kayak big air

lyon ramp and bullerfest nz clips

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lyon ramp and bullerfest nz clips

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for kayak big air

BowE31982 - 10 years ago
Big in the game putting virginia on the map big time one love
AJ Mowatt
AJ Mowatt - 10 years ago
If I could do that
TheLethalMoo - 10 years ago
wish i trusted myself to build one of theese
Anthony R. Pompa
Anthony R. Pompa - 11 years ago
who is the music by?
kingkwassa - 11 years ago
va all the way
TheLethalMoo - 11 years ago
i wanna build one on the bank of a river but dont trust myself xD also dont have the right materialt xD but meh.. will make a mini one xD
Andrew - 11 years ago
I am a skier would a roll be the equivalent of a 360? I am about to get a wavesport kayak and I am just wondering plz respond
Ruby Price
Ruby Price - 11 years ago
Wow! That looks awesome! :]
MetalMasterMind666 - 11 years ago
Where is the first ramp?

10. comment for kayak big air

KawaRider88 - 11 years ago
wood and lots of butt lube ;-)
dawitekid20 - 11 years ago
dam i wish i had rivers where i live....at least i have the ocean
Orphan Ani
Orphan Ani - 12 years ago
that's crazy!
stuart derbyshire
stuart derbyshire - 12 years ago
Awesome, I don't think the river commission on the river frome in dorset will let us construct one like that!!!!! Ha ha excellent
SharkGod1 - 12 years ago
@leejj09 change the history assignment to history of kayaking, and do the assignment inside of a kayak to make it more "authentic"
Cory Ingram
Cory Ingram - 12 years ago
this has got to be one of the best things ive seen
Max Riera
Max Riera - 12 years ago
nice flips!!
Daley - 12 years ago
What is the brand of kayaks they are using ?
95polli - 12 years ago
What is the name of this song ??
drewdavis08 - 12 years ago
dude this shit is cool! ive never even heard of anyone doing this before

20. comment for kayak big air

SuperWestie100 - 12 years ago
same as leejj09 but with maths
SuperWestie100 - 12 years ago
same as leejj09 but with maths
henny7794 - 12 years ago
the first song is : Atomship - Pencil Fight and the second song is : Rise Against - Like the Angel P.S.: great video :)
Matt Newton
Matt Newton - 12 years ago
that is sick and what is the first song
leankano - 12 years ago
where are tile of 2 song? risp please...
alexlikesbikes95 - 12 years ago
what is the first song
ThePunnisher69 - 12 years ago
lyon en france ?
Fraeg - 12 years ago
spinal compression ftw
TheBamakid - 12 years ago
CharlessmithBkk - 12 years ago
song two is rise against - angles

30. comment for kayak big air

Latch801 - 12 years ago
Atomship - Pencil fight is the first track. Awesome video and some great freestyle
paul little
paul little - 12 years ago
4:04 cool pic
Cathal Kelly
Cathal Kelly - 13 years ago
it'd fit in under freestyle
HorK - 13 years ago
all 3 songs?? plzz
Glacier Glove
Glacier Glove - 13 years ago
Sweet video
camcam277 - 13 years ago
someone wanted to know the last song didnt they?? well it is 'Trying to find a balance- Atmosphere' or its something like that anyway
pagansnorider - 13 years ago
if it's not, it should be!
lucasmontesb - 13 years ago
is big air kayaking actually a real sport or dicipline? its fucking awesome lol
aiden black
aiden black - 13 years ago
whats da song called at da beggining ?
aiden black
aiden black - 13 years ago
whats da song called at da beggining
Sky Lock
Sky Lock - 13 years ago
i like how it goes from kayak to unicycle.. :D awesome mix i do say
aria230 - 13 years ago
Fabian Lackmann
Fabian Lackmann - 13 years ago
Bliss Stick 4 ever
prankE69 - 13 years ago
that looks like real fun :D ok I looked through all the comments but no one aks for the very last song. so what song is it please?!
Sam Fulford
Sam Fulford - 13 years ago
it may scratch the boat but scratches cant be helped in kayakin anyway so we dont really care.
Graham Whiting
Graham Whiting - 13 years ago
whats the song at the beginning??
63robson - 13 years ago
blacktopsx - 13 years ago
New Zealand
Benjamin Strohm
Benjamin Strohm - 13 years ago
this shits to legit
ComaPictures - 14 years ago
This is something new 4 me. Cool tramplins should build something like that)

50. comment for kayak big air

phidipidies - 14 years ago
soo fuckin sick!
itsTheRhyno - 14 years ago
bsmitty101 - 14 years ago
dude nice video
Kreeper2008 - 14 years ago
omg that shits crazy!!!!
JustinLegend - 14 years ago
Unicyle was the best part
ebony f u c k
ebony f u c k - 14 years ago
the gy in the yellow boat is well good
Mark Smeeton
Mark Smeeton - 14 years ago
this video is fuckin ace man.
jjigsaw - 14 years ago
sorry^^.. mein ich doch xD..

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