Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Installation Ubbink ready-made pond sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1325

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Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

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for Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Pedro Goncalves
Pedro Goncalves - 5 years ago
Wot parece uma sanita de sapos
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar - 5 years ago
Maintenance problem
Sam Wagner
Sam Wagner - 5 years ago
how much was that all
Bi Bi
Bi Bi - 5 years ago
Very good !
funny dance from west side and funny face Naik
funny dance from west side and funny face Naik - 5 years ago
It is so nice
Ramon Sanchez
Ramon Sanchez - 5 years ago
Ha gvmxyskk
prateek choudhary
prateek choudhary - 5 years ago
vansh k
vansh k - 5 years ago
.cool lol
Marina Pajsk
Marina Pajsk - 5 years ago

10. comment for Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Sobha Priya
Sobha Priya - 5 years ago
rjalamin rjalamin
rjalamin rjalamin - 5 years ago
nice video
Aryan Nishad
Aryan Nishad - 5 years ago
where is the fish
Sheetalviren Vadnagra
Sheetalviren Vadnagra - 5 years ago
Really superb....
Nanigupal Sharkar
Nanigupal Sharkar - 5 years ago
Owen Gray
Owen Gray - 5 years ago
How many gallons is it
Aasha Aasha
Aasha Aasha - 5 years ago
Mayank Aggarwal
Mayank Aggarwal - 5 years ago
wow very nice (keep it up)
Pawel Wiselka
Pawel Wiselka - 5 years ago
What's price for this everything?
Blc ME
Blc ME - 5 years ago
Its beautiful, i appreciated.

20. comment for Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Adde Marfensyah
Adde Marfensyah - 5 years ago
its soooooo good
Raja Karoshiya
Raja Karoshiya - 5 years ago
mika XD
mika XD - 5 years ago
wow cool
Lasbeur Siham
Lasbeur Siham - 5 years ago
ram raven
ram raven - 5 years ago
Noah Wiro
Noah Wiro - 5 years ago
I like this podn
tabassum fiama
tabassum fiama - 5 years ago
고영민 - 5 years ago
Hang Khach
Hang Khach - 5 years ago
Tao lao
Ximena Rafael
Ximena Rafael - 5 years ago
Ami trein kwqso

30. comment for Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Squishyhamster113 Ya
Squishyhamster113 Ya - 5 years ago
I need to jump in that
a miauw
a miauw - 5 years ago
i dont like it
Lele M
Lele M - 5 years ago
Woe thats cool
Tango Victory
Tango Victory - 5 years ago
chetan sharma
chetan sharma - 5 years ago
Aliya Shaikh
Aliya Shaikh - 5 years ago
Nice very nice
Akash Shelke
Akash Shelke - 5 years ago
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar - 5 years ago
jajaja jajaja jajaja non
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar - 5 years ago
jajaja jajaja jajaja no
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar - 5 years ago
jajaja jajaja jajaja
mehmet atik
mehmet atik - 5 years ago
Marcella Santos
Marcella Santos - 5 years ago
SHADOW CREATION - 5 years ago
NTDTV - 5 years ago
Hi There, it's Alexei from NTD Television ( Your video is great, we totally love it! Our mission to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like repost it on our media pages and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at Thank you. :)
Hamza Soso
Hamza Soso - 5 years ago
وهو بكام
Quang Binh
Quang Binh - 5 years ago
HIMANI DEVI - 5 years ago
Prashant  Paints.
Prashant Paints. - 5 years ago
Glen Cairncross
Glen Cairncross - 5 years ago
Aniket Rajput
Aniket Rajput - 5 years ago
kya ek hamara bhi bana sakte ho ye

50. comment for Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

Aleš Čížek
Aleš Čížek - 5 years ago
Angi Angi
Angi Angi - 5 years ago
And a fish???
fatur Gathan
fatur Gathan - 6 years ago
The best
Sam, Edvalda e Erika coreografias
Sam, Edvalda e Erika coreografias - 6 years ago
Que daora
darlin balram
darlin balram - 6 years ago
Iove it
2008marieli - 6 years ago
Why can't' u add fish D:
Hmodee Hmodee
Hmodee Hmodee - 6 years ago
Dustin Fink
Dustin Fink - 6 years ago
I really lick the pond but l wood have to have it a bit bigger than that but i will try it thanks
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman - 6 years ago
Amazoing beautiful
Humna Malik
Humna Malik - 6 years ago
Dorotea Mihelj
Dorotea Mihelj - 6 years ago
Wow, coll
Christian Adam
Christian Adam - 6 years ago
how many levels are in this game?
