Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

The target of this catch and cook was Abalone! The fishing limit is three abalone per person per day and rules are strictly enforced. If you eat and abalone on the beach like I did, you must consume the entire thing. It's illegal to transport abalone outside of it's shell. Anyway, I wanted to try a recipe for this sea snail in two ways. Cooked with butter, salt and pepper, and raw fresh from the ocean. Watch til the end to see how it tastes! Follow Zach on Instagram: For Custom Fisherman's Life T-Shirts: Some gear I use: Hiking Backpack:------------------ Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Penn Battle, 4000: ---------------- Folding Knife:----------------------- Kershaw silver knife ------------- Propane stove I used:----------- Cookset -------------------------------- Shotgun Mic: ------------------------ Chest Camera: --------------------- Micro SD Card:--------------------- Drone:-----------------------------------

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The target of this catch and cook was Abalone! The fishing limit is three abalone per person per day and rules are strictly enforced. If you eat and abalone on the beach like I did, you must consume the entire thing. It's illegal to transport abalone outside of it's shell. Anyway, I wanted to try a recipe for this sea snail in two ways. Cooked with butter, salt and pepper, and raw fresh from the ocean. Watch til the end to see how it tastes! Follow Zach on Instagram: For Custom Fisherman's Life T-Shirts: Some gear I use: Hiking Backpack:------------------ Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Penn Battle, 4000: ---------------- Folding Knife:----------------------- Kershaw silver knife ------------- Propane stove I used:----------- Cookset -------------------------------- Shotgun Mic: ------------------------ Chest Camera: --------------------- Micro SD Card:--------------------- Drone:-----------------------------------

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for Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

nqi87 - 5 years ago
Hakasauars - 3 years ago
+Fisherman's Life What nationality are you?
Francisco Venegas jr.
Francisco Venegas jr. - 3 years ago
@+NK O; How long have you been using the interwebs???, you must be new to the game.
NK O - 3 years ago
+Francisco Venegas jr. That's such a piss poor rebuttal. Please name other groups of life.
Mithun Dabhade
Mithun Dabhade - 3 years ago
Swordking Master00
Swordking Master00 - 3 years ago
I catchem and let it go
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman - 3 years ago
the ruff skinned newt produces tetrodetoxin similar to the puffer fish
Fox King
Fox King - 4 years ago
that is what i said
Hirini Ropitini
Hirini Ropitini - 4 years ago
Hey man, I'm from New Zealand and here we call Abalone (Paua), here we have a nice, simple recipe called Creamed Paua or Paua n Cream,
So as you did, you tenderize the Paua then to your preference either have slices or mince your paua, then you fry it in a pan for about 1-2 minutes (you can add onions if you want but don't have to) then add cream ( people have different preferences so add as much as you think is enough, I like quite a bit of cream so I can dip my fried bread into it,) any ways hope you see this and try it out in one of your vids. Churr to the churr
Jaykob Garcia
Jaykob Garcia - 4 years ago
Where do you live? Thumbs up this so he responds
zzz zzz
zzz zzz - 4 years ago
fukin morons, the blue is cause hes sick
Review Lifestyle
Review Lifestyle - 5 years ago
it amzanz the fish have a light bule meat. hope it tasy I like fish.
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz - 5 years ago
Some questions just don't have answers... The Ocean is a beautiful enigma... Ohh wait... damn it nqi87
RaulGarcia_RG - 5 years ago
nqi87 thank u good sir
aka76 - 5 years ago
Try cultured butter next time
nqi87 - 5 years ago
very good analogy. Deadpool is red because he has a low oxygen tension. So he's not blue. Isn't that right @Francisco Venegas jr. :)
Gator Ryan Gaming
Gator Ryan Gaming - 5 years ago
you are like deadpool then
nqi87 - 5 years ago
If I do my body can survive low oxygen tension because you know, not all humans are alike. That's why I'll turn blue.
Francisco Venegas jr.
Francisco Venegas jr. - 5 years ago
@nqi87, with any luck, you'll fall of the edge
nqi87 - 5 years ago
Francisco Venegas jr. The earth is know, I just know this stuff from a lifetime of experience. ; )
nqi87 - 5 years ago
Francisco Venegas jr. if you really appreciate me as a scientist then you would read the article before you responded to this thread. Remember...3 fish 4 fish read my article...tsk tsk
nqi87 - 5 years ago
Francisco Venegas jr. fish and mammals are both vertebrates and they both have blood-based circulatory systems...whether or not some fish can survive outside water or not is irrelevant. fish have gills in place of lungs by which oxygen exchange occurs but in the end our physiology is remarkably similar to theirs.....please read Milton's article and educate yourself before you throw baseless claims based on your life experience and not grounded in scientific research.
Francisco Venegas jr.
Francisco Venegas jr. - 5 years ago
@nqi87 , I appreciate that your a scientist but you should also realize that Mammals blood is different then insect blood and even some fish blood. Some fish can survive hours out of water and some fish die rather easily when out of water.
Remember this, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"
nqi87 - 5 years ago
Francisco Venegas jr. btw I am a scientist and I did study it
nqi87 - 5 years ago
Francisco Venegas jr. oxygen does not make flesh blue. If anything highly oxygenated blood will appear bright red I.e. Moments after you cut an artery....

any gas -carbon monoxide or oxygen that can bind hemoglobin tightly will cause a brighter red hue ~ reflecting red light at 610-700nm wavelength better than no gas being bound to it.
Francisco Venegas jr.
Francisco Venegas jr. - 5 years ago
@TheLeesto ; Mammals are different then fish. Just like insects are different then both of them
TheLeesto - 5 years ago
credit for Fisherman's life for crowd sourcing the answer and not just making up some bullshit to seem knowledgeable.
TheLeesto - 5 years ago
your logic of 'high oxygen content = blue flesh' doesnt make any sense. air breathing diving mammals which hold their breath for extended periods of time do not have blue flesh and they would need high oxygen to dive. why would this fish, which has gills, need higher than usual oxygen content? and why would it have high oxygen content in normal conditions where oxygen is plentiful? i think i'll go with the explanation given by people who's career involves investigating biological questions, ie scientists.
Francisco Venegas jr.
Francisco Venegas jr. - 5 years ago
@nqi87 , The blood has a high oxygen content, that's why the flesh is blue. The fish can meter this as it needs and the same fish in a different environment will not exhibit the strong blue tint.
I'm not a scientist and did not study this. I just know this stuff from a lifetime of experience.
nqi87 - 5 years ago
supply the evidence to support that claim. Don't just put it out there without backing it up. Reference the article.
黃Hamster - 5 years ago
Junbok is quite expensive in Korea
Ethan. - 5 years ago
the guy a the start looks like nigahiga
Diamond AQW
Diamond AQW - 5 years ago
Gsxr-1000 Rider
Gsxr-1000 Rider - 5 years ago
I thought it was blue from eating skittles
Finn Martinsen
Finn Martinsen - 5 years ago
The meet is blue because it has copper in it's blood stream
oakland002 - 5 years ago
HaroldJ look up egg loop hook something along that line , the guy does a awesome job at keeping chicken liver on a hook for catfish
HaroldJ - 5 years ago
Those abalone guts make great Cabezon bait if you can keep it on the hook!
Michael Go
Michael Go - 5 years ago
Paul Bryson ur trying too hard
Francisco Venegas jr.
Francisco Venegas jr. - 5 years ago
The blue tint is from the oxygen content of the fish. Shallow water and Tidal area Cabezon will have this tint because of the chance that it may be stuck in a Tidal pool for an extended period.
This way, in case of an emergency, the fish can literally survive in a low oxygen situation.
Fisherman's Life
Fisherman's Life - 5 years ago
well, that answers that
nqi87 - 5 years ago
According to the article the research points to biliverdin which is a breakdown product of heme(as in hemoglobin in blood). Biliverdin is naturally green but given its concentration can appear blue as well. How it is distributed across the flesh remains a mystery.
Electronicdawg - 3 years ago
Where's the avocado?
Edgar Facio
Edgar Facio - 3 years ago
13:57 "a little bit of butter" lol
Julian Ford
Julian Ford - 3 years ago
Butter is life!
Mortuus Rationem
Mortuus Rationem - 3 years ago
Ling cod is awesome. However, you shouldn't pry the abalone in a way where the bar can dig into and cut the foot. If it's not a keeper there's a good chance you just killed it.
Grits and Glamour
Grits and Glamour - 3 years ago
@Fisherman’s Life survival kit= butter, avacado, pocket knife lol
Dan Serrano
Dan Serrano - 3 years ago
The Meat is Blue Because They Are True Dodger As fans
Rms Nisos
Rms Nisos - 3 years ago
Me: Abalown

Him: A-ba-low-nee

Added to Pronunciation Lists
yiyodder - 3 years ago
Do you like seafood with your butter ? haha love it

