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THE AQUARIUM SCAPE OFF!! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 236

Pets & Animals 3 years ago 193,189 views

Part 1: 3 way scape off: Check George out here: SUBSCRIBE ► Get the ultimate DIY book ► LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► Facebook ► Instagram ► The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! Join me each SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY for a new aquarium related video! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos: My aquarium pumps, circulation and lights are by: My aquarium racks and the aquariums within them were made by:

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The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
Cal Kustomz
Cal Kustomz - 3 years ago
Joey what type of lights were used on those Cube Tanks?
Chris Littrell
Chris Littrell - 3 years ago
The king of DIY Pretty popular over there when you win a scape off! Lmao.
just b aquatics
just b aquatics - 3 years ago
Just(A)Theory that would be good to see
Just(A)Theory - 3 years ago
Joey if you could contact the winners and get a view of the tanks filled and planted that would be aweaome
MrCeo1978buddy - 3 years ago
The king of DIY. The awesome thing is how a hobby can bring so many people together cool vid
zombie killer3228
zombie killer3228 - 3 years ago
need to come to scotand to buddy so wish i could of been there yours was well the better looking
Roni stitch
Roni stitch - 3 years ago
Please come again i tryed to book the day off work but couldnt get it
BiGRaLpH02 - 3 years ago
Always enjoy watching your videos, I've been aqua scapping since i was 8yrs old and I turn 38 in December. This is why i enjoy this hobby, it really has it's ways of brining people together. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
just b aquatics
just b aquatics - 3 years ago
The king of DIY what you did for aqua depo and with George was incredible....
Jayce Rain
Jayce Rain - 3 years ago
The king of DIY I see what you were going for with your scape. It wouldve turned out very nice, but still funny to watch him destroy it haha
Epicboy 2004
Epicboy 2004 - 3 years ago
No need for a link, I'm updated I watched it yesterday as soon as it came out
Felix Joseph
Felix Joseph - 3 years ago
The king of DIY I hope you got a 1 million subscriber one day :)
Don Quixote Flamingo
Don Quixote Flamingo - 3 years ago
This match is about popularity and not really aquascaping. But i like you too Joey, so you won the contest unanimously!
Melleefrase - 3 years ago
You're a real jokester Joey. But you need to try harder. You are representing Nova Scotia Canada
dmichaels fish den
dmichaels fish den - 3 years ago
I love this. Joey this is what brings people into the hobby. Thank you for all you do, eloquently.
Arturo Mendez
Arturo Mendez - 3 years ago
Wow! This is an exciting video
Love of Pets
Love of Pets - 3 years ago
This was amazing! Lots of people showed up.
Leslie Carman
Leslie Carman - 3 years ago
Don't go London next time go Liverpool
milky moo
milky moo - 3 years ago
anyone else see the kid going super sayan
Ivan Gazidis
Ivan Gazidis - 3 years ago
Please come to uk again soon Joey, missed it as I was abroad :(

10. comment for THE AQUARIUM SCAPE OFF!!

Break your balls building please
Break your balls building please - 3 years ago
I preferred the pommies scape
ItsMonksey - 3 years ago
This was great, been waiting for this video! Good job!
william amely
william amely - 3 years ago
Having the boys in the audience participate is a great idea. It could inspire these young lads to get into the hobby. If they are already in the hobby, then seeing others aquascape could help keep them in the hobby by letting them shape their watery worlds in ways that they may never have thought possible if they were never exposed to this. Joey and George, you guys are great ambassadors to the Fish Hobby.
Synn Kynlr
Synn Kynlr - 3 years ago
Okay, but what would frank do?
Lisa Crowley
Lisa Crowley - 3 years ago
omg, that was awesome, I'm so glad you won, but I never doubted that you wouldn't win.
amanda cabrera
amanda cabrera - 3 years ago
Joeys looked like it was going somewhere good before george attacked it. Then it liked ok untill the spider wood went in then it looked like jkey was lost.

Georges looked good for most of the competition.
cindy farnell
cindy farnell - 3 years ago
R.i.p. my tv speakers
AlexsAnimalChannel - 3 years ago
I'm surprised not many people had your shirt on Joey!
AlexsAnimalChannel - 3 years ago
Ohh fair enough :) I have mine :)
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
+AlexsAnimalChannel I have only sold them twice.
MBUNA MIKE - 3 years ago
does anyone know what type of rock Joey's using?
renny placencia
renny placencia - 3 years ago
This might be the worst vid you have done

20. comment for THE AQUARIUM SCAPE OFF!!

zaid mohammed
zaid mohammed - 3 years ago
i think joey is real good at aquarium diy but i feel he doesnt know about REAL aquascaping... :) its like legit underrated art man :) you gotta learn about your ratios, the view ability of your aquarium and the other artsy stuff lol
jonathan weiss
jonathan weiss - 3 years ago
Amber Haslam
Amber Haslam - 3 years ago
good thing the crowd aren't professional Judges
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 3 years ago
I think that much sand would be bad you should know why
Eden's Aquaponics
Eden's Aquaponics - 3 years ago
Maybe next time you could come to Birmingham.
Catherine Kennedy
Catherine Kennedy - 3 years ago
It looked like a lot of fun! It needs to be bigger! Next year..............much bigger!
The Aqua Armadillo
The Aqua Armadillo - 3 years ago
Thanks for coming to my homeland joey. This video was incredible you did amazing! It's unfortunate I couldn't be there.
Eldridge Henry, II
Eldridge Henry, II - 3 years ago
i loved the simplicity of your aquascape prior to George screwing it up
Kitxunei - 3 years ago
Both tanks looked great in my opinion
singing Redhead
singing Redhead - 3 years ago
What is that stuff on George's face? Am I the only one that's wondering about that?

30. comment for THE AQUARIUM SCAPE OFF!!

E Reynolds
E Reynolds - 3 years ago
No offense but Joey, yours was terrible oml
Bradley - 3 years ago
Should I buy a 360 gallon acrylic tank it comes with a metal stand
The tank does not have any scratches or leaks
Is it worth it for $400????
Please let me know
The tank is a rectangle shape
Bradley - 3 years ago
I need everyone's help
Localgamerz - 3 years ago
Other dudes was better. sorry joey
Carrie The crazy fish lady
Carrie The crazy fish lady - 3 years ago
what a great event!
Michael Sean
Michael Sean - 3 years ago
Great love it looks like so much fun there.
pro builder
pro builder - 3 years ago
I forgot how different sounding British people are from North Americans (South of U.S specifically).
Lucille Wickliffe-Ewetuga
Lucille Wickliffe-Ewetuga - 3 years ago
You did good Joey. Didn't have you imtimidated. congrats.
Dem Boyz
Dem Boyz - 3 years ago
Will you do a Tadpole tank
Phoebe Jones
Phoebe Jones - 3 years ago
Ohhh no just see the end and you actually came to London ??!!! For some reason I thought this was like Yorkshire or somewhere
Phoebe Jones
Phoebe Jones - 3 years ago
Marc Tomaselli
Marc Tomaselli - 3 years ago
Joey excellent! You're a Boss...
Allan Barwood fishing
Allan Barwood fishing - 3 years ago
Are u still in England
Golden Kandina
Golden Kandina - 3 years ago
54 - 3 years ago
I live in turo too !!!
Near the birch street park
Kaminsky Evans
Kaminsky Evans - 3 years ago
I loved this video. I never laughed so much in my life.
Tenzin Szabo
Tenzin Szabo - 3 years ago
How's the relationship between you two now haha
Kary N
Kary N - 3 years ago
Totally George lol
Stuart Cox
Stuart Cox - 3 years ago
The FISH keeping community are so friendly
Stuart Cox
Stuart Cox - 3 years ago
What did you do Jo?! Gone made yourself famous and influential would be an understatement mate?! Love your inspiration!

