Catch and EAT RAW: Wild Ocean KING Salmon (with Liquid Nitrogen)!

Wanted to test out a new rod and reel I got (big thanks to JP at Outdoor Pro Shop) - compiled three days of fishing footage into this one video and ended up with the salmon that we wanted. I was NOT trying to prepare sushi, but I decide to try it raw on the fly (after flash freezing with liquid nitrogen - works with the combination of alcohol and dry ice as well). The raw fish definitely surprised me. I didn't expect it to be sushi-grade, and I'm sure it could've tasted better if I had done some research about how the freshest sushi could be prepared (cut, how long to freeze, etc). Huge thanks to Jay and Andrew for taking us on the boat and putting us on the fish.

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Wanted to test out a new rod and reel I got (big thanks to JP at Outdoor Pro Shop) - compiled three days of fishing footage into this one video and ended up with the salmon that we wanted. I was NOT trying to prepare sushi, but I decide to try it raw on the fly (after flash freezing with liquid nitrogen - works with the combination of alcohol and dry ice as well). The raw fish definitely surprised me. I didn't expect it to be sushi-grade, and I'm sure it could've tasted better if I had done some research about how the freshest sushi could be prepared (cut, how long to freeze, etc). Huge thanks to Jay and Andrew for taking us on the boat and putting us on the fish.

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Philosophy D
Philosophy D - 4 years ago
Excited to share this video with you all with action packed footage:

Caught my personal best (smallest) rockfish: 1:24
Aerial footage of San Francisco's ATT Giant's stadium and Bay Bridge: 2:13
Whales breaching: 2:28
Great White Shark encounter on raft (warning, strong language): 3:34 with full video here
Large seal approaches and splashes raft: 4:24
Catching lingcod, rockfish starts at 4:40
Salmon fishing starts at 6:22
Close look at wild salmon 11:10
Liquid nitrogen: 12:31
First bite of raw salmon: 14:45

If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't done so for more!

One more thing: More Than Fishing is having a fishing tournament on July 14th, 2018 near the San Francisco Bay Area and I have two tickets of entry. One for myself, and one more! I'd like to pick someone from YouTube to come fish with us. If you'd like a chance to go, just comment below on what type of video you'd like to see more of, and also say PICK ME. One random winner will be drawn on July 3rd, 2018. I'll announce the winner here, and will message the winner to coordinate!
Thetruth99 - 4 years ago
Chinook are a fish best grilled, smoked, baked, or paired with sauces, it's truly a fine dining fish. Unfortunately 99% of sushi restaurants use Atlantic farmed salmon which are extremely fatty and mild compared to wild chinook salmon and are also much less healthy.
Robin mowbray
Robin mowbray - 4 years ago
Philosophy D ...Your music is always dope! I'm a 40 year old Hip Hop Scholar and you always impress me. Thanks for your vids!
Thetruth99 - 4 years ago
Farmed salmon are ALWAYS more fatty than wild salmon so it retains a better taste and texture for sushi, but farmed fish are also high in contaminants and have much less nutritional value. Belly meat might be better for sushi for wild chinook since it's more tough and has more fat. Grill or bake that sucker and you'll be a very happy camper!
Alfred Tovar
Alfred Tovar - 3 years ago
Marcus Kuok
Marcus Kuok - 3 years ago
Like a bear
Talbot Jenkins
Talbot Jenkins - 3 years ago
Dude that is terrifying. The one time you and Matts should be happy that neither of you own a sharp knife....haha.
Francesca Mezei
Francesca Mezei - 3 years ago
Comments: 90% I am a sushi chef and this is what I do 5% Salmonella is quaking 4% I am just bored why am I watching 1% uR hUrTiNg aNiMaLs
RadFingerz - 3 years ago
You know he eat the pussy
Brook Dancer
Brook Dancer - 3 years ago
Bruhh have fun with parasites
Casey Park
Casey Park - 3 years ago
sis didn’t even fillet it
lewis sharp
lewis sharp - 3 years ago
were do you get your liquid nitrogen

