Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

"I'm going to make sure everything's perfect" Cuts to sending uncooked fish. __________________________________________ NEW!!  Get your official Hell’s Kitchen t-shirts and more at the **OFFICIAL HELLS KITCHEN STORE** ,  please click here to visit: Yes Chef! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Where’s the Lamb Sauce!? - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Get Out! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt You Donkey! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Official Red Hell's Kitchen logo t-shirt It’s Raw! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Get a Grip! - Official Hell’s Kitchen PopSocket Are we missing your favourite quotes? Think you have a great idea for a shirt? Please email with your suggestions, and you could see them in store! __________________________________________ In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen sentiment_very_dissatisfied 492

Raww fishing 2 years ago 1,467,811 views

"I'm going to make sure everything's perfect" Cuts to sending uncooked fish. __________________________________________ NEW!!  Get your official Hell’s Kitchen t-shirts and more at the **OFFICIAL HELLS KITCHEN STORE** ,  please click here to visit: Yes Chef! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Where’s the Lamb Sauce!? - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Get Out! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt You Donkey! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Official Red Hell's Kitchen logo t-shirt It’s Raw! - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Get a Grip! - Official Hell’s Kitchen PopSocket Are we missing your favourite quotes? Think you have a great idea for a shirt? Please email with your suggestions, and you could see them in store! __________________________________________ In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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for Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

Vianey Alvarado19
Vianey Alvarado19 - 1 year ago
Jack park
Jack park - 1 year ago
No one gives af about low IQ rappers
Ben Wade
Ben Wade - 1 year ago
“Grammy nominated rapper is here” camera cuts to the one black person
Shaquille Myers
Shaquille Myers - 1 year ago
That sumo wretler looks like the character from mulan
jasonx409able - 1 year ago
Red or blue, cuzz or blood, it just dont matter, sucker die for his life with my shotgun splatter.
king - 1 year ago
All these so called famous people I've never heard in my life who tf is the game
Shaggy Shawn
Shaggy Shawn - 1 year ago
This is so staged, it’s not even funny
The Jaded Wolf
The Jaded Wolf - 1 year ago
0:06 with captions on.
"I'm the gay man".
notoriusgamer james
notoriusgamer james - 1 year ago
0:23 "Mhmm chanko nabe is good,chanko chanko"

Only goats will get this

10. comment for Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

Aleks Саня
Aleks Саня - 1 year ago
what difference it makes who it is...???
BarfyMan362 - 1 year ago
were those actually sumo wrestlers? because they just looked like fat fucks in kimonos to me.
Zack Arnaud
Zack Arnaud - 1 year ago
The last guy talking in the clip is obviously not a fan of the game. Otherwise instead of saying "ballin" he would of said "this is how we do"
RICK11211 - 1 year ago
Everyone playing so innocent.
ruffgook - 1 year ago
They should have asked him to freestyle: “red rose white ceiling,,,,,”
Ilias Tr
Ilias Tr - 1 year ago
"Back in " 2 seconds later " THE GAAAME"
Simon Guerra Jr
Simon Guerra Jr - 1 year ago
I love his almost gone voice
Sergio TheG
Sergio TheG - 1 year ago
Put captions on and go to 0:05 Lmfao!
Sergio TheG
Sergio TheG - 1 year ago
+Sheheryar Kadir im still laughing at this a day later. Hahaha
Sheheryar Kadir
Sheheryar Kadir - 1 year ago
your comment is underrated and should be #1 lmao i'm dead
Keynan Faison
Keynan Faison - 1 year ago
Is that the same sumo wrestler that showed me how to make Chanko???

20. comment for Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

rockster10101 - 1 year ago
I'd hate to have to serve them. Nothing worse than colored arrogance.
TheSheepDogPatriot1776 - 1 year ago
this shit is so staged
Khan Dee Xiong
Khan Dee Xiong - 1 year ago
"You don't touch somebody else's fucking dish!"
mahchymk93 - 1 year ago
What game?
James Wolfhart
James Wolfhart - 1 year ago
How do you as a grown ass man introduce yourself as "The Game"?
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
To be a rapper you need some kind of talent.
He isn't a rapper
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
+Angel Guerra I don't respect him as a human.
But he can stomp alot of artists easy because they are anyway bad. I shouldn't call them artists nvm.
He used to be good when I was young but he doesn't do anything for me anymore
My opinion
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra - 1 year ago
+I am the father what about eminem
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
+Angel Guerra I bilieve nf is a good rapper I'm not into rap anymore
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
+Angel Guerra music is very important thing. Obviously the guy in the video is better than both of them lmao
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
+Angel Guerra haha they are both mumble rappers and trash humans. Flex drugs and money isn't my thing.
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra - 1 year ago
+I am the father you must be a lil pump , and tekashi 69 fan.
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
+Angel Guerra he's trash mumble rapper
I am the father
I am the father - 1 year ago
+Angel Guerra sorry I can't.
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra - 1 year ago
Stop being a hater.
Thiele Santos De Oliveira
Thiele Santos De Oliveira - 1 year ago
Bloods and crips
Speak - 1 year ago
Hey Ariel, The Game doesn't want your raw snapper..

30. comment for Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

Jayden Wade
Jayden Wade - 1 year ago
The Game sees blue team

“Take that blue shit off yo head”
Capo BennyTv
Capo BennyTv - 1 year ago
Red team
Primal Swampy
Primal Swampy - 1 year ago
Not the “Game” HHH will always be the “Game”!!!
Blake  Weeks
Blake Weeks - 1 year ago
Okay seriously game. Don't come on I'm hungry man when you walk into a restaurant as such without a reservation. Be thankful he took your ass in on a busy and more than likely. Full booked night. Smh
branchyapple - 1 year ago
Those girls are playing the game
HU FL - 1 year ago
Y'all should turn the captions on! Lol.
Lost Gamer
Lost Gamer - 1 year ago
V.I.P. the definition of why a restaurant might have issues.
James Nangle
James Nangle - 1 year ago
I'm surprised Gordon stooped to that low a level he would let uncultured people like that rapper and his whores into his restaurant. I know I wouldn't. Their idea of posh food is probably crab sticks. Plus their ignorance is evident in the fact they thought they could just walk into Hells Kitchen without a reservation.
call me sync
call me sync - 1 year ago
He looks lime kevin gates i swear
duke silver
duke silver - 1 year ago
This is the most set up fake ass shit I have ever witnessed. "Well of course we can squeeze them in" fuck off you plonker
Bla484 - 1 year ago
Steven Murillo
Steven Murillo - 1 year ago
Oh yeah yeah
Jr Cruz
Jr Cruz - 1 year ago
0:25 VICE did a documentary on this dude.
EditRepublic - 1 year ago
Fuck i just lost
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 - 1 year ago
So does nobody say "I didn't cook it raw, Ariel fucking stole it from me!"
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 - 1 year ago
Who the fuck is "The Game"
ConservativeMiddleEastern - 1 year ago
He deserves raw fish after engaging sexual activity to a 17 year old girl while he was in his mid 30s.
Skar - 1 year ago
Ballin is Jim Jones u dumbass
Bone Jones
Bone Jones - 1 year ago
Chefs try sending SUSHI to the game
Carl Marchiano
Carl Marchiano - 1 year ago
Queue the greatest crossover meme. So, does this mean gordon has a chance to be a feature on kamikaze 2 hahha

