I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

The update! ITS DONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTcZNCKajKA Today, i head to the local fish store and buy some very special fish. Fish i have been wanting to keep again for the past 10 years! I feel like this channel has just come full circle.. Back to my roots. Not sure why i waited for so long... i missed them. - uarujoey SUBSCRIBE ► https://goo.gl/xjOm50 Get the ultimate DIY book ► http://thekingofdiy.com LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► https://goo.gl/E2l6tk Facebook ► http://facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! Join me each SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY for a new aquarium related video! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: https://goo.gl/gu3CsK How to build aquarium filters: https://goo.gl/cw0Jl9 How to build aquarium stands: https://goo.gl/9JB9jo How to build aquarium equipment: https://goo.gl/BHkT2s How to build aquarium lighting: https://goo.gl/Wg4kt0 How to build aquarium decorations: https://goo.gl/crQkeT Varius aquarium tutorials: https://goo.gl/BKCb3a ALL Thursday videos: https://goo.gl/DPHjEM ALL Sunday videos: https://goo.gl/Rn0wmS My aquarium pumps, circulation and lights are by: http://ecotechmarine.com My aquarium racks and the aquariums within them were made by: http://customaquariums.com

I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 389

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The update! ITS DONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTcZNCKajKA Today, i head to the local fish store and buy some very special fish. Fish i have been wanting to keep again for the past 10 years! I feel like this channel has just come full circle.. Back to my roots. Not sure why i waited for so long... i missed them. - uarujoey SUBSCRIBE ► https://goo.gl/xjOm50 Get the ultimate DIY book ► http://thekingofdiy.com LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► https://goo.gl/E2l6tk Facebook ► http://facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! Join me each SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY for a new aquarium related video! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: https://goo.gl/gu3CsK How to build aquarium filters: https://goo.gl/cw0Jl9 How to build aquarium stands: https://goo.gl/9JB9jo How to build aquarium equipment: https://goo.gl/BHkT2s How to build aquarium lighting: https://goo.gl/Wg4kt0 How to build aquarium decorations: https://goo.gl/crQkeT Varius aquarium tutorials: https://goo.gl/BKCb3a ALL Thursday videos: https://goo.gl/DPHjEM ALL Sunday videos: https://goo.gl/Rn0wmS My aquarium pumps, circulation and lights are by: http://ecotechmarine.com My aquarium racks and the aquariums within them were made by: http://customaquariums.com

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for I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
lillya Anderson
lillya Anderson - 6 years ago
The king of DIY same I have been waiting for these fish for 5 years tho but I'm getting them next week IM EXCITED
Raul S
Raul S - 6 years ago
Uarus do eat fish. I buy small fish to feed my tank and he hunts them too.
TheRealPotato O_O
TheRealPotato O_O - 6 years ago
Please put some betas in a tank I really want to see what happens
TheRealPotato O_O
TheRealPotato O_O - 6 years ago
The king of DIY cool
Charley Cox
Charley Cox - 6 years ago
Please get the beautiful panda (the first Asian arr you showed ) THAT WAS AMAZING!
Asian Arawana
Asian Arawana - 6 years ago
The king of DIY I'm thinking this link takes you back to the other link to this link. Hahhaa what's in the pond outside?
CrimsonCurse - 6 years ago
Add Axolotl to your tank!
SoD the Boss
SoD the Boss - 6 years ago
Once I get notifications from you I get so excited
Harini - 6 years ago
mer-lion not mer-lee-on.
William Holder
William Holder - 6 years ago
Hey Joey huge fan , I was under the impression that it was Severum ( Heros Rotkeil ) that was considered the poor mans Discus ? Is it both or was I mistaken ?
Dhaval Utekar
Dhaval Utekar - 6 years ago
pls try black ghost fish its better
Virgil B
Virgil B - 6 years ago
You said you had everything have u ever had kenya golds
Christian lemus
Christian lemus - 6 years ago
I admire you bro, kodoos
Eve Puckett
Eve Puckett - 6 years ago
Beautiful. Get a Wolf Fish too Joey!

10. comment for I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

Miranda H
Miranda H - 6 years ago
I’ve had to take a break from keeping fish after moving but watching your videos has made me want to get back into the hobby. Great video as always!
denise - 6 years ago
I so want to turn my garage into a tank room... Working on it now... Collecting tanks and supplies now
Kian Gecko
Kian Gecko - 6 years ago
My favourite fish is albino corydoras
Just Robbed Emerald City of all its weed
Just Robbed Emerald City of all its weed - 6 years ago
They look like severums
groundchele - 6 years ago
oh my god that tiny baby arowana
Eva McInerney
Eva McInerney - 6 years ago
Isn't he cute......................franks better

Raul S
Raul S - 6 years ago
Uarus do eat small fish
mahdi vh
mahdi vh - 6 years ago
witch kind or rainbows are them?
skitchy pro67
skitchy pro67 - 6 years ago
do you have a cod?
xSPYDRx - 6 years ago
HELL YEAH ORNATE!!!! i want a tank just for bichir.

20. comment for I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

xSPYDRx - 6 years ago
"I've done it myself before." ah yes, i remember when he fed his young from his mucus.
Bagel God
Bagel God - 6 years ago
I want piranhas!!!
Jake D.91'
Jake D.91' - 6 years ago
You should get some leopard centipamas
Goonwop - 6 years ago
Damn must be nice to have disposable income to buy a 3K fish???? wft!?
Belinda Sue
Belinda Sue - 6 years ago
kennikitty - 6 years ago
"Frank's better" He sure is!
Charley Cox
Charley Cox - 6 years ago
Baird Haller
Baird Haller - 6 years ago
you should breed guppies please do it!!!!!!!!!
Handy Man
Handy Man - 6 years ago
vous avez des bons magasin au etats unis nous en france on est frement en retard
Jonah DeMarco
Jonah DeMarco - 6 years ago
You looked like a loyal boyfriend swerving a cute girl when you walked past that flowerhorn

30. comment for I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

Ibby Sting
Ibby Sting - 6 years ago
I got glow in dark betta
Orchidomania - 6 years ago
"Slightly" impulsive
NC BassMaster
NC BassMaster - 6 years ago
You need some tiger oscars with your rays
Jarl Nikkolai
Jarl Nikkolai - 6 years ago
how is the ornate bichir doing? i had one before. got him around 2-3 in. and he passed away around 10 in. i used to have an armored bichir as well... really awesome type of fish
SO LO - 6 years ago
Asian arowana in Malaysia cost about 100 Malaysia ringgit is about 20 USD
sonia Ramirez
sonia Ramirez - 6 years ago
Aidan Haines
Aidan Haines - 6 years ago
"They feed there children with mucus, I've done it myself"
Mickey Parrella
Mickey Parrella - 6 years ago
Where are the fish? Can we see them in quarantine?
darkjanic 666
darkjanic 666 - 6 years ago
i hope u have an intrest in Uaru fernandezyepezi
Jasmine DoggieTvn
Jasmine DoggieTvn - 6 years ago
OMG CONGRATS!! I Just Found Out Of You Channel Like Mayby 1hour and 30 mins ago and i love it XD
Sodux - 6 years ago
Do you feed your fish all day long because you have so much.
Efrain Ramos
Efrain Ramos - 6 years ago
what is the camara that you use?
Connor Mcguire
Connor Mcguire - 6 years ago
Junaid Shariff
Junaid Shariff - 6 years ago
I just need small advice I'm looking for arowana which is best Pearl gold or silver for starters
Daniel Whitfield
Daniel Whitfield - 6 years ago
You're trippin those Urau aren't ugly those are beautiful fish.
Emma's Animal Adventure
Emma's Animal Adventure - 6 years ago
Do they have a website to buy from i want to get some from them looks like an awesome placed to buy fancy goldfish from please reply
leo_br1 chennel
leo_br1 chennel - 6 years ago
Ma è italiano o no
Harish Hp
Harish Hp - 6 years ago
Finally, a mention of Gouramis!!!
Nabz vids
Nabz vids - 6 years ago
"Isn't he cute .... Frank's better" haha
Christina Thompson
Christina Thompson - 6 years ago
Ik how you feel go look fish and can't help your self go crazy