10. comment for Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

Chaim Romano
Chaim Romano - 3 years ago
You are the butter man. You should get a butter sponsor.
Fuad Yanz
Fuad Yanz - 3 years ago
Oh my ghost.. blue meat
Joshua Gifford
Joshua Gifford - 3 years ago
You are supposed to clean the Abalone in salt to remove the slime
Randolph Villegas
Randolph Villegas - 3 years ago
Very nice video you dont look American you look like Asian like me from The Philippines
Uprize Boy
Uprize Boy - 3 years ago
Cucumbers don't smell sweet
Sietse Stenekes
Sietse Stenekes - 3 years ago
Just one tip: stop using these anti-stick pans. They're poisonous.
The Hen
The Hen - 3 years ago
Kevin Alvarado
Kevin Alvarado - 3 years ago
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood - 3 years ago
Cracker batterd abalone is awesome.
Jared Clark
Jared Clark - 3 years ago
Nice, taking under sized abalone on video, way to go dummy. If they fit inside your measuring tool, they're too small. But then again should that even need to be said?
pierato francysk
pierato francysk - 3 years ago
yep..thats a lot of butter..
Brandon Hess
Brandon Hess - 3 years ago
Looks like a phantom box you got there

20. comment for Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

Rebie Socnayan
Rebie Socnayan - 3 years ago
Philosopher Once Said:"A Little Bit Of Butter"
Kush Rao
Kush Rao - 3 years ago
Guys... I know he said this but there are still people who are commenting about the amount of butter. I am aware that they are jokes but they seem repetitive. He is frying his food. Ain’t nobody complaining about using an industrial fryer for their food and there is much more unhealthy oil in those.
danielvutran - 3 years ago
rockboy650 - 3 years ago
You have to bread crumb them!!!
J C - 3 years ago
thats a big ass abalone
Kyle Walsh
Kyle Walsh - 3 years ago
Respect the ocean an put the shells back there cool as f but don't keep them
Dima - 3 years ago
Maaaan, that butter loook goooood. Keep doing what you're doing. Looks delicious and fun!
Yackseaman - 3 years ago
high cholesterol is a joke im a health junky its true its a lie to get you money
Disfigure TV
Disfigure TV - 3 years ago
12:25 he’s beating his meat
King0neEurope - 3 years ago
3:30 I didnt do researche but Im a biologist and Im pretty sure its the fact that they eat crabs and clams. Many crustacea and mollusca have Hemocyanin as oxygen transporting protein which is blue while binding oxygen and colourless when not binding oxygen. So the fish probably somehow stores the Hemocyanin in his muscles. That would also explain why the meat turns white when cooked: the Protein and therefore also the Hemocyanin denature and "lose their function" which leads to the loss of the blue colour.
Hope I could explain it well... english isnt my first language :)

30. comment for Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

Logan Brower
Logan Brower - 3 years ago
The meat is blue!!!!???? West coast is wild man haha
Ilustrado - 3 years ago
Ilustrado - 3 years ago
Ilustrado - 3 years ago
0:51 Got mah grill.... and you know what else I got already... ;)

eazyc404 - 3 years ago
lmao i know that fish was amazing with all that damn butter
Will Doherty
Will Doherty - 3 years ago
yo use tyme and some garlic, dont be a cave man
Jason Gaspar
Jason Gaspar - 3 years ago
They eat the kelp
Sam Sung
Sam Sung - 3 years ago
Dude you seriously need to invest in a better knife!
Genevive Chang
Genevive Chang - 3 years ago
Butter with fish
Eskii NZL
Eskii NZL - 3 years ago
Try mincing the abalone either with a micer or just by bashing it like u were amd then fry in a pan with onions, garlic and butter (optional on garlic and onion) and then top it off with cream. Makes a creamy abalone like creamy mushrooms and is actually so delicious! Top it off with some freash bread or toast if thats what yiu like
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 3 years ago
12:25 that time of night.
Imtila Longchar
Imtila Longchar - 3 years ago
Don't eat it raw
TROYNORSKULL BM - 3 years ago
ugh the meat is light blue
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta - 3 years ago
Oh mah guud it's ris so grrood -+-
aarons1200 - 3 years ago
Blue fillets....
thatasiangurl01 - 3 years ago
Thats the biggest abalone ive ever seen... him: thats the smallest abalone
Jesse  Jorgensen
Jesse Jorgensen - 3 years ago
Maybe it eat squid and octopus and the ink turns it blue green
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia - 3 years ago
Damn 17 inches is big for shore nice catch
AMERICANREBEL ! - 3 years ago
Another awesome video thank you!
Drew Wilde
Drew Wilde - 3 years ago
in Canada, it's highly illegal to harvest abalone.
Drew Wilde
Drew Wilde - 3 years ago
Asian boooie yeah buddy. Coast of British Columbia, endangered species. Can’t even keep a shell if you find one, very protected.
Asian boooie
Asian boooie - 3 years ago
There's abalone in Canada?

50. comment for Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

Momster Lisa
Momster Lisa - 3 years ago
Where is this place!!
reiwell del
reiwell del - 3 years ago
so you were eating this and you said you wouldnt eat it in a restaurant, to----- this is amazing! 10 out of 10.
Ν Ξ Χ U S - 3 years ago
I love the asian style of cooking abalone
Matias D.C
Matias D.C - 3 years ago
cabezon = big headed one''' in spanish
Wise Viewer
Wise Viewer - 3 years ago
STAUNCH NZ - 3 years ago
throw your abalone in hot boiling water for 1 minute and it will come out tender, no need to bash it
Connor Masters
Connor Masters - 3 years ago
Hell yeah love the herping
Hugh Jazz
Hugh Jazz - 3 years ago
Abalone are not firm if you dispatch them correctly
Don't hit the nerve when cutting them from the shell.
Another trick is to drown them first before filleting them
Danger Zone
Danger Zone - 3 years ago
Eat uni and scallops next time.
norman hu
norman hu - 3 years ago
1 shot of vodka
A little bit of butter
Matt S S
Matt S S - 3 years ago
The blue is a genetic skin pigment on the cabs coming from diet, minerals from water, and camouflage
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman - 3 years ago
If that was a ruff skinned newt then the toxin they produce is similar to the puffer fish toxin tetrodetoxin
scottybroker - 3 years ago
I have a shellfish allergy...can't eat lobster, crab or shrimp. (Used to eat all 3)I wonder about the abalone.
MrGonzales1982 - 3 years ago
Good video bro. Thanks
Alec Nguyen
Alec Nguyen - 3 years ago
16 seconds into video dude is holding a rock fish with his hand
patrick kelly
patrick kelly - 3 years ago
Why do these stupid millennials think they’re back to nature because in between iPhone and iPads at Starbucks, they go out and eat raw fresh caught seafood? They think because they went camping and use the wrong knife to filet a fish, they’re somehow nature. It’s annoying to watch them think manly for going camping.
Samuel _lovehockey88
Samuel _lovehockey88 - 3 years ago
15:28 cuz all that butter hides the natural flavour of the abalone
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
Hmm, cabazon reminds me of a cross between an Oyster Cracker and a Sea Robin that we have on the east coast. Looks way more meaty though.
Chris Jacobsen
Chris Jacobsen - 3 years ago
Catch a butterfish
Shion Francois
Shion Francois - 3 years ago
First time I’ve seen it cooked, I’m gonna go try cooking some today.
Arthur Filgueiras
Arthur Filgueiras - 3 years ago
the most savage fisherman on youtube
Loitur Gaming
Loitur Gaming - 3 years ago
Duuuude I’m in Sacramento would be dope to tag along one of these days!
Sprydo7 - 3 years ago
where about's are you guys at n NorCal ??
Eian Mason
Eian Mason - 3 years ago
I’ve been eating lots of kelp and I’m still not a smurf.
Orson Zedd
Orson Zedd - 3 years ago
they probably have some hemocyanin in them
Ol Walker
Ol Walker - 3 years ago
That way he said tenderize it at 16:00
TyphoonSwirl 834
TyphoonSwirl 834 - 3 years ago
Fishing and herping in ONE.. I love it so much man Oh yeah yeah
12345LiLJay - 3 years ago
Abalone taste like spam lol
Annie Migliore
Annie Migliore - 3 years ago
those are some bigggg huge abalone geeeee.ship some to me please heheheh
Annie Migliore
Annie Migliore - 3 years ago
OMG my dreams is to dive down the ocean and do what you guy do but I can't swim :(
Raul Enriquez
Raul Enriquez - 3 years ago
If you didint die from drowning, drowning your food in butter will, better believe it, do some research bro!!
おとはまちゃん - 3 years ago
The liver and musk of the scapula are poorly cooked with poor liver or they immediately hurt so we had to eat soon Put ornamental knives from stiff (cuts) Then you can eat softly
Hey, first, I eat it with sashimi I will eat liver with butter and then scallop.
Jared Kahn
Jared Kahn - 3 years ago
“Ima put a little butter in” puts whole stick of butter in
Rip ME
Rip ME - 3 years ago
looks like ryan hige
Tessa Reams
Tessa Reams - 3 years ago
15:19 I spy a hickey?
The Equalizer
The Equalizer - 3 years ago
Is that fish called tank cleaner? The one's found inside aquarium
Dominick Benedetto
Dominick Benedetto - 3 years ago
I love buttery seafood.
Dash Eight
Dash Eight - 3 years ago
I love that jacket
Deadass - 3 years ago
The diving part doesn’t need music it’s pretty ASMR my guy hearing the bubbles and stuff
Stratblooz - 3 years ago
That knife needs sharpening :)
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 3 years ago
In nz we have deep fried battered abalones or aka paua fritters. Its the best
Cichlid Kid
Cichlid Kid - 3 years ago
I bet the tall guy gave the little Asian guy the hickey on his neck, when they’re not filming
Happy Life WISH
Happy Life WISH - 3 years ago
What a waste lmao
Scott Addis
Scott Addis - 3 years ago
Boil them for 2mins and they'll be tender as.
Rodolfo Perales
Rodolfo Perales - 3 years ago
Theres a book island of the blue dolphins and thats what she called if im not mistaken STEAKS OF THE OCEAN
Bert Vaughn
Bert Vaughn - 3 years ago
Have you ever tried frying fresh fish with 'Peanut Oil'?
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
Only thing I've seen him use besides butter is avocado oil. And he actually apologized for it.
DJ ONE Channel
DJ ONE Channel - 3 years ago
You gotta try the abalone raw with wasabi
Mai Makua
Mai Makua - 3 years ago
Where are they?
eslee82 - 3 years ago
Cabezon and ling cod turns blue, because some of them learning how to eat sea urchin. Often we find sea urchin spikes in the ling cods cheeks.
Steel Man
Steel Man - 3 years ago
What is this guys obsession with butter? Is he Paula Dean in disguise?

