The Adventurist Extreme Whitewater Kayak-Patagonia.

Joby Ogwyn has one week to learn how to get through class IV whitewater in the Patagonia's Futalefu River.

The Adventurist Extreme Whitewater Kayak-Patagonia. sentiment_very_dissatisfied 57

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Joby Ogwyn has one week to learn how to get through class IV whitewater in the Patagonia's Futalefu River.

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be05068906 - 3 years ago
class 2 maybe class 3 is possible after a week of training if you go to norway and get both main requiered courses in sjoa but class 4 no chance im still at class 3 after 2 years of training and i train upto 8 hours a day in the kayak season thats from mid april until the ice settles in october november
Ethan Schwartz
Ethan Schwartz - 3 years ago
how much did this adventure cost?
Bill Halbert
Bill Halbert - 3 years ago
I am a solid Class 4 whitewater kayaker from North Idaho that routinely finds myself in Class 5 situations .  When I was starting kayaking the best advise I got was, keep your bow pointed downstream and paddle like hell". I ran the Lochsa River at spring levels with three months experience on the water. One week to run solid Class 4 whitewater seems pretty optimistic, but I admire his efforts.
Stephan Zumsteg
Stephan Zumsteg - 3 years ago
James Iliff
James Iliff - 3 years ago
Jimmy Elsen
Jimmy Elsen - 3 years ago
He forgot class VI
Jimmy Elsen
Jimmy Elsen - 3 years ago
He needs to work on his brace a lot during those laterals, but I don't know how he even got into that boat with balls that big.
Amir groove
Amir groove - 4 years ago
I have been kayaking since 1979, so, I would say I am pretty experienced. I must say, I admire this guy. He has done something pretty cool, something he never did before. Yes, he had a big support from experienced kayakers and the whole crew, but still, I think he is brave, so lets not hate, lets support and respect.
Jr Man
Jr Man - 4 years ago
shit not that hard
Sean Waine
Sean Waine - 3 years ago
Jr Man oh it is I have been kayaking for 7 year at very high level that is serious water