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Rere West
Rere West - 3 years ago
You ate the tail section...that isn't sushi grade . The chest area is SO MUCH BETTER . NO COMPARISON TO TAIL MEAT .
Blunt Man
Blunt Man - 3 years ago
How is that boat still afloat with Matt’s giant balls weighing it down
Jc4elayne - 3 years ago
Love the music in this video. Perfect! Great video!
KatiePhongh - 3 years ago
13 miles out to sea on an inflatable raft? Y'all are bonkers.
liked the vid though.
Ethan Lam
Ethan Lam - 3 years ago
Bro I don’t think that was a shark lol it was probably a ocean sunfish
Island Mike
Island Mike - 3 years ago
Thats why you SMOKE it smh
lim jahey
lim jahey - 3 years ago
Loved the halo music
Musica NLAlma
Musica NLAlma - 3 years ago
wow those are gorgeous!
Dmitriy Farbitnikov
Dmitriy Farbitnikov - 4 years ago
What kind of knife is that?
Jeric Javillo
Jeric Javillo - 4 years ago
What if I ate raw poisonous fish??

20. comment for Catch and EAT RAW: Wild Ocean KING Salmon (with Liquid Nitrogen)!

KFStreich - 4 years ago
Wait... you're the one who talked FishermansLife into that 13 mile ride?
Kevin Finnerty
Kevin Finnerty - 4 years ago
I dont think youre supposed to keep wild salmon.
Gen Muhammad
Gen Muhammad - 4 years ago
what did u say in 13.07? "you should not eat Roll salmon " ?
sorry my english is bad
binh Nguyen
binh Nguyen - 4 years ago
What kind of bike you here?
erick lagos
erick lagos - 4 years ago
Is that in seattle?
Quang Duong
Quang Duong - 4 years ago
Dude, I like your channel because you actually inform us on the species of fish you catch. Fish on man!
Nlh Naci
Nlh Naci - 4 years ago
Du japon
skankhunt42 - 4 years ago
Why do uou have a barrel of liquid nitrogen?
Douglas Gorney
Douglas Gorney - 4 years ago
Nice work, Philosophy D!
Philosophy D
Philosophy D - 4 years ago
Thanks Doug!
Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 4 years ago
3x crazy

30. comment for Catch and EAT RAW: Wild Ocean KING Salmon (with Liquid Nitrogen)!

daGummy - 4 years ago
how he was almost crying at the end. :D awesome video
Darren Ryan
Darren Ryan - 4 years ago
you ruined it by freezing it, frozen is not sushi grade.
Jdhdnjd Chhshsbs
Jdhdnjd Chhshsbs - 4 years ago
My Bradda da salmon is fishy cause it's one fucken fish
Ballzof Ti
Ballzof Ti - 4 years ago
Youre eating the toughest part the emd part. Eat the front and belly part. Smh
Jerry Han
Jerry Han - 4 years ago
U could sell that fish for a good 400-500
0 1
0 1 - 4 years ago
wash it
Juri - 4 years ago
10:06 don't they club the fish? Or do they just wait til they die of exhaustion/ suffocate on the deck of the boat?
Juri - 4 years ago
13 miles out on that boat?!?!?! You're gonna need a bigger boat! For real though, that stuff is dangerous...
Alex Tran
Alex Tran - 4 years ago
What would your momma say??? Disgrace
Alex Tran
Alex Tran - 4 years ago
You could at least cut it up... eating like a savage no soy or wasabi
leonardo ferlinghetti
leonardo ferlinghetti - 4 years ago
With my experience, Im going to say, that was not a shark, but a sun fish. The give away was that there was no tail fin training the dorsal fin in the footage. Easily mistaken, it has happened to me before, but I was in a bigger boat so it was safer for me to approach and check it out.
North Aliping
North Aliping - 4 years ago
hahahahahahaha that halo theme !!!
Phap Bui
Phap Bui - 4 years ago
feeling this lowkey fishing channel. I make vlogs so let me know if you want to collaborate. thanks haha
King Yama
King Yama - 4 years ago
you cut the worst part of the salmon for sushi. near the head and belly is the best part and slice against the grain.
Tuff ingo
Tuff ingo - 4 years ago
Dude you need to come to Colorado so we can ride!!!
Eric - 4 years ago
(Shows inside of Salmon) Halo theme INTENSIFIES
Nick - 4 years ago
What model of G-Shock is it that you're wearing in a lot of your videos? Love the look, just can't seem to track one down online that looks exactly like it. Thanks ahead of time and great videos, man!
Jack ordway
Jack ordway - 4 years ago
Love your videos so much keep it up man
Cho Tube
Cho Tube - 4 years ago
That adipose fin is "wild"! ;D
RetroRotor7 - 4 years ago
belly meat!!! awesome vid you and matt are insane lol 13 miles out

