Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley James' recent nano aquascape for The Green Machine shop gallery. Come in store to see it growing. Full info including aquascape journal coming soon. Setup Specification... Hardscape material: ADA Sado-Akadama Stone Aquarium: ADA Cube Garden Mini M: 36 x 22 x 26 Lighting: ADA Solar Mini M CO2: ADA CO2 Advanced System Black Plants: Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' Microsorum mini/petite Anubias petite Monosolenum sp. Read the aquascape journal which includes 60 photos of the step-by-step creation of this layout:

Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley sentiment_very_dissatisfied 131

Nano aquarium 6 years ago 1,178,379 views James' recent nano aquascape for The Green Machine shop gallery. Come in store to see it growing. Full info including aquascape journal coming soon. Setup Specification... Hardscape material: ADA Sado-Akadama Stone Aquarium: ADA Cube Garden Mini M: 36 x 22 x 26 Lighting: ADA Solar Mini M CO2: ADA CO2 Advanced System Black Plants: Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' Microsorum mini/petite Anubias petite Monosolenum sp. Read the aquascape journal which includes 60 photos of the step-by-step creation of this layout:

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for Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley

Breeding Aquarium Fish
Breeding Aquarium Fish - 3 years ago
The narrator keeps talking in third person about this "James" character who he seemingly idolizes....I gotta say....very, very creepy. This James dude never has a facial expression....what's the point??
Aquarium aquascaping is akin to creating fine art, in that, it should result in a feeling of pleasure, and accomplishment, which is (should be) reflected in the face of the he even care if he is planting a tank or laying bricks on a new home??? Something about these videos does not sit well with me at all!
fish tank arowana fish
fish tank arowana fish - 3 years ago
Shefin Shamnad
Shefin Shamnad - 3 years ago
arent u using any co2???
Baulator !
Baulator ! - 3 years ago
Wehre did you get this amazing stones?
KatiushaVN4 - 3 years ago
I can see the Holy Spirit in this tank.
Kwey C
Kwey C - 3 years ago
is the Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' considered a low maintenance plant?
Sagun Tuladhar
Sagun Tuladhar - 3 years ago
hei do we have to change the water
Demi Magsss
Demi Magsss - 3 years ago
One of the guppies seemed to have white spot disease tho. But the aquascape looks stunning. <3
Mr. Snuffleupagus
Mr. Snuffleupagus - 3 years ago
What a beautiful prison.

Joking of course.

10. comment for Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley

sam Chathu
sam Chathu - 3 years ago
Does it require a CO2 system or Can we grow that tank with out CO2 system ????
Arsenic Angel
Arsenic Angel - 3 years ago
I wonder how many times he says "sense of scale" and "substrate" in this video
Forever and ever I swear!
Forever and ever I swear! - 3 years ago
Notice how beautiful aquascaped aquariums only have small fishes or none at all. Cos medium sized n large fishes will damage the plants..
Suhas M
Suhas M - 3 years ago
Can I get ur contact number
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson - 3 years ago
This would be a knockout in a studio or bachelor condo. I know the bigger tanks have a lot of WOW factor, but this proves that a small tank can still do the job of being an indoor garden and fish tank .
Mardiah Sitorus
Mardiah Sitorus - 3 years ago
Babar Hussain
Babar Hussain - 3 years ago
please guide us about CO2 for aqua plants.
Baninoed - 3 years ago
What is the scientific name for the plant that's surrounding the father stone, but just above the micranthemum monte carlo?
Bigger close up at minute 13:17 at the bottom center
EISENKOPF 1954 - 3 years ago
You are simply the best!!!
Bryce Mazloum
Bryce Mazloum - 3 years ago
could a filter be added to an aquarium like this without any negative impact?

20. comment for Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley

raven tot zeven
raven tot zeven - 3 years ago
How Much Would sonething like this cost you?
Farshina Nazrul
Farshina Nazrul - 3 years ago
Very very beautiful composition
William Fog von Qualen
William Fog von Qualen - 3 years ago
Can somebody tell me how much it would cost to make something like this? K thx :)
Aaqilian5.0 - 3 years ago
the near constant promotion of products and services gets a bit tedious after a while
Mike Cose
Mike Cose - 3 years ago
You're no expert fool. lol
Tonguç Endem
Tonguç Endem - 3 years ago
I really can not even imagine how that much photosynthesis is happening and there is not an algae problem. I mean I'm really fed up with videos just giving aquascaping ideas and not really telling what you should do to keep it going. Nice aquascape, yea big deal, I prefer 100 times over a shit looking aquascape with a no-algae solution to a nice looking aquascape. Obviously, it's not the bacteria or the soil so please, understand that people now can make nice aquascapes but if it gets algae infested whats the point??? It's just a waste of money on nice looking plants, technical equipment etc. I'm really pissed and frustrated. Obviously my comment is not specifically for this video but come on man, we all know you make nice aquascapes, how about some tip on how not to have algae problems.
Sleestak - 3 years ago
One of the guppies had Ick..
Jyuzou - 3 years ago
Why am I watching these videos?

It's so relaxing, though. Makes me wanna go build one of these things.
Justin Peterson
Justin Peterson - 3 years ago
James should have worn a different colored shirt for our perspective to see the substrate being placed it's hard when it's black and he's wearing a black shirt
Nigel Aquascaping
Nigel Aquascaping - 3 years ago
Stunning scape!

30. comment for Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley

Wanderer in the Dust
Wanderer in the Dust - 3 years ago
The stunning acadama stone is placed next to the stunning plants. Which is simply stunning.
marciu11 - 3 years ago
How much did this large stone weigh - more or less?
peaceful harmony
peaceful harmony - 4 years ago
So beautiful! I want this in my bedroom.
HaveYouEverBeenFarEvenAsDecidedToGoLookDoWant - 4 years ago
Where can I buy a completed aquascape?
GiantCake - 4 years ago
What is the moss on top of the rock called?
Creole from Damsko !!
Creole from Damsko !! - 4 years ago
I need me a workshop !!!!!lol
Paki0416 - 4 years ago
Thanks for the little secret!!! First you fill it with water then make it empty again
David H
David H - 4 years ago
how large is this tank? how many gallons?
David H
David H - 4 years ago
do you have any tutorials for 3 gallon tanks?
aquarium & fish FAN
aquarium & fish FAN - 4 years ago
Great aquarium
Bangkak Bagkit
Bangkak Bagkit - 4 years ago
you need injek co2 ? y /n
kshitij arya
kshitij arya - 4 years ago
Which carpet plant used
littleredsubmarine - 4 years ago
I love watching the oxygen bubbles rising from the plants.
Cole Martin
Cole Martin - 4 years ago
where are they located?
Mcsymm McSymm
Mcsymm McSymm - 4 years ago
Really, oxygen factory. Good.
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva - 4 years ago
Amazing design, congratulations!
gpwnedable - 4 years ago
Do you lose a lot of water to evaporation when you don't have a top on it? If so, how do you top it up? I would have thought constantly adding tap water would increase the hardness of the water over time.
ShenaniganZone - 4 years ago
i love these videos, i dont even have a basic aquarium but this is so cool, makes me want one
Endymion766 - 4 years ago
I grew up without a father stone. . .
Simon Matyk
Simon Matyk - 4 years ago
Great idea, but overall everything was barely visible
Roger Nevez
Roger Nevez - 4 years ago
front soil too thick

