Today I give you guys an update on all of my aquarium fish. I also include a short look into what i have gotten done in the aquarium gallery. See you all on Sunday! SUBSCRIBE ► Get the ultimate DIY book ► LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► Facebook ► Instagram ► The king of DIY aquarium projects, tutorials, how to's. Join me each Thursday for an aquarium topic of the week. Sunday's we focus on a DIY aquarium project, tutorial or an aquarium build series. How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

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Pets & Animals 4 years ago 402,894 views

Today I give you guys an update on all of my aquarium fish. I also include a short look into what i have gotten done in the aquarium gallery. See you all on Sunday! SUBSCRIBE ► Get the ultimate DIY book ► LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► Facebook ► Instagram ► The king of DIY aquarium projects, tutorials, how to's. Join me each Thursday for an aquarium topic of the week. Sunday's we focus on a DIY aquarium project, tutorial or an aquarium build series. How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

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4rv1n Dy14n
4rv1n Dy14n - 4 years ago
Christopher Couture
Christopher Couture - 4 years ago
A friend was showing me how cool this channel is, but all I can think about is how much Frank looks like Donald Trump.
monster fish
monster fish - 4 years ago
Just make a hybrid aquarium bra
Flowerhorns r awesome
Sage Bonnici
Sage Bonnici - 4 years ago
for your aquarium are you ever going to get a eel?
Max Aiming
Max Aiming - 4 years ago
I Respect Him But He Has Zero Respect For Me
arwana Tengah
arwana Tengah - 4 years ago
[Na'Vi] Ditya Ra
[Na'Vi] Ditya Ra - 4 years ago
put predator fishes in your gallery aquarium like payara(vampire fish) ,arapaima , aligator gar, oscar cichlids,peacock bass,snake heads,tiger fish, some turtles please respond to my comment
Andix Baker
Andix Baker - 4 years ago
look like a heaven
cristian's fishing 10
cristian's fishing 10 - 4 years ago
get more salt water fish please

10. comment for ALL MY AQUARIUM FISH - update

Billy Morrison
Billy Morrison - 4 years ago
I'd like to see more salt water stuff because I'm more of a saltwater hobbyist now.
Carter Crosetto
Carter Crosetto - 4 years ago
Get a axolotl tank
TRXLLWAVE - 4 years ago
rip buddy
MrRANDOM 123 - 4 years ago
Small in planted aquarium
Brandon Siegal
Brandon Siegal - 4 years ago
I love everything you do! I have a question my female red zebra have birth, when should I take the mother away from the fry? And suggestions ?
J.J. Pierson
J.J. Pierson - 4 years ago
Great video. Any recommendations for Flowerhorn diet? I just picked one up and he was picked on quite a bit in the tank at the store.. I'd like to make him very happy like yours. (Keeping a close eye on water of course)
Awkward Turtle
Awkward Turtle - 4 years ago
blood red fish could replace the old arowanna
mad gamer
mad gamer - 4 years ago
lol I started Loving Fishieeees Because of him
Brendan McCluskey
Brendan McCluskey - 4 years ago
who are you 272 people? please contact me i want to understand your perspective
Norma McManus
Norma McManus - 4 years ago
When are the goldfish coming back?

20. comment for ALL MY AQUARIUM FISH - update

An Obese Blunt
An Obese Blunt - 4 years ago
awh the arowana
Diego Huerta
Diego Huerta - 4 years ago
Jagged Guillermo
Jagged Guillermo - 4 years ago
Chinese' said that if your pet arowana, flower horn will jump out of its aquarium if the owner is in danger, closely to die, if they jump out they die and the fish' life will go to yours
Blix _Rose _LPS
Blix _Rose _LPS - 4 years ago
I love that he give the fish so much space !! It's makes me so happy but maybe put some sand or gravel and plants in !
The boi wonder !
The boi wonder ! - 4 years ago
Do a series where you explain how to breed fish
Sumiran Sawant
Sumiran Sawant - 4 years ago
What food u feed for Flowerhorn?
GrantRoscoe - 4 years ago
Frank is so cute ! he is just pokes his head out of the water and is all like hey whats up :D
Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens - 4 years ago
I've found that releasing tannins just a few degrees warmer than my tank water helps it not release into the tank after soaking it since the tannins get used to releasing at a specific temperature when putting it in water just a few degrees cooler it won't release as much. Just a theory I have.
BadActingWYIM - 4 years ago
Sometimes I wonder if fish people are really sweet or actually serial murderers
rocco warren
rocco warren - 4 years ago
What is the fish with the huge head

30. comment for ALL MY AQUARIUM FISH - update

blindabinda123 - 4 years ago
fat head frank!!!!!!! love him
blindabinda123 - 4 years ago
he's got personality and I love that.
Mikyllie Olivares
Mikyllie Olivares - 4 years ago
i love frank too :3
blindabinda123 - 4 years ago
those rays are gorgeous.
Matt Jasa
Matt Jasa - 4 years ago
New to the channel, upset with the lack of plastic boats and bubbly treasure chests on the bottom of your tanks. Haha J/K your doing an awesome job! But really those plastic bubbly chests and sunken boats were my favorite as a kid.
Dankios Memes
Dankios Memes - 4 years ago
could you possibly get a catfish that would make things a whole lot interesting ps I subscribed
Ale Love
Ale Love - 4 years ago
infamouscoma886 - 4 years ago
I love fish and especially sting rays since I went to discovery cove once in Florida and I've just always wanted to swim with them and I got to! It was awesome! The only part I didn't like was the tank with the manta rays! Those were really creepy and scary because the tank was like 50ft deep from what I could tell but it's probably deeper!
beth98362 R
beth98362 R - 4 years ago
Frankenstein was the Dr who made the monster not the monster's name!
beth98362 R
beth98362 R - 4 years ago
You sure flop around a lot!
jagadish pratap
jagadish pratap - 4 years ago
Hi I have a silver arowana fish. the size is 8 inches. I purchased recent 2 days back I putted in 8 feet tank with koi fishes arowana is eating food but my friends are say that not suitable for arowana can you tell me the details on arowana
MrGreenCheddar - 4 years ago
Not sure if all those aquariums in his office always look like that but it kind of looks like a fish prison from the future.

Might want to add more plants and such to make it seem more like a place fish live.
Hey it's Bella
Hey it's Bella - 4 years ago
You should use the Ray tank for frank so it will be bigger for him
Makenna Conner
Makenna Conner - 4 years ago
ya keep him inside
George Rushing
George Rushing - 4 years ago
Have you ever had a black ghost knife?
Logan Small
Logan Small - 4 years ago
You should get jumbo koi for your really big tank
pitch black
pitch black - 4 years ago
what does this dude do for a living to afford this. whatever it is its goals
Cameron Jablonski
Cameron Jablonski - 4 years ago
For the plant tank you should put cherry shrimp
Noah Alarie
Noah Alarie - 4 years ago
maybe you could get some aquarium decorations ,gravel , and plants.
Sid the squid
Sid the squid - 4 years ago
Love all your fish! You should get a shark!
Alex plays
Alex plays - 4 years ago
What happened to your daughters aquarium
QUADD4000 - 4 years ago
That wall aquarium should stay its awesome
Bryan Torres
Bryan Torres - 4 years ago
You should cook him