Bommi Ram
Bommi Ram - 6 years ago
u both are very intelligent
APIZ BOYZ - 6 years ago
I'm waiting for the fish
Shuai Zhou
Shuai Zhou - 6 years ago
That looks really nice ..
Vnd Vsn
Vnd Vsn - 6 years ago
S Abd
S Abd - 6 years ago
عدي عاشور
fahad Iqbal
fahad Iqbal - 6 years ago
Beaytifull work
Janki Devi
Janki Devi - 6 years ago
So beautiful..
Henna khan
Henna khan - 6 years ago
whatever, i love this, but absence of water Lilly's i think
PS HOME - 6 years ago
Md Remon
Md Remon - 6 years ago
good job man. But, the lady was very quite.
fish tank arowana fish
fish tank arowana fish - 6 years ago
Zaigham Ali
Zaigham Ali - 6 years ago
What if we want to change the water
run4yourlife - 6 years ago
Very nicely done.
ニャン子激おこ - 6 years ago
Alexia Gutierrez
Alexia Gutierrez - 6 years ago
cuanto se tardalon?
TotalNick41 - 6 years ago
what the hell are they wearing... my god
T-Rex DaBeast
T-Rex DaBeast - 6 years ago
this shit was ugly.
hongpingmike - 6 years ago
Are these space men? wtf are they wearing?
joeele felish30
joeele felish30 - 6 years ago
Ruchi Kashup
Ruchi Kashup - 6 years ago
ganesh tike
ganesh tike - 6 years ago
it's very nice video
Fast Solution
Fast Solution - 6 years ago
she looks very sad
Pinoy big bro Lucky seven
Pinoy big bro Lucky seven - 6 years ago
wow it looks horrible
It's yo boy nate Ridgeway
It's yo boy nate Ridgeway - 6 years ago
what's up with the suits
Yuly Ramirez
Yuly Ramirez - 6 years ago
donde puedo comprar una tina de esas
upsidedahead - 6 years ago
did you go for a motorbike ride before or after ?
Natalie Chavez
Natalie Chavez - 6 years ago
Chioma Grace Ijomah
Chioma Grace Ijomah - 6 years ago
Is that a fish pond?
Boosted Lawnmower
Boosted Lawnmower - 6 years ago
They edited out the part where the husband and wife argue about where the pond should go and everything
cupcake cat
cupcake cat - 6 years ago
am i the only person to be on this vid for no reason?
clorox bleach
clorox bleach - 5 years ago
cupcake cat nope
Zaara Khan so cute
Zaara Khan so cute - 6 years ago
SAMBHU S - 6 years ago
Mike cortese
Mike cortese - 6 years ago
o.k., this is not an easy task for just anybody.
Veysel Kilic
Veysel Kilic - 6 years ago
beyler turkiyeden varmi
Marcela Maria
Marcela Maria - 6 years ago
CAMPING CHANNEL - 6 years ago
How can I clean the water.
Richie Aprile
Richie Aprile - 6 years ago
God I'd love to have a garden, I've always lived in crappy tower blocks
Channel D
Channel D - 6 years ago
amazing decoration in small space

100. comment for Installation Ubbink ready-made pond

samar sbaih
samar sbaih - 6 years ago
i love this
prasanta mohanty
prasanta mohanty - 6 years ago
is this a pond? .. too much dear I was not able to stop loughing...
