Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

Visit for 10,000+ electronics! The best 55 gallon freshwater community fish tank aquarium. The best fish tank aquarium ever holds a Colorful Fish World of Neon, Glo Lite and other Tetras, Marble, Orange and assorted Mollies, Guppies and a few others. I just recently added 15 more Neon Tetras and a few unique colored Mollies.

Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful sentiment_very_dissatisfied 709

Pets & Animals 14 years ago 885,306 views

Visit for 10,000+ electronics! The best 55 gallon freshwater community fish tank aquarium. The best fish tank aquarium ever holds a Colorful Fish World of Neon, Glo Lite and other Tetras, Marble, Orange and assorted Mollies, Guppies and a few others. I just recently added 15 more Neon Tetras and a few unique colored Mollies.

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Most popular comments
for Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

aditya Gondane
aditya Gondane - 6 years ago
nice bro
Dumping Mygun
Dumping Mygun - 6 years ago
I think the tank is cool. Every serious tanker thinks its wack just because there's no skill involved, but whatever.
THINKTWICE222 - 6 years ago
I love it!!!!
Basan Bajracharya
Basan Bajracharya - 6 years ago
accessories in these aquarium is more....
but look vibrant and good
frankie4257 - 7 years ago
nice and colourful makes a change from over lit and co2 tanks all the time ... gran would love it
donkey thong
donkey thong - 7 years ago
needs more bubbles.
JannieInKy - 7 years ago
I think your tank is very pretty. I love color and I think sparse, all green tanks are boring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People, if you can't say something nice, why say anything at all? Live and let live.
jacqueline rogers
jacqueline rogers - 7 years ago
this is old but it is lovely i grow real plants but your tank is a good example of a tank with a difference
ChrisDaFish - 7 years ago
This is cool

10. comment for Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

newtguy - 7 years ago
Time to step up your game! Real plants and real drift wood. Nothing beats the real stuff!
tina bell
tina bell - 7 years ago
It's nice. Too much plastic.How do they keep the water condition in good nick?
Kevin Garrett
Kevin Garrett - 7 years ago
tacky tank expect to see sponge Bob pop up
Adrian Arencibia
Adrian Arencibia - 7 years ago
can. someone tell me what kind of water of this Aquarium is please
Curtis Condon
Curtis Condon - 7 years ago
Adrian Arencibia it's a freshwater aquarium
Jean-Michel Gervais
Jean-Michel Gervais - 7 years ago
the plastic driftwood is good for a stable Ph, but real driftwood and real plants have more advantage. plastic plants are good for destructives fish like goldfish, but even then, their is easy plants like anubias that don,t need lots of care and add a leaving touch to the aquarium. i don't say that I trully dislike this tank because it is still nice, but plastic will never beat the look of real plants...
Thushar Jithesh
Thushar Jithesh - 7 years ago
good work but iv seen better
jacqueline rogers
jacqueline rogers - 7 years ago
its artistic not a shit tank beautiful
john Pena
john Pena - 7 years ago
are the plans real?
JEROME CR7 - 7 years ago
how do they clean this?
David Perrin
David Perrin - 7 years ago
It dose look good and if it pleases you that's wahat it all about

20. comment for Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

Carl Shayne Castillo
Carl Shayne Castillo - 7 years ago
Its artificial. there's alot more creativity using natural and live decors. though still its nice.
Vicky B
Vicky B - 7 years ago
Very pretty. I had to must it, the music made my 5 year old cry. He thought the fish had died.
AC Payne
AC Payne - 7 years ago
It looks like it's straight outta sponge bob
Nathaniel Speller
Nathaniel Speller - 7 years ago
how much for everything in all (fish,tank,plants,etc.)
Carolyn Porter
Carolyn Porter - 7 years ago
It's pretty but this music is a little somber
René Rene
René Rene - 7 years ago
This is one ugly ass aquarium.
René Rene
René Rene - 7 years ago
+Queencool45 AJ
That's oddly specific.. You want to talk about it?
Queencool45 AJ
Queencool45 AJ - 7 years ago
Don't feed this wanna be attention. He just says bullshit because he is so unloved by his family and has no friends so he turns to the Internet and acts like a dick to feel better about himself and is afraid to face the fact he has mental issues :)
René Rene
René Rene - 7 years ago
+Jack Payne a monkey could design a better looking tank.
emdy nabil
emdy nabil - 7 years ago
+Jack Payne good on you bruh
AC Payne
AC Payne - 7 years ago
+emdy nabil it's not hard to make a better tank than that. I've got two
emdy nabil
emdy nabil - 7 years ago
Let's see your aquarium
Joel fernandes
Joel fernandes - 7 years ago
what kinof of light are you using for your aquarium?
Michael Wells
Michael Wells - 7 years ago
Nice. How many gallons is it and are any of those plants made of silk?
Sundincubus - 7 years ago
nice setup, but it's made of plastics. have you ever consider of adding natural plants in?
CanineGrowTime - 7 years ago
Lots of work and money put into this tank. It's nice, but too full of stuff...

30. comment for Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

Soumya Guha Roy
Soumya Guha Roy - 8 years ago
the wallpaper make it more crowded. a beginners guide. not more than that
Tim Wake
Tim Wake - 8 years ago
I agree its beautiful, but to say that it's the "Best Ever" is an overstatement. Had it ever won any fish tank competition? Had it received any awards? May be none. Beauty is just an opinion and to be the "Best Ever" requires collective, competitive and comparative opinions.
brian critchley
brian critchley - 8 years ago
There is something fishy about this..
Queencool45 AJ
Queencool45 AJ - 7 years ago
:Slow claps:
Nichole Kutilek
Nichole Kutilek - 8 years ago
Wow, very nice setup!
April Marie
April Marie - 8 years ago
Them airstones tho. The tank is so colorful. I have a 20L that I'm trying to set up natural.

I'm missing my driftwood though. Anyway, Have you ever tried a planted tank? If the plants in this tank were real, It would look more realistic. But this tank is definately one I could stare at for hours. Good job.
Steven Merdell
Steven Merdell - 8 years ago
Your tank looks great thank you for sharing n fuck what the haters say
kommakAZI 101
kommakAZI 101 - 8 years ago
dang yo this is better than my 10 gallon tank
Alex Bulucea
Alex Bulucea - 8 years ago
eh sure its fake plants but it looks amzing even though I would say the planted tanks look better keep up the good worck
Ember Raven
Ember Raven - 8 years ago
boo glo lite tetras, they suck and sometimes the y are injected with hormones which is very inhumane. :(
Jude L.
Jude L. - 8 years ago
Community tank?
Lustbutler - 8 years ago
ugly as fuck.
Cuda FX
Cuda FX - 8 years ago
the arrangement doesnt even look half bad from a few meters away. but it all being plastic, the background, excessive bubbling and jumbled selection of fish .. this is not doing it right
crazy kayleigh
crazy kayleigh - 8 years ago
that is rubbish you have no style
Sunshine Summer
Sunshine Summer - 8 years ago
wow, what a beautiful fish tank!
Chris Correa
Chris Correa - 8 years ago
It looks good but too fake.
Nancy D
Nancy D - 8 years ago
very nice, i thought my fish tank was pretty.
o0RAGA0o - 8 years ago
What a shit tank for me it has to be 100% natural
Art Hunter
Art Hunter - 8 years ago
+ragasdapper It looks like Disney designed this tank. Each to their own I guess...
o0RAGA0o - 8 years ago
+yao zhang yep it's a real art form
MGTOW ENFORCER - 8 years ago
+ragasdapper yes i only keep planted tanks. They are so much more beautiful
o0RAGA0o - 8 years ago
+Garrett Rugg just say it how i see it nothing more
Garrett - 8 years ago
That is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your extremely valuable opinion and preference.
Melinda Unknown
Melinda Unknown - 8 years ago
Wonderful job! Very beautiful!
MD P - 8 years ago
do u have an update?
sandra shumilla
sandra shumilla - 8 years ago
Tank is arranged nicely and fish look very happy. Great job!!! Love the bubbles.

50. comment for Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

Thomas Taft
Thomas Taft - 8 years ago
Looks dynamite!!
Ronald Boutan
Ronald Boutan - 8 years ago
Who cares if its crowded. Very colorfull.looks great
Carlene Pool
Carlene Pool - 8 years ago
this is very late but its not crowded' looks just right to me
jay thomas
jay thomas - 8 years ago
I immediately loved your tank, Great Job. Although your plants are fake you really can't tell the difference. Do whatever makes you happy. Screw these haters on you tube.
Lord Chimp
Lord Chimp - 8 years ago
are the Plants real or fake ?
Panagiotis Atmatzidis
Panagiotis Atmatzidis - 8 years ago
isn't that too much oxygen running through (all over the place) ?
patrick mcphee
patrick mcphee - 8 years ago
Holda Fest
Holda Fest - 8 years ago
Looks like Disneyland...
Jose Duran
Jose Duran - 8 years ago
All crowded ? Lol
crazy7997 - 8 years ago
Love to see what this tank looks like today.
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson - 8 years ago
Loradel Arriola
Loradel Arriola - 8 years ago
Russ Polk
Russ Polk - 8 years ago
Fake plants are sooooo weak..i prefer all live natural decor
Everett Anderson
Everett Anderson - 8 years ago
I think the tank is beautiful. HOWEVER I DO PREFER REAL PLANTS ALSO!
Russ Polk
Russ Polk - 8 years ago
Russ Polk
Russ Polk - 8 years ago
Good and no one gives a f uck what u think so shut up..dont post a video if u cqnt hqndle constructive criticism
crazy7997 - 8 years ago
Reminds me of a tv show.  Fake, oh I mean Tanked.  People wants to know why they are hating this tank?  Look at the title.  BEST  How arrogant.
jason lang
jason lang - 8 years ago
So... Much... Plastic...
Jose huertas
Jose huertas - 8 years ago
Nice tank... are the plant really all fake ! And if so where did you get them?
Kevin Thom
Kevin Thom - 8 years ago
As for criticism, people ought to be given honest opinions.

