Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong sentiment_very_dissatisfied 4305

Raww fishing 5 years ago 2,299,787 views

Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

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Most popular comments
for Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

ORLANDO RICK - 4 years ago
If the fish didn't jump around so much they would have scaled it first without knocking it
Ranger 302 Ford Racing
Ranger 302 Ford Racing - 4 years ago
i want that yellow boots, if someone in another country can get it, pls pm me.
Flamedrive Gt
Flamedrive Gt - 4 years ago
The Gaming Rex
The Gaming Rex - 4 years ago
I'm a vegan but I believe that it doesn't matter how you prepare the fish as long as you eat it, however the reason it don't eat meat it's because of the slaughter houses. Watch the movie earthlings
BadMonkey - 4 years ago
Why all the dislikes?
MarcusPlier11 - 4 years ago
To the fannies whining about this being “brutal” or “harsh” or “not humane”, grow up. You’re acting like it’s the end of the world
Dara Rasheed
Dara Rasheed - 4 years ago
And humans gets upset when one animal eats them.
AAron Thom
AAron Thom - 4 years ago
Would have been nice if he killed the damn fish before he descaled and cut it's mouth out
Jason Langley
Jason Langley - 4 years ago
Someone missed biology class
Jade Lopez Murillo
Jade Lopez Murillo - 4 years ago
I think the fish is ticklish.

10. comment for Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

AAron Thom
AAron Thom - 4 years ago
She even scrapped it's eyes out whilst it was still alive!
David 1K
David 1K - 4 years ago
So sad but so satisfying
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje - 4 years ago
If I was a dinosaur, humans make great appetizers.
john de fish
john de fish - 4 years ago
steve is dat u
Joon ation
Joon ation - 4 years ago
When a vegan watches a Fish being killed ;-; Shook
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond - 4 years ago
I’m horrible for watching this!
Christian Salazar
Christian Salazar - 4 years ago
Well we all gotta eat!
Waleed Aftab
Waleed Aftab - 4 years ago
why not just kill him first before giving a lot of pain
ŇAVĐEËP MAÄŃ - 4 years ago
you are right bro
geetha kanna
geetha kanna - 4 years ago
Fucking peoples,i know all are going hell,hell's king waiting for you,you cant never come to humen s life,
devilcorn gaming1234
devilcorn gaming1234 - 4 years ago
geetha kanna calm down vegan
sadas - 4 years ago
I don't mind the video but why the fuck is there a choir at a fish market

20. comment for Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar - 4 years ago
It's not good at all they cut the animals but they have to kill first everyone feel pain
the gaming demon FORTNIGHT GANG
the gaming demon FORTNIGHT GANG - 4 years ago
Glamis Funtopia Videos
Glamis Funtopia Videos - 4 years ago
Looks good
50 50 Times
50 50 Times - 4 years ago
Pundaa movaney kandaaraooli epdi chitrhavaatham paduthiringa nee antha edathula iruntha onnakku theriyum
Zheng Yuan
Zheng Yuan - 4 years ago
I just know that fish pissing out 4:13
Patlıcan Patlakoğlu
Patlıcan Patlakoğlu - 4 years ago
Cicero Marcos
Cicero Marcos - 4 years ago
eu limpo peixe melhor que eles
Budi Kurniawan
Budi Kurniawan - 4 years ago
PerSib Bandung... Josss
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant - 4 years ago
This is so evil!!!!
devilcorn gaming1234
devilcorn gaming1234 - 4 years ago
Kevin Durant calm down vegan
Mya and Family
Mya and Family - 4 years ago
They are still living your mean people

30. comment for Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

Steiner Krupp
Steiner Krupp - 4 years ago
Cruel bastards, that fish was still alive when it was bagged.
mach maker
mach maker - 4 years ago
stfu u dumb fuck
LiFe_WiTh _JaZ
LiFe_WiTh _JaZ - 4 years ago
Tibbles - 4 years ago
fish dont have feelings so i dont care.
Ava Pinkerton
Ava Pinkerton - 4 years ago
Durgesh CHAUHAN - 4 years ago
Killing innocent is nonsense be veg
christine mati-ong
christine mati-ong - 4 years ago
just imagine, the animals are doing this to human. just imagine...
Heinrichgermany - 4 years ago
Killing a fish with a blow on the head is completely normal. None of the fish is cut alive. They fidget even when they are dead.
123 haciendo
123 haciendo - 4 years ago
Así o más frescos p***
Viktoria Magrey
Viktoria Magrey - 4 years ago
Here is your friendly reminder that, while it's perfectly fine to want our comrades of the animal kingdom to be handled with decency, most are not comparable by a long margin to a human. The capacity to feel real, conscious pain is something fish simply do not possess. There is more proof to support the fact they simply react to external stimuli - they're not even self-aware the way some animals are. We should not be holding other creatures to the same standards, because as cynical as it sounds to say it, not all are equal. You don't call someone a murderer because they kill a fly, and while I fish is a ways to go, it's not like killing a person.

This is not mentioning that nearly all animals kill each other and fish are adept at canibalism.
Susheel kumar Chugh
Susheel kumar Chugh - 4 years ago
very bad
Kirshaun Williams
Kirshaun Williams - 4 years ago
if you are so against other cultures and countries processing fish for consumption WHY EVEN WATCH THE VIDEOS IF YOU KNOW IT'S GOING TO OFFEND YOU!!
Seth okthen
Seth okthen - 4 years ago
Kirshaun Williams coz people like controversy and contradictions. LOL, step 1: watch something nasty on purpose, step 2: leave an even nastier comment. Step 3: satisfaction for retards.
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson - 4 years ago
Just qorry about parasites, they dont check for them
Table tennis player Llukman
Table tennis player Llukman - 4 years ago
4:15 fish start pee
Unknown Prodigy
Unknown Prodigy - 4 years ago
Is there any reason they cant smash it in the head a few more times to kill it before slicing into the fish?
Franco Ngai
Franco Ngai - 4 years ago
I'm from Hong Kong and my parents taught me how to kill, clean and prepare a live fish. For those "saying oh no its in pain" the first smack to the head right behind the eyes (where the brain is) practically knocks the fish out cold.
Unknown Prodigy
Unknown Prodigy - 4 years ago
Why cant they hit it in the head a few more times though just to finish it, before slicing into the skin.
Andrew Suh
Andrew Suh - 4 years ago
LOL at all these cry baby vegans at the comments. Fish don't feel pain same ways humans or developed warm blooded mammals do. It's already a proven fact, way to expose your ignorance and lack of understanding vegans and hypocrites. LOL BTW this video is satisfying.
Brat Brat
Brat Brat - 4 years ago
Whats amazing in that?
عبدالله الزهرانيء
عبدالله الزهرانيء - 4 years ago
ماتت الاعصاب
Minh Thiện 041095
Minh Thiện 041095 - 4 years ago
Invite you to YouTube channel Minhthien041095 and press register and ring the bell mình support me to see the next interesting and interesting vidoe
theclayishone - 4 years ago
Love that he's cutting fish, but his hands are disgusting. Also a nice filet knife would come in handy.
Look Age
Look Age - 4 years ago
Brutality work, you pay in the hell
theclayishone - 4 years ago
Haha. Fish is delicious.
Sana Jawed
Sana Jawed - 4 years ago
they should let them die first properly

50. comment for Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

Markus Patients
Markus Patients - 4 years ago
I'm never eating anything with a face again.
Shan Moideen
Shan Moideen - 4 years ago
TomaProduction - 4 years ago
veri crual xd
Dimple Johari
Dimple Johari - 4 years ago
This is very bad salo tume srm nui ati ha chuttiya
Abdullah Fahmi Ba'bud
Abdullah Fahmi Ba'bud - 4 years ago
Don't hit like that, just cut off the head instanly...
gurung sapana
gurung sapana - 4 years ago
1 like = 1 rip fish
Rabi Jassi
Rabi Jassi - 4 years ago
Bitches be crying bout this but want to dine at fancy sushi places , never they ask to dine at farmers markets
GHN1013 - 4 years ago
Millions of Jains and Vegans will tell you differently. But I’m neither so I can’t elaborate further.
Celalettin Başkaya
Celalettin Başkaya - 4 years ago
Aynı zulmü ona da yaparlar, diri diri derisini yüzerler inşallah.
Cheese Sandwich Gaming
Cheese Sandwich Gaming - 4 years ago
If you read the comments, you can tell that a lot of people skipped biology lessons
X omg it’s Wolfe here x
X omg it’s Wolfe here x - 4 years ago
Poor fish why would u do this
CONTRO CORRENTE - 4 years ago
Troppa crudeltà
ali daher
ali daher - 4 years ago
شعب مجنون
Mohammed Imran A
Mohammed Imran A - 4 years ago
Mother fucker have patience and let it die first u son of a bitch..
Black bones
Black bones - 5 years ago
This is curse
Michelle Burrows
Michelle Burrows - 5 years ago
Ppl that kill animals fish will be sorry
Hasony - 5 years ago
How is that amazing ?
Faith Valentine
Faith Valentine - 5 years ago
AquaMan has left the chat


