Eli's 30,000 liter reef tank - filtration and life support system

Eli's 30,000 liter home reef aquarium introduction to filtration and life support system. Diving and feeding the fish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lM_y42bBis Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElisReefAquarium

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Eli's 30,000 liter home reef aquarium introduction to filtration and life support system. Diving and feeding the fish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lM_y42bBis Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElisReefAquarium

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for Eli's 30,000 liter reef tank - filtration and life support system

張緣 - 4 years ago
。ピロリアン - 4 years ago
cute person
cute person - 4 years ago
Sangre Cris
Sangre Cris - 4 years ago
can you give me even one fish oy yours...
Gary Flores
Gary Flores - 4 years ago
Tank is not big enough for all those tangs

Tang police!!
Tom R
Tom R - 4 years ago
BadassRandomness - 4 years ago
Amazing. I would have differnt fish though, if I had this haha :D
XOF 5 - 4 years ago
Beautiful fish
Jay Stone
Jay Stone - 4 years ago
Beautiful!!!  :)

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Jay Stone
Jay Stone - 4 years ago
I would never get up out of my chair, I'd sit there and watch the fish all day!!  Awesome!!!  :)
Jay Stone
Jay Stone - 4 years ago
That is fucking awesome!!  :)
Mohamed Tarek
Mohamed Tarek - 4 years ago
it's palestine
Squirrel - 4 years ago
I'm going to shoot out and buy myself a goldfish bowl right now!
Second Nature
Second Nature - 4 years ago
best setup i've seen. and it looks like you care for the animals, not just use them as decorative objects. thanks for sharing.
yokky chen
yokky chen - 4 years ago
Second Nature mi bui pi d dot
RoxyQueen - 4 years ago
Mr.ELI...YOU ARE AMAZING DUDE!!!! I have absolutely NO other words!!
Salvo Smith
Salvo Smith - 4 years ago
Can You imagine if it would crack ?
Arianator - 4 years ago
1:36 omg what was that
Reef world K
Reef world K - 4 years ago
Chris Eubank
Chris Eubank - 4 years ago
This said screw the beach brought the ocean to him. Dive in your own tank that's crazy.

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Jacque Raymond
Jacque Raymond - 4 years ago
This is badass!
Mohd Amini
Mohd Amini - 4 years ago
tom cruise, mission impossible, gum,
Liam Bere
Liam Bere - 4 years ago
Bloody Hell, I lost patience filling my 50L tank. This thing is astounding!
artmakersworlds - 4 years ago
Beautiful tank. Sure beats watching TV.
Moto Sly
Moto Sly - 4 years ago
great tank... and setup... but i just don't like how it looks... sorry....
bar snack
bar snack - 4 years ago
Ruben Polilla93
Ruben Polilla93 - 4 years ago
Simply amazing!
Erfan Safaeian
Erfan Safaeian - 4 years ago
What a beautiful tank! Thanks for sharing :)
sezles1 - 4 years ago
Eli, I suggest you try Ulva intestinalis instead of cheato. This Ulva grows far far faster than cheato and in doing so takes up nutrients faster and more efficiently. I use this in my algae turf scrubber which can be seen in my own YouTube videos. Ulva intestinalis is regaurded as the fastest growing algae avialble to remove nutrients I dicivered while doing research into algae for nutrient removal.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 4 years ago
I'll try, thanks
The Deamon
The Deamon - 4 years ago
Beautiful. I could sit in front of that and ponder all day.

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DJB Music
DJB Music - 4 years ago
A beautiful tank! Very natural and extremely interesting. Thanks for sharing.
All Kina Ting
All Kina Ting - 4 years ago
Very cool
Greg M
Greg M - 4 years ago
If I had stayed in the hobby I feel this is what I would have strived for. Thanks for sharing! WOW!
momo aus
momo aus - 4 years ago
it's big for a home but nowhere near one of the largest in the world
Mike LeBoeuf
Mike LeBoeuf - 4 years ago
Eli Aquarium, I firmly believe that a project such as yours can only create a positive impact on people regarding respect for all ecosystems. Whether it be your local acquaintances that enjoy the privilege of admiring your tank in person, or people like me who enjoy it on the internet, I believe nature at its most beautiful can inspire those who don't understand the correlation between optimism for the future of our species and present-day respect for ecological habitats. It truly is my wish to witness a "sea change" (to use an idiom) in my lifetime toward a major shift in attitude and perspective regarding conservation of native species everywhere. If it does happen, I believe it will be because of people like you who create "a living work of art," breathtaking, beautiful, and potentially life-altering. Do you believe that if a person truly draws their attention to your salt-water tank in Israel and, with an open mind, might see that nature displays her fragility and vulnerability when she unfurls her colors? And if so, can people truly change; might they be willing to trade self-indulgence for sacrifice in order to preserve instead of destroy?
raikirilover - 4 years ago
How do you find the time to maintain everything in that aquarium?
RANGE360 Company
RANGE360 Company - 4 years ago
To add 1000litres of sea water every, one must be living near a beach, what's your location Eli ?
I live on an island in Mombasa KE
dill papa
dill papa - 4 years ago
Jesus Christ
Forgive and Forget
Forgive and Forget - 4 years ago
You are an amazing guy to say the least. I am curious for what you have done to make your living just from watching this video of your incredible fish tank. You are a high-tech engineer for sure. I see the goodness in you my friend. God Bless Israel and the USA.
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny - 4 years ago
Eli, Hello. You have a Most amazing and beautiful fish tank. I love it !  You did a great job with it !  Your fish are so happy they forget they are in a huge fish tank and not in the ocean !   Thanks for sharing !  :)
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin - 4 years ago
Fishes probably healthier than the one in the ocean lol
Elyass 646
Elyass 646 - 4 years ago
How much cost?
PEIXES & PLANTAS - 4 years ago
rabbitears2006 - 4 years ago
That is an amazing tank!! What was the cost to set it up, including the cost of the fish? What does it cost to maintain the tank per month?
raider esmil rodriguez del orbe
raider esmil rodriguez del orbe - 4 years ago
itsredslife - 4 years ago
Joseph C
Joseph C - 4 years ago
Alot of work but the result is stunning
Hyun K
Hyun K - 4 years ago
May I recommend you Biohome Media! I think it's the best filter media out there! It takes care of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, fill the filter full with biohome and I think it could drastically change the water quality! :)
John - 4 years ago
I wonder if natural sunlight would suffice for coral growth at higher latitudes...
jmg999 - 4 years ago
This is truly incredible. You've done a wonderful job! :)

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Shon H.
Shon H. - 4 years ago
Hi Eli my name's Shon, I'm 32 years old and have full custody of my10yo son. We have never been a very lucky family and so I have been stuck here in Florida my entire life. Cape coral to be exact. I want to ask for help from someone with the means to do so. I just want a home to build my life and provide for my family. Maybe Georgia maybe Colorado. This is a reach into the dark but I thought it might possibly help me. Thank you Eli and your tank is beautiful. I to live the serenity the ocean brings. My email is cre8tions239@gmail.com if you would like to reach me. Thanks agian
TheIndianaGeoff - 4 years ago
Very nice. I built a much smaller system largely by myself. It was a lot of fun for many years. Phosphates probably wrecked it in the end.
ziranshu Zhang
ziranshu Zhang - 4 years ago
doesthis tank need water change? how to get a dead fish out?
Jimmy Jimm
Jimmy Jimm - 4 years ago
linda chan
linda chan - 4 years ago
if i had a million dollars lying around, i would put one of these in my house. right now I'm just learning about saltwater and own a small 20g saltwater tank but this is LIFE GOALS!!!
steven grider
steven grider - 4 years ago
BumleggProds - 4 years ago
biscuit - 4 years ago
wow that king of DIY poser wishes he had a tank like this
turker03 - 4 years ago
respect from İstanbul mannn, great tank ;)
Iscariot of Zealots
Iscariot of Zealots - 4 years ago
That's op!
5954ldydi - 4 years ago
Can't wait to view the other videos on your YouTube channel. You have a new subscriber!
5954ldydi - 4 years ago
SIMPLY BREATHTAKING. Well not really... there is nothing simple about this amazing tank. ELEGANTLY BREATHTAKING, a truly amazing reef tank! I don't even like fish but this is truly mesmerising!!! Thank you for sharing with us YouTube gawkers.
Gregory J
Gregory J - 4 years ago
really awesome
Renado Saco
Renado Saco - 4 years ago
If i ever hit the powerball, I know who to connect.
yenotiza - 4 years ago
איפה הדבר הזה ממוקם? חייב לבוא לראות
Odrakan - 4 years ago
Amazing, i will Visit you in Israel :)
John Cats
John Cats - 4 years ago
Kenn Chan
Kenn Chan - 4 years ago
-Hobby Ecke-
-Hobby Ecke- - 4 years ago
WOW! Awesome!
scroats - 4 years ago
unreal man. this is absolutely stunning.
Will Bohland
Will Bohland - 4 years ago
This guy got it right.
Justine - 4 years ago
Holy shhhhhh!!!
o0RAGA0o - 4 years ago
Who needs a tv when you have that aquarium to sit and watch for hours on end
Tim Vu
Tim Vu - 4 years ago
I would love to have a fish tank like this
PIPERON - 4 years ago
Was that a giant LED screen?  Hahaha!  Just kidding!
Awesome setup, this is the largest sea aquarium I seen so far over youtube.
It must be very difficult and time consuming to maintain it.
Thanks for sharing.
dennis soh
dennis soh - 4 years ago
Lucas Ayers
Lucas Ayers - 4 years ago
if I put a coral in my pool and threw a fish in there, will I then have the biggest reef tank In the world
SpaghettiKillah - 4 years ago
Lucas Ayers Is your pool a saltwater pool?
Today I was swimming in a saltwater pool and I thought about this too
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 4 years ago
I'm surprised your corals are doing as well as they are with such a, relatively, low water turnover/flow as well as... "creative" water chemistry.
Nino - 4 years ago
how can people dislike this video ? :(
zhubox03 - 4 years ago
Lol why you need tv in the room when you have this big ass tank
Mathieu SB
Mathieu SB - 4 years ago
i have 4 Meter fish Tank at home but it's full glasses and i really think your Tank is more Smart more strong and more easy to build (only one glass window) Good Job
eduardo gonzalez
eduardo gonzalez - 5 years ago
zoos.media - 5 years ago
really impressing aquarium :)
lordmagicpants - 5 years ago
What should we do with this walk-in closet?