We're not your parents, nor are we obliged to sugar-coat a thing.
Kevin Thom
Kevin Thom - 8 years ago
I'll give you praise for the choice in background music.

The problem is that your tank consists primarily of gaudy, fake plants and decorations.

Beauty is subjective, of course. I find beauty in natural emulation, and the addition of numerous live plants and natural decorations through the concept of aquascaping. Those opening their mouths about the 'hate' supposedly being spread in this thread should pause a moment and maybe consider that while your tank in your opinion is the best you've ever created, you could do far better.

I wonder if the fish would appreciate living plants over plastic fabrications.
junito1957 - 8 years ago
so beautiful!! look like a newly setup tank and a deadly one to boot, will like to see a video update on this one after a month, first too many fish on a none balance tank,hope you doing alot of water changes because if you dont most likely you will lost half of the fishes in that tank starting with the  neons
revurts - 9 years ago
Looks like tons of random fake plants everywhere, prob the easiest tank to ever create, its also looks wayy too crowded.
DesignerGirlFashion. - 8 years ago
+WhaleTurtles Judging from your character, she made an educated guess. Rude=shit tank
revurts - 8 years ago
+Torianna Maguire you haven't seen mine you retarded fuck.
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne - 9 years ago
I hate when a different specie falls in love with a different specie fish. I had Platy that was always defending a tetra lol. But it was a good thing because I had this other tetra that was attacking the tetra that the Platy was defending. If that tetra touched the plates girlfriend he was done for. xD
Goldfishhub 055
Goldfishhub 055 - 8 years ago
Bahahahaha u just made my day!!
PurdyBear1 - 9 years ago
How to do you keep your plants looking like new?  Mine just get covered in green algae, even with a cat fish, and have to be renewed every so often.  I've tried cleaning them but few come up well.
Deep Guha
Deep Guha - 9 years ago
Great job done! It's cool looking aquarium..
I don't get it...why can't some people just don't know how to appreciate...?
judy hobday
judy hobday - 9 years ago
nice tank and do not understand some of the posts, why so hateful for something so beautiful? I have two tanks in my bedroom and the sound of the water bubbles is very soothing. A 15 gallon for the small community fish and a 36 for larger. I use a lot of petrified wood as decor.
Deep Guha
Deep Guha - 9 years ago
+judy hobday Feng shui says don't keep aquariums inside bedrooms,,,best place is somewhere just facing the main door of your house or drawing room
I'm not criticizing or something, just wanted to fyi...
Shea Riley
Shea Riley - 9 years ago
really love this, might try a few ideas
sally baxby
sally baxby - 9 years ago
That is a beautiful setup. I'd be proud to create a setup like this. Ignore the haters.
Juan Atilano
Juan Atilano - 9 years ago
Beautiful what's the soundtrack by the way.
Bryson Wilson
Bryson Wilson - 9 years ago
BB Hughes
BB Hughes - 9 years ago
I love it!
Ana Medina
Ana Medina - 9 years ago
some people dont study fishes #1 to much bubbles stressing fish#2 some fishes are top and bottom swimmers they have no where to shelter over croweded with ornaments 
Whitewing156 - 9 years ago
It's a lovely tank and you obviously put a lot of thought and time into your design. All these hate posts are no doubt from children who should be doing their homework instead of playing around on mommy and daddy's computer. No intelligent adult would hate on something you obviously worked very hard on. Congrats. Good job.
LordPine - 9 years ago
kids have their own computers these days, welcome to 2015.
Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross - 9 years ago
butterflychaser12 - 9 years ago
I love your tank! Where did you buy your stump? 
Jeremy Flener
Jeremy Flener - 9 years ago
Too many air bubbles.  They don't oxygenate the water.  They mainly create water movement and reduce water retention at the water surface.  Which helps with air transfer into the water. That has to be one noisy tank! Not to mention all the water loss due to the bubbles at the service. 
Michael - 9 years ago
how do u get the bubbles to do that in the water? is the fish farting ?
Jr Maldonado
Jr Maldonado - 8 years ago
+Bella And Bettas hey don't laugh at a retard
Bella and Bettas
Bella and Bettas - 8 years ago
+Peter Starowicz lol duhhh
Peter Starowicz
Peter Starowicz - 9 years ago
air stones.
Logan Lindsey
Logan Lindsey - 9 years ago
Stupid 1$ fish
K2 - 9 years ago
When the static background looks better then the living content...
NextOfKen4x - 9 years ago
If, you have 1 or 2 crayfish in there. Then, you don't have to worry about people complaining your fake plant. Your setup has inspired me. Thanks for you time and efforts.
Ashley235 - 9 years ago
thebones - 9 years ago
that is horrible, it is the exact opposite of what an aquarium can be, in a word - shite.
hlee2052 - 9 years ago
Eh only if you did not put "best" in the title, it wouldn't  have gotten many dislikes. 
bubble of fun
bubble of fun - 9 years ago
not theres no angelfish
Gino Foogle
Gino Foogle - 9 years ago
i love to see an update of this video.. just so i can laugh.. plastic plants look hideous and get really REALLY dirty after a while. so please.. make another video of this tank..
PickleRick - 9 years ago
All plastic a great fish tank don't make
Mr. Semenine
Mr. Semenine - 9 years ago
Nice tank man keep up the good work!
Tony Shiner
Tony Shiner - 9 years ago
Must make the fish are liveing in paradice
Leonardo Rojas
Leonardo Rojas - 9 years ago
Is it okay if i kinda copy it please
Dollyy Pillinger
Dollyy Pillinger - 9 years ago
Love your tank !
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson - 9 years ago
Boffo Dandun
Boffo Dandun - 9 years ago
Fake plants! Shit tank!
iCST - 6 years ago
Batboy ^Only if you let them rot dumbass. Real plants clean water, prevent algae, and look better. The only downside is that they require maintence and nutrients. Do your research before posting.
Noice - 9 years ago
Omg THat is amazing!

100. comment for Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

Ahmed ShazlY
Ahmed ShazlY - 9 years ago
Great One Really ...
Son Hoang
Son Hoang - 9 years ago
How in the heaven can we handle that fish tank if we have no money at all.
Tristan Garza
Tristan Garza - 9 years ago
Its cool but wheres the betta
VoiceOfMadzNL - 9 years ago
I think it looks gorgeous! Very pleasing to the eye and relaxing. I just don't think the fish need all those bubbles...? To me, some seem a little stressed with the bubbles. Have you atleast one live plant in there? If this were my aquarium, I'd put one or two live plants in and less bubbles but honestly, you did a great job. As long as the fish are happy.
ExBruinsFan - 9 years ago
Pretty tank.
ExBruinsFan - 9 years ago
LOL at the male guppy chasing the female swordtail. GL buddy!
Cl0wn - 9 years ago
For all you people who are hating about his aquarium and his fish i want to tell you that u are fucking stupid half of you doesnt even know what a cycle is or put a fish who it's not compatible for the tank you have at least he has a big 55 gallon and i don't see there any big not compatible fish like you all do and all fish in the tank are happy and that what it matters.
Deep Guha
Deep Guha - 9 years ago
+Amos Goodman yeah opinions are opinions and there are opinions on opinions...all in all the creator of this tank tried to do something here and obviously quite passionate about it...on that fuck sake only try to encourage him and not be so overly critical and bitter with your opinions...
Amos Goodman
Amos Goodman - 9 years ago
Of course who am i to judge. The person can create whatever kind of fish tank they want, as as long as the person and fish are happy.
Amos Goodman
Amos Goodman - 9 years ago
people are entitled to their opinion. I know what a cycle is, and i don't really like the tank that much. I have 3 tanks, and none are overstocked, all compatible species, all live plants, and I can say I don't like this tank. Don't call people fucking stupid, say they don't know things or blame them for faults that they didn't do. Just because they have an opinion.
Joanne Williams
Joanne Williams - 9 years ago
Lovely tank, very colour, please can you tell me where you got your large root ornament in the centre of the tank??? thanks
Anthony Prisco
Anthony Prisco - 9 years ago
Look at my 55 gallon and let me know what you think !!!!! Great setup for freshwater
Anthony Prisco
Anthony Prisco - 9 years ago
Look at my 55 gallon and let me know what you think !!!!! Great setup for freshwater
krisp02 - 9 years ago
Its not beautiful.being simple is beauty!
halleboy1987 - 9 years ago
Worst aquarium ever created was the correct tittle... all plastic and high swimming fish...
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong - 9 years ago
I like your aquarium and the setup. Great job on your aquarium :D
Joanna Anderson
Joanna Anderson - 9 years ago
I like it.  Beautiful
Shreyas M
Shreyas M - 9 years ago
Ugly as hell
PaNdeM0niuM - 9 years ago
best fish tank ?

