Underwater world of Discus

lago grande underwater vídeos

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lago grande underwater vídeos

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ikhsan saputra
ikhsan saputra - 5 years ago
nice fish ? please subscribe back
Joricano - 5 years ago
i'm not trying to troll this video but i would like to see people that say this is clean water drink a glass or two of this water
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 5 years ago
So in other words discus live in filthy murky water, vs what people say that it needs to be clear and clean
s_ r
s_ r - 5 years ago
Kevin spacey murky/ tannins water dosent mean its dirty chemically
Fabiana Bing
Fabiana Bing - 6 years ago
best song ever
mirozmar lopez diaz
mirozmar lopez diaz - 6 years ago
jajja lolo minecraft
Jim O'Neil
Jim O'Neil - 7 years ago
Can anyone tell me some of the other fish that are spotted in this video  ?
xnreyescj - 7 years ago
+Jim O'Neil Mesonauta egregious aka Flag cichlid aka Festivus cichlid
Austkrr b
Austkrr b - 7 years ago
it was beautiful watching. but when you surfaced with the fish in the net and still had that beautiful music playing, it looked fucked
Johanan Micaiah
Johanan Micaiah - 7 years ago
Why did you harm and stress them by catching them?? just leave them alone!
Linnsouu - 7 years ago
Is impossible that Discus life in very dirty and cloudy water!!! It's strange! :|
刘世龙 - 6 years ago
nono,the water is not dirty

10. comment for Underwater world of Discus

Carlos Coria
Carlos Coria - 7 years ago
I would have chosen different music for this non serene place. Coral reef maybe.
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison - 7 years ago
Who cares
Gregory Marrero
Gregory Marrero - 7 years ago
but it's nature whta do you expect lol
Gregory Marrero
Gregory Marrero - 7 years ago
amazing besides the dirt
Slimebeast Pug
Slimebeast Pug - 7 years ago
It's amazing that our aquarium fish species just live there in nature too.
Kalvin One
Kalvin One - 7 years ago
I m amazed how their natural habitat looks dirty. Is that normal or it 's just that place which is not water cleared ?
realvipul - 6 years ago
even if its chemically clean i can clearly see unclear water.
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde - 7 years ago
looks that way. but water is very very clean
GLOW - 8 years ago
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speel - 8 years ago
+GLOW<<<<<<FishCare-discus.blogspot.com <<<
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Bogdan Milutinovic
Bogdan Milutinovic - 8 years ago
Gde se pecaju
Tom Conner
Tom Conner - 8 years ago
you people are hilarious, murky water does not mean dirty water. and the other fish are Festivus
joao gustavo
joao gustavo - 8 years ago
mande seu contato....
William Schumm
William Schumm - 8 years ago
this proves its all about the biological activity, ph,  and constant oxygen in the water...not how clear it is.
seadooman o
seadooman o - 5 years ago
William Schumm you missed the point the cleaner the water better the growth

20. comment for Underwater world of Discus

Viet Dinh
Viet Dinh - 8 years ago
Oh my god murky water does not mean that the water is not clean. This is natural water with natural elements that are completely natural to this environment. It's not shit.
Ondan Ryan
Ondan Ryan - 8 years ago
Murky water and discus?? ppl say it needs clean water lol
Jose miguel
Jose miguel - 8 years ago
Muy bueno!! Hermosos discos.
oscar ivan
oscar ivan - 8 years ago
Maravilloso :D verlos en su hábitat natural, soy amante de los peces. Buen video!!
K00L VIDEOS - 8 years ago
nice video dude thanx
Pranav - 8 years ago
good one
Stratos D
Stratos D - 8 years ago
the fish on 1:27 are mesonauta festivus
motti9000 - 9 years ago
Hi. Very butifull. Pleade tell me how do you make the filtiration? How do you keep on the ph an hardness? Please advise me.
Matt - 9 years ago
festivum cichlid. looks like a cross between an angel and a severum. very nice
Kaccie Li
Kaccie Li - 9 years ago
That's probably not true but they are delicate. I've killed many discus in my life, but never a single green terror or fire mouth.

