Giant Goldfish Rescue

Video of their new pond home: This is the story of my giant goldfish rescue. I say giant goldfish but this is actually how big they will normally get. Goldfish can get over 16" and live for 20 years or so. They are currently living in a huge stock tank pond now. Although half of them were eventually given to my neighbors who put them in a giant natural pond. The rest had lots of babies and there are currently about 3 dozen fish. Royalty free nusic frin

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Pets & Animals 7 years ago 814,368 views

Video of their new pond home: This is the story of my giant goldfish rescue. I say giant goldfish but this is actually how big they will normally get. Goldfish can get over 16" and live for 20 years or so. They are currently living in a huge stock tank pond now. Although half of them were eventually given to my neighbors who put them in a giant natural pond. The rest had lots of babies and there are currently about 3 dozen fish. Royalty free nusic frin

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Most popular comments
for Giant Goldfish Rescue

stormdetector - 6 years ago
No offense but it looks like their old plants, rocks, or food. Just a goldfish and plants on YouTube and see how people are creating rich planted environments for goldfish. They don’t have to sit in an empty fishbowl like the old days.
Christian X
Christian X - 6 years ago
I'ma put some fish in dirty water , to force someone to buy them at a Price thanks
Rachel Tojio
Rachel Tojio - 6 years ago
Those are goldfish there huge!!!
R4wi AJ
R4wi AJ - 6 years ago
It’s called a koi
Michael Ramage
Michael Ramage - 6 years ago
I loved it
Billy Kelly
Billy Kelly - 6 years ago
Gold fish thrive in this water. The tank is way to small.
Melon: IAmNotAFruit
Melon: IAmNotAFruit - 6 years ago
I've been reading the comments and a lot of people are saying that there was no point in someone doing this, and goldfish are worthless animals, and that they are stupid...

I just don't understand those kind of people.
Brianna Underwood
Brianna Underwood - 6 years ago
was gonna say uh not a rescue if u puttin em all in a tank like that
Benjamin Nguyen
Benjamin Nguyen - 6 years ago
poor fishies :( from the previous owner. I am glad these goldfishies got a better owner :).

10. comment for Giant Goldfish Rescue

Danny Corrente
Danny Corrente - 6 years ago
make a pond for them
James Ferchland
James Ferchland - 6 years ago
Good job!
Dan vitty
Dan vitty - 6 years ago
Dude I would've went OFF on the previous owner before leaving
Debi B
Debi B - 6 years ago
I love this story! Thank you for sharing.
EPIC BOSS COW - 6 years ago
When you want that 10 minutes but you just don’t have enough time
Liz Anderson
Liz Anderson - 6 years ago
Thank you for being such a great person!
Jesus Acevedo
Jesus Acevedo - 6 years ago
that owner should not be allot to have kids man ....
Roberta Moss
Roberta Moss - 6 years ago
lett the puor fish go stuped faget plz they are going to die k so just lett them go now
Vagif Hamidov
Vagif Hamidov - 6 years ago
Small tank
ray brown
ray brown - 6 years ago
How and why did you take that tank filled to the brim with nasty water .How did you load it up ? It would of been easier to transfer the fish in 5 gallon buckets.

20. comment for Giant Goldfish Rescue

DroppinDaNukes 2.7.5
DroppinDaNukes 2.7.5 - 6 years ago
this type of goldfish need movement in the water thats why they all like that
Its Me Amie G
Its Me Amie G - 6 years ago
This is amazing!!! It really touches my heart that someone would do so much to save these fish!!
Banshee Betta
Banshee Betta - 6 years ago
My friend got her trash bin and didnt even clean it properly and filled it with shitty hose water and put some goldfish in there that was 6 months ago and the water is now dark green but I see them swimming sometimes. freekin cruel I wish i could tell her its not the same as a pond!!!
Erika Grace
Erika Grace - 6 years ago
is it giant goldfish rescue or giant goldfish rescue
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - 6 years ago
u got tomany fish in the one tank not much of a rescue
Hailey Tran
Hailey Tran - 6 years ago
Baby gold fish:]
Arial Black
Arial Black - 6 years ago
kek the "New" aquarium is still small and filthy goldfish are not made for aquariums
Coolissim0 Unl1mited
Coolissim0 Unl1mited - 6 years ago
Nicely Done, very proud of you
Nurul Hidayah
Nurul Hidayah - 6 years ago
I want it
Jeff nerf Videos
Jeff nerf Videos - 6 years ago
You are a hero

30. comment for Giant Goldfish Rescue

Shaik Vakis
Shaik Vakis - 6 years ago
I am so impressed by u
Miss Girl Girl
Miss Girl Girl - 6 years ago
What a good man u r ! I would marry you if I was still single lol
Phoneton Phantom
Phoneton Phantom - 6 years ago
Drogon Tips
Drogon Tips - 6 years ago
Y are u killing this fish
Ken Shiro
Ken Shiro - 6 years ago
Are they still alive and well pal
Hannah Simpson
Hannah Simpson - 6 years ago
If that's what the water looked like after 2 partial water changes, I don't even want to imagine what it looked like when you first got to them.
Laura Burdett
Laura Burdett - 6 years ago
How in the world did they survive? That must have stunk so bad. thanks for your kind heart.
Joaquin Murrieta
Joaquin Murrieta - 6 years ago
Why big fish make the water really dirty instead of little fish
Cometeorz Gaming
Cometeorz Gaming - 6 years ago
Wow man ur awesome saving these goldfishes but im requesting you to buy some fishtanks cuz its too cramped or maybe u can use a pond
gail LeDuc
gail LeDuc - 6 years ago
Goldfish actually have teeth, I've been keeping them for years and just learned that . I would love an indoor pond so I could get a few more
gail LeDuc
gail LeDuc - 6 years ago
Great Job! I want to see the new pond. I have 2 fancy goldfish in the same size aquarium and it's running a Cascade 1000 filter. I will never go back to a hang on filter, the canisters do such a good job and they go a little longer between changes. Always get one bigger than suggested for goldfish anyway
legend27 is the boss
legend27 is the boss - 6 years ago
Jay Chen
Jay Chen - 6 years ago
I wonder how the fish got that big in that tank or was it bought that big from the start?
Bazzaen - 6 years ago
You did a wonderful thing - fish are often overlooked
Becky House
Becky House - 6 years ago
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amna zainy
amna zainy - 6 years ago
Thank God they are saved
Thomas Playz
Thomas Playz - 6 years ago
5:25 Logan you are my hero zircon
Sevheart - 6 years ago
Amazing video!
Aman Bisht
Aman Bisht - 6 years ago
william walls
william walls - 6 years ago
Adding the old water just puts all the bacteria back in the tank retard

50. comment for Giant Goldfish Rescue

Path Finder
Path Finder - 6 years ago
U R an AMAZING human being! We need more like you in this world ;-)
Hahshs Hshshs
Hahshs Hshshs - 6 years ago
Send one to me for my pond please;))):):)
mango gaming
mango gaming - 6 years ago
Well done ☺
Jack Black
Jack Black - 6 years ago
uh, this "rescue" tank is certainly overstocked too.. hope its not their permanent home.
Junali Bora
Junali Bora - 6 years ago
why u waisted so much time for Making vedio when they were in truble​ ... it's good that finely u save them .
Jeffrey M
Jeffrey M - 6 years ago
After the newly cleaned tank with the new water, I understand why you mixed some old water with the new water. But why did you not just mix water in your container instead of the newly cleaned tank so that the tank does not get any old disease's if any from the old water....Also it is good to see your truck holding your Gold Fishes new home and I am sure they are 100x more happier now since you got them.
Sandra Noneofyourbusiness
Sandra Noneofyourbusiness - 6 years ago
Oh those poor fish! So glad you helped them. I can't wait to see the pond you plan to make for them- they'll think they have gone to gold fish heaven.
youtuber 11
youtuber 11 - 6 years ago
thank you for saving them
The Lovely Mel Chan
The Lovely Mel Chan - 6 years ago
Stop filming them with stupid sad music and put them in a new tank!!!
Natalia Mcdonough
Natalia Mcdonough - 6 years ago
Subscriber for sure! That warmed my heart. Thank you for doing this. :) keep up the good work.
Carter Bing
Carter Bing - 6 years ago
Great job!
Rin - 6 years ago
Awesome work dude!!! Thank you so much and I'm really glad to hear that they're going to get a bigger home because they're some big dudes lol
Sandy Anne
Sandy Anne - 6 years ago
U should've put medicine on those gold fishes...cause each one of them have the white spots disease ...
Shelbi Cazee
Shelbi Cazee - 6 years ago
This story makes me happy!!!
argus zz
argus zz - 6 years ago
what surprised me is that how hard these goldfish are able to survive in a demise they're living in a not just filthy water but a lethal tank environment added with that amount of water they only swim.
Someone Nanya
Someone Nanya - 6 years ago
Thank god you saved them the old water was as wrinkley as a white girls ass
Customer - 6 years ago
After watching this video it made me sad and I cringed at the end
Similar Rose
Similar Rose - 6 years ago
They're very cute ☺️ Would love to see an update if there isn't already one
Viper Jay 5
Viper Jay 5 - 6 years ago
This literally broke my heart to see. Thank you so much for rescuing these tough little guys. I don't know how anyone could treat such special animals so horribly.
Lucy Phillips
Lucy Phillips - 6 years ago
It's a really great thing you've done here! I actually did a really similar thing about 7 years ago... I saw someone offering a fish tank on Freegle, and two fish came with it. When I saw the picture I couldn't believe my eyes, there were two 10 + inch goldfish in a 10 gallon tank! The water was worse than the fish you rescued, and the fish were in MUCH worse condition. The tank smelled awful, because the fish were actually ROTTING. I'd never seen anything so horrific in real life... they were rotting fish, but alive! it was so so sad! Their fins were split to shreds and they had deep sores all over their body.

