The Gardener Magazine: Building A Koi Pond From Cement

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The Gardener Magazine: Building A Koi Pond From Cement sentiment_very_dissatisfied 71

Pond 7 years ago 100,920 views

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for The Gardener Magazine: Building A Koi Pond From Cement

Ajimon Manikurian
Ajimon Manikurian - 3 years ago
I will surely make this pond l like it
Sherry Collum
Sherry Collum - 3 years ago
Can anyone decipher the dimensions he gave at the very beginning?
Amy Magnon
Amy Magnon - 3 years ago
love the project! But,the music rawks! What's the artist?
Justeen wade
Justeen wade - 3 years ago
Beautiful job done well. So many negative comments. Well done on the pond.
ComocosonoEWL - 3 years ago
You do not need a waterproofing agent if you do it correctly.
There are many ways to do this, here is two:
--Use a ferrocement technique laying wire and use the right mixture of fine sand and cement, apply "cement milk" layer
--You can dig a hole and pour a large cement pond and paint on a "cement milk" layer there are many names for this but it is just a really wet mixture of cement that is the consistency of toothpaste. Just coat it and you will seal the pond. Make sure to work the wet edge, if you stop and come back and start again you will have a leech spot there.
Genevieve Greene
Genevieve Greene - 3 years ago
there is a waterproofing paint you can use after the pond is done.
Robyn Miller-Brooks
Robyn Miller-Brooks - 3 years ago
Im truly not trying to sound rude but my koi are just about as long as your pond. I feel like this pond would better suit little goldfish or an aquatic turtle.
Steph Gawronska
Steph Gawronska - 3 years ago
All that work for such a little pond
Sally Semrau
Sally Semrau - 3 years ago
I enjoyed the babies getting dumped and cooled off. nice!
Dave Wilco
Dave Wilco - 3 years ago
why no just buy a pond liner?

10. comment for The Gardener Magazine: Building A Koi Pond From Cement

Greetje Buijert-Nijdam
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam - 3 years ago
beautifull pond
Zsiros Deszka
Zsiros Deszka - 3 years ago
My filter for my koi pond bigger than this. lol
Sven Lindahl
Sven Lindahl - 4 years ago
do they not have wheel barrows where you live?
Passatliner - 4 years ago
to small for Koi!!!!only for Goldfish!
gazzatron1981 - 5 years ago
one way getting lime burns on your hands
Alan Bouyssou
Alan Bouyssou - 5 years ago
What are the grass like plants? The second ones that you planted. I couldn't understand what you called them in the video. Thanks!
kuroneko2111 - 4 years ago
+Alan Bouyssou carex? or Acorus gramineus. its hard to tell.
keyair123 - 5 years ago
Where can I buy this product Sikalite in the United states??? or can I order it online somewhere? I looked and couldn't find it.
Kumar Bendrake
Kumar Bendrake - 5 years ago
+keyair123 I think I found something similar Xypex Admix C.
Queen B
Queen B - 5 years ago
The pump in this is enough to keep the water aerated, the key is to keep the water surface broken and the plants work as filtration. So it could very easily once cycled and established sustain a fish. If you know anything about aquascaping you'd know this... The structure itself is sound, although I personally prefer a liner. The only problem I have with it is that it's too small. But something like this could make a nice addition to a stepped or cascading waterfall.
Queen B
Queen B - 5 years ago
Start an argument then delete comments. Have some ass if you're gonna argue people.
Queen B
Queen B - 5 years ago
^---- and that sounds really mature. Can't find a feasible argument, so let's cuss 'em out. 
Queen B
Queen B - 5 years ago
I think one this size is a waste of time. You OBVIOUSLY don't pay attention. I said it was enough room for A FISH... NOT MANY FISH. Actually minimum is 4 ft deep, by at least 8 ft wide. I think if someone is going to build/dig a pond then one should go for the gold. I said, if you'll read again before turning troll mode on, that it was too small. Requirements if you want to keep koi is to keep the depths of the pool below freezing levels in your area. In my state its a good solid 2 feet. With 2-55 gallon planted tanks, a 100 gallon with just fish bc they're african cichlids and tear plants to pieces, and several nano planted tanks, yeah I think I know a thing of two about aquatic plants and fish keeping.  Now, I'm done with you little arrogant asshole, happy head hunting  dperry428....
winnie chong
winnie chong - 6 years ago
Waa,good ideas
Clive Goudercourt
Clive Goudercourt - 6 years ago

20. comment for The Gardener Magazine: Building A Koi Pond From Cement

Stephen Cook
Stephen Cook - 6 years ago
How much more could you get wrong?
trinitrish30 - 6 years ago
100% fail. This is not a koi pond.
Anke Marais
Anke Marais - 6 years ago
Dankie Tog. "n Video wat jou presies wys hoe om dit te doen. Dankie Suid Afrikaners. Pragtig
artyfarty3 - 6 years ago
couldn't afford to rent  a cement mixer  ... ?   lol  ;)
Senseiwu wu
Senseiwu wu - 6 years ago
This is a disgrace, it is going to be Koi grave pond, pathetic!!!!
Hizenbird - 6 years ago
This is horrible for a 'Koi Pond'. This is more likely a Koi graveyard. please do a little research before attaching a term you think is popular to your video. This is more like a large in-ground birdbath.
siaisjack - 7 years ago
you can find plastic ponds that size, cheaper and much faster
Jiawei Zhang
Jiawei Zhang - 4 years ago
this cement pond is not prettier than plastic one. and does not has water proof. Plastic is definitely better than this one.
Marilyn Higginson
Marilyn Higginson - 6 years ago
Yes. But it will look like—you know—plastic. Often there's a good reason for spending a little more and doing some slow work. Unless you don't care about the aesthetics.

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