Upside Down Fish Tank on Pond

Making and fitting upside down fish tank on fish pond.

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Making and fitting upside down fish tank on fish pond.

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Lyle Landstrom
Lyle Landstrom - 5 years ago
Great job on building it.
Josh Bibler
Josh Bibler - 5 years ago
if fish can be dominate and if they can protect there territories like the white fush was than.they have some kind of basic thinking prcess with trickle of safty awareness.
Janos K
Janos K - 5 years ago
I hope that Hoover was a wet n dry.
REST IN TINY PIECES!!! - 5 years ago
he should have built in a bunch of small pots/fake rocks all over tha back side and place in a shit load of real plants and and in like 3 months that woulda look bad ass....but his way is cool i should start showing my tanks i have a smaller set up just like this dudes but mine is just as i said he should have done. but real nice my friend
kevin burk
kevin burk - 5 years ago
what are the dimensions of the tank you used would like to do this too
Jalal Dawod
Jalal Dawod - 5 years ago
Genius !!
twatbass - 5 years ago
i apologize, after watching the whole thing i realize that this guy must be autistic .
twatbass - 5 years ago
did he stick his head under a mower? hes missing a patch. this went annoying slow because dude didnt get that the suction had to be at the top of the fish tank when removing air.
AweSomo84 - 5 years ago
Great pond , awesome people !

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son duong
son duong - 5 years ago
You fill to much water in the tank you should keep it some air
shutupandletmego - 5 years ago
love it :D
James Smith
James Smith - 5 years ago
Love it! You could see the fish thinking where the hell am I going in this thing? lol
Ebba G
Ebba G - 5 years ago
that was good yeay
Bob Loom
Bob Loom - 5 years ago
Why the hell would you use a vacuum cleaner?
Destroy Idiots
Destroy Idiots - 5 years ago
Oh I know how we can lure a fish into the new space lets get my cat to hover over the water... That will do it I'm sure.
pforce9 - 5 years ago
Telling that cat "you're not helping" is music to the cat's ears.
Joel Parish
Joel Parish - 6 years ago
Emre MUTLU - 6 years ago
Hey, that reservoir has less than 1 atm pressure.

So, if you build it high enough, your fishes may... EXPLODE

OMG OMG OMG!!! :O Do not try it at home!
mariella sabran
mariella sabran - 6 years ago
This is so rip-off it's not even up side down assholes

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pastuh - 6 years ago
Smartest fish at 12:15
Ardhea Cublink
Ardhea Cublink - 6 years ago
Smallface Putin
Smallface Putin - 6 years ago
done in google slides
jorge cervantes
jorge cervantes - 6 years ago
Very nice , really enjoyed this .
AMDdotcom - 6 years ago
why the water rises when you pull the air out
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
AMDdotcom low pressure
lcschaf - 6 years ago
Have they become used to it now?
Rachel Watts
Rachel Watts - 6 years ago
Love it, but why the blue perspex?
GpD79 - 6 years ago
That was pretty cool. Nice job.
Joricano - 6 years ago
fish are like "what sorcery is this?"
BarocaS2 - 6 years ago
is the upside down tank more likely to lower the temperature of the water which may freeze/expand the water and break the tank

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Fritz Colburn
Fritz Colburn - 6 years ago
So basically a water bridge without the bridge. Would like to see how they've taken to this. Any recent video?
Vivek Mohun
Vivek Mohun - 6 years ago
is the steel frame safe for the fish???
magzire - 6 years ago
where did you get the panels?
Mustamir Amenk
Mustamir Amenk - 6 years ago
Andy Neal
Andy Neal - 6 years ago
Great idea & if it upset the fish they would not feed from it. I hope it's still working some years later. Would love to see some coloured LED on the back for a night time view.
István Mező
István Mező - 6 years ago
Ashutosh Rathi
Ashutosh Rathi - 6 years ago
dumbass you have a pond instead of putting them into tank you should keep them in pond
magzire - 6 years ago
Ashutosh Rathi point is to see the fish above water, dumbass
Star Gaming
Star Gaming - 6 years ago
DivineBanana this kids probably like 12 just ignore him
DivineBanana - 6 years ago
they have access to both the pond and the tank... its just creating more room, and making a nice view area for himself and his guests. the fuck are you going on about?
xenathomas - 6 years ago
wery cool
Ajith Chelliah
Ajith Chelliah - 6 years ago
That is so cool... Will try it in my pond and let you know! Beautiful!
Juan Manuel Bastidas
Juan Manuel Bastidas - 6 years ago
me gusta lo que enseñan en esta pagina
Lorraine - 6 years ago
That is so cool :)
Riker626 - 6 years ago
First I have seen this, VERY cool. But got a science question, would the fish experience negative pressure when going up the tank?