100. comment for Eating RAW Abalone and BLUE Meat Cabezon * Giant Sea Snail Taste Test!

ONEHUNGA CENT2RULE - 3 years ago
m00nBB - 3 years ago
12:20 How to properly beat your meat.
Zachariah Melchisedeck
Zachariah Melchisedeck - 3 years ago
Do you ever fear parasites?
Kev Ster
Kev Ster - 3 years ago
7:00 where is this location at?
Rolandbadger - 3 years ago
Just in case you hadn't found out already- you don't need to use lubricant for a wetsuit. Just put on a lycra dive skin under it.
Francis Berdon
Francis Berdon - 3 years ago
Whos watching in 2019??
Lao Wang
Lao Wang - 3 years ago
i wanna know what is that tag on the shell used for ?
Prince Risen
Prince Risen - 3 years ago
14:34 :(

14:38 :(((((
Reznov - 3 years ago
U r the best like jeez I never thought anything could do this but .... you make me wanna go outside!
Special k
Special k - 3 years ago
But you dont and get all guy your nature from YouTube lol
West Marine
West Marine - 3 years ago
Looks like a ling cod to me
Ramsy Hai
Ramsy Hai - 3 years ago
Go china n eat some tasty dogs n cats
elevenAD - 3 years ago
maybe he will catch a Dog Fish or a Cat fish for you!
elevenAD - 3 years ago
Dogs and Cats are not fish stupid, The Channel is called Fisherman's Life for a reason
Cody D
Cody D - 3 years ago
This makes me want to go collet abalone in 2021 when the season opens back up.
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly - 3 years ago
When he dropped 2 pieces of abalone in a row I was rolling
saud almansour
saud almansour - 3 years ago
I wanna be around this guy when ever he's hungry. God damn he tastes all kind of sea food.
Smoking j8
Smoking j8 - 3 years ago
thx for this video!! super nice !
Kevin Foo
Kevin Foo - 3 years ago
"looks like a mushroom, tastes like a mushroom. am i alone in that opinion?" ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ ʷʰᵃᶜᵏ
Bonzo Kaye
Bonzo Kaye - 3 years ago
I cooked up a ngakoikoi cod and fed it to a visitor who comment “ I haven’t had crayfish for so long”
Michael Upchurch
Michael Upchurch - 3 years ago
Your gonna love the abalone
big daddy69
big daddy69 - 3 years ago
i would kill for a nice piece of un tenderized piece of abalone to chew on right now
millsbuckss - 3 years ago
You didn’t really prepare it correctly for sashimi (no offence) same with the cooking
If u did a basic course on how to cook seafood it would go a long way
Cheers big ears
Jordan Valdiviez
Jordan Valdiviez - 3 years ago
Primedragoon - 3 years ago
Abalone is the most expensive seafood I've ever wasted money on. Its too hard, and it doesn't really have much of a flavor. At least for me it wasn't memorable, and I haven't really been interested in eating it again. That rock fish on the other hand, eugh, I'm jealous. I want to eat that really bad. I wonder if we have any of those up here in BC. Not that I'd trust eating one. Red Tide is a thing here.

