Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky)

Eddie Murphy talking about Italians and Rocky movies! Alright Rockooooo, alright Slyyyyy!!!! Hilarious.

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Eddie Murphy talking about Italians and Rocky movies! Alright Rockooooo, alright Slyyyyy!!!! Hilarious.

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Franky Broadcast
Franky Broadcast - 4 years ago
"It's fuckin great! I fuckin love it man! Alright Roccoooo!" haha
007coleyfoley - 4 years ago
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes - 4 years ago
do you think stallone would beat eddie's ass -?? lul
a century of black music
a century of black music - 4 years ago
D Cavalli
D Cavalli - 4 years ago
When he says "Italians," what he really means are "guidos," a subset.
more biz
more biz - 4 years ago
That's just how those wops are!
N. B.
N. B. - 4 years ago
more biz lol this guy over here believing a comedian's over exaggerated BIT of comedy about stereotypes of a specific ethnic group. Retard alert hahahahahaha
A Mahmood
A Mahmood - 4 years ago
Abdullah, beautiful name.
Michael Gavioli
Michael Gavioli - 5 years ago
I love this skit,alright Roco!!!!!Italians act like blacks cause they have that black gene inside of them.Moors concurred Sicilly,n fk all the Italian women,lol.Its in the blood line forever,lol.
Charles - 5 years ago
Illiterate idiot without any knowledge about genetics nor history, take your debunked redneck stereotypes and come back to school.
mig189189189 - 5 years ago

10. comment for Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky)

TheMeJustMe75 - 5 years ago
My friends and I still reference this in our conversations.
HoldenNY22 - 5 years ago
Perfect Italian-American Accent
Laurent Marcolivio
Laurent Marcolivio - 5 years ago
Guys, italians and americans of italian heritage are two different things completely.
Marcelo Barbosa Neves
Marcelo Barbosa Neves - 5 years ago
Getta fuoca outta hiere! XD
zeposgrave - 5 years ago
Lamo the big nigger named Abdul.
Ancient Indigenous One
Ancient Indigenous One - 5 years ago
Johnny Black
Johnny Black - 5 years ago
Happy 40th Anniversary. Rocky!
SweetnSaltyLife99 - 5 years ago
Timeless!    <(-_-)>
Ace The Renegade
Ace The Renegade - 5 years ago
He's about 6'5 I'm 5'2 lmaoooooo funniest line.
Jennifer sta
Jennifer sta - 5 years ago
lmfao pay for my fokin candy

20. comment for Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky)

Nature Man
Nature Man - 5 years ago
Yes im a big black male, so what. Wuhahahaha
Jim Rutherford
Jim Rutherford - 5 years ago
A lot of people on here talk against Italians, but don't have the guts to go up to one and say those things because you know if you did he'd break yo fuckin nose.
00000 00000
00000 00000 - 5 years ago
Geron Fletcher All women,especially blacks ones,want to have sex with italians,we do it better
steven belmonte
steven belmonte - 5 years ago
+Geron Fletcher Oh, you just saw Jungle Fever.
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher - 5 years ago
Jim Rutherford i don't know many Italian guys. I just know Italian women are down to fuck us black men lol
PrAnG2000 - 5 years ago
No different from any other race that would have the person as you put it, "break yo fuckin nose".
Doug Glovier
Doug Glovier - 5 years ago
Great Italian imitation.
charly evans
charly evans - 5 years ago
My opinion of Italians is not very good. Many Italians are bullies, They act like they are better than everyone else. I was at a McDonald's seeing a bunch if Italian guys harassing a girl working behind the cash register Ugly. They are worse when they are in multiples. I am not expressing hate what so ever but i have known many Italians are they are pure A holes. Absolutely rude.The girl behind the cash register started crying and they just laughed. I couldn't believe it
Kozzie Vercetti
Kozzie Vercetti - 5 years ago
I've never had any negative experiences with Italians, I respect them.
But that being said, you should come here to Australia and see the Arabs here. Arab Australians have their own accent just like the Italian Americans do, but the Arabs are so annoying, they're arrogant and a bunch of rude dickheads.
pietro nalloni
pietro nalloni - 5 years ago
Ma sucatunni minchiuni
Riccardo Zanetti
Riccardo Zanetti - 5 years ago
I'm Italian myself, and I've got to say that a lot of Italians act like assholes, and in most cases, it's because someone can do or have shit that they can't. For example, when I started out High School, I remember my classmates who just made fun of me because, unlike them, I don't have an Italian accent while speaking English. Hell, sometimes people made fun of me because I'm pretty big: I'm currently 16, yet I'm 1.88m tall (~6'2") and I weigh at 85-86kg (~185-190lbs). It really is sad, because you can find great guys/girls, but they get overshadowed by pricks.
Michael Rocco
Michael Rocco - 5 years ago
aaaaa ---- yoooo - ROCCO
Alfredo di Nuzzo
Alfredo di Nuzzo - 6 years ago
I love how people confuse Italians with Italian-Americans, as if they are the same.
1FDerek - 4 years ago
Wis Dom Italians in Italy are much more anti-black racist and ignorant than the Italian-Americans. I'm saying that as a black American dude who lived in Italy for a period so I know both Italians and Italian-Americans.
Jim Rutherford
Jim Rutherford - 5 years ago
Because they are idiots. Like they compare black Americans with blacks from Africa. I have been to Africa and they aren't even close.
Wis Dom
Wis Dom - 6 years ago
Every race has an ignorant version and an intelligent version, just enjoy the joke.
TigΞrsLyonsCheet∆hs (formerly bondsmoka)
TigΞrsLyonsCheet∆hs (formerly bondsmoka) - 6 years ago
Why are you italians so fucking annoying?
Bret Hart
Bret Hart - 6 years ago
Get da fuck outta here!
Samoatupo - 6 years ago
Only in standup you can truly speak your mind to an audience of mixed race and get away with it. Thanks Eddie your the best
IV Ltd
IV Ltd - 4 years ago
Wis Dom People aren't that sensitive now. The only difference I've noticed is white guys going, "buh wen i sei it i get called a waycist
Wis Dom
Wis Dom - 6 years ago
Different time then, people weren't so sensitive. Plus Eddie was a master stand-up comedian who made the audience see it from every perspective. So his jokes were never one-sided. Very hard to do.
Catlin Mosley
Catlin Mosley - 6 years ago
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xrayqqq - 6 years ago
Hahaha, I found it hilarious at all...terms like wop and dagowop are still current or are old?

30. comment for Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky)

Elton Hall
Elton Hall - 6 years ago
"Alright Rocko!!!" Lmao
Timothy H
Timothy H - 6 years ago
Chronic Zoo
Chronic Zoo - 6 years ago
That was the shit !!! Eddie Murphy is funny as hell
dejuanptv - 6 years ago
'he's about 6 5, i'm 5 2'. 28 years later i'm still laughing at the perspective of that little italian man after seeing Rocky. when I watched Rocky II as an adult, I said 'damn this is so fake...' but still a great movie. lol
PakistaniCult - 6 years ago
Hollywood made CREED to get back at Eddie Murphy and the people he ridicules in this video.
4567999 - 6 years ago
4567999 to watcher 4234
Mr watcher, re: Alexander Bell, and ''his'' invention of the telephone, you were simply WRONG. In fact, Alex Bell was a dishonest Scot who stole Antonio Meucci's invention and patented under his own name. Meucci sued Bell, but died before his rights could be recognized, and the recognition died with him. Bell became famous and built a fortune. But the fatherhood of the telephone, or ''teletrofono '' as Meucci called it, was questioned again in recent years, and in 2002 the American Congress recognised the impoverished Florentine immigrant as the inventor and father of modern communications, rather than A. Bell, 113 years after his death. Talking about ''communications'' I think appropriate to mention another great Italian cotributor: Guglielmo Marconi who realized the first ever radio-telegraphic communications around th Globe.
AllFlashNoDash - 6 years ago
"You heard what I said moolie...pay for my f*ckin' candy!" LMAOOOOOOOO!
uzernam3 - 6 years ago
Sasha Sarronen
Sasha Sarronen - 6 years ago
+Dwight ”Denjin” Johnson I ain't gotta pay for shit you racist wop.
poopmcscoopface - 6 years ago
THis is pretty fuckin racist
BUTTERS Brian Popo
BUTTERS Brian Popo - 6 years ago
+poopmcscoopface it joke man grow up
poopmcscoopface - 6 years ago
niggas are mad because italians run the streets and always have in new york 
Sasha Sarronen
Sasha Sarronen - 6 years ago
+poopmcscoopface Hahahaha you dumb ass wop, are u crying?
poopmcscoopface - 6 years ago
+deewoods si io sono italiano, il mio nome? questo profile di youtube era creato quando ero un bambino quando ho avuto solo sei anni
deewoods - 6 years ago
+poopmcscoopface with that dumb ass name you probably ain't Italian either bluffing motherfucker Italians do have a slickness like a nigga and yeah I'm a nigga capiche
BPTB1 - 6 years ago
+poopmcscoopface Don't worry, Italians in Italy do racist jokes about blacks all of the time and much nastier than this one, like throwing them bananas, calling them monkeys, gorillas and so on..
poopmcscoopface - 6 years ago
Imagine if this was italians joking about niggerss? will it be just jokes then? you must not be italuian fuck face 
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa - 6 years ago
+poopmcscoopface Italians are very fucking racist.
Vertical Horizon
Vertical Horizon - 6 years ago
+poopmcscoopface It's only jokes. Grow a spine, pussy.
XXIII 9 - 6 years ago
Italians are a ridiculous people
Paul Buffoni
Paul Buffoni - 6 years ago
Hey, James Pappas, it's right here alright
Alvise Narduzzi
Alvise Narduzzi - 6 years ago
+Ermenegildo Sforza Picozza Anch'io mi sono perso qualcosa di sto papiro che ha scritto
BUTTERS Brian Popo
BUTTERS Brian Popo - 6 years ago
+James Pappas Italians are not ridiculous people they are straight forward people what you see is what you get i am black man and i work for a Italian company in London the boss was Italians lady and i never experience any racist from them they had lot of black and indian men working for them they are the best cabinet maker in the world and plasterer you can't mess with them they are natural fighter but they are very funny people they are the nearly people to black people but they will admit it
Alvise Narduzzi
Alvise Narduzzi - 6 years ago
+TommyGunn Lodato And you apparently  are stupid enough not to understand that my comment was for James Pappas, who said that Italians are ridiculous, not to criticize Eddie Murphy's joke. Eddie Murphy was really funny and spot on, but I just wanted James Pappas to understand that American Italians are a ridiculous people, not Italians, that's different, so chill the fuck out, ok?
TommyGunn Lodato
TommyGunn Lodato - 6 years ago
+Alvise Narduzzi How fucking stupid are you? You take an eddie murphy joke and think it is a serious. What does that say about italians in Italy? That you're gullible?
TommyGunn Lodato
TommyGunn Lodato - 6 years ago
+filippo d lol
TommyGunn Lodato
TommyGunn Lodato - 6 years ago
you f**** idiot
Alvise Narduzzi
Alvise Narduzzi - 6 years ago
+James Pappas well some things are true, but for example I'm Italian and I don't even know what a moolie or mooliean or however do you spell it is
XXIII 9 - 6 years ago
+Alvise Narduzzi​ I was just kidding, I know real Italians are pretty cool.
Alvise Narduzzi
Alvise Narduzzi - 6 years ago
American Italians are not normal Italians, come to Italy and you'll see we are not like this at all
XXIII 9 - 6 years ago
+DioSgommone hahaha yeah I know
filippo d
filippo d - 6 years ago
+James Pappas ma pensa a magnà li cheeseburger va...
go back to eat cheeseburger, american jerk.
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa - 6 years ago
+James Pappas And very racist.
Dylan Silchack
Dylan Silchack - 7 years ago
Eddie Murphy is a true legend, one of the funniest of all time easily
40INTENSITY - 6 years ago
Up there with Richard Pryor, his idol!
pontiacGXPfan - 7 years ago
If your gonna beat up an Italian like this, at least take his IROC afterwards
Kenny Alanya
Kenny Alanya - 7 years ago
Dont cry because Apollo go his ass kicked by an Itailian named Rocky.

