Ultimate Aquascape Plants 2017

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Kenji Murata
Kenji Murata - 5 years ago
What is your background plants? :)
Xander Langeweg
Xander Langeweg - 6 years ago
what kind of plants are the little ones on the foreground?
Joaquín Novoa
Joaquín Novoa - 6 years ago
Hemianthus callitrichoides, dear friend. Could also be hemianthus montecarlo, they are very similar
Cenk Esen
Cenk Esen - 6 years ago
hey çoçito kestebahatta adamım :D
COCOASCAPING - 6 years ago
Muy bonito todo, está estupendo!

un saludo
Macy Lynn
Macy Lynn - 6 years ago
Love the pearls on the plants in the beginning of the video. Beautiful and apparently healthy!

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