Catching The BIGGEST Freshwater EEL! (AMAZING)

Well, Today I went up a remote creek In the middle of No-Where trying to spot some eels... The only thing was, I forgot my fishing rod!?!?! So after spotting an absolute GIANT, I raced back to my house and grabbed my Fishing rod. After arriving I dropped the bait (Beef Heart) Into the water and within a matter of seconds I had hooked an absolute BEAST!!! Like And Subscribe For More Animal Catching Videos! Hey Guys, Thanks For Watching, If you haven't already, please leave a Like, SUBSCRIBE and Share and be sure to check out my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Page :) Links Down Below!! Facebook: - OR millerwilson Snapchat: miller_wilson ©MillerWilson 2015

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Well, Today I went up a remote creek In the middle of No-Where trying to spot some eels... The only thing was, I forgot my fishing rod!?!?! So after spotting an absolute GIANT, I raced back to my house and grabbed my Fishing rod. After arriving I dropped the bait (Beef Heart) Into the water and within a matter of seconds I had hooked an absolute BEAST!!! Like And Subscribe For More Animal Catching Videos! Hey Guys, Thanks For Watching, If you haven't already, please leave a Like, SUBSCRIBE and Share and be sure to check out my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Page :) Links Down Below!! Facebook: - OR millerwilson Snapchat: miller_wilson ©MillerWilson 2015

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for Catching The BIGGEST Freshwater EEL! (AMAZING)

Adayla Hudson-Price
Adayla Hudson-Price - 3 years ago
Omg that catch was big
Pink XNC
Pink XNC - 3 years ago
Wth he catching eels! Oh hell naw

I catch cheetos
Marlouise Burger
Marlouise Burger - 3 years ago
I can,t belief it.
Abby Brustad
Abby Brustad - 3 years ago
The ghost of Steve Irwin has joined the chat
Kam Playz
Kam Playz - 3 years ago
He finding,catching and eating wildlife.
And I’m standing on the table b/c it’s a orange ladybug.
Chelsybrooke Mua
Chelsybrooke Mua - 3 years ago
There's him catching wild animals while me screaming at bugs
Gicella82 Cabada
Gicella82 Cabada - 3 years ago
I love his accent
Khoi Truong
Khoi Truong - 3 years ago
heaven hammad
heaven hammad - 3 years ago
Miller are you a girl or boy

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Ezekiel Scherer
Ezekiel Scherer - 3 years ago
thats eals so awsome
Chasethepotato the yummy potatos
Chasethepotato the yummy potatos - 3 years ago
6:06 you are 12 years old you have no business saying stuff like that
SourDragon - 3 years ago
thats a long fish
Ashley buckley
Ashley buckley - 3 years ago
Are you poor
Brodie Stelfox
Brodie Stelfox - 3 years ago
Yeah your exotic spelling as well. Jell instead of Gel
Basculintheglory - 3 years ago
Everyone talking about him picking up an eel, can we instead pay attention to his dedication (searching for animals at 6:00 am, walking a whole ass 8 KM just to get his fishing rod, all to catch an eel?)
قناة محارب الفتنه
قناة محارب الفتنه - 3 years ago
Is it not electric eel?? It is another kind of eel?
Michael Saba
Michael Saba - 3 years ago
I am ok
Miguel Ukraine
Miguel Ukraine - 3 years ago
I love kids
Fishing Near Village
Fishing Near Village - 3 years ago

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james tiichan
james tiichan - 3 years ago
That is a good food
Rushan Sparta Ghost
Rushan Sparta Ghost - 3 years ago
How he didn't get shocked
OPwolf barker
OPwolf barker - 3 years ago
He’s catching eels

Says holy mackerel
Rebecca Zamora
Rebecca Zamora - 3 years ago
You are so cute
Sam Montesano
Sam Montesano - 3 years ago
Do not press

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Lozke 234
Lozke 234 - 3 years ago
Oh yea I forgot to ask but cAn I gEt sOmE oF tHaT HaIr GeL
Lozke 234
Lozke 234 - 3 years ago
Mate he’s over here holding the eels when I pull them up I can’t even hold them
Charlz_BailzFlips - 3 years ago
Melbourne storm
- ItzGachaAbby -
- ItzGachaAbby - - 3 years ago
He be catching eels while other boys...

Play Fortnite.
Official Naenaercid2361
Official Naenaercid2361 - 3 years ago
Ahh a 8 year old boy going out in nature


30. comment for Catching The BIGGEST Freshwater EEL! (AMAZING)

Proto 360
Proto 360 - 3 years ago
Prasettiya Okka
Prasettiya Okka - 3 years ago
hoby eel fishing visit my chanel :)
Kaya Russell
Kaya Russell - 3 years ago
I am your biggest fan
Kaya Russell
Kaya Russell - 3 years ago
You remind me of Crocodile Dundi
Kaya Russell
Kaya Russell - 3 years ago
That is so cool just make sure that she can breathe also I think you are cute
Jake Wright
Jake Wright - 3 years ago
What kind of rod is that? I was using my blue cod rod and it actually snapped on an eel. It was massive tho
Dineke De Haan
Dineke De Haan - 3 years ago
Only what you think its eat eat eat
Dineke De Haan
Dineke De Haan - 3 years ago
No hate
josh mitchell-wilson
josh mitchell-wilson - 3 years ago
U don't need wire trace for an eel
Mymy Centeno
Mymy Centeno - 3 years ago
Anybody 2019
Amelie Bond
Amelie Bond - 3 years ago
He is catching wild animals
While me and my class are screaming because
of a fly...
2025Avery K001
2025Avery K001 - 3 years ago
This dudes walking home to get get a rod should I kill this preadoter ya I’m hungry get a dam sandwich kid
Christina Latekjo.mnbhyu00
Christina Latekjo.mnbhyu00 - 3 years ago
Oh come on I thought this was a catch and cook
RinMatsuoka FREE!
RinMatsuoka FREE! - 3 years ago
I love your channel and all your videos they are so interesting and I love sea animals.
Onyxia Gacha
Onyxia Gacha - 3 years ago
I am just like this boy, but my mom and dad said that they dont want me taking any chances of getting bitten by something poisonous.
But yet, Miller, keep up the goodwork also can i pls have some encouregment on my channel and more subs pls??
Azriyas Roblox
Azriyas Roblox - 3 years ago
1 like for a friend for Sebastian
Julie Oatley
Julie Oatley - 3 years ago
My friend doesn't like you
Alana Hall
Alana Hall - 3 years ago
I thought eels shock to you
Zero Cannrey
Zero Cannrey - 3 years ago
He’s a kiwi hear the birds in the background
king_mavrick22 - 3 years ago
Nice job dude I subbed and liked plz give me a shout out
BIG CHUNGUS - 3 years ago
This person reminds me of that kid from Australia zoo