50. comment for I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

XxGamingWithYelsnikxX //Gaming//vlogs
XxGamingWithYelsnikxX //Gaming//vlogs - 6 years ago
Can I have 6 fishes
Dragon Ball Z LoVeR7629
Dragon Ball Z LoVeR7629 - 6 years ago
This guy is my idle when I get older I wanted to do this ever since I was 3 I said to my mom - I want a tank of fishises
Brennan Bates
Brennan Bates - 6 years ago
As soon as Jeff got these in I said to Kathleen that they'd be a big seller because of your name!
SIMON PONADON - 6 years ago
To be honest they look scary
Mujibur R.
Mujibur R. - 6 years ago
This is huge fish store!
pranav pagar
pranav pagar - 6 years ago
please keep turtles
Rachel jyothi
Rachel jyothi - 6 years ago
i love them i have them in a 90k g tank they are very playful and thoes are bambo shark i have them
Josh Mueller
Josh Mueller - 6 years ago
Amazing choice on the Polypterus ornatipinnis. I have one with my freshwater stingrays and they get along greatly. And there a very good looking fish.
yellow jello
yellow jello - 6 years ago
Wow Uarus are really pretty fish
Thirsty Rabbit
Thirsty Rabbit - 6 years ago
Top effect turning the cam to tell a story and turning it back to the store
You have come so far from the beging its been unreal watching you and your hobbie and your crowed grow
Keep up the top work mate
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar - 6 years ago
Hey Joey, I've been watching your channel for some time now and just want to start off by saying that it is awesome and it really pushes me to continue the hobby of fish keeping. I do have a question though, do you have any saltwater tanks?
TheDragiix3 - 6 years ago
Lmao you are so addicted to fish
Joyful Petz
Joyful Petz - 6 years ago
I live in Ontario and wanna get fish. I want a minim of 5. I have a 20 gallon tall tank. What are some fish that are easy to care for, can get along with other species and are not terribly expensive?
Philip Spencer
Philip Spencer - 6 years ago
I am loving the cut scenes
Jowenbra - 6 years ago
Idk if I'm too late, but why not discus with the uaru? Your well water would be too hard for wild caught, but you could still make a natural looking mix.
Jake Shoemaker
Jake Shoemaker - 6 years ago
Hey joey your channel the absolute best. Great information on different fish species, your how to videos on equipment are great too. I just wanna say thanks you're legit an awesome guy.
PS you gonna do an oscar tank?
Gianna T
Gianna T - 6 years ago
It's kind of adorable watching him getting all distracted and giddy in the fish shop, like a kid in a toy store I love it.
Black Smith
Black Smith - 6 years ago
Get an eel
My Fish Life
My Fish Life - 6 years ago
Love it
[GD] TeamVolcaniX
[GD] TeamVolcaniX - 6 years ago
Awesome editing! Noice fish
Blitzn 909
Blitzn 909 - 6 years ago
@king of DIY do you have ant idea why my blue gourami likes hiding in hid cave so much? the other gourami I have is much more active. but this one only comes out every once in a while. they font fight either. I'm just not sure what's going on.
SHAWN Johnston
SHAWN Johnston - 6 years ago
Joey you are awesome you have helped me expand my hobby. I am by no means an expert aquarist. I do keep Bichirs and must warn you that your beautiful sting rays will likely drown you new Bichir. As he is an upper jaw Bichir so he won't be eating the rays like a Nile Bichir or and endelcheri will. I'm sure you know this already but as I am a Bichir guy I had to warn you. Thanks for everything you have done for the hobby.
Lucifer 825Daryl
Lucifer 825Daryl - 6 years ago
i would never buy a fish for 1800 thats crazy
Matt Francisco
Matt Francisco - 6 years ago
My guess African cichlids!
Danneh Boi
Danneh Boi - 6 years ago
That is an absolutely gorgeous Bichir!
Mokoloko Mandal
Mokoloko Mandal - 6 years ago
can i u please give me what fish you want to give
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - 6 years ago
Buy some very fancy Betta Fish from eBay. I had two males together in a 20 Gallon Aquarium until I took the tank down.
Want In it
Want In it - 6 years ago
Plz make a video on arowona difference between mail and female
Parker Amano
Parker Amano - 6 years ago
Brown Trout
Brown Trout - 6 years ago
WTF? $2750 for aquarium fish
Granger Eltringham
Granger Eltringham - 6 years ago
Get a group of Geophagus winemilleri to go with the Uaru !!!
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner - 6 years ago
Bichir! Probably my favorite category of fish... Very excited to see that in the tank!
Monkey Nut
Monkey Nut - 6 years ago
Why are the fish so pricey??
Indy Aquatics
Indy Aquatics - 6 years ago
no reply?
Seb o
Seb o - 6 years ago
Was 100% sure some Uarus were on the way... : ) That Bichir is cute too in his own way !
Chris jb
Chris jb - 6 years ago
When you say you will downsize from the 10 uaru, what do you do with the other 4-6 fish? Thanks
haris jameel
haris jameel - 6 years ago
What do you do with all the left over fish after selecting the best ones?
x Gengar
x Gengar - 6 years ago
Aww that flower horn was too cute, he was shy. He is great just like Frank!
PaynesView - 6 years ago
Just found your channel and very pleased! You've got to be the most humble and down to earth guys! Love to see people so excited and passionate about their hobbies. Much love. You've got yourself a new subscriber.
That Creepy Family
That Creepy Family - 6 years ago
i see beautiful fish both the babies and adults.
The Orange l3utton
The Orange l3utton - 6 years ago
"Frank's better."
i had the best laugh from that. Frank is based god of the fish world
Jia Vey Tai
Jia Vey Tai - 6 years ago
You have so much beautiful fishes
Jia Vey Tai
Jia Vey Tai - 6 years ago
I think you should make it as a tourist attraction
John Sebastian
John Sebastian - 6 years ago
I really miss Buddy
BluffinMuffin - 6 years ago
Are you going to get Oscars?
Pets And Gaming
Pets And Gaming - 6 years ago
1 like = 1 statement that we want bichir
Plenchie - 6 years ago
The irony behind the store name, you came for 1 (type of) fish and left with 2...
Newgen - 6 years ago
Angel fish at the top???
Sean03Cobra1 - 6 years ago
Do you like peacock bass?
Alex Kingcole
Alex Kingcole - 6 years ago
Go Joey!

