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Nick L
Nick L - 4 years ago
this rly gets my dik hard
Dionysos M
Dionysos M - 6 years ago
Music by Mettafix
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks - 7 years ago
Love this video been watching it for years, being a river rat it brings back so many memories
Daniel J. Fylan-Smith
Daniel J. Fylan-Smith - 8 years ago
some great stuff!!!
juaninto9606 - 9 years ago
Always get me in the mood for paddlin'
ciaran mallory
ciaran mallory - 9 years ago
Gr8 vid
arturo torres
arturo torres - 9 years ago
excelente video, buena música y mucha adrenalina, felicidades
Blind Freddy
Blind Freddy - 9 years ago
2006 so I forgive the vid quality. But I will not watch it
noxinixon1 - 9 years ago
listen to Noxinixon's album called Kayak.

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TheFury2005 - 9 years ago
airflyerf22 - 10 years ago
simplyhike - 10 years ago
That looks hardcore!! wow!! this is awesome!! :-) Just to let you know that we sell hundreds of kayaks and other travelling equipment so if you get the chance please take a look at our channel! thanks :-)
No Comment
No Comment - 10 years ago
Bad. Ass.
hamborger1887 - 10 years ago
I love this video
Danny Morici
Danny Morici - 10 years ago
@JoaquinMenesesVEVO Also if you are looking to run some insane creeks than Check out Upper Otter Creek or Moore Run into lower Otter Creek - They would need to be close to flood stage to run and early spring can be very difficult to get to the drop zone. The Blackwater and some of the forks are nice as well. It seems like there has been alot of fatalities on the Black this past year?? I hope you get to enjoy the rivers here in WV.
Danny Morici
Danny Morici - 10 years ago
@JoaquinMenesesVEVO - all of them but there a few that stand out - Most would think the Gauley or the New River would be top choice for kayaking but there are so many more. I don't kayak much so I like a more mellow river that I can canoe and carry gear for 2 or 3 nights. I go down the Shavers Fork - South Branch of the Potomac - Glady Fork and Gandy Creek. For backwoods kayaking I would recommend upper Shavers Fork, Dry Fork, Laural Fork, Lower Glady Fork, Otter Creek and Black Fork.
Joaquin Meneses
Joaquin Meneses - 10 years ago
@304danny what's your favorite river in WV?
Joaquin Meneses
Joaquin Meneses - 10 years ago
@sgrnsjk7 awesome!! I love kayaking!!
rsavagebrown - 10 years ago

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berg hansl
berg hansl - 10 years ago
@357pat357 mattafix
2000petya - 11 years ago
O.o very good :D
Danny Morici
Danny Morici - 11 years ago
Great footage - You guys need to come to the backwoods or WV this winter or early Spring.
Patrick LeRoy
Patrick LeRoy - 11 years ago
How Sings this song
Spencer Rush
Spencer Rush - 11 years ago
35 People cant swim!
thewaterripper - 11 years ago
I'll stick to the flat water with my RipperBall
klimm01 - 11 years ago
I'm just demoing a critical mass in order to buy it, but never thaught this mean creeker. Well, not so informed about cayak stuff. You guys are Professors! Is that possibly to master the boat with only 70 kg? that's all I got. In class 2-3 works great not to complain
francesco cocciola
francesco cocciola - 11 years ago
juaninto9606 - 11 years ago
love a bit 'o' kayak. woo. aint been in ages though! and lovin the mattafix
Ernst Meier
Ernst Meier - 11 years ago
@chanctonbury63 mattafix - gangster blues

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mary a hoffman
mary a hoffman - 11 years ago
I want to say that the camara guys deserve just as much credit
El mano  champion
El mano champion - 11 years ago
fatpigeonhgg - 11 years ago
@chanctonbury63 It tells you at the end of the video.
chanctonbury63 - 11 years ago
Nice video. Whats the music pl??
rory allardice
rory allardice - 11 years ago
best kayaking vid out!
AtariSnes - 11 years ago
Hi, at the start of the vid when you are both towing your kayaks in the snow what paddles do you both have, especially the guy on the right with the red boat? I'm shopping for a new paddle see and looking at paddles with large blade surfaces. Thanks
Floridakayak - 11 years ago
Fantastic snowbirds just love it !
