off - 3 years ago
Overconfidence is a flimsy shield.
eddie mclaughlin
eddie mclaughlin - 3 years ago
That's the thing with water,you only know you have gone too far,when its too late.I went too far once and was lucky someone was there to help. In the ocean but the same thing. It can leave you and others helpless,yards from safety.
Crash Hard
Crash Hard - 3 years ago
I am a surfer and a river rat. I was taught to wear a vest at class 4 rivers well, all, and also taught to have at least 300 miles with the river running at say 650 gallons per minute before going on to each new phase. I ran a 26 mile ride white water everywhere in an hour at 1000 gallons a minute. I did these carefully and put in my time to run class 5 rivers. And even in a swimming pool, never be in the water alone. My heart goes out to his family.
KSparx - 3 years ago
650 gal. per minute?? Were you in the gutter in front of your house after it rained?
Crash Hard
Crash Hard - 3 years ago
Crash Hard
Crash Hard - 3 years ago
And rhe ocean is my home. You dont have the right to assume what I feel by what I can accomplish.
Crash Hard
Crash Hard - 3 years ago
I don' think I will live forever. But I will live in Technicolor. Im alive until im dead.If
Roman Brown
Roman Brown - 3 years ago
You think you'll live forever following your little rules? Sky and Earth live forever, we men must die.
WoodyPlayzDC - 3 years ago
Over confidence and arrogance got her killed I have been snowboarding and kayaking for 7 years now I never try anything alone...
cosmo casper
cosmo casper - 3 years ago
Fake news.
saucex - 3 years ago
you should run those waterfalls in a dagger mamba bad decision
Whaleshrimp - 3 years ago
Over confident under experienced boaters don't last long in class 5 water. Especially if they enter class 5 water alone with no shore support. Let's hope she will cause others to move up to class 4 and above once they are ready to, not because no one stopped them.
WORLD OF OTTIS - 3 years ago
Wow that’s so sad. She really wanted to do it again.
Hyper VenomZ
Hyper VenomZ - 3 years ago
2 years isn't enough of practice to do this I've paddle 6 years and hardest thing I've done is tallulah gorge or section 4 of chatoogs
funkyflights - 3 years ago
That's really sad, RIP to her.... It's really cool that you guy's recovered her body so she could go home...  Props to Steve Fisher and everyone involved in getting her out...
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin - 3 years ago
Very sad & tragic. Accidents can happen no matter how prepared you are in life. Being pinned to rocks with that amount of water pressure you stand no chance.
Richard Smout
Richard Smout - 3 years ago
Some say confident other say cocky
JOSH DOSE SOMTHING - 3 years ago
She should've waited for 5 years.
Al Cabone
Al Cabone - 3 years ago
Mother Nature > You
MrYorkieLover Fitness
MrYorkieLover Fitness - 3 years ago
Some things are not meant to be done by some people.........
wolf - 3 years ago
I have kayak lessons tomorrow....I probably shouldn`t watch this.
Link Yesimsureispelledmynamecorrectly
Link Yesimsureispelledmynamecorrectly - 3 years ago
So edgy, everyone.
Tatersalad19 Cars
Tatersalad19 Cars - 3 years ago
Rest In Peace Shannon
az az
az az - 3 years ago
Credit MacDaddy
Credit MacDaddy - 3 years ago
Why didn't she have someone watching her? That's pretty reckless honestly.

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Extra Creamy
Extra Creamy - 3 years ago
Get to the top or die trying.
0munkey0numberZERO - 3 years ago
I suspect foul play
Johnny Utah's Outdoors
Johnny Utah's Outdoors - 3 years ago
0munkey0numberZERO +1
USNVA - 3 years ago
There were no birds in the immediate area on that day.
Bonit - 3 years ago
Another woman that should have stayed in the kitchen lol
Nathan Phelps
Nathan Phelps - 3 years ago
May she rest in peace and I hope that God has a special place up there in heaven for her
Eugene Chao
Eugene Chao - 3 years ago
she did the practice run by herself without any supervision?? not smart...
Carpe diem
Carpe diem - 3 years ago
where's the original footage?
David C
David C - 3 years ago
it is fun and games.... until it is not. Seemed overconfident and naive. it got her killed. I quit the sport after only 3 years,, after my buddy died in class four rapids. we did all the safety right, everything went wrong. this is a very sad story.