At the surface there would be basic nominal pressure, the deeper they go there would be more. So when they go up the inverted tank it should go negative ... right?
Grag Eiliel
Grag Eiliel - 6 years ago
But you wouldnt suspect it to be dangerous? I imagine fish are instinctually smart enough to know when they are experiencing too many atmospheres
Rik Skywalker
Rik Skywalker - 6 years ago
Yup the pressure goes down, up the column. You can see the fish react to the negative pressure.
Dennis Maksimov
Dennis Maksimov - 6 years ago
Yeah kinda ...I'm an engineer and i like your thinking.
at the surface of the water we only have atmospheric pressure (about 14 psi) if we go one inch bellow the surface we have the weight of the water (Density*gravity*height) + pressure of the air.

Once we create a upside down tank. we suck out the air inside it, But how does the water rise? The pressure outside pushes the water in.
so we get pressure= air pressure-(weight of water above water line)
so its negative relative to the pressure at the surface.
Jakob Pedersen
Jakob Pedersen - 6 years ago
Riker626 yup. In fact, the water column may at max be about 10m tall above the water surface. Any higher, and the pressure is so low that the water boil/evaporates. So a construction such as this might hurt a fish, as air inside of them will expand.

Also sjyaw is actually wrong, although for most practical purposes in everyday life it makes little difference. Air also provides pressure here on the surface, and the higher you go, the lower the pressure. How much pressure a column of air/liquid provides depends upon the density(weight) of the substance.
sjyaw - 6 years ago
...Wrong! It's all relative to the water surface. If you had a tank of water in a hot air balloon basket measured the pressure at 300mm deep, then did the same at sea level it would measure the same and since water cannot be compressed it is unaffected by altitude so it would weigh the sameas well . pressure only changes the deeper you go in water in conjunction with the weight of the surrounding water. It's not affected if you're the same distance below the surface of the water but at a different altitude. Hope this answers your question.
Marian Ann yeargain
Marian Ann yeargain - 6 years ago
you don't like him do not look at them how about that
Sciddly Boogly
Sciddly Boogly - 6 years ago
Marian Ann yeargain ?
Julio Mpodyn
Julio Mpodyn - 6 years ago
Hi ! I was wondering how you had made the metal structure on the base (where you put the tank). Sorry for my English and tanks for your answer !
Paul Hoskins
Paul Hoskins - 6 years ago
curious as to lights in the pond,do they illuminate raised tank?---now ya need a matching one on other side of waterfall !
ghostypup - 6 years ago
as they say on the telly, build it and they will come. nice one mate, good on you
tanmoy roy
tanmoy roy - 6 years ago
i can sit by the side of this fish tank for hours :)
Torii Savage
Torii Savage - 6 years ago
the words and video effects give me a headache!
lil-durbz - 6 years ago
Looks kinda depressing needs more plants
varuscelli - 6 years ago
sjyaw, what would you estimate the capacity of your upside-down tank to be?  Either in gallons or liters?  Looks to me that it would be between 29 and 40 U.S. gallons.  We are trying to determine how large a tank we might be able to invert over my father's pond.  We own a 90-gallon tank and might be tempted to try that one, but the sheer amount of water is a bit intimidating.
varuscelli - 6 years ago
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!  :-)
sjyaw - 6 years ago
it depends on the footprint of your tank, if it's a tall tank that's a lot of weight on the rim of the tank, you will need to make a custom support for the tank and don't forget that the weight of the water will be sucking the tank sides in, oposite to a normal tank set up, even on the 35gallon tank I made with 1/4" glass it bowed in the front and back a good 3/8". Also if you're setting it up where it's going to be in direct sunlight you will have to clean the glass daily with algea growth. The last thing to consider is the ratio of the tank to overall pond size, if you only have a small pond and you fit a large tank on top the water in the tank will raise in temperate by 10s of degrees promoting blanket weed and bacteria. Just a few things to think about, hope this helps. sjyaw