50. comment for Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley

MrGonads - 4 years ago
if i was to aquascape a small tank similar to this and have a carpet with multiple plants would it require co2 or would I be able to do it without as I'm not too keen on the co2 as I'm a beginner with this stuff I've never aquasaped before
Joey Monsanto
Joey Monsanto - 4 years ago
Simply beautiful.
TexasWildHorseGirl - 4 years ago
I wanted to make a tank like this but this guy is like Monet with the lilly pads and now this looks way more complex than I anticipated. What does he charge to set up tanks like this? Jesus!
andrewcul - 4 years ago
The fish at 13:21 is covered in white-spot/ich.
DeeEl - 4 years ago
Chelle Del Rosario
Chelle Del Rosario - 4 years ago
I was trying to purchase items from your site for my tank but it says there is no available method of payment for my area (Oklahoma, USA)
Muhammad Basil
Muhammad Basil - 4 years ago
What will happen after a very long period when the plants grow out of control?
Cmonutube - 4 years ago
Prayodanger - 4 years ago
need 9 mont.... ooohhhh -_-
Crystal Glass Rocks + Decor
Crystal Glass Rocks + Decor - 4 years ago
Check Out My Crystal Glass Rocks used in Aquariums everywhere! They really make the Aquascape POP with Color! Thank you for the video, enjoyed all of the information.
Crystal Glass Rocks + Decor
Justyn Hill-Hand
Justyn Hill-Hand - 4 years ago
Take a shot every time he says sense of scale
Thiago Ferreira
Thiago Ferreira - 4 years ago
which fertile substrate that is using and the inert layer?
Jay Bacay
Jay Bacay - 4 years ago
no filters for that?
So iCeY
So iCeY - 4 years ago
From what all these bubbles are coming from?
chefdan87 - 4 years ago
The bubbles are the plants producing oxygen and releasing it into the water.
So iCeY
So iCeY - 4 years ago
how can i create this pearling?
MasterRed2k13 - 4 years ago
m syafri nurhadi
m syafri nurhadi - 4 years ago
excusme, this aquascape not use co2 ? thankyu
DIL DOG - 4 years ago
Hey, what about a filter? C02? Flow/Current?
Also... maintenance?
Anik Hasan
Anik Hasan - 4 years ago
is it cost-efficient? I'm on a tight budget
niven poovanen
niven poovanen - 4 years ago
doesnt it need a filter?
AcolyteOF Fire
AcolyteOF Fire - 4 years ago
maybe every 3 weeks or so , the plants add oxygen to the water and eat all the co2 whilst also the fece's of the fish feed the plants, the plants also filter the water a bit, its almost completely self sustaining, if they had shrimp in there it would be even more self sustaining needing rare water changes and filter changes.
Clarence Dass
Clarence Dass - 4 years ago
This is amazing
ophello - 4 years ago
The sense of scale helps to give it a sense of scale, which is critical for giving it a sense of scale.
mtbadvance - 3 years ago
Yes that poison !
Faith Busnardo
Faith Busnardo - 3 years ago
Oh right, the poison. The poison for Kuzco. The poison chosen specifically for Kuzco. Kuzco's poison.
PhilipTrouble - 3 years ago
But if you scale the tank to create a sense of scale, always bear in mind, you'll need beneficial bacteria encouraging power sand to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria aid in maintenance and plant growth, so always make sure you have access to beneficial bacteria
KALIBRAH productions
KALIBRAH productions - 4 years ago
ophello but if you dont hawe plants with a scale it wouldnt create a sense of scale and then the aquarium hawe no sense of scale so you need the right rock to crate sense of scale.then the aquarium hawe a sense of scale
AcolyteOF Fire
AcolyteOF Fire - 4 years ago
thee is simply not enough scale. if they added another rock the sense of scale would increase the sense of scale to critical levels of scale and increase the senses.
Marcus Jarrell
Marcus Jarrell - 4 years ago
I'd like to see the process of adding water without disrupting the soil. I feel like that would be difficult to do.
Marcus Jarrell
Marcus Jarrell - 4 years ago
Cool. Thanks
Nati Whatever
Nati Whatever - 4 years ago
Jarrellm10 take a small measuring cup for the first few litres and put the side of your left hands palm onto the front glass. Pour the water carefully into your palm, letting the water flow evenly distributed down the glass onto the substrate. At least... That's how I do it. :)
Wai Lun Man
Wai Lun Man - 4 years ago
Are you commenting on yourself in the third person ? Stop calling your own name the whole time. It's so annoying, james this james that
Kabootar Mulla
Kabootar Mulla - 4 years ago
Florian Lambiks
Florian Lambiks - 4 years ago
3:00 nice phallus!
Yeah... i know... i'm a little kid... xD hahaha
thx for your vidéos guys! :)
Gabriel Camposagrado
Gabriel Camposagrado - 4 years ago
I really love Jame's designs, but I think they're being too "by the book" kind of approach.
Ternak Tani & Hobi
Ternak Tani & Hobi - 4 years ago
how about CO2 diffuser ?
JoshuaM - 3 years ago
Aleksej Ukrainec
Aleksej Ukrainec - 4 years ago
There is a CO2 diffuser :)
toddlohr59 - 4 years ago
toddlohr59 - 4 years ago
he farts at 9.12 to 9.13
Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar - 4 years ago
John Crugar
John Crugar - 4 years ago
does it need to be cleaned often? and is there a filter?
the Second swagkage
the Second swagkage - 3 years ago
You drain the water monthly and plants will reduce the cloudiness of the water
Curtis King II
Curtis King II - 4 years ago
How do you mow the lawn on these aquariums!?
SLAPCHOPshamwow - 4 years ago
those baby snakeheads will one day outgrow the tank, just letting u know bro
Christopher Ha
Christopher Ha - 4 years ago
They're guppies.
Jordan Randell-Tredgett
Jordan Randell-Tredgett - 4 years ago
I'm certain they know that
Eralp Akgul
Eralp Akgul - 4 years ago
nano tanks please
Incyray ThunderDark
Incyray ThunderDark - 4 years ago
wow. this is insanely soothing and beautiful.
GruselSeite - 4 years ago
It's a penis... ^^
ram07ish - 4 years ago
How do you maintain the tank? Like gravel vacuum and water changes
blooduhz - 4 years ago
With a heavy planted tank and just small fishes (the fish poops will just break away and become compost for plant's roots), just weekly 20% water change will do. No need gravel vacuum.
Steven Chong - Creative Corner
Steven Chong - Creative Corner - 4 years ago
The way he says "Sado-Akadama" sounds nothing like the Japanese-- but his pronunciation makes it sound exquisitely exotic. xD
aquarius - 4 years ago
where is the water filter? how do you keep algae from growing?
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 4 years ago
Taking out for the video.
adrian chen
adrian chen - 4 years ago
how do they get the plant to bubble like that? my plants never does that.
shasashu - 4 years ago
I love it..!
Kromphatayupuyai - 4 years ago
can you show me where did u store the CO2 advance system?
Gangranea - 4 years ago
how did you achieve those tiny air bubbles? I like how delicate and not uniform the aeration looks like.
RicoGalassi - 4 years ago
your website is HORRIBLE with scrolling.........
matthew see
matthew see - 4 years ago
Do you need to change the tank water ???
Joel Patrick Sarmiento
Joel Patrick Sarmiento - 4 years ago
yes..first 2 weeks 50% daily and 10% weekly if all stable
Delta - 4 years ago
those guppies?
Ramza - 4 years ago
Just discovered this and it's absolutely stunning.
My biggest concern though is the cost in time and money, as I'm pretty busy.
Can anyone let me know how much and time and money is required?
blooduhz - 4 years ago
Go to the website link in the description, there is a price listing in the setup specification links. Setting up the tank usually take a few hours only. Take leave from work and go visit your local aquarium shop and talk to the salesperson, show them this video and tell them u want tank something like this. Dont let them fool you into buying all substrates.. thats why do read and research online more abt aquarium hobby. You need a bit of commitment in this hobby or else your tank will be in not nice condition..
nune nemaveze
nune nemaveze - 4 years ago
i'm so jealous
Cornelius Maximilianus
Cornelius Maximilianus - 4 years ago
Where can I get a rock like that?
The GTI Guy
The GTI Guy - 5 years ago
Where can I get stones like that?
Erwin Fauzi
Erwin Fauzi - 4 years ago
near at my home broo
king0fheart4711 - 4 years ago
you can try home depot nurseries look for pond rocks
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat - 4 years ago
on earth dude
carpetrug01 - 5 years ago
lol at the fart he forgot to edit out at 6:10
Jamaica Uitzetter
Jamaica Uitzetter - 3 years ago
Wallywutsizface - 4 years ago
I think it's just part of the song, since you can hear it at 11:58 when he's not even there and it sounds exactly the same.
Wallywutsizface - 4 years ago
One at 9:13 too.
Digitalfiendscom - 4 years ago
So you could say it is a...bad ass song? :)
Justyn Hill-Hand
Justyn Hill-Hand - 4 years ago
The exact same noise plays again at 6:20 so I'm pretty sure it's just part of the song
Navy Dave
Navy Dave - 4 years ago
Oh yeah sure. Blame it on the song.
Chode - 4 years ago
It's just part of the song :)
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb - 4 years ago
There's a similar sound at 12:18
TubeYou - 4 years ago