The person I collected them from, said his daughter had gotten them as two small goldfish 12 yeah previously, she had brought them home from university in that condition and had then left them for her dad to look after... he felt bad for the fish but didn't know what to do - hence freegle. I took the fish home, only a 50 mile trip each way so not as far as you had travelled.I immediately put them both in a hospital tank, a large 4 ft tank, clean water and medications and things.... after a month their sores had all healed and they no longer smelt, their fins healed and started to fuse together so they were no longer split. After two months their fins healed and only scars remained where their sores had once been. Their dorsal fins were permanently upright too :)

I honestly have no idea how this phenomena happens - where fish in poor conditions somehow outgrow their tank rather than dying! I loved these fish so much, and not to be smug at all, but I was pleased that I'd managed not only to rescue them but heal them too! Sadly although the tank was much larger than the tank they'd lived in for 12 years, 4 ft was still not large enough for two fish of this size, so I put an advert out offering them to a home with someone who could promise they would live somewhere larger... It took a long time but finally a woman contacted me and showed me pictures of the pond they were building and of the tanks she owned already. She had many goldfish and was building a pond so that the larger fish had somewhere better to live. My two rescue fish went to live with her family, at first they lived in her bathtub for three weeks until the pond had been built and last I heard they were living a happy life in a large pond!!

People think that fish aren't important pets, but you just have to search "Fish that likes cuddles" on YouTube, to realise that fish have feelings. Although they make wonderful pets, they are much harder to look after than people realise, and shouldn't be treated as starter pets that need little care. Goldfish can live up to 40 years if looked after correctly, yet people think goldfish are only meant to live a couple of years - all because they are seldom looked after entirely correctly :( It just makes me so sad... so your video made me really happy, and reminded me so much of my own adventure rescuing fish!! I'll see if I can post a couple of pictures after I've posted this comment! I really loved those fish :).
argus zz
argus zz - 6 years ago
these goldfish are as hard as f***...i had started my own tank with four goldfish in it...never would i leave it like that. I even change water 50% before it gets cloudy.
Lucy Phillips
Lucy Phillips - 6 years ago
In those pictures, they'd healed a lot by then, but they still had sores not yet entirely healed. They are a MILLION times better condition in those photo's than when I picked them up, though!!!
Lucy Phillips
Lucy Phillips - 6 years ago
Here you go, I uploaded some pictures of the fish, we called them Kevin and Nash! Here are the pictures:
Azurda Azurda
Azurda Azurda - 6 years ago
How did the water not spill in 100 miles or ?
Mari C
Mari C - 6 years ago
Can you give me some tips on taking good care of goldfish ? I plan of getting two. So I want to know how to take care of them. I have seen other videos but in the comment areas others say the advice they give is not right. Thanks
argus zz
argus zz - 6 years ago
Mari C i just had my two pairs they must be having 2 galloon each at least for the volume of water for oxygen. Soften their foods in a separate container for few minutes so not to constipate them. Give just a small portion amount of food twice a day. Buy filter if you're working far not having much time in changing waters. You should religiously change water once a week. Stock water all the time four hours from the faucet as it may still.have chlorine in it. 1hour to couple of hours letting chlorine evaporate before placing them gradually on the tank. Don't place any breed as it would spell havoc days after.
Ibrahim Wadood
Ibrahim Wadood - 6 years ago
u might wanna build a pond and u are amazing even i rescued my 2 tiger oscars from apet store they were in a fifty gallon
Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens - 6 years ago
There is no excuse to have a tank be that overstocked and disgusting.
Owner should be ashamed of himself or herself and anyone with a tank like this for that matter.
spoons .-. for days
spoons .-. for days - 6 years ago
Do you live in Fl
mohak ica
mohak ica - 6 years ago
sir i am new to this and recently got an aquarium which is 18 inches in length and 10" breadth and12" high its a 5 gallon how many goldfish can i keep i got 6 of them they are 1.5" and if its small for them what other fish can i keep and how many
bluefish654 - 6 years ago
How do you even get water that color with out adding something?
Erik Vasquez
Erik Vasquez - 6 years ago
wow that was nice
Waffle Kitsune
Waffle Kitsune - 6 years ago
8:18 I'm sorry but that's hilarious
Waffle Kitsune
Waffle Kitsune - 6 years ago
What? I was talking about the white one on the right spitting out pebbles after cleaning them.
argus zz
argus zz - 6 years ago
Waffle Kitsune yeah their body shape and three of them do the same thing at once staring with their wholly bodies hahahhaa
Alida A FishAddict
Alida A FishAddict - 6 years ago
is there an update to the pond for them
Alida A FishAddict
Alida A FishAddict - 6 years ago
the beginning of the video is sad and lucky u came along however they need to been a larger tank for that many goldfish...
Bob Suchomel
Bob Suchomel - 6 years ago
Well done!!!!
TheTalkingTurbot - 6 years ago
Man you are a real life super hero!
Draconous101 - 6 years ago
You stretched that video out longer that it needs to be.
Aly Kat
Aly Kat - 6 years ago
This is so sad to see. 6 beautiful goldfish crammed into a small 5 gallon tank. Huge props to you man
Thatbf1nub - 6 years ago
It's nice to see that some people really do care about living things, not just themselves or their money, that was a nice thing to do. :)
54 - 6 years ago
99% aggree and like
the 1% is for songs
farm life
farm life - 6 years ago
those fish were so deformed and sorry to say but you overstocked them again that tank wasn't near big enough for them... then I saw you said you were building a pond
24 42
24 42 - 6 years ago
This is sad
Chris Bevan
Chris Bevan - 6 years ago
Yaaay fishy
djanel_goldenmoon - 6 years ago
because we get told fish only have a memory span of seconds or minutes.... now scientists found out they communicate with each other. of course they do... gosh human ego....
Katherine German
Katherine German - 6 years ago
I didn't know goldfish got that big
pustel - 6 years ago
new tank only maybe 70 gallons? not much difference
scoobiemandan - 6 years ago
Good on you. I too had the same predicament a few days ago. Visiting family, 200 miles from home. However, the Goldfish I mention was actually with these family members, every time over the past few years I have mentioned to them about the proper conditions this fish should be in. He's a 7-8 inch Comet and was kept in a kids 10 litre tank with only enough swimming space maybe twice his height and three times his length :( Well, this time I decided to offer to remove the fish from their home.....he happily resides in a 4ft tank at present!
Averi Watkins
Averi Watkins - 6 years ago
Amazing guy.
Maria Guajardo
Maria Guajardo - 6 years ago
Did anyone notes the song Is Logan you áre my hero by zercon
Wanda Sidalge Castillo
Wanda Sidalge Castillo - 6 years ago
This video reminded me of the time I saved a baby iguana right in yhe middle of the road. It seemed like he felk from a tree and was trying to walk to some place safe but instead he ended there between all those cars. I wad on my way to college right when i saw it and i just stood there shook. I was afraid of iguanas but the idea of fealing bad for leaving it there to die just because i was afraid made me feel awful so i carried him the biggest fear and worrisome and took him to one of the courtyards of my college. People were looking at me weird but i knew i was doing something good.

Thank you for saving these fish
Don't read my profile Picture
Don't read my profile Picture - 6 years ago
We need more people like you
Juan Ocampo
Juan Ocampo - 6 years ago
You're awesome
Brenna Woods
Brenna Woods - 6 years ago
I think that it's great you were able to help these fish. They clearly needed it. ❤️