MEEP - 3 years ago
damn. always kayak with a buddy
Hellespont - 3 years ago
All the comments here saying "she died doing what she loved" "she lived life to the fullest", I am sorry but I have to disagree. Put yourself in her shoes and contemplate her last terrifying moments alive struggling for breath, we can pretty much guarantee she was regretting her decision at that point... The partner she will never meet, the children she will never have, the joy in the hours spent teaching them how to kayak etc... It's sad and unfortunate that she lost her life, but we shouldn't try to put a positive spin on a death that was avoidable. If she had survived the ordeal, do you really believe she would be advising people to go and risk it all and die doing what they loved?! I don't think so. I love riding horses and I'm well aware of the dangers, but I really don't want anybody glorifying my death if I went out riding alone and broke my neck.
YaGottaBeKidding - 3 years ago
Chances are that's not the way it happened. For both myself and all who I've talked to (more than a few) who have come so close to drowning that, well, we should have, you work and do your best to extricate yourself and aren't thinking "I'm dying, oh no!" In my case, I was under for well over three minutes, working and struggling all the time. I finally did realize I wasn't going to make it and, believe it or not, it was actually very peaceful, with literally no regrets. But I couldn't quit and gave it what I knew would be a final effort, and I popped out. Almost all others with whom I've spoken who'd been in those situations never thought they'd die in that moment. In fact, a number of them lost consciousness while under water, having the same luck as I'd had in that they somehow just popped out later and were either pulled out by friends or washed up on a rock in a manner in which they could breath. Not a one of them had realized they were losing consciousness; all were surprised that they had, and that they had come so close to drowning. Maybe it's the nature of those who chose and enjoy whitewater so deeply, but all of us were fighting until the end, but there was never a sense of panic or dread, only the (of course false) knowledge that we'd make it out. It's not like you are just underwater and can't breathe, for you are working it, working to rescue yourself; much of whitewater paddling is like that, in that you aren't just along for the ride but are actively on the river.

It isn't that "she died doing what she loved", it isn't "do you really want to die like that?" What it is: we really want to LIVE like that. Sure, we could hide from risk, but that's not how we are wired. Yes, it most certainly is sad that she'd lost her life, but Shannon (I didn't know her) would almost certainly have been in the forefront of those fighting for the ability to take these risks. We've all lost friends to the river, at least if we've been doing it long enough, but it dishonors them all to claim it was "avoidable" by just not paddling it in the first place. You are right Hellespont in that she wouldn't have advised people to go and die doing what they loved; she'd have advised them to live doing what they loved.
thaa_mike - 3 years ago
I agree.
TimmsNtn - 3 years ago
Very sad she died so young.  She was doing what she loved.
Marcus Rousey
Marcus Rousey - 3 years ago
Maybe Shannon Christy was murder why would she take her floating device go out alone told not2 ride that dangerous area no one saw shit she is a rising star & a female she was set up! i just wish her mom would have look more into it she was on 60min but no one else was JEALOUSY does kill
Johnny Utah's Outdoors
Johnny Utah's Outdoors - 3 years ago
Marcus Rousey +1 there should have been an investigation
•LUNATICRIDER209• - 3 years ago
I was the same way until I broke my neck and back on the dirt bike which ended my whitewater kayaking career.
PremiumWater - 4 years ago
So we are shocked she died???
Frank J Perruccio
Frank J Perruccio - 4 years ago
It was not intentional.  She would not have tried to run that slot after being told how dangerous it was.  She got pushed off her line and went into it without any choice.  Her line would have taken her right past the entrance of Subway, but you are moving fast and the water there is very pushy.   Being a foot to the left of her line would have been all it would take.
Bruce B
Bruce B - 4 years ago
Gotta respect the power of water. I've lived around here for 40 years and have paddled and climbed rocks here for just as long and would never consider running the falls. Might as well do Niagara or Angel Falls and go out big. Make sure you have Red Bull helicopter and gopro along for the ride to record your demise, as soda pop needs to be sold, but please, wait till you're in your seventies... They don't call the falls GREAT for nothing and they are just as beautiful from the banks of the river. That you don't need to toss yourself in to see if you can do it, as it can do you quicker than you can blink and eye. Sad she was so young and innocent/ foolish. I agree, she didn't get bashed enough on lesser runs to know to respect this one.
Yamaha 26003
Yamaha 26003 - 4 years ago
Habki - 4 years ago
why isnt she in the kitchen?
spyderspic666 - 4 years ago
Thats the name of the game in extreme sports, you're taunting the Grim Reaper and the reaper decided it was time for her to lose.
Bill Cheung
Bill Cheung - 4 years ago
Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmidt - 4 years ago
hangmans humor from control freaks wannabe cops. quit makin out with your kid like that!