In real life Rocky kicked Joe Louis asss too . Dont get butt hurt mate
Haleema lee
Haleema lee - 6 years ago
+Frank Pearson lol coming to america lmao
gumptown7414 - 6 years ago
He was 150 years old when they fought
gumptown7414 - 7 years ago
+Frank Pearson That's they one
Kenny Alanya
Kenny Alanya - 7 years ago
+Poisontype The Junglist excuses =]
Poisontype The Junglist
Poisontype The Junglist - 7 years ago
+Kenny Alanya Joe Louis was almost 40 and Rocky was in peak physical condition.

Remember when Tyson came out of Retirement ten years ago and it was terrible. Same thing. George Foreman was fat as hell when he won the title. By the time Rocky was that age, he was dead.

An old slav holds the title right now. hopefully we can get somebody to beat him. I'm getting tired of him.

Also Guineas aren't white. Slavs are whiter than guineas and they're fucking liqour swilling cro-magnon.
gumptown7414 - 7 years ago
+Frank Pearson lol
gumptown7414 - 7 years ago
Coming to America was a good movie but that part was fake
Kenny Alanya
Kenny Alanya - 7 years ago
Frank Pearson
Frank Pearson - 7 years ago
Elrique Suave
Elrique Suave - 7 years ago
+Kenny Alanya And btw, Louis came outta retirement to fight Marciano and was like ten years older than him.
Elrique Suave
Elrique Suave - 7 years ago
+Kenny Alanya Its just a joke. lol
Nature Man
Nature Man - 7 years ago
Rauman Taiteilijaseura
Rauman Taiteilijaseura - 7 years ago
Eddie Sille
Eddie Sille - 7 years ago
I love this!
DJ COOK - 7 years ago
Eddie changed the game. After Eddie you couldn't be just funny, you had to be hysterical funny.  Mt. Rushmore of Comedy.
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot - 5 years ago
As a standup comedian? Dave Chappelle > Eddie Murphy. Yeah, I SAID IT! Longevity. Dave's been funny for 22-23 years as a stand up comic. He's on my Mt. Rushmore with Pryor, Carlin, and Rock.
scott skoo
scott skoo - 6 years ago
chris rock
DJ COOK - 7 years ago
I love dave, but hell to the no. I love his work on Chapelle show, but most his movies are corny funny. Not Eddie, eddies first movies are classics.
Nikos V
Nikos V - 7 years ago
dave chapelle is just as good
Cuss Words
Cuss Words - 7 years ago
Everybody having a heartfelt moment about what he said, muthfka this like 30 years ago, different era
terptek1 - 7 years ago
+Cuss Words Eddie set the F Word record for a film at the time, saying it 223 times - lol
Dat Potato You Know
Dat Potato You Know - 7 years ago
I agree with you guys. Jokes are jokes, and they aren't meant to be taken seriously, yet everyone gets pissed for no reason
The Real Charlie Zelenoff
The Real Charlie Zelenoff - 7 years ago
Exactly lmfao! These people can't take a fucking joke man smh.
chisicilian - 7 years ago
What was the whole deal in the 1980's in New York, this dynamic between italians an blacks and if italians are white or not.
williams roberson
williams roberson - 7 years ago
LOL, Italian are not white.
despe rados
despe rados - 4 years ago
we don't are fucking fat ills assholes like Americans, so it's absolutely correct. you have to suck our mediterranean dick
Subaru Kawasaki
Subaru Kawasaki - 5 years ago
williams roberson how are italians not white you dumb fucktard. The greatest white empire ever is the Roman Empire u dumb cunt
Mr. Akki The Targeted.
Mr. Akki The Targeted. - 7 years ago
+Jhonny Pacheco absolutely correct.
Jhonny Pacheco
Jhonny Pacheco - 7 years ago
italian are totally white!! they are the real white homo sapiens race!! the nordics are nheanderhtals 
James Rae
James Rae - 7 years ago
'look little Italian white man' hahaha

50. comment for Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky)

Paolo T.
Paolo T. - 7 years ago
I am Italian. I confirm everything
Paolo T.
Paolo T. - 6 years ago
There are many beautiful things in Italy , but we're going to fuck off
Adrian Constantin
Adrian Constantin - 7 years ago
"Get the fock outta here!! Alright Rockoooo!!!" Epic =)))))
Paolo T.
Paolo T. - 7 years ago
I am Italian. I confirm everything  :)
Ryan Silver
Ryan Silver - 7 years ago
the accent was perfect.  
Shabeg Singh
Shabeg Singh - 6 years ago
+Ryan Silver excellent
lecocksportiv - 7 years ago
Best comedian ever. He can act, he can sing...he can imitate! This guy was just mind-blowing!
deziking - 7 years ago
that fucking walk he does omg dead on lmfao.
deziking - 6 years ago
+Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa fuck u.
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa - 6 years ago
+deziking Greasy ass wop. Go fuck yourself.
Eddie Sille
Eddie Sille - 7 years ago
Go watch rocky 11 again...
deziking - 7 years ago
+Eddie Sille its like you tou moolie hahaha
Eddie Sille
Eddie Sille - 7 years ago
Just like ya dad huh
scottjulie27 - 7 years ago
"What am I an asshole? What am I a jerk? Get the fuck outa here!!!" hahahaha.
frank stein.
frank stein. - 8 years ago
eddie is aries straight forward
Ben S
Ben S - 8 years ago
It's funny but I know Italian Americans that are like this. Of course, they're not as dumb since it's a joke.
Treeh Knight
Treeh Knight - 8 years ago
Dwight Chris
Dwight Chris - 8 years ago
Just came here for the butthurt comments
Antonio. S
Antonio. S - 8 years ago
I'm Italian and I find this absolutely historical :') LEGEND.
Raymond Heart
Raymond Heart - 8 years ago
I detect some animosity in Eddy there. And a wee bit of racism too. :P
Isaac Ben
Isaac Ben - 7 years ago
+Raymond Hearty Growing up , these are the Italians Eddie had to deal with.
Modesty Lycan
Modesty Lycan - 8 years ago
Nolkens Francois
Nolkens Francois - 8 years ago
MrJJtheboss - 8 years ago
whereis the full show
Olly Mooney
Olly Mooney - 8 years ago
Why dont you hop in yo' IROC-Z28 and drive yo' ass back home hahahahahah i love this
Mike - 8 years ago
As an Italian I feel like I should be offended but this shit cracks me up! 
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa - 6 years ago
+Mike Tro Italians can't take a joke?
Nathaniel Farley
Nathaniel Farley - 8 years ago
Muley for whoever asked is the east coast derogatory for persons of African ancestry
Vito Leonardo
Vito Leonardo - 8 years ago
+Michael Purvy are you retarded? did you not read the word "dialect"? They're the same word! each dialect of Italy spelled the word different and pronounced it differently. There are at least 18 ways to say eggplant and they're all spelled differently based on the pronunciation. 
Vito Leonardo
Vito Leonardo - 8 years ago
first of all, muley is hornless cattle. and anyone else that says moolie* is saying it because they heard an italian say it. most people dont even know what it means even most italians. its from a southern dialect
Nathaniel Farley
Nathaniel Farley - 8 years ago
if that is so then why do Irish people also say muley?
Vito Leonardo
Vito Leonardo - 8 years ago
moolie* is italian slang for fried eggplant. its short for moulinyan(which is dialect). italian immigrants called blacks moolies because their faces looked like fried eggplant. it has nothing to do with the east coast
Ry_C White
Ry_C White - 8 years ago
Yeaah and this N★◇#@ gona pay for it....ah???? Exuse me!?. Hahaha
Stig's Italian Cousin
Stig's Italian Cousin - 8 years ago
get the fuck outta heaaa
Sean M
Sean M - 8 years ago
black guy beats down a white guy. hilarious. I like eddie murphy but if the same joke was told, but it was a white man telling a joke about a black guy beating up a white man, it would cause an uproar over racism.
BXCKET HAT BOI - 4 years ago
Smooth kriminal
Smooth kriminal - 7 years ago
+Wis Dom Yep.
amethyst0285 - 8 years ago
"If a white guy made a joke about a black guy getting beat up..."