fox tv
fox tv - 6 years ago
Yeidcol Chavira
Yeidcol Chavira - 6 years ago
Baronsilog - 6 years ago
overall cost? reply pls
Kimberly Bennett
Kimberly Bennett - 6 years ago
that's actually pretty cool
AnimePabu - 6 years ago
That water fall rock thing needs to look more real it looks fake af
alfredo ledezma
alfredo ledezma - 6 years ago
they are so creative
Sailendra Reddy Munnangi
Sailendra Reddy Munnangi - 6 years ago
Your dedication is super
sachin solanki
sachin solanki - 6 years ago
where the flowing water goes? continuously in the soil??? its the best way to demolish your house over time.
sofranolde gilles
sofranolde gilles - 6 years ago
qui parle français et regarde cette vidéo
لُوَلُيَ لُوَلُيَ احُمٌدِ
لُوَلُيَ لُوَلُيَ احُمٌدِ - 5 years ago
swisscraft butt gen
swisscraft butt gen - 6 years ago
Moi pourquoi?
sofranolde gilles
sofranolde gilles - 6 years ago
Evelyn B cool
Evelyn B
Evelyn B - 6 years ago
sofranolde gilles moi
Sachin Gondhale
Sachin Gondhale - 6 years ago
wow heads of to you guys
Erwin Comabig
Erwin Comabig - 6 years ago
cool fish pand
Myriam Elizabeth Viadas Oaxaca
Myriam Elizabeth Viadas Oaxaca - 6 years ago
CUCCIOLIe CUCINANDOallegramente - 6 years ago
Some YouTuber :p
Some YouTuber :p - 6 years ago
No fish :(
Lee Clark
Lee Clark - 6 years ago
simple effective and done correctly great job guys end product looked alot more expensive that this project would have been love the the planting aswell turned a pretty much boring space into something fun and attractive thumbs up from me @yourfriendlyweekendgardener
Shilpa Dharme
Shilpa Dharme - 6 years ago
Lee Clark
Ravinder Chopra
Ravinder Chopra - 6 years ago
from where to buy this pond plastic structurr
Kimmie Weaver
Kimmie Weaver - 6 years ago
please someone tell me... can you have some type of pond with fish or gold fish without the water plants?
sukha kinara
sukha kinara - 6 years ago
it's available in another country?
Maddybunnytime Bunnytoys
Maddybunnytime Bunnytoys - 6 years ago
Wow that looks good love it
Maddybunnytime Bunnytoys
Maddybunnytime Bunnytoys - 6 years ago
Wtf are they wearing
dude 57 arizona
dude 57 arizona - 6 years ago
how much is this 100000 Hass I can make one cheap 500 bucks
Abbas Hussain
Abbas Hussain - 6 years ago
how to clean ?
Lunminthang Haokip
Lunminthang Haokip - 6 years ago
very creative husband and wife.
Sami Saleem
Sami Saleem - 6 years ago
well done
Ryu W.
Ryu W. - 6 years ago
I once had a pond for one week. Every day little me found dead bats in there......
Masterbango Blast
Masterbango Blast - 6 years ago
#1 should be call before doing any digging in your backyard
MCS #i8888
MCS #i8888 - 6 years ago
because too naturally I'm afraid someday will happen cobras that spawn in the bush thickets
Elena Sandoval
Elena Sandoval - 6 years ago
รัตนา ฤาวิชนะ
รัตนา ฤาวิชนะ - 6 years ago
Toy Gaming
Toy Gaming - 6 years ago
good luck to you
chase Wilson
chase Wilson - 6 years ago
breath-taking design
chase Wilson
chase Wilson - 6 years ago
how many gallons is that pond
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 6 years ago
WTF are they gonna put in there minnows lol
Top Doge
Top Doge - 6 years ago
nice dirt
Vangala Venkatreddy
Vangala Venkatreddy - 6 years ago
Patrick& Prissylia Daily Video's
Patrick& Prissylia Daily Video's
Patrick& Prissylia Daily Video's - 6 years ago
Top Doge
Richard Habicher
Richard Habicher - 7 years ago
This is wonderful teamwork and brings back memories when I built mine first one and it popped out 2x as I had not allowed for pond to lift but did learn and provided a drain after the viaskos. Now I have added others to it but it is a hobby and I stay home a lot more. Richard in Australia no ice here!
noorhtc - 7 years ago
Hi can someone please tell me the name of the parts used to connect the hose to the waterfall at 3:52 ?
