kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 42

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kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

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for kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

potrota - 4 years ago
SIN el remo en el agua si!
potrota - 4 years ago
le obsequio una prestobarba guillete mejor jajj
Pablo Quevedo
Pablo Quevedo - 5 years ago
Muy buen video
echeaz - 5 years ago
awesome video!!
Nina Trainor
Nina Trainor - 6 years ago
You make it look easy! Thanks....
Peter Rott
Peter Rott - 6 years ago
habe noch nie eine schlechtere Rolle gesehen
Michael Olsen
Michael Olsen - 7 years ago
Very good instructional video. Good job.
glass house
glass house - 7 years ago
.a moustach.?
evelyn donaghy
evelyn donaghy - 8 years ago
Very good

10. comment for kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

XenonGaming - 8 years ago
Lol  A helmet????????????????
yeezy stidda
yeezy stidda - 6 years ago
also, when playing canoo polo you wear a helmet.
Charles-Alex Nivose
Charles-Alex Nivose - 6 years ago
+Anas eisenga  Can heat your head on the sides of the pool.That's why the helmet.
christian holt
christian holt - 8 years ago
good thing u have your dry suit and helmet on
renotyuk - 8 years ago
so dramatic
jim bergeron
jim bergeron - 8 years ago
very nice video
1 Planet 1 WORLD
1 Planet 1 WORLD - 8 years ago
Very interesting useful technique . will it work with a sea kayak?
Andreas Zurheide
Andreas Zurheide - 8 years ago
Razzupaltuff - 8 years ago
Top Video, super erklärt - vielen Dank! :)
Hafida Liateni
Hafida Liateni - 8 years ago
Zehr gute hinweisung !
Matthew Booth
Matthew Booth - 8 years ago
Lying on the boat brings his centre of mass as close as possible to the point the boat turns about whilst rolling. This ensures the turning force from his hands have the greatest possible effect.
Slite01 - 9 years ago
Thank you

20. comment for kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

phil W
phil W - 9 years ago
wow , well explained for sure !!!
dutchfreeheel - 9 years ago
Excellent, well explained video. Thanks.
Chris Vekris
Chris Vekris - 9 years ago
Nice Video!Model of Camera?
awad awdss
awad awdss - 9 years ago
I recommend this video. Really like Youtube due to this kind of content!!!My step brother was previously bullied. He explained he was gonna get bigger. I chuckled... But then he gained 40 pounds of absolute muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. No-one dares to intimidate him anymore. :-) I personally registered earlier this week. See what will happen. And the guys emails are fucking cool...
Larry Finn
Larry Finn - 9 years ago
very good
Samuel Burrow
Samuel Burrow - 9 years ago
Why u lay on the back of the boat ?
Dylan Ivers
Dylan Ivers - 9 years ago
you hand roll liker a bitch.. i would kick your ass !!
PPWilliams1 - 10 years ago
Justin Van der Rol
Justin Van der Rol - 10 years ago
this hand roll is much to inivicient, change is your don't make it. with good hip movement and a little stroke is al it takes and garantees a good roll
danne461 - 10 years ago
Not the best way to roll, use your body and the movement and not power to roll. Look on Helen Wilson. If you learn the roll that do not use power and only muscle memory and body movement you can roll in a straitjacket...

30. comment for kayak roll / hand roll (tutorial)

Beer - 10 years ago
thank you, very nice tutorial !! danke well :)
Irn John
Irn John - 10 years ago
Excellent videos/ demos
Vincent O'Connor
Vincent O'Connor - 10 years ago
Excellent video. Very good step by step instructions. I learnt a different method about 30 years ago in Ireland { yes I am still paddleing after all those years }. Can`t wait to try this method. Regards Vincent Canary Islands.
Tactician666 - 10 years ago
Excellent video - I learned to hand roll and then I just lost it. I can't wait to try it again using these instructions.
Ulf Böckenholt
Ulf Böckenholt - 10 years ago
Die gezeigte Rolle ist was für die Korioseitätenausstellung. Sieht echt witzig aus. @daschorsch001 Rolle nach vorn, was ist daran so besonders? Sollte sich eigentlich langsam durchsetzen.
Andreas Zurheide
Andreas Zurheide - 10 years ago
pass auf das du nicht ertrinkst bei dem mist den du da bietest
daschorsch001 - 10 years ago
@speedo0262 du machst die handrolle nach vorne?! respekt. zeig das bitte mal als viedeo, will sehen wie das machst.
FlamishScript2010 - 10 years ago
so hab ich noch nie gehört das man die handrolle machen soll^^ Ich benutze beide arme und mach es wie bei der paddelrolle auch nach der fausregel erst das boot und dann der körper.
bradsbreezy - 10 years ago
excellent! best yet. love the step by step explanations.
prgelati - 10 years ago
Muy bueno el video!!
Andreas Zurheide
Andreas Zurheide - 10 years ago
immer schön die fresse in die steine junge man rollt nach vorne und nicht nach hinten ist gesünder für dein Gesicht
Ondřej Hudeček
Ondřej Hudeček - 10 years ago
super all video´s. thank you for prezentation:)
Marino Burlando
Marino Burlando - 10 years ago
Fondamentale la stagna nella piscina di casa!
Kanupolo2000 - 11 years ago
Blos nicht nach diesem Viedeo lernen der macht das föllig falsch die anderen Videos von ihm sind echt gut aber das.... naja egal er macht es einfach falsch.
Oliver Geisler
Oliver Geisler - 11 years ago
Das sieht sooo leicht aus!!!! Echt Cool gemacht!

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