30. comment for Underwater world of Discus

D GW - 9 years ago
I was wondering that too! Looks like some type of wild anglefish to me.
D GW - 9 years ago
who says your not? I keep a fair amount of water flow. my Discus like to 'play' in it. The biggest concern is stability of your water parameters.
D GW - 9 years ago
horrible advice. You don't have a clue about proper fish keeping.
NebSegdoh - 9 years ago
I will lets everyone in on something out there. Most of the big fish stores are full of crap. Ok, now with that said. lets tell some truth. fish need clean water? yes! do your tanks have to look like a picture in a book or how someone that sells fish dose? No! Keep a good flow in your tank. change about 20-30% of the water every 2-3 weeks. and clean your filters ever 30 days. Don't over stock your tank. one inch of fish per gallon of water. and all should be fine.
chrisherself - 9 years ago
The water they come from may not be crystal _clear_, but it is extremely clean. Clean water in aquariums tends to be quite clear which is why the focus seems to be on clarity. Cleanliness is key though!
zorzo999 - 9 years ago
Nicolas Bowling
Nicolas Bowling - 9 years ago
3:00 what type of fish is this?
Maddabbersfo - 9 years ago
Awesome video nice to see discus in the wild
EmoGii - 10 years ago
festivum cichlid
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 10 years ago
what are those fish along with discus on 1:27? i want them too together with my discus!
acuarismo perù
acuarismo perù - 10 years ago
acuarismoperu com
jason bourne
jason bourne - 10 years ago
makes me think people dont need crystal clean everybody goes on about crystal clean water but they dont come from crystal clean water they come from the water they like
Kike Denis
Kike Denis - 10 years ago
Crystal water or murky water doesn't mean anything, because in this environment the water is like that because there's a lot of wood and tree leaves that makes the water "murky", but the water is perfect becuases there's low nitrate and phosphate
ZA56AA - 10 years ago
You are right. But you already gave the answer that aquarium fishes are farm bred and on the other hand imagine if tanks were NOT crystal clear water and they had cloudy not crystal water instead; Would that be pretty; However i agree that fishes live in thi environment for millions of years;
Bobby Shotz
Bobby Shotz - 10 years ago
Some go as high as $200...Damn right people are fussy with em lol *) I'd rather just go where they are and snatch some up! Fish prices are retarded, which is exactly why I'm trying to learn every aspect of breeding discus and some Saltwater breeds!!
Brett Schornack
Brett Schornack - 10 years ago
who knew such beutiful fish could survive and come from such a murky enviroment.
Jordan W
Jordan W - 10 years ago
Cichlasoma festivum
Dash Boy
Dash Boy - 10 years ago
Everyone is too fussy with discus, they are tougher fish than many believe
millionaire tan
millionaire tan - 10 years ago
tks for the reply, it just look so like a gouramis
Christine Clifton
Christine Clifton - 10 years ago
there not gornamis lol its anouther type of cichlid

50. comment for Underwater world of Discus

Ajit Unni
Ajit Unni - 10 years ago
Awesome video.....keep it up......so far the best video I have seen
RayMondoART - 10 years ago
wow, such relaxing music, and such beautiful scenery.. though murky, we get to see fish in their natural habitat :)
Faiz khan
Faiz khan - 10 years ago
i totally agree with GeneralSadistik ..
MultiShmed - 10 years ago
Mesonauta festivus: Festive Cichlid, Flag Cichlid, Festivum. Does well in the same conditions as discus.
David Pope
David Pope - 10 years ago
That place needs a UV sterilizer, lol, jk, unless that's morgellons fungus, haha!!!
millionaire tan
millionaire tan - 10 years ago
how come there are gourami in South America?
millionaire tan
millionaire tan - 10 years ago
yeah, 24 X7 under water camera power by solar
FishAntsPlantsAndDave - 10 years ago
NicholAsian - 10 years ago
cause the tanks purpose is to expose the beauty as clearly as possible...
OwlKitties - 10 years ago
Those are festivums not gouramis -.-
PopKorn808 - 10 years ago
what kind of gourami?
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper - 10 years ago
We want aquarium water clear so we can see the fish better. As you say, many fish come from murky water, and they don't care if their aquarium water is clear.
Hiron 681
Hiron 681 - 10 years ago
ho visto anche altum un immersione del genere non ha prezzo x tutto il resto ce master card
Hiron 681
Hiron 681 - 10 years ago
che esperienza complimenti
minajaguar photography
minajaguar photography - 11 years ago
name of the music ?????????????
DM FARM - 11 years ago
Very nice. Good informations.
Tamim Ansari
Tamim Ansari - 11 years ago
Is this Amazon River!
TazDevil45 - 11 years ago
Awesome footage of a natural aquarium
CichlidLogic - 11 years ago
Amazing. I love seeing fish like discus and festivums in underwater videos!

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