GO TO 2:00 TO SKIP MY INTRO AND GET RIGHT INTO FISH CARE. Sorry it took so long to upload! I've been SO busy during my last few weeks at work and this one took me awhile to film and edit. --------------- TANK, HARDSCAPE, AND SUBSTRATE FROM: https://buceplant.com/ Use my discount code TAYLORDEANBUCE for 15% off your purchase of any plants :) ---------- After my tank cycles I'll do a video more about the process of cycling, and how you know when it's time to add fish (and plants of course)! ----------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean ------------ IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEND ME THINGS FOR MY MONTHLY SUBSCRIBER SUNDAY VIDEOS OR JUST TO BE CUTE: P.O. BOX ADDRESS: Taylor Dean P.O. Box 1304 Helotes, Tx, 78023 --------------------

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Pets & Animals 7 years ago 498,519 views

GO TO 2:00 TO SKIP MY INTRO AND GET RIGHT INTO FISH CARE. Sorry it took so long to upload! I've been SO busy during my last few weeks at work and this one took me awhile to film and edit. --------------- TANK, HARDSCAPE, AND SUBSTRATE FROM: https://buceplant.com/ Use my discount code TAYLORDEANBUCE for 15% off your purchase of any plants :) ---------- After my tank cycles I'll do a video more about the process of cycling, and how you know when it's time to add fish (and plants of course)! ----------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean ------------ IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEND ME THINGS FOR MY MONTHLY SUBSCRIBER SUNDAY VIDEOS OR JUST TO BE CUTE: P.O. BOX ADDRESS: Taylor Dean P.O. Box 1304 Helotes, Tx, 78023 --------------------

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edgar - 6 years ago
man this bitch ANNOYING
DDawg23 Grunt
DDawg23 Grunt - 6 years ago
I actually came here to learn about tanks but so distracted by your beauty. I'll try to watch later.
COOPER'S CICHILDS - 6 years ago
Awesome scape hair looks good
UMblue83 - 6 years ago
Jacket on or jacket off...make up your mind!!! I'm guessing many of your views come from pervs hoping to see you squish your boobs together...maybe that's part of the plan?! I find it annoying. If you wanna do vids of animals, do it...minus the skin and what I'm sure was a 3-hour hair and makeup routine prior to making the video.
Rich Piana
Rich Piana - 6 years ago
Show us your boobs
Patrick Lance Nuevo
Patrick Lance Nuevo - 6 years ago
( · )( · )
EO Rhino
EO Rhino - 6 years ago
Lots of ''I. Me, and my''. Oh my.
Em Harper
Em Harper - 6 years ago
What would happen to the fish without a light
Em Harper
Em Harper - 6 years ago
Why would you need a light without plants

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jack winter
jack winter - 6 years ago
aquarium stuff starts at 11:07
sofluid - 6 years ago
Or a very common practice is to place down newspaper or clear plastic covering the substrate and plants while you slowly pour on the water. That way no sand or gravel gets agitated and cloud the water.
Sarah Ortiz
Sarah Ortiz - 6 years ago
Después de haber visto muchos videos tuyos puedo certificar que una palabra que usas mucho es : "OBVIOUSLY".
the dobbs
the dobbs - 6 years ago
what cage do you use for your mouse also would that cage work for a hamster
necro easy
necro easy - 6 years ago
Your information was very helpful , oh and your funny but in all seriousness you presentation great you were very in-depth and, your so cuuute.
Bye, oh im going to subscribe. ha!
Mac Guider
Mac Guider - 6 years ago
i think she looks cute, but next time maybe watch vids of setting up an aquascape first. there is no cloudy water, if you´re doing it right. but the hardscape looks great after all. good job. greetz from germany ;-)
Karr Galaxy Studios
Karr Galaxy Studios - 6 years ago
Great Video! Im also a creator and my first time here but I love your new look. Hair looks great! I also agree there are Mass Effect under tones in stranger things but that is because they may have used the audio generator from the 1980s.. you cant easily replicate them now for some of the sounds. Mass Effect was and still remains my favorite scifi RPG game trilogy on XBOX 360.
TIP: check out cycling your tank way quicker by using Dr Tim's One and Only product. It works! Ive used it and cycles even in the most sterile environment in a few days. Can add fish literally right away.
YounG LiTo
YounG LiTo - 6 years ago
Very good video. And im excited to see how your tank comes out. I like seeing people's diffrent ideas for setups. Also this is a good nub tank setup vid.
Xanderelle - 6 years ago
Can you do an update video?
JustAnotherAsianGuy2 - 6 years ago
i wish i can send me ... lol

20. comment for I'M STARTING A FRESHWATER PLANTED TANK! (Tutorial)

JustAnotherAsianGuy2 - 6 years ago
dam i forgot everything you said ..... i guess i like looking at you or hearing you talk
Eva Capetti-Lefebvre
Eva Capetti-Lefebvre - 6 years ago
“How many of you have seen stranger things?”
Me: nods lightly.
“How many of those people have also played mass effect?”
Me: jumps out of bed, claps at screen, tries desperately to get the attention of a youtuber literally on the other side of the country, completely ignores the question asked pertaining to said things, continues trying to get attention forever.
Alyssa  Isbell
Alyssa Isbell - 6 years ago
I wish you could give me more on taking care of a parakeet I do a lot of research but they all say the same thing they don't really tell you how if it's hard to take care of them or easy they just basically tell you what all you need and I want to know if that's really all you need because I mean these people aren't really real people they're like pet store owners and I'm like no I'd rather have it from somebody who's actually own parakeet somebody who knows more about them but they don't have any videos or information about it so if you ever wanted to change up and buy a parakeet or a bird of some kind I would gladly watch that I watched all the videos they're very informational I love to learn about everything you're learning and teaching it's just really cool I don't think anybody should hate on any of your videos because you do take care of all your animals you do the best you possibly can to make sure they have the best and some people just do bare minimum and those other people that are bashing you like I would never do that you're an amazing person and I love watching your videos it's truly amazing what you do and I hope you continue to make so much more love you
Alyssa  Isbell
Alyssa Isbell - 6 years ago
OMG I love that Alice I wonderland picture on your wall I it
Just8 Bits
Just8 Bits - 6 years ago
jennifer cruz
jennifer cruz - 6 years ago
Hi, I'm new to the whole aquarium thing and I was wondering if you could do a video with the essential for taking care of fish, tank, etc. I know you probably mention most of this stuff but if you can thank you. Also, I really like your channel  it is really easy to understand and fun to watch.
Casey Hall
Casey Hall - 6 years ago
2 minutes in and still has not talked about fish tanks.
Kevin Jaramillo
Kevin Jaramillo - 6 years ago
Excuse, what was all this video about?
Shadowknight T.
Shadowknight T. - 6 years ago
I stop that Video after 55 seconds it´s a hairdress video not over fish tanks! Can you stop that bullshit on YouTube.
Magros the M
Magros the M - 6 years ago
i love mass effect

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Sabrina's Animal Channel
Sabrina's Animal Channel - 6 years ago
what light did you use?
RAVI KUMAR - 6 years ago
Your looking for ✌ awesome i love ❤️ you
Murg Trollen
Murg Trollen - 6 years ago
did u ever dealed with inside aquarium scratches? pls do a video about
Sunny Zorros
Sunny Zorros - 6 years ago
You r real right??
Sir Pineapple
Sir Pineapple - 6 years ago
Not saying your wrong but there are easyier ways to go about adding water,
Natural Only
Natural Only - 6 years ago
Mass Effect
Nikkita Maxwell
Nikkita Maxwell - 6 years ago
I think I messed up then cause I set up my tank today put the filter and heater in set up the substrate and decorations and already put two gubby in are they gonna be okay???
Reef Creations
Reef Creations - 6 years ago
spirit fang aj aj
spirit fang aj aj - 6 years ago
There is a season 2 of stranger things coming yay
sosyhaldaow - 6 years ago
momokdeathCore666 - 6 years ago
Baby. Do you know that you're beautiful?
Matthew Ludwig
Matthew Ludwig - 6 years ago
also a tip, when pouring water, grab a plate or bowl and put it inside and aim for the plate/bowl will prevent the soil disruption.
Matthew Ludwig
Matthew Ludwig - 6 years ago
I kinda felt the same about the music on Stranger things, but when i looked they are definitely different artist but still seem similar to me... I still need to finish andromeda... college first though...as far as the hair, you do you, not much you could do that's gonna not suit you. with the light you use, the eye ring make me think you're a synth! lol...
Bryan Mendez
Bryan Mendez - 6 years ago
Check out my killer clown knife https://youtu.be/ommunXoqVfo
mimi shufelt
mimi shufelt - 6 years ago
OH MY GOD YOU PLAY MASS EFFECT. Literally was watching this randomly and heard this and DIED. Sorry for being so basic in my comment but wow you're my idol. Mass effect is the greatest game (also love stranger things) but really thank you for existing <3
Filipe Conte
Filipe Conte - 6 years ago
Shit, i am in love.
M D R - 6 years ago
i actually watched this video just to se her talking.She looks good###
bharath cm
bharath cm - 6 years ago
Red belly Piranhas would look great in that tank
K Rock
K Rock - 6 years ago
Blonde is your color!!! The short hair looks great!
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann - 6 years ago
This is my favorite hair style yet. :)