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Josey Wilds
Josey Wilds - 4 years ago
I made fish tacos with fresh fish I caught (salmon) and fresh veggies out the garden!!!
Rowan - 4 years ago
Where is it.

It’s at 210 north east
Cheng Xiong
Cheng Xiong - 4 years ago
Good stuff u and matt
Outdoor Chef Life
Outdoor Chef Life - 4 years ago
Yeah man, you gotta at least salt cure. I do 1.5hrs medium salt usually. Vinegar wash is optional, just about 10 seconds or so. I'm a sushi chef at Hinata SF. Let me know if you wanna collab and do a catch and cook/ make sushi video!!
Teddy Watler
Teddy Watler - 3 years ago
Outdoor Chef Life Great Idea !
kanger80 - 3 years ago
Salt, vinegar, and sugar cures are great for bacteria. But for parasites you need to freeze according to specific temp and time periods.
Erva Naz Kıdık
Erva Naz Kıdık - 3 years ago
Should we salt or vinegar the fish before eating raw? If so, how much time we need?
rainflower - 4 years ago
Lol parasites survive all this. Might as well eat raw and not poison your food with all the extras.
Yaofow Saeteurn
Yaofow Saeteurn - 4 years ago
Id watch that too!
Douglas Gorney
Douglas Gorney - 4 years ago
I'd totally watch that—great idea!
Reel Ninja
Reel Ninja - 4 years ago
Nice fishing, guys! Looks like you had an exciting day with shark and seal. Nice F N Salmon! The guys on the Grady White did a nice job moving the boat.
LoLAwesomechad - 4 years ago
Question: How do you know how far back/hard to pull the rod when the fish has taken the bait? I'm always scared that I'll end up breaking my rod I don't pull that hard but I end up losing my game sometimes as a result.
Rusty Shakleford
Rusty Shakleford - 4 years ago
LoLAwesomechad just hard enough to set the hook not hard enough to snap your rod.

Honestly though. Maybe lift your rod 75 degrees from where it is.
Depends on what type of fish your going for some have soft mouths.

With bottom fish you can really set the hook. Small Trout and pink salmon you don't really need to set the hook as usually the hooks are small and their mouths are soft enough that the hook penetrates like butter.

