extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

http://www.kayakgamefishing.com.au/ fishing from Kayak off Australian coast See what happens when you pat a shark from a kayak. www.kayakgamefishing.com.au

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http://www.kayakgamefishing.com.au/ fishing from Kayak off Australian coast See what happens when you pat a shark from a kayak. www.kayakgamefishing.com.au

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for extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

TheNaturalust - 6 years ago
2 meter shark maybe, definitely not 3 meter.
Dave Baker
Dave Baker - 7 years ago
I wish I had this guys balls.
CORRIGEEN71 - 7 years ago
Shark will prob get infected with remains of hook in its mouth , fishing for sport is dumb
Henry Segarra
Henry Segarra - 8 years ago
don't you realize it's inherently dangerous to dangle your foot in the water with a large shark nearby.
Fremen Warrior
Fremen Warrior - 8 years ago
Hmmm.... you learn something new every day. I thought meters were the same everywhere, but it looks like an "Australian meter" is like 60cm. from where I'm from. I'll be darned!
Darktoktz1 - 8 years ago
The hooks rust eventually and just fall out you stupid fucks
WildmanSamurai - 9 years ago
Why the fuck would you have your foot hanging off the side like that? SMH.
Bo Doh
Bo Doh - 9 years ago
Kinda feel bad seeing the hook in its mouth after you cut the line
이정훈 - 9 years ago
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10. comment for extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

Adam Curtis
Adam Curtis - 9 years ago
may i suggest cut your loses and run for the fuckin shore
TheXJthatCould - 9 years ago
Awesome catch! I'd shit myself if I caught that on a kayak
Dros Ras
Dros Ras - 9 years ago
my hat is off
Jonvox - 9 years ago
That shark could of bit his hand off
Laby 70
Laby 70 - 9 years ago
Cut the line. Best thing to do IMO
Tom Dunn
Tom Dunn - 9 years ago
your all gay! what a legend
Overdrawnbarrel miller
Overdrawnbarrel miller - 9 years ago
1manpwr - 9 years ago
you must catch a lot of sharks there, i see at least two sharks in this video.
Hoala Greevy
Hoala Greevy - 9 years ago
poor handline technique.
chucknorrisisgodchas - 9 years ago
nature 0 humans over 9000.

20. comment for extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

Cristian Moncayo
Cristian Moncayo - 9 years ago
I would not have my foot out in the water while shark fishing I'm always on the beach and pull the sucker in
bluemotion1905 - 9 years ago
whats the song tittle?
mark pollock
mark pollock - 9 years ago
Derek Hearne
Derek Hearne - 9 years ago
Gotta love some men at work-land down under
dave1234u - 9 years ago
Could you of takin the hook out?
TZ3z - 9 years ago
That cray
AussieFamily2011 - 9 years ago
Nice catch mate Couldnt of picked a better song to represent Aus and our kaya / shark fishing : )
hzj79 - 9 years ago
wha'ts with that foot overboard?
mryoda117 - 9 years ago
Legend Bro strata cunt
Tote1883gas - 9 years ago
Massive respect mate - UK Kayak Angler

30. comment for extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

captainpegs07 - 9 years ago
Shorts shatted
Mako561 - 9 years ago
Only a non-angler would say something so foolish.
Palpac - 9 years ago
the shark could have taken his hand off really fast if he tried to do that also. Hooks rust out, and if in the slat 24/7 they will rust out real fast.
Alexander Smalley
Alexander Smalley - 9 years ago
How many beers till thats a good idea??? :L
JetJockey87 - 9 years ago
*would have. There is anecdotal evidence that this works with all sharks. The few divers that have performed this stunt are extremely well known shark enthusiasts (Ron and Valerie Taylor) and they were wearing chain mail suits at the time, which they attributed the trick to working effectively. And it worked effectively only on the Grey Reef Shark and White Tip Reef Shark, not this dusky whaler.
HailsJean - 9 years ago
Straya Cunt.
Manu Santiago
Manu Santiago - 9 years ago
Hi!!, amazing this video!!, please tell me wath rod use to fish this shrk!!!! thanks!
Victor Berantzino
Victor Berantzino - 10 years ago
it is a big shark
Victor Berantzino
Victor Berantzino - 10 years ago
what is the song
KMBC09 - 10 years ago
fart fart
Angel Burgos
Angel Burgos - 10 years ago
This is YOLO. Not smoking and drinking.
bp968 - 10 years ago
Lol at the people saying the shark will be in pain all it's life obviously don't fish. Terminal tackle doesn't last long in salt water. My hooks were showing rust after a couple days of very light fishing. It won't last 2 weeks in his mouth.
Miracle Okan
Miracle Okan - 10 years ago
People asking about the hook, the sea will decompose the hook within 3 days, it will swim with the hook max 5 days. Taking the hook manually will create more damage on its mouth.
13eyeofthebeholder - 10 years ago
It will come out on it's own.
TheAlanakane - 10 years ago
Let me put a hook in your mouth and leave it.
88Shortfuse - 10 years ago
I was hoping his foot was gonna get bitten off,too bad
TheAlanakane - 10 years ago
With all that fucking tinkering and playing around he could have taken some pliers and pulled the hook out really fast. Now the shark has to swim around in pain for the rest of it's life.
pdtrad - 10 years ago
awesome experience I bet!
Gary Francis
Gary Francis - 10 years ago
Should have taken the hook out.......
carpmad carpmad
carpmad carpmad - 10 years ago
id be scared that far out cool tho