alex 97
alex 97 - 9 years ago
+Gaugeforever read the title. It says best fish tank they have ever created. Meaning the best set up they have ever made compared to previous ones. And i will admit that is a very nice set up they have regardless if its artificial.
Aniket Karvir
Aniket Karvir - 9 years ago
TheBSideDJ - 9 years ago
Besides the fact that I like natural environments and scapes a lot more, I also never understood why people airbubbled their tanks... a good filtration outlet with water movement on top on your tank (waterlevel top movement) is enough to provide enough DO (dissolved oxygen) for your fish... and it creates a better environment for your fish... believe me.
Joe Duerden
Joe Duerden - 9 years ago
Its still a good tank though.
Joe Duerden
Joe Duerden - 9 years ago
This isn't the best tank ever! There loads of better ones! The plants are fake and ugly!
PAUL MADFISH - 9 years ago
I think your tank looks great you have done something diffrent with artificial decor i like it
Meowbay - 9 years ago
Those bubbles are complete nonsense.
OCP_Ken - 9 years ago
they make me dizzy
Ashton Afrouzi
Ashton Afrouzi - 9 years ago
wow, this is amazing.
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez - 9 years ago
It will look better if the plants are real,not hating but too much plactic or watever
wyzemann - 9 years ago
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 10 years ago
YEah thats beautiful.....I wonder why didn't you put CACTUS in there. Im sure that would be extra beautiful. :)
julittok - 10 years ago
How much do you think it costs to buy this set up?
thestones62 - 10 years ago
Like it !!!!!!!!! real plants a pain in the arse they rot turn water toxic fish eat them you have to supplement them they have their place but not in my tank
Unblindedtruth R
Unblindedtruth R - 10 years ago
thestones62 - 10 years ago
Shut up
Justin Gulino
Justin Gulino - 10 years ago
The tanks bad and you should feel bad
Eli - 10 years ago
How much food do you pour into this tank? And how did make this tank do a tutorial plzzz lol
frayer3 - 10 years ago
name of music in piano.
Kelly Wright
Kelly Wright - 10 years ago
where did you get all your aquarium decor???!!!!
nabind34 - 10 years ago
Very nice, if I could ever get my water clear I want to video mine.  Still going through cycle, should be long.  Nice tank
Jaret - 10 years ago
THESE POOR FISH, swimming in plastic trash 
Do it the right way live plants live plants live plants 
jabali sama
jabali sama - 10 years ago
ADORABLE ,but it needs some betta fish ,gourami and little catfish species and it will be PERFECTTTT love it :)
My Petite World
My Petite World - 10 years ago
I think this tank looks stunning, I would like to see more fish variety. But i would be proud to display this setup. welldone
Marry yam
Marry yam - 10 years ago
nice video =D my bf and i start our hobby yesterday so we r looking for some inspirations. yours is my style of deco. good job !! =D 
vk3crg - 10 years ago
Despite what some here are saying the tank looks nice. The fish seem happy. Live plants are nice but also can cause issues too. At night they rob oxygen from the tank and contribute carbon dioxide, and plants can also break down causing the water to become toxic. They do have good points too (during the day they add oxygen) but nowadays there are many realistic looking plastic and silk plants. The fish are happy - the tank looks great - who gives a stuff what jealous people think? You know what's funny? Go look at the YouTube pages of those who are saying nasty stuff...they have NO VIDEOS on their pages. Too lazy to make their  own videos. Ignore them - enjoy your tank. For those whinging....where's YOUR videos?
0 onweeels
0 onweeels - 6 years ago
So ture
ExBruinsFan - 9 years ago
VERY well said.

Some people are just miserable and feel the need to share that misery. What a shame.
Usc529 (Jay)
Usc529 (Jay) - 10 years ago
Are them real plants and how many filter do you have going on this tank
L Merlion
L Merlion - 10 years ago
I like it!
Oiwier Mrowiec
Oiwier Mrowiec - 10 years ago
Hmmmm f...... sh.t
Emiliano Glez
Emiliano Glez - 10 years ago
jajajajajajajajajaja is the worst I ever seen XD XD XD
Nemanja Pavlovic
Nemanja Pavlovic - 10 years ago
plastic plants old are u 4 yo...this is very very bad ...
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs oh also i have education and even better manners not like you sitting and insulting people on computer
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs oh also i have education and even better manners not like you sitting and insulting people on computer
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs first at all i live in uk no walmart shop or other crap shop, second stop insulting me third yes i have anubias who got holes and wisteria who is melting and slow growing even i got aquarium aquael good plant light the conditions doesnt suit due to water parrameters. Also i do keep up with tank maintance as i got higher light live plants with co2 system who is growing better than low light ones . Also who are you to judge me what to keep or not? if you are smart then you wouldnt be insulting and wouldnt judge someone else by experience, just because you able to keep plants even low light once doesnt mean others are able due to they are from different area.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs oh i have low light plants but they can rot in simple aquarium light and short hours of light and cause more damage than fake plants
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs wow another idiot word from you, first my suggestion think twice before insulting people . As i see you are lack of knowledge, even low light plants needs light minimum of 1watt per gallon for 12 hours a day, they melt at first and if the water parameters doesnt suit to them they will rot . Also live plants can carry pest, release o2 at night, rot and pollute water in non suitable conditions. So yeah you need to do reasearch oh by the way i am 18 have more manners than you insulter
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs wow another idiot word from you, first my suggestion think twice before insulting people . As i see you are lack of knowledge, even low light plants needs light minimum of 1watt per gallon for 12 hours a day, they melt at first and if the water parameters doesnt suit to them they will rot . Also live plants can carry pest, release o2 at night, rot and pollute water in non suitable conditions. So yeah you need to do reasearch oh by the way i am 18 have more manners than you insulter
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs wow now insulting? this really shows how smart you are! how about you should do some re-search about different plant care and compare fake plants vs. live plants cost and benefits & non benefits of both. It's not like going to buy a live plant with a lack of knowledge and dumping into simple light aquarium and leaving on for few hours light on and expect it to grow with out melting at first .
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs also aquarium planted tank electric bills are more expensive than fake planted tank due to amount of light live plants need. So its not like going buy cheap live plants and expect them to thrive with out proper set up
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Jiltoks Jitlogs but at least fake plants don't need co2, lighting and nutrients. Live plants can die off and it takes time for them to establish, live plants can carry pest like snails also algae most often grows in planted tanks. The live plants itself may be cheap but their set up can be expensive than fake plants and also having live plants need to look after them to prevent them from defiencys
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 9 years ago
+Nemanja Pavlovic not everybody has a luck of keeping live plants or creating natural beautiful planted tank as it takes patiences, money etc.
Nemanja Pavlovic
Nemanja Pavlovic - 10 years ago
+Brandon Martin Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful

My response is closely linked with the title itself, as well as criticism., if my harsh criticism maybe overdid it is also its title, 
note by his title it  is enough to show any more beautiful aquarium to prove a point, 
aquarium should be a part of nature not plastic playground, 
My response is solely caused by his action (moronic title)
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin - 10 years ago
you don't have one so you should prob go fin a video of one and act like its yours so you can sleep better at night
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin - 10 years ago
wheres yout tank
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin - 10 years ago
lets see your tank bud
jerad6397 - 10 years ago
I would like to put a big Oscar in there and see what happens ;-)
Jakey Cakey
Jakey Cakey - 10 years ago
Wonderful! Try it with a black background and then see how it is. 
Rachel Silber
Rachel Silber - 10 years ago
Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toby Higson-Guy
Toby Higson-Guy - 10 years ago
Don't get me wrong, it really is a beautiful tank you've made. But I would like to see a larger variety of fish - I suggest; gourami's, neon tetras, even a German Ram cichlid would look nice.
silence17761 - 10 years ago
wooow niceeeeeeeee
Leesah Richards
Leesah Richards - 10 years ago
Despite what some people are saying, I think you did a really nice job on this tank! Lots of colours and some nice fish! Keep up the good work.
Fishchick4ever - 10 years ago
brix davids
brix davids - 10 years ago
well done its an awesome tank
Jasper Soh
Jasper Soh - 10 years ago
hi bro! can i have ur number so we can whatsapp? i need guidance on aquascaping and i have a liking to the way u design!
AGFishroom - 10 years ago
Look this isn't meant to be rude. Some people like the fake plant look. But I can see where people are coming from with their "rude" comments. It reminds me of those modern art paintings where they just throw paint at a canvas. Tons of people call it art but to most it just looks like a hot mess. Keep doing what makes you happy. Just don't expect everyone to love it as much as you do. :P
David Bonilla
David Bonilla - 10 years ago
all the plants look fake, and the bubbles are really distracting. you have a lot of machines and fake plants in your tank, but the fish themselves are boring, and the colors displayed are pretty unrealistic. id give you C- at best bro. also, the lighting looks super-artificial. try getting a sunlight bulb
carlatan - 10 years ago
nice set up!
magiv2 - 10 years ago
gee I could never do anything this nice. well done.
kpcarfreak94 - 10 years ago
Beautiful tank it takes allot of time and hard work to make something like this
Slither - 10 years ago
Change the title dip shit! Just fish tank will do?
mike reynolds
mike reynolds - 10 years ago
I really LOVE all of the negative comments on here. I can only imagine that these people probably having nothing close to this. It's like watching a video of a Ferrari racing down the street and reading people's comments about how Ferarri isn't even a good car, it's overrated... These people ride bicycles to work and can barely afford to fix the flat tire... Get what I'm saying about negative people? They're mostly all the same, negative, broke, bored... Sad.
mike reynolds
mike reynolds - 10 years ago
Best Fish Tank "I" Ever Created. Ohhh...? That's right. Another useless person in this world with a computer who can't read.
Ginny Ward
Ginny Ward - 10 years ago
Maybe lose most of the bubble wands/stones whatever and just get a protein skimmer and leave it to 1 or 2 areas of 'bubbles' this way. Also use more realistic fake plants or even better use real plants. This would make it feel like a much more calm (less nervous) environment.
Ginny Ward
Ginny Ward - 10 years ago
From an aesthetic perspective most people prefer aqauriums to be a tranquil environment. The scene is colorful but too much movement. Feels like an alka seltzer nightmare with fake plants stealing the action that the fish are suppose to display. Are the plants gonna float away? Sorry but the whole thing is like an underwater spastic seizure... Please tone it way down...just sayin' .
Microage - 10 years ago
well it is too colorful for me and i prefere real plants
Slither - 10 years ago
Best Fish tank ever created! Fail!
GroinFaceGroin - 10 years ago
I clicked on this expecting to see something that would rival a Takashi Amano set up. Sorry, no offence but this isn't my cup of tea. It's too busy and there's no sense of tranquility. Scale back on the artificial plants and fake wood and try the real thing, and go for some consistency. Your fish will thank you for it and you'll truly have something to be proud of.
Robert reichelt
Robert reichelt - 10 years ago
I love this! Some people would say that is is decorated to within an inch of it's life. But, don't listen to those people. I am inspired!
1Hephaestus - 10 years ago
To many fake objects..
Bijal Patel
Bijal Patel - 10 years ago
Syed Faraz Hussain
Syed Faraz Hussain - 10 years ago
Excellent tank but fish too tiny.
Max Muir
Max Muir - 10 years ago
Adam Miller
Adam Miller - 10 years ago
very nice tank how do you keep all your artifical plants clean
Robert Bather
Robert Bather - 10 years ago
WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
josh templo
josh templo - 10 years ago
nice like it very much :)
Maria Hall
Maria Hall - 10 years ago
Nras llewgdeks
Nras llewgdeks - 10 years ago
if Barbie were a guppie this is where she would live. Or if oompa lompas had gills they would rock out here. Very nice for a plastic tank.
yum me
yum me - 10 years ago
small, overcowded with junk ughh
Kill Moves
Kill Moves - 10 years ago
hi, im new to youtube but uhh check me out? :) please??
Antonius vd Klis
Antonius vd Klis - 10 years ago
I am not complaining about fake plants, its not my way, but if others like it, why not? For me its to colorful, the fish should stand out, not the decor. But on, that's my taste, still a great tank..!
175AWACS - 10 years ago
very nice tank.
Uh, boys
Uh, boys - 10 years ago
Lovely tank, I like the nice colours of the plants and the plants in general
Heidi Styles
Heidi Styles - 10 years ago
great tank
rampd kmtpj
rampd kmtpj - 10 years ago
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jared comer
jared comer - 10 years ago
Gorgeous Tank! Love the Bubblers! Is the tank primarily schooling fish?
Santiago Sandri
Santiago Sandri - 10 years ago
You Go Girl!
Drew Perkins
Drew Perkins - 10 years ago
wow that is awesome!
Rachel Silber
Rachel Silber - 10 years ago
THATS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bigg Butie
Bigg Butie - 10 years ago
Cool aquarium :) Also, good song, but it makes me think all the fish have cancer and I need to donate money or something
techstyle123 - 10 years ago
The thing is everbody has real plants...this makes a change its very nice on the eye and music goes well with the vid
Dana j
Dana j - 10 years ago
beautiful tank
ilovefish141 - 10 years ago
i think you should get real plants that would look well better
Robert Georgian
Robert Georgian - 10 years ago
I think you can't understand one don't do an aquarium for you, you do it for your fish.... where have you seen something like this in nature? Just on your mind....
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez - 10 years ago
nice tank, loving the bubbles :P ,,have you consider trying real plants?
Samuel Haffey
Samuel Haffey - 10 years ago
This Is amazing!!!! Nice tank
AJweathersby - 10 years ago
must be a NIGHTMARE to clean
Rachel Silber
Rachel Silber - 10 years ago
WOW!!!!! That's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Burgin
Chris Burgin - 10 years ago
He does have a talent for aquascaping. I will definitely give you that... The fact that he supported the creation of glo fish tells me he still has a lot to learn about the hobby...
Chris Burgin
Chris Burgin - 10 years ago
Youtube "Rotes Ross Reef June 2013" if you want to see one the best aquariums out there... Granted it is a reef tank
Chris Burgin
Chris Burgin - 10 years ago
Please remove "an" from last sentence to increase reading pleasure.
Chris Burgin
Chris Burgin - 10 years ago
Actually, if you read the description, "The best 55 gallon freshwater community fish tank aquarium. The best fish tank aquarium ever holds a Colorful Fish World of Neon..." So he does flat out call it the best... which unfortunately it is not. Any serious hobbyist would both appreciate and dismiss it for what it is. As far as a freshwater artificial community tank goes, it is cool. If anything, People should be beating him up for wasting his talent for aquascaping on an artificial decorations.
pocogirl - 10 years ago
Very nicely done! The landscaping is absolutely beautiful, and your selection of fish are wonderfully varied in size and color. The neon tetras really seem to enjoy the air stones. You could do this professionally.
Harry - 10 years ago
What air pumps do you use at the back?
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera - 10 years ago
Nice ..!!
Sam youknowwho
Sam youknowwho - 10 years ago
I have always been taught that if you cannot say something nice then say nothing at all. What a shame Rhyan Talbot that you were not taught the same courtesy. I notice that your tank is so good that you don't even show it, So do us all a favour and keep your mouth closed. In mine and obviously a lot of other peoples opinions it is a great tank
Rhyan Talbot
Rhyan Talbot - 10 years ago
Not if the tanks this shit!
Rhyan Talbot
Rhyan Talbot - 10 years ago
everything but the water and fish are fake! this is the shittest tank you ever did.
Church2142 - 10 years ago
Well, one thing is for sure, Thats the most air stones I have ever seen.
Kristy Garcia
Kristy Garcia - 10 years ago
Beautiful ! c:♥
emma lucas
emma lucas - 10 years ago
That is an amazing tank
Corey Smith
Corey Smith - 10 years ago
That is one of the best looking tanks i have ever seen. Very clean tank.
Harvey Williams
Harvey Williams - 10 years ago
Tank looks GREAT, Fish seem Happy, And healthy, wis mine looked as good, I,m sure ur happy to, and to be honest, THATS ALL THAT MATTERS, PS, Love that water clarity,
Bhavish .com
Bhavish .com - 10 years ago
Beautiful for Amateurs only, natural plants ....missing
RyeRye316 - 10 years ago
Outstanding! best aquarium Av seen in a long time. I subd
daniel martinez
daniel martinez - 10 years ago
wooow nice acuarium
adarkerlink - 10 years ago
greatly decorated but too colorful for me : 3
Nacho Contreras
Nacho Contreras - 10 years ago
Sweet tank..check out my Asian Dragon and Pirate Themed tanks Johhny! Keep up the good work..your fish will thank you for it..lolol!