50. comment for THE AQUARIUM SCAPE OFF!!

Elbraido Gunaratnam
Elbraido Gunaratnam - 3 years ago
Hey Joey i got some new discus but they always hide in the corner when the lights are on and when i walk near them is this normal they have been in there for three days
G Mc
G Mc - 3 years ago
Joey you have a huge fan base in Ireland , you should do something similar in Dublin
Vic Kim
Vic Kim - 3 years ago
Like your smile Joey :)
dan the fish man boss
dan the fish man boss - 3 years ago
I hate that i hat to work or i would of come to see you
Alex Brickles
Alex Brickles - 3 years ago
Sorry you had to witness a bunch of scruffy fuckers
Raiiezore - 3 years ago
awesome scape-off, i was wondering what's the best way to clean off aquarium equipment like lighting that has build up?
Stuart Underwood
Stuart Underwood - 3 years ago
Manchester next?
aei3 t
aei3 t - 3 years ago
im seriously obsessed with those cute little ones in front that helped scape. they are the best.
dconner _23
dconner _23 - 3 years ago
Just now was able to watch, glad to see my challenge was of use!
Free Failing
Free Failing - 3 years ago
what country are you in?
Dedy Irawan
Dedy Irawan - 3 years ago
Sinister Sharpie
Sinister Sharpie - 3 years ago
I dont think switching them was fair at all.
Scarlett O'Haroni
Scarlett O'Haroni - 3 years ago
Thanks Joey for coming, it was an amazing day! <3
Jerry Jacob
Jerry Jacob - 3 years ago
Well done joey!! We need more scape viseos!!!! When u go back to canada!!!
TheOpelkoenjas - 3 years ago
Sorry, Joey, but I got to admit that I like more the wood landscaping to be honest. And when George was able to get his hands on yours, with the rocks, he made yours look better. Let's face it, you'll never have a carrier as an interieur decorator. GRIN

Question. Are you EVER going to come visit Belgium? As in... EVER? LOL

Cheers, mate. Had a lot of fun watching the videos of your visit to the UK. ;)
Linda Escoton
Linda Escoton - 3 years ago
Wierd cheering
BOSS_THE- GOAT - 3 years ago
We were there for frank to
Adoms Deloria
Adoms Deloria - 3 years ago
Cheers for the winner.
Sonu Bhowmik
Sonu Bhowmik - 3 years ago
I have been watching your video's since a long time, but i never commented. This time i really couldnt resist myself from saying that you are the individual for whom i am into this hobby and i wa5ch your all the DIY stuffs and try to do it on my own and it works really fine. I would really like to see you in INDIA !! We have a lot of aquarist here too. And we love you alot
fenders53 - 3 years ago
This was good for the hobby. I somehow had not heard of George until a few weeks ago. Love his scapes and his channel.
Sofie Larkin
Sofie Larkin - 3 years ago
Rip me wearing headphones skipping through the video to the end
Abdullah Younas
Abdullah Younas - 3 years ago
wohooooooo Joey won
Isuru Wanigasooriya
Isuru Wanigasooriya - 3 years ago coin flip ever
Charlie Bell
Charlie Bell - 3 years ago
I love how happy you are in all of your videos. Your enthusiasm really brightens my day, and makes me enjoy the hobby even more! Thanks so much for these awesome videos Joey!
NPK - 3 years ago
I just got some fishes for my planted tank, and have a question. Is it a good thing that the fishes (yoyo loaches and Chinese (golden) algae eaters) are very active? Usually for these type of fishes they would stay on the bottom when you put them into a new tank right? But these guys are swimming up and about their new tank.
John Fidler
John Fidler - 3 years ago
It's a very sad but true what you said at the end about "dying in the U.K." There simply just isn't an atmosphere of terror because we (AMERICANS) are heavily armed and so are our police so there just isn't as many incidents compared to the U.K. it's sad (an tragedies like vegas when you take into account that there's 800 MILLION AR 15s puts things in perspective 99.9% of gun owners in America are completely law-abiding citizens)just had to rant a little bit
rachid bencherif
rachid bencherif - 3 years ago
where is my gift?
Inappropriate Reefer
Inappropriate Reefer - 3 years ago
Need more cow bell! What a fun event! =D
Mark Pemberton
Mark Pemberton - 3 years ago
Everyone has love for Joey
reef guy 92
reef guy 92 - 3 years ago
I was smiling throughout this full video this was a great laugh and a great video good job Joey
Worthy Specimen
Worthy Specimen - 3 years ago
You didn't bring Frank?
Jj Scohy
Jj Scohy - 3 years ago
Looked like tons of fun come to il in the USA lol
brian bernard
brian bernard - 3 years ago
ROCK STAR fishkeeper
brian bernard
brian bernard - 3 years ago
great ppl fish keepers.
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark - 3 years ago
Great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wes Lee
Wes Lee - 3 years ago
The scape-off looked like tons of fun! Glad to have been in the video for like half a second lol. When you were walking up the stairs into Aqua Depot, I was literally like 5 seconds behind you when I was going in trying to find an exit!
chris reed
chris reed - 3 years ago
That was cool. I love what you do for the hobby. I hope I can attend a function you're at.
Brad van trump
Brad van trump - 3 years ago
When you coming to Australia
Like this if you think
ArkTiger4c - 3 years ago
Aquascaping is one of the most expensive costs fish keepers will encounter ....Rocks wood & some substrate you would think they were rare as hens teeth the prices fish stores charge !!!
Veronica Vanwie
Veronica Vanwie - 3 years ago
Worth the wait! Always very enjoyable to watch! Maybe one day you can make it to southern California!
Jesse-san - 3 years ago
Don't have it in me to even call these scapes
armymanscott - 3 years ago
I had my ears destroyed when I skipped to the winner
Mia Elizabeth
Mia Elizabeth - 3 years ago
Come to Melbourne!!!!!!
Joshua Geibler
Joshua Geibler - 3 years ago
Needed a headphone users warning
LEON ORTIZ - 3 years ago
If id won that ill make u bot sign each one of you one side of the tank a big azz signature cuz thats worth more than the cube u guys are awesome.
Gabensy - 3 years ago
Joey has a lot of fans
well done
vprav - 3 years ago
Joey come to LA!!!
MrAustin2478 - 3 years ago
Joey fresh
Amberley - 3 years ago
Come to Calgary!!
Cortland Anderson
Cortland Anderson - 3 years ago
That was fun to watch! The English are classy with those chandeliers in the tent. Good job Joey!

100. comment for THE AQUARIUM SCAPE OFF!!