Guess what? It already happened. MORE than once. That...and WORSE. Most of the time it probably isn't/wasn't on video. For a long time whites could kill a black person without fear of any legal action being taken against them.

Do you realize how fucking stupid and silly you sound with the "If a white guy..." shit? STFU. Thumbs down if you don't like it.
Wis Dom
Wis Dom - 8 years ago
So Eddie does a joke where he says "nigger" and "muley" several times but doesn't say "cracker" or  "wop" ONCE, and yet you find it racist against white people?!   The audacity of white people is astonishing!.
Hyster13 - 8 years ago
Stop being a bitch and enjoy this clip.
Shoeting Star
Shoeting Star - 8 years ago
"You heard what I said- pay for my fuckin' candy!" LOL
Bert Lattaker
Bert Lattaker - 8 years ago
Icecube88, mooley is a slur that Italians use to identify a person of color. It's the same as the use of the word nigger in context
cosMICjester - 5 years ago
+Ancient Indigenous One Chief Firewater it's an NYC Italiano slang bastardization of the word.
Ancient Indigenous One
Ancient Indigenous One - 5 years ago
cosMICjester No Melanzan is eggplant not Mulignan.
Bert Lattaker
Bert Lattaker - 6 years ago
+cosMICjester thanks for verifying my comment. Your ignorance gave clarity to my previous definition. Kudos!
cosMICjester - 6 years ago
+Bert Lattaker it means eggplant in italian. Cuz most of u are dumb & dark as an eggplant
Get the fuck outta hea
Alexander Gordon
Alexander Gordon - 8 years ago
Why is this shit STILL funny? This nigga Eddie is the GOAT.
Catkins - 6 years ago
+Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa heterophobe
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa
Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa - 6 years ago
+Alexander Gordon You're a disgusting little greasy wop, so stop saying "ni***".
Icecube88 - 8 years ago
what is a mooney or whatever he said?
skykant - 8 years ago
Muli must be a short for mulignana which - In southern dialects (mainly Neapolitan) - means eggplant. I suppose this is how Italian immigrants used to call black people in America? I'm Italian, from Naples, and deeply embarassed :)
gumptown7414 - 8 years ago
Italian for eggplant
He said mooly I think he means the N word
Thomas C. McFall
Thomas C. McFall - 8 years ago
Clips such as this help make Youtube amazing. I always laugh very hard. HOWEVER a large number of families are bit by bit KILLING their pet dogs (without spotting it)!! The stuff they use in pet food brings about many forms of cancer and makes pet dogs pass away early.. To preserve your dog’s life search online for Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.)
Gastone Nencini
Gastone Nencini - 8 years ago
Mammamia pour Eddie remembers about Rocky whatever....but he don t remember the face of his friend Sugar Ray all fuckt uuup after he fights Jack LaMotta.....dear Eddie that was not a movie and wy he did not bring up Apollo Greed a looser like him from Harlem
Mohammed Bappa
Mohammed Bappa - 8 years ago
get da fuck outta here lol
MrMagee78 - 8 years ago
You know when your great when you can still make people laugh almost 30 years later what a legend!
P L - 8 years ago
Coward...you must be talking about yourself and your boyfriend...not me dickhead. I did call you out..."wonderboy"...you knew I was talking to you and that is why you responded. You are insignificant and a fucking joke...this is one white guy that does not fear ghetto homeboys...blacks don't run my life mother fucker! Fuck you and your entire line of cowards. ..guys that come from the ghetto and run in gangs and use guns...to cowardly to fight like men!
P L - 8 years ago
Well Eddie looks like he was pulled out of your ass...learn to write English properly and then post a reply wonderboy! Until then homeboy why don't you have a coke and a smile, put Eddie's cock in your ass, have a smile and shut the fuck up!
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer - 8 years ago
Italian and Black people are beautiful and can be very similar in many ways. One of the reasons i love america
Godenschemering7 - 8 years ago
You wrote: "This coming from a white person. A race..." NOT. Skincolour doesn't determine genetics; I'm sick of having my Norse-germanic race lumped up with mischlings and skrælings because people think white is a race — jews, our allaround mutual enemy, are even "white".
JBlazin89 - 8 years ago
Don't turn pink over free speech...goddamn u so sensitive
fernando coello
fernando coello - 8 years ago
alright rockooooo, rockooooooo
Zeldas Champion
Zeldas Champion - 8 years ago
More proof that Eddie came from Brooklyn.
Nolifemerc - 8 years ago
White? Italians ok i get it you grade people in America after colour its differnt i europe only nordic ane some norden european countries and tribes are white. America is strange.
força magicoslb
força magicoslb - 5 years ago
what?????? ahahah
Omar Scruggs
Omar Scruggs - 8 years ago
As a stand up comic n the biggest rocky fan, the genius of that bit is off the charts. God given talent to come up with that. No other explanation
Hannibal Graham
Hannibal Graham - 8 years ago
Get the fock outta heeuh...
thetoothmaster1 - 8 years ago
ironic because all the best boxers are russian now.
JxT1957 - 8 years ago
you are 100% correct
Tammy Rocheleau
Tammy Rocheleau - 8 years ago
I don't give a fuck when it was this shit is fucking funny as hell!!! Love Eddie Murphy!!!
Jessica Villante
Jessica Villante - 8 years ago
AgentMcQueen - 8 years ago
Goran Matic
Goran Matic - 9 years ago
my point exactly,too much stupid ppl around
Duddy O' Keeffe
Duddy O' Keeffe - 9 years ago
Alri Rawhkaw haha
P L - 9 years ago
Mate...go make some shrimp on the barbie and stfu mate!
MrBigben1221 - 9 years ago
Its fuckin great, I fuckin love it man Alright rockoooooooooooooo!
Go home and get your shine box
Go home and get your shine box - 9 years ago
hop in your iroc z28 ROFL

100. comment for Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky)