50. comment for Upside Down Fish Tank on Pond

Alfred Rubiszewski
Alfred Rubiszewski - 6 years ago
Równie proste, jak z jajkiem Columba, tylko trzeba WPAŚĆ na to, że ciśnienie atmosferyczne podniesie nam wodę w naczyniu, a ryby tam wpłyną po pokarm! Wolę te ryby pływające po całym stawie!
E R - 6 years ago
air pocket?
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS - 6 years ago
right now i just grabbed an old 3 gallon acrylic out of the garage and set it on top of the boulders in my 135. now i'm sitting here watching my Puffers watch me from over the wall of the tank. NOW every time i go to the fridge they are goin nutz! the cat musta clued them in on that. before they just knew food comes from this side of the house. animals aren't dumb.
Samm Marcelo
Samm Marcelo - 6 years ago
is that all koi fish UB your pond?
A S - 6 years ago
paint those wooden supports blue and its good
Zhenyao Wen
Zhenyao Wen - 6 years ago
How's that possible? The water pressure is gonna push the water out. Amazing!!
Amkha Thavongsa
Amkha Thavongsa - 6 years ago
Mac Mak
Mac Mak - 6 years ago
Chad Alex
Chad Alex - 6 years ago
That's like a high rise apartment in manhattan
Hootabell - 6 years ago
wow so cool
ed hondo
ed hondo - 6 years ago
500 hundred years ago in the US  they burned  people for doing stuff like this .. I can see why from some of the replies
pastuh - 6 years ago
No, you should have said in North Korea
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 6 years ago
Nevir202 - 6 years ago
So you think people were making inverted fish tanks in North America 24 years after Columbus' voyage? LMAO!
ed hondo
ed hondo - 6 years ago
well excuse me , but you are right .. I should have said in north America 500 years ago ..
JOHNOBUB - 6 years ago
The United States will be 240 years old on July 4 2016. The Declaration of Independence was adopted and published on July 4, 1776 by the Continental Congress and delegates began signing it later that August 1776.
real eyes realize real lies
real eyes realize real lies - 6 years ago
Dude do know how old the United States is?
JOHNOBUB - 6 years ago
+ed hondo you must be thinking of europe. 500 years ago.
zeekthe hammer
zeekthe hammer - 6 years ago
id love to see a large arch way to a garden patio with bushes grown in around a fish tank that goes from the main pond to above the house in height. could have some pretty lucky fish. maybe big enough for koi to travel through.
Simon Banks
Simon Banks - 6 years ago
does it ever freeze up over the winter?
sjyaw - 6 years ago
I take it away in the winter, gives me a cance to properly clean it, do maintinence ready for for spring.
geminirat60 - 6 years ago
dead zone ? thats funny! if your worried about a dead zone then add a circulating pump and point the jet up into the tank. but i don't think you need it though, with the waterfall and the fish swimming in and out of the tank.
evilordxw - 6 years ago
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! This is amazing!!!!
Man u need to re-edit this clip. Show the final product at the beginning of the video, then show how it's made
Sol Zaer
Sol Zaer - 7 years ago
Nice to know Ron Paul's dad has a hobby after this whole election. Maybe Ron Paul himself will get into aquariums.
Marshall Smith™
Marshall Smith™ - 7 years ago
I did this with my 125 Gallon indoor terrarium and my turtles seem to enjoy it when I had it installed. I used a 40 gallon tank for the upper part and filled it to where there was still 8 inches of air space and put a floating dock inside and sat the basking lights on top of the glass. I will make a video when I set it back up again because I did not put it back last time I cleaned their tanks.
Nevir202 - 6 years ago
Wow, did you put a thermometer in there? I'd have thought with that little trapped air space and no ventilation it'd be crazy hot.
John Anniel Bundalian
John Anniel Bundalian - 6 years ago
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS - 6 years ago
I put a 7 gallon cylinder on my 125 puffer tank and floated tiger prawns on wooden clothes pins to entice them in. now they go in to watch me in the kitchen at meal time or whenever they want to see over the blue side panel of the tank
varuscelli - 6 years ago
I agree -- I would love to see either photos or a video of this setup.  I'd like to do the same with a 90-gallon tank.
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS
Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS - 6 years ago
Post that shit! I'm going to try this with my 20 gallon on top of my 60
Nathan Richley
Nathan Richley - 7 years ago
Put a few bass in there and you've got a show
bent540 - 7 years ago
so how many fish drowned in the tank since you mounted it?
sharkbev - 7 years ago
I love this...
Aquatasy - 7 years ago
Oh my gosh, that's amazing. It's fascinating to see the fish each freak out after the swim up into the tank. Bravo!
Nadia Kalloe
Nadia Kalloe - 7 years ago
This is awesome. Unfortionately no one who copy's you on fb, is gicinf credits to you :(
P B - 7 years ago
You can always open the top of the tank to feed them.
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
P B the vacuum would break
P B - 7 years ago
+Benoit Chouinard Shush you.
Benoit Chouinard
Benoit Chouinard - 7 years ago
+Paul Bevillard You would loose all the water in it.
Tintin M
Tintin M - 7 years ago
the fish that first went up should be called "NEMO"
Sean Kiesser
Sean Kiesser - 7 years ago
sjyaw I have a concern on this idea. Eventually the water in that upside down tank will become oxygen free. Then it becomes a death zone for the Koi. It would be better to have two nearly identical tanks, cut holes in their bottoms, and insert a tube, with a pump inside to pull water through from one side to the other. Either a screen end for smaller tube, or make a genuine water bridge, with the pump as a permanent fixture pointing one way from the bridge. Use a long extension tube for your wetvac to pump the air out of the bridge. Not sure might get away with the pump being placed in one tank, and pointing either up, or down too.
SalsaShark42 - 6 years ago
Or just put a powerhead in there and that should circulate enough water to keep the oxygen levels safe...
KirkOfBellevue - 7 years ago
not racist but the white fish seems like the leader and he said it is off limits. yes i speak fish.
Simon Drapeau
Simon Drapeau - 7 years ago
If the stand would be in plexi glass it would be amazing .
Yuutueb isded
Yuutueb isded - 7 years ago
It's very smart to have one of these in your pond. They let you observe the fish for wounds/sickness without having to get them with a net.
Dori123196 - 7 years ago
My gosh I'm impressed with how clear your pond is. It's incredibly hard to keep a pool with a waterfall clear like that. Do you have any sort of media (sand, gravel, etc) in the bottom? What sort of filter do you use?
Valerie Storm
Valerie Storm - 7 years ago
very cool idea!
nige1967 - 7 years ago
What's it like in the winter does it get affected by frost or do you remove it.
Magid Zaafran
Magid Zaafran - 7 years ago
mdmelnoelle - 7 years ago
Imagine what the fish were thinking: IM FLYING
Dazzie - 5 years ago
dude the fish would think: I'm swimming upstream. not I'm flying lol.
Ian Stone
Ian Stone - 7 years ago
at 13:25 fish proves he is not so stupid.
cptjfike - 7 years ago
so could you just run a bubble hose up there to keep the water oxygenated?
cptjfike - 7 years ago
oh wait that wouldn't work, you'd lose your pressure lol
Whoalah Beck
Whoalah Beck - 7 years ago
Great job!
BlueDragon - 7 years ago
How did he not blow up the electric vacuum cleaner??? that was danger's as heck.
cowboyassass1n - 7 years ago
+BlueDragon there are vacuums built to suck water... it doesn't go through the motor... LOL
Andrew Stringer
Andrew Stringer - 7 years ago
wicked idea be nice with a air stone on the go
MrPyromaster247 - 7 years ago
+Andrew Stringer (TBear) the water stays there because there is no way for air to get in you put an Air stone under it and the tank will empty and overflow the pond
Marta Cruz
Marta Cruz - 7 years ago
Which is the purpose of this thing?
Derek Abel Van Meter
Derek Abel Van Meter - 7 years ago
jesus christ, what language was that?
MultiMusic - 7 years ago
Now the fishes can look above water too ^^
Fakon wolf
Fakon wolf - 7 years ago
Nice job
but is it better to leave a little air space on the top of the tank?
I've heard that some kind of fish like goldfish may be too confused and panic to get out of this kind of tank in time and soon be dead because not enough O2 for them...(my friend did this once and that happened)
(some kind of fish(Carp may not) also feels comfortable to gasping some air from the surface of water)
OMG AMAZING VIDEOS - 7 years ago
nathan carter
nathan carter - 7 years ago
This is so cool!
Sabuj Jana
Sabuj Jana - 7 years ago
You may put a stone sculpture in there too
kierankay100 - 7 years ago
get a cheap little fish tank filter and have it stuck to the side to give it circulation.... would t get any air or anything
Clarah Amber
Clarah Amber - 7 years ago
I know why the fishes went down,because the fishes needed air and so the went down
chris bryan
chris bryan - 7 years ago
that's so cool now you can have a good look at your fish for health and fun
QuIkSiLvEr1345 - 7 years ago
Idk why but it's so weird watching them swim up into it lol
Matthew Douglas
Matthew Douglas - 7 years ago
thanks for the awesome vid, im planning on doing this for my pond but i didnt get how to fill it with water lol, but your video clearly shows it