50. comment for extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

glasses shasha
glasses shasha - 10 years ago
ankle biter.........
Al O'Neill
Al O'Neill - 10 years ago
Keep on hanging those legs over the edge, is that your fish attraction method? Sure worked with this 3 mtr long leg chomping denizen of the deep
Hayden Latimer
Hayden Latimer - 10 years ago
What kind of shark?
Salty Dog
Salty Dog - 10 years ago
Balls of steel mate. I go fishing from my kayak too but if I see a bitey on the other end, he is getting cut off straight away.
Ryan O'Leary
Ryan O'Leary - 10 years ago
Great stuff mate, awesome kayak fishing!
Aircombat231 - 10 years ago
How long did you fight it for?
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
Well no, I didn't but its just your carrying on like some know-it-all wanker that's just read something on wikipedia or done some half arsed online course and now thinks that makes you an expert. Sharks are some of the worlds toughest animals, do you really think that a little in comparison to the shark hook that will rust away quickly is really gonna do that much damage? The shark was hardly 'Harmed'. Do you go running to your mommy and daddy crying for an ambulance when you get a splinter?
Nicholas - 10 years ago
I wouldn't be sticking my feet out the sides!!
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
So do you actually venture out onto the ocean and go fishing yourself or are you just a pencil pusher in a suit and tie who sits in their office behind a computer screen trying to tell people what there doing is wrong when you probably wouldn't have a clue what your actually talking about
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
Thats just wonderful sunshine, please enlighten us with your wealth of knowledge on the subject because i'm no expert, but clearly your some bright spark that must have some form of certificates or qualifications that relate to this video.
funfishin101 - 10 years ago
That shark is pulling your kayak like u have an outboard on the back of it!!
Eleana - 10 years ago
I think you should have cut the line earlier.
Daniel Bird
Daniel Bird - 10 years ago
I'd say a bullshark from the shape of the snout
Eri Guga
Eri Guga - 10 years ago
that would of made great flakes :P
Nick Chuprin
Nick Chuprin - 10 years ago
what kayak is that
Miramar Pesca
Miramar Pesca - 10 years ago
Excelente !!
dsr20631 - 10 years ago
@Vastuzerrun salt water = rust
Vastuzerrun - 10 years ago
Maybe I'm stupid, but didn't you leave the hook stuck in its mouth? How is the poor shark supposed to get rid of that?
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
@87gardens Not a problem mate, pleasure doing business and happy fishing to you, I might catch you down at the internet beach surfing the web waves :)
87gardens - 10 years ago
@BENY247365 Its a rare day in cyberspace to stumble across a gentleman! Thanks mate & Happy Fishing
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
@87gardens Oh I see, yeah well sorry if I insulted you or anything, I read your comment again and it seems to be in good order, I throught my english was ok but maybe not. I must of read it to fast or something or maybe the fact I throught you where having a go at me for my comment had something to do with it. I just saw fredaroony's comment and it looks like they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about
Aperfectimperfecti0n - 10 years ago
Call me a cheapskate but I prefer getting my hooks back with a long hook remover, it also helps with getting all your fingers back too. Great video of a decent catch though - well done mate, was the cameraman on a boat ?
Manu Santiago
Manu Santiago - 10 years ago
Incredible video!!, please tell me wich rod that you use in this video.. Thank!!