Camtaine82 - 9 years ago
i'm guessing that you prefer the 1997 eddie murphy from dr. doolittle.
Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards - 9 years ago
calm down mate, you came to a stand up video to hate, fuck off
SaveAgent - 9 years ago
Whose like that kind of talk. Also the same crazy mind.
SaveAgent - 9 years ago
His voice like a woman. Nothing funny. When here his voice want to bit it.
lawzsocom - 9 years ago
Because Purple in the 80s was MAD NIGGERISH
Keith Miles
Keith Miles - 9 years ago
Thank you!!! Relax already.
Keith Miles
Keith Miles - 9 years ago
These are just jokes, come on.
JBwellOrig - 9 years ago
This made me grab my dick & tell my manager Its rite here!
Joe Rinzo
Joe Rinzo - 9 years ago
Lollol love us
BasqueNYC - 9 years ago
"You heard what I said moolie pay for my fuckin candy!!!" Haha so true growin up in NYC they were really like that with the grabbing their balls and shit oh man
kggtty - 9 years ago
ALRIGHT ROCKO! ALRIGHT SLY lmao dying everytime I hear that shit!!
GamesBeforeBros - 9 years ago
it was the 80s. what the fuck do you expect?
pipinoization - 9 years ago
I also love Eddy Murphy.Have you ever been in Italy Karin?Your website is fantastic!
Eorland Greymane
Eorland Greymane - 9 years ago
Brian Tim
Brian Tim - 9 years ago
Look down in the lower right hand corner at about the 0:45 mark and even the camera man is laughing his ass off
Kieran Connelly
Kieran Connelly - 9 years ago
or Rocky........Graziano
Alex Krajci
Alex Krajci - 9 years ago
I Don't Like 1987's Eddie Murphy: Raw Because Of The Strong Language.
Jus Me
Jus Me - 9 years ago
maybe next time he'll ask you for wardrobe tips
amor987654321 - 9 years ago
"Im not a big guy....but im itayian"
cj0986 - 9 years ago
Welcome to the 80's
C Rose
C Rose - 9 years ago
It was funny. Greeting from Italy.
MIke Mancini
MIke Mancini - 9 years ago
pipaher - 9 years ago
tell that to Rocky...Marciano
Karin King
Karin King - 9 years ago
I love Eddie Murphy, but he looks like a grape. wtf is up with the purple leather?
R. Steinbrenner
R. Steinbrenner - 9 years ago
I guess the spaghetto greaseballs that get angry about this classic piece of comedy are exactly the ones Eddie is talking about.
WillieBization - 9 years ago
Marciano was more hype than anthing, he fought bums and old men
Nick Uhler
Nick Uhler - 9 years ago
did you just watch rocky? (;
Nick Uhler
Nick Uhler - 9 years ago
lol can you not take a joke? i guess not man settle your shit
P L - 9 years ago
Watch Marciano's videos, he knocked MFs out asshole! 49 fights with 43 undeniable knockouts...eat that maricon!
P L - 9 years ago
He was champion period. Blacks are not always the best fighters. This is American and America is racist on all sides. I posted my opinion so if you don't like Mota...vete para el carajo pendejo!
P L - 9 years ago
Well MF/ Eddie. ..Rocky Balboa from the movies is fake but...Rocky Marciano was real and he destroyed many a black boxer: Lewis, Walcott, Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore...is that real enough for you MF/Eddie?!
Setxboy - 9 years ago
Whats your address?
A86 - 9 years ago
Italy is actually the country I'd probably most like to live in if I ever had to live anywhere other than the US (and I might end up moving out of the US if it continues to go downhill like it has the past 30 years). I visited Italy for a week back in 2003 with my high school Latin Club. It was wonderful. :) One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The people were very friendly and hospitable. Truth be told I got less stares being a 6'5 black man in Italy than I get in the US. XD
A86 - 9 years ago
Thank you, sir! Agree with everything you said. If someone is being mean, rude or a jerk there's no reason to attack their entire so-called "race" because of it. It's the individual's fault, not everyone who shares their skin color or ancestry. I'm black but I don't feel I should care any more about other black people than I should care about any other human being. We're all One. Don't mind you sounding like a hippie, a lot of hippie ideas are decent. :)
hemp ketamine
hemp ketamine - 9 years ago
Taci fottuto coglione e continua a sukkiare cazzoni neri...maledetto figlio di puttana!!!!!!
A86 - 9 years ago
Fuck off. Italy is one of the industrial capitals of Europe. Germany is the financial heart of the EU but Italy is one of the big industrial giants of the EU. I've been to Italy and it's a wonderful culture. They're known across Europe for the beautiful architecture and great food. P.S. - The Roman Empire fell closer to 1,500 years ago. Not 2,000 years ago. Learn history. Rome fell and modern Italy arose from the ashes, starting with the Renaissance of the 12th century.
A86 - 9 years ago
Amen! I'm African-American and I don't mind white comedians doing impressions of black characters either. Most of the time it's hilarious, lol I really wish people who come to watch comedy would un-clench their assholes first. Loosen up and enjoy the comedy! Peace
The Scatman
The Scatman - 4 years ago
A86 As long as it's funny. Andrew Dice Clay talked about Black people grabbing their jock. Funny as heck.....!
Gaming*Star - 9 years ago
Get The Fook Outa Heeere. Gotta Love That!.
Ray Of Knowledge
Ray Of Knowledge - 9 years ago
There's always has to be one fucker in the comment section that has to go full retard. SMH.
aurimas andriusis
aurimas andriusis - 9 years ago
haha that is cool this song is the best! Yeah and i use this to get the mp3 of this music: bit.ly/11ZIevK?=rignm
ToxicSpiker - 9 years ago
I'm Italian and I find this hilarious but really: everything he says is referred to Italo-Americans, real Italians are nothing like that.
BlacknesUnforgivable - 9 years ago
This is coming from a white person. A race who's known the world over for stealing from other peoples cultures lmao
TheNameyourheroes - 9 years ago
Watcher4234 your mum sucks better cocks than your father's little fasullo man
Per Audacia Ad Astra
Per Audacia Ad Astra - 9 years ago
Niggers have NO CULTURE
Adjeezy - 9 years ago
Lol at the comments! Jeez! - _ -
andrew zdziebko
andrew zdziebko - 9 years ago
haha ginneys
7digitss - 9 years ago
you mean they've copied so much from african countries. just like the greeks you idiot. and these are just jokes anyway, lighten the fuck up. no need to try to defend your false sense of self-worth on a youtube video.. Lol.
dance4life1208 - 9 years ago
well i mean i think he did state that -__-
Retro Ace
Retro Ace - 9 years ago
lol I just came to see Eddie Murphy's comedy and all I see in the comments are a group of italians or Italian haters who can't take a joke
bbz232 - 9 years ago
Alright rocko
ticklebug - 9 years ago
Eddie Murphy RULES!
IstahilIB - 9 years ago
LOL. He was so spot on!
retro junkie
retro junkie - 9 years ago
@okokokccxx33 amen
retro junkie
retro junkie - 9 years ago
@MaSTerCHef82 fuckin wop
dan fiandra
dan fiandra - 9 years ago
Italians aren't white Eddie
RedRound90 - 9 years ago
Cazzo non riesco a capire molto cosa dice. Su cosa ci prende per il culo?
5eurocups2005 - 9 years ago
You are plenty to be proud of, Italy has a great culture. I don't know if you are a soccer fan but you're country having won 4 World Cups is something definitely to be proud of.
TheAstrius - 9 years ago
It was hard for him to come back from getting caught with a transexual. The whole closet gay thing ruined his act I imagine.. Kind of like Paula Poundstone and the kid fucking.
TheAstrius - 9 years ago
There HAS to be, an entire routine about fake Americans going to fake Russia to beat of fake Russian Boxer who is Swedish in front of fake Mikhail Gorbachev. And then Americans cheered about it like it really happened after paying enough money for their movie ticket to feed a Russian family for a year.
supremekickz - 9 years ago
Alright Rocko!! Roooooocko!!
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 9 years ago
You're a faggot.
Hanzo - 9 years ago
Annddd da Niggas gonna pay for it. lol
Gtfoh - 9 years ago
Aaron M
Aaron M - 9 years ago
Why is he wearing gloves?
Killa City
Killa City - 9 years ago
ayyyo, the american hero everyone wants to be, rocky for life!
200damary - 9 years ago
William Christoffel
William Christoffel - 9 years ago
Couldn't agree with you more not to mention they make people from Jersey look bad since they're not even from Jersey but like New York or some shit.
KARADemonsChild - 9 years ago
Italians are amazing people. Especially when you look through history. There would be no renaissance or the enlightenment without the Italians. Those bitches from jersey shore though...bad examples of American Italians.
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
right, just to put an end to this...your obviously an uneducated, uncultured moron. Italians are Italians, you sound very jealous of us, wether it be condoms, nuclear bombs or the telephone, we're the dudes, period. Where are you from? What do you do? by the sounds of it, it sounds like an italian stole your girl from you and pounded her better than than you ever could... for that i apologise but italians are italians and the record speaks for itself
Matt Mello
Matt Mello - 9 years ago
Great fuckin movie!!
4567999 - 9 years ago
Enough nonsense, Mr WXXXXXR, you are full of air,with a mini-brain fed for life with fast food, Vinci, Michelangelo and the likes, have been already appaised universally and their Values and skills put them in the Eden of World's humanistic Patrimony (not just Italy's). Ok with me if you said to dislike all things Italian, yr option, yet, yr points are selective, misinformed or lying,this being unhonorable. PS. BTW, the first endothermic (ICE) Engine was invented by Barsanti&Matteucci... END
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
I'm getting bored arguing back and forth on Italian so-called "great accomplishments". I'm sorry but I don't think the invention of the condom, liposuction or paved roads (by Italians) is comparable to the MRI, the Polio vaccine and the X-ray (non-italians). Even to this day, the French make better wine, the Germans make better cars, the Japanese make better noodles and the Spanish play better soccer. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE. I just want to end it with two words: JERSEY SHORE. Peace. :-)
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
Italians r very limited compared to the rest of the world. They invent the wheel, and then praise themselves for 100s of years while the rest of the world goes on to invent cars, trains and airplanes. Let's take ur 2 closeted-gay heroes Michaelangelo and DaVinci for painting art on canvases and walls. Nothing compared to Gutenberg who invented the printing press that affects EVERYONE to this day or a French and American who invented the CAMERA, and stops the need for canvases....
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
I literally LMFAO when I told you 2 Italian idiots an Armenian invented the MRI (which statistically saves 100's of thousands of lives every day) and you come back by saying an Italian invented the condom, paved roads and "good manners". LOL! And no one would ever believe an Italian invented the telephone, get over it.
4567999 - 9 years ago
OK, Samb. Can't mention them all!... they are too many and more than from anywhere else...I'd like to add Alessandro Volta(1st electric battery) and Galileo (telescope and cosmic science) and mention that if we wished to include Great humanists (ex. Giovanni della Casa wrote "Il Galateo"=Code of good Manners in the 16th Century, when kings and Nobles in rest of Europe didn't know forks and spoons to exist) as well and Artists: (Italy has 50-60% of the artistic patrimony of the Western World)...
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
so tbh an italian invented the telephone so na we invented frivolous things that have no use nowadays you retard how many of these things could you live without? please come back with a better comment than the last 3 this time your arguments have not a leg to stand on and you obviously have no idea what your talking about