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Luke Metzger
Luke Metzger - 4 years ago
Dude you are such a bag of tools and dicks.
Logan Froriep extreme kayaker
Logan Froriep extreme kayaker - 4 years ago
If the instructor was such a knowledgeable kayaker he would of rejected the idea of getting a beginner on class 4 in one week! disappointed! although.... he did surprisingly well
John Housh
John Housh - 4 years ago
Not all Class 4 rapids are equal. What they took him down was big and scary to a beginner, but pretty low on the risk factor. He was also surrounded by several quality kayakers there to rescue him if something went wrong. And that instructor is a rather legendary figure in whitewater.
mrchevycelebrity - 4 years ago
thats chris spelius...
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs - 4 years ago
I couldn't agree more. I think this guy is on it for himself, and he'll pay someone anything he can to accomplish whatever he wants, because that's what selfish people do. It's really sad, because others most likely will try to do the same from watching this, and they'll most likely lose their lives or come close to it. That's why I disliked the two comments above yours. It's just not worth it, unless your life depends on it, or you're doing something for others who may have to depend on it. I know if someone needed to do it to deliver life-saving medication to another person, I'd want the best training. I would certainly appreciate it, too.
SteepVisions - 5 years ago
He's good for a beginner. Quick progression won't teach you as well though. Either way, congratulations on giving the sport a try. It get's pretty scary when you start hitting class V+.
Kevin Robben
Kevin Robben - 5 years ago
where is the class IV water? only saw clas 1, 2 and 3
onaraggatip961 - 5 years ago
Hey guys, I don't think you should be giving this dude a hard time. We all started somewhere, I think it took some serious balls to run that with his skill set. Ok, so it's for tv, it'll be made to look more knarly, but I was willing this guy to succeed all the way! Fair play to him.
Sean Waine
Sean Waine - 3 years ago
onaraggatip961 no mate water like this is as knarly as they make out
Alejandro Yena
Alejandro Yena - 5 years ago
With Spelius by your side you can do it :-). Futaleufu is the best whitewater river I´ve ever go kayaking, it has whatever level you want or can, Class 1 to 5, beautiful landscapes, blue water, chilean are very nice people......"Un paisaje pintado por Dios" :-)
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs - 4 years ago
Yes, and if you're doing it for God, you're doing it for people who just might need that skill, because they might need something like life-saving medicine. If you're just doing it for yourself, that's a whole different ball game. Too many people try to copy what he did without the training and get themselves killed. If you're smart, you'll get a lot more training.
carter dunlop
carter dunlop - 5 years ago
carter dunlop
carter dunlop - 5 years ago
He a dumb fuck. I've been kayaking for 3 years and I just started kayaking the Gauley.
HULKEN1UP - 6 years ago
LOL at people calling this guy a sissy. In 1999 he was the youngest American ever to summit Everest. Base jumper, world class wingsuit flyer and here he just ran a class 3+ rapid in a glacier river in Patagonia in his first week ever in a kayak. Joby-you da man!
Nate Lanza
Nate Lanza - 5 years ago
+Daniel Ford I'm rather disappointed with the people that produced this episode. Their mad rush for good ratings and reviews took this guy on a river he really wasn't ready for. Even if they'd just given him 2 weeks, that probably would've been enough and still impressive.
Daniel Ford
Daniel Ford - 6 years ago
Yeah, Good on him for giving it a go. Have to say though it takes more than a week to learn to kayak. A lot longer. I don't like that this gives the impression you can kayak class 4 after a weeks paddling. It's fools talk that could lead to dangerous overconfidence.
hinkshonks - 6 years ago
Ok - fair dues for giving it a nudge and getting of the couch! But whats with all the sensationalisation  - 'the Adventurist' REALLY - where's the humility gone. 
John Housh
John Housh - 4 years ago
I doubt most of that was a script. I think the disconnect people have about all his dialog, an fears is that he verbalized them. Anyone who has kayaked has had all those thoughts. They have felt all those fears. The difference is that he is telling us his thoughts, rather than holding them in.

It would be a boring film if he didn't let us know what was going on in his head.
HULKEN1UP - 6 years ago
That is not Joby speaking-that is Joby reading from a National Geographic script..totally annoying but it apparently ups their ratings in the US so I guess they`ll keep doing it. I have the NatGeoWild channel-same crap in many productions:(

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River Warrior Family
River Warrior Family - 6 years ago
I tip my hat to Joby...and for all those nay sayers...just this dudes Bio and it is like reading a comic or fiction.  Thank you Joby for an honest look into a very challenging sport and being Man Enough to express your true emotion and taking on the big water...well done :)
Mitchell - 6 years ago
His paddling is a joke never got better either...
cody beauregard
cody beauregard - 6 years ago
oh and i suppose all u a-holes that thought he was bad can do it. nah
Gracia Barr
Gracia Barr - 6 years ago
Amazing and exciting. Loved this~  a kayaker.
J. Borden
J. Borden - 6 years ago
Mike BRAP - 6 years ago
start watching at 46minutes to see the monster river
Saint Mars
Saint Mars - 7 years ago

That guy is such a sissy drama queen. In Washington state, that river is rated a 2 to  with a class 3 drop. The guy needed some time and real instruction: he was was so stiff, he looked like he was a cadaver with rigor mortis. His strokes were too short and horizontal, as though he had penguin flippers, not arms.He simply doesn't know any strokes; thus, he can't control where he goes. If he had to paddle around a boulder or a real hole, rather than just coast down a mild wave train, he would be totally doomed.

Here, we have 10-12 year-old girls who are far better than him, who run real rapids.

If this is the thrill of his life, then he has a very sad little life. I hate videos like this that portrays a wimp as being more than what he is--a sissy, weak wimp. He needs serious physical and mental conditioning.
Stoked Backwoods Media
Stoked Backwoods Media - 7 years ago
The Zambezi river is under threat from a huge hydroelectric project and we need 10000 signatures by February 11, please sign and then spread the word any way you can!
Frode Hofset
Frode Hofset - 7 years ago
I liked this film a lot. Want to get a coach learning this river and try myself.