Andrew O
Andrew O - 4 years ago
Nothing sad about it she died doing what she loved to do. People whining and sniveling about how sad this is...sad is a child dying of cancer
Dawn Hirst
Dawn Hirst - 3 years ago
of course it's sad ya fuckng idiot
gamilon111 - 4 years ago
Death people dont care about home.
Doug H. in VA
Doug H. in VA - 4 years ago
In east Tennessee there is a  name for people like her.... 'educated fool'.  Every small town boy understands what 'book smart' means.... and those overconfident but actually insecure people who have to prove themselves repeatedly are never happy. So they settle for thrills. And some die.  This woman was the 3rd to die there and she was a poor learner from others'  mistakes.
Roman Brown
Roman Brown - 3 years ago
whatever dude.
she should've stuck to the kitchen tbh. tbh i used to find it attractive and yet today i can't stand when a woman goes for a masters or phd or extreme sport like this. the best years of their lives wasted instead of building families. smh at these selfish bitches tbh fam.
Jason Ji
Jason Ji - 4 years ago
Man really sad, such a close interview, and next moment she's dead.
tripleheshy - 4 years ago
Arrogance kills more often than not.
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson - 3 years ago
Alex N I'm afraid Josh is right, ALEX. It's pretty much the first rule in kayaking. World class kayakers have died because they were boating alone when it very well may have been prevented (or truly may not have been..I'm not an absolutionist). Anyway, even if you're an experienced boater, anything above a class II or III should not be run alone.
John Housh
John Housh - 4 years ago
It's not really an opinion, but a rule/guideline that is taught at any instructional course, and whitewater safety class. One I'm sure she's heard many times.
John Housh
John Housh - 4 years ago
Under no circumstances is running class V solo, on a new run, considered safe. Not that it isn't done.

I have not been there, but it is clearly a place with lots of lines to choose from, and not all of them are safe. I've done runs of that nature, and the rule is you do not go in alone you first few times. In general, you don't go solo when whitewater kayaking.

You are right that I don't know the run or what happened to her, but that doesn't change that going out there alone was questionable at best.
John Housh
John Housh - 4 years ago
I don't know about you, but I can't remember every line from 1 run. And having someone out there with her, they could have possibly yelled at here where to go when she started to make a mistake. Sometimes you mess up a line, and others can let you know about plan B on the spot.

I definitely say she should not have rushed out there on her own.
John Housh
John Housh - 4 years ago
I'm not sure on this one. She was pretty arrogant to jump on a new run without anyone present the following day. That or she was just overly excited to jump out there, that she decided to do it without the safety of others.
tripleheshy - 4 years ago
+Alex N No. it's arrogance. Dropping a glass on the floor is an accident. This is pure "I can better mother nature" arrogance. Final score Nature:1 Kayaker:0.
Chris Reed
Chris Reed - 4 years ago
I was always taught 'Your judgement comes from experience. Your experience comes from misadventure'. You need to shit your pants enough times to know how to avoid the situations where you are going to shit your pants. Sadly I guess she did not shit her pants enough times in three years to avoid the one thing she was told not to do. Like Bringabongalong,  I was also taught, 'Less than three there should never be'. Paddling alone ??!!!! Very bad judgement. Hubris is followed by nemesis. Very sad. Not for her but her friends, family and fellow paddlers.
Tommy B
Tommy B - 4 years ago
two years experience
scooby dew
scooby dew - 4 years ago
very sad
Simon Ellis
Simon Ellis - 4 years ago
Very sad. I kayaked all over the world - Canada, Alps, Himalayas, Costa Rica, Norway, Scotland, Wales and USA. I visited Washington DC and went up to see Great Falls but I didn't have a kayak to run it and I am not sure I would have if I did. Confidence is probably 70% of what you need to be proficient in whitewater - 10% is your kit, 10% your skills and 10% is your buddies/team. Multiple water falls are very dangerous. Screw up the first drop or get lost or run backwards down a fall and you are in big trouble. After over 20 years of running falls you have to learn when to walk away and not be too confident. Sadly, and this is not a sexist remark, she may not have had the upper body strength to get her self out of trouble and "drive" the kayak hard if she was getting pushed down the wrong route. God bless her
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe - 3 years ago
Confidence is key but skills is the overriding factor. I kayaked a number of years and found a number of kayakers who didn't have much experience running extreme rapids. There needs to be time spent on easier rapids before progressing.

Also, even the best might have a bad day and pay the price.
The Triggerati
The Triggerati - 3 years ago
I hate to agree, but it's very possibly true. This culture of aggressive 'kickass' feminism that demands that women can do everything men can do, and better is somewhat delusional. Men are simply stronger in certain areas, and no amount of 'attitude' can compensate.