100. comment for I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

Bonifas Playz
Bonifas Playz - 6 years ago
Will you put the bottom dweller one on a update like how quarantine is going and when you put him in
MapleFeather - 6 years ago
Name the bichir Slinky!
JaggerGall Gall
JaggerGall Gall - 6 years ago
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez - 6 years ago
why is the audio a bit lower in this video
Amon Lieutenant
Amon Lieutenant - 6 years ago
dont take this the wrong way but.....I want to cum in you....
Waxy Parsnips
Waxy Parsnips - 6 years ago
I'm astonished with this guy... The commitment and compassion he shows towards the hobby is incredible! He's an inspiration to many who keep fish and are getting into the hobby. 1f2f has got to be one of the best well kept fish hobby stores I've ever seen. Can't wait to go see this place myself! :)
PullipKisses - 6 years ago
Nice transitions!!
Jason Martin
Jason Martin - 6 years ago
Finally got a bichir
Doug C
Doug C - 6 years ago
Send me some of those Apistos next to the waroo
andreas fattas
andreas fattas - 6 years ago
You should try out a reptile, and bryan from snakebytes should try out a fish
CAL JACKSON - 6 years ago
Hi there, you seem to be favouring red fish in your new tanks. Do you have a least favoured colour ?
Ai - 6 years ago
i love how he looks at fish he really likes and then "i need him" lol
iggy the iguana
iggy the iguana - 6 years ago
can,t focus in a pet store...that's me...I was looking for a betta fish...but got a paradise fish instead.
daan daan
daan daan - 6 years ago
hey i'm new to your channel , have seen a lot of the videos . been a great help.thanks a lot.
marc mynxx
marc mynxx - 6 years ago
Joey, How many uaru can live comfortably in a 120gal tank? and what do you do with the ones you don't want to keep?
LOVE Snails With Catalina Nason
LOVE Snails With Catalina Nason - 6 years ago
I think they are great. Great idea!
Tyrone Dunigan
Tyrone Dunigan - 6 years ago
Just for giggles turn on "captions" and try to count how many ways they spell Uaru.
NPORT1981 - 6 years ago
That Bichar? was awesome. You should get it for sure.
And yes, Frank > The Rest
Tech Hub
Tech Hub - 6 years ago
I have a uaru too!
Amy's TropicalTankLife
Amy's TropicalTankLife - 6 years ago
so I've seen videos of Bichir attacking rays... is that a concern at all? or hoping that at juvenile state he will just be acclimated to living with them and wont care?
Memelicous George
Memelicous George - 6 years ago
luqman fadhloli
luqman fadhloli - 6 years ago
buy super red arowana
lisajligon - 6 years ago
Anybody know what kind of plant is in the uaru tank at the store?
egarrex - 6 years ago
hey men why you dont have apistogrammas cacatuoides or any little ciclid?
Romeo Isaac
Romeo Isaac - 6 years ago
Grab some piranha again
Julius joensuu
Julius joensuu - 6 years ago
"piranhas were the first fish i ever kept" i be like: BRUUUUUH...
juliespore - 6 years ago
"Walru, yes walru" flips camera back and turns it off then proceeds to drive back 45 minutes to film the next shot
josh du
josh du - 6 years ago
Rusty Irons
Rusty Irons - 6 years ago
Hey man I built the over the tank filter like you taught . Can't believe how beautifully it works . I did turn it in to an aquaponic system . I have a peace Lilly and getting some playtho clippings today . Just wanted to say thank you for your videos. My fish are so happy . Never seen them swim this much .
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan - 6 years ago
Mad dog Frank is better .....
Smirfu - 6 years ago
When you feed the fish with romaine lettuce, isn't there a risk of introducing bacteria that the fish wouldn't normally be exposed to?
Ricardo Veiga
Ricardo Veiga - 6 years ago
WoW impressive, i just Love your channel, very good content, Thank´s i learn so much from you
Johnny Zoidberg
Johnny Zoidberg - 6 years ago
You should get a GROUP of bichirs, amazing fish! Are Snakeheads illegal in Canada, like in the U.S.? If not, think about some Parachanna obscura (white/black/brown patterns.... Imagine those with the rays!) and this tank will absolutely kick ass! Greetings from Germany.
L.J. - 6 years ago
So youve also fed your young your mucus, lol!
Tropical Aquariums N.z
Tropical Aquariums N.z - 6 years ago
Need help on selection for the new tanks please help
Dakota L
Dakota L - 6 years ago
have you ever owned a pig nose turle they are so awesome!!
Joshua Glenn
Joshua Glenn - 6 years ago
Severum with the uaru?
ruscal a
ruscal a - 6 years ago
Spin the plastic, not the fish dude, lol
waqar ashrafi
waqar ashrafi - 6 years ago
joey plzz add parrot fish to your aquarium wall
Blue Stuff
Blue Stuff - 6 years ago
Get a picture catfish, and some clown loaches and silver sharks, and put them together, would be an awesome tank...
Jasmyn Tornbroers
Jasmyn Tornbroers - 6 years ago
Why don't you red Forrest jewel cichlids or jack Dempsey cichlids
Effect Reaperzz
Effect Reaperzz - 6 years ago
Joey put a couple of geophagus heckelli in with the uaru they are stunning once fully grown and would get on with your uaru love the channel keep it up
Just(A)Theory - 6 years ago
So glad you got the bichir, i think youl enjoy watching it
Taylor Morrissette
Taylor Morrissette - 6 years ago
I'd kick this dude in the mouth just to see how he'd talk after
Rob Figueroa
Rob Figueroa - 6 years ago
It's awesome to see you keeping uaru again, the reason I have two uaru in my tank is because of a video you made that introduced me to them! I'll have to admit, they took me forever to finally find! My shops kept saying they hadn't seen them in the hobby in years. I also have an ornate bichir that's right at one foot long so great choice with that one too!
Sarah Fanion
Sarah Fanion - 6 years ago
I love the bicher it's gorgeous!
Joel Waechter
Joel Waechter - 6 years ago
Isaac Cunningham
Isaac Cunningham - 6 years ago
Is it just me or are those fish expensive
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall - 6 years ago
Do you have a store in Nova Scotia Canada
Jonard Cabantog
Jonard Cabantog - 6 years ago
Nice choice of picking Ornate. The one you pick is has a good color, good size not too fat nor not too thin. It is also a good tank mate with Asian Arowana and Rays :)
night owl
night owl - 6 years ago
You should add a fire eel
Indy Aquatics
Indy Aquatics - 6 years ago
Hey all! I've got a brackish aquarium that I want to convert to full marine. My problem is, I've got a marble goby in it. Can they do well in full marine. I've researched but nothing says "no".
Jessica Walling
Jessica Walling - 6 years ago
Joey, it would really make my whole week if you could show an extended clip of the big tank, I would really like to see how my favorite of your swimming friends Pearl is doing. I know it's a little silly, but that's what I have come to think of the name of the pearl ray as.

P.s. you say foliage foil-age just like Marge Simpson does, it's super cute.
Traxxas Rules
Traxxas Rules - 6 years ago
I wonder what his electric bill is like
Thomad Reynolds
Thomad Reynolds - 6 years ago
I bet he got another arowana
Thiago Monteiro
Thiago Monteiro - 6 years ago
2400 for the Asian no wonder you were upset
Francis Lauro Cellona
Francis Lauro Cellona - 6 years ago
Get the bichir its so beautiful.
Pituca Souza
Pituca Souza - 6 years ago
Hey Joey. Buy some brasilians fishs like pirara, pirarucu, tucunares, tambacu for tour two Thousand. They will be very big and will be awesome with your fishes of the two Thousand tank. You have a lot of fans in brazil. We will love to see it. Will be a great honour for us.
Cristina Rucabado
Cristina Rucabado - 6 years ago
Joey, if you haven't addressed it already, what do you do with the fish who don't make the cut?
Garrett Bone
Garrett Bone - 6 years ago
Go fishing for a fish to put in one of your remaining fish tanks. Like if you agree
datinyone - 6 years ago
i have an albino Polypterus Senegalus.. He's a great fish.. a lot of attitude!
Dushan Murcielago
Dushan Murcielago - 6 years ago
That Asian Arowana is $2750? :O dude its just $500 here in Sri Lanka!!!
JohntheCountryBoy - 6 years ago
That face when you say "franks better"
Prime Time Aquatics
Prime Time Aquatics - 6 years ago
Looking forward to seeing them as they grow.
Ecartts - 6 years ago
After reading some part of the comment section I realize that I might be the only one who didnt like the Bichir.. haha

But maybe Joey s next videos might change my mind about it :)
AlecChrz - 6 years ago
Get a clown knife fish
Timi Air
Timi Air - 6 years ago
Tom & Jerry are pretty cool! :D
All are lovely fish though <3
Billy bob joe
Billy bob joe - 6 years ago
Wait didn't joey have the office tank with uaro in it
Cas Baker
Cas Baker - 6 years ago
All but one of my serpae tetras died. Gr8
Sian Hingston
Sian Hingston - 6 years ago
Tom and Jerry are so beautiful ! Joey would you ever get some??
LexLeafia - 6 years ago
BICHIR!!! Aaaa!!! I'm so stoked that you got one. They are super personable guys, and I'm sure you'll want a couple in that aquarium.
Ashley Vinzant
Ashley Vinzant - 6 years ago
"franks better" YESSS
DinoMino Fish
DinoMino Fish - 6 years ago
When are you coming to the UK
DinoMino Fish
DinoMino Fish - 6 years ago
And where
Erin Graham
Erin Graham - 6 years ago
Really excited for the next few videos to come. Thanks joey
Jacob Wissendorf
Jacob Wissendorf - 6 years ago
do you have a puffefish or what they are named not the ones with spikes but those who can make themselve into a ball
Love Rule
Love Rule - 6 years ago
sick angles cool
Cheesepuff_ Warrior
Cheesepuff_ Warrior - 6 years ago
Whoa, you know your fish....
Grant Gappens
Grant Gappens - 6 years ago
I keep an ornate with my rays
oakland002 - 6 years ago
Yeah tiny fish
DeepBlack Aquatics
DeepBlack Aquatics - 6 years ago
Twenty-Seven Fiddy for a fish? One fish? Sheeeeeeeesh
oakland002 - 6 years ago
I like the dragon fish .. that's what I call them
oakland002 - 6 years ago
I like the picture and the text , otherwise I had idea what you're talking about
Cole Benzo
Cole Benzo - 6 years ago
how u go so hard with these transitions bro
Sjejse - 6 years ago
The editing is this vid was on point, kudos to you Joey!
Sjejse - 6 years ago
And I too have always had a love for Guramis, especially the Rainbow Gurami
Jo Fox
Jo Fox - 6 years ago
Hi Joey, Have you thought about putting some Kribensis with the Uaru? I think a pair of colourful kribs would make a great contrast to the striking Uaru and their breeding is interesting but easy. Just an idea - have a great day!
The Hobbyist
The Hobbyist - 6 years ago
Really like the editing in this one man. All of your seamless transitions are really nice.
Repto Kid 27
Repto Kid 27 - 6 years ago
"Franks better
Crested Gecko 401
Crested Gecko 401 - 6 years ago
Ok, this is probably quite an unusual question. I have a project a school this year where I have to design an manufacture anything I can think of. I would like to do something to do with aquariums and fish. Here is my question. Is there anything significant and common problems in the aquarium hobby that I could possible solve? I have already mastered the self sustaining freshwater aquarium, so is there anything else?
yk ia gaming
yk ia gaming - 6 years ago
joey you should get discus
2013brzsubaru - 6 years ago
How did I get here?????
Elizabeth Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan - 6 years ago
"Frank is Better" -Joey
Minecraft Gamer_girl& boy
Minecraft Gamer_girl& boy - 6 years ago
You should get some shubumkin goldfish. I have 1 with a comet goldfish and they get along lovely. I got the shubumkin goldfish because I had 2 comet goldfish but sadly the 1 comet goldfish died.
David Kim
David Kim - 6 years ago
Same, I get distracted in a fish store as well because I want to see all the fish. Even in a food store, same reason as well
Tango374 - 6 years ago
Thanks for the new vid and nice pick up with the Uaru. Hope you get a good long time with Joey. In this video you mentioned your first aquarium fish were Piranha. I've been keeping different species of Piranha for a long time and I'm wondering if you've ever seen in person a Serrasalmus Geryi? A Serrasalmus Manueli? Or a "Diamond" varient of Serrasalmus Rhombeus? And I am trying to throw ideas to you for one of the 120's. Keep in mind that these can be very big piranha. But at the same time, unlike Pygocentrus piranha, it's extremely difficult to grow a Serrasalmus past 11" for some reason in the aquarium.
steve mcdaniel
steve mcdaniel - 6 years ago
You looked like a kid in a candy store! Good video!
Showmetotheexit - 6 years ago
You have a large family and from what I have seen they are filled with love.