Arie Lauren
Arie Lauren - 3 years ago
I like George's a little bit more, but both were nice
Laura H
Laura H - 3 years ago
Awesome event!
ernie5764 - 3 years ago
Looks like everyone there had a great time!
@Brant_Moore - 3 years ago
Showing the viewers a bit of the competitive side there sir? Haha
That was fun to watch.
Jonniethai - 3 years ago
Fantastic for our hobby
MaxKiller_X - 3 years ago
You guys have some good fun, I like that, you both did great to, love when you change places very funny, like this video.
Brian Schoenharl
Brian Schoenharl - 3 years ago
Joey Your a ROCKSTAR!! I have been enjoying your videos for a year now and this one was some kind of special. It was great to see all the people excited to be there and they were obviously big fans.
Paula Samuelson
Paula Samuelson - 3 years ago
Joey... thank you for sharing this video with the scape contest....What an reception huh? I was so happy to see so many people there for you and George. It seems as though you had a great time, and all the people had a great time with your.... humor...sweet smile and your honesty. I know they will be looking forward to your return to their country. It seems as though you and George get along quit well. That's great having friends across the waters. Thanks again.......... :) :)
George Farmer
George Farmer - 3 years ago
Paula Samuelson Thanks Paula.
Florentino John Tecson
Florentino John Tecson - 3 years ago
i'm a big fan of you joey but i bet for george farmer all the way. hehe
HigherPlanes - 3 years ago
That was a large crowd. That must have felt pretty intense I bet, especially if you weren't prepared for it.
Fish Koivisto
Fish Koivisto - 3 years ago
LOVE Snails With Catalina Nason
LOVE Snails With Catalina Nason - 3 years ago
You did great! I panicked when he changed your scape like that. It's a good thing I wasn't there because my lungs would've collapsed from screaming way too hard when they were deciding who the winner was. I'd probably drop dead if I saw you anywhere in person.
johnny556js - 3 years ago
Awesome job! from Hamilton Ontario
Janece C
Janece C - 3 years ago
You're an entertainer, for sure. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling the whole video.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
+Janece C glad you enjoyed it!
Josh. - 3 years ago
That's awesome I had no idea this stuff existed,, it's really cool I like your videos I've learned slot from you thank you for sharing
Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks - 3 years ago
So awesome y'all let the kids help!
RUFF N READY FISHING - 3 years ago
AWESOME Who do you thinks winning ? JOEYYYYY :) we don't call you the king for nothing my friend.
Melissa Byers
Melissa Byers - 3 years ago
Haha sympathy win... great fun!!! ❤
Phil Alms
Phil Alms - 3 years ago
How dose he not have 1 million subs
Rob Aust
Rob Aust - 3 years ago
Very good
j03yYunG Aquariums
j03yYunG Aquariums - 3 years ago
Aaron creeping in the back. lol
Damion Markham
Damion Markham - 3 years ago
Domo Notell
Domo Notell - 3 years ago
The two kids at the front so god DANM cringey
Lelani Dixon
Lelani Dixon - 3 years ago
Such awesome tanks. Great for scaping. Looked like a lot of fun.
Josh H
Josh H - 3 years ago
Ruined the scape is right, it was looking awesome before he pulled that rock out.

Oh well, still looked like fun!
Unconventional Aquatics
Unconventional Aquatics - 3 years ago
This is awesome joey! Cool seeing everyone light up when they saw you
Marcus Fluffy
Marcus Fluffy - 3 years ago
rip my ears
Queen Alicea
Queen Alicea - 3 years ago
You deserve more subscribers!
ilikewasabe - 3 years ago
Guess they need a bigger venue next time :D
Carriemchardy Carrie
Carriemchardy Carrie - 3 years ago
Joey, why didn't you move his wood around... would have been fun to see him trying (like you) in the last 10 minutes to finish the scape off.
kenneth Brown
kenneth Brown - 3 years ago
This was amazing.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 3 years ago
That was awesome!!!!!!
Jacob Grammer
Jacob Grammer - 3 years ago
I need more cow bell! Lmao
William Tufts
William Tufts - 3 years ago
I did like how Joeys scape was going. He should have pulled all the wood out of the other scape when it go ruined lol
Midnight_Paw - 3 years ago
YAY congratulations thows a party
Tina Bloomfield
Tina Bloomfield - 3 years ago
Awsome Joey.....but Ive got you beat with the one foot thing. Try doing it for 16 weeks LOL. Major foot reconstruction last year, and boy......once I started walking on both feet again. My back was so used to me being on one foot literally, that it went out and started having its own issues. All good now though. Great video
MrCeo1978buddy - 3 years ago
Great vid
Cameron Basford
Cameron Basford - 3 years ago
That chick at the end looking at the camera...... HOT.
nick.m - 3 years ago
Joey looking freshh
Battle Hawk
Battle Hawk - 3 years ago
Nice shoes!
Evets Ayama
Evets Ayama - 3 years ago
The women who yelled "without looking"
Jeffery Miller
Jeffery Miller - 3 years ago
WOW, he's so famous on the other side of the pond. Of course, he's famous on this side too. But... on that side of the pond he's so famous!!!
TotalNick41 - 3 years ago
Not including Joey, that room probably had a combined total of about a dozen teeth
Just Dempsey
Just Dempsey - 3 years ago
The UK loves you Joey
Dartist64 Rocks
Dartist64 Rocks - 3 years ago
Joey and George, you're rock stars!
Fish Tutorials
Fish Tutorials - 3 years ago
I actually really liked your scape it would be great with a some yellow lab cichlids!!!
Edwin Kroeze
Edwin Kroeze - 3 years ago
when will Holland be next? :O
Tony ARC
Tony ARC - 3 years ago
The first thing I'd do if I'd won is empty the tank the amount if gravel yo lol
MUI KONG - 3 years ago
Joey when do u come to hong kong, you have fans here too
Gamer BøyYT
Gamer BøyYT - 3 years ago
I vote for the king of DIY
Carla Pappalardo
Carla Pappalardo - 3 years ago
Joey, what fun! And a cool idea to do that :)
Carla Pappalardo
Carla Pappalardo - 3 years ago
Joey, what fun! And a cool idea to do that :)
Gamer BøyYT
Gamer BøyYT - 3 years ago
TheCyanDragon - 3 years ago
You looked so stressed/mad out when y’all switched tanks
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
+TheCyanDragon nah. I was just putting on a show. I didn’t care what mine looked like.
Diego Arana
Diego Arana - 3 years ago
Look at the kid sitting in the front row during the cheer for Joey
Strawberryowl - 3 years ago
This was fun to watch
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson - 3 years ago
Good old fashion fun , good work.
Tom's Reef
Tom's Reef - 3 years ago
haha nicee !!
Sky Htoo
Sky Htoo - 3 years ago
That's cheating ha ha
# knumbskulls
# knumbskulls - 3 years ago
You got a bit competitive eh
The #1 Kill Joy
The #1 Kill Joy - 3 years ago
So bummed i couldn't come to this, only live just outside London goddamn
Matt X
Matt X - 3 years ago
That so sweet :)
Christian Tyson
Christian Tyson - 3 years ago
Who won
lai nightwalker
lai nightwalker - 3 years ago
i liked urs better. thought georges was to much
Issac Fruiton
Issac Fruiton - 3 years ago
Hello there sir, glad you enjoyed London. I hope our harlots were up to your satisfaction as well even if your tastes for them are a bit more exquisite. Please come again we would love to have a well paying patron like you again soon. Cheers!
Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna - 3 years ago
Love it! The Scape looked so good! Great job!
frank Brown
frank Brown - 3 years ago
why does that dude look like he got the snot beat out of him ??
Fearbleeds - 3 years ago
Lol switching tanks was a terrible idea! But Ey it already happened. You guys made best of the situation
Keelan Franzen
Keelan Franzen - 3 years ago
This seems so awkward
Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes - 3 years ago
Keelan Franzen That's us fish keepers, awkward homebodies, but we understand each other :)
Thunder Lord
Thunder Lord - 3 years ago
5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2.. 1... happy new year!!
Daniel Roch
Daniel Roch - 3 years ago
Thats AWESOME MAN!!!!!! Wow thats alot of people....
MetroInferious - 3 years ago
You need some more wood, Joey...
CREEPONATER Minecraft - 3 years ago
You are my true idol
tankofsalt - 3 years ago
Finally I made it into one of joeys videos
Snow - 3 years ago
You need to stepup you scape skills boiiiiii
Patricia Kloeppel
Patricia Kloeppel - 3 years ago
looked too much fun lets do this again
Giraffey Jackie
Giraffey Jackie - 3 years ago
Come on then...which of you did I share polos with lol.....
Ajd38 H
Ajd38 H - 3 years ago
nice video