50. comment for Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

Aaron H
Aaron H - 1 year ago
I would have shoved a raw chicken breast down the game's throat if I was there. No joke!
GJ Prod
GJ Prod - 1 year ago
Asshole ruined service and interrupted their flow.. washed up ass rapper thinks hes big n shit
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 1 year ago
+GJ Prod you play fortnite so i already know you're an immature little bitch not even worth my time XD see ya around kiddo the game is bigger than you'll ever be im not even a fan of his music but i got the balls to correct an ignorant ass motherfucker like you just do me a favor shut your hating ass trap thank you
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 1 year ago
+GJ Prod you are a kid if you were an intelligent adult and a grown ass man you wouldn't be sitting your fat ass across from a laptop or phone screen spouting jealousy and bs while the games so called trashy washed up songs still making millions each day including his new ones while you're still sitting here being a sour pus because you have a waste of a life i pitty you i do and first of all if you weren't a kid you wouldn't even of said some bs like that either you're a kid or a man baby you got people making money just playing games and you're sitting here not doing anything but being jealous you're the one thats pathetic an intelligent grown man wouldn't even have to say some idiotic shit like this instead regardless of not knowing who the game is would research and then come back to congratulate on the individuals accolades but no a dumbass such as yourself not even knowing who he is chooses to insult him just because you're not on his level yeah fuck off you pathetic piece of trash
GJ Prod
GJ Prod - 1 year ago
+Danny Brooks Obviously he makes more money than me, you're the fuckin child for bringing up money. And since 2006, no I haven't heard of him or any one of his garbage songs. Why don't you pull up facts instead of using blank and meaningless insults. He's washed up asf, that's my claim, which you have fuckall to say against except the fact that you're calling me a kid. Pathetic
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 1 year ago
Do your research kid instead of sitting here hating he makes more money than you will in a lifetime but so much for a washed up ass rapper right? Jealously is a mf XD
whau - 1 year ago
Red Stick
Red Stick - 1 year ago
Why does Gordon sound like he's 3 minutes away from death
Tybalt Capulet
Tybalt Capulet - 1 year ago
kaustubh kaushik
kaustubh kaushik - 1 year ago
Hey all of you

I was expecting a FUCK OFF
ArnoldFTW97 - 1 year ago
Game would have made food for both of teams because he was a crip and now he blood lmao
Avery Wavy
Avery Wavy - 1 year ago
Gordon Ramsey reads off The Game’s Bio as if he has listened to his music. We know it’s scripted Chef!
William Wood
William Wood - 1 year ago
Knuckle draggin swine deserve raw fish
kevin ryan
kevin ryan - 1 year ago
"You don't fuck with another persons dish"
slinks - 1 year ago
While chef Ramsay tries to get the red team back in the.... GAME
Georgie M
Georgie M - 1 year ago
Lol ramsay looked right at the black bitch when he announced the game walked in
Aussie Roberts
Aussie Roberts - 1 year ago
yeah... that's scripted as all hell
Sergio Villanueva
Sergio Villanueva - 1 year ago
Who the fuck is the game. LMAO
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 1 year ago
Anthony - 1 year ago
who the fuk is the game?
ohhKilla - 1 year ago
Anthony Lol you must be young.
Mars - 1 year ago
who the fk is the game? ok who the fk am i. but on a srs note who the fk is the game?
XL318 X
XL318 X - 1 year ago
JustSomeStuff - 1 year ago
Tim - 1 year ago
I haven't heard a good song from game in a long minute, how is he VIP?
dysfynnction - 1 year ago
Who else thought Triple H would be there lmao
Raquel Wright
Raquel Wright - 1 year ago
Lmao "Back in the game".
asem hawari
asem hawari - 1 year ago
Oui chef! Lmao
elbones1982 - 1 year ago
Who are the game? I have never seen any of them before
elbones1982 - 1 year ago
Raw fish is ok. But RAW FISH in capital letters - DISGUSTING!!
STOP oh yeah yeah disease thousand
STOP oh yeah yeah disease thousand - 1 year ago
It's clearly fake they invited him here
Mr. Cairo
Mr. Cairo - 1 year ago
That fat Sumo has a killer Chanko Nabe recipe. Also, who the f is The Game? What a stupid name.
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 1 year ago 22 million he could buy you if he wanted too as well
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose - 2 years ago
Any time chef Ramsey says “hey all of you...” you know it’s not gonna be a good time
jeezuschryst - 2 years ago
Him tripping on marino for asking if they can accommodate the game but you KNOW he would be mad if marino didn't bother asking
johnnyboy123 - 2 years ago
Who the fuck is the game?
Cupcake Cult
Cupcake Cult - 2 years ago
Big Money BDA
Big Money BDA - 2 years ago
One of the sumo wrestlers are famous fun fact
Name Less
Name Less - 2 years ago
Kim told the chick to take the fish early to serve raw to The Game
Evet G.
Evet G. - 2 years ago
Oh na na na join the tfue gang brothers
wjatube - 2 years ago
You know they're not gonna tip.
I need Money
I need Money - 2 years ago
Turn captions on 0:07
Thank me later lol
The Legend
The Legend - 2 years ago
Should of turned him away
xavier tonga
xavier tonga - 2 years ago
I8_yourRamen - 2 years ago
That sumo wrestler reminds me of someone ? I think he was in a sumo documentary.
Miah J.
Miah J. - 2 years ago
Which season is this?
Jamobu Wadeji
Jamobu Wadeji - 2 years ago
”Don’t touch somebody else’s fucking dish!”

I feel like this may not have been appropriate for the UK version..
KenC - 2 years ago
They in the hood now
AJ Howard
AJ Howard - 2 years ago
That ain’t chanko-Nabe
MAC - 2 years ago
Gordon has no idea who The Game is... LMAO
John Garon Jr.
John Garon Jr. - 2 years ago
This is for the game
veritas - 2 years ago
World champion sumo wrestler Byama also showed up at 0:25
MCRodriguez1989 - 2 years ago
They have way more pans than I do.
Antonio Wright
Antonio Wright - 2 years ago
"Thee Game"
Proud smelly Wal-Mart person
Proud smelly Wal-Mart person - 2 years ago
The Asian dude knew who The Game was. Hence the "balling" reference at the end.
Daws143 - Apex Legends
Daws143 - Apex Legends - 2 years ago
Baallllinnn haha
Void-_-Milf - 2 years ago
Is it bland