100. comment for Red Rock Nano Aquascape by James Findley

pwa fever
pwa fever - 5 years ago
a must suscribe channel.. Great tutor. :)
The Fish Tank Guy 9057
The Fish Tank Guy 9057 - 5 years ago
You did a great job on this video. Thank you for putting this out.
Yash Pawar
Yash Pawar - 5 years ago
What will be the size of this tank
Pritish Nandy
Pritish Nandy - 5 years ago
is there any need of filters
M Arif
M Arif - 5 years ago
+Pritish Nandy Depends on the size if the aquarium.
Pritish Nandy
Pritish Nandy - 5 years ago
What type of?
scuss Katz
scuss Katz - 5 years ago
+Pritish Nandy of course! in every aquarium!
Will Haynie
Will Haynie - 5 years ago
Endler's guppies are my favorite. I would love to make something like this!
eclipseuno - 5 years ago
por los cuantos videos que e visto ni uno traducido al español, asi que me quedo igual.
Cefa Beyoğlu
Cefa Beyoğlu - 5 years ago
friends up more videos for youtube please
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
To appreciate the glory of the aquarium and 1/3 of the front window covered in soil.
Looks like you accidentally pored in the bag by accident geez...
vyck6977 - 5 years ago
Kolby Curran
Kolby Curran - 5 years ago
Exquisite tank, however that was a horrible ending as they faded out on that guppy covered in Ich! >.<
Neill Jansen van Vuuren
Neill Jansen van Vuuren - 5 years ago
What was added to the father stone?
Ollie Patterson
Ollie Patterson - 5 years ago
Anyone got any idea how many litres of aqua soil power is used in this video? seem a fair bit
Soggy Fries 87
Soggy Fries 87 - 4 years ago
(Deez) plantz luke like (nutz) = Deez Nutz
nemas probleamas
nemas probleamas - 5 years ago
Fahmi Husaini
Fahmi Husaini - 5 years ago
Hanne Lykke Poulsen
Hanne Lykke Poulsen - 5 years ago
Hi The Green Machine. Can you please recommend a good pair of planting tweezers? I find that mine squeeze the roots of the plants.
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
Then a few chopsticks and some elastic bands (With some creativity) could do it even for 3 cent xD
Hanne Lykke Poulsen
Hanne Lykke Poulsen - 5 years ago
+Victor Fries Oooh good idea! Plastic will squeeze less than metal! I'll try.
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
+Hanne Lykke Poulsen Go to the pharmacy and get a long narrow one for 2 bucks from plastic.
fahad aziz
fahad aziz - 5 years ago
Couldn't he wear a lighter t shirt???
Yaimdan - 3 years ago
Black shirt because he is not whats important in the video. Black shirt so that the tank keeps focus.
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 5 years ago
That Endler's at 13:21 appears to have Ich...
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 4 years ago
Not to mention livestock longevity wasn't exactly the goal here, considering there's not a single female to be seen.
Olav Øverland
Olav Øverland - 5 years ago
+Pancho planet....they take out everything to make it more pretty
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 5 years ago
+mxa bradshaw Agreed, having entered more than a handful of competitions myself, while filtration is generally not penalized, it is an eyesore.
mxa bradshaw
mxa bradshaw - 5 years ago
+Pancho planet most people take their equipment off for display u clown
Pancho planet
Pancho planet - 5 years ago
What did you expect, no heater, no filter! This is not practical aquarium keeping, people will try and copy and 3 months later they will be tossing it out a window because it'll turn into a disease infested algae bomb. ( is OK to say bomb ) f#@k it I said it.

Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero - 5 years ago
Your links are outdated :(
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero - 5 years ago
+Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero They are working now! :)
mxa bradshaw
mxa bradshaw - 5 years ago
what kind of fish was this couldnt understand u
Soggy Fries 87
Soggy Fries 87 - 4 years ago
+Alex Cox Nice outfit .... did your wife give it to you ? Shrins up pal.
mxa bradshaw
mxa bradshaw - 5 years ago
Thanks pal!
Alex Cox
Alex Cox - 5 years ago
+mxa bradshaw Endler guppies but they were definitely hybrid Endler/Fancy Guppy.
Bbg jb
Bbg jb - 5 years ago
Bagus sekali. Ingin sekali memilikinya. Andai dikirim ke rumah saya...
Bruno Damasceno
Bruno Damasceno - 5 years ago
So beautiful
Arfat Rasheed
Arfat Rasheed - 5 years ago
14:00 did someone just farted? O.o
1marcelo - 5 years ago
+Arfat Rasheed James, of course.
oliver taruc
oliver taruc - 5 years ago
Utricularia graminifolia foreground but the finish product is hc or mc foreground....
wcdeich4 - 5 years ago
What was that white powder  he put in to help cycle the tank??  I'd like to know b/c I have a big problem w/ tanks never cycling properly!!
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 5 years ago
+wcdeich4 Check out biodigest capsules.
kenykillr - 5 years ago
jesus this is awsome
FR33MAS0N1 - 5 years ago
I see one of the guppies was showing signs of ick. That would have been very difficult to handle without causing a fair amount of stress to the plants.