get blood parrot fish
Christopher Dennison
Christopher Dennison - 3 years ago
HarrisonCountyStudio - 3 years ago
Now that, was cool.
Maggie Wheaton
Maggie Wheaton - 3 years ago
That kid helping you with the bag while you had to use one foot. What a trooper.
Marlitt Niesmak
Marlitt Niesmak - 3 years ago
I heavily enjoyed this video. Such a positive atmosphere and so nice and patient people. I laughed along you guys simply watching it :) thank you
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray - 3 years ago
This was posted 5 hrs ago so I'm not late..? Great video Joey you defintely have a lot of serious fans. You did look nervous and kinda out of place but handled the crowd well. Love your talk at the end. Very nice overall.
Matthew Gregory
Matthew Gregory - 3 years ago
joey please come to Australia big time fan
Waheed Saeed
Waheed Saeed - 3 years ago
I was there!
kara vv
kara vv - 3 years ago
My 8-year-old veiltail goldfish died today. Just felt the need to share because you should know how much you cheer me up. :) RIP Phoenix ❤️
Summer Folster
Summer Folster - 3 years ago
Y'all are such good sports. I would have been pissed when he came over and messed everything up
Jodi Bradley
Jodi Bradley - 3 years ago
We love you Joey!!! ❤️ Congratulations
Ricky Rodriguez
Ricky Rodriguez - 3 years ago
west palm beach Florida woul love to have you come out
It's Ankh
It's Ankh - 3 years ago
How big are those tanks? I want one so bas
Joe Harris
Joe Harris - 3 years ago
birthday boys scream was intense....
ReconFallz - 3 years ago
I was there, it was great!!
HangeryGamingHS - 3 years ago
Never knew you started doing vlogs :)
rard de waal
rard de waal - 3 years ago
Haha this was amazing
XILEG3NDIV - 3 years ago
Yorkshire lass brill
Mr. Saddler
Mr. Saddler - 3 years ago
Joey your the man!!!
NoodlzOodlz - 3 years ago
Aye you won!
ARI FERRARI - 3 years ago
George’s was better but more people know Joey kinda messed up still love you joey
David Tagoe
David Tagoe - 3 years ago
Massive turnout...seems exciting
Anchored Reef
Anchored Reef - 3 years ago
Great job joey....representing the US..LOL...great job tho seriously to the both of yall and all u continue to do for hobby....see that standing on one leg came in handy....Lmao
Anchored Reef
Anchored Reef - 3 years ago
I know...
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
+Anchored Reef I’m Canadian.
AlphaBrolofsky - 3 years ago
Nova Scotia is part of the US?
matthew atmore
matthew atmore - 3 years ago
Love the scape off joey this is one of my favourite videos you have made
muffemod - 3 years ago
This is much more than a hobby. It's a community. Great video!
Tilman Baumann
Tilman Baumann - 3 years ago
Joey played his home advantage hard.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
+Tilman Baumann 1500miles from my house, across an ocean and on an entirely different continent is hardly a home advantage. I was a guest in that country.
Miguel Ayako
Miguel Ayako - 3 years ago
Dylan Eagles
Dylan Eagles - 3 years ago
looks like u had fun :)
Razvion - 3 years ago
This gave me a really nice feeling. Glad for you Joey.
luminal Aztec
luminal Aztec - 3 years ago
RIP headphone users.
jason york
jason york - 3 years ago
Nathanfx2006 - 3 years ago
Pj Poke
Pj Poke - 3 years ago
Hahah Nice joey! You are the boss you are the Best
noelfezza - 3 years ago
Haha. Good times. To be fair George's scape was better but Joey was always gonna win on crowd cheer. All bit of fun. Lol
aleko11 - 3 years ago
was nice to meet you Joey, all the best from across the pond!
Katie Lynch
Katie Lynch - 3 years ago
“Don’t you ever touch me again in your life”

ok Joey. ok.
Enoch Robinson
Enoch Robinson - 3 years ago
It's clear George was actually trying to help your design by switching out rocks, but he just had a different vision.
ItzGustaph - 3 years ago
Couldn't make it :( But this video lets me in on the fun! :D Thanks for filming, Joey!
Carol Lyn
Carol Lyn - 3 years ago
Then give him more cow bell!!!
The Flo Ark
The Flo Ark - 3 years ago
Joey is a good scaper, but Georges is great a scaping tanks..
martin eeson
martin eeson - 3 years ago
rip headphone users. looks like fun
Dren's Aquariums
Dren's Aquariums - 3 years ago
Who else put a like in the video before watching it?
rhys sutherland
rhys sutherland - 3 years ago
They were a bad impression on England lol the people watching I mean
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
+rhys sutherland BS. Best audience the industry has ever seen. The love and passion they had for the hobby shined through. I loved it.
Romeo Vashishth
Romeo Vashishth - 3 years ago
I liked your scape better then gorges
FishingWithGreg - 3 years ago
Ally Fiorido
Ally Fiorido - 3 years ago
Enter Name Here
Enter Name Here - 3 years ago
TheGeneralKirov - 3 years ago
Congrats Joey. I knew you will win.
Sharfin Bean
Sharfin Bean - 3 years ago
Fun event!
Alfie Holloway
Alfie Holloway - 3 years ago
It won’t let me watch it
Zara Peers
Zara Peers - 3 years ago
Oh wow! I didn't know there was so many of us from the UK! ❤ shame I couldn't come down but i live in Liverpool!
Benjamin Clarke
Benjamin Clarke - 3 years ago
The Great British Scape Off.
Much enjoyable and everyone there seemed to enjoy it.