Catwoman has entered the chat
MemePsychology - 4 years ago
Faith Valentine mEEEEEEEEEEoOooOoOOoOowwWwWw
Matt Jacobs
Matt Jacobs - 4 years ago
Faith Valentine you are now my Jesus
kingofalldoughboys - 5 years ago
Chop. Chop. Fish. Fish!
Richard Jade
Richard Jade - 5 years ago
fucking savages
Jhonny Usuga
Jhonny Usuga - 5 years ago
Ese HP pescador que le saque más filo a ese cuchillo por que eso maltrato animal
Antioxidant Cocofusion
Antioxidant Cocofusion - 5 years ago
Doesn't get fresher than that
Ainul Wardi
Ainul Wardi - 5 years ago
Kejam kali terhadap hewan.
rana ijaz
rana ijaz - 5 years ago
Mr. Khaled
Mr. Khaled - 5 years ago
What is the name of this place?
irwan_ tpg
irwan_ tpg - 5 years ago
wow, more fresh more pain for the fish, hahahaha, but what can i said, i love eat fish, and thank to this people they do that for us....
Derrick Ong
Derrick Ong - 5 years ago
Sad life for the fish
Md Nasib Khan
Md Nasib Khan - 5 years ago
This not fair to a living being.........
Shihab Sumon
Shihab Sumon - 5 years ago
so cruelty
Blaze 9574
Blaze 9574 - 5 years ago
But why you are cutting fish alive??
Vyas Pratik
Vyas Pratik - 5 years ago
Please don't kill so brutally
Moussa Almasmoum
Moussa Almasmoum - 5 years ago
He must wait it to die
Andre Schoeman
Andre Schoeman - 5 years ago
I find it to be an Asshole who has NO respect for a living creature. Kill it humanely first before you attempt to descale it Schmuck
Mike Liang
Mike Liang - 5 years ago
Don't worry. The fishes I ate are grown on trees :)
Silently Fixed
Silently Fixed - 5 years ago
Tech Field
Tech Field - 5 years ago
Why tf these people are killing those fishes. At least you should kill it up and then cut it. Why tf are you cutting it without killing it?
Moses - 5 years ago
Damn they’re sloppy
J Jordan
J Jordan - 5 years ago
Siantar Man
Siantar Man - 5 years ago
Where is the "amazing" ??
love singh
love singh - 5 years ago
Is there any other way to cut fish .. Less painfull
UNSTABLEAVI - 4 years ago
+Isey GUURL You do realize animals devour other animals alive and some leave a lot of it uneaten lol. This is life. Humans don't only eat vegetables, fruits, wheat and dairy. Some eat meat. You do realize slaughterhouses for cows(the animal beef is which is put into a burger) are more gruesome than this right? Don't be a butthurt idot who doesn't know how life works. Animals eat animals, accept it you goddamn vegan.
Isey GUURL - 4 years ago
Dannys Suarez well maybe, PEOPLE FUCKING CARE ABOUT THEIR FUCKING LIVES! I hope people like you get murdered
4330moss - 5 years ago
I would love to watch an Asian killing and eating an Asian.
Viktoria Magrey
Viktoria Magrey - 4 years ago
If you think a fish is in any way on the same level as a human in terms of consciousness, memory, and the capacity to feel pain, you're delusional, and you clearly did not do your homework or research in biology.
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje - 5 years ago
I LOVE fresh fish. Kill per serving. instead of mass killing and thown away when passed due date.
Muller Investigation
Muller Investigation - 4 years ago
This is a really good point
VIKRAM DEV - 5 years ago
Human are really inhuman
g12 gabc
g12 gabc - 5 years ago
This brutality should be cursed...
This man should wait for sometime untill the fish loose breathe...
The Savage channel
The Savage channel - 5 years ago
Those dislikes
Like they do not eat fish
Viktoria Magrey
Viktoria Magrey - 4 years ago
That, or they are hypocrites. No more, no less.
RNB WRC - 5 years ago
Grease - 5 years ago
the day humanity wimps down from what it was before is the day we start feeling bad for fishes
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Damn fucking right.
Team Tempo
Team Tempo - 5 years ago
Amazing cutting asian head
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Get your sensitive ass the fuck out.
Victoria Stream-Johnson
Victoria Stream-Johnson - 5 years ago
You don't just kill animals like that because were animals to and we wouldn't like if we got killed
Trippyy - 5 years ago
It was a quick kill. One hit to the head and it's dead lol.

100. comment for Amazing Cutting Live Fish at seafood market Hong Kong

Sami Labiad
Sami Labiad - 5 years ago
2:09 naah it's still moving..
Trippyy - 5 years ago
That's how your muscles react after you die lol.
Darman Nayyer
Darman Nayyer - 5 years ago
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Lord Zizumias
Lord Zizumias - 5 years ago
Did that last fish pee itself while it was getting its guts wrenched out of it?
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Yup lmao.
Frosty Cranmer
Frosty Cranmer - 5 years ago
Hard working people making a living. Much respect to them!
Toufeek Memon
Toufeek Memon - 5 years ago
This butcher shd be thrown into the sea for fish food then he will realise the pain before death
Grease - 5 years ago
nigga all he’s doing is just cutting up fishes, you act like cutting fishes is same as gassing people