50. comment for Catching The BIGGEST Freshwater EEL! (AMAZING)

Zammy TV
Zammy TV - 3 years ago
Him:touching and carrying wild dangerous animals
Me:screaming over a baby spider asking my mom to pick it up
Also me: running away from a dead/alive moth :p

Edit 5 seconds later: 2019 anyone?
Justin M Turner-Eggeson
Justin M Turner-Eggeson - 3 years ago
Him caach it. Me ues a stick
Chase Walsh
Chase Walsh - 3 years ago
Keep it up what you are doing is awesome
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 3 years ago
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 3 years ago
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 3 years ago
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 3 years ago
Fifi Playz
Fifi Playz - 3 years ago
Him: Woah! This eel isn’t scary.
Me: Screams over tiny mouse
Jack Style
Jack Style - 3 years ago
What you ordered: Coyote Petersen
When it arrived: This Kid
Antliyah Smith
Antliyah Smith - 3 years ago
You are so sweet and so cute
TheLegendaryGems - 3 years ago
Donald Trump's Penis Species
Dana travis
Dana travis - 3 years ago
Wow that is nice
Neil Ennis
Neil Ennis - 3 years ago
Good catch. Well done for letting the eel go. She was probably older than you are :)
Ruth Aracelys cox
Ruth Aracelys cox - 3 years ago
Tabby Ozard
Tabby Ozard - 3 years ago
he is so cute I love his accent and I usually hear that because I’m from England
Natsuki and Natsumi
Natsuki and Natsumi - 3 years ago
Why are by yourself
Kiwi_cat_lover_8456 _CATS FOR LIFE
Kiwi_cat_lover_8456 _CATS FOR LIFE - 3 years ago
He's catching big eels
Me:screaming because there is a baby spider on me

Him:petting an eel

Fishy Gaming
Fishy Gaming - 3 years ago
I can’t catch a 1 foot bass and he pulled I a 3 foot eel
richard olding
richard olding - 3 years ago
way to go dude , we used to catch eels like this by hand or spear when we were kids
Heidi and her Pets
Heidi and her Pets - 3 years ago
You can catch eels with fishing rods .............who knew
thesanta gamer
thesanta gamer - 3 years ago
ive seen bigger
Timothy Sawyer-Garza
Timothy Sawyer-Garza - 3 years ago
You are an impressive young man. Wish i had friends like you as a kid.
Uniform Bantz49
Uniform Bantz49 - 3 years ago
This is crazy because he can hold and carry a dangerous animal but i will get scared and run from a stink bug. -_-
Jkwkb8303 - 3 years ago
That eel was so big
Shaila Keating
Shaila Keating - 3 years ago
That is a big eel
crick & chick play
crick & chick play - 3 years ago
Why cant he feel shock
Robert Godwin
Robert Godwin - 3 years ago
Are you a boy or a girl?
T Rex
T Rex - 3 years ago
You're doing it all wrong. You put your finger in the wrong hole. If you want to get an animal really really mad you have to stick your thumb in it's butt.
Lee Norton
Lee Norton - 3 years ago
America:go to the store and buy some Fish
Australians:10yearlod Cameron go catch an octopus for dinner tonight
Daniel Elkinton
Daniel Elkinton - 3 years ago
I like that he let the eel go
Lola - 3 years ago
wow its actually so refreshing to see kids enjoying nature like they're supposed to
Manasa Chitturi
Manasa Chitturi - 3 years ago
this boy has grown up so much now! how old is he?
DreamTEAM - 3 years ago
nice boy
Crafty Girls
Crafty Girls - 3 years ago
Don't eels sting
Murries Gone Walkabout
Murries Gone Walkabout - 3 years ago
Just did a video on my channel and Caught one about the same size not to long ago, they taste pretty good!
LƯƠN GIỐNG Vlog - 3 years ago
Hello you, I'm Hieu, I'm an eel-raising engineer in Vietnam. Pleased to make friends with you.
Cheryl Friday
Cheryl Friday - 3 years ago
The eals like camoflarge
ProjectZXorgo Acc
ProjectZXorgo Acc - 3 years ago
Anyone 2018
I miss the old miller Wilson
Rebecca White
Rebecca White - 3 years ago
Good chance that eel will die after that long of handling, should of just ate him.
YaBoyYeet - 3 years ago
He put up a good fight great vid
Ajcooperbro65 - 3 years ago
He had a poopy spot on his butt
Adronealine Pro
Adronealine Pro - 3 years ago
i love your channel
fat banana
fat banana - 3 years ago
12 year old crocodile dundee
Ginger Landreth
Ginger Landreth - 3 years ago
It is awesome!!!!!!!
John McKenzie
John McKenzie - 3 years ago
Destroyer Kontrola
Destroyer Kontrola - 3 years ago
enybody whatching this in 1018
Eli Roberts
Eli Roberts - 3 years ago
3:27 its eel, not mackerel. Good lord, get it right. (haha)
Felicia Fee
Felicia Fee - 3 years ago
Omg im glad he put it back i felt really bad watching it struggle & try to get back in the water.
David Wei
David Wei - 3 years ago
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for letting it go yo prize $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Poppy Goodyear
Poppy Goodyear - 3 years ago
Where does he live?
ODGaiming247 - 3 years ago
im hungry lets go home not get food then go get a eel what a tryhard
John Rush
John Rush - 3 years ago
do you have parents
AXEL MINES - 3 years ago
Good job mate obviously the Australian eels are a lot smaller than the one in newzealand in nz that’s a baby but u still catch huge Australian eels in some rivers I fish

100. comment for Catching The BIGGEST Freshwater EEL! (AMAZING)

Bridgett Middleton
Bridgett Middleton - 3 years ago
This boy is so brave
nerfermodder - 3 years ago
Hair Jell. Lol
kadin hinkle
kadin hinkle - 3 years ago
I'm so happy u did not eat him/her
Mr final Smash
Mr final Smash - 3 years ago
That is slippery as hell 4:19
Jovany Barranco
Jovany Barranco - 3 years ago
I love your video
Plasmatic - 3 years ago
cook wild life