50. comment for ALL MY AQUARIUM FISH - update

Tropical Aquariums N.z
Tropical Aquariums N.z - 4 years ago
Hello have just got 4th tank having trouble with fish not eating properly any suggestions??? help ... p.s have started making my own channel.
Ray Bondi Jr
Ray Bondi Jr - 4 years ago
what kind of clowns are those
wat is this shit
wat is this shit - 4 years ago
he like to chat about the mess he chats a long story all the time
Eoghan Farber
Eoghan Farber - 4 years ago
This guy is a queer
The my name is to long to be on a YouTube comment T
The my name is to long to be on a YouTube comment T - 4 years ago
8:41 he looks like Donald trump
Peetwan - 4 years ago
The intro was basically a tour. Like if you agree
RayZee - 4 years ago
Put the super red arowana in the planted tank ?
Ocean Water
Ocean Water - 4 years ago
This MF keeps looking to the right every 2 seconds, nervous tick or habit?
afihome 1
afihome 1 - 4 years ago
maybe get a gar
LLLatiasLL - 4 years ago
6:06 look at the flower horn he`s or she so excited
CEO Fishing
CEO Fishing - 4 years ago
What happened to the goldfish?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 4 years ago
Use the shellies in a 120 gal Lake Tanganyika biome. It's possible especially with that size. I'm debating on finishing my 75 gal build and seeing what I could do with mine. :)
The Atlantean Fish Lover
The Atlantean Fish Lover - 4 years ago
who else wishes they at least had the smallest aquarium this guy has !?
Someone Something
Someone Something - 4 years ago
You should mix piranhas with your rays and have an epic battle! Jk XD
[GD] TeamVolcaniX
[GD] TeamVolcaniX - 4 years ago
Wow an arrowana 24 inches long.... makes my 10 inch pleco look like a goldfish.
Slubbin Muffle Productions
Slubbin Muffle Productions - 4 years ago
Do you have the cleaners and are they good (the fish that clean the tank ) let me know
gaming snake
gaming snake - 4 years ago
have you ever tried to keep jellyfish I think they would be very nice to see
Victoria Palacios
Victoria Palacios - 4 years ago
You should add a peacock bass
Stalin Junior Feliz Fabian
Stalin Junior Feliz Fabian - 4 years ago
How you keep clear the water of flowerhorn?
Stalin Junior Feliz Fabian
Stalin Junior Feliz Fabian - 4 years ago
How you maintain your aquarium of flowerhorn?
Brandon Burden
Brandon Burden - 4 years ago
you should get guppies for an old tank
Amber Mulder
Amber Mulder - 4 years ago
FYI - Frankenstein was the creator, not the monster
Isaac Ixtupe
Isaac Ixtupe - 4 years ago
How can I move my fish from one aquarium to another?
NightShadow - 4 years ago
Put him in the planted tank
BLB13films - 4 years ago
Get a small sharkm
Kennedy Hearing
Kennedy Hearing - 4 years ago
I thought that you should of named frank. Pink lemonade.
goodall1bay - 4 years ago
Why not give frank a ball to play with?
Withered_ Bonnie_ gaming
Withered_ Bonnie_ gaming - 4 years ago
I love these videos I love to look at FISH! everything king of diy does its so interesting!!!!
Pleonismus - 4 years ago
Frank is adorable!!!!!!!!
BADU Grime Media
BADU Grime Media - 4 years ago
get a red tail catfish
Jxong Yang
Jxong Yang - 4 years ago
Where's the planted shrimp tank?
Bryan Apple
Bryan Apple - 4 years ago
Get a dolphin
thegamingirl 560
thegamingirl 560 - 4 years ago
My pet koi which is a fish is meant to be an outside fish so my dad is building a pond outside to pit my koi in and when he finishes building the pond we are getting a arowana to put in our tank and trust me put tank is huge!
thegamingirl 560
thegamingirl 560 - 4 years ago
In getting an asian arowana!!!!!
Fred Espinosa
Fred Espinosa - 4 years ago
you should get some eels or catfish or any big schooling fish
Jacob Lozano
Jacob Lozano - 4 years ago
Eat him
LeafGreen Channel
LeafGreen Channel - 4 years ago
Can you make a montage of all your hints to us about the gallery
Cow Tiger
Cow Tiger - 4 years ago
Red arowana + black lights + plants =
Pushpalata Kumari
Pushpalata Kumari - 4 years ago
Hi, do you know someone who can provide some good arowanas in India.
Will Kins
Will Kins - 4 years ago
Should keep flower horn with small arrowana
Ricky Kenerly Cichlids
Ricky Kenerly Cichlids - 4 years ago
I can see how you are moving on toward your goals and achievements! People are going to tune in to see the gallery no matter what you put into it. You will have more passion about all your setups if you have in them what you yourself enjoy and passion leads to success!
Maggie Yap
Maggie Yap - 4 years ago
Arapiama XD
Marc E
Marc E - 4 years ago
11:10 - 12:00 deaf people can now also "see" what hes saying. Haha love it.
ishan banerjee
ishan banerjee - 4 years ago
Joey have you ever thought of keeping arapaimas??
themagiclotus - 4 years ago
Sad that you got rid of your fancy goldfish :( , but the blood red arowana is awesome! :)
C0rrupt Ai
C0rrupt Ai - 4 years ago
The shell dwellers are my fav fish he has and he just doesnt care about them XD
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover - 4 years ago
For the blood make a separate 200galen
Jarod Boening
Jarod Boening - 4 years ago
Just got a 54 gallon freshwater aquarium. Any fish recommendations for a community aquarium?
CustomPeach - 4 years ago
Can't you put Frank in with the red arowana? They might get along.
Gaming Tiger
Gaming Tiger - 4 years ago
put the blood red arowana in the planted aquarium like if u agree