97Arran - 11 years ago
WOW this is amazing. Only thing that scares me is if you done a big drop and landed on a rock, im sure it would break ya back. Dont get me wrong i would love to do this. thumbs up great movie (Y)
George Lukus
George Lukus - 11 years ago
taylor burgin
taylor burgin - 11 years ago
That was some lagit creeking
allthatgoodstuf - 11 years ago
@piketyl000 ice cold water too
allthatgoodstuf - 11 years ago
whats the song
pvgracie - 11 years ago
Valhalla79 - 11 years ago
Best Kayaking video ive ever seen! The creek is Teigdalen in Norway Awesome whitewater vid guys 10/10
Orphan Ani
Orphan Ani - 11 years ago
awesome video--what an experience!
Jake Deakin
Jake Deakin - 12 years ago
my favourite kayaking vid on youtube
John Mathers
John Mathers - 12 years ago
maswine99 - 12 years ago
The Song is "Gangster Blues" by Mattafix....Love the song and Video
cunt - 12 years ago
Holy shit! Impressive is an understatement. That was definately the craziest whitewater kayaking I've seen.
0Gskier - 12 years ago

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nick cardone
nick cardone - 12 years ago
man you gotta love that. i don't see how anyone couldn't
dordsediekie - 12 years ago
If I had a monkey, I would teach it how to use a paddle. The next time I went kayaking I would be able to relax and enjoy the scenery while my monkey navigated the river. Also, the last time I went kayaking I fell asleep and got sunburnt and the current took me way up the river . Having a paddling monkey would prevent this ever happening again so really it is a water-safety issue and should be encouraged.
Taylor Krammen
Taylor Krammen - 12 years ago
what river?
Life Adventure
Life Adventure - 12 years ago
That is by far the best kayaking video iv seen yet well done lads, keep up the good work, o an the song, fist time hearing it, an i listened to it 4 times already, good good song!!!
pandabear440 - 12 years ago
great job!
Rolando Amorim
Rolando Amorim - 12 years ago
1:50 Nice sweet flow double drop man...I'm jealous
analhuster - 12 years ago
berg hansl
berg hansl - 12 years ago
....love this vid! 2:28 is just perfect control. Amazing.
jill myers
jill myers - 12 years ago
i Love this video. I can watch over and over again!
Winston Noel
Winston Noel - 12 years ago
that was awesome, been thinking about purchasing a kayak, don't know what I am going to buy yet though.
Kevin Foynes
Kevin Foynes - 12 years ago
is there any chance of staying upright when you hit that wave at 3:43
lethalimmunity - 12 years ago
badass dudes
Tucker DeLoach
Tucker DeLoach - 12 years ago
Run big shit and post links to your videos on kayaking forums.
Vagabund92 - 12 years ago
yooouw! where is this at 2:10?
Fraeg - 12 years ago
@kayak493 does dagger even still make the rpm? I mean it was a kick ass boat in its day.. but do they even make it still?
nunchaku101 - 12 years ago
there arent any near where I live but yeah ill try, ebay is bad right?
nunchaku101 - 12 years ago
@chuacabra I know what you mean I used kayaks 4 years ago and thought they were fun. I was just looking for a good exercise kayak for fun really.
nunchaku101 - 12 years ago
whats the cheapest price for a non-sit on kayak? In GBP please.
AtariSnes - 12 years ago
Really good video. Music creates atmoshpere perfectly. Thanks for posting
macrochronic - 12 years ago
mad skills
bushwacka1973 - 12 years ago
Blimey, Just Blimey. 0.13 was just nuts and a great opening
M Esch
M Esch - 12 years ago
allthatgoodstuf - 12 years ago
do u usualy get soaked when your kayaking?
WalkingSoftly - 12 years ago
2:08 That's like a Level OMGURCRAZY rapid! Lol! He has balls of steel to do that! More props to him. I couldn't imagine myself to do that.
kingoffsider - 12 years ago
Geoffrey Marcus
Geoffrey Marcus - 12 years ago
Gangster Blues by Mattafix
jill myers
jill myers - 12 years ago
Love this freaken video! The best i'v seen yet!!!
cloverleaf4all - 12 years ago
really cool man...elegant, effective wild....
brian weil
brian weil - 12 years ago
love mattafix
Rebecca Rigney
Rebecca Rigney - 12 years ago
that is friggin amazing !
erik t
erik t - 12 years ago
awesome boat control
Rick Mills
Rick Mills - 12 years ago
awesome video!
anzekrek - 13 years ago
It's probably spring. Snow melts and fills creeks with water.
igor tkachev
igor tkachev - 13 years ago
why do this in winter?
onpok07 - 13 years ago
great nature, great paddling!
joschahuegle94 - 13 years ago
where is this woderful river??