Carson Blatner
Carson Blatner - 4 years ago
Simon Ellis hi
Simon Ellis
Simon Ellis - 4 years ago
Huge respect for the rescue team. That must have been tough
meera ram
meera ram - 4 years ago
So sad
Safety Group
Safety Group - 4 years ago
That was really sad... I am wanting to get into kayaking... But this is a soboring reminder that it can kill you to. Please check this out when you get a chance. http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0001/0001_01.asp
Panquisha da beast
Panquisha da beast - 4 years ago
As my dad tells me always be there with someone other than yourself
bringabongalong1 - 4 years ago
'less than 3 should never be' - one to stay with the casualty, one to go for help
glamerite - 4 years ago
"strike me as confident" clearly over confident
Dane Patterson
Dane Patterson - 3 years ago
Class V+ means you can do nothing wrong and end up drowned. Should she had have a rope spotter on shore, yes. But this is a doable run and she was qualified
Bill West
Bill West - 3 years ago
glamerite and everyone who liked this.. it's almost like your gloating over this girls death. If you had half the confidence this girl had then maybe you wouldn't be just another keyboard warrior with nothing better to do than to point out flaws in a fellow person in a YouTube video. I'm so sick of this desensitized society with no morals and respect for human beings. Thank you for reminding me how much hate and disrespect people have.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - 3 years ago
Well the overconfidence could've also been in running that section without someone standing by as a safety, and without anyone to kayak with her who would be looking back for her. Because sometimes you can get swept off course and not take the line you really wanted to. But someone should be there to see it happen.
Porkins Sceypt
Porkins Sceypt - 3 years ago
the dude told her to not go in that exact spot but she did. def over confident.
D Woods
D Woods - 4 years ago
She ran it fine the first time. That's how you get better. But Simon is right, got to know when to walk away, if you can know. Sometimes you don't know. Her guides told her the line, and they're stars in the sport. If they didn't believe in her, they would've told her not to go. That's a thing in kayaking, sometimes peers won't LET you go. But it was a tragedy, and she wasn't at all unskilled. Somewhere she made a wrong twist or turn, something minor, but that's all it takes. God bless Shannon!
Adam Peter Conroy
Adam Peter Conroy - 4 years ago
Stupidity. I've been Kayaking 10 years and I still wouldn't do severe level 5 rapids. Completely unnecessary death.
Cactus Dr
Cactus Dr - 3 years ago
The problem is that she did it ALONE that’s just not smart
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - 3 years ago
How long you do something means very little, I have been mt biking for over 30 years and I am average. I meet people who have been riding 2 or less years that are very good, there are many factors that play into how good anyone is at any given sport. I have been seriously hurt rock climbing, skiing and mt biking sometimes we get lucky and get a hall pass, sometimes not. I feel for her and her family.
Ahmad Fahmi
Ahmad Fahmi - 3 years ago
Adam Peter Conroy woman should stay in kitchen
Mc_Claw Larsen
Mc_Claw Larsen - 3 years ago
i agree ,she was also fairly new to the sport class 5 is 1 mistake and ur dead
bonky wonky
bonky wonky - 3 years ago
please explain to me why it's not stupid to take a solo run down a river that has killed people before after you've been paddling for three years?
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills - 3 years ago
bane734 Adams got a point it's a lot of experience and it's not for everyone have u even seen how hard they friend to get her out
bane734 - 3 years ago
pendelta f you
pendelta - 4 years ago
@Adam Peter Conroy. You probably suck at kayaking and paddle on lakes
Michael rau
Michael rau - 4 years ago
Adam Peter Conroy Absolutely senseless disrespect.
D Woods
D Woods - 4 years ago
Calling it stupidity is not respectful in any way. There's an organized race held here and at Little Falls, every year (this weekend and next, in fact). It's condoned by the community and the Park Service, and undertaken by professionals. She was young but no amateur!

I understand if you are hurt by her loss (many in the local community knew and loved Shannon, including many I know) but please do have respect. You kayaking for ten years doesn't mean anything just like me kayaking for 15 years or 1 year or someone paddling for 30 years, risks are a part of extreme sports and in 40 years hers was the third death. It happens. I too wish she'd just stayed home that day but it's our OWN call to make ourselves proud and push our own limits. She went out doing what she loved.

She didn't do something wrong by running the falls, but maybe she made a wrong stroke. Who knows. People have run waayy bigger falls and continue to, and it looks crazy but it's not stupid. It's living life. People JUMP OUT OF AIRPLANES. Just saying, THAT'S stupid to me. Maybe stupid to you, too!