Tldr: set the hook but not too hard. varies with species. Experiment what works best
MOBBIN Outdoors
MOBBIN Outdoors - 4 years ago
as soon as you slapped some 3x Crazy, I subbed! LMFAO.... Im a kayaker all the way from Sacramento. Orginanally from the East Bay. Check my stuff out homie. "I keep it on the real!" HAHA
YizTheGreat - 4 years ago
Hahahaha, sushi at stores/restaurants usually cure their fish in some type of way.
King Salmon
King Salmon - 4 years ago
Great color on ur guys salmon. By the time it reaches us in sacramento, most of ours is lighter in color and some are white meat . Its rare to get orange meat like that. Out of 18 i caught last year only 2 had that good color
Simon T
Simon T - 4 years ago
Darin brown
Darin brown - 4 years ago
how do u only have 15k subs my guy keep up the work super nice shots!
Yem Yann
Yem Yann - 4 years ago
It’s also how the salmon is cut that makes the taste. Also curing a salmon in brine over night will give it a nice texture and enhances flavor.
REEL Addiction Tj & Jan
REEL Addiction Tj & Jan - 4 years ago
Nice fish bite was on! Beautiful bright king salmon! Great video Daniel! Make some poke I bet you and Matts would like it for sure. Nothing like catching the real deal right there. Kudos to Jay for getting y’all out there. Sooo cool!
REEL Addiction Tj & Jan
REEL Addiction Tj & Jan - 4 years ago
My best guess is it’s a Mola mola or sunfish
Matt Ng
Matt Ng - 4 years ago
Showin off that wikipedia-level knowledge of adipose fins! boom
Jeff Jentes
Jeff Jentes - 4 years ago
Lol good sushi
Nicolas Cheong
Nicolas Cheong - 4 years ago
Totally unrelated to the fishing in the video but what bike was he riding in the beginning?
CHI Nigga
CHI Nigga - 4 years ago
Lol thats not the way you prepare sushi, time to do research before you shoot a vid..
Jesus Cabrera
Jesus Cabrera - 4 years ago
Keep up the good work!
GNappers - 4 years ago
I am not a Sushi chef but I love raw fish. I'll take the belly piece off the fillet since it always seems it is thinner then the rest of the fillet and gets dry when I cook it. Freeze it overnight or for a few hours then vacuum pack it. Freezing before vacuum packing helps keep the moisture out of my vacuum packer. A buddy also told me I can put a piece of paper towel just inside where the bag would seal and that would help. I have heard in the past to freeze for at least 24 hours, then I heard 48 hours, then I heard a week and then I heard 2 weeks to kill any parasites. Some freezers just won't get cold enough though. I make a sauce with rice vinegar, soy, teriyaki sauce/marinade, lemon juice, lemoaide, sesame seed oil. Then I put each piece in just waving the sashimi in the bowl and aligning on a plate. I'll thinly slice avocado pieces for each piece of salmon and cover it all with chopped onion bulbs and light siracha.
GNappers - 4 years ago
Great video. I was scared watching the fin. Looked freakin huge. Next time don't go out in the inflatable or just throw the poles in the water when you first see the fin and gun that sucker for home. I'll be having nightmares tonight. I fished that boat the next day. 1 less then you guys but still awesome to get some fresh salmon. Those are my buddies in the video.
Kevin Perry
Kevin Perry - 4 years ago
Where didja get liquid nitrogen from?
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 4 years ago
I am a sushi chef as well and for regular atlantic salmon or Atlantic scottish salmon you salt the fish in a 3 part salt 1 part sugar mixture for an hour and a half and for King salmon you just need 1 hour. Then rinse all the salt off and pat it dry before you freeze it, for a regular home fridge you need atleast 3 days to ensure it's safe. The tail part of a salmon has more connective tissue so it more chewy but also has a little stronger taste than the belly or top shoulder part of the salmon. I would try to eat raw the thicker part of the fish closer to the head and see what you think then.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 4 years ago
Bleeding a salmon is not exactly like bleeding other fish. Even if you bleed a salmon the tail section will still be stronger in taste and more chewy than the belly and shoulder of the salmon. You can tell where the salmon is tougher and will be harder to eat, it will start after the anal fin or right behind the anus is the start of the stroner and more tough meat.
AM D - 4 years ago
Do you think he just didn't bleed it enough? Perhaps cut the tail artery to get the blood out from that end?
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 4 years ago
Jason Lee thank you brotha!!
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 4 years ago