100. comment for Giant Goldfish Rescue

Laurenandcharley - 6 years ago
They need a bigger tank
Laia Bertran
Laia Bertran - 6 years ago
Ordinary hero :)
Fluffy the neko
Fluffy the neko - 6 years ago
Dude, you should ciclate the aquarium first, And I want to donate or support you because I think you made a good job taking care of a beatiful animal that nobody takes serious
Oh So Random
Oh So Random - 6 years ago
5:18 Who else noticed this is the music for "Logan You Are My Hero" by Zircon
Oh So Random
Oh So Random - 6 years ago
Seeing those goldfish made me so sad. That's fish abuse. I'm so glad you saved them. God bless you.
Jackthegamer 3D
Jackthegamer 3D - 6 years ago
the family who let there pets suffer is are fucken low life lazy ass holes
Kait_says_sup R
Kait_says_sup R - 6 years ago
You deserve all the love
Ludwig Von Cocksucker
Ludwig Von Cocksucker - 6 years ago
who owned them? white, blacks, messicans?
Malte Skinar
Malte Skinar - 6 years ago
Good water in the aquarium dude you clean it
Ragnarok - 6 years ago
Should have punched him in the mouth while you were there.
Amber Stiltes
Amber Stiltes - 6 years ago
Is 4 in a 50gal too much I only have 2 rn they're still little guys but can it be a permanent situation?
MotoHobby SA
MotoHobby SA - 6 years ago
thank for save this fish my fryend
Shot of the Beckers Becker
Shot of the Beckers Becker - 6 years ago
Thank u so much they would have died and most people would not do anything about it but you saved them and thank u for that and I have fish in a tank funny story I had to tell on some one at the pet store for taking out alive fish with the dead
CursiveCookie - 6 years ago
Sofias Dream
Sofias Dream - 6 years ago
Appreciate fish
Love fish
Makeup Mobster
Makeup Mobster - 6 years ago
They're so cute! People suck for treating them like that!
Adrian Gaffney
Adrian Gaffney - 6 years ago
That tank was still way to small but a improvement
16bluedragons - 6 years ago
These fish survived in this filthy aquarium while I even can't get mine to live in the cleanest possible water and 30gallons of space
Brendan McCluskey
Brendan McCluskey - 6 years ago
The original owner(s) of these creatures should be charged with animal abuse. That is fucking atrocious.
Raptor Customs
Raptor Customs - 6 years ago
The background music sounds like Logan My Hero by Zircon
WolfAlliance - 6 years ago
You've done a beautiful thing, these fish look much happier
VIKINGODIN - 6 years ago
"Didn't want to overstock again"?, There isn't room enough for that one big orange one alone in that tank.
apenguinnamedabraham - 6 years ago
It really makes me happy to see people with so much respect for life. Keep it up, this is awesome!
Bettafish Aquariums
Bettafish Aquariums - 6 years ago
Good job I will give you a like for this now
hk hjg
hk hjg - 6 years ago
i would have payed the guy to dump them out in the backyard. put them out of their misery and saved a 100 mile trip
You're A Caucasian Mess.
You're A Caucasian Mess. - 6 years ago
I wanna ride around in your trunk
Norma McManus
Norma McManus - 6 years ago
It's amazing they survived without a filter or an air stone. Good job saving these fish!
The Red Sterling Mc'Bae
The Red Sterling Mc'Bae - 6 years ago
Goon on your for saving those poor, defenseless fish. :(
Spy Spy
Spy Spy - 6 years ago
My Dad had 4 of these giant fishes but they all died after 2 years :P
iExotic - 6 years ago
What's the song
shebakojack - 6 years ago
nice that you save the fish but they need a bigger Aquarium they're too big for that tank
Jóhanna S Andrésdóttir
Jóhanna S Andrésdóttir - 6 years ago
People can be so mean. I hate when people treat fish like a less living being than other animals. Do you want your animal to feel good and live well, or suffer. Has to be more people like you, saving these beautiful animals. I know that I will rescue the next fish I find.
David Miller
David Miller - 6 years ago
You Frickin ROCK!!!
Emily Yousey
Emily Yousey - 6 years ago
this is so amazing, good to know there are good people doing good things
Claude Orejola
Claude Orejola - 6 years ago
:D :)
Livi's World
Livi's World - 6 years ago
I understand that this person is trying to tell Society about this but why would you take a video of those fish swimming around and practically being tortured when you could be helping them and make a video later or at least for the first couple minutes anyway but I am happy with the home but they ended up living in
Maria Diep
Maria Diep - 6 years ago
How hard it is to just clean a tank! Like seriously I have two goldfish at home and I change their water every week
OnixousMoon - 6 years ago
wow there big
ŽÄÇHÅRŸ RØDËÑTŠ - 6 years ago
You are a great person! Everyone only cares about the fluffy animals but goldfish and other fish matter to. I hate when people think so low of them
Blix Wolf
Blix Wolf - 6 years ago
Still to small but happy you saved them !
BR5491Z1Z - 6 years ago
The new tank isn't much better than the old one ya stupid Fock
Animal King
Animal King - 6 years ago
If you don't want to care for an animal, don't buy an animal.
Mr. Depressed Puffin
Mr. Depressed Puffin - 6 years ago

Willard & Nuggets Lavish Life's
Willard & Nuggets Lavish Life's - 6 years ago
I love this video more than words can say! Thank you for saving their lives
francesco tony
francesco tony - 6 years ago
5 minutes staring at the poor fish
Ethan Villalobos
Ethan Villalobos - 6 years ago
Stevin King
Stevin King - 6 years ago
good man
gamer guy
gamer guy - 6 years ago
Yeah people sould have the responsibility of taking care of there pets but on the inside they don't want them #save the fish
Jadenstar 06
Jadenstar 06 - 6 years ago
Well done
Dane Abomasum
Dane Abomasum - 6 years ago
I hope the assholes that previously owned these fish get inoperable brain tumours, then stub their toes on the end of the bed. Thank you for helping these lovely fish.
ImEthan - 6 years ago
the guy who had the fish was probably a nice guy but didnt care for these fish so do your research before buying any animal
FishermanBob Dog
FishermanBob Dog - 6 years ago
just feed em to arowanas or something
Welsh Mapper
Welsh Mapper - 6 years ago
YaY Some One Finally Saving FISH
Darryl Minaker
Darryl Minaker - 6 years ago
they big
Nickii Brenton
Nickii Brenton - 6 years ago
The dramatic PETA sound is a bit too much. So what happen to the owner(s) cuz they just can't get that big without being care for and fed.
Tattooed Reverend
Tattooed Reverend - 6 years ago
i know this song this is logen your my hero by zcon
luvoucho - 6 years ago
I hate to see birds in small cages and big fish in little tanks :( find them a pond or dig one, so nice you rescued them but they do still look silly :)
Firestar leader of thunderclan
Firestar leader of thunderclan - 6 years ago
when my fish die I Barry them I never flush them
Kaci Clark
Kaci Clark - 6 years ago
OMG yesss save the fish
Angela Short
Angela Short - 6 years ago
logan you are my hero
Barefoot Urban Homestead
Barefoot Urban Homestead - 6 years ago
please tell me you gave them hell for this. wtf
Cool boy 51
Cool boy 51 - 6 years ago
por por fish
EpicMovieAddict - 6 years ago
I liked the sad music

Why did there have to be happy music??
JvHdbirds - 6 years ago
The tank is still small but the water is better and filtered and there much happier
ryan kersell
ryan kersell - 6 years ago
the world needs more great and inspiring people like you. this put a huge smile on my face and i think it did for those fish too! thank you.
BornWithAGift Lorenzo
BornWithAGift Lorenzo - 6 years ago
I gotta say this is the best thing I've seen all day. Bless you!
swagger0im0lachskost - 6 years ago
still a way too small tank for those fish
slash boom
slash boom - 6 years ago
may Allah reward u 10 times for the kindness.. but put them in a pond or a much bigger tank or give them to someone who ahs the facility ,and i appretiate ur kindness a lot u made their life better still .
Eric Austria
Eric Austria - 6 years ago
Can i have that gold fish
Nadeen Vazquez
Nadeen Vazquez - 6 years ago
gold fish can survive in just about any water conditions , even that one. But that's great :)
Monica Kuzmicki
Monica Kuzmicki - 6 years ago
It makes me mad that the person who owned these fish could keep them alive in filthy conditions, but when I had ONE fancytail goldfish in a 50 gallon tank it died even though the water was in perfect condition after my local fish store tested it. Ughhhhh. :( This happened repeatedly. No more goldfish for me... How are your fish doing now?
Monica Kuzmicki
Monica Kuzmicki - 6 years ago
You are an amazing person
Gary Pal
Gary Pal - 6 years ago
its not dirty water man, its an almond leaf
Joel Yeo
Joel Yeo - 6 years ago
we are very proud of you for saving the goldfish because goldfish have lives as well
Chemical Vortex
Chemical Vortex - 6 years ago
What is song well why did I said that when there are dying fishes
Keiara Pham
Keiara Pham - 6 years ago
I really hope you said something to the person selling them
BasicDrawings/ For kids!!!
BasicDrawings/ For kids!!! - 6 years ago
thats not clean
lou hemmings
lou hemmings - 6 years ago
Why does this has over 700 dislikes? Ppl have no heart or no appreciation for kindness? wtf.
Lilly Parr
Lilly Parr - 6 years ago
this is how i resued my two fish the people i got them off had water like this in there tank and there were sick and sadly some dead fish in that tank but i guess its what people will do for money regardless if the animal is healthy
Sofia Misty
Sofia Misty - 6 years ago
I would've gotten a small kidded pool or large tub of some sort instead of a tank this size (of coarse I would use this size tank if it was all I had at the time), then bought a sponge filter that was the appropriate size to temporarily take care of these fish once I got the tub or kiddie pool. A youtuber called Solid Gold Aquatics (Jenny) has great ideas for tanking care of and housing goldfish. I've learned a lot from her. :D, But we appreciate that you've saved these fish. :D
Kaitlyn Taylor
Kaitlyn Taylor - 6 years ago
looks like their water had never been changed since they were put in there
boysponge705 - 6 years ago
What did their previous owner feed them everyday, Mcdonalds?
Mel. B
Mel. B - 6 years ago
Bless your heart, i know i kind of sound like n old lady but whatever hahahah
KCG Massacre
KCG Massacre - 6 years ago
Thank you so much for doing this you're a great person.