Eel is the steak of the sea. That shit is amazing and savory and reminds me of steak whenever I eat it. Its DELICIOUS. I would eat that shit every DAY if it was an option.
Mohamad Azarchehr
Mohamad Azarchehr - 3 years ago
verizon ads r on my nerve, u cant skip it and they are everywhere........
Kelly Spivey
Kelly Spivey - 3 years ago
Okay later on in the video 340 it told me
Kelly Spivey
Kelly Spivey - 3 years ago
Why is the meat blue
Dan Wright
Dan Wright - 3 years ago
This looks like Stillwater cove. Used to go there a lot as a kid.
drink lords
drink lords - 3 years ago
I'd try it..
SALLY HUN - 3 years ago
Crazy that meat is blue and dang that's a lot of butter
Ray McCarthy
Ray McCarthy - 3 years ago
Weird that he’s worried about contaminating the meat by gutting that fish, but then he skins it with all the crap on his hands.
TaoistTiger - 3 years ago
Bro thats living like men are supposed to! What state is this in? Im from Florida i dont think we have abalone.
Anthony ofWindsor
Anthony ofWindsor - 3 years ago
Because of the proteins chains. Same reason why an egg gets white, when you cook it. The water steams away and leaving the white proteins. Chicken gets white as well.
Guus VGC
Guus VGC - 3 years ago
Cows meat is red becouse the blood contains iron if you cook it the it turns white. The same thing happend to the fish but instead of the blood containing iron it contains copper
Aron Ramirez
Aron Ramirez - 3 years ago
It looks like a mushroom
It taste like a mushroom
It is a mushroom
30minforasn - 3 years ago
Food for thought. If you going to do a catch and cook. Pls learn how to cook Atleast if you are telling ppl how to.
Rhondrark - 3 years ago
Never heard of someone eating a Sculpin, usually just use them as lobster bait.
niknhop - 3 years ago
16:02, because I tenderises it... lol
Mike Coffin
Mike Coffin - 3 years ago
Isn't abalone a protected species?
Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon
Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon - 3 years ago
new to the channel, how did you almost die?
CHUCKIE'S BRIDE - 3 years ago
I've never seen no one tenderize it just made cross sections
CHUCKIE'S BRIDE - 3 years ago
Needs a fillet knife
Keiran Rooker
Keiran Rooker - 3 years ago
how do you not have diabetes you use sooooo much butter in your catch and cooks
Mozart - 3 years ago
I have never seen anyone eating Cabezon. They're called rockfish in a lot of areas and are considered sort of "dirty" fish.
derp - 3 years ago
Wow blue meat
Jonathan Dorado
Jonathan Dorado - 3 years ago
Dope Video. First time watching abalone being caught, processed and eaten.
Great videos btw. I work on a sport fishing boat out of San Diego, would love to have you on board one trip.
GuyDaChook - 3 years ago
“ no ocean taste at all” I would think so after that amount of butter
GuyDaChook - 3 years ago
I like how he says a little butter
puttputt524 - 3 years ago
Abalone with chicken green onion ginger shiitake mushroom soup.
Forensic Hypnotist
Forensic Hypnotist - 3 years ago
My suggestion is to season it right after you take it out of the pan. Salt, white pepper, garlic, sauce. Great video. Always enjoy your choice of videos. Make it a great day.
Ms Briminal
Ms Briminal - 3 years ago
Yummmmy Try Creamyyy Paua
a helpful hand
a helpful hand - 3 years ago
4:15 Why is it blue
Jim Baird - Adventurer
Jim Baird - Adventurer - 3 years ago
Blue meat too! That blew me away when I caught my first one of these in BC. Great channel man, looking forward to checking out more.
Ya Boy H.K Stain
Ya Boy H.K Stain - 3 years ago
That Knife was Trash
Justin Belling
Justin Belling - 3 years ago
Paused when he said" I got the grill the and you know what else I got already" I swear to god if its another slab of butter in your pocket mate..
Justin Belling
Justin Belling - 3 years ago
Fuck me it was butter
Gaara of the cheese
Gaara of the cheese - 3 years ago
That’s damn lot of butter I love newts and salamanders
Ty Vann
Ty Vann - 3 years ago
Poor fish
WhiskeyFox Gaming
WhiskeyFox Gaming - 3 years ago
It turns white because the proteins are broken down
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray - 3 years ago
Never thought snail would look good
javier gomez
javier gomez - 3 years ago
Wack I drop the whole box of butter in it
Kelly Park
Kelly Park - 3 years ago
butter is def not healthier than corn oil. It's saturated fat meaning higher risk of vein clots.
Like Gon
Like Gon - 3 years ago
Watch out for those great white sharks where there’s abolony sharks can’t be far away
the Wellness Channel
the Wellness Channel - 3 years ago
dont know why these videos are so fun to watch
omnacky - 3 years ago
Two shots of butter
Psuedo Mantis
Psuedo Mantis - 3 years ago
You caught a sculpin
William Araujo
William Araujo - 3 years ago
subbed when you spit out the Sand Fleas...LOL!
cncaliguy09 - 3 years ago
Where is that location the went fishing for cabezon? If anybody knows let me know. I went there once as a kid and can't find that beach or general location.
Anigames Freak
Anigames Freak - 3 years ago
Oh shit it is blue
kenneth smith
kenneth smith - 3 years ago
The meat is blue because those species get leaks in their bile ducts which stains he meat.
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann - 3 years ago
I used to catch abalone when I was a kid, I live on the southern coast of Australia. It's my favourite seafood. Though I've never tried it raw and wouldn't recommend it! I like to cook it like you did but with lemon juice on it. So meaty and delicious.
LukeSider - 3 years ago
When he said nice cab at the beginning of the video I thought he was gonna pull up a toy cab as a joke lol
imisslola321 - 3 years ago
you should have brought soy source and WASABI to eat raw........
MERK 5018
MERK 5018 - 3 years ago
This is how you eat this should really try it like this man...
Takums 2000
Takums 2000 - 3 years ago
Not hating but dont compare ur abalone to the ones they serve at restaurants lol
odst15ethan - 3 years ago
Just add a liiiiiiiitle bit of butter / 4 sticks of butter
Adam Lee
Adam Lee - 3 years ago
I love abolone
Lei Ying
Lei Ying - 3 years ago
Where you guys fishing for the blue cod off the beach?
Kellie Baker
Kellie Baker - 3 years ago
The cause of this rare turquoise color is due to a bile pigment called biliverdin, which is responsible for turning the blood serum of these fish that freakishly odd color – but how this pigment gets into the tissues and flesh of the fish, or why only some lingcod turn this striking shade, still leaves biologists ...
Eric Melgoza
Eric Melgoza - 3 years ago
"Butter is more healthy than corn oil"
Jeffrey Collier
Jeffrey Collier - 3 years ago
Great job, guys! The key to getting them without possibly damaging the shell is to be quick! Get your ab iron under the rim and pry in one swift motion. If you wait or are too slow, the ab will lock down onto the rock and the chances of damaging the shell greatly increase. Also, to remove the animal from the shell, I use a wooden spoon or thick wooden spatula, that way you won't damage or crack the shell. There are numerous ways to cook abalone, the key being to tenderize it thoroughly. My favorite method is to cut into strips, like you did with the first one, tenderize with a mallet, then dip into an egg bath, then bread crumbs (italian w/spices). Take the strips and roll up a slice of green chili and mozzarella cheese, secure with a toothpick, put them on a cookie sheet, 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, and chow down!
Manuel Ben
Manuel Ben - 3 years ago
Cut it thin and dry it, it's amazing
Jeffrey Collier
Jeffrey Collier - 3 years ago
Looks like Mendocino?
zibbe1000 - 3 years ago
You are cooking in butter.
Expekt a massive cardio attack in the future !
Sean Clinnin
Sean Clinnin - 3 years ago
In the 60's, my dad was scuba instructor in Catalina. He would cut steaks lengthwise like a pancake...much less tough...then use a dimpled, tenderizing hammer, tapping the entire piece, wrap w mild green chili, dip in a mixed up egg, a little bread crumbs, some butter, pan sear fry.....ohhh my!
Babak Sadeghi
Babak Sadeghi - 3 years ago
PathFinder The
PathFinder The - 3 years ago
They are big abalones~
In Korea, abalones are small and precious.
Koreans likes to eat it raw and dip it in "Chojang" which tastes bit sour, hot and sweet at the same time.
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - 3 years ago
I feel like some kind of big plastic cutting board that fits in a backpack would be great for your adventures. Oh! here's an idea, since you're usually on the beach, get a plastic bag of some kind fill it with sand, and then put the cutting board on the sandbag and it should be able to be steady and flat. then you'll have something SANITARY [or more sanitary than a driftwood log] to cook on. and a plastic bag that you can load up with sand and unload and a plastic cutting board...those shouldn't be too hard to port around.]
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - 3 years ago
+B Sheppard Dude. Sarcasm font. I WANT THIS NOW!
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
+Tizona Amanthia Yeah, I know. It's pretty much impossible. There should be a sarcasm font.
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - 3 years ago
+B Sheppard Heh. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to "Sense" sarcasm or humor, via text. It's all good.
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
​ Tizona Amanthia I totally agree. Sorry if I seemed dismissive I was just kidding around. I'm an organization freak when it comes to cooking and would definitely bring a cutting board.
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - 3 years ago
+B Sheppard So...the Cutting board is not purely a sanitation issue, COULD prevent him from getting sand, and crap in the food, [though he probably rinses before cooking, to avoid that.] but a cutting board provides a superior preparation surface, make better cleaner cuts, do so faster, and probably less wear on his knife. it's just...i"d say get a cutting board maybe cut two corners so it fits into a back pack. I would advice putting the board into a big plastic bag, to help keep it sanitary and isolated from clothing and stuff. give it a scrub in the sand and surf, after using it. I think it'd also up his game. give him a layer of proffessionalism, personally.
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
+Tizona Amanthia Yeah, somewhat. I'd eat off it, though.
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - 3 years ago
+B Sheppard I can't tell if that's sarcastic, or not.
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
Nothin unsanitary about driftwood
chuck kim
chuck kim - 3 years ago
I enjoy the flavor of the sea . Like in Uni . Good video enjoyed watching.
PrO xLeGenDx David Robles Tallabas
PrO xLeGenDx David Robles Tallabas - 3 years ago
Cook it in bacon grease next time
Ralph Iraia
Ralph Iraia - 3 years ago