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Benedict Escanlar
Benedict Escanlar - 6 years ago
Your so beautiful Taylor Nicole i love you so much
Leafy Green Vegetables
Leafy Green Vegetables - 6 years ago
Can you do a fish tank decor video? I'm starting a tank for my betta fish with a 5 gallon tank. I'm making room currently for a new 10 gallon so my little betta will be happy
Terry Foster
Terry Foster - 6 years ago
Do you have a boy friend is he Texas Cowboy. Does he wear one of those hats.
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 6 years ago
What substrate is that
The Dominus
The Dominus - 6 years ago
Is colored pebble is allowed to put plants on it? Because i got a blue green and light blue green pebble, and was planning to add plants and add guppies with my betta
Brendan Clarke
Brendan Clarke - 6 years ago
Who else was looking at Aquascaping Videos, clicked on this video and forgot what they were doing in the first place?
Silas Mayes
Silas Mayes - 6 years ago
I really want an overhead sump that hangs/sits on on the tank
DjiD SOUNDS DEPORTED - 6 years ago
my god your pretty but you talk a lot
DjiD SOUNDS DEPORTED - 6 years ago
who are you
ShadoonGrogono - 6 years ago
I play fallout, skyrim, 7days to die, total war warhammer, dragon are, to name the main ones.
Appie Widow
Appie Widow - 6 years ago
You are soo sexy fuck me? I ll suck everything you want on you body even yr toes
Festergrump - 6 years ago
Get over yourself. We don't care about you, your games, your music, or SNORE.... Bye.
Erik Bradley
Erik Bradley - 6 years ago
is this about hair or fish tanks?
Michael Chan Yat Kong
Michael Chan Yat Kong - 6 years ago
Your eyes mesmerize me...
CRC - 6 years ago
Nice start...did you ever finish this tank?
steve mcdaniel
steve mcdaniel - 6 years ago
Hello beautiful!
Mikara Albert
Mikara Albert - 6 years ago
You should do video game videos also
Glaceon pokemon #471
Glaceon pokemon #471 - 6 years ago
Mikara Albert yeah
Derek Goes
Derek Goes - 6 years ago
Can't she back away from the camera to show the tank more. It's painfully clear she loves herself more than any man could.
TheBCman5 - 6 years ago
Couple of quick tips on filling up your tank: First, use a common spray bottle and water to saturate the substrate to keep the substrate settled. Second, filling up the tank slowly helps a lot. Pouring the water in at such a fast rate will disrupt the substrate and hardscape. Third, pour the water over a plate or lid; something to disperse the water flow rather than pouring directly over a specific spot.
IsabelaKira - 6 years ago
The character will from stranger things goes to my school
shane morgan
shane morgan - 6 years ago
She looks good with any haircut or color
MD KALAM - 6 years ago
you're so pretty . Hello
kamilzl1 - 6 years ago
You look like Lucy from the Lucy movie
robsteries - 6 years ago
always funny to see narcissists talking
Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga
Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga - 6 years ago
Great video. How did you go from 100,000 subs to 700,000 so,fast? Great job
Sofia Brotton
Sofia Brotton - 6 years ago
You make it all seem so easyyyy
Palomio - 6 years ago
who cares, ur not old
MrJMO78 - 6 years ago
I have never seen a girl put lipstick on her upper lip like that. She covers that beautiful dip in the center of her upper lip and colors over it...
cord gray
cord gray - 6 years ago
Loved the long hair
Ice cream Sandwich
Ice cream Sandwich - 6 years ago
Taylor cheese is getting famous
xSurrah - 6 years ago
lol. I know Mass Effect more than Stranger Things. Maybe I'm the only one who hasn't watched it lol.
Fish For Thought
Fish For Thought - 6 years ago
The tank already looks great. Is there an update of this coming out soon?
Petlover2017 123
Petlover2017 123 - 6 years ago
Can I use a sponge filter? My Betta and snail are in a 2.5 gallon tank and they are going into a 10 gallon tank and I want to know if a sponge filter would the job
Stimulating Sunflower
Stimulating Sunflower - 6 years ago
Hi Taylor. I was wondering if you're able to put a betta into a planted tank. It may seem like a stupid question, but I just want to be 100% sure before I try to do it. Thank you so much!
blonde talk
blonde talk - 6 years ago
what the heck is mass affect??
Jury Chegevara
Jury Chegevara - 6 years ago
жалко ничего не понял... но девушка великолепная. ;)))) посмотрел с удовольствием...
Mathias Toecutter
Mathias Toecutter - 6 years ago
Totally same music vibe. Love both. On another note; planted tanks are not for the beginner. Most newbies aren't ready for the level of care it takes and oddly the patience. That said, they are the most gorgeous tanks you will ever see. Just Google. Thanks Taylor.
CMZ neu
CMZ neu - 6 years ago
She is so pretty, you can't even tell she was a man.
Canopy Chondros
Canopy Chondros - 6 years ago
troll life
Oli Benjamin
Oli Benjamin - 6 years ago
Jokke - 6 years ago
i already fucked up when i got my aquarium XDDD but still alive(only 1 neontetra from 5 neone,1microrasbora,5 fire shrimps)
and now i have 5 bleak and 4 perch fry with 1 neontetra lol
Brent Wong
Brent Wong - 6 years ago
hair on point!
Jaedon Pflueger
Jaedon Pflueger - 6 years ago
You are super pretty
Donatelodk Dk
Donatelodk Dk - 6 years ago
Brasil na área
J_KASH_27 - 6 years ago
ctfu u funny
Edwin - 6 years ago
LOOK AT THE BEWBSS.. I mean fish tank
MR. AQUARIUM - 6 years ago
Omg that cricket is sooo annoying
king suicidol
king suicidol - 6 years ago
Wow ur awesome
The Butt Crumbler
The Butt Crumbler - 6 years ago
love your vids and everything but cmon girl, you drawing out side the lines with that lipstick x'D
David Valenzuela Rodríguez
David Valenzuela Rodríguez - 6 years ago
hola soy de España,te ha quedado muy bien, deberías de haber puesto un plástico o un plato para que no te desmontara el acuascaping al echar el agua.
enhorabuena por el canal.

100. comment for I'M STARTING A FRESHWATER PLANTED TANK! (Tutorial)

Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson - 6 years ago
sumps. are. sumething. Lol <3
carrie bolton
carrie bolton - 6 years ago
What lamp are you using?
Melvin Bellerose
Melvin Bellerose - 6 years ago
Ur so pretty omg

Ugh I'm gay
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris - 6 years ago
Damn your gorgeous
Hense Brouwer
Hense Brouwer - 6 years ago
This look so Nice Your hair
Conor McDarby
Conor McDarby - 6 years ago
Haha yeah everyone watching is here for the planted tank....
Nope - 6 years ago
I'm literally drinking out of that cup right now lol
Ninja k
Ninja k - 6 years ago
Wow that tank is clear. I have the same hob filter. Lol
worlukk - 6 years ago
this is just some rambling fake blonde seeking attention. has nothing to do with the nice tank behind her which was likely set up by some actual hobbyist.
Carmen T. Reyes Gonzalez
Carmen T. Reyes Gonzalez - 6 years ago
worlukk you didn't finish watching huh- just needed to troll? Lol
J56 Cobra
J56 Cobra - 6 years ago
I like you, I think you funny and beautiful
simoFyou - 6 years ago
A a a a a a annoying...
B&A Fishing
B&A Fishing - 6 years ago
you have to boil the gravel to make it safer
Notkaafiiruun foundation
Notkaafiiruun foundation - 6 years ago
kentu nang aquascape wenak i mbak
petyweestraw - 6 years ago
Gorgeous either way
Sha Avery
Sha Avery - 6 years ago
Can you do a how to set up a saltwater aquarium video?
Tony ARC
Tony ARC - 6 years ago
Just found you and subscribed
Steven O'Bryant
Steven O'Bryant - 6 years ago
MAN GIRL YOU ARE SMOKING HOT!!!!!!! I hate to be that guy but felt it needed said. I am also not subscribing, not because you don't know your stuff, because you seem really smart, funny and you wear scantily clad clothing. All the best things that you can find from a YouTube sensation. But i find myself distracted by your beauty and it kind of defeats the purpose learning about the fish hobby. Some people think you listen better when the teacher is easier to look at but I think they just like pretty people and are not mean to the teacher for being boring. Seriously you could talk about hotel slugs and make it interesting right? Just kidding love the channel and keep up the fish tank videos.
UNKN0VVN - 6 years ago
Your lips don't look bigger; they look weird.
Jessie Corceles
Jessie Corceles - 6 years ago
jalal husin
jalal husin - 6 years ago
Hi Tylor..you are so beautiful,why don;t you play some hollywood movie? you can be a super star
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez - 6 years ago
Cutest most pretty fishkeeper on youtube☺️
SickBeats Productions
SickBeats Productions - 6 years ago
Sorry but i didnt get any of that?... i was too buisy thinkin how stunning you are
gsh1104 - 6 years ago
Taylor Nicole: When you talk about lighting in watts (10 watts 20 watts) you don't say if that's is incandescent or fluorescent. You need four times the wattage for incandescent lighting.
Z.T Media
Z.T Media - 6 years ago
Seriously I fell in love all over again with you. Smh why you do this to me. WHYYYYY
Duncan Connor
Duncan Connor - 6 years ago
Mary 08
Mary 08 - 6 years ago
Your videos are mi life❤️
Alpha Aquatics
Alpha Aquatics - 6 years ago
SPOILER! You will see a gorgeous woman talking who knows what cuz she´s too hot to pay attantion to what she is saying!
Michael Vard
Michael Vard - 6 years ago
Love your videos, very informative. Somehow you have a way of getting me to sit all the way through the video even though you talk about your hair and video games, you are so intelligent and speak so well. I am autistic, so communicating well is incredibly difficult. Thanks for all the hard work and entertaining video, great job ! I am setting up a 10 gallon tank, and you have inspired me to make it a planted aquarium with the Contro-Soil you mentioned.
Judit Ayash
Judit Ayash - 6 years ago
Like if she should just stop messing with her hair (dying)
jimi chi
jimi chi - 6 years ago
Could u tell me what the brand of the aquarium lights is?
Rebekah Brockway
Rebekah Brockway - 6 years ago
jimi chip I don't know but I am replying because if someone replies I will get to know to cuz I wanna know
Durian - 6 years ago
You are gorgeous
Jake Gerry
Jake Gerry - 6 years ago
Just stop talking your so fucking annoying just get to the real video
Riku Soikkeli
Riku Soikkeli - 6 years ago
I wanted to see a video about aquariums but all I get is some girl talking about their hair...
D.J. Reeves
D.J. Reeves - 6 years ago
You mentioned a video on sump filtration system, do you have a link for it you can shoot me? I have a sump in place, but just want the views and opinions from an expert fish keeper!
Alexis Kastigar
Alexis Kastigar - 6 years ago
Max Spurck
Max Spurck - 6 years ago
I wish I had the money for this
Sparkle Slime Bakery
Sparkle Slime Bakery - 6 years ago
Do I need a filter if my temperature where i live is usually ove 70°
Co Tran
Co Tran - 6 years ago
Thank u teacher.
Co Tran
Co Tran - 6 years ago
I had a ten gallon take for my baby turtle and cray oh beta were good friends and love the plants that is a big part of fresh water theme for me that plants of green are calm and refresh to clean then move to a big ninety gallon with back sand and color glass items like sky blue shell glass. Oh one dead coral bird nest. XD your hair is so pretty good!
Co Tran
Co Tran - 6 years ago
Love the new hair done. Oh cool to know about your love for aquatic fish.
Spanish Jo
Spanish Jo - 6 years ago
You have a pair of gorgeous eyes!
Franklin da turtle Morales
Franklin da turtle Morales - 6 years ago
She hot
wayneson tay
wayneson tay - 6 years ago
hahahahahah ooh lol your tank doesn't need to chug water. pour it in slowly and it won't cloud up, it might a little but still it'll clear up
David Rivas
David Rivas - 6 years ago
So what happened to your "3.7 gallon nano" for "frags"
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster - 6 years ago
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones - 6 years ago
I just wanted to clear some things up because Taylor touched upon some great points but didn't go into much detail which can lead to some confusion. This information is really only if you plan on setting up a planted side of a tank. This knowledge comes from owning planted tanks for over 15 years.