87gardens - 10 years ago
Sorry mate, I actually posted the reply again, only to the correct person. "@fredaroony" for his un-warranted disapproval of game fishing. I have no problems with english comprehension or understanding humour, maybe you need to return to school for that and I'll learn how to use a computer! cheers
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
@87gardens I really have no idea what point you are trying to get across, please come back when you've finish school and you can reworld that in english
87gardens - 10 years ago
@BENY247365 The reason oceanside property maintenance prices are so high is because of the oxidising properties of salt water, you really think the 'Poor Shark' is going to live with the hook in his mouth for more than a month? Turn it Up! Think of all the men and women with piercings, after the initial sting, the pain is gone - fancy that. 'Poor Shark' my foot. Hope you don't get a rash from the bark.
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
Are you by any chance a police officer? I saw a news story about a marlin from a kayak on my optus zoo home page and was woundering if you are the same person
BENY247365 - 10 years ago
@GreenTDave None, the shark will still be able to eat and the hook should rust away to nothing in i'm guessing no more then a few weeks. trying to get the hook back you could cause harm to the shark or even worse come back with less body parts
Manboyno5 - 10 years ago
There's people posting about keeping your leg in but on the other hand it's probably a good time to be keeping your balance
Kara LJ
Kara LJ - 10 years ago
that is cruel :(
BIGAYDONT PLAY - 10 years ago
I swear this is just cray you got balls man haha
Benjamin Lessard
Benjamin Lessard - 10 years ago
dude moron!!!! leg in boat!!!
Outdoors with Zak
Outdoors with Zak - 10 years ago
u fuckn crazy haha
MrMagicseeds - 10 years ago
y dont u take hook out with long pliers
Shazz Amm
Shazz Amm - 10 years ago
Excuse me sir, I would just like to say you are like Chuck Norris x 10. That is all!
richardd2063 - 10 years ago
awesome vid,
Grant - 10 years ago
i hate people who think EEEEEEEEEEK a shark!!!! ok i surf, and kayak fish as often as i possibly can, Shark are generally gentle giants, KEYWORD GENERALLY, im not intstructing you to go pet the things, just have respect for them, when your in the ocean your in their territory, respect them, dont do anything rediculously stupid, and you'll be fine
Dave S
Dave S - 10 years ago
how the hell do you keep from tipping over?! Great vid
Lomax675 - 10 years ago
you're nuts man
Soakrat - 10 years ago
I was waiting for the shark to take his leg!
jorge arevalo
jorge arevalo - 10 years ago
gnarkillkicksass - 10 years ago
@milobejot Men At Work - Land Down Under.
Emilio Bejot
Emilio Bejot - 10 years ago
whats the name of the sonG?
TheJestersWindow - 10 years ago
Looks like a copper shark
airsoftmanic - 10 years ago
if i remember correctly, its okay to leave the hook in since the sharks can eventually spit it out themselves. same way a splinter for us can come out by itself.
John Adams
John Adams - 10 years ago
one word : KUTOS!
Njfisherman123 - 10 years ago
Every fishing hook even made nowadays is dissolvable...FYI.
Chris Casey
Chris Casey - 10 years ago
whyd u leve the hook in its mouth? i hope it was dissolvable
Max Earing
Max Earing - 11 years ago
@BostonFan187 have you ever shark fished before i think not. one he is in a yak so the safest thing to do is cut the line and also its saltwater, even if the hook is super stainless steel it will rust and come out.
Will H
Will H - 11 years ago
Use pliers to take the hook out nxt time jackass, unless that was a dissolvable hook, then i say good catch sir but u still shuda used pliers