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
thank you very much for educating the stupid fuck was just about to reinforce your statement
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
Roman roads, the first extensive network of paved roads Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci (Italian: [anˈtɔːnjo meˈuttʃi]; 1808–1889) was an Italian-American inventor and also a friend and associate of the Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi.[1][2] Meucci is best known for developing a voice communication apparatus which several sources credit as the first telephone
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
Musical notation, staff notation invented by Guido d'Arezzo in 1028 AD. To this day, the entire world's maestro's still exclusively uses the Italian language to describe how the notation is to be played. Nuclear reactor, first artificial reactor built by Enrico Fermi in 1942 Petrol engine, the first practical petrol engine was invented by Enrico Bernardi and patented in August 1882
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
aheeemmmm Anesthesia first used by Italian physician Ugo da Lucca in 1200 Condom invented by Gabriele Fallopio in 1564 Dictionary first dictionary widely diffused and translated in multiple languages invented by Ambrogio Calepino in 1502. Dynamo, the first practical electric generator was described in 1863 by Antonio Pacinotti in a paper in the Physics Journal "Il nuovo cimento Highway, first Autostrada built in 1921 Medical thermometer invented by Sanctorius in the early 1600s
4567999 - 9 years ago
There you go agan! A.G.Bell's patent was usurpated from Antonio Meucci who didn't have 10$ (a ot of cash in 1874) to validate his patent application. Bell took advantage of that situation which was much debated over time. That the invention of the E. M. telephone was A. Meucci's, was confirmed by U.S.Congressional resolution No 269 in 2002. Meucci was born in a borough of Florence-Italy, period. Hey Watcher you are hiding and cowardly "shooting at Italy" from behind: would you say where from?
4567999 - 9 years ago
Well, well...No thanks, I don't need your rdiculous "pills" of erudition and still think you are too ignorant (and biased) to permit a serene debate among adults... P.S. And, by the way, MRI is an application of existing technology, and NOT an invention. Colombo didn't even have a compass! And the one who mistreated the natives, was rather Ferdinando Cortes who followed with plenty of royal armed militias...
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
Oh yeah great point, Columbus was not only an explorer but a total Italian savage who cut off the Natives' hands if they didn't collect a quota of Gold. And Dr. Raymond Damadian, an Armenian, only invented the MRI saving millions of lives from early cancer detection since then, but nothing compared to Macaroni who invented the radio....
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
God, I did a search of Italian inventors and rolled my eyes and truly laughed out loud. Congrats on Dr. Giorgio Fischer who invented liposuction and Aquilino Cosani who invented the Spacehopper. I didn't bother to read the rest of the names because it made me literally sick to my stomach Italians still believe they're better. Wow, the spacehopper is nothing compared to the telephone invented by Alex G. Bell, and who needs an MRI created by Dr. R. Damadian when u have liposuction? *vomit*
4567999 - 9 years ago
Are you serious watcher? You sound more ignorant than a stone!!! History and Culture of Italy are well documented, and do not need your stupid and symplistic "contribution"...which, if you were an honest person, could have included one or two "Things" in favor, like: that you write by using Latin / Italian characters, Cristoforo Colombo who discovered the "New continent" that Amerigo Vespucci later called "America", Leonardo, Marconi ( radio and telecommunication), Matteucci, and so on and on...
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
have to be proud of exactly? please i really want to hear because so far as italian achievements go im pretty sure id be here a long while educating you and telling you why your so wrong because you do seem to need educating :S
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
generation. Where there is no money your going to have crime but basing your argument on Italians have nothing to be proud of because we have the mafia is ridiculous not every italian is part of the mafia its a minority with a lot of influence in a country, Italians have done so much for the world and have produced some of the greatest minds ever like i said before where the fuck are you from?? are you from a place that you have this much passion for i very much doubt it :S what does your nation
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
Okay firstly i never condoned what they did i just said they did it better is all, also the mafia came about due to oppression in sicily and all it started out at that oppressed people striking back as people have done all throughout history and there are mass gangs all over the globe conducting organised crime america is riddled with them, on top of that mafia is a southern Italian disease because it happens to have the poorer regions and the Americans made those films 3rd or 4th italian
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
After watching documentaries on the MAFIA I can't have any respect for Italians who pride themselves on about it. Or Italians like you downplay it as if it's not the sociopath/psychotic criminal behaviour that it is. Can it get more f*cked up? If Italians had a substantial history of pedophilia, they would probably turn it into "cool" movies and then argue (like you) they did it better than other cultures did.
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
you ignorant fuck
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
for you and as for the men yes all closeted gays definitely thats why majority of family's stay together and their marriages work in italy thats why im pretty sure they rank within the top ten for lowest divorce rates thats why there is such strong marital values, and with italys capital being home to the Vatican city and the state being mainly catholic with catholicisim not condoneing homosexuality ye they are all definately closet gays please do some actual talking to people before commenting
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
all the mafia is are an organised crime unit they were around before just we did it better like we do most things and tbh you know very little about italians if you think that for starters a lot of them wouldnt need to dye their hair as they have fair hair already :S awkward for you and so far as our women go im assuming you cant speak the language as your against us so you wouldnt have bothered to learn it so how would you know what they were saying to you exactly :S again extremely awkward
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
The only things Italians have invented is the MAFIA and garlic breath. Italian women wear too much makeup, have black eyebrows with dyed yellow hair and can't even carry a normal conversation for more than 2 minutes. The guys are all closeted gays, who take out their frustrations on abusing women.
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
just type in list of italian inventors into google and educate yourself i was going to make it easier for you by putting in a link but youtube wont let me
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
Really and where are you from might I ask? if you actually look through at what us Italians have actually invented/created its far more than any other nation the Romans were that advanced that the coming years after were referred to as the dark ages people were so far behind please just do me a big favour and read some of these and get your facts right before you start criticising my nation,
Eastlinger - 9 years ago
And Canada sucks and produce nothing.
TheArtofDHT - 9 years ago
Italians are better lovers
forty fourounce
forty fourounce - 9 years ago
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
Italians have nothing to be proud of. The Roman empire fell 2 000 years ago, get over it. The French make better wine. The Germans make better cars. The Japanese make better noodles. And the Spanish play better soccer.
Ryan Donegan
Ryan Donegan - 9 years ago
Christian Turso
Christian Turso - 9 years ago
dumb nigga
bornabuv - 9 years ago
Why they take the full version off?
Wind Waters
Wind Waters - 9 years ago
Abdul FTW!!!
tonymontana1974 - 9 years ago
"you heard what i said mooley pay for my candy or ill kick your ass"
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
just guessed by his pic tbh
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
so ye we may have originated from blacks but we are who we are and have ended up far more advanced than most african countrys
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
if your referring to everyone originated from africa yes i know, however that is all they have found to date it may be that they find ancient human fossils in europe which would then void that theory you dont know, however the black people that left africa went on to better things and went exploring and found better land and made use of that land and prospered and became far more advanced and ended up finally as the white italians they are today who did the things i said and much more
andrew durden
andrew durden - 9 years ago
andrew durden
andrew durden - 9 years ago
i know right i like the whole thing
Tony SVT
Tony SVT - 9 years ago
wish I had more italian friends. yall my niggas lol
whysosyria1 - 9 years ago
how you know this guy is black? I never heard a black guy say WOP.
Ryan Donegan
Ryan Donegan - 9 years ago
"AY Fuck You, All Right?"
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis - 9 years ago
People these are just jokes it is meant to be comedy and make you laugh. Have some thick shin please is just all jokes. Geez lighten up already
Kevin Warhurst
Kevin Warhurst - 9 years ago
Oh, you just seen Rocky. Look little Italian white man,....LOL
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
eddie murphy you legend hahaa
Sambuca123456 - 9 years ago
ye because your so much better, Italians have done far more than any african country ever have so please dont start talking when you really have no idea in fact im pretty sure we owned some of your country's for a long while before giving you independence and now look where them countrys are Somalia its fucked so please dont start throwing out statements like that when you have not a leg to stand on.
h20ic3man - 9 years ago
Yuepez, you sound like a typical sensitive american. The point isn't too make fun of people but to celebrate our differences and to understand and laugh about how stupid it is for people to have prejudice against each other. You probably think the joke is all about Italians but he's making fun of his own race also.
amber colour
amber colour - 9 years ago
Thank goodness I do not live in USSA, otherwise I would be have already commited suicide........ this shit i so degrading yet people laugh at it. So hes taking the shit out of people, and people laugh at that. It just shows they have lost their self-respect, but then again if everyone is on prozac I suppose it wouldnt matter.
BlacknesUnforgivable - 9 years ago
fuck u ginny
Kyle Olson
Kyle Olson - 9 years ago
Box of juju fruits rammed up his ass LOL XDDDDDD
keepaway9 - 9 years ago
This man never fails to crack me up lmao!!!! I was married to an Italian it is true he thought he was meaner and better than everyone....Won't say anything bad though he isn't around anymore.
MaSTerCHef82 - 9 years ago
says the moolie
