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how I attach stuff to my kayak

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how I attach stuff to my kayak

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Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall - 4 years ago
How do you go about fixing a stripped screw on your anchor trolley pulley ?
MacGyver 2
MacGyver 2 - 4 years ago
Appreciate the info.Im about to add a skeg rudder.Thanks
Andres Zamora Jr.
Andres Zamora Jr. - 4 years ago
Well organize shop
Andres Zamora Jr.
Andres Zamora Jr. - 4 years ago
Ok, they called ped eyes , thanks
Andres Zamora Jr.
Andres Zamora Jr. - 4 years ago
And what you called them
Andres Zamora Jr.
Andres Zamora Jr. - 4 years ago
Where can I find those tiny u that you have
Joette Vance * Joette's Casual Day
Joette Vance * Joette's Casual Day - 4 years ago
best deal i have found was Ebay, however the wait is like, 35 days from China, sadly, otherwise, amazon few day shipping, 10 pk for $4ish. not bad. stay away from boat outlets like Marine West, they will eat your wallet with $4 each. ouch. good luck.
Luiz Scatena júnior
Luiz Scatena júnior - 4 years ago
Thanks my friend, from Brasil
Richard Ilog
Richard Ilog - 4 years ago
would you recommend rivets on a plastic boat or kayak?
Intex EasySet Pool Setup & Maintenance
Intex EasySet Pool Setup & Maintenance - 4 years ago
You yak is definitely screwed.

10. comment for kayak screws

Perchjerker - 5 years ago
Try PLUMBERS GOOP, Yu can get it from Lowes or HD. It's much better than silicone.
J Wilson
J Wilson - 5 years ago
thanks zoffinger for putting your videos up!
keepithookin 21
keepithookin 21 - 5 years ago
Can I use self tapping screws for a anchor cleat
Sand Flea
Sand Flea - 5 years ago
How about putting some thin metal plates on the bottom of the kayak....?
Outdoors Guy
Outdoors Guy - 5 years ago
How do u add an anchor cleat and where would u suggest putting it
D.W. BIGGLY Big League
D.W. BIGGLY Big League - 5 years ago
Thankyou!...now I know how to support my outriggers.
Kweshinz - 5 years ago
What if you attach scrape plates or bed line the bottom of the kayak?
Robert Woods
Robert Woods - 5 years ago
are you fishing in mosquito Lagoon
Nicholas Goubert
Nicholas Goubert - 5 years ago
can u do a video of how u made your rod holders on your poor man's kyack
Dan E
Dan E - 5 years ago
What size and length are the stainless countersunk/recessed screw that you use on the pad eyes. Nuts and bolts I would prefer, but cannot reach all areas. Thanks for the informative vids
zoffinger - 5 years ago
Your best bet is to have a pad eye in hand while shopping for the screws so you know the head will nest into the recess nicely. The length often need only be 1/2-3/4 inch or so.

