A 5 Gallon Bucket FULL of RARE ALBINO Fish and we bought them!! PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Kamp Kenan: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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A 5 Gallon Bucket FULL of RARE ALBINO Fish and we bought them!! PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Kamp Kenan: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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Sami Syauqi
Sami Syauqi - 3 years ago
albino fish is the best
Ihsan vlogerzgameingz
Ihsan vlogerzgameingz - 3 years ago
Megalodon Junior
Megalodon Junior - 3 years ago
RyanWake bradtelle
RyanWake bradtelle - 3 years ago
Do u think it's cool when a liter of puppies or a mischief of rats have different colored babies?
RyanWake bradtelle
RyanWake bradtelle - 3 years ago
They breath air like betas
Sadathulla Khan
Sadathulla Khan - 3 years ago
I love your videos and love your fishes..........
Sadathulla Khan
Sadathulla Khan - 3 years ago
The rhino fish is available at Rs 15...........
Sadathulla Khan
Sadathulla Khan - 3 years ago
Dont leave this show please.......
BRAHMI GAMER 323 - 3 years ago
I like you for

10. comment for BUYING a BUCKET of ALBINO FISH!!!

Ashley Vantrease
Ashley Vantrease - 3 years ago
Such gorgeous Plecos, I want to get some huge ones when I get my pond set up! I want my comet goldfish to get massive!
Arsene Aghajanian
Arsene Aghajanian - 3 years ago
Albino and rhino
Cong Le
Cong Le - 3 years ago
This is my favourite video and the albino pleco is my favourite fish
KADEN MAN - 3 years ago
jack brittain
jack brittain - 3 years ago
Lowndes Family
Lowndes Family - 3 years ago
Shaun Venter
Shaun Venter - 3 years ago
Clive lanz Caunceran
Clive lanz Caunceran - 3 years ago
Gp Rivera
Gp Rivera - 3 years ago
Breed betta
Itz Yow
Itz Yow - 3 years ago
what kind of fish is that it looks very badass

20. comment for BUYING a BUCKET of ALBINO FISH!!!

Julia Powell
Julia Powell - 3 years ago
The rhino has awesome colors
Sujaya Roy
Sujaya Roy - 3 years ago
You video good il abino
Street Level
Street Level - 3 years ago
your videos give me so much motivation to cary on my own fishes
VIkram karthi
VIkram karthi - 3 years ago
My pleco eat my 4 gold fish eye balls and they remain blind for weeks ,does anyone have experience about that????
Jade Amadea
Jade Amadea - 3 years ago
I like albino
The world of Gaming
The world of Gaming - 3 years ago
Hello guys please subscripe to my channel
Hello paul caffuro your videos is nice
And your fishes is beautiful
janelle hurley
janelle hurley - 3 years ago
I have one bigger than that
Cosmic Tony
Cosmic Tony - 3 years ago
I want an albino Cory catfish
call the blackesh greanish one white and the albino black
PIERCE’S BIRDS - 3 years ago
Rhino one is collet

30. comment for BUYING a BUCKET of ALBINO FISH!!!

Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw - 3 years ago
Okay so the part of this video where the guy is crawling across the ledge of the cement ponds hold the algae eaters and the koifish when they were catching the algae eaters these beautiful picasimus and Plinko algae eaters so pretty but when they started to put the net into the other net and then drop the pole in the water that kind of bothered me only because they risk injuring the other fish in the pond because if that pole from the fishing net With a Hitman in fish in the head come done some damage that's my only negative thing I can say about the video currently it's just that part right there because it put the safety of the Aquatic life in danger to a point but on the plus side they're beautiful albino fishies and they're awesome Blanco and picasimus are closely related are in the same gene pool there are species of catfish and I do believe they are closely related to the goonch catfish and find correct I'm not 100% sure on that one I have to do some research but they look quite similar and their body design
guthrie van zant
guthrie van zant - 3 years ago
My local pet store some how just got Albion Pecos in stock smaller then that
Laser Wolf
Laser Wolf - 3 years ago
I have one bigger than that in my tank
Spencer Tutterow
Spencer Tutterow - 3 years ago
Crystalxxx_xplays28 Blogs
Crystalxxx_xplays28 Blogs - 3 years ago
Yooooooo ITS 2019 PUAL CUFFARO year of the earth pig so pigs are very lucky YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVVE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVVER so basically year of the pigs are lucky this year I’m year of da pig
Nikola Zec
Nikola Zec - 3 years ago
Akhil Varma
Akhil Varma - 3 years ago
The albino is the best
Luc kane
Luc kane - 3 years ago
I love your pig is she is so cute and I like your Playcow
Hasbi Yudistira
Hasbi Yudistira - 3 years ago
What koyo apaantu koyo
21savage serrano
21savage serrano - 3 years ago
I love these video keep it pau l your best just like Rasa fishing and catch em all
good boy
good boy - 3 years ago
Excited for your future place, would love to see what u gonna do with it
Official Exoffles
Official Exoffles - 3 years ago
Whos here 2019
Becci White
Becci White - 3 years ago
Keep doing the awesome vids ☺ a huge fan
GladyatorYT Roblox and MORE!
GladyatorYT Roblox and MORE! - 3 years ago
I think I've eaten that pigs father
Vasi Vasigaran
Vasi Vasigaran - 3 years ago
Jose Cabrera
Jose Cabrera - 3 years ago
Abink better
tom bob
tom bob - 3 years ago
Sick video ricky
Noe Gallardo
Noe Gallardo - 3 years ago
We’re are your chiclids
Ethan Spiker
Ethan Spiker - 3 years ago
Awais Ali
Awais Ali - 3 years ago
You are agrate helper of fishies

50. comment for BUYING a BUCKET of ALBINO FISH!!!