cuerollen - 9 years ago
He needs to do another stand-up show!
ohsnapiam59 - 9 years ago
Try the...West Indies. And people were there too, so he really didn't 'discover' it. Besides, this is Eddie Murphy...not the History Channel. Watch the video!!
ohsnapiam59 - 9 years ago
Eddie Murphy is one seriously talented man.
BasqueNYC - 9 years ago
"Everything is a question to what am I an asshole?" Hahaha So true Italians havnt changed at least here in NYC where I live
Jive Turkey
Jive Turkey - 9 years ago
wops are the worst!
gastronaut23 - 9 years ago
oh you just saw rocky
shane norris
shane norris - 9 years ago
Eddie Murphy one of the best comedians of all time
joeyxl3456 - 9 years ago
Don KiksBiscuits
Don KiksBiscuits - 9 years ago
I saw this on VHS
Don KiksBiscuits
Don KiksBiscuits - 9 years ago
pusher man/Mr h/dog food on deck
pusher man/Mr h/dog food on deck - 9 years ago
And ah the niggers gonna pay for it....lol
mj4lyfe2009 - 9 years ago
he reminds me of john travolta
muki991 - 9 years ago
Damn...When i close my eyes,its sound like Joe Pesci! xD
KANDYMISSES327 - 9 years ago
Austin Villalobos
Austin Villalobos - 9 years ago
honorable mentions Women beater edition: Lil Reese, Chris Brown
THHeFUQ - 9 years ago
You should know one, I think all people in the world are equal.and joke of all races can be, it's normal. Have you looked Eddie Murphy ? if not, then you look.Look jokes about whites, they are realy cool, im russian but i like jokes about russians .Hi is my favorite black, he's just fucking cool :)
7Beyonder - 9 years ago
he's got that South Philly Italian walk down pat...its hilarious
NanTheGoldChild - 9 years ago
Iroc Z28! Lol yeah my Italian friend in Jersey had one! Lol
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson - 9 years ago
Do not eat while you watch this, holy shit does my throat hurt
okokokccxx33 - 9 years ago
guidos are fags not real Italians
Edward Cedillo
Edward Cedillo - 9 years ago
Stupid bitch, Eddie is still alive
IstahilIB - 9 years ago
This is so spot on! Hilarious!
trkk01 - 9 years ago
eddie is not dead they just had a tribute for him last night on spike tv
Adrian Tang
Adrian Tang - 9 years ago
The popular videos.
Tino LaFratta
Tino LaFratta - 9 years ago
IROC=Italian Reject out Cruisin
ry an
ry an - 9 years ago
can't yall respect black folks for who they are you racist idiots. Pretty sure racism is a thing of the past really anymore anyways.
Cafum Rookis
Cafum Rookis - 9 years ago
2:09 GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE fuck I love when he says that
Jordan Torres
Jordan Torres - 9 years ago
He's still writing comedy and said he'll do more acts in the future. He's not RIP don't worry!
Amber Hill
Amber Hill - 9 years ago
RIP Eddie, we miss you
samsamba08 - 9 years ago
"IROC Z28"!
suzi whitaker
suzi whitaker - 9 years ago
I'm Italian, and this is hilarious!!!!
Francesco Lamberti
Francesco Lamberti - 9 years ago
i'm italian. and i'm rollin' on tha floor.
watcher4234 - 9 years ago
Thumbs up if you hate Italians (I do)
MrNondisponibile - 9 years ago
This man is a legend. An admirer Italian
pedigreeitalian - 9 years ago
Italian or sicilian we are way diffrent then the white man dont u know the kkk hung are people too google 1867 largest mass lynching in us history new orleans hung 11 italians .. We are niggers too them too thise white bastards
David Harrison
David Harrison - 9 years ago
What do you mean. Give me a link please.
RJ8812 - 9 years ago
you can easily download it as a torrent
Lu Ásfhkl
Lu Ásfhkl - 9 years ago
where can i watch this full...?????????
David Harrison
David Harrison - 9 years ago
How can I watch all of this.
Astro Boomboy
Astro Boomboy - 9 years ago
In every single video with a black person, 50% of the comments are from some retarded white racist American redneck. It's like American rednecks got some obsession with black people or something, searching for videos, pictures, and anything that's black, just to leave some retarded comments like: "fuk all dem nigaas." They're probably all gay.
hershysquirts187 - 9 years ago
ibhi4u - 9 years ago
You mean the LAST few centuries of slavery...
Eastlinger - 9 years ago
Then what are?
KtK - 9 years ago
i said as a nation!!!!! and sicilians are not italians
jakepepsi1 - 9 years ago
what does these comments have to do with eddie murphy its from the 80s its 2012, look at urselves, typing about everything except this is funny as shit!!!!!!!!he makes fun of all races.......................DUH
Joshua Edmonds
Joshua Edmonds - 9 years ago
*Cough* *Cough* ALi, Tyson, Holyfield, Mayweather, Cleveland Bus driver
MelLovesZelda - 9 years ago
363 dislikes were all italian...
Vigo 894
Vigo 894 - 9 years ago
Well, it takes one to know one sugar tits.
Eastlinger - 9 years ago
Dafuq?Someone who could from the penisula was italian,like someone from Iberia is Spanish or Putuguese but they could from the small states like Aragonese and Castille first the reconquista.Like ancient Greece with Athens or Sparta.Having in common the same language,and it wasn't Greece or Spain as united nation.Stop writing bullshit around You Tube guys.
dan sibberas
dan sibberas - 9 years ago
taniya j
taniya j - 9 years ago
All of yall are fagets.
brotherguy8 - 9 years ago
blacks and italians should unite and wipe out everyone else...
rocco gognitti
rocco gognitti - 9 years ago
What ya talkin about? Niggers dont fight...they just shoot each other.
SalocinLupo - 9 years ago
I would, considering there wouldnt be any of that USA thing going on if noone found it.
MazterK3vino - 9 years ago
your right!!!
MazterK3vino - 9 years ago
your stupid,you dont realize that if it wasnt for them the us would be a big grassy place mainly run by native americans damn how can your comment get likes do research
MazterK3vino - 9 years ago
but in the long run the nigger is president, if it wasnt for the discovery of us b the italian then niggers would still be in africa
sharkfinz6 - 9 years ago
best comeback ever!!!!
Munda - 9 years ago
pssh, naww, everyone knows that the Native Americans don't count because they didn't have Jesus in their lives so they don't really count as people...
Tanner Watson
Tanner Watson - 9 years ago
tell that to rampage jackson or jon bones jones or muhummad ali
damien251 - 9 years ago
Seriously jokes like this crack me up cause niggers can't fight unless they outnumber you like 5 to 1
allcashboo - 9 years ago
so funny
BlacknesUnforgivable - 9 years ago
truth hurts
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
ahahaha you're one of a kind kid
BlacknesUnforgivable - 9 years ago
What i said makes perferct sense smh Ive read some of your past posts here on youtube lol You think blacks want to be italians because some lowlife thugs name themselves after mobsters? Hahahaha Why do wops love black music? Scorcesse loves to put racist mobsters in his movies "nigger" this and "mooley" this , yet his entire soundtrack to those movies comprise of black music Why did all those italians in the 40's,50's, and 60's copy black music? (jazz , doo wop , rock n roll)???????????
Maryum Robinson
Maryum Robinson - 9 years ago
this shit funny ass fuck and fuck who ever dat cant take a joke!!!!
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
Truth Hurts dont it kid ahahah. btw what you just said makes no sense smh
BlacknesUnforgivable - 9 years ago
Why are WOPS obsesse dwith black music? Look at those movies you named...goodfellas,bronz tale, donnie brasco ...full of black music. Look at all those italian doo wop artist from the 50s. Blacks started doo wop.
BlacknesUnforgivable - 9 years ago
Hey dumb ass , how do you explain your fellow white anglo brothers treating your kind like garbage when they landed here in the early 20th century? They considered you ginnys not too far removed from "niggers" lol
bigmarty11288 - 9 years ago
"Moulignon" is Dago for "eggplant." If you look at eggplants, they have black skin like Africans, and if you look at snakes, they are smarter and more loyal than Wops.
cj0986 - 9 years ago
yea i wanna say to @kingofnone who got the sloppy ass jobs like cleaning shit, carrying boxes, who came on a BOAT to make a horrible living, who got beat up by Apollo? Rasict comments dont go unnoticed buddy. Yes i am a Nigga
johnp0729 - 9 years ago
What's so special about being Italian or black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, What does it fucking matter?!! We're all humans living on Earth, that's it, no one is special.
BigkKinny - 9 years ago
There isn't a single video on Youtube without some stupid racial argument. Pretty pathetic.
saf khan
saf khan - 9 years ago
Ok, would it be racist of me to find this term hilarious?
Ed Cigar
Ed Cigar - 9 years ago
It's a shortened slang term for a Italian racial slur against black folks.
saf khan
saf khan - 9 years ago
Pardon my ignorance, what does mooli mean?
Kevin Richmond
Kevin Richmond - 9 years ago
All time classic hands down Eddie Murphy the original king of comedy.
Violet Matsumoto
Violet Matsumoto - 9 years ago
Damn, Eddie sounds like this Italian guy I used to know.
Nii - 9 years ago
your math is wrong
L. Bonus
L. Bonus - 9 years ago
shut the fuck up and watch the clip. shits hilarious whatever color u are.
Bob is a goat
Bob is a goat - 9 years ago
Why cant we all just get along
wasteland70 - 9 years ago
Very true and very wise.
laughinbudda01 - 9 years ago
man i'm fucking italian and i fucking love eddie murphy. this motherfucker can take jokes unlike you's
David Malone
David Malone - 9 years ago
Actually... there people already living here for 10,000 years. I wouldn't credit the Italians or the Norse for the discovery.
Brandon F
Brandon F - 9 years ago
360 Italians just saw Rocky. And proceeded to get knocked the fuck out.
bossalanator - 9 years ago
fuk u white pieces of shit
Ronnie.L - 9 years ago
Why are looking up a black comedian, if you hate black people? no life?
DWOY - 9 years ago
The vikings discovered it first dumbass..
mo39fhn - 9 years ago
why would they be thankful? That discovery led to a few centuries of slavery man.
southphillyitalianguy - 9 years ago
you sir have no sense or reality
Georgio - 9 years ago
Italians in the US are soo fake and stupid and the Italians in Italy are completely different and better people
t3chnob3ast1 - 9 years ago
im sorry to say my friend without blacks mexicans british natives and chinese the US wudnt b wat it is today btw its you whites that shackled the blacks in boats whites are the most rascist
southphillyitalianguy - 9 years ago
what makes you say that. Jealousy? ctfu that my nationality actually has historic importance atleast my ancestors werent cramed into a boat shackled to the ground what kind of history is that or looking up to martin luther king well we have christopher columbus PEACE all i gotta say
Gears - 9 years ago
you wish
200damary - 9 years ago
italians Are gay
AthosAmo - 9 years ago
It's true that everything is a question with them. lol Pesto the pigeon is the best Italian. At 2:28 he does a cornuto devil-worshipper's sign.
7digitss - 9 years ago
the romans got a lot of their architectural ideas mainly from the greeks and byzantines. and guess who the greeks got their knowledge from? when greeks like alexander the great invaded egypt they brought the knowledge that formed much of their cultured back with them.
7digitss - 9 years ago
rome is in italy you dumbass. and you need to watch who the fuck you're calling a kid. stupid boy. you're 25 and obviously too lazy to learn your own history. I'm just calling it like it is.
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
Romans. Enough Said. Educate yourself kid lol
7digitss - 9 years ago
just do the research on the moors, greeks, and the crusades yourself, I won't think for you. kid
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
that's cool :)
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
prove it kid. jokes on you
Calabria96 - 9 years ago
That's cool but then lmao if ur like us how come u just commented that:p
