Building a Backyard Pond

Step by Step Instructions. Building an above and below, ground, goldfish pond. Narration on each picture, by myself (Hipppy)

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Step by Step Instructions. Building an above and below, ground, goldfish pond. Narration on each picture, by myself (Hipppy)

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kayaking northeast
kayaking northeast - 5 years ago
That frame is weak can see it bowed
boomshine7 - 5 years ago
how would such a pond do in areas where winters go to -5 °C ?
darren gowland
darren gowland - 6 years ago
hi guys I have a pond with no liner, is this safe
Walter Higgens
Walter Higgens - 6 years ago
unless you used concrete and waterproofed it with Aquafin or something similar you're probably going to spend a fortune in water bills keeping it filled.
Holme13 - 7 years ago
The force of water is very strong so I built this type of pond using 6x6 treated lumber in 8' and 16' lengths for an 8 x 16 pond.  I built three courses above ground and each was screwed to the layer below using 10" galvanized lag bolts countersunk 1" every 18".  This may sound like overkill but freezing water...  Also, each course overlaps the other at the corners with horrizontally driven 10" lag bolts connecting the corners.  This has lasted 3 yrs so far and is perfect still.
Pale Horse
Pale Horse - 6 years ago
Do you have any pictures?
ki li
ki li - 7 years ago
why u have to put the stalks in? water wont move wood wont move its so shallow anyway unless the above ground higher than the below ground
boomshine7 - 5 years ago
but .... what if the tsunami came in ? bet you didnt think about that
Eric Bruggema
Eric Bruggema - 8 years ago
Thanks for the info! your mistake could save me time!... ;)
Dennis Scogin
Dennis Scogin - 8 years ago
watching this was like science class at the end of the school day. Houston we have a problem I fell asleep lol. but all in all nice pond.
Deborah B
Deborah B - 8 years ago
I loved this video....."Houston, I think we have a problem"  LOL.....Great video Thanks!
sissy murphy
sissy murphy - 8 years ago
Why would you not build your own filter to save money .Hose can be simple and cheap also use sump pump hose .I have been using it for over 10 years

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Mitchell Staley
Mitchell Staley - 8 years ago
Wish i had a pond like that!
LSMUSCL81 - 9 years ago
Got my wheels turning on upgrading my little pond!
Jon Sowerby
Jon Sowerby - 9 years ago
loved watvhing this :)
itomba - 9 years ago
I don't care if its treated or cedar, that wood wall will rot fast sitting directly on the ground
Phil Riddle
Phil Riddle - 9 years ago
treated wood will leach toxic chemicals into your pond......perhaps ceder would have been better
Ghost X
Ghost X - 9 years ago
swiftstyles - 10 years ago
Thanks for the vid. i was going to build a 13'x5'x3 pond using concrete blocks as the frame. After seeing this I will be going with a wooden frame instead. So the entire frame is built with 2x4's or something larger?
Bradley Welch
Bradley Welch - 10 years ago
Uh-hu hu, your pole is 25'' long.
8Zeitgeist - 10 years ago
oink oink suuuueeeEEEE!
Chris Penrod
Chris Penrod - 10 years ago
I'd play the music from deliverance but I think you do it better all on your own.

20. comment for Building a Backyard Pond

Chris Penrod
Chris Penrod - 10 years ago
Dude you're an idiot. Look how your walls are bowing out already on day one when you fill! Seriously? Tetra filters are not the stuff you want to use for this sort of thing. Did you ask anyone about what you should do , or the types of equipment you should use? I see that you submitted this a year ago. Is the pond still running? Or is it a burned out patch of lawn by now because your wife saw how miserable how this turned out.
Chuck - 10 years ago
Good idea about the fence poles.You can get a UV Light Pump for the pond and it will keep it from going green,I have a 70 gallon Malawi Chiclids fish tank it keeps it spotless.I got a pumps at Lowe's a Filter w/UV light the cheapest one with the UV light.You could tell when the pump was dirty the water would go green and clean your pump and the pond would be clean in a few hours.FYI Goldfish don't have stomachs feed at least 2 times a day.I've had the to pond to freeze over and the fish are ok
harry lolmaet
harry lolmaet - 10 years ago
where are the pipes from?:)
Carl Hayden
Carl Hayden - 10 years ago
this has given me a great idea as how to build my own pond i have a preformed one at the moment but after watching this video and the costs i think im on my way to building something similar thanks again carl south wales uk
Christopher William Peter Ashby
Christopher William Peter Ashby - 10 years ago
this guy is a moron
Murali N
Murali N - 11 years ago
LOVED your video.Thank you
madmantony69 - 11 years ago
hi dood u gave me sum great ideas and will carry on watching em the pond is great but i was told it has to be min 3 foot deep maybe this is becuz i live in uk and winters r bad do to freezing ill show my new pond wen im dun
GypsyKing7 - 11 years ago
Well Done, very informative! Thanks
SkitzerPoindexter - 11 years ago
I really liked this video. It was very informative and very down to earth. It sounded like a friend of mine was telling me how to do this project. Cool. Thanks man.
8Zeitgeist - 11 years ago
@cwaj sorry for your loss

30. comment for Building a Backyard Pond

8Zeitgeist - 11 years ago
only a stoner would show his errors in creation lol
D. Truth Raven
D. Truth Raven - 11 years ago
very nice but should have went a litte deeper you had the extra liner and it would help the fish's
iLikETurtleS1029 - 12 years ago
thats a nice pond
Allen Deng
Allen Deng - 12 years ago
how much is all the supplies in total cost
zerounite - 12 years ago
Just a quick question ... the fishes, did they die during winter when it snowed?
bluesout3 - 12 years ago
Hello from Portugal. Nice and very informative video. It's nice that you did not over look the parts that most take for granted, ie-admitting when you goof up now and then :) ! Honest and simple and it works! Thanks for shareing. Gary
Veeboink - 12 years ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing!
Sue Zhang
Sue Zhang - 13 years ago
can i make one half size?
Kamoyaker - 13 years ago
Nice job, good presentation.
australianmade74 - 13 years ago
looks good but you could have builtit a little easier than what you had done.
Richard Walsh
Richard Walsh - 13 years ago
one of the best presentations i have seen. thanks for the time you've taken to bring that to us... if you got the time check out my pond construction. youtube(dot)com/watch?v=qyHkXoh1Wco thanks.
abaneyone - 13 years ago
Thanks! I'll follow your design!

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