100. comment for ALL MY AQUARIUM FISH - update

J Ta
J Ta - 4 years ago
I think you should put the red tail in the Asian ariwanas tank. And make the tank the red tail was in a planted tank. Then you can put the flower fish in the rays tank.
Jocelyn Warner
Jocelyn Warner - 4 years ago
You're doing a great job!
OPHYCLIDE - 4 years ago
Giant Gourami for the 2k tank?
cindy - 4 years ago
do you ever do give aways on the tanks
Anna Laitinen
Anna Laitinen - 4 years ago
I would add plecos. They're hardy and come in many different sizes
Nellayappan Subramanian
Nellayappan Subramanian - 4 years ago
how much an agent areowana costs
J Hoffmann
J Hoffmann - 4 years ago
looks like more of a bubblegum to me
Tonto Tube
Tonto Tube - 4 years ago
sup Frank
Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia - 4 years ago
6:00 lol lmao
ReeferGil - 4 years ago
Saltwater!!! LOL
Rouxan Henning
Rouxan Henning - 4 years ago
put small arowana in your tank at your new desk
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson - 4 years ago
you should put a betta tank on your office desk lol
Jurjac Tudor
Jurjac Tudor - 4 years ago
What are the dimmensions of the Rays aquarium?
I have a baby stingray and I keep it in a 33 gallon tank for now, but I want to make a bigger aquarium. Cam you please tell me?
PixieRealm - 4 years ago
I LOVE Frank he's so pretty!!
Zeenath Tamton
Zeenath Tamton - 4 years ago
were is your discus
JordyGirl - 4 years ago
Since you said that everyone loves Frank, you should build him a nice aquascape in a main room where everyone can see him all the time
Lydia Mather
Lydia Mather - 4 years ago
Frank should definitely go in your workshop, he would be a great greeter fish when people come in!
MrBillyFielder - 4 years ago
Should mount cameras focusing on the tanks and livestream them on your website.
John Parks
John Parks - 4 years ago
The small Arowana should stay in your house
Bernard Escal
Bernard Escal - 4 years ago
the flowerhorn looks really happy
billforigno - 4 years ago
After moving the largest acrylic aquarium, keep an eye out for any new crazing or defects along the bottom seam. Some of the owners of the "write home about" acrylic tank failures speculate that the damage was caused during rough moves. Needless to type it would be helpful to us if you cover how you go about moving that one.
rahul verma
rahul verma - 4 years ago
please upload how make medicine
Carlene Pool
Carlene Pool - 4 years ago
rays on bottom arowanna on top perfect
Stephen Staples
Stephen Staples - 4 years ago
Serious question how much is your gas and electric bill?
Jovan Padilla
Jovan Padilla - 4 years ago
Don't leave him in the house put him in the planted aguarium
smolchew - 4 years ago
What happend to the gold fish
noobkeineahnung1 - 4 years ago
Maybe add some datnioides microlepis
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies - 4 years ago
Greetings from the UK. Epic stuff, loving it.
TheBrewster320 - 4 years ago
Don't want to risk the flowerhorn in the monster tank with the rays and the big guy? Obviously once he's not bite size anymore that is lol
amir_ youngprince
amir_ youngprince - 4 years ago
pls make a aquarium bridge for the fishes
swdist68 - 4 years ago
Will the two arowana's  get along together in the 2000 gallon tank?
Trenton Taylor
Trenton Taylor - 4 years ago
do a tangyikan reef with the shell dwellers
f0t0b0y - 4 years ago
I watch your vlog to see Frank. Put him in the gallery!!! Great name btw.
Scottie Fontaine
Scottie Fontaine - 4 years ago
Maybe you should put the red arowana in the tank you have your big one in rn instead of making it a planted aquarium. Or maybe make it a planted aquarium and put him in it as well
Fishin Bros
Fishin Bros - 4 years ago
ChinoNotChino - 4 years ago
Please don't add the flowerhorn with other fish he will most likely attack and kill other tankmates
Khôi Đặng
Khôi Đặng - 4 years ago
I used to use glasses to cover on top of my tank like ur 375 gallons tank and the cichlid tank. But after a few days there are a lot of moss appear on those glasses so they are very dirty. Can you help me with how you keep your cover so clean? thank you very much
carlilez - 4 years ago
Peacock Bass Joey, a few Orino's.
BunniesAndBubbles - 4 years ago
Hey Joey, I have an idea for you: maybe you can put a betta either in the workshop or desk portion of the gallery in your daughter's old tank, or a new one if you got rid of that tank, and name the betta jupiter.
BAS Aquariums
BAS Aquariums - 4 years ago
you should get a large pleco
tony cheung
tony cheung - 4 years ago
I want to know how you get the Asia arowana ,because l want to get one please let me know .thanks
The DutchGamingNoob
The DutchGamingNoob - 4 years ago
Mini shark or a mega pufferfish
Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell - 4 years ago
you could keep frank in the workshop, and the shell dwellers on your desk
Buboy Lema
Buboy Lema - 4 years ago
Hi Joey! The Arowana and the Rays are gorgeous enough to compliment the scape that your planning in your 2k gals!!! :)
Spukky - 4 years ago
good plan I think keeping the blood red in the house. Maybe in a few years he can make the move to the big tank.
The king of fish Keeping
The king of fish Keeping - 4 years ago
Keep the arowana in the wall
huw rowe-jones
huw rowe-jones - 4 years ago
i really want you to make a huge salt water tank with loads or landscaping and corals
zalajin - 4 years ago
Make Frank a custom tank in your "favorite area walkthrough-workstation" that's not your desk. Seems like he'd be a good pal to reflect on when doing tedious saw/cut/glue/what-ever-regular-ish chore work.
Ginny Engroff
Ginny Engroff - 4 years ago
I simply aesthetic recommendation; maybe get a decal that says "In Loving Memory" to put underneath the art piece of your stingrays. May prevent people from asking if it's of the stingrays in the 2,000g a million times as well as just be a sweet reminder.
Ibnu Ramlee
Ibnu Ramlee - 4 years ago
Are u just sink the driftwood in the water without put any chemical things to clean them??
gary tan
gary tan - 4 years ago
how do u maintain ur no3? I've seen alot of your video.. most I think are media for nh3..
Michelle Wang
Michelle Wang - 4 years ago
My brother was wondering if you would consider building a tidal pool tank? Not a touch tank, but just to display animals one might find in tidal pools.
Laksmi Vsindhe
Laksmi Vsindhe - 4 years ago
why dont you build another375 gallon aquarium and stack it on the planted aquarium
Cale Johnson
Cale Johnson - 4 years ago
I love the name Frank it suits him well.
Wyatt Link
Wyatt Link - 4 years ago
He should honestly get a MONSTER largemouth bass with maybe a large shovel nose catfish, that would be awesome
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 4 years ago
Flower horn with red arowana in the blacked out tank
Natural83 - 4 years ago
yes Joey I agree Put Frank in the Workshop he loves you and it'll be like hes close to you
steve lewis
steve lewis - 4 years ago
looking fab,mate.
Zahidi BK
Zahidi BK - 4 years ago
I wouldn't recommend mixing flowerhorn and other cichlids
Jasmyn Tornbroers
Jasmyn Tornbroers - 4 years ago
Could you do a landscaping video
Hobim Akvaryum
Hobim Akvaryum - 4 years ago
ariwona got taller and longer joe
Shaden0040 - 4 years ago
Add a few large Plecos and some Oscars to the 2K tank.
CA Pearson
CA Pearson - 4 years ago
Frank deserves to live with other kinds of cichlids of his regional origin. So what if he's a mutt, we're all mutts. What matters is the best environment for him.
CA Pearson
CA Pearson - 4 years ago
The king of DIY , so what is the best environment for Frank? Would he be alone in the wild?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+CA Pearson that wasn't the point. They are highly aggressive.
-Noor- - 4 years ago
hmm Frank in the workshop.. most definitely.
Then the red arowana on your desk and skip the planted aquarium.
Sam Mc
Sam Mc - 4 years ago
Great video as always really like Frank one of my favourite fish. I'd love to see you put the shell dwellers in a Tanganyika bio type tank with some other species to occupy other areas of the tank there are some beautiful rock dwellers and open water species that could go quite nicely together and be fun to watch
Ayla kingdomhearts
Ayla kingdomhearts - 4 years ago
Are you ever going to bring your goldfish back? I really liked them!
Alberto De Iaco
Alberto De Iaco - 4 years ago
Hey Joey! Can you make a short series on stingrays like you did for your discus. I would like to start keeping stingrays and i (along with a lot of your viewers) trust your judgement when it comes to rays. Please!
Christos Papadopoulos
Christos Papadopoulos - 4 years ago
Alberto De Iaco YESSSS!!! I wanna start getting some rays!!
South Paw and Southern
South Paw and Southern - 4 years ago
Keep little man inside!!
Cody Horn
Cody Horn - 4 years ago
Frank in the 2k?
goseeGEO - 4 years ago
I'm part chinese and I do believe in "feng shui." According to a book I read, generally, aquaria are auspicious because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth-attracting feng shui factors, as well as a perfect balance of all 5 feng shui elements:

1. Feng shui Water element (the water in aquarium)

2. Feng shui Wood element (the plants or driftwood in aquarium)

3. Feng shui Metal element (in the aquarium structure)

4. Feng shui Earth element (the small rocks and gravel at the bottom of aquarium)

5. Feng shui Fire element (the bright colors of the fish, as well as the aquarium lighting).

Further, to have a balance chi in your aquarium, you need to have 3 types of fish: a top dweller (like arowana), middle dweller (like cichlids) and bottom dweller (like rays, loach or dragonfins). This is to make sure that all parts of the aquarium are covered thus giving a balance chi.
J.O Badaki
J.O Badaki - 4 years ago
You went to reef palooza and met Jenifer lynx joe
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 4 years ago
Put your red Asian arowana in the 375gaoln aquarium and build another aquarium for planted one
AF herping
AF herping - 4 years ago
You should get hatchet fish they're small and a top dwellers
Justin Loitz
Justin Loitz - 4 years ago
lol if you thought that wood was heavy before i can't wait to see you move it water logged lol
michael dupuy
michael dupuy - 4 years ago
maybe put him in the planted tank
Melleefrase - 4 years ago
Move ALL your fish over to the gallery. I think you should put the small Arowana in the tank that the big Arowana is in now and do a different sized planted tank. Also, the Flowerhorn and the Shell Dwellers need to have a prominent place in the gallery. Then...add more fish
Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray - 4 years ago
Put him with the flower horn
Withoutanet fishing
Withoutanet fishing - 4 years ago
y not put him in the 375
AquariumCop - 4 years ago
Awesome video!
John - 4 years ago
If I were you I'd put the small arowana into the 375. A planted tank is a ton of work and with all the other tanks and fish you"ll have it's going to be hard to keep up with. I love planted aquariums but out of everything I've ever kept it's the hardest to do well. Much harder than a reef. Good luck.
Mr.WWEFan 48
Mr.WWEFan 48 - 4 years ago
How r u going to feed them all the other fish will snatch it
stephenson armbrister
stephenson armbrister - 4 years ago
Add a little school of parrot fish to the arowana/stingray tank. They look great (in my opinion) won't take up much space and are pretty decent tankmates
Chiang Jing Kang
Chiang Jing Kang - 4 years ago
come see my flowerhorn!
Koala Turtle
Koala Turtle - 4 years ago
I think the red asian arowana would be fine there, especially he have the big space anyways
Victoria Ella
Victoria Ella - 4 years ago
polka dot afro --- rainbow fish
Gerald Ryan
Gerald Ryan - 4 years ago
fry him in butter and garlic
Joshua Oliver Dimaano
Joshua Oliver Dimaano - 4 years ago
What his full name? Joey?
Joshua Oliver Dimaano
Joshua Oliver Dimaano - 4 years ago
Hot daddy
Dr. SM
Dr. SM - 4 years ago
you keep them? or they keep you
Kat Cetera
Kat Cetera - 4 years ago
I'd keep the little arowana inside and move everyone else to the gallery. I'd also just keep the rays and big guy in the huge tank. I don't think it would look as nice with more stock
Lourdes Ramírez
Lourdes Ramírez - 4 years ago
keep him in the house
OmgHazey - 4 years ago
Hi Frank, nice to meet you.
Alex Ea
Alex Ea - 4 years ago
I don't really get the concept of the concrete aquarium, does that mean there is going to be some sort of acrylic in the viewing holes only, or are all the walls lined with another material.
Jules Askalotl
Jules Askalotl - 4 years ago
and just like that..... I don't feel like an animal hoarder anymore
Wshaka malaka
Wshaka malaka - 4 years ago
Should try doing an Australian themed freshwater tank. With rainbow fish.
Linda Navarro
Linda Navarro - 4 years ago
I'm soooo obsessed with those shell dwellers. Definitely looking into buying some
Austin Hautala
Austin Hautala - 4 years ago
I think adding more smaller fish will add more depth to the tank. there will always be something new to look at
Ethan Sickler
Ethan Sickler - 4 years ago
6:50 made me feel very inadequate as a man
Reej White
Reej White - 4 years ago
Joey teacnicly there could be flowerhorns in wild
Ben Cook
Ben Cook - 4 years ago
pits my 2 to shame
GGP Aquatics
GGP Aquatics - 4 years ago
Keep Frank in your workshop hes my favourite fish of yours! He will love watching you work
Timi Air
Timi Air - 4 years ago
Why don't you make the planted tank the blood red's home? I'm sure plants won't be an issue for him, and red and green contrasts brilliantly :)
Also, I like Frank, if you made the bloodred's home the big planted one, Frank could go in the wall :)
Prieto Reef
Prieto Reef - 4 years ago
get some pump on the wood it will clean faster
Jonas Z
Jonas Z - 4 years ago
cant u put em into a big planted tank just with an extra area of sand and shells ?
Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos - 4 years ago
add a big pacu.
Andrew Ament
Andrew Ament - 4 years ago
Your Asian Arowana seems to follow you like a puppy. He totally respects you!
daniel ashmore
daniel ashmore - 4 years ago
wanted to ask what do you use to check on your temperatures on your tanks was looking at these hygrometers/temperature things there selling on ebay was going to water proof the probe on it so i can put in water along with that they take AAA batteries that would last longer
Margaret Miller
Margaret Miller - 4 years ago
Question??? If something happens to the pvc pipes in your 2000g aquarium how would you to replace them??
Joe Harris
Joe Harris - 4 years ago
Put a GIANT gourami in there with the rays and arowana as a middle water column fish
TXCHRONICBOI ! - 4 years ago
Put the flowerhorn and arowana in the tank together
Kikizilla101 - 4 years ago
Hey Joey, I cant help but wonder... whats going to happen with the Flower horn, fresh water rays, and the shell dweller tanks? Will they be used in the gallery somewhere off to the side, stay in the house or just be stored away? I'm really curious, by the way I love what your doing and keep it up, its been a blast watching this evolve out for you!
dawn m lamb # DML Studio
dawn m lamb # DML Studio - 4 years ago
Frank loves you Joey... he will miss seeing you if you don't move is your Red fish.. if there are lots of hiding areas in the 2ooo gal tank.. can't he doge the big fish?
Dragon Tamer Reptiles
Dragon Tamer Reptiles - 4 years ago
Love that vertical shot @9:30! Great update Joey! Love those Rays man! It's all coming together! Congrats!
Nutritional GainsTV
Nutritional GainsTV - 4 years ago
What's happened to your gold fish
Allen Jones
Allen Jones - 4 years ago
display in the wild? blue base x backs aren't in the wild
SCV Aerial Photography
SCV Aerial Photography - 4 years ago
Could you split the in wall tank 60% 40% and have the flower horn and arowana in their together, just divided?
Marcos Rosado
Marcos Rosado - 4 years ago
Joey you should get a guest aquascaper to come in and help you, like Dustin or Rachel
Redxmatrix Channel
Redxmatrix Channel - 4 years ago
yaaah boys
Samantha King
Samantha King - 4 years ago
why don't you put the blood red in the planted tank till he grows into the concrete tank
Samuel Lagman
Samuel Lagman - 4 years ago
Get some red tail catfish inside ur new tank!
PinkGirl B
PinkGirl B - 4 years ago
I think you should get frank some more of his kind ( Buddies)
Courtz courtz
Courtz courtz - 4 years ago
do a tanganikan biotop with julies and other small chiclids that will all breed and look great they all inhabit different parts of the tank. ie shellies in shells, jullies in rocky outcrops and some kind of open water chiclid for the top of the tank like Cyprichromis
Courtz courtz
Courtz courtz - 4 years ago
hey Joey I think your over estimating the Asian arrow. I don't think he will get much bigger so the blood red will be able to catch up. So two arrows and four rays will look amazing
Jeffrey Rowell
Jeffrey Rowell - 4 years ago
Courtz courtz gqsdv
LadyCap 89
LadyCap 89 - 4 years ago
I wouldn't do a planted tank I would make it so frank the fish can be in it and other smaller size fish to be with him and maybe put plants inside as well
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte - 4 years ago
You can make a Tanganyika tank. Put the shell-dwellers in the bottom with some sand dwellers like Xenotilapia, some rocks with some Rock dwellers like Julidochromis or Neolamprologus, a few mid water like Paracyprichromis nigripinnis (Sardines of tanganyika :D). If you want more collor, put some Tropheus.
My most beautifull tank was like this, this cyclids are amazing. What they lack in collor compared with Malawi, they gain in personality!
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte - 4 years ago
If you need some more shell dwellers, try caudopuntactu
Rod Hurst
Rod Hurst - 4 years ago
How about Frankie? That Flowerhorn looks more like a fun Frankie Frankenstein, :o)
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers - 4 years ago
I would have named the flowerhorn tidus. just suits him
Alvaro 32
Alvaro 32 - 4 years ago
Put Frank in an outdoor pond
Denzel Lopez
Denzel Lopez - 4 years ago
wuw, he actually named his fish
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - 4 years ago
what about leaving frank in the tank with the red arowama?
COOPER'S CICHILDS - 4 years ago
cool vid
shukai tan
shukai tan - 4 years ago
get peacock bass
Danh Nhan
Danh Nhan - 4 years ago
Get a giant gourami!
Swis ArmyFist
Swis ArmyFist - 4 years ago
Fishes* refers to multiple populations
Piranha Fish
Piranha Fish - 4 years ago
are u building a stand for jenny :)
Kary N
Kary N - 4 years ago
Keep the small arowana in the main house. It's also lucky after all. But please take the flowerhorn.. poor chap
Brennan Bates
Brennan Bates - 4 years ago
Have you ever owned hatchet fish? They have some down at one fish two fish, well they did last time I was there.
FadedPegasus h
FadedPegasus h - 4 years ago
Is the gold fish coming back
Tim Oosterwaal
Tim Oosterwaal - 4 years ago
great. congrats on 400k+ subs man!
gamer in training 010
gamer in training 010 - 4 years ago
how about a pair of peacock bass
Ram Runner
Ram Runner - 4 years ago
I love the color of your new office walls man! What color is that?
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 4 years ago
you can't house the flowerhorn with the Arowana?
Felix Yi
Felix Yi - 4 years ago
u should get some pacus
Vybz Viper
Vybz Viper - 4 years ago
put a catfish wiv the rays nd arowana
cartoon catfish productions
cartoon catfish productions - 4 years ago
yes to just the arowana and the rays but maybe a redtail catfish
safal shrestha
safal shrestha - 4 years ago
Ur aquariums r great
Zai kodok
Zai kodok - 4 years ago
Frank is my favorite among all of your fish. He is the mascot of your channel :)
PG'S World
PG'S World - 4 years ago
Hey Joey, ever thought of keeping a mbu puffer?
fancymanchucky - 4 years ago
frank is a great name, really suits him. i'd stick with just the rays and aro, they will grow to fill the large tank and you will have so many other tanks with other species that u def wont be hard up for places to put additional fish ;)
Dj Deertz
Dj Deertz - 4 years ago
And aggressive fish are funny, it's like they know you feed them but yet your hand is also food.. they don't get the whole "don't bite the hand that feeds you" thing.
Dj Deertz
Dj Deertz - 4 years ago
Optipure or whatever it's called (those sacks of little white beads) take out tannins really well. if you have any left over tannins released after soaking.
The Smoking Man
The Smoking Man - 4 years ago
Was wondering why not make a shallower tank for the shell dwellers and maybe put them on a shelf at just about head height. Because i think the homes and area's they make are quite interesting, Look away for a day and the sand will look completely different maybe look into getting those industrial retail like rack system so you can change the heights of the shelf's.
noobkeineahnung1 - 4 years ago
Add some Barbonymus Schwanenfelii / Tinfoil barbs or other bigger fish that build schools
mr. Shroom
mr. Shroom - 4 years ago
he should go in the planted tank in front of your desk
Zante - 4 years ago
Can't Frank join the others in the 2k gallon tank once he's bulked up a bit?
Jim Farrugia
Jim Farrugia - 4 years ago
Good luck with that Malaysian wood... I've got a little chunk (less than a cubic foot) and it's still making my water nice and amber/yellow after a year lol. That system in the gallery should keep it pretty well in check though.
Steve Holdaway
Steve Holdaway - 4 years ago
Sorry to correct you Joey, but Frankenstein was the scientist, not the monster. But Frank is still cool. :-)
Tom Mooren
Tom Mooren - 4 years ago
i think 1000 neon tetras in the big aquarium would look awsome
agilfoyle - 4 years ago
Joey What about some Peacock Bass In The Big tank They will fill the Middle part of the tank with fish so you have Top and Middle and bottom covered
Day Tantivejakul
Day Tantivejakul - 4 years ago
Arowana swim in the upper level and then you add some discus as they are midleverl swimmer and the rays as the bottom swimmer
swimster50 - 4 years ago
get more fish than just the rays and arowana
ngomez012345 - 4 years ago
You should keep him where he gets to see you most often. You're frank's best friend after all.
lewis gaskell
lewis gaskell - 4 years ago
or get some bichir and peacock bass or some jaguar chlichd
lewis gaskell
lewis gaskell - 4 years ago
put him in gallery and put something else in there like your goldfish
Gail Nelson
Gail Nelson - 4 years ago
the king of diy u sould make solid gold a big fish tank too for all her goldfish's so sad big gold fish in lil tank make one for her!!!!!!!!!
Charlene Dobson
Charlene Dobson - 4 years ago
Joey, PLEASE get some Bichirs man. Get an Ornate!!!!!!
GEORGE Salazar
GEORGE Salazar - 4 years ago
Joey, your truly an inspiration. Your the reason why I'm in the hobby and prospering so well. I see you as a teacher, friend and a brother in the hobby. I truly want to thank you so much for bringing all your knowledge into my life. You've made me a better fish keeper and a adviser to my peers. See you Sunday !
Reece Gainsforth
Reece Gainsforth - 4 years ago
Gey just a couple new big fush but not that will out grow the ariwana
Jake Davis
Jake Davis - 4 years ago
Hi Joey,