"But he has only so many kids"

Obviously you have never owned an animal before. Because animals can go from "pet" for family member fast. Even if its suppose to be a hobby.
Spencer Vue
Spencer Vue - 6 years ago
Thats so cool! Hey brother, you should get a sliver arrowana! It look great in that 2100g haha
danmacq94 - 6 years ago
I was at the store that day and I was hoping to see Joey. Little did I know he would be there at a different time
isabella Baldwin
isabella Baldwin - 6 years ago
Get turtle
OnePlus Aspris
OnePlus Aspris - 6 years ago
come on joey, get the apistos man, they right next the uarus
super hero
super hero - 6 years ago
Who agree with finding a pair for Frank
I feel sorry for that lonely man
Roberto Vitola
Roberto Vitola - 6 years ago
Lol no one will spend $2750 on a fish. Might as well get a goldfish for $10.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+Roberto Vitola I have spent more. I have that same fish.
jonathan tourgelis
jonathan tourgelis - 6 years ago
Finally!!! You got a bichir!! Now you need a few more lol. Teugelsi, endilcherri would be nice additions to your 2k gal
TheKrisiscool99 - 6 years ago
I love it when he breaks from being serious and says something random and funny. shrug 'Frank's better.'
Wobbe gong
Wobbe gong - 6 years ago
You should get an oscar, not with the ualru. In its own tank or with fish that it won't eat.
GracefullAnimals - 6 years ago
get a red parrot chichlid!!!!!!
Ishmam Chowdhury
Ishmam Chowdhury - 6 years ago
Add jewel cichlids
AKINAacacia - 6 years ago
Nice choice, Joey! I noticed the betta racks behind you in the end of the video are empty, next time you come to Dartmouth you should at least showcase some of the amazing bettas Jeff gets in!
ALEX's animal
ALEX's animal - 6 years ago
I have two bichirs but much smallers types in my 50 g tank
Lucy M
Lucy M - 6 years ago
So happy you got a Bichir! They are awesome.
Greenterror10 - 6 years ago
I just love every single film that you have made.
Madan Madan
Madan Madan - 6 years ago
Like gurami fish
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 6 years ago
In interested to see how the Bashir grows in the 2000gal. Will his colors change on the shrimp diet?
MasterMemeGoat - 6 years ago
channel should be called Fish Canada
Z17 - 6 years ago
I have gotten a few goldfish over the past year and i started with one that was semiactive and then i got 2 (at different times) that had pretty dull attitudes and when they met my older gold fish they became some of the most active fish i have seen in a while
Captain Conolio
Captain Conolio - 6 years ago
Get some Firemouth Cichlids!
Makayla Topilko
Makayla Topilko - 6 years ago
get a desk top betta fish tank
Brett Dill
Brett Dill - 6 years ago
Joey, how many gallons do you think you've gone through with that drift wood, including the trailer? It looks like you still have some tannins, but probably nothing compared to what it would look like if you hadn't come up with the trailer.
FishKeeper123 - 6 years ago
i just got a dinosaur bichir and it was so weird when you said you were getting one
xsgingerninja - 6 years ago
Get sharks!!!
Spencer Kent
Spencer Kent - 6 years ago
What's he going to do when the fish room is complete? He's bound to run out of interesting content in the future as you can't just keep setting up aquariums. Aquariums themselves are relaxing to watch, but not career worthy youtube content.
Dan Bornmann
Dan Bornmann - 6 years ago
That sounds like a real dick thing to comment.
Ecartts - 6 years ago
I always said he can do Do it yourself vids for house haha (since he also made tables and things that you can use for your home)

I do agree with you tho.. and I had the same opinon 2 years ago.. But he always found something (or a new idea) to show us (and often being new thing)

But after so many years.. I still think like you :D (he already made a lot of videos.. all kinds).. How many can he still deliver ?! I guess the next step is talking about his fish or how to care for them or what are they doing (you can already see people talking about ,,Whats Frank doing ? Show us Frank,, (but I dunno if he can get more subs with that kind of videos). But this is his problem.. not ours :D
Gerard Zerrudo
Gerard Zerrudo - 6 years ago
Frank lols
peter schrum IV
peter schrum IV - 6 years ago
You always need saltwater!
Jaedon Mar
Jaedon Mar - 6 years ago
Hey Joey how do i make my fish tank water crystal clear because mine is slightly greenish now
joseph feliciano
joseph feliciano - 6 years ago
Yes joey bichir is awesome i have a albino bichir, they look like dragons.
Haidir Chanel
Haidir Chanel - 6 years ago
Indonesian Bahasa?
Tearabull 29
Tearabull 29 - 6 years ago
That transition though
Slim Tim
Slim Tim - 6 years ago
I'm the same way in fish store, Fired Up!!! Yes frank is better lol.
Lethal Backstabs
Lethal Backstabs - 6 years ago
Btw it's pronounced mer-lion as in the lion is pronounced as the big cat lion.
CΞNK TR - 6 years ago
I like uaru's to
Timmy Fingaz
Timmy Fingaz - 6 years ago
love ur vids!! thanks!!!
4DAYz C - 6 years ago
Who else agrees he should get piranhas
Meghan LR
Meghan LR - 6 years ago
do they say foilage instead of foliage in canada
puirYorick - 6 years ago
No. It's foliage in Canada too.
Cullanator - 6 years ago
I've been subscribed ever since you had 2,500
robasace - 6 years ago
About time you got a bichir Joey they are the best fish
EFnine Man
EFnine Man - 6 years ago
Yes a bichir, love those fish . I have a gold dust and a endie now, a good hardy fish.
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson - 6 years ago
isn't he cute, Frank's better
jacksonyan - 6 years ago
Joey: I'm getting new fish
Me: ok I'm not getting a new fish but I'm still excited-
Mr. MPAMPPMS - 6 years ago
I love my 22" ornate bichir! Very good choice.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson - 6 years ago
Can we PLEASE end the "Bichir" pronunciation debate!?!?!?
Sam Kennemur
Sam Kennemur - 6 years ago
Put a thumbs up if you had and put a thumbs down for no
Sam Kennemur
Sam Kennemur - 6 years ago
Put a th
Audible Quest
Audible Quest - 6 years ago
Wow now I know why ur name is that!!!
Sam Kennemur
Sam Kennemur - 6 years ago
Nice fish have you ever had a blood parrot?
Alex Alejandre
Alex Alejandre - 6 years ago
Sam Kennemur yeah blood parrots I second that ... I've got like 15 of them in a tank.
劫富济贫 Robin Hood
劫富济贫 Robin Hood - 6 years ago
The channel is no longer the same. Use to be a hobbyist where we learn how to dyi tanks, filters, simple fishes, ... Now it's all about the fish room.
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh - 6 years ago
You talking so much view site is very low.. work on it
Rajiv Pandya
Rajiv Pandya - 6 years ago
Can you buy oscars and neon tetra
Gold Aquariums
Gold Aquariums - 6 years ago
My lfs is 30 mins away
Oscar Virgilio
Oscar Virgilio - 6 years ago
Hi. I have a establish uaru tank, they are amazing and grew very fast. I have them with geophagus and wild angel fish . Veggie diet is very important , I feed them cucumbers and they literally devoured them. uaru where very difficult to get here and till this year I never saw them aroun. I started like yours and in 6 months they got a solid 6" in size. Good luck with yours they are amazing !
Daniel Boylan
Daniel Boylan - 6 years ago
I love my ornate birchir. He's not the escape artist that my senegal was. :(