100. comment for Chefs Try Sending RAW FISH To The Game | Hell's Kitchen

Arham Ali
Arham Ali - 2 years ago
who da GAME
WINSTON MOSCOW - 2 years ago
Who the fuck is "the game"?...
dmjinc - 2 years ago
The caption in my YouTube thumbnail showed him saying”I’m the Gay man.”
SBPS - 2 years ago
Those cooks were slobs.
SBPS - 2 years ago
Fun fact. Game’s birth name is NINOOO
Thomas K. S
Thomas K. S - 2 years ago
Captions on and go to 00:08. (repost)
florence district
florence district - 2 years ago
He worried about raw fish when he be blowing dicks
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez - 2 years ago
He likes his fish with a lil BLOOD
Lus Hernandes
Lus Hernandes - 2 years ago
Idk if the game is a famous rapper he's just relevant
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 1 year ago he is famous maybe you're just too young to know him
thirdworldhipster - 2 years ago
0:25 - that's just not any Sumo, that's 2-time Sumo champion Ulambayaryn Byambajav from Mongolia.
Jocoustic - 2 years ago
Put on captions (auto), go to 0:09 and lol ! 2:31 too
JusSayJess - 2 years ago
I guess everyone has a Grammy nomination
c r
c r - 2 years ago
" yes chef yes chef thank you Chef sorry chef" LOL I can never kiss anyone's ass
DP91 - 2 years ago
Who the hell is this person? Are we supposed to bow down just because they're a goddam rapper? Since when did people who mumble quickly into microphones become gods? They're the biggest jokes of the music industry.
Epiphany Ivey
Epiphany Ivey - 2 years ago
Andrew Botse-Baidoo facts bro, haven’t seen a comment as ignorant as this one in forever. Only time Game should even be put in a sentence with mumble rap is showing what rap used to be (game and other OGs) compared to now (mumble bs)
Andrew Botse-Baidoo
Andrew Botse-Baidoo - 2 years ago
JD4 Imagine calling The Game a mumble rapper. Clearly you have No Idea what your talking about
Taco Mayhem
Taco Mayhem - 2 years ago
"ALl In OUr KOoL-Aid oVa HeRE."
Neil W
Neil W - 2 years ago
turns captions on at 0:07
dynastywarriors92 - 2 years ago
What season is this from?
derp doge
derp doge - 2 years ago
of course the men did better than the women ;)
Lavars Balls
Lavars Balls - 2 years ago
I'm disliking I didn't see Tripple H anywhere
Ebenezer Belayneh
Ebenezer Belayneh - 2 years ago
Whose the Game?
Baccuus - 2 years ago
3:01 Who’s dad is commentating?
SnipeGhost - 2 years ago
the game and Gordon Ramsay what a weird fucking combo
Killuminati 101
Killuminati 101 - 2 years ago
Women's wants equal Pay wages but can't even cook smh...
santanawhite - 2 years ago
Did anyone else connect that the game is a former blood? The blue team making the best dish would be an afront to his heritage
carforumwanker - 2 years ago
Every single moment is scripted. Its 100% fake
c Lok
c Lok - 2 years ago
Announces the game is here. Instantly looks at the black girlz
Hmm Hmm
Hmm Hmm - 2 years ago
lol turn on the sub on 0:08 ahahahaha i'm the gay man
ChrisR - 2 years ago
The Game?
Balraj. Singh Sandher
Balraj. Singh Sandher - 2 years ago
YES he's triple hhh
JKnifeXXX - 2 years ago
Not a fucking clue who he is
Chasity - 2 years ago
Search some of their music, world famous
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 2 years ago
Give him fried chicken
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam - 2 years ago
"while chef Ramsay tries to get the red team back in..... The Game"

Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam - 2 years ago
you don't touch nobody elses fucking dish
Marcus Power
Marcus Power - 2 years ago
Gordon cucks out for some Jew run media shit. Da Game, big fucking deal. Idiots.
Nino would of cleaned the fish tho
Who else doesn’t know who tHe gAmE
Save No Hoe
Save No Hoe - 2 years ago
The game would only want the RED team to cook for him
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - 2 years ago
Post mates suck
Mustafa Murtaza
Mustafa Murtaza - 2 years ago
This is not a GAME.....
They call me Horse
They call me Horse - 2 years ago
never heard of the game lol
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez - 2 years ago
“That fuckin bitch took my fish”
bmt33 - 2 years ago
Of course we can squeeze them in you stupid fucking prick.
Ludvig Skovly
Ludvig Skovly - 2 years ago
U know Game only wanted food cooked by the red team
Mike Maclean
Mike Maclean - 2 years ago
Lost respect for ramsay here. Should have told the gang of blacks to piss off
Chasity - 2 years ago
They are world famous rappers. When famous people come to eat u don't tell em to leave
ethan - 2 years ago
0:25 is that my sumo boy from the Vice documentary
Abz - 2 years ago
Bloods and Crips in the kitchen
ESEKiLLiN562 - 2 years ago
lil ugly ass bitches with no body and a flat chest
tristan stevey
tristan stevey - 2 years ago
Isn't that bald sumo guy that bald sumo guy from that bald sumo guy video on youtube ?
k b
k b - 2 years ago
Hahaha these rappers and their entourage lol
DSM B00ST - 2 years ago
This is 4 da game
DreDay4201 4201
DreDay4201 4201 - 2 years ago
Game lucky he somewhat famous.. Other then that they would have thrown his black ass on out that restaurant and that's facts lol lame ass shit..
huge moungus
huge moungus - 2 years ago
I dont want the blue rags cooking my fish.. I want the bloods..cuh!
Victor Luu
Victor Luu - 2 years ago
he finna drive by shooting that place
PhantomMatrix - 2 years ago
I was expecting Triple HHH! LOL
jesseforlife - 2 years ago
What season is this
Hung Le
Hung Le - 2 years ago
Lmao anybody notice Bymba world sumo champ there eating ???
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia - 2 years ago
Turn on captions at 0:06 thank me later
Satan - 2 years ago
2:12 you sound ignorant af lol
Gwen Poole
Gwen Poole - 2 years ago
Kitchen version "Don't touch somebody else's fucking dish!"
Real life version "Don't touch somebody else's fucking bitch!"
Desire didn’t wake up
Desire didn’t wake up - 2 years ago
3:32 me when i score a 3 pointer
Seventh Trumpet Tattoos
Seventh Trumpet Tattoos - 2 years ago
Dont shit yourself he’s here lol
William Akiu
William Akiu - 2 years ago
Sherkenna is a fat lazy bitch.
William Akiu
William Akiu - 2 years ago
She only works hard for black rappers how racist
Irini Nikolaou Engelbrektskolan 9A
Irini Nikolaou Engelbrektskolan 9A - 2 years ago
If I came they would not squeeze me in lol
NippleSauce - 2 years ago
lmao I love how the girl at 2:02 literally doesn't tell the other girl that the fish is raw just to create drama. Like, that fish going to The mfing Game and she just let's it go cuz fuck that girl with the red bun-fro.
Henry Guo
Henry Guo - 2 years ago
1:34 Gonna make sure everything is alright huh? Why the fuck did you send up a raw fish then?
jlba510 - 2 years ago
Come on they are in the wrong place. Friday's is next
715490 926
715490 926 - 2 years ago
jlba510 don’t be jealous. Some people work hard and others bitch online.
Ranakade - 2 years ago
0:26 BYAMBA!
Rigoberto Hernandez
Rigoberto Hernandez - 2 years ago
I'm the game ..ok seems like any other brother..i would've been like sorry I'm pierre ..and you have to leave.
Andy Boy
Andy Boy - 2 years ago
with auto captions he walks in and says "hi, i'm the gay man"
LinkinLooper - 2 years ago
I love how Ramsay probably never heard of the Game or knows who he is but continues to take #1 consideration to the valued guest
Irene-of-meteora - 2 years ago
That was so natural when Gordon said ,” hip hop Grammy nominated rapper, the game is here” two times.
Rocky305MS - 2 years ago
So the show calls the Game and invites him and tells him just dropped in as a walk in we will take care of you.Cough cough reservation
LiL druGGY
LiL druGGY - 2 years ago
3:32 I still had my pants off from jacking off a few minutes ago and when that guy came up I got uncomfortable and immediately pulled up my pants
LiL druGGY
LiL druGGY - 2 years ago
Ohh I’ve seen that sumo wrestler on an other YouTube video before yet they all look the same so idk
Hung Le
Hung Le - 2 years ago
Lmao he's Byamba Us champion sumo
lifeof namda
lifeof namda - 2 years ago
So it's the blood vs crips
o 8
o 8 - 2 years ago
All up in ma koolaid
Prince KROWN
Prince KROWN - 2 years ago
0:07 captions on
lmaololhahaxd 123
lmaololhahaxd 123 - 2 years ago
the black drake with a beard
715490 926
715490 926 - 2 years ago
UrMomGayOMEGALOL you’re a retard.
james albert
james albert - 2 years ago
never heard of them honestly
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez - 2 years ago
The red team have no game!!
Luke Mullaney
Luke Mullaney - 2 years ago
“So don’t fucking TOUCH someone else’s plate”
Dat 1 Song
Dat 1 Song - 2 years ago
In the kitchen playing GAMES
johnny123 - 2 years ago
Do captions: “im the gay man” lmfao
Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG - 2 years ago
That boi in the thumbnail look just like LeBron James
Lauren Cee
Lauren Cee - 2 years ago
I just want to know if he enjoyed his meal
GATOR OVERLORD EBZ - 2 years ago
thats not HHH
bezzacmilan - 2 years ago
How can people drop so low to be insulted by this prick gordan on tv just to be famous. And he acting like the game is dying and they need to save him.
715490 926
715490 926 - 2 years ago
bezzacmilan you’ve never played on a good sports team then. He’s no different than a basketball or football coach.
tacuache rascuache
tacuache rascuache - 2 years ago
Gordon so ur telling me u talk gay butt u have awive fockin faggg
W W - 2 years ago
40 glocks under a table
Brian - 2 years ago
When that chick too the blame for Ariel’s impatient mistake, that’s how you know she’s a real woman
love imani
love imani - 2 years ago
Why didn't they say shit.. I would've punched her in her face..
Brooklin Ormsby
Brooklin Ormsby - 2 years ago
Every single person and customers are actors.
Brooklin Ormsby
Brooklin Ormsby - 2 years ago
Your check probably come soon just got to wait
Brooklin Ormsby
Brooklin Ormsby - 2 years ago
+715490 926 yeah you are
715490 926
715490 926 - 2 years ago
Brooklin Ormsby I must be an actor then. I’m waiting on my paycheck now. I went in season 9.
LoFi Radio
LoFi Radio - 2 years ago
All up in our kool aid
Dead Pool
Dead Pool - 2 years ago
0:07 check the subtitles
"I'm the gay man"
Amaru Wallace
Amaru Wallace - 2 years ago
They gave him a red woo
sco5b - 2 years ago
when your from the hood and don’t know how to dress so the chef servers you raw fish lmfao
some guy
some guy - 2 years ago
Men can cook better then women. Unless it's a pie or cake because men dont care to make that shit thats wemon shit.
T - 2 years ago
typical women
velonaris - 2 years ago
The game walks in

gordon grabs the blue team

joey bland
joey bland - 2 years ago
Should of threw the hot oil over her
Nyurz - 2 years ago
this is insanse
Eric Amador
Eric Amador - 2 years ago
“Don’t touch somebody else’s fucking dish” lmaaoooo that bih mad
Mr Wings
Mr Wings - 2 years ago
So staged!
Kendall Thomas
Kendall Thomas - 2 years ago
Simple 10 top... I do that in my sleep
EDGAR LAZCANO - 2 years ago
mm gel
mm gel - 2 years ago
The game is a rapist
nisko C
nisko C - 2 years ago
Back in

ThE gAmE
DarrellTron's World
DarrellTron's World - 2 years ago
The Game would show up when it’s the crips vs bloods
Kiya E
Kiya E - 2 years ago
Wellllllllllll why did she let her take it ... !?
True Star
True Star - 2 years ago
Who would have thought women could suck in their natural habitat..
Isaac Galindo
Isaac Galindo - 2 years ago
Fuck the Chinese dude in the end hahahah
C Garcia
C Garcia - 2 years ago
gordan boss
LizBiz Ldn
LizBiz Ldn - 2 years ago
Chef’s are so underrated
Skies - 2 years ago
Meese the type of bitch to wash herself with raw meat
Xavy Maxoo
Xavy Maxoo - 2 years ago
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 2 years ago
The red team needs to get back in the “GAME” I see what u did there
Sweet Jones III
Sweet Jones III - 2 years ago
I bet he made them pay up front.
WalterV - 2 years ago
I couldnt be myself walking around introducing myself as the game lol.
Brando Ranger
Brando Ranger - 2 years ago
Yo the homie game just looking at the blue team like crips going oh he'll nah they cooking my food
Mert Pala
Mert Pala - 2 years ago
Do you think this is a GAAAAME?
none none
none none - 2 years ago
All that talent those chefs have, all that effort they have invested in order to be where they are, all that stress they are going through, all of that just to cook something for "the game"??? Really???
What a fucking waste of life.
Emmy awards do not mean shit anymore.
RherboTv - 2 years ago
Hey , don’t shit your self he’s here
Eny Dreaddy
Eny Dreaddy - 2 years ago
All the chefs are bloods?