100. comment for Upside Down Fish Tank on Pond

Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez - 7 years ago
this is a normal tank, in no way is it upside down... wtf
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez - 7 years ago
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
no, you dumbass
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez - 7 years ago
+Signora Mariangiongiangela Right?
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
lol dumb
Gallotellix - 7 years ago
sad bastard probably a virgin you boring fucker
amorembalming - 6 years ago
He's adorable
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
Gallotellix Meth is strong
bunni !
bunni ! - 7 years ago
+Gallotellix wow i feel so insulted Imma cry now
Gallotellix - 7 years ago
+PetshopGirl 20 wish she was the old bag of bones
bunni !
bunni ! - 7 years ago
+Gallotellix but she isn't dead
Sloth Memes
Sloth Memes - 7 years ago
Deez nuts
Gallotellix - 7 years ago
+MissMayhem suck your dead nan
MissMayhem - 7 years ago
+Gallotellix ???
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
i also like salad
Gallotellix - 7 years ago
+Signora Mariangiongiangela your dad is jihady john
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
+Gallotellix i like onions
Gallotellix - 7 years ago
+Signora Mariangiongiangela who the fuck you question marking you cunt il send Isis to your doorstep to kill your family dumb bitch
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
Minion - 7 years ago
pressure of air in tank can break the glass ????
gnovincejr2 - 7 years ago
+Suraj Patra its the opposite , pressure is inverted ! This will never leak unless the seal is broken .
EstoNoEsUnVideoblog - 7 years ago
+Suraj Patra Thaths the thing with this, ther's no air inside
Minion - 7 years ago
pressure of air in tank can break the glass ????
Libby Lillith
Libby Lillith - 7 years ago
I think this is fab :) I assume with enough patience and glass peices you'd be able to make a glass bridge? loved the cat, mine do the same with my tanks at feeding time. It's like no this isn't for you go away
himano loganor
himano loganor - 7 years ago
daang - if a fish farts inthere all the vacuum is gone :))
echodelta9 - 7 years ago
No, it will show the amount of fish farting over time. A fish at the top will find it easier to fart or belch than at the surface. If it were 33 feet tall the fish would boil at it got near the top (high vacuum). Seriously I don't know how high it is safe for most fish to build this. Think the physics over, It's like us in a high altitude jet without pressurization. It would be like a ride on the space elevator without air. As the fish goes up it's swim bladder expands it goes up faster and, oops there is a point of no going back. It's the buoyancy equivalent of a black hole.
Kerami Roberts
Kerami Roberts - 7 years ago
Absolutely fantastic video, we all enjoyed it. Very jealous!
Austin Wiley
Austin Wiley - 7 years ago
join this awesome facebook group
Love Anime
Love Anime - 7 years ago
Jette Christensen
Jette Christensen - 7 years ago
Man i hate the blue unatural pool look to this pond. I really prefere ponds too look as naturally beautiful as possible with not plastics or weird colors showing.
moose - 7 years ago
lol yes you are mad :p
Seth Calandrelli
Seth Calandrelli - 7 years ago
thats sick but idk how the water stays in the tank
Sad Onion
Sad Onion - 7 years ago
+Seth Calandrelli he took the air out which created a vacuum.
canogaJE - 7 years ago
This should also help keep raccoons and other predators away from the koi. A great idea for those ponds that are too shallow.
Wayne Collins
Wayne Collins - 7 years ago
What the bottom filter come skimmer you have on your pump
Mark Slater
Mark Slater - 7 years ago
wow, great idea. Now build the deck out and around the tank.
Noodles37UK - 7 years ago
It's as though one or two darted back to say, " i'm testing it, so far it seems safe".
Rajah Slayer
Rajah Slayer - 7 years ago
Awesome video! Please subscribe me guys! I'd really appreciate it!
Ella Boo
Ella Boo - 7 years ago
hello doesn't that look effective! however i do wonder as fish swim upward in order to get oxygen from the surface, and this being such a tall structure are the fish going to struggle to understand they have to get out of the tall tank to get a breath?.. a little bit like flys, trying to get them to go out the window but they keep flying upwards like idiots lol
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
+peter sutton lol
peter smith
peter smith - 7 years ago
fish have gills u twat
TheMorbiousStone - 7 years ago
a one way valve on top and suction would eliminate the need for going under and up :)
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish - 7 years ago
Funny you were trying to say here fish it's safe and your cat was say lunch.
Brent Allsop
Brent Allsop - 7 years ago
How hard would it be to get every last bubble out?
jigglestumps - 7 years ago