thats like saying “this guy who uses guns in shooting competitions should be thrown into a war”
a a
a a - 5 years ago
Just to let vegans know fish can't feel pain since their whole body dosen't have space for nerves
Srivalli Ashok
Srivalli Ashok - 5 years ago
a a
a a - 5 years ago
If yall vegans complaining than yall should stop drinking water since it's a fish home
a a
a a - 5 years ago
I like how vegans rather eat grass than fish if they are stuck in an island
Pemindu Mihiran
Pemindu Mihiran - 5 years ago
Fuck people
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Then kill yourself.
VichetDaily Revo
VichetDaily Revo - 5 years ago
i like eating This fish
gaurav suyal
gaurav suyal - 5 years ago
हरामजादे अपने बच्चो को क्यों नही खाते मीट खाने का इतना शौक है तो
Trippyy - 5 years ago
No. One hit they're dead.
Malsha Shahen Balasooriya
Malsha Shahen Balasooriya - 5 years ago
I eat fish too, but now I feel sorry for it
jakeer hussain
jakeer hussain - 5 years ago
What a fish cutting
GamerCEC - 5 years ago
Conn T
Conn T - 5 years ago
Blind man: Hello ladies
King JayMar
King JayMar - 5 years ago
Can I go to jail for killing a fish alive that am about to eat
Gurinder Singh
Gurinder Singh - 5 years ago
So bad .and cruel
Jameese 16
Jameese 16 - 5 years ago
Gurinder Singh fuck off ya vegan
The viral food
The viral food - 5 years ago
vikas veera
vikas veera - 5 years ago
Why cant they let the fish die after it's been taken out of water n then process it? It will be humane that way!
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Die by suffocation? Since when was that humane? This is quick and fast way of killing it.
74HiTzErSTriKE47 - 5 years ago
Always people saying it is cruel to kill fish alive, but when met with the first comment stating it is killed quickly without pain they don't have the guts to respond...but always try to make other feel guilty. Such pathetic people here...those fishers shouldn't feel ashamed, those crybabies should, feeling sorry for a fish but using technology which safe to say involved some child labour on some way...gtfo
Samantha DeMoss
Samantha DeMoss - 5 years ago
Ewh why am i watching this again? Oof oh right cuz i have no meaning of life
Fish Games
Fish Games - 5 years ago
Millions of fish in the sea and the ocean yet people complain about some getting killed wtf get a life
Chi Ni Mon
Chi Ni Mon - 5 years ago
+Fish Games i know lol
Fish Games
Fish Games - 5 years ago
+Chi Ni Mon ik but i said it just like that
BlazeFlameGaming - 5 years ago
Fish Games people laugh at human deaths but have a muscle spasm over a god damn minnow
strawberryshortcake - 5 years ago
no mercy
strawberryshortcake - 5 years ago
this is oddly satisfying
mohammad khan
mohammad khan - 5 years ago
Yes we human need to eat food but the way he is cleaning the fish I will refuse to eat it. He should have killed it before scrapping the scales. Should have asked the advise of a Rabbi. Think for a moment cannibal extraterrestrial aliens arrive here and start to chop our hands and legs and cut our stomach without killing us first????
Trippyy - 5 years ago
He did kill it. That hit to the head killed it. Those were muscle spasms you were looking at sir.
DipTv - 5 years ago
Alright alright calm down vegans u ain’t gotta dislike the video
C W - 5 years ago
Like 100000000 times.. FUCK VEGANS!
Trollguy333 PS4
Trollguy333 PS4 - 5 years ago
Big oof
Göklerin Korkusu
Göklerin Korkusu - 5 years ago
Amk cocuu öldür ilk
Jeremy Bray
Jeremy Bray - 5 years ago
Great job guys
Gopakumar. M
Gopakumar. M - 5 years ago
Poor fishes
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan - 5 years ago
At least let it die....then u do.....
Syahril Amir
Syahril Amir - 5 years ago
3.4K Like
3.4K Unlike
ssslash ss
ssslash ss - 5 years ago
Son of bitch , why you tortured them , let them dying in peace and then cut them , fucking monster Chinese
Roy Balls
Roy Balls - 5 years ago
ssslash ss Cry more pussy ass bitch
Super Mal
Super Mal - 5 years ago
Welcome To Another Episode Of WhYIsTHisInMyReCOmEnded
nabankur nath
nabankur nath - 5 years ago
Carolina Pérez-Rojo
Carolina Pérez-Rojo - 5 years ago
Tre GoKrazy
Tre GoKrazy - 5 years ago
Asians bruh..
Mad Swami
Mad Swami - 5 years ago
Spencer Pickett
Spencer Pickett - 5 years ago
Yes that is Amazing Cutting. Lol
JOHN BURROWS - 5 years ago
Shouldn't shock people they eat dogs and cats after they torture them if it breathes they eat it
Geoff Stirzaker
Geoff Stirzaker - 5 years ago
A blind person with one hand could fillet fish better than these retards
Francisco Ramirez
Francisco Ramirez - 5 years ago
Its not that they are killed for food its HOW they are killed is fucking cruel
Mikel Landa
Mikel Landa - 5 years ago
Cruel? Dude, they get bashed in the head leaving them unconscious immediately. What would you do? Give them lethal injection and painkillers? Retard.
warriorduskfox YT
warriorduskfox YT - 5 years ago
Mmmm fish
Taha Yousf zai
Taha Yousf zai - 5 years ago
It's very bad
Canaan Garcia
Canaan Garcia - 5 years ago
How necessary is it for us to eat fish? Nutrition? taste? or just cause I don’t give a fuck idk
Chris Thomson
Chris Thomson - 5 years ago
can't stand Asians they seem to love abusing and killing animals and take pleasure in it
Kocourek CZ
Kocourek CZ - 5 years ago
not really… :(
Mikey Bukhari
Mikey Bukhari - 5 years ago
How’s that amazing lmfao
yeyegshsjkrkr hehey st eyeheh
yeyegshsjkrkr hehey st eyeheh - 5 years ago
Why they hit them?
Marco Acosta
Marco Acosta - 5 years ago
My boy had a cleaver and missed
Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz - 5 years ago
Se pasa de lanza este wuey con los animales
king louie
king louie - 5 years ago
I feel bad for that fish
Dakota Beh
Dakota Beh - 5 years ago
Kill them first please. Idk why you do that garbage while they’re alive.
Dawg V
Dawg V - 5 years ago
Equal likes and dislikes huh? I guess it's up to me!

Does nothing
Doctor Music
Doctor Music - 5 years ago
Veganism prompts and promotes dementia. Scientific fact.
SPAZE PARANOIDS !!!! - 5 years ago
The fucking chinese are the devil its as simple as that..fucking savages
Scapt Tinge
Scapt Tinge - 5 years ago
I feel sorry for every fish now
AdiFury - 5 years ago
jesus vegans its a fk fish get the fk out
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble - 5 years ago
That fish wasn't dead it was knocked out tf is wrong with this people
Ralph Peres
Ralph Peres - 5 years ago
When you’re cutting the fish first make sure the fish is Dead so it won’t feel any pain
Tayyab Malik
Tayyab Malik - 5 years ago
I heared that in the first momemt 'ALLAH' anybody else here...?
Amado Fuentes
Amado Fuentes - 5 years ago
Mofu kill the fish before u cut it
STM VLOGS - 5 years ago
Equal likes and dislikes
Screwdriver Kelly
Screwdriver Kelly - 5 years ago
Peta is not going to like this. Looks delicious.
Meepo God
Meepo God - 5 years ago
Aquaman has left the chat.
Seth okthen
Seth okthen - 4 years ago
Bella Straw
Bella Straw - 5 years ago
auqa lad left the chat * distant clapping *
TheMegaVoter - 5 years ago
Cruelty has reached new low.
CRYPTOMED - 5 years ago
in my school i learned that the human being origines are from adam and eve . After watching this video i decided to change my mind over The theory of evolution .. something like that
theclayishone - 4 years ago
Exactly how did a video of a guy cutting up a fish change your mind about creation?
sloppy toppy
sloppy toppy - 5 years ago
Ur gullible
Glassify - 5 years ago
wtf u mean
John Vargas
John Vargas - 5 years ago
Let's play whack the fish
German CR TV
German CR TV - 5 years ago
Tierquälerei! Ihr seid scheise
Elephant 03
Elephant 03 - 5 years ago
Poor fish
Bianca Medalla-Almerida
Bianca Medalla-Almerida - 5 years ago
There will always be a Christian way in anything you do. Too bad, Asians are not Christians. God bless Asians. May the Lord shed light on your dickheads.
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Patrick C
Patrick C - 5 years ago
When he scrapping the skin it almost looks like ice cubes.. lol
Achmad Iqbal
Achmad Iqbal - 5 years ago
These people do the same things when I buy my fish in supermarket
Carlo Gaytan
Carlo Gaytan - 5 years ago
BTW most fish brains don't produce enough chemicals in order for them to feel pain.
scott/mason - 5 years ago
It is not about killing them for food it about taking pleasure in not treating them humanly you fucking jerk offs !!!!!!!!
Trippyy - 5 years ago
They don't feel pain....
channelthegijoeshow - 5 years ago
Fuckin Japanese!!!
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Oh It's the legendary man himself.
Fernando Gonzales
Fernando Gonzales - 5 years ago
At least they kill the fish really quick, so they dont suffer. Ittadakimasu
Trippyy - 5 years ago
They did, it's just the muscles reflexing.
Jordan Enriquez Bitch Nigga
Jordan Enriquez Bitch Nigga - 5 years ago
Wow that’s legal while a Canadian is facing death for drugs what a fucked up country
Trippyy - 5 years ago
It's a fucking fish that can't feel pain.
The GardenGnome7
The GardenGnome7 - 5 years ago
Wow this is where food comes from?!?!? So many people with blinders on these days it’s unreal I truly feel sorry for the foolish person who named this video
Trippyy - 5 years ago
It can't feel pain ffs.
Byron Tela
Byron Tela - 5 years ago
Has visto alguna vez?
Como muere un pez?
Atrapado en soledad,
Un engaño fue, su final!