Elsa A
Elsa A - 10 years ago
This is awesome! Im jealous.
NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 - 10 years ago
Beautiful :D
Tika Mika
Tika Mika - 10 years ago
very colourful ! nice effort!
JamesJohnson909BowlersDeals - 10 years ago
This tank is well put together my friend! I love and appreciate the creativity...
fish loves phoenix
fish loves phoenix - 10 years ago
beautiful. I know how hard it is to get a tank to look good. :)
Pokefreak 13
Pokefreak 13 - 10 years ago
Great looking aquarium :)
Rex Pepper
Rex Pepper - 10 years ago
poofy means homosexual, gay, faggy,
Rex Pepper
Rex Pepper - 10 years ago
such an ugly aquarium! i hope this was dismantled and replaced with real plants and driftwood.
wiener dogs rule
wiener dogs rule - 10 years ago
i love getting high and staring into tropical community aquaria!
09229om - 10 years ago
Emely Rose
Emely Rose - 10 years ago
it looks like my left testicle
TheBSideDJ - 10 years ago
Constructive critisism ? overflow of air is an enormous stress factor for the fish... neons need a low pH, the air will probably take away all the CO2 and makes the pH higher (i'm not sure about his pH, maybe he uses soft low pH like rainwater, but i'm not sur ?), I thinks the neons wouldn't last long... Look at the natural environment of neons (amazone river), try to create this environment... And yes it's a visual pollution and fake tank as well for people looking at it... rating : 0/10.
BoHoGo - 10 years ago
Totally and completely off topic but what is the background music? It reminds me of Mass Effect or Halo:ODST. Great tank, btw.
Lucy Ferr
Lucy Ferr - 10 years ago
Great aquarium, love it.
Ayayona LittleEagle
Ayayona LittleEagle - 10 years ago
pretty tank
Romeo Ezekiel Ocfemia
Romeo Ezekiel Ocfemia - 10 years ago
My parents are still going to decide if I can have a fish or not
stevie  hill
stevie hill - 10 years ago
beautiful tank , got ma fist tank week ago love it
etaftm - 10 years ago
I just realized that there are fish in this tank. I couldn't see them over the crazy colors going on. It would be best to tone the colors down and let your fish be the center piece and not the decorations.
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson - 10 years ago
Personally I think this tank is pretty tacky, doesn't look natural. Ive seen a lot better aquascapes than this
John Paul
John Paul - 10 years ago
Not as good as mine I built a Nemo aquarium I bought all the decorations from the disney store and went to petsmart and got clownfish,sea star ,a cleaner shrimp,pufferfish,regal tang, striped angelfish,yellow tang and 2 jumpers I basically recreated it from the movie
MrFoxesPresents - 10 years ago
Cant beat NEMO's !!!
Pretty AsCanBe
Pretty AsCanBe - 10 years ago
I swear some people cannot read.The title clearly says Best Fish Tank Aquarium "I" Ever Created.Not the best fish tank ever and to those of you complaining about the type of fish/fake plants... THIS ISNT YOUR TANK. Dont worry about what he/she has in his/her tank. It is a beautiful tank and he/she was nice enough to share it so stop complaining or simply don't watch. I'm all for constructive criticism but calling a tank gay,lame and poofy is childish.Wtf does poofy colors mean anyways BiZZ33N1?
LightingMonkey7 - 10 years ago
Holy crap this is one beautiful tank I wish this was mine :D
Noah popudnyk
Noah popudnyk - 10 years ago
wow how did you get those bubbles back there! I might think of putting thoses things in my tank!
lolytard5000 - 11 years ago
If you want to see a beautiful tank, check out my channel. I have one of the most amazing tank ever.
Suwapol Rotchanaratyotin
Suwapol Rotchanaratyotin - 11 years ago
This tank is so messy!try put the tall plant and large thing behind the short plant.use the real plant to make tank look great.make more space in front of the tank.
W4RD1N8ER - 11 years ago
Very nice tank I wish the plants were real you have an awesome eye for the visual, Now put that into a real planted aquascape and you would be deadly if you could create this with real plants and drifwood? I love what you did here you should really give aquascaping a go.
SabrinasTVTube - 11 years ago
Awesome color palate set up!! Are any of the plants in there real?
FabianMT - 11 years ago
must be new to the hobby! :-)
Laurie Biggs
Laurie Biggs - 11 years ago
Cris Gil
Cris Gil - 11 years ago
i like it yhe other people are haters like bizz33n1 the should call him piss33n1
Gremlin ZA
Gremlin ZA - 11 years ago
Your Toys'R'Us plastic cost more than the fish you have in there.. Lame.
v vang
v vang - 11 years ago
Must be a lot of work to clean haha
trish pilling
trish pilling - 11 years ago
I like the music x
Tiger Barb
Tiger Barb - 11 years ago
Check out my tb tank. Cheers
Sami Kobayashi
Sami Kobayashi - 11 years ago
Very nice!
Anthrozoology TV
Anthrozoology TV - 11 years ago
Too artificial for me. I like real wood and plants. But the tank looks great otherwise.
Anthrozoology TV
Anthrozoology TV - 11 years ago
Nice tank but I prefer real plants ans driftwood. But it's yp
carlatan - 11 years ago
so peaceful! check my video java moss tank and tell me your opinion ..thx
I_luciferi_666 - 11 years ago
Maybe he wants to keep the PH high. The tank looks great regardless.
Nancy Bent
Nancy Bent - 11 years ago
Ka Man Barte
Ka Man Barte - 11 years ago
Can't wait to clean that !
alan spurlock
alan spurlock - 11 years ago
nice tank and layout. i am not convinced that it is the most beautiful tank ever. nice tank though.
bluesun2662 - 11 years ago
Very nice, but the water current seems to be too strong for the size fish you have.
Harry Druid
Harry Druid - 11 years ago
Please search Takashi Amano.
snapback17 - 11 years ago
Beautiful. I wonder About how much money have you spend on that tank??
Funnyest - 11 years ago
dammm :) nice aquarium :D
Fiona B
Fiona B - 11 years ago
it could definitely use some work... i wrote that when i was SERIOUSLY against critism. it s good, but could be wayyyyy better.....
Logan Pittman
Logan Pittman - 11 years ago
Lol your joking right?
Logan Pittman
Logan Pittman - 11 years ago
Best tank youve ever created?... use some real plants, plastic plants search no purpose at all, search "planted aquariums" and youll see some actually nice tanks, not over stocked ones with fake decorations...
jetajockey0 - 11 years ago
Is this the Hobby Lobby in new orleans after hurricane katrina?
Siv Peng Yim
Siv Peng Yim - 11 years ago
how big is your fish tank??
STARDUST- ONE - 11 years ago
An aquatic symphony of dreams thx ..
seanbabi - 11 years ago
well, never have to worry about O2 here, my main concern is whether or not the fish have a place to relax a little, perhaps turning the air pumps off at night...? If i set up a human tank you wouldn't want it to be windy all the time...besides my little opinions, looks nice! good job, fish seem happy so overall, im happy
ozwald aquaticsBotanics
ozwald aquaticsBotanics - 11 years ago
to much plastic for me but it looks really good for artificial decor
dublinboy32 - 11 years ago
really?? the bloke who sold me it says it takes 6 days,owell there doing grand so happy days and tnx for the advice
matt dupont
matt dupont - 11 years ago
Negative look it up. How long to cycle a 15 gallon. I have been keeping tanks, both fresh and saltwater for years. Not trying to argue with you, only give you quality advice.
dublinboy32 - 11 years ago
for a 16 gallon tank its 6 days mate
matt dupont
matt dupont - 11 years ago
6 days is too short. it takes between 19-21 days to cycle a tank. Buy some bacteria from your fish store. Add that then you can put fish in the next day. Its better to cycle your tank with the lights on, between 6-9 hours a day. Helps bacteria grow. The bacteria is what eats your fish' waste.
jaqueline moraes
jaqueline moraes - 11 years ago
John Sebastian
John Sebastian - 11 years ago
Oh Man, this is the worst tank eva... you are killing the fishes...
John Mark Embalsado
John Mark Embalsado - 11 years ago
Hey.. peace .. not war.. lets just respect each others appreciation of a real beauty..
christophe lambert
christophe lambert - 11 years ago
Beurk !!!!!!!!!!!
likeutubealot - 11 years ago
Ugly.the fish is in high pressure. Not relax at all.
JoshTheRabbit - 11 years ago
I'm so sorry to say but I dont find plastic beautiful in anyway. You should try a natural aquarium. Your fish will be much happier :-)
Aaron Joyner
Aaron Joyner - 11 years ago
what is this music? its awesome. and i love the tank.
Johnny Campbell
Johnny Campbell - 11 years ago
And as for the lights, not if you don't want to. The light should really be on only so many hours a day. I recently learned this myself. Hope i helped man!
Johnny Campbell
Johnny Campbell - 11 years ago
You really shouldn't have to wait any longer than 24 hours after setting up a new tank if you let the filter run the whole time and work on cycling the water. To speed up that time even more you could use some established aquarium gravel or a not too clean decoration from one and out it in your new tank. The beneficial bacteria on these will begin to find their way into your filter. This makes your biological filter, and after it has a chance to get going say maybe 12 to 16 hours, ur good to go.
Johnny Campbell
Johnny Campbell - 11 years ago
You need to inform yourself before you go spouting your ignorant opinion. What if someone believed you and choose not to oxygenate their tank at all because as you so arrogantly put "its very very bad for the water quality"? Then you are just endangering the future generations of fish that you keep and those who listen to you as well. This is one hell of an awesome setup!!
Nyssa F
Nyssa F - 11 years ago
I love how lively and perky this tank feels! living plants do look amazing, but its true that they're not for everybody, so don't listen to anybody that tries to tell you how to run this tank. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you must be doing something right because these are some happy fish.
DahFletch - 11 years ago
Kynereths floofy channel
Kynereths floofy channel - 11 years ago
You sir need a brain scan he did over do it a little with the aireater a bit but the higher oxegen supports more fish for his rather large tank and lastly he followed the schooling for the tetras and got hiding places so in your face
jason bourne
jason bourne - 11 years ago
can you come to my house and create a tropical fish tank for me all i need is some fixing up on it
dublinboy32 - 11 years ago
i have a new fish tank,and i was told not to add fish untill 6 days time,but i need to no do i still have to leave the tanks light on even thou iv no fish yet?????
Joe Montana
Joe Montana - 11 years ago