Butter onion and cream. That how we eat it in new zealand
RavenWarGames - 3 years ago
blue copper based blood , not iron based like us mabey
kenneth zeng
kenneth zeng - 3 years ago
You don't have to tenderize the abalone actually. It turns soft when you cook em.
R T - 3 years ago
You should check that seafood for radioactive istoes.
From Japan With Love.
Josh James Adventure VLOGS New Zealand
Josh James Adventure VLOGS New Zealand - 3 years ago
blanch it in boiling water mate, tenderises them real quick and effectively, or crack it hard once with a big rock or mallet, this kills it, similair to an icki stick - cheers
Mr. Wubby
Mr. Wubby - 3 years ago
Don't beat the meat to much now lol
Mr Majestic
Mr Majestic - 3 years ago
Men I enjoy your videos so much! They give me that piece of freedom I need after a long work day... One day I hope I will visit USA and it would be an honour and a grate pleasure if we could fish together))
Chapzer - 3 years ago
It's definitely cool how the fish is blue
Max is GOD
Max is GOD - 3 years ago
13:53 "a little bit of butter" uses whole stick
Huy Tran
Huy Tran - 3 years ago
I bought a small one like 4 finger for $30, the one you catch could sell $100 !
Corey Williams
Corey Williams - 3 years ago
Everyone talking about the amount of butter, look at how ripped he is. Trust me, he is burning it off.
James Kissane
James Kissane - 3 years ago
Jacob Arechiga
Jacob Arechiga - 3 years ago
Honest channel!
Cody fuller
Cody fuller - 3 years ago
Fishermans life needs a butter sponsorship
DrinkwithaMexican - 3 years ago
What city in California do you shoot at? I would love how to learn how to live off seafood like this.
Lakeland Records
Lakeland Records - 3 years ago
Butter makes it better.
Patriot Coin Rings
Patriot Coin Rings - 3 years ago
Cabezon is excellent but I had to comment on the Abalone having done the same. While in Turks and Caicos the wife and I took a little boat trip guided by locals. He told us he had a treat having brought basically everything you might see in ceviche like red onions, cilantro, tomatoes, lemon, etc and told the group if we were willing to go free diving for the abs he was going to make us something good. I was down, jumped in and brought back several since there were about ten of us on the boat. He didn't cook it but rather tenderized, cubed and soaked in lemon which just like ceviche and the above. Damn that was pretty good! On a side note though he told everyone while it was soaking that Abalone have reproductive organs and asked everyone who wanted to eat the penis that was a known island aphrodisiac. Hell no, not down with that and everyone was chuckling at how many woman tried it until one guy stepped up, ate it and said he was ready to go. We all freakin' fell out laughing. Never the less, try it ceviche style next time, you'll love it.
Dust Sans
Dust Sans - 3 years ago
He says “Only a lil bit of butter”. My thoughts “bro THE HOLE PAN IS FULL OF BUTTER”
Harry Roger
Harry Roger - 3 years ago
Butter frying fresh Abalone? Don't ever take another abalone again, ever.
ThatRyGuy - 3 years ago
Wher u live at what state
Roy May
Roy May - 3 years ago
those abalone guts are the best cabezon bait.
Serina Franklin
Serina Franklin - 3 years ago
In all of his videos that dude gets so happy when the food is cooked
Greg Staubin
Greg Staubin - 3 years ago
Really love the simplicity of your show. Good ethics on eating what you catch
Matt drift
Matt drift - 3 years ago
here in new zealand there called paua and are eatn all the time, i like em with pineapple in patties
alex - 3 years ago
i fucking love this dude. glad i found this channel.
Beast Onabun
Beast Onabun - 3 years ago
Dirtiest seafood chef on Youtube :(
MrBillFletcherr - 3 years ago
I have been told by many sources that it is blue because of the crabs they eat.
Giggio C
Giggio C - 3 years ago
Can u give me the shell?
Creator278 - 3 years ago
Reminds me of an Angler Fish.
Shawn .L
Shawn .L - 3 years ago
thing is u gotta braise it
Truth Seaker
Truth Seaker - 3 years ago
Then easiest way to tenderize these things is to put it through a meat grinder, make some batter and mix a bit of that in with the ground meat to form a patty and then dip the patty in the batter and fry it.
xGymkid - 3 years ago
That's pretty cool I've never seen blue fish meat
Inferno - 3 years ago
Dude you have that butter in almost every video are you sponsored by them?
eqlzr2 - 3 years ago
I enjoy wild-cooking vids. This is one of the best. Quality work. Thx!
poky jr
poky jr - 3 years ago
Why is the meat blue?
Taco - 3 years ago
Atleast bring a plate or something
William Fillman
William Fillman - 3 years ago
meat is blue from the diet, squid ink
Burial - 3 years ago
couple of handsome fellas
jesse viking
jesse viking - 3 years ago
the flesh is blue?!? my fav color
Gabe Gomez
Gabe Gomez - 3 years ago
everything tastes good fried in butter
Skunky Sue
Skunky Sue - 3 years ago
Bit of flour, bit of salt and pepper, delicious. One of my fave seafoods
10K SUBS NO VIDEOS? - 3 years ago
Why is it blue?!
pesto12601 - 3 years ago
You can cook a shoe in that much butter and it will taste good!!!
DG Lu Samu
DG Lu Samu - 3 years ago
if ur gonna eat it raw dont tenderize it, if ur gonna cook it then tenderize it so it cooks better through and through
Liam Owen
Liam Owen - 3 years ago
looks like bacon ;P
faceless zombie
faceless zombie - 3 years ago
where tf do you do these videos?? looks amazing
Karran Albert
Karran Albert - 3 years ago
Awesome Bro,Great Videos and Much respect for having respect for mother natures gifts from the sea.Keep up the great work
Mark K
Mark K - 3 years ago
Yo man eat that raw piece w some sauce, Korean sushi sauce or some tube of wasabi and soy sauce, ppl pay some monnnney for abalone.
Tyrone Persaud
Tyrone Persaud - 3 years ago
binging on these videos while recovering from tonsilitis, as soon as I can swallow without pain getting some fried fish..
A to B Family Vloggs
A to B Family Vloggs - 3 years ago
It’s cold wet and rainy where I live has been for about two weeks man your videos had made the time pass so much better! I can almost smell the salt spray!
Tyler olsen
Tyler olsen - 3 years ago
That fishes muscles are blue bro
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - 3 years ago
What is the orange blade like thing
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 3 years ago
Beautiful meat! I've never had it...
hom3r - 3 years ago
how much butter does this guy carry with him?
Dennis Schmidt
Dennis Schmidt - 3 years ago
Try cooking in "Ghee" once, it tolerates a higher heat and has a somewhat nutty taste to it.
NelsonianB - 3 years ago
Tone up the butter
Hello god it’s me Daniel
Hello god it’s me Daniel - 3 years ago
14:32 and 14:40 he hates the abalone, that’s why he’s trying to ruin it.
Andy1899 - 3 years ago
Great video I really enjoyed it thanks!
Annon User
Annon User - 3 years ago
The blue ones are alien.
clemente miranda
clemente miranda - 3 years ago
clemente miranda
clemente miranda - 3 years ago
Te Auwe Tihi
Te Auwe Tihi - 3 years ago
Here in New Zealand we call Abalone ‘Paua’ and the best way to eat it is as a Paua Fritter, however I’m not a huge huge fan of Paua
Miss Kimberly
Miss Kimberly - 3 years ago
Their meat is blue because they're a species of Pacific Smurf fish.
John Gage
John Gage - 3 years ago
Best way to cook these is fry off a diced onion in butter, add diced cubes of paua (abalone) until tender then finish with cream and a little flour to thicken. You wont regret it
Yo Bro
Yo Bro - 3 years ago
I have eaten it and it tastes great
randy ramdin
randy ramdin - 3 years ago
The reason why the skin is blue is because of eating a lot of protein (just like blue lobsters)
sheriff mustafa
sheriff mustafa - 3 years ago
U cooked the arse off them pauas
ツEclipse - 3 years ago
Where do you catch these?
logan charles
logan charles - 3 years ago
Hey man, as a first time diver, did you put the other three abalone back?
Cody Thornton
Cody Thornton - 3 years ago
butter is good for u man, cholesterol-heart disease is a myth
Cody Thornton
Cody Thornton - 3 years ago
+Blacc Blacc lol fucc u
Blacc Blacc
Blacc Blacc - 3 years ago
Youre the type of guy to take a youtube omment personally
Cody Thornton
Cody Thornton - 3 years ago
+Blacc Blacc ur the type of guy to think kale is healthy
Blacc Blacc
Blacc Blacc - 3 years ago
Thats just not fucking true
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray - 3 years ago
Cody Thornton there’s good and bad cholesterol usually anything from animals(fats and oils) are good
Jacob Polson
Jacob Polson - 3 years ago
What part of NorCal is this in?
The Crude Lab
The Crude Lab - 3 years ago
isnt it like... denaturing the protiens of the fish rearanging the protien's structure.... that may have something to do with the meat,
XxQ0an T6anxX
XxQ0an T6anxX - 3 years ago
Am I the onky ine who cringe when he didn't wash off thr sand..
Lunaticrider - 3 years ago
13:41 the nearest abalone beside the rock was watching his wife getting tenderized. lol
Whuzzin Gamont
Whuzzin Gamont - 3 years ago
Wait so butter is actually healthier than corn oil? Lmao
Whuzzin Gamont
Whuzzin Gamont - 3 years ago
So ur allowed tp just dive and eat abalone?
Tareetip Sriwechai
Tareetip Sriwechai - 3 years ago
The fabric conditioner not poison the sea and everything under the sea??????????
Out there Doing it
Out there Doing it - 3 years ago
mate you never cut it that way it is not good cut it long ways
Seema Gautam
Seema Gautam - 3 years ago
Ur so sexy n smart I love ur videos n love u too ☺
tub vaj
tub vaj - 3 years ago
Good vids, catch and eat it fresh.... Keep up the good vids
chucha chuy
chucha chuy - 3 years ago
meat turns white because of too many michael jackson records.
John Golbonny
John Golbonny - 3 years ago
Where are they fishing
Sheng Zou
Sheng Zou - 3 years ago
Where is this beach?
Jose Doe
Jose Doe - 3 years ago
Though harvesting Abalone was illegal in California at all times ??
J G - 3 years ago
Jose Doe you thought wrong. Only illegal for commercial purpose. Joe Schmoe can take abalone to limit if just planning to eat
Jason Solstice
Jason Solstice - 3 years ago
is your buddy a biologist?
Ben Bratvogel
Ben Bratvogel - 3 years ago
Butter is great fishing man
신1 - 3 years ago
전복 지렷다..
Piere Vojzola
Piere Vojzola - 3 years ago
Hi, I do my fishing in the South Pacific, and we have heaps of Paua (abalone for the non Maori speakers) and if you cook score the flesh and cook on a hot plate within 20 minutes of catching, the meat is soft as......., keep it for later, like the same day evening meal and you have to either tenderise it or mince the flesh. Freshly caught there is none better. Keep on fishing!!
Jade - 3 years ago
Earth Man
Earth Man - 3 years ago
A vid on how to pound your meat.
cr0cket01 - 3 years ago
wonder what they be like dipped in beer batter as not got in this country
Woop Null
Woop Null - 3 years ago
Mushroom of the sea
Mary Lopez
Mary Lopez - 3 years ago
Just a little bit of butter