Martina Naplawa
Martina Naplawa - 7 years ago
8 minutes in...what a fu#$en joke
kayakair1 - 7 years ago
Gosh...great film work, but the guy isn't an adventurist...he is an unprepared idiot in a kayak!
Jimmy Elsen
Jimmy Elsen - 3 years ago
Sean Waine true kayaking class IV is scary for me and I have been doing it for 5 yrs so for him to do it in one week would be super scary
Sean Waine
Sean Waine - 3 years ago
Xyluss Nelms no he isn't an idiot I do kayak and have been for 7 years training for a week to do that borders dangerous
Jimmy Elsen
Jimmy Elsen - 3 years ago
Xyluss Nelms no because he is rich and I'm jelly jello
Xyluss Nelms
Xyluss Nelms - 6 years ago
What's with all the hate? Oh, because he is actually living life and you aren't?

30. comment for The Adventurist Extreme Whitewater Kayak-Patagonia.

konstantin kaufhaus
konstantin kaufhaus - 7 years ago
a roll is not even hard to do.
konstantin kaufhaus
konstantin kaufhaus - 7 years ago
true <3
Callum Jeffcock
Callum Jeffcock - 7 years ago
Just a it over exagurated
Razzupaltuff - 7 years ago
Repost this in 720p please. The video quality is horrible.
madmiguelh2o - 7 years ago
it's a joke.
Fishman Fairclough
Fishman Fairclough - 7 years ago
Should have been green river in one week, that would have been interesting.
Bengazi Williams
Bengazi Williams - 7 years ago
what do you mean?
madmiguelh2o - 7 years ago
oh really? I heard your bow should enter the rapid first too.
Bengazi Williams
Bengazi Williams - 7 years ago
they do exaggerate quite a lot. i had 3 hours kayak time a decent right side roll before my first class 4. i did fine. btw, in a roll your head should come up last
raj dabz
raj dabz - 7 years ago
cant ! read h20 !!!!!!
NYpaddler - 7 years ago
He's lucky he had a head to bring up, considering he went in face first several times and never seemed to tuck.
NYpaddler - 7 years ago
It looks to me like it was largely a matter of whether it was just big waves that he was squared up with or if he was at an angle to things. He stayed upright though a lot of stuff that lifted him up or turned his boat, because that sort of stuff doesn't always impart much rolling force. The flips happened when he got sideways and his inexperience let the current flow under the boat or catch an edge. It was a good example of the difference between paddling class 4 and being a class 4 paddler.
madmiguelh2o - 7 years ago
for all you non kayakers. swimming in class 3 is fine, not life threatening. i know this is a reality show and all, but come on.
Sean Waine
Sean Waine - 3 years ago
madmiguelh2o that ain't no grade 3 more like 4-5
madmiguelh2o - 7 years ago
dude! head comes up last!
Eric Newton
Eric Newton - 7 years ago
Personally I wouldn't recommend going into class IV rapids without a solid roll, but I guess its okay since he had a few experts around to clean up. Also not as if there's any keeper holes in that section, just big wave trains. I just hope people don't watch this video and think they can go run class IV's without a roll...
TheAnticapitor - 7 years ago
he flipped on the easy rapids and rode through the difficult ones without a problem in the class IV. How'd he manage that?
Jack Sladden
Jack Sladden - 7 years ago
Who ever thought that iy only takes a week to get to class 4 is... well not right
Jerry Curtis
Jerry Curtis - 7 years ago
Cannot believe this guy did know this roll, he has no business out there, must have more money than brains
holly priddy
holly priddy - 7 years ago
Joby is a tad dramatic, it's not the end of the world if you can't make the class 4 rapids.
Chris Noland
Chris Noland - 7 years ago
Does anyone know the type/brand of paddle that Chris Spelius is using? The wooden shaft with carbon? blades?