Very nice! Live plants would be nice too though not all live but some. live plants just have that natural flowing movement that fake plants do not.
HBB - 11 years ago
This is very nice! I am happy too see it not over crowded with fish. It is very well balanced.
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor - 11 years ago
wot sort of pump was runing them air stones at the bk
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen - 11 years ago
It's obviously not real plants.
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen - 11 years ago
Nice. Next tank you do. make it C02 injected and have live plants with either stones or driftwood, or both. THAT WOULD LOOK AWESOME!!!
Liam Jack Rabbit
Liam Jack Rabbit - 11 years ago
Jimmy T
Jimmy T - 11 years ago
Yay for wal*mart
TheJaxonj - 11 years ago
Very colorful, very pretty.
knightingalesaid - 11 years ago
Wow just awesome!!
gtariman03 - 11 years ago
Just another aquarium "expert" retards. Do me a favor. Do not reproduce. Better yet, shoot yourself. Hobby is for fun. If somebody is doing something wrong, correct them. Don't be a smart ass while you don't even know shit.
gtariman03 - 11 years ago
Less lighting, out of direct sun light. Only use 1 watt or lower per gallon. For example, if you have a 20 gallon, use 15-20 watts lighting. The expensive way is to buy a UV sterilizer. If you don't want to spend money, just redo the aquarium. And wash everything really good with 1:20 bleach solution meaning 1 cup of bleack for every 20 cups of water. THEN RINSE REALLY GOOD. After that, just add less fish and less lighting.
Erney S.
Erney S. - 11 years ago
Might you be a fish expert?
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez - 11 years ago
how do keep your water so clean my water gets like green after like a week i do a water change do you have any advice for me
Spare14All - 11 years ago
If the guy added rock n roll or something then i'll agree with your comment but this music compliment the tank completely. VERY WELL DONE ON ALL FRONTS
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 11 years ago
Watching your fish tank with that music....It just..... Magical!.
PapaHurt 605
PapaHurt 605 - 11 years ago
why you add some gay ass music to the video??showing the aquarium is good enough man
sahy78 - 11 years ago
is this is best fish tank!!!please i thought its about nature in the fish tank,not artificial s***t
jordie attle
jordie attle - 11 years ago
Mirko M
Mirko M - 11 years ago
looks really good I like the lay out
ralen1991 - 11 years ago
Poor fishes
Gruffelo76 - 11 years ago
Life in plastic, it's fantastic? Too artificial...
Alex Bahk
Alex Bahk - 11 years ago
I'd like to see you make a better one
TJ.Geckos - 11 years ago
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 11 years ago
Wow, the other tanks must've REALLY sucked lolz
gkooistra91 - 11 years ago
Dont get me wrong in this setup its no problem. But in a planted tank adding oxygen like this is not adviseble. The O2 bubbles drive out CO2 aswell. And as you might know plants use CO2 for there energy production... read my other posts
LisiJanVentures - 11 years ago
something smells fishy here...cute tank by the way x
InsaneMusic98 - 11 years ago
you dumbass. i have had fish all my life and im 15 now. that is a perfect, beautiful, realistic environment for those fish. i bet it is perfect water quality and those fish probably cant tell that its not a natural habitat. its an amazing tank. its great!!!!! i hope i can have a tank this great someday.
Andy Tsang
Andy Tsang - 11 years ago
This is a beautiful tank in its own way. With so many colorful and great hiding places for aquatic animals, I reccomend you get two African Dwarf Frogs. I think they would be great because they are friendly and when they get used to the tank, they look so cute jumping and such.
Andy Tsang
Andy Tsang - 11 years ago
I understand that sometimes too many plants can harm fishes but how does oxygen damage a plant's growth and damage the water quality?? Plants PRODUCE oxygen. If the fish in this tank is stressed out due to MANY DIFFERENT FISH than how do fish and all AQUATIC ANIMALS survive in the OCEAN?????! Fish show stress when they hide in the corner, tilted (like discus) or they are turning a different color like a dark shade.
ParVaTham -PVT Production
ParVaTham -PVT Production - 11 years ago
really nice...i think that you love your fishes lot....nice one...!!
Anonymous Beaver
Anonymous Beaver - 11 years ago
Beautiful setup!!!!
Fiona B
Fiona B - 11 years ago
re write- the best tank EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect layout, wonderful hiding spots, i love the design with the bubbles, so realistic, wonderful fish, you are truly giving these fish the life and tank they deserve....
L. P. C
L. P. C - 11 years ago
Nice tank! Don't listen to the haters. If you like it, then that's all that matters. It is colorful and sweet to look at. One of the better tanks I have seen with fake plants.
Johnny Campbell
Johnny Campbell - 11 years ago
Hello, i love the fact that people are trying to talk down to you like you have no idea what you are doing here with your tank. Shows how dumb the world is becoming. This is a great looking tank, im so impressed and jealous. Great job. You have a nice video that new aquarists can come to to get ideas of their own and borrow from your obviously successful ideas. Awesome work you did!!! :D
gkooistra91 - 11 years ago
But as you said, with no plants CO2 isnt that important (didnt see the comment train). But i did want to mention it for people with live plants. I'm not a fan of fake plants, but hey everyone has a different view about that. I do think planted tanks are less susceptible to change in water quality. Nitrate conversion etc is much faster. But with regular water changes it wont be such a problem. I do like the large school of neons.
gkooistra91 - 11 years ago
Well he certainly has a point. Oxigen pumps drive out CO2 from the water (important for plant growth), plus they dont really add much oxygen to the water aswell. You can see that most of the plants are fake. I dont mind, but he does have a point. Its is much better to add oxygen to the water by surface movement from a waterpump. Adding oxygen this way also stimulates algea growth. I've only been an aquarium keeper for 6 years so my comment probably doesnt count, but its certainly not retarded.
Salvatore Iturralde
Salvatore Iturralde - 11 years ago
i think he has it set up really nice ... looks great ...... good job
2212trinity - 11 years ago
It's no planted aquarium and is a little allover the place in style, but as always with aquascaping the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez - 11 years ago
these is one of the best tanks ive seen
g45uk2 - 11 years ago
i dont know why ppl are bitching, i like it :)
crystalline - 11 years ago
you need oxygen for the fish to live! you indeed sir, are retarded.
differentology - 11 years ago
Nice fish tank but the music is kinda creepy.
TheRajman2k - 11 years ago
theres only 2 -3 different types of fish mollies, tetras and possibly some platys. N.B. the different colours do not always mean different species....
Kelly14UK - 11 years ago
It's as aesthetically pleasing as it is healthy. This is a happy tank by the looks of it. That water looks clean, the colors are amazing, the layout is stylish and the air supply finishes it off. Are those Cardinals swimming in it, cos I don't hear any complaints there. The mangrove stump gives it a good focal point. Red yellow and green always go well.
Kelly14UK - 11 years ago
Probably one of those people who keeps Siamese Fighters in little jam jars in the bathroom...
jjsinner - 11 years ago
Are you stupid or what?? Oxygen bad for fish? PFFFFT!!
TheBSideDJ - 11 years ago
don't fool yourself thinking that this much air is not bad for the fish.
2019freddie - 11 years ago
sorry but looks really fake/unnatural.
Nick Lombardo
Nick Lombardo - 11 years ago
Check out my tank!
sies90 - 11 years ago
hmm... too unnatural for me...
Benlsh243 - 11 years ago
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris - 11 years ago
well i like your tank the color combo with the fish is stunning in my opinion i especially love the tree root in the middle wherever did you find that gorgeous thing!?
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller - 11 years ago
Vignesh - 11 years ago
you are such a... fill in the blanks
Osama Binlarden
Osama Binlarden - 11 years ago
If oxygen is bad for fish like you say why can you buy air tubes/air stones/ air pumps for aquariums ? i run 3 air stones in my 3ft tank and i have neons/glowlights/bristnose/talking catfish/guppies/red tailed black shark and i have had them for years running with oxygen in the tank...
WithoutAtaste - 11 years ago
nice tank, i bought a new one the other night and it has a really cool concept i think i will post a video of it tomorrow; you should check it out?
Elvisr29 - 11 years ago
Dude get real plants and take out all that plastic you got in there with all your
mark clinton go
mark clinton go - 11 years ago
WTF best??? fake plants and tacky color combination and are those aftificial coral?? and i think you have mixed lime onto the gravel??
mikaelthegreat - 11 years ago
No, dissolved CO2 and Dissolved O2 will both reach saturation long before they could have any noticeable effect on on each others solubility. In addition, the gas adsorbed by the water from the bubbles is far less than the gas adsorbed by the agitated surface, and of exactly the same composition. Water parameters are primarily stabilised by the bacteria in the biological filtration. The balance can not change if there were never live plants, to say otherwise is a contradiction.
mikaelthegreat - 11 years ago
They're referring to the fact that a lot of plant nuts out there curse the air bubbles, partly because they're noisy, partly because some believe them to be unessential, partly because some believe they remove CO2 (many of these people are injecting bottled CO2). I suppose I should make it clear though that no one curses them for adding O2, that's just silly! Otherwise a very nice, healthy aquarium (although best ever is a rather bold and presumptuous claim).
husband334 - 11 years ago
wrong site to fish fo gays try another site.
husband334 - 11 years ago
They do get along kind of stay to themselves,Angels rule the tank but all have their own space.plenty of live plants and oxygen.
husband334 - 11 years ago
We all agree with you, you are number 1 LAMO!!!!!!!!
husband334 - 11 years ago
read stupid he didnt saay best tank ever ,best tank they ever made.My tank has 20 fish including beta and angel no problems.Oxygen not a problem all natural tons of plants and plenty of oxygen