20. comment for kayak screws

mlray21 - 6 years ago
Dig the Jenny McCarthy poster!
mlray21 - 6 years ago
Thank you for the vid, this is one of those important questions but not always easy to find answers kinda situation.
Not Happening
Not Happening - 6 years ago
thats not what he was asking. screws will bust out and strip. how do you stop that. i would think bolts and washers would be better. where applicable of course.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
I've had rivets come loose. Screws rust. But never bust out or strip (when in plastic) Nuts and bolts would be best, but I have used MANY screws with no issues at all.
Dustin Sharples
Dustin Sharples - 6 years ago
I live in St Petersburg, Fl and I just bought a Sun Dolphin 10' Sit on Kayak because of your videos! I go wading 2-3 times a week, and now I can get on the water and do some Kayak Fishing myself! Thank you Zoffinger! Tight Lines
Rodney Hamilton
Rodney Hamilton - 6 years ago
I have the 10ss as well. I get a bit of water in the hull and the one screw holding the shock cord cleats is not that strong. I removed everything screwed into the plastic (except for the foot pedals, seat back, and rivets) and reattached everything using marine goo. It provides a stronger hold and seals everything up.
1204gameday - 6 years ago
Good tip on the stainless and drilling the pilot hole. Thanks
houseoffire72 - 6 years ago
I need some of those eyes but cant find any locally - wheres a good place to buy? ever use threaded rivets in your kayak?
Joette Vance * Joette's Casual Day
Joette Vance * Joette's Casual Day - 4 years ago
I like screws myself, I can redo or change things around with screws. Rivets restrict the chances of changing things around or using sealant if necessary for repairs.
houseoffire72 - 5 years ago
Nicholas Goubert Thanks I did finally find them locally
Nicholas Goubert
Nicholas Goubert - 5 years ago
houseoffire72 you can all so git to pack a paddle in Lafayette LA they got lots of kyack items
zoffinger - 6 years ago
I find them online. Search Ebay for 'pad eyes'. I've never used rivets.
Steve Mowery
Steve Mowery - 6 years ago
I've been watching your videos for a while now and really enjoy them. How are the pad eyes for weight bearing? I mean as far as tying off to a tree or piling etc?
zoffinger - 6 years ago
I wouldn't depend on pad eyes to bear much weight.
Ryan Sand
Ryan Sand - 6 years ago
Do you just screw it in with a drill
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish - 6 years ago
Why not rubber them?
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth - 6 years ago
Can anyone help me here? I am getting a Pelican two man plastic boat for me and my son and will need to attach accessories to it. The main thing being rod holders. I know it's plastic so I don't expect it to hold up to insane amounts of force but we mostly fish catfish and they are mean when first caught and can pull pretty hard. Would it be safe to attach a rod holder with screws for this purpose?
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth - 6 years ago
+zoffinger Cool. I'm actually getting a plastic two man boat and have been looking at kayak vids for info for mods. I am afraid the pull of the fish could pull out screw mounted rod holders.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
I've had it where the fish are pulling so hard, it's tough to get the rod out of the holder. That's why I like baitfeeders like the Okuma Avenger ABF30. You set the micro drag to allow a hooked fish to run easily, then flip the switch to engage the regular drag, AFTER you have retrieved the rod from the holder.

30. comment for kayak screws

ArkyJane - 6 years ago
Sponsored by Bud Lite now? LOL!!!
sefox88 - 6 years ago
i order the tri-grip rivots for my kayak as strong as can be
Patrick Bridges
Patrick Bridges - 6 years ago
Zoffinger, where did you get the galvanized seat that you have your PVC screwed on to? Im working on making my own light but im stuck on find a good sturdy way to mount it. Any suggestions?
Patrick Bridges
Patrick Bridges - 6 years ago
Thank you.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Patrick Bridges I got them in the plumbing section at Lowes.
John Van Ess
John Van Ess - 6 years ago
Great video, Thanks!
Herb Lapp
Herb Lapp - 6 years ago
Super video. Second one of yours I've watched. I like your creativity and frugality. Your experience using screws, silicon and water leakage into the boat was worth the entire price of admission. Please keep up the good work.
Jman - 6 years ago
What model is your kayak? I have a Emotion Spitfire9. When I stand or lean forward I get water in the front via the front scuppers. Do you have the issue? Thank you for the videos and great information? Jeremy
Jman - 6 years ago
+zoffinger Thank you very much for the information and your videos.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Jman Mine is the Spitfire 8, but I only weigh about 135lb and the pontoons I added increase the max capacity of my yak. But I can see water creeping around the scuppers too. Never worried me too much.
petewenz - 6 years ago
Can you recommend the best way to attach stabilizers to a sit on top Kayak? I am concerned that the force exerted on the Kayak should it start to tip may be enough to strip out whatever screws were used.
Nicholas Goubert
Nicholas Goubert - 5 years ago
petewenz he's has a video name the poor man's knack zoffinger it's tells u everything
Rob Lawrie
Rob Lawrie - 6 years ago
Very nice videos man. I like the no nonsense info aimed at real people who can't get top of the range everything.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Rob Lawrie Sometimes spending the extra money is worth it. Most times, it's not :^)
Decy Tinca
Decy Tinca - 6 years ago
thanks veru mach for this video
Eva Nichols Art
Eva Nichols Art - 6 years ago
Great video - but I have a problem they you might be able to help me solve. I need to replace the two carrying handles on my Perception Shadow 16.5' Kevlar kayak. The old ones are attached with 2 screws and nuts on inside. I managed to get 3 of the screws out - the 4th rotates with the nut, and it's so far out towards the tip of the kayak that I cannot reach to hold the nut. How do I deal with this and how can I attach the two new handles when I cannot reach far enough inside the kayak to hold the nuts in place when I insert screws??? I appreciate any insight you can give me. Thank you!
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia - 7 years ago
Thanks for this video.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Jesus Garcia You're welcome :^)
mrgetrealpeople - 7 years ago
You sound almost like Christopher Walken.
Jack Giordano
Jack Giordano - 5 years ago
Yvery helpfull thanks
BurninatorTheTrogdor - 5 years ago
I'm the Anti-Christ. You got me in a vendetta kind of mood. You tell the angels in heaven you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you.
Muscle man
Muscle man - 6 years ago
like if he was his brother.
Ian Belletti
Ian Belletti - 7 years ago
A good marine grade adhesive sealant will last longer and aid in securing what you attach to your kayak.
Evan McDaniels
Evan McDaniels - 5 years ago
Ian Belletti super glue is better
Wassergekuhlt - 7 years ago
Stainless pop rivets and neoprene well nuts of appropriate size/length. Marine Goop is you friend as well.
TheMagslam - 7 years ago
I want to set a cleat on my kayak. I've seen many videos using rivets but a friend of mine recommended me screws. He also said I should use a back-plate preferable some solid plastic. I see you use plenty of screws; do you think I should use a back-plate to set up the cleat? My kayak is a sit in fishing kayak made of high density polyethylene but it is not thick at all.

