Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

He can’t even fit the sushi in his mouth! Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword

Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3137

Raww fishing 4 years ago 12,694,507 views

He can’t even fit the sushi in his mouth! Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword

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for Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

TaikoTuesday - 2 years ago
Such a wholesome episode
Anton Saalfrank
Anton Saalfrank - 2 years ago
Arksy - 2 years ago
5:22 Owners:We need money

Mr Beast: Hold my beer
Shaily S.K.Y VA
Shaily S.K.Y VA - 2 years ago
theres only one person working. and look how much he ordered
Tell Tales
Tell Tales - 2 years ago
I’m feel SO bad for the waitress
Same D
Same D - 2 years ago
Isn't sushi supposed to be raw?
Thu Hương
Thu Hương - 2 years ago
Can somebody explain the beetle joke for a foreigner
Dream State Films
Dream State Films - 2 years ago
"There is no way this is gonna fit in my mouth" O.O
Hiro Ciko
Hiro Ciko - 2 years ago
in japan most delicious sushi always make from male chef...

now i know the reason...xD

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Åce The Åłien
Åce The Åłien - 2 years ago
Strawberry on sushi?
Maybe on sweet rice...but not with tuna!!
Tyler Ash
Tyler Ash - 2 years ago
Which season and ep is this?
Randomness with Micayla
Randomness with Micayla - 2 years ago
Me: mmmm sushi-
Shamiah Ledington
Shamiah Ledington - 2 years ago
he acts like a black grandmother sleepping and all
The Vile Irish
The Vile Irish - 2 years ago
I have to say, this was really sad to watch. 900k is nothing to blink at
alexL - 2 years ago
They went to a lake, caught it, then forgot to cook it
the wiz
the wiz - 2 years ago
For fucks sake
AB the underrated tryhard
AB the underrated tryhard - 2 years ago
One hour of work.
5 seconds later: disgusting
Erin Xox
Erin Xox - 2 years ago
Jeremy Rounds
Jeremy Rounds - 2 years ago
The background music reminds me of cable television and it makes me angry

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Wild chocobo Says!
Wild chocobo Says! - 2 years ago
Cody Parkey
Cody Parkey - 2 years ago
It's f*cking raw!!!!
D4RYL_Playz - 2 years ago
Well mine is the worst cause we only ordered an water it took a day just to make a water
kylie katcarter
kylie katcarter - 2 years ago
Did he even try the strawberry field? It looked like he just tried the strawberry. He ordered it and it had the description, he knew what he was getting.
SpeedBumps - 2 years ago
If gordon would just cook and eat his own dish And not judge others
juicyallstar - 2 years ago
“Strawberry Field, I’d rather eat a beetle”.

I see what you did there Gordon.
Juan Flores
Juan Flores - 2 years ago
so many people didn't notice XD
Akemas Tico
Akemas Tico - 2 years ago
the sakura one is bad because sushi is supposed to be eaten in one bite, as far as i know (also i like how kind he is to the waitress)
maria castro
maria castro - 2 years ago
5:21 its over 9 thousand
maria castro
maria castro - 2 years ago
That hotel took the L and a big oof
John Rife
John Rife - 2 years ago
When she said "i don't think this will fill in my mouth." I almost nutted.

30. comment for Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

Sssniper Wolf
Sssniper Wolf - 2 years ago
Why do they just throw the food away?! It's like "ok, gordon poked it a few times, licked it and put it back on the plate, now it's all ruined", but they could've given it to at least an animal if not a person...! *is annoyed because now I feel like sushi or rice*
C.J Armstrong
C.J Armstrong - 2 years ago
I'm not expert on Japanese food, but I did spend a month backpacking through Japan and was never once served a dish that included cream cheese. Cheese in general was almost never a part of any dish i was served. Dairy products just aren't popular in Japan
C.J Armstrong
C.J Armstrong - 2 years ago
+Rosemary Park i cant imagine that any cheese would taste good with sushi rice, tbh
Rosemary Park
Rosemary Park - 2 years ago
You're right. Cream Cheese is more american style. I'm an asian person and cream cheese doesn't taste good with rice. Yuck!
Chuff Pank
Chuff Pank - 2 years ago
The lady is really cute
Vhan Alvee
Vhan Alvee - 2 years ago
That denial face tho
Fake Pink Guy
Fake Pink Guy - 2 years ago
It's fucking RAW
marcus talerico
marcus talerico - 2 years ago
Who knocks on a couch like as if it's a table?!
marcus talerico
marcus talerico - 2 years ago
DonnyMcJonny - 2 years ago
You know what? I'm from Mississippi. Her trying to make Mississippi healthier is something I can get behind.
d3ch3n s
d3ch3n s - 2 years ago
the server was great tho
the bro cousins
the bro cousins - 2 years ago
Miles Moralez
Miles Moralez - 2 years ago
Does anybody know wat ep
Oh No No
Oh No No - 2 years ago
E S - 2 years ago
The Beatles reference
Alex's Bikes and Motors
Alex's Bikes and Motors - 2 years ago
that waitress said the same thing to me before giving me a bj- "theres no way this is gonna fit in my mouth"
Ayessa Chrishene Leonard
Ayessa Chrishene Leonard - 2 years ago
The chef seems nice
global jay
global jay - 2 years ago
Gordon needs to learn his boundary’s. If he doesn’t like the food. Walk out.
A random guy Nothing to see hear
A random guy Nothing to see hear - 2 years ago
Guardian:TV - 2 years ago
2:38 that is what she said.
A Tomato
A Tomato - 2 years ago
Chef: Here’s your water