Let's make it
Let's make it - 3 years ago
Pls make a video on your pig
rayshawn freeman
rayshawn freeman - 3 years ago
You put a smile on everybody’s face
Chris Kibodeaux
Chris Kibodeaux - 3 years ago
U get so amazed at such common average fish!! Kind of makes u come across as not knowing a thing!
Auni Atikah
Auni Atikah - 3 years ago
After seeing this video I bought an albino pleco.
Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders - 3 years ago
The only true albino pleco is the white one. The other ones are called lemon plecos
Gaming With NaiiZ
Gaming With NaiiZ - 3 years ago
In our place we call they janitor fish and they so big and many in the phil
Kuvashan Mandrie
Kuvashan Mandrie - 3 years ago
My albino pleco is that small ones size, love it, it sticks out so well
Eleanor Genobaten
Eleanor Genobaten - 3 years ago
Hssvsv Sh S
Hssvsv Sh S - 3 years ago
Merrygine Jefe
Merrygine Jefe - 3 years ago
Kevin Starkey
Kevin Starkey - 3 years ago
Chucho Ramirez
Chucho Ramirez - 3 years ago
Soy el unico mexicano
Gunner Corbin
Gunner Corbin - 3 years ago
Get a rainbow fish or two and a water lizard
Kent Bayubay
Kent Bayubay - 3 years ago
could you pls breed 1 albino playco and a original playco
Natasha Lalchand
Natasha Lalchand - 3 years ago
I love you videos
Israel Atis
Israel Atis - 3 years ago
Is that a Janitor Fish?
seth rollins
seth rollins - 3 years ago
Nichole Leahy
Nichole Leahy - 3 years ago
Hazel Groenewald
Hazel Groenewald - 3 years ago
I have six of those cool albino fishes. I realy look up to you poul. thanks for inspiring me and all the fans
Bapak Hadi
Bapak Hadi - 3 years ago
buying pig
dark matter
dark matter - 3 years ago
Brancy Pacheco
Brancy Pacheco - 3 years ago
I used to have some of the albino pleco
Faiz Kurniawan
Faiz Kurniawan - 3 years ago
i have dat fish
caleb Okafor
caleb Okafor - 3 years ago
Cious - 3 years ago
We have bigger size here in Philippines... lol go to marikina river. They're alot
Dean Holmes
Dean Holmes - 3 years ago
adeesha kaushan
adeesha kaushan - 3 years ago
ice king
ice king - 3 years ago
Johnathan Faucher
Johnathan Faucher - 3 years ago
Hey Paul love your YouTube channel you have some great and helpful content and I was wondering what you would recommend for getting allergy off my eastern musk turtles shells.
Monicaca Caca
Monicaca Caca - 3 years ago
Both of the colors are gorgeous and look like a dragon but fish form
Rocket Man Sagan :D
Rocket Man Sagan :D - 3 years ago
That albino pleco looked like a shark in your mini pond
Javed Ansari
Javed Ansari - 3 years ago
Jasdeep Singh
Jasdeep Singh - 3 years ago
The fish fin has a rip
Bekah Whitney
Bekah Whitney - 3 years ago
You're definitely inspiring me to buy a huge tank and getting cichlids
sharmila pingale
sharmila pingale - 3 years ago
Your all fish best work fish
John Baker
John Baker - 3 years ago
Gilberto Gonzales
Gilberto Gonzales - 3 years ago
habibi juji
habibi juji - 3 years ago
Love you I still watch you,since you were in 100 subs
ShowbizKid - 3 years ago
i get them at petco for 5 dollars
Joseph McIntyre Streams
Joseph McIntyre Streams - 3 years ago
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Ryan Neate
Ryan Neate - 3 years ago
Ok I thought it was a deep fried fish
KylieJenner21 - 3 years ago
moondog 2122
moondog 2122 - 3 years ago
Name him Rhino
moondog 2122
moondog 2122 - 3 years ago
Abdullah Yaseen
Abdullah Yaseen - 3 years ago
albino and also rhino
Fish outa Water
Fish outa Water - 3 years ago
You should put several bristlenose plecos im wherever theres tons of algae they LOVE to eat algae . Ive owned a female for about 1 almost 2 years loves to eat algae and only gets up to 6 inches long needs driftwood in the tank or pond and the make noises , grunts, clicking, clacking etc
GreenChickadee94 - 3 years ago
It looks like it was dipped in chez wiz
Hussain S
Hussain S - 3 years ago
MASS Video
CelestiaIIs - 3 years ago
nice albino, also one of my guppies died sadly, but awesome videos! I also like pigs and fish so yeah nice vids!

100. comment for BUYING a BUCKET of ALBINO FISH!!!