Siento que me voy -
srdan jelcic
srdan jelcic - 5 years ago
This is against all laws of nature
tommy towse
tommy towse - 5 years ago
could of waited till it was dead
Trippyy - 5 years ago
It did die. Not to mention it can't even feel pain.
Anuj Pandey
Anuj Pandey - 5 years ago
These slit eyed baboons ..mofos
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Keep doing your tech support scams.
white leftist dont watch this video plz if you dont wanna get triggered
fortinito06 - 5 years ago
They should do dogs next
808supa43 - 5 years ago
The leaf and seed eaters are going to hate this
Trippyy - 5 years ago
The grass eaters*
Grady Gilchrist
Grady Gilchrist - 5 years ago
Well at least you know its fresh.
Yogitha S
Yogitha S - 5 years ago
Some humans don't have minimum common sense..... don't you know that we must cut or slice the fish or animal after it is dead.... how can be so cruel.... disgusting video ever... this is my opinion
ChubacaNuclear DemonCyan
ChubacaNuclear DemonCyan - 5 years ago
When he hit it with the knife un the head the fish was dead.
alessandro rampin
alessandro rampin - 5 years ago
Mother fucker
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Go eat grass.
itzlegion123 - 5 years ago
The worst butchering skills ive wver seen by a fisherman i wont be suprised if they get sick
Deee Mnz
Deee Mnz - 5 years ago
The only seafood I eat is pussy
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Seafood =/= pussy.
Fish Games
Fish Games - 5 years ago
jonas - 5 years ago
I can't because fish experience life completely different from humans you idiot
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Lol, stop crying it's food.
TARIQ AZIZ - 5 years ago
Peshawar khan
Peshawar khan - 5 years ago
This man doing so bad ..
Long Ye
Long Ye - 5 years ago
Vegans got triggered.
Weirdaman - 5 years ago
The fish is a paid actor.
Matt Chu
Matt Chu - 5 years ago
Leena Malik
Leena Malik - 5 years ago
Cruel world
Scooby - 5 years ago
I love fried fish yum , ey its part of life , vegans suck on a ball sack
Nick Hall
Nick Hall - 5 years ago
Worst choice of knife for this job
209 - 5 years ago
Poor fish
Joe - 5 years ago
Mother nature at its finest
cyka blyat
cyka blyat - 5 years ago
Stupid hong kong people...the worst group among the chinese.
Blaze Garcia
Blaze Garcia - 5 years ago
I mean the title says CUTTING LIVE FISH why even watch it if your gonna bitch about it
Lil Gunna
Lil Gunna - 5 years ago
This is why all Chinese whatever the fuck these nasty ass human beings are should be fucking killed these nasty creatures be killing dogs by burning them alive and skinning them alive fuck these nasty chinky eyed mo fuckas
Lil Gunna
Lil Gunna - 5 years ago
Levitating Gaming I’m not but Chinese people fucking nasty and nikka who tf u calling soft I’ll punch u in ya mouth nikka
Trippyy - 5 years ago
You're probably not even vegan, why you getting mad. You're softer than a tissue lmao.
Joe Xa
Joe Xa - 5 years ago
This dude is horrible..
Trippyy - 5 years ago
James Nicholls
James Nicholls - 5 years ago
Looked messy and cruel.
jjboys215 - 5 years ago
WOW, that's brutal!!!!....but no worse than Nature.
Armando Martin
Armando Martin - 5 years ago
I like to think that those fish are their ancestors reincarnated lol the cycle of life haha
Trippyy - 5 years ago
joe woodchuck
joe woodchuck - 5 years ago
I only wish he did a better job of killing them first.
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall - 5 years ago
Meanwhile fish thinking: Ahaaaaaa! My hurts it hurts Ahhhhhhaaaa! No! Noooo!
Make it stop! Ahhhhhhaaaa! I see demons...the light the.....
You get the picture.
Grease - 5 years ago
Jeff Hall

im sure it doesn’t have the mental capacity to do that
Trippyy - 5 years ago
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez - 5 years ago
Someday a fish will treat you like this.
Trippyy - 5 years ago
What? Hahahaha
TheAutisticGamer - 5 years ago
He butchered that fish and not very skilful either
Jalar Smith
Jalar Smith - 5 years ago
I don't fuck with no chinx s
Rohan Somaiya
Rohan Somaiya - 5 years ago
What a fucked up title says amazing cutting. So stupid of the uploader to say this. Atleast allow the fish to die first then cut it. See it still having life while you pull out organs is inhumane
Trippyy - 5 years ago
No... he killed it. He fucking stunned it and cut it's gills. It died fast as fuck lol.
Cyanatic - 5 years ago
Im not a vegan but i really hate people eating all types of creatures like seriously wtf
Cyanatic - 5 years ago
Levitating Gaming idk dude u just hate the way hes cutting it with the knife i mean he can let it die first then cut it its like getting beheaded
Trippyy - 5 years ago
What's wrong with eating fish lol
M Bilal
M Bilal - 5 years ago
Its cruelty... Its not right way to eat..wait and let it to die..
Sanges Waran
Sanges Waran - 5 years ago
Atleast pleas kill and do it
Hellraiser Judgment
Hellraiser Judgment - 5 years ago
no wonder these chinese can eat cat,dog alive..
You tuber
You tuber - 5 years ago
Atleast kill her first, You dick
Elijah Thomas
Elijah Thomas - 5 years ago
how looked in the comments for angry vegans
Jonathan Melgar
Jonathan Melgar - 5 years ago
Chinese eat anything seriously
happy Gabby!!!
happy Gabby!!! - 5 years ago
Why leave the fish alive while cleaning it? He's like torturing the thing. Just kill it first then do your thing that how I've always done it.
j c
j c - 5 years ago
I'll tell you what we should do we should get that guy skin him whilst he's alive and then cut his f**** head off and see how he likes it
j c
j c - 5 years ago
Are people so thick as in to take all the fish out the oceans.. fishing in the sea should be illegal
Aldrian Villarin
Aldrian Villarin - 5 years ago
the scaling part was satisfying to watch..
TARIQ AZIZ - 5 years ago
Brutal and cruel people. Hate you
TARIQ AZIZ - 5 years ago
Brutal and cruel people. Hate you
TARIQ AZIZ - 5 years ago
Brutal and cruel people. Hate you
Iron Mocker
Iron Mocker - 5 years ago
Like your prophet was.
Prashanth Prashanth
Prashanth Prashanth - 5 years ago
Miguel Alejandro Broekhuizen Benitez
Miguel Alejandro Broekhuizen Benitez - 5 years ago
fuck this cruelty
they make this just to make THE TASTE better
it doesnt justify this horror
there are way to kill faster and painless
Smokey Doke
Smokey Doke - 5 years ago
Vegans are racist towards the Chinese.....Vegans should all die already!
Pardha Ram
Pardha Ram - 5 years ago
I eat fish but I don't enjoy cruelty....
saba khan
saba khan - 5 years ago
It's not halal fish
Iron Mocker
Iron Mocker - 5 years ago
Shut up, you retard.
GOWTHAM DAKOJU - 5 years ago
It's difficult to watch
Sans - 5 years ago
we kill animals to get food and to live but still killing in animal must have some respect what he did doesn't show any mercy to tye fish the proper way to kill a fish is by not letting it have water once it died u are free to do as u please but not like that...

let just say u are in the fish position would u like been killed slowly or instantly?
English Republican
English Republican - 5 years ago
Wow PETA outraged? But these people killing the fish are not white they really wanna be racist ?.
Muslim Rastriya Manch
Muslim Rastriya Manch - 5 years ago
Cruel peoples
Crazy people
Illetrate people
Why the kill animal for their own taste
hum zaad
hum zaad - 5 years ago
Its sucks to be a fish i guess
Avchetan Man
Avchetan Man - 5 years ago
O god
Avchetan Man
Avchetan Man - 5 years ago
Very bad
Anne J
Anne J - 5 years ago
In Asian cultures, live seafood is preferred because of its freshness.
Matthew Grobl
Matthew Grobl - 5 years ago
Humans need animals to survive. So all of those vegans crying for a fucking fish can go to buzzfeed where their opinion is ACTUALLY FUCKING APPRECIATED.
Omar Razak
Omar Razak - 5 years ago
Fucking inhumane that
Rainer Hecht
Rainer Hecht - 5 years ago
Dreckiges gelbe Tierquälerpack zu blöde um ein Tier schnell und schmerzlos zu töten
Sanjay Agrawal
Sanjay Agrawal - 5 years ago
harami ke pile tuje kata jiye aise he phir maja ayeaga kya ???
Zes - 5 years ago
no such thing as amazx or hot or not, idts
yetiş türköz
yetiş türköz - 5 years ago
Matze - 5 years ago
FFS without eating meat we would not even be here. Seems that some people forget that it was meet/ cooked meet that enhanced the evolution of mankind Since it was ez for the body to absorb amd give more reliable power and strength over log term. Want to see u survive a winter without body fat and just roots. Good luck .Strange right? that all Native tribes are "Hunters"!!!! FFS people....get ur head right...its a bout the extend u eat meet what is problematic for health and environment . Fucking Circle of Live....Remember?
siggieman30 - 5 years ago
Satisfying????? How the fuck is watching a fish get de-scaled and cut open while still alive satisfying? All those saying they are dead when it happens.............NO!! they are just knocked out. Maybe your parents could be knocked out and skinned while unconscious, see how that feels for ya. Oh no that's right that would be wrong wouldn't it
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - 5 years ago
Ja Tere bhan di lun Teri di
Miguel Alejandro
Miguel Alejandro - 5 years ago
That fish looks like it doesn’t it even care lol

