Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

Video from Legendary Takashi Amano's Amazing gallery in Japan

Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 137

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Video from Legendary Takashi Amano's Amazing gallery in Japan

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for Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

2Fish1Tank - 5 years ago
In case you are wondering, yes! i too am cringing at my music choices... This channel was my first attempt at youtube and it shows xD That being said I was unaware that my channel had gained such a following so i wanted to come and say thank you! also I will now rebuild my channel and have decided to start putting out weekly content. Looking forward to it!
Primordial Pete
Primordial Pete - 5 years ago
I get your reasons but I am still very angry.
Sławomir Strzelecki
Sławomir Strzelecki - 5 years ago
Byłem tam 4 razy zjawisko z kosmosu!!!!
Randy Guangzhou
Randy Guangzhou - 5 years ago
I think I can aquascape similar like him if I had everything I need
Dumping Mygun
Dumping Mygun - 5 years ago
I thumbs down because of the music.
twinturbo111 - 5 years ago
Totally wrong music type
Ján Švasta
Ján Švasta - 5 years ago
I went here to soak some inspiration for my new nano. Worked well ! :O
Johny Chris
Johny Chris - 5 years ago
even me having planted aquarium but compared to urs mine is 20% because in our place i could not get plants... Can you contact me as am very interested... +91962 989 4888
Firda Maqfira
Firda Maqfira - 5 years ago
my trees cant grow up :( so sad
Gurvan Cevaer
Gurvan Cevaer - 5 years ago
comment peut-on mettre une musique aussi merdique avec de si belles images

10. comment for Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

Gr8Success - 5 years ago
banging my head on the keyboard on the eurobeat :)))vnasflsflnsdfjln vsfjlv sfjbvfjkbdf'skl'bsfgnflgdflkgdfl;kg f kbnkk mboproper
James Stewart
James Stewart - 5 years ago
What soundtrack is this from Mega man!?
FAaz Khan
FAaz Khan - 5 years ago
Asal Gitu
Asal Gitu - 5 years ago
just one the song so baf
BettaFish 2017
BettaFish 2017 - 5 years ago
Can anyone see any filters on any of these tanks? All I can see is just Co2 injection, that's it. Shouldn't the tanks have filtration since they have fish in?
Vitalik Buljahovskuj
Vitalik Buljahovskuj - 5 years ago
Tata Dayax
Tata Dayax - 5 years ago
very nice underwater view....
Gustavo Martinez Martinez
Gustavo Martinez Martinez - 5 years ago
hola :)
Monkey Bar
Monkey Bar - 5 years ago
And then there's an earthquake.....:(
Stefano siciliano
Stefano siciliano - 5 years ago
ciao iscriviti al mio canale

20. comment for Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

Leorinel Getes
Leorinel Getes - 6 years ago
I want this. I really love your aquascaping.
whyeff21 - 6 years ago
Subzero and Scorpion are fighting in the background next to the teenager doing fancy tricks with glowsticks. Too bad they're invisible. * cough*
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 6 years ago
Buen video de la obra del maestro Takashi pero la música de fondo es repugnante...quiten la porfavor
ALii B
ALii B - 6 years ago
F this music
ManuelChevelle - 6 years ago
You guys are talking about the music? This guy sucks at filming!!
Matthew Chapman
Matthew Chapman - 6 years ago
Terrible music, not the least bit fitting.
poorya poorhoseini
poorya poorhoseini - 6 years ago
Soumick Mazumder
Soumick Mazumder - 6 years ago
man those are some crazy ass awesome tanks dude ! radical
Arshi Danda
Arshi Danda - 6 years ago
I want one such in India please tell me, shall I come to your place or can I place an order?
Dennis Ebert
Dennis Ebert - 6 years ago
great video but the music... dude wtf