Lets fill it with water
BOBtoper - 5 years ago
This is what i call hobby. This guy put his hart in to his hobby
Nairobis Martinez
Nairobis Martinez - 5 years ago
You need to snorkel in it and do a video under water! That would be so amazing!
GamingSteinPC - 5 years ago
Those fish are living a lie.
ClockworkKlay - 5 years ago
What an incredible tank! Even better in how it isn't overcrowded and how well it's maintained. Love the use of the natural sunlight, really makes it look beautiful! Simply amazing
Gaspar lobo
Gaspar lobo - 5 years ago
Don´t you lose a lot of water with that skimmer system?
wilson blauheuer
wilson blauheuer - 5 years ago
tell the truth, do you ever pee in the water when you are swimming in there?
Devansh Dhama
Devansh Dhama - 5 years ago
Hi sir can i please get you ph number
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Devansh Dhama
You need a professional company that build public aquariums to help you, I cannot.
Raf Buelens
Raf Buelens - 5 years ago
Do the pumps run 24/7? Must be a serious electricity bill. Looks like at least 1.1kW motors on those pumps.
Boo Man
Boo Man - 5 years ago
I love your Aquarium can you give me the specs on how to build
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar - 5 years ago
Meh... that fishtank's so so. It's ok I guess.
AquariumCop - 5 years ago
So amazing!!

Tsn Neer
Tsn Neer - 5 years ago
Enough biology for today
Best Access Doors
Best Access Doors - 5 years ago
Awesome job! You should do another video like this!
1stinkfist - 5 years ago
i guess jews and tanks go well together
balf1111117373 - 5 years ago
Lol this video just reminded me I've not checked my lottery ticket this weekend

100. comment for Eli's 30,000 liter reef tank - filtration and life support system

Ben Donaldson
Ben Donaldson - 5 years ago
Any Triggerfish, Filefish or Parrotfish?
Ben Donaldson
Ben Donaldson - 5 years ago
Wow, looks just like the Red Sea!
Ben Donaldson
Ben Donaldson - 5 years ago
I want this so bad.
HigherPlanes - 5 years ago
Natural sunlight is an awesome touch! Nice work.
Les - 5 years ago
This goes beyond passion to have AN aquarium in house. These fish must love there owner for giving such space, comfort, filtration, etc. Tnkx for showing us and respecting nature in this size aquarium. OMG
Злобный НЕОН !!!
Злобный НЕОН !!! - 5 years ago
My first aquarium launch
HARRY RHEE - 5 years ago
If he paid that much money on fish and coral just WOW I am speechless
HARRY RHEE - 5 years ago
Wow this is a tiny Ocean he should invite and pay people to come to his house lol jk
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman - 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing! Who needs a TV..
HB - 5 years ago
מגניב ממוחשב מקצועי מדהים מהמם...
Len Gosselin
Len Gosselin - 5 years ago
Oh yes this will be perfect for my pesky Grouper who can't refuse a meal :)
It's Me
It's Me - 5 years ago
How do you have (1) enough time to do this and (2) enough money? Where do people get both of these highly sought after commodities in life? Most people spend their entire lives working to survive, with no time left for much of anything else. Seriously - how?
Mahmudul Hasan
Mahmudul Hasan - 5 years ago
just wao...hats off to you sir. one of the most beautiful things i ever seen...
Rafael vivavox
Rafael vivavox - 5 years ago
awesome !!!!!!
sTEALtooth - 5 years ago
Has giant aquarium in living room, but doesn't bother to buy an external mic for the video to show it off.
Laura Garnham
Laura Garnham - 5 years ago
Amazing, I would 'waste' so much time just sitting at watching it...
Nihilistic Smasher
Nihilistic Smasher - 5 years ago
wow, that tank is beautiful! but im intrigued, how do you collect and transport the natural sea water?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Shows in the video
Toua Moua
Toua Moua - 5 years ago
What does your electricity bill look like? Just curious because it sounds expensive, but I guess if you can afford something like that, electricity bills are the least of your worries
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
~$2k a month
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer - 5 years ago
Tridacna Clams and some large polyped stony corals could be placed at substrate level. Acropora, Montipoa and pocillipora corals are fast growing sps corals you can mount on frag plugs and attach to the rock scape you already have and the bare back of the tank with reef cement. Brain corals on the bottom with sugar grain coral substrate along with colourful zoanthids to cover the bottom. Very colourful acropora species corals could make your tank spectacular. Just some suggestions. Your tangs are very healthy and well cared for by you.
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer - 5 years ago
David Saxby Reef Aquarium in London U.K. Is 1,500 gallon L shaped coral reef aquarium. Here is a video that might give some ideas of how to enhance your current system. https://youtu.be/n-GUWcJBbv0
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer - 5 years ago
Where are all the corals ? Especially the small polyped Stoney corals ? Your tank has potential with more species of Stoney corals to fill the aquascape. Have a look at at David Saxby's reef aquarium and the 20,000 gallon reef aquarium in Long Island New York U.S.A
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
David's is the best, I have a long way to get there
sonnypally6 - 5 years ago
4:58 I was just going to ask what doing a water change for a tank this size is like lol. But it sounds like he's got it down to a science!
HermannTheGreat - 5 years ago
5:00 like a boss
michelle pennie
michelle pennie - 5 years ago
That must be a hell of a job to do water changes lol
towert7 - 5 years ago
Wow! Left me speechless.
Aquarismo with Edu
Aquarismo with Edu - 5 years ago
Muito Lindo Parabéns! excelente trabalho! Very beautiful, congratulations! excellent job!
TheShizzleOWizzle - 5 years ago
lol water changes
DaProphetMyco - 5 years ago
The most epic aquarium for the house!
beth98362 R
beth98362 R - 5 years ago
Beautiful Eli... thank you!
David Beltran
David Beltran - 5 years ago
Briar Fox
Briar Fox - 5 years ago
Very cool aquarium. I love it! I wish I had the finances to do something like this in my home, but unfortunately I do not. I have a simple 125g freshwater aquarium though.
Mark Steffen
Mark Steffen - 5 years ago
absolutely amazing and well done
Rochelle Rainville
Rochelle Rainville - 5 years ago
GOALS right here so gorgeous I'm drooling
Toottoot Toot
Toottoot Toot - 5 years ago
...but the background wall look dirty and setted unproperly. anyway. not easy.
Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens - 5 years ago
Wow that is amazing. Great dedication and love
NATALIE & TATIANA - 5 years ago
We recommend adding anti-pollutants in the aquarium - but fish food contains preservatives - which is also poison
Max Müller
Max Müller - 5 years ago
kanatapaw - 5 years ago
who needs a t.v. when you have this ♡
Joe Winters
Joe Winters - 5 years ago
amazing you are living the dream my friend
thecrazylooser7 - 5 years ago
So cool
Bogumiła Sracz
Bogumiła Sracz - 5 years ago
Shalom from Poland
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar - 5 years ago
very interesting ,I want to make this one.. how much it cost
Jennifer Scott
Jennifer Scott - 5 years ago
That is one of the most beautiful aquariums I have ever seen and love how they are so very well cared for! Can tell you really love fish and all the creatures of the oceans!
thatguy - 5 years ago
cant even afford to watch the video
Bern Raps
Bern Raps - 5 years ago
petev23 - 5 years ago
This guy is amazing and thinks way out of my league. Amazing
Xin Tian
Xin Tian - 5 years ago
I think Bill Gates has a bigger one, but I could be wrong.
Mr. Leviticus
Mr. Leviticus - 5 years ago
VitoTron 417
VitoTron 417 - 5 years ago
One word, beautiful
ali alwazzan
ali alwazzan - 5 years ago
bemyvforever - 5 years ago
This man seems so intelligent! What a marvellous tank :) Stunning to have
willwork4superpowazz - 5 years ago
THIS IS AMAZING! Much better than that 20,000 gallon tank trending rn
Cucked By Donald Trump
Cucked By Donald Trump - 5 years ago
When you're rich and can make your dreams a reality.
Taylor - 5 years ago
Well, keep in mind that this is a luxury. It's not meant for poor people, hon.
Hallucinogenichusky - 5 years ago
Watch Fish Tank Kings if you l;ike this. Plus this si beautiful as fuck
Public Envy NO.1
Public Envy NO.1 - 5 years ago
this is beautiful like a DREAM
Duc Tran
Duc Tran - 5 years ago
You should add a goldfish to the tank......