If you stick with a hang on back filter, you'll need something to circulate nutrients around the tank like a power head. They are not ideal for planted tanks. Do not use carbon if you are dosing nutrients in the water column, it will remove the nutrients you are putting in. Rinse your filter with tank water, do not use tap water because it has chlorine in it and will kill the healthy bacteria you are trying to grow. You don't really want to "clean" the filter and it parts, you just want to wash out any large debris or detritus from decaying organic matter. Canister filters can SOMETIMES run 3-6 months without "cleaning". Depends on the chemical media you are running and how big of a filter you have compared to the size of your tank. If you have a really big filter on a small tank, you have don't have to clean it as much.

8-12 hours depending on the intensity of lighting. Watts per gallon was the old way to measure lighting, 1 watt per gallon was considered low, 5 watts per gallon was considered high. However, it does not take into consideration the lights falloff parameters. Light gets weaker as it travels. Light has to penetrate through the water down to the bottom of your tank. If you are running 8-12 hours a day and you start getting algae, either raise the light up higher off the tank which virtually reduces the intensity, or cut back on how long the lights are on. 20w light in a 30gal isn't going to cut it in a planted tank. If you have no plants, 20 watts it's fine. Run something around 3-5 watts per gallon. Google PAR measurements if you are going with a LED light because watts don't really apply to them because they are not incidence light bulbs.

NO GRAVEL for planted tanks. You need a nutrient rich substrate like aqua soil, fluorite, some people use a DIY dirt. I tried it and it was a mess. Any plant that has roots will do most of its feeding from the roots, not the leaves. So as time progresses and the substrate loses its potency, you can supplement with root tabs.

Use RODI and don't forget to re-mineralize. Tap water varies from city to city, even house to house depending on the conditions of a house's pipes. RODI water removes everything so you can put back what you want in liquid or powder format. Again, you will need to re-mineralize the RODI water to make it “harder” or “softer” depending on what your plants need.

Carbon Source:
Plants are mostly made up of mostly carbon. Co2 is common, some use Seachem Excel instead of. Your plants are going to grow super slow if you don't have a carbon source which can lead to algae taking over because the plants aren't using the available nutrients. There are resources online that show how plants will ramp up growth with available Co2 in the water column.

Filling up your tank:
You can put a small dinner plate at the bottom of your tank while adding water or lay a bunch of paper towels down on the inside of the tank while filling up to reduce cloudiness. This prevents the flow of water disturbing the soil. Just be slow at removing the plate or paper towels so it doesn't disturb the soil. I don't recommend putting the soil in after the tank has been filled up. You'll have the same issue.

Cycling your tank:
Ghost feeding works, there are bacteria you can buy to help cycle your tank quicker rather than waiting the 4-6 weeks. I've used it and had great success with cycling bacteria.

Just trying to make sure you all are getting off to a good start :) I also didn't ever see a follow-up video to this showing how her advice worked out. Good luck fish tank people!
Juliette Z
Juliette Z - 6 years ago
How do you know when your tank is done cycling?
rahul sukumaran
rahul sukumaran - 6 years ago
those eyes of yours drive me crazy
susan mai
susan mai - 6 years ago
I thought you were gonna do a whole series on how to do a planted tank? i cant seem to find the next video?
marsdog - 6 years ago
im so confused, are you warm or cold???
Adriefully - 6 years ago
You can easily decorate your entire tank and put a cup or something for the water to hit first before the substrate. lol don't need to aquascape a filled tank.
Wild Heart
Wild Heart - 6 years ago
This chick is just on here to get gifts.
Daniel Rosario-Lopez
Daniel Rosario-Lopez - 6 years ago
Omg you know about aquariums and your so pretty
Dylan Lester
Dylan Lester - 6 years ago
get your titts out
Ginxty - 6 years ago
How big is that tank? And what is That specific tank?
Mammothgamer BG52
Mammothgamer BG52 - 6 years ago
Mammothgamer BG52
Mammothgamer BG52 - 6 years ago
I do
SkynSand - 6 years ago
Jesus, is it now a thing to double your lip size by just smearing massive amounts of lipstick above/under your actual lips? Can we go back to that crappy Kardashian hot glass thing? That shit at least was real.
Dakarus - 6 years ago
tank is not bute but you are good luck
MadChamaeleon - 6 years ago
Chill with the lipstick
Break your balls building please
Break your balls building please - 6 years ago
Informative but not too concerned about your hair, good info for starters though!
OneDogsTotal Aj
OneDogsTotal Aj - 6 years ago
how do i put in the buce code?
Samuel Velez
Samuel Velez - 6 years ago
wasted time watching this. as its not talking about aquascaping but how vain she is.. Zzz..
Its.Me.Aakash - 6 years ago
uhh what happened to this series?
Edwin Castillo
Edwin Castillo - 6 years ago
She just read the information from the boxes...
AlwaysChangingMind - 6 years ago
She has been talking out of her ass the enitre video. BORING/CRAP video, not sure why it has 6k thumbs up, 6k other people are as stupid as she is.
samaras music vidoes Rodriguez
samaras music vidoes Rodriguez - 6 years ago
She kind of looks likes Taylor swift
Ashley Applebottom
Ashley Applebottom - 6 years ago
Love ur hair! Srsly wanting to switch over to making both my 29 gal and 10 gal tank "planted". I'm really nervous about it being how I've never done it before but I feel like I'll end up doing an awesome job...I'm so eager but yet so nervous at the same time. Just wanna ask u, the first time u ever changed ur tank to "planted" was it difficult or did it make u nervous thinking maybe u would mess up lol? I'm wanting to use Seachem black sand Flourite Substrate to go in with the verrrry fine grain sand substrate I already use in my tanks, Seachem Flourish Excel for CO2 alternative and Seachem Flourish Tabs as my fertilizer and root growth of course lol....I have an ass load of Cory cats (which are all I keep), so I'm rly hoping they won't dig up the roots lol...I'd love to do a nice layer of lush mossy carpet across part of the tank beds, as far as the plants I'd like get a couple Anubias, and a couple Amazon Sword or another type of sword plant...and also some tiny little sprigs of hair grass here and there thru the regular sand I am a,ready using...I've debated with myself about whether to do planted or to not do planted and I've broke down and made the decision that I want an All NATURALE' tanks full of lush vegetation for my Corys...planted tanks are healthier for corys right? So to post such a long ass comment...I just need plentyyyy of help and advice to get started. :::a little stressed here:::
Alex Po
Alex Po - 6 years ago
I want a turtle in a tank with fish
Ernest Pereyra
Ernest Pereyra - 6 years ago
your a stupid ho....
Radu Pil
Radu Pil - 6 years ago
Lemme smah ( fish accent)
Rohan Ferris
Rohan Ferris - 6 years ago
I definitely got dumber watching this.
Bibi Smith
Bibi Smith - 6 years ago
I came here looking for info on a tank, not your hair or movies --
OneDogsTotal Aj
OneDogsTotal Aj - 6 years ago
Bibi Smith go to 2 minutes and enjoy
Derek Goes
Derek Goes - 6 years ago
You r a pre teen by not talking about the tank. Who caaaaaaares about u.
IceyKicks - 6 years ago
Pour the water into a bowl in the tank it doesn't make it cloudy as much
Ken Wieblitz
Ken Wieblitz - 6 years ago
wow shes marriage material ,
The Seleuf
The Seleuf - 6 years ago
I think people are just being nitpicky about "Y'all guys." Or they're just not from Texas and aren't accustomed to the expression. I mean, yes, when you separate the words "You all guys" is not grammatically correct, as separate words it should be "All you guys." BUT this is the exact same issue one has with other contracted words that nobody ever complains about, things people use every day, like "Don't you think...?" If you separate those words, you get "Do not you think...?" which is grammatically wrong, so actually when you separate the words you write it as "Do you not think...?"

"Y'all guys..." "You all guys..." "All you guys..."
"Don't you think...?" "Do not you think...?" "Do you not think...?"
"Won't you consider...?" "Will not you consider...?" "Will you not consider...?"