Ivelisse German
Ivelisse German - 6 years ago
noorhtc d f
Tân Mario
Tân Mario - 7 years ago
Edards ddcaua
Zaeem Khan
Zaeem Khan - 6 years ago
Tân Mario 7u7
famousfive - 7 years ago
great job - it look like anyone could do that. thanks
xPsycho -_-GunZz
xPsycho -_-GunZz - 7 years ago
Wonderfull design i most say
aguyandhiscomputer - 7 years ago
I would use creeping Jenny to grow over the edge and into the pond. Will cover the black plastic edge nicely.
Bobby buck
Bobby buck - 7 years ago
Why didnt you have a filter
Dimaz Cool
Dimaz Cool - 6 years ago
Ge Vang
Ge Vang - 6 years ago
Bobby buck
Mohammed Ishaq
Mohammed Ishaq - 6 years ago
Bobby buck
aguyandhiscomputer - 7 years ago
Bobby buck I suppose the pump has one built-in but I would want a pre-filter.
Yang Hoon Goh
Yang Hoon Goh - 7 years ago
LuvCali28 - 7 years ago
Were those aliens?
ThunderDivine - 7 years ago
What color spraypaint should we get for the grass? Let's go with green!!! ^
Pedro Goncalves
Pedro Goncalves - 5 years ago
What color spraypaiint
Franco Araya
Franco Araya - 5 years ago
Los palmeras
Keith Stein
Keith Stein - 5 years ago
ThunderDivine ikr
Zaky Aslam
Zaky Aslam - 5 years ago
Jarah Lajara
Jarah Lajara - 5 years ago
Filipino movies
la la
la la - 5 years ago
张烨 - 6 years ago
不 bhryhidhffum
aguyandhiscomputer - 7 years ago
ThunderDivine can't say I've seen green before... can't think of why.
elvistheking - 7 years ago
really nice pond
Starra estera
Starra estera - 7 years ago
WOW! it really looks GOOD! :)
joe c
joe c - 7 years ago
thats not a pond thats a puddle
Nisha Sharma
Nisha Sharma - 5 years ago
Very nice
姜懷英 - 5 years ago
joe c !,
Cam LaCroix
Cam LaCroix - 6 years ago
Hater who can't afford one is jealous
Guillermo McFarlane
Guillermo McFarlane - 6 years ago
joe c A pretty deep puddle
Erwin Comabig
Erwin Comabig - 6 years ago
you shod shy to yuor sillf thats not good and the god is waching you and thangs for you sad jeshon joe
No-Ones Home
No-Ones Home - 6 years ago
well, unless your American. Bigger ain't always better. it looks like it could be a European garden, so would be quite a small garden anyway, and you dont want a pond thing up the whole of the back garden.
John Mark Tan
John Mark Tan - 6 years ago
Abby Venabides
sts sts
sts sts - 6 years ago
joe c What ever looks nice bro
Abby Venabides
Abby Venabides - 6 years ago
joe c
Michael Solis
Michael Solis - 6 years ago
joe c a very pretty puddle.
Fellatio Belsen
Fellatio Belsen - 7 years ago
Shite shite shite suitable for frogs only at a push!
aguyandhiscomputer - 7 years ago
Fellatio Belsen only word I understood was frog.
cole perkins
cole perkins - 7 years ago
why are they in space gear hahaha
jackie maree
jackie maree - 7 years ago
ugh that looks so difficult :(
victoria jadue
victoria jadue - 7 years ago
Not at all. I did and is very durable compared to flexible plastic ponds. It takes a while but the result is absolutely better ... or so I think.
Rocky Madness
Rocky Madness - 7 years ago
Rocky Madness
Rocky Madness - 7 years ago
i - 7 years ago
how dose the water get filtered
Kiera Osborne
Kiera Osborne - 5 years ago
You have spelled does wrong
Wyatt Y Grose
Wyatt Y Grose - 6 years ago
the pump that the placed below the surface filters the water as well was moves it around to discourage algal growth or mosphito inhabitation.