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Add a whale
Adrian Lara
Adrian Lara - 5 years ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
truong the thanh
truong the thanh - 5 years ago
Unlike those Animal Planet fuckers, this guy used real living coral
Jake Paul
Jake Paul - 5 years ago
Though your thumbnail was click bait... I was proven wrong! Cool video
Ricky Knapman
Ricky Knapman - 5 years ago
I'll stick with my Turtle and guppies :P.
Greg Griggs
Greg Griggs - 5 years ago
Just a wonderful job you have done here. You certainly have a very good knowledge of how to keep a tank healthy. How much does it cost you to maintain your tank each month?
MaxamillionGrey - 5 years ago
More corals would make this aquarium even more beautiful
gordon Freeman
gordon Freeman - 5 years ago
clearly this man makes minimum wage like me, so i'll do it too
HighAway - 5 years ago
a thousand dollars a month on electricity is on more than a minimum wage!
armouredcat23 - 5 years ago
i have a goldfish in a 5 gallon tank
mrdealx - 5 years ago
Flash Jews and their toys!
Arvindh Narayanan
Arvindh Narayanan - 5 years ago
beautiful work - well done sir.
Victor A Gomez
Victor A Gomez - 5 years ago
After seeing this video... I promised myself that one day I will own a similar setup. I love this tank.
_ Anaption _
_ Anaption _ - 5 years ago
This is absolutely beautiful and I would love to do this one day.
Tim Harding
Tim Harding - 5 years ago
Awesome tank Eli.
Don Pablo
Don Pablo - 5 years ago
People be like.... that's waaaaaaaaay overstocked
Killer Shark
Killer Shark - 5 years ago
This guy has a part of the ocean in his house
Killer Shark
Killer Shark - 5 years ago
This guy has a part of the ocean in his house
AK Aqua
AK Aqua - 5 years ago
Very cool!
Alex Black
Alex Black - 5 years ago
This is absolutely incredible, thank you so much for sharing.
ziedrict - 5 years ago
Those people who gave this type of beautiful aquarium thumbs down are jealous
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin - 4 years ago
ziedrict Probably people who hates him because he's Israeli lol
EnVision - 5 years ago
personally This tank, as beautiful as it is, looks to natural for me lol. I actually enjoy the colors in smaller home aquariums, with popping corals, and lots of blues and purples in the rock and lighting. but this is beautiful for what it is. Things you can do when your rich.
EnVision - 5 years ago
Looks like a piece of the ocean though amazing.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez - 5 years ago
That tank is too small should only be a sea snail and a clown fish in there.
Hentai Senpai
Hentai Senpai - 5 years ago
this dude got those euroz
REMY - 5 years ago
Joseph Roberts
Joseph Roberts - 5 years ago
truly a work of art, beautiful project! thankyou for sharing :-)
David Jameson O ́Rourke
David Jameson O ́Rourke - 5 years ago
Nobody go to say: "The tank is very little" ????? in all Aquarium videos are idiots criticizing
TheDrakenZ - 5 years ago
My dream <3
Hero Stratus
Hero Stratus - 5 years ago
ELi is rich AF.
dexter italia
dexter italia - 5 years ago
so sad , how many fish and corals you got in it ?
What i see is just an egoist person who take hundreds of animals from their habits for his own satisfaction .
Wabi-sabi8551 - 4 years ago
Are you a vegan by any chance or do you eat meat...?
dexter italia
dexter italia - 5 years ago
Ryan Martinez if someone keep you in a cage with :
swimming pool
quality food
any kind of comfort..

You should be fine BUT that's not life so think before talk .
BUT again that's not the point , the point is why you should keep hundreds of wild fish and corals for your own satisfaction ?
I have had aquarium too , sometime whit wild fish but this is way too much in my opinion .
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez - 5 years ago
dexter italia Let me say this they are happy and thriving salt water fish are really hard to take care of they are smart fish and you would tell if they weren't comfortable because they wouldn't be eating. Also the coral that are in that tank are also hard to take care of BUT they are still alive so you know he takes very good care of his fish and he mostly likely did tons of research. So yes they are HAPPY in that tank and they are fine so leave this man be.
dexter italia
dexter italia - 5 years ago
But that's not the problem , those animals are healthy ... the problem is why you should keep so many wild animals for you own satisfaction ?!
dexter italia
dexter italia - 5 years ago
and " i say something" because there's a difference between LIVE and SURVIVE .
If the animal don't die it doesn't mean they are "happy" , you should know it .
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez - 5 years ago
dexter italia You honestly don't get it I'm not going to argue with someone that doesn't know anything.
dexter italia
dexter italia - 5 years ago
Ryan Martinez he is taking care of them at his home in his own cage while those animal should be in the coral reef .
The bad condition of the reefs all over the world is a plus for my thesis , reefs are dying and you catch hundreds of wild animals for living room ??
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez - 5 years ago
dexter italia If they weren't happy they would've died already you obviously know nothing about this so why say something? I mean are coral reefs are dying because of us and your worrying about one person who is actually taking care of them.
dexter italia
dexter italia - 5 years ago
i like aquarium too and i have one but you really have soo many wild fish in your wich are took directly from the coral reefs all over the world .
This idea hurts me ..
Me like you
Me like you - 5 years ago
man electricity bills must be very expensives.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
~$1K a month
pinku sahu
pinku sahu - 5 years ago
which food do you feed generally ..
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Regular fish food plus shrimp
100Licasiebawi - 5 years ago
What is the music?
keggerous - 5 years ago
Man, I wanna do this so bad. Looks like a life's work though. Something you truly need to dedicate yourself to.
Samuelson baker
Samuelson baker - 5 years ago
Yeah but its still overstocked .
Wiggels 92
Wiggels 92 - 5 years ago
it is so beautiful
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez - 5 years ago
How did I even get here ?
Nick J
Nick J - 5 years ago
This tank must have cost a small fortune !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zap Zap
Zap Zap - 5 years ago
When the aquarium is more amazing then any TV or projector you will ever have.
Wojak Feels
Wojak Feels - 5 years ago
This guy is the equivalent of an old cat lady, but I guess he keeps a clean tank, so I can't bash him too hard.
imedi - 5 years ago
Khemy Xo
Khemy Xo - 5 years ago
Israel is most innovative and creative country I have heard and this video proves that. Thank you!
Henny Blakk
Henny Blakk - 5 years ago
this is ONE EXPENSIVE, TIME CONSUMING hobby... I would've be surprised that he has not wife and kids
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin - 4 years ago
Henny Blakk Too much population already anyway.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
One wife, two kids, one granddaughter, one dog and ~100 fish
It's Ethan!
It's Ethan! - 5 years ago
Who needs a TV when you have this!
celegaming - 5 years ago
if that breaks you're screwed
jem Ogn
jem Ogn - 5 years ago
Beautiful , well done
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson - 5 years ago
Who takes care of this when you go on vacation? Is fishy day care is a thing?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Controlled from my phone plus a daily visit by a friend
Zyzyzx Zyzer
Zyzyzx Zyzer - 5 years ago
To swim in an aquarium would be the best I would have to do fresh water but it's eon the list..Thanks
MrArchDelux - 5 years ago
05:04 *excess water, not access water :/
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
I am, but enjoying
MrArchDelux - 5 years ago
Your tank rocks tho, I can't imagine how busy you must be around it.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Thank you, I know, found out too late
dadaism2 - 5 years ago
well done, really impressive
Digitalbumpin - 5 years ago
This is a freaking full time job taking care of this.