Lukas Kbäck
Lukas Kbäck - 2 years ago
Ivan Salinas
Ivan Salinas - 2 years ago
So this is where jamie lynn spears ended up lol

50. comment for Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

Janette Island
Janette Island - 2 years ago
OVER 900,000!!!!!!
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson - 2 years ago
Nothing worse than bad food is making a guest wait too long specially now adays with time being worth gold
Ruby Powell
Ruby Powell - 2 years ago
Their combinations are so bad they make me wanna be sick
Farah Bavosa
Farah Bavosa - 2 years ago
Aw.I feel bad for the cook.She took the time and effort
Clay Chapman
Clay Chapman - 2 years ago
Gordan Ramsay orders Sushi
"Its fookin RAW!"
AE Conn
AE Conn - 2 years ago
Guys, GUYS

I think she may be trying her best
Amy Anime Lover
Amy Anime Lover - 2 years ago
I love sushi, but there is no way I'd eat that stuff
Comment Deputy
Comment Deputy - 2 years ago
Gordon I experienced worst

1hr for a canned drink
2hr for ramen
That was for me
Levi Orellana
Levi Orellana - 2 years ago
Why did she knock on the couch??
John Jumamil
John Jumamil - 2 years ago
I dont know why i still keep watching these videos
Jessica Amoasi
Jessica Amoasi - 2 years ago
5:20 We'Re iN DeBt???
Honey Comb
Honey Comb - 2 years ago
And I waited 2 for a hot pocket ok so stfu
KitKat Katie
KitKat Katie - 2 years ago
In a restaurant you gotta make the food fast
-FootballSkillz- - 2 years ago
how do you even get $900 000 in debt!!! LMAO
sariyah 85
sariyah 85 - 2 years ago
I bet everybody mom and dad cooks better then that restaurant
YoUr dOg sPeAkS CHiNeSe?!
YoUr dOg sPeAkS CHiNeSe?! - 2 years ago
I feel sorry for the sushi lady and appreciate her for not saying "what does he mean? My food is amazing" or "if he doesn't like my food, then get out" and acknowledged the fact that she isn't the best and IS trying her best!
I know he's only there for the food every episode, but shouldn't he check out the bathrooms too?
Matttt - 2 years ago
fried salmon with cream cheese........disgusting !
Muntasir Rahim
Muntasir Rahim - 2 years ago
Sushi is raw fish
Narf - 2 years ago
How the fuck do you get $900,000 dollars in debt and act so calm??
bitch - 2 years ago
awww the waiter was so sweet
DonnyMcJonny - 2 years ago
Hospitality state, my friend. That's the norm in Mississippi.
Booker T. Washington
Booker T. Washington - 2 years ago
Robert Curtis
Robert Curtis - 2 years ago
I would rather have the waitress with thighs on the side,and i would definely shoot the cook.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 2 years ago

Radioactive Spike
Radioactive Spike - 2 years ago
4:08 Sukie SMOKES!
EclipZe Nikc
EclipZe Nikc - 2 years ago
“I respect rice” puts strawberry and banana with tuna
AidTL - 2 years ago
That was so mean, don’t make that innocent trash can have to have all that stuffed down it’s throat

Caleb Takes The L
Caleb Takes The L - 2 years ago
Ah Gordon mr impatient
Zero Two
Zero Two - 2 years ago
I feel so bad for the cook
QwakeyQwak - 2 years ago
She ain’t even wearing a hairnet
Mateusz Matuszewski
Mateusz Matuszewski - 2 years ago
Which episode of which season is this
please get off my channel
please get off my channel - 2 years ago
Nicolas Cappadona
Nicolas Cappadona - 2 years ago
There ist no way this is going to fit in my mouth
Crossi - 2 years ago
Poor すき
Iamakittywithwings - 2 years ago
I just hoped he didn’t yell and scream at this tiny lady ;-;
MegnuS3Rs - 2 years ago
no he just gift a house
franky cong
franky cong - 2 years ago
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed - 2 years ago
I’d like to taste the blonde’s asshole.
SquishyPiggy66 - 2 years ago
I love Gordon don’t get me wrong I just think it’s funny how Gordon yells at everyone if his fish is raw and he waits and hour but if someone does it at his restaurant he yells at them
Piggynuke 13
Piggynuke 13 - 2 years ago
Gordon needs to stop hurting himself
Jaklyn Cook
Jaklyn Cook - 2 years ago
"I'd rather fucking eat a beatle"

It's so random its funny.
Crim ley
Crim ley - 2 years ago
who says Day-mit? XD
Angel Caballero
Angel Caballero - 2 years ago
Am I the only one who understood why he said I'd rather eat a Beatle than the strawberry feild?
FeirceGamerGirl Sparkelz
FeirceGamerGirl Sparkelz - 2 years ago
I wanna steal that Lil’ Lady,Just scoop her up and hug her
TheWorstChannel - 2 years ago
Is Gordon flirting or something?
Cephalon Arteus
Cephalon Arteus - 2 years ago
Why is the sound like gordon is a pubescent smurf
TRB 101
TRB 101 - 2 years ago
I bet that just cuz she is asian, she can make asian food. I cant make mexican food and im mexican.
mayseeo manns
mayseeo manns - 2 years ago