This is great. Really shows off their little personalities. Thanks for sharing.
rollinNsearchin - 7 years ago
+jigglestumps That orange one is a boss.
Fukano Nakito
Fukano Nakito - 7 years ago
to add on more fun, when feeding floating pellets, put them In the upside down tank and see them swimming up
Paws4Mercy - 7 years ago
The fish seemed to be baffled at first swimming into the upper tank and were  trippin more on the strange world of dry land rather  than just going after the food, They clearly seemed to notice something was different as compared to their normal boring tank walls , I can only imagine what they must have been thinking when they saw everything around them , (and dont tell me fish cant think either, because ALL animals including fish have the ability to notice their surroundings and even possibily think WTF is that ? )
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
Paws4Mercy not all animals can thing idiot
Ta2less - 7 years ago
awww shucks , Thank you for making me see that there really is someone out there in the world wide web who actually CARES enough about punctuation to speak up against bad punctuation , you , have restored my faith in humanity ( sniffle) I am deeply touched :) 
lol just messing with you couldn't resist
Sonay1991 - 7 years ago
Last part is wrong
Yvonne Luke
Yvonne Luke - 7 years ago
That is amazing, if I had a pond I would like to have one too!!! Nice going!!!!
Gerry B
Gerry B - 7 years ago
Skip to the end, the end result is insane.Would be sick once all the fish got used to it. 13.31
mothballjim - 7 years ago
Awesome video!
Stoner Jay
Stoner Jay - 7 years ago
ki li
ki li - 7 years ago
what the hell is that? is that fishy redlight disctrict?
jeff hillbilly
jeff hillbilly - 7 years ago
that is really amazing,,,ive been thinking of a third pond,,going to incorporate this idea somehow,,,thank you
saacbe - 7 years ago
that´s pretty cool, but how will you avoid the algae from growing up and make the glass green?
do you have updates? thank you man
cptjfike - 7 years ago
uv lights
Lyraspiderwick - 7 years ago
+saacbe buy some plectos
Eric Phung
Eric Phung - 7 years ago
+saacbe There goldfish i thought they ate algae
2phalanges - 7 years ago
+Paulpro PP whoop whoop!
Paulpro PP
Paulpro PP - 7 years ago
+saacbe a magnet aquarium cleaner should help with that
Kind Kindason
Kind Kindason - 7 years ago
am i the only wone who wants to swim in a bigger wersion of this.
Thick Thighs Save Lives
Thick Thighs Save Lives - 5 years ago
No ur not
Santosh Ghosh
Santosh Ghosh - 5 years ago
Migalha - 6 years ago
if you have got pipes in there it levels the pressure and the water level doesn't rise
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
You can have an air pocket at the top with pipes that replace the air
John2891 - 6 years ago
+Riker626 ok Mr. private pilot, i don't even think YOU know what you're talking about.
Riker626 - 6 years ago
The water would be pulling down (it wants to go out the bottom), this would create low pressure, like being on very tall mountain. A major problem with a human sized tank is this pressure change would be experienced VERY fast. Not as fast as an airplane window being blown out at altitude but still fast enough to kill. If the pressure was low enough (a big enough tank) people would not be able to absorb oxygen in their lungs. Then there is the bends.
John2891 - 6 years ago
low pressure air?
Benoit Chouinard
Benoit Chouinard - 7 years ago
+Kind Kindason That would be low pressure air, it could be deadly.
Kind Kindason
Kind Kindason - 7 years ago
+scotty “George W. Kush” pimpin you would be able to leve som air at the top
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble - 7 years ago
+Kind Kindason feel like this would just be a death trap for humans lol
jisooze - 7 years ago
+Kind Kindason no lol
James Kuo
James Kuo - 7 years ago
i can see the fish are suffering. there is no oxygen in that tower. if they stay too long they will suffocate.
JadeLikeJay - 7 years ago
Sort of like a mountain, The higher they go, the more difficult it is to breath, but I'm sure the fish wouldn't force themselves to suffocate up there and knew where to find their way back to the more oxygen rich areas.
Charming WAY
Charming WAY - 7 years ago
+James Kuo You can 'see' the fish are suffering??
Paul Barton
Paul Barton - 7 years ago
michael Oustayan
michael Oustayan - 8 years ago
Is that a regular vacuum? Tks!
George B.
George B. - 8 years ago
ENOUGH WITH THE VIDEO TRANSITIONS AND FLYING TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sahadi420 - 8 years ago
No shit.........I stopped watching.....
Athziri Rios
Athziri Rios - 8 years ago
That's so cool how does the water stays up there and how did u came up with that!?!?
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
Athziri Rios not hard to do and it is caused by low pressure vacuum
Sonny  jim Leitch
Sonny jim Leitch - 8 years ago