squeezes more than half out
Adli Mukhriz Mohammad Firuz
Adli Mukhriz Mohammad Firuz - 3 years ago
where is this?
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor - 3 years ago
he says a little bit of butter than squeezes half the bar in there.
Timmy Cody
Timmy Cody - 3 years ago
some restaurants do it with hot boiling water
Ryan Way
Ryan Way - 3 years ago
Needs garlic!
Dante Flemister
Dante Flemister - 3 years ago
Zuali Sailo
Zuali Sailo - 3 years ago
I love your voice
5602817144602817 - 3 years ago
bash it whole a few times and cut it half as thin then cook it for 30 seconds and its awesome
Safetyleed Nkom
Safetyleed Nkom - 3 years ago
A marine biologist can give you a very answer i gues
Daniel Di Palma
Daniel Di Palma - 3 years ago
Isn't it pronounced ABBA LOAN - not LONEY?
francisca Rivera
francisca Rivera - 3 years ago
"squeeze a little bit of butter" puts almost the whole stick
barra 245t
barra 245t - 3 years ago
Yum.we call it paua(pawa) in new zealand.i like it ground up like mince and fried with garlic butter once cooked add some cream and simmer for a few minutes.consume with fry bread,which are kinda like a deep fried sourdough
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku - 3 years ago
X123Monster EX4
X123Monster EX4 - 3 years ago
It’s so pretty inside and out.
EXOL FOREVER - 3 years ago
Worse catch n cook cog u didn't have even 0 cook krk idea
Dennis Scarla
Dennis Scarla - 3 years ago
Do use! Try some lemon or lime juice on it! Just like any other seafood… It’s good. OK, I will admit that the abalone’s umami comes through better without 11. It both ways!
Dean F
Dean F - 3 years ago
My Dad and Grandfather used to bring home some whoppers to eat. We always baked them after the tenderizing session in our Lafayette home's back yard... Then we would use the shells to trap insects and see if they would come out of the holes!
Myron - 3 years ago
Mate, abalone is best pickled and either stewed or in a soup
Myron - 3 years ago
+elevenAD that's cause you haven't tried it, though the texture is an acquired taste
elevenAD - 3 years ago
Mate, nothing is best pickled.
Raziel Knight
Raziel Knight - 3 years ago
The blood is blue lol
ArchNugget - 3 years ago
In some of the colored fish atleast
ArchNugget - 3 years ago
The chemicals in the fish make it blue then those chemicals react with heat and turn white.
TALLhappyCOLORS - 3 years ago
1:35 that looks so interesting, is it the light or does he have blue meat ? ok, I was a little fast, by the comments it seems you´re getting to that ... totally fascinated : )
Sam BoydSmith
Sam BoydSmith - 3 years ago
You found a rough-skinned newt, that thing can excrete a powerful toxin
Vitale Tufuga
Vitale Tufuga - 3 years ago
We love albalone cooked in butter and cream here in new zealand. We call it Paua.
LaShell P
LaShell P - 3 years ago
❤️ I wish you were my instructor in Okinawa! I have to try Abalone shasmi ok I rather have it cooked!
Paul Kim
Paul Kim - 3 years ago
you guys are zoologist? or aliens from another planet studying our planet. why so curious? hmmmm?
Ismail Utku Kiyak
Ismail Utku Kiyak - 3 years ago
all good but one comment:
"no ocean taste at all"?
isn't this a weird thing to be happy about when you get your food from the ocean?
Hoo Manao
Hoo Manao - 3 years ago
Soy sauce and lemon with a little chili pepper water on the raw. Egg wash panko flakes and fry in butter for the cooked.
Ur Average Weeb
Ur Average Weeb - 3 years ago
You should cover it with salt then continuously rub it to remove the slime, works well with other slimy seafood u plan to eat, like conch and sea snails. Sorry if this doesnt help
Annette Hachey
Annette Hachey - 3 years ago
I wonder if coconut oil would be better for putting in your wet suit. Not sure if it would degrade though.
Mr Yang
Mr Yang - 3 years ago
Truth... it was really butter
Adam Hill
Adam Hill - 3 years ago
The sea really can give us some amazing stuff as long as we don’t take it all....
thomas - 3 years ago
I seen this last night, he cut his abalone very thick and don’t smash it, but it fried so tender that he can cut it with a takeout plastic spoon
thomas - 3 years ago
Sea water Fish blood is blue. even clam blue wash out, color is how we see it, same was bleach Hide the dirty what we see, it’s still dirty . But seem clear white.
Ravenacyl - 3 years ago
The other dude is like niga higa but hotter
steve kim
steve kim - 3 years ago
You need to dip it in a red bean paste mixed with a little white vinnegar. YUMMM!
Kar Keng Lim
Kar Keng Lim - 3 years ago
He just simply puts the abaloni on the wood
Elise Williams
Elise Williams - 3 years ago
The fish is blue because of a bile pigment called biliverdin responsible for metabolizing heme to bilirubin that gets into the bloodstream of these fish and turns the tissues blue or green. Scientists don't know how the flesh gets pigmented though.
luster 5
luster 5 - 3 years ago
whoa!! I never knew that there's a fish that's blue on the inside
Cole Goblirsch
Cole Goblirsch - 3 years ago
Cab meat is blue because the crustaceans they eat, eat blue algae
leon firer
leon firer - 3 years ago
Is it just me or did the first fish have blue meat?
GTAction - 3 years ago
Come to New Zealand bro add onion and cream to your butter!
ten chan
ten chan - 3 years ago
Dridi Nidhal
Dridi Nidhal - 3 years ago
Who needs a plate when you have a tree
Spock Spock
Spock Spock - 3 years ago
Why hunt and consume a rare creature only to disparage and squeamishly attempt to understand its appeal? Stick to the big-macs and chicken tenders there cowboys.
mantradox - 3 years ago
you need some wasabi and soy sauce with it, then try that sashimi :-)
Lu Lu
Lu Lu - 3 years ago
9:33 i love your reactions! I can see this happening between you and jk!
Frog Eye
Frog Eye - 3 years ago
He’s 150?? Is he short or am I fat lol
Chris Basic
Chris Basic - 3 years ago
How'd you learn so much about fish?
Ethan Purba
Ethan Purba - 3 years ago
Butter man
Bonzo Kaye
Bonzo Kaye - 3 years ago
Kill it first lolz you tortured it by so called cleaning it
Pacroid - 3 years ago
Oh yeah...watched one of his videos before..He's the guy who likes butter..Just a little bit though, lol. You coat everything in butter, most things taste good when drowned in butter.
Dave Shults
Dave Shults - 3 years ago
"because i tenderizes it, its really tender. hence the name 'tenderize it'"
steersman 1812
steersman 1812 - 3 years ago
simmer in full cream with onion . drink the soup eat the abalone. one of my fav ways to eat paua oh remember to throw a gut into the cream also a sausage.
Gee Alexander
Gee Alexander - 3 years ago
Didn't your parents teach you to chew with your mouth closed???
vargasmongo3435 - 3 years ago
is weird to see a fisherman with a high-level communications skills awesome videos indeed :)
djc reptile
djc reptile - 3 years ago
I need some of that wood so amazing
unknowngoy14 - 3 years ago
Does anyone know where he is located in this video? Like what part of the country
Bull Bear
Bull Bear - 3 years ago
Real seafood man never use lemon
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado - 3 years ago
their meat turns white when cooked because the fish is a uncle tom fish who is actually racist.
Mr Sweaters & Pearls And everything random
Mr Sweaters & Pearls And everything random - 3 years ago
You don’t need to justify your butter! Butter on!!!!
Rodney Smart
Rodney Smart - 3 years ago
I caught the biggest cabazone I've ever seen today. I thought I was snagged on the bottom. It had a fresh 4 inch dungeness in the stomach.
sashimimann - 3 years ago
Yummy! Cheers!
Himawan Fajar
Himawan Fajar - 3 years ago
I thought it could be worse than this
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Franklin MacGillacuddy - 3 years ago
Man I cant even watch this video any more. I miss abalone frying in butter, it is the best thing.
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Franklin MacGillacuddy - 3 years ago
man it's a bummer abalone is closed now. Great video here, I am now just wondering the size of those other three! They look like keepers alright!
Adam Brubaker
Adam Brubaker - 3 years ago
You guys are awesome, raw= yuzu kosho and yuzu ponzu, you will love it!
Agave Bob
Agave Bob - 3 years ago
I've had baloney...
Guillaume Keyes
Guillaume Keyes - 3 years ago
When cooked it looks like pork cha-shu.
King of slots MILLION
King of slots MILLION - 3 years ago
just a BRICK off butter
Lavender Ocean
Lavender Ocean - 3 years ago
Bacon of the ocean
Ginger FC
Ginger FC - 3 years ago
Its blue cause the water is cold, and it turns white when they warm
EvoSGooD - 3 years ago
Abalone not good, abalone is butter soup excellent. It’s like rock stew.
Fishing is life everything else is irrelevant
Fishing is life everything else is irrelevant - 3 years ago
I got a bunch of those and my 3 of my cats eat them and they all died
suribui_ - 3 years ago
yall have to try them raw with lemon because i swear i have never tasted any other seafood thats as good
Anna - 3 years ago
The black part can be brushed away with tooth brush, as it is algae. It's not mandatory but it does clean the abalone better and makes it more presentable, so restaurants tend to get rid of it
WhoFramedMSG - 3 years ago
butter is more healthy than corn oil.....hahahahhahaha butter is the most saturated fat you can eat. more than lard or tallow
Sharon Steimle
Sharon Steimle - 3 years ago
I would love to have that abalone shell!
James Ki
James Ki - 3 years ago
Why don’t you carry a better knife and a small cutting board?
Gloria zaragoza
Gloria zaragoza - 3 years ago
It’s just fenómenol I’m intrigue
Wilbert Arenas
Wilbert Arenas - 3 years ago
i don't like abalone either. Not sure why it costs so much, it tastes like crap
oyamat2004 - 3 years ago
Does he butter the pussy before eating it too?
Gen Yama
Gen Yama - 3 years ago
let me japanese catch the sea food in sea +++
Macca TheAlpaca
Macca TheAlpaca - 3 years ago
Bro in new Zealand there’s heaps of abalone aka Paua. Near where I live there’s a breeding ground and it’s soo fascinating how they move
Marc Genul
Marc Genul - 3 years ago
For the last time, it's SASHIMI when you are eating a piece of seafood or meat raw, SUSHI is seafood/meat/egg/etc with rice.
Some more Clorox Bleach
Some more Clorox Bleach - 3 years ago
You’re deep frying that fish in butter
They Hunger
They Hunger - 3 years ago
3:03 Petco employ walks in the shot
Slaps 299.99 on the drift wood
WysteriaGuitar - 3 years ago
Everything tastes better with butter...
J G - 3 years ago
Trisha Singh shut up
Helen-Lynn Malcolm
Helen-Lynn Malcolm - 3 years ago
Beautiful shells though my god
Helen-Lynn Malcolm
Helen-Lynn Malcolm - 3 years ago
When you dropped the aboloni i felt so bad
Helen-Lynn Malcolm
Helen-Lynn Malcolm - 3 years ago
That's so cool that you just cruise around hiking and fishing looking at nature
Helen-Lynn Malcolm
Helen-Lynn Malcolm - 3 years ago
I love this channel come to Australia
Helen-Lynn Malcolm
Helen-Lynn Malcolm - 3 years ago
I didn't know you could eat stone fish very cool
antrey118 - 3 years ago
bro thats one hell of a fillet job with a pocketknife lol!
Cristos Palabras
Cristos Palabras - 3 years ago
The thing I like about you is you're brutally honest. Eating a few pieces of raw abalone (Sea mushroom) made you say yuck... But after you tenderized and cooked them you both loved it, like tenderized pork, you said. I've been looking forward to doing this! Now I'm not hesitant anymore.
Barfing Coyote
Barfing Coyote - 3 years ago
Less butter = browning and crisping off . Way better.
Space Duck
Space Duck - 3 years ago
I like this guy because he was honest about NOT liking something.
Space Duck
Space Duck - 3 years ago
Thats a wierd version of A BOLOGNA...
Girl Gang
Girl Gang - 3 years ago
It turns white cause you've cooked off the crabs blood or the element in it.
Girl Gang
Girl Gang - 3 years ago
Their meat is blue because they eat crabs crabs blood is blue. They have some element that mixes I forget must of this but yeah it's cause they eat crabs basically
Hannahcode1 - 3 years ago
You pet the fish.
Blitznstitch2 - 3 years ago
First of all that doesn't look like an animal you should eat. Secondly it's blue. Third, on drift Wood? That's so dirty
Henry's Lab
Henry's Lab - 3 years ago
Butter is tasty there is no problem with butter
kris - 3 years ago
Blue colour is proberly from the iodine
Frank Mendoza
Frank Mendoza - 3 years ago
Try adding garlic to your butter to seal the flavor.
Jan pva
Jan pva - 3 years ago
I would keep that fish as a pet.. men this thing is a Gremlin
MVP gomo
MVP gomo - 3 years ago
I know the answer to why the meat is blue
scott smith
scott smith - 3 years ago
I had a pet red belly newt
siva - 3 years ago
I am learning how to clean, cook and eat. Thanks !
Ms Nix
Ms Nix - 3 years ago
Nz delicacy we call it pāua(sounds like power) the shell (inside) here is beautiful and you can only find it in nz. Some nzlders eat the entire meat including the stomach, ūa (oh-a). You don't have to tenderise it (although some do) but just boil it for 5mins. Your pāua/abolone are a lot bigger you might have to give it 8mins. We leave ours in the shell and carry it home as it's tapu (sacred) in some Māori tribes to eat on the beach (some Māori tribes not all), they do not spoil. Size matters here also. Great vid you just made me hungry haha
Sim Mack
Sim Mack - 3 years ago
And boys and girls this is how you get tape worms
Monroville - 3 years ago
I guess because of the rules in California, you can only have 3 pack abs?
жФж ИN
жФж ИN - 3 years ago
Crabs and other kinds of shell fish have copper based blood, which tends to be blueish and or clear. They eat it, digest it and absorb it making the meat turn blue due to the excesses of the copper blueish.