Right after you finish spraying the whole fish pat it dry, that will leave a small film of vinegar on the surface of the fish if you let it set for more than a few minutes it will begin cooking the top layer of fish and start do turn a really pale color on the surface. So you dont want it soaked in allot of vinegar for too long. The surface of the fish should go from smooth before spraying to having a little resistance if you tried to run your finger over it almost like having a raw steak then just cooking the surface the texture changes even only being on the heat for a few seconds.
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 4 years ago
Jason Lee beautiful, thanks!! I will try the spray bottle method, how long should i let the vinegar sit before i pat it dry?
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 4 years ago
You are fine if you dont do it the texture is just a little softer, however you can still salt it if you want to it will firm up the fish and take the extra moisture on the outer part of the fish out. What you can do also is get seasoned rice vinegar put a thin layer in a 9x9 or 10x10 baking dish maybe half an inch worth if your salmon is already cut into portions. Then just run the flesh side in the vinegar and pat the excess off. If not then put the seasoned rice vinegar in a spray bottle and spray a layer of vinegar over all the meat of the salmon then pat it dry with a paper towels. You are just wanting a small coating of vinegar to stay on the fish. This gives a slight sweetness to the fish.
Good luck
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 4 years ago
Jason Lee nice info brotha, what should I do if I already froze the salmon? Can i still salt it once i unfreeze it?
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee - 4 years ago
Leave the spinning reel at home when going salmon fishing
Basic_Fishing - 4 years ago
awesome video man. those salmons looked in prime condition too.
pao vue
pao vue - 4 years ago
Hey bro, whats the name of that song at 2:21
pao vue
pao vue - 4 years ago
Thanks bro
Q&A - 4 years ago
pao vue 3xkrazy keep it on the real
Roy Kunisaki
Roy Kunisaki - 4 years ago
Great vid. To my Knowledge, Salmon need to freeze for couple days to kill off the worms inside their meat. Be careful!
Darren Tan
Darren Tan - 4 years ago
Dude, haven't u watch JAWS, get the f out man
Jordz4DeWin - 4 years ago
It’s fishy since you flash froze it with liquid nitrogen. Sushi chefs generally freeze using the brine freezing method which keeps the cell membranes in on piece when frozen and thawed also killing the bacteria. Using something as harsh as liquid nitrogen freezer burnt it hence why the flesh was white not orange after freezing, bursting all the cell membranes therefore releasing that gross fishy ness you experienced
TheZombcat - 4 years ago
I’m visiting the Bay Area from Houston, TX. Been watching you and Fisherman’s Life for awhile now, awesome videos! I’d like to see more Camp, Catch, Cook videos! PICK ME to go fishing at that tournament with you!
ewilddog - 4 years ago
well samon is proly the only safe to eat raw fish now, peeps are too scared of dying, our immune system is not that weak, and god i love suhi and sashimi!!!
rainflower - 4 years ago
+Rusty Shakleford most worms are killed by the stomach acid and intestine.
rainflower - 4 years ago
+alexkg1 tapeworms have a lifespan. They die after a while and cause no harm.
alexkg1 - 4 years ago
Rusty Shakleford There are quite a few documented cases of tapeworm growing in people's bodies from eating untreated sushi
Rusty Shakleford
Rusty Shakleford - 4 years ago
alexkg1 I thought we do not have the appropriate ph in our stomach for the worms to live in.
Don't they just make us sick?
alexkg1 - 4 years ago
ewilddog It has nothing to do with your immune system. The issue is with worms that sometimes are found in fish. Cooking or freezing the fish below a certain temperature kills the parasites
Claude Spencer
Claude Spencer - 4 years ago
the fin looked more like a sunfish/mola mola than a shark
Joshua Go
Joshua Go - 4 years ago
use the belly meat lol
Sim baker
Sim baker - 4 years ago
hey man. enjoy your video. keep it comin. ill look you up when I come visit san Francisco hopefully to fish some lincod with you and fishermans life. from queensland Australia
lewis sharp
lewis sharp - 4 years ago
One thing about typical salmon sushi is its farm raised Atlantic species that are illegal to posses otherwise. I would think the very end of the tail would be the less desirable cut of sushi but ya I agree you need thin sliced with some rice, radish and soy sauce. The Atlantic salmon is almost orange in color compared to King Salmon