A few Questions:

1. do you read the comments section regularly?
2. most of your tanks are bare, will the new 'wall of tanks' that you mentioned have planted tanks?
3. what is your day job?

Thanks, i've binged on your DIY builds a LOT lately - much appreciated information delivered with consistency and sincerity. Great Job.
vu bui
vu bui - 4 years ago
hi , how can we own an arowana legally in US?
Kyle's Aquatics
Kyle's Aquatics - 4 years ago
arawana/stingray tank would be so OG!
ffishfinger - 4 years ago
I think you should keep the flower horn out in the gallery if you can. Doing water changes all over the house would be a nuisance and if you enjoy him, keep him nearby. :)
logan millar
logan millar - 4 years ago
did anyone actually know that in the original book Frankenstein was the name of the doctor and the monster was just called Frankensteins monster?
Albert Co
Albert Co - 4 years ago
I watch him because of his FISHES, NOT ! !! HE IS HOOOOOTTT!!!
Reef Gaming
Reef Gaming - 4 years ago
U can put all those fish in 2k gallon tank you just want to keep suspense of making different videos on different fish tanks
Ken Nowak
Ken Nowak - 4 years ago
Frank should go in the workshop the blood red arowana should go in the 300-gallon I know you want it to be a planet tank but couldn't he go in there until he gets big enough and where are you putting the Goldfish I know you said you still have them in your collection
al g
al g - 4 years ago
the arowana comes over like "you talking bout me?"
you will never know my name
you will never know my name - 4 years ago
hey, I am from malaysia
Drew Hardy
Drew Hardy - 4 years ago
I think its a great idea to leave him there until hes bigger.
Xx oson xX
Xx oson xX - 4 years ago
Name him brainiac
Xx oson xX
Xx oson xX - 4 years ago
I'm not a huge fish person but I love your channel, why can he go in the planted tank?
B0BS BURGERS - 4 years ago
It's so awesome how the flowerhorn (Frank) is so active and how much he enjoys when you're around Joey! I know he's not the star of the show but when he gets his camera time, he's active, happy, joyous, and lively. In my opinion, he's one of your best pickups. Like you said he's not the most visually appealing fish right now but with age he will become a beautiful fish. Forget the looks, he's got one hell of an awesome personality! Thanks Joey!
nishchay pallav
nishchay pallav - 4 years ago
Hey joey, I don't know much as you do about fishes but I think you should add a couple of more fishes for the 2K gallon tank apart from sting rays and arowana. They will definitely make the tank more lively. :)
ixyzpilot - 4 years ago
perfect name for the flowerhorn, lol!!! XD
Ark Gecko
Ark Gecko - 4 years ago
Definitely need the red arowana in the gallery
Hunter Rohm
Hunter Rohm - 4 years ago
How funny...I have two Parrot fish in one of my tanks and their names are Frank and Stein for the same reason.
Jessika Pulido
Jessika Pulido - 4 years ago
Make a video of u doing the water changes
ixyzpilot - 4 years ago
what is the acid for?
Hunter Rohm
Hunter Rohm - 4 years ago
To remove the calcium from the concrete I believe.
nick.m - 4 years ago
would the flower horn be able to go in the planted aquarium
GONZALEZ ALFONSO - 4 years ago
You could use the 375 gallon tank for the ultimate blood red arowana on the desk so that it can be in the aquarium gallery as well
Trevor - 4 years ago
Nothing is better than finishing my senior year of highschool and coming home to watching your videos
Hunter Rohm
Hunter Rohm - 4 years ago
Congrats brother!
Gerald Tubo
Gerald Tubo - 4 years ago
someone pop Frank's zit, it is a little distracting, lol.
Paul Bittinger
Paul Bittinger - 4 years ago
Hunter Rohm
Hunter Rohm - 4 years ago
In the planted tank! Hope so
Alexis Rodolfo Campa Ruiz
Alexis Rodolfo Campa Ruiz - 4 years ago
yo no habló inglis
Alexis Rodolfo Campa Ruiz
Alexis Rodolfo Campa Ruiz - 4 years ago
echo1235 ,
echo1235 , - 4 years ago
If you read this Joey would you Try to post more.
Richard Hoffman
Richard Hoffman - 4 years ago
Hints??? If you didn't cry and get donations you couldn't have done it
Scott Gish
Scott Gish - 4 years ago
Them sleeves getting tighter?
Splitter101 - 4 years ago
throw the little asian arrowana in the 375 planted
Cutieno - 4 years ago
What I'd you put him in the plated aquarium
Richie Faccio
Richie Faccio - 4 years ago
You should do what you are doing with your 120 racks except with the planted and another one with a similar size for the little Wana (I know it probably won't work but if you could it would be awesome) you could build a little ladder thing for maintenance
Fireflight SCI
Fireflight SCI - 4 years ago
Less is more, so I wouldn't push the stock in 2k.
Brent Pritchett
Brent Pritchett - 4 years ago
You need a Red-Tailed Catfish and possibly a Pacu
erik short
erik short - 4 years ago
Its a fish gallery not a plant gallery, put the blood in the 375 by your desk
Jazel Garrote
Jazel Garrote - 4 years ago
you have betta
Jazel Garrote
Jazel Garrote - 4 years ago
Carey Lynn
Carey Lynn - 4 years ago
Dude you need some Axolotls in your mix, ASAP!! Easy to care for and make amazing pets!!!!
Teddy Gray
Teddy Gray - 4 years ago
Put Frank in the planted tank, I think his colours would look really good against the greens
GB_GREEN - 4 years ago
How's the mini split system? I want to install in my house. Better than ductless system?
Jordan Leytem
Jordan Leytem - 4 years ago
Need more fish in the 2000g
oakland002 - 4 years ago
Toss him in the planted tank , that's so cool to have a planted tank and the blood red
marizen2 - 4 years ago
I love Frank...he's so lively!
luis castillo
luis castillo - 4 years ago
arowana and 4 stingreys sounds cool
Blessed one
Blessed one - 4 years ago
Frank in the work shop soon as you walk in would be cool to see; the shell dwellers I'd keep a tank for them as well as most don't see or do as much. The planted tank be cool if you did a bunch of nano fish in groups. The 2k tank, keep for the big boy & rays for now... I wanta see the wall of aquariums first!
Kieran Boughner
Kieran Boughner - 4 years ago
For the big tank: a couple pacus.
luis castillo
luis castillo - 4 years ago
rip stingreys dam, thing was a bomb the item was with bad reviews screw that company
luis castillo
luis castillo - 4 years ago
salt water tank is sweet. keep up the good work my friend
my le
my le - 4 years ago
omg I am getting hype up!!! can't wait till sunday... keep up the good work :3
Scalare Man
Scalare Man - 4 years ago
The young red Arowana is only 8in?!?!? That´s the size of my hand! I thought he was bigger! He is beautiful nonetheless.
My Tilpaia are 8 in!
Robby Jones
Robby Jones - 4 years ago
I love the clowns and the rays! You should do a bigger reef tank eventually I'd like to watch it come together and grow.
PÀUL Tamang
PÀUL Tamang - 4 years ago
Joei where are your goldfish ?
Franz von Köller
Franz von Köller - 4 years ago
wouldn't it be cool to have some kind of mid water schooling fish in the 2.000gl? maybe piranhas, it would be terribly ironic
Kawaii Dog
Kawaii Dog - 4 years ago
Hey fellow people of the fish community! I have a couple questions about fish keeping
I owned 5 Molly' s (adopted from my friend) in a 10 gallon fish tank and today when I went to feed I noticed my 2 males were dead, I have a good filter and a heater (waters always at 78) and maybe 1-2 plants
I'm wondering if they might of died because I didn't have enough oxygen in the tank, I just barely put an air stone in the tank
My big fat Molly has been sluggish, and sitting on the rocks and I don't know why
Like should I do a water change or move to a different tank? I'm so confused
Sebastian Hahn
Sebastian Hahn - 4 years ago
you could get some middle tank swimmers
James Lee
James Lee - 4 years ago
Put the red arowana in the planted tank, it would be beautiful and it'll get tanned and more red as it grows
OhDearInPubs - 4 years ago
Idk anything about these fish or if it'd work but is it possible to put your little arowana(?) in with the planted 375
Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw - 4 years ago
I think that you should for the monster tank have the rays on the bottom Asian I can't spell the other part on the top and a fish to swim in the midddle
Jeff Palmer
Jeff Palmer - 4 years ago
Definitely put frank in the workshop. He should be your mascot. What an awesome fish! Even incorporate his tank into your shelving somehow.
Gore - 4 years ago
Where are the goldfish going when you get them back? In a 120?
Steven Royer
Steven Royer - 4 years ago
Anableps would be a cool fish
Cameron Brisco
Cameron Brisco - 4 years ago
You should get an African Goliath Tiger Fish, Vampire Fish, Wolf Fish, Paroon Shark, & Red Tail Catfish all in the same tank or pond.
R.Xristian Mazes
R.Xristian Mazes - 4 years ago
Do you have, or can you recommend a video on building a tank large or small. Similar to Frank's tank. interested in moving forward in the hobby. maybe even a step by step instructions. if so would you please consider doing a video. I love and respect your work and love your dedication to the hobby.
MUCH Respect,
shanester25 - 4 years ago
build an aquarium inside of another aquarium for the shell dwellers
NI7S2S0AN - 4 years ago
375 planted arowana goals!
Ben Jaccard
Ben Jaccard - 4 years ago