Well worth it though.
eugene Ortiz
eugene Ortiz - 5 years ago
If I had that tank I put groupers on it.
Matthew van der Westhuizen
Matthew van der Westhuizen - 5 years ago
s a
s a - 5 years ago
this is beautiful!
Hell Mouth777
Hell Mouth777 - 5 years ago
Crazy Insane Gaming
Crazy Insane Gaming - 5 years ago
Poor fish trapped in a small environment for this guys enjoyment.
luvbotany - 5 years ago
this is so cool, im jealous beyond belief and perhaps even inspired. It would be hard not dive in that thing daily. But it seems to me that a 6m drop is needlessly expensive. Perhaps there is a foam optimized drop but 6m seems huge to me. Also he said he adds '1000l natural sea water', does that mean he is getting straight sea water from ocean? I would be scared of unwanted organisms, disease and pollution... Also did i miss where he is exchanging water or is he just adding sea water to the system? Perhaps the refugium and other filtration systems are enough to keep it clean so no exchange is needed?
No Face
No Face - 5 years ago
This guy must be minteeed!! freaking love that aquarium!!
Neddskorg - 5 years ago
Awesome aquarium Eli mind blowing.
Mewtwo420 - 5 years ago
This guy is set for life now he just drops LSD and feeds his aquarium
Smerdzy - 5 years ago
RIP electricity bill
SenorQuill - 5 years ago
OccasionalGamer - 5 years ago
My blood pressure would be 30 points lower if I had a tank like that in my home.
Burak K
Burak K - 5 years ago
I just wanted to say congrats. It's an example of courage! Burak from Turkey
Bedroom Beardies
Bedroom Beardies - 5 years ago
Incredible! Beautiful tank, and thanks for sharing, very cool!
Vinnz Zee
Vinnz Zee - 5 years ago
whats the average monthly costs to operate such a grand aquarium?
edstud1 - 5 years ago
power bill?
dfunkt - 5 years ago
fucking AMAZING tank!...but still, it is a mere shadow of a real reef. that's why i could never get into salt water tanks, just too different from natural systems.
joshua sperka
joshua sperka - 5 years ago
beautiful! מהמם
eldar eldadi
eldar eldadi - 5 years ago
היי אלי! כל הכבוד קודם כל ,מדהים לראות דבר בסדר גודל כזה .. מעניין אותי לשאול כמה חשמל צורכות המשאבות (בטח הרבה) האם יש התחשבות בך או שזה נעזר במערכת סולארית והאם האצות ודגי הניקוי לא עוזרים בניקויו ?
האם שבלולים לא נידבקים לשמשת האקווריום או שמקפיד לנקות אותה
המשך יום טוב!
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
eldar eldadi צריכה כוללת של 10000 ווט וכן אצות ודגי ניקוי בהחלט עוזרים
Mr : Ad Amardeep I
Mr : Ad Amardeep I - 5 years ago
Mr : Ad Amardeep I
Mr : Ad Amardeep I - 5 years ago
i love keeping fishes my all friends have big aquarium but i am only one who had a very small 1 gallons aquarium lack of money i cant buy aquarium and fish .Because of low space my fish also dies ,no filter ,oxygen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I NEED SPONSER WHO WILL HELP ME TO BUY AN AYUARIUM ,,,,,so i watch u video so that u wll help me REPLY SOOON
Mr : Ad Amardeep I
Mr : Ad Amardeep I - 5 years ago
how to make aquarium at home ,,,,,very cheap no silicone no glass cutter easy total home made cheap 20 gallon aquarium
James Fadden
James Fadden - 5 years ago
amazing tank
OlD og
OlD og - 5 years ago
que dios me perdoné , pero q invidia
Alcarmab School
Alcarmab School - 5 years ago
לאלי כל הכבוד אקווריום מקסים
M3rpThe3rd - 5 years ago
Definitely not a 30,000 gallon aquarium
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson - 5 years ago
If I had that sort of money, I'd make a 10 thousand gallon concrete tank with acrylic viewing panels and natural sunlight. I'd stock it with small tropical fish and plants though because that aesthetic interests me much more than saltwater or river monster freshwater fish that would typically go into a tank this size. I'd have hundreds of cardinals, neons, rainbowfish, ram cichlids, loaches, plecos, corys, etc... I'd just snorkel in it.
zhubox03 - 4 years ago
Ron Johnson i would do a aftican cichlids tank
Joel Weidenfeld
Joel Weidenfeld - 5 years ago
nice, and not overcrowded and it's good there are no huge fish for which you can't really build a big enough tank for
Brandon Yellowhorse
Brandon Yellowhorse - 5 years ago
beautiful tank
Jonathan Levy
Jonathan Levy - 5 years ago
Elie - thanks for sharing. Clearly a labour of love. Terrific assortment of fish too. Do you have any favourites?
patricia bell
patricia bell - 5 years ago
amazing aquarium! You seem to know your stuff! I will check back in later to see what's going on. .. :-)
Jonnie Bangkok
Jonnie Bangkok - 5 years ago
Wow...your tank is epic...and those look like some happy fish!
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 5 years ago
must be nice
José Luis Parra Cabrera
José Luis Parra Cabrera - 5 years ago
Beutiful! greetings from México!
Apriza Yutama
Apriza Yutama - 5 years ago
how much the total electricity of the filter ? (in watt)
Spanish Jo
Spanish Jo - 5 years ago
You must be very rich!
Xiao Liu
Xiao Liu - 5 years ago
It must be very expensive
Dong Hai Nguyen Thanh
Dong Hai Nguyen Thanh - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is a good way to display the beauty and wonder of God's creation.
AJ L - 5 years ago
this is a perfect example of how to own a big tank. brilliant filtration construction. real living coral. and not overcrowded and not stuffed with exotic and outlandish fish
Mike M
Mike M - 5 years ago
Amazing, but it is very expensive, alternatively considering you could get a 4k large screen monitor and play a high def underwater corral video. But it would not be the same of course, just a whole lot less expensive for most people.
ChickenHead Man
ChickenHead Man - 5 years ago
I'm guessing like a fish in an AQUARiUM Eli doesn't LEAVE HOME much.
Jermaine Dixon
Jermaine Dixon - 5 years ago
When they they dashed as a school across the tank 1:00 my jaw dropped! Amazing
Carla Deedrick
Carla Deedrick - 5 years ago
this is beauitiful and my Son Eli also loves fish. We hope to come to Israel sometime to visit soon :)
Anonymous - 5 years ago
what are the expenses going to be for that thing
icangicung20 - 5 years ago
do you have any disaster with this tank?
icangicung20 - 5 years ago
wow you sure are one amazing aquarium maker
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
No disaster thank god
Shitslapper mk.3000
Shitslapper mk.3000 - 5 years ago
please of enjoying my tank
Shoegum - 5 years ago
Izral Zawaki
Izral Zawaki - 5 years ago
this is not an aquarium, this is mini Atlantis
Adam Hunter
Adam Hunter - 5 years ago
This is amazing! So beautiful!
yemdeposu.com - 5 years ago
Thanks for that video
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks - 5 years ago
My dream is to buy a tank with a waterproof tv inside it. UNDERWATER SUNDAY FOOTBALL BITCHES!!!!
Jonathan Zomber
Jonathan Zomber - 5 years ago
im going to israel this summer
David Igra
David Igra - 5 years ago
What an amazing home aquarium! Very impressive.
Galavanta - 5 years ago
Reefkeeping is the easiest thing in the world... keeping the water healthy is the hardest thing in the world.
Shyenne - 5 years ago
and yet its not that deep, should be more deep into the wall the fishes owuld love it :D
oscar l
oscar l - 5 years ago
BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing to have that in your home. Thanks.
Arthur - 5 years ago
Couldn't be better than this.
Kristina Saß
Kristina Saß - 5 years ago
It's about time to make a new video
cizia69 - 5 years ago
What a sight !
shlomi harel
shlomi harel - 5 years ago
אלי ימניאק, שום מילה בעברית?
סתם.. סחטיין על ההשקעה!
joeyforfun ·
joeyforfun · - 5 years ago
must be Nice to be rich
ZephyrPhotography - 5 years ago
god most have cost a fortune
shea - 5 years ago
Angelo's Fish Tanks
Angelo's Fish Tanks - 5 years ago
That is amazing
Chris Mason
Chris Mason - 5 years ago
This is amazing, has to be the best aquarium! I wish i could see it in person to truly appreciate its awe!
אביתר חזון
אביתר חזון - 5 years ago
לייק ותגובה
Wanda Hicks
Wanda Hicks - 5 years ago
I want a house like this!!
Garfian Gantara
Garfian Gantara - 5 years ago
nice tank mate
ICOOKIE69I - 5 years ago
How do you heat the aquarium? Is it just hot there?
ICOOKIE69I - 5 years ago
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
It's heated by the sun, actually it is being cooled by a chiller
Meni Amedi
Meni Amedi - 5 years ago
גאווה ישראלית !
LazilyDiligent - 5 years ago
Gorgeous! And so many complex problems solved in its making!
Rudolf DU TOIT
Rudolf DU TOIT - 5 years ago
Hi Eli.Thank you so much for sharing this stunning aquarium with the world !My dream is to build my own.I would love to visit Israel and see it in person.Regards Rudolf
Coco Wang
Coco Wang - 5 years ago
It is awesome. wow!! I am starting my 55 gallon tank now, lol. dream i have a big one too!!
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas - 5 years ago
A marvel of at-home-engineering , and a beautiful tank. Well done sir
Justice J. Srisuk
Justice J. Srisuk - 5 years ago
I can't even begin to imagine how rich the biodiversity in this tank must be. With the weekly inundations of seawater, thousands upon thousands of wild animals and algae - both micro and macro fauna - would enter the tank and the owner would be able to see all manner of fascinating lifeforms that either can't or haven't yet been able to be kept in captivity. Every week, this guy gets to see practically a brand-new tank.
Alexraptor Aquatic
Alexraptor Aquatic - 5 years ago
Very impressive and quite innovative too.
I especially like the idea behind the gravity fed skimmer.
Khorsheed Ahmed
Khorsheed Ahmed - 5 years ago
common brother i was thinking that im the most craziest about aquarium .but when i saw this movie i understand that you are a master. brother i ley dowon my head in front of you .just respect and respect and respect and big like for you brother
Mike Nguyen
Mike Nguyen - 5 years ago
beatiful mind .
stan - 5 years ago
Hi! Is a three time circulation per hour not too little for a reef tank? Most reefer advice a reef tank should have at least 10, better 20 or 30 time per hour circulation.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
stan three to four times to the sump is enough for that size
TheXtro101 - 5 years ago
Instead of me going to an Aquarium theme park,I'll go to Mr.Eli's house.
GEARS AQUARIUMS - 5 years ago
wow amazing
Travis Williamson
Travis Williamson - 5 years ago
Wow! You must really have to enjoy your tank because I imagine the upkeep is unceasing and expensive!
Chan Louis
Chan Louis - 5 years ago
that's very spectacular Wow!!!!
ITz Maskey
ITz Maskey - 5 years ago
How much would something like this cost?
ITz Maskey
ITz Maskey - 5 years ago
I'd imagine alot if money, but how much would it be for the WHOLE setup, or something similar
Eric the Viking
Eric the Viking - 5 years ago
I think your tank is awesome...I have a small aquarium...Can you tell me what the foam is for?
Eric the Viking
Eric the Viking - 5 years ago
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Eric the Viking read about a protein skimmer
JHON DENVER VARGAS - 5 years ago
put clownfish
Nikita Kumar
Nikita Kumar - 5 years ago
thank you for a great insight :D
Myrien 05
Myrien 05 - 5 years ago
wow cool. how to glue the glass to the concrete in order that water can't. i really interesting make an aquarium like that.
chris fish
chris fish - 5 years ago
I would be sleeping in the living room every night.
david w
david w - 5 years ago
what a stunning marine aquarium you got there Eli...
greetings from Indonesia...
that natural sunlight waves penetrating right down to the bottom of the tank is so nice and stressfree to see.
Praveen501 - 5 years ago
This proves that nothing its impossible for humans.
Patrick OBrien
Patrick OBrien - 5 years ago
Do they breed in there ever? I know its tough to do, but its so close to the natural ocean.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Patrick OBrien they breed but being eaten. Only the Cardinals breed and survive
ダウナー LA
ダウナー LA - 5 years ago
Jake Alex
Jake Alex - 5 years ago
Not exactly a pretty tank though. Looks cool but kinda bare...
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
Yellow Tangs on deck..
john mason
john mason - 5 years ago
such a cool tank.
Edward Thayer
Edward Thayer - 5 years ago
Eli you should get a tang for your tank! lol
Mals Aquaholics
Mals Aquaholics - 5 years ago
רז המלך
רז המלך - 5 years ago
מצחיק פו
jaime sermeno
jaime sermeno - 5 years ago
your aquarium is so awesome that you suck XD
Denise Rodriguez
Denise Rodriguez - 5 years ago
Eli, it's amazingly beautiful!
Kalvin One
Kalvin One - 5 years ago
amazing thanks for the video ! I do not understand why there s nothing plug and play with almost nothing to do manually in the aquarium shops ? we always have to built stuff by ourself... it s weird hey ?
Joel perez
Joel perez - 5 years ago
Thanks for for this video.
asaf b.z
asaf b.z - 5 years ago
פשוט מדהים אלי!!!
Hiep Truong
Hiep Truong - 5 years ago
after you guys finish watching his video come to my channel and let me tell you how poor i am
Hiep Truong
Hiep Truong - 5 years ago
hmmm i don't think you caught on to the sarcasm
Nathaniel Hernandez
Nathaniel Hernandez - 5 years ago
Hiep Truong you don't have any vids you dumb a**
TheBSideDJ - 5 years ago
eli is a smart man and seems a very nice one too ! The skimmer design is brilliant.
Haluk Cetiner
Haluk Cetiner - 5 years ago
Cherry Pepper
Cherry Pepper - 5 years ago
"Go big or go home." ...
Oh, wait, "Go home and go big."
yokky chen
yokky chen - 4 years ago
Cherry Pepper lbui
Aquandy - 5 years ago
That's an amazing tank!
Eyad Atteyah
Eyad Atteyah - 5 years ago
Very amazing .. Aquarium .. !!! :-)
I dream of one of this in the future ..
Thanks for the technical information and specially regarding the Skimmer .. and using the natural sun light ..
I hope to update us with a video for every month of this rare art piece
This is Eyad from Iraq working and living in Dubai from ten years
Kendra Taylor
Kendra Taylor - 5 years ago
this is so great ,i love it,so much life in water and Eli's, life wish there of this in this world
dennis frankland
dennis frankland - 5 years ago
awesome!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful aquarium, what a wonderful and delightful tank you have built, well done. I totally enjoyed the experience.
mohammad sadaghiani
mohammad sadaghiani - 5 years ago
So much effort put into a massive tank which to be honest doesn't look to impressive :D If I had that size tank I would have put fresh water fish in it with lovely green and red fresh water plants. That would be an amazing tank!
Le Coeur
Le Coeur - 5 years ago
fresh water could never come close to marine
Carlene Pool
Carlene Pool - 5 years ago
wow!! Eli please do a relax video of your fantastic tank:)
shrisamsung - 5 years ago
Very stunning !! Everything is stunning !!!
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - 5 years ago
This gorgeous tank must cost a fortune to maintain.
fuckyourself haha
fuckyourself haha - 5 years ago
I a here with 10 gallon
Angel Carreño
Angel Carreño - 4 years ago