Alba Milian
Alba Milian - 3 years ago
So cool love your vibs u
make my day
snoe yo
snoe yo - 3 years ago
Bro this video made me buy an albino bush nose pleco today, its siiiiick!!!
Vicente Costa
Vicente Costa - 3 years ago
rino is the best
YUGANDHAR Y - 3 years ago
take all baby fish and take
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 3 years ago
You are fat af
SIMON DOWNING - 3 years ago
I don't no because both of them have there own interesting features
Callum Crugby
Callum Crugby - 3 years ago
rhinos colouring and albino size
Abdulrafay Ghouri
Abdulrafay Ghouri - 3 years ago
The albino
Tea Diys
Tea Diys - 3 years ago
Why is Lolo everything?
Julie Rinehart
Julie Rinehart - 3 years ago
Man Paul you are way better than raw fishing and catch um all
Caution's Gaming
Caution's Gaming - 3 years ago
I like all of your videos
Sajal Hazra
Sajal Hazra - 3 years ago
What is the albino fish. Please tell me about them.
Jennifer Maglantay
Jennifer Maglantay - 3 years ago
I love you i know
Andrea Dickerson
Andrea Dickerson - 3 years ago
you need a nether dour big
Shane Carlson
Shane Carlson - 3 years ago
AAS . com
AAS . com - 3 years ago
PLZ PLZ PLZ do more of the turtle videos PLEASE.....
Eisham Manulon
Eisham Manulon - 3 years ago
Man we always love your videos
Ibrahim Yasir
Ibrahim Yasir - 3 years ago
Ruam anthonissen
Ruam anthonissen - 3 years ago
Cool video liked it and cool ponds you give me a smile
nassorshebee22 - 3 years ago
Your videos are the best
nassorshebee22 - 3 years ago
Tinybat The Real Bat
Tinybat The Real Bat - 3 years ago
Tanisha Morton
Tanisha Morton - 3 years ago
Abdulla Waheed
Abdulla Waheed - 3 years ago
Bro i think its called suckermouth catfish
John Mariel Lago
John Mariel Lago - 3 years ago
Ilove watching blogs for your pond.. ilove it keep up.. planning to built one soon
Dust Ghost
Dust Ghost - 3 years ago
I love your videos and my favorite animal is a fish and I learn so much from your videos and I hope I grow up to be a great fish youtuber like you - 3 years ago
that is so cool y does it look fake
Rogue Video Productions
Rogue Video Productions - 3 years ago
I’ve had pleco’s escape my tanks one was missing for an entire week I found it behind the tank still alive put him in and he was A-Okay he was also almost 11inches long
Joseph Clouthier
Joseph Clouthier - 3 years ago
I've seen albino plecos like that in a fish store that was 2 feet
Sharlyn Starlight
Sharlyn Starlight - 3 years ago
albino >:D - 3 years ago
Giselle Preciado
Giselle Preciado - 3 years ago
kashif khan kashif khan
kashif khan kashif khan - 3 years ago
Ow my god
Lance Amiel conti
Lance Amiel conti - 3 years ago
A have a albino pleco to
Amaani Karriem
Amaani Karriem - 3 years ago
I like the rhino
Avery Barnes
Avery Barnes - 3 years ago
Holy moly thats a fish
Angel moreno
Angel moreno - 3 years ago
Your awesome man keep up the good work u teach me a lot here and I been waiting to know more so I can get sum fish for my room
alexia ruiz
alexia ruiz - 3 years ago
Petsy Surprise
Petsy Surprise - 3 years ago
This video was made on my birthday
narinder kaur
narinder kaur - 3 years ago
TropicalCactus 5
TropicalCactus 5 - 3 years ago
So_Much_Skill YT
So_Much_Skill YT - 3 years ago
cool fish paul
Mekare Rose
Mekare Rose - 3 years ago
hehe I have a bigger one haha hehe
Template CREW
Template CREW - 3 years ago
i like the albion more
Did you see the hole in its fin.
Zsniper _92
Zsniper _92 - 3 years ago
They're plecos right
purple jellyfish395
purple jellyfish395 - 3 years ago
Here in bangladesh we can get them for 30 tk
wonjala awale
wonjala awale - 3 years ago
love you bro your videos are aswome and youre so hand some
Anjali Padhy
Anjali Padhy - 3 years ago
Please make a video on Angel fish
Annais Dimech
Annais Dimech - 3 years ago
Henry_the_gamer - 3 years ago
Lisa Hayman
Lisa Hayman - 3 years ago
acidic sakura
acidic sakura - 3 years ago
By the way that fish in place called sapusapu. And he's in my mom's aquarium to make it cleaner.
acidic sakura
acidic sakura - 3 years ago
Holy moly
Pubg HUB
Pubg HUB - 3 years ago
Man all plecos are damn ugly
Candy Merley
Candy Merley - 3 years ago
Jj Games
Jj Games - 3 years ago
That pig tho
Jj Games
Jj Games - 3 years ago
Enrique Cordova
Enrique Cordova - 3 years ago
Both of them
Katrina Brooks
Katrina Brooks - 3 years ago
What were the Fisher cool and I like both of them I never will have any more fish cuz all my fish died of my fish tank means I went through a lot and plus my mom to buy largemouth bass and Emily her to say it but I'm still going over that and I'm only 10 years old that happened when I was like 3 or 2
Bradley Badenhorst
Bradley Badenhorst - 3 years ago
I hope I can get a pond as cool as yours and get monster fish like you
Bradley Badenhorst
Bradley Badenhorst - 3 years ago
You inspire me to get my own small tank and I love all of your video's and I cannot what to see who winss there own pond kit.
Zee Nuis
Zee Nuis - 3 years ago
I have a albino too!
Ori Schwartz
Ori Schwartz - 3 years ago
Feirce Flyer
Feirce Flyer - 3 years ago
Marick Tv
Marick Tv - 3 years ago
Is that Coyote Peterson from brave wilderness?
Alterra Corp.
Alterra Corp. - 3 years ago
+Unlu TeknikYour seriously going to call someone a "noob" for that?
Rat Guru
Rat Guru - 3 years ago
No it’s lamp kenan
HiroNao Tanaka
HiroNao Tanaka - 3 years ago
It is that guy from kamp Kenan
Unlu Teknik
Unlu Teknik - 3 years ago
Lol no noob
gallega marketing
gallega marketing - 3 years ago
i vote albino fish
saur chaudhary
saur chaudhary - 3 years ago
what you do with dead fish
Laiken_777 GAMING
Laiken_777 GAMING - 3 years ago
I like the rino plako.
SummerPie100 gamer
SummerPie100 gamer - 3 years ago
PAK, CHINA hongkong
PAK, CHINA hongkong - 3 years ago
My Sweet Fish.
משי לופז
משי לופז - 3 years ago
kimmyLOVE CH
kimmyLOVE CH - 3 years ago
ว้าว! wow!
mohammad ashran bin rahsad ashran
mohammad ashran bin rahsad ashran - 3 years ago
Nice video for nice pond... i like your pond... from Malaysia
Master BINTANG ID - 3 years ago
buy fish wow
Amir Cotoco
Amir Cotoco - 3 years ago
Inspiring! Happy heart here from the Philippines bec of your vids..sure will do a pond a mini version of yours...kip it up
Jay Beach
Jay Beach - 3 years ago
How long can u hold a fish
tiffany walsh
tiffany walsh - 3 years ago
do many fish vids i love them
206 grow
206 grow - 3 years ago
They shit like crazy
Alex Doughty
Alex Doughty - 3 years ago
Do you always have to say "OH MY GOSH" all the time.. I mean seriously you are annoying as fuck dude . Less talk more fish
freddy shay
freddy shay - 3 years ago
Dude you're such a good friend
xjw brayden
xjw brayden - 3 years ago
Wow so many Albino Pleco fish :O nice video! Keep moving foward Paul!!!