Edit: Oh shit my bad its crips too
Raw fish in coconut cream is delicious
Game is lame this show fake af they already had mics on and those thing on their backs. This show is bullshit
johan cespedes
johan cespedes - 2 years ago
How you gonna have crip niggas cook for game
Briar Bunbury
Briar Bunbury - 2 years ago
love chef Gordon he da man
What’s My Name
What’s My Name - 2 years ago
Once a stripper always a stripper
Titchlilly - 2 years ago
The Game is a nonce
cbourque85 - 2 years ago
Those bandanas are a good touch lmao
J Rez
J Rez - 2 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA 2:55 These girls are so fucking useless, Ramseys like fuck! I gotta impress the game with my cooking lol. If it were any other customer he wouldn't of gave a fuck lol.
horace bay
horace bay - 2 years ago
They need to stp talking when they cooking
ContinuEntertainment - 2 years ago
Why don't the Chefs wear hand protection?
insomthegreat - 2 years ago
Why don't you wear hand protection?
PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval - 2 years ago
Electroneum Rich
Electroneum Rich - 2 years ago
calikid 831
calikid 831 - 2 years ago
They pulled a crip move on the game
Chris Watson
Chris Watson - 2 years ago
"Hi nice to me you"
"Hi I'm the game"
Wtf he introduces himself as the game?
Mason Sanchez
Mason Sanchez - 2 years ago
Yass!!! The Game is in the building!! I want to see him LOVE the food!
Phukka Duck
Phukka Duck - 2 years ago
Should of fed it to him anyway.
superstarrr121 - 2 years ago
Ghetto ass game
D Tomo
D Tomo - 2 years ago
Welcome to gangbang cuisine lol
Evan Hope
Evan Hope - 2 years ago
If you put subtitles one of the first sentences is" im the gay man "
Christian Tadeo
Christian Tadeo - 2 years ago
Did anyone else notice Tupac!
Camron Martin
Camron Martin - 2 years ago
Guy in thumbnail looks like Lebron James. And they know that......................
thisguy here
thisguy here - 2 years ago
Next time to say "cook doesn't cook the fish all the way" had nothing to fucking deal with the game what click-bait bulshit
Zandy S
Zandy S - 2 years ago
the red team made kool-ade?
moustachebro4life - 2 years ago
Where's Nino when you need him
GSTARSHANEY - 2 years ago
Put captions on for 0:07
Tyson Keffer
Tyson Keffer - 2 years ago
Idk how the game gonna feel bout people in blue fixin his food xD
ninjajonnyboi - 2 years ago
all up in our kool aid.
MTran0708 - 2 years ago
If this wasn't scripted he'd probably tell the game to fuck off
Stefan Trifunovic
Stefan Trifunovic - 2 years ago
The Game woulda been reppin for the red team
Dil Dil
Dil Dil - 2 years ago
Obviously scripted once he said grammy nominated lol
Junior Ramirez
Junior Ramirez - 2 years ago
Looks like women dont belong in the kitchen..
al spencer
al spencer - 2 years ago
I’d rather have raw fish then raw chicken is called sushi‼️
al spencer
al spencer - 2 years ago
Ok That was fucking boring
MrToshihiru - 2 years ago
0:06 Turn on subtitles and just see what they call him.
Terish Lavette
Terish Lavette - 2 years ago
Only they understand what he saying
Terish Lavette
Terish Lavette - 2 years ago
GainTrainWompa 1
GainTrainWompa 1 - 2 years ago
Where's the bastard Wellington !!!
AMERICAN MADE - 2 years ago
everybody gather the fuck around I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE, THIS FISH IS COOK TO perfection good job guys
Eman the Heartbreak
Eman the Heartbreak - 2 years ago
this is soooo fake
Khrystofer Ambriz
Khrystofer Ambriz - 2 years ago
lol the captions "i'm the gay man"
Real times a 1000
Real times a 1000 - 2 years ago
There's no way The Game has a hoop earring in that snot box
kalkev - 2 years ago
You muggy cunt Ramsey
Ajanae Fletcher
Ajanae Fletcher - 2 years ago
Subtitle said . Im the gay man
Aerochalklate - 2 years ago
why does the game always remind me of Chris Massey aka the black dude in Zoey 101... bros
Mr Green
Mr Green - 2 years ago
No Reservations..Game always comes unexpected
Stock - 2 years ago
Back in ..

The game
Whatup Blood
Whatup Blood - 2 years ago
These are the typa contests i wnna see more between bloods nd crips. Feed the hood
Jesus Is The Lord
Jesus Is The Lord - 2 years ago
Aint nothing compared to Heavens Kitchen
Leeloo Dallas
Leeloo Dallas - 2 years ago
I wouldn’t introduce my self as my stage name if I were famous .
Xanzibar - 2 years ago
They made sure to give the Game a red plate
Michaelveli9 - 2 years ago
This shit hella corny and cringe worthy
Miran Ahmed
Miran Ahmed - 2 years ago
when men beat women at their own sport lmfao
Joe Meissour
Joe Meissour - 2 years ago
What my dad always says ... " dont touch someone elses "Dich"
Alis Deep
Alis Deep - 2 years ago
Muhammad Tajak
Muhammad Tajak - 2 years ago
Game chillin for 4 years
Ooh Oops
Ooh Oops - 2 years ago
Crip vs Blood food contest.
Lamars Smallwood
Lamars Smallwood - 2 years ago
When your black it's an Entourage
RRR 17
RRR 17 - 2 years ago
Lool the subtitles say he’s the gay man
Punjabi In japan
Punjabi In japan - 2 years ago
Women’s showed in this videos they can only talk and blame can’t cook
Nig Will
Nig Will - 2 years ago
Nana Ayisat
Nana Ayisat - 2 years ago
Gordon knows he doesn't know any rapper
david Frazier
david Frazier - 2 years ago
Should be titled bloods try taking out The Game with food
GAMING WITH ACE - 2 years ago
Wait..did this chick just rich the fish without wearing gloves??