30. comment for Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

saru Rai
saru Rai - 6 years ago
nice love it
saru Rai
saru Rai - 6 years ago
nice love it
Artek338 - 6 years ago
Music ruins this video :(
Hanako Akira
Hanako Akira - 6 years ago
Khi tôi biết đến TAKASHI AMANO thì đã quá muộn rồi
Hanako Akira
Hanako Akira - 6 years ago
where are you now? TAKASHI AMANO???? :((
Nikolai Vragalev
Nikolai Vragalev - 6 years ago
зачем эта ужасная музыка????
Bong Bong
Bong Bong - 6 years ago
Great aquariums but gay music.
xavi er
xavi er - 6 years ago
howmuch would a tank like this costs for us to buy , with all the plant and fish and is there a good website for belgium to order these ?
Simo Savustaja
Simo Savustaja - 6 years ago
Aquarium 80-300e (depends what lights and what you want under the aquarium) Plants are 4-6e /plant and these fish are pretty basic so about 2-4e /fish. Most of these aquariums contain many plants so overall maybe 600-1000e? (containing: substrat, rocks, trees etc.)
Daria Driessen
Daria Driessen - 6 years ago
I think Amanos are hard to get, but there are many Aquarium stores (also online) who will offer similar aquariums and custom orders. You can find one nearby on google maps for example, but it will cost you a few hundred euros...depends on the store. Amanos should be really expensive compared to that!
xavi er
xavi er - 6 years ago
and i mean a normal size like about 80-100l
Terry Bell
Terry Bell - 6 years ago
Amano didn't worry about hiding his hardware. I always put tubes, etc. behind plants, rocks and such but he leaves them out in the open. I think that spoils the ethereal mood of the aquarium. Too technical to help the viewer totally appreciate the tank and it's contents.
Terry Bell
Terry Bell - 6 years ago
Leave the zoom alone. Let your subject do the moving not the camera!
Terry Bell
Terry Bell - 6 years ago
With all the plants and rocks and trees, where do the plecos and catfish exist? Serious question.
Terry Bell
Terry Bell - 6 years ago
Great 'scapes. Video left me wanting more fish and plants instead of stands, floors and guys standing around in dark suits. That music has to go. Aquariums are supposed to be relaxing to look at and this example belonged in a club somewhere. Thanks for uploading, though.
David Ball
David Ball - 6 years ago
8:20 can you see the clown skull?
olizardokingo - 6 years ago
This music would be good if I was playing a sidesrcroller, but it clashes with the gallery.
James Stewart
James Stewart - 5 years ago
Yes!!! I was thinking MegaMan!!!
Philip lion
Philip lion - 6 years ago
Khitaro Momoja
Khitaro Momoja - 6 years ago
how do they make algea free the glass panel of the tanks.
masamune2823 - 6 years ago
The live plants outcompete the algae for nutrients/growth with proper lighting and CO2 supplementation. Other than that, they likely don't add anything to suppress algae growth.
MotormouthFZ D
MotormouthFZ D - 6 years ago
I have never seen such beautiful freshwater planted aquariums, Im a reef guy now I will try this.
vincent chau
vincent chau - 6 years ago
poor camera man
Kian Tadayoni
Kian Tadayoni - 6 years ago
what lights are they using?
Hanibaltherogue - 6 years ago
Hmm saw some Amono tanks, great man. RIP. But WTF is with this music? I dont think Amano-san would like it :-P

50. comment for Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

josue soares
josue soares - 6 years ago
Brasileiros que curtem???
Destruction is Creation
Destruction is Creation - 6 years ago
Where in Japan?
MrZapparin - 6 years ago
Delia Lopez
Delia Lopez - 6 years ago
Oleg Reshetov
Oleg Reshetov - 6 years ago
Great aquascapes, Terrible music
Лучший травник
Лучший травник - 7 years ago
Kevin Porter
Kevin Porter - 7 years ago
Why do people choose such God awful music for videos like this?
AdamOrnelles - 7 years ago
As a geologist I can't help but like hardscapes, and wonder what happens during earthquakes to those closely filled rimless aquariums. There are earthquakes like every month in most of japan...
Najkstory FishFever
Najkstory FishFever - 7 years ago
Super tanks! :)
Patrick Ong
Patrick Ong - 7 years ago
Oh my...i didn't know he has passed on. I hope his skills has not died with him. RIP...
Kenneth Cary
Kenneth Cary - 7 years ago
eko prastyo
eko prastyo - 7 years ago
love it...
RS M'raj
RS M'raj - 7 years ago
these are amazing
roni novrendi
roni novrendi - 7 years ago
what plants is that?
roni novrendi
roni novrendi - 7 years ago
+ShinyGoldBacon i got it.. thanks captain :D
ShinyGoldBacon - 7 years ago
+roni novrendi If you mean the tall stuff in the back part, that looks like a type of rotala. I have rotala rotundifolia that looks kind of like that.
ChingRoarz - 7 years ago
how come these tanks don't use filters and heat?? is it cuz it's planted tank so they don't need it???
AdamOrnelles - 7 years ago
+ChingRoarz They are filtered, with canister filters.
Beat Down
Beat Down - 7 years ago
ShinyGoldBacon - 7 years ago
I thought you were bashing me or something. :(
Beat Down
Beat Down - 7 years ago
now you learned something :)
ShinyGoldBacon - 7 years ago
+CS Saldus I misread "is wrong and right" as just "is wrong",  and thought you meant that planted tanks always need filters...I was just defending my thoughts on filterless tanks. :(

I never knew lily pipes existed until your comment. I didn't know. :(
Beat Down
Beat Down - 7 years ago
he asked "these tanks" look at the tanks. theyre all using lily pipes.
ShinyGoldBacon - 7 years ago
+CS Saldus I'm not wrong, planted tanks don't always need filters. It's called the walstad method. This has been a thing for a long time. I have one, too, though I use a filter for water flow.