me too, but i still love it!
Ak Jay47
Ak Jay47 - 5 years ago
im going from a 90L To a 240L next week
fuckyourself haha
fuckyourself haha - 5 years ago
Savage Swift yah I am getting a sea world tank tomorrow
fuckyourself haha
fuckyourself haha - 5 years ago
Le Coeur yah At least
Ak Jay47
Ak Jay47 - 5 years ago
you got to start some were
Le Coeur
Le Coeur - 5 years ago
me too - but at least we have one!
Róger Lopes
Róger Lopes - 5 years ago
What is the size and thickness of this glass?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
500X200X9 cm
hova zee
hova zee - 5 years ago
mikey low
mikey low - 5 years ago
Beautiful setup
Reef Keeper
Reef Keeper - 5 years ago
Awesome tank.  Congrats!
Wally Nowakowski
Wally Nowakowski - 5 years ago
Amazing setup! I could sit and stare at that tank all day I think.
MrGranlie - 5 years ago
Wally Nowakowski He sure do a 24/7 livestream of the tank, kinda like the fireplace guy on tv
Andrew Gerstner
Andrew Gerstner - 5 years ago
i want a tank big enough i can scuba dive in
Luis Perez
Luis Perez - 5 years ago
This is one awesome tank!
James Ewing
James Ewing - 5 years ago
You love your tangs .... just saying! :)
squall leonhart
squall leonhart - 5 years ago
però a me piacerebbe vederne uno così grande e privato pieno di discus di acqua dolce
khaany - 5 years ago
yo help me make 20 gallon of salt tank idk how :(
mike johnson
mike johnson - 5 years ago
שחק חפץ
שחק חפץ - 5 years ago
זה מדהים
djmocok - 5 years ago
That's a big ass TV there.
sushi777300 - 5 years ago
slipper409 - 5 years ago
Great work Eli. I love your viewing area. Do you have any clams in your tank?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Yes, there are two clams, a very large one and a small one
Bret Phillips
Bret Phillips - 5 years ago
you are the man!
sagatbalrog - 5 years ago
Each of the dory fish require 15,000 gallons so really u can only put 2 fish in that tank
Wolfsong - 5 years ago
Since you call Regal Blue Tangs "dory fish," I doubt you know what you're talking about.
shea - 5 years ago
sagatbalrog lmfaoooo you wild they don't need FIFTEEN THOUSAND GALLONS.
AquaLife&More - 5 years ago
sagatbalrog Are you crazy
Gamestyle01 - 5 years ago
sagatbalrog ? Tangs don't need 15,000 gallons of space.
Elijah Spangler
Elijah Spangler - 5 years ago
Yo I have the same
sevenmile - 5 years ago
Craig Stacey
Craig Stacey - 5 years ago
Stunning tank, breath-taking to see
Protoss. - 5 years ago
Not close to my boy victor with a shark in his
Roi - 5 years ago
Miss Saltwater tank I'll be looking forward for this future build :)
iAM Gelo
iAM Gelo - 5 years ago
Kim 'S
Kim 'S - 5 years ago
can i see the detail on that protein skimmer ?
MrThaPing - 5 years ago
I appreciate how he not only cares for the aesthetics of the tank but he is also interested in the overall health of his fish. I have seen many on YouTube and other platforms boasting over their fish, but hold them inadequate setups, and thats just terrible for the animals.
Iroquois Pliskin
Iroquois Pliskin - 4 years ago
MrThaPing some just pay others to do the work
Eddie Novak
Eddie Novak - 5 years ago
WOW!!!!   Beautiful just beautiful...
marc gacayan
marc gacayan - 5 years ago
that tank was more viewed than the TV in the room
NunchuckDuck - 5 years ago
that's epic. I WANT ONE
billforigno - 5 years ago
Details of giant home aquaria are very inspiring. Since you purge a lot of water from the skimmer and replace it with new sea water, what system if any, do you use for replacing fresh water that has evaporated? Has the salinity remained stable?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
billforigno fresh water added through paristatic pump controlled by the APEX controller
billforigno - 5 years ago
I see. So you add the fresh water manually when the salinity starts to climb since the sump's water level is always dropping due to the skimmer, or have you devised a method to automate the top-ups? Thanks.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
I am using reverse osmosis for fresh water to replace the evaporated water and test salinity daily.
SpeX - 5 years ago
Unlike those Animal Planet fuckers, this guy used real living coral.
Len Wilson
Len Wilson - 5 years ago
Action movies
HermannTheGreat - 5 years ago
Yep you explained it really well. If they installed reef systems they'd be dead within the month if not earlier.
DevilDude912 - 5 years ago
Well there is a difference between a true reef tank and a 'fish only' aquarium. My bet with those guys is that they could do reefs if they wanted to but they're selling tanks to people that aren't going to maintain them themselves, pretty much anyone they work with doesn't really 'care' about setting up a reef or understanding the enclosed ecosystem it represents, they just want a boss fishtank. So those sorts are like my Mom's employer who used to pay me to maintain their tanks, and who now use a local service since my career doesn't leave time for helping them out. Those services only show up once a week or less, they aren't going to be able to do the constant monitoring you need to maintain a reef. In essence, those guys come off like mongoloids because they're making fishtanks that are bulletproof and can be maintained with weekly maintenance by a service that pays it's people minimum wage, if they tried to sell reef systems half their customers would be banging down their door when everything died.
Bread Guy
Bread Guy - 5 years ago
phantom12321800 you mean fish tank kings?
phantom12321800 - 5 years ago
Those guys are hacks. They're halfway competent at the plumbing and I don't doubt their skills with shaping acrylic etc, but their actual biology and ecosystem seems shoddy at best. There was another show with guys doing professional, more standard corporate builds on Discovery a few years back. Real pros, However, they lacked the fake drama and stupid jokes, and could admittedly be a little dry at times, so it didn't catch on.
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 5 years ago
SpeX the only reason they don't use real is because the customer doesn't want real
Spaide man
Spaide man - 5 years ago
omg...when im going to own one of this tank...:(
Travis Something
Travis Something - 5 years ago
Am I color blind or did his coral look bleached?
Roi - 5 years ago
Travis Something some of the acropora and montipora are a bit brown (which is the opposite of bleached, due to overcrowded symbiotic algae). Many of these corals will also brown out during summer in the wild and overall the colors don't pop as much without supplemental lighting... I'm guessing the browning of the coral is because of the high phosphate but I'm sure it's not a serious problem because you can see their growth...
Travis Something
Travis Something - 5 years ago
I would assume that coral has more color than that in the ocean, right? Of course not nearly so colorful as under artificial, but the majority of it looked like how coral looks in the ocean when its bleached out
Sean Mclean
Sean Mclean - 5 years ago
His coral looked like actual coral, not what it looks like under artificial lighting.
Brandon h
Brandon h - 5 years ago
Imagine if that tank exploded
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam - 5 years ago
Wow what a great tank.
Dave Green
Dave Green - 5 years ago
thats 1 awesome tank mate
QuietHorizon 241
QuietHorizon 241 - 5 years ago
I don't think you are getting that much flow with 18 feet of head pressure. Your probably getting half of what you clam.
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer - 5 years ago
No Stoney corals.
Demetri - 5 years ago
can you come by and help me build one?
Darth Belal
Darth Belal - 5 years ago
The tank isn't over-crowded nor did he try to stuff the biggest fish he could find in there. I like that so much.......
Killer Entertainment
Killer Entertainment - 5 years ago
WOW .. That is a amazing setup !!
LilacKoala23 - 5 years ago
can someone tell me the name of that blue fish with the point one on his head at 4:20 ? just wanted to the name thanks in advanced :D
Hamodo Almatrafi
Hamodo Almatrafi - 5 years ago
LilacKoala23 I believe that it is the whitemargin unicornfish
Robert Benedict
Robert Benedict - 5 years ago
that is a beautiful tank. very nice. I love it.
Deep in the Sky
Deep in the Sky - 5 years ago
who needs a tv when you have a wall size aquarium glass to watch fishes all day.. :) this is unbelievable.. the dedication of this man to maintain it.. hat's off sir..
Rob Bobbaers
Rob Bobbaers - 5 years ago
Who was the supplier for the acrylic window?
Brian - 5 years ago
wow, Nice tank.
Patrick Gallimore
Patrick Gallimore - 5 years ago
This mega aquarium is better, than, watching a movie on big screen and/or watching any and every tv show and/or movie on a giant screen HD tv...This salt water aquarium is a living glass canvas of beautiful colours and textures, which, are, constantly, changing...It's, also, like, having and experiencing a piece of the ocean, in the privacy and comfort of one's home...An aquarium of this scale, beauty and magnitude, is, one of the most sublime material possessions one can have and, moreover watching the fish swim, around, amidst the beautiful corals, is one of the most wonderful visual, mental snd emotional experiences one can have, especially, if one is privileged to have a super tank, in one's home...One day, I'd love to be able to afford, have built and have installed a massive, beautiful, custom-built salt water fish tank, at home.
ThePinza7 - 5 years ago
This is real professional quality - this is not just an aquarium, but a real life experience: especially the sump and the foam. Hope you one day to build one like that. Thank you for sharing the sea corner with me
Hilario Soto
Hilario Soto - 5 years ago
Great tank, greeting from Puerto Rico!
GooseBlack - 5 years ago
Amazing job man!!
ThatFishGuy - 5 years ago
You could keep a Barracuda in there
nekesha clayton
nekesha clayton - 5 years ago
This would be my tv if I could afford to have one in my house.
Normal Guy
Normal Guy - 4 years ago
Bruce Wayne I'm sorry
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 4 years ago
Normal Guy I do live in Africa
RoxyQueen - 4 years ago
biscuit - 4 years ago
dont forgot the energy bill that goes with running those pumps 24/7
Normal Guy
Normal Guy - 4 years ago
Patback do you live in Africa?
Patback - 5 years ago
Normal Guy I respect your dedication
Normal Guy
Normal Guy - 5 years ago
do you live in africa?
mrdealx - 5 years ago
Normal Guy - is that a guess based on some probability?
Normal Guy
Normal Guy - 5 years ago
do you live in africa?
Warped - 5 years ago
Normal Guy
a tank like this would cost an insane amount of money, and thats not counting stocking with corals and fish. with them this tank is an easy $100,000 USD..
Normal Guy
Normal Guy - 5 years ago
nekesha clayton do you live in Africa?
Marco Morin
Marco Morin - 5 years ago
Simply amazing Eli, thanks for sharing. Enjoyed !
Omar Khan
Omar Khan - 5 years ago
Wonderful aquarium with the healthiest tangs I've ever seen.
hank h
hank h - 5 years ago
This guy must make a ton of money!
Hafnas Nasar
Hafnas Nasar - 5 years ago
Nice one Eli
galatas81 - 5 years ago
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 5 years ago
Wow! The natural sunlight is just beautiful in your tank. Quite possibly the me most beautiful, natural tank I've ever seen. Well done and thank you for sharing! ❤️
Bruce Tang
Bruce Tang - 4 years ago
I was on holiday last year in Vanuatu in the South Pacific and decided to do an island cruise where we snorkelled at a protected marine park on the other side of a small island. The side of the island was mostly a rocky cliff face straight into 3-6 metres of water. The marine park was partially shaded with indirect sunlight by about midday and I kid you not, I've never seen a site so magnificent before in my life. The conditions were obviously perfect for corals as I saw some of the most beautiful aquatic life and corals I've seen. All the colours you could think of. My favourite being a bright fluorescent green coral. Artificially lighting is completely incomparable to natural light from what I saw there. Corals so beautiful I forgot about the giant groupers swimming around. The aquatic life is out of the world as well which we were able to hand feed.
Alex leonardi
Alex leonardi - 5 years ago
junito1957 Actually it's simply the fact that the owner is not careless and is actually very informed
junito1957 - 5 years ago
that what make that tank so successful real natural sunlight
Zach Chauvin
Zach Chauvin - 5 years ago
Can somebody, or Eli himself give me an honest answer on what the cost of something like this would be? Obviously the tank price would be only a small part while the upkeep, utilities, salt, etc will be the biggest cost. I am trying to get a realistic estimate because I am considering doing something like this.
black fish
black fish - 5 years ago
Zach Chauvin well if you have to ask...
digicompme - 5 years ago
Stunning, well done!
Chris - 5 years ago
Beautiful tank! Love how you use the sun to light your tank.
dm002a8686 - 5 years ago
Awesome display well done.
Ts IV - 5 years ago
Happy fishies everywhere!!
Revulsion OK
Revulsion OK - 5 years ago
African Cichlids
African Cichlids - 5 years ago
shalom Mr.Eli... you tank is greaaat and amazing
Wil Santiago Reefing
Wil Santiago Reefing - 5 years ago
Beautiful tank. Thanks for sharing!
Castellano702 - 5 years ago
i love your tank ..i have a 1,000 gallon tank and i do plan on going bigger in the near future ..this gave me ideas on how to go about it ..i do have a question tho .. what kind of brick or material did you used around the acrylic ? @eli https://youtu.be/2TXJpnvBQwY
denysost - 5 years ago
that's beautiful! and I was proud of having 3 tanks of over 100 liters, that's a whole different scale of a hobby here :D
Renato Henrique
Renato Henrique - 5 years ago
Congratulations Eli! Your tank is dream for us all in the aquarium world! Nice job!
kerguule - 5 years ago
How high are the upkeep costs per month?
Tareck Fahmi
Tareck Fahmi - 5 years ago
The hydro bill for that wouldn't be much less than my mortgage lol
Tony ARC
Tony ARC - 5 years ago
im sure the feeding is just as much too
Tom Ashton
Tom Ashton - 5 years ago
Great skimmer, love the wipers. Anything to cut down on maintenance. Fish look healthy and fat. Also, lighting looks very natural. You have gone out of your way to replicate nature and it shows.
Darren Cliff
Darren Cliff - 5 years ago
WOW! Thanks for sharing Eli :)
Faleen Fedol
Faleen Fedol - 5 years ago
Such absolute beauty....a pleasure.....thank you so much for sharing..
Pedro Carmo African Cichlids
Pedro Carmo African Cichlids - 5 years ago
geckoblaze48 - 5 years ago
wow nice!!!
Ернст Канделаке
Ернст Канделаке - 5 years ago
дааааа, дядя, офигеть
Ернст Канделаке
Ернст Канделаке - 5 years ago
крабов как изводил в камнях!? плавал с горпуном!?
myreefblog Marco
myreefblog Marco - 5 years ago
WOW! Impressive!
caleb demas
caleb demas - 5 years ago