Ethan Finds Out
Ethan Finds Out - 4 years ago
Most fresh salmon mukbang I've ever seen. :D
CringeFest - 3 years ago
AirPod owner
AirPod owner - 4 years ago
Stop saying mukbang you fucking retard
이석준 - 4 years ago watch this one bro pretty crack up
Edward Dergosits
Edward Dergosits - 4 years ago
To obtain "sushi" grade salmon one needs to immediately bleed the fish while the heart is still bleeding. This is best accomplished by making a cut in the roof of the mouth where all the gill rakes converge. It is not good practice to actually cut the gills. While the fish is bleeding one should spray fresh sea water on the gills to deliver oxygen and keep the heart beating. When the bleeding is done the fish should be gutted and cleaned thoroughly. Then store the fish buried in ice for at least a day with the cooler drain open so the fish does not stand in water. You can then fillet the fish much easier because the flesh will separate from the bones with minimal effort. As someone else said salmon that is served in sushi bars is treated with kosher salt and rice wine vinegar before serving.
Edward Dergosits
Edward Dergosits - 4 years ago
I use the sea water wash down hose that is in the fishing cockpit of my boat. It is easy to locate the main vessel in the roof of the mouth. Hold the fish after it has been "bonked" by one of the gill plates and look down into the mouth. The gill rakes converge in the middle of the palate. Slice the grey membrane where they converge deep from left to right or right to left. You will be amazed.
limirl - 4 years ago
Cool I never knew that, is it easy to locate that main blood vessel, how far back in the mouth is it? What do you use to spray water on the gills? I don't fish from a boat, just surf fishing I imagine just holding it in the water while its bleeding out would work.
Edward Dergosits
Edward Dergosits - 4 years ago
Limirl if you cut the gills the fish will not bleed nearly as much as it will if you sever the main blood vessel that connect all the gills in the roof of the mouth. . If you keep the gills intact and spray water on the gills while it is bleeding it delivers oxygen to the fish that keeps the heart beating allowing more blood to be eliminated. I learned this in 1991 fishing on a commercial salmon troller out of Sitka. On the boat we did not have time to spray water on the gills. There was a 100 gallon "kill tank" on the deck that had circulating fresh sea water.
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 4 years ago
How do you treat it once it has already been frozen? Thanks!
limirl - 4 years ago
What's wrong about cutting the gills?
Fishing with Uncle Dandan
Fishing with Uncle Dandan - 4 years ago
Nice! Always enjoy your videos brother. I’ll be up in the Bay late July. Any particular species I should target while I’m there? I’ll be fishing mostly inner bay from shore. Watching you and Mats got me started on filming my outings. My edits aren’t as great as yours but give em a look and tell me what ya think. Lots of love from San Diego!
Jonathan Truong
Jonathan Truong - 4 years ago
PICK ME - I wanna see more videos from shore and aerial footage is badass.
yusuf abdullah
yusuf abdullah - 4 years ago
Bring a shark rig next time and go for a ride. You will go viral guaranteed. Sharks can't bite through a rubber boat, i learned that on bill nye the science guy. jk. Also, you probably peed in the pants just a little, ya?
Craig N
Craig N - 4 years ago
Dude, if you have a favorite sushi bar, I suggest you talk to the sushi chef prior to heading out and ask if you can bring in your catch that same day. I used to do this with Nobu Matsuhisa, back in the day, before he opened his first restaurant Matsuhisa (then later, Nobu). He worked in a little Japanese restaurant with a tiny sushi bar. I'd take him whole yellowtail and he would work his magic and give sushi and sashimi to everyone. I always let him take the other half of the fish. I enjoy watching your videos! Very inspirational to us "farmers". :P
Rod Pontemayor
Rod Pontemayor - 4 years ago
I notice the way you handled that chunk of meat you got fish slime all over it. You flipped it back and forth on the dirty cutting surface and I’m assuming your hands had fish slime as well. When you watch a sushi chef break down a fish you’ll see them constantly wiping theirs hands, knife and cutting board surface. I’ve seen some even scrub the skin with salt to remove the slime before filleting. A properly bled and cleaned salmon should not taste fishy.
Bay and Beyond Fishing
Bay and Beyond Fishing - 4 years ago
The "13 miles out on the inflatable raft" story LOL, yall crazy; but that's why we keep coming back!