Joey, please please please do a Datnioides tank!
Nike Swoosh
Nike Swoosh - 6 years ago
If you start with extra fish and then dwindle it down to the best fish and the right M/F ratios, what do you do with the extra unwanted fish down the road?
T Woods
T Woods - 6 years ago
Awww...a little Flowerhorn. I've never heard of uaru. Their adult body shape reminds me of Severum.
D&Efishing - 6 years ago
Get peacock bass or red tail catfish !!! or a Pacu !!!!
TitDuck Boi
TitDuck Boi - 6 years ago
I waited 15 years just to be 15
Miguel vazquez
Miguel vazquez - 6 years ago
I have 2 marble bichir male and female and i love them and im glad u got yours they have great personality in pairs i would recommend u sexing him/her on its anal fin and try to find a mate for it i promise u it would be 100% worth it. But be careful for bloating they eat more than they should sometimes
rck ism
rck ism - 6 years ago
in aus a silver arowana goes for $1000+ im not even sure if theyre legal here anymore i know other arowanas are illegal, the only one i can think of that you can buy legally is a saratoga arowana as theyre native here. even the price of the tropheus is cheap as hell. that little green terror is cute af and looks just like mine that i brought over 10 years ago. he was 7 years old when he died and ive kept soo many fish, cichlids tank busters all sorts but ill always have the biggest soft spot for terrors. RIP old mate terror.
Reyna Glover
Reyna Glover - 6 years ago
I knew it! LOL. UaruJoey keeping UARU! Uaru are awesome, even if they're not the most colorful fish they are really interesting! They just attack veggies! They're so interesting to watch, especially with their fry! They can be such good parents. Fernandezyepzi are pretty cool too.
Kya Lynch
Kya Lynch - 6 years ago
Love your content joey you are truly the king of the aquarium hobby on YouTube your really educational and funny as well as smart keep up the amazing work !
Matthew Nibbs-Freeman
Matthew Nibbs-Freeman - 6 years ago
Is there anyway to private message? ☺
Skeletor 890
Skeletor 890 - 6 years ago
Yes Bichir do it! No Uaruguments, get bichir
ViolateAHS - 6 years ago
Damn get me someone who loves me, like Joey loves his fish -specially uaru! It's sweet
ViolateAHS - 6 years ago
And bichir!
Ervan AA
Ervan AA - 6 years ago
The emerald snakeskin arowana is so pretty :)
Lee Kovic
Lee Kovic - 6 years ago
All I see is the gun show lol.
BusyPetKeeping 101
BusyPetKeeping 101 - 6 years ago
I hope you get some oscars and/or parrots
Suvarna Pawar
Suvarna Pawar - 6 years ago
Joey I think u should make a small betta galery with different types of bettas
Baini - 6 years ago
Joey, set up a crowdfund for us to get that blood red for you!
hunting caracal
hunting caracal - 6 years ago
hey did you know bichir can walk on land like lungfish or catfish but some said they can breath air some says they don't
Reuben Anderson
Reuben Anderson - 6 years ago
That bichir is going to eat anything it touches
CenterClaws - 6 years ago
Lol your videos improved a lot
Le Panda
Le Panda - 6 years ago
Yo from SG also a fish hobbyist,YOU SHOULD REALLY LOOK INTO DATNOIDS,specifically the Indonesian Tiger Datnoid or if u have a chance a Siamese Tiger Datnoid

Ps:Its pronounced Mer-Lion(yes that animal with a mane)
Kieron Lim
Kieron Lim - 6 years ago
"Frank's better" ahahahahaha
Abaan Usman
Abaan Usman - 6 years ago
Buy another arwana who agree
f&s Fish house
f&s Fish house - 6 years ago
I pet tom 5 day ago
Billy Fowler
Billy Fowler - 6 years ago
That shop is awesome!!
Wira Agung Yuwana
Wira Agung Yuwana - 6 years ago
Feck yee, finally the uaru king has returned!!!
finalout99 - 6 years ago
Franks better! Hahahaha
BigTasty Gaming
BigTasty Gaming - 6 years ago
Hey can you make a all neon tetras tank plz or a all cardinal tetra tank would be awsome
Fragiv 22
Fragiv 22 - 6 years ago
for some reason in indonesia bichir is called palmas
BusyPetKeeping 101
BusyPetKeeping 101 - 6 years ago
Fragiv 22 in Philippines they are called Dragon fin
Cranious Mavix
Cranious Mavix - 6 years ago
SpongyUdderz Minecraft
SpongyUdderz Minecraft - 6 years ago
Here in Cebu, Philippines , we nickname bichirs as "dragonfin" and it's a pretty fitting name and they're really hardy as well, I've only kept a Senegal one but man, they're fascinating fish.
Mei ling Tan
Mei ling Tan - 6 years ago
Also I would rather have a smaller species of bichir in another tank as the Ray or bichir will either kill each other
Samuvel Pandian
Samuvel Pandian - 6 years ago
Asian arawonas are really expensive. In India we can afford a good quality arowana for less than 15 USD
hacker YT
hacker YT - 6 years ago
if this vid get 100k can yyou make make more vids there to good
GutTo LoveFish
GutTo LoveFish - 6 years ago
buy a female flowerhorn
Martyn Houghton
Martyn Houghton - 6 years ago
Do you ever get to the point where you say..enough is enough...
4 Cool Kidz
4 Cool Kidz - 6 years ago
it will take 4 years for the arowana to show their color
me. im not healthy enough to live that long
Laurie Billmaier
Laurie Billmaier - 6 years ago
Not that ugly ? THEY ARE ADORABLE
Pan Lingyee
Pan Lingyee - 6 years ago
My heart skipped a beat when I saw merlion. Proud Singaporean haha.
Pablo Ballado
Pablo Ballado - 6 years ago
Joey, you should get a ctenopoma acutirostre!
Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam - 6 years ago
TOMMYTIPPER - 6 years ago
joey what do you do with the fish that you dont pick to stay in the tank after the juvs get to adult size sell on?
Green Sheep
Green Sheep - 6 years ago
You NEED to get some Denison Barbs dude
M1911Mike - 6 years ago
your passion for fish is amazing man. I love it. fish aren't my thing but love seeing them make you so happy
Orange Kaiju
Orange Kaiju - 6 years ago
That Ornate Bichir looks good! Polypterus are still my favorite fish to keep after all these years.
Leliah Dark
Leliah Dark - 6 years ago
Hey Joey!
I need your help.
I have two tanks. One five Gallon-ish (I'm in Australia sizes are a bit off) and one 3.7 gallon tank. I want to get a Betta in one of the tanks. But I want some other fish as well. But any fish I have looked at. The Betta is the only one that would be perfectly fine in the 3.7. And if I did that. In my expertise (none) the only thing I myself could have in relative confidence in the 5 gallon (I actually think it's a bit more then that) is only ten cherry shrimp at the most.
But I don't want to do that. See I want to Aqua scape the tank with the Betta with different easy to maintain plants. And add in the water heater and off the back filter. I will end up with a relatively crowded tank. I also read that water changes for small tanks need to happen more often.
But then at other then Betta. There's not a lot I can keep in the small tank.
So Joey my question is.
Do you Know any fish that would fit in that small tank? Or
Should I buy a big 10-20 gallon tank and get a lot of bottom dwellers and put the Betta in there as well? I have two other tanks. If the Betta doesn't get along I have two places I can move him. And I can get different top? Dwellers as well? I don't know I'm stuck.
Also what fish could I get?
Thanks for any help.
Lisanna Scarlett
Lisanna Scarlett - 6 years ago
what about keeping (paron shark) for your 2000g tank
Sarah Flude
Sarah Flude - 6 years ago
'franks better' 100% agree. frank is life
Ecartts - 6 years ago
Chicks love Frank