Personally, I would have quarantined any fish, invertebrates, etc. before I added into such a nice showpiece.
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 5 years ago
there was no ick, it's air bubbles that have attached to the fish
Marleny Pimentel
Marleny Pimentel - 5 years ago
Nice work. I like what you did there.
Sweetttpeaches - 5 years ago
absolutely love that monte carlo. the way it pearls is so peaceful and stunning to look at.
K Reed
K Reed - 3 years ago
gives it a sense of scale
Szabo Gergo
Szabo Gergo - 5 years ago
Good video but why wear a black T-shirt ? Can't see anything of the aquarium because of the blending colours
Carlos Palma
Carlos Palma - 5 years ago
muy hermosa, pero estaría mejor traducido al español jejejje
Music Keeps Alive
Music Keeps Alive - 5 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd I learn english with this videos :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
+Carlos Palma It would be great to have our videos translated into many languages... I think there is a way to submit subtitles in your language for youtube videos... maybe you can try adding them yourself or get a friend to do it? :)
William Gazca
William Gazca - 5 years ago
would an aquascape such as this be suitable for an aquatic turtle? I have a 40 gallon tank? very new to this ...extraordinarily beautiful cheers
Ben Gopez
Ben Gopez - 5 years ago
+William Gazca Yea I agree. keep turtles out of your aquascape. If anything have a separate one cause my turtles always love to eat my pond plants as a snack. :)
William Gazca
William Gazca - 5 years ago
Thanks bud cheers!
monokhem - 5 years ago
+William Gazca No. He would destroy the vegetation and might knock the large rock over on himself.
C A L E B V E E - 5 years ago
James this, James that.
Olav Øverland
Olav Øverland - 5 years ago
then i understand more..
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
So let me makes it more clear, name me an aquascaper who does this 8 hour per day, as a normal fuctioning job. Providing an income for him or her.... Like a professional boxer, or a professional mechanic? Or photographer....?
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
Guys guys, I worked for Amano and ADA myself smart asses. OOPS!!!
Professional means doing it for a living, your main income, your bread. They do aquascaping aside their normal job. (Beside Amano is a professional photographer.) And people who join competition are not pro either they are hobbyists. It stands lose from how good you are at it. And yes, Tom Barr, Amano, and who not, they are selling you products (And some of them a pack of lies on top) . xD Like it or not.
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 5 years ago
+Victor Fries i guess Takashi Amano ( the guy who revamped the aquascaping hobby) isnt a professional then. 

People like Tom Barr, George Farmer, Mark Evans etc are just random salesmen that only want money. Same for the people who regularly enter competitions like IAPLC, EAPLC and AGA. i guess they are just salesman and have no profession in aquascaping. 
Olav Øverland
Olav Øverland - 5 years ago
+Victor Fries well i would have called amano a proff aquascaper even if he sold the ada stuff
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
There are no professional aquascapers. (Anyway disagree name me one..?) Professional = Doing it for a living. They are just salesmen exactly as you say. 
Victor Fries
Victor Fries - 5 years ago
+Y E N G K O N G V U E James, James, James.... And 'artworks' not forget.
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 5 years ago
+Y E N G K O N G V U E problem?
KRAWNiK 707 - 5 years ago
I find myself watching this one again... I'm not sure if it's just because it was the first one I had seen, but this one I think is still my favorite absolutely amazing
Coral Sea Aquatics
Coral Sea Aquatics - 4 years ago
The one Guppy has ick and ruins to whole thing.
tyrannopuker rekt
tyrannopuker rekt - 5 years ago
That tank is full of beauty.But guppies are ruining it.
Nikhil Julka
Nikhil Julka - 5 years ago
lovely… shared and subbed ya mate……
Checkout my channel too :)
chefkhatib - 5 years ago
my question to you is how about the water filtration
mje19D - 5 years ago
In other words, Throw some dirt and rocks in that bitch.
xFaggJack - 5 years ago
PhoenixDerHamster - 5 years ago
Your work is very powerful.
Moses - 5 years ago
I wonder if the narrator is James talking about himself in 3rd person?
Daemiex - 5 years ago
+Grave Digger i think it is, the voice matches the face too easily
Moses - 5 years ago
+Yolanda B Nothing wrong with that tough, great aquascaping!
Yolanda B
Yolanda B - 5 years ago
+Grave Digger  I was thinking the same thing.
m.hanif isnaeni
m.hanif isnaeni - 5 years ago
+Grave Digger i think so.
Oliver Knott
Oliver Knott - 5 years ago
very nice Job
Mohd Haikal Mohd Nashuha
Mohd Haikal Mohd Nashuha - 5 years ago
I am a bit confused here. Do you not use any of the filter or pump for this aquarium? Also how do you handle the algae?
Rhacodactylus - 5 years ago
+Mohd Haikal Mohd Nashuha Surely yes, but it like in the contest the remove all hardware for photo and videos. and i'm quite sure that they used co2
Lindsay Saska
Lindsay Saska - 5 years ago
This tank is beautiful other than the unsightly cyanobacteria out break.  I always do a small bleach and tap water dip before putting any plants in my tank. Maybe this should be added to future videos as well.
Destra Valujira
Destra Valujira - 5 years ago
AQUAPASS - 5 years ago
Splendid... So design
nozii06 - 5 years ago
maybe the best aquascape i've ever seen !
Satan's Trilogy
Satan's Trilogy - 5 years ago
Cool. Love it.
4FunRC - 5 years ago
What a line of horse shit!
Sinisa Horvat
Sinisa Horvat - 6 years ago
How big is this tank?
Victorias Tingly Funland
Victorias Tingly Funland - 5 years ago
The dimensions are in the description but it looks to me like a 5 gallon
Shanawaaz Beg
Shanawaaz Beg - 6 years ago
Stunning. is there C02 needed? a heater needed? & do you feed the fish?
Florent Lescouezec
Florent Lescouezec - 6 years ago
I'm little confusing with the aquasoil Amazonia and the aquasoil Amazonia powder, which one did you put first after the sand special S ?
marcos Trinidad
marcos Trinidad - 6 years ago
Hey I want to know what's the name of those plant do you put in your face think and I'm leaving New York how do I get them
Wetkeazle - 6 years ago
Love it, Aquatic bonsai comes to mind.
Kranti Kumar
Kranti Kumar - 6 years ago
i really love to watch your videos, i am from INDIA, how can i get this aquarium? the complete set...
MarsOneOnOne - 6 years ago
bloody amazing mate bloody hell
TheRedRider100 - 6 years ago

Can the  ADA TOURMALINE BC be used alone as a singular substrate additive?
I want to do a tank soon and I am limited in cash what are the 2-3 essential substrate additives that can be used(assuming that i can only use 2-3)
I am using tetra soil and a black sand cap
TheRedRider100 - 6 years ago
what is the best fert for a 1 ft cube nano?
Robert - 6 years ago
Honestly you don't need any additives. Using a substrate meant for plants and good ferts is plenty for most plants.