madison.jarrell7 jarrell
madison.jarrell7 jarrell - 3 years ago
Dude I hate when you do this so you said that you buyied a bucket of this fish but they're were somebody else's fish but you only bought one fish and thats not a bucket of those fish stupid dum
you tube all
you tube all - 3 years ago
hey beautiful video
Anima Baidya Mondal
Anima Baidya Mondal - 3 years ago
Can that fish live without water for a few second
Instinct Carnage
Instinct Carnage - 3 years ago
Aren’t those pleckos
dark warrior minecraft and more
dark warrior minecraft and more - 3 years ago
Some plecos eat fish poop
dark warrior minecraft and more
dark warrior minecraft and more - 3 years ago
My pleco has yellow dots
dark warrior minecraft and more
dark warrior minecraft and more - 3 years ago
Wow albino plecos I've never seen one before cool fish you got
suzy sanker
suzy sanker - 3 years ago
I have a common and a leopard
Phin the fish
Phin the fish - 3 years ago
Victor Galvan
Victor Galvan - 3 years ago
Bella Stipanovich
Bella Stipanovich - 3 years ago
Omg I need some of these fish
LocálkoJede - 3 years ago
Rhino is better
Addy Kurosawa
Addy Kurosawa - 3 years ago
They look like rubber fishes hahahahhaha
Mr. Gam3r32
Mr. Gam3r32 - 3 years ago
I like ur pig
jean Woodford
jean Woodford - 3 years ago
عبد الستار
عبد الستار - 3 years ago
Gian Hfhf
Gian Hfhf - 3 years ago
Ha ha
jhommer palomer
jhommer palomer - 3 years ago
we have lots of here in the Philippines. we called that janitor fish. and its colored black.
Santhakumari Palasubramaniam
Santhakumari Palasubramaniam - 3 years ago
Rhino albino
Zanfish - 3 years ago
I own a clown knife
Rebecca Lowson
Rebecca Lowson - 3 years ago
Rhino all the way
kalergi freaking lover 16
kalergi freaking lover 16 - 3 years ago
How you inspired me to go with my mom to work and after she's done working to go get a pleco and ask for their biggest one and I'm just keep him and see how big I can get them you should also tell Zach to watch his back and you should probably try to steal mini moo
Qasim Ally
Qasim Ally - 3 years ago
The rino
Mr. Leopard gecko
Mr. Leopard gecko - 3 years ago
JD Vlogs
JD Vlogs - 3 years ago
I also subscribed
JD Vlogs
JD Vlogs - 3 years ago
Good video Paul
player unknown gamers player unknown gamers
player unknown gamers player unknown gamers - 3 years ago
Thank you bro
Mez Martinez
Mez Martinez - 3 years ago
Pleco's r pretty cool and they get really huge. I had one grow over 14" once, then my heater failed. Also in lakeland, there is a little lake on the south side where the plecos run rampant, and sadly they cast net the plecos then just leave them in a pile to die. And those guys massive in size. Actually I know of some plecos that need rescuing, but there here in Alabama.
Angry Parrot
Angry Parrot - 3 years ago
Rhino is better then that lemondrop
Raju Sara
Raju Sara - 3 years ago
It's really nice
florence nicart
florence nicart - 3 years ago
I will choose rino
JamesReindeer 12
JamesReindeer 12 - 3 years ago
dab Hanley
dab Hanley - 3 years ago
Albino tight though
Ekta Parmar
Ekta Parmar - 3 years ago
rayos ekis
rayos ekis - 3 years ago
My favourite is the rhino
chris18228 - 3 years ago
I have a albino pleco and a Albino bristle nose pleco
Amit Anand
Amit Anand - 3 years ago
I have an Albino pleco as well, her name is Mangooo, i had a tiny one named Lemone but the poor thing died. I also had an Albino bristlenose named sucky, she died as well thoguh
jhay montecalvo
jhay montecalvo - 3 years ago
Your so handsome Paul
Hybrid _
Hybrid _ - 3 years ago
i like the rhino beetter
Chris S
Chris S - 3 years ago
Nice glasses
Andre Charlery
Andre Charlery - 3 years ago
you are diagnosed
Andre Charlery
Andre Charlery - 3 years ago
you are diagnosed
Syed Maqdoom Faizaan
Syed Maqdoom Faizaan - 3 years ago
Albino is the best
SpeedyBoyis - 3 years ago
Mr Soggy Dounut
Mr Soggy Dounut - 3 years ago
Seow Gek Koh
Seow Gek Koh - 3 years ago
I can get as big as a normal school bag....i got 3 in my Koi pond....13 YEAR old fish
Kai’s fishing and RC videos
Kai’s fishing and RC videos - 3 years ago
I have one of them
saber wassabi
saber wassabi - 3 years ago
Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac - 3 years ago
Sad because I lived in Philippines and we want to buy tutrtle but we can't cuz there's no more turtle in pets store :(
Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac - 3 years ago
Starfish :I
dddreptiles - 3 years ago
Gold nugget pleco at marks!!
songo ndiaye
songo ndiaye - 3 years ago
Will it even eat the koi
DianeThomson1960 - 3 years ago
It's a difficult choice. Amazing creatures
Empress Trini
Empress Trini - 3 years ago
Love the music on his intro and outro.
YOSHUA DD - 3 years ago
ur like playing with the pleco
SOPHIA Miller Culver
SOPHIA Miller Culver - 3 years ago
Tik Tok
Tik Tok - 3 years ago
fuck you
jade 71
jade 71 - 3 years ago
All bristlenoses / plecos need driftwood ☺️
Dylanflip Goff
Dylanflip Goff - 3 years ago
Amelia Wade
Amelia Wade - 3 years ago
I looooovvveee your videos!!!
You are such a kind, smart guy so thank youuuuuu!!
Karbon DHC
Karbon DHC - 3 years ago
Luke Dombrowski copies you so much thats his intros could pass of as one of yours. He even does the "What is going on" whatever it is you say, Youtube captions think you say what is going on crows because you mumbled it. Anyway im not here to hate on you, just thought you should know albino plecs are not rare.
Chicken Grunt
Chicken Grunt - 3 years ago
Trenton Cole
Trenton Cole - 3 years ago
I like the albino one more than the rino. It stands out more
Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger - 3 years ago
The rino looks ALOT cooler in my opinion
aqua life
aqua life - 3 years ago
Your videos inspire me a lot you made me to build my own pond
Matthew tobeck
Matthew tobeck - 3 years ago
My brother has one that goes to the middle of his forearm
STOLTENBURGER TV - 3 years ago
I like the albino
Jocelyn Felicia
Jocelyn Felicia - 3 years ago
Shaneco Asphalt
Shaneco Asphalt - 3 years ago
ivolay dachi
ivolay dachi - 3 years ago
Rihno more better cuz albino is original for me
AH64GunshipPilot - 3 years ago
That is an incredible looking pleco!
Fiercely Humble
Fiercely Humble - 3 years ago
I really wish that fish bit you... Why are you excessively holding the fish... It must have been annoyed cause I'm sure if you were picked up excessively you'd be annoyed too! Great video but quit being so inconsiderate!
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 3 years ago
i have 2 of the same albinos but they are waaaaay smaller xD
christopher marks
christopher marks - 3 years ago
just subbed, saw kenan and thats what sold it for me. Its cool you have pet pig, i have 9.