He’s like “lol”
easy Ts3
easy Ts3 - 5 years ago
Tofu - 5 years ago
Why am I here??
Randy39761 - 5 years ago
I diddnt realise the 1st fish was still alive until the end
Ric Brown
Ric Brown - 5 years ago
Dang all these irrational people, i thought we humans are the dominate species?!
Mohit Hurmale
Mohit Hurmale - 5 years ago
it is brutality.....they can't be called a human
Aashir Naveed
Aashir Naveed - 5 years ago
Human being is a curse for all other living creatures in this world.
Haresh R
Haresh R - 5 years ago
Brutal ...should have killed it first
Saisagar Tata
Saisagar Tata - 5 years ago
Can you pls try to kill it first and then cut ? Why to half kill it and remove skin ...i wish to have inserted a long knife in your head (vertically) ..leave you aside till the complete blood flows out would have very satisfying.blady ass holes !!!
Yue Yeon
Yue Yeon - 5 years ago
Survival of the fittest.
free man
free man - 5 years ago
RIP Human Conscience!
ISLAM FOR ALL - 5 years ago
Non sense
Hendrik Bengen
Hendrik Bengen - 5 years ago
Very fresh Fish love it
mazam rush
mazam rush - 5 years ago
Should wait till dead
K M - 5 years ago
At least Put it out of its misery first and then clean it.
Parag Shine
Parag Shine - 5 years ago
Very bad practice, atleast first kill the fish before skinning.
Abhilash Anandakrishna
Abhilash Anandakrishna - 5 years ago
Let it have a peaceful death before cutting apart. Sick.
0engima0 - 5 years ago
ha ha
ha ha - 5 years ago
to skin alive
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez - 5 years ago
Fuck you P.E.T.A!
Chad Tire
Chad Tire - 5 years ago
Asians are savages
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh - 5 years ago
Thats Barbaric
Christian Lavizzari
Christian Lavizzari - 5 years ago
Crudeltà pura.. bastardi!
MunawwER Hussain
MunawwER Hussain - 5 years ago
They are not human
Little drunk kitty Kitty
Little drunk kitty Kitty - 5 years ago
R.I.P fish
Lukas Klein
Lukas Klein - 5 years ago
I'm not a vegan, nor a leftist, I am a conservative but in my opinion this has to be done in another way.
Muhammad Zubair Sheikh
Muhammad Zubair Sheikh - 5 years ago
Koder Kashif
Koder Kashif - 5 years ago
Assholes... First remove the life then cut it open.
Gavin - 5 years ago
Shut up ya fucking smelly Indian
Francisco Fernandes
Francisco Fernandes - 5 years ago
Godfather they kill my fishes. Why?
Cause luca Brazi sleeps with the fishes
Jorge Baeza
Jorge Baeza - 5 years ago
Debían desollarte vivo haber si te gusta H.P
Abhijithanilk - 5 years ago
i dont want my chicken to run around with no head hell nooo
Morgan Alan
Morgan Alan - 5 years ago
Good slaughtering ~ Quick and humane ~
Zhivko Marinov
Zhivko Marinov - 5 years ago
LoL they eat everything.
Man of steel
Man of steel - 5 years ago
Hong Kong Ching Chong lol
Usama Khan
Usama Khan - 5 years ago
This is not a proper way to kill fish.... fish is still alive when he was cutting his dead.... first let him die properly then start cutting.. motherfucker idiot
Charles Lucas
Charles Lucas - 5 years ago
I would love to keep them alive in my fish tank ....feeling sad for the fish ...!!
Александр Великий
Александр Великий - 5 years ago
Рыба от боли обоссалась блядь.
Rupali Sarkar
Rupali Sarkar - 5 years ago
They have a life too...cut them when they r fully dead.pls...a request
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen - 5 years ago
Bệnh tự miệng mà vào
Khi đổ bệnh mới biết sợ
Samaksh Joshi
Samaksh Joshi - 5 years ago
Ryyu - 5 years ago
It’s dead you fat fucking retard
Nancy Archibald
Nancy Archibald - 5 years ago
I'm not sure that fish was dead before the wire brush was utilized to descale it. How CRUEL and BARBARIC!!! . Make the FIRST blow to the head WORK EFFECTIVELY. NOT IMPRESSED.
Bhagya Hert
Bhagya Hert - 5 years ago
This is cruelty
Ryyu - 5 years ago
They are dead after one hit you fucking moron
Oo oO
Oo oO - 5 years ago
Good eating
Amit Upadhya
Amit Upadhya - 5 years ago
Why the fukk wouldn’t he kill the fish than scale it.
Ryyu - 5 years ago
What the fuck are you on about? They were hit in the head and died right away, fucking moron
Mellow Mood
Mellow Mood - 5 years ago
They film this kinda stuff now?
antar yaya
antar yaya - 5 years ago
Encore des tchong
antar yaya
antar yaya - 5 years ago
Bande de batar.. tuez les rapidements....
thykkoottathil ravindran
thykkoottathil ravindran - 5 years ago
Cutting live fish amounts to murder
Why no activists here?!
Sagairaj Sunder
Sagairaj Sunder - 5 years ago
I feel bad but tastes good...
Maderchod hai sala
Iron Mocker
Iron Mocker - 5 years ago
Bhag sale katue, mulle.
J7 R88
J7 R88 - 5 years ago
4:15 the grouper pee'd himself when his gills were twisted off
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - 5 years ago
He had no idea what he was doing.
kgb024 - 5 years ago
Skinned alive is ye best sushi
Ryyu - 5 years ago
It wasnt alive you fat fucking cunt
deafening_silence - 5 years ago
Special place in hell reserved !!!!!!
Sammy Nichols
Sammy Nichols - 5 years ago
Sushi anyone.
Sammy Nichols
Sammy Nichols - 5 years ago
Us human's are the apex species which makes everything lower than us less then us so we eat them how we may.
Locus Focus
Locus Focus - 5 years ago
4:14 was the fish pissing ?
Suck my cock you little bitch
Suck my cock you little bitch - 5 years ago
You tuber
You tuber - 5 years ago
Piss for the one last time lmao
Panos Tzelepopoulos
Panos Tzelepopoulos - 5 years ago
Damn.... I would love me some of that fresh fish....
Philthy y
Philthy y - 5 years ago
Fucking losers.
Jason - 5 years ago
poor fishy at least kill him before you rip off his scales
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen - 5 years ago
The fishes look fresh to me!
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - 5 years ago
0:16 well thats rude, sample chopping isn't cool
Exotik - 5 years ago
So what happened to Nemo?
micah grubb
micah grubb - 5 years ago
Amazing? Cleaning a fish? He’s not even that fast
Despon - 5 years ago
One quick tap to the head and it’s gone, in a better place where it don’t witness itself being eaten.
Benjamin Caron
Benjamin Caron - 5 years ago
Fuckin chinese mental illness, would you like to be skinned alive you butcher? I hope you will grill in hell for eternity.
Doggie Doggie
Doggie Doggie - 5 years ago
2:36 That was probably the fastest kill through out the whole video (Correct me if I'm wrong).
Andrea Mazzucco
Andrea Mazzucco - 5 years ago
The title is wrong!!!! Is, look! I m going to torture this poor fish
Tommy Acosta
Tommy Acosta - 5 years ago
Fucking assholes how would u like to be cut open alive this is animal abuse
TAMEER JANVRI - 5 years ago
F%ck u assh*&e let it die naturally ....thats animal cruelty .
hardeeharhar86 - 5 years ago
That fish nearly but his dick off
RippingLips - 5 years ago
I love reading these little snowflake tree hugger comments
Ravi kumar
Ravi kumar - 5 years ago
How much pain that fish have to suffer , shame on those who eat fish or any thing like that
xunair abbaso
xunair abbaso - 5 years ago
Fucker atleast wait for his death
Alex Chiu
Alex Chiu - 5 years ago
I hope afterlife you won't be a fish
Fackmylife - 5 years ago
And I thought my life was shit.
ant cameron
ant cameron - 5 years ago
guy low key doesnt know how to filet a fish
Jordan King
Jordan King - 5 years ago
No respect for the food! Just slapping it around roughly and damaging the food without care. Just does it for work to get by and doesn't care about the job or product. I love Chinese cuisine when care is shown.
Steve Stevenson
Steve Stevenson - 5 years ago
That’s so barbaric but I live Asian woman. They just get scared of my bbc so it’s hard to find one that appreciates my black anaconda
nunyaah! - 5 years ago
Even tho I'm scared of fish I think it was satisfying
Chris Miramontes
Chris Miramontes - 5 years ago
Thats pretty fucked up
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez - 5 years ago
Fucking guy . At list kill it first .
สาม โว้ย
สาม โว้ย - 5 years ago
Trent Reznor
Trent Reznor - 5 years ago
Kill to to live
Syahir Asyraf
Syahir Asyraf - 5 years ago
At 4:15 ,, did the fist just pissed itself?
Jay Es
Jay Es - 5 years ago
evil asians
party boygaming
party boygaming - 5 years ago
why was this fun to watch for me
LeaveLeague - 5 years ago
the only thing thats bothering is that. Bro he gotta maintenance his knife. It be having that rust
m9thew - 5 years ago
What kind of fish wad the gold and blue one. Very stunning and tasty looking fish.
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia - 5 years ago
I don't think these guys are being brutal, but I have seen more efficient cleaning and cutting. And definitely more artful.
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia - 4 years ago
Max Chen
Max Chen - 4 years ago
Carlo Garcia Can you show me where? Thanks.
DobbskiYT - 5 years ago
2.1k like 2.1k dislike lol
neko na-eun Ysabel
neko na-eun Ysabel - 5 years ago
From now on i need to be vegan
Iam awaterbottle
Iam awaterbottle - 5 years ago
Its not that hard to cut off the fish's head cleanly in 1 stroke, just needs a bit of practice and a sharpened knife
Sweet P Eddie Boy 210
Sweet P Eddie Boy 210 - 5 years ago
Come on Ching Chong fuckin fish feels pain too bitch, dam Chinese muthafucka
mohammad adam
mohammad adam - 5 years ago
There are hurting they are still living what is wrong with the world
XxHardcoreHeroxX - 5 years ago
Im scared of killing live fish because i feel bad for it
abcdefg - 5 years ago
Im addicted to watching fish suffer
MythicDog - 5 years ago
Why does this oddly calm me down? .-.
Lynn Willison
Lynn Willison - 5 years ago
No fish is killed out right. Taste better if it's chopped while it's still alive. Cruelty at it's best in China!!!!
Dark Daughter
Dark Daughter - 5 years ago
That actually looks like fun, only they oughta make the fish dead first. By dead i mean DEAD and DEAD. Not barely alive.
MythicDog - 5 years ago
I think the fish died in the first or second hit. The twitching and moving were probably muscle spasms or nerves spazzing.
Hey Sexy
Hey Sexy - 5 years ago
This guys hands look unnatural, he should see a doctor
javier martin
javier martin - 5 years ago
Chino pelotudo, no sabe matar un pescado
Tarek Ahmed
Tarek Ahmed - 5 years ago
Kill then fresh it.
Neha Agarwal
Neha Agarwal - 5 years ago
I eat non veg. But this is torture. I buy fish from market but here the fish is killed in one blow. There is no need to keep it alive in pain by cutting off its jaws.
MythicDog - 5 years ago
Xmandxr longires
Xmandxr longires - 5 years ago
Man:LOL LOL LOL default dance XD dab Fish:OOF!!!!
Suzannah Sasser
Suzannah Sasser - 5 years ago
like I kinda feel bad but not cuz people have to eat but like damn thats a lot of scales
Ok Danks
Ok Danks - 5 years ago
That's hot. That's hot.
ellie rads
ellie rads - 5 years ago
It wasn't alive clubbed it to death
Paul Angelo M. Pinpin
Paul Angelo M. Pinpin - 5 years ago
She certainly knows how to torture a fish.
Deepak Adlakha
Deepak Adlakha - 5 years ago
god pls punish to these kind of people
Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins - 5 years ago
+Dr. ShuShu not even an afterlife