While they do make amazing aquascapes you have to remember TGM is still a shop, so they're going to recommend as many products as possible.
Zack Brown
Zack Brown - 6 years ago
Found this channel today and its my new obsession
Endymion766 - 6 years ago
This is the type of aquarium I've always wanted since I was a kid but was limited to bargain store items: gravel, plastic plants, bad filters. I would try again using these techniques but sadly my tiny studio apt isn't really equipped to have something like this, even a nano. But I really enjoy watching videos of them and particularly like TGM's because they're not as garish as others. 
Tropictank - 6 years ago
Nice one James :)
Dan Warman
Dan Warman - 6 years ago
Fantastic looking setup.
cristy marie palo
cristy marie palo - 6 years ago
i just wanna ask if where can i buy aqua soil?
David Zakharia
David Zakharia - 6 years ago
Wait a minute! is that algae? did i just see a lot of green algae back there?
DiGiTaLM4N - 6 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd Where are all of those bubbles forming from? I don't see any air or co2 setup but I see a ton of oxygen bubbles.
DiGiTaLM4N - 6 years ago
+Roxanne Marriner Thanks for the info I didn't know that it was called pearling but I did assume it came from the plants. Just looking around as much as I can before I do a tank. Unsure on this Fluval Flora kit. Some recommended it but some people seem to be against it for various reasons.
Paul Marriner
Paul Marriner - 6 years ago
thats the plants releasing oxygen called pearling and its a healthy sign
grifin grifins
grifin grifins - 6 years ago
it doesn't need any filter or something like that?
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 6 years ago
Awesome tank.  I just purchased a Fluval V Spec and set it up with live plants.  I'm having trouble finding driftwood and compatible rock.  I refuse to use cheap ornaments.
pile1983 - 3 years ago
Michael Scott than why did you buy Fluval? If you refuse to use cheap stuff for your aquarium you should go for ADA aquipment.
m3na9 - 6 years ago
Gorgeous piece of natural art.  I have a new 5 gal which I'll be turning into a Walstad-type natural planted tank, and your video has provided much pleasure and inspiration.   I also have a Betta in a 2 gal. drum bowl which is planted and has a small filter so I could add a Tiger nerite snail and a few Cherry Red shrimp.  Thanks again for the beauty!
Sjoukje Noe
Sjoukje Noe - 6 years ago
its just a aquarium for a fish
IceTurf - 6 years ago
guppies and endlers kept together? Someone doesn't care about the endangered species Poecilia wingei
ritter89 - 6 years ago
They should invent some kind of adaptable screen product to serve in place of a lid/cover. Eventually, more than a few of those fish would wind up on the ground after jumps
linda linda
linda linda - 6 years ago
 oh my god I love this aquarium
Phillip Kampmann
Phillip Kampmann - 6 years ago
Do you use any filter in this aquarium or just water changes? 
Gerhardt Koelsch
Gerhardt Koelsch - 4 years ago
could you tell us the specifications of the small external? I'm currently debating setting up a nano aquascape.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+Phillip Kampmann We use a small external filter which is not visible in this video.
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera - 6 years ago
no filter?? all natural??
Sayantan Chowdhury
Sayantan Chowdhury - 6 years ago
This definitely adds an extra dimension to the tank.. Stunning would be a massive understatement..  :)
Lucu Lencia
Lucu Lencia - 6 years ago
I don't like the hard-scape - it looks like a giant phallus :S
The 3 stones just look unnatural together like that...

It looks much better when its grown in but still...
uzi oozwala
uzi oozwala - 6 years ago
That tiny tank is gonna be a bitch to clean I thought this guy was an expert
stacey thrift
stacey thrift - 6 years ago
I am going to be using tropica plant growth substrate does anyone know if it will help keeping the coz levels up when my tank has matured
Riaan Jutte
Riaan Jutte - 6 years ago
This is stunning, but ultimately not satisfying without the inclusion of it running with all the required hardware (filter, CO2, heater etc.), even for only a few seconds at the end.
Giancarlo Mares
Giancarlo Mares - 4 years ago
Briar Fox
Briar Fox - 4 years ago
+Riaan Jutte +Rafzakael In the description you can click a link to the journal which shows the step by step. More information there. If you're already familiar with aquascaping, you will know what the requirements are.
Max Twigg
Max Twigg - 5 years ago
+Riaan Jutte ultimately not ok man
fishy paw
fishy paw - 5 years ago
+Riaan Jutte I agree. The aquascapes are stunning and it's nice to see them being made but I REALLY would like to know what filters, CO2 and heater units are used in the tanks.
Rafzakael - 6 years ago
I agree. I was hoping for information on the heating and filtration whilst maintaing their secrecy. This information is vital too. A wonderful aesthetic achievement.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, we'll bear this in mind for our future videos :)
GummyBear Studios
GummyBear Studios - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank it looks Amazing
FiveCardArmy - 6 years ago
Great job, thanks for sharing
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 6 years ago
Wow!!! this is really Beautiful... 

I've made 2 tanks because of your videos...
And going to make a 3rd tank in a matter of weeks... 

Thanks for the inspiration... :)
Gaby Kaschieva
Gaby Kaschieva - 6 years ago
I´m having a really hard time with Green water in my planted tank, I have tried everything but everything failed. someone was any suggestion?
Lucu Lencia
Lucu Lencia - 6 years ago
Cyanobacteria grows as a slimy mat on surfaces.
The free floating algae that causes green water in aquariums is actually a type of single celled colony forming green algae.
Antibacterials will do nothing vs this type of algae, and will kill your beneficial bacteria so don't use them.
Just cover the tank for 3 days so that no light can get in (make sure its still ventilated for the fish though).
Do more water changes - green water is typically a result of high nitrates and too much / too strong light.
Don't panic - it won't hurt your fish, most ponds are green and the fish live very comfortably in them.