AssemblyXX - 13 years ago
2:00 == insane maxxxED out!!!!
Cathal Kelly
Cathal Kelly - 13 years ago
ya its thae first piece of their O Dragon movie
Sam Belliveau
Sam Belliveau - 13 years ago
wow... ! insane!!!
verabordeaux33bordea - 13 years ago
excellentissime merci pour cette vidéo que du bonheur souvenirs intenses merci
cheskybaba - 13 years ago
Voss Norway. I forget the River - Starts with a T.
lzozo909 - 13 years ago
I went in a kayak 2 days ago and its awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Vytautas Alekna
Vytautas Alekna - 13 years ago
i have no ideas. but wanna know.
Michael Harris
Michael Harris - 13 years ago
After some help an some research I think it is a dragorossi mafia looks like an awesome boat
Sir Justonian
Sir Justonian - 13 years ago
that big rock in the center at 1:30 is nasty!!!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris - 13 years ago
what kayaks are these? That's quite a hatch he has on the back of the red one.
Joel Perkin
Joel Perkin - 13 years ago
Sick kayaking where you paddaling?
KingSabaIV - 13 years ago
great video guys and great music too..anyone who knows the name of song and the artist plz? :D
Ben Joseph
Ben Joseph - 13 years ago
its ganster blues by Mattafix.
wsimmsbuild - 13 years ago
can you tell me the name of the this song and who the artist is? good tune. thanks

100. comment for kayak

adktyler - 13 years ago
This is a great quality, sweeeeeet video!
ludo gicquel
ludo gicquel - 13 years ago
tres belle video et belle descente technique
T 23
T 23 - 13 years ago
song is gangster blues by Mattafix
Matt Maberry
Matt Maberry - 13 years ago
intense kayaking, though
Matt Maberry
Matt Maberry - 13 years ago
the singing completely ruins the song. it should be purely instrumental.
Sihing Noib
Sihing Noib - 13 years ago
Yo a trick(thing) of crazy great assembly great spotlight of kayak félicitation to you I am a fan!!
Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill - 13 years ago
Mate all the comments I have read on this up until yours have been nothing but complimentary to the makers so just because you want to set yourself out as a major kayaking expert, keep your comments to yourself.
soaper720 - 13 years ago
haha what class rapids are these?
getsgarth - 13 years ago
You obviously know nothing about kayaking and are an idiot. There is a roll of the dice and luck, but look at the very subtle parts of it. The first drop there is a great boof stroke to boof and land mostly flat in the shallow water. On the 2nd drop, there he is watching and waiting to spot the landing. At the last moment, he brings the paddle to the deck, tucks, and pencils in. That is not luck, but rather a good (& crazy) paddler rolling the dice.
RATkins741 - 13 years ago
2:01 until 2:14 is totat luck! And maybe that is the problem with luck. The gods saying" Yes-- to total ASSHOLES". Kind of wish he drowned in that cold cold water and gotten it over with. The song is Great, however. Thanks
DC08SI - 13 years ago
Mattafix - Gangster Blues
ss40lv - 13 years ago
crazy,,back hurts just watching that
freedomfascist - 13 years ago
u guys rip fer sure... 5 stars*****
Craig Fordham
Craig Fordham - 13 years ago
God damn that guy is good! I still shit it on class 3's! :)
azultoyou - 13 years ago
What's so nice about this video is the amazing beauty of ths guy's clean, technical and appropriate paddle strokes in really big, scarey water... a true paddling artist!! Well done.
JstJacko - 13 years ago
So the obvious question is where is this? What's the river?
DRA Michie
DRA Michie - 13 years ago
the kayaks seem to do the job allright , did thier size help to do this? good paddling ,nice vid.
StylusLX - 13 years ago
Sounds like Mattafix but I might be wrong.
ffferol - 13 years ago
beautiful, wonderful. I can totally understand why someone would want to do that. thanks for posting. good music, great vid. much appreciated.
slimjim1389 - 13 years ago
anyone asking for the song obv. hasn't watched the whole thing caugh(credits)caugh
Rick Cooley
Rick Cooley - 13 years ago
mattafix is the artist, gansta blues is the title.
lolla filan
lolla filan - 13 years ago
Cool! I want to try one...