Jupiter Stars
Jupiter Stars - 7 years ago
Ain't nobody got time fo dat
Cindy Sue
Cindy Sue - 7 years ago
You can do it in 1 weekend it looks like.
Mary Maggie
Mary Maggie - 7 years ago
how many gallons does the performed pond has?
Tesslynn Amburgey
Tesslynn Amburgey - 7 years ago
I built a great waterfall with oil changing pans, the black plastic type from the dollar store along with a kiddie pool someone on craigslist was giving away free...ponds can be done on the cheap and work nicely. I run it with a solar fountain. Nothing has to be pricey if you are creative
Anuradha Khare
Anuradha Khare - 5 years ago
Tesslynn Amburgey
saavikkitty - 6 years ago
As a beginer I want a solar pond w/a water fall for my tiny back yard. Please tell me how you did the solar. Yes I am a woman and never worked in that area however I do want to learn to use solar for this project. Can you help?
gary piper
gary piper - 7 years ago
do you have a video of your pond? iam intregued
eccentricoldcow - 7 years ago
This looks brilliant for wildlife ponds, cos of the shallow edge. Is this s UK buy? Cos I cannot find many on the internet and certainly nothing like this one. The sides have pockets for planting so that they don't fall in. Terrific.
Abel Maldonado
Abel Maldonado - 7 years ago
looks a bit cheap
Saad Ghazi
Saad Ghazi - 7 years ago
Hi where can I buy all the supplies? i like it a lot.
Bella Serpas
Bella Serpas - 5 years ago
Saad Ghazi Emily
Ram murthy rajput
Ram murthy rajput - 5 years ago
Jesus Maldonado ttfffffrrrrr4rttt
iiKayPlayXx - 6 years ago
Jesus Maldonado sure let me see
Bob Mesker
Bob Mesker - 6 years ago
Your profile pic sucks
TM3000 - 6 years ago
But u couldn't win president
MattTheBoss - 6 years ago
Marias Farias Yeah, most people could. I would take a while but if you got the right parts and materials it wouldn't be hard.
Marias Farias
Marias Farias - 6 years ago
Jesus Maldonado yea right liar
Almerinda Dias Pereira
Almerinda Dias Pereira - 6 years ago
Jesus Maldonado legau
Sampath K
Sampath K - 7 years ago
You can but Hilary cannot.
Love It
Love It - 7 years ago
Umerehia Tetuareva
Umerehia Tetuareva - 7 years ago
trop cool
Erick Pelolungo
Erick Pelolungo - 7 years ago
Keke Campbell
Keke Campbell - 7 years ago
What is the black thing
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 7 years ago
the pond
Keke Campbell
Keke Campbell - 7 years ago
J. P
J. P - 7 years ago
That is so cool. Would you be able to keep turtles here?
Jade French
Jade French - 7 years ago
+George Perez probably, but they'd be in danger to predators or escaping if you don't set up a covered fence type thing around it.
NDH Reefing
NDH Reefing - 7 years ago
NDH Reefing
NDH Reefing - 7 years ago
How many gallons is this
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 7 years ago
Dane Fife
Dane Fife - 7 years ago
more than 3
Isna Sisillia
Isna Sisillia - 7 years ago
kentang bau asem
josiah Herps
josiah Herps - 7 years ago
ClaudiaHorse Passion
ClaudiaHorse Passion - 7 years ago
Broxty - 7 years ago
Looks awesome!
Fabio Dos Santos Isaias
Fabio Dos Santos Isaias - 7 years ago
Fabio Dos Santos Isaias
Fabio Dos Santos Isaias - 7 years ago
Muito lindo que belo serviço! Estao de parabens
adventure - 8 years ago
where can I buy a waterfall colorado ????????
SylviaAlcatrazz - 7 years ago
+armendary hernandez Probably online, alternatively you could use a different waterfall or after looking up guides and asking some experts, you could make your own using cobbles, flat stones and mortar.
