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That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass
That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass - 5 years ago
did this douche bag actually allow his frog to get murdered??? wow what a low life microscopic cock having sackless piece of shit dude you're a number one prick asshole and a legitimate bitch I hope they hang you upside down by the balls for that animal abuse smh
That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass
That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass - 5 years ago
private tamama and you are a gay child molester
t-bone t-bone
t-bone t-bone - 5 years ago
harryhausen would be proud ;)
Kenneth Teo
Kenneth Teo - 5 years ago
I also have electric blur crayfish
Kenneth Teo
Kenneth Teo - 5 years ago
Ciren Rose
Ciren Rose - 5 years ago
Why are they blue?
Jerome Saverimuttu
Jerome Saverimuttu - 5 years ago
Ciren Rose selective breeding
Julius Wicked
Julius Wicked - 6 years ago
whats their lifespan?
Tiger Boss11
Tiger Boss11 - 6 years ago
I would put my peacock eel in there watch him kill the crawfish
Demokryptodm 2
Demokryptodm 2 - 5 years ago
Tiger Boss11 ir dumb
midnight yuki
midnight yuki - 6 years ago
grisaia no rakuen
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar - 6 years ago
setting up a community tank only to watch this shit is weak...asshole.

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Sir Ratman
Sir Ratman - 6 years ago
This is a really poor setup. Those crayfish will kill each other when one attempts to molt, and they'll probably eat most of the other things in the tank because of the cramped amount of space they're in
Anne Cometa
Anne Cometa - 5 years ago
The lives of pets are important too, its true that crayfish are aggressive and will kill each other and even eat each other when the opportunity presents it. you sound so bitter over somebody educating those who are unaware. i came to this video to see cute crayfish only to see an overstocked tank, even if i didnt like it its too late now since i've already seen it so that "dont like, dont watch" comment is pretty dumb imo. i have other qualms with this video but at least im not being a huge turd about it.
hayes572 - 5 years ago
Everyone's a fuckin expert.... don't like don't watch it!
Reiner Kuntz
Reiner Kuntz - 6 years ago
Sir Ratman

you sir, are righter then right this tank is quite shit
Steve McDaniel
Steve McDaniel - 6 years ago
Its so cool how each crayfish has his own little clay pot! Lol.
Nicholas Walton-Jones
Nicholas Walton-Jones - 7 years ago
How cruel.
Username not found Error
Username not found Error - 8 years ago
Shush did

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