Anyway, all due respect. Just sharing a thought. Cheers.
Gerhard Reinig
Gerhard Reinig - 4 years ago
As I was young, we was riding the Ötztaler Ache from Ötz into the Inn in Slalom-Canadier at 5 P.M. at highest water level, very hughes big water level 5.
Boats, they are so tied, you not get in, you not get out, and in boat fixed with belts. This was risk.
glamerite - 4 years ago
+Adam Peter Conroy my dad has been riding a bike for 30 years and this kid is taking on MTB trials after 6 years of riding. your point is?
Adam Peter Conroy
Adam Peter Conroy - 4 years ago
+Jan Gränát I don't care what you say. I get that some people are into extreme kayaking but there is a level you get to where you have to ask yourself if what you're doing is a good call. Experience might have suggested that that course was unrunnable that day. Or taken into account that maybe this was too much too soon.
Jan Gränát
Jan Gränát - 4 years ago
+Adam Peter Conroy everyone is learning on different speed. I know what i am talking about.
Gregg Silk
Gregg Silk - 4 years ago
It's called "Subway" because the chute goes under a huge boulder. He can stand there at 2:25 because the water is going under the rock.

The previous death in this center section was in the next set of ledges upstream, in which the victim was also trapped in a complex of underwater boulders and undercuts at the base of the drop.

The "Falls" are the middle of mile long rapids. Every time it floods, huge boulders come from upstream and get stacked by the water. You see a boulder that you figure has been there forever, and then you see a flattened golf ball under it. There are plenty of strainers, many of which are no doubt unknown.
cbr1thou - 5 years ago
Too bad, needed spotters. unnecessary death. she seemed like a great girl.
FFEMTB08 - 4 years ago
Spotters wouldn't have helped. She was pinned by the water, she wasn't coming out quickly.
seanoleary1979 - 5 years ago
Thank you for your gift to the world Shannon... That gift being your bold strong light that demonstrated to us all what it means to chase your dreams and live life to the fullest by taking the risks you did. Life would be nothing more than sitting home watching a ball game while having a few beers... aka slow death.
yobuttin - 5 years ago
Did she dived?
Dylan Costello
Dylan Costello - 5 years ago
rip she was and a way still is and inspiration
kitty suet
kitty suet - 4 years ago
learn to speak fuktard.
kenny wong
kenny wong - 5 years ago
if no one saw it happen, she was running class V river alone...paid dearly for ignoring the first rule of kayaking...even the best needed help at times...you always go with one or two others for safety reason
YaGottaBeKidding - 3 years ago
@c carr you don't paddle, do you?
Tomas Kozel
Tomas Kozel - 3 years ago
She was not running alone, she was paddling with her friend.
see https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Accident/detail/accidentid/3743/
Barry Maynard
Barry Maynard - 3 years ago
That's some convoluted thinking there. We don't know what she thought and it's quite silly to put thoughts in her head when she isn't here to speak for herself.
ObsethedSkierJayPeak - 3 years ago
exactly what a young over ambitious and new kayaker might do
C Carr
C Carr - 3 years ago
True, but you have to remember she was a woman in a sport with mostly men and apparently had something to prove. That's why she ignored the advice of the professional, because he is a man and no man is going to tell here what to do.
Nick Eckhardt
Nick Eckhardt - 3 years ago
You get in a jam in class V+, theres not a whole lot someone on the shore is going to be able to do to help you
BandOfBros - 3 years ago
If you had people on the cliffs especially near subway then they might've been able to pull her away before she got in there or diverted her to a safer area. Paddling alone is just a huge risk.
sormu16 - 3 years ago
Makes sense, but in this case she got out of the kayak, and got stuck against a cliff, with a large team of people needed to pull her free. Going with somebody would have made no difference.
Jurij Fedorov
Jurij Fedorov - 4 years ago
Not that it would have mattered one single bit. There is no way to save her from there anyway.
Romany1111 - 5 years ago
+kenny wong Yeah, Kenny. Tons of mates there to extricate the body, but no one saw her do the run?!
Eric Bryant
Eric Bryant - 5 years ago
Everybody dies, not everyone really lives.  She was doing it right.
Lynette Rall
Lynette Rall - 3 years ago
Ewan Duff Well, it was sort of intentionally unintentional, because she IGNORED the first rule of Kayaking (intentional) and because of that landed in the Subway (unintentional).