I've never heard of lily pipes. I thought those were a co2 system in the video. :(
Beat Down
Beat Down - 7 years ago
+ChingRoarz shinyGoldBacon is wrong and right. The fish waste helps fertilize the plants and substrate, but there are filters being used in all of these tanks. The filters are external canister filters that have the water re routed to them through lily pipes. Lily pipes are glass pipes that hang over the edge into the tank. One is an inflow, the other is an outflow, and the little bubbly thing on the opposite side is a Co2 diffuser. The Co2 diffuser puts out a constant co2 spray to help the plants grow and the fish breathe.
ShinyGoldBacon - 7 years ago
+ChingRoarz Often a healthy heavily-planted tank with a small fishload can maintain itself without need of a mechanical filter. You just need to find the balance between fish poo and plants.

I'm assuming the building these are in is kept at a constant warm temperature, or there are heaters hidden somewhere in/around the tanks.
Siddharth pothukunuri
Siddharth pothukunuri - 7 years ago
these aquariums are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
agus2001 - 7 years ago
another example of a good video ruined by absolutely shitty music.
Connormgs - 5 years ago
these are some killer choons bro
carlos augusto
carlos augusto - 6 years ago
eu gostei do som.dance
Davos eyey
Davos eyey - 6 years ago
this is sooooooooooooooooooooo right
stardust 板野
stardust 板野 - 7 years ago
+agus2001 if you don't like it, doesn't make this music shit. you just don't like it. just turn off the music. as simple as that.
I - 7 years ago
+agus2001 Mute the video. Turn on your music. Done.
agus2001 - 7 years ago
no, the clown job I leave to you, hence why I just named you an ass clown.  
listenratata - 7 years ago
+agus2001 clown?
agus2001 - 7 years ago
+listenratata I have a job you stupid ass clown.  I also have an education.  
listenratata - 7 years ago
+agus2001 get a job.
Will84ABA - 7 years ago
Rip Takashi Amano
SGE 1899
SGE 1899 - 7 years ago
RIP Takashi Amano.. i will pray to the Führer every morning
Pablitorrinco - 7 years ago
Amano is an newbie
wjhung2 - 7 years ago
I read that they don't let you take photos anymore. Was this before this rule was implemented or did you get special permission? Anyway. Awesome videos. Thanks for sharing!
sygy - 7 years ago
5:14 best door ever
ManicMindTrick - 6 years ago
Mason Dodd
Mason Dodd - 7 years ago
+jraker got me there
sygy - 7 years ago
It is still a door.
Mason Dodd
Mason Dodd - 7 years ago
+jraker Think it may be a closet
sygy - 7 years ago
Lagranarob -
Lagranarob - - 7 years ago
wtf?, that door is too thin for the average American, lol
Thor's Aquatics
Thor's Aquatics - 7 years ago
Imagine the maintenance on all of those tanks....
Jake Gilmayer
Jake Gilmayer - 7 years ago
the song in this vid was to cool!
jigglestumps - 7 years ago
And the prize for the most ridiculous combination of video and music goes toooo....
Yes, you guessed it.
nozii06 - 7 years ago
wtf with the music tho
victor perlain
victor perlain - 7 years ago
+nozii06 I like it, but doesn't really match this video, lol !
Heather Melvin
Heather Melvin - 7 years ago
+nozii06 Music is a bit much - have to agree. Aquariums on the other hand - incredible.
cyruszaydan - 7 years ago
Amazing tanks, but awful music! Why would anyone add such a soundtrack to the images of these beautiful tanks? Press mute and then watch!
Heather Melvin
Heather Melvin - 7 years ago
+cyruszaydan Agree ... on both accounts! :)
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac - 8 years ago