Damn it.. Gotta be more like him :D ( LuL )
Rickie Cheskie
Rickie Cheskie - 6 years ago
i was so happy when you buy the bichir, it's one amazing animal to have
Richard Gabriel
Richard Gabriel - 6 years ago
I would love to see a bicher in the tank
Dustin Bacon
Dustin Bacon - 6 years ago
Damn fam overpriced afffffffffffffffffffffff
Y.A.G TGS - 6 years ago
Wow how cool! I recently just got a bichir!
UrbanImmortal - 6 years ago
Ryan Sandilands
Ryan Sandilands - 6 years ago
Hey Joey I love the ornate bichir that fish looks awesome!
Afan Z
Afan Z - 6 years ago
nice video joey, i always waiting video from your channel...
i hope, i have fishroom like yours..
David Gans
David Gans - 6 years ago
As far as quarantine goes. I have had great success w/ fast cycling using a Vortex filter. It's not a common filter, but was very popular in the 60s and 70s. It's essentially a super DE filter for fish enthusiasts. You have to use their DE as it filters down more than pool DE, however I don't recommend the super char; it's super messy and not needed unless you're neutralizing chemicals and metals.
Dimitriy Mirovsky
Dimitriy Mirovsky - 6 years ago
lol that arowana is abundant in my hometown, in water catchment in paddy field area they striving i think u must be crazy if u see lots of them alive in their traditional natural ecosystem...
Legendary King
Legendary King - 6 years ago
Well can u gift me an Asian red arowana.....lol...cause u seem to be rich....
Chrek Sathya
Chrek Sathya - 6 years ago
Asia arowana !!!!! And stingray!!!
Hisui Hyena
Hisui Hyena - 6 years ago
Omg yes!!!! I was hoping so hard that you would get a bichir!!! :D I love them so much!!
Denise Thasder
Denise Thasder - 6 years ago
Damn, joe is getting fancy with his transitions
Ezekiel Jeevan Elango
Ezekiel Jeevan Elango - 6 years ago
Get another arrowanna
Brimo1992 - 6 years ago
Yay Bichir, my favorite! Growing up I had a small one (6-7") I used to feed it woodlice from my yard, it was always so cool watching him smell them and hunt them down as they crawled around the tank.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - 6 years ago
I think they are beautiful fish.
Msmjj777 - 6 years ago
"Frank is better" LOLLLL
Michael Mundin
Michael Mundin - 6 years ago
just noticed you're transitions, getting better!
Pepe Abbott
Pepe Abbott - 6 years ago
Oh my gosh I was sooooooooo happy when he decided to get the Bichir!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job Joey!!!!
1wf - 6 years ago
@Joey Why do you quarantine the fish when you know that 1 fish 2 fish has such good water perams.
speeddemons004 - 6 years ago
Yes i have a festivum at around 3 inches and is a awesome fish with my gold white cloud mountain minnows. Please get them
TheFreakingMurphyShow TheFreakingMurphy
TheFreakingMurphyShow TheFreakingMurphy - 6 years ago
who else died of laughter when he saw the fh and said hmm hes cute and left and said hmmm franks better
Maddie Graffeo
Maddie Graffeo - 6 years ago
It is a pseudo-Frank!
Josh Hibbs
Josh Hibbs - 6 years ago
Peacock gudgeons are AMAZING! I have kept them before and they are one of the most colorful freshwater fish. They don't look like it from far away but look really close at them and you can see all the colors they are composed of.
dontask996 - 6 years ago
"I've gotta have him!" xD Me every time at the pet store
James Sun
James Sun - 6 years ago
HAH So YOU'RE the one who reserved them.
White Knight
White Knight - 6 years ago
Hey Joey, you gotta buy that panda crossback arowana. Don't wait any longer cos resistance is futile.
Prashiddha Bhandari
Prashiddha Bhandari - 6 years ago
Joey can't control when he sees a arrowana
Tan Song Jie
Tan Song Jie - 6 years ago
Merlion is meant to be pronounced Mer-Lion. Similar to how you would say mermaid.
Anyway, love the videos! Cheers from Singapore!
ThordunnHeat - 6 years ago
Haha great, I knew it from your last video when you said your new fish would be kind of nostalgic!
Andrew Lucfr
Andrew Lucfr - 6 years ago
Mer-LION. not mer- leone.
nivin varghese
nivin varghese - 6 years ago
buy a snakeskin asian arowana
lewis gaskell
lewis gaskell - 6 years ago
Get the panda or the other one not the blood red
lewis gaskell
lewis gaskell - 6 years ago
Joey get one of them pied walking catfish
Bunnii Boo
Bunnii Boo - 6 years ago
Thomson Dales
Thomson Dales - 6 years ago
Tom and jerry lmao thats mine and my brothers name!!!
A Squishy Squid
A Squishy Squid - 6 years ago
Called it!
A Squishy Squid
A Squishy Squid - 6 years ago
Called it!
Sky Tan
Sky Tan - 6 years ago
Mer + Lion (yeah the big cat)
Merlion is the national mascot of Singapore so it is commonly used in naming things over here
junle ang
junle ang - 6 years ago
Birchir is gonna nip at ur rays
Fantasies By Juls
Fantasies By Juls - 6 years ago
"Isn't he cute?"
flowerhorn moves away
"Frank's better"
Frank loves you, that's why.
David Knauss
David Knauss - 6 years ago
sweet bichir! how much do those usually go for?
theredbag - 6 years ago
Fyi - Merlion is pronounced as Mer-lion (As in a mermaid-lion) The Merlion is the national personification of Singapore. Which is also where merlion arowanas are bred.
Chantelle C
Chantelle C - 6 years ago
Are you gonna get your goldfish back?
NORWAY NORWAY - 6 years ago
Hey Joe what about ONE of your 125 gallon tank with CONGO TETRAS(they are my favorite fish) they are VERY COLORFUL and PLAYFUL. I would love to see them in one of your tanks
xXNetherGamingXx Nether Army
xXNetherGamingXx Nether Army - 6 years ago
I like this guy.. Very down to earth and sees the facts
tech savvy redneck
tech savvy redneck - 6 years ago
Hey friend just a suggestion, It would be kinda cool if you could throw up a quick pic of the fish you name off in your videos like you did with the uaru. I love your vids and a lot of times just seeing a picture or quick video is how I sometimes choose the next fish I would like to purchase. Anyway, keep up the great vids bro!
TheLegit TUBER
TheLegit TUBER - 6 years ago
Hey Joey.I am getting a Tiger SnakeHead next month...Any tank mates will go with them?
Goober tuber
Goober tuber - 6 years ago
How big is the fish keeping hobby in Canada? Ive never seen such a big fish store, its huge.
Chaos Kaan
Chaos Kaan - 6 years ago
Can you get a shark
Toro sharp edge
Toro sharp edge - 6 years ago
Why so expensive. Red arowana 15cm only $50~60 here. Silver even more cheap around $20~30.
Eric Romano
Eric Romano - 6 years ago
Hey so how hard is it to offload the extra fish as you trim your stocks down? I'd be terrified I wouldn't find a good buyer but I've never had to try either.
GeNoME84 - 6 years ago
FYI, Merlion is not pronounced as Mer-li-on. it is Mer-Lion (lion with tail of a fish). Mascot of Singapore.
A Axolotl
A Axolotl - 6 years ago
the bichir is one of my favs!
Argie Velilla
Argie Velilla - 6 years ago
Bichir is my favorite fish. I dont know why, but i just love em.
Darnell Monty
Darnell Monty - 6 years ago
Am a fan already but now u hooked me even more. I'm a bichir fan. Have a delhizi. Ornate will be added when I find one of the same size. Love them
Roi - 6 years ago
Frank Impersonator
Thai Jean
Thai Jean - 6 years ago
ruaru becky. ruaru
Steven Her
Steven Her - 6 years ago
Just a quick question idk if you will even reply but worth a shot! I have a baby arowana for a couple of months now, I've been feeding him freeze dried bloodworm and he's been eating that very well, but I wanted to change that into floting food stick. My issues is that he's not eating it at all AnD I've seen other arowana smaller then his size eaten it. So that doesn't mean he too small to eat it. Its been two weeks now and he still haven't been eating. I've observed multiple occation and I'm sure hes not eating any of the floting food stick. I'm afraid he might die if I dont switch back to freeze dried. I don't want to feed him freeze dried cuzz it could be pricy. Lmk on your thoughts!!!! Anyone!!!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes - 6 years ago
You should get wild altum angel fish !!
Lego & Entertainment
Lego & Entertainment - 6 years ago
Even though you're my 2nd favorite youtuber and not the first, you make the best videos by far.
Caramel_Namwan - 6 years ago
how they feed their babies is both cool and gross hahahahaha (no offense uarus, I love u!)
Ryan Young
Ryan Young - 6 years ago
John James
John James - 6 years ago
Joey looking swole. No homo
craig lacsamana
craig lacsamana - 6 years ago
Make an update on the shell dwellers
ritul rp35
ritul rp35 - 6 years ago
Loosing interest daily . Specially with your planted rainbow tank. Anyway best of luck
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - 6 years ago
Bichiar is a snake head. Isn't it. There mean as hell.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - 6 years ago
Xxface mcsh00tyxX thanks
Xxface mcsh00tyxX
Xxface mcsh00tyxX - 6 years ago
Josh Lewis bichirs and snakeheads are completely different fish
Kailen Houston
Kailen Houston - 6 years ago
i absolutely love the endless possibilities with the 2000g
Steph 131
Steph 131 - 6 years ago
We need you to have that panda crossback arowana! Hes beautifull!
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - 6 years ago
A snake head really. What are you thinking. Dude peacock bass.
MrDirtyDeedz - 6 years ago
I'm jelly.
GloomGaiGar - 6 years ago
Look at you with the fancy panning transitions :)
legray22 - 6 years ago
Tex Rexy
Tex Rexy - 6 years ago
Hi joey...you booked them already, so are these fish fast selling?
Bro Kapi
Bro Kapi - 6 years ago
My favorite part of this video is when Joey makes a vocal typo and says "foilage" instead of "foliage".
Parker winkelman
Parker winkelman - 6 years ago
I'mJustASadTwigOfLemonMyrtle - 6 years ago
Isn't he cute..
sdq sdq
sdq sdq - 6 years ago
you should get some splash tetras
bfg bfg
bfg bfg - 6 years ago
Its not mer-lee-on , its pronounced as mer+lion , lion as the lion , the big cat found in africa . The Merlion arowana could be associated to be from Singapore ( I do not know correctly ) as the word Merlion , Mer+lion , is the national icon of Singapore . No other country I know associated Merlion as their national icon except Singapore . Hope this helps !
Mike Votruba
Mike Votruba - 6 years ago
"Frank's better" with the head nod...I lost it...lmao
Animal Skipper
Animal Skipper - 6 years ago
Hi!! I'm new here!!
Sinto Joseph
Sinto Joseph - 6 years ago
Hey keep Severum...they beautiful especially red one..
Top Dog
Top Dog - 6 years ago
I had fish for dinner today:{
randomdude1191 - 6 years ago
Get Electric Blue Acaras and Rotkeil Severum!
rj4365 - 6 years ago
Buy all the arowanas
Zac Summers
Zac Summers - 6 years ago
About a year ago I stumbled across a juvenile set of Uaru and decided to get them after watching your videos! Loving the pair and they are starting to transition to their adult coloration.