Once your dead

You're kaput
Dr. ShuShu
Dr. ShuShu - 5 years ago
+Deepak Adlakha we dont have a next life we have an after life
Deepak Adlakha
Deepak Adlakha - 5 years ago
+Dr. ShuShu i pray that u will become fish in next life
Dr. ShuShu
Dr. ShuShu - 5 years ago
+Deepak Adlakha fish dont feel pain stupid
Deepak Adlakha
Deepak Adlakha - 5 years ago
+Dr. ShuShu if u like non veg then cut ur own body parts then eat
Deepak Adlakha
Deepak Adlakha - 5 years ago
+Dr. ShuShu you are stupid and dont know the pain of that fish
Dr. ShuShu
Dr. ShuShu - 5 years ago
Punish them for getting food are you on crack?
The Lake House
The Lake House - 5 years ago
Any one know what kind of camera they used
GrandCanvas8012 - 5 years ago
My first nigga clung to life for a hot minute too
willam Estrada
willam Estrada - 5 years ago
This guy sloppy. Thumbs down
Elize Alexis
Elize Alexis - 5 years ago
What's with asians not using sharp tools?
Yael Lopez
Yael Lopez - 5 years ago
Paid actors
Slappy190 - 5 years ago
oof - 5 years ago
mood was my old account btw, and yes
its still satisfying
Cooper Hay
Cooper Hay - 5 years ago
Silver Shamrock
Silver Shamrock - 5 years ago
Holy fuck theres alot on thin skinned pussies in these comments.
Albert Pangilinan
Albert Pangilinan - 5 years ago
I need to stop using a knife to scale. So much faster
Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins - 5 years ago
Dead by the 1st blow
Jarielyz Acevedo
Jarielyz Acevedo - 5 years ago
i hope that can happen to them poor fish eat somthing else what the freak did the fish do to you
Rj Dunston
Rj Dunston - 5 years ago
Did that fish piss himself
Cristian Cambero
Cristian Cambero - 5 years ago
Vegans are quaking
WaluigiThe StarFish
WaluigiThe StarFish - 5 years ago
This is f**king torture plz stop
Dr. ShuShu
Dr. ShuShu - 5 years ago
This is called getting food
UltraViolence Gaming
UltraViolence Gaming - 5 years ago
Dear PETA morons, PETA kills more dogs a year than every other non-PETA kill shelter combined. So go fuck yourselves dumbfucks.
AdiL oSaFi
AdiL oSaFi - 5 years ago
i love it keep uploading pls
BrokenPastry - 5 years ago
Percussive stunning before skinning and butchering is one of the most humane ways to skin a filet a fish. People who are complaining, how would you do it? I guarantee most of y'all have never had to butcher anything in your lives...
Ianjack 9000
Ianjack 9000 - 5 years ago
I love cutting fish open but this is just messy
Mithun Charavathy
Mithun Charavathy - 5 years ago
If I became god I will kill u guys
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Keep living in your fantasy . this is why you don't have friends, mithun
Frank Brice
Frank Brice - 5 years ago
This shit was GANGSTER he knocked it in the head tho
Sameera Weerakoon
Sameera Weerakoon - 5 years ago
All lives are precious. Love them.
Mujahed Shaikh
Mujahed Shaikh - 5 years ago
Pailay fish ko marney doo first let her die
Chandrakumar Balani
Chandrakumar Balani - 5 years ago
Mentally ill people
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
No u
Sadik Nadaf
Sadik Nadaf - 5 years ago
I'm feeling sad for that fish bt we all r eating fish
Mahmoud me
Mahmoud me - 5 years ago
It is not good to do so, the fish should die before this torture, Al hamdulillah for being Muslim
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Fish don't feel pain
Alien Observer
Alien Observer - 5 years ago
It's brain dead fish
Kentzz 14
Kentzz 14 - 5 years ago
Now that's fresh
ramazan duven
ramazan duven - 5 years ago
ölünü siksinler senin döl israfı seni..
Dilip Jaiswal
Dilip Jaiswal - 5 years ago
Ye sab paap hai .....are khaana hi hai tu ....usee phele maardoo phir kaatoo
robin karki
robin karki - 5 years ago
Welcome to hell everyone, be good, do good and respect to everyone no harm to anyone otherwise in the next life we all will become fish for food lol
Vinayak Vidhyasagar
Vinayak Vidhyasagar - 5 years ago
Stupid people who have no heart!!
Dr. ShuShu
Dr. ShuShu - 5 years ago
For getting food? Fish dont feel pain dumbass
Mr Furry
Mr Furry - 5 years ago
That brush looks like it felt so good for the fish!
Anand Singh Anand Singh
Anand Singh Anand Singh - 5 years ago
Ashish rawat
Can Erg
Can Erg - 5 years ago
Two nukes were not enough
Ebrahimovic Zlatan
Ebrahimovic Zlatan - 5 years ago
Fuck Your sister
Junaid Shaikh
Junaid Shaikh - 5 years ago
2:34 what is name of this fish
Luziaf the Loner
Luziaf the Loner - 5 years ago
Well at least they still eating fish. At some places Chinese eat cat and dog
Sangeeta Bhatia
Sangeeta Bhatia - 5 years ago
what the fuck
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Its people eating meat , got a problem ?
KingTrunkzdbz - 5 years ago
At 4:14 that fish was in so much pain it pissed itself.
Dr. ShuShu
Dr. ShuShu - 5 years ago
He got scared af
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Fish don't feel pain tho
Avern Vrey
Avern Vrey - 5 years ago
Sorry kids, some of those are still alive, not just muscle reflexes.
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma - 5 years ago
Let her die first and lose her senses
Nezby Odella
Nezby Odella - 5 years ago
Lol...all of these comments, about the fish. It's the nerves that's making it twitch, it's just a fish. 3 extra wacks to make sure the fish is dead won't hurt nobody.
Paul antony
Paul antony - 5 years ago
hey bstd
Kill before cutting
Ebuhuseyinyigit Yılmaz
Ebuhuseyinyigit Yılmaz - 5 years ago
Shame on you, maybe you will be likewisely treated in afterlife. If you want to eat fish kill it properly first nobody dies if you eat your fish a little less fresh
haydi kim
haydi kim - 5 years ago
The first fish didn't want to die.
Bryan Timothy
Bryan Timothy - 5 years ago
3:23 It seems that a church is nearby. Hear closely:
"Worthy is The Lamb..
Seated on the throne.."
cbvsjs - 5 years ago
What do you expect from a third world country
msbrownbeast - 5 years ago
Are these fish actually caught near Hong Kong? Or are the boats just for show, creating an image of freshly caught local seafood produce?
John Forde
John Forde - 5 years ago
Poor fish
Jason A
Jason A - 5 years ago
I wish we could do this to all livestock! I want to taste the fear!!!!
narendra narane
narendra narane - 5 years ago
It is a living creature and all living creatures value their life. Dont be surprised if the seas and oceans bite back.
Ashley Moodie
Ashley Moodie - 5 years ago
This is hard to watch
Colten Riley
Colten Riley - 5 years ago
I hate Asian’s.
Rashad Jabbarov
Rashad Jabbarov - 5 years ago
Какие же вы дикие
world's toughest SON OF A BITCH
world's toughest SON OF A BITCH - 5 years ago
4:05 poor fish
Uthayasankar Balachandran
Uthayasankar Balachandran - 5 years ago
Why they cant kill the fish and peel the skin? this is how these people shoul die
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
They will never die like that , bud . keep dreaming
Mund 888
Mund 888 - 5 years ago
What kinda fucking human does this?? Oh yes,slant eyed fucking parasites do.
Kry Kry
Kry Kry - 5 years ago
I eat fish but wtf is he doing cutting it like that ? Senseless suffering ...just cut off the damn head clean and fast !!!! Cruel and idiotic
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Fish don't feel pain idiot.
DA MAI CAI - 5 years ago
Bobby Joe Jr.
Bobby Joe Jr. - 5 years ago
Yes. Humans need to kill animals for food. Not everyone wants to eat seeds and roots. Vegans are so close minded it's hilarious. Don't judge others from their choices of what they want to eat. You can't force people to think the way you do.
Toxic_Waste 364
Toxic_Waste 364 - 4 years ago
Preach d u d e
Seth okthen
Seth okthen - 4 years ago
Typical Ladd much cruel
XXXTENTACION the goat - 4 years ago
I agree
Ajitesh Thakur
Ajitesh Thakur - 4 years ago
Truly no torture easy kill is best wau
scott - 4 years ago
+Mark Lindsay hunting for food has never been pretty. For all of history men have used whatever implements they have to kill the prey item. Its mans God given right to eat whatever his soul desires. And should be thanks full for. Why bitch about it now after all these millennia? Mans life comes first then a fish's.
James Jones
James Jones - 4 years ago
RAMS INC - 4 years ago
It's not that they're close-minded it is that they are pathetic emotionally weak people.. that project their feelings onto animals
70 NIGGEH - 5 years ago
Bobby Joe Jr.