And remember kids, when eating abalone make sure to beat your meat first, then cook it.
N S.
N S. - 3 years ago
Abalone is nasty AF...just why
Rere West
Rere West - 3 years ago
Some mountain lion is going to be licking that log you put your BUTTERY abalone on. Hope you didn't dump your excess butter on the beach instead of hiking it out.
Dan Seven
Dan Seven - 3 years ago
Dude..You need to start throwing a squeeze of lemon around. Vitamin C is the only vitamin the body does not synthesize from other building blocks...(make)
Brent Rubin
Brent Rubin - 3 years ago
they are endangered where are you allowed to cultivate them you should be ashamed with yourself
Thanh Quach
Thanh Quach - 3 years ago
Your mate dress as he's going clubbing and not fishing lol
HayDosTV - 3 years ago
Yo why does my man boil his food in butter
Bayliner - 3 years ago
4 whole abalone taken and it tastes like gash. maybe try before you take next time. but rock on dude, you livin a dream.
elevenAD - 3 years ago
try watching the video before you comment dude, they said they thought it tasted great after cooking it.
Bayliner - 3 years ago
he makes butter fried in fish.
xens0lo laStiic
xens0lo laStiic - 3 years ago
for me i think his a complete imbecile. Its not crunchy
The Natty Nate
The Natty Nate - 3 years ago
You guys are entertaining! I was cracking up at the end about the tenderizer lol. Your buddy is cool too !
Big Doinkz
Big Doinkz - 3 years ago
You should eat the livers of the fish you catch, literally the most nutrient dense and complete foods humans can eat. Perfectly fine to eat raw. Dunno which fish you can and can't though so you'd have to check, all I know for sure is cod
ira nur khumairah
ira nur khumairah - 3 years ago
12:24 You sure the othe abalone didnt watch how u treat their little friends?
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen - 3 years ago
Hey Matt, make sure you use Grassfed butter. Its much better for you. I like the Kerrygold IrisButter.
NYstadahmind - 3 years ago
Looks like a frog fish.... ???
Emil Cantrell
Emil Cantrell - 3 years ago
Nomad - 3 years ago
Call em Crabezon
Alexander Philip kehn jensen
Alexander Philip kehn jensen - 3 years ago
16:01 Cuz I tenderessises it, is relly tender, hence the name tenderauseses
Lan Le
Lan Le - 3 years ago
Why does not he eat fish skin?
M K - 3 years ago
What makes it blue?
Laura Yamaoka
Laura Yamaoka - 3 years ago
You need to bbq the abalone
Kinnedie Stives
Kinnedie Stives - 3 years ago
vegans are quaking
Lul - 3 years ago
When he put that half a stick of butter in there it gave me flashbacks of Paula Deen lol.
pixie the pit
pixie the pit - 3 years ago
It’s blue??
Merry Christmas Happy New Year
Merry Christmas Happy New Year - 3 years ago
That's Good sashimi
Joshua Thao
Joshua Thao - 3 years ago
14:32 Lol I'm dead
KIM TAH - 3 years ago
It would taste it so muchhhhh better if you boil the abalone I swear. People boil it instead of frying it
B Sheppard
B Sheppard - 3 years ago
He pretty much boiled it in butter
Momo Gonzalez
Momo Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Why is it illegal?
Kawi Bunga
Kawi Bunga - 3 years ago
My mom and I used to go to the wharf in Monterey with our bucket of water, hammer and flat head screw driver and pry abalone off the rocks, clean them right there and eat them raw. It was so good and great memories.
James Houston
James Houston - 3 years ago
You should use a duller knife
HaveMindWillWander - 3 years ago
Why can’t you “transport” the meat??
The 8 Ball
The 8 Ball - 3 years ago
The fish meat is blue because of the Hemocyanin inside of the Crustaceans/Prey Items they eat.
I think.
RogueCorps - 3 years ago
Most likely Sonoma to Mendocino somewhere. The ab fishery is closed now though.
Laura Saylor
Laura Saylor - 3 years ago
I just found out what causes the blue in the cabezon fish! The cause of this rare turquoise color is due to a bile pigment called biliverdin, which is responsible for turning the blood serum of these fish that freakishly odd color – but how this pigment gets into the tissues and flesh of the fish, or why only some lingcod turn this striking shade, still leaves biologists puzzled!
Shezus Nice
Shezus Nice - 3 years ago
Mmmmmm...salty, sandy, bird pooped up fish fillet
nikki wakelee
nikki wakelee - 3 years ago
The title says BLUE but I didn’t realize the meat was blue too!! That’s so cool!
Chalkbag 31
Chalkbag 31 - 3 years ago
Butter is just as bad as corn oil when consumed in such big amounts
Moya yoma
Moya yoma - 3 years ago
peaelle42 - 3 years ago
1 pound of weight for 10 pounds of body weight?