No fish should be abused like that
jun lu
jun lu - 6 years ago
I wished they die
Dechnd YT
Dechnd YT - 6 years ago
Those are some great magikarps you have there
amir n
amir n - 6 years ago
well done ! thank you
Rainbowyer - 6 years ago
You sir are a real human being and a real hero.
Griffin -E
Griffin -E - 6 years ago
Fish Fish and more Fish, how many giant goldfishes were there in total?
Lizards'n Spiders
Lizards'n Spiders - 6 years ago
I was requesting my aunt to give me her turtles, she and her son said no, the turtles were around 5inches and were both of them were in a 5gallon... i wanted to help these poor turtles but her son refused...
Pedarsag - 6 years ago
Wow even a 50gallon is too small for these guys but I mean they are better off in a 50gallon being taken care of than neglected. What a story though, rescuig animals has a way of rewarding us as much as it does help them. It let you to put a 700gallon pond in your yard that I am sure has been wonderful for you. I hope at some point you left the tainted water behind and let them start over in completely fresh clean water. That old water was probably full of funky bacteria and disease.
Pedarsag - 6 years ago
THANK GOD I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO THINKS SO! Who is the narrator? Can we get her on a TV show? We need more people like this sending messages to our general public. Oh, sorry, I am talking about the sponsored ad that played before the actual video The War on Planet of the apes message that was sponsored by the Jane Goodall foundation.
cre morg
cre morg - 6 years ago
GEORGE RANGO - 6 years ago
you should put decorations and put them in other tanks
Connie Heywood
Connie Heywood - 6 years ago
Alberto Vela
Alberto Vela - 6 years ago
I'm sorry but they are just fish
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes - 6 years ago
update plz
Inès - 6 years ago
I can't understand how it is possible to neglect animals like that.
Mr. Universe
Mr. Universe - 6 years ago
Fish don't feel pain. But thanks for saving them
ibradeybunch - 6 years ago
Can't fish go through shock if they go through a drastic water change?
neil hilton
neil hilton - 6 years ago
Good job. Those fish looked so miserable
FireySiren Pat Prado
FireySiren Pat Prado - 6 years ago
Who knows how long those poor fish had been in that predicament.You are a hero.Let us know how they are doing with a follow-up.Your awesome.
thian han
thian han - 6 years ago
you make a good Karma
TraumaDog - 6 years ago
Poor babies! I'm glad you saved them and that they had babies!
Leafymint AJ
Leafymint AJ - 6 years ago
That picture disgusts me. I'm surprised none of them were dead
Leafymint AJ
Leafymint AJ - 6 years ago
Like for real, that was straight up animal abuse.
Epicgamer 63628164
Epicgamer 63628164 - 6 years ago
this is doo heart warming
The Snake guy
The Snake guy - 7 years ago
I have a friend that has a fish tank that is so dirty u can't see into it, and I feel so bad for the fish, so I always offer to clean it but they always come up with a excuse to say no. It makes me really mad
Nattie - 7 years ago
That was so sweet of you to do what you did
Grimalkin Felidae
Grimalkin Felidae - 7 years ago
Please move them to a pond.
TST TORGIE - 7 years ago
good job
Gucci Clone
Gucci Clone - 7 years ago
beautiful fish
Kim KT
Kim KT - 7 years ago
Thanks for savings them. But the tank is still way too small for such big goldfishes. They belongs to pond.
Zircon The bungee
Zircon The bungee - 7 years ago
I bought a goldfish from pet petco they gave me false information saying you can change the water when you cant see the fish. I had it for 3 years now I clean the tank every 2 weeks
Zircon The bungee
Zircon The bungee - 7 years ago
This is why many animals go to extinction
jonathan sarson
jonathan sarson - 7 years ago
Wonderful job man
Evan Esswein
Evan Esswein - 7 years ago
Thank you
Robin - 7 years ago
You caught a Goldeen!
boomboompow - 7 years ago
i bet the owners are dumb rednecks
Amber Faulkes
Amber Faulkes - 7 years ago
My first fish had one fine and ate her other one???? And she had a growth on her gills...
Amber Faulkes
Amber Faulkes - 7 years ago
Ate the one which was already gone!
rollie4 - 7 years ago
prick ass mother fucker who let that get that bad
Fara Kasimovo
Fara Kasimovo - 7 years ago
Wow, you are a great person. This is so sad to watch but I am glad you are even getting them a pond. Thank you for being a good human being <3
LoversLane Hawj
LoversLane Hawj - 7 years ago
It's amazing they got that big coming from original owner. Original owner probably couldn't take care of them anymore; circumstances changes. They were better off getting re home. Yes they need super gigantic tank. I've never seen gold fish that size, not even from pet store.
imah domeboo
imah domeboo - 7 years ago
I love when I see ppl rescuing living creatures!
Elisa Mcdonald
Elisa Mcdonald - 7 years ago
ok so put them in a better situation now. we can see how sad it is
Kylo Ren The Birdie
Kylo Ren The Birdie - 7 years ago
Can you help me one of my fish died because I think one of them, Michonne Killed Rick and chases Carl around
BiGigaming - 7 years ago
the fish where like "omg we can see each other now, helloooo"
freshroasted coffee
freshroasted coffee - 7 years ago
I don't think I could have video as long as you did, I would be so anxious to get them more water, and more space. As I know you did anyhow. great job!
Superior Slime Bre and AJ
Superior Slime Bre and AJ - 7 years ago
A foot long fish needs to be in 120 or more gallon tank.yo have 12 fish that are almost a foot long but it is good you helped them out a Little
Teddy Goatwater
Teddy Goatwater - 7 years ago
Still not as bad as Walmart, who don't give a flying fuck about their fishes
Thai Jean
Thai Jean - 7 years ago
This took forever. A two minute video in a nine minute time frame. Ugh. Hurry up.
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan - 7 years ago
Good job
Sabrina Bell
Sabrina Bell - 7 years ago
oh my
xv6brandon - 7 years ago
what was the music?
Akayo Yt
Akayo Yt - 7 years ago
*kois XD not goldfish
Gio Flores
Gio Flores - 7 years ago
You still have a fucking overstocked tank dude wtf
Milton Gutierrez
Milton Gutierrez - 7 years ago
Ik your trying to help but that tank is way too small for 3 goldfish, it is suggested that each goldfish has 20 gallons of space so ideally they should be in a 60 gallon tank and then when you added more fish kinda made it worse because the small goldfish need space to grow and roam around
xoEdxOed - 7 years ago
This is amazing. These fishes were so lucky to have came across you. Commons and comets are fishes that are often neglected cause they're not as "pretty" and nothing more than cheap "feeder fish". I'm so glad there are people out there who cares for them too. Btw, the white one reminds me of my comet "Sharky". He was 18" (with tail span) and lived till he was about 15 yrs old
JPs VlogUK
JPs VlogUK - 7 years ago
I ended up saving some fish life and I tell u what it gets to u how bad some people keep the fish
vegan momma
vegan momma - 7 years ago
you'd make a great vegan with your compassion for life...props to you for taking on a burden that didn't benefit you to save lives
émilie l
émilie l - 7 years ago
how can anyone do this
_Mermaidshark31 - 7 years ago
isn't it dangerous to change their water?? they basically acclimated to that and a fast change could kill them no?? it used to always happen to my goldies when I would clean the tank they'll die little by little
Jules Askalotl
Jules Askalotl - 7 years ago
you are awesome! GoOD JOB!
Tammy May
Tammy May - 7 years ago
What kind of goldfish are these I was given" bait" which are these kind of goldfish and I'm interested in breeding them
FUNNY SH#T - 7 years ago
Thank u for doing this
bailzer01 - 7 years ago
I know you did a good deed to save them from poor living conditions but that filter is way too small as well as the tank.
Dark piece of emo bts trash
Dark piece of emo bts trash - 7 years ago
Looks like diarrhea water
Zeze Whiite
Zeze Whiite - 7 years ago
that orange goldfish on 9:20 look like Lilie's goldfish
Angela Magic Salveson
Angela Magic Salveson - 7 years ago
Idk what kinda animal u have!When u decide to make an animal ur "pet" then u take on the responsibility of caring for said animals, regardless of intelligence or response they have to u. I have 2 pit bulls, 1 cat, & many Cichlids, & these fish are not mindless, they know when I'm goin to feed em & they'll follow me in the tank when I walk by. Also, while some will eat from by hand others are reticent at first but when they see there's no harm they eventually do the same. My fish may not be as affectionate as my dogs & cat, but they still deserve to be taken care of just the same. We got our 55 gallon tank from someone who didn't care for them & it was worse than this, all but 1 Cichlid died, & he succumbed 2 mos later, "Big Blue, even though he wasn't big but he was definitely a fighter, & for that I respect these fish. Don't get an animal, big or small, unless ur willing to care for that animal until it does, cuz as humans it's our responsibility to care for animals, whether wild or domestic!
Rosa Tange
Rosa Tange - 7 years ago
you dont rescue this fish. these fish belong in a pool not in a small tank
Rosa Tange
Rosa Tange - 7 years ago
alsof jij zo goed voor je vissen zorgt. misschien wel iets beter maaralsnog zitten ze in een veel te klwine bak
OtakuObsession Otaku Chan
OtakuObsession Otaku Chan - 7 years ago
bless you
Stephanie Vosburgh
Stephanie Vosburgh - 7 years ago
All lives matter, even the fishies!
Lg gg
Lg gg - 7 years ago
gizzy goomba 2
gizzy goomba 2 - 7 years ago
that's really nice of you to to that
CatCrustacean - 7 years ago
Thank you for saving these beautiful fish!
LadiLilly :D
LadiLilly :D - 7 years ago
You are a life saver,that is amazing,thank you so much for doing this
Rally - 7 years ago
How the heck does every fish I buy die when I keep clean water and measure the PH and follow all the dang directions and these fish are just chilling in sewer water.
yuchan - 7 years ago
the previous owner must know how to keep them safe, look at their size now!
yuchan - 7 years ago
its just goldfish, and theyre not smile!!!
sam3d - 7 years ago
Good job, but you needed massive filtering power and much larger tanks than that.