Thanks for all the useful information and insight in this kayak rigging theme.
Ian Belletti
Ian Belletti - 7 years ago
+zoffinger Thickness of plastic needs to be taken into consideration. I have used screws for many purposes. For soft materials like plastic, you are better off with deep threads. Optimally you want a couple of threads biting into the material. If the threads are too close together, the connection point in the plastic becomes weak. If the threads are too far apart, there is less friction with the material making it easier to vibrate loose. Another tip to add strength to the connection is to use marine grade adhesive sealant to glue the item down in addition to the screws, which also helps aid in making sure your penetration through the hull is water-tight. If you can reach the back, nuts, bolts and fender washers are the way to go because the fender washer spreads the load on the plastic allowing you to secure it tighter.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
As long as you pre-drill, don't over tighten and use stainless steel to help resist corrosion, I think the thread type won't matter too much.
Scott Clawson
Scott Clawson - 7 years ago
+zoffinger it looked like you used wood screws to hold down your cleats. Wood screws have a really coarse thread. Does that cause a problem? Should i look for fine thread screws or would the coarse wood screws work okay?
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+TheMagslam I couldn't reach the inside of my kayak to use a backing plate and still, the screws held fine. Besides, the anchor line always pulled sideways which minimized the likelihood of the screws pulling out and the pressure needed to pull the small grappling anchor free wasn't enough to pull the cleat off by any stretch. That was my thought process when I rigged it up and after countless weekends, it's never failed.
Tim Gibson
Tim Gibson - 7 years ago
This is a really good video, Marty. Great advice. I was thinking about using dry wall anchors to put the screws into...the plastic kind that goes into a pre-drilled hole and just spreads on the other side when you put the screw in. That might also help seal the holes.

Love hearing the rooster crow at about 3:27 Also, I have that same Easy Rider poster in my garage. Thanks for what you do.

@CRAIGSHOOTS - 7 years ago
wow! great info! 
Ohio Outlaw
Ohio Outlaw - 7 years ago
I have a question... Could I put a rod holder onto the top of my sit on top kayak with just screws or should they be rivets? Thanks
Ohio Outlaw
Ohio Outlaw - 7 years ago
Okay and thank you for responding so quick :)
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I think screws would work just fine.
Keith James Lapere
Keith James Lapere - 7 years ago
makes a lot of sense hate silicone 
Aaron Edelen
Aaron Edelen - 7 years ago
Have you ever flipped in your kayak?