Glad to know you'll have videos of Uaru in the future! Thanks for the recommendation, happy to see you'll have your namesake back!
Chris Brening
Chris Brening - 6 years ago
Just subscribed, I've been watching you for months and don't know why I didn't do it sooner!?
владимир Поляков
владимир Поляков - 6 years ago
Fantastic fish store,but really, Frank is better.
John Dsilva
John Dsilva - 6 years ago
Pair ur arowana
jeffxl12 - 6 years ago
They look cool can't wait until they are full grown
LeetCanadianBoy - 6 years ago
Frank's better!
Hey Joey, just wondering if you could introduce us to the lovely staff at 1 fish 2 fish?
shawna overby
shawna overby - 6 years ago
Ooooooh I died at looks over franks better.
Vincent Chan
Vincent Chan - 6 years ago
Hey Joey,
What car do you drive?
Ricky Le
Ricky Le - 6 years ago
Waiting for that video where Joey announces his new pond
rolen solatorio
rolen solatorio - 6 years ago
Frank is a superfish
Aquatic Universe
Aquatic Universe - 6 years ago
can you give me a bichir plzzz
James Hughes
James Hughes - 6 years ago
Bichir are awesome. Hope to see alot more of him on the channel
Kayla Barker
Kayla Barker - 6 years ago
ALRIGHT JOEY WITH THEM SLICK ASS JUMP CUT EDITS sm love to you and all the fish
StoicAthos - 6 years ago
This guy... just walks into his LFS and they got arowana like it's no big deal. Then here I am in the states and read we can't have them! It's like one big tease!
idontuploadjustwatch - 6 years ago
"Absolutely amazing to witness, I've done it before."

Image joey sucking mucus off of his mother.
jharmantas - 6 years ago
Why is your water so green?
Fajrul Naufal
Fajrul Naufal - 6 years ago
How much the bichir cost?
jenjoyanimals - 6 years ago
I love Bichir's. I have one of my own, a senegal bichir which was sold to me as a dinosaur bichir so I named him Bowser and I'm in love with him. He is nearly a year old and is probably just 5 inches right now. I have always wanted an ornate bichir but Bowser will do for now.
Juan Morales
Juan Morales - 6 years ago
knew it!!
GavinTF - 6 years ago
Eh... Franks better
Kenn Fong
Kenn Fong - 6 years ago
Joey, so happy you got your Uaru!

Have you thought of giving them some Severums as neighbors? They are full of personally like the Uaru and I've kept them together.