Works of a master. Amazing tanks.
Nate's Pet Mates
Nate's Pet Mates - 8 years ago
I wanna be a fish and live in one of those tanks.
Aaron2708 - 8 years ago
Some day, I'll have at least 1 tank that's as awesome as 1 of Amano's. Lmao I hope
Okinawanprince - 8 years ago
Breathtaking! This is absolutely on my bucket list.
Maggie the Border collie
Maggie the Border collie - 8 years ago
Ach jo :( stejně je to na nic co já bych za tuhle nádrž dala ale stejně moje takhle vypadat nemůže protože mi nejdou rostliny :( a to mám supstrát
Josh Rowe
Josh Rowe - 8 years ago
7:59 !!! Fuck man, omg that is beautiful.
Kristian Turner-Radford
Kristian Turner-Radford - 8 years ago
Where are the heaters for the tanks?
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde - 8 years ago
+Kristian Turner-Radford 20 litre is rather small, maybe hide it behind the drift wood  
Kristian Turner-Radford
Kristian Turner-Radford - 8 years ago
+Quinton quinton I see makes sense for a tank that large, I have a 200 litre with a canister and works fine. I'm currently setting up a 20litre nano scape but don't want to have an unsightly heater in there as its small and would ruin the clean look i'm going for, any suggestions?
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde - 8 years ago
+Kristian Turner-Radford I have a 1000litre tropical tank, we use a sump tank on it, better filtration than a canister , all components fit in the sump, we found the nitrate levels are high on the canister filter 
Kristian Turner-Radford
Kristian Turner-Radford - 8 years ago
+Quinton quinton What do you mean sump tank? There tropical not marine so they only need a canister filter 
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde - 8 years ago
probably in the sump tank
Radu Lacatusu
Radu Lacatusu - 8 years ago
Maybe someone can answer this. How come tanks are not covered? Is it save for fish? I had fish who jumped over in the past. And, how about if the tank is kept in your bedroom? 
linda linda
linda linda - 8 years ago
l mio sogno spero di realizzare. 
Etienne StjeanduCouteau
Etienne StjeanduCouteau - 8 years ago
Aquaipure was a ten minute ad?
You don't need that much time;
besides, my attention span isn't
much more than three minutes!!
Etienne StjeanduCouteau
Etienne StjeanduCouteau - 8 years ago
A new Utube record: the ad was longer than the video.
obel81 - 8 years ago
Alphaville -Big in Japan (remix)
Hannes Schneeball
Hannes Schneeball - 8 years ago
nobody wanted to know that. It was awfull
Ibrahim Keskin
Ibrahim Keskin - 8 years ago
Which one is the best sand to product "cuba"?
McCripz - 8 years ago
its all about the right balance
kk2dude - 8 years ago
Where did you buy this not-so-steady-cam ;)
I get dizzy watching this
mariusz.zuk9  zuk
mariusz.zuk9 zuk - 8 years ago
fish tank are wonderful but camera operator can't stop running???
Morten Reintoft
Morten Reintoft - 8 years ago
Lame music
Dingus - 8 years ago
Why are the Japanese so god damn superior at all this stuff? Bonzai, Gardens. Just amazing
laskolasko - 8 years ago
Ugh. I wish pressurized CO2 systems weren't like a bajillion dollars.
adam akwarysta amator
adam akwarysta amator - 8 years ago
ELIO TUDINO - 8 years ago
FiveCardArmy - 8 years ago
absolutely spectacular.
phil2fer33 - 8 years ago
the music is awful!!!
SleightofHand - 8 years ago
Filtration systems must have costed him a fortune, those filters are so expensive!
TooleralusAEnima - 8 years ago
is that ADA furniture or custom made? pretty sweet, modern and industrial looking

