kayak roll clinic: learn how to do a combat roll

every roll that kayakers need to know

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Col Auty
Col Auty - 4 years ago
Why the music ??? spoils video
Bill Gentry
Bill Gentry - 5 years ago
music overwhelming,
Dewy Ell
Dewy Ell - 5 years ago
Worst roll technique I have ever witnessed. Beginning kayakers, use this as a video of how not to roll.
joynthis - 5 years ago
No, I'm not doing your "combat" anything. Give peace a chance.
barbelmike - 5 years ago
Helicopter roll looked good..
Damon Watson
Damon Watson - 6 years ago
What a shit video!!!.. Why put music over a tutorial video, to be fair this is not a tutorial video, just some goon who thinks he knows something.
Steve Wardley
Steve Wardley - 6 years ago
What a terrible video, no explanation of what they are trying to achieve, sound is just mumbles and creaks and the music is pointless.
ricardo flores
ricardo flores - 6 years ago
los hombros muy demaciados expuestos para un roll de apoyo
Chris Goldsmith
Chris Goldsmith - 6 years ago
There's no instruction in this video, a bad technique is used throughout and i wish only that people watching realize that there are some amazing videos on here. this is not one of them.

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clinton begley
clinton begley - 6 years ago
My shoulder hurts just watching this.
The Playboater
The Playboater - 4 years ago
100% - this made me cringe so much. Tempted to put my own up but it seems YT is so saturated already that it would be pointless.
RushNReady - 7 years ago
Are you trying to do a sweep roll? Is a combat roll another word for that ? as your blade really low in the water or is that called a combat roll i have never herd of a combat roll to me it looks like you doing a sweep roll vary badly but hey at least your up aha
also that back deck roll is not a back deck roll your supposed to be face down in the water and roll on the back deck , oh you got the back deck rodio god dam different names aha

one hand on paddle nice
Kayak Life
Kayak Life - 5 years ago
Combat roll is any roll done in rough water or in a combat situation ;)
Martin - 7 years ago
Very good video for the beginners.
Dewy Ell
Dewy Ell - 5 years ago
No no no! This is extremely poor technique. Roll should look effortless. This guy and anyone that emulates it is heading for a shoulder injury. This guy is a rookie and making rookie mistakes.
The Rambling Flip Flops
The Rambling Flip Flops - 6 years ago
It's really bad technique and in reality it won't aid you, it can hinder your roll in the long term as well as open yourself up to a higher risk of injuries.
Martin - 6 years ago
+The Rambling Flip Flops Yes, it really is. For me, it worked brilliantly and I have improved my rolling skills significantly.
The Rambling Flip Flops
The Rambling Flip Flops - 6 years ago
+Martin It's really not.
Alex D
Alex D - 8 years ago
Holy crap, I have only been doing whitewater for 3 days and I can do a better roll.
Paul - 8 years ago
Rename the video. A combat water implies white water not a pool.
Gman - 8 years ago
Why the music?

I would like to see him try to roll like that in white water, just learn one type of roll well and make it bombproof then you won't waste time deciding which roll to use and you will be upright again before you realise you have capsized.
Andrew Doolan
Andrew Doolan - 8 years ago
whats with the fucking music
lewis wylie
lewis wylie - 8 years ago
this is the best vid I have seen on what not to do, like your "back deck roll" is nothing but a c roll with a quick lean back at the end. if you really want to know how to roll talk to a paddler who is a play boat or slalom and they will show the real way
orcaluv - 8 years ago
if you would like to experience a shoulder injury... do what this guy does. horrid. stop
Adam Oldaker
Adam Oldaker - 8 years ago
Horrible video!!!! Music absolutely destroyed this!!!!
Mark P.
Mark P. - 7 years ago
+Adam Oldaker yup

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Randomnick123 - 8 years ago
Shouldnt you lean full back while coming up
John Housh
John Housh - 7 years ago
+Peter van der Pol - This is a debated topic. Many of the best kayakers in the world promote leaning all the way back during the recovery phase. Others do not. There is definitely an advantage to doing so in that you will succeed more often leaning back, but if you fail, you'll be in a less advantageous position.