Also when you decide to thin out your Uarus, if they are large enough, why not keep a couple in the big tank? Yes, they like plants but if you have trained them to eat your food, maybe they'll leave the landscaping alone.
geezuz183 - 6 years ago
Carroll Flowers
Carroll Flowers - 6 years ago
By far and away my favorite thing to watch on Youtube. I started raising fish with my grandmother in 1970 when I was in kindergarten and have been hooked ever since. You are truly an inspiration to the hobby and I absolutely love your diversification. I know that you like single species tanks but I would love to see a couple of community tanks. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion. Oh' and a shout out to the most awesome wife any fish nerd could ever have, I have never seen her but I am sure she is as beautiful as she is as understanding of your passion. God bless her and her patience.
Kazz - 6 years ago
Panda Crossback Supreme sounds like it's straight out of taco bell
Wade 16
Wade 16 - 6 years ago
Ornate bichir is a great fish.
achyuth aj
achyuth aj - 6 years ago
i love to see discus in one of your 120
Cameron Cepak
Cameron Cepak - 6 years ago
I've always loved fish but you got me to want to get into the hobby. Just starting off with some awesome guppies.
Wade 16
Wade 16 - 6 years ago
Nice video, nice editing as well :')
Kenneth Teo
Kenneth Teo - 6 years ago
Omg I think u gpt a new arowana
joel vargas
joel vargas - 6 years ago
Ornate Bichir! My hands down favorite!!
Lexi Simms
Lexi Simms - 6 years ago
but what do you do with the extras... maill them to me! hahaha
JoeKing K
JoeKing K - 6 years ago
DAMN that transition was crispy 5 rounds of applause
abdallah hosany
abdallah hosany - 6 years ago
Just get the panda arowana !
Jim Scoggins
Jim Scoggins - 6 years ago
I fed my Uaru water sprite.....
Ariel Bledsoe
Ariel Bledsoe - 6 years ago
"......Franks better." Savage! .....but true :P
Aqua Exotics
Aqua Exotics - 6 years ago
Please get the ornate bichir will be awesome in d 2000g
Md Shaj
Md Shaj - 6 years ago
The arowanas are over priced Joey. Try ordering them directly from Singapore or Malaysia. These countries are best known to breed some of the best arowanas in the world.
GuyTech - 6 years ago
Love that u take the fish out of their holding takes yourself. Keep up the good work bro
Wild Kingdom
Wild Kingdom - 6 years ago
Franks better
DrakeDragonheart - 6 years ago
Kudos on the Ornatipinnis! Polypterus are definitely hands down my favorite fish along with gar.
Axil Gaming
Axil Gaming - 6 years ago
Get German blue rams!!!! Or electric blue rams!!!!
ckatlinga - 6 years ago
are you not worried to put in the bichir in with rays? I hate to always to be pessimist, but a youtube video search on them has got me a little worried.
ssrc30 - 6 years ago
Love the Bichir. You got a real nice one there.
Nataly Duque
Nataly Duque - 6 years ago
"so that mine gets a bf"
GoldFish Love
GoldFish Love - 6 years ago
Here in Brazil has Uaru in almost every river. Its a beautiful fish!
microglanis - 6 years ago
Just a little trivia , the merlion is actually pronounced 'mer' in the same way you pronounce 'mer' in mermaids and lion being just the regular way you pronounce lion. The merlion is sort of a symbol for Singapore, indicating the arowanas are of singapore origin or were produced there, although i'm sure the King of DIY knows all that.
Daniel Kampman
Daniel Kampman - 6 years ago
Would love to see if possible a ghost knife or clown knife.
deoyx - 6 years ago
Jeez I love how educational you are. I've never even heard of these fish and now I know so much about them
Jack 5
Jack 5 - 6 years ago
Almost lost it when joey said," he's cute.......Franks better."
tenkmosey - 6 years ago
you are a boat load of knowledge....keep up the great work! I loved the comparison between the Discus and the uaru!
Red Foreman
Red Foreman - 6 years ago
Good choice the triangle cichlid is doppeee
Renato E
Renato E - 6 years ago
I guess it's "1 fish 2 fish" because you go to buy one fish and end up getting double of what you originally intended
PurpleNurpleTurtle - 6 years ago
My day is always made when I see a new video from Joey.
ARRESTEDPAIN - 6 years ago
Get a FlagFish!
Noah w
Noah w - 6 years ago
yoyo dudebro
yoyo dudebro - 6 years ago
what if you get a jack dempsy there beautiful and a really cool fish
Tina - 6 years ago
is a 125 gallon tank a good size for an asian arowana ???? or should I go bigger????
Elijah Kormanek
Elijah Kormanek - 6 years ago
Yes! Get the panda!
Aslam Kasimov
Aslam Kasimov - 6 years ago
U got spanish video title. Esperé 10 años para estos peces.
Kitty Corling
Kitty Corling - 6 years ago
I can't help but get distracted in pet stores around the fish. I could watch them for days
spotte1992 - 6 years ago
Do you need any special packaging for the fish if you have a 45-60min drive home or are they fine just in their bags?
Scott G
Scott G - 6 years ago
What about adding sevrums with them?
Eagle Aquatics
Eagle Aquatics - 6 years ago
Love the bicher
Hydrus Gamers
Hydrus Gamers - 6 years ago
Joey be mindful of the rays pinning the bichir down and drowning it! Bichirs depend on a pair of lungs to breathe atmospheric air, like a gourami. In many cases, the rays will pin the bichir down and deny its need for air, ultimately drowning.
Dean Card
Dean Card - 6 years ago
A couple of weeks ago I got a random video of a guy putting fish in a tank and decided why not let's watch it. Now I can hardly wait for new videos to come out! Favourite channel on YouTube by far. Thanks Joey for all the cool videos and the awesome knowledge you have its got me wanting to start a new hobby!
Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga
Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga - 6 years ago
Great video. Can't wait until my fish room gets that good.
Steven Haefner
Steven Haefner - 6 years ago
I love ur stuff bro!! I am in Ontario and keeping a black ghost knife, beautiful fish.... ur channel is amazing... thanx again man
Franz von Köller
Franz von Köller - 6 years ago
Glad to hear that you're gonna keep uaru, returning to your roots. And also that you're keeping them in more of a community type set-up. Please do make us happy and choose some plecos and coys according to your experience with uaru, It would be amazing to see one of the bigger types of cichlid housed in a properly thought out community tank. good luck with the fish! Also, would Asian arrowana work with a shoal of piranhas? I think it would be amazing and so cool to watch them feed :D
The Reaper
The Reaper - 6 years ago
Hey Joey do you think you'll ever get into keeping sharks I understand that your more into fresh water but I think it would be supper cool if you got some more salt water stuff just to show both sides of the hobby
Orion 34
Orion 34 - 6 years ago
Good call on the ornate bichir! My favorite! Thanks for all the vids man! More power!
big visk
big visk - 6 years ago
I've kept 3 bicher, including an ornate. Glad to see you getting one.
Brian A
Brian A - 6 years ago
I need to go to this store someday
Matthew Telesco
Matthew Telesco - 6 years ago
Get one of those sharks, that'd be cool.
Jav Mo
Jav Mo - 6 years ago
Sexy ...
jettengco - 6 years ago
The return of Uaru Joey!
Broadcast Brad TV
Broadcast Brad TV - 6 years ago
I would spend my check in that store. I love the hobby. "Frank's better." Great video Joey.
Ian Johari Monteiro
Ian Johari Monteiro - 6 years ago
Hey Joey, the third arrowana you mentioned. It's pronounced 'Mer-Lion' like as in Lion of the Sea. Why? That's the national symbol of my country, Singapore. Half-lion, half-fish. ;)
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen - 6 years ago
Does 1 fish 2 fish ship to the u.s?
JayVon Scarborough
JayVon Scarborough - 6 years ago
What are the catfish next to the bichir called
Matarese28 - 6 years ago
Amazing pick, I had no doubt that you would have uaru in one of the 120 gallon tanks, love the transitions
Casper Shaw
Casper Shaw - 6 years ago
you fed your mucous to babies too ?
Alec Saavedra
Alec Saavedra - 6 years ago
Get guppies as your small fish for a 120
xXMx_G4MINGXx - 6 years ago
Man I love your vids, so refreshing for some reason
Paul M
Paul M - 6 years ago
They don't have fish store's like that around here.
coyote lady 613
coyote lady 613 - 6 years ago
YES BUY THEM ALL!!!! I love your dedication and all thought you put into what you do.
Classic Gamer Bud
Classic Gamer Bud - 6 years ago
Is anybody else concerned about his fish buying addiction?
Robin Shah
Robin Shah - 6 years ago
Sold to joey lol
harleymama 40
harleymama 40 - 6 years ago
Frank needs a francis
harleymama 40
harleymama 40 - 6 years ago
Or francine, frannie
Nathan Auvil
Nathan Auvil - 6 years ago
I honestly watch your videos Joey and think...gosh can't it have gone a little longer? I just need more in my life.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+Nathan Auvil I always think the opposite... like sometimes their too long. Or maybe too short. I just try to make a good video every time and don't really pay attention to the time. I'm can't see myself dragging them out.
Yashwanth Yerukonda
Yashwanth Yerukonda - 6 years ago
U are going with cichlids ONLY ??!!!!!!!
Yashwanth Yerukonda
Yashwanth Yerukonda - 6 years ago
Great u have a lot of knowledge on fishes and I seriously I just love your YouTube content
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+Yashwanth Yerukonda Huh? Nothing in the 2000 is a cichlid. Nothing in the 375 is a cichlid. I'd say 30% might end up being cichlids though.
Herowebcomics - 6 years ago
You shop for fish like I shop for art supplies!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+Herowebcomics lol
Tena Hughes
Tena Hughes - 6 years ago
I knew it would be the Uaru! Awesome!
John SM
John SM - 6 years ago
When the 10 Uaru grow out, what will you do with the ones you don't want after selecting the 6 or 4 best?
John SM
John SM - 6 years ago
Will they be sold easily as mature specimens after that, does your store breed them and are you planning to breed them?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+John SM the rest go back to the store.
Alec Saavedra
Alec Saavedra - 6 years ago
Please get a gourami tank. I have one and they're so pretty. I love them
Shea! - 6 years ago
Was really impressed with the production of this video. Keep it up
Andrea Dawn
Andrea Dawn - 6 years ago
I love all the fishes but that one looks like a snake dragon hybrid I don't like him. I'm sorry
XxSwagGamersxX - 6 years ago
Lets go !
Iowafoxoutdoors 97
Iowafoxoutdoors 97 - 6 years ago
I had 2 of those Bishers or how ever you spell It. I had a good 7 inch brown one like you got and I also had a small 4 inch albino. The albino I got as a real young small guy. I had them and a beta in a tank with about 5 gold fish and 2 pumpkin seed sun fish in a 50 gallon tank. The big one was in his own tank with a beta and a freshly hatched bass. I sadly am out of the fish game for now. But I do plan on getting another tank and starting again. I am jealous of your tanks I love your channel!
Myperfectpetworld - 6 years ago
"Frank's better"
Wilson Corcino
Wilson Corcino - 6 years ago
u should get bettas
jim brown
jim brown - 6 years ago
When you say Bichir it becomes real clear how weird your accent is <3 From all of Australia.
mat osprey
mat osprey - 6 years ago
Tyler Dishman
Tyler Dishman - 6 years ago
You should totally get the bichir. It would look fantastic in the tank with the others!
Alan Wu
Alan Wu - 6 years ago
miles harrison
miles harrison - 6 years ago
Please get those sharks
Caio Ferreira
Caio Ferreira - 6 years ago
"Isn't he cute? ...Frank is better"
Life by Brian
Life by Brian - 6 years ago
Have you seen footage of the red asian arowana at Waikiki public aquarium? It's the only full grown one I've ever seen in real life. Absolutely gorgeous.
Mohd Shaheerudeen
Mohd Shaheerudeen - 6 years ago
Why don't u get neon tetra
There are nice
Jeremy Buskov
Jeremy Buskov - 6 years ago
I've got an ornate bichir just like the one you got, and absolutely love him! Such a fun fish, great choice!
Unkn own
Unkn own - 6 years ago
R Garcia
R Garcia - 6 years ago
I thought my $800 Siberian husky was expensive
Kat Cetera
Kat Cetera - 6 years ago
Joey, when you cut down your schools of fish, are you going to sell the extras?
Sharfin Bean
Sharfin Bean - 6 years ago
Love that bichir! You are having so much fun, its all of us crazy fish keepers dream!
cutsiefruits ThreeTwoOne
cutsiefruits ThreeTwoOne - 6 years ago
Adrian T
Adrian T - 6 years ago
Hey Joey.... Merlion is pronounced as it is spelled, as in lion not lyon. The Merlion is a symbol of the country Singapore where the arowana was bred.
Earth Yoshi421
Earth Yoshi421 - 6 years ago
Put garamies in the planted
Real Fyzzexx/Jad
Real Fyzzexx/Jad - 6 years ago
Get sharkssss!
vizell garrett
vizell garrett - 6 years ago
Love Bichirs I have 4 P. Anasorgii 26inches P.Endlicheri 24imches and P Congicus 33inches
Spiderhole Records
Spiderhole Records - 6 years ago
Yes! I have Ornate Birchirs, looking forward to what you do with him.

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