What if they need air? That's killing your fish isn't it, great idea looks awesome though.
djgiga - 8 years ago
Yea H20 they take the O for Oxygen lol
scribbity scrooby
scribbity scrooby - 8 years ago
Fish breathe by filtring an oxygen in water... get educated bro...
KodRaiN - 8 years ago
how would you continually remove the air that dissolves out of the water?  I wonder what that's like for the fish, going from positive to negative pressure.  
Yan Nadeau
Yan Nadeau - 7 years ago
+KodRaiN you are right about that my mistake
KodRaiN - 7 years ago
+Yan Nadeau In fact, it's really easy to find the pressure.  say that glass section is 2 feet tall, the pressure at the very top is -0.86 PSI (water is .43psi/foot)
KodRaiN - 7 years ago
What?  The water above the water level of the pond is under negative pressure.  It is only held in place by a vacuum.  Because of this, any gasses come out of solution easier, in addition to any bubbles forming under the raised section, eventually air will accumulate at the top.  
Yan Nadeau
Yan Nadeau - 7 years ago
+KodRaiN pressure of the window is negative, pressure of water is equal
Richard Belanger
Richard Belanger - 8 years ago
Irredeano Anno because of the atmospheric pressur on the water in the bassin! As the air is remove in the tank it create a negative pressure thus the positive pressure push the water up in the column
Richard Belanger
Richard Belanger - 8 years ago
Very inspiring
Irredeano Anno
Irredeano Anno - 8 years ago
How can the water goes up?
glenn que
glenn que - 8 years ago
Irrebisalaam Ebi
Irrebisalaam Ebi - 8 years ago
Wow, thank you. This is awesome!
shamir shakir
shamir shakir - 8 years ago
Very creative idea, Thanks for sharing :)
Sim Alex
Sim Alex - 8 years ago
What plant was that in the pot?
Dustin - 8 years ago
Do you have a blueprint/design for the entire deck area with the pond? It looks like a nice setup.
Alex Hutchinson
Alex Hutchinson - 8 years ago
Looks seriously fricking awesome, but isn't it a death trap? What if one needs air and is trapped up in there? Will they just die, or know how to escape the tank and get air?
AboveWaterAquarium - 8 years ago
Lots of water movement naturally along with various gasses that travel up into the Above Water Aquarium from the pond bottom debris.
froschkonig - 8 years ago
Fish need oxygen in the water to breathe. That's why they have gills...
Moki Yoki
Moki Yoki - 8 years ago
um fish dont need to breath air?
froschkonig - 8 years ago
Uhh... There's no pressure in there, the fish just swims back the way it came. The water has oxygen in it so they can breathe the same in there as they could out of there
Henry Hernandez III
Henry Hernandez III - 8 years ago
Do they go into it even when it is not feeding time? 
IdreamofKPOP - 8 years ago
I betcha that cat is in heaven he can see the fish up close and personal now.
sheddinglies - 8 years ago
That is extremely awesome
Martin Godinez
Martin Godinez - 8 years ago
Ha took me a minute to figure out how the water didnt go down.. the top of the tank has negative presure.
Ohhjose - 8 years ago
Skip the tank talk >> 12:00
Carla W
Carla W - 8 years ago
Hi I'm lightning271
Hi I'm lightning271 - 8 years ago
I so want one lol
Robbie - 8 years ago
What happens if the water goes down in the pond.. Won't all the water in the tank end up coming out?
eggrollsoup - 6 years ago
Mr Drunk yea it goes bellow the lip some will come out but he can suck the air out again
ZoommaiR - 8 years ago
Fucking brilliant! Cheers mate!
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams - 8 years ago
wicked- fair play !!!!!
Gerd Koetje
Gerd Koetje - 8 years ago
trow food in the tank dummy
Chapa nissan
Chapa nissan - 8 years ago
Dam Good fist time i seem it and u make it far way for amature.
xxxmirekxxx1 - 8 years ago
That is  just awesome  !!! 
FishinOutdoors - 8 years ago
This is so cool. Great idea! The fish were kind of freaking out when they first entered the tank lol
West Winds
West Winds - 8 years ago
Love your water tower; awesome!
zo p
zo p - 8 years ago
Thats pretty cool! First time seeing that! :D
Becky Starr
Becky Starr - 8 years ago
That is REALLY...Unique. I like it .
Clarence Murray Momoh
Clarence Murray Momoh - 8 years ago
Great idea
Sonya Farrell
Sonya Farrell - 9 years ago
Looks fantastic. I did the same thing last year with a regular goldfish bowl in a pond. The fish loved it and spent a lot of time up in it looking about. It was funny actually as they were all up in it facing the direction of the sun first thing each morning. Was kind of like a solarium for them. 
Your pond looks great, hope all your little fish are enjoying their new view.
john white
john white - 9 years ago
was that a pond vacume ?
roberto bosco
roberto bosco - 9 years ago
I think this is nuts they will get confused!! your over feeding them!!
Scott Charlesworth
Scott Charlesworth - 9 years ago
I think this is the best idea I have seen in years. I am about to instal my own one over the next few weeks.