MemeMaster XD
MemeMaster XD - 3 years ago
2018 anyone
Leighton Matthews
Leighton Matthews - 3 years ago
how is this dude catching eels
like that
Neo is a noob - roblox & more!
Neo is a noob - roblox & more! - 3 years ago
great hair gel
Anthony Smith Jr
Anthony Smith Jr - 3 years ago
He said he was hungry he gonna eat that eel no Man don’t do this to a giant eel
Des Thompson
Des Thompson - 3 years ago
Somebody get this lad a tripod.
Joy folley
Joy folley - 3 years ago
Her cuz you said it's a female
Edson Velazquez
Edson Velazquez - 3 years ago
Your pants are wet
Jason Hester
Jason Hester - 3 years ago
great job its big great job Wilson
Jedidiah Dykes
Jedidiah Dykes - 3 years ago
Do your parents feed u
John Jay Vlogs
John Jay Vlogs - 3 years ago
He went all the way out there to get food walked 7km back to his house where all the food is but instead of eating at his house he takes the fishing rod walks 7km back catches the eel only to let it go lol 1 like = 1 respect
Ec ci02
Ec ci02 - 3 years ago
Kid: Catches probably the biggest eel in the river.
Me: Can’t get a money spider out of my house.
Garrett Bates
Garrett Bates - 3 years ago
Kid knows his stuff
no u
no u - 3 years ago
this is normal Australian child activity isn’t it?
Vonda Mongan
Vonda Mongan - 3 years ago
Catch a eltrice eel
Vonda Mongan
Vonda Mongan - 3 years ago
SINS x Laced
SINS x Laced - 3 years ago
"Australians be like" I need to catch it
Callum GALVIN - 3 years ago
Crickey crickey I’m Steve Irwin
CHEF - 3 years ago
Him chasing the eel when he dropped the eel lmao
cliff hunt
cliff hunt - 3 years ago
Your welcome
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 3 years ago
hey thanks so much Cliff for your support Cheers Miller
Kimberly Moore
Kimberly Moore - 3 years ago
Chicken liver is the best for cat fish and eels
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 3 years ago
yes my dad used to use liver from the butcher
Ben Humpage
Ben Humpage - 3 years ago
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 3 years ago
Korbin Hale
Korbin Hale - 3 years ago
He had way to much slack
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 3 years ago
thats what she said
sja1027 - 3 years ago
If like Miller Wilson like!
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 3 years ago
Miller like
Alwa-hib Akbar
Alwa-hib Akbar - 3 years ago
My boy , incredibly brave heres my kudos
Robert T.
Robert T. - 3 years ago
Nice job!
Richard Everly
Richard Everly - 3 years ago
Hoodie Gurl
Hoodie Gurl - 3 years ago
He's Adventurous boy
Heather Keys
Heather Keys - 3 years ago
Zachary Shim
Zachary Shim - 3 years ago
Where is your family?
Policemen Sam
Policemen Sam - 3 years ago
mate I caught a 150 pound freshwater eel
Alex King
Alex King - 3 years ago
I have seen biger
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard - 3 years ago
That’s one big creek noodle
James Hall
James Hall - 3 years ago
A few days ago my Eel Hunter left my pond to go breed but just today we were white baiting and we caught and Elva (baby eel) so I put him in my pond I hope he grows to a strong eel like the one in this video.
Paul Boccuti
Paul Boccuti - 3 years ago
If he was hungry why didn't he eat at home after he hiked 8K?
Faalelei Nonu
Faalelei Nonu - 3 years ago
some good eating right there...bake it in coconut milk...awsome..
NinjaGamer47 YT
NinjaGamer47 YT - 3 years ago
How old is he
mharjuana 420
mharjuana 420 - 3 years ago
omg how but it will electric you
Electric Gaming
Electric Gaming - 3 years ago
You killed an innocent Eel but your really good at that stuff
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 3 years ago
Hey Ryan, I f you watched to the end of the video - you will see that I let it go - thanks for watching the bit you did - cheers Miller
The Real BAZOOKABUBBA - 3 years ago
Is this Anaconda for kids?
מיירון הגיוני
מיירון הגיוני - 3 years ago
Daannggg he was young lol
LVR Smith
LVR Smith - 3 years ago
I know i'm a kid too, but were are your parents??
Jackie Everette
Jackie Everette - 3 years ago

Max Whelan
Max Whelan - 3 years ago
He could've got food from his house when he went there
Luke .t
Luke .t - 3 years ago
You should go walleye fishing they put up a big fight and there a good meal if hungry
Tamela Rudd
Tamela Rudd - 3 years ago
. Where are you how old are you
RCMTSmaster - 3 years ago
i would use a smaller hook than that, but, you still caught it.
nasty freestyle
nasty freestyle - 3 years ago
young miller wilson old days
Kc_Trash - 3 years ago
Coyote Peterson who?
daddy ishibo
daddy ishibo - 3 years ago
Z chi zchi
Hunter Mclellan
Hunter Mclellan - 3 years ago
TRISTON CASTILLE - 3 years ago
I'm gonna tell you guys a family secret of mine when you catch an eel of you get a big one on the bank cut a switch and beat the hell out of it... I know it seems inhumane but when you do they'll stiffen up like a board so you can handle it better tgats if your eating it
steven contreras
steven contreras - 3 years ago
steven contreras
steven contreras - 3 years ago
This dude so brave I wish I was his brother
Sambodhi and Samastika
Sambodhi and Samastika - 3 years ago
"My exotic hair gel" lol
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel - 3 years ago
As an eel, I can confirm this is my friend Bob.
fathimath izwa
fathimath izwa - 3 years ago
That eel is very big
It's cool
Vio Star
Vio Star - 3 years ago
IxPastel !
IxPastel ! - 3 years ago
4:18 LOOOL
chloe Pathuis
chloe Pathuis - 3 years ago
Hi l really love you so much
Raven Boyd
Raven Boyd - 3 years ago
I guess you are in New Zealand
AmyAmber GwillimParkinson
AmyAmber GwillimParkinson - 3 years ago
and that doesnt scream when he dies in fortnite
Tami Trollip
Tami Trollip - 3 years ago
He was soo young here
Jeff Bobley
Jeff Bobley - 3 years ago
Wild bro .-.
Kaboodles Doodles
Kaboodles Doodles - 3 years ago
This kid is so adorable
TNN UrBaNcItY - 3 years ago
are you related to Coyote Peterson?
Tana Rain
Tana Rain - 3 years ago
Who's watching this in 2018
Nick M
Nick M - 3 years ago
Where is his parents like wtf
Mello-Doc - 3 years ago
Where are this kids parents
thesnowhideout - 3 years ago
Example : Kid isn't afraid of the spider . It isn't that complicated.
Dirtycreed36 Mum
Dirtycreed36 Mum - 3 years ago
This kids a MaVrIc
Eli Jackson
Eli Jackson - 3 years ago