Your girl: 2:38
Robin Edwin
Robin Edwin - 2 years ago
Omg she beautiful
John-Michael Franco
John-Michael Franco - 2 years ago
Hes always so cool to waiters and waitresses
Secmer - 2 years ago
He is so fucking savage

100. comment for Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

Kevin Putra
Kevin Putra - 2 years ago
2:36 just close your eyes and listen
Kevin Putra
Kevin Putra - 2 years ago
+TheLegend27 never "eaten" it XD
TheLegend27 - 2 years ago
Kevin Putra start from 2:21 lmao
Crash BanditLoot
Crash BanditLoot - 2 years ago
Well, as long as she respects rice....
Michael Sickenger
Michael Sickenger - 2 years ago
Come on guys did no one notice the Beatles reference Gordon droped
xXInfinityDiesXx - 2 years ago
Ruthetdolf - 2 years ago
Hell Gordon, he is freaking wasting the food in the world. Get out from the earth , Gordon. Food waster!!!! Negative dick head
AndTheEarthSang - 2 years ago
Ruthetdolf some of that food is poisonous
Linda Perez
Linda Perez - 2 years ago
Why does she look like Britney Spears
SmartTiger - 2 years ago
I’d rather fuckin’ eat a beetle
AndTheEarthSang - 2 years ago
SmartTiger Beatle
You’re trash But
You’re trash But - 2 years ago
Waitress kinda looks like Alexis Texas
Mel Bisesar
Mel Bisesar - 2 years ago
You’re trash But omg wtf creepy
Skylars SpaceFarm
Skylars SpaceFarm - 2 years ago
Strawberries and sushi sound amazing. As long as the sushi doesn’t contain tuna, of course
Liam Alexander
Liam Alexander - 2 years ago
The waitress is super cute.
Crystal Gunderson
Crystal Gunderson - 2 years ago
3:22 look out, I think moto moto likes you
Dioo B.
Dioo B. - 2 years ago
strawberry with rice..? it's a crime..
Beo TinhKhiet
Beo TinhKhiet - 2 years ago
am I the only one who have problem with my audio
Josep Pasaribu
Josep Pasaribu - 2 years ago
Respect japanese people you idiot
AndTheEarthSang - 2 years ago
Josep Pasaribu it’s nothing to do with that, it’s about the food
Daily Doughnut
Daily Doughnut - 2 years ago
One time me and my family waited 2 hours
Hector Flores Jr.
Hector Flores Jr. - 2 years ago
Instead of throwing away the food how about giving it to homeless people??
Hector Flores Jr.
Hector Flores Jr. - 2 years ago
AndTheEarthSang this guy it’s picky ass people like you who don’t know what to struggle is you think homeless people give a fuck if it’s not good stfu.
AndTheEarthSang - 2 years ago
Hector Flores Jr. Yeah, give them the awful food! That shows you care!
David Tamez
David Tamez - 2 years ago
We wouldn't eat this food that's poorly made but you will, enjoy
MaKayla Wilcox-Bailey
MaKayla Wilcox-Bailey - 2 years ago
ice cold water

like my soul
Lugia Gamer
Lugia Gamer - 2 years ago
5:20 how do you keep $900 000 of dept a secret???
CARNAGE CARNAGE - 2 years ago
2:37 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Angel Singer
Angel Singer - 2 years ago
Ramsay: “We’re in this together.”
Server: “Oh, no...you ordered this all on your own.”
ketchup bottle
ketchup bottle - 2 years ago
server lad its called waitress
100 Subs With no vids
100 Subs With no vids - 2 years ago
The thing thats funny about ramsay is “thats DISGUSTING!”
Rosie scarlet
Rosie scarlet - 2 years ago
Gordon is smart he invited others person to try his food
Ver Coda
Ver Coda - 2 years ago
On the plus side, looked like a pretty neat, virtually spotless kitchen, and it’s usually the opposite...
annie countryman
annie countryman - 2 years ago
I dont think i want to be a chef meeting this guy
Joe - 2 years ago
Feel bad for the chef cause she's not like most of the other chefs/owners
Sasuke Uchiha JR
Sasuke Uchiha JR - 2 years ago
throws away