100. comment for extreme kayak fishing australia, kayak attacks shark

Trey73 - 11 years ago
@gamble180 "most "nautical" things"? I'm not surer you know what "nautical' means. That looks NOTHING like a Bull Shark, not even a little bit. Bulls are a coastal species, and wouldn't be 10KM out in the deep water like that. My first guess would be Atlantic Sharpnose, except I know that in that particular location it is far more likely a Bronze Whaler (also known as the Narrowtooth, or Copper Shark).
maamad1234 - 11 years ago
hahah woow big shark ....nice video but can you show a vid on how to make a good dead bait for ssharks
gamble180 - 11 years ago
That is one of the most nautical things I've ever seen. Looked like a Bull Shark. Not to worry though, it's not like Bull Sharks are responsible for more attacks on humans than any other shark species...oh wait, nevermind.
MIMNED - 11 years ago
Oh no! The hook remained in the shark mouth...it's unforgivable...
henry segarra
henry segarra - 11 years ago
He's a stupid fuk
soph60 - 11 years ago
i don't know what the fuck possessed you to leave your foot dangling in the water
luke craft
luke craft - 11 years ago
i got plenty of wd-40 if ur balls get rusty...
Rebecca Rodgers
Rebecca Rodgers - 11 years ago
@FantasticBob7000 i was talkin about must people dont let the shark go:(
Brandon Enright
Brandon Enright - 11 years ago
That's amazing that is my goal to catch a shark at least 3 meters from a kayak :) I'm jelouse
Kayakgamefisher - 11 years ago
@Lillluvssharks, Yes thank god for these awesome creatures. Your right they're not monsters and generally leave you alone and only want to get away from you if hooked. I've never had any sharks attack me even when I've got one on the end of my line. All my sharks I catch now are tagged and released.
Ivan Angeli
Ivan Angeli - 11 years ago
crazy ;) pull that leg back to the boat, friend :)
Rebecca Rodgers
Rebecca Rodgers - 11 years ago
Good job of letting the shark go
HI Peter
HI Peter - 11 years ago
Watch out next time. The shark can tip your boat over
HI Peter
HI Peter - 11 years ago
O Hell no!
Dane Fielding
Dane Fielding - 11 years ago
I agree with aussies having balls of steel, fishing in great white terrortory in a kayak is like hunting lions on the plains of africa in a kiddies pedal powered go-kart with a stick as your only line of defence lol F*ck that for a laugh. keep it up tho guys as it's very entertaining watching your undies turn brown as you see something twice the size of your dinky boat deciding weather to rape then consume you.
demonFanEv - 11 years ago
Arostyle380 - 11 years ago
@Kayakgamefisher Lol crazy mate, but what ever floats yu boat and all that! =P
maleka58 - 11 years ago
Hey I love sharks too. They are beautiful and deserve a pat for the pleasure that it just gave you. Thanks from the shark for releasing him x
Goku - 11 years ago
some day that right leg of his will be famous
Jai Harman
Jai Harman - 11 years ago
When your leg was danging over at the beginning, I had to get some tissue to wipe my palms off, they were that sweaty. keep your limbs inside the boat not inside a shark!!! Like other said before, "balls of steal"
JMVIDS - 11 years ago
@MrAk47nut you would be the only person on this planet mate...
W3TFART - 11 years ago
@asteroid684 wish it would bite your head off. Dipshit !
W3TFART - 11 years ago
@bradbbs yes we do
katendog - 11 years ago
Well impressed man - bloody good effort. Heart must be pumping through your chest, arms aching and grin exploding. Kepo it up.
Dinky-Di - 11 years ago
that is so cool... i want one of those hobie kayaks.....i dont know if i would be game enough to get her in so close, man as soon as i saw it i would have cut the line.....very nice vid
jay fisher
jay fisher - 11 years ago
pretty sure that's a bronze wailer?? any advances on bronze wailer??....
Lokzilla - 11 years ago
If he did nip you.... you'd be pretty farked out there! Take it easy legend.
CactusJackPR - 11 years ago
DUDE that was awesome !!!
asteroid684 - 11 years ago
Wish it would bite your leg off. Moron.
MaffyMoose - 11 years ago
Great stuff m8 ! Blue, Bull or Reef?
The91Walrus - 11 years ago
u werent brave enough to get the hook from his mouth right?
MrOceanfire - 11 years ago
Ha ha ha , well played !
Belfort23 - 11 years ago
love it! good job
Nathaniel Green
Nathaniel Green - 11 years ago
@LeeKeybutts Do you realize that there are 3.3 feet in a meter? That would make it 10 feet, not 15...
Jesse Patch
Jesse Patch - 11 years ago
and sorry dude gotta say i hate this song
Jesse Patch