Ahmad Fahmi
Ahmad Fahmi - 3 years ago
Eric Bryant woman should stay in kitchen
Johnny Utah's Outdoors
Johnny Utah's Outdoors - 3 years ago
Marcus Rousey i agree
Mc_Claw Larsen
Mc_Claw Larsen - 3 years ago
if she did it right she would still be alive
AcidCashSociopath - 3 years ago
short life, an exhilarating one. Erics absolutely right.
Daniel happy
Daniel happy - 3 years ago
"one must always". SO you are the decider of what a person "must always" do? Thank you oh master and decider of how we get to live.
classified unknown
classified unknown - 3 years ago
Fernando Marturet very true
Fernando Marturet
Fernando Marturet - 3 years ago
Extreme sports are not the only way to live... You can live wonderful adventure without putting your life in too much risk. One must always balance the pleasure of adventure versus its risks and one's level of expertise. Accidents of course happen and people are bound to die doing such activities even when the risk is calculated. You are right, she died doing what she loved, but I bet when she was under that water, drowning to death, she would much rather have been anywhere else. Two rules of any extreme sport, buddy up and don't push your limitations.
Dr Manhattan
Dr Manhattan - 3 years ago
How old am I? Yea, Jake, and you can do a ton of things that don't endanger your life. Like I said, more will die needlessly because of this YOLO stuff.
Hellespont - 3 years ago
If she had survived the accident I don't think she would agree with you Eric. If she could turn back time and either do that run again and die, or skip this river and live a life of happy kayaking elsewhere, what would she do? Each to their own I guess, but I honestly think she overestimated her abilities. She says "confident" instead of "overreaching", confidence doesn't always add up to competence I'm afraid. (Dunning-Kruger)
Dr Manhattan
Dr Manhattan - 3 years ago
absolutely not. She left loved ones behind that miss her. She was doing it wrong. Right is living. People like you, saying stuff like this, is why more people will die needlessly.
Marcus Rousey
Marcus Rousey - 3 years ago
+Ewan Duff maybe because she was murder why take off ur floating device go alone ride a dangerous area where u were told 2stay away right she is getting famous and a female i believe she was set up
Ewan Duff
Ewan Duff - 4 years ago
She didnt choose to run the "Subway" intentionally. Well at least the reporter never mentioned it was intentionally. Best to my assumption she pulled her deck further up but got caught by the currents (Grade 5 Currents, these are really strong currents) and pulled towards the "Subway". Now obviously no-one witnessed it happen(Which is crazy that she would go it alone. #1 Rule of Kayaking, never go alone, ESPECIALLY since this was a Grade 5 Section of the river) but i wouldn't like to believe that it was intentional.
Daniel Avino
Daniel Avino - 4 years ago
She asked a six time winner of that particular race for advice and he told her to stay away from the chute known as "Subway" because it was too deadly. She did it anyhow and died as a result. The man had at least 2 times more experience than her and he warned her for her own safety and she decided to ignore his advice. Six time winner of an annual race means he's had at least six years experience kayaking, probably a lot more, compared to her who only had three years experience. What she did was beyond reckless, it was suicidal.
Kameron O'Leary
Kameron O'Leary - 4 years ago
D Woods
D Woods - 4 years ago
But she already ran it once, no problem. Thus she didn't think she was surpassing her skill level. Why does everyone keep saying that? She was intending to compete in the race, so practice = less chance of problems. Sadly, one false move is all it takes here. Tragic indeed.
svenmega10022 - 4 years ago
I disagree. You have to know when to back off in any sport. If you surpass your skill level well you know what happens. A tragic event that ended a very young life.
dkphantomdk - 5 years ago
+Eric Bryant you are right, by "oh so wrong"
- doing it right would make her do some challanges she can do... and leaving her too live 40-60 years more with a lot of other nice things to do and challange..
- NEVER go beyond your limit of your skill, as it will make you end up dead..
Unicorn Dancer
Unicorn Dancer - 5 years ago
May you rest in peace, our beautiful comrade.
GangstaSwoots - 5 years ago
show us the body
Hannah Fetzer
Hannah Fetzer - 5 years ago
This is an impossibly sad story but I am so proud of her we need more powerful women kayakers in this world what an inspiration. Live on Shannon.
Frank Bowne
Frank Bowne - 3 years ago
Hannah Fetzer yeah.....no, stupid is as stupid does.
rub3nski - 3 years ago
Why do we need more powerful women kayakers in the world, please explain.