Sam Fulford
Sam Fulford - 13 years ago
Ye rollin a canoe is really difficult but is possible.
Jacob Matheny
Jacob Matheny - 13 years ago
Amazing, the shear grace of sliding over the water. These guys know where its at, and how to get it. Keep it real, Keep it flowing.
getsgarth - 13 years ago
Luke Cape
Luke Cape - 13 years ago
Where in the world are these shots from? I want to go there!
Adam Skubis
Adam Skubis - 13 years ago
świetne poprostu genialne
Håvar Beyrer
Håvar Beyrer - 13 years ago
The double drop at 2:00 looks like Teigdalselva close to Voss in Norway.
hotdogjunior - 13 years ago
Nice im 12 and i do half the sieze of those water falls i bin canada some of the ones i bin on are sumert like 20-30 meters cant remember
JackKayaks - 13 years ago
wiked song, Great vid
cheskybaba - 13 years ago
That's a totally different animal - nothing in common - flat water is not a river, much less at this level. Keep paddling
vimity - 13 years ago
The way every sport is ment to be mastered; for the thrill ;-) Nice vid and soundtrack, but even better paddling :P
Wava Hank
Wava Hank - 14 years ago
thanx buddy..
Wava Hank
Wava Hank - 14 years ago
cool vid guys...any body tell me who does the tune
slycracky - 14 years ago
props to u norviegen bitchs
Mountainboard Serbia
Mountainboard Serbia - 14 years ago
What did you survive in you life,all that rivers,nice video and good actions!!!!!!!!
JR M - 14 years ago
kayaking newb here....dude is waaaaay advanced! nice vid.
maaniihs - 14 years ago
Beautiful. Just bought my daughter and myself kayaks and on a learning curve - just didn't know the curve was so high.
guillaume fontaine
guillaume fontaine - 14 years ago
This video is So sick :O! And what about the song :O! So great... I'll start Kayak this summer Ty :)!! Im a futur adict of kayaking
rhurbarb - 14 years ago
Pure class
Andrew Wahl
Andrew Wahl - 14 years ago
gangster video of a gangster boat and paddler to a gangster song.. love it.
Predator9555 - 14 years ago
cool video very realxing
Hayden Zhang
Hayden Zhang - 14 years ago
The BEst!
qazwas2001 - 14 years ago
song is very appropriate
cheskybaba - 14 years ago
Voss, Norway - I'm coming!
ravenation - 14 years ago
"gangster blues" by mattafix
Simon Besmer
Simon Besmer - 14 years ago
Great video. Makes me want to go kayaking right away. :-) Inspirational stuff.
cheskybaba - 14 years ago
Beautiful! Simply beautiful. That's a whole other level.
Boštjan Mlinar
Boštjan Mlinar - 14 years ago
turning 360° wouldn't help much ;-)
Mandys jca
Mandys jca - 14 years ago
Impresionanteeee!!!!! x cierto de quien es la cancion!!!!???????
SeadartVSG - 14 years ago
JO DA ! Dere er helt Sprø!!!!
@robjenkin - 14 years ago
cool film what's the song called and who is it by?
riotair55 - 14 years ago
awesome man i wanna hav a go god thats ace man!!!
Adi Prasetijo
Adi Prasetijo - 14 years ago
Fucking cool man...
Enrico Bazzucchi
Enrico Bazzucchi - 14 years ago
eli mano
eli mano - 14 years ago
thats for real...you guys are nasty..keep it up
cooper283 - 14 years ago
The music is matafix - gangsta blues
dragonfitter - 14 years ago
is that ray mears in his craft made of bark @3.27 ?
mortulu - 14 years ago
yeah, when i only listen to it on my stereo, it doesn´t even get close to the coolness when played in addition to the clip...
berg hansl
berg hansl - 14 years ago
I think this is the best kayaking YouTube video that I have seen: well done! grüsse aus den alpen
paddleskipaddle - 14 years ago
awesome boof at :14, can't blow that one with the next drop basically 10 feet away. Love that stuff
cammo1986 - 14 years ago
guys are mad!nice job
Rohan Thapa
Rohan Thapa - 14 years ago
I come from Nepal and the rapids are as good, but u guys got some balls hitting the double fall. Bottoms up to the video, and good music too.
alex barr
alex barr - 14 years ago
that looks like so much fun, where is this river? u guys have guts
wilesto - 14 years ago
absolutely nuts. nice paddling
stonk07 - 14 years ago
Cool guys, hot music. One of the vids I´ve seen PERFECT
reelmensch - 14 years ago
Excellent video coverage! Nice choice of tunes too. Kayaker is one,tough dude!