I have built the tank and stand and it's ready to be fitted. I have some ideas with references/ concerned about air flow and the dreaded green stuff.

I thought that i would install a small clear air line tube into the silicone joint from the top of the tank to link up to a pump to circulate the water , also I hope this will help keep the glass clean/ cleaner and remove air buildup at the top! I will also try to test for pressures in the tank as my tank is 1400 mm high x 400 mm x 400 mm

I am very new to ponds and tanks so please go easy on me! I will wait till the weather changes before I do my video. Love this video an the idea keep up the good work dude. Regards scott
emazingjodaan - 9 years ago
Must be a bitch when algae blooms lol
sjyaw - 9 years ago
Algae hasn't been a problem so far, have got 2 x 36 watt and a smaller 12 watt UV lamps running 24/7 so far it's kept the algae at bay.
TheJodo2010 - 9 years ago
That is awesome. It's almost like a skyscraper for the fish bc they can get a bird's eye view of the pond... no pun intended. My favorite part is you using the vacuum to fill up the tank lol. Genius.
Evelyn Lee Barney
Evelyn Lee Barney - 9 years ago
how does the water circulate in the 'tank' ? i'd be afraid of a 'dead zone' 
John Rodrigues
John Rodrigues - 7 years ago
+sjyaw Have you thought of adding snails to the pond/tank? Perhaps some carp?
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
it will come out, i did it a lot of years ago and no fishes ever died inside it
Simon WoodburyForget
Simon WoodburyForget - 7 years ago
+Signora Mariangiongiangela Water moving at all doesn't mean it circulates. Water is only going to spin in circles in it, because it has no reason to come out.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 years ago
+Simon WoodburyForget it does circulate, the water moves a lot also with only the waterfall
Simon WoodburyForget
Simon WoodburyForget - 7 years ago
+Evelyn Lee Barney It doesn't, also you have another issue, which would be a chance of creating a gas pocket, you need to suck out the water and gas from the top of the vacuum and put it back into the tank, otherwise it will some day cause the water to be pushed out of the vacuum and over flow the entire pond.