Hunter Is Gaming
Hunter Is Gaming - 4 years ago
Well i mean she shouldn't be really inspirational as she did something really stupid and went alone
DvidTheGnome - 4 years ago
I suspect the culture of you go girl'ism played a part in this woman's death. Your reveling in it is a morose irony at best.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Caesar Pennell Sorry but my life has always rocked :)..you have no pic eh loser? 
Caesar Pennell
Caesar Pennell - 5 years ago
It was pathetic.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Caesar Pennell I wish my life was pathetic! that girl is an obvious little whore sucking her way into fame etc so give me a break will you? To expect me to idolize such and to even consider her as any kind of memory or dedication to the sport is waaaaaay over the line ,How was that ? I didn't curse ...
Caesar Pennell
Caesar Pennell - 5 years ago
Oh there you go again with the insults. Do you reckon that you can have a conversation without having to swear? Do you even know what an EMO is? I have a feeling that you have a pathetic little life and you make yourself feel big by being rude on the internet. 
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Caesar Pennell Whoa! lol ! I am barely home because I work and on the go so much and I know a lot more than your ignorant ass..she was a silly whore and that's that..save me the pillhead psychobabble emo shit..I am very nice to nice people and I treat all others accordingly .. To expect us to idolize this silly whore is off the deep end..Get a hold on yourself emo..
Caesar Pennell
Caesar Pennell - 5 years ago
Yes, but why was she a skunk? How did she upset you? I find it very interesting that you will sit on the other side of a computer and call her some very horrid things with no real justification. You say you're  a kayaker but most of the ones I know are nice people. They don't spend there spare time sat in front of a computer slagging off the dead. I wonder if you would say these things in front of actual people.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Caesar Pennell I DONT IDOLIZE SKANKS! end of story :) .. dam dude she was just a silly whore so don't be trying to contaminate the sport lol.. 
Caesar Pennell
Caesar Pennell - 5 years ago
+StJohns River66 what?
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Caesar Pennell question would be same to you.. 
Caesar Pennell
Caesar Pennell - 5 years ago
+StJohns River66 Why do you feel the need to call her a skunk and bad mouth her? I don't see the point. How does what you're doing help the sport?
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Tommy Brown Get over it..We all make our choices..... 
Tommy Brown
Tommy Brown - 5 years ago
+StJohns River66 You're almost a good troll
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Tommy Brown Sunday..sunday I was drug under by an undertow..Dam near drowned ...Had I died would you have made dedication to my name? of course not..I have a good friend whom is also the coroner ..You have any clue how many die in the rapids ??  Its so dam common ..When you do what we do then you accept the risks and none of us deserve to have our asses kissed for it especially that skank...
Tommy Brown
Tommy Brown - 5 years ago
+StJohns River66 You couldn't be more wrong. People go out and represent what she brought to the river every day. She was known for having a "You are beautiful" sticker on her helmet, I see boaters all over now with that sticker in her memory. The reason she has a legacy is because she didn't expect one. She inspires what people do on the river, and a fund in her name helps women continue to get on the river in her honor. The truly heroic thing that she did was inspire people to be happy and do their best in life, and having never known her, the amount that anyone who knew her continues to push that aspect of her life is in itself heroic. I'm sorry that you can't see that and that you choose to minimize the life of someone who people held so dearly. I hope that you find a way to be more caring and less morose as you continue your life.
ColonelCupcake - 5 years ago
+StJohns River66 its cold, but unfortunately true
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 5 years ago
+Hannah Rose o what a crock of shit..I have already forgotten her name..no different from others who have drowned..I kayak etc and if I get killed I dam sure expect no " legacy" lol...her parents will cry at their loss..end of story..nothing heroic etc about what happened to her..
ColonelCupcake - 5 years ago
ah, now i understand. sorry
Hannah Fetzer
Hannah Fetzer - 5 years ago
+ColonelCupcake Her legacy will live on.
ColonelCupcake - 5 years ago
+Hannah Rose well, shes kinda dead, so she cant really "Live on"
Uros Arh
Uros Arh - 5 years ago
rip :/
Jonathan Rutley
Jonathan Rutley - 6 years ago
A tragedy, a good soul lost. God Bless
Timoney - 6 years ago
she probably lived a better, more prosperous life than most of the people watching this who will grow old with no legacies to leave or stories to tell
lockon stratos
lockon stratos - 3 years ago
As long as you are alive there is hope.
YaGottaBeKidding - 3 years ago
Well bonky wonky, I agree with Timoney's sentiment and I'm 60. I've made a living on whitewater rivers and, although I had never run Great Falls, not for me, many friends have done so and more.
bonky wonky
bonky wonky - 3 years ago
may I ask how old you are..?