50. comment for kayak screws

Michael Ghiloni
Michael Ghiloni - 7 years ago
Ha man why don't you try check all the places that could leaking on the boat and try some silicone so no water getts in side that will work
mrtoady2 - 8 years ago
I found a nice vid of how to repair/restore any scrapes and gouges in a yak with simple tarp material. Check it out if you haven't seen it. Just type in "tarp kayak hull repair" The method can also be used to build up an area like that spot you pointed out. 
Ron Beatty
Ron Beatty - 8 years ago
Nice dyi video.  Thanks!
Eric Molina
Eric Molina - 8 years ago
Do the padeyes ever fall out with the screws?
Ryver Hyker
Ryver Hyker - 8 years ago
Bizzillion??? ha, ha, ha.  Hi Marty.  I have been following you vids for a while, but I REALLY needed to see this video.  I got my first Kayak and am petrified of drilling holes in it.  This may help me get through that....this and a couple of cans of Bud...lol...Thanks Man.
Jaocb Conroy
Jaocb Conroy - 8 years ago
Where did you get your pad eyes from
Samson Glass
Samson Glass - 8 years ago
Marty you should set up a webpage! I have some free space I could give ya and you could put a donate button on it .... I've got a channel for repairing and restoring can'd ham's (travel trailers) and the guy is genius just like you doing his thing ... sharing and putting time in .... you deserve a little kick back 8)  Great vid as always and im serious about the web space 8)
Tj Layman
Tj Layman - 8 years ago
Hey Marty, I am buying my fish kayak on Saturday, a wilderness ride 115. And am lookin to add some pad eyes to attach a milk crate with some bungees. I have long arms but I do not think that I can reach the area that I want the to be, what would you suggest. The pad eyes came with ss bolts and nutwould you do
redsunn21 - 8 years ago
Hot air gun from Lowes  will smooth out those scratches on the bottom and will make it look better.When your done just return it Lowes...
Robb's Homemade Life
Robb's Homemade Life - 8 years ago
Hey Marty, I must have missed this one when it came out. Good video. I used to make underwater video camera housings from 6 inch SCH 80 pvc pipe, and I used screws a lot.
 I preferred 3m5200 Fast Cure over silicone sealant.
I also figured out how to attach polyethylene plastic to pvc. I used hot glue, a lot of it. Unfortunately, if it freezes the joint will weaken, but it is handy if you are making a prototype and want to take it apart later as you can freeze it and separate.
  Very little will stick propylene to pvc. I have a video on my channel showing how to make a lens cradle for a camera bag by attaching a cheap pvc fitting to a polyethylene bag.
 Hey, if you ever decide to get a trolling motor for your kayak, that little 12 pound thrust Shakespeare model I used on my inflatable would be a good candidate, it takes 6 or 12 volt batteries so a person could use a small 6 volt golf cart battery, plus the motor is about half the weight of a regular motor.
 I don't see them on eBay very often.
see ya later.
The crazy man from Ireland.
The crazy man from Ireland. - 8 years ago
Great video
Marti Thew
Marti Thew - 8 years ago
Don't feel bad about not using silicone. One reason that they use polypropylene to make the kayaks is that NOTHING sticks to it... I mean NOTHING. Including silicone. I learned this while trying to figure out how to put registration numbers on Walter's kayak. I've had occasion to remove a fitting on mine where I did use silicone and it came off when I barely touched it. I also used silicone on my skeg for the same reason you did but don't get a false sense of security from it. Going forward, I think I'm going to use gaskets if it's near water line... Inside and out if I can reach, with ss nut and bolt.
Marti Thew
Marti Thew - 8 years ago
+Spirit thanks for the tip. I will find some of that and try it!
Spirit - 8 years ago
Actually What I Did was use the silicon Hot glue and on the areas that i wanted to glue down my LED lights I sanded with sand paper a fewtimes and they stuck , its been two months and its still going strong !
sealtite904 - 8 years ago
Silicone is good for one thing! Fish tanks. Urethane is the way to go!
RhinoFishing TV
RhinoFishing TV - 8 years ago
Do you cradle the stern of your kayak in something when it's in your shed?  What is it?  I'm getting a couple of fishing kayaks soon and I'm going to be limited by storage space.  I'm thinking between the 2x4 framing in my garage.
fsusteve1 - 8 years ago
btw just kayaked the weeki wachee, I saw a lot of the spots in your video from there like hospital hole, anyone with a kayak in Florida should do that trip, absolutely beautiful.
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott - 8 years ago
As always, very informative.  You have me searching for a cheap kayak, so I can get out on the ponds and rivers so I'm no longer a shore bound anger.
Bob Leonardy
Bob Leonardy - 8 years ago
Love your videos Zoff! After a stroke left me disabled and unable to wade and fly fish I stumbled across one of your videos and have to say what a game-changer that was. Kayak-fishing is now a HUGE passion for me and having a large pond behind my farmhouse with a creek feeding into it makes for many a perfect day of kayak-fishing! Thanks, you are my new fishing GURU!!!!!
fauxcive - 8 years ago
Great tips for the less construction oriented. Have any of the zinc plated/galvanized screws had major rust problems? An employee of an outdoor outfitter store/chain told me to use galvanized steel for the pad eyes and rod holders, but I refuse spec out anything but stainless steel for beachfront property, let alone use anything less on my kayak.