Is your tank overstocked? You might need to think about upgrading to a larger one or giving away some fish. You can also try adding more plants - floating plants are good because they'll grow fast, suck up nitrates, and won't have their light blocked out by the algae. How much light do you give your plants? Try setting a lower photo-period (6 - 8 hours) - you should never have the lights on longer than 12 hours. The tank should not get direct sunlight, if it does move the tank or block the sunlight from reaching the tank.
Gaby Kaschieva
Gaby Kaschieva - 6 years ago
thanks for the suggestions I'm going to try everything :)
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 6 years ago
+Yev Zakharov  Thanks!!! :)
Yev Zakharov
Yev Zakharov - 6 years ago
+Mike Kollin
Sorry, that was a typo. I meant powder. The stuff I used is called: Chemiclean
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 6 years ago
+Yev Zakharov  What kind of Power? What do you mean? Is that the name of the product?
Yev Zakharov
Yev Zakharov - 6 years ago
There is a far better (more reliable) way to kill cyanobacteria. It's a powder that's sold at pet stores. I used it in my fully planted tank with fish. The bacteria died instantly and no harm was done to anything else!
Yev Zakharov
Yev Zakharov - 6 years ago
I'm really not sure. It could be Cyanobacteria. It sort of looks like algae when it's on objects but also makes the water green. It's not actually algae tho. It's treated with small doses of certain chemicals you can get from the pet store.
Gaby Kaschieva
Gaby Kaschieva - 6 years ago
weekly like a 30%
Yev Zakharov
Yev Zakharov - 6 years ago
How often do you change the water?
h hh
h hh - 6 years ago
That's just EPIC! I really like the contrast between the rocks and the carpet plants, and lebistes fits in incredibly well without being too showy. You guys are amazing, thanks for your videos!
Aquascaping the World by BM
Aquascaping the World by BM - 6 years ago
I love the Nanos, great job on this one
OceanLife69 - 6 years ago
Very nice!
MaiCohWolf - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank but I would definitely have to create a custom lid for it to prevent any jumpers. I know aquariums are meant to be beautiful, but for me, those fish are my pets. If I'm gonna put them in a tank in my house, I'm gonna make sure they're safe. 
Fewyouknewme be for
Fewyouknewme be for - 3 years ago
endlers in particular are the " keen " jumpers of the livebearers , if you have surface plants they tent to pick up the jumping habit
Tom Armbruster
Tom Armbruster - 4 years ago
jumpers? get the right fish
wingedstring - 5 years ago
it happens, that depends on the type of fish, it´s nature, the water level, the stress and movement around the tank and many other things. Some custom glass piece looks very nice and natural in any tank as a lid :)!
MaiCohWolf - 5 years ago
+wingedstring you've been a very lucky fishkeeper then. i've kept fish for many years and i've had open tanks too, but after all the jumpers i've had i decided to get some kind of lid so my fish wouldn't keep dying. the one i have now is frosted and has a hole in the center so you can see the water moving, but it covers enough surface area that the fish can't really jump out. also the lid is sloped inward so that if the fish did jump out, they'd land on the lid and slide right back into the water. it's pretty, with minimal risk factor.
wingedstring - 5 years ago
+MaiCohWolf I understand you! But for some of us, open tanks are beautiful(Takashi Amano style for some).
And this fishes don´t really jumo that much, fishes like mollies, hatchetfish, orientals, arowanas ect. tend to jump a lot. 5 of my 7 tanks, have no lit, and I have planted, shrimps, guppies, corys, cichlids, betta ect. amd over years, I 've had no jumpers.
SleightofHand - 6 years ago
Do you guys ever get any jumpers with water level that high?
ammo381 - 6 years ago
Whats the name of that moss-like plant which is growing over the water on the big red rock?
Vibol Lee
Vibol Lee - 6 years ago
how can you make the plants so healthy? What is the wattage of the light bulb in this particular video? The plants here are producing oxygen very rapidly, i was wondering what would be the technique to that. I have some dwarf baby tears but they dont seem really healthy at all.
YourVinylPlug - 6 years ago
James best stop fucking around and start obeying the aquascape rules, motherfucker thinks hes a badass
fuxzhem - 6 years ago
YourVinylPlug - 6 years ago
+Jesus Gonzalez haha of course I'm kidding, I just thought it was really funny when they said that
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez - 6 years ago
you are kidding right?
LeadFaun - 6 years ago
Huh? He is a badass, and most certainly a better aquascaper than you.
tetrattack - 6 years ago
how many litter is in this tank please
Abdulraheem Almaghrabi
Abdulraheem Almaghrabi - 6 years ago
First of all, I would like to tell you "Sir you are an artist"
I really loved your videos or should I say you works of art!. I am planning to get into this hobby. However, I can't find any good source about maintaining nano tanks, I am not even sure what is the name of this art, and the tools used for that.. If you can recommend me any good book about or a good forum, I will be more than thankful to you sir :)
i am Roman
i am Roman - 6 years ago
Nice aquarium! Great inspiration for my 12 gallon fluvial edge.
Only awful music!!!!!!!!!!
cams nsat
cams nsat - 6 years ago
How the hell they clean the substrate without damaging the plants? 
Random Channel
Random Channel - 6 years ago
I like the idea of showing what can be done with nano tanks, I think more should be done. :)
And since I have wild-caught fish and am looking for new tank inspiration, I think I'll suggest you try a creek setup with large stones as substrate and a tree trunk as a central decoration. It would be interesting to see how that could turn out. :)
parker simpson
parker simpson - 6 years ago
Isn't it great to have wild caught fish. I had a bluegill in a 70 g. before and it was awesome
Rodrigo Agujas
Rodrigo Agujas - 6 years ago
I'm crying this is awesome ok
c0mrade5 - 6 years ago
maybe this is stupid but can i ask how do the plants got so much air bubbles on them ?
parker simpson
parker simpson - 6 years ago
My opinion only but I believe it is the plants releasing oxygen
Julius Schaaf
Julius Schaaf - 6 years ago
How hard is the cleaning of this tank ?
Roman Beukema
Roman Beukema - 6 years ago
how manny litter of substrate did you used?
Wellox - 6 years ago
How do you clean it and where can I buy one ?
Dalton Plaisted
Dalton Plaisted - 6 years ago
Do you NEED C02 for hair grass or baby tears?
Dingus - 6 years ago
I don't know who does the narrating for all of these videos, but He is the unsung hero. 

What a fantastic soothing speaking voice. 
m.hanif isnaeni
m.hanif isnaeni - 5 years ago
+Ampharos i think that voice is James Findley himself.
fuxzhem - 6 years ago
I agree lol, it makes the videos even more peaceful and beautiful to watch
Yong Li
Yong Li - 6 years ago
Is it good for turtles?
Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz - 6 years ago
What filtration do you guys use
Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz - 6 years ago
What filtration do you guys use
kantwinnada - 6 years ago
Do you ship to the U,S?
EO Rhino
EO Rhino - 6 years ago
Can plecos and cory's thrive in that 'scape?
Vibol Lee
Vibol Lee - 6 years ago
im a newbie and want to start getting plants in my tank. I dont understand it. With plants, you dont need filter? can someone explain please? How do you do maintenance?  super cool tank by the way.
SleightofHand - 6 years ago
+Vibol Lee It is possible to have a tank without filtration, but it is recommended that you keep stock low and plants heavy.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+Vibol Lee Hi, we do use a filter, it is now visible on this video. For more details on this tank go here:
Cuda FX
Cuda FX - 6 years ago
the result is really neat, and seeing it step by step was rather enjoyable too. but honestly, you lost me half the way, with silly, pricy yet pointless spatula, istead of ones hand or a kitchen spatula to moveand shape dry gravel, like there way no other way to do it (that may seem like a lame detail, but it really bugs me as much as a black pebble on a white beach "scape" would some others), and the other half with the comment at the end, that just ridiculously over-stilized setting up an estetically pleasing fish tank.
still a nice video, but that details let me with a stale after-taste.
kilkiko iioop
kilkiko iioop - 6 years ago
what to do if the carpet is dying in large amount? should i remove all of it? or it will heal it self? thanks in advance
Adam Białkowski
Adam Białkowski - 6 years ago
Hi. Nowhere has no information about the filter. What the filter has been applied in this tank.
Chelsea Craig
Chelsea Craig - 6 years ago
You are sooooo talented its just so beautiful all the things you can do only in a small tank do you think this is suitable for my snails.