50. comment for The Adventurist Extreme Whitewater Kayak-Patagonia.

mokotramp - 7 years ago
Well done mate! Your rescue team were fantastic too, couldn't have done it without them! !
Sues Lifestyle
Sues Lifestyle - 7 years ago
If whitewater rafting is scary for you, try out some other adventure activities they are all fun. Check my video to see where I had fun.
elfenvine - 7 years ago
I can so relate: Bobbling, rolling, rollilng and crying! That is some sick fast water! That is one hell of an accomplishment!
Uttam Gala
Uttam Gala - 7 years ago
lol the adventurist.. crying like an emotional bitch
Alex Bush
Alex Bush - 8 years ago
The Adventurist - Looking for new ways to activate... Can guess where this guy is from!
Danny H
Danny H - 8 years ago
Holy cow! keep your head down, you can breath after you roll. Pretty impressive for 1 week though.
chris love
chris love - 8 years ago
at the end of the day, how many kayakers here can say they could do all that after their first week of kayaking.
christian noon
christian noon - 8 years ago
christian noon
christian noon - 8 years ago
christian noon
christian noon - 8 years ago
Hugh Canard
Hugh Canard - 8 years ago
He did really well considering his roll was consistently 'head up', and he didn't get the hang of railing in those laterals.
Aaron Lieberman
Aaron Lieberman - 8 years ago
Amen, brother.
MrAddicted2net - 8 years ago
I started in a canoe on class 1-2 and stayed in a canoe I just got a canoe designed for Whitewater class 2-4+...A canoe is much more comfortable and more challenging :D
TheHikingDiva - 8 years ago
A high-5 to him for completing it but he doesn't know what he doesn't know. The issue I have with this is endangering others - those that would have to rescue his butt. Laughed out loud as his description of Class IV rapids. If he had more emphasis on bracing, he wouldn't have had so many opportunities to "improve" his roll. Never seen a swim so overdramatized. Don't we all learn more from our swims (unless you're an idiot)? I've never had so much fun getting my arse kicked.
Solange Peyssard
Solange Peyssard - 8 years ago
Crying or not crying that's is the question ! L'important c'est de remonter dans son kayak et de s'accrocher. C'est bien d'apprendre à eskimauter avant de savoir naviguer, mais...
mesabott9 - 8 years ago
I miss this place. Nice work Joby!
murfleblurg - 8 years ago
yeah, it's a shame really that he never really got a decent roll. A bit more time spent on that, with a better teacher, would have made a lot of difference - he kept coming out of his boat, exhausting himself, and eventually tearing up his shoulder, all for lack of a move that was easily within his grasp.
murfleblurg - 8 years ago
I agree - I think he did amazingly well. Really impressive.
murfleblurg - 8 years ago
He needed a montage.
Michael Crane
Michael Crane - 8 years ago
Theres no crying in kayaking.
Michael Crane
Michael Crane - 8 years ago
Im surprised he can roll up with his head that far off his shoulders...
MnktoDave - 8 years ago
I think it's pretty awesome that he could learn to roll, and build his skills enough to paddle that in just a week!...good job!
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas - 8 years ago
The JacksonKayak method for teaching the roll only takes like 30 minutes. storngly reommend checking it out if you havn't.
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas - 8 years ago
Rolling has nothing to do with strenght as long as you do it right.
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas - 8 years ago
When you rush the sport like this you miss all of the amazing aspects of it.
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas - 8 years ago
Me too and im thirteen too. lol
Tom Vaughan
Tom Vaughan - 8 years ago
im 13 and i can get a better line in a playboat
George Smith
George Smith - 8 years ago
I think I would be able to do it, on my first ever whitewater I went o Grade 3 for 2 days and didn't capsize once
Chucknorris - 8 years ago
honestly you have no idea, my channel has no bearing on the level of kayaking that i do, if i had a go pro i would show you some of the rivers i paddle on a regular basis, i have been kayaking for 22 years and believe me i have done some major white water, the water in this clip is nothing short of a trickle in comparison