Jesse Patch - 11 years ago
@bradbbs :D ty
ramG35 - 11 years ago
ur just going to let ur foot dangle there, i mean i dont know about sharks maybe there nicer then what i think, but i duno dangling foot + shark that im fuking with for 2 hourss, not a good combo
Nick Brown
Nick Brown - 11 years ago
you sir are a true gangster
Eoghan King
Eoghan King - 11 years ago
man u such are legend
mahaputra wijaya
mahaputra wijaya - 11 years ago
this is soooooooooo freeeeeeezing cooool video...... btw, what kind of kayak did you used? nice video mate....
UrbanRunner225 - 11 years ago
wow, cant wait till i get my kayak.
Jay"SUNSET"Terra - 11 years ago
What kind of Yak? I'm thinkin of buyin aRTM K-Largo... Would appreciate your opinion Champ!
Joshua - 11 years ago
i wanna do that it looks as fun as heck
Kayakgamefisher - 11 years ago
@alyxander I would bleed a lot. lol
alyxander - 11 years ago
lol that's insane, what if the shark goes crazy and bites you
Zig Zoy Zours
Zig Zoy Zours - 11 years ago
bugburn - 11 years ago
wow that's scared.. one of a kind adventure.
zeuselrayo - 11 years ago
@Psychorgasm really??
zeuselrayo - 11 years ago
take your feet off the water!!!
Kayakgamefisher - 11 years ago
@pohoeder I have since bought a hook remover and have managed to remove most hooks since.
utterbullspit - 11 years ago
You're doing way too much!
Psychorgasm - 11 years ago
@LemonSpreaded dont worry the hook falls out really soon after, it erodes quickly in their mouths, u do more damage taking them out
Simon Park
Simon Park - 11 years ago
Did this guy seriously just pat the shark on its snout at 1:25? Oh my god...
LemonSpreaded - 11 years ago
hmmm idk why you left the hook in it it probs have trouble eating
TheCrazyWolf - 11 years ago
Howdy greetings from Beeville Texas thanks for the vid it was great me and my brother just got some kayaks not long ago and started fishing the gulf cost off Corpus Christi/Padre Island I havent got a shark yet but we have caught some nice spanish mackerel and spadefish Good luck with the fishing dont get eaten by a Great White =O!
mmaarkooss - 11 years ago
you 've got titanium balls mate. I wouldn't like to be in your place , what you've done was really risky, the shark could easily pull you into the sea. thank the gods beasts have no intelligence just instinct. Lucky you next time go fishing with a bigger boat.
WINDHAMMAN - 11 years ago
awsome video-do you ever think about a large shark like a great white hitting your kyak from beneath or tipping you over-you have brass ones bud- thanks for sharing mark cadis,pa
bettabgood - 11 years ago
Balls of steel go ozzy
Kayakgamefisher - 11 years ago
@Sivet17 yes the shark pulled me around for just over 2 hours.
Kayakgamefisher - 11 years ago
@somey3640 It's a Hobie revolution. I still have it but now use a prowler ultra 4.7. both very good kayaks
guabarzzz - 11 years ago
@leafsfan234 i cant tell if your kidding..
solobackpacking - 12 years ago
How do you communicate with land for the pickup?
lespaulstudio90 - 12 years ago
Yeah thats pretty hardcore dude
leafsfan234 - 12 years ago
jjust for the head up you should have removed the hook
fishunter11 - 12 years ago
Hahaha another ballsy Australian makes me proud to be one!
Bob Carr
Bob Carr - 12 years ago
lol all he wants is his hook back!
SnifterRoux - 12 years ago
G'day, I'm keen to start kayak fishing, but wanna know what your kayak is, and what ones are good to get, price doesnt bother me, are the Hobie Pro Angler any good? cheers
SnifterRoux - 12 years ago
Hey, What Kayak you using there, and whats your opinion on the Hobie pro angler, or whats best, im keen to start kayak fishin
davidlepahe - 12 years ago
This is intense shit. I go kayak fishing in Moreton Bay, you're game brother. Wish i had those one of those sick pedal powered kayaks.
Scrap5000 - 12 years ago
You're INSANE to have your foot hanging out like that. For other reasons too, but mostly for that
CHeWy - 12 years ago
your nuts! lol
Franc Massaneda
Franc Massaneda - 12 years ago
watch my web site of Kayak!! :DDDD!!! franckaiak.blogspot. com (without the sapce)
trawkins - 12 years ago
I would shit myself
thedrunkmonk69the2nd - 12 years ago
Hey Kayakman. nice one! is it normal to cut the line instead of trying to retrieve the hook?
temanatahiti - 12 years ago
Does the hook fall out after a while? or eventually corrode out? ....awesome vid by the way!
Jonas Margolis
Jonas Margolis - 12 years ago
dude that is intentse i would shit my pants if i caught a shark LOL especially if i was in a kayak :S
Oren Hobbes