Read More
YManCyberDude - 4 years ago
Nice video mate. Great eel wrangling. Looks like a nice watch too. Mine's a Seiko - SNZ313K. Is that close to what yours is ?
BLU Ninja Boi
BLU Ninja Boi - 4 years ago
I think this boy will actually be famous xD
Christian The Dragon
Christian The Dragon - 4 years ago
your only 12 years old and you already have almost a million subs! Good on ya my dude! :)
Amazing Channel
Amazing Channel - 4 years ago
Angella Clarke
Angella Clarke - 4 years ago
he reminds me of merrick hannah
goku boss
goku boss - 4 years ago
Why didn't you get shocked because electric eels are electrical
Hockey Beast
Hockey Beast - 4 years ago
Why doesn’t he just eat the beef that he used as bate if he’s hungry
No one can find my garbage channel hehehe ;-;
No one can find my garbage channel hehehe ;-; - 4 years ago
The accent tho!! ❤️
Nia Bia
Nia Bia - 4 years ago
Aww when he was little
CHLOE AND PIKACHU Left side - 4 years ago
Omg that’s cray cray
Glenn Ellenwood
Glenn Ellenwood - 4 years ago
Can you can you catch a zombie fish I mean I mean sorry sorry about that I meant to say I meant to say can you ever catch a bull shark
Andrew Clair Jr
Andrew Clair Jr - 4 years ago
Miller are you a boy or girl
Miss Marshall
Miss Marshall - 4 years ago
Catch and release ❤️ you are the best!
Sparkly Spark
Sparkly Spark - 4 years ago
Angry Birds30
Angry Birds30 - 4 years ago
Litterly Cyoti Peterson
FATE_ ICY - 4 years ago
That’s a different eel that you put back
Shem loves animals
Shem loves animals - 4 years ago
I thought it was a siren
Octave Raffault
Octave Raffault - 4 years ago
This dude is playing pokemon irl
GACHA GIRL - 4 years ago
Omg he’s so young
John Wick
John Wick - 4 years ago
What you wanna find a skinny meatless eel tf eat that one not a poor small one
XxPhantomForcesYTxX 1
XxPhantomForcesYTxX 1 - 4 years ago
how old are you you look like a 14 yrs old
Skater Bros 165
Skater Bros 165 - 4 years ago
I’m new to fishing and I’ve only caught 5 eels since I started,when you need advice for fishing or catching things come here
Elye Knight
Elye Knight - 4 years ago
I bet all of the dislikes are all of the vegans watching this xDDDDDDDDD
Charlotte Law
Charlotte Law - 4 years ago
Oops and brave
Charlotte Law
Charlotte Law - 4 years ago
Mabye i dont dare to go in even that water that boy is super best and smart
Jacky Zamora
Jacky Zamora - 4 years ago
This kid is a badass
Skrt Skrt
Skrt Skrt - 4 years ago
The eel was beautiful :) where did you catch him at
EVAN SHEA VLOGS - 4 years ago
Nice shorts
Sophia Stockwell
Sophia Stockwell - 4 years ago
Where are his parents
Henry beattie
Henry beattie - 4 years ago
Where in the bloody world are your parents your 11!
Hulya Tahry
Hulya Tahry - 4 years ago
Wow you are very cool
Jade Postma
Jade Postma - 4 years ago
I LOVE watching u
Masih T
Masih T - 4 years ago
You deserve 999m subs
original gaming210
original gaming210 - 4 years ago
Very entertaining
Moghster - 4 years ago
It's Gon Freecss.
Noah Brennan
Noah Brennan - 4 years ago
Mini coyote Peterson!! Omgg
starlight aphmau
starlight aphmau - 4 years ago
Omg I own a reptile zoo with fish do you
Panic ! At the disco
Panic ! At the disco - 4 years ago
This kid is literally Diego
Annalise Kenzler
Annalise Kenzler - 4 years ago
Do you like the storms
Scott Hardy
Scott Hardy - 4 years ago
Big ell
Laughton Mckenzie
Laughton Mckenzie - 4 years ago
I can’t fish standing up my mum says I’ll fall in but your brave to stand up
Laughton Mckenzie
Laughton Mckenzie - 4 years ago
Your like kites Peterson but your even younger and brave how I’m Australian to I know your Australian cuz you sound Australian I talk Australian
MAGMAFienDProPVP - 4 years ago
Also that’s not the biggest eel anyone catched
MAGMAFienDProPVP - 4 years ago
Aren’t u to young to be alone in the wild?
Gerardo Peralta
Gerardo Peralta - 4 years ago
Isnt it supposd to sting you
FaZe Bug
FaZe Bug - 4 years ago
Before he hit puberty
Madison and Brandon
Madison and Brandon - 4 years ago
Ur cute
Shonnie Boo
Shonnie Boo - 4 years ago
It can breath out of water
Jay Way
Jay Way - 4 years ago
I really like your videos thank you for helping me this that make me help me to start getting sick thank you
william richards
william richards - 4 years ago
Why do you go back to the house to get a fishing rod just go back and get a sandwich when you get home or just grab it with your hands
Isaiah Towers
Isaiah Towers - 4 years ago
Now this kid is living his childhood right, rather see kids fishing than just chillin on there phones and what not, got my respect bro
Stewart Gillies
Stewart Gillies - 4 years ago
omgi really like you just saying
Lukas Cramer
Lukas Cramer - 4 years ago
Were r u fishing
kay kay
kay kay - 4 years ago
How come eel does produce current
Nevaeh Gaming
Nevaeh Gaming - 4 years ago
Just checking if it was a female -.- don’t look there ur too young
J a Carnation
J a Carnation - 4 years ago
I’m on following you for life
J a Carnation
J a Carnation - 4 years ago
Could you hurt such an animalWhat do do you
ryan Riesterer
ryan Riesterer - 4 years ago
8 km hike totally not a couple cars to the left of when he’s catching the eel
Amber Hendricksen
Amber Hendricksen - 4 years ago
Hair gel
alistaire garner
alistaire garner - 4 years ago
It’s an eel not a mackerel
Mark Stritch
Mark Stritch - 4 years ago
Go fishing at the (Neenah) damn
the one the only Sub2Pewdiepie
the one the only Sub2Pewdiepie - 4 years ago
I don't like him
Matthew Kensinger
Matthew Kensinger - 4 years ago
Michel Richardson
Michel Richardson - 4 years ago
Why your pants so tight
Jennifer Hodges
Jennifer Hodges - 4 years ago
how big are the eggs
Brooke Hagner
Brooke Hagner - 4 years ago
Mini Coyote Peterson right here
TEDDY OVERLOAD - 4 years ago
Your brave
FrenchCrow - 4 years ago
Nice! Nez Zealand?
franz avriel
franz avriel - 4 years ago
Not a electric eel XD
Michele Chance
Michele Chance - 4 years ago
Hi guyz
Ruthyi Thomte
Ruthyi Thomte - 4 years ago
Speki Man
Speki Man - 4 years ago
Good job man
Speki Man
Speki Man - 4 years ago
Nice man
Just an Aussie
Just an Aussie - 4 years ago
I cant even go to the shops (thats right around the corner)
5k Subscribers With no Vids
5k Subscribers With no Vids - 4 years ago
R u Australian? I am lol
Da Duck Master!
Da Duck Master! - 4 years ago
he inspired me to fish better!
Tyson Hartman vlots
Tyson Hartman vlots - 4 years ago
Terry Penashve  (STUDENT)
Terry Penashve (STUDENT) - 4 years ago
cool im fan
Josh Aitken
Josh Aitken - 4 years ago
i have ought bigger
Marlene Ogan
Marlene Ogan - 4 years ago
I really
Tiny Thompsons
Tiny Thompsons - 4 years ago
We're is your mom and dad
RJW Sports Nation
RJW Sports Nation - 4 years ago
Ferdous أحمد أحهد
Ferdous أحمد أحهد - 4 years ago
This eel is not wild eel that why he is not attacking u
Indoraptor kye Munt
Indoraptor kye Munt - 4 years ago
Hope didn't you get eletricricuted
Indoraptor kye Munt
Indoraptor kye Munt - 4 years ago
HarlekinGER - 4 years ago
You can throw away your clothes after that.
Emma Salvidge
Emma Salvidge - 4 years ago
Bigger than me yikes
mexicanpugle - 4 years ago
How old are you
Charlie Hugh Shepherd
Charlie Hugh Shepherd - 4 years ago
6:05 u stick ur finger in it
Lara.25 croft.25