+GMoneyQ69 No jetting water up wont do anything, because it's a vacuum jetting water up will cause the water to pressurize and create a wall right before the vacuum/container. Most of the water will go around the container unless it's able to come out. Without counter what ever floats will never come out. You should pull water from the top of it back into the tank which could be around 90% more effective.
GMoneyQ69 - 8 years ago
+sjyaw squirt a jet up there
Henry Hernandez III
Henry Hernandez III - 8 years ago
+Sonya Farrell  #Physics  
Sonya Farrell
Sonya Farrell - 9 years ago
The fish displace the water when they enter the tank and water from the main pond then re-enters when they leave, ensuring the water is mixed. 
sjyaw - 9 years ago
It hasn't been a problem so far, at the left hand side you can see the waterfall and almost directly underneath it I have my pump sucking out 15,000 ltr an hour, when you feed the fish and they come to the top of the tank to feed they really churn up the water and then leave leave a mess behind but if you watch the tank over half an hour it clears itself. All I have to do in the summer is clean the glass every other day the way you would with a normal tank it's the only bit that has become a bit of a chore.
Aris Valous
Aris Valous - 9 years ago
Jozef Slivka
Jozef Slivka - 9 years ago
Hi, very cool. I just wonder, what presure and forces are there..I Am thinking of very large sized version....about 1x1x2m tall....what thickness of the glass should it be?..I guess the highest presure is on the top part of the aquarium.
KodRaiN - 8 years ago
figure the forces exactly the same as if it were upright and containing the water, except they are inward, not outward.  
scaryc1 - 9 years ago
i want a neighbor like you
Akhilesh Pipaleshwar
Akhilesh Pipaleshwar - 9 years ago
dts pretty cool... a lil suggestion... how about u put the tank under flowing water...... so d glass will be transparent and it wud give d effect that fish are floating.. wht do u think?
Akhilesh Pipaleshwar
Akhilesh Pipaleshwar - 8 years ago
exctly bro!
FillUmUpp - 8 years ago
yup that would be awesome.. like under a water fall or something..
samxact - 9 years ago
How thick the glass need compare to a regular tank
TheBushdoctor68 - 9 years ago
Very cool, but 6:35 you shouldn't have given them the finger. Fish take offense to that you know.
Chris The Hobby Guy
Chris The Hobby Guy - 9 years ago
That is so cool
Leesa K
Leesa K - 9 years ago
that's freaking awesome man good job . Im going to try it using two 250 tanks ive put them together and took the the bottom of. Im working on the brackets at the moment. Cant wate to be finished. Thanks for the idea.
Joey Rose
Joey Rose - 9 years ago
Got Face
Got Face - 9 years ago
This is so awesome lol
luizmakesvideos - 9 years ago
this is so cool
THEBRC MASTER - 9 years ago
they are scared of high places
qwackjp - 9 years ago
I wonder what kind of pressure changes the fish experience
kentimusmaximus - 9 years ago
If you add a small power head to circulate stagnant water put of the tank the fish will enjoy it more.
Dsanford12 - 9 years ago
how far does the glass stick down below the water level of the pond ?
Afiko TECH
Afiko TECH - 9 years ago
good video but words n transitions are annoying
Gary Balduc
Gary Balduc - 9 years ago
This works great! I have tried it myself years ago with indoor aquariums
Gerard Schaefer
Gerard Schaefer - 9 years ago
Whats your pond made out of? is that concrete walls ?
Jan Net
Jan Net - 9 years ago
I apologize in advance, I have no experience in it. I thought it might be more effective if the tank was wider and less tall. Perhaps it was more inviting for fish. What do you think, sjyaw?
Teresa McGregor
Teresa McGregor - 9 years ago
A little lengthy but pretty cool! I wonder what the fish think of their high rise view!! :)
Jame Brown
Jame Brown - 9 years ago
And you stupid enough to watch until the end. How's that make you smarter?
Kaleeku - 9 years ago
this video was stupid
The probely use a underground filteration system
laurie hamilton
laurie hamilton - 9 years ago
Would'nt the pressure in the tank hurt the Fish. & how do you clean it.
gideon todd
gideon todd - 9 years ago
UnitiveMeteor - 9 years ago
That look boss how did you do that
MyLittleAdventure26 - 9 years ago

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