Thanks for being smart.
Mark Lindsay
Mark Lindsay - 5 years ago
+Very Well-Respected Individual
What happens when you cut yourself.. you stitch it up or bandage or nothing after putting pressure on it and go on about your day.. so your point?..
Very Well-Respected Individual
Very Well-Respected Individual - 5 years ago
+Mark Lindsay Fish don't have the same sense of pain we do. We literally catch them for fun by stabbing a hook into their mouths and hope they don't wriggle out of it.

You know what happens when they break free or we let them go? They go about their day as if nothing has happened.
Digvijay Rana
Digvijay Rana - 5 years ago
You will pay through your HEALTH , when you are diseased ,then only you think about humanity and all these things.., otherwise you enjoy life. May GOD give you good thoughts.
pasco 80
pasco 80 - 5 years ago
I agree!
Harjot Grewal
Harjot Grewal - 5 years ago
Bobby Joe Jr. humans should be able to eat meat yes but only if it is a fair chance. Either you kill the animal or the animal kills you.. you sir are fucking dumb
TripleAceAAA - 5 years ago
We should all cook your children and slam them in the head with sticks
cad - 5 years ago
+j c uneducated moron trying to sound smart hahaha
Bobby Joe Jr.
Bobby Joe Jr. - 5 years ago
+j c Are you uneducated? Humans are omnivorous and we have been for thousands of years. You're not vegetarian? Then don't be a hypocrite and say vegetables and fruits are the right foods. Uneducated fuck. Wolves' jaws move fucking up and down just like a human. You expect them to eat fruits all day? Get an education. Study some basic biology and evolution then talk shit to me.
j c
j c - 5 years ago
You say don't judge others for their choice of what they want to eat ok let's take all the meat out of the stores stop killing animals and then you can go and kill an animal yourself and eat it I bet you wouldn't do that would you you f**** retard. I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian I eat what I can get but I tell you what if meat was taken off the market loads of people would start eating the right food which is vegetables fruit and what not humans are not designed to eat meet we are herbivores which is why our Jaws go up and down and side to side meat eating animals their Jaws only go up and down do you f**** research
M. Asefi 86
M. Asefi 86 - 5 years ago
Bobby Joe Jr.
it’s not all about eating or food, it’s about giving the others right to live too
+Swerv702 ! 8
Hisham Gabban
Hisham Gabban - 5 years ago
Yes, but this is not a good way of killing..this is called torture
Just A Guy
Just A Guy - 5 years ago
+Swerv702 ! You're wrong, and here's why. You're arguement about vegans causing more damage that meat eaters is flawed. The animals bred for the meat industry need to have food to eat and although there are free range, grass fed stock, this is not always the case. Much of the time they are fed on crops which are grown in the same way all of this looney vegan food is grown, via the use of pesticides, rodent control, deforestation etc etc. Only difference being is that meat products have the extra steps of, clearing land for either grazing pastures or large factory farms, the population control of predatory animals (which has a knock on effect on the eco system in which they reside), and the amount of water consumed by meat stock animals (the building of dams, irrigation, waterways). I could go on but you seem of reasonable intelligence so I don't think I need too. I wouldn't dream of pushing you to turn vegan, only hope that you might take into consideration the steps that yours 99 cents hamburger has taken to get into your belly. Xx
Leng Wei
Leng Wei - 5 years ago
+Swerv702 ! but the meat industry over breeds animals there wouldn't be that many here if it weren't for meat industry so they wouldn't be overpopulation,meat industry kind bad tho
Leng Wei
Leng Wei - 5 years ago
I think it's just the way they do it there upset about even seeing this as a meat eater isn't nice and these are just fish,you gotta get to facts straight brother
Swerv702 !
Swerv702 ! - 5 years ago
Ted Nugent is fucking awesome. He made a great point in regards to the whole "omni/carnivores are cruel" debate. "Vegans indirectly do more damage, killing, etc the poisons, pesticides, & other chemicals used to keep produce fields & farms going kill millions of squirrels, groundhogs, rabbits, & other animals. Basically most vegans crying cruel & dialing pets need to quit being so self righteous with their ignorance & arguments
Mark Lindsay
Mark Lindsay - 5 years ago
Don't think it's about the slaughter of the fish it's the way they go about it.. it's purely no regard for the species pain experience... Humans have a funny way of inflicting pain onto other sub species while being the first to wallow in their fucken tears when they are hurt or one of their family members die.. If you can dish it you better be able to take it...
Ashventurista - 5 years ago
they're even killing root crops. lol
Dark Bloom
Dark Bloom - 5 years ago
I agree
Typical Ladd
Typical Ladd - 5 years ago
I totally agree with you but sooner or later at least one vegan is gonna be butthurt and make a "this is so cruel" or "you think you would like if you get cut you into pieces" reply
Lezzet Dünyası
Lezzet Dünyası - 5 years ago
device 1983
device 1983 - 5 years ago
4:06 machod, and Indian buying fish
Loi Angelo
Loi Angelo - 5 years ago
LOL, 1674 likes vs 1674 dislikes
Alfred Zamora
Alfred Zamora - 5 years ago
How rude
braveheart musliman
braveheart musliman - 5 years ago
Brutal no soul chinese busterds
Sam Salem
Sam Salem - 5 years ago
How do you call this cutting amazing? It's too sloppy.
Sanjay Pathak
Sanjay Pathak - 5 years ago
hat salai
NIRAJ BHANDARI - 5 years ago
I m also a non-vegetarian
Very Very bad the way they cut the fish
I wish whoever cut fish like this will die very badly
Faheem Adnan
Faheem Adnan - 5 years ago
Bc uski jaan to niklne de
Vijayan Hindu
Vijayan Hindu - 5 years ago
Cutting the fish while it is alive is a bit difficult to watch. Why not to do that after the fish is dead.
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
+Darck Sier well ,sorry for mistaking that , I ain't English .
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
+thicc bih thats not a kind of cutting,its scaling!
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
+Darck Sier I think he meant this kind of cutting 0:41
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
but how are u gonna make the fish die? wait for a century tiil it die?
jodonbaker43 - 5 years ago
You can't teach retarded Asians how to prepare food they're illiterate and unhygienic
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
i like to see u do it dumbass
Arunlal Ps
Arunlal Ps - 5 years ago
Bloody Chinese
Vanessa Lee
Vanessa Lee - 5 years ago
This is exactly why there is such thing as VEGAN......
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Because fish don't feel pain ?
danc1n_dog3 - 5 years ago
Lmao guys they keep them fresh like this, it’s the circle of life you fucking vegan cry babies. We need to eat other animals to stay alive. They do this everywhere where I go!
Merciless Default
Merciless Default - 5 years ago
The fish was in so much pain it was peeing
recep altun
recep altun - 5 years ago
you are how a whore son ?
Fish Games
Fish Games - 5 years ago
Why is the rum gone?
Zedant yorant
Zedant yorant - 5 years ago
All chinese restaurant have this(mid to big).
That why the sea food there taste good.
The Ocean Family
The Ocean Family - 5 years ago
Roses are red