Andrea A
Andrea A - 8 years ago
Anita Salonia
Anita Salonia - 8 years ago
Very very good
Mary - 8 years ago
i get earagation i know i didn't spell that right. is thier away to have it up off the ground a little bit
SylviaAlcatrazz - 7 years ago
+Mary Larrison You could use a more rigid shape like a square or rectangle pre formed pond, to have up above ground you would need to make a support frame to house it. Getting the pond then fabricating a wooden frame around to make it look like a wooden box always looks nice, use light wood slats for the outside panels and use good strong wood as support beams when making the frame. Then give it a nice wood treatment before filling the pond, make sure its completely cured/set and then fill your pond and decorate.
Samara Alves
Samara Alves - 8 years ago
que lindo
YUMI ARIESTA - 8 years ago
keren banget....
olmazsa getir_değiştiririz
olmazsa getir_değiştiririz - 8 years ago
really perfect
wakou222 - 8 years ago
Thank you for this clear and simple guide, I was unclear before how to "back-fill".
michael pearson
michael pearson - 8 years ago
HI great vid. what was the name of the brass fitting you put into the hole you drilled with the hole saw. you covered with pebble for water flow. i cant see it on list of materials needed
SylviaAlcatrazz - 7 years ago
+michael pearson Im not sure of its name either but you should be able to find one at a plumbing outlet
montgomb3 - 8 years ago
That is beautiful and smart!
Huskies23 - 8 years ago
What song?
Kestrel - 8 years ago
What's up with outfits?
pally Matharu
pally Matharu - 6 years ago
Alpha smurf
Alpha smurf - 8 years ago
+Kestrel i think they do this alot as there job you know UNIFORM lolz got eggs in ya brain boy?
shaad elaheebocus
shaad elaheebocus - 8 years ago
nothing natural man?????????????????????
patetasaugusto224 - 9 years ago
oi   como  faço  para adquirir  estes  materiais ?
shaad elaheebocus
shaad elaheebocus - 8 years ago
ban materials la la bas meme pu gagner sa
shaad elaheebocus
shaad elaheebocus - 8 years ago
ta hey coz kuman dimoune
Shahzarimin Salim
Shahzarimin Salim - 9 years ago
very nice..:)
wondermom07 - 9 years ago
Shiny Shoes Tech
Shiny Shoes Tech - 9 years ago
Great video this helped a lot, this liner looks relatively simple to install without all the different levels! :)
Dhananjay Shirgaonkar
Dhananjay Shirgaonkar - 9 years ago
its so nice... Please mail me the details of the measurements of the pond and where can i order....and cost of all the kits...
Michael Smalls
Michael Smalls - 9 years ago
Very nice!!! What are the measurements of the pond and where can i order one from? Also does it come with the pumps?
ChoClateMilk2 - 9 years ago
Jesus.. that is awesome!
alphawolfVIIIX - 9 years ago
Sri Hasan
Sri Hasan - 9 years ago
I like,good
pinkusmcduff - 9 years ago
all videos I've seen always show soil without stones or clay and very easy to dig
Alex Heard
Alex Heard - 5 years ago
Oline Stub
Oline Stub - 5 years ago
Cool im 9 jirs old.
Just Dempsey
Just Dempsey - 5 years ago
pinkusmcduff Thats why for my second pond I opted for a raised above ground pond. Plus it's easier when it comes to cleaning.
Olic MK
Olic MK - 6 years ago
pinkusmcduff oghbjl
Rafif Fadlurahman
Rafif Fadlurahman - 6 years ago
ahahaha true
Vu Lethe
Vu Lethe - 6 years ago
pinkusmcduff y
Ashok mewara
Ashok mewara - 6 years ago
ToXiC RaPiiDz21
ToXiC RaPiiDz21 - 6 years ago
Urooj Sajjad
Urooj Sajjad - 6 years ago
pinkusmcduff hsgsdd
Mejora Tu alimentacion
Mejora Tu alimentacion - 6 years ago
Sylajmon Imeraj
Sylajmon Imeraj - 6 years ago
The Guru
The Guru - 8 years ago
Yea. I'd hit limestone at 6 inches.  Would need a crowbar or a jackhammer to dig a hole like that.

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