Lara.25 croft.25 - 4 years ago
Ur good for letting him go but u kept him out of the water for a bit too long
Katrina Dejonge
Katrina Dejonge - 4 years ago
Missouri when they get it when you get it in your mouth yeah yeah yank and that's called setting the hook
Nohle West
Nohle West - 4 years ago
Here before he gets his own show
Gk Sangma
Gk Sangma - 4 years ago
Thats not electric eel
Matt M
Matt M - 3 years ago
It’s cause it’s not dumb dumb ohhh roaster
Joseph Dibble
Joseph Dibble - 3 years ago
he never Said that he just said it was an EEL
The Hunter
The Hunter - 4 years ago
I would've ate it
Kionna CLUTCHED it
Kionna CLUTCHED it - 4 years ago
xD The eel slime aka exotic hair gel... Omg eels are like so ugly 2 me!! I can't look at it..
Wolfi Wm
Wolfi Wm - 4 years ago
I runt home 4 Kilometers but if you only take a stick and a line mate from grass or somethink and then line it on like a dog. It will also work
cooper goodhew
cooper goodhew - 4 years ago
nice catch but not very big
Charles January
Charles January - 4 years ago
I watch it but I’m on my Grandpas Account
Ian Pilapil
Ian Pilapil - 4 years ago
what are thoseee
Crimenology - 4 years ago
that's not electric eel
CHACH5785YT - 4 years ago
hes so cute
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee - 4 years ago
Holy, puberty has had its karma jesus
Shienna marie Bugto
Shienna marie Bugto - 4 years ago
wow i love you vidios miler you are the best
robert sutton
robert sutton - 4 years ago
I love his accent
Sculpture Gaming
Sculpture Gaming - 4 years ago
Before he hit puberty.
TooSpooky Y
TooSpooky Y - 4 years ago
Wow he so youngg
Ky’leigh Luafutu
Ky’leigh Luafutu - 4 years ago
2018 anyone
Brodie Stelfox
Brodie Stelfox - 3 years ago
So lame
John Fisher
John Fisher - 3 years ago
Plus Fiv5
Plus Fiv5 - 3 years ago
Marisol De La Cueva
Marisol De La Cueva - 3 years ago
Ky’leigh Luafutu 2019 anylne
Angela Smith
Angela Smith - 3 years ago
god is my anchor
god is my anchor - 3 years ago
Ky’leigh Luafutu nope 2019
Gus Cameron
Gus Cameron - 4 years ago
Bradley Johnson
Bradley Johnson - 4 years ago
Are you a gril
Dale Lines
Dale Lines - 4 years ago
Your a great man we should meet in aAustralia
Heinrich Härkönen
Heinrich Härkönen - 4 years ago
You're so cute
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig - 4 years ago
Your cute how old are you I’m 11
Xili The Wolf
Xili The Wolf - 4 years ago
Omg I just disliked your vid cause you said you were hungry and I thought you were gonna eat the eel so I got mad lol
yazmin Romero
yazmin Romero - 4 years ago
Mini cayote peterson
Tuaoi Silaumua
Tuaoi Silaumua - 4 years ago
As an islander I loooooove seafood
Templar Knight
Templar Knight - 4 years ago
First time i saw this channel you look young, then the next video you make you look lke your 18 or 15
Celeste Noella
Celeste Noella - 4 years ago
This kid is like the new an8mal planet helper
Arthur Kusumah
Arthur Kusumah - 4 years ago
lol you got exotic hair gel and quick tip is to never ever rub your face while touching an eel
Arthur Kusumah
Arthur Kusumah - 4 years ago
you make me want to go diving in the ocean too
Arthur Kusumah
Arthur Kusumah - 4 years ago
i love your chanel and you are so brave miller wilson
WHITE MONKEY - 4 years ago
Haha the new Steve Erwin
Jaceri da’king Grimmett
Jaceri da’king Grimmett - 4 years ago
Well dang he said he was hungry twice I know I get hungry but not hungry enough to touch a ell
Kirsten Lane Kayla
Kirsten Lane Kayla - 4 years ago
He’s like a Inuit like me, I’m a Inuit
Safe place for all Stay strong
Safe place for all Stay strong - 4 years ago
"Most of them being long finned eel because they have got a long fin" bloody hell has a genius
Miller Farley
Miller Farley - 4 years ago
My name is Miller to
Maverick logang21
Maverick logang21 - 4 years ago
Suga Kookies and a cup of Tae
Suga Kookies and a cup of Tae - 4 years ago
I love ur accent
Robo  Wow
Robo Wow - 4 years ago
I believe in you kid don’t stop keep on doing you’re thing no matter what people say
Dragon king
Dragon king - 4 years ago
You have serious guts
Isabelle Batchatis
Isabelle Batchatis - 4 years ago
Ok I’m sorry but where’s your parents?!?!?
Gabee - 4 years ago
im surprised these rods dont break
Panda Boy 58
Panda Boy 58 - 4 years ago
Frederick Conner
Frederick Conner - 4 years ago
Subscribed for the Australian views, keep up the great work!
Kiki Bella
Kiki Bella - 4 years ago
You're the best
KatieCat ;-;
KatieCat ;-; - 4 years ago
4:32 aww you made a new friend :3
Matthew Bonilla
Matthew Bonilla - 4 years ago
Omg how didnt he shock u!?
Omega Reaper Sans
Omega Reaper Sans - 4 years ago
Saburo Yamasaki
Saburo Yamasaki - 4 years ago
2:38 we realy dont whana wait 30 seconds
Wing Unknown
Wing Unknown - 4 years ago
I could never do anything like that
Kyle’s Blogs
Kyle’s Blogs - 4 years ago
Sounds like Steve erwin
Michael Cook
Michael Cook - 4 years ago
Are you a boy or girl
01102 01102
01102 01102 - 4 years ago
5:10 "I think this is a female" checking if it has nuts or not LOL
01102 01102
01102 01102 - 4 years ago
4:43 That hair gel lmao
VSN_babyman - 4 years ago
Are you a girl?
Zabuza Momochi
Zabuza Momochi - 4 years ago
Sounds like ewww instead of eel
Dire Frog
Dire Frog - 4 years ago
MINI coyote
Jonathan Kun
Jonathan Kun - 4 years ago
12 yr old Jeremy wade
DawnFire Studios
DawnFire Studios - 4 years ago
bear grills when he was like 12
Derpy Sans
Derpy Sans - 4 years ago
This kid is amazing
harlems0019821 - 4 years ago
Your bat is wat
Jeffrey Weinzweig
Jeffrey Weinzweig - 4 years ago
I love it
Superhero Perez
Superhero Perez - 4 years ago
He’s cute and smart
Justin Padinske
Justin Padinske - 4 years ago
I wish I was as cool as this kid.
Ngananh Bui
Ngananh Bui - 4 years ago
Do you have a license
Ngananh Bui
Ngananh Bui - 4 years ago
jptube12 - 4 years ago
Good vid
Duncan Creates
Duncan Creates - 4 years ago
That's a nice area. He put up a good fight!
Minizaki - 4 years ago
I can tell he's Australian by his accent
Cheyenne robinson
Cheyenne robinson - 4 years ago
I like your style
sharpkeymaster 456
sharpkeymaster 456 - 4 years ago
He is so cute cause he is so small
Joiner eberhart
Joiner eberhart - 4 years ago
Emma Jasen
Emma Jasen - 4 years ago
Omg ur so small who’s watching this in 2018 :o
Susan Stroud
Susan Stroud - 4 years ago
God this kid is so awesome
J Forton
J Forton - 4 years ago
Madison Waldron
Madison Waldron - 4 years ago
Sub to my youtube channel
justbella rose
justbella rose - 4 years ago
Just because i am a girl dosent mean i dont want to be him and btw i love ur vids and u are shuch a good kid by leting it go and ur so smart keep it up
Kewan Foley
Kewan Foley - 4 years ago
It look like a snake
Hanari - 4 years ago
Are you Australian
Axel wilkinson
Axel wilkinson - 4 years ago
That eels was big but not a monster but it was 5 tomes ur age
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming - 4 years ago
You could of hurt yourself please go with an adult
Aiden Conley
Aiden Conley - 4 years ago
He probably is with one in the background. Regardless, this kid has tons of videos. He knows what he is doing.
peyton lund
peyton lund - 4 years ago
Diamond Puppy
Diamond Puppy - 4 years ago
I speak good fish She said