So I ain't gonna complain, y'all!
TheSe7enthSinn - 6 years ago
what kind of rocks are those?
Ash TheSlayer
Ash TheSlayer - 6 years ago
I believe it is dragon stone
tinncity - 6 years ago
is she a marine biologist or just someone that is seeking internet fame via the planted fish tank crowd? lol....oh toutube why do you take me to such places when all i want to do is watch 80s music videos....
Ouaich Gros
Ouaich Gros - 6 years ago
Why are you talking about your hair and mass effect?
Giada Miraldi
Giada Miraldi - 6 years ago
is a 10 gallon tank good anough for a goldfish
Matigen101 Wright
Matigen101 Wright - 6 years ago
And I love your hair
Matigen101 Wright
Matigen101 Wright - 6 years ago
I have never played one video game in my life and I'm 10
Coldndeadheart - 6 years ago
New drinking game
Take a shot every time Taylor says ya'll
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants - 6 years ago
I found out about this channel a couple of weeks ago, got inspired by all the aquariums and decided I was going to get one again (last one broke yes sad story), I really didn't think about this twice and bought a 60 litres one, and since it said litres I thought "It's gonna be small I guess? It's a good offer I'll just buy it" It's 16 gallons. I have no idea where I'll put it lmao.
Guy Hoffman
Guy Hoffman - 6 years ago
for a fresh water tank is well water olay
A grumpy Dog
A grumpy Dog - 6 years ago
i love fish and video games but . thats not the same music
amyfilmmaker - 6 years ago
I put the gravel in my tank at first, put a plastic bowl upside down then poured the water onto the bowl. It didn't cloud up my water. Then I dropped my decorations in. :) this was with gravel not sand so it might not work with sand.
Rc- Climbing
Rc- Climbing - 6 years ago
did you sai mass effect?
Akemi Nakajima
Akemi Nakajima - 6 years ago
What a babe. Would def tap dat
Starla Star
Starla Star - 6 years ago
Y'all are so mean
Brian Conroy
Brian Conroy - 6 years ago
I keep my tank at 80 degrees Fahrenheit
sally deangelis
sally deangelis - 6 years ago
what is your mental age? Ten , eleven?
Starla Star
Starla Star - 6 years ago
sally deangelis what do you mean?
arely vega
arely vega - 6 years ago
my hair is LONG and i want to cut it to my shoulders
Malzzone - 6 years ago
Exotic Girl love!!
The Singing Gamer
The Singing Gamer - 6 years ago
I watched this before and I just noticed the Alice in Wonderland art on the wall!
flawless victory
flawless victory - 6 years ago
taylor nicole can i loving you ?
Roniel Hallare
Roniel Hallare - 6 years ago
You're beautiful with short hair
supereworld - 6 years ago
Did I see you on redtube? I mean youtube red
Bigfoot shoe india
Bigfoot shoe india - 6 years ago
but you are more beautiful than your planted tank
Turf Gang 187
Turf Gang 187 - 6 years ago
wow your teeth are so pearly white
Petlover2017 123
Petlover2017 123 - 6 years ago
Taylor I love your vids soooo much!!!! You inspired me with my fish!
SusiQf - 6 years ago
How conceited can one be? I came here to see your freshwater planted tank, possibly get a few tips. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HAIR!!! Make another video/Vlog/tutorial (whatever) to talk all about your looks... 0:33 I'm out. This is NOT an "intro".
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 6 years ago
you talk alot
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 6 years ago
like......oh my god
Matt James
Matt James - 6 years ago
came for a pant review, left after 30 seconds, if i wanted a hairdressing video i would have looked for one, cheers!
MasochistMax - 6 years ago
it wasn't even a 15th of the video.
also plant*
plant review wasn't even in the damn title.
Alex Exley
Alex Exley - 6 years ago
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson - 6 years ago
I had to cut my hair and I cried cause I lost tons of weight and my hair was falling out... and it was dead from washing it everyday in the past, dying it all the time and flattening it and curling it... :( but hopefully my hair growth pills will help..
Maddie Breed
Maddie Breed - 6 years ago
Can anyone recommend a filter for an axolotl tank? My axolotl HATES water movement, he gets stressed with the filter I have right now, so I've turned it off and just change the water every weekend. Is there a filter with minimal water movement?
Stained Brain
Stained Brain - 6 years ago
Maddie Breed try a sponge filter!
jelle075 - 6 years ago
Jay Tee
Jay Tee - 6 years ago
Nice cleavage, slut...er,  I mean.. baby...
Starla Star
Starla Star - 6 years ago
Jay Tee you're gross
Jay Tee
Jay Tee - 6 years ago
I'm confused...Is this a porn star or aquarium expert?
Glaceon pokemon #471
Glaceon pokemon #471 - 6 years ago
You have a nasty mind
chees e
chees e - 6 years ago
she is our animal Care queen, you sick fuck
Starla Star
Starla Star - 6 years ago
Jay Tee aquarium expert, and you're rude and disgusting
Kyle Osnack
Kyle Osnack - 6 years ago
Hair , video games and fish all in one video ? I'm in love ♡
Michael Louis
Michael Louis - 6 years ago
Well i was looking for some Salt water aquarium tips and leaving with wanting to dye my hair pink
shalini pillai
shalini pillai - 6 years ago
Taylor I have 2 gold fish and wish to start a planted tank. right now they are in a 7 gallon aquarium (they r still babies n m planning to upgrade to a 20 gallon next Month) dis is not my first experience with fish but it is my first with a planted tank... please could you suggest me plants for beginners​ and ones that my goldfish won't eat... I would really appreciate a reply... love your videos... keep up the good work :)
Robin Greenwald
Robin Greenwald - 6 years ago
I love mass effect so...
Reeling N' Revving
Reeling N' Revving - 6 years ago
Get a pet largemouth bass :)
Jerus Gonzales
Jerus Gonzales - 6 years ago
You're Gorgeous.
Your eyes kill me
Eeka Speeka
Eeka Speeka - 6 years ago
i wish i knew how to do the mail thing
Faith Weizer
Faith Weizer - 6 years ago
Before I knew her channel I would kill fish in like 3 months to a week but now I can keep a fish alive for 1-4 years depending on the fish(or longer)
TheGolemHunter - 6 years ago
Faith Weizer Wow. You really couldnt research before owning animals? All the deaths. Dumbass.
Robalo666DIA - 6 years ago
You should come over and help meh with my tank
Thom G.
Thom G. - 6 years ago
Marcinuk4 - 6 years ago
Your hair r great ,u will look better with natural size and shape of lips ,don't over make up them u look like one of them dolls from shop with surprise face ;)
Rohit Rai
Rohit Rai - 6 years ago
Yea U r different ! Out of this world.... U r so gorgeous..
new topix
new topix - 6 years ago
This Video Starts at 02:56
Aryama Chatterjee
Aryama Chatterjee - 6 years ago
sharon nelson
sharon nelson - 6 years ago
What is ;your opinion of fancy guppies?
SHIMISHAKER - 6 years ago
Hi Nicole,
the strangest show Im seeing is a beautiful, cute and the sexiest girl talking about aquariums, I'm going bonkers.
Lee Petersen
Lee Petersen - 6 years ago
Can we have some plant / C02 info pls. C02 scares me I don't wanna gas my fish
Scott Weisenborn
Scott Weisenborn - 6 years ago
On the subject of the hair, your gorgeous either way.
I clean my water naturally.im drunk. Late. I would eat from your hand. Nite
kylakat13 - 6 years ago
My two main hobbies are dying my hair and playing video games. If anything, you got me more excited
Olivia Ryals
Olivia Ryals - 6 years ago
Oh my god can SOMEONE please recommend me a good and durable 10 gallon tank?
Irritable Jon Syndrome
Irritable Jon Syndrome - 6 years ago
Oh and your code only works on plant orders according to them
Irritable Jon Syndrome
Irritable Jon Syndrome - 6 years ago
Bucepplant sponsors you a nice set up and no more videos. Sah dude?
anthony chaney
anthony chaney - 6 years ago
with Reverse osmosis in fresh water do you need to add a water conditioner such as seachem prime? or is it safe to use directly from the unit as long as you have a 0 tds?
Autumn Behm
Autumn Behm - 6 years ago
do you live In Texas theirs a ambler alert
Kaitlyn Roemer
Kaitlyn Roemer - 6 years ago
Mass Effect?!
Think I love you
Jadson Rodolfo
Jadson Rodolfo - 6 years ago
ad da
ad da - 6 years ago
Devon the Songwriter
Devon the Songwriter - 6 years ago
says she's so pale as I'm thinking how tan she is. lol
muhammad naeem
muhammad naeem - 6 years ago
i am such a huge fan of yours Taylor Nicole Dean
are you single ? ?? ?
SouthHorizon 567
SouthHorizon 567 - 6 years ago
I have a fifty-five gallon tank want is the cheapest and easiest fish to have in Chehalis Washington
H santiago
H santiago - 6 years ago
I stay pale for the fish,,
Bagas Narararya
Bagas Narararya - 6 years ago
i don't have aquarium but i watch her anyway...
Takeaway Aquarium
Takeaway Aquarium - 6 years ago
What has hair to do with pets? With fish? .....
joseph farthing
joseph farthing - 6 years ago
what is the kind of filter with a sponge in it? or is that just a pump?