i'm 52 kg (114.64 pounds) so i'll need around 5 kg (11.4 pounds) of weight. for scuba, maybe. but i think i'll drown if i go freediving with 5 kg of weight.
livii - 3 years ago
Most Asians don't use butter to make it lol.
Neochoco The Home Chef
Neochoco The Home Chef - 3 years ago
Next time u fry fish, make a few slit on the skin and it wornnt curl up any more
sam martin
sam martin - 3 years ago
MhelxzFrancxiz Alixto how.
LifewithSarah - 3 years ago
Dude i just discovered your channel and I’m hooked now!
z catola
z catola - 3 years ago
Mine Oz
Mine Oz - 3 years ago
Rock Cod, shit fish
Joe Reihana
Joe Reihana - 3 years ago
in new zealand if you throw the gut out its a waste we eat that its the best part of the paua (abalone) and if you mince the paua try eating it in cream and onions ,but i prefur to eat it straight out of the sea no tenderizing it . ok heres the way i tenderize abalone throw it in some cold water and ice for afew seconds it shocks it and goes tender .watch some of new xealands videos on how to eat paua and kina or just watch some of them sweet,or youtube how to cook pauas and cream.
ItsYourGirl Emy
ItsYourGirl Emy - 3 years ago
these Abalone r big af!!
Sam Offenbach
Sam Offenbach - 3 years ago
Where are you in nor cal?
Deador - 3 years ago
Dude... dip a piece in light soy sauce and wasabe mix, and you are good.
Lea Garcia
Lea Garcia - 3 years ago
Omg that flesh is beautiful that blur
Dale Miller
Dale Miller - 3 years ago
If you haven't tasted Tasmanian abalone you haven't lived.
C Sith
C Sith - 3 years ago
That fish was a true Crip rip lil homie
Edgunsuk - 3 years ago
iodine turns purple when it hits a sugar rich environment black when it hits carbohydrates im assuming its a variation on that from eating seaweeds rich in iodine.
John Rendek
John Rendek - 3 years ago
where is this ?
Bork The Swedish Chef
Bork The Swedish Chef - 3 years ago
no wonder americans are so fat if you use that much butter. like wtf xD are you frying it or boiling it? lol
Pixel gaming YT
Pixel gaming YT - 3 years ago
It’s blue because the nutrients it eats and when it’s cooked your burning the nutrients
texas fishing finatic
texas fishing finatic - 3 years ago
Just a LITTLE bit of butter............
Try creamed ablone it's beautiful
V0XI YT - 3 years ago
Alot bit of butter
bryan kennedy
bryan kennedy - 3 years ago
i wonder if the crab the fish eats turns the meat blue..possible...?
Cock Salad
Cock Salad - 3 years ago
Don’t listen to these fools, bathe in butter if you feel inclined
Ratfink820 - 3 years ago
I’m fascinated by the fact that their meat is literally blue!
Legboo - 3 years ago
Matt, I totally agree with you! I tune in to learn the different information you and your buddies bring us and I tune in for the BUTTER!!!! LOL!! Keep it up my Brother. I love your videos.
Mike Hern
Mike Hern - 3 years ago
Biliverdin is a bile in those fish causing that blue tint.
Mike Hern
Mike Hern - 3 years ago
The fishes blood serum turns blue from the biliverdin pigment in the bile. That pigment also turns the fishes blood serum blue in the circulatory system turning the meat blue.
Black Royalty
Black Royalty - 3 years ago
He is so fine
David Raymond Peiwa
David Raymond Peiwa - 3 years ago
Loving the videos bro .. should come to New Zealand and spear fish ...
Fondan Irish
Fondan Irish - 3 years ago
This is horrible Fish
James Cho
James Cho - 3 years ago
Asians don't tenderize abalone. We dip it in soy sauce or pepper paste. We usually eat it for the crunchy texture!
ESGAR MONTALVO - 3 years ago
Alexa why are my balls blue?
Alexa: because you need to tenderize the meat...
Radicalross21 - 3 years ago
It’s the waters natural color that turns the meat blue and when it dries out and releases the ocean water it turns color
Iana Jesnar Jadraque
Iana Jesnar Jadraque - 3 years ago
It's so funny when it fell from the tree tho
Grace Face
Grace Face - 3 years ago
Come to New Zealand and we’ll show you a billion ways on how to eat paua (abalone) haha
odins1337 - 3 years ago
I yelled fuck for you when you dropped the two pieces
yanniyangq - 3 years ago
Wow blue meat!!! Amazing.
Eric Siggins
Eric Siggins - 3 years ago
Eating like this gives you super aids and fire dihareah you will shit for 9 days 10 hours a day
Eric Siggins
Eric Siggins - 3 years ago
The flesh is blue no way Jose
Noah Hounds
Noah Hounds - 3 years ago
The meat is blue because of the copper in the blood of the fish because of the copper in most crustations it’ll eat like the crab etc
despacito 69
despacito 69 - 3 years ago
Abalone bacon look yummy
SandyWandy - 3 years ago
Never seen someone about to eat blue meat
MrFrench1991 - 3 years ago
paula deen's offspring with all the BUTTA... hahaha love it you do you man
Obrian Marquez
Obrian Marquez - 3 years ago
9:51 he sounds like a Minecraft pig
BNKS AUDIO GROUP - 3 years ago
Didnt expect such clear water!
Oceanic Dangernoodle
Oceanic Dangernoodle - 3 years ago
Humans make me sick
Tomas Fawcett
Tomas Fawcett - 3 years ago
lol that butter is good cholesterol
Mai Makua
Mai Makua - 3 years ago
Paul Kim Stop! Lol!
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray - 3 years ago
Briana Leslie butter is good cholesterol
Paul Kim
Paul Kim - 3 years ago
lol..i made a paula dean comment too on a different vid. i'm beginning to think he's paid by a special butter-stick interest
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson - 3 years ago
Immediately after I posted that comment he stated the fact that he's not drinking the butter haha
Jaz Galloway
Jaz Galloway - 3 years ago
Best way to do abolone is drop it into boiling water for a minute comes out tender as
Lovin'Life2016 - 3 years ago
How do you kill it? I mean, before you take it out of it's shell and slice it up?
Marion Marquez
Marion Marquez - 3 years ago
I love that they love nature :(
Angela Manukau
Angela Manukau - 3 years ago
yummy i love abalone, we call it paua in New Zealand.
gary Ross
gary Ross - 3 years ago
Why does the meat look blue on the fish
Adam Goodman
Adam Goodman - 3 years ago
Why is he blue on the inside?
Jk957 - 3 years ago
that piece of butter will last me a month.
Nick Salvador
Nick Salvador - 3 years ago
For the love of God, get a sharper knife!
Annay Ruthy
Annay Ruthy - 3 years ago
Can you put the fish back
mcafee1971 - 3 years ago
The Blue color is due to the amount of Copper that Naturally occurs in the fish's Blood. Iron and Oxygen causes our blood to be Red.
Wang Jianyi
Wang Jianyi - 3 years ago
I swear I saw a face on the end of stomach
Juzzy Fu
Juzzy Fu - 3 years ago
i had abalone and it is delicious. you should bring a tooth brush so you can clean up the bottom. our family do it all the time
Preston Bolling
Preston Bolling - 3 years ago
Am I high or is this fish blue
Kalgeriax 101
Kalgeriax 101 - 3 years ago
Wow blue flesh?
Canad1an Map1e
Canad1an Map1e - 3 years ago
Usually the blue colour means that it was in a low oxydised area and when you cook them they oxydise the meat it becomes white
Long Rachael
Long Rachael - 3 years ago
non tenderised and butter?
Joseph Nandino
Joseph Nandino - 3 years ago
try them raw with wasabi & soy sauce
levi mcintosh
levi mcintosh - 3 years ago
try cooking it wth cream and onions
Air Cooled
Air Cooled - 3 years ago
the fish has ligma
scott smith
scott smith - 3 years ago
Bubba blade fillet knife
scott smith
scott smith - 3 years ago
Why not use a proper knife

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