Martin Screeton
Martin Screeton - 4 years ago
Best damn sandwich I ever ate,... smoked EEL hoagie at Rotterdam, Netherlands :)
vanessa delgado
vanessa delgado - 4 years ago
Are you a boy or a girl?
SAMRODIAN - 4 years ago
I'm glad you decided to return that magnificent specimen to the water Miller well done for consevation! I think it would have been tough to chew anyway!
Shavein The Sunbreaker
Shavein The Sunbreaker - 4 years ago
Lol, hmm should I catch it?... Yeah I'm hungry.
Tyler Lynch
Tyler Lynch - 4 years ago
Lmao,he let it go.He saw and respected that,that thing was big because it's probably been thru some shit.
He has more sense than most adults.
Rachel little games
Rachel little games - 4 years ago
Does Rivers Eels Bite? Would it hurt?
Chloe Shaw
Chloe Shaw - 4 years ago
are you 11 or18 or13 or20.
Thegta gaming
Thegta gaming - 4 years ago
that's cool...thank you for that crocodile dundee
Adam - 4 years ago
Holy mackerel should of said holy eel
My Rossi Rifle
My Rossi Rifle - 4 years ago
I am so glad you put it back, well done,didnt know you could catch eels with " Bee Farts"
Sian Shaw
Sian Shaw - 4 years ago
can you make me a bow and arrow I Iive in Kings way send it in the mail box
Mounir Bedjaoui
Mounir Bedjaoui - 4 years ago
LoLo Blunt
LoLo Blunt - 4 years ago
That would be soo qood to eat, he qonna let it qo ,what?
TJ Alonso
TJ Alonso - 4 years ago
Is it weird talking to a camera
Albreezy - 4 years ago
How is it still alive after being out of water for so long
weare venom
weare venom - 4 years ago
thats one cute eel
weare venom
weare venom - 4 years ago
you are cool
Finn Jones
Finn Jones - 4 years ago
Aww you used to be so small, you're so grown up now dude
narendra singh
narendra singh - 4 years ago
How much years old r u??????BTW u r like bear grylls
Finn Jones
Finn Jones - 4 years ago
narendra singh my guess is like 16 or 17 now
Spencer Gordon
Spencer Gordon - 4 years ago
Spamz Lx
Spamz Lx - 4 years ago
This white boy crazy
Ronny Hawk
Ronny Hawk - 4 years ago
3:24 when a girl gets double texted
calber reacts oh yeah yeah
calber reacts oh yeah yeah - 3 years ago
Oh yeah yeah
Amanda Bremer
Amanda Bremer - 3 years ago
Amanda Bremer
Amanda Bremer - 3 years ago
fat banana
fat banana - 3 years ago
Benjamin Silu
Benjamin Silu - 3 years ago
Tripin tripin
ten 10
ten 10 - 4 years ago
Ronny Hawk funniest shit ever
Winter BabyShining
Winter BabyShining - 4 years ago
Im a worm