Raven Whilde
Raven Whilde - 6 years ago
Could you do a salt water fish tank video please. Love your videos by the way. You're so pretty!
Mantiz s
Mantiz s - 6 years ago
you should try keeping some crystal shrimps in that tank, seems like the perfect environment for them and they dont get big!
Lissa Brown
Lissa Brown - 6 years ago
Hello can we see a video on starting a saltwater tank for beginners
Ashley BAXTER - 6 years ago
You're cool ... but you have so much fish
Adam Pollard
Adam Pollard - 6 years ago
have that same goofy Disney cup
fiaz ahmed
fiaz ahmed - 6 years ago
Bruce Redburn
Bruce Redburn - 6 years ago
I'm wondering.
What do you NOT know? I'm very impressed with you and your knowledge. Keep it up
andy singer
andy singer - 6 years ago
HOB filter also have mechanical filtration. the filter pad or filter floss that is housing the activated carbon. please tell me someone elese realized this.
John Salay
John Salay - 6 years ago
You are the best fish person on you tube. Everybody else blah blah blah and not the right info. I can tell you really love animals.
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo - 6 years ago
What did you use for ground cover? is that dirt? or black sand? and how do you fix the filtration sucking up the sand or dirt? I have sand 100 grid and wanted black sand but can only find fine or super find which gets sucked in like a vacuum by my filtering media, which is canister+UV+sump+extra pump for pushing upwards. Also, how do you deal with the CO2 levels int he water and do you recommend or just go trial and error, put everything in there wait a few days hope everything is good and balance and dump fish in there?
Jbueno - 6 years ago
Short hair look good ,
Lux Animations
Lux Animations - 6 years ago
this was on my birthdayyyy
i is the 15 nowww ayy
sMiLeY - 6 years ago
so does it matter to get the water tested in the tank if you've had your water tested in general, cause i just had my water tested about 2 weeks ago and everything was safe or mostly at the zero, mainly cause i have a well and don't live in the city.
Eadi Rawlings - Mckenzie
Eadi Rawlings - Mckenzie - 6 years ago
Could you please do a video on how to clean the water please
Solonneysa - 6 years ago
You do a 10-20% water change once per week and use a quality filter. My favourite filters are the zoomed turtle canister filters. My aquariums, once fully established, only need de-chlorinated water replacement and light filter cleaning to remove large debris. Removing decaying, or overtly rotting plant debris, and plant trimming is done once-per-week, or less if the plants are slow-growing. You do water changes with or without plants, though.
SonnyGFX - 6 years ago
what the heck up with you r makeup
bri little
bri little - 6 years ago
What the heck is up with your spelling.
matt ellis
matt ellis - 6 years ago
just put a plate or bowl on top of the substrate and slowly poor the water on it to keep from getting water all dirty.
Fluffy Unicorns
Fluffy Unicorns - 6 years ago
you should get a hermet crab
Menma Namikaze
Menma Namikaze - 6 years ago
I don't even care about fishes an tanks she's just really interesting ahahaa
The_SmartAlec23 Forever
The_SmartAlec23 Forever - 6 years ago
I say y'all guys too.Also, girl, don't let people give you hate!
vinish shetty
vinish shetty - 6 years ago
what light are you using on that tank in the background
Lauren Kim
Lauren Kim - 6 years ago
I don't even want a fish... Yet I get watched through the entire video.
Margaret Hobbs
Margaret Hobbs - 6 years ago
hey i have the same goofy/disney glass at home
I don't want people to know who I am
I don't want people to know who I am - 6 years ago
I love her hair
TheMidnightwolf15 - 6 years ago
I do really like your care guides, and the ones for fish tanks are some of my favorites. These are even more important to me now as I'm in college (I go to a animal care base college in the UK) and I'm doing a project on designing a fish tank (for fresh water fish, done a survey for it for now to get answers), but I'm already getting some tips from this really well done video. Though what has gotten me a little confused, is that some of your tanks for your fishes have lids when some don't. Is there a reason for this? (I used to have a 40 liter tank that was lidded and that was for fresh water fish).
iMoto Photography
iMoto Photography - 6 years ago
Part two!!!!
MrDorf007 - 6 years ago
Better than watching porn.
julio dominguez-palacios
julio dominguez-palacios - 6 years ago
Is it cheaper using organic soil and gravel on the top or substrate for planted aquarium
An͋gȅlos͍ - 6 years ago
I still waiting to see the tank.........
lambertavagmailcom - 6 years ago
i dont think that you should order from live aquaria beacuse they are selling a endangered species of sharks
Steve Now
Steve Now - 6 years ago
WOW Soo Beautiful! 8 )
Johanes Christian
Johanes Christian - 6 years ago
talk too much
biplab biplab
biplab biplab - 6 years ago
wtf video.
Poriya Koolife
Poriya Koolife - 6 years ago
Your nose is so fucking biiiggg
Axegames Jenkins
Axegames Jenkins - 6 years ago
Hello! im from Spain and im interested in ajolotes, i'd like to have one but i'd like to know if its good to put the aquarium in front of a window
Thanks :)
Ege EFE - 6 years ago
what's this girl's horoscope? sagittarius??
Richboy Gentlemen
Richboy Gentlemen - 6 years ago
am i the only one who notices how much she says the word ya'll from the beginning of the video to about 2 minutes in
Liam David
Liam David - 6 years ago
I think for some of the mass affect games they use the same music
Seattle Mantis
Seattle Mantis - 6 years ago
Blend that lip liner gurl
Julia Weisberg
Julia Weisberg - 6 years ago
your my hero
Edit Ahnland
Edit Ahnland - 6 years ago
Been binge watching your videos all day and honestly most of this information is irrelevant to my life but i still watch because you're so gosh darn charming
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson - 6 years ago
Lighting at 9:41 is better in my opinion.
Irritable Jon Syndrome
Irritable Jon Syndrome - 6 years ago
Nice light also.... Kessil...impressive
Irritable Jon Syndrome
Irritable Jon Syndrome - 6 years ago
So.. have you ever done a follow up on yer tank?!!
Anna Silvestri
Anna Silvestri - 6 years ago
Hey Taylor I have a question. So I have a gravel, meant for live fresh water plants from petsmart. I set it up in a 2.5 gallon tank for my Betta. I rinsed it out twice then set up the tank with a live plant, and it did very well, so I decided to set up a 10 gallon tank. I set it up a week ago and did not rinse out the clay like gravel and it was cloudy for 4 days then cleared up quite a bit. then I planted more and it became all cloudy from my movement. I then used a gravel suction cleaner and put new conditioned water. Needless to say I'm burnt out from it and may scrap it and buy a new gravel all together. Any thoughts? Any input is welcome. THANKS
Van Gopher
Van Gopher - 6 years ago
you look just SO pretty in this video
Jess Chavez
Jess Chavez - 6 years ago
omg this is so late but I just realized they fucking DO have the same kind of soundtracks (Stranger Things and Mass Effect 1) and you just blew my mind holy shit lol
badar chaudhry
badar chaudhry - 6 years ago
u r sooooooooooo so sooooooo pretty!!!...do u know that :D???
Savy Rivera
Savy Rivera - 6 years ago
Will you ever make a video like this for a saltwater tank? I wouldn't mind watching a 45 minute video from you. I feel like you explain everything much better than any article could.
Josh C
Josh C - 6 years ago
Thats cool your a gamer
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez - 6 years ago
dam your beautiful
Maggie C
Maggie C - 6 years ago
You should have a channel that you do challenges and collabs too because you have a really good personality and most people who do animal care videos are really bland.
Alisha Santiago
Alisha Santiago - 6 years ago
Could I just hook up my snake heating lamp above my tank rather than buying a heater?
Big Willie Style
Big Willie Style - 6 years ago
Alisha Santiago buy a thermometer and try it out
jon lenon
jon lenon - 6 years ago
its march 2017 and we've all seen a new andromeda, unfortunately, so don't play it if you haven't already....
Danielle Hubbard
Danielle Hubbard - 6 years ago
I love your hair
M 560
M 560 - 6 years ago
Are you continuing this series?
SeleneTheMoonGodess - 6 years ago
stop being so cute it's not fair
Yam Dolan
Yam Dolan - 6 years ago
your hair look like taylor swift hair stlye
Tresor Omari
Tresor Omari - 6 years ago
I am trying to focus on the tank but....daaamn she's hot!!! great video!!!
maig - 6 years ago
Stranger Things!
Jess Lauren
Jess Lauren - 6 years ago
My husband and I said the same thing about the Mass Effect music hahaha
Blobbert Mcblob
Blobbert Mcblob - 6 years ago
I've always wanted a rimless tank.