IT tAstEs vErY gOoD
Rebekah LPS
Rebekah LPS - 2 years ago
I honestly feel bad. Like, really bad.
ChavezPete - 2 years ago
It’s not funny. $900,000 in dept is a disaster! They would do better to hire a sushi chef from a supermarket. The one we have here is pretty good
Chrisnia Y
Chrisnia Y - 2 years ago
Fried salmon with cream cheese is good. Here that’s a Sunday morning roll
KaTTa. - 2 years ago
A classic futo make is exactly the Same size btw you eat them with your Fingers u fool. Poor asian woman
K SWISS - 2 years ago
First, never let non Asian people work at Asian restaurants. Its a sure sign that its crap. Further, as an Asian woman, marrying a white man means you are his oriental trophy and no matter how shit you are, he will always coddle you.
Alenis30 Gaming
Alenis30 Gaming - 2 years ago
She reminds me of Olivia Holt haha
Marquelx3 - 2 years ago
So nobody gonna say that she looks exactly like zoey from 101
I am the father
I am the father - 2 years ago
Who cares its just 900k dollars debt.
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn - 2 years ago
"please don't say you don't know"
reeseslightning11 - 2 years ago
Ramsay's like "When did I become a psychologist???"
Journey through the Cosmos
Journey through the Cosmos - 2 years ago
Strawberry field rather eat a beetle did you mean John, Paul, George and Ringo Or an actual bug
Christina Bobina
Christina Bobina - 2 years ago
Bruh. I kinda feel bad for the owner tho
Dee Dee Animates
Dee Dee Animates - 2 years ago
*sOuNd afFeCts*
Babita Bhanot
Babita Bhanot - 2 years ago
The lady making the food said that she was trying her best
Ales Nguyen
Ales Nguyen - 2 years ago
Waitress: *serves water*
Gordon: Its dry
Kodi White
Kodi White - 2 years ago
Well she def can’t take bbc then
Валя Морозова
Валя Морозова - 2 years ago
Ревизор пришел.Сейчас вам прочистит не только холодильники , но и мозги
Playcer - 2 years ago
It's like saying "i'm bad at football but i'll pay a team 100mil to play for them and say i'll do my best
Edit Name
Edit Name - 2 years ago
Even though he didn’t like the food, it’s only one persons opinion. He is a chef but everyone has different taste buds. Hopefully she’ll make it better in the future
Flippin Santiago
Flippin Santiago - 2 years ago
I feel bad for the chef
QuadSquad4 - 2 years ago
0:54 when Gordon has to "face the music" but he doesn't want the music to face him
wpdh9102 - 2 years ago
"I'm trying my best and I respect rice"
Wow thats my senior quote right there
MegnuS3Rs - 2 years ago
Lolita Candy
Lolita Candy - 2 years ago
Shes so slow at cooking .. guess she didnt cook at young age it seems
Herc breadboy
Herc breadboy - 2 years ago
2:38 thats what she said
Jocelyne Lessard
Jocelyne Lessard - 2 years ago
ElemenT - 2 years ago
We'rE In dEbT?
P5ychL - 2 years ago
what episode is this
chaeyoung willneverchaeold
chaeyoung willneverchaeold - 2 years ago
Clickbait 101
Kaneki ken
Kaneki ken - 2 years ago
IT'S OVER 900,000!!
russell naden
russell naden - 2 years ago
You know why gordon ramsay always want water?

Coz the dish is DRY
beastmodethef5 - 2 years ago
that blondie waitress girl looks like britney spears lol
DemienOF - 2 years ago
2:39 that’s what she said
Yas 1003
Yas 1003 - 2 years ago
Derpy Derpstein
Derpy Derpstein - 2 years ago
But strawberry on sushi?
Marks Župerka
Marks Župerka - 2 years ago
Why u throw aut fud? I would have eaten all those sushis with pleasure ;_;
Mesane - 2 years ago
To me, She (waitress) sounds a little like Tara Reid for some reason
chrisi poop lani
chrisi poop lani - 2 years ago
Lol 3:47 he said a pun from the Beatles band he said strawberry field I would rather eat a beetle
Marcus Torres
Marcus Torres - 2 years ago
Poor sukie
Sparrow - 2 years ago
2:36 is what every man wants to hear. 2:44 every man gets disappointed.
『ᎠᎪ』 NORTH - 2 years ago
F in the chat
Jeff Crompton
Jeff Crompton - 2 years ago
Bring your own water
3242 tacos
3242 tacos - 2 years ago
I feel bad for the servers every ep
Daniel Littlejohn
Daniel Littlejohn - 2 years ago
"Strawberry Fields, I'd rather fuckin' eat a Beatle"

Oscar Mai
Oscar Mai - 2 years ago
I feel bad for the old lady it is sad and she work hard
Retcon Era
Retcon Era - 2 years ago
She can open wide for me anyday
ChaotiC Gaming
ChaotiC Gaming - 2 years ago
2:38 that's what she said
Sehunsmainho minki
Sehunsmainho minki - 2 years ago
"I'm doing my best and I respect rice" gotchu girl
DreamyChara - 2 years ago
1 hour for bad california rolls...Great '-'
sonic breakerz
sonic breakerz - 2 years ago
Jesse Ayala
Jesse Ayala - 2 years ago
How many thought about a dick joke
christophe Chattou
christophe Chattou - 2 years ago
BrokeBot - 2 years ago
did she just say "I'm Lazy"?
Hunter Gottschalk
Hunter Gottschalk - 2 years ago
"Strawberry fields? I'd rather eat a beetle" great reference there
Keanu Carmean
Keanu Carmean - 2 years ago
“There is no way this is going to fit in my mouth”
Adam Bendelow
Adam Bendelow - 2 years ago
0:06 autotune?
Mr MEMé - 2 years ago
Ramsey, What a Sleaze-Bhaggé
Psychotic Riot
Psychotic Riot - 2 years ago
I feel bad for the old lady because she's trying her best, when most chefs are deliberately quite lazy and don't care what they give Gordon
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 2 years ago
It’s raw because it’s sushi
kaleido - 2 years ago
gordon ramsay
eats any food
Angry Wulf
Angry Wulf - 2 years ago
I Am Tamjo
I Am Tamjo - 2 years ago
What is this mic audio
Jorgeyy Boyy
Jorgeyy Boyy - 2 years ago
dank you darling
Vincent Bui
Vincent Bui - 2 years ago
"Open Wide"

"There is no way this is gonna fit in my mouth"

Thats what she said.
Taya Thomas
Taya Thomas - 2 years ago
"Maybe A Health Warning"
Thane Z
Thane Z - 2 years ago
Yeah just my kind of thing to watch at 2am
MrBeast - 2 years ago
Mississippi moutain momma. Take me home. Jackson roaaaaaaaads.
Rubys Magic
Rubys Magic - 2 years ago
She looks like the square snapchat fliter.
the life of dana
the life of dana - 2 years ago
Asian lady: * makes twelve sushi rolls *