Goldfish are heavy poopers!
Despy Pie
Despy Pie - 7 years ago
Cool I had one but it died
Nicolás Moreira
Nicolás Moreira - 7 years ago
it's fine but they need even more space
Pd Lc
Pd Lc - 7 years ago
Part of the blame for this rests on petstores, selling tiny goldfish (or arowanas, etc) to clueless people who con't bother educating themselves that they cannot keep these fish at adult size without giant aquariums. Thank for you doing this. Goldfish deserve the same care and consideration as any other animal.
Keith Yohai
Keith Yohai - 7 years ago
I just did the same thing. Guy put them up for free on craigslist. Turns out he had about 16 this size or smaller in a 55 gallon tank. He was cleaning it pretty often by completely washing his canister and hob filters. Completely cleaning of course killed all the biology in the filters but I'm guessing that he didn't clean both at the same time so he kept some biology. He was feeding too much and every day. I live in NM and he's a Mexican guy who speaks very little English and just went to the store and bought those little feeder goldfish, which of course grew up. He broke all the rules, overstocking, cleaning the entire filter etc. mixed gold fish with angels, plecos and other fish in another, smaller (20g.) tank but somehow they lived. I have them in different tanks now, one has three in a 55g with two fluval 204's and a fistar canister filter as well as air. Another tank has 4 in a 70g. with 10x water filtration using two fluval canisters and an HOB. I'm teaching him stuff and he's receptive to learning and all the fish are alive and safe now. Yay!
MELANIE ANDREWS - 7 years ago
Thank you for saving those beautiful goldfish. Shame on those who mistreat and abuse animals! Thanks to those kind-hearted individuals who care enough to give them good homes.
april godel
april godel - 7 years ago
GOD BLESS YOU FOR DOING THIS! i almost cried seeing this video. I was looking for info on my new family addition my bubble eye goldfish that just endured a 130 mile trip home just a few hours ago. i had bought it at a local pet store before coming home from seeing my dad. i needed info asap because i learned it had a popped eye surrounded with fungus, and fin rot. using pirmafix and melafix for the treatment and hoping for the best. unfortunately i cane home right at the end of algae breeding season so my tank is a clouded mess atm lol. i literally came home to aquatic hell... 3 fish had fin rot and algae plumes everywhere and because the plumes the fish had nitrate poisoning and im just so overwhelmed atm. seeing your video makes me think of the hell i go through to rescue goldfish for my 50 gallon tank in my room. it makes me sick to think someone could abuse an animal so badly, though i have like 1 algae eater and a cooly loach and like 12 goldfish in a 50 gallon tank, the tank limits their growth size and the fish love each other like family, so thus not abusive. i got a mix of all types in my tank now hoping some day they will lay eggs and cross breed. anyhow, i subscribed, and am posting you r video in my fb status. im so proud and cant wait to see their new home! i wish i could donate money somehow to support you but im more broke than the algae in my tank lmao. hope someone took the time to read this... so proud again.... sincerely april.
Sylvia Bond
Sylvia Bond - 7 years ago
so i have a gold fish and i what to know if i need a biger tank for it ? i have a voied of it on my youtube chanolle
Grassstrand - 7 years ago
I'm glad not all people consider them worthless.
Sean Miller
Sean Miller - 7 years ago
Um, that 700 gallon tub is better than any of those tanks, but it's still woefully too small for a single goldfish, let alone a dozen. They need at least 1000 gallons and that tub is really shallow.
Fish Fish and more Fish
Fish Fish and more Fish - 7 years ago
It's more than plenty big enough by any standard. They have been in the pond for about 4 years now and are very healthy. They have lots of room to swim around and don't look even remotely cramped. The filtration system is very important and the one I built is working like a champ. I don't think they would have any complaints. Sure it would be nice to give them a giant massive lake or something. But you have to be realistic.
OfTheDawn Patriot
OfTheDawn Patriot - 7 years ago
glad you saved them but gold fish need 20 gallons a fish. they get big.
Delmar Sell
Delmar Sell - 7 years ago
Thank god you made them a pond
JEN Steiner
JEN Steiner - 7 years ago
im so glad there is still good people out there!! i can't believe the way people treat animals and nature. they don't care what happens. i am big on animal rights i wouldn't been able to them go and not do anything. i would have done the same thing u did! god bless and people stand up for those that can't!
Dark Lady
Dark Lady - 7 years ago
Thank you for saving these fish. I have 2 goldfish I won at a carnival that are around 7 years old now. Had a fishpond for almost 20 years and I've rescued fish too. People who put animals on Craigslist are real assholes!
christom ngrace
christom ngrace - 7 years ago
bless this man he is my hero , i couldent bare my lil Christopher to get in that state , id love to see him get as big as those gold fish tho , but my chris is just a comet i got from the fair but he is 5 this year , id love to afford him a massive tank
Peyton Philmon
Peyton Philmon - 7 years ago
That water is disgusting
origami swan
origami swan - 7 years ago
It makes me so happy to see these goldfish rescued :) Great job!
Jason Low
Jason Low - 7 years ago
I'll give another 9 thumps up if you tube allows me.
Ana Nunez
Ana Nunez - 7 years ago
When the tank was clean and the music was happy I danced
Una Doyle
Una Doyle - 7 years ago
But please , make sure to get a bigger aquarium. later
6demonbag - 7 years ago
Wow those guys are resilient. No split fins or disease that I can see. Just some clamping of the fins. They'll recover great.
Aki's special Channel
Aki's special Channel - 7 years ago
Yes but change the water
Gigi soglamorousipeeglitter
Gigi soglamorousipeeglitter - 7 years ago
Awwww that is soooo cruel and horrible! I can't stand most people! Quit owning pets, you heartless fucks! These are living, feeling, breathing creatures. You should be forced to live in your own shit and piss. Breathe it all in...that way you'll know how it feels. Thank God for people like this man/woman who are there for suffering animals.
Something Fishy Juno
Something Fishy Juno - 7 years ago
thanks for giving them better home
Chloe's Fish
Chloe's Fish - 7 years ago
Omg your so stupid that tank is still to small for them imagine if you lived in a small closed aquarium they have no room. god I hate people like you they belong in a pond.
Lavinia Peters
Lavinia Peters - 7 years ago
I was just wondering were you got that new pond at the end ? I have been looking fo something like that or bigger for my fish ad I need something soon.
Frog Detective
Frog Detective - 7 years ago
Poor fish. Glad you were there to help
cackychet - 7 years ago
well done
Johnovan Dupper
Johnovan Dupper - 7 years ago
poor fish
Dason Stalnaker
Dason Stalnaker - 7 years ago
What about the other half in the old container?
Kevin Quinapondan
Kevin Quinapondan - 7 years ago
Erin Kaye
Erin Kaye - 7 years ago
this was incredibly sweet of you! good job!
nele bes
nele bes - 7 years ago
Why didn't you call an animal saving organisation?
jose avianeda
jose avianeda - 7 years ago
those are some fucking big gold fish :D
Ink Sans;-;
Ink Sans;-; - 7 years ago
god bless your soul. you care. Unlike so many others. thank you.
Lilybee Wilcox
Lilybee Wilcox - 7 years ago
Putting even one fish in the 50 gallon is to much
Mr. Mans Man
Mr. Mans Man - 7 years ago
new tank still too small
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose - 7 years ago
Omg no way I have goldfish exactly like that
Jonathan Shelton
Jonathan Shelton - 7 years ago
you are a hero!!
StreetkillnHD - 7 years ago
water still seems murky, maybe add another filter?
JosephCherechinsky - 7 years ago
They;re huge
ty eres
ty eres - 7 years ago
That tank is just a short term solution. You're just recreating the same problem you rescued those fish from in the first place. Goldfish are messy eaters and defecate alot. With so many (big) fish in such a small tank, it won't be long before the water is dirty again unless you have a strong filtration system AND do rigorous water changes. But even then it isn't good to have that many fish in such a small tank. Go bigger or put them in a pond.
mour - 7 years ago
So at Pets At Home they say if u have 2 Shubunkin goldfish (I spelt that wrong didn't I) u need a 40 gallon tank when they're having like probably half that and have about 50 fish in there. :T
Micheal Shawn
Micheal Shawn - 7 years ago
You are truly great guy!!
Angelu Quijencio
Angelu Quijencio - 7 years ago
why do people act like they care but in the inside they dont like wtf.
Isabella Hutson
Isabella Hutson - 7 years ago
this video was extremely boring. but, i had to see how the video ended.
Ashley-Rose Saccamando
Ashley-Rose Saccamando - 7 years ago
awwwww sweeties!!!!
jay sim
jay sim - 7 years ago
WHAT THE HELL NO NO POOR FISH...thanks soon much for doing that thanks for saving them c:
Connie Lee
Connie Lee - 7 years ago
The water looks like there was a dead dog in the tank ,just nasty
1985thej - 7 years ago
Who's awesome?
You're awesome.
Rach Stone
Rach Stone - 7 years ago
I used to believe Kurt Cobain when he said fish don't have any feelings but watching this I feel as though I can truly see and feel their pain
D1nDan360's gaming channel
D1nDan360's gaming channel - 7 years ago
good job
Swazzer Cool
Swazzer Cool - 7 years ago
Still to small
daniel coleman
daniel coleman - 7 years ago
tanks still over crowded
Paige Ussher
Paige Ussher - 7 years ago
just gonna say fish that big should be in a little backyard pond or a really big tank
make the ground shake
make the ground shake - 7 years ago
you are the best for sving the poor gold fish
serialgriller4life - 7 years ago
Wow what an asshole, poor fish =(....
damit elephant
damit elephant - 7 years ago
How did it survive long enough to get so big.
sarah siverling
sarah siverling - 7 years ago
They didn't get new tank syndrome? Really? I rescued two goldies, had them for 10 years, moved them to a 75 gallon tank and I made the tank too clean. After all of my love I had to euthanize them with clove oil because they suffered from the nitrate change. I will never forget it. I'm glad it worked out for you. Save on!!!!
Topaz_ - 7 years ago
why would you do this and not notice the filthy water?!
toothbrush - 7 years ago
You're a very kind person :) I'm glad you rescued those fish.
Tiff Key
Tiff Key - 7 years ago
Well done for saving them.
Lesson is to look up on fish keeping before you buy fish.
Ana Judith
Ana Judith - 7 years ago
There should be more people like you in this world. God bless you xx
Uranium Sabre
Uranium Sabre - 7 years ago
I love fish. Goldfish are harmless and peaceful creatures, and this guy saved them from god forbidden water. I even own goldfish myself, largest up to 6 inches, surly doing ok. Bravo and cheers to you m8
Uranium Sabre
Uranium Sabre - 7 years ago
not to mention a small ass tank :/
Harold Blount
Harold Blount - 7 years ago
What's wrong with people today?
sky peters
sky peters - 7 years ago
I suppressed they were alive enough to get that size poor babies
GibberishTrashBag - 7 years ago
"I think I see a smile"
Me: sees all of the fish just doing :l :o :l :o :l
Ryan Dever
Ryan Dever - 7 years ago
People in the comments are annoying me with the fish don't feel pain or know if they are out of water . Are you having a laugh fish know they are out of water that's why they gasp , and all animals can feel pain or they would go extinct .
Sleep Walkin
Sleep Walkin - 7 years ago
u can clean the water but putting bleach in the water
Bary Baragon
Bary Baragon - 7 years ago
thats why you should only get 1 or 2 goldfish, and make sure you have a tank that can last them their whole lives