were any of these fish caught in the Mediterranean?
caleb demas
caleb demas - 5 years ago
very pretty, maybe you don,t need that TV right next to it you already have a natural one.
Coonalisa - 5 years ago
This is the ultimate dream.
Northwestern Reefer
Northwestern Reefer - 5 years ago
All I can say is wow! I have subbed to your channel.
kritbordin rinta
kritbordin rinta - 5 years ago
I'm thinking about the use of sunlight to light my tank.
but quick question, how do you control the temperature? I live in Thailand, We get lots of sun here.
Ben Gillmeister
Ben Gillmeister - 5 years ago
I could sit and watch them fish all day long, can I ask how much did you spend on this aquarium ?
norbzart 2nd
norbzart 2nd - 5 years ago
hi is there any chance to find anything the skimmer you have?how to build etc?thanks a lot
Crismaif - 5 years ago
imagine a conta de luz final do mês juventude aquário massa
Brandon Meade
Brandon Meade - 5 years ago
how do u get 1000ltrs of sea water . do u live near it
CabinDoor - 4 years ago
Shepikee - 5 years ago
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran - 5 years ago
I Sculpt Hahaha
Coco Wang
Coco Wang - 5 years ago
I Sculpt
I Sculpt - 5 years ago
You get 1000 liters of water and a bucket of salt.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Nurlinda F Sihotang
Nurlinda F Sihotang - 5 years ago
you could made it too. there were tutorials for that
Rushdy Fouzeen
Rushdy Fouzeen - 5 years ago
it may be got polluted in the last few decades..
L.J. - 5 years ago
Rushdy Fouzeen Isn't it polluted?
Rushdy Fouzeen
Rushdy Fouzeen - 5 years ago
from the occupied sea side of midetteranean
Tony Tse
Tony Tse - 5 years ago
Carlos Amaral
Carlos Amaral - 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing!
MidwoodReef - 5 years ago
מהמם !!! גאווה ישראלית , גורם לטנק שלי להראות חיוור (-:
Origami Captain
Origami Captain - 5 years ago
I hope to have a tank like yours some day, but it seems very complicated and hard to afford. Thanks for the videos.
Don Lidtke
Don Lidtke - 5 years ago
Amazing and beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
KILLERK260464 - 5 years ago
simply amazing, that is mad skills. great job and really nice video!
muhiber rojonigondha
muhiber rojonigondha - 5 years ago
Brett Abbott
Brett Abbott - 5 years ago
That Sohal tang! What an awesome tank. Thanks so much for sharing.
Rakhu Rakhu
Rakhu Rakhu - 5 years ago
Eli, great video. Your numbers are great for a saltwater tank of that size.
FRANK1BHOY - 5 years ago
congratulations Eli,you win
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 5 years ago
What I find incredible about this MASSIVE tank is that he uses ZERO Additives, except for CAL & ALK....WOW...
RAVINDER S Purba - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing this amazing video, Could you please make a video for your filtration as well This will help us educate more and opportunity to learn about life support system of larger system like yours,
Sven H.
Sven H. - 5 years ago
wonderful ! next holiday i will spend at your home ! :-)
Liaan Lategan
Liaan Lategan - 5 years ago
This is super amazing! I would love to see a video just about the sump :)
Lukasz Wegrzyn
Lukasz Wegrzyn - 5 years ago
This is wonderful passion, I envy you ... (positive way)
M. Hufstader
M. Hufstader - 5 years ago
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Your neighbors must knock on your door constantly. Very impressive set up.
LiQuiD SmoKe
LiQuiD SmoKe - 5 years ago
Absolutely stunning and impressive Eli. I love that you use natural sunlight. Would love to see some video with the LEDs and see those coral reefs pop! Great job!
Kfir Albo
Kfir Albo - 5 years ago
שלום אלי השאלה הגדולה היא מאיפה באמת כל זה נלקח הרי זה ברור שלא שילמת באיביי והגיע אליך ריף עם שושנון איילתי ורוב דגי אילת הביתה כפי שזה נראה מה שקרה פה זה שאתה עשית מה שהרבה אנשים עושים וזה מאוד עצוב עקרת אותם ללא רשות רק שהרוב לא באמת מצליחים להשאיר את האלמוגים חיים שזה עוד יותר חבל באמת אני האחרון שיקנא בדברים כאלה או שיגיד משהו רע להפך באמת הייתי שמח יותר אם הייתי יודע שקנית את זה וכל הכבוד שזה בישראל וזה גאווה וכו כל מי שצולל יסכים איתי שבגלל דברים כאלה אנחנו רואים פחות יופי שאנחנו מבצעים את הצלילות לפי דעתי זה מעשה ממש אנוכי
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
הכל קנוי בחנויות, יש כנראה יצוא ממדינות השוכנות על חוף ים סוף למדינות אחרות ומשם לישראל.
Kfir Albo
Kfir Albo - 5 years ago
אם תשים לב יש שם דגים ואלמוגים שנמצאים רק בארץ ויש שם כאלה שנמצאים בארץ ובג'יבוטי, אריתריאה, סודאן, מצרים, ירדן, ערב הסעודית ותימן סביר להניח שהם נלקחו מהארץ ולא יובוא מאחת המדינות האלה אחרי מפרץ סודאן אותם אלמוגים ודגים לא קיימים או קיימים בצורה שונה
Gil Fruchter
Gil Fruchter - 5 years ago
כן. חנויות מייבאות אלמוגים ודגים מחו"ל. בארץ, כמו שציינת, אסור להוציא אותם מהים.
Kfir Albo
Kfir Albo - 5 years ago
אתה רוצה להגיד לי שהאלמוגים והשושנון ורוב דגי אילת לא נלקחו מהים ונקנו מחנות שמיצרת בעזרת קסם את הדברים הללו
Gil Fruchter
Gil Fruchter - 5 years ago
חנויות דגים סטנדרטיות. אין שם שום דבר שנלקח מהים...
MrAnthism - 5 years ago
Congrats Eli, thank you for showing us your wonder!
Ruslan Smak
Ruslan Smak - 5 years ago
very nice!
Patrick Kurth
Patrick Kurth - 5 years ago
My wife would love this
goodall1bay - 5 years ago
All that tank and only 1 regal tang '
kulukay - 5 years ago
Es hermoso, pero los acuarios con una cárcel.
Robin H
Robin H - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing!
Etika's Pop Tart
Etika's Pop Tart - 5 years ago
Thanks for uploading this, I hope to see more soon. Always nice to see beautiful, happy fish and corals in a well maintained system. And even more inspiring to see one of this size.
TheFakeProdigy - 5 years ago
This is absolutely amazing. I recently upgraded to a 10 gallon and I am look forward to the day I get a 50 gallon.
Tim Stahl
Tim Stahl - 5 years ago
George Mezori
George Mezori - 5 years ago
ELI... can you make a night video IF it's more colorful with your LEDs? The natural sunlight is more realistic but it does also wash out colors, produce that orange color in colors a lot too. It's usually those blue lights and led's that make things glow and pop.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
I actually like the natural look that the sunlight provides. I only have minimal LED lighting that doesn't change much/
sezles1 - 5 years ago
Perhaps 2 or 3 ATSs so you can rotate the cleaning of the screens. I have 2 and they work very well . My waterfall ATS is lit from both sides. Waterfall ATS;s are the most efficent removers of nitrate and phosphate.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Thanks for the input, seems that many have success with ATSs.
Michael Milan
Michael Milan - 5 years ago
Wow, I just wondering the monetary cost of maintaining something like that.....it's a lot of effort and money...
mary neely
mary neely - 5 years ago
It's so amazing the fish are beautiful & I would like to know the names & if they were bought or caught by you.
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
The are imported by salt water fish stores and bought from the stores.
Ginga Gaming
Ginga Gaming - 5 years ago
so he stole these fish from their natural environment?
GLAS63 - 5 years ago
Simply Magnificent!! Well Done Eli..
ricardo ramirez
ricardo ramirez - 5 years ago
wtf this tank is EPIC! i just shit myself this is my new dream tank i hope you can tell us more specifications so we the mortals could try to do the same on a low level, what kind of glass you used and what material to make the rest of the aquarium, is some kind of special material? also were you get those controller on your pumps, you dose with a timer or use some kind of apex? this is the best tank ever you living the dream
ricardo ramirez
ricardo ramirez - 5 years ago
tnkz for the time to answer my question, how much you spend on this awesome tank just to give me and idea if i buy a house on the beach consider this dream come true hehe
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
It's mostly made of concrete covered with fiberglass and the front view panel is 4" thick acrylic.
Kat - 5 years ago
absolutely beautiful. Eli you have some very happy and healthy looking fish there.. fantastic workmanship. you are amazing. best wishes from Australia
ChevyBM - 5 years ago
Simply amazing!
maria brown
maria brown - 5 years ago
Who needs a TV when you have that??
shortsleevecardigan - 5 years ago
Beautiful! You have so many corals that I had in my tank (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMKxPzpoDIU) . Brings back nice memories! My tank crashed while on holidays due to unexpected power failure.
Ricardo020255 - 5 years ago
Excellent dream chase Eli!
Jared Anwyl
Jared Anwyl - 5 years ago
Have you found someone you trust for tank sitting?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
It's fully controlled from my phone, so I am doing the sitting
Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart - 5 years ago
Stunning !!
JD Borgeson
JD Borgeson - 5 years ago
just fyi, there is a typo at 5:05. it should say 'excess' not 'access'
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
sezles1 - 5 years ago
Very Interesting, Regarding the need for a larger algae filtration area, why not consider an Algae Turf Scrubber either upflow or better still a waterfall scrubber?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
Will look into it, thanks
Joe Hua
Joe Hua - 5 years ago
this is amazing OMG ! dream tank! one question, where did you get all those live rock ? did you purchased them or? that would be a lot of money just for the rock right ? haha
Mr. Mediocre Gamer
Mr. Mediocre Gamer - 5 years ago
Wow, it's really amazing what one can accomplish with a lot of money.
eleuyhera - 5 years ago
Awesome job Eli!!
Sanderc2 - 5 years ago
This is amazing! Upload more video's please! Gr. from the Netherlands
Mike Vormwald
Mike Vormwald - 5 years ago
Eli - Awesome SW reef tank!
Trulylatino - 5 years ago
Impressive! Loved the fish panorama. :)
Joe Ruark
Joe Ruark - 5 years ago
"Please enjoy my tank" like we had a choice.
Sam Sok
Sam Sok - 5 years ago
Hey I'm in that cool part of YouTube fuck yeah
nocodeNH - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing! And congratulations for this amazing aquarium
Carl Zoltan
Carl Zoltan - 5 years ago
How could you not like this?
Enterscope Multimedia
Enterscope Multimedia - 5 years ago
Tank you for the presentation.
Thelema - 5 years ago
Ritzzar - 5 years ago
very nice, i enjoyed watching this
dewdewdewdewdful - 5 years ago
those fish have more friends than I do.
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson - 5 years ago
dewdewdewdewdful same lol
Talon Td
Talon Td - 5 years ago
it's about quality, not quantity.
J Dot Tee
J Dot Tee - 5 years ago
Hetstaine - 5 years ago
hunterrpl - 5 years ago
I'd love to throw a rock at this.
Regera Agera
Regera Agera - 5 years ago
gpaje lol you gave him the right answer" on point "
gpage - 5 years ago
Assuming it's acrylic, likely to bound off and hit you in the face instead.
Wim Heitinga
Wim Heitinga - 5 years ago
That's an amazing aquarium, love it!
The only thing that's not good about it is that's it's not in my house ;-)
Guywithcrazyideas - 5 years ago
I wonder what it cost initially and the monthly upkeep bills?
adisa gemma
adisa gemma - 4 years ago
if you have to ask you can't afford it. stick to 1 goldfish
Dylan Cromwell
Dylan Cromwell - 4 years ago
Well, read down. He does reply to another comment that it's about 1k electricity costs per month...
Parrot Chan
Parrot Chan - 4 years ago
hi ,according to another video of a guy with a 20000gallon tank home aquarium (which is half of the tank in this video). That guy said it took about 500,000-700,000 to build it. So divide by half it would be about 250,000-350,000.
Michael C
Michael C - 5 years ago
Light Up The Darkness shut your mouth, get back under your bridge troll
Colin Tran
Colin Tran - 5 years ago
The cost to set setup this tank with livestock is well over 200k.
Alex leonardi
Alex leonardi - 5 years ago
Guywithcrazyideas I'd like to add that nobody here seems to realise that it isn't just the price of the tank, which is not any ordinary tank (obviously), what about the money to pay the workers, the reinforced concrete, the reinforced glass. It isn't crazy to say that this could've costed at least 100k. Idk who said the upkeep is 100 a month but as soon as they said "fish can live on bread crumbs" I just lost all hope lol...
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
aecrim1969 I set up my 65 gal for about 400 and it cost me almost nothing per month.. you over paid, also it's all custom so he didn't pay petco prices..
aecrim1969 - 5 years ago
Sorry buddy, you have no clue. I had a 120G salt water tank and that was the $ I paid, about $5000 for the tank and setup and $120-150 monthly maintenance
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
regardless,.,., its beautiful and i will have this one day!! :-P
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
ok, i kindof remember this.. i just didnt think the "initial" cost was a half million.. i think i could get this set up for under 50k but maybe not.. big doesnt always mean rich..
Nathaniel Hernandez
Nathaniel Hernandez - 5 years ago
I'm sorry but aquariums are expensive.$100 a month is a price to run a small fish tank
luvbotany - 5 years ago
doing a bit of calculation... *assuming very little drag...
27000l/hr x 18ft lift = 6.5 horsepower worth of pumps x 750w/1hp = ~ 5kw/hr worth of e' x $0.15 (the ave cost of e in Israel ) = $0.75/hr x 24hr = $18 /day x 365 = $6570/year for the pumps alone.
Light Up The Darkness
Light Up The Darkness - 5 years ago
Don't listen to David Andriani he's a moron they're just fish you can feed them white bread or corn flakes $100/month maximum. Electricity is cheap to run pumps and LED's much less that $100/month. If you're paying more than $5-10/fish you're a moron and the Aquarium you can build yourself. Total cost $5000 + $150/month. Ignore the aquarium fish nerds.
IllegalAlien51 - 5 years ago
If this was a freshwater aquarium (Which I think looks much better than a marine one) It would cost as little as 20k or less.
David Andriani
David Andriani - 5 years ago
At least 100K for the Aquarium and life support system... another $50K in marine life. MINIMUM. Let's also realize that a home large enough to house an aquarium that size and still have plenty of room for yourself and close enough to the ocean to grab real sea sater... $1mil+ ... and lastly... AT LEAST $2K/month in food and another $2K in electricity and maintenance. If you think you could do this for $60K you've lost your mind.
21BakDoor21 - 5 years ago
haha I dont think so either but it's still very expensive. I'd believe 100,000 but maybe it is less. Only reason I say that much is because how big everything is. The fact that no one has one and they're not mass produced and have to be basically hand made, that would cause the cost to go sky high. You probably could build it yourself for a lot less but most people wouldnt even wanna chance messing it up.