Eoghan King
Eoghan King - 8 years ago
he is shit little or no edging
dtroy15 - 8 years ago
really? just went to your channel. you have no room to complain.
Chucknorris - 8 years ago
this vid is greatly over exaggerated, i run this stuff in tiny playboats, its not as hard as these dumb americans make it out to be
Dylan Ivers
Dylan Ivers - 8 years ago
how did you apply for this? i want to do it !
Brawlsack - 8 years ago
You'd be changing your undies for the 3rd time by 40 seconds.
tubeneophyte - 8 years ago
very impressive! I was amazed that Joby stayed in his kayak when he flipped on a pillow (45:57 – 46:16) and got caught upside down on a turbulent eddy fence - he persisted and rolled up exhibiting skill way beyond his experience level. I think I'll refer new paddlers to this film so they can experience what is possible.
North East Whitewater
North East Whitewater - 8 years ago
Spectacular !
Duncan Farrow
Duncan Farrow - 8 years ago
Class six is runnable with serious danger to life or limb.
mrgreenpagan - 8 years ago
class 6 is unrunable. once it becomes run it becomes a class
x0einstein0x - 8 years ago
While the whitewater footage is interesting, that guy's blabbering and the dramatic music is extremely annoying.
Dave Hathaway
Dave Hathaway - 8 years ago
For those who really want to learn how to roll a kayak... check out anybodycankayak ...I used their videos and taught my self a couple different rolls.
falconerpdx - 3 years ago
Thanks. Checked their site out and will definitely order dvds soon.
Rob Compton
Rob Compton - 8 years ago
That's only class 4? I must be blind.
dojo149 - 8 years ago
he said all of the classes but class 6
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips - 8 years ago
Mad props to Joby for conquering his fear. I would imagine the wing suit he puts on in another video is way more dangerous. But water has a special place with fear. Its a prolonged beat down amounting to torture before the end. The boil line he rolled in wasn't an easy place to roll. Great job and great video.
Adam Holeman
Adam Holeman - 8 years ago
lol Ive been white water rafting since I was just a small kid (Im 18 now) and kayaking for three years. I took my friend who had never even been in a kayak before and he made it down a class four. But the class four rapids where I live are closer to a class three size, but still.
eowdaoc - 8 years ago
where are u, 720p??
adamdoyle3 - 8 years ago
I'm 18 and I've been kayaking for about 7 years now, i regularly kayak CL 3-4 and am starting to be asked to go on CL5 and this really reminded me that what we do is not safe, and it takes allot of practice. he has allot of guts doing this, i would have never thought anyone would ever achieve something like this. even CL3 in a week is amazing
Justin Worth
Justin Worth - 8 years ago
dude got the hardest part down.... the roll in like 6 hours!. The rest take time on the river!
Jimmy D
Jimmy D - 8 years ago
Spent a year doing CL2, the following year I ran CL3 and marginal 4. That was 2005. Up until I got to Florida last year, I really have not done CL5. A much faster learning curve would have been had if I had a good play wave/hole within a half hour reach. If you have a good play feature on a CL2-3 without hazards, it will really speed up your skill for rivers, even creeking. If you can get to a sticky hole, one that skill is needed to get out but pushes you out if you wet exit, even better.
Anonymouse - 8 years ago
Anonymouse - 8 years ago
Yeah. I guess but its hard to do the harder stuff

100. comment for The Adventurist Extreme Whitewater Kayak-Patagonia.

Anonymouse - 8 years ago
Wow i'm a beginner And I have done Class Two. I'm kinda young so i cant roll. When i get older ill be able to do it. I want to really Try Class 5 one day. That moment when i do my first class five ill be crying. Just like him expect way more overreacting
YouSirAreNoob - 8 years ago
Watched it all, crazy stuff there. I certainly wouldnt have thought somebody could get through class IV rapids in just a week.
Nissim C
Nissim C - 8 years ago
thank you
TheBamakid - 8 years ago
watched the whole thing

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