LOL @ your reaction... that meat looked hella good too.
Filipino Angler
Filipino Angler - 4 years ago
Grant Jones
Grant Jones - 4 years ago
I would love to do that...................................................great,great,great video.......................................
Daniel Ruegemer
Daniel Ruegemer - 4 years ago
Nice video! Interesting contrast how rockfish and salmon fight.. I still have to catch my first salmon. I ride my scooter too for fishing have a telescoping rod for that. Only with the kayak I take the car ☺
Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing - 4 years ago
Should do ceviche style
bayareachillin - 4 years ago
Man, your facial expression on that first bite said it all!
James Y
James Y - 4 years ago
Keep it up man, love all ur vids
Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing - 4 years ago
I’ve seen sharks and seal attack fisherman fish while it’s on the line , heck some seal even jump on board to take the fish ..

100. comment for Catch and EAT RAW: Wild Ocean KING Salmon (with Liquid Nitrogen)!

Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing - 4 years ago
Love the info on the fish .. it’s always nice to know stuffs like that , especially if you’re not familiar with saltwater fishing
kevin truong
kevin truong - 4 years ago
Pick me: hiking/kayak catch and cooks!
bigwoo - 4 years ago
Damn you guys trying to give DieHard a run for his money? I lightweight was hoping for one of you to say "We're gonna need a bigger boat". I'm actually surprised that in the 8 hours that this video was posted not one person has made a JAWS reference. That being said I am glad nothing happened and you guy are ok, though how cool would it be to be able to tell people you hooked a Blue Whale and a Great White. Oh and where can you go and just purchase liquid nitrogen? +1 for the Ducati sighting. Great vid bro!
Christopher Biegel
Christopher Biegel - 4 years ago
Man, you chowed into that like an animal! ;) Like you said, if you took a different part of the fish and cut it nicely you could very well have sushi grade fish. I've done it with salmon I've caught and I'm in no way a chef let alone a sushi chef. Take a look at some videos and try it next time, I think you'll be really happy with the results. Great video!!
Alex Bermudez
Alex Bermudez - 4 years ago
13 miles out....ShArK
cj_rp t_10
cj_rp t_10 - 4 years ago
What was that music in the beginning of the video?
Q&A - 4 years ago
cj_rp t_10 3xkrazy keep it on the real
Emjay - 4 years ago
drench lemon on it and let it sit for a few minutes. the fishy smell/taste will go away.
Edward Dergosits
Edward Dergosits - 4 years ago
Fresh fish does not smell "fishy".
Aged10Years - 4 years ago
I’m willing to bet what you saw was a Mola mola...Ocean sunfish. Google it and you’ll think the same. I’ve been out and surrounded by the things in HMB. I’d like to see you take that bike of yours up into the Sierra and do a catch & cook on some high country trout. PICK ME and let’s win that tournament.
Rogue And Reel
Rogue And Reel - 4 years ago
Really like the compilation of videos. Its good to show that not every trip out is crazy fruitful
Frankie Santelises
Frankie Santelises - 4 years ago
Whats the name of the song at 2:13?
Israel Leon
Israel Leon - 4 years ago
Frankie Santelises 3xs crazy
Welat Tuluk
Welat Tuluk - 4 years ago
You must upload more often man! Great content
August Kauba
August Kauba - 4 years ago
Season the fish fillets with 1 part sugar and 3 parts salt~let sit for one hour~ wash the seasoning off with fresh water~dry thoroughly with kitchen paper~leave frozen minimum 38 hours. Then defrost SLOWLY overnight in a refrigerator. I am a sushi chef and this is the way we prepare our salmon.
August Kauba
August Kauba - 4 years ago
Oscar Garcia yes just make sure to dry the fish again with kitchen paper before preparing!
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 4 years ago