Craig Irwin
Craig Irwin - 6 years ago
Thank you Steve Fisher and crew for your recovery.
With respect to Shannon and her family, our kind regards. We salute Shannon.
Erik Vance
Erik Vance - 6 years ago
Heck of a way to leave this life. RIP.
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson - 3 years ago
So being trap in water and drowning is a good way to go now?

100. comment for Rising star killed in attempt to master extreme kayaking

Chris D'oulmeth
Chris D'oulmeth - 6 years ago
oblivious to her own skill level. No wonder she died.
Jeff Barden
Jeff Barden - 6 years ago
She wasn't oblivious to her own skill level. She was a very skilled paddler. Mistakes happen frequently in this sport. Most of the time they're small and insignificant, this was an exception. 
Barry Maynard
Barry Maynard - 6 years ago
 I hate hearing about these accidents. RIP, Shannon. 
africankiwi1 - 6 years ago
Fuck this is sad :(
axeldave99 - 6 years ago
R.I.P Shannon. And to u Steve a true friend and detection to a extreme sport.
dipesh gurung
dipesh gurung - 6 years ago
Sparksterfu - 6 years ago
Life is a bitch you live life to the fullest you die young but at least you die doing what you love. Or you can be ordinary and live a life of monotony behind a cubicle owned by someone else all your life. Normally this type of person lives longer but they usually live a boring life that has been lived before by others. Rip
feiz01 - 6 years ago
Shannon, respect ,,, you paid the ultimate price for the ultimate ride,,, in the words of Marco Foo (big wave rider),,, its not tragic to die doing what you love,,,,, rest in peace and respect xxx
thaa_mike - 3 years ago
She didn’t love it when she was struggling for her last breath and pinned down against a rock while against high pressures of water slapping her. There’s nothing good about that.
Johnny Utah's Outdoors
Johnny Utah's Outdoors - 3 years ago
feiz01 you mean bodhi Patrick Swayze
Brian Dean
Brian Dean - 6 years ago
Why is it that God takes the brave and leaves the weak
scott england
scott england - 5 years ago
+Stefan Migl he's just making up stories.
RushNReady - 6 years ago
god created the brave the devil takes the weak 
jo3tag - 6 years ago
Shannon survived her whole life, it just happened to be a short one.
I'm a firm believer in the thought that when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. You can't cheat death.You can live your whole life as cautiously as possible and still step out the door and get run down by a drunk driver. I'm going to bury my brother in law tomorrow, the man raced motorcycles for 20 years, powerboat enthusiast, he was taken out in a diabetic coma on his couch.
No one knows the particulars of Shannon's death, so it's all just speculation after the fact. 
I don't believe for one second you've been given anyone's boat, let alone destroyed it (them). Please, next time it happens, post a video of said destruction and message me the link. You can make a big deal of it and preach the evils of kayaking in the commentary.
AcaciaTreeTV - 6 years ago
There's nothing weak about surviving your whole life.
Rick James
Rick James - 6 years ago
+jo3tag There's nothing brave about getting killed doing something above your skill level.  I can't even count the foolish kayakers and canoers I've pulled out of the river from my white water raft.  Idiots, every one of them.  Scared, but idiots just the same and none of them ever told me that living life BS either.    Half of them give me their boat if I'll let them ride with me to the bottom which I gladly take and usually destroy it so another idiot doesn't end up in it.
jo3tag - 6 years ago
Because the weak don't have the balls to do anything risky?
Brian Dean
Brian Dean - 6 years ago
Why is it that God takes the brave and leaves the weak
TYLER BRANK - 7 years ago
Rest in peace !!!
KAYAK FRANK - 7 years ago
Shannon Christy, may you live on forever. RIP.
Piln - 7 years ago
go fuck yourself, shannon was an incredible boater and could paddle most people i know under the table. her smile was infectious, RIP shannon, you are beautiful.
Kayaking in Alaska
Kayaking in Alaska - 7 years ago
what a tragedy rest in peace shannon
elfenvine - 7 years ago
RIP Shannon
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson - 7 years ago
And you're a complete idiot.
ThaGenius101 - 7 years ago
A woman trying to do a mans job.
derty QWERTY
derty QWERTY - 7 years ago
Big respect to Steve, that took some courage
derty QWERTY
derty QWERTY - 7 years ago
She learned the risks, and she was having fun... she was a pretty professional and died doing what she loved to do. Hopefully the event goes on in in the upcoming years and she is remembered.
TheDudeMinds89 - 7 years ago
That's so sad
Ghost DC
Ghost DC - 7 years ago
that sucks

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