Asian Lady: WE ARE IN DEBT
Zach Omara
Zach Omara - 2 years ago
Over an hour to prepare sushi.... hmm... is she related to my wife?
Elisa Leoncini
Elisa Leoncini - 2 years ago
Wow 900 thousand in debit THAT'S CRAZY. Close up
AnthoCal12 - 2 years ago
K Sky
K Sky - 2 years ago
i want to teach how to make nice sushi for pretty waitress. Sukie is disaster.
Mackenzie Brandt
Mackenzie Brandt - 2 years ago
"im doing my best, and i respect rice" i felt that
Daniel Tigges
Daniel Tigges - 2 years ago
Food looked pretty good, So did Lindsey. She deserves a better job
Mr Pink
Mr Pink - 2 years ago
2:38 that's what she said!
John.RiDiCuLoUs - 2 years ago
andres Gomez
andres Gomez - 2 years ago
She looks like bre olson
Andy West
Andy West - 2 years ago
2:38 "wait there's no way this is gonna fit in my mouth"
That's LITERALLY what she said
Youngstune - 2 years ago
Magikarp Prince
Magikarp Prince - 2 years ago
Gordon: Waits an hour for his food
Gordon: Eats one bite
Gordon: No return it
hoola hoola la
hoola hoola la - 2 years ago
My mum school was on diet 1m pounds but it closed down
Anette Kattrup
Anette Kattrup - 2 years ago
Oh yea yea
Oh yea yea - 2 years ago
Ok of you haven’t seen the whole episode please watch it the owner and head chef/wife are incredibly nice I
Love them so much
Jonas Söderberg
Jonas Söderberg - 2 years ago
it is clickbait (kinda) because the title says Forced to wait over an hour for RAW fish. i just think it´s written like he got a meal there with fish and that the fish was not propertly cooked
J C - 2 years ago
It's RAW!
Beeby8 Reviews
Beeby8 Reviews - 2 years ago
Did she say “I respect rice”?
Miranda Davis
Miranda Davis - 2 years ago
Does anybody else think the waitress looks just like a young Jamie Lynn Spears?
Dogeboi9378 - 2 years ago
i t s r a w
BAD BOY - 2 years ago
Lindsay is hot as hell !!
Brandon Godinez
Brandon Godinez - 2 years ago
Waiter: here is your water.

Gordon: it's dry
Banana Monkey
Banana Monkey - 2 years ago
Gordon doesn’t like anything.
Omalley - 2 years ago
She's is a fitty
Nora Badawy
Nora Badawy - 2 years ago
Maybe somerhing healthier

There was nothing healthy about my lunch the only thing health was a health warning
Kingthaz _06
Kingthaz _06 - 2 years ago
Favourite word of Ramsey in any episode '' DISGUSTING''
True Fan Forum
True Fan Forum - 2 years ago
I've never tried sushi (I am not overly fond of fish) but even I know you do not combine fish with cream cheese, strawberries, or jalapeños. My stomach is doing flips just thinking about it. :(
mike will
mike will - 2 years ago
She respects rice.
Name's OMEGA
Name's OMEGA - 2 years ago
IT'S OVER 900000!
A1Kev - 2 years ago
How does it takes that long with no customers
Carlos Rosas
Carlos Rosas - 2 years ago
Wait this broke my heart lmao she didn’t know
The Artistic Fellow
The Artistic Fellow - 2 years ago
When I say one of Ramsey’s famous quotes in a restaurant out loud
Me: Disgusting
Parents: We’re in a restaurant
Me: Oh, should I apologize to everyone?
Parents: You may proceed with that.
Me: The Food is Disgusting
Parents & Everyone: Fuck
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith - 2 years ago
This is the nicest I’ve seen Gordon... probably because the people he’s dealing with are nice.
Alpha-Q-Up - 2 years ago
This place is fuckin dead
Joseph Mann
Joseph Mann - 2 years ago
Here’s your starter.
It’s bland.

Here’s your main.
It’s bland.

My names Joe.
It’s bland.

Well fuck off then.
Thank you my darling.
David van Muijden
David van Muijden - 2 years ago
"There is no way that is gonna fit in my mouth."
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Spitfire is My Captain
Spitfire is My Captain - 2 years ago
"Damn it!"
It happened again..
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo - 2 years ago
Britney Spears's sister in the house
THE REAL CONSTRY - 2 years ago
I love Gordan idk why but i do
Kingless_ - 2 years ago
2:38 that’s what she said.
Chaiyawong - 2 years ago
I fell bad for the girl who made the sushi. She looks sad
Jamie 96
Jamie 96 - 2 years ago
Omg my college is near strakville
JustinBieber - 2 years ago
"I respect rice" -_-
Swells11 97
Swells11 97 - 2 years ago
I’m doing my best and I respect rice

Wtf does that even mean
Swells11 97
Swells11 97 - 2 years ago
May I get this out of your way
-“as quickly as possible”