Do what works for you, but I've found recently that leaning all the way back is an advantage and if my roll is about to fail, I go into a sculling brace, which will either allow me to finish the roll, or at least take me back forward.
Peter van der Pol
Peter van der Pol - 7 years ago
No you definetly do not. When you lean back you would think you are more effective because your weight is closer to the center of gravity. But it actually also blocks your hip(snap) movement.. It counter effects..Its also just a different sort of roll, but a lot of times its actually more of a symptom that something else is wrong with your roll. Its better to lean forward to more of an offensive stance. Rolling up in this more offensive stand will give you balance and control in whitewater. You would be wobbly when you lean on your backdeck.
matreya Southgate
matreya Southgate - 8 years ago
Yes afraid this is poor technique!! paddle should be on the surface for the start of the roll and ideally should stay there, to remove the need to recover the paddle before making any more strokes. certainly not a combat roll!! and that Back deck rodeo roll he is coming up on a back stroke not the actual sweep.
jack head
jack head - 8 years ago
This is the worst demonstration ever your paddle ends so deep in the water that it means that your hip flick is rubbish and on your high braces you need to keep your elbows closer to the body otherwise you WILL dislocate your shoulder if you are looking for tips on rolling go to some one else's video who can roll properly with the correct techniques so you don't get hurt
zedlee00 - 8 years ago
prob thinks hes the big dog at his local club......
zedlee00 - 8 years ago
wont be long untill his shoulder pops out doing a high brace like that
rwheatyy - 8 years ago
Don't really see why you'd suggest NOT to do a back deck roll:
1) We can't always control how we flip, so if we do find ourselves in a back deck position, resetting ourselves underwater to a c-sweep position increases our time spent underwater and our exposure to rock hits.
2) That being said, our head is actually lower in the water back deck (maybe about 6 inches) versus a fully tucked c-sweep (1 1/2' - 2').
A solid back deck roll will have you out of the water much faster and with far less strain on your shoulder.
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw - 8 years ago
to much arm strength it would seem easier to do a hipflick
Lawrence M
Lawrence M - 9 years ago
agreed, but i would add: one of the key things to NEVER do is expose your limbs (arms) or head as it can lead to long term injury. For example doing this 0:35 on the water or just as practice drill is risky as his arm is over extended and could injure his shoulder. However like you i did enjoy watching this video! =)
Alex Cauthen
Alex Cauthen - 9 years ago
I think people are misunderstanding the point of this video. To be successful on a river with large waves and holes, you need to understand how to roll your boat over in several different ways. The C to C is great in some situations, but not all. If you are surfing in a hole or are being surfed, the roll where he was leaning back a lot and essentially face planted into the water at the beginning of the video is called a back deck roll. It's really essential and important to know.
Rei Anugerah
Rei Anugerah - 9 years ago
gawe belajar maneh ;)

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Tom Howard
Tom Howard - 9 years ago
2nd guy did it alot better, the Drew you are putting your neck and back under alot of strain you can see this when you basically rip your body out at 1:44 Unless you practice gymnastics daily that will do your back and neck some damage
Paul O'Donnell
Paul O'Donnell - 9 years ago
I couldn't watch this, his technique is waaaayyy off.
Ollie Jay
Ollie Jay - 9 years ago
I have to agree with others, this is not good technique and is likely to lead to shoulder problems!! Look elsewhere for better examples.
Tadhg Barrett
Tadhg Barrett - 9 years ago
These guys have clearly got the wrong info about what rolls they are doing. They are showing alot of brute force in their rolls very little technique which is what makes the roll easy. the combat roll ends with you face down on the front deck in a low brace position. like the video though, nice music if not a little distracting.
pickrs01 - 9 years ago
this is a discusting example of a roll and all other techniques anybody who wants to learn how to do any of these skills should find someone who knows what they are doing it is clear that these guys do not....good on them for getting out there and giving it a go but they are far from instructors
Brandon G Huff
Brandon G Huff - 9 years ago
Yes, but it's pretty difficult
ranchgoddess - 9 years ago
Jeeeezzzz you make this look easy... Thanks!! Stupid question... Can you do this w/o a skirt on? (I'm guessing not...)
dontjinxme - 9 years ago
I think I just saw the reason why I was unable to get the Back Deck Rodeo roll. It appears that, after you have kicked your boat over you, the paddle direction is getting reversed 4:23. I had been trying to get my torso to the front deck, while keep forward momentum on the paddle. I suppose it would be like a sweep to the front deck (if such a thing exists.)
kriptomatics - 9 years ago
for combat purposes only
liam tracey
liam tracey - 10 years ago
Allen Yip
Allen Yip - 10 years ago
Agreed, especially with the arm fully extended like in the video. An braces with the elbows in are fine, sculling or non sculling. Elbow tucked into the body!
Allen Yip
Allen Yip - 10 years ago
Head coming out of the water is a symptom of an incorrect C to C movement (aka hip roll/hip flick).
Seth McClaine
Seth McClaine - 10 years ago
Cut out the cometary and choose better music. The kayaking is decent though!
angryyank68 - 10 years ago
Do a barrel roll!
cullyvan - 10 years ago
Very informative, however im trying to work why its called a combat role, when a much simpler non macho bullshit term wouldve sufficed. Not your fault obviously. Probably the same people that turned life jackets into PFDs
Mike LeGoffe
Mike LeGoffe - 10 years ago
try that in a play boat
camstephens28 - 10 years ago
Be careful, a few times he moves his paddle under his face while tucked underwater, this can be a bit dangerous in a real river situation. As you go over, roll from whichever side your hands are on, and avoid re-crossing them over your deck. But overall, his roll model isn't bad to follow, he has a great hip snap and a strong, though unconventional, brace.
Tyler Lawton
Tyler Lawton - 10 years ago
Looks like you have your paddle still pretty deep when you are snapping back over. But that is just my opinion
imsuperawesome97 - 10 years ago
dude, nice PFD tan
Martin - 10 years ago
Funny...Ive learnt how to roll on your video. Thanks, mate!