Now I know where to find one. Prices aren't bad either, most places I've found them are like "give me your first born, we'll sell you this tank at full price"
Too Funny
Too Funny - 6 years ago
The Camera Loves You !
Red Beard
Red Beard - 6 years ago
Wait.. Uhh theres a tank? I couldn't stop looking at the cleavage
Red Beard
Red Beard - 6 years ago
Nah you look amazing even with short hair. Naomi Watts vibes imo
EatTwinkies13 - 6 years ago
ew. stop trying to make fish tank videos sexy. it's not, you're not. just ew. and put clothes on, child.
Piggie Queen
Piggie Queen - 6 years ago
You're gorgeous and I love your videos. All I do is watch them lol
soundsys33 - 6 years ago
Currently doing the trilogy myself,  then Andromeda good times great vids.
p.n. mohana Sundaram
p.n. mohana Sundaram - 6 years ago
madam aquarium cleaning and how to get crystal clear water ,

tell us about some water conditioner that gives crystal clear water ,

food that gives faster growth fish

removing stains from glass tank and how to make look like new tank
lordofentropy - 6 years ago
Mass Effect is only one of the best games ever! I have to play through the trilogy at least once a year. With Andromeda coming out soon, it will be 4 I have to play at least once a year.
Jim Linn
Jim Linn - 6 years ago
Taylor Nicole Linn. You are so smart and 9.99 for me. yes I will take care of you.
Jim Linn
Jim Linn - 6 years ago
Brandi Betke
Brandi Betke - 6 years ago
Taylor I don't care what people say about you opening the video with talking about your hair. You said sorry in another video and you shouldn't be. You are just addressing it so that people won't keep asking you and asking you about it. If they are mad they are clearly jealous, you are so beautiful. And if Talor wants to have her jacket like that, leave her be. I am not the one to talk about looks all day all she is doing is just addressing it really quickly.
Brandi Betke
Brandi Betke - 6 years ago
* Taylor, darn auto correct
Edison Wilmot
Edison Wilmot - 6 years ago
What's a video game can someone tell me what it is?
Zach Swartwood
Zach Swartwood - 6 years ago
You're adorable. It's good to know I'm not the only one who trolls animal websites at ridiculous hours in the night haha
FerrariDMC - 6 years ago
I'll just have a couple snails please.
thegamester41 - 6 years ago
Where is the part 2 for this
Aidyn H
Aidyn H - 6 years ago
Think I'm maybe gonna get some tetras again I had some when I was like 8 but I wasn't responsible enough then to look after and maintain the tank properly
harry john asprer
harry john asprer - 6 years ago
cant stop watching your vids
The Truth
The Truth - 6 years ago
I want to set up an aquaponics system but I want it to be subtle unlike all the types shown online.
Nick Tovey
Nick Tovey - 6 years ago
Lololol. It doesn't make sense at all. I don't remember anything in this video. Lol
Tanya Lewis
Tanya Lewis - 6 years ago
This chick rocks!
Manish Kataria
Manish Kataria - 6 years ago
she is boring but cute.
MrDorf007 - 6 years ago
I can see UNDER BOOB at 11:10.
Then I thought I could see it again, but....it was just her elbow. So sad.
MrDorf007 - 6 years ago
Yup. I looked AGAIN and for sure that is UNDER BOOB !
Hugos Thar
Hugos Thar - 6 years ago
Just incase you were worried you dont need to wear make up at all or doll yourself up. Most of us men arent as shallow as we are made out to be or as we seem. Are you a glamour model or a normal utoober you dont need to spend time before u make a video as if you were about to go to a dinner party or walk down the catwalk lol
lovemyreptiles - 6 years ago
so dam hot... just the right amount of cleavage..not to slutty... and not to prudey.nice balance...
Zombie Reaper
Zombie Reaper - 6 years ago
Taylor Nicole Dean........ First time watching one of your videos, don't know what your hair looked like before, but I can tell you that it looks gorgeous, and you are a very beautiful girl. BTW awesome video, on setting up a planted tank, I think plants can be just as beautiful as the fish.
Cichlid maniac
Cichlid maniac - 6 years ago
wow!!! You are gorgeous and the way you cut your hair like that really suites you!!!
sevenonethree houstontx
sevenonethree houstontx - 6 years ago
you are beutiful baby. marry my love
kathy wu
kathy wu - 6 years ago
do you think i can have java moss in a freshwater tank that has gravel in the bottom and a few plastic plants?
Mukh Betta Farm
Mukh Betta Farm - 6 years ago
you still look beautiful..
Matt Ward
Matt Ward - 6 years ago
Taylor Nicole Dean...You don't know it yet, but you need to move to New Zealand and be my friend!! Awesome vid, and you're sooo beautiful...
Fireleg - 6 years ago
Short or long hair... you're beautiful. And I am so happy you're into freshwater aquascaping
Froilan Noe
Froilan Noe - 6 years ago
I can't help but notice your 2 point nose. but I love your videos so...
RayneStormn - 6 years ago
If her hair was red... she'd be Scarlett Johansson (Black widow from marvel)
Abby c
Abby c - 6 years ago
There's also sponge filters!
Kyle's Fish room
Kyle's Fish room - 6 years ago
Amazing tank Taylor
Cam Kirk
Cam Kirk - 6 years ago
You're so cute
Ben Hanscom
Ben Hanscom - 6 years ago
Jim19826301 - 6 years ago
Never thought I'd get a boner while watching a aquarium video! Thanks Taylor!
Kaylee Skater
Kaylee Skater - 6 years ago
I ruined my hair and shaved my head. You are lucky you could just cut it.
Victoria Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez - 6 years ago
When will you talk about this video again???
Ramon Chavez
Ramon Chavez - 6 years ago
omg beautiful and she likes
peter wijaya
peter wijaya - 6 years ago
love u
Robert Punu
Robert Punu - 6 years ago
A sexy girl with the same interest as me. I was distracted by her face.
Pieter Odendaal
Pieter Odendaal - 6 years ago
okay so throughout this video I tried to liaten because I'm starting my own little aquarium but your friggen eyes... damn. haha
thanks for the video and considered yourself subbed! i need allll this info
Sally - 6 years ago
I have unpurifed, straight from the underground aquifer tap water, I'm planning a natural coldwater planted community tank trying to recreate the chalk streams that run in my area, would I be able to use straight tap water or should I still condition it?
Fabio B
Fabio B - 6 years ago
ThatDragonWarrior theorically you don't need to, since the main use for conditioners is chlorine which is added when water is purified
you should instead discover if in your water there are other chemicals, and if it so a way to purify it
uchiha hovis
uchiha hovis - 6 years ago
You should do a video about transferring established filters and instant cycles
uchiha hovis
uchiha hovis - 6 years ago
Video games and fish tanks, shut up and marry me
Wat ar Yoo DOIN I My SWAMP!
Wat ar Yoo DOIN I My SWAMP! - 6 years ago
I'm a pretty good artist, eventually when I get around to it I will deferentially send you some art.
DoOGmYsTeR - 6 years ago
lol yes I was thinking the same thing with the music lol
Johnney Butrus
Johnney Butrus - 6 years ago
I'm so in love
King Aquarium
King Aquarium - 6 years ago
Very nice informational video
aquadragon1 - 6 years ago
Not many people keep an actual coldwater tank oc.Room temp is still to warm for coldwater fish.
aquadragon1 - 6 years ago
No dear there are many more options for a filter actually.
Jesse Sides
Jesse Sides - 6 years ago
I've always wanted to start a freshie but I go to the lfs and end up coming home with a bunch of frags instead of that jbj 8 I've been eyeing. Get blue velvet shrimp!
Kevin's Fish and Reptile
Kevin's Fish and Reptile - 6 years ago
Awesome video. Great info put out easily understood
poorya poorhoseini
poorya poorhoseini - 6 years ago
u have dogs in your eyes too, if u still haven't noticed
Luis Miguel Sanchez Lopez
Luis Miguel Sanchez Lopez - 6 years ago
U R An Ángel!!!!
Ju C
Ju C - 6 years ago
Watching your videos reminds me of my Mothers love for animales ♥️ she raised me with all types of critters, thank you for this.
Szabo Gergo
Szabo Gergo - 6 years ago
Omg you and I would be like totes best friends! <3 keep up the good work! A gaymer/fish lover from London :D
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright - 6 years ago
Why are you so pretty omg fite me
Graham Neitz
Graham Neitz - 6 years ago
You you don't need to try to be beautiful you are already beautiful.
Megan Bastian
Megan Bastian - 6 years ago
When I saw the setup in the background I immediately knew it was Buceplant. I plan on getting some black mountain seiryu from them :)
Dan Pham
Dan Pham - 6 years ago
mr meaowgi
mr meaowgi - 6 years ago
makes a video about fish tanks. talks about her hair and TV shows. ffs.
Shelly Bradshaw
Shelly Bradshaw - 6 years ago
you have so many comments you are never going to get to mine!!!! Pardon me but I really need that jacket or my life is going to be over... great video by the way
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen - 6 years ago
I've never watched stranger things but my piano teacher tells me that like two teens from Texas made the soundtrack in their own homes. He keeps telling me that because he wants me to make music and get rich :')
Giobel Koi Center
Giobel Koi Center - 6 years ago
nice, I miss my planted setup
TheGirlInTheDress03 - 6 years ago
You are the most mature 19 year old I've ever come across. I really enjoy your videos and Im not really planning to have any of these animals.
AlexRejba - 6 years ago
+No kids videos
You sound like a self-important and boring douchebag. It's not your place to tell her (or anyone else) what she should do with her life.
Mousey TR
Mousey TR - 6 years ago
No kids videos If you wanna correct grammar you can become a teacher. By the way, she makes money off this, enough so that she can get permits for illegal animals (in certain states/countries) under Job perspective. And going around commenting on YouTube videos in your thirties with a younger person is a worse use of life than hers. Now seeing that I have a point, I hope that you don't come back with an uppercut because it'll probably hurt, you know, because I'm younger, and that we can move on with our lives (if you want to continue correcting my grammar I know that's a freaking run on. Get over it).
No kids videos
No kids videos - 6 years ago
Mousey TR Nope, in my thirties married with kids. Good guess though.

Also: you're*
Mousey TR
Mousey TR - 6 years ago
No kids videos Something tells me your a 12 year old degenerate who pretends they are 17 and are the best person ever.
No kids videos
No kids videos - 6 years ago
I will give her some credit though, she has a passion she can follow which is a lot more than most 19 year olds can say in 2017. Need to leave the nest and fly free though!
itsashortusername - 6 years ago
TheGirlInTheDress03 she's 19!!?? :o i thought she was like 26
No kids videos
No kids videos - 6 years ago
TheGirlInTheDress03 yeah because living in your parents house and complaining you don't have money while spending thousands on animals you don't need (assuming she even spends her own money) is mature. Sure we'll go with that.
forever.love.animals xoxo
forever.love.animals xoxo - 6 years ago
My mom has celiacs disease too
Tink Smith
Tink Smith - 6 years ago
I'm nearly 17 and I have pink hair... Offended
Tsyahyna Kromodihardjo
Tsyahyna Kromodihardjo - 6 years ago
I used to have that cup
Chase Lynn
Chase Lynn - 6 years ago
I was actually saying tonight, I love that you say, "y'all guys"
Jacky Lee
Jacky Lee - 6 years ago
If I was to pass you on the street, I wouldn't think you would be into biological science and animals. Well done you look hot doing it.
heatheruga81 - 6 years ago
I love your videos but do you have any that talk about cleaning fresh water plant tanks? Like how do you clean a tank that has real plants in it bc obviously you can't just dump the whole thing to clean like you could with fake plants. Thank so much bc I really would like to try a real plant tank but not enough knowledge out there on cleaning them.
turbotehe - 6 years ago
I discovered your channel over the weekend and have watched several of your videos since then. I love how educational and informative they are and you are so passionate about your animals. And then you mentioned Mass Effect in this video and I hit that subscribe button immediately. :)
keg10609 - 6 years ago
wait where is the video of you putting in the fish i cant find it
Anastasiya Kurlova
Anastasiya Kurlova - 6 years ago
Hey;) Could you make a video about plant care? Best ways to keep the healthy and alive? What is the best gravel ? etc
malagabee - 6 years ago
AgentPedestrian - 6 years ago
raises hand yes for both stranger things and mass effect (although i haven't gotten through the third game yet because i get SUUUUPER motion sick)
Rick Garland
Rick Garland - 6 years ago
i had a beautiful tank it had all live plants and i never had to touch the water all the ph and the other stuff was perfect every time i tested the water so i had it for a year before i had to move and get rid of it
Rick Garland
Rick Garland - 6 years ago
haha if i just finished watching the video i would have known the word " cycle"
Rick Garland
Rick Garland - 6 years ago
an add on to my comment i hit send by accident lol.

but i never had to do water changes so i think a tank with all live plants is the way to go. now dont get me wrong it took about a month for the tank to i forgot the word but its maybe acclimate? and once it did i never had a problem with it
Rick Garland
Rick Garland - 6 years ago
you look so cute with shorter hair
EpikDy - 6 years ago
You're pretty, animal lover and you play game? Wow that AMAZING!
Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis - 6 years ago
You could read names out of the phone book and people would watch. You heard it here first.
Thana Toast
Thana Toast - 6 years ago
I play video games but i dont watch stranger things
Kaybeebaby - 6 years ago
Can you do a video on your canister filter? How you clean it and etc? If you have one I'm sorry I'm new to this Chanel lol
BellumXyz - 6 years ago
I just noticed that you are the more beautiful version of lucy
JassarBrush - 6 years ago
Nice, but I have to disagree with you in regards to filling the tank before adding the hardscape. It's actually better to add the hardscape and plant all your plants prior to filling the tank, then fill the tank SLOWLY to avoid the cloudiness.
Patrick Plitt
Patrick Plitt - 6 years ago
My Betta fish is enjoying your talk!
Peanut Butterz
Peanut Butterz - 6 years ago
I've played Mass effect 1 2 and 3 cant wait for the knew mass effect
Pierce Texidor
Pierce Texidor - 6 years ago
I don't think mass effect and stranger things use the same music. Hahaha they might sound the same xD
Helen MAI
Helen MAI - 6 years ago
I'm sorry this is not about animals but ur so pretty
Jaymes Warde
Jaymes Warde - 6 years ago
hair looks great but you haven't lost too much length. I'm a trainee hairdresser and am currently learning all the cuts and stuff. The whole thing of cutting the hair makes it grow faster is bullshit. trim every 3 months and sleep on silky pillow cases with your hair in a braid/ braids. Keep hair is a braid will help it grow also. it stops knots and breakage so less splits :) some needless rambling from me lol.
TheHerpsKeeper - 6 years ago
omg I didn't notice but yes they do sound alike. I love stranger things and Mass effect, garrus was my bae
jdssurf - 6 years ago
Rediculous attractive,nice, funny, loves animals, geez.
potato potato
potato potato - 6 years ago
animals and video games? I found her!
3punk5y0u - 6 years ago
I'm trying really hard to like her but... I just don't
Rainbow Jazz
Rainbow Jazz - 6 years ago
Can I put a tank next to a window and keep the window closed? I don't get much light anyway because of the way my room is facing but would it be okay?
JassarBrush - 6 years ago
As long as direct sun light doesn't hit the tank you're fine.
Humble Explorer
Humble Explorer - 6 years ago
Omg... I hope I don't run into another one of her videos again. I just wanted to get some few tips or things to know about aquariums. Then I get some gibberish stuff about hair and other female stuff. #1. There's no fish in your aquarium. Therefore, I'm thinking you already killed your fishes. #2. Your tank was dirty when you were setting up the aquarium. Which I'm thinking you didn't know or that it's your 1st time installing or setting up an aquarium. #3. ahhh.... I guess it's preference on the person how and what they want to put inside their aquarium. But yours was not so much effort to it. Thanks for the tips I guess
HeeyJennHeey - 6 years ago
I love Mass effect 1!!!! and animals!
Stian - 6 years ago
Any update videos on the freshwater tank? :)
Anya Schmidt
Anya Schmidt - 6 years ago