these people are terrible
C DAWG - 7 years ago
Dino Gojira Guy you should check out mine
Viki VooDoo
Viki VooDoo - 7 years ago
woah you're like spoiling these fishies XD
So generous of you to give them a home :3
Cait97j Gamertv
Cait97j Gamertv - 7 years ago
Leave a like if your crying
Just a Friend
Just a Friend - 7 years ago
danke dafür Iblali
handoyo Tts
handoyo Tts - 7 years ago
it still dirty
chinchy111 - 7 years ago
i got a swedish fish ad before this video
Gary Britt
Gary Britt - 7 years ago
u can tell that the fish r happy. the conditions before looks as if there was no oxygen levels in their old tank. since u added oxygen levels with the airstones, they are indeed happy. and yes goldfish (especially fantails) can grow incredibly large in about a year or 3 months probably
Panpeinappel - 7 years ago
that is WAY too small of a tank for a whole dozen of them to be living in. the person who had previously owned these gods among fish should be ashamed to have kept them in such a terrible condition.
AquaticPardise Vlogs
AquaticPardise Vlogs - 7 years ago
thoes fish need a 24 foot pool XD
Megumin is top tier waifu
Megumin is top tier waifu - 7 years ago
thanks for helping the fish
Kathleen Elizabeth Swift
Kathleen Elizabeth Swift - 7 years ago
Good job, I have 3 goldfish and love then more than my adult kids, shh don't tell
maria silva
maria silva - 7 years ago
Dawn bustersmummy
Dawn bustersmummy - 7 years ago
the fish didn't grow in that tank as they will only grow as big as their surroundings allow. they were placed in a tank too small with too many other fish. whoever has these fish shouldn't be allowed to keep animals. Damn cruel!!
Bobbylee Budde
Bobbylee Budde - 7 years ago
I bet they all dies because that tank is to small for 1 a good fish needs at least 10 gallons per fish they have no stomach and make a lot of waste ammonia is not good fish
Myracle Woodford
Myracle Woodford - 7 years ago
Aww cute fish
Kuro Nekogirl
Kuro Nekogirl - 7 years ago
You are an amazing person
Lovebetta - 7 years ago
New subscriber here. Good job.
rebecca ramos
rebecca ramos - 7 years ago
i like how the tank they live in is still murky.. like? why isnt it clear?
rebecca ramos
rebecca ramos - 7 years ago
Tavish thank you for correcting my ignorance
Tavish - 7 years ago
rebecca ramos Because he mixed fresh water with old water. If he put them in completely new water they could die of shock.
shebing - 7 years ago
Thank you for rescuing these fish
kailey barri
kailey barri - 7 years ago
great thing u did...but u realize that u still need a bigger tank...those fish r gigantic! your next goal bigger tank! but at least it is clean and they r happy...i will die if my golds get that big...i already have them in a 36 gallon...i dont know where i could fit a bigger tank if they got that size...but those fish are so beautiful how could they keep them in such crappy condition? so crazy when basically all they had to do is change the water occassionally...people r horrible that do these things...yes fish can feel and we dont even know the extent of what they u r a hero for stepping up and doing this...
Compilation TV
Compilation TV - 7 years ago
seeing videos like this make me so angry.. Fish owners like who you picked these fish up from dont take care of their fish and they are still alive. But then owners like myself who do anything and everything they can to look after their fish and if it gets ill does everything you possibly can do to get its health back and loses the fish.. Glad you came along and saved the fish. If only there was more peopel like you who would go that far to help another living soul
Joy Gong
Joy Gong - 7 years ago
Stop videoing and help!
BlissinthemiX - 7 years ago
Put them in a pond XD
Crazy Bat Kid
Crazy Bat Kid - 7 years ago
That was a bad environment. Thank you for being an awesome person and helping these beautiful animals
Available Gaming
Available Gaming - 7 years ago
God bless u dude
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear - 7 years ago
Yeah except that's too many fish for that tank
Patricia Muse
Patricia Muse - 7 years ago
Iparrot - 7 years ago
9:13 OMG yawning fish!!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!
Robotic Zippy
Robotic Zippy - 7 years ago
wow they look like the type of fish you would put on a plate and eat
James Ho
James Ho - 7 years ago
That tank may be a little small for those huge fish. I would put them into at least a 50 gallon.
Maitha H
Maitha H - 7 years ago
God bless people like you
Garbage Human
Garbage Human - 7 years ago
Id take these stupid fish and sell them, they're worth about 50 bucks each at that size.
fish cant communicate,
arent self aware,
cant feel pain,
fuck em.
BroAndSis 227
BroAndSis 227 - 7 years ago
there's no filter and it might have ammonia in it
kx xxio
kx xxio - 7 years ago
i would rescue them clean them up feed them good and feed them to my piranhas
Josiah Duran
Josiah Duran - 7 years ago
I miss my dead goldfish so much ;(
Josiah Duran
Josiah Duran - 7 years ago
So nice of you i cant stop crying for these poor goldfish and my dead goldfish
RavenFeathers90 - 7 years ago
I have always been critical of fish and bird owners. Fish need more space than most people provide. Its like a human living in a closet with their own shit. I have a beta in a 5 gallon min. I want to upgrade him though.