Naaaaaaaaaw b...
nellek970 - 2 years ago
This shit is fake...
Aodhan Mcauley
Aodhan Mcauley - 2 years ago
Funny how it's group of chefs wearing blue bandannas v red lol
Big Mac
Big Mac - 2 years ago
I prefer eating raw fish than cooked one
Abubakhar bin Albar
Abubakhar bin Albar - 2 years ago
i thought he was lebron james
Lloydy0105 - 2 years ago
DOnker lebron games
Golden StringShot
Golden StringShot - 2 years ago
You have a cell phone that can bing to tell you how to cook fish. smfh
Jets Set Nun less
Jets Set Nun less - 2 years ago
proves how guys work together better thats why they'res work crews with mainly men because women just bitch and fight when theyre strangers to each other or co workers.
Kevin hart
Kevin hart - 2 years ago
Jeanette Starling
Jeanette Starling - 2 years ago
How you show up at a restaurant uninvited by chef Ramsey?..
Habib Altaf
Habib Altaf - 2 years ago
Should have asked Raj to cook it
napochulo - 2 years ago
Ballllllllin... Wrong rapper bruh. This is The Game..not Jim Jones.
Balraj. Singh Sandher
Balraj. Singh Sandher - 2 years ago
They are not the game, where's the serebural assassin? Triple HHH?
navs 鋤
navs 鋤 - 2 years ago
its a japanese restaurant, sorry your american and dont like it raw
Late Night In Paris
Late Night In Paris - 2 years ago
Am the gay...
Paul Eady
Paul Eady - 2 years ago
He ain't the best for no reason
Ismauveacolor? Johnson
Ismauveacolor? Johnson - 2 years ago
This is for the game!! Lmao
Adam - 2 years ago
Grammy nominated rapper,
"the . . . G A M E"
Caidema Official
Caidema Official - 2 years ago
Lmao Ramsey says "Grammy nominated rapper The Game". Gives away right there that this whole thing was plannned.
Inocencia Oliveros
Inocencia Oliveros - 2 years ago
Red Team Gotta Represent For Game Blood
Why so serious
Why so serious - 2 years ago
+Noah Samways oh yeah Spider-Man isn't real by the way he's made up just like farther Christmas sorry to break that to u
Noah Samways
Noah Samways - 2 years ago
Because that’s what he’s known as , does Spider-Man say I’m peter Parker ? No. You incompetent imbecile
SHOT SHOT - 2 years ago
so fake
No Hickies
No Hickies - 2 years ago
So it’s girls vs boys
Moris Ndiwu
Moris Ndiwu - 2 years ago
Game fans, dont watch it its a trap
Samoan Suave_45
Samoan Suave_45 - 2 years ago
I saw that same shirt on Amazon
vincent jones
vincent jones - 2 years ago
Dam crips vs bloods
Tania Jane
Tania Jane - 2 years ago
Lmao that subtitle guy lol I'm the gay man hahaha
Sergio Escobar
Sergio Escobar - 2 years ago
If you put the captions while the game introduces himself you'll laugh so hard hahahahaha
MEGA - 2 years ago
I heard the game stripped for Gordon Ramsay back in the kitchen that's how he got a table I thought he stopped stripping guess I was wrong
Inflamedtrump YaBoY_R4yL
Inflamedtrump YaBoY_R4yL - 2 years ago
MEGA that the type of shit you like to fantasise about, hoe ass nigga
Jahseh Ricardo
Jahseh Ricardo - 2 years ago
Bloods vs crips in da kitchenhood
E P - 2 years ago
This is such a messy show. I can't even. It had me rotff
Yung Papi
Yung Papi - 2 years ago
Communication on point xD
Deshawn Keyz
Deshawn Keyz - 2 years ago
That's the fattest Chinese people i ever saw. Wtf i thought they ate rice and shit. Fucking fat fuck.
Sergio Porras
Sergio Porras - 2 years ago
Lol when the game introduces himself in the subtitles it says” I’m the gay man”
Tavaurus coverson
Tavaurus coverson - 2 years ago
They were sending raw food but you can touch the food with your raw hands...????? Smh.
Bridgett Harwell
Bridgett Harwell - 2 years ago
My culinary arts teacher
Jameil Hard
Jameil Hard - 2 years ago
It's funny the red team is cooking the games food I thought they was going to try to be funny and have blue team fix the games food
Real Canna Reviews Real Canna Reviews
Real Canna Reviews Real Canna Reviews - 2 years ago
I work in a REAL restaurant in a very busy district in San Francisco, these pansies wouldn’t last one shift.
Trent Johnson
Trent Johnson - 2 years ago
Suwoo chiefs
Gustavo Sanchez
Gustavo Sanchez - 2 years ago
the game suck
Tony Spruce
Tony Spruce - 2 years ago
The bloods and crips is cooking lol
trillog 6ix
trillog 6ix - 2 years ago
"Unannounced" my ass lol. Nice act though...
Evil 7even.3re
Evil 7even.3re - 2 years ago
Awww shit cuh! Lol! Locs vs B-Dawgz!
TheEugeep - 2 years ago
Hate it or love it the Scottish cunts on top..!
Mohamed Cayol
Mohamed Cayol - 2 years ago
Where the fuck are there gloves at, I don't care how gourmet the food is, I don't want ur hands all over my shit
Abz - 2 years ago
The game be like yo there's Bloods and crips in the kitchen
Alpha_Chino - 2 years ago
Which episode was this ? I wanna see what happens to the red team.
S kay
S kay - 2 years ago
The irony. Two teams in the kitchen flagged up like bloods n crips
Tarawa St.
Tarawa St. - 2 years ago
So all of the sudden even the cooks are slobbed up?
Daniel Garrett
Daniel Garrett - 2 years ago
Jesse Santana
Jesse Santana - 2 years ago
Man lowkey game and them looked very chill respectful
Manaaki Munrogue
Manaaki Munrogue - 2 years ago
How they gon give the blue team The Game
Anthony Bradford
Anthony Bradford - 2 years ago
Im passing out drugs on my soundcloud onmychannel
c C
c C - 2 years ago
O the game give him dog shit
Tyler Gonzales
Tyler Gonzales - 2 years ago
“Don’t sheet yo self” lmao
VORTEX - 2 years ago
Someone send me the full video
Michael Barth
Michael Barth - 2 years ago
Hate it or love it the snapper is on top and is gonna get cooked no matter what so don’t stop.
Kizza3killa - 2 years ago
But nooOOoo
Ob Tv Vybz CerTified
Ob Tv Vybz CerTified - 2 years ago
Wasted A few minutes of my life on this shit !!!
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens - 2 years ago
He was on his daily power walk when he stopped in-front of this funny looking building with the words "Hells Kitchen" on the front. How strange he thought & decided to walk in & check it out with his fellow power walkers.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 2 years ago
Hate it or love it
CD Prod ✓
CD Prod ✓ - 2 years ago
I just noticed this episode is 2 years old re uploaded
Rican_9 - 2 years ago
Another example of men doing the job better than women...even at cooking lol
Beast Mode
Beast Mode - 2 years ago
The Game was like Fish?!?! Where the fried chicken at
Lanee Occhipinti
Lanee Occhipinti - 2 years ago
What season is this??
Sion Mars
Sion Mars - 2 years ago
Women cant get things done by them self even at cooking hhhh.
Sage Master
Sage Master - 2 years ago
I thought they were talking about triple hhh
Yourdads101 End
Yourdads101 End - 2 years ago
Gordon’s first compliment on Hell’s Kitchen 3:22
Angel Rodrifuez
Angel Rodrifuez - 2 years ago
I loved THEGAME very inspirational
DJ Arren
DJ Arren - 2 years ago
gasp blue plates with The Game!!
mohamed ali
mohamed ali - 2 years ago
ugly ass shirt the game is wearing
HeavyJoint - 2 years ago
Blood vs Crips
Andrew Xin
Andrew Xin - 2 years ago
back in "the game"...
John Sickler
John Sickler - 2 years ago
gangsta ass teams
parsamoslehi - 2 years ago
This is all a setup. Funny how people get sucked into this reality and cooking shows.
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete - 2 years ago
My name’s The Game
Marcos Campos
Marcos Campos - 2 years ago
They really made a bloods vs crips edition for the game lol
ADP phyzic
ADP phyzic - 2 years ago
I wish it went out
mighty migs
mighty migs - 2 years ago
Why the game lol
Rico Aguilar
Rico Aguilar - 2 years ago
Man Chef Gordon is a fucking BOSS!!
Dennis Nedry
Dennis Nedry - 2 years ago
You think it’s a game?
wem meal
wem meal - 2 years ago
Looking for blood and crips jokes
SLY GXP - 2 years ago
The Game traded his soul and booty hole to Lucifer for the fame and fortune
Justin Bates
Justin Bates - 2 years ago
You can eat raw fish after you fully clean it properly. What do you think sushi is Ahahah.
BarDownSnizzzzy19 - 2 years ago
You should have told her the fucking fish wasnt done before she took it away you dumb fuck
Alonzo Gonzalez
Alonzo Gonzalez - 2 years ago
I can sense a feminist rn just angry that The blue team of men were successful and the red team of women were not.
BIG EARP - 2 years ago
Camera just happens to pan to Byamba world champion sumo wrestler
The Pro364
The Pro364 - 2 years ago
Dude a fakeass gangster
Kalah Thomas
Kalah Thomas - 2 years ago
I'm thinking this is showing a black disrespect. Or maybe ol girl is simply uneducated or unraised!!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 2 years ago
Serve the game a big dick. Hes gay
Bdeye Bdeye
Bdeye Bdeye - 2 years ago
Hahaha the game trying to act relevant I'm weak lolololol
wackedout13 - 2 years ago
Hood kitchen
Supsoa - 2 years ago
The game really should consider shaving those stringy pubes off his jaw.
Tracey Wingfield
Tracey Wingfield - 2 years ago
Sumo wrestlers are the most delicate eaters
James W
James W - 2 years ago
The things humans take seriously, smh.
Big Red Machine
Big Red Machine - 2 years ago
Dj TrillSENSEI - 2 years ago
Support the Channel New Content every week the rap hip hop and r&b latest songs Chopped & Screwed My 1st Goal is 1k Subscribers
danny Merito
danny Merito - 2 years ago
Filthy bitch..
Prince Memphis
Prince Memphis - 2 years ago
yall should have made him eat from the BLUE side hahahaha
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli - 2 years ago
I would slap The Game!!!!
Shiit Cockk
Shiit Cockk - 2 years ago
This just gave me cancer
Vikingsavage - 2 years ago
This shit is stage beginning of the video we got no reservation with the game famous rapper lmao but this supposed to be the busiest restaurant
Knave Fpic
Knave Fpic - 2 years ago
More like boot camp cooking
slabbinonspokez z
slabbinonspokez z - 2 years ago
Its fooking roowah.
Aldo eliel Reyes
Aldo eliel Reyes - 2 years ago
Cribs vs bloods
The Donald Funk
The Donald Funk - 2 years ago
Cryps serving bloods
MrTraveller - 2 years ago
Game is Classic
Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster - 2 years ago
Sneaky ass stereotypes
Elias Ayala
Elias Ayala - 2 years ago
Lmaooooooooooo you don't touch someone else's fucking dish
Elias Ayala
Elias Ayala - 2 years ago
Lmaooo fook off
cray 3K
cray 3K - 2 years ago
white men vs black women cooking edition
Edson Chamorro
Edson Chamorro - 2 years ago
That bitch
Kitty Catt
Kitty Catt - 2 years ago
I’m a female rapper from Alaska
Please check out my channel
Thank You