August Kauba is there any way to do this if i have already frozen the fish? Can i thaw it, salt it and let it sit in fridge for a fee hours and then wash it off?
Tamalpias - 4 years ago
pick me Dan so i can go fishing with you guys. btw the best part for sushi is the belly section of the bigger fish. that is what you want for sushi. i just freeze mine in the freezer till it is barely frozen. it tastes better that way.
guerrerowarriors - 4 years ago
What I usually do is freeze it for at least 2 days to kill the worms then when u want to eat it just defrost it and it comes out buttery and not fishy at all. Also what I suggest is to bleed out ur fish when u catch them so that it takes all the blood outta the meat and it'll taste that much better.
Joe C.
Joe C. - 4 years ago
Smoke the fish! it'll be way better worth it! don't eat it raw! especially not the tail part, belly is decent! Just Brine, smoke and eat!
MrMonkeyGeorge - 4 years ago
Pick me! I would like to see more camping and trout fishing videos.
MrMonkeyGeorge - 4 years ago
Email me and I'll send you my cell phone number.
Philosophy D
Philosophy D - 4 years ago
What's the best way to contact you?
MrMonkeyGeorge - 4 years ago
Philosophy D hell yeah I'm still interested in going with you guys. When and where I'm down. Lets gooooo!!! I can only do weekends, I hope that's not a problem.
Philosophy D
Philosophy D - 4 years ago
Congrats bud, you're picked! If you'd still like to come fish with us, let me know. Otherwise, I'd have to give the spot to someone else..!
lesslos - 4 years ago
what camera do you have its great quality!
Mai Va Lee
Mai Va Lee - 4 years ago
holy shit thought it say catching King Krab....
john doe
john doe - 4 years ago
You ate the wrong part of it. haha.
Brennon Nguyen
Brennon Nguyen - 4 years ago
shouldve took it from the belly
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 4 years ago
Glad to see you guys got into some salmon that's always a blessing thank you for the the video bro appreciate it
TheBuryza - 4 years ago
Eats anything raw without preparations = I like sushi
Pierce Xiong
Pierce Xiong - 4 years ago
Good vid
skyzeppelin - 4 years ago
bro, what bike you have? seems nice one. anyway nice vids as always, keep it up! :)
Israel Leon
Israel Leon - 4 years ago
skyzeppelin Ducati
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim - 4 years ago
i think sushi chefs actually let the fish sit for a couple days before they serve it
King Salmon
King Salmon - 4 years ago
Jonathan Kim they freeze it
Nick Van Diermen
Nick Van Diermen - 4 years ago
You should be having more subs
bayareafastReel 510
bayareafastReel 510 - 4 years ago
As a sushi chef. We let it sit in salt for up to 30 mins and then soak it in seasoned vinegar for a desired time for flavor.
Divine Diana
Divine Diana - 3 years ago
+kanger80 dissolved
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Tale part taste fishy, try the middle part
kanger80 - 3 years ago
You mean salt dissolved in water? Or do you mean literally dry salt?
BrozMan31 - 4 years ago
Hmmm... I catch chinook salmon almost daily out of Lake Ontario (freshwater) it doesn't have that fishy taste 15 minutes after killing/fileting it. The meat is a bit lighter in color though as well out of here. Very interesting with this salt/vinegar method though!
Philosophy D
Philosophy D - 4 years ago
That's what's done! What does the vinegar do? I've never tasted vinegar at all for any sashimi I've eaten
Mike Davis
Mike Davis - 4 years ago guys are lines!!!!
Melvin Laso
Melvin Laso - 4 years ago
You know you're from the Bay when ya sneak in "Keep it on the *Reel*" ... see what I did there?
Chiew Saetern
Chiew Saetern - 4 years ago
ed van
ed van - 4 years ago
Albert Huynh
Albert Huynh - 4 years ago
Andre Sibayan
Andre Sibayan - 4 years ago
Melvin Laso caught that too #yee
pedrokz - 4 years ago
Thats is why the tail part is not the best to eat raw.

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