Alex Outdoorsmanz
Alex Outdoorsmanz - 3 years ago
New property?????
Mixalis lol
Mixalis lol - 3 years ago
Albanio is better
tim smit
tim smit - 3 years ago
The guppies got killed by the shrimp, they are hunters
tim smit
tim smit - 3 years ago
Who is timmy
Arjun Chauhan
Arjun Chauhan - 3 years ago
I m from india bro
david daley
david daley - 3 years ago
Av got that pleco sick fish mate mine lives with a salefin pleco
Ryan n kade S
Ryan n kade S - 3 years ago
The Game Boy
The Game Boy - 3 years ago
Ur the best bro u take good care of ur fish love u bro
Ahmad Izz
Ahmad Izz - 3 years ago
Speed Racer
Speed Racer - 3 years ago
Been enjoying your channel bro, but does anyone say anything about you posing with fish out of water in your hand? Wouldn’t that be similar to someone holding your head underwater for a video?
Cameron Adams
Cameron Adams - 3 years ago
0 cover for the plecos will stress them out
Andrew Saleh
Andrew Saleh - 3 years ago
Lol when u take them out they look plastic
Julian Lawrence
Julian Lawrence - 3 years ago
Nice video i am getting a pondina couple weeks thanks to you
Cassie Ruddell
Cassie Ruddell - 3 years ago
I like the rhino pleco
Swee Ann Er
Swee Ann Er - 3 years ago
GHOSTMJ GAMING - 3 years ago
I had seen this fish bigger then this fish and same coller
24/7 AUTOMOTIVE - 3 years ago
Did George the flower horn breed?
Freaky Roblox
Freaky Roblox - 3 years ago
otie veranga
otie veranga - 3 years ago
its look like a toy
yulina eka
yulina eka - 3 years ago
Jordan Vlogs
Jordan Vlogs - 3 years ago
Antoinette Dellosa
Antoinette Dellosa - 3 years ago
in the tn i taught u put mustard o the fishes hhhahaa lol
Isaac Cañigueral
Isaac Cañigueral - 3 years ago
Plecos can survive at low temperatures like 10*C
Sonal Dbritto
Sonal Dbritto - 3 years ago
Ralph Baxter
Ralph Baxter - 3 years ago
Paul I used to support you because I love building bonds to but you take the shit too much serious and you're all the time trying to act bigger and better than what you were before you're really turning into a bitch
Libi Neeraj
Libi Neeraj - 3 years ago
Hey Paul love your vids you inspired me to get my own pond and I have smile in my face watching your vids
Always Arabella
Always Arabella - 3 years ago
The albinos are beautiful like if u agree
Donnie Paris
Donnie Paris - 3 years ago
Paul, I absolutely love all the videos. You have inspired me to want to set up my own pond. I'm figuring out everything I need to start right. I can't wait to be able to just sit and watch the fish I put in it. I wait for your videos to post. This is how I like to end my days. Thank you for what you do.
What’s Up Im Void
What’s Up Im Void - 3 years ago
That is a beautiful albino fish
roman valdez
roman valdez - 3 years ago
You should totally buy a zebra pleco so beautiful but you also do need some driftwood for them they will be way healthier and happy but keep up the vids they are great and makes me want a pond more and more
che350z - 3 years ago
This dude just hoarders fish. Impulsive fish buys and throws them n the pond. It’s sad.
Jamsyboy 2.0
Jamsyboy 2.0 - 3 years ago
I've been watching for a while and your the reason I have three tanks in room keep it up
Sameena Nadiya
Sameena Nadiya - 3 years ago
Wes Woods
Wes Woods - 3 years ago
Honestly, my parents saw a video of yours while looking at my feed and surprised me with a temporary koi pond earlier this summer for my birthday. Thanks so much for helping make that happen for me, and of course have a great day!
Den F
Den F - 3 years ago
Hey Paul! your video's are always something to look forward to.
keep em coming...
ciara hampton
ciara hampton - 3 years ago
It’s so cool how you have so many fish and they all look so cool -(my dogs name is also lulu)
Sar Agorn
Sar Agorn - 3 years ago
I remember a number of yrs back my sister gave me this big pleco that outlived all her fish, he was very dominant and slightly agressive to other fish he lived under this bridge deco that he came with and would chase cichlids around the tank if they tried to get in his house he would also grab food from the top and carry back home if there was a fight he would ram the agressor like a bull, by far the most interesting pleco id ever seen
Kalan Taylor
Kalan Taylor - 3 years ago
love your work paul you really inspired me to get a fish tank
Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards - 3 years ago
I love your videos and I hope to have a cool back yard like you one day. keep on doing cool things on your YouTube channel
T. Michael1415
T. Michael1415 - 3 years ago
The Albino is the best
the life of zay
the life of zay - 3 years ago
That pig make me smile no homo
Grace Chang
Grace Chang - 3 years ago
Vote for Albino Fish
Gianni Lopez
Gianni Lopez - 3 years ago
Albino over rhino!
ZaeXX9 - 3 years ago
Daddy Queen
Daddy Queen - 3 years ago
What kind of pleco are they?
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez - 3 years ago
I like the ibino pleco
William Reeder
William Reeder - 3 years ago
Paul where I live they are invasive. Were not supposed to put them back in
Whenna Añonuevo
Whenna Añonuevo - 3 years ago
The rhino,I like them
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado - 3 years ago
U inspire me to get my own pond
Mack’s World
Mack’s World - 3 years ago
Albino. Like I love the other one it is just the color of that fish is so amazing!
Kristi Gaspard
Kristi Gaspard - 3 years ago
Put the other one in the tank too
Ochibason - 3 years ago
Chicklets are Awesome! I lean towards the South American less aggressive then African if you want a community tank. But in a pond rock on! Everyone in the Club get chips! Can mix. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Faves, ill!
Ochibason - 3 years ago
No sunglasses when tapeing.
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson - 3 years ago
Will the hole in the fin heal
Nick’s Fish Keeping
Nick’s Fish Keeping - 3 years ago
Your videos are awesome and keep me in the hobby!!
Koy Johnson
Koy Johnson - 3 years ago
Paul your the best YouTube or ever you inspired me to get a fish tank
SAM gaming 45
SAM gaming 45 - 3 years ago
Hey Paul love from India our videos makes me happy you are just awesome love you bro
Bryan Roman
Bryan Roman - 3 years ago
Reel Legens Never Die
jeremy erick
jeremy erick - 3 years ago
My wife and I love your videos and you have influenced our pond as well as the pool pond coming to our basement very very soon.
Zikry Daniele
Zikry Daniele - 3 years ago
ty Forster
ty Forster - 3 years ago
Monrico Zeelie
Monrico Zeelie - 3 years ago
Autumn Loveland
Autumn Loveland - 3 years ago
I love your videos. I talked my husband in letting me build a large pond in our back yard for koi and other fish. Shouting Out From Michigan. #TheMitten