P.s your awesome
javamoss237 - 6 years ago
Another great video but as usual, The Green Machine does not show how/what Co2 Mr Findley uses. Can't see it in most of his setups. Is it hidden or turned off during filming? The plants are pearling but I don't see Co2 bubbles.

I watched 'The Reciprocity' and the narrator mentioned Mr Findley always uses TGM/his own style of Co2 injection. Is this some kind of a trade secret? Kinda disappoints me if they purposely didn't want to show it. I hope someone from TGM can clarify. And maybe in future videos have maybe a small amount of time to show/explain how they specifically setup their Co2 cables or brand etc. Thank you.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Just to further clarify- there are no trade secrets :) it's in our interest to help customers achieve the best aquascapes possible so we share all our knowledge and techniques to help them succeed.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+thefullstop23 just fixed the link. Thanks again :)
javamoss237 - 6 years ago
Thank you for the prompt reply. As I suspected, "for aesthetics". Well that explains. The link does not work btw. Is this it?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+thefullstop23 Hi, thanks fore the feedback. During some of our videos we remove CO2 equipment from the aquarium for improved aesthetics. On James' larger aquariums such as Nature's Chaos, Altitude & Reciprocity, CO2 is added inline with the filter (outside of the aquarium). Most of his setups use a TGM Complete CO2 Kit: We do intend to include more on CO2 in future videos.Thanks again,TGM
siu fu Wong
siu fu Wong - 6 years ago
OldschoolBurn - 6 years ago
Endlich mal nen wirkliches Step-by-step Aquascape mit vielen zusätzlichen Infos auf eurer Seite.. Danke James!! ;)

Pao Vang
Pao Vang - 6 years ago
Where can I get the substrate dividers? Can't find it on the website. 
Deke1 - 6 years ago
what are substrates supports made of??
Nabil Raziq
Nabil Raziq - 6 years ago
Nabil Raziq
Nabil Raziq - 6 years ago
Nice capet. What kind is it by the way???
JERRYR708 - 6 years ago
Awesome website you have! 

I just bought a Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 gallon acrylic aquarium. It has Bio-Wheel filtration, 15 Watt Incandescent Lamp, and a home made CO2 generator made out of plastic Gatorade bottles, using yeast & sugar. I will be adding a betta for the livestock. Will this setup work in this small space and be compatible for the Betta? I like the red stone, but would this be too rough/jagged for the delicate fins? 
JERRYR708 - 6 years ago
At first, I thought, what is he doing putting that huge stone in their? I see that you envisioned what is to become a masterpiece that just keeps getting better with patience. Fantastic!
Weichen Wu
Weichen Wu - 6 years ago
where's the filtration heater and co2?
NOWORRYS08 - 6 years ago
i love this video!!
Ad_an_ Agu_irr_e
Ad_an_ Agu_irr_e - 6 years ago
And it's that I want
Ad_an_ Agu_irr_e
Ad_an_ Agu_irr_e - 6 years ago
I want him to make me one
Jesse wru
Jesse wru - 6 years ago
BachikoiBabi - 6 years ago
These things are soooo cool! One day I will have an entire wall made of this! 
Supa Tanks
Supa Tanks - 6 years ago
lovin the rocks!
Stacey Yon
Stacey Yon - 6 years ago
this is a beautiful tank
K00L VIDEOS - 6 years ago
great work mate
AntonyoKnight - 6 years ago
Is that fish sick 14:30  32. Looks like white spots...
LeadFaun - 6 years ago
Some fish seem to change their scales like that, my Tetra's looked like that for a while and I though it was Neon Tetra disease, or whatever it is called, fortunately it wasn't.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
No the fish are healthy.
Kevin McFarland
Kevin McFarland - 6 years ago
Hey I was wondering if you had any recommendations for how to get rid of hair algae in a planted tank it is latching to my plants and killing them off :(
Kevin McFarland
Kevin McFarland - 6 years ago
Problem already solved
Helveteshit - 6 years ago
Better if you simply get three
Kevin McFarland
Kevin McFarland - 6 years ago
already solved the problem lowered light hours to 8 increased flow and got 10 amano shrimp tank was spotless in just a few days
Thomas mcmurtry
Thomas mcmurtry - 6 years ago
get some algea eaters
Kevin McFarland
Kevin McFarland - 6 years ago
thanks :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Read our article about working with algae here:
Tom D'Artagnan
Tom D'Artagnan - 6 years ago
Does this setup need a filtering? Or oxygenating with all of the plants?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - 6 years ago
where are all the bubbles coming from?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - 6 years ago
thanks, and sadly, i realized that 2 videos later.
TrainedRope - 6 years ago
its oxygen from the plants
MA FishGuy
MA FishGuy - 6 years ago
Great video.
kimilicious 1923
kimilicious 1923 - 6 years ago
im from Philippines I dont know if we a have a real aquarium plants here aside from the ugly hydrilla plants thats grow so fast and weird ... and I dont know how to do maintenance I hope u have a video on how to maintain ur natural aquarium im a first timer thank u and more power if ur just so near to me I wont have a problem
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 6 years ago
Small and well done
Maurice Aquariums
Maurice Aquariums - 6 years ago
Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels - 6 years ago
Could you guys do another store tour because it must have improved soo much since your last video of it
Joe Duerden
Joe Duerden - 6 years ago
Small fish are the best! Great nano tank, well done!
Julio Leon
Julio Leon - 6 years ago
Amazing! I wonder, when were the guppies added to the aquarium? Since that aquarium is lidless, I can't help but to ask myself if there was any carpet surfing during those 9 months. Also, no algae eaters were necessary? 
jing jang
jing jang - 6 years ago
It´s true, Just Amazing!
BIOSHABITAT - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank, but use filters?
Martin Welters
Martin Welters - 6 years ago
Nice as always...I've done a tank with big stones before and really loved it, you can see this tank on UKAPS or just google "Dong Hu Gorge" 
Brian's Fish Tanks
Brian's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
This is an amazing planted nano scape! Just amazing!
Jaap Lubberts
Jaap Lubberts - 6 years ago
Around 1000 euro's for this small tank. Sure is beautiful but the price can be alot cheaper if it needs to be by buying cheaper tings instead of design stuff.