I've seen big ass TV's for literally half a mill. That is crazier than crazy but it's like having a movie theater in your big ass living room if you're rich.

I dont mean to argue with you really
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
so i dont have to keep arguing, i think this could be done for easily under 100,000. just because it is big doesn't mean its that much more pricey, the fish/rock are gonna cost mad money, but because it is a custom job, i think it was a lot cheaper than one might expect..
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
yea, its great.. but no where near a half a mil lol...15k for the fish/reef and another 20-30 for the renovation..tops
21BakDoor21 - 5 years ago
Did you see what it is that he has there? This is not a couple hundred gallon tank that a lot of people may have.
Alyssa - 5 years ago
Guywithcrazyideas You'd be surprised how much fish alone can go for. I spotted at least one black tang (looking fully grown, mind you), and depending on where and when he bought that fish, could have spent $5000 on a single black tang. The more recent prices im seeing them at are $1000 and just under.
Nathaniel Hernandez
Nathaniel Hernandez - 5 years ago
FillUmUpp aquariums are expensive believe it or not.I believe that it costed at least $200,000.Tanks and fish are not cheap.Monthly cost is at Least couple grand
FillUmUpp - 5 years ago
do you know what money is? no where near 40,000.. half a million?? come on..
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 5 years ago
Guywithcrazyideas initial cost was probably well over $100,000 maybe even closer to half a million dollars.
AramGMP - 5 years ago
or you can do other things with that money
Mr. Mediocre Gamer
Mr. Mediocre Gamer - 5 years ago
+JD Borgeson Ah, my bad. Your knowledge of Office Space is greater than my own. ;-)
JD Borgeson
JD Borgeson - 5 years ago
+Eethan O'Connell I was continuing your office space reference... but it's all ruined now 
Mr. Mediocre Gamer
Mr. Mediocre Gamer - 5 years ago
+JD Borgeson I do. :-( ¯\(ツ)/¯ 