louverdudski - 3 years ago
Looks like it was a lot of fun,thx Joey.
Victor - 3 years ago
Loved the rock scape joey and George killed it as well no losers here a .
vikas kumar
vikas kumar - 3 years ago
U r the best ......
Monett Rowe
Monett Rowe - 3 years ago
I am in love with your joey! His was just a little to busy for me
Soccer Player
Soccer Player - 3 years ago
Did anyone else hear the whistle at the beginning
uNiTy - 3 years ago
So amazing how many people have such passion for this hobby. Hopefully Joey you can come to my local shop Elmer's in Monroeville, PA.
rebelsouljaz - 3 years ago
Was hoping for a serious competition not a circus show
corsagsilad - 3 years ago
Hi joey,i was looking for a recent video of tank building or something as i have a question about a stand. Could you help me out please
rebecca ashton
rebecca ashton - 3 years ago
Yours was the best loved how u scaped the rocks would be cool if u come to Blackburn be nice to meet u
Shannon Stibor
Shannon Stibor - 3 years ago
I loved the rocks alone. The wood (at least what is there now) is overkill. I didn't like George's at all, bless his heart. Too distracting.
Kiki's FishAddict
Kiki's FishAddict - 3 years ago
Belinda Sue
Belinda Sue - 3 years ago
Awesome video!! Be safe and safe travels home.
The Deamon
The Deamon - 3 years ago
That's cool but also really burnt.
Krimson Goddess
Krimson Goddess - 3 years ago
OMG I can not believe they mad you guys switch tanks
Serat0x - 3 years ago
that kid screaming like son-gohan :D :D
and well done joey seems like you made the day for many fans out there :)
dnico - 3 years ago
Joey your rock scap was so amazing you defo won
Margery Curnow
Margery Curnow - 3 years ago
I think the brits love joey xx
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac - 3 years ago
It was a great event. Glad I was just lucky to be there
Taj Lewis
Taj Lewis - 3 years ago
You both are thinking about it to much it’s all about the flow and and feel of nature
Kashmere Art
Kashmere Art - 3 years ago
Sadly couldn't make it, but looked like fun! Hope you'll drop by EU again soon, and hopefulyl I can make it then <3
George Espinoza
George Espinoza - 3 years ago
i like your pants
Good Morning Games
Good Morning Games - 3 years ago
Minus the wood, yours is amazing! Sorry, I don't care for the haphazardly placed wood.
Terminocity - 3 years ago
Dakota L
Dakota L - 3 years ago
I think I would haft to say joey win that scape off
Ján Švasta
Ján Švasta - 3 years ago
If i was in your country, i will surely visit ! Kept fingers crossed Joey !
Mary Ann &Kerri
Mary Ann &Kerri - 3 years ago
That was awesome to watch! I love that the people there won the tanks.
BiGRaLpH02 - 3 years ago
Congrats Joey, like always awesome video. Thanks
Digwell Greenfingers
Digwell Greenfingers - 3 years ago
Great show Joey & George. Community rules!
kbbmagno - 3 years ago
Hey Joey! You "Rocked!"
teamhex - 3 years ago
What substrate is that? I have a 40 breeder I'm planning out and I really like that color and size. As long as it's inert I think I'll get some.
DragoJustin - 3 years ago
What’s wrong with your left foot?
Mike Vormwald
Mike Vormwald - 3 years ago
Joey - out gunned, but you had the crowd!!!
Daemon Ember
Daemon Ember - 3 years ago
Xeno Transversal
Xeno Transversal - 3 years ago
my parents nicknamed me aqua boy
flamepeace - 3 years ago
He fells like a superstar
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! - 3 years ago
what a disaster! no im kidding! looked like alot of fun and it's very cool how many people showed up, your a fishtank rockstar! very very cool !!!!✌️
Chris Groves
Chris Groves - 3 years ago
Been waiting for this and it didn't disappoint! What a fab video - lots of fun!
Marshall Binny
Marshall Binny - 3 years ago
carptoastTV - 3 years ago
Joey, did you meet anyone in UK who has Koi Guppies for sale, I live in UK and can't find any, any help greatly received, keep up the great videos, much love
Noel Velasquez
Noel Velasquez - 3 years ago
That was cool
jeffrey agatep
jeffrey agatep - 3 years ago
Joeys looks like he would have a cockney accent.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 3 years ago
You're the best, Joey!
Boris Adhi Widjaja
Boris Adhi Widjaja - 3 years ago
So much fun out there!
Million Mike
Million Mike - 3 years ago
"Don't touch me ever again in your life" lol love it! He took your rock out. Your should have just pulled his whole piece of driftwood out.
finnaquarium - 3 years ago
This video was truly amazing
Matt M
Matt M - 3 years ago
Damn...u really are famous
Mr D
Mr D - 3 years ago
great video can't wait to see more challenge's...
colin T
colin T - 3 years ago
Gutted I couldnt come down. Next time joey. Awesome as always.
Christopher's Reef
Christopher's Reef - 3 years ago
RIP headphone users lol
William Rowe
William Rowe - 3 years ago
The love is abundant! Joey you are amazing!
King - 3 years ago
"At the end of the day it's all about bringing people together, there's so many different types of people here and that's the most beautiful thing and for a moment in time none of that matters, no matter where you're from, no matter what color you are, no matter what religion you are i don't care about any of that".