100. comment for Takashi Amano's Gallery in Japan - Part 1

ganybhat - 8 years ago
Mr.GTA5 MOD - 8 years ago
Hannes Schneeball
Hannes Schneeball - 8 years ago
+igancy lechowicz I laughed so hard i pooped a little
ignacy lechowicz
ignacy lechowicz - 8 years ago
go head make my ipod
RaRdEvA - 8 years ago
what kind of light use this aquariums?
Mikebiscuits - 8 years ago
ADA fixtures are either LED or metal halide 
Shehan Karu
Shehan Karu - 8 years ago
it's all about background,, with tiny fish, hmmm
Mikebiscuits - 8 years ago
Tiny fish produce less waste than large fish, tons of live plants + crazy filtration + virtually no waste = super high water quality. With the amount of work that goes in to maintaining these tanks every little bit helps to keep them healthy.
leo ll
leo ll - 8 years ago
+Taylor Ashton take the red pill...
Taylor Ashton
Taylor Ashton - 8 years ago
i agree
Taylor Ashton
Taylor Ashton - 8 years ago
+Shehan Karu Yeah personally tiny fish don't interest me, the greenery looks nice though I wish I could shrink myself down and swim around in it.
Shehan Karu
Shehan Karu - 8 years ago
i know but they should give out a magnifying glass along with it right
Taylor Ashton
Taylor Ashton - 8 years ago
It's all about creating a natural looking environment, the tiny fish make everything look bigger and I guess there is no risk of the burrowing or disturbing the plants because they're so tiny.
Tuấn Opens
Tuấn Opens - 8 years ago
Ôi đam mê của tui . Thú vui cua tui :v
DnZSpY - 8 years ago
John Doe
John Doe - 8 years ago
Nice tanks, nice video, god damn awful fucking music !!!!
Difan Lin
Difan Lin - 8 years ago
wtf.... i found a new hobby xD
reign4life - 6 years ago
We all get multiple tank syndrome at some point!!
Kristopher Blyth
Kristopher Blyth - 6 years ago
Watching too many youtube videos gave me the idea to get into aquarium keeping too. Still with my 20 gallon with my budget unfortumatey but I do plan to upgrade next year if the wife let's me, lol.
Gopz R G
Gopz R G - 8 years ago
what type of filters u use ...
Tethered_Limbs - 8 years ago
Where can i purchase that classy food dispenser at 3:55?
Mikebiscuits - 8 years ago
Pretty sure the ADA website has them, local fish stores won't carry them because Takeshi Amano himself has to grace you with a visit and then allow you to carry his products.
Fun Aquariums
Fun Aquariums - 8 years ago
Amazing set ups.  
Din Winchester
Din Winchester - 8 years ago
А что за песня играет?
Morris Falker
Morris Falker - 8 years ago
crystal clear water
silversurfer12371 - 8 years ago
Let's bulldoze the gallery and put a rice paddy in its place. After all, rice is far more important.
Duane C
Duane C - 8 years ago
Really?? So how many rice paddies do you have ??
Raghav Poojari
Raghav Poojari - 9 years ago
ProtagonistNonTheist - 9 years ago
For the tank at 4:30, how is that holding together with no euro-bracing whatsoever? It's a huge tank! I don't understand how the glass is not bowing, how the seams are holding, etc.
Mikebiscuits - 8 years ago
For the accessories I agree but at the same time ADA isn't meant for the average Joe, ADA is like the Ferrari of aquarium supplies. Stores can't stock their products unless Takeshi Amano gives his approval. To be honest with the quality of everything I got for the money I spent I feel it was well worth it, especially since I'm use to the mediocre (at best) Hagen products. 
ProtagonistNonTheist - 8 years ago
ADA is WAY overpriced though.
Mikebiscuits - 8 years ago
Also ADA stuff is the highest quality you can get. The Starfire glass is thicker than it looks thanks to how ridiculously clear it is. I bought myself an ADA nano tank and I spent more setting up that 8gal than I have on 40gal+ tanks.
Miguel van Biljon
Miguel van Biljon - 8 years ago
The tank isn't very tall. Extra support would be needed on a taller tank as the water pressure increases with depth.
davosat - 9 years ago
I always wonder what is in those cabinets....if someone knows please let me know :D
Manoj Khapekar
Manoj Khapekar - 8 years ago
CO2 system filter and other accessory 
Akvarie Planten
Akvarie Planten - 9 years ago
Please check my planted tank too and sub.
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 9 years ago
So. You take a video of a calm, relaxing and amazingly beautiful place and add this music to it?

That's like Amano adding pink gravel to his aquascape.....

cmon bro, you're better than this
Charlie Rutledge
Charlie Rutledge - 9 years ago
Thumbs up and sub'd. Great work! Keep it up. You could check out my channel and follow, if you want. That would be great. Spread the word. Good luck for 2014 :-)
sejgi6 - 9 years ago
Please could someone tell me or post a link to the glass case in every aquarium that create tiny bubbles? I guess it's the CO2. Thanks a lot!
ShamuAquariums - 9 years ago
3:39 roseline sharks(denison barbs) in an open top tank. not good but cool tanks !
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 9 years ago
What is this??? Is this Fish Heaven??? 
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 8 years ago
P.s.  hehe… :)
Blake Hudgens
Blake Hudgens - 9 years ago
Hey Man I love your vids!! I subbed and hope u can sub me back!!
2Fish1Tank - 9 years ago
you are correct, ill post a video tomorrow announcing you. message me your address or the address you want your prize sent
EbAyshooter - 9 years ago
The word is FUSS
2Fish1Tank - 9 years ago
Make sure that you post the word HERE or i can't accept it, do not privately message me the word. This is so everyone can see who posted first.

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