Oren Hobbes - 12 years ago
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!!! Dum, Dum....Dum, Dum.
Oren Hobbes
Oren Hobbes - 12 years ago
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!!! Dum,Dum...Dum,Dum!
jamamanjamh13 - 12 years ago
you are one crazy aussie!
unclemonkeyhead - 12 years ago
@Kayakgamefisher - I would love to see the set-up you use for this. Is it something you made yourself? AWESOME vid by the way!
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
@shamalamma45 Yeh the camera is mounted behind me most of the time but I can also pick it up and film to.
unclemonkeyhead - 12 years ago
who is filming this? do you have a mounted camera in your kayak?
freedomfascist - 12 years ago
kayaks rock, so does men at work
pugilist102 - 12 years ago
Reminds me of the old man and the sea.
h hun
h hun - 12 years ago
i love this job.... and i will die for this shit too
ballsofrock - 12 years ago
@iflydplane lol
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
Yeh i paddle out, i also have a sail so if the conditions are right i sail it back in. I often start from one spot paddle out up to 15kms and go with the current and wind and then get my wife to pick me up 30 to 45 kms down the coast.
ballsofrock - 12 years ago
cool man awesome have you taken it on the water yet? :)
Timothy Cassidy
Timothy Cassidy - 12 years ago
Hey just out of curiosity. Is there a boat with you or did you paddle out? Im over in Ireland here and to have a good chance of shark in the summer you would at least need to be a mile off shore to have a good chance but that would scare the bits off me not getting back in. And im sure being a mile out you will end up a little further. Dont think anyone has caught one in a kayak here so would be awesome to be the first.
fusilier45 - 12 years ago
@Kayakgamefisher,thought so about the Bull,I didnt see the Bronze though,am I right in thinking that they are quite a passive shark?The Bronze that is,cheers
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
There's actually a few different sharks in the vid, there's a shot of one shark with it's head out of the water with a broad head. That shark was a bullth this one is a bull shark most of the others are bronze whalers.
fusilier45 - 12 years ago
Is it a bull shark mate?
ballsofrock - 12 years ago
lol well do some more research okay because that looks nothing like a pro angler :) but man o man are they flipping sweet i would recommend one greatly you should definitely go test one out :)
blue1564 - 12 years ago
haha wow respect !
LS7TT - 12 years ago
Ya I know that, but I've seen ppl get pulled over board by big marlins on a yacht where rods are bolted nto the boat... Let alone a mako/great white etc. That thing is pulling 1000lbs+ tq no problem. How much power would it take to propel a 1500-2000lb shark out of the water against the force of water alot more than 3000 pounds of force I would think by basic math? I'm suprised the boat doesn't jerk/flip at all then again it doesn't look like food either.
teto191919 - 12 years ago
LS7TT - 12 years ago
I don't understand how a marlin wouldn't pull you under the water? Let alone if a shark grabs the line?
staskos91 - 12 years ago
haha you tap it on the nose for the good fight then it thrashes for a second and you jump... i really dont blame you lol, i liked how quick you got onto that rod again tho really nice. TLD ?? good video!
MechanicalHeart - 12 years ago
when you see the shark put your legs on that's respect
spoondoeman - 12 years ago
looks like a lemon shark to me
Bryan .Van Wyk
Bryan .Van Wyk - 12 years ago
Awesome video! what kind of shark was that? Im from tassie and have just started using live baits off the yak. I use jack mackrel or mullet and got a 6 foot school shark 2 days ago. Happy fishing.
Tas Rocket
Tas Rocket - 12 years ago
JEUZ Watchin the Dick in the kayak with his foot dangling over the edge Pretty clever ehh? But that was awesome sight pity u weren't able to show Whole Kayak clearly a twin tho
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
I mainly use live slimey mackeral's.
0ZZYM0F0 - 12 years ago
Awesome footage,what bait were you using.
Stef F
Stef F - 12 years ago
Put your damn foot INSIDE the kayak!!! This baby has teeth......
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
Sharks generally aren't interested in eating a kayak. I've fished from kayaks for over 7 years and never had any sharks attack my kayak. Most sharks are generally very shy. Even if a big one comes up if you give it a poke with something It should leave you alone.