50. comment for kayak roll clinic: learn how to do a combat roll

Allen Yip
Allen Yip - 10 years ago
@SeadartVSG If you do a half sweep back to finish then you are not doing a back deck rodeo roll, you are simply moving from your back deck to front deck to sweep roll. Here's a good example of a back deck rodeo
Allen Yip
Allen Yip - 10 years ago
@SeadartVSG The main reason for initiating a back deck rodeo roll is when you've lent onto the back deck of the kayak when you've flipped. Finishing at the front deck with your paddle and body allows you to be ready for a forward stroke and even be ready for a sweep roll. Where is the paddle position for a forward stroke and sweep roll? at the front deck. no?
sam dixon
sam dixon - 10 years ago
carry on doing the high brace and you will cause a injury
mark hartnett
mark hartnett - 10 years ago
agree completly with @JPN55 i know plenty of people with dislocations from the high brace or j lean as you call it i would say let yourself capsize and roll instead much safer idea and its what i would always do
SeadartVSG - 10 years ago
@gryphontaboo Why should you finish on the front deck? ... sitting upright with a paddle in the water is a stable position that allows you to take your next stroke in moving water or brace for a incoming wave - or scull up if you can't quite make it. THe half sweep back is very helpful is you are trying to roll something like a waveski.
Neil T
Neil T - 10 years ago
I realise that the person is only learning, but the way he does the "j-lean" or high brace is a disaster waiting to happen. Thats the old school version. The way that he has his arm extended out away form the boat???? If he does that on a river, midflow and his elbow hits a rock, he can say good by to his elbow and shoulder. Also he is leaning back way too much. The high brace should be done either directly perpendicular to the boat or to the front. NOT THE BACK. Tuck that arm in.....
Allen Yip
Allen Yip - 10 years ago
The rodeo back deck roll is a bad example/demonstration! The roll should finish at the front deck. Not finish with a half sweep back..
Doin Alright
Doin Alright - 10 years ago
Respond to this video... The video is a good teacher.
Doin Alright
Doin Alright - 10 years ago
@zethd you belong in the idiot group
Doin Alright
Doin Alright - 10 years ago
To come on here and say things like, "Your Technique sucks", quoting one Zethd gets me looking around for his technique, or video. People that do that lack a lot in their makeup.
u4987 - 10 years ago
Slick! I wish I could roll like that.
Alan Yurychuk
Alan Yurychuk - 10 years ago
"Screw roll" not good for serious white water. Very hard to unlearn.
Ryan S
Ryan S - 10 years ago
like JPN55 said your high brace is a sure fire way to do some shoulder damage man
TLamparter - 11 years ago
the music is a little stupid here. i had a hart time to understand what they where saying!
Jim Ferrigno
Jim Ferrigno - 11 years ago
I do see now where your doing your back deck roll as a rodeo... they're pretty much the same thing. But yeah, nice and comprehensive roll arsenal
Jim Ferrigno
Jim Ferrigno - 11 years ago
Your back deck roll was just a c-sweep in the backseat. When doing back-decks, you don't really set and you dont tuck, you leave your body open and exposed while sweeping the paddle across the water behind the boat... theres some good videos on here of an accurate back deck roll. Other than that, nice vid
chwparker - 11 years ago
Is rolling as easy as it looks here? I ask because I'm taking my first white water kayaking lessons this weekend and the rolling part is what scares me the most.
Thom Lagan
Thom Lagan - 11 years ago
Every roll in this video exposes your face to the river bottom if you blow the roll and go back down. Bad technique!!!
Sebastian Giquiardo
Sebastian Giquiardo - 11 years ago
el kayak es un axiom ? que modelo ?
Michael Bone
Michael Bone - 11 years ago
dude, your shoulders are going to be f'd in t-minus 1 year... trust me, the high brace is the devil
Michael Bone
Michael Bone - 11 years ago
dude, your shoulders are going to be f'd in t-minus 1 year... trust me, the high brace is the devil
CT2507 - 11 years ago
hey, great video guys... seeing someone doing the roll many times and in diferent ways is actualy a lot better than a lot of instructions...and only watching it once or twice.
benhunt222 - 11 years ago
great video, best video i have seen! want to go try it now!
ben yorke
ben yorke - 11 years ago
