kayak fishing Dorado

Spike hooks Dorado clip from "The Kayak Fishing Video"

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Spike hooks Dorado clip from "The Kayak Fishing Video"

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Gill Miller
Gill Miller - 7 years ago
looks like good fishing in Mexico. would love to go there but am too scared.
2000toddowen - 9 years ago
He's right about how the dorado can hurt you once out of the water. They're very powerful. I was sitting on top of a cooler and a simlilar sized dorado {30lb.} that was just put in it flopped so hard that it almost knocked me off my seat. It flopped so hard that its head protruded from the cooler. At the time I weighed just over 200 lbs!
Trevor Thomas
Trevor Thomas - 9 years ago
we catch them of the pier only a 2/3 mile off shore..
gilbert delacampagne
gilbert delacampagne - 9 years ago
elle est pas belle la vie belle coryphene
John de Rob
John de Rob - 11 years ago
i've just started fishing with my kayak.. i live in mauritius and i fish in the lagoon with a rapala behind.. i catch fish called ( batarde and capitaine and vielle but thats in french) i would like to go fishing bigger fish.. can someone suggest what bait i should use and what to do in general please :)
Brian - 11 years ago
There is no way you can catch dorado that close to the beach.
Supersound-22 - 11 years ago
you should let him go.after such nice fight,he deserved that.
Teddy DolphinLoverForLife
Teddy DolphinLoverForLife - 11 years ago
male dolpin... very nice.
sniperbait171 - 12 years ago
did a fish eat the person in the other kayak or did he get riped out of his boat. BTW catching a fish that can pull you around would be 10x better than sex

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Gabriel Pokorny
Gabriel Pokorny - 12 years ago
lamentable el final....
Alan Hidalgo
Alan Hidalgo - 12 years ago
Alan Hidalgo
Alan Hidalgo - 12 years ago
costa rica has alot of miha mihas
garrette taylor
garrette taylor - 12 years ago
haha who is walkin who.. show that fish
30milesOut - 12 years ago
i bought this video... it is great! picked up alot of good rigging tips... my friends wont give it back! gota stop loaning it out! ...... check out my kayak fishing videos ...............
Operator CH
Operator CH - 12 years ago
Hey I have a question what do you do after you catch the fish? just holdon?
rkb12222 - 12 years ago
Dan C.
Dan C. - 13 years ago
beatiful Dolphin!
Drewtonium - 13 years ago
great job
teto191919 - 13 years ago
i like the random kayak that drifts through the screen at 4:07

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Tzahal Tavor
Tzahal Tavor - 13 years ago
hey that looks like fun
soulhigh - 13 years ago
nice fish dude, but whatsup with 4:07... somone is ghost riding the kayak...lol
freedomfascist - 13 years ago
dude, ur f'n got it made brotha what type of reel were u using? 5 stars!
teto191919 - 13 years ago
he can just lean agenst the fish and he wont flip
tekhn - 13 years ago
ghost kayak. lol
Booniedog G
Booniedog G - 13 years ago
yeah youre right, dorado is a fresh water fish but in mexico, they call these dorado. im from hawaii, i say mahi mahi to avoid cofusion...
ericarmstrong1 - 14 years ago
Very smart not wearing a life jacket. What an idiot.
gotohellfast - 14 years ago
Yes! lol!
JR M - 14 years ago
i think that was the undewater camera guy's kayak. so, do dorados and baracudas eat people?
Joseph Osborn
Joseph Osborn - 14 years ago
dolphin fish, dorado, mahi mahi, its all the same.

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Jeff Dean
Jeff Dean - 14 years ago
Great video.
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela - 14 years ago
awesome! kayak fishing for striped bass is great too
Louis Sagapolu
Louis Sagapolu - 15 years ago
John Ball
John Ball - 15 years ago
"its not a little one, and its moving the boat"...! hahaha funny ! thanks for the laught....thumbs up guys!
artsnflies - 15 years ago
Where's your PFD?!
PyroMan1231 - 15 years ago
amazing video!
Mickie Carstens
Mickie Carstens - 15 years ago
This video is amazing. Enjoyed so much. Husband is a fisherman and this is great. Felt like we were there.

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