Wow! Joey for President.
Jacob Grammer
Jacob Grammer - 3 years ago
King I only see white people
Tushar Samel
Tushar Samel - 3 years ago
Those people seriously made me deaf.
Liam Smith
Liam Smith - 3 years ago
Absolutley loved it, well worth the 8 hour travel and wait!
joshua sperka
joshua sperka - 3 years ago
This looks like so much fun.
Jamie James
Jamie James - 3 years ago
Haha you looked so nervous. I dont blame you
Frances Klaverkamp
Frances Klaverkamp - 3 years ago
You should come to the Midwest in the United States and challenge fans! It be great to see big names like you compete with those who don’t have the same level of visibility!
Chris Lock
Chris Lock - 3 years ago
Loved this!
Wapooshe - 3 years ago
they should of put on dramatic music during the scapeoff felt kind of awkward with it being so silent lol
sendmejunkify - 3 years ago
I think people just love Joey so much they still voted for him. George your scape was awesome!! But you did ruin Joey's xD
Tan Bryan
Tan Bryan - 3 years ago
If you watched what Farmer did he actually improved the scape. Joey's was just too straight and uniform.
EPIC BOSS COW - 3 years ago
George was better tho
Ryan Humphreys
Ryan Humphreys - 3 years ago
Actually Tasteful Productions
Actually Tasteful Productions - 3 years ago
Worst MC ever. George is a dick for sabotaging your tank. What a sore loser.
Shashank Bhagwat
Shashank Bhagwat - 3 years ago
Joey to be honest.. your scape was better..and I actually loved it Joey..
450mark8 - 3 years ago
This is like watching the Price is Right but better !!!
Mike1 TC
Mike1 TC - 3 years ago
Awesome being there ... that was me in the mustard yellow jacket ... thank you Joey & George
malik hawkins
malik hawkins - 3 years ago
Love... That's the fish community.
Lisaa - 3 years ago
best day ever seeing you and i met my best friend for 16yrs who had lost touch due to moves etc i cried to see her and same with her x
Dec E
Dec E - 3 years ago
Come to the north of England (Manchester) next time Joey !
CJ and Auntie Yaya
CJ and Auntie Yaya - 3 years ago
That's so funny! You didn't really mess with George's and he totally alters yours. Of course everyone is going to cheer for you Joey! You the King of DIY. And really cute!
SwordChux - 3 years ago
I was hoping for some clown puke substrate! lol (I liked them both though)
Markuz Lombard
Markuz Lombard - 3 years ago
joey wonXD
Fish For Thought
Fish For Thought - 3 years ago
Amazing! The way Joey maniulated the stones into steps... And glad y'all let enthusiastic little kids to help!
Marc Requilme
Marc Requilme - 3 years ago
Awesome day! Thanks Joey!
mickeybigbuds - 3 years ago
joey i,m gutted i could not get there as been unwell but you were a top man mate what with fans asking for pictures or autographs,and nothing was to much trouble, Top man. stay like that and you,l go far.already subbed and look forward to your uploads.Thanks for taking the time for us all.
BURNING LION - 3 years ago
That was awesome
MatthewWagnerNOECA - 3 years ago
I've never seen the bellies of so many of your fans before...
jeffrey williams
jeffrey williams - 3 years ago
gj joey
Danielle's Draws
Danielle's Draws - 3 years ago
Shame I missed it! I live in the north west of uk and I’m doing GCSEs so I didn’t have time to travel 6 hours , but I would have !
Pink Daisy
Pink Daisy - 3 years ago
Zara Peers omg your profile picture I ADORE the arctic monkeys
Zara Peers
Zara Peers - 3 years ago
I'm from the north west too
Pink Daisy
Pink Daisy - 3 years ago
Danielle's Draws I’m in the south east
Dawn Of Breeze
Dawn Of Breeze - 3 years ago
Since when is joey so buff goddddd damnnnn
Zara Peers
Zara Peers - 3 years ago
Dawn Of Breeze being amongst us fat brits really shows it off
-Point North-
-Point North- - 3 years ago
What was the stone in Joeys tank?
Mohit Morris
Mohit Morris - 3 years ago
Lol.... Joey is such a nice guy, he's really finding it hard to be mean to George when he could have messed George's tank!!! :D
tommy riordan
tommy riordan - 3 years ago
So proud of our joey the underdog
Snake Joaca
Snake Joaca - 3 years ago
Lol those little boys cheering for Joey haha
donnaflagg - 3 years ago
I enjoyed this so very much
Frezarules/bluedogrules - 3 years ago
Well Done Joey!!! Oh and Like heck you will be back!!! Pls come to East Yorkshire though, so then my mum and dad will allow me to go and see you XD!!! =)
BebeLapinouBlanc - 3 years ago
How wonderful to see such a great turnout!
Saige Materi
Saige Materi - 3 years ago
Likes video even before I watch it
sanjid arefin
sanjid arefin - 3 years ago
Joey joey joey
Melissa Berry
Melissa Berry - 3 years ago
Looks like everyone had a great time!!
Kaleb G
Kaleb G - 3 years ago
Great work
Rahul Rdr
Rahul Rdr - 3 years ago
The Toss
Croatian king of aquarium
Croatian king of aquarium - 3 years ago
Joey next time you must come to slovenia
Irfan Sheikh
Irfan Sheikh - 3 years ago
Nice and exciting
Jessica Weber
Jessica Weber - 3 years ago
Aarons Aquarium
Aarons Aquarium - 3 years ago
Such a fun day.Thank you for bringing so many people together.
AlexsAnimalChannel - 3 years ago
Spotted you Aaron at the front with your big cam- sorry I couldn't make it bro.
just b aquatics
just b aquatics - 3 years ago
Aarons Aquarium brilliant day
Rebecca Johnston
Rebecca Johnston - 3 years ago
so gutted I couldn't make it would have loved to see this in personx you've really inspired me and given me so much help with my tank and just in general when my days been hard in only 13 but would love to really embrace this hobby x keep doing what your doing and love both of these tanks.
Daniel Peak
Daniel Peak - 3 years ago
i liked yours better. HIs was nice but a little to busy for my taste, but thats just me.
Clown loach man
Clown loach man - 3 years ago
Dream come true for your hobby Joey inspiring so many people.
Pedro Plays
Pedro Plays - 3 years ago
Was so amazing to be there and meet you guys! Thanks for putting on a great day Joey and George!
Angel Varela Faroppa
Angel Varela Faroppa - 3 years ago
U deserve all this love joey! Well deserve it
Shawn Riccelli
Shawn Riccelli - 3 years ago
300 Brits and a Canadian, almost sounds like a tv show of some sorts. Good job all around to organizers, looked better assembled then we could have imagined.
sphinx sphinx
sphinx sphinx - 3 years ago
Nice intro of butts and tummies
Cody Snider
Cody Snider - 3 years ago
Woah!! What a turn out, great job guys.
Chris - 3 years ago
I've never seen you so feisty Joey!
I like the trashtalkin'. You should do this more often!
Rodney Gaston
Rodney Gaston - 3 years ago
This was a great fun video the people Love you .. THE PEOPLES CHAMP
Jay Bui
Jay Bui - 3 years ago
This event is tight under my thought both put a lot of effort to make this event happen, I'm very enjoy to watch regardless who win or lose.
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan - 3 years ago
Lots of fun. Hope to see Joey in chicago
Darker74 - 3 years ago
The same words used Terminator to...
Tyler Steier
Tyler Steier - 3 years ago
"Don't you ever touch me again in your life" I literally laughed out loud
that44rdv4rk - 3 years ago
the lesson here is that scaping is a solo art, unless you're the ghost of Takashi Amano running his crew.
Jman Luth
Jman Luth - 3 years ago
How does it feel to have made it this far joey your a star now look back 2 years compared to now
Marks Shrimp Tanks
Marks Shrimp Tanks - 3 years ago
Any thong throwers Joey ?
D4rk D3st0y3r
D4rk D3st0y3r - 3 years ago
A well deserved win I loved this video looked like a lot of fun, joey and if you had more time you're tank could of looked amazing and it had a lot of potential, but I still liked it simple but compelling
Archie Bennett
Archie Bennett - 3 years ago
Laura - 3 years ago
There has find a rematch
Lil Cazy
Lil Cazy - 3 years ago
Yeaaa don’t fuck with joey boy
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson - 3 years ago
Well done joey!!!!!!!!!!
Poli 8
Poli 8 - 3 years ago
Tanya Daley
Tanya Daley - 3 years ago
Joey kept saying sorry lol we all Canadians say sorry lol congrats Joey
Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes - 3 years ago
Tanya Daley Haha yeah he was definitely too nice! Should've yanked that wood out after George messed his scape up (which he'd probably apologize for too!)
chris burgess
chris burgess - 3 years ago
Should go up against James findley next
Gabriella yeagley
Gabriella yeagley - 3 years ago
My heart was exploding
DidooDalwen - 3 years ago
In fact, the idea of Goerges with the wood was not bad.
crazy gamer 123
crazy gamer 123 - 3 years ago
Absolute Aquatics
Absolute Aquatics - 3 years ago
I'm so glad I live in London and you came're the best!
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta - 3 years ago
Lord Twaddle
Lord Twaddle - 3 years ago
Notice how the young audience voted for Joey
VIJAYSITAL - 3 years ago
You should tell ppl wat kind of fishes Will live in this scapes Malawi wont work with wood and when they start diggin te rock Will fall down
Aquatics And furries
Aquatics And furries - 3 years ago
Had such a great day, full of laughs.
You were great going round and talking to everyone.
Look forward to seeing you in the uk again soon
Dave's Nano Tanks
Dave's Nano Tanks - 3 years ago
Looked like a blast. Good seeing Aaron's Aquarium there also
celticgoddess1983 - 3 years ago
Did you beat up George? Lol.
VIJAYSITAL - 3 years ago
Fun to watch but these scapes wont work with cichlids de Will destroy it when they start diggin
Mariusz Sobieraj
Mariusz Sobieraj - 3 years ago
That was awesome! I was under the impression you guys were going the full monty with plants and water, but still an amazing scapeoff none the less.
RAD Aquatics
RAD Aquatics - 3 years ago
Great stuff. Who says Canadians aren't talented?
luis silvaribeiro
luis silvaribeiro - 3 years ago
Congrats George and Joey!
You obviously had a lot of fun, wich is the most important
Aquascaping uniting continents! COOL
Probably one of your "best videos" ever, to watch and repeat....
Cheers M8, come back to Europe soon.