Sub to me Ms.Worm

SLDJ - 4 years ago
Omg. He's so young here!!
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim - 4 years ago
miler u changed
the fishing channel
the fishing channel - 4 years ago
He was saying that he was hungry, BUT NEVER ATE IT
Bmx Zak vlogs
Bmx Zak vlogs - 4 years ago
Go storm
Bmx Zak vlogs
Bmx Zak vlogs - 4 years ago
Are you Aussie
babyrazor - 4 years ago
fishing for eels with great granddad: 1st you get a dead mule, you don't use house because ppl then ate horse but not mule, next
you tie a chain around it, put it on a boat and drop it in the lake not to far from the shore. After about 5 to 7 days you attach the end of the chain which is on the shore to a tractor and pull the mule out, the you cut the mule open and gather the eels. and repeat. true story of catching eels on Lake Champlain. one day while me and a boy were fishing off the bridge to Isle La Motte an eel passed under that without exaggeration had to be 15' long it was quite a "Holy Shit" moment
Lord Frieza
Lord Frieza - 4 years ago
Wow that kid was lucky fisherman good job
Jack Moffitt
Jack Moffitt - 4 years ago
In nz long fin eels are protected
Taylor Riley
Taylor Riley - 4 years ago
It is a spotted eel
Shellrockguy - 4 years ago
Lol he uses iMovie
petswith Cherlynn
petswith Cherlynn - 4 years ago
Dr. Catz
Dr. Catz - 4 years ago
Steve Irwin's son?
Brayden Hodder
Brayden Hodder - 4 years ago
Meanwhile in Australia we have these
Robin James Cabato
Robin James Cabato - 4 years ago
Luke Waggoner
Luke Waggoner - 4 years ago
me; well im down in the creek and im hungry so im gonna turn around and go to dairy queen
Leilacomfy25 67
Leilacomfy25 67 - 4 years ago
your cute boy
Nguyen Phu Trong-LU
Nguyen Phu Trong-LU - 4 years ago
I'd like your accent, which country are you living?
ReganRobloxAndMore !
ReganRobloxAndMore ! - 4 years ago
jake derharoutian
jake derharoutian - 4 years ago
Your smart
IWillie Elmore
IWillie Elmore - 4 years ago
he catching eels and i'm still scared of flies what is the world coming to
reelFLgirl - 4 years ago
Your awesome!
Greg Partida
Greg Partida - 4 years ago
Greg Partida
Greg Partida - 4 years ago
Greg Partida
Greg Partida - 4 years ago
Dirt bike kid Riding and gaming/vlogs
Dirt bike kid Riding and gaming/vlogs - 4 years ago
Was it just me but did I hear a hiss
rrhead - 4 years ago
Holy #$@# you own a lot of land
Johnny Truth
Johnny Truth - 4 years ago
the electric eel stung his ass and went up his as*hole
DÜrp _
DÜrp _ - 4 years ago
Crikey shit mate! that’s one hell of an eel there!
Tristan Castillo
Tristan Castillo - 4 years ago
Who's watching in 2018?
Kainan K 006
Kainan K 006 - 4 years ago
Watch my video it is Kainan K 006 and it is big eels filling please watch
Tito SoFISHticated
Tito SoFISHticated - 4 years ago
you are lit af! lmaooooo
ⓁⓘⓛⓅⓔⓝⓖⓤⓘⓝⓩ - 4 years ago
Oml I have watched your 2018 vids u look like a 5 year in his vid no offense love you Miller!
ugh, as if!
ugh, as if! - 4 years ago
This is simultaneously awesome and adorable. Please stay away from stingray tails.
IKILL4NUTHING - 4 years ago
Good one
Terry_ 10king
Terry_ 10king - 4 years ago
I remember watching you I was your. 20,000thh sub. Edit I mean when you where new
xCandyCutiex 1180
xCandyCutiex 1180 - 4 years ago
Lol your bootiful hair is ruined XD
Alkis Mitron
Alkis Mitron - 4 years ago
When you went home to take your fishing rod why didn't you stay home and eat food and you didn't even eat the eel
Diamond X Gaming
Diamond X Gaming - 4 years ago
first time watching and just subscribed. YOU ARE AMAZING..... hope you reply
Miller Wilson
Miller Wilson - 4 years ago
hey mate - thanks so much for your support of my channel - plenty more vids to come - cheers Miller
Casper The Friendly Ghost Blatz
Casper The Friendly Ghost Blatz - 4 years ago

Thank me later
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams - 4 years ago
Here I am 28 years old 2 combat deployments and scared to death of eels
GM War
GM War - 4 years ago
Survival ^^
Fatima Dorin
Fatima Dorin - 4 years ago
This is the best video
LetsGoBrian - 4 years ago
When he gets hungry he goes to the water
Ben Masta
Ben Masta - 4 years ago
when you hook something as long as you are tall...
MLBB * LOVER - 4 years ago
That's sea monster
Ruben Lawrence-oleary
Ruben Lawrence-oleary - 4 years ago
I catch them is my river not that fat but the same kind of eel I am 13 I catch the with a hand reel and the same hook as bait I use liver or I sometimes Cut the tail off some cook the meat and use the tail for bait
Kid Fisher
Kid Fisher - 4 years ago
Miller can u reply plz I'm a gargantuan fan plz reply
CreditCream 1
CreditCream 1 - 4 years ago
this is like a 5th grader and he has the brains as a scientist!
LoisAnne1998 - 4 years ago
You spelt gel wrong.
11gwizz11 - 4 years ago
Lol ugh I just put all that in my hair
Jacob Bevis
Jacob Bevis - 4 years ago
right on buddy
Josiah Gluck
Josiah Gluck - 4 years ago
Your ganna get hurt
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds - 4 years ago
you re homeless well then you are full of SHIT
Trinity Franks
Trinity Franks - 4 years ago
Me: Gets Doritos
Amanda Lank
Amanda Lank - 4 years ago
So cool see you on TV soon
Gia Giselle
Gia Giselle - 4 years ago
I thought eels sting
Purduevette 00
Purduevette 00 - 4 years ago
Omg he fought that eel for 5 minuets
Devil_plays - 4 years ago
U should have a to show your amazing at this
The as Cloves
The as Cloves - 4 years ago
Wild catch Miller
Karen Rancap-Peralta
Karen Rancap-Peralta - 4 years ago
Rose Rose
Rose Rose - 4 years ago
stupid? your luck
alex brown
alex brown - 4 years ago
hes eating eels

but ive got water malons to keep me loaded
Anna Chen
Anna Chen - 4 years ago
I’m watching in 2018, and comparing him in this video to now, you can just see how he grew up
Im so emotional...
ELSE ONER - 4 years ago
I caught what was the New Jersey state record freshwater eel but unfortunately I was fishing illegally at night without a license in a lake. It weighed 8 pounds. I never measured it but I caught many many heels and this was just massive
The gaming Tomato
The gaming Tomato - 4 years ago
You sound Aussie, are ya?
unicorngamer 1
unicorngamer 1 - 4 years ago
Next coyote peterson
richg100000 - 4 years ago
The greatest On-Camera Wildlife Hosts of all time:
1. David Attenborough
2. Steve Irwin
3. Jeff Crowin
4. Miller Wilson