Anya Schmidt
Anya Schmidt - 6 years ago
I've never seen her smile.
Ruqayyah Qadri
Ruqayyah Qadri - 6 years ago
Anya Schmidt she smiles on Instagram!
Matthew Janz
Matthew Janz - 6 years ago
Music is defiantly not the same. Both are fantastic though. Nice thing about YouTube if you can listen to both and find out
Bridget Kavanagh
Bridget Kavanagh - 6 years ago
More freshwater fish videos please!!!
RisingShadow11 - 6 years ago
You look like scarlet Johansson :O
Abby Wilson
Abby Wilson - 6 years ago
Taylor omg. I just happened to stumble across your video the other day (I don't remember exactly what I was looking at but you were in my recommended vids) and I fell in love after seeing Zazu (??) & Cheesecube !! Animals have been a lifelong passion of mine, it's so cool & refreshing seeing someone so knowledgable and loving to their pets and also just genuine?? Like you're clearly not making this shit up you know your stuff. Also animals + video games??? HELL yeah I don't personally know much about stranger things but I still laugh when you brought up the music thing. I just felt the need to tell you that I think you're super cool (even though I've only been watching you for a few days lol) & hope everything is well x
Jesmar Rex
Jesmar Rex - 6 years ago
haha hi taylor I love your vids
Grace Kravis
Grace Kravis - 6 years ago
I cycle my tank for a month ( do as you please just what I do) just because I am a worry wart
Baylee Thomas
Baylee Thomas - 6 years ago
Why did I read the title as... "I'm starving my planted fresh water tank" wow I need help...
Jayson Velasquez
Jayson Velasquez - 6 years ago
I'll eat ur pussy
Erik Pearson
Erik Pearson - 6 years ago
wtf is smeared on your lips?!
Ruqayyah Qadri
Ruqayyah Qadri - 6 years ago
Erik Pearson look it up then. it sounds like you have more issues than what women wear on their faces.
Erik Pearson
Erik Pearson - 6 years ago
I would love to see the biological/evolutionary/psychological science that some women have gone through to create the thought "hey i'm going to paint my lips so I look like a parrot exploded in front of my mouth!"

Shes more beautiful without the whale fat/painted petroleum gelly spooged on her lips.
Ruqayyah Qadri
Ruqayyah Qadri - 6 years ago
Erik Pearson I doubt that a) she used either of those things and b) she put it on because she likes it. not to make herself more attractive to you.
Erik Pearson
Erik Pearson - 6 years ago
well yes, but shes attractive enough without applying it with a paint brush or spatula....
Ruqayyah Qadri
Ruqayyah Qadri - 6 years ago
Erik Pearson lipstick.
Spotplays_dead channel
Spotplays_dead channel - 6 years ago
I love stranger things!!!
sydney Balkunas
sydney Balkunas - 6 years ago
They do have similar soundtracks now that you mention it
pablo castellano
pablo castellano - 6 years ago
Hi Taylor , you are so sexy.....
Acuarios Smart
Acuarios Smart - 6 years ago
nice video ;)
Amiel Dan
Amiel Dan - 6 years ago
You're like the Scarlett Johansson in the world of pet care.
vonries - 6 years ago
I love Mass Effect. Played all 3 with one character all the way through.
Sheila Anaya
Sheila Anaya - 6 years ago
But if you want two DIFFERENT fish do you have to combined them together ( combined the numbers of the tank size)??
jonathan tonova
jonathan tonova - 6 years ago
What type of tank is that
곡이 - 6 years ago
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng - 6 years ago
You look gorgeous!
David Costa
David Costa - 6 years ago
you have kilos of boobs
Zirah Rafua
Zirah Rafua - 6 years ago
came here for boobs
Rat Princess
Rat Princess - 6 years ago
why is ur jacket falling off
dexter - 6 years ago
Come on ur beautiful ... Can't focus on what ur saying.... The end
Jon Vendi
Jon Vendi - 6 years ago
Honey, have you ever played Seaman for the dreamcast? Its a very weird and hard to find game and uses the microphone function on the dreamcast. You'd absolutely love it.
Lizzie Mackinnon
Lizzie Mackinnon - 6 years ago
i have a question i'm getting guppies, cardinal tetras, a plecostomus and some Ottocinclus. what kind of water conditioner can i use, and are there any brands you recommend?
Lizzie Mackinnon
Lizzie Mackinnon - 6 years ago
thank you
Kat Campbell
Kat Campbell - 6 years ago
Lizzie Mackinnon Seachem Prime. 100%
Charlotte Yarwood
Charlotte Yarwood - 6 years ago
Pull your jacket up
Renigade16 - 6 years ago
Yes! I thought I was the only one that picked up on that, they sound very similar.
tiismuna - 6 years ago
Tank aside.. Can i also plan my life with you..
stephen mcilravey
stephen mcilravey - 6 years ago
No wonder your tank got cloudy filling it like that. You need to diffuse the water and fill slower.
sdq sdq
sdq sdq - 6 years ago
what happen to this tank ?
ComocosonoEWL - 6 years ago
You can pretty much ignore everything ms look at my tits said about canister filters if you take certain steps. I personally do not even clean my filter but once every 8 months and now that I have added a hanging PVC pipe for aquaponics I probably won't have to clean it ever again.
If you have a minimum of a 35 gallon tank you can attach the intake of your canister filter to pipes leading to the under gravel filter screen. With 1-2 inches of gravel acting as a second media alongside your filter you will have plenty of bacteria you break down waste.
I have 2 goldfish (left over as feeder fish from a Tiger Oscar that went exploring one day I left the lid up and dried out), 6 baby (4-6 inch long) largemouth bass, and 50-200 minnows at a time for feeder fish taking up residence in a 35 gallon aquarium. All levels are perfect, the tank has no smell and all fish are happy and alert, and importantly, they have voracious appetites.
If what she said were true the tank would be in constant shock and fish kills.
I only had one plant as the goldfish and tiger oscar tore up and ate all the others. But now with the plant bed the nitrogen levels will never rise.
Also no offense intended but if you read this, you look like you wear too much make up in this particular video and your lipstick is the wrong shade for you.
Renigade16 - 6 years ago
So much hate and bullshit in this comment. She snot talking about making an elaborate aquapoinics, a tank with dyi pvc, a 35gal, or any mix of the three. She's telling people how to get started with the minimum for a Betta.
Her audience are first timers who just want to buy simple stuff at petco.
Also who are you to tell someone how to dress or
Cuppencake - 6 years ago
what kind of fish would you recommend for 55 gallons??
Beth88892 - 6 years ago
Cuppencake there hundreds of fish that can work google some then choose fish by fish what stock you want
come shot
come shot - 6 years ago
Molly Stromsness
Molly Stromsness - 6 years ago
Hey, I'm really sorry to bother you, as I understand you are constantly getting comments and questions, however I've been debating on something and I wanted your opinion.
I'm really wanting another fish tank because of how soothing, rewarding, and fun they are, however I was wondering, what kind of fish should I get. I don't have a large room, so the biggest tank I could get would be a five to ten gallon tank (I'm probably going to get a ten gallon) and I was debating on if I should start a small freshwater tank, or another betta tank. I'm leaning more towards a freshwater tank, just because there's a lot more I can do with it.
Thank you for your time!
Dion Alford
Dion Alford - 6 years ago
love the game Mass Effect
Fábio Barbosa
Fábio Barbosa - 6 years ago
Aquarium + boobs = perfect woman
Brittany Gore
Brittany Gore - 6 years ago
Scar Jo, Nicole Kidman & Amber Heard had a love child and you were birthed. js.
ArkTiger4c - 6 years ago
incorrigibleatheist - 6 years ago
YouTube should include a "Double Like" button... :-)
Tristan Bond
Tristan Bond - 6 years ago
I've played the game and seen the show! lol. They have some similar music.
Yass Kween
Yass Kween - 6 years ago
I just want that gosh darn lip stick.
sagatbalrog - 6 years ago
u look like pryanka chopra
Itziar Galiana
Itziar Galiana - 6 years ago
I honestly love how you look with your hair like this you're so beautiful omg.
CoC BuDdY - 6 years ago
do you play clash of clans
Jxong Yang
Jxong Yang - 6 years ago
Likes fish tanks and play video games?
Sabrina - 6 years ago
Ugh gurl I'm sorry you have to be harassed by disgusting low-life straight men drooling with their tongues hanging out. They're no better than rapists and apparently their mothers didn't teach them any manners regarding how to talk with women. The most unfortunate thing is that not only is it demeaning behavior but it also goes to show how immature and UN-MANLY it is to act like high school teenagers. Guys like these are the reason why us girls are deterred from straight men. What a sad society we live in. Grow the fuck up
Brax - 6 years ago
I'm sorry, but this is a video about fish... Not that... Whatever..
Anthony Ch
Anthony Ch - 6 years ago
Sabrina your upset cause no guy like your ugly ass and your so disgusting you cant evan use your own photo fucking catfish
XxgamerxX178 - 6 years ago
Stfu you gay cunt, you have a picture of a revealing girl do u can start sucking a dick cuck.
using tubes
using tubes - 6 years ago
i dont think she minds, those guys give her all the clicks and likes which = $$$.