Alex's Aquariums
Alex's Aquariums - 3 years ago
Love the rhino plecos! :)
Oh Pasta
Oh Pasta - 3 years ago
click bate
Garrett Pena
Garrett Pena - 3 years ago
Get an albino rino
Exility_Clipz _YT
Exility_Clipz _YT - 3 years ago
Best vids ever love watching your vids
Tim Fountain
Tim Fountain - 3 years ago
Do you do to Nick’s football games?
legendaryXkid7 - 3 years ago
Your videos are amazing!! Always surprising me with different videos
essop dinath
essop dinath - 3 years ago
Hey Paul love your vids really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and get other fish besides guppies,and wanted to know if the turtles go in the big pond and what happens
Ayush Jha
Ayush Jha - 3 years ago
Hey paul... very positive videos and always bring some excitement in our lives...
and welcome (ik u r gonna thank me for watching ur videos and commenting XD
Love from India
Dj Endo
Dj Endo - 3 years ago
Jennifer Pantaleon
Jennifer Pantaleon - 3 years ago
I like the rhino more❤️
AIDAN RAMMY - 3 years ago
Ive been around since u had your first pond and your content keeps getting better. Keep up the good work paul.
_ _syhm1
_ _syhm1 - 3 years ago
You have to get "puyu" malaysia can get itt
midge rose
midge rose - 3 years ago
TheLegendaryScar TheLengendaryScar
TheLegendaryScar TheLengendaryScar - 3 years ago
I like the rhino a bit more
Dawn Henderson
Dawn Henderson - 3 years ago
I love the albino pleco
LittleQuagga 99
LittleQuagga 99 - 3 years ago
I just started watching u and I love ur vids probably cause I love fish
Tristan Reed
Tristan Reed - 3 years ago
Make Lulu a pig pen
Lora Brumfield
Lora Brumfield - 3 years ago
Do you still have ghost shrimp in the pond?
Marty Lynchian
Marty Lynchian - 3 years ago
Unless you want to be dox, I would highly suggest you stop calling people the derogatory name " Caffaro" which means Ugly in Spanish. This is like calling a black person the N-word over and over again in everyone of your videos. I am warning you to stop this.
Avishek Adhikari
Avishek Adhikari - 3 years ago
What about crabs
Apulux - 3 years ago
hey paul at 7:55 to 7:58 theres a yellow fish thats swimming like a bird, what type of fish is it ??
Raj Mohan
Raj Mohan - 3 years ago
Name the albino pleco pete
sourab shekar
sourab shekar - 3 years ago
That's pretty badass albino pleco...
DEEPAN GAMER - 3 years ago
U r wasting the money paul
Natalia Azzaro
Natalia Azzaro - 3 years ago
Name that pleco cheese.
embrace n reborns
embrace n reborns - 3 years ago
I've always love the albino pleco but I was so hurt when mines died she was a long fin albino pleco and you talk about beautiful I got mines off of eBay it's a must have in any color for your pond as well as fish tanks the long fin and tail pleco it looks like a mermaid
Islandlife4life media
Islandlife4life media - 3 years ago
Hey man my kids and I really love your shows! We have gone from nothing to 3 tanks and a pond! With plans for more! Keep up the good work!
Breanna Van Horn
Breanna Van Horn - 3 years ago
Is the contest going to be over instagram?
julia kennedy
julia kennedy - 3 years ago
I'd like to say I've learned a lot from your videos I'm also realize that there are so many different kinds of fish species you are a very good and kind person and you are a positive role model keep up the good work
CHRISTY Dickens-Hayes
CHRISTY Dickens-Hayes - 3 years ago
david s
david s - 3 years ago
thank you! For all the positive videos, your the reason i got a pond!
dlee728 - 3 years ago
david s cool
HittinTheTrails - 3 years ago
Hey Paul I just caught my own 1 pound bass and put it in a pound with a couple of other bluegills I caught the same day. I can’t get either the bass nor the bluegills to eat. Can someone pleeeaassseee help.
Kolby343KO KO
Kolby343KO KO - 3 years ago
Playco is the new store lol plecos are awsome I have one in my 36 gallon lol
Chloe Lechner
Chloe Lechner - 3 years ago
you should get a goldfish tank in your house
panda boy
panda boy - 3 years ago
Love ur videos and ur a great guy would love to meet u one day u inspire me to make a pond of my own
Chloe Lechner
Chloe Lechner - 3 years ago
your amazing paul your my favorite youtuber ever!!!!!
Leangly .17
Leangly .17 - 3 years ago
thx paul i just got in to a fight with my family and when i look at ur vib it made me smail
SUBZ3R0 - 3 years ago
The August 19, 2018 was up for ten seconds. And what do u know it’s 10 minutes and 1 second long.
mia parke
mia parke - 3 years ago
You have inspired me to make Betta tanks and a pond
Conservative Commentary
Conservative Commentary - 3 years ago
The reason people kill plecos is because they’re invasive
Evelyn Fabrie
Evelyn Fabrie - 3 years ago
Can’t wait for the pond gave away. I have 13 box turtles and could use it in their set up.
Evelyn Fabrie
Evelyn Fabrie - 3 years ago
Albino, love yellow
Joy LOL - 3 years ago
I love your videos
Drawing With Inshit And Pets
Drawing With Inshit And Pets - 3 years ago
Buddy you create awesome videos and you are my inspiration
Drawing With Inshit And Pets
Drawing With Inshit And Pets - 3 years ago
captaincole 4
captaincole 4 - 3 years ago
I'm in Florida! I want to come see you.
toni4020 - 3 years ago
Where is the point in buying more and more fish every day...?
Bhargava Ram
Bhargava Ram - 3 years ago
This fish is worst fish. Don't live anywhere. Like pond's, Rivers.. it is very dangerous. Fish
juan reptile
juan reptile - 3 years ago
couple hundreds of $? here in PH you can have it for $.50
juan reptile
juan reptile - 3 years ago
couple hundreds of $? here in PH you can have it for $.50
juan reptile
juan reptile - 3 years ago
couple hundreds of $? here in PH you can have it for $.50
Anoobis - 3 years ago
click more
Smith Playz15
Smith Playz15 - 3 years ago
Also Paul 30k likes on this video and u get ur small koi that were in the original mini pond back for the new mini pond
Roshanaga - 3 years ago
ur videos rock makes me wanna make a pond and buy tons of fish
Smith Playz15
Smith Playz15 - 3 years ago
The albino pleco should be named banana cause of how yellow it is and u should get some archerfish from the place where u got ur rhino pleco from and maybe more goldfish
MMD FOREVER!!! - 3 years ago
thank you for making me smile! I watch you a lot and I share your YouTube with my friends!
tan yuan you
tan yuan you - 3 years ago
Rhino has a big eys
黃翊恩 - 3 years ago
Muhammad Ismail
Muhammad Ismail - 3 years ago
❤️ ur videos it inspired me to make my own pond and buy 2 tanks
Ethan Song
Ethan Song - 3 years ago
Buy a goat four lulu
Anthony Burger
Anthony Burger - 3 years ago
Harvey Gonzales
Harvey Gonzales - 3 years ago
All your videos does put a smile on my face
ryan piercey
ryan piercey - 3 years ago