Mr. Wilson - you are absolutely superb!  I've watched them all, and I'd watch you any day.  Keep on going!
Isko Isko
Isko Isko - 4 years ago
And I got slime
Isko Isko
Isko Isko - 4 years ago
I'm a kid and I go by myself to a Creek and catch some catfish like you but I was like that when I try to get an eel and I successed
Meet Morris
Meet Morris - 4 years ago
Ayyy bro assie all the way
Camryn olson
Camryn olson - 4 years ago
Why doesn't he have a TV show yet
A N D Y - 4 years ago
Young bear grills
Ken Deininger
Ken Deininger - 4 years ago
I liked your Video..I learned something.. IF you like outdoors you might like this Video..It’s a Underwater shot of a Large snapping turtle eating chicken bones. It looks like a prehistoric Dinosaur...If you can, Could you subscribe to mine channel. (Need to get to 1000 subscribers)...The Video Thanks for sharing
Alexandra B
Alexandra B - 4 years ago
I love how he just jumps into a random river to catch an fish
vendible Axis
vendible Axis - 4 years ago
Keep up the good work as the best fisherman on the planet
Normal Fire
Normal Fire - 4 years ago
One like for the eel
AlexaMoonwolf - 4 years ago
U got a new subscriber
True Lee Bingham
True Lee Bingham - 4 years ago
please catch a short finned eel
Genevieve Holberton
Genevieve Holberton - 4 years ago
I love your videos
Andy Fung
Andy Fung - 4 years ago
where is your mother?
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez - 4 years ago
Wouldn't it buzzzz you
Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan - 4 years ago
He couldn've just grabbed the eel to be honest it like below 1 ft
Kevin Chamberlain
Kevin Chamberlain - 4 years ago
Personally, I would love the idea of the eel being in the river and would I mask-up and watch her underwater. Well done!!
Lexis Astorga
Lexis Astorga - 4 years ago
stop caching them
Lexis Astorga
Lexis Astorga - 4 years ago
let it go
FlashFishing - 4 years ago
Ok sized eel I wouldn't say the biggest
Kirsten Clement
Kirsten Clement - 4 years ago
cool bro
THE JURASSIC LORD !!! - 4 years ago
But u didn’t cook it but it’s ok
River Marschke
River Marschke - 4 years ago
This kid is so cool
Fransis Mvpp
Fransis Mvpp - 4 years ago
Like fishing
Fernando - 4 years ago
U are cool
Merlin - 4 years ago
I like his accent lololololol
yancy wilson
yancy wilson - 4 years ago
Hey I really like your videos Man please describe more I like it and do you know where do you want steak do you live in bye bye.
yancy wilson
yancy wilson - 4 years ago
Hey I really like your videos Man please describe more I like it and do you know where do you want steak do you live in bye bye.
Paul Howlett
Paul Howlett - 4 years ago
Live and let live where possible .....Bravo!
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover - 4 years ago
I'm bad at YouTube videos
Marcus henry
Marcus henry - 4 years ago
The eel was trying to get back in the water badly
Anikah Ward
Anikah Ward - 4 years ago
Austraila is awsome because i live here
Puppy Playz
Puppy Playz - 4 years ago
poor eel
Cruz Ashwood
Cruz Ashwood - 4 years ago
Where do you live
Kevin Is Average
Kevin Is Average - 4 years ago
This video gave me the chills when he caught it and it was on land it moved like a snake... i dont like snakes ;-;
MrAlbie1970 - 4 years ago
Nice dude!
Mergediowa73 - 4 years ago
Dang that's big
TheDemonic Kid
TheDemonic Kid - 4 years ago
You sound like me
Unknown Stranger
Unknown Stranger - 4 years ago
So,today I'm going to be fishing with heart,beef heart.
Staci George
Staci George - 4 years ago
Yeah very good videos
CWF Caveman
CWF Caveman - 4 years ago
He acts like he’s hungry but really he just wants to fish
No Rocket Science Build
No Rocket Science Build - 4 years ago
I don't know why this video should deserve a single dislike let alone over 2K!
The Plant Lover
The Plant Lover - 4 years ago
Coyote Peterson when he was a kid
Tyninjakd ninja
Tyninjakd ninja - 4 years ago
Dude he could have ate at home
Snprfoxx X
Snprfoxx X - 4 years ago
Try to catch a fish with your bare hands
TheBoss Gamer
TheBoss Gamer - 4 years ago
He's grown so fuckiing much
Brian Cortez
Brian Cortez - 4 years ago
Doesn't the watch go on the other hand
Cesar Osornia
Cesar Osornia - 4 years ago
he's strong
yourleftnut1 - 4 years ago
bet it will taste great
Tamekya Walker-Saleh.
Tamekya Walker-Saleh. - 4 years ago
phantomofoaktown - 4 years ago
It's little Steve Erwin
Shayla Crawford
Shayla Crawford - 4 years ago
I am watching in almost 2018
Tai Le
Tai Le - 4 years ago
imhatenyou whenmyou eat fish
nate dewar
nate dewar - 4 years ago
well you grown up fast
Andrew Waites
Andrew Waites - 4 years ago
Dangerous hunt for just a fish
moehammondmedia - 4 years ago
This is my little guy right here. Miller Wilson hello from Baltimore Maryland. Your videos are great young brother. You are truly filling the shoes of the late great Steve Irwin along with his son. You are gonna be a huge star and a mega success.
Samia Abdala
Samia Abdala - 4 years ago
Now that was one big giant eel
Declan 6192
Declan 6192 - 4 years ago
What camera u using
Cian Banville Smith
Cian Banville Smith - 4 years ago
Dude your so young
boodi rocks
boodi rocks - 4 years ago
good jop mate how do u catsh it
Flaming J
Flaming J - 4 years ago
What type of fish do you normally catch?
Xander Patton
Xander Patton - 4 years ago
At 3:26 you can tell he didn't even walk a kilometer because on the far left there is a white vehicle
no spying undercover
no spying undercover - 4 years ago
that eel is about 113 years old

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Face to Face with the BIGGEST Catfish I've EVER seen in person... - Shedd Aquarium FISH TOUR!! Greg Wittstock | The...

Raww fishing

Cast Net Fishing INCREDIBLY Biggest Fish For...

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Cast netting big fish breaks world record 54 lbs carp. Website: Fishing is...

Raww fishing

BUILT YOUTUBE'S Biggest pool pond 16FT

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Raww fishing

Eating RAW FRESHWATER Fish for the First Time...

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I had no idea raw freshwater fish was a thing until I went to Brazil. I really like Japanese sushi and Hawaii sashimi...

Raww fishing

Alligator looking fish in Freshwater

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