thee one
thee one - 9 years ago
Watch that N word piece of shit. blacks are the most copied race on the plane you piece shit. second, this was just jokes so shut the fuck up.
7digitss - 9 years ago
most smartest? so much for the intelligence there... lol. and btw, what I meant was from the italians "I've met", there was nothing special about them. I guess I could've phrased it better. but historically many of the italian and greek philosophers and mathematicians got their knowledge from african civilizations, but claimed it as their own. you might want to do some research on your history kid.
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
Nothing special? Italians are one of the most smartest people in the world kid. lol. What nationality are you by the way ?
mo39fhn - 9 years ago
my bad, i noticed it in other clips too.
Calabria96 - 9 years ago
It's funny just what he said about Italians acting like niggers?, no sorry we don't, people act like us bcuz they wanna be Italians cuz we are the best and nothing will take that away
7digitss - 9 years ago
I know, that is ridiculous when you think about it Lol, I never saw why anybody, especially black rappers, would want to act italian, there's nothing special about them from what I could see other then the fact that a few got some money back then. to me they're just regular people that act similar to black people sometimes lol.
23Rones - 9 years ago
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
fuck you monkey
DrMonkeyBoyJr - 9 years ago
You mad, fuck italians
DrMonkeyBoyJr - 9 years ago
You mad, fuck italians
cherubicnerd - 9 years ago
red leather to purple leather. "he-ayy!"
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
very good
mo39fhn - 9 years ago
great piece of comedy, but the added audience noise is annoying. Take it off!
SuperDelta000 - 9 years ago
Sicilians are Italian.
O.So.Smooth - 9 years ago
Italians love Rocky..lol.
SNJ - 9 years ago
because "gangsta's" are gangster wannabes.
southphillyitalianguy - 9 years ago
no shit
southphillyitalianguy - 9 years ago
you an uncle tom bro?
Woodymoan - 9 years ago
get the fwock outta here
charley jackson
charley jackson - 9 years ago
u wigger bro?
southphillyitalianguy - 9 years ago
u mad bro?
MrSouthphillyitalian - 9 years ago
Al Pacino is half Italian, half Sicilian.
Eorland Greymane
Eorland Greymane - 9 years ago
watch the full film, this man is a comedy genius.
Eorland Greymane
Eorland Greymane - 9 years ago
you mean the Saapraanoass
ajcoolj4 - 9 years ago
Yo charley....GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!!!
charley jackson
charley jackson - 10 years ago
lol i'm not gonna even bother talkin to you cus i'm more than sure that u yurself even know yur talkin out yur ass now haha
southphillyitalianguy - 10 years ago
no you are a nigger that wants to be italian smh
charley jackson
charley jackson - 10 years ago
and u my friend are a perfect example of what eddie murphy was talking about in this video.. lol an italian who wishes he was black
southphillyitalianguy - 10 years ago
no italians were known to have that not give a fuck attitude
charley jackson
charley jackson - 10 years ago
lol you wish buddy.. blacks were always known to have that i don't give a fuck type attitude.
mesrine merine
mesrine merine - 10 years ago
mario balotelli used to be mario barwuah from ghanese parents hes been adopted by italians so get youre facts right when a black guy steals in europe hes african but when he plays the semi finals with italy en champions with manchester city hes italian? wtf is wrong with you
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - 10 years ago
This skit cracks me the fuck up! You heard me Muli pay for my fuckn candy! Lmfao
KtK - 10 years ago
mario balotelli is italian and hes pure black
KtK - 10 years ago
italy has only been a nation since 1861...before that we were not italians
KtK - 10 years ago
the north is a mix of germans!!! the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE was a germanic empire,which had most part of northern italy!!!
xowee - 10 years ago
I'm northern Italian. It's true that even 90% of italian americans are from souther Italy, it's also true that in the south they are darker but that comes from the moores and greeks, who are both caucasian. Nothing against it but this melting pot of blacks is a legend.
Kaneda - 10 years ago
it's a sub genre of hip hop pretty much gangaster rap but with mafia themes and lavish production died like 10 years ago
MrSouthphillyitalian - 10 years ago
Listen stop trying to diss southern italians. I am southern Italian American you jerkoff. Go fuck yourself. You dont know shit about Italy and their history an culture. Keep your mouth shut you medigon
MrSouthphillyitalian - 10 years ago
Mafioso rappers . What? lol
MrSouthphillyitalian - 10 years ago
dude stfu with your ignorance
Kaneda - 10 years ago
because rappers specifically the gangster rappers idolised those figures because they were hard piping gangsters not everyday blood/crip thugs,to them it's glamorous Al Capone is the most celebrated figure in american organised crime to them shit like that is cool. I assume your talking about Biggie, Raekwon, AZ , Kool G, Nas and other mafioso rappers.
Harrison Rogers
Harrison Rogers - 10 years ago
its funny coz his black
Isaac Stern
Isaac Stern - 10 years ago
hahahaha "why don't you get in your z28" hahaha
southphillyitalianguy - 10 years ago
i aught to give you a back hand across your face for talking like that watch ur mouth junior
southphillyitalianguy - 10 years ago
No niggers act like italians
Aphoresis - 10 years ago
In any case, Eddie wasn't saying the guy was tough because he was Black, he was supposed to be tough because he was big, and the little Italian guy thought he was tough just because he was Italian lol.
Aphoresis - 10 years ago
Why do you think Heavyweight Boxing was the way it was? The tough Black guy was not a myth, it was based upon many Blacks (not all) being the product of brutally violent neighborhoods in which they had to be tough. Since toughness is a requisite for Boxing, it was a perfect fit. But the world is very different now; the crime rate has been plummeting for a long time. The per Capita Murder rate in New York City around the time of this skit for example was about 3 times as high as it is now.
Charlie Buccafurno
Charlie Buccafurno - 10 years ago
I'm Italian, and I love this!!! It's hilarious, and one thing to remember; it's comedy. He's not racist, he's just being funny. Take a chill pill and relax. :)
Samuele Mattiuzzo
Samuele Mattiuzzo - 10 years ago
docturlough - 10 years ago
0:53, well, it's nice to see Italians haven't changed in 30 years.
diver362 - 10 years ago
lol he "believes that shit" hahaha
_sam - 10 years ago
your right, except some american-italians act this way, Italians in Italy don't act like this
Methos - 10 years ago
racist? how can it be racist if its a fact? its like saying most of the middle-eastern people marries their cousins. ( incest )
Redangas - 10 years ago
You turned this funny video into your sad, racist and ignorant reign were you can feel the king, with all the other morons commenting about race superiority with all the hate that always distinguish frustrated people. Laugh at jokes and get a life, the only race that really scares me are idiots, and I can see it's full in here.
Redangas - 10 years ago
The italian americans have developed their own culture in the states, starting from their italian one of the 1920's. We developed differently and the arrogance and attitude the one you call guidos have is more "american" than italian. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and gave a lot to this world in terms of art, culture, music, food, fashion etc... You should show some respect.
Redangas - 10 years ago
I think you are the most arrogant and ignorant person I've met on youtube. You speak about things that you don't know.I am italian, I love Eddie Murphy and this sketch was very funny, but it doesn't represent italians that are born and raised in Italy at all. The Italian Nation is born in 1862 su I doubt that "real italians" could have been existing before 150 years ago.
Joemotion - 10 years ago
someone got their source from "True Romance" lol
italiandude1998 - 10 years ago
aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he said muli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
funkmystar - 10 years ago
Typical bullshit responses I've just glanced at . It's comedy it's funny, just leave it there.
KingCetshwayo - 10 years ago
I love Marciano but name ONE all time great boxer he fought while in their prime?
TrolleyPower - 10 years ago
dat ass...
exnemocpt - 10 years ago
bad stuff, change pusher madman
distantlandmusic - 10 years ago
'get the fuck outta here' haha
Koda Dais
Koda Dais - 10 years ago
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
Proof about what?
BlacknesUnforgivable - 10 years ago
Italians were owned by north africans and middle easterners for half a millennium and even more so if you consider the fact that many when immigrated to america in the south after the civil war were held in forced indentured servitude by Anglo saxons (same folks who enslaved blacks)
BlacknesUnforgivable - 10 years ago
BULLSHIT where is your proof?
BlacknesUnforgivable - 10 years ago
LMAO wtf? Look at the ATG list buddy - most are Afro Americans. They are the best , then the italians and then the irish
Mrster - 10 years ago
I came straight here after watching an episode.
V. HD - 10 years ago
Eddie Murphy is amazingly accurate at impersonation. I had to look up various Italians phrases (paisan, moulinyan) just to fully understand this.
Adam Morris
Adam Morris - 10 years ago
All I can think about is the Sopranos
ridiculors - 10 years ago
hahaha, this is so funny!! all right, roooockoooooo!!
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
The differences between Northern and Southern Italians have also been greatly exaggerated for political reasons. You lose APE.. hahahahahahahah
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
It is often claimed that Italians, especially those from the South of the country, have substantial Middle Eastern and African admixture acquired during Roman times and the Moorish occupation. However, data from anthropology shows a prehistoric origin for the Mediterranean elements in Italy, and detects no Negroid influence there whatsoever. Genetic research confirms this, showing that both sub-Saharan and Arab-Berber admixture are negligible.
mistaal - 10 years ago
LOL I never said Italians were black you dumb piece of shit. I said they were spawned by niggers. Which makes them part black and your right you dont need to prove anything to me because I already have proof the Moors colonized the southern part of Italy and were fucking for hundreds of years before they were driven out. You can be in denial all you want. That is were sicilians get their color from. Why the women are so hairy I dont know LOL LOL.
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
I got proof but i don't need to prove nothing cuz i want you to keep thinking Italians are blacks till you get ridiculed for life. The jokes on you loser hahahahahaaaa.
mistaal - 10 years ago
Lets us not forget that blacks owned southern italians for 500 years LOL LOL. Thats why sicilians are so dark!
mistaal - 10 years ago
No your the real loser! If I am lying prove me wrong. Its funny how assholes send me emails commenting about what I said but they dont try to prove me wrong. Its easy to prove me wrong if you really want to. LOL you dagos can try to deny your heritage all you want but you have black blood coursing through your veins.
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
And you believe these myths.. What a loser you are.
Savannah C
Savannah C - 10 years ago
that eddie murphy is a swell kinda guy.
BOSS - 10 years ago
get the foook outta here
mottafooka - 10 years ago