Jonathan Jonathan
Jonathan Jonathan - 11 years ago
nice wal-mart decorations
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
No guys... This is indeed the best, BEST tank I've even seen!!! pffffff
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Haha, yeah... very nicely comment, I like that! My tanks are self supporting. Even my 55 gallon tank with 3 waterdragons shitting in it is very stable. My pH, kH, No2 and No3 are all stable. Once in 6 mnths I have to change! And what you said is correct, CO2 drops the pH level in the aquarium. And what does these fishes need? YES, sour water... So a huge amount of kH, to many oxygen (and so low CO2) makes your water less sour! and the fish needs sour water (pH 6-7)... Problem solved BAD TANK!
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
I simply will not agree because your point doesn't make any sense. PH in an aquarium is governed by these things: Substrate; crushed coral, crushed lava rock, etc, Water Source: from the tap, and CO2. If you are using an inert substrate like typical colored aquarium gravel, it DOES NOT affect the ph. Hardness is also affected by the substrate as the examples above show. CO2 will cause the ph to drop very low. Do you have a masters in marine biology? Well I do. Enjoy arguing with yourself
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Yeah, in America it is... Reptiles there are also were also kept in way too small cages. A small difference between US and Europe i suppose(?) So you run your tanks with CO2, haha. So you do know! Some fish (Malawi, Tanganyika) don't need plants, but the live in a less sour water. We talking about a complete different continent and fish with complete other needs...
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
And that's why people do water changes. Whether you have live plants or not, water changes are essential to getting rid or organic matter and refreshing the system. Water changes restore the balance. CO2 drops the PH levels in the aquarium. I'm done sitting here wasting my time with a troll.
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Thereby, because there are no plants, no kH will taken from the water. Plants live also on these elements. The level of kH is probably to high what means the pH is also high. As I could see, the Tetra's in the tank and they highly prefer a sour water like pH 6 - 7. So, what is wrong with you? You will not agree because you don't want too or because you don't know these things??
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
Well considering the fact that I have spent nearly 20 of my 30 years of fishkeeping at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and many of the freshwater displays we've created there don't even contain live plants. Most fishkeepers, myself included, have successfully kept and bred fish in plant-less aquariums. Almost 85% of freshwater aquarists keep fish only tanks perfectly fine. Personally I have planted aquariums and run co2. But that's not the point.
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
I saw that! Yeah... So it means basically: toxic elements like No2 No3, Mh2 Mh3 will not be cleared by the plants and the biological balance. Plants are needed for to eleminate these elements. So, no plants, no biological balance! And, as I sad, the pH and kH level of the water is closely connected to the amount of CO2 in the water. So, when you are adding oxygen in the water, you will disturb the level of pH and kH.
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
And again, where are the live plants in this tank? Please see your optometrist right away.
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Oh, btw, should the fish not life in his own habitat?? Close to nature?? This is my tank, as it should be with all fish and reptiles: Take a good look and tell me I am a retard ... hahaha LMFAO
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
Do you see live plants anywhere in that tank? I didn't think so. CO2 in a plant-less aquarium serves no purpose whatsoever. Oxygen, however, serves to create surface turbulence as well as adding esthetics to the overall look of the tank. So before you criticize someone's pets, make sure you actually look at what is contained within. They're all plastic plants you get from petsmart, petco, etc. If you think they're real plants, you need to get a new prescription.
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Hahaha LMAO
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Based on??
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
See my reaction to ddio1978
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
CO2 is also a basis element for plants to grow. More oxygen is less CO2 so your plants have problems to grow. Certainly in this amount of oxygen! Plants will also take care for the toxic NO2 and NO3. They life on that. So, plants are needed for a good, stable biological balance. Another thing: all fish that are in this tank are peace- and harmfull fishes. I dont get that feeling when I am looking at this tank! So, if you dont know the basic principles, who is the self-proclaimed expert ???
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
Hahaha... Yeah, Thumbs up! I dare you to discuss about the waterquality and so on... First of all, Plants will create a biological balance in your tank and ensures that all the elements (Like pH, kH, and so on) are in a good balance. All these elements are connected. If you change 1 thing, the other(s) will change too. So, your kH en pH are mostely connected with your CO2. Oxygen will dispels the amount of CO2, so there is your thing.
abbynesper - 11 years ago
that is an awesome tank!
husband334 - 11 years ago
you should learn to talk
husband334 - 11 years ago
no im straight sorry wrong video to find partners
husband334 - 11 years ago
nice aquarium very bright and lively dont listen to idiots
husband334 - 11 years ago
your a dipfish!!!!!!
Gary Chronister
Gary Chronister - 11 years ago
Kids play
zach wiseman
zach wiseman - 11 years ago
i like the tank the tetras, platys and mixed with all the plants make it a really nice aquarium
AZI97 - 11 years ago
ok spelling mistake but i still think you have too much bubbles too much water flow im not saying you shouldnt have them at all and talking about the FILTER my friend i ment you dont need it on all the time trust me.
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
You have no clue as to what you're talking about. Having been an aquarium keeper for thirty years I've never heard about oxygen being bad for your tank. That is just plain retarded. And how exactly are the fish stressed out? If the fish were stressed they would either be lethargic or gasping at the top of the tank. But as always, here on youtube there are always people who have zero clue as to what they're talking about, but are self-proclaimed "experts". You fall into this category.
ddio1978 - 11 years ago
Don't pay attention to the negative comments. They are typically made by people who are envious. I think the layout looks great. Lots of movement and action. Good job on this.
there plastic plants an he doesn't have anything like DISCUS FISH thre simply mollies n neons so shut your dumb ass mouth it looks great.
Number1Contender - 11 years ago
The most and absolutely the most horrified tank i have even seen... The creater of this tank has seriously NO idea what he is doing... Oxygen is very very bad for your water quality and the growt of your plants. And I seriously doubt if they are real. If it isn't than you have no biological balance! There is too many (different) fish in the tank and you can see it, they are all stressed out!! No, this is indeed the best tank ever!! pfffffffff............
tookrazychicas - 11 years ago
U should add a betta, it would look cool in there. YES you can house betta with other fish, they will most likely get along.
Hunky Dorey
Hunky Dorey - 11 years ago
incredible, very relaxing, lots of hidey places, and a great community of happy fishes very beautiful indeed
BaldKnobHunter - 11 years ago
First off,it's spelled filter, and yes you do need one.Regardless of the size of fish,you need a filter for healthy water quality and overall health of the fish.
yavuz özyilmaz
yavuz özyilmaz - 11 years ago
you don know the meaning of best
rougebeaster - 11 years ago
You mad bro
RainyRiverResistance - 11 years ago
Amazing tank great. Job
Paula Jones
Paula Jones - 11 years ago
Lovely tank..and very happy fishes, I agree some people are clearly jealous...I know I am ;)
Royce Gonzalez
Royce Gonzalez - 11 years ago
Sweet tank man don't listen to these jealous fucks
jo goff
jo goff - 11 years ago
NordeggSonya - 11 years ago
Nice aquarium, better than anything I have done. And the music was lovey.
Sébastien Bélanger-Deschênes
Sébastien Bélanger-Deschênes - 11 years ago
quite ugly tank :S
alex cruz
alex cruz - 11 years ago
wow did u take this out from nemo and u should take dat sad song off and put anotherone
AZI97 - 11 years ago
too much bubbles your gonna kill your fishes also with those size fish you dont even need a filtor.
AlexRaveloTV - 11 years ago
bullshit..they cant tell the difference
xScRiiPzHD - 11 years ago
You should take out the bubble wall in the back, looks like theres so much happening at the same time and can stress the fish, other than that good job!
twisto - 11 years ago
just b/c there isn't live plants doesn't make it bad. to each their own
bigbao81 - 11 years ago
looks like a stressfull place too be a fish!
5150gamer - 11 years ago
too much fake stuff, its very easy to grow live plants when you have small fish like these
darren jian
darren jian - 11 years ago
its all fake plants :(
darren jian
darren jian - 11 years ago
do u have anything live except the fish???
renas saner
renas saner - 11 years ago
it looks really nice but it looks bit overloaded what you think? who is creating bubbles from the bottom i just got my tank today and looking for something nice for it
Arman Bintad
Arman Bintad - 11 years ago
it's beautiful, but it has all artificial decors. be more naturalistic because i like it most.
firefox51 - 11 years ago
lovely colorful aquarium
3 - 11 years ago
i like it
gutterman99 - 11 years ago
nice work
christian guangatal
christian guangatal - 11 years ago
buy sand they sell it at thepet store i hand pebles in my fish tank i put sand it looks amazing!!! just saying
christian guangatal
christian guangatal - 11 years ago
it looks fruty make it look natural
Stephan Kaarsgaren
Stephan Kaarsgaren - 11 years ago
best fishtank ever?! its beautifull but i have seen better en even more beautifull tanks.