Ramsay u goddamn savage
Maro Vok
Maro Vok - 2 years ago
Wow 900k in debt ? The waitress is too pretty to be in a empty place like that ,she’s got to be an actress..
Isaac Good
Isaac Good - 2 years ago
When the lady didn't know they were almost $1M in debt... I'm speechless I don't know what to think of that.
Adan B.
Adan B. - 2 years ago
So no ones gonna talk about how Gordon legit was gonna take a nap?! XD
Great Expectations
Great Expectations - 2 years ago
Gordan's face looks like an old child
Emily Espinosa
Emily Espinosa - 2 years ago
where’s the lamb sauce?
its Gloria!!
its Gloria!! - 2 years ago
What episode is this
Bones_ _dealer
Bones_ _dealer - 2 years ago
Anyone knows the episode's number?
cryptedgaming HD
cryptedgaming HD - 2 years ago
There is no way thats gonna fit in my mouth
Aircooled Tech
Aircooled Tech - 2 years ago
I can't hide spending $25 from my wife but somehow this dude hid $900k in debt from his. Shit! His power level is over 9000.
Finnigan Sargeant
Finnigan Sargeant - 2 years ago
It's over 900,000.
Saleh Khalifa
Saleh Khalifa - 2 years ago
lmao dbz reference caught me off guard
Hanna Jean
Hanna Jean - 2 years ago
shaggy at full power be like
Trevor Slenders
Trevor Slenders - 2 years ago
Sounds like I’m not the only ☝️
It’s ok to be white
It’s ok to be white - 2 years ago
Hahahaha thanks for making me laugh out loud
Matěj Lán
Matěj Lán - 2 years ago
Angelica’s Recovery
Angelica’s Recovery - 2 years ago
The fact that the waitress didn’t even want to try the food..
Lucas Nuñez
Lucas Nuñez - 2 years ago
Ill have a water. Im sorry we don't have water
THE TRIPLE X - 2 years ago
wAiT tHeReS nO wAy Im GoNnA fIt ThIs In My mOuTh
Perma virgin
Perma virgin - 2 years ago
2:38 :---))
HannShin X28
HannShin X28 - 2 years ago
don't tell me another permanently closed restaurant after gordon visit this one
Dan Sor
Dan Sor - 2 years ago
Aww poor chef... She seems so nice.... Gordan was soo mean. Just glad that Gordan rented a place for Sukie! So glad to see her happy! And tbh i just found it out now! Yayyy!
SRGT Bloodshot
SRGT Bloodshot - 2 years ago
Im happy gordon doesnt take it out on waiters
Miranda Davis
Miranda Davis - 2 years ago
That would just be really irrational. The food is not their fault in any way, Gordon knows that.
ed hill
ed hill - 2 years ago
"Theres no way this is going to fit in my mouth" that what she said.
precious gem
precious gem - 2 years ago
She is pretty, she looks like a celebrity.
Jaydee Galahad
Jaydee Galahad - 2 years ago
Did she knocked the couch and gordon ramsay woke up?... Uhmm.. Haha
Theofilus Agung
Theofilus Agung - 2 years ago
What eps is this
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin - 2 years ago
$900,000 COME ON
The hazard_ 470
The hazard_ 470 - 2 years ago
He is a bitch
Rosè K. stan nct sluts
Rosè K. stan nct sluts - 2 years ago
its RAW!!!!!!
despacito 69
despacito 69 - 2 years ago
I bet they went to catch it
robert roussett
robert roussett - 2 years ago
this is oriental food that has mysterious ingredients and follows the samurai code of eating; EAT IT and DIE with HONOR!,,,rr
fierry 65
fierry 65 - 2 years ago
I feel so sad for the waitres hearing such awful words
Michelle Bryant
Michelle Bryant - 2 years ago
Trey Lo
Trey Lo - 2 years ago
How do you reached $900k+ debt and still run a business. I thought restaurants would close by then.
Plus, you're suppose to eat sushi by whole, not bite it.
ItsMeAgain John
ItsMeAgain John - 2 years ago
I laughed at that Stawberry Fields Beatle joke.
Foul Ball
Foul Ball - 2 years ago
Aren’t most sushis supposed to be with raw salmon?
hardcore hunter
hardcore hunter - 2 years ago
What a little prick. I like him though.
The real Mac Ter
The real Mac Ter - 2 years ago
I mean he is a food critic
missy28996 - 2 years ago
What episode is this from
Spartan 9013
Spartan 9013 - 2 years ago
"I don't think this is gonna fit in my mouth"