Robert Tainio
Robert Tainio - 14 years ago
F'in crazy. Ilike it !!!
wildkayaker - 14 years ago
matthewmacd - 14 years ago
nice video whats the tune?
Wes Brown
Wes Brown - 15 years ago
I don't know, but I kinda like it. It seems to be doing well enough for him.
Scott F
Scott F - 15 years ago
That is a drago rossi critical mass. It was a prototype at filming so it doesn't have all the stickers that the Mafia has.
Wes Brown
Wes Brown - 15 years ago
What kind of kayak is he using? It's clearly visible at 2:27.
drewnukesem - 15 years ago
Looks like its called "gangster blues" by mattafix
Rui Pereira
Rui Pereira - 15 years ago
could you please tell me the name of the music??
Luca Pace
Luca Pace - 15 years ago
lovely. done it and loved it. life threatening
mortulu - 15 years ago
"gangster blues" from Mattafix
bobdoleisawesome - 15 years ago
awesome, i'm just learning how to kayak in rivers, i hope to tackle something like this one day.
mortulu - 15 years ago
i think it´s extraordinaryly cool done. i like the smooth music with the violent powerful images..
mortulu - 15 years ago
hands down... that´s a real masterpiece of kayaking. very inspiring and frightening...
Reid Robertson
Reid Robertson - 15 years ago
Yeah creek boating is the shit!!!!...
Chris Gragtmans
Chris Gragtmans - 15 years ago
That's a sick video. Nice lines on Double Drop and Money Drop!! Can't wait to go there.
Leonel Castro
Leonel Castro - 15 years ago
Sem dúvida, um dos melhores videos de águas bravas no youtube! Parabéns! Need a translation?
Leonel Castro
Leonel Castro - 15 years ago
One of the best!
peterbilt47 - 15 years ago
It's mattafix- see credits.
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis - 15 years ago
MammaDuck - 15 years ago
I started 'yaking in the 1960's and haven't quit since. I remember a time when we would have called some of this water class 7. These days we call it a lot of fun and a good rush, thanks in large part to much better boat designs and materials. I already have this year's rivers planed (Tibet and Nepal), but I think I'll put Norway on the list for a nice spring ride in '08 just for old time's sake.
Sea Hawks
Sea Hawks - 15 years ago
i need to get into the river system. Im a little scared but eventually i will. Winter swells here in washington are enough to keep me busy but for now i'll stick to seakayaking
mali zec
mali zec - 15 years ago
matafix - ganster blues, cool tunes an video
fross619 - 15 years ago
very cool!!!
Jacob Cruser
Jacob Cruser - 15 years ago
really good video
peterbilt47 - 15 years ago
PS, also- Props to the production people. This is beautifully shot & cut.
peterbilt47 - 15 years ago
this is what the phrase "mad props" came into being for. ::bows over and over::
CB Filmz
CB Filmz - 15 years ago
soo crazy what did you shoot that video in?
karanden - 15 years ago
Just to make it clear: The double drop is in Teigdalen, Norway. Sick video.
BackCountryPunk - 15 years ago
Where can I get the music? Rockin video, can't wait for the snow melt out here in BC!!
Andrew W
Andrew W - 15 years ago
can u save videos of youtube?? wana show my friends in school.
Andrew W
Andrew W - 15 years ago
Amazing! Best video on youtube.... i want one!!!
Thiago Teles de Menezes
Thiago Teles de Menezes - 15 years ago
Muito massa o video
damon gold
damon gold - 15 years ago
sign me up, Lets go boatin!!! that river looks awesome
fairweatheronline - 15 years ago
that's wt i was thinking!!!
bollfrans - 15 years ago
Jamie Collard
Jamie Collard - 15 years ago
is that double drop in norway? awesome kayaking isnt it
Nick Shand
Nick Shand - 15 years ago
kwl saw he uses bow rudder alot,i do kayaking btw
Magnus Lorentsen
Magnus Lorentsen - 15 years ago
is it dubble drop in teigdalen, Norway?
lv2kayaksurf - 15 years ago
awwsome great soundtrack to video sync.
getsgarth - 15 years ago
Where is this?

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