Yeoh Mei Lian
Yeoh Mei Lian - 11 years ago
i prefer lesser and more gentle bubbles.
Hock Yang Koh
Hock Yang Koh - 11 years ago
I can tell u this fisht ank looks nice even without fish
mcarper12 - 11 years ago
you should check out my tank. 55 gallon community all live plants!!!
Ghost7580 - 11 years ago
sick tank
Chris Post
Chris Post - 11 years ago
5yuser - 11 years ago
best tank you've seen? you obviously haven't seen many tanks or you are the owner of this video or full of bad taste.
lemurfan123 - 11 years ago
It looks nice but it doesn't seem that natural.Nevermind, at least it's big and isn't a circular bowl.
taz200032 - 11 years ago
Y is everyone saying its terrible..ur all just jealous. The best tank i evr seen. Good job :)
Arman Bintad
Arman Bintad - 11 years ago
fake decors
Dan Reilly
Dan Reilly - 11 years ago
fuck u thumbs up whore
blueskytherapy007 - 11 years ago
Kendra - 11 years ago
I love the tank it's very pretty =]
Luke Hadley
Luke Hadley - 11 years ago
not the best, however not the worst :) great work though!! :D
sughra x
sughra x - 11 years ago
actually some tropical fish are cheap like 2 for £5 and that aquarium must have only cost about £150 and cool ornaments can also be cheap! cool aquarium love the fish and tank style thumbs up
junior martin
junior martin - 11 years ago
i wish mine looked like that i only have a 5 gallon tank and 2 goldfish there aint much i can put in there
My buttocks craves your penis
My buttocks craves your penis - 11 years ago
Looks terrible.
Joe Beamish
Joe Beamish - 11 years ago
Personally a nice natural tank sand wood live plants that kinda thing catches my eye way more
MrClamSmaka - 11 years ago
beautiful tank, this wont appeal to everyone, only thing i dont personaly like is the turbulent water flow, but still very nice regardless of my own personal tastes, anyone have any ideas how much this kind of set-up would cost..
TheAZchambers - 11 years ago
wayy to powerfull bubbles but the rest is nice good job
Jamel Hamdan
Jamel Hamdan - 11 years ago
Thats at least a thousand dollars in pet smart decor! Fake!
LADJROB LEE - 11 years ago
i agree with jehuty989 too many decor.
Jehuty989 - 11 years ago
Nice tank but i prefer the fish to be the main attention and not the decorations..
connie rodriguez
connie rodriguez - 11 years ago
Its the best tank!! Haters gonna hate
Svetlana Gorbachova
Svetlana Gorbachova - 11 years ago
Wow...very beautiful tank. Very nice!!! I love all the colors.
Joseph Lomas
Joseph Lomas - 11 years ago
I mean the title
Joseph Lomas
Joseph Lomas - 11 years ago
this is the coolest tank I've ever seen. Ok first someone said its fake then they say its not the BEST tank. They need to look at the comments
Amber Knaggs
Amber Knaggs - 11 years ago
I love the colours, most fish tanks are plain, its really nice to look at good job :)
David Paez
David Paez - 11 years ago
Too much color.. the fish don't stand out.
Alexis M Hernandez
Alexis M Hernandez - 11 years ago
too much color
bdarnell1966 - 11 years ago
Some people here have reading problems. He says it is the best tank he ever created, wow. I think its a very nice tank, I personally like planted tanks but this is nice as well.
King kong kuey
King kong kuey - 11 years ago
you should read the title again as it doesn't say what you think it does, i'm not a fan of the tank decor either however i also understand that everybody has personal preferences.
jplvaldosta - 11 years ago
Blast of color, love it. Checked this video to get some ideas for various placement of air-rock and plants. This looks great, but all we have is a dragon eel and he tends to eat about everything else. But coworker let me have a 55gal tank and accessories for $100, so that was my budget. later on, I hope to spruce it up a little like you have done here. (Would the haters please post links to videos of your tanks so I can see what the difference is?)
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang - 11 years ago
You guys are stupid. It's the best tank he/she created. Not out of the world.
sawahoooo - 11 years ago
that tank is beautiful, come and do mine for me? haha x
2Fish1Tank - 11 years ago
Im not disliking because the tank is bad, its an ok tank, but best ever? lets be serious
33antant - 11 years ago
i think u'll find the problem it the title . it is a good tank , but the best in the world ever ever ever ? sorry but it aint
Luke Hadley
Luke Hadley - 11 years ago
amazing & beautiful, thats all i need to say =D
nerdfarts - 11 years ago
I really like your setup! It's colorful and peaceful, and the fish are happy and active! Your neon's LOVE those bubbles! No mater how you set up a tank, following any rules or advice, the best ones are always ones you enjoyed creating and smile every time you see it! I recently set up a tank PERFECT to my taste, and then the stand started to give way so it's sitting on the floor with the decor just "tossed" in until my new stand is set up and my roommate and I have time to move it again...
aren s
aren s - 11 years ago
nice tank i wish in the future i have a tank like that :D
green deen
green deen - 11 years ago
Sorry but this tank is not good at all..ITS FAKE MAN at the side bar you can see some real scapes..
may khaing
may khaing - 11 years ago
or better yet sea horses
may khaing
may khaing - 11 years ago
....thats is just too pretty!! i love it but ut kind of makethe fish not stand out.u might want to put some really colourful fishes that cam grow a medium size in there
paul smith
paul smith - 11 years ago
horrible tacky tank full of cheep nasty plastic.
SonjaTaljaard - 11 years ago
Don,t listen to this "TheLondonsourcroud" your fish tank is amazing, what did it all cost?
Prefex f
Prefex f - 11 years ago
Matman B
Matman B - 11 years ago
dude, nice job, this tank with this music is so relaxing this tank is top of the line keep it up
xTwilightWolvesx - 11 years ago
This looks amazing <3
CatholicCentrals - 11 years ago
How many gallons is it?
MrZACATECANO100 - 11 years ago
Who cares if it has plastic plants?Still looks nice one of the best aquariums I ever seen. GOOD JOB,DON'T LISTEN TO THESE HATERS.
Sammie Arielle
Sammie Arielle - 11 years ago
beautiful,beautiful tank! dont listen to all the jerks!
TropicalKIng1990 - 11 years ago
realy nice tank :)
qaibhmongvaj - 11 years ago
chevypower65 - 11 years ago
ZenXXII - 11 years ago
i have no qualms with plastic/fake decors but you are mixing many different colors and plant designs making your tank look very artificial and just plain fake.
meneope - 11 years ago
I also disagree with the bad comments here; but really wonder how you clean this? Do you gravel clean or do you rely on the filter solely?
Kevin Estefan
Kevin Estefan - 11 years ago
thumbs up if you wanna know how he cleans this shit.
UK FISH KEEPER - 11 years ago
Nothing wrong with plastic or silk plants, at least you save on co2 and ferts lol, Great job beautiful tank
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez - 11 years ago
This plastic piece of shit sucks dick!!! Ya it looks like you emptied out the plastic section at petsmart!!
33nl - 11 years ago
it looks too fake and has too many bubbles. Not realistic at all...
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia - 11 years ago
taking care of fish IS NOT EASY !
Mauro Borges
Mauro Borges - 11 years ago
as long as the fish are happy and heathy thats all that matters....nice plants are nice but are prone too dieing,,,decaying and some have leech eggs that will hatch
Chris James
Chris James - 11 years ago
Nice aquarium but u did not build that we all wish we could build things like that
C9Zazzle - 11 years ago
It looks cool to me, nice work. p.s.Whats with people today always crapping on everything lol
BlakBraces - 11 years ago
its fake... but its still a nice tank
MrWwemaster13 - 11 years ago
woooooooooow i like this
TropicalKIng1990 - 11 years ago
love ur tank :)guys can u have a look at mine and give me some ideas :)
davycrocket - 11 years ago
Tyler Hammons
Tyler Hammons - 11 years ago
Its may all be fake but I think it looks good. At least its easy upkeep lol.
Chino Nadal
Chino Nadal - 11 years ago
seems like a very Peaceful Tank.... My tank is too aggresive for Guppies and Mollies tho
Chino Nadal
Chino Nadal - 11 years ago
njw1383 - 11 years ago
Looks really good. love all the bubbles in the background I've subscribed to your channel. Hope you can sub me back? =)
xtinamarie06 - 11 years ago
You just puked plastic cause ur a fake plastic loser. Get a life! Great job on the aquarium!!! Thanks for sharing!!
jerrick kwan
jerrick kwan - 11 years ago
its not bad!!:D
robert robillard
robert robillard - 11 years ago
wow just wow!
sasqwuatch - 11 years ago
Some people just don't have any class at all. Im sure that 90% of the people that had something offensive to say about your setup said it to hurt you because its the only twisted enjoyment they get from THEIR miserable life. I like your tank and think its cool. The fish are happy and its very active. Its ok to have a personal favorite way to do your aquariums. But the just plain ugliness that come's from these trolls puts them on par with things that get stuck under my shoes. Nice tank :)
UK FISH KEEPER - 11 years ago
So beautiful, looks so peaceful, simply amazing, good on ya :o)
slaptackz - 11 years ago
if i hadn't just seen natures chaos aquascape i dud have thought this was better
RAFaquaria - 11 years ago
Neons seem to be having fun with the bubbles!
ALAN TURNER - 11 years ago
Fish paradise friend,beautiful and so relaxing,sorry you have some pond life commenting on your tank,i,ve just aquired a 4 ft fish tank and i hope to have it looking somewhere near as good as yours one day,cheers.
Hassan Z
Hassan Z - 11 years ago
looks so fake, i like natural aquariums personally; BUT! i gotta admit you did a good job there :)
TrapGodMc - 11 years ago
i seen that shit a walmart
debi cowart
debi cowart - 11 years ago
i love it this is just how i want mine very pretty and colorful:)
lul - 11 years ago
needs more color bro
TheMeisterize - 11 years ago
little too much air for me but nice taste!
TheMrHutchie - 11 years ago
no bad
juan carlos
juan carlos - 11 years ago
ok lets see you make a better one......... fuckin stupid excuse for a human probably dont even have money to even afford fish stupid ignorant cunt
southernsales7777777 - 11 years ago
JTMarlin8 - 11 years ago
It looks like you went to Petco and bought one of every decoration they had.
Will Fehlhaber Music
Will Fehlhaber Music - 11 years ago
this is really awesome. good job.
Attackon Titan
Attackon Titan - 11 years ago
ur tank is bigger bt .......fishes in ur tank are smaller dan my dick

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