PLEASE put him outside. He is the most beautiful fish you have!
Christina Weidner
Christina Weidner - 4 years ago
What if the fancy goldfish stayed indoors for the kids and keep the blood red in the planted tank in the gallery? Just an idea
Tina Bloomfield
Tina Bloomfield - 4 years ago
Looking great!!!! Im stalking this channel LOL
Jose Carbajal
Jose Carbajal - 4 years ago
You should ask your wife where to put the red arowana
Terrance Todd
Terrance Todd - 4 years ago
The fish with the lump on its head is ugly :)
Tyler Daily
Tyler Daily - 4 years ago
let me buy A couple shell dwellers
Alosina Lealaitafea
Alosina Lealaitafea - 4 years ago
Maybe some small schooling fish could do well in there too!
Carriemchardy Carrie
Carriemchardy Carrie - 4 years ago
Keeping Frank is a MUST!!! He has the most special personality of all the fish you have.
abedbahri94 - 4 years ago
When the baby eriwana gets bigger put him with the big one. Yes the big one will be bigger but they will get along
kppelletier - 4 years ago
Joey - when you're wife said she was "fine" with it (the arowana in the house) did you really believe that??????
LJ Fish Etc Videos
LJ Fish Etc Videos - 4 years ago
You should add a tank into the work area of the gallery for the Blood Red. Would be a great first sight at the entrance of the gallery.
Random Facts
Random Facts - 4 years ago
Get a pleco, or an oscar, or an MBU puffer, or an altum eartheater
Zaku186 - 4 years ago
Please consider painting the bottom of the 2k tank sand brown. It would give the look of substrate but the ease of cleaning of a bare bottom tank.
jharmantas - 4 years ago
Dude, you built an ENTIRE building for your fish. Put ALL the fish in the new building.
Christina Facts
Christina Facts - 4 years ago
Hey Joey, the big arrowana is still missing his mouth antennae.....did they never grow back from when you tried to give him tank mates, and instead they ate his food and his fins? Will they ever grow back???
AsianTryHard - 4 years ago
where are the goldfish
Reality Vlogs
Reality Vlogs - 4 years ago
u should name your blue base cross back stevie idk why... i just like the name stevie
Michael and Kelly Keating
Michael and Kelly Keating - 4 years ago
Did anybody else notice that Joey is roasting the plumbing pipes at 1:40
Babak Morshedizadeh
Babak Morshedizadeh - 4 years ago
Why the intake is at the bottom and output at the top? Shouldn't it be the other way around? For surface skimming and also the tank water not rushing out? Aren't you using a sump? Or is it a canister filter (no fluidized media)?
Babak Morshedizadeh
Babak Morshedizadeh - 4 years ago
Why the intake is at the bottom and output at the top? Shouldn't it be the other way around? For surface skimming and also the tank water not rushing out? Aren't you using a sump? Or is it a canister filter (no fluidized media)?
Ashley S
Ashley S - 4 years ago
Lmao I love that you don't have plans for a lot of your current fish to be moved to the gallery! #fishaddict
Brook Cridland
Brook Cridland - 4 years ago
put him in the planted tank!
Rocco panza
Rocco panza - 4 years ago
are you going to bring the gold fish back to the gallery
Jo Lea
Jo Lea - 4 years ago
good idea with trailer pal
xSean145 - 4 years ago
Nice, just wanted to say that you dont need to dump all that water with such short intervals. I usually dump when the water is black. If you add some bacteria it will help with the process by but i can imagine those logs taking years to be depleted of tannins.
Anthony Soodeen
Anthony Soodeen - 4 years ago
frank could go in the planted tank
moses mosqueda
moses mosqueda - 4 years ago
fly river Turtle would be an amazing addition!
Brian Bieger
Brian Bieger - 4 years ago
Rahhhhsta. Not Wrass-tahh.
eroggero - 4 years ago
Hey Joey . Just a crazy thought and probably not a good one lol. On the subject of your shell dweller's , was thinking about maybe one of your 120's doing it as a drop off tank. Have the whole length of the tank lower for the shell dweller's since there bottom fish . And the Cichlids or what ever top water fish for the native area of the shell dweller's for the rest of the planted tank ... Just throwing it out there .. Keep up the good work gallery looking great !!
DARK WATER - 4 years ago
Make a short but long tank for those tiny shelldwellers put them on a shelf and take up wall space in the gallery
Christopher Baumle
Christopher Baumle - 4 years ago
I think a better name for Frank would have been Headly.
Devin Smith
Devin Smith - 4 years ago
I really like your idea on not overcrowding the tank. I think that's good idea, as much as you love them that wood aqua scape will be the cake and the fish an icing on top.
Coal Train-Magrath
Coal Train-Magrath - 4 years ago
put some small schooling fish they dont have to be big but they should be fast enough to avoid the arowana
BlackHuddy - 4 years ago
put some paronias in the take like how u got into the hobby
Michel Carrasquel
Michel Carrasquel - 4 years ago
9:30 Bubblehead Frank
BlackHuddy - 4 years ago
do an update on ur daughter and make one for ur son of his choice
Emmanuel Nocete
Emmanuel Nocete - 4 years ago
why don't you add some koi fish?
Spriteyy - 4 years ago
Emmanuel Nocete They're fish that really should be in a pond. Experiencing the different seasons is beneficial for them.
aiden brotherton
aiden brotherton - 4 years ago
can you not put Frank with the red tailed arowana seen as it's so small Joey
Flavio Design Aquairums
Flavio Design Aquairums - 4 years ago
keep the small guy in the house.where hes at. can you put Frank in Whit the small guy ? OR MAKE AN OTHER 375G TO PUT IN THE FISH HOUSE. AND KEEP THE 375 WHERE ITS AT.ITS SITTING ON A VERY NICE STAND.
Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts - 4 years ago
Do you ever run out of water??
Cooper Pason
Cooper Pason - 4 years ago
get some oscars!!!!!!
Seth Roberts
Seth Roberts - 4 years ago
You should get a freshwater eel to swim around the waterscape. Or some big silver dollars
Kelli Howard
Kelli Howard - 4 years ago
Frankenstein was not the monster it was the dr's last name
Universe Geckos
Universe Geckos - 4 years ago
Get a huge pleco or a red tail cat
Oliver Dean
Oliver Dean - 4 years ago
Joey are you going to tan your blood red?
Peter Myers
Peter Myers - 4 years ago
add guppies, would add a cool size contrast. in nature theres always small fish.
SLIMESLAYER10 - 4 years ago
planted arawona tank!
Erick Coffin
Erick Coffin - 4 years ago
I think you should keep Frank in the workshop so that when you're doing build videos he can be in the background like a mascot. Great name by the way!
prince-jimin jiminie
prince-jimin jiminie - 4 years ago
how about you put the small ariwanna on the planted tank on the gallery?
oneofspades - 4 years ago
Are you going to get the goldfish back?
Zac - 4 years ago
You should get a barramundi
ImOffTheGrid - 4 years ago
The stingrays and the arowana are a perfect mix.A peacock bass and a flag tail procholodus would be a nice mix the small arowana.
Steve Dang
Steve Dang - 4 years ago
You can sell the red arowanna fish to me
Pelmen129 - 4 years ago
please get rid of the end cards. otherwise cool vid.
Mr Megabloks
Mr Megabloks - 4 years ago
what about putting him in the planter tank?? like the newer one your gonna make. just a suggestion
Jigs Ivan Gascon
Jigs Ivan Gascon - 4 years ago
that flowerhorn is so cute
jay eggrolls
jay eggrolls - 4 years ago
Psyducklets - 4 years ago
Put the little arowana in the planted tank with some Australian rainbow fish
Derp Derp
Derp Derp - 4 years ago
omg peacock bass in the planted tank would be awesome, my friend has a pair and they are beautiful up against a green brown and black background
Jessica McLaughlin
Jessica McLaughlin - 4 years ago
What is your opinion on using blasting sand in an aquarium? Tia
Derp Derp
Derp Derp - 4 years ago
put frank in workshop, possibly a tank built into the workshop table?
Georgia Surtees
Georgia Surtees - 4 years ago
Are you still taking back those goldfish that you temporarily gave away
Marc Ellan Capa
Marc Ellan Capa - 4 years ago
how about making your planted tank project as a new home for your blood red arowana?
Michael Bareman
Michael Bareman - 4 years ago
After a little while you should get a peacock Bass! Cheers!
Jerry Carrillo
Jerry Carrillo - 4 years ago
1 more fish
Young Smokay
Young Smokay - 4 years ago
Put him in the 300 gallon tank
InterritusMC - 4 years ago
i feel so bad for the fish. they are just in a aquarium with nothing in it, its so sad
Doug Dale
Doug Dale - 4 years ago
Is that a MarsAqua LED over the saltwater tank? Looks like it, or one of the other Chinese LED boxes.
Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook - 4 years ago
Frank should stay in the house so everyone can love him
xxWildLifeRescuerxx - 4 years ago
King of DIY, I have a idea for helping when moving the arowana use the narcotic that you used for the surgery (Not enough to nock it out  but to make it dozy), then grab a large bucket, scoop the fish out and  put him in the new tank. This may resolve you eating issue.
Kaala Red Panda
Kaala Red Panda - 4 years ago
Frank should be with shell dwellers
Periplaneta Missionary
Periplaneta Missionary - 4 years ago
Move the red arrowana to the gallery, and get a snakehead for the indoor tank.