I think Paul Cuffaro would like this one
Ernlyn Hinacay
Ernlyn Hinacay - 3 years ago
Hi! How can you clean your tank with huge fishes on it?
Chris O'Reilly
Chris O'Reilly - 3 years ago
Is the pond competition usa only?
Usman 025
Usman 025 - 3 years ago
Can anyone tell me why he deleted his previous video
Amanda - 3 years ago
Got my own little pond a week ago with a few koi fish I might decide to make a YouTube channel. What do you think? Thanks again!
Amanda - 3 years ago
Love ur vids always adds some excitement to my day thanks.
Rasala Tandukar
Rasala Tandukar - 3 years ago
Paul you are my most inspirening person on youtube
D Hammes
D Hammes - 3 years ago
It’s not play co I have owned an albino pleco that was 5xs bigger then those it made a mess in my tank I got rid of it.
THE KING SDN THE KING - 3 years ago
Paul did u find what happened abt the guppies plateo bowl what just happened and pls post a video of buying some cool male and femaless
KJH Howarth
KJH Howarth - 3 years ago
loved watching your videos and gotta love piggy if you could give me any tips on my pond that would be really helpful just uploaded vid of it today
Jon Edwards
Jon Edwards - 3 years ago
Paul you are a good kid with an amazing future ahead
Technical Hacker
Technical Hacker - 3 years ago
9.30 on that time who are they
Technical Hacker
Technical Hacker - 3 years ago
Sardar Rahul Singh
Sardar Rahul Singh - 3 years ago
Wenifreda Epe
Wenifreda Epe - 3 years ago
I love your videos and you keep it up
namepi - 3 years ago
Bro I’ve seen you and your channel grow. And I’ve always been a smart ass but on the real I’m proud where you have started and where you are now. I’m 32 years old and I’m a supporter of you. I’m from Australia and I want to get a patio pond but they are expensive but one day because of your channel I will get a patio pond.
Sagar Nishad
Sagar Nishad - 3 years ago
Your Molly looks less .Are tuttle eating them ?
Safina Anthony
Safina Anthony - 3 years ago
Love your videos and it always motivate me and I motivate my friends to keep and care fishes
naveen babu
naveen babu - 3 years ago
like the albino
susanna Guarneros
susanna Guarneros - 3 years ago
It's called a pleco
ioannis panteli
ioannis panteli - 3 years ago
Thank you for always putting a smile on my face
Jameekorn Sittikaroon
Jameekorn Sittikaroon - 3 years ago
In my country(Thailand) you could catch plecos, and other monster fish(paroon sharks, datnoids etc,...anywhere that has river or lake and there’s like hundreds of Albino plecos and other fish
Samar Ahmed
Samar Ahmed - 3 years ago
chilling 101
chilling 101 - 3 years ago
I got a common pleco small ones. my mini pond dont have oxygen. is it ok with them too??
Jay Kerner
Jay Kerner - 3 years ago
Rhino for sure.
Vhon Reth Tolin
Vhon Reth Tolin - 3 years ago
Sualchamp - 3 years ago
This is a most inspiretional channel who loves keep fish
so you are best
you are my inspiretion
Vi Vio
Vi Vio - 3 years ago
My mood booster. Great video i love it ❤❤❤
BTraine Ztraine
BTraine Ztraine - 3 years ago
Stop calling Everyone by your gay last name
ID _EXOTIC_PETS - 3 years ago
I like the rhino more
Madde Swe
Madde Swe - 3 years ago
Love your videos dude ^^ I don't get how you do all that you do. Your energy makes me so happy and it makes me smile even on a bad day, thank you for that.
// Madeleine, SWEDEN ^^ <3
Michael Anro Babia
Michael Anro Babia - 3 years ago
Best channel ever!
Rock Star
Rock Star - 3 years ago
Albino is way cooler
Arman Jahangir
Arman Jahangir - 3 years ago
Always exited for your video.
Michal Phaeton
Michal Phaeton - 3 years ago
In Poland this Albino Pleco at this size cost 10$
Zion India
Zion India - 3 years ago
I love yr vid its ausome
kandavelu tm
kandavelu tm - 3 years ago
Rhino since he has huge eyes
Adele palmer
Adele palmer - 3 years ago
Get a giant gourami pleeeeaaaaseeee
POGBA Kobe24
POGBA Kobe24 - 3 years ago
Call the albino "Alpha"
rapz uniq
rapz uniq - 3 years ago
Paul COOL albino and rhino! thank you for giving us always cool and great stuff keep it up!!!
Сергей Кочерженко
Сергей Кочерженко - 3 years ago
палец вверх ,отличный контент
GRADE_7 St. Bernadette projects
GRADE_7 St. Bernadette projects - 3 years ago
1:36 the plecos fins
vani Ivanov
vani Ivanov - 3 years ago
The albino
Sakryt 1
Sakryt 1 - 3 years ago
I had one of these but my "friendly,, fish eated him
Joshua T
Joshua T - 3 years ago
05:38 couple hundred dollars? really? here where i live u can get one that size and color for like 2 bucks
MIỀN TÂY FOOD - 3 years ago
i love fish
Vlog Cat 101
Vlog Cat 101 - 3 years ago
Please anyone pray for my grandma i do not need comments or likes i just need you guys to pray for her because yesterday she fall down and can't walk and she poop blood do not laugh why you are also pooping all of us poop and she almost had cancer good thing its negative please thankyou so much if you oray for my grandma
Pankaj Mittal
Pankaj Mittal - 3 years ago
Akways all are like your video your a great men
steven fernandez
steven fernandez - 3 years ago
That is rhinoa
ROYALE EXRA Benedictus.M
ROYALE EXRA Benedictus.M - 3 years ago
You Need to be Careful Pleco Can Eat fish Eggs and Sometimes Small Fish!!
Predator 2829
Predator 2829 - 3 years ago
Paul you made a great choice to get the rino pleco it looks so sick
ROYALE EXRA Benedictus.M
ROYALE EXRA Benedictus.M - 3 years ago
In my country You can Catch them At A Lake Easily
Muhairiedz Eagle
Muhairiedz Eagle - 3 years ago
Awesome videos! Hoping for new more spectacular videos. :)
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera - 3 years ago
Manasva Worlikar official
Manasva Worlikar official - 3 years ago
Love your videos bro ,you make my day happy
Manasva Worlikar official
Manasva Worlikar official - 3 years ago
Albino pleco
rudys0951 - 3 years ago
You should put driftwood in your tank, the plecos eat them
Gedion Kelie
Gedion Kelie - 3 years ago
Paul why don't you do an saltwater aquarium
shriniwas mohanty
shriniwas mohanty - 3 years ago
Rino placo is the rare one
Steven Duryea
Steven Duryea - 3 years ago
That albino pleco is beautiful!!! Keep grinding man, your a inspiration!
Gerald Fedorian
Gerald Fedorian - 3 years ago
Paul that fish will get giant
Adarsh - 3 years ago
See catch em all fishing channel and get that big pleco