NOTE: one mandatory bucketlist: come to Portugal to see FLORESTAS SUBMERSAS by Sensei Takashi Amano, at the OCEANÁRIO de LISBOA, in Lisbon.
Let us know when you're coming by... ><)))º>
DO-WORK-SON - 3 years ago
How could anyone hit dislike on that video. That was great.
N.O.A.H. - Northern Ontario Aquarium Hobby
N.O.A.H. - Northern Ontario Aquarium Hobby - 3 years ago
You held your own just fine man. Well done.
Gaz Man
Gaz Man - 3 years ago
Joey... you could have just left the tank empty and you would still have one lol... your scape given me some ideas for a 130 I'm about to set up :) Thanks
karen peppe
karen peppe - 3 years ago
That was very cool Joey! Awesome turnout!
I think the US could show you some more love. It all seemed rather sweet. Thanks for taking us to England
MickMaan - 3 years ago
Joey, you looked so confused when looking at all of those rocks. Just remember WWFD?

What would Frank do?
Nay Lee
Nay Lee - 3 years ago
MickMaan WWFD... That's funny
Shayne Hall
Shayne Hall - 3 years ago
What an awesome video! No one can ever question your love for the hobby and more importantly helping others with their passion for the hobby. Really enjoyed watching that!
Donovan Yario
Donovan Yario - 3 years ago
"Thank is for having me"
Andreya M
Andreya M - 3 years ago
The people really loved you
javel faderugao
javel faderugao - 3 years ago
George is lowkey pissed
Paul Beech
Paul Beech - 3 years ago
When you coming back then. Come to the south west next time. Bristol maybe.
Watersocs 32
Watersocs 32 - 3 years ago
This is awesome !!
Sai Kiran Nayini
Sai Kiran Nayini - 3 years ago
Switching the tanks was not a good idea
Antonio Alvarado
Antonio Alvarado - 3 years ago
I agree!
Umpalumpa - 3 years ago
Rip all sound devices!
Lizards'n Spiders
Lizards'n Spiders - 3 years ago
Needs more wood... Im dying
Therese Neal
Therese Neal - 3 years ago
Awesome to see the out pour of support from the audience.. This was such a great thing for you both to do, and you work well together too!
Just-A Crayon
Just-A Crayon - 3 years ago
I would have loved to see your rock wall completed! Darn it George!!
Niels Gajhede
Niels Gajhede - 3 years ago
Thanks for the vid, I have been looking forward to watch this since you revealed it :D
bob marley27
bob marley27 - 3 years ago
so gutted i could not make the event but joey i have learnt so much watching your videos epic guy you deserve the praise for your work
VIJAYSITAL - 3 years ago
Wasn't it supposed to be live?
Tyler Peffley
Tyler Peffley - 3 years ago
Haha Joey's banter had me dieing
25Aditya25 - 3 years ago
Come to india
Rachel O'leary
Rachel O'leary - 3 years ago
This looked like so much fun!!
rocki laflare
rocki laflare - 3 years ago
I love you
54 - 3 years ago
Ptdr t'est qui ?
Jonatha. Ramirez
Jonatha. Ramirez - 3 years ago
Rachel O'leary you should of tagged along lol
RookieAquarist16 - 3 years ago
You should do one
Diego Arana
Diego Arana - 3 years ago
When will your next scape off be??
rockk4six - 3 years ago
you got that right...
Aqua Life U.K
Aqua Life U.K - 3 years ago
You next?
- MaTom -
- MaTom - - 3 years ago
Rachel O'leary I love your videos!
LURE GUY - 3 years ago
Brilliant mate the uk says thank you
Kevin Beckford
Kevin Beckford - 3 years ago
did farmer fall on somebodys fist?
Aquatic ventures
Aquatic ventures - 3 years ago
Kevin Beckford +LOL!
James Goose
James Goose - 3 years ago
Joey just made him an offer he couldn't refuse about what kind of scape he was going make during the competition.
appe abbe
appe abbe - 3 years ago
yep the fist went up his ass
ReaLexEnder - 3 years ago
Love the vid joeyyy !!
Wish u the best of luck
Alex Arreola
Alex Arreola - 3 years ago
Wow! Go sharks!!!
Shout out to the kid at the end in the back for rocking a SJ SHARKS jersy.
ZOMG Gaming!
ZOMG Gaming! - 3 years ago
I think Joey was a bit thrown by just how many people that were there lol
VillagerSparky - 3 years ago
I think I just lost all my hearing, thanks to that kid screaming.
Isaias Acosta
Isaias Acosta - 3 years ago
VillagerSparky exactly lol
Brian Sizemore
Brian Sizemore - 3 years ago
Awesome man! Congratulations on the big win! Honestly didn’t think you had it in ya after watching a couple of his videos! All and all you both did great!
dexter italia
dexter italia - 3 years ago
JOEY next time , Italia .
Varied Gary Podcast
Varied Gary Podcast - 3 years ago
Looked like a good time dude!Everyone is very happy!
Bevon Baptiste
Bevon Baptiste - 3 years ago
So cool nice to see and you all have fun I No
Jack Dixon
Jack Dixon - 3 years ago
Wish I could've been there but looks like you filled the place up and then some! I met George at a demo the week before and he was a really nice guy and very knowledgeable. I hope it's not too long before you come to the UK again and I'm sure with enough notice and a central and spacious location you could fill out a HUGE event. The big question is...when is someone going to wake up and give you your own TV show?
9191Fam - 3 years ago
Love the video Joey!!
KG cichlids
KG cichlids - 3 years ago
Both scapes needed more cowbell
Seth Bradley
Seth Bradley - 3 years ago
I've got a tank, and the only prescription is more cowbell.
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 3 years ago
KG cichlids yess
MickFist - 3 years ago
I think George's showed how many different elements can be put together and followed a style. I liked the idea of Joey's to start before it got wrecked lol. Great day, wish I could have stuck around some more.
Johnovan Dupper
Johnovan Dupper - 3 years ago
great scape joey.i think yours was a lot better !keep up the good work.
daniel3484 - 3 years ago
That was cool. A good challenge would have been to have you guys choose one item the for the other guy to have to use.
Aredhel Robison
Aredhel Robison - 3 years ago
His face just keep looking worse...
Sith Bear
Sith Bear - 3 years ago
noelle veblen
noelle veblen - 3 years ago
Rich Winkler
Rich Winkler - 3 years ago
Well done. It must be a great feeling knowing how many people you have been such a positive influence on. The world needs more people like proud :)
Petlover2017 123
Petlover2017 123 - 3 years ago
Yay joey!!!!!!
George Luthviante
George Luthviante - 3 years ago
Thanks joey! You are my inspiration
The Redstone Archer // Yong Jie
The Redstone Archer // Yong Jie - 3 years ago
You are the best <3
loogiemistress - 3 years ago
That was fun!
Mel - 3 years ago
It was great to meet you on Saturday, we enjoyed ourselves and I hope you did too. Next time you come over, I think a larger venue will be needed. The group photo at the end with you, George and Michael turned out great :-)
ms vlogs ms vlogs
ms vlogs ms vlogs - 3 years ago
Ooooo u r amazing
2Wheels 1Boy
2Wheels 1Boy - 3 years ago
That kid in front screamed so loud
Anna Kennedy
Anna Kennedy - 3 years ago
he was just showing some support, the 'take your trousers off' comment was way more cringe imo
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman - 3 years ago
He must have had some practice, poor parents XD
thumpergman - 3 years ago
Great time well done
Giraffey Jackie
Giraffey Jackie - 3 years ago
Me 20 seconds in lol
Ramble like there's no tomorrow
Ramble like there's no tomorrow - 3 years ago
Kids love joey.
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez - 3 years ago
I remember watching you years ago. Your boy came a long way. Joey is a such a positive dude.
Texual Moose
Texual Moose - 3 years ago
That kid screaming on the floor at 13.30
Hanna Vanburen
Hanna Vanburen - 3 years ago
biased crowd lol
just b aquatics
just b aquatics - 3 years ago
Lol there i am up
Giraffey Jackie
Giraffey Jackie - 3 years ago
It was our pleasure Joey...can’t wait for your next visit...Jackie Giraffe
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
Hey you!!
NobodysPurrrfect - 3 years ago
awesome video! Thanks for sharing!
Ara - 3 years ago
I love your personality Joey!
Dukey Hourihane
Dukey Hourihane - 3 years ago
That kid screaming
Zara Peers
Zara Peers - 3 years ago