JD Borgeson
JD Borgeson - 5 years ago
you know you don't need a million dollars for that, right?
Mr. Mediocre Gamer
Mr. Mediocre Gamer - 5 years ago
Like two chicks at once?
worlukk - 5 years ago
Very nice.
Jesse Hickman
Jesse Hickman - 5 years ago
Eli, that tank is a beast. Congratulations on all of your hard work, man.
Chris Zombik
Chris Zombik - 5 years ago
This is out of control. Amazing work!
yyyy2999 - 5 years ago
What is that whole foam thing about? Why is there foam and what is it for?
wat - 5 years ago
Sweet blaze spot my man
Maxim Ovchin
Maxim Ovchin - 5 years ago
Incredible that nature does it naturally, while human made tank requires crazy amount of equipment...
Ghost - 5 years ago
couldn't be anymore jealous i've been a fan of aquariums since i was a kid
MegaEhmcee - 5 years ago
Wonderful aquarium!
Kylesville - 5 years ago
This man must get so much pussayyyy.
잘못 - 4 years ago
Chris Mason
Chris Mason - 5 years ago
Kylesville with that kinda money, yes he fucken can!
Verdigris - 5 years ago
Yeah, pussy cats that want to eat his fish.
Apple_Cider - 5 years ago
Alex Kingcole
Alex Kingcole - 5 years ago
rob slipsky
rob slipsky - 5 years ago
How do you get 1000 gallons of sea water?
Taekwon Crawfish
Taekwon Crawfish - 5 years ago
260 gallons isn't all that much if you think of it.
Quasar Productions
Quasar Productions - 5 years ago
+ka ms I am aware, I live in the U.S.. I am referring to what he said in the video..
You rude shit(not shite, ya fucking tard).
Quasar Productions
Quasar Productions - 5 years ago
That is a good question. I think he said liters though.
Alexmummstheword - 5 years ago
wow great piece of work you have there! beautiful you should be proud!
Nike013 - 5 years ago
How much does it cost to maintain every month?
Phuck Phat
Phuck Phat - 5 years ago
Imagine sitting in front of this thing at 3am with some blunts. I'd watch this shit all night.
steelgreysti - 5 years ago
Beautiful tank! This a tank of dreams
Squee Gee
Squee Gee - 5 years ago
If I had an aquarium like this one, I would ditch my TV.
linda chan
linda chan - 4 years ago
I would ditch life and go live inside it
Mr. Mediocre Gamer
Mr. Mediocre Gamer - 5 years ago
Shark week would be a lot more fun.
foreignpyramid - 5 years ago
this is one of the coolest things i have ever seen! beautiful, large, and amazing!! good video!
DEVILCHiLDere - 5 years ago
I will enjoy your tank
someoneelse - 5 years ago
I'd love to know his monthly electric bill.
Troy Causey
Troy Causey - 5 years ago
Informative and Impressive video. BTW what is the name of the music playing in the background. I like it :)
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
"Deliberate Thought"
Budrick3Gaming - 5 years ago
How much would you speculate you have invested in this aquarium along with your beautiful fish.
Budrick3Gaming - 5 years ago
There is more science in this aquarium than the pools in the Olympics at Rio.
nao sou ninguem
nao sou ninguem - 4 years ago
vem morar aqui entao, vem pegar zica e dengue e morre depois de 5 segundos mimadinho!!!
mijnbook - 4 years ago
What a bunch of stupid!
FROGxDELIVER - 5 years ago
Kristopher Nielsen lol rip whoever worked behind that pool
Kristopher Nielsen
Kristopher Nielsen - 5 years ago
Based Stickman
Based Stickman - 5 years ago
Kristopher Nielsen What does that mean. was the pool dirty or something.
Kristopher Nielsen
Kristopher Nielsen - 5 years ago
I'd rather swim in my toilet bowl after I've taken a leak than the Rio Olympic swimming pools.
Alex Kingcole
Alex Kingcole - 5 years ago
Or, a betta's vow to snuggle in limits of a high crime city in the U.S.A..
Jacob Morales
Jacob Morales - 5 years ago
This is an absolutely amazing video! Thank you for posting this, I am absolutely fascinated!
qgmlwy - 5 years ago
Over 38 tons of water on a hillside. Must have a strong house.
Anthony's Malawi Predators
Anthony's Malawi Predators - 5 years ago
oh my thats crazy
Melc Sokat
Melc Sokat - 5 years ago
Great tank, any details about building it ?
Eli Aquarium
Eli Aquarium - 5 years ago
I will soon add some photos to the aquarium Facebook page
rob slipsky
rob slipsky - 5 years ago
I was wondering same thing
Zaher Wattar
Zaher Wattar - 5 years ago
New video pls
Jasmine Yamahata
Jasmine Yamahata - 5 years ago
if I had a tank that nice in my house I'd knock all the walls down so I could see it no matter where I was in the house.
Roi - 5 years ago
pretty sure its all reinforced concrete except for the front viewing panel
Roddy Warren
Roddy Warren - 5 years ago
that is a fantastic aquarium, the fish look very happy I love the way your Tangs stop in water for the Cleaner Wrasse to do his thing. I have subscribed please keep the videos coming.
TheFishTank Doc.
TheFishTank Doc. - 6 years ago
Very nice. Thank you for taking the time to upload.
Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 6 years ago
Beautiful and amazing...
JoNnyThroX - 6 years ago
great vid. but how much did all this stuff cost ? :D
Carlos Pina
Carlos Pina - 6 years ago
Wow 10,000 gallons that is huge,thanks for the video Eli hope to see more in future
CraftyDeGrasse - 6 years ago
Lol never mind found it
CraftyDeGrasse - 6 years ago
Amazing! Thanks for sharing, where can I find the video of you feeding the fish?

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