Also biotope tanks FTW. Consider one. ;)
Matt Sorrentino
Matt Sorrentino - 4 years ago
Frankenstein was the name of the scientist.. not the monster.
Michelle Scheer
Michelle Scheer - 4 years ago
Adopt a Pacu fish. You can always find one that needs a new home.
Julia's Playlists
Julia's Playlists - 4 years ago
Joey is my favorite YouTuber.
Manvar Tejas
Manvar Tejas - 4 years ago
Leave the little arowana in the office that tank is too beautiful to rip out.
John Cusack
John Cusack - 4 years ago
make the 375 a asian stream and fill with clown and red tail loaches
Ryan Cary
Ryan Cary - 4 years ago
More fish!
William Chalmers
William Chalmers - 4 years ago
Put him in the planted tank
toolhog10 - 4 years ago
Is that brown stingray the kind from the amazon that people step on and say is the worst pain ever?
Helene Legace
Helene Legace - 4 years ago
Hi Joey, Looking great - you may want to add a small ledge or quarter round on the edge of the office floor so that you dont accidentally roll off. Your chair appears to be on casters. While the edge is a fair distance from the desk, you just never know. Keep up the great inspiration.
Will H
Will H - 4 years ago
Joey, I think you should add two species of small fish in with the Rays and Aro. I would suggest Rummynose, and Ottocinclus Affinis. In the range one 100-150 each. You'll love the small schooling fish... the larger fish should ignore them, but the smaller fish will school tight and be influenced by the ray and aros movement.
fred schulp
fred schulp - 4 years ago
Give frank a scape when he gets a new tank
Andrew Lana
Andrew Lana - 4 years ago
The king of DIY you should get a massive pleco!
Bob George
Bob George - 4 years ago
they're so pretty
Lightning is Awesome
Lightning is Awesome - 4 years ago
Steven O'Bryant
Steven O'Bryant - 4 years ago
Are you getting rid of the 375 stand if you are moving the 375 to a new stand?
Hammy Haus
Hammy Haus - 4 years ago
I would be sooo scared to etch anything... I was at the dentist and got a cavity done, but some of the etching solution spilled on my and the dentist didnt clear it up. I was left with a strong burning sensation, which later turned into an awful looking scab from a chemical burn.
Marshal Hoffman
Marshal Hoffman - 4 years ago
Are you worried about the rays stinging the Arowana? (Spelling is wrong I'm sure)
Ja Ved
Ja Ved - 4 years ago
You should bring all your fish into the gallery so that we see em all in your video and the red blood gonna get beautiful so he will be great too in the gallery :D
E King
E King - 4 years ago
How will you stop the arowana jumping out of the tank? Will he be less likely to jump in the bigger tank?
Corey's Discus
Corey's Discus - 4 years ago
joey this is off topic but ... its good to see the gym work is paying off ... bigger by the day :) #gains
Jacob Null
Jacob Null - 4 years ago
Could you put Frank in the planted tank you have planned (the one that the big arrowana is currently in)? Or would that screw things up, I don't really know but that's an idea.
olinda de hijar
olinda de hijar - 4 years ago
do you just put sand an then the water
boogiemanspud - 4 years ago
Ahh tannins are love, tannins are life :D
Tikimohn - 4 years ago
you should put some discus in that planted tank.
Monstar Aquatics
Monstar Aquatics - 4 years ago
Joey did you ever thought of getting a pacu or some Oscars
Summer Folster
Summer Folster - 4 years ago
I think your wife wants your fish out haha after all these mishaps
alex king
alex king - 4 years ago
Mbu puffer please
patrick H
patrick H - 4 years ago
please get a blue lipped goby and petricola syndontis to live with the shell dwellers!
Formal Tuna
Formal Tuna - 4 years ago
Are the goldfish coming back in a 120?
rakiest - 4 years ago
You could add a couple peacock bass, maybe 3 max as of course they get big.. They also won't (shouldn't) mess with your arowana / rays.
Molisa Steinmetz
Molisa Steinmetz - 4 years ago
can you please make a video on how you of Frank? I would love to see it as I am wanting to get one in the future and no one does the information you give to use about fish like you do.
Ashley Ryan
Ashley Ryan - 4 years ago
Frankenstein was the name of the doctor, it's actually just called the creature, that's the monster.
Jabby Flabby
Jabby Flabby - 4 years ago
Bro I love this guy man
Brittany Lawless
Brittany Lawless - 4 years ago
Are you ever going to get the goldfish back?
David Brinston
David Brinston - 4 years ago
What about all those discus in your sump
Brett - 4 years ago
What about putting the shellies in the planted? you could have a black sand in the front of the pennisula that extends into the planted area, almost like a beach, especially with the shells. Since they are bottom dwelling it leaves plenty of room for other fish that you had in mind.
Mark - 4 years ago
100% put the rays with the arowana
Michael Peabody
Michael Peabody - 4 years ago
You could put the flower-horn in the 600 gallon with the blue base cross back arowona and the rays when he is large enough.
Ed Staart
Ed Staart - 4 years ago
Here is AN iDEA: leave All your Fish in THE house and get a full new population in THE gallery, your wife does not mind? Then you can fill your big tanks with Fish that are already used to eachother. Say iT was a great iDEA from a fan from THE Netherlands and then your wife cant say now. I am kidding but that would make your new selection off Fish much easier. Nice WORK man,always look forward to another vid. Kind regards Ed.
Anastasios Bouras
Anastasios Bouras - 4 years ago
I think frank would do well in the 2000G aquarium!
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis - 4 years ago
I wouldn't get any more sting rays man, but definitely get 1 or 2 more monster fish! I can't wait to see it all done...
khammy wong
khammy wong - 4 years ago
Bottle the tannin water and sell it as Joey's black water extract
Zachary Procter
Zachary Procter - 4 years ago
Small schooling fish can hide in the plants
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner - 4 years ago
add maybe lots of guppies and have then bread and their population be managed by the bigger fish and they hide around the large plants and wood lots of them wood look great in there and if not then then get neon tetras to hide around there
Steelwater 13
Steelwater 13 - 4 years ago
Nathan Turner that would be rlly cool
Tyrell Taylor
Tyrell Taylor - 4 years ago
keep him in the house
Emi Murawski
Emi Murawski - 4 years ago
Joey I have a question. We recently saved a young flower horn from a tank which had an older one that beat him up pretty bad. He isn't eating and we are worried that he is going to die! We got him about a week ago. Any suggestions
callahan Browing
callahan Browing - 4 years ago
his name should be Cobra Bubbles
Michael Peabody
Michael Peabody - 4 years ago
You should put the blood red arowana in the 375 planted tank, till he/she is big enough to go in the 600 gallon aquarium.
Sean Ford
Sean Ford - 4 years ago
you could try knife fish.
Zbionix / Caleb H.
Zbionix / Caleb H. - 4 years ago
hey some really small quick fish that can live in and around the driftwood!
Laikin Simons
Laikin Simons - 4 years ago
no one is going to comment that Frankenstein was not the name of the monster? where are the literature police on Joey's channel?
Todd Blanton
Todd Blanton - 4 years ago
Put Frank in the work shop so he can watch you work and we can see him all the time.
franklindude - 4 years ago
I was wondering what you were gonna do with the in wall tank
J Reid
J Reid - 4 years ago
Get at least another fish for the big tank
Frank Adamo
Frank Adamo - 4 years ago
Nice Name!