Me: Nature finds a way
Fluffy Waffles
Fluffy Waffles - 2 years ago
Did Ramsey ever have sushi before or....
Adam Makumbi
Adam Makumbi - 2 years ago
shes had bigger things in her mouth than that sushi
xNet Plays
xNet Plays - 2 years ago
this bitch hates every type of food god dam dude
Diego Quezada Zavala
Diego Quezada Zavala - 2 years ago
there are episodes were he has liked food, he isn't always hate
Transparent_Sun0 YT
Transparent_Sun0 YT - 2 years ago
The best part was when the guy said that they are in $900K in dept, that’s more than my dad’s paycheck in 10 years XD
Roblox Day
Roblox Day - 2 years ago
Roblox Day
Roblox Day - 2 years ago
One like=1 good meal for Gordon
Lami Cato
Lami Cato - 2 years ago
"I have tried all I can."
Gavin Brodene
Gavin Brodene - 2 years ago
why is the background (when they interview the waitress) a bed?......
gony 98
gony 98 - 2 years ago
what is the name of this place?
SAGAR KHANDEKAR - 2 years ago
Drama king Ramsey
Diego Quezada Zavala
Diego Quezada Zavala - 2 years ago
Food Critic*
Yuu Nam
Yuu Nam - 2 years ago
2:38 thats what she said
Anindita Pathak
Anindita Pathak - 2 years ago
You are one out of hundred
Hillary S.
Hillary S. - 2 years ago
Hmm, deep fried cream cheese...i’d eat that.
EDC Productions
EDC Productions - 2 years ago
I feel bad for the chef:(
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez - 2 years ago
"Total disaster"
Ellinon Enosis
Ellinon Enosis - 2 years ago
Women are never accountable for their actions...that's a man's job....women only like to flash the "status and position" they occupy....without of course been worthy of it.....
cooldbz12 - 2 years ago
$20 Gordon banged that waitress.
Math - 2 years ago
Theres no way thats gonna fit in my mouth,they always say that
MrCaragen - 2 years ago
Exgecko - 2 years ago
2:39 yeeeaaah sure you liar had probably bigger things in that mouth
gloup owen
gloup owen - 2 years ago
SharpShooter205 - 2 years ago
900,000... May we have 2 mins of silence for Sukie
Star Emma56
Star Emma56 - 2 years ago
RAW FISH!!! sushi IS raw gish anyways
Jah'Lee Robinson
Jah'Lee Robinson - 2 years ago
you think they at least cook the meat
Alexis Inostroza
Alexis Inostroza - 2 years ago
2:38 That's what girls always say...
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie - 2 years ago
why is she so rude?
Diego Quezada Zavala
Diego Quezada Zavala - 2 years ago
who is she?
WolfAuraMaster - 2 years ago
Wayward Son
Wayward Son - 2 years ago
Please do us ALL a favor, and post what season, and episode these uploads are from, it would be tremendously helpful.
nutela pancake
nutela pancake - 2 years ago
All it needed was lamb sauce
FastyBoi 360
FastyBoi 360 - 2 years ago
its over 90000
F.B.I - 2 years ago
Lamb Sauce
Rocky and Ronny
Rocky and Ronny - 2 years ago
Just leave her alone as she said she tried her best so just go away
Diego Quezada Zavala
Diego Quezada Zavala - 2 years ago
he is there so that they can improve their food and work space
Infinifan80 - 2 years ago
????? Ummmmmm. They're in debt. Like very much in debt. Unfortunately her best is not good enough. He's there to help them so they don't lose what they've worked for. Not to give her a pat on the back and a participation trophy
PineapplecatXD wonderpigs
PineapplecatXD wonderpigs - 2 years ago
Why don't chefs check there food before sending it out?!!
مرام السلقيني
مرام السلقيني - 2 years ago
the sushi is rawwwww... oh it should be raw lol
Birinder Singh1234
Birinder Singh1234 - 2 years ago
Gordon: Can I have some water?
Waiter: sure thing!


Gordon: tHiS wAtEr Is BlAnT!!
yeetman14 - 2 years ago
da fukin wata Is fukin rawwwwwwwwwwwwww
Eileen Cullen
Eileen Cullen - 2 years ago
"I tried all I can". Maybe you should've tried training to be a chef.
Mitch 1
Mitch 1 - 2 years ago
2:36 close your eyes and listen
Cheese Wedge
Cheese Wedge - 2 years ago
2:38 Bet that’s not the first time she’s said that..
James Gillen
James Gillen - 2 years ago
Augustine Coronado
Augustine Coronado - 2 years ago
Sukie Dookie who makes nasty Foody
Doode Chill
Doode Chill - 2 years ago
2:38 that’s what she said
stang life
stang life - 2 years ago
2:23 her thoughts
" i blow so its not too big for me "
Alanator56 - 2 years ago
I’d rather eat a beetle
Batman's Sidekick
Batman's Sidekick - 2 years ago
Okay, but I freaking love this couple. I don't remember any yelling at all in this episode. Even when times are hard they stick by each other and never blamed each other for anything. This looks like real love you know?
Ephy KreepZ
Ephy KreepZ - 2 years ago
2:37 hehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe
Willow Summers
Willow Summers - 2 years ago
Ramsay I hate to break it to ya bud but the Las Vegas roll is very popular. Honestly one of my favorites at CJ Chan's lol
krombee - 2 years ago
How is it possible for the editing and continuity to be this bad? She takes the Las Vegas from the window, plates the Strawberry Field, says it's the Las Vegas he sits down to the Strawberry field then he's miraculously eating the Las Vegas. And the Strawberry field is the last one he critiques?!?!?!?! Who is in charge of this nonsense?
Diego Quezada Zavala
Diego Quezada Zavala - 2 years ago
probably himself
Tom Slade
Tom Slade - 2 years ago
I feel sorry for the people who serve there.
cutie_pie567 - 2 years ago
He's got some good one-liners

"Id rather eat a fucking beetle"
Finerider - 2 years ago
And I respect rice woo
Carnage845 87
Carnage845 87 - 2 years ago
James Banks
James Banks - 2 years ago
That's a cute ass waitresss
Dwayne - 2 years ago
SyrchPlayzz - 2 years ago
I feel bad for all the waiters and waitresses who work in these bad restaurants
stella somad
stella somad - 2 years ago
Also .. I don't even like sushi
stella somad
stella somad - 2 years ago
Thomas Zulli
Thomas Zulli - 2 years ago
in their defense. it was super busy then usual
XILO Xese - 2 years ago
So under rated XD
DeadlyFuzzBall 1
DeadlyFuzzBall 1 - 2 years ago
Sad honestly
MountainDew - 2 years ago
Lego Battle Droid
Lego Battle Droid - 2 years ago
Oh yeah i forgot to mention that we're like 900k debts
Donny 8oi
Donny 8oi - 2 years ago
3:46-3:49 Beatles joke strawberry fields forever
Scott Kucinski
Scott Kucinski - 2 years ago
I've eaten shit like this after drinking all night and loved it lol
Patrick's Crazy Place
Patrick's Crazy Place - 2 years ago
I like how Gordon is always so chummy and respectful towards the waiters and waitresses.