Vilots are blue

The moment you came for

Is at 2:42
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar - 5 years ago
God, don't nake me a fish
Hammas Amer
Hammas Amer - 5 years ago
Purest Protein there is.
v7 Meltz
v7 Meltz - 5 years ago
By the way, science says fish are incapable of feeling pain
MythicDog - 5 years ago
Incorrect. Neurobiologists figured out that fish don’t feel pain like humans do.
Milly Lessin
Milly Lessin - 5 years ago
Yeah, but you all saw the title, yet still clicked on the video, why are you all complaining?? These are professionals who know what they’re doing, when they kill a fish, they kill it so that it will die instantly. For example, a squid will be killed instantly, yet it’s limbs will still move, that doesn’t mean that it’s still alive. Just don’t click on the video if you don’t wanna see this, let alone complain about how cruel it is.
saeefa - 5 years ago
So many white people and right-wingers are defending this but if this was a Muslim person I bet you wouldn't defend halal meat
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Asians can be Muslim , what are you trying to get at ?and also I am Muslim
trio gamers
trio gamers - 5 years ago
Put a bullet in each of these guys there head
KIM IL SUNG - 5 years ago
No one even fucking cares about clash royals is dead
KIM IL SUNG - 5 years ago
STFU vegan suck my dick
ethan H
ethan H - 5 years ago
This is not how i kill a fish. If i want to kill a fish i just put the fish in ice
ITZGalaxyPup 101
ITZGalaxyPup 101 - 5 years ago
Imagine how painful that must be!!!
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
fish dont feel pain
MLGBillyGoat420 - 5 years ago
I hate fish but something about cutting them makes me....

turned on.
- ROMEOCRAFT - - 5 years ago
Let us get more dislikes than likes for this video.
Pyari Mohan Rath
Pyari Mohan Rath - 5 years ago
Feeling sorry for the fish.
Its Maddie
Its Maddie - 5 years ago
Omg it most smell terribly fish
neko na-eun Ysabel
neko na-eun Ysabel - 5 years ago
:(( Animal abuse
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
no it isnt,its the circle of life!
unknown - 5 years ago
honestly why are people even watching this shit if they're all gonna be butthurt; complaining on how they shouldn't do this smh get a grip.
Isabel Echiverri
Isabel Echiverri - 5 years ago
If u think about it, if they didnt kill animals we wouldn’t have food but the thing that makes me sad is that the animals that do hurt us don’t get killed or eaten often but the animals that dont hurt us is a common food and they get killed almost all the time. I dont really feel bad because if they didnt kill any animals we would be feeding on veggies and fruits our whole life. Humans kill animals because we need to eat
Holy Narwhale87
Holy Narwhale87 - 5 years ago
Shark eats fish: It's just nature
Human eats fish: OMG, YOUR A MONSTER!!!
im really stupid
im really stupid - 5 years ago
You got knocked the fuck out!
impactedlion - 5 years ago
Dumb fucking chincks you wonder why we don't let you into our countries
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Which country ?
Ziggily Smith
Ziggily Smith - 5 years ago
Threr is easier was to kill a fish which is less painful and quick
Sly • MMO
Sly • MMO - 5 years ago
Ziggily Smith fishes don’t feel pain. And a hard wack on the head, fishes die. There moving because of there nerve control
Ziggily Smith
Ziggily Smith - 5 years ago
No gloves...?
Ziggily Smith
Ziggily Smith - 5 years ago
For half of them
dazai-san - 5 years ago
the comments section here is literally the worst parts of 4chan and the worst parts of tumblr coalescing to shit on each other and honestly given the content of some of what's being said here i'm not sure which is worse :V
Jimmy Wright
Jimmy Wright - 5 years ago
Animal abuse
Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins - 5 years ago
Jimmy Wright nope, making food
Mary The Marshmallow
Mary The Marshmallow - 5 years ago
You mean to say I am chatting with a human right now?
Micah Bell
Micah Bell - 5 years ago
So many ignorant people in here
KaptainKpop - 5 years ago
I wish that fish kept moving so the man could cut his hand off
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
This is how your sushi is made , don't start whining now
Joel Maejor
Joel Maejor - 5 years ago
For you peta loving homosexuals... nothing will change . People will always eat animals . Its life.
Diamante Dea
Diamante Dea - 5 years ago
Joel Maejor they don’t seem to understand the way fish die on land and now muscles work lol
MALAK free
MALAK free - 5 years ago
Animals killing Animals.
bacon alternative
bacon alternative - 5 years ago
Johan Diaz
Johan Diaz - 5 years ago
0:34 instant kill XD
Maneesh Ahirwar
Maneesh Ahirwar - 5 years ago
tooooo painful
Spartan Manado
Spartan Manado - 5 years ago
sadness comes because of the cartoon movie. Finding Nemo in this case..
Tammy Lake
Tammy Lake - 5 years ago
Wait same number of likes and dislikes...
RPM Internet Dose
RPM Internet Dose - 5 years ago
this is just cruel...
why the fuck can't they cut them after death...
Bustin Jieber
Bustin Jieber - 5 years ago
1.4k dislike and 1.4k likes... WOW
Alexa Sisk
Alexa Sisk - 5 years ago
I feel bad but some are to eat and not it’s the way God and Jesus wanted there life. At least the people kill them fast instead of slow
Bing Boosh
Bing Boosh - 5 years ago
not my proudest fap
Adventure R
Adventure R - 5 years ago
That fish survive that FIRST big head chop
Da hell?
Lain Man
Lain Man - 5 years ago
woah its still moving after all of that.
NubiFist - 5 years ago
666th comment
TeGekVoorWoorden - 5 years ago
Bro, if you kill a fish.. Do not hurt it, just kill it in one shot!
Altaf Sheikh
Altaf Sheikh - 5 years ago
The fish is going to be eaten but it would be humane to at least cut it when it dead rather than start to chop it up when its alive
Banz22 tigg
Banz22 tigg - 5 years ago
Hoomans: destroying fish homes
Fish: sacrifice to help Hoomans live and destroy fish homes
Me: Fish for food, but Hoomans for die in hole of fish guts.
Snek: ...
thicc bih
thicc bih - 5 years ago
Humans:oh boi we found a psycho gets shotgun
IRAN REALITY - 5 years ago
Snikyalen 6
Snikyalen 6 - 5 years ago
Can all the triggered people go away? Why watch the video if you forgot how nerves work? The fish died after the first hit. It kept moving because the nerves were spazzing out. Grow up, idiots.
Antonio’s Lifestyle
Antonio’s Lifestyle - 5 years ago
Those bafoons are lucky that the fishes they are gutting aren’t Brock Lesnar
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
@Hayward Street fights how the fuck would brock lesnar be a fish?
EXoTIc REcALL - 5 years ago
Back on the weird side of youtube
Kitman215 - 5 years ago
Thats amazingly nice not gunna lie
human Drogon
human Drogon - 5 years ago
Its in hk
Extra Chromie Homie
Extra Chromie Homie - 5 years ago
I understand it’s wrong to kill animals that you usually don’t hear about getting killed but fish are one of those meats that are eaten everyday like cow meat (beef) pig meat (pork) etc.
Darck Sier
Darck Sier - 5 years ago
@twix kitty this is not animal abuse,this is natural.
Edgar Martínez
Edgar Martínez - 5 years ago

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