While typing this it made me realise that it wuld be awesome to see james make an budget aquarium for 500 pounds or less. Should be possible right?
Felis sylvestris
Felis sylvestris - 6 years ago
1000€ for this tank? A joke!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
This is why we developed our Exceptional Value Range. Here is a step-by-step for a less expensive setup using products from our Exceptional Value Range Nature Aquarium Step-by-step by James Findley
Julio Leon
Julio Leon - 6 years ago
It certainly would, but I think TGM has some partnership with ADA, and they want to promote their products (which are definitely not budget-oriented)
Channara Chea
Channara Chea - 6 years ago

Julio Contreras
Julio Contreras - 6 years ago
I do not see any filter?, As the biological filtration is?, I could indicate the types of fertilizers used? Very beautiful tank
India Gills
India Gills - 6 years ago
What are those substrate holders from TGM?
Wisam Akily
Wisam Akily - 6 years ago
Thank you for the amazing video. I have important question; it was mentioned that James started with Utricularia Graminifolia, but he changed it later and I obviously know why. I tried this plant many times but it is impossible to grow :( Any advises on how to plant it? It will be great to see tank created by James using Utricularia Graminifolia for the carpet.
d20dion - 6 years ago
Hey TGM another inspiring work! Great stuff! I was wondering, is a video of  the making of "Escarpment" coming soon?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Glad you enjoyed it. Yes- 'Escarpment' video will be released in the future :)
BLK PowerRanger
BLK PowerRanger - 6 years ago
James you rebel
elfranko81 - 6 years ago
Would shrimp be able to survive in a nature aquarium like this? I know they would be out of place, but would they help with algae?
The Graceful Savage
The Graceful Savage - 6 years ago
in general they can be more suited to smaller tanks than small tetras are.
10gal cherry shrimp tanks are pretty common practice.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Yes they would survive and help with algae.
Han Lu
Han Lu - 6 years ago
this is simply amazing!! i might try this in the near future. keep up the good work!
Michael Katsos
Michael Katsos - 6 years ago
Masterfully done, I love what TGM does. I wish there were more establishments here in The States that offered more for nature aquarium enthusiasts! Keep tanking!
Aquatasy - 6 years ago
One of the best planted nano aquariums I've seen in a long time. Love the boldness of the huge stone in the layout.  Brilliant bit of composition!
J.K. Lluch
J.K. Lluch - 5 years ago
Good to see a familiar face here.
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping - 6 years ago
Very nice.
ShinyGoldBacon - 6 years ago
I hope I can pimp out my betta's five gallon tank with some neat rocks like this. The stores around here don't have a nice selection of rocks, though. So I'll probably just stick with plants and a chunk of driftwood. I do like driftwood, though. :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
We only use natural woods and don't have any difficulty managing pH. We recommend natural hardscape over artificial every time, as it is far more beautiful. in fact we don't stock any artificial aquarium decor in our gallery shop or online store on principle.
ShinyGoldBacon - 6 years ago
+GamingCoachX I just thought of something: maybe my driftwood doesn't affect my tanks' PH much because I boiled them for several hours before putting them in the tank. Could that be it?
kantwinnada - 6 years ago
How do you do that?
ChrisGaming - 6 years ago
+ShinyGoldBacon not if you cure them
ShinyGoldBacon - 6 years ago
Some rocks can affect water chemistry, can't they?
ShinyGoldBacon - 6 years ago
I've had driftwood for a while, and the ph always stays steady in my tanks. I use penang Malaysian driftwood. Besides, wood takes up less volume in the tank and my plants are already rooted on the wood.
xBeau Gaming
xBeau Gaming - 6 years ago
Get fake driftwood or natural driftwood will mess up the ph balance of your tank.
jeremiemcd - 6 years ago
Great vid and information, beautiful scape :)
Diogo Agapito Cordeiro
Diogo Agapito Cordeiro - 6 years ago
Excellente tank. But, at minute 13:21 appears a sick fish. :(
Ester Rosenblatt
Ester Rosenblatt - 6 years ago
diakojim1977 - 6 years ago
+Ester Rosenblatt
Επαγγελματιας της πουτσας...
Ester Rosenblatt
Ester Rosenblatt - 6 years ago
diakojim1977 - 6 years ago
+Ester Rosenblatt
so you just tell me that you΄re bad at your job?14:20 same"bubbles",same fish.
diakojim1977 - 6 years ago
+Ester Rosenblatt He΄s right and you are wrong,sorry
Ester Rosenblatt
Ester Rosenblatt - 6 years ago
Diogo Agapito Cordeiro
Diogo Agapito Cordeiro - 6 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd the fish in the movie is full of white spots. this is not a sign of health. But if the fish is in perfect heath now, good. :D Sorry the bad English. I love all the aquariums you made. A huge hug from Portugal!
diakojim1977 - 6 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
You are mistaken, the fish are actually in perfect health and looking very happy. Thanks for the feedback :)
LVcichlids - 6 years ago
Gorgeous tank. Small,simple yet elegant. Love the vids and love the art of aquascaping. Thanks
Sean Williams
Sean Williams - 6 years ago
The plant just to the right and left of the base of the father stone looks like it has a lot of BGA algae...
Ltytify - 3 years ago
The ich gives the overall composition a sense of scale.
flamepeace - 3 years ago
what kind of material is this at 4:06 ???
Missy Lowe
Missy Lowe - 6 years ago
+diakojim1977 That is the natural coloration of the Endlers, if I'm not mistaken...
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
 You are mistaken, the fish are actually in perfect health and looking very happy. Thanks for the feedback :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Hi, this plant is Monosolenium tenerum which is a very dark blue/green in colour but the tank is actually algae free.
diakojim1977 - 6 years ago
Yes,and one of the fish has ich 14:30
Sean Williams
Sean Williams - 6 years ago
Please upload more videos more often....
Darksideoftheaquarium T
Darksideoftheaquarium T - 6 years ago
great tank scape
shizdank - 6 years ago
Planted Nano
Planted Nano - 6 years ago
This one worked really well. Still wish you would show at least a few seconds of how it actually looks when running - with filters and co2 diffuser, tubing and drop checker etc added. Making all that look good can also be an art. Great job on this one though. Looks fab! :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Hi, thanks for the feedback, we will consider this for future videos :)
Lyn' Aquariophilie
Lyn' Aquariophilie - 6 years ago
Amazing aquascape. I love your channel ! :)
Coleman Reinhold
Coleman Reinhold - 6 years ago
Armando Takashi
Armando Takashi - 6 years ago
the name of sand please
Ulas Bahar
Ulas Bahar - 6 years ago
This is art
Marcelo Jardim
Marcelo Jardim - 6 years ago
That's a really beautiful tank! 
pvspvs604 - 6 years ago
you're so effing full of it man
Chris Najarro
Chris Najarro - 6 years ago
How does the tank get filtered?
streetsharklmtd - 6 years ago
they usually remove the filtration for videos/pictures to make it look cleaner.
J Spalding
J Spalding - 6 years ago
Gorgeous planted nano. Love watching your videos.
currychicken4life - 6 years ago
You have no idea how much I love watching your videos. Thank you. 
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Thank you for your very kind words, positive feedback greatly encourages us, and has done since we opened our shop back in 2007 :)
dannybizal - 6 years ago
Completely agree with this comment. I look forward to each upload!

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