Peace & Love
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty - 2 years ago
They shoulda made him freestyle lmao.
George Glass
George Glass - 2 years ago
So fuckin fake.
SC Challenger
SC Challenger - 2 years ago
Why is even being talked about? This is not the 1950's. You have have nics everywhere that could here what everyone is saying.
volcano hi
volcano hi - 2 years ago
feed them prison pizza they dont know food. WHAT HORRIBLE SONG DOES GAME DO?
God - 2 years ago
Women cant even cook nowadays
General YeahYeah
General YeahYeah - 2 years ago
Lol they had on mic’s and Gordon knew he had a Grammy nomination, but no reservation huh ?
a A
a A - 2 years ago
Put the subtitles on and go on 0:07
Thank me later
GenesisnKaidence - 2 years ago
3:33 who the fook is that guy
Bigfaxtsx3 - 2 years ago
Hell yess bitch
Henry Beatz
Henry Beatz - 2 years ago
Pretty cool seeing the game in there
GangstaScrewMaster - 2 years ago
Why men rule the world y’all hoes can’t do shit
GangstaScrewMaster - 2 years ago
Unannounced? Yea right they knew they were coming.
mack daddy
mack daddy - 2 years ago
I thought girls were supposed to be good at cooking
Parental Guardian
Parental Guardian - 2 years ago
fake,if he really was unannounced why the fuck would u call yourself "the game" lol
Jamie W
Jamie W - 2 years ago
"he's a famous rapper, can we fit them in?"
"of course we can fit them in"

Sorry but if you're full, why would it matter who wants a table? Obviously it's down to wanting their money or publicity as opposed to caring about all the other equally paying customers who actually bothered to book a table.