Dukey Hourihane it was cute
RICL14 - 3 years ago
Wow!!! Amaizing . Incredible video . You inspire . Keep doing this!!
Caixotic - 3 years ago
I love that you do these types of things, engaging with fans and bringing more people into the community ❤️
Marcel Simon
Marcel Simon - 3 years ago
I see arron
sam Costin
sam Costin - 3 years ago
I loved how you asked a little guy for help :) that probably made his day
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
It did. He loved it. The one that helped George got my shirt in the end. I always give what ever i have on, away.
Average Reef
Average Reef - 3 years ago
Enjoyed watching this even though I only keep marine aquariums. I'd love to see a fowlr aquascape competition similar to this.
Ryo Watanabe
Ryo Watanabe - 3 years ago
good effort Joey!!
rudie holland
rudie holland - 3 years ago
When are you coming to Holland Joey?
BEERM0NST3R - 3 years ago
Excellent to see you enjoyed the uk Joey hope to see you next time
juchipila323 - 3 years ago
I thought joeys looked better until the wood was added. Simple and somehow nicer
Michaela Hixenbaugh
Michaela Hixenbaugh - 3 years ago
The king of DIY I really liked yours before you switched.
Thaleya1 - 3 years ago
yeah it looked the best before George messed it up. Really liked the high edges of the minimalistic rock.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
I was going to build the rock to the brim of the tank.... then it got wreaked lol... Just started to make fun of myself after that
virussss2rushhh - 3 years ago
That was the hilarious scape off ever
magzire - 3 years ago
the heavys are in town, move over
The Original JayByrd
The Original JayByrd - 3 years ago
If you like beer, you should do a meet up in Denmark, I might be the only one who shows up, but it would be awesome
read more
read more - 3 years ago
Lager isn't beer, lol
Johannes Vildmarksskola
Johannes Vildmarksskola - 3 years ago
Ill go from sweden to denmark ☺
Mode rator
Mode rator - 3 years ago
I'll be there!!!
Do Copenhagen, the swedes just have a small train ride to there also ;)
Niels Gajhede
Niels Gajhede - 3 years ago
You wouldn't be the only one ;)
Emil Schlünssen
Emil Schlünssen - 3 years ago
I will show up as well;-)
Type R
Type R - 3 years ago
More cowbell! lol
Carlos Chan
Carlos Chan - 3 years ago
The boy sitting in front at 13:30 was going super saiyan XD
pencilsrape - 3 years ago
Carlos Chan
Chris Affinati
Chris Affinati - 3 years ago
This is the best comment ever. My wife came running into the living room because I was laughing so hard she actually thought something was wrong
Up_Syndrome - 3 years ago
The king of DIY aGHhHgHgHhHhHhHhHh
Daniel Bernal
Daniel Bernal - 3 years ago
Hixxie 78
Hixxie 78 - 3 years ago
He was an amazing kid. Stood next to his parents. Really good people.
leetlebob - 3 years ago
Sandiven 190399
Sandiven 190399 - 3 years ago
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
Tons of kids there! They are the next generation. Gotta show them love and lead them on the right path.
Siddhant Arwade
Siddhant Arwade - 3 years ago
Love ur videos #notificationsquad
Orlando 0.0
Orlando 0.0 - 3 years ago
You are awesome Joey , you live your Dream ! Gj
DM m
DM m - 3 years ago
wow look at all the fans!
ZONE Dixidia
ZONE Dixidia - 3 years ago
ZONE Dixidia
ZONE Dixidia - 3 years ago
Joey thank u for making this channel .. its the reason I have a pet flowerhorn named alijandro lol
PsychedelicBabe - 3 years ago
Very nicely done ✅
PsychedelicBabe - 3 years ago
Looking forward to part Two already
djv tv
djv tv - 3 years ago
Love your video s
CuddlyCactus Gaming
CuddlyCactus Gaming - 3 years ago
Did I hear Joey say "More Cow bell"??
CuddlyCactus Gaming
CuddlyCactus Gaming - 3 years ago
The king of DIY never enough cow bell! Thanks for another great video, loved the encouraging words for all, well done Sir.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
lol..... ya
Diktea Kings
Diktea Kings - 3 years ago
Hey Joey why don't you get a silver arowana , it would look great in your 2000 g tank.
saffie yates
saffie yates - 3 years ago
I love my dad being featured in the start
Lisa Crowley
Lisa Crowley - 3 years ago
awe, your to adorable, great picture oy you and your father.
Sith Bear
Sith Bear - 3 years ago
Awwwww I'm jelly you got a pic with joey!!!
Zara Peers
Zara Peers - 3 years ago
So jealous!
EzioAuditore714 - 3 years ago
Nice profile picture with Joey!!
Spacey Lacie
Spacey Lacie - 3 years ago
He actually tried to bamboozle you! Deserves more than that left hook you obviously gave him ;-)
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
haha I was coming off being awake for 30+ hrs the day before. Had to write a talk, meet everyone, try to scape a tank i have never scaped before with supplies i have never used. All the while, competing against one of my favourite scapers. I knew i would win the votes. But I wasnt there to win. I was there to meet the people that came to see me and simply promote that side of the hobby.
Giraffey Jackie
Giraffey Jackie - 3 years ago
I see me lol
Mauricio Marioni
Mauricio Marioni - 3 years ago
Well this is the earliest I've ever been on one of Joey's videos
David B.
David B. - 3 years ago
That's what I call an embarrassment of riches as far as support goes!
Cichlidscape •
Cichlidscape • - 3 years ago
Typical Yorkshire lass! Hahahahaha did you go to the pub?
Cichlidscape •
Cichlidscape • - 3 years ago
matthew atmore said everything Yorkshire man
Cichlidscape •
Cichlidscape • - 3 years ago
The king of DIY guess the Yorkshire lass traveled down for it! Haha glad you enjoyed your time in England joey
matthew atmore
matthew atmore - 3 years ago
I'm from Wakefield
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
This was in London
Goldenboots Gaming
Goldenboots Gaming - 3 years ago
WOOOO! So excited to watch this!
CeeGee - 3 years ago
You're famous Joey! The look on everyones face when you walked in was just great!
Naseef Amin
Naseef Amin - 3 years ago
CuddlyCactus Gaming
CuddlyCactus Gaming - 3 years ago
Brilliant! No losers thats for sure.
Paulo Carrolo
Paulo Carrolo - 3 years ago
Gonna be back in a bit for HD
MufinTM - 3 years ago
Like my post
Gol Bu
Gol Bu - 3 years ago
I missed the past few videos
JDM FREAK - 3 years ago
Thumbs up Joey won
Felix Joseph
Felix Joseph - 3 years ago
Is this competition?
4 Cool Kidz
4 Cool Kidz - 3 years ago
#NotificationSquad Where U At ?
Epicboy 2004
Epicboy 2004 - 3 years ago
If I didn't have school id be here, meeting you
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 3 years ago
This was last saturday
A Chen
A Chen - 3 years ago
Ahh I'm so excited to watch this video
Libertybell Cichlids
Libertybell Cichlids - 3 years ago
You lucky shit lol
BEERM0NST3R - 3 years ago
No views but 4 comments
Ender Flight
Ender Flight - 3 years ago
It's here! Now I'm sad I don't live in England :)
Baksteen - 3 years ago
like the video
Benjamin san a jong
Benjamin san a jong - 3 years ago
not first but almost
Mark Haycocks
Mark Haycocks - 3 years ago
Thumbs up then watch!
TheBigDonkey 666
TheBigDonkey 666 - 3 years ago
Seventh comment
Cheng Chun Chee
Cheng Chun Chee - 3 years ago
Hope you had fun in the UK
Clutch Piggie
Clutch Piggie - 3 years ago
CΞNK TR - 3 years ago
Yuvraj Makkar
Yuvraj Makkar - 3 years ago
leetlebob thank you
leetlebob - 3 years ago
CΞNK TR exciting*
Travel With Kit
Travel With Kit - 3 years ago
Third Wooooo getting closer baaaaaaaabeeeey!
Alejandro marquez
Alejandro marquez - 3 years ago
Waiting for this video
Emily LovesHorses
Emily LovesHorses - 3 years ago
First view first comment? Cant wait for the video
Ruby Leeming
Ruby Leeming - 3 years ago
Bradley Bunch
Bradley Bunch - 3 years ago
Outdoor Survival
Outdoor Survival - 3 years ago
Yay my day is complete
Bradley Bunch
Bradley Bunch - 3 years ago
Will Stogden
Will Stogden - 3 years ago
McKay Mayes
McKay Mayes - 3 years ago
McKay Mayes
McKay Mayes - 3 years ago
Maddy Grabham
Maddy Grabham - 3 years ago

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