Davis Donnell
Davis Donnell - 4 years ago
Frank 2020
Purple_Kowawa - 4 years ago
You seem like your very stressed and talk to fast, you should speak slower and calmer
InstantSoup Studios
InstantSoup Studios - 4 years ago
Put the blood red into the gallery and put the goldfish back in the house
Young Aquarist
Young Aquarist - 4 years ago
Joey U should start with just the arowana and rays, but eventually get more, maybe peacock bass?
Lucas Chen
Lucas Chen - 4 years ago
Datnoid, peacock bass, gar? To name a few suggestions
Doberman Service Dog Team
Doberman Service Dog Team - 4 years ago
Hey Joey! What program are you using for your editing?
Ratsnake151 - 4 years ago
I think keeping him inside would be cool! I had an idea, for that tank in the gallery that is right by your desk, having to goldfish there or more redhooks would be super cool
Mobi2525 - 4 years ago
Looking forward to seeing the 375 planted.
ThatOneKid117 - 4 years ago
Should he get any freshwater sharks?
ThisIsBoyd - 4 years ago
Yeah, you should put the shell dwellers in a Tanganyikan community tank.
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker - 4 years ago
I think you should not rip up the wall and bring back the goldfish and potentially make a tank for the blood red arowana.
Hannah Renee
Hannah Renee - 4 years ago
I'm a bit confused. What is the gallery for? Is he just making it for himself, just to get the fish out of the house. Or is he opening this to the public or something so people can come and see it? Anyone know?
Loc Lam
Loc Lam - 4 years ago
I think the red arowana should stay in the house until it grows bigger.
GreenAmazingMoltenEnergy - 4 years ago
i feel bad for him choosing to build this right before the adpocalypse
Dave McConnell
Dave McConnell - 4 years ago
Since you really don't want to tear the wall down again, keeping the red arowana in the tank he currently occupies makes much more sense than moving him. Besides, you have to have at least one tank in the house, and since your lady is fine with keeping him there, it is a win/win.
Linda Wade
Linda Wade - 4 years ago
Could you power feed the blood red and make his aquarium warmer to promote rapid growth?
ThatOneKid117 - 4 years ago
Is he going to paint the inside of the aquarium?
Tony Black
Tony Black - 4 years ago
Hey, im having a really hard time trying to find K1 media! what you use to filtrate ypur tanks. where would i find it? i live in Toronto ON
Life of Dan
Life of Dan - 4 years ago
You should get a red tailed catfish for the 2000g
Lee Rose
Lee Rose - 4 years ago
keep him in the house tank looks great in the wall
HorseGirlb - 4 years ago
Joey, do you have any videos comparing different types of source water for small scale hobbyists, such as RO/DI vs distilled vs tap vs spring water? I realize you're not buying hundreds and now thousands of gallons of water on a regular basis, but I would love to have a soft water tank and the water out of my tap is too hard. I need some kind of water without so many minerals..
Charles Sonnemann
Charles Sonnemann - 4 years ago
Add a few more fish other than the Rays and Arowana like some silver dollars
Rukus Mon
Rukus Mon - 4 years ago
Can Frank go in the big tank when you move your big boy. also if you did put Frank in the bigger tank can he have decor or tank mates?
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson - 4 years ago
Hey i have a question and a idea, your son came up with a very good name (FRANK) if you ever looking for a new home for FRANK anytime at all please contact me in toronto. Also i have been diy my African cichlids food but for some reason it is clouding my water for about 45 minutes after each feeding, can you tell me why is that so. I do both meat and vegetable because i have different kind of cichlids mix together
Damien Thiel
Damien Thiel - 4 years ago
The King of DIY you should make the planted tank with turtles
Steelwater 13
Steelwater 13 - 4 years ago
Damien Thiel YAS
b st john
b st john - 4 years ago
how do you get tanks & stuff in and out of there with that huge tank next to the door?
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark - 4 years ago
Joey, I wouldn't rip out the tank & wall either. You've already got the whole deal set up. Why redo it all again? That's just ridiculous to do it again. Frank is a great name. I love the clowns so much. The gallery is looking good Joey.=)
Kormier - 4 years ago
Max Poitras
Max Poitras - 4 years ago
Just give the blood red asian Arawana steroids
Megan Donovin
Megan Donovin - 4 years ago
Max Poitras
amcluesent - 4 years ago
Actually Dr Frankenstein created the monster, which wasn't given a name
Cai Bednarik
Cai Bednarik - 4 years ago
the planted tank.... your goldfish are coming back?
Amanda Wright
Amanda Wright - 4 years ago
Have you thought about getting a waterproof camera and having a live feed on the big poppa tank?
Leroy Sinclair
Leroy Sinclair - 4 years ago
You should definitely buy an anemone for the clowns
PSeV YT - 4 years ago
Is putting the smaller Asian in the 375 planted not an option?? think it would love it in that.
Liz Wescott
Liz Wescott - 4 years ago
You should do a fish hybrid section too.showcase what some are. do like a 4 tank display.
David lee
David lee - 4 years ago
Come on people press that like button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corporate Televison
Corporate Televison - 4 years ago
have you thought about a eel so it can enjoy the drift wood
David lee
David lee - 4 years ago
Hey, Joey, I will send you one of my 26" Snakeheads they can battle it out. LOL Forgot no one can have snakeheads anymore!! Once my Guys die that's it because some as* Holes decided to let theirs Go In rivers and ruined it for everyone else!! Great Video's Keep up good work my friend i am subscriber 701 been watching a long time.
GrisMV Mv
GrisMV Mv - 4 years ago
Frank looks very healthy and it looks is growing fast. Beautiful fish!!!
Esteban Gomez
Esteban Gomez - 4 years ago
Love the name

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