Jaaay 12
Jaaay 12 - 10 years ago
Fucken Muley's!!!!!
LVM94 - 10 years ago
If anyone gets offended by this your just stupid, lighten up its comedy. Im of italian background, my grandparents are straight from italy and they laughed at this because he is perfectly depicting american italians, even my own grandparents make fun on the young italian kids who act like this because back in italy they arent like that at all so they find it funny. this shit is hilarious.
mistaal - 10 years ago
I see your in denial. The Moors ruled the southern part of Italy for about 500 years and before them the Mongols conquered Italy. If you think I am lying look it up. Thats why Sicilians are so dark and where called half a niggers.
Eclipserocksyou - 10 years ago
Bullshit...The Romans fought them off twice and kept them from taking Italy
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
aaahaha.Thats not what i said shithead..I didn't say they ARE spanish..I said they are more spanish than white even though they are referred to as caucasion..take it easy ya spaz lol
thomas terry
thomas terry - 10 years ago
Any body ever thought we consider people olive ...we would create a new race and call it olivan...what a stupid thought Italians spanards and Greeks are white ya dummies...I'm Italian to my people we are white..from the government we are white so shut up with stupid tanning olive completed shit I'm sick of hearing it biatch!!!
mistaal - 10 years ago
Let us not forget that Africans colonized southern Italy for 500 years. So Sicilians were spawned by niggers LOL
mistaal - 10 years ago
Hey whats your ethnicity?
Condused - 10 years ago
Murphy must be damn flattered at all the hubub his skit gets. just constant nonsense.
Antonio Giuliano
Antonio Giuliano - 10 years ago
negroooooooooo, di merda, you know the hardest thing to old for an negar is a job and family,you fuck negroooooooo loserrrrrrrrrr.
2pacinseattle - 10 years ago
Kevin Hart "I'm A Grown Little Man" is an instant classic.
Kras3169 - 10 years ago
These are some of the dumbest comments I have ever read on YouTube. It's a comedy skit. Laugh and get on with your pathetic life!
Methos - 10 years ago
No no.. its Italy.
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
And you're broke.. Classy is the word you're looking for you dumb hick.. Americans sucks italians dicks..Italians have the best art, food, cars, and clothes..so pay up loser hahaa!
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
Thats sicily Dipshit! Not Italy lol
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
Italians are wetbacks
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
who cares blacks were owned by white people for hundreds of years lol
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
Ginny.. not guinea dipshit
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
Meanwhile every rapper suck italians dicks!!
AcidIntellects - 10 years ago
Irish people are just as bad if not worse
AudemarsontheWrist - 10 years ago
"you heard me mooley pay for my fucking candy" haha classico
John Doy
John Doy - 10 years ago
Now I know why i grab my dick randomly all the time. Im just italian. :P
Fancyslimshady - 10 years ago
slavery never really ended.... and there were no acurate cenus and italian immagration started with sicilian moving to america and plus italians TRUST ME DO NOT ACT ANYTHING LIKE BLACK PEOPLE NOO WAY!
MrHEC381991 - 10 years ago
sicilians were spawned by niggers
Fancyslimshady - 10 years ago
brooooo you have a looooot of history to learn....
Sir Isaac De Nigginsnoots
Sir Isaac De Nigginsnoots - 10 years ago
5 million views on something that was produced in 1987 ....Eddie is a damn Legend!!!!!
King Armando
King Armando - 10 years ago
Moolie= eggplant. Lol.
sabu1113 - 10 years ago
ya fucking moolie
bengreens - 10 years ago
tears down my face laughing!
S.P. / Fedora
S.P. / Fedora - 10 years ago
this is the funniest thing i've ever seen
xXtmata16Xx - 10 years ago
Katyblogger - 10 years ago
Americans of Italian descent are nothing like actual people living in Italy. Nothing. So why do you call yourselves Italian? Sure, respect your heritage, but you guys look and act nothing like your people in the old country. Just sayin... I went to see this movie on Christmas break from college of 1987. It was a terrible first date movie, b/c it was considered very raunchy at the time.
Vincent Norris
Vincent Norris - 10 years ago
Saytone - 10 years ago
well said bro
billy englehart
billy englehart - 10 years ago
haha getdafuckouttahere
reds005 - 10 years ago
Class. Eddie was the boss
The0rgazoid - 10 years ago
Brilliant !
TheMightyAtlas - 10 years ago
Daftrok - 10 years ago
Pay for my fucking candy!
Stanging 84
Stanging 84 - 10 years ago
Todays italians are not how they were back in the day theyre all mix.
guilherme mariano
guilherme mariano - 10 years ago
balboa is a spanish surname.
stina10593 - 10 years ago
I'm Italian and I always say something like "What am I an/a ___(Fill in the blank)____?" lol.
Delon Jordan
Delon Jordan - 10 years ago
This is funny. Sly comes out and breaks this big F*** in N***as face. HAHAHAHA.I can't believe he said that.
thee one
thee one - 10 years ago
You fucking liar! you would get your ass kicked.
DavyBaby - 10 years ago
The I-Roc Z28 piece is so spot on.
MetalDeprival - 10 years ago
Lucky you! The accent is the only thing that makes me understand the area a person is from
MetalDeprival - 10 years ago
I'm from northern Italy but i can't tell the difference between a "northern" italian and a "southern" one...
Zaid Mardan
Zaid Mardan - 10 years ago
whenever i hear eddie talking it feels like im seeing a donkey :)
BFPS4xGaming - 10 years ago
skue me u heard me mulie pay for my fuckin candy or ill kick ur ass
Lorenzo Björck
Lorenzo Björck - 10 years ago
Speak with their hands? Becuse there where so many people from different cultures that looked alike that they HAD to invent a language thet everybody could understand!
Lorenzo Björck
Lorenzo Björck - 10 years ago
@nightcrow90 are u serious have you ever been to a museum in rome? have you ever even visited rome? do you know how people were portrayed? And do you know why they where tall with blonde hair? becuse that were the ideals from that time! What ideals do we have today do you seriously think that models we now see are not photoshopped? OF COURSE they are and do you think the models (imperators) where blonde and tall all of them with how many people rome had at that time. And why do italians sp
MetalDeprival - 10 years ago
@nightcrow90 Sure they are (and were) white but as i wrote i'm sure that ancient romans were not blond, until the so-called barbarians invaded the empire!
Methos - 10 years ago
@MetalDeprival Everytime we see "avarage" Romans they are WHITE.
MetalDeprival - 10 years ago
@nightcrow90 Romans were dark haired and not very tall, i bet there was some kind of exception, but i'm almost this is how the average roman looked like.
Methos - 10 years ago
@MetalDeprival ofc? Look back and see how the "Romans" looked like. Everyone had blond hair and now they all have black hair.
MetalDeprival - 10 years ago
@nightcrow90 Are you serious?
200damary - 10 years ago
owned Italians
Methos - 10 years ago
There havnt been "real" italians over 100years+. All the poeple in italy now offsprings from black guys. Dont think so? check it out then.
Liam Houghton
Liam Houghton - 10 years ago
Get the fuck out of here :P
Allen Williams
Allen Williams - 10 years ago
Ethcue me?
fdjizm - 10 years ago
Fuck, how many people are going to say their Italian on one youtube video?
Tarek Ayoubi
Tarek Ayoubi - 10 years ago
@BosnaSarajevo89 amen to that. I'm sick of people saying that. "Im asian and I find this Hilarious!!!" STFU
CheckmateRidRot - 10 years ago
I'm a Martian, and I am highly offended !!
BosnaSarajevo89 - 10 years ago
Im Italian and i think this is hilarious...jk im not, but apparently stupid comments like that get to the top...nobody cares if ur Italian, just because u r and u find this funny doesn't make u special!
20bello - 10 years ago
luv it! Eddie one of the best to ever do it
XxGameZonexX - 10 years ago
ghazi2392 - 10 years ago
Doesn't he resemble Shaun Wright Phillips in this particular video?
James Dowling
James Dowling - 10 years ago
This is too funny this reminds me of this guy at work.I try so hard not wrap my hands around his too lmao
StarMangledAstronaut - 10 years ago
339 people have some jujifruits rammed up they ass
Roddy baptiste
Roddy baptiste - 10 years ago
italians are dumb
Dwayne Jackson
Dwayne Jackson - 10 years ago
eddie murphy is one of the greatest of all time, definatly in my top 2, other comedians i rate are richard prior, paul mooney (who wrote for prior and also appeared on the chappelle show) that aries sears or spears cat that does the dmx impressions, the late bernie mac, lee evans, martin lawrance, chris rock, kevin hart, dave chappelle, there are more, just dont remember theres names
MrSouthphillyitalian - 10 years ago
this is one funny moolie
Bobsackamanno's_Dad - 10 years ago
@drewdeze you're right man. That was retarded of me. I would put them both at number 1.
drew deze
drew deze - 10 years ago
@TheCrazyeyeskillah how can u not have richard pryor on this list? without him there's no eddie
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
Eddie Murphy is hilarious hahah.. I'm Italian and have many good black friends, they're cool.
centurypromotion - 10 years ago
@highlyopinionated1 Ur right im italian and i find this funny Eddie Murphy is one of the best stand up comedi of all time !!!
SuperDelta000 - 10 years ago
Rocky is an awesome fuckin movie..
Mario13 - 10 years ago
lol frikin hilarious. My brother is wicked into rocky, im gonna hafta show him this
Bobsackamanno's_Dad - 10 years ago
God damn. As an aspiring comic, no one better to look up to than Eddie Murphy. The way he can story tell and make it funny for all races is uncanny. It is what also made Dave Chapelle a great comic. My top five are Eddie Murphy, Greg Giraldo, Dave Chappelle, Louis Ck, and Todd Barry
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon - 10 years ago
wtipton7 - 10 years ago
his old school italian impression is spot on.
hugo rubén Ruiz
hugo rubén Ruiz - 10 years ago
Que genial cuando alguien se rie de si mismo. Es fantastico que los italianos encuentren esto muy gracioso.
lordiss666xxx - 10 years ago
so fucking gay
TheMoMonaitor - 10 years ago
omg love the outfit lol
CPD248 - 10 years ago
@SuperDelta000 the only good Italian fighter was the real Rocky, Rocky Marciano name one other real italian fighter i dont see them in ufc or boxing. Blacks are good im with u on that but hispanics are too especially Brazilians they own the UFC. And u cant say italians are better than irish, the irish have been all over the fighting world in the ring and bars forever haha
NFGBlinkAC - 10 years ago
@90rashad Thats not jelousy thats making sure you dont try to steal our money
NFGBlinkAC - 10 years ago
@90rashad that would be because your 20% of the population and commit 60% of crimes
NFGBlinkAC - 10 years ago
@BarrelofSnakes look it up this is not true its from a movie but never really happen. the moors btw are not black but arab
NFGBlinkAC - 10 years ago
@SuperDelta000 Irish cant fight
DjRodimusPrimeXyZ - 10 years ago
@SuperDelta000 im not hispanic, im latino, and im part irish. i just knocked you out sucka lol get your facts straight, alot of boxers in the us are hispanic oscar de la hoya being of them and alot of great boxers are also irish [simon byrne] and german and european descendants.
Toaster Strudel
Toaster Strudel - 10 years ago
coming from jersey and being italian yea this is spot on, its so funny though hahaha
Frank Verdijsseldonck
Frank Verdijsseldonck - 10 years ago
@SuperDelta000 - in your dreams, yeah.
MusicJverstra - 10 years ago
patricialovesmalek - 10 years ago
Eddie Murphy Raw....... GREAT FUUUCKIN MOOOVIE!!!

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