MrTurkishAzeriNY - 12 years ago
I would like to buy a kayak in nyc for ride on hudson river in may to september. But i would like to go to Long Beach(Ocean) and there are a lot sharks in ocean. Maybe sharks attack to kayak or any bad thing could do ? Plz write me answer.
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
On a good day you can do up to 50kms. Not sure where you get them from in Florida.
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
I'm currently making up a rod which hopefully will enable me to get the hook out with out loosing my hand
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
Thought about doing something like that, suppose you have to have a slit down it for the line to sit in. I'll make one up and give it a go next time. ta.
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
There's actually a few different sharks in the vid but the one with the broad blunt head is a bull shark.
70HeavyChevy - 12 years ago
Is that a bull, or a lemon shark?
wolflord333 - 12 years ago
more man than me dude, id have cut the lkine the second i saw the sumbitch
Horror Bull
Horror Bull - 12 years ago
Those damn kayaks are a menos on our society.
pop johnson
pop johnson - 12 years ago
OMG,,, i would have shat myself,, repect to you geezer,, you da MAN !!
Mike Macfayden
Mike Macfayden - 12 years ago
i think u all shouldnt be so fast to judge. if that was you im sure u would say it was 50 meters long
subasurf - 12 years ago
Fair enough mate. Sorry to jump to conclusions, but the title and the description were a bit misleading ;) Regardless, it's still an impressive video.
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
Your right most of the sharks you see are between 1.8 and 2.4 metres. There's about 4 different sharks in the footage. The shot you see of the shark under the kayak pulling the kayak I estimated at 3 metres but never got it beside the kayak.
subasurf - 12 years ago
Three metres? I don't think so
luvbugiii - 12 years ago
This is awesome footage! And I really like the title,"kayak attacks shark" very cool!
Kayakgamefisher - 12 years ago
"just had that written so more people look at footage."I've thought about it and since taken off that tag as it gives the wrong impression of about sharks. At no time have I ever been hassled or attacked by any sharks in all my fishing trips."
Rick D
Rick D - 12 years ago
At what point did the shark attack the kayak? Must have dropped out of the editing somewhere.
Chris Graham
Chris Graham - 12 years ago
As long as my taxes don't have to pay to recover your body... go for it!
Terry L
Terry L - 12 years ago
Hats off to Jeff
XenoPredator - 12 years ago
That's not a 3 metre shark.
hello - 12 years ago
I wish that shark would have took your leg as a meal..that would have been good footage
Eugene Scharneck
Eugene Scharneck - 12 years ago
jbudz1977 - 12 years ago
You are a true sportsman - you have my respect.
iBuckFush - 12 years ago
that shark is probrably pissed he got caught by such a small boat out there lol
guillermo cainzos gelabert
guillermo cainzos gelabert - 12 years ago
you are a prity crazy fisherman but the video is an exelent moment in tour life, sory my inglish is so so tarpon desde argentina
Overland Adventures
Overland Adventures - 12 years ago
now that is fishing! You are a badass!!
by2004 - 12 years ago
too bad it wasn't a great white, which if it was incidentally, it might have bitten his ugly foot off!! lol
Eddy Flynn
Eddy Flynn - 12 years ago
Your badass dude. Kayak fishing anywhere in that area is a death wish.
mcbigg - 12 years ago
Awesome video. Love the tow you got. Nice work!
FindThatFish - 12 years ago
better losing the hook than losing a hand or an arm!!! the hook will eventually rust away.
ian warden
ian warden - 12 years ago
scary shit xD
adrianS - 12 years ago
Were gonna need a bigger boat...
Kayakgamefisher - 13 years ago
Few different sharks in video, most are bronze whalers but i think the one with the broad head is a bull shark.
masterofthekeyblade - 13 years ago
seriously! lol
Falcorr - 13 years ago
nice vid. id be scared doing that, however im prepared :P
Falcorr - 13 years ago
on a heavy trail head full of zombies... do you come from a land down under?
warspite2 - 13 years ago
jmelville27 - 13 years ago
Good video, how are you filming this? 10km's out thats a fair way. Hope you have an EPIRB and/or radio.
jmelville27 - 13 years ago
Your an idiot, I bet you watch A Current Affair and believe the shit they tell you.

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