And don't get me started on birds. Free flight, at least on a harness, is something I always preech. Wing trimming is so fucked up.
75dbest - 7 years ago
Are you sure they not kol
scooterman happyman
scooterman happyman - 7 years ago
nice one
jordanbrah3333 - 7 years ago
I call bullshit. You drove 100 miles with a fucking fish tank in the tray of your car? What a load of shit.
HoppingHamsters 102
HoppingHamsters 102 - 7 years ago
The only reason I would buy fish from Walmart would be to save them from that hell hole.
Queen Everglade
Queen Everglade - 7 years ago
they seem to be really happy now.
Deanna Wheeler
Deanna Wheeler - 7 years ago
people are heartless, evil creatures!!!!! How could you do this???? THANK YOU FOR SAVING THEM!!!!! <3
Bentley - 7 years ago
You can tell the fish are saying "THANK YOU KIND HUMAN!"
Riley Denning
Riley Denning - 7 years ago
The sad music is a bit much
Squishy Sav
Squishy Sav - 7 years ago
Tangle Weed
Tangle Weed - 7 years ago
SNIFF I think..I-i-i Might cry... Cries BUT NOT TODAY!! Tears Fly away on wings
Cash4Fruit - 7 years ago
so effing sad, I hate people
Cash4Fruit - 7 years ago
you can see they are calming, not breathing too hard, and banning together... remind me of factory farm animals ...
Eden Wilkins
Eden Wilkins - 7 years ago
You are so sweet. Those poor fish you took your time and money to pay and take care of the poor fush
O'Fearghail the Fearless
O'Fearghail the Fearless - 7 years ago
I hope you didn't give the fucker a single penny for these fish
Paphiline - 7 years ago
My fuck, it looks like someone fricking threw up their 5 day old lunch in there. We need more miracles like you in this world.
Lisaa - 7 years ago
the owner must of at one time cared about them because apart from tank water they where good size and weight
Bunny - 7 years ago
Thank you, on behalf of the fish! \O/
Abel Aquaflora
Abel Aquaflora - 7 years ago
So good :p , but I think they deserve a bigger tank :) .
VHITHICKO ARTS - 7 years ago
Great and pretty job!
tom11zz884 - 7 years ago
Those are some beautiful fish and they are not cheap either
Kyle McGlothen
Kyle McGlothen - 7 years ago
Few people would have taken the time to do what you did. Animal cruelty goes beyond the normal dog and cat etc. That image of their previous circumstances would have burned in my mind too. Do you have an update on them?
Zack Forbes
Zack Forbes - 7 years ago
They're really just fish they don't matter that much
Ruby king
Ruby king - 7 years ago
there so pretty its a shame what the owner did there a place in hell for people like them
Ryder Lee
Ryder Lee - 7 years ago
You did good. But they should be in a bigger tank if they are all going to be in there
vanessa - 7 years ago
you left half of them in their old container? :(
Keven Flip
Keven Flip - 7 years ago
People need to recognize u. you're the person that can inspire others to do the same. good job!!
Suicidal Pig
Suicidal Pig - 7 years ago
I am 12 you are a good man
I am Coast2coastLoud
I am Coast2coastLoud - 7 years ago
Good work man honestly good man you are
Aril Wolf
Aril Wolf - 7 years ago
BearBear001AjVideos - 7 years ago
My complete respect to you, Sir. Truly amazing <3
Robert SaysThings
Robert SaysThings - 7 years ago
I love you so much:)
Hector M X
Hector M X - 7 years ago
Lol my uncle has that truck
sarah wood
sarah wood - 7 years ago
as an animal lover... thank you, for saving these gorgeous babies, bless them, and bless you <3
Lamboguni L
Lamboguni L - 7 years ago
U hv my full respect becoz u respect life no matter how insignificant other bastard human think. They never think what if they're the one in the fish situation. U will be blessed in other way for doing this. I kw. Thk u for saving helpless animal lives. I salute u. Kudos =)
Cornelia B
Cornelia B - 7 years ago
You are amazing!
Taylor Jennings
Taylor Jennings - 7 years ago
Thst ROBLOX music tho.
Taylor Jennings
Taylor Jennings - 7 years ago
#SaveTheFish our fish matter!
Alyssa Loyet
Alyssa Loyet - 7 years ago
That water after the 50% change is still disgusting. I can't imagine what it looked like before.
Jimmy Bob
Jimmy Bob - 7 years ago
I'm not crying, my eyes are going for a swim
MrDazzafox - 7 years ago
what add more fish to an already overcrowded tank moron
Rylee Marie
Rylee Marie - 7 years ago
This is just a tip I would usually get a huge plastic bag and put one in the bag at a time with the old water and then let it sit for ten minutes then add the new water and wait another ten minutes
Claire O
Claire O - 7 years ago
Oh thank you for saving them!
Please tell us you reported the idiot that thought it was OK to keep them in those disgusting conditions though! x
Blobfish Gamer
Blobfish Gamer - 7 years ago
we need more people like you #FISHLIVESMATTER
cone conington
cone conington - 7 years ago
The end made me even happier! They're gonna be some happy fishies
cone conington
cone conington - 7 years ago
Thankyou for saving them :) It made me really happy to see someone caring.
I work in a pet shop, where every day we get people asking for goldfish. When asked what tank/filter they have, it's always under 25 litres, and rarely do they even have a filter. First we have to explain that we won't ever sell any fish into an unfiltered tank, and then that their tanks far too small for a goldfish. That's when things usually turn a bit ugly, as they always think they know best.
People assume goldfish, and all orandas in general, are easy fish to care for with minimal maintenance. They're NOT.
A single oranda need atleast 40 litres to grow to its full potential and to live out its entire life cycle, a goldfish needs upwards of 60 litres when fully grown. Usually we recommend 1liter of water per 1 cm of fish in your tank, with goldfish this increases to 2 litre per 1 cm of fish, due to the amount of waster they produce as seen in the original tank in the video. They can also grow up wards of 30 cm if given enough room and are cared for well.
btgns 5 roy
btgns 5 roy - 7 years ago
i have also aquarium in my home.they are like my playmates....i love them very much...glad to see this video.
Sîàntÿ Dèwi
Sîàntÿ Dèwi - 7 years ago
Your So Kind
Claudia Claudia
Claudia Claudia - 7 years ago
Did u see the bottle of tapatio hot sauce on top of the tank
Juana EstebanGuerrero
Juana EstebanGuerrero - 7 years ago
nice to see some one save animals
Rodney Adkins
Rodney Adkins - 7 years ago
The new tank is to small, those fish new a pond
ISoAesthetic RBLX
ISoAesthetic RBLX - 7 years ago
making me cry!!
such a blessing and this was on my B-Day.Makes my day
Leroy Sinclair
Leroy Sinclair - 7 years ago
Wow beautiful fish
Ravish Ramdhanee
Ravish Ramdhanee - 7 years ago
i think those guys are ready to spawn then
Addison Jaffe
Addison Jaffe - 7 years ago
those are koi my dood, not goldfish
TrickyyDjjj - 7 years ago
F all the people that dislike the video he is helping animals
KayleeAnn - 7 years ago
this made me so happy
Rabbittwisterz Aj
Rabbittwisterz Aj - 7 years ago
Thank you for saving these fish i nearly cried when i saw how much you cared for them!
ANJ4Life - 7 years ago did I write the same thing as that other person....
ANJ4Life - 7 years ago
Did their previous owner give them an explanation as to why they kept them like that?
Joel Alvarado
Joel Alvarado - 7 years ago
How could people do this to these fish
FERASLOLZ 362 - 7 years ago
Thank you sooo much
Joakim Reyes
Joakim Reyes - 7 years ago
good guy todd
Admiral - 7 years ago
Lets be honest, what you did was more for self publicity than to save these fish. You had these fish in obvious dire neglectful condition and you #1 leave them in the back of your fucking truck over night. #2 you transport them in their filthy conditions again in the back of your truck. #3 you stand outside your home videoing them in their horrid state while stating you plan to help them in a minute. I'm glad they all survived, and they owe you a thanx but you're no warrior in this fight. What you did was reckless, ill-thought out, dangerous and put the fish in even more danger than from which they originated from. This is why this video has such a huge dislike rating for something that should have been heroic.
Over The Falling Universe
Over The Falling Universe - 7 years ago
Admiral Hi. First of all ,she couldnt have fixed the tank properly 100 miles away from her house. Second if she had changed the tank when she got home it would have killed them dew to stress. So calm down ,and have an actual half decent argument. I know almost every one has free speach but if it not nice dont say it (or type it).
Stefanie - 7 years ago
Admiral it's not like they were harmed in the back of his truck, if he tried taking the tank inside it would probably be heavy and make the fish uncomfortable, he didn't change the water right away because the fish would go into shock.
Eliza Hernández
Eliza Hernández - 7 years ago
Admiral ik, he was just filming like no big deal, I mean these fish were really suffering, and needed and to be clean AS
M 560
M 560 - 7 years ago
You are a hero!
Kevin H
Kevin H - 7 years ago
Gold fishes only have 7 seconds of memory, so 7 seconds later they will completely forget about the dirty water.
HerpZilla Reptiles
HerpZilla Reptiles - 7 years ago
it's great what you did but this video is so unnecessarily long, you just there filming them in the back of the truck for like 10 minutes.
Lava Girl
Lava Girl - 7 years ago
WOW you are an amazing human being!!!!!!!
xXBluntMacheteXx - 7 years ago
OMG so your telling me that water was 50% worse when u got there!?!
David H
David H - 7 years ago
OMG SHAME ON YOU BUDDY... as if you really care about these stupid gold fish.. the length you went just to make a youtube video for views just to make money. Just flush these dumb fish in the toilet and they will find their way to an even bigger pond buddy let's be real here no one gives a crap about gold fish!
David H
David H - 6 years ago