Mr. Spotty Dog - Minecraft
Mr. Spotty Dog - Minecraft - 3 years ago
Hi Paul. I've been a subscriber of yours for about a year. You INSPIRED ME to build my first pond. I built it on Wednesday. It's going to be a koi pond. You cheer me up and inspire me.
Thank you.
FuNn videos
FuNn videos - 3 years ago
Wow that Albino plecko is beautiful.
By the way your videos r so refreshing to watch. Cheers ✌
Karen Coles
Karen Coles - 3 years ago
Your new Plecos they are awesome.
lazerX4X shahateet
lazerX4X shahateet - 3 years ago
Add more ricks in the 160
Sem Verhey
Sem Verhey - 3 years ago
I prefer the albino
Salo Michelinsnakehunter
Salo Michelinsnakehunter - 3 years ago
Wait i've heard that finish - i love ya etc ... Paul is a LOGAN FANBOI! :P
drblack66 - 3 years ago
Lovin ur vids from down under pc. Both plecos are equally awesome! Catch ya on the next one
Casie Harris
Casie Harris - 3 years ago
Love your vids they alway make me smile and it has really inspired me to have my own aquarium and pond ^^ and love to your channel. All your vids are great.
Rea Marindo
Rea Marindo - 3 years ago
Jordan C
Jordan C - 3 years ago
those albino pleco are only a couple dolllars in cali
Ritu Dhikay
Ritu Dhikay - 3 years ago
Hay I like your bog
Fine Tuning
Fine Tuning - 3 years ago
love the rhino
Lars Damen
Lars Damen - 3 years ago
I have 2 albino pleco's at home both about 1 feet, we got them both for 10 euro each.
Lars Damen
Lars Damen - 3 years ago
Have to note that they were about 7 cm when we got them.
Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana
Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana - 3 years ago
Hey Paul how about a small snakehead for the minipond. There is a species that is visually stunning and small in size, called the Ceylon Snakehead. They are found in the US but are rare. Would do nicely in the mini pond.
Jeremy Webb
Jeremy Webb - 3 years ago
Your a LEGEND Paul, thanks for your inspiring me too get back into fish keeping. Have a great day
Narven Narven
Narven Narven - 3 years ago
I love the two plecos
Zen Tron
Zen Tron - 3 years ago
I watched mission impossible i can do anything now.
Jeremy Webb
Jeremy Webb - 3 years ago
I don't reckon you should get above ground, below ground looks way nicer, love your channel though :)
JonahIs Thicc840
JonahIs Thicc840 - 3 years ago
I think I have one but it's gigantic
Hobie Ainsworth
Hobie Ainsworth - 3 years ago
Call the albino pleco fish harry
shivakumar chinnathambi
shivakumar chinnathambi - 3 years ago
That can fly
Benloves Skylines
Benloves Skylines - 3 years ago
Bro you inspire me so much and all because of you, I have fallen into the amazing trap of flowerhorns
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming - 3 years ago
Awesome vids paul you always do what you promises
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 3 years ago
That man getting the fish is literally me on a night out
Ray skates
Ray skates - 3 years ago
Sick that so cool
Polar-Ninja Gaming
Polar-Ninja Gaming - 3 years ago
hi Paul. what filter do you use in the 160
Natalie Teo
Natalie Teo - 3 years ago
You just made my day !!☺
John Dawson
John Dawson - 3 years ago
Ever think about getting a Red Tailed shark for the mini pond?
Charlie Beasley
Charlie Beasley - 3 years ago
Use the pool pond for siclids
IloveDemonlord lord
IloveDemonlord lord - 3 years ago
Rhino love it
Jason The
Jason The - 3 years ago
Love your pond from indonesia
fish aquatics
fish aquatics - 3 years ago
Nice video
Koa Pua
Koa Pua - 3 years ago
Name the albino Pikachu
Jimmy the Puffin
Jimmy the Puffin - 3 years ago
I liked shared and subbed great vid and nice plecos
Lawrence Broady
Lawrence Broady - 3 years ago
I like both
Skitzobits - 3 years ago
Name him Lem!! Since he's lemon yellow :D
Whitehusky88 - 3 years ago
pro gamer
pro gamer - 3 years ago
C WeiLing
C WeiLing - 3 years ago
I love your video so much . YOU always make me smile on my face
Zain Ali
Zain Ali - 3 years ago
Lol they look like they’ve been dipped In mustard
Dávid Blaško
Dávid Blaško - 3 years ago
vikhyat arora
vikhyat arora - 3 years ago
I am very big fan of you
I like fish very much
I am from India
I love your video
Keep making video
Turtlq - 3 years ago
Found this channel about 2 weeks ago and the vids are so cool
Sascha Guerin
Sascha Guerin - 3 years ago
Love ur VIDS duuuddee keep it up I might get a pond on my own love it ALBINO over rhino
The Maze Gamer
The Maze Gamer - 3 years ago
I love your videos and u inspired me to get fish tank and more animals
Lam Niang
Lam Niang - 3 years ago
That was amazing Fish..
Tyne Hesselgrave
Tyne Hesselgrave - 3 years ago
You are the best Paul I watch every Vid, all the way in New Zealand!
Sagar Joshi
Sagar Joshi - 3 years ago
i loved your guppy pond it insipre me to built for my self
Javeed Mazharuddin
Javeed Mazharuddin - 3 years ago
Watch your vids every alternate day I don't have a pond but a 50 gallons tank and lots of mollies and platies again love your vids
Zainul Hafi
Zainul Hafi - 3 years ago
Pleco's love to eat baby fishes
Yean Ning
Yean Ning - 3 years ago
Dear Paul u inspire me everytime , when I watch your videos it always make me smile because I enjoy watching your videos. If u pin this comment it would make my day.
Aaron Jablonskia
Aaron Jablonskia - 3 years ago
Will MTB
Will MTB - 3 years ago
albino pleco
Maya Shaji
Maya Shaji - 3 years ago
I like both one
Euphrainlloyd Damo
Euphrainlloyd Damo - 3 years ago
I love your videos paul
skullsniper gaming
skullsniper gaming - 3 years ago
Cool fish Paul
Lee Collins
Lee Collins - 3 years ago
JoThePro10 - 3 years ago
ive gotten 4 tanks since i started watching your vids, thanks for the insperation
sovhan nandi
sovhan nandi - 3 years ago
Arnoldo Gonzalez
Arnoldo Gonzalez - 3 years ago
hey paul you've inspired me to start my own channel check out my tank and subscribe lol

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I waited 10 YEARS to buy these fish!!!

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The update! ITS DONE: Today, i head to the local fish store and buy some...



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Buat yang gak tau , Bucket list adalah hal – hal yang ingin dilakukan seseorang sebelum dia mati. One of my bucket...

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