Like "Look, I know this isn't your fault"
Noe Sanchez
Noe Sanchez - 2 years ago
The MVP was the waitress.
keith wortham
keith wortham - 2 years ago
Lindsey is beautiful.
spade - 2 years ago
Lindsay in those tights tho
BlueAngel2397 - 2 years ago
When my husband talks to me about our credit card statement after my shopping spree 5:27...
Grace Smith
Grace Smith - 2 years ago
This is the saddest episode of this ive ever seen
Ao-No-Lupus - 2 years ago
Salmon sushi with strawberries are absolutely delicious, the best sushi that I’ve ever had, and I’m extremely critical with sushi, very picky.
Nicholas S
Nicholas S - 2 years ago
1:30 I like how she knocked on the couch like if it would make any noise xD
Paul G
Paul G - 2 years ago
That is the strangest sushi I've seen.
Andrew T
Andrew T - 2 years ago
wife doesnt even know their own financial situation
Ali Sulaiman
Ali Sulaiman - 2 years ago
Am I tripping or is this video sped up?
samaria - 2 years ago
His criticism is just fucked up
Brian Empa
Brian Empa - 2 years ago
How can you be so much in debt?
Promise Thomas
Promise Thomas - 2 years ago
... that waiter is the hottest women i've ever seen (: hmu
Roy Smit
Roy Smit - 2 years ago
Good service, but the cooks... It's always the cooks
NialteA xcx
NialteA xcx - 2 years ago
I can't wait Raw fish 1 hr... I'll start yelling
Really Daniella
Really Daniella - 2 years ago
I respecc wise
Really Daniella
Really Daniella - 2 years ago
I'm offended
Hani - 2 years ago
WTF what happened next??
Dylan Ellerton
Dylan Ellerton - 2 years ago
Fota Hongka
Fota Hongka - 2 years ago
"Want me to put it away?"
Gordon: As quickly as possible.
Wth and hour for a sushi.
Marcus Ary
Marcus Ary - 2 years ago
That server is cute and seems super sweet and intelligent. It's unfortunate her path in life lead her to working in a dump like that. I hope appearing on the show opened something up for you ❤️✌️
Samuel Coe
Samuel Coe - 2 years ago
Feel sorry for the female owner :(
Ma/ Co/
Ma/ Co/ - 2 years ago
LMFAO ... 'we're in debt?"
Andras Tuba
Andras Tuba - 2 years ago
Waitress is cute though, 10/10 would frick
Tony Danatop
Tony Danatop - 2 years ago
little biird y
little biird y - 2 years ago
Nature's Finest lmaooo i thought it meant fish that was cooked so poorly it was still raw
John Delph
John Delph - 2 years ago
Toby Kins DW I fixed it
mrguydood 9
mrguydood 9 - 2 years ago
Edward Wookey
Edward Wookey - 2 years ago
Leidi M
Leidi M - 2 years ago
Please tell me that's not an actual question
Amyrosewins - 2 years ago
Me lol
Daniel Contreras
Daniel Contreras - 2 years ago
John Delph yes
Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez - 2 years ago
Me clickbait sushi is suppose to be RAW
Nature's Finest
Nature's Finest - 2 years ago
What other kind of raw fish do you eat? LMAO!
Ales Nguyen
Ales Nguyen - 2 years ago
Le mua
Pred439 - 2 years ago
The bass is fucking RAWWWWW!!!!!
Im_A Werido
Im_A Werido - 2 years ago
My Name Is Frosty
My Name Is Frosty - 2 years ago
Gordon: Open wide please

Waitress: There’s no way I can fit this in my mouth
Gamers Montage
Gamers Montage - 2 years ago
What i like about you is that you gave up your life for food..Its so respectfull
regean kinard
regean kinard - 2 years ago
Piwożłop - 2 years ago
This raw fish is not RAAAAAAAAAAW enough
Madchimpz - 2 years ago
I'd still eat all that sushi no matter how bad it is, I'm sure it's at least better than 711 or supermarket imitation crab California rolls. Obviously Ramsay has higher standards. I do hate oversized sushi though, it's meant to be eaten in a bite, and when it's so huge it's often a mess if you take bites out of it, and you don't get every ingredient in your mouth at once.
soy coconuts
soy coconuts - 2 years ago
This is actually one of my favourite episodes, really heartwarming and the turn around was really incredible
okawaii - 2 years ago
I'm from Japan. And that sushi is horrible. It doesn't look like sushi at all. But I don't mind because I know dishes are supposed to be localized in different country. One thing I don't like about her is making an excuse. If you are from Japan, No excuse Just admit mistakes and apologize. This is a Japanese way.
Zed Orchard
Zed Orchard - 2 years ago

Gordon: "Open wide"

Waitress: "There is no way this is gonna fit in my mouth"


Gordon makes it fit
jake farley
jake farley - 2 years ago
Holy shit that is a fucking bombshell at the end
Erika Duck
Erika