Frazer Wolf
Frazer Wolf - 8 years ago
i'm putting on a rod holder for my kayak and i got told to use marine pop rivets what is your advice? good video
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I really have faith in using screws. And if find you have to remove something, screws back right out.
More To Living
More To Living - 8 years ago
I wonder if its possible to patch 1/4 inch holes in kayak. I mounted second scotty mount for camera rigging and after experimenting it shakes like crazy with every boat wobble... Not the mount but kayak's last 1/3 behind me. If i was to remove it, i would have 4 holes to fill. I have tons of jbweld but thinking i may need to melt plastic or something of the sort. Kayak is in storage at the moment so i still have time to think about it.
fauxcive - 8 years ago
There's an interesting product called sugru. It's like a putty that hardens and sticks to just about anything. I have some of it on one of my reels, and it seems pretty solid. It might work for simple holes, but I've personally never tried it on a kayak... yet.
More To Living
More To Living - 8 years ago
I mainly get scratches when on river. During regular seasons Alafia river levels are down and crossing over rapids or floating over logs takes its toll. I think at some point I will have to rhino line it or something. So far kayak has been sitting since at least November ;-( can't wait to get back on the water... but so much to do with the new house... aaaaa... on the bright side I am knocking things out as time goes by so maybe end of spring?! I bought myself a fishing pole and renewed my license for both salt and fresh water. I will hope to do some catch and release this year. so excited but not as much as having my internet switch over from hugesnet to rapid systems. Fingers crossed it works out and I can start loading videos again.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
The crack on the keel of my kayak widened a lot when I was heating it up for the patch. My eyes also widened as it opened up! I thought the kayak was lost. But I just layed square hot patches of plastic over it and it's been watertight. A 1/4 inch hole on top should definitely be fixable. Getting the patch to be pretty is the trick.
Retardedboogey Man
Retardedboogey Man - 8 years ago
manuel galo
manuel galo - 8 years ago
The best channel that I have
robear_ - 8 years ago
Also do you have an instagram. If not you should get one because you take great pics
robear_ - 8 years ago
Hi i was wondering what size are the pad eyes and where do you think i can find them and, sorry for all of these questions,but how much do you think they cost.
Ps: your vids are awesome!!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks, badass. Type 'pad eye' into an ebay search. They're pretty standard sized and cheap.
ChucksWorldofFishing - 8 years ago
Great video Marty !  My only change would be to use stainless hardware and 3M 5200 sealant. 
chris reumont
chris reumont - 8 years ago
Hey Marty, great video as usual. I was watching "gears" and they we're spraying line x which is a bed liner spray on a truck plastic grill to make it stronger. Maybe it could be used on a kayaks bottom to protect it. I don't know how much it would cost or if it would effect how well it goes thru the water. Just an idea . Have a good one.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
That's a great idea! IF it'll stick to polyethylene...A guy at a marina suggested that I coat the inside of my riveted jon boat with that stuff to stiffen it up and prevent leaks. If I ever do, I'll slather a bit on the bottom of the yak.
KAYAK FRANK - 8 years ago
Thanks for sharing Marty. Pad Eyes & stainless bolts and/or screws is the way to go. Nice workshop man, but something about it, makes we wanna have a "Bud Light". Subliminal messages maybe? Dunno really, gotta run to 7-Eleven now. LOL! Later boss.
henry montero
henry montero - 8 years ago
+zoffinger hey marty! i was going to suggest a tip that sounds crazy but its guaranteed to work lol , well if you ever get a big hole like that area you patched you can buy a can of ''great stuff" and spray the whole inside of you kayak with it its basically foam in a can i use it for my homemade kayaks and it works great and when you spray enough of it your kayak will never sink but it is going to get a little heavier ,hope this helps lol  
zoffinger - 8 years ago
haha...cheers :)
Edwards Journey
Edwards Journey - 8 years ago
Interesting, I would have never thought to use screws. I've always used rivets or little bolts with nylon lock nuts if I could get to them from the inside. Great video, and your right about the bottom of the boat taking the most abuse and always being aware cuts and gashes that will turn into leaks.
Swing4gr8nessN8 - 8 years ago
i love your workshop man. very organized and clearly thought out with ingenuity and practicality. do you have a workshop tour video?
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I should've done a tour video. The shop is normally a terrible mess!
Yakin' Fish Werx
Yakin' Fish Werx - 8 years ago
Nice too see someone share this information. So many people only want to know where to fish or what bait/tackle to use. Another great video. BTW, the water up here in coastal NC is starting to warm up, so I should have some more videos myself pretty soon!

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