Transient Yugen hey buddy shut you're mouth ok you stupid delusional retard and get a life you losser your just jealous because I graduated from University and I make over 100k a year with my job you should continue working at burger king you bitch ass
Transient Yugen
Transient Yugen - 6 years ago
Kill yourself you stupid "University Grad" you can't even spell correctly you fucking cunt. I'd sooner you lose your life than fish like these, because at least fish have a purpose.
David H
David H - 7 years ago
Melanie C excuse me? I graduated from University ok shut your mouth you retard you know nothing and you don't even make any cents whatever you wrote go back to school retard lol
*Melanie* *C*
*Melanie* *C* - 7 years ago
David H
I think you are mentally sick in the head for saying no one cares about these goldfish. clearly, this person made this video to raise awareness on fish cruelty and not for views and money. the likes and the creator of this video clearly shows that the Goldfish are cared.
David H
David H - 7 years ago
Eliza Hernández omg shut your mouth you retard you know absolutely nothing about how the water system works you aren't no engineer ok so relax yourself. where do you think the water goes once it's flushed? to your neighbor house? you are mentally sick in the head buddy it goes in the ocean the world is 90% water incase you didn't know that...
Eliza Hernández
Eliza Hernández - 7 years ago
David H is not Nemo you idiot, go dump yourself on the toilet to see if you can find your brain, if you don't care animals that's your fucking problem,(metal problem) so why did you even see this, if you don't care you shouldn't be here asshole
Don'tLookAtMe TheFootPeopleWillArise
Don'tLookAtMe TheFootPeopleWillArise - 7 years ago
How does changing water make the fish go in shock? My beta fish died the day we got him the My fun fish tank thing.... he was dead the next morning. Or he could have just died of old age.... he was around for 4 years so..
Elle Bennett
Elle Bennett - 7 years ago
I love you. Seriously. I have. I idea how these were alive.
Luis L.P. RC's
Luis L.P. RC's - 7 years ago
How hard is it to change the water? Really! People are lazy a holes!
Nextgengamer Jc
Nextgengamer Jc - 7 years ago
That's some great work you did I can't believe some one would let there pets suffer like that
falun gong cult
falun gong cult - 7 years ago
it's like somebody took a crap
Ral Sim
Ral Sim - 7 years ago
plants feels two, don't abuse plants, eat air
Pastel Painter
Pastel Painter - 7 years ago
People like you make me so happy and have hope in humanity
Miner Kitten
Miner Kitten - 7 years ago
What is in that water?!
Horseluver4ever 1234
Horseluver4ever 1234 - 7 years ago
I'm SO glad that you saved these amazing animals! They are going to much more happy in your home than at stupid and abusive pet store! Me and my best friend rescue animals too! So can relate!
Diana Astashkin
Diana Astashkin - 7 years ago
Great job wow! Gold fish are amaizing creatures from china, and just taken for granted
JW Davis
JW Davis - 7 years ago
What a great, feel good video! You're awesome Todd
Bryan Aguilar
Bryan Aguilar - 7 years ago
i think the rocks gonna kill them bc fish eating everything they see
Ninjawings JTT
Ninjawings JTT - 7 years ago
Mary Antonio
Mary Antonio - 7 years ago
omg, why is the tank so fucked up? how hard is it to change that water? I'm surprised the seller wasn't embarrassed to put those photos up. So why weren't the cleaning the tank?
lalli bear
lalli bear - 7 years ago
such beautiful fish x)
i have some gold fish too, my laregest is 10 or 11 inches long
Clem entine
Clem entine - 7 years ago
He's was so sad about the fish, yet he waited 5 minutes just watching them die.
ManBearPig - 7 years ago
How much did your empathy cost you?
Michelle Steele
Michelle Steele - 7 years ago
Hi I hope these guys are good. keep us posted
So Seren
So Seren - 7 years ago
Wow u r dedicated 2 saving these poor fish what a god send u r a blessing sent from God ❤️❤️❤️ lots of love
CardCrush365 - 7 years ago
That tank is still way to small for them fish. Maybe next time save the fish at Long John Silvers
Lps Princess Ashley
Lps Princess Ashley - 7 years ago
isn't nature beautiful? im glad you helped these poor fish thank you these fish owe you their lives you are a fish hero!
Magical Bean sprout
Magical Bean sprout - 7 years ago
Thank you for doing this❤
Sarah Purcell
Sarah Purcell - 7 years ago
I ave a fish tank im getting rid of I have 2 tanks
OhSnapItzBry - 7 years ago
this makes me so sad
Noah Segovia
Noah Segovia - 7 years ago
May God bless you
Melinda Layne
Melinda Layne - 7 years ago
the pepole who disliked were Walmart employees
Eliza Hernández
Eliza Hernández - 7 years ago
Dr. Peco no, is people who is upset cause he waited so much time while filming the stupid video instead of cleaning the tank
Trash1021 MSP
Trash1021 MSP - 7 years ago
You made the right choice
Chloe Ertl
Chloe Ertl - 7 years ago
They have to be really old! my on my! I had a 4 year old Gold Fish and it was 5 inches. My first one. Its sad. It died from an illness. I got a new fish and it must had an illness that killed my fish one by one.
I'mJustASadTwigOfLemonMyrtle - 7 years ago
Those poor poor fish, thank you so much for helping them!!!!!
Duty James
Duty James - 7 years ago
i don't need to be crying over a bunch of happy goldfish lol
Murdoc Cipher
Murdoc Cipher - 7 years ago
It looked like that fish was looking at him and saying, help, help!
Duc Ly
Duc Ly - 7 years ago
Those fish are too damn big for the tank. They belong in a pond.
Jeff O
Jeff O - 7 years ago
They need a way bigger tank or a pond
Ashley Gonzalez
Ashley Gonzalez - 7 years ago
how anyone could keep such beautiful fish in those conditions i will never understand it smh glad somebody cared enough to save them. They're beautiful.
Bullets Forteeth
Bullets Forteeth - 7 years ago
Good on ya!
Topdog 1
Topdog 1 - 7 years ago
I will take a goldfish
Esau-Tistic - 7 years ago
What a waste of time you fucking gay nigger fag dislike! Everyone dislike this video to ubliviun
Esau-Tistic - 7 years ago
Oh I'm sorry if I confused you I'm saying the dumb gay nigger fag who SAVED the fish are a gay nigger fag I think the guy who was abusing the fish was a very nice proper Christian young southern gentleman
Eliza Hernández
Eliza Hernández - 7 years ago
EsautisticTV his negligence means his gay? don't offend gay people because of this idiot
Latias9 - 7 years ago
Those guys are so big that they almost look like Koi!!!
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 7 years ago
wow i love that first song
NightroPulse - 7 years ago
Cleaning tanks all the time is troublesome, especially since filter pumps break often. Anyone who plans to get aquariums shoold also consider getting fish or shrimp that do some or most of the cleaning.
-ˏˋolivia ˎˊ-
-ˏˋolivia ˎˊ- - 7 years ago
Bless you
Amadeo DT
Amadeo DT - 7 years ago
ammonia must be over the roof
Darkknight1238 - 7 years ago
would it actually cause the fish shock if you are improving their water parameters?
U mad Bro?
U mad Bro? - 7 years ago
Really good job the gold fish or supper pretty ☺️
Po Po Lip
Po Po Lip - 7 years ago
Good job! God blesses u ^^
Abbey Mae
Abbey Mae - 7 years ago
Poor beautiful babies.
BROOKE E - 7 years ago
There so big!!!!
Miss.Kachina V
Miss.Kachina V - 7 years ago
if this were any other animal the owner would have been arrested. they are alive, they feel, they matter
Morganna - 7 years ago
You're an angel for doing that :) Many people would be like 'meh, it's just a fish, never mind', and I'm sooo glad you went against that and saved them! applause
__Serial_Killer__ [_PREM]
__Serial_Killer__ [_PREM] - 7 years ago
The water is brown because he was feeding them dog food, its less expensive lol
Bounmy Bounpraseuth
Bounmy Bounpraseuth - 7 years ago
nice i dont think theres need for sad music tho they werent injured , but good job on rescuing them
walt russell
walt russell - 7 years ago
Must be kids with fat pair ants
Va Gina
Va Gina - 7 years ago
Should of just put them in a BBQ grill.
8ftbed - 7 years ago
I'll take your word for it but 25 years of fish keeping told me all those fish hadn't been living in the aquarium shown. They were in too good of shape and size. Off and on Ive had goldfish/koi and they always seem to be more sensitive to water quality and get sick or go tits up
An alternative story would be someone shutting down a fish pond. They had that dirty tank to hold them for you and to take home.
Still a good save, they were in nice shape. None emaciated, full finned and I didn't see any open sores, gill issues or distressed breathing.
TheWildBoobert - 7 years ago
When you saved the fish and left them in a small tank still I got kinda sad for them. GOOD JOB BUILDING A POND!
Mat Kirk
Mat Kirk - 7 years ago
I'd have given the dude his money, loaded the fish in the car and then dropped his ass with left hook.

Good on you mate
will green
will green - 7 years ago
Great to see people like you saving fish that other people are to lazy to takecare of.
Jacquelyn Whispers
Jacquelyn Whispers - 7 years ago
The original owner should have been reported for animal abuse that's fkn digusting of their part SMH
Cool Aron
Cool Aron - 7 years ago
Thank You!!!!!!!
MStacy Rocker
MStacy Rocker - 7 years ago
but the ending is a happy ending for the cool
MStacy Rocker
MStacy Rocker - 7 years ago
this is so sad...
Ariel Shaw
Ariel Shaw - 7 years ago
how is that tank any bigger
Alberto Guerra
Alberto Guerra - 7 years ago
they are coy fish bro!
Alberto Guerra
Alberto Guerra - 7 years ago
wtf! that it's very small for their!
atomicsnowflake - 7 years ago
Poor fish
Meza - 7 years ago
those fish are literally breathing their own shit
Alex Tashkandy
Alex Tashkandy - 7 years ago
Love this video
MummyChunks - 7 years ago
why would you get a pet if you're going to neglect them. stupid people...
Sue Catlady
Sue Catlady - 7 years ago
Hey, what's up? We can see!

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