"i'm cooking your dish", which is something he would never do for the average nobody. I love Gordon but this isn't a very professional attitude. Every customer deserves the same amount of attention and respect, not just people who make your head bigger than it already is.
Gill - 2 years ago
smh, women can't even win the one thing they were meant to do
Ezekiel - 2 years ago
I will never come to this place people did not wash their hands and everyone was talking so much that spit would be on my food
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez - 2 years ago
It's all bs ofcourse they know who he is#!!!
KenUbeleveit1 - 2 years ago
At least they didn't give The Game a blue plate. Lol!
Game rocks that red plate #Bloods
Isaia Falo
Isaia Falo - 2 years ago
Homegirl look like Eric andre
Jerry Whitlow
Jerry Whitlow - 2 years ago
I know this is staged.
Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock - 2 years ago
I noticed there isnt one lazy ppl in the Blue team. Red team will lose bc of ghettoness
Da Boom
Da Boom - 2 years ago
Wow if Triple H walked in also! Time to play the game!! lol
DJ Stellmon
DJ Stellmon - 2 years ago
kuddos to the network exes for running a show for several years and it being the EXACT SAME THING as every other season. No idea what a beef wellington tastes like, but I'm pretty sure I can cook one at this point.
Deputy director Bullock
Deputy director Bullock - 2 years ago
Use subtitles please guys 0:07
King Zak
King Zak - 2 years ago
Games a blood. Send the red team.
Finesse KING
Finesse KING - 2 years ago
Ramsey all about the money!!# master chef
Tu Sancho
Tu Sancho - 2 years ago
Am i the only one who wanted to watch game eat.
doogie Five-Four
doogie Five-Four - 2 years ago
Chef Ramsey, Judge Judy and Joe Budden are some yelling muthafuckas
gbluecheez - 2 years ago
Bogus Bozo
Bogus Bozo - 2 years ago
Is this an old episode?
ladycwin07 - 2 years ago
Somebody tell Alan that's a diff C-list rapper he's referencing 3:30
Aaron H
Aaron H - 2 years ago
Game is a snitch
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew - 2 years ago
Fucking reality tele
moaad 1992
moaad 1992 - 2 years ago
Where is triple H
Who s dat guy
Quinten Williams
Quinten Williams - 2 years ago
Really gang banging so sad
Denell flowers
Denell flowers - 2 years ago
Is it just me or is chef ramsay looking younger did when he started.... less lines in forhead
Evil Keali’i
Evil Keali’i - 2 years ago
Who da foook is dat guy?!!
Jacob B
Jacob B - 2 years ago
Chef Orelle Young
Chef Orelle Young - 2 years ago
I would think the game wouldn’t eat anything from the blue team.
kelechi Dan
kelechi Dan - 2 years ago
I bet the game ate that fish real good
BwanaLana _
BwanaLana _ - 2 years ago
The Game had that scripted voice on lol
nate. - 2 years ago
"Grammy nominated rappah The Game"
Queen Nia
Queen Nia - 2 years ago
Meese a real one .That's how you accept responsibility.
Uwais Motala
Uwais Motala - 2 years ago
terrible colors...colors...colors.. blue n red.. chef better have the strap ready if both sides fire raw fish.. mufu
Siavash Giahchi
Siavash Giahchi - 2 years ago
Losing his voice
Armory Kittington
Armory Kittington - 2 years ago
Such scripted. Such addicting.
ArtByGFK - 2 years ago
Hearing Gordon calling someone something insulting brings my bad day to a good day :)
Adonis Dellupac
Adonis Dellupac - 2 years ago
0:06 turn on captions hahaha (gay)
Young J
Young J - 2 years ago
Grammy nominated rappa
Jerry Vah
Jerry Vah - 2 years ago
Dont send the blue team The game is a blood
Rainbow Royalty
Rainbow Royalty - 2 years ago
Of course The Game got a red plate LMAO
dcispaid last
dcispaid last - 2 years ago
Chef you told the wrong team about the game he's with the red team
Reece Triffitt
Reece Triffitt - 2 years ago
Im surprised anyone knew them, i was exepcting a 'well get the fuck out then' after they said they didn't have reservations
Patricia Morgan
Patricia Morgan - 2 years ago
Everything is raw always hahhahaa
SPECIAL AGENT - 2 years ago
Don’t shit yourself, He’s here lmaoooooo
nia durant
nia durant - 2 years ago
Why would she take the dish !
Sara Elisabeth
Sara Elisabeth - 2 years ago
"Hey, don't shit yourself. He's here."
"Yes, chef."
edmizzle foshizzle
edmizzle foshizzle - 2 years ago
Everything is staged its easy to see through like glass last of the wise
Kenny bolo
Kenny bolo - 2 years ago
That sumo wrestler is well known
Eddy Volt
Eddy Volt - 2 years ago
“Special group”
Chino Bambino
Chino Bambino - 2 years ago
lmfaoo yoo is it iroinc that game is a blood and the chefs are all wearing blue bandanas? is this on purpose or whatt???
Enrique Gutierrez
Enrique Gutierrez - 2 years ago
At that moment The game became a crip instead.
Yeetus - 2 years ago
"When chef Ramsay tries to get the red team back in the game " where tf does this narrator live I'm about to strangle him
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones - 2 years ago
Its a lot of salt in that kitchen
Berat Emini
Berat Emini - 2 years ago
why the fuck they act like they dont know him wtf
young brown
young brown - 2 years ago
Am I the only one that saw the chefs with no gloves groping that chicken bare hands hell nall
Lyle Walker
Lyle Walker - 2 years ago
abdulaziz almalaise
abdulaziz almalaise - 2 years ago
This is for the game
Sagi 11
Sagi 11 - 2 years ago
Damn GR will forever be thee badass chef!
Solitary - 2 years ago
The blue team served The Game?
Ry c
Ry c - 2 years ago
The irony the blue teams cooked the best dish for the game ! 1 blooood!
RuK? - 2 years ago
haha i knew he was gonna pick the red plates lol
Briar Bunbury
Briar Bunbury - 2 years ago
subscribed because of the game :P
x x
x x - 2 years ago
I hate ppl like that. If u know it wasn’t your fault then why not say it wasn’t? Then get mad behind the scenes.
x x
x x - 2 years ago
Looks at black chick

“Don’t shit yourself” Lmao
Alex Alejandro
Alex Alejandro - 2 years ago
It's funny when Ramsey tells his chefs THE does anyone know who he is lol...
Hottest Wizard
Hottest Wizard - 2 years ago
I recognize one or the suno wrestlers
Assam Dastgir
Assam Dastgir - 2 years ago
The game is a famous rapper, you fuckin kidding me
donovan foote
donovan foote - 2 years ago
0:04 some niggas
Mikael Beets
Mikael Beets - 2 years ago
pokemon Trainer
pokemon Trainer - 2 years ago
T with the deep ass voice u fuckin dude!
PC KEEZ - 2 years ago
“Hi, I’m Marino”

“Hi, I’m the Gay Man”
Just Gus
Just Gus - 2 years ago
The game follows me on Twitter.
Just Gus
Just Gus - 2 years ago
Jane Bone I'm Gus.
Jane Bone
Jane Bone - 2 years ago
why, who are u
paul baker
paul baker - 2 years ago
Big byamba having a munch.great sumo
Brett Shuffler
Brett Shuffler - 2 years ago
Don’t shit yourself but the game is here.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish - 2 years ago
Actually, "The Game" loves raw fish & the smell of it.
P.s. he's a rapper tht just recently came out of the closet.
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega - 2 years ago
Ladies do you need more proof?? P.s. ballen!...cringe
TalyJimmy - 2 years ago
Thought it was LEEBrun Jammmess
J. D.
J. D. - 2 years ago
I woke out that coma 2001
17 years later my snapper ain't done
HipHopDiedWitBigL - 2 years ago
The game looking like a snack fr I would DDT my grandma just to swipe my tongue through that stink hole (No homo)
Just George
Just George - 2 years ago
Kitchen turn into a gang war
Pierre blessing
Pierre blessing - 2 years ago
This proves that men are better at everything.
SWEATT - 2 years ago
Men vs women lol
Kelly Tuer
Kelly Tuer - 2 years ago
Stupid bitch..
1914 M
1914 M - 2 years ago
Nobody gave a fuck but the black people that the game is there lol
MoneyGod vG
MoneyGod vG - 2 years ago
Somewhat famous rapper
dscuff man
dscuff man - 2 years ago
Why do you have this degenerate gangster on this ahow like hes some kind of good guy. I watched this guy throw a woman off a stage because she didnt wanna pull her titties out, and you scumbags are mad because trump said grab her by the pussy. Fuck you hypocrite bitches. Promoting this bs ass culture by having this thug on this show.
Skuxx dah Luxx
Skuxx dah Luxx - 2 years ago
The game wearing his aloa hhsha. shots uce
KvngRay - 2 years ago
I’m happy she wasn’t doing tables woulda embarrassed the shit outta herself
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark - 2 years ago
They make cooking look hard..
money_man_a_ - 2 years ago
Turn on your captions. Go to 0:08 and read what it says LOL
Kanye’s Therapist
Kanye’s Therapist - 1 year ago
Ur Mama really?
Kanye’s Therapist
Kanye’s Therapist - 1 year ago
Ur Mama
Ur Mama - 2 years ago
most rappers are...
onlythaking - 2 years ago

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