her face was the only reason i clicked on this vid (though i am in the aquarium hobby), and it turned out to be dumb and i regretted it (i didnt make it past a couple mins)
Dr Red Pill
Dr Red Pill - 6 years ago
Olivia Penrose I'm not saying she is wearing bad or over the top clothes at all. She is just a normal woman that displays what she's got like 99% of other attractive females.
Olivia Penrose
Olivia Penrose - 6 years ago
Dr Red Pill I think she dresses normal....
Leslie Forsdyke
Leslie Forsdyke - 6 years ago
Sorry I didn't get any of that, all my brain blood went to my boner!
Ok a bit over the top but I'm sure if she posted that she doesn't like the attention or felt she was getting too much it'd be dialled down a bit, at the end of the day she's beautiful, and I think its nice that she's getting the compliments, a lot of women comment when they see a good looking fella, where's the difference?
Up_Syndrome - 6 years ago
Sabrina nice a feminazi. People, not just men, are complementing her hair you ignorant fucktard
Dr Red Pill
Dr Red Pill - 6 years ago
Sabrina Also, looking at someone is the same as rape.....O dear we have a full blown feminist. You better not look at anyone else you're a rapist. You have to love the IQ and rationale of feminist...deluded much?
Dr Red Pill
Dr Red Pill - 6 years ago
Sabrina I think someone is a little jealous....Look at how she dresses and is done up. She doesn't seem to mind the attention, now does she?
Kates Fantasies
Kates Fantasies - 6 years ago
Why are you hating on straight men tho? Not all of them are drooling, also some girls are drooling too
TheOnlyMagikarp - 6 years ago
souns lik someone is heterophobic
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar - 6 years ago
ur so hot nd pretty
Sabrina - 6 years ago
Girl that lip overline thooooooooooo, you should try putting foundation and mattifying with with translucent powder and see how that works out. <3 <3 Gorg makeup nevertheless
Eric G.
Eric G. - 6 years ago
I did the same thing with the sand then water
Maddie Nance
Maddie Nance - 6 years ago
Do you have a video on Cycling? I could really use that right now!
Drea Garcia
Drea Garcia - 6 years ago
I love u
explain CauseIdontGetIT
explain CauseIdontGetIT - 6 years ago
You are very beautiful. And you are the least annoying, beautiful person on YouTube because you talk to the camera instead of constantly staring at yourself and messing with your hair. Nice job!
Amber - 6 years ago
Has there been a follow-up to this video? I've been thinking about including live plants in an aquarium I want to set up for a betta. I have a 5 gallon aquarium that will be exclusively for the fish when I get everything set up for it and the tank has cycled.
SergeantDizzle00 - 6 years ago
Am I hte only person who can't stop staring at the reflections in the middle of her pupils? #hypnosis
Gabensy - 6 years ago
Florian Janzen
Florian Janzen - 6 years ago
Starting a plated tank! ----------> Not even one plant!
lellojello - 6 years ago
1) Instead of ghost feedings, have you tried putting ammonia into the tank? I found my tank cycled a LOT faster with pure ammonia than with ghost feedings. I had three months of fluctuations with ghost feedings before giving up and going to ammonia. Three weeks later and cycling was done!

2) you're awesome. I love all your unrelated-to-animals tangents, because I identify with all of them. You should make some other videos dedicated to that stuff too!
WOT in 2011
WOT in 2011 - 6 years ago
u are...
Unicorns Go Rawr
Unicorns Go Rawr - 6 years ago
This might seem weird but I have that exact same jacket lmao, weird.
Chad Memoracion
Chad Memoracion - 6 years ago
my gudness I like ur aquarium Nicole.
Cole Harpell
Cole Harpell - 6 years ago
This is the best look for you 10/10 peng
Caleb Mayo
Caleb Mayo - 6 years ago
why so many dislikes?
Sadie S.
Sadie S. - 6 years ago
Jealous girls
Olivia Neale
Olivia Neale - 6 years ago
Caleb Mayo why are people hating on this video please like I have never had a like
Daniel Galun
Daniel Galun - 6 years ago
Well, at least there was a warning in the description, I just came for the fish so that was useful
Caleb Mayo
Caleb Mayo - 6 years ago
pete a her eyes and lips are more than enough people are to low
xXIYANGXx - 6 years ago
peeps just jealous
pete a
pete a - 6 years ago
Caleb Mayo because her boobs aren't out
Caleb Mayo
Caleb Mayo - 6 years ago
Taylor Nicole Dean so what it is your channel haha they need to get over it
Taylor Nicole Dean
Taylor Nicole Dean - 6 years ago
because I showed my hair that I was excited about at the beginning hahaha
dan wood
dan wood - 6 years ago
damn girl u r stunning an loving the vids
Dr Rohit Raj
Dr Rohit Raj - 6 years ago
You are looking beautiful
Dr Rohit Raj
Dr Rohit Raj - 6 years ago
You are looking beautiful
Dr Rohit Raj
Dr Rohit Raj - 6 years ago
You are looking beautiful
Varun m
Varun m - 6 years ago
wow so many many things to take care of.... lol
Bri Wins
Bri Wins - 6 years ago
Ahh!! I too heard Mass Effect music in Stranger Things! I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard it ;D
Hijaz Crisma
Hijaz Crisma - 6 years ago
r u single?
TheAgentAssassin - 6 years ago
Mass Effect was awesome.

It's probably one of my all time favorite game series.
muffemod - 6 years ago
hope that tank is on a proper stand or else table and tank are both going to break :(
IvNightcore Lady
IvNightcore Lady - 6 years ago
Half of the comments saying
3. "Cry.."
Khaja Sami Uddin
Khaja Sami Uddin - 6 years ago
Sometimes, u remind me of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)
Richard rooster
Richard rooster - 6 years ago
send nudes
RonitAholic - 6 years ago
you r looking hot n ths haircut ;)
RonitAholic - 6 years ago
my short 4rm words looks mo cool thn d orignl lol :P
Zain Beno
Zain Beno - 6 years ago
RonitAholic *you're * in * this.......nice spelling
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans - 6 years ago
all that weight on a glass desk!!
Wlada Poljakova
Wlada Poljakova - 6 years ago
Question: You're talking about the necessary wattage of the lights, what is the real parameter (lumen? light temperature?) you're looking for to maintain plants? LED lamps can give a lot of brightness without the wattage.
John Rafael
John Rafael - 6 years ago
damm!! hello
james senik
james senik - 6 years ago
wow u are very hot and sexy
wasabiwars222 - 6 years ago
Hey Miss Dean,
Have to say your video was quite interesting and by the way you look really beatiful, but I guess I am not the first one who wrote this and I will definitely won´t be the Last (^^)´´ !!

But if more pet ( fish ) Fans look like you, I probably have to visit Pet shops more often !..

Sincerely & have a great day
Jess MacDougall
Jess MacDougall - 6 years ago
random thought that came to my head; I hate when I am watching tv and i see a Betta or a goldfish in a bowl.
I watch kids shows and yell at the screen when they do something stupid when I am home alone, and one of those shows is Mako Mermaids. in one episode they put a goldfish in a bowl with coral (the coral was suppose to be real in the show but we all know it isn't) and it was so cramped he didn't have room to swim and omigod I almost lost my voice. ok I am done talking about this imma start watching now lol
bxman89 - 6 years ago
do they make the soils in white??
Estevan Cruz
Estevan Cruz - 6 years ago
You're gorgeous
calmingspeed - 6 years ago
Having just perused a few photos of you...Great Scott!, you are such a beautiful woman. I just replayed the entire Mass Effect trilogy...again lol.
MasterAquatics - 6 years ago
Great video. And the first mass effect was the best in my opinion.
Michael Ingenito
Michael Ingenito - 6 years ago
I play Mass Effect & Fallout 4. Love your videos,just got my 5 gal. starter kit, I live in a condo on the 4th floor .being the average aquarium takes say 10 to 12 pounds per gallon, the weight of the life support equipment, i doubt i'll be putting a 100 gallon tank knowing it might come crashing through the floor ! 1,200 pounds ! so I'll start small, once I get the specs of the building, how much weight the floors are rated at then I'll go from there. Ciao Bella
dimas panji
dimas panji - 6 years ago
Jovana Rivera
Jovana Rivera - 6 years ago
How big is that specific tank ?
Is it a 20gl? I am currently searching for it on buceplant.com
c431inf 11b
c431inf 11b - 6 years ago
Edward Gasaway backyard bowyer
Edward Gasaway backyard bowyer - 6 years ago
Stop talking about you.
lellojello - 6 years ago
It's her video, she can talk about what she wants...
Cody Neumeister
Cody Neumeister - 6 years ago
You just gave me a new amazing site for buying aquascape supplies! Thank you so much!

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Catching The BIGGEST Freshwater EEL! (AMAZING)

39,978 likes 7,008,406 views 8 years ago

Well, Today I went up a remote creek In the middle of No-Where trying to spot some eels... The only thing was, I...

Raww fishing

How to Fillet Fish - Freshwater

15,195 likes 6,286,832 views 11 years ago

Paul Powis demonstrates the two standard filleting techniques and walks you through the steps while filleting walleye...

Tropical fishing

Tropical fish: Amazing freshwater fish

3,599 likes 3,483,569 views 6 years ago

Tropical fish are generally those fish found in aquatic tropical environments around the world. In this video you...

Pets & Animals

TLkmDN Transferring Green Arowana from TANK!...

5,275 likes 2,982,470 views 13 years ago

Hey guys finally transferred my last arowana from the tank! yippy!!! now only 2 pleuro snakeheads remain there....if...

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Pets & Animals

TLkmDN Transferring Green Arowana from TANK!...

5,275 likes 2,982,470 views 13 years ago

Hey guys finally transferred my last arowana from the tank! yippy!!! now only 2 pleuro snakeheads remain there....if...

Pets & Animals

Top 15 freshwater aquarium fish.

1,585 likes 1,263,995 views 11 years ago

MY opinion and some of these are waaaayyyy cooler when you see them in real life.

Pets & Animals

HOW TO: Making a Crystal Red Shrimp Planted...

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In this video I show you how I make a high power led lighting system and the process in setting up this 27 gallon...

Pets & Animals

Setting up planted nano aquarium - timelapse

4,516 likes 1,050,200 views 10 years ago

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DefiniteAquascapeTV YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/DefiniteAquascapeTV PAGE:...

Pets & Animals

Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary

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The Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary shows freshwater tropical aquarium fish in the wild, Available in HD, DVD...

Pets & Animals

The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2011 Hannover -...

1,052 likes 936,292 views 12 years ago

Zapraszam do obejrzenia relacji na gorąco z wystawy The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2011 w Hanoverze. Gościliśmy tam...


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