i watched the vid about 5 times then went out for my frist time ever in a kayak and rolled it due to this vid. im not joking around. so thanks guys :)
GDDLS - 11 years ago
Is there any way to recuperate, once you are under, I mean your Kayak is up to the brim of water??. I can roll and all, but I have also ready about "Wet exit", and "re-entry", but even if you roll, how the heck do you get above water??
Chris rees
Chris rees - 11 years ago
if you have watched this video then pay attention to the comments about shoulder dislocation do not practice the "j" thingy.. make sure your head comes out of the water last, imagine you are a slinky spring (the kind that walk down stairs) as youleave the water you are "poreing" yourself back into the boat just like a slinky
Drew Napier
Drew Napier - 11 years ago
You need to try your best to make your head the last thing out of the water
97Arran - 11 years ago
Thanks guys great video, just the way i like to learn
Alex Rowland-Jones
Alex Rowland-Jones - 11 years ago
shoulder dislocation will happen keep to a box and dont lean back because you then have nothing more to give crap back deck should be a sweeping motion like the rodeo version 7:56 puffa fish
1982jeepcj8 - 11 years ago
@PUDDLEPUNK back deck is a roll of last resort before you wet exit. It is a sure fire way to smash your face of every little thing in a white water scenario, I could not shave for months after getting my face river shredded trying it.
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson - 12 years ago
You can dislocate or separate your shoulder doing high braces this way. Even deep sculls can do the same. Head could be a bit higher on the set up. Both hands should clear the water in the set-up; the right hand doesn't clear. Head should be the LAST thing to come out of the water, and its not.
John Stowe
John Stowe - 12 years ago
Best rolling video I have come across on here.
stuart derbyshire
stuart derbyshire - 12 years ago
Dude, awesome, i am gonna try a back deck for the first time tomorrow. wish me luck. thanks for the video.
Andres Mendez
Andres Mendez - 12 years ago
Great video, thanks for sharing this, you make it look so simple!
Louis Frost
Louis Frost - 12 years ago
0:20 Do you want to keep your shoulders? That's a great way to dislocate them
Tom's Unofficial Guide
Tom's Unofficial Guide - 12 years ago
@77Bluecheese so its more like if they were on the river. You know, with less flexability.
h0b0768 - 12 years ago
i learned to roll in the rpm and it might be the easiest boat on earth to roll
Euan Hunter
Euan Hunter - 12 years ago
I would agree with some of the other comments. Certainly not a good way to learn to support or roll. Could lead to serious shoulder damage if you use it on a river or with a sea kayak. Must tuck your arms in more.
Damon Smith
Damon Smith - 12 years ago
Have to agree, you're fully extending that arm/shoulder and putting it into a real bad spot. Need to tuck those elbows in more and protect that shoulder joint.
Paddle2See - 12 years ago
Some really nice video here! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to see if I can do that back deck rodeo roll with my sea kayak! I'll just echo the others about those high braces...popped my shoulder messing around with those, watch out. Also, the paddle is diving very deep on those sweep rolls, just a little change in angle to keep it nearer the surface will make a big difference. Great job on the video :)
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson - 12 years ago
High braces like you are doing are sure-fire route to shoulder dislocation or separation. Better to do paddle stroke drills such as sculling, etc.
n1ck3o7 - 12 years ago
Very good!!! On thing I tend to teach the scouts when they are starting to roll is to angle the blade so that it is going to go across the top of the water and allows more pull. Obviously, you are already very good at the screw roll but a little extra lift can make the difference sometimes.
MrFunky754 - 12 years ago
Awesome video. I just started learning the basic c-c tonight.
James Prowse
James Prowse - 12 years ago
So, why are they wearing BA's in a pool?
mesabott9 - 12 years ago
Three shoulder surgeries can attest to that.
aniyn - 12 years ago
Coldplay isn't it?
Drew Napier
Drew Napier - 12 years ago
yep, a good ole trusty RPM
Aaron Mobberley
Aaron Mobberley - 12 years ago
Great video, its given a good idea how to roll. im guessing your paddling a dagger rpm?
Drew Napier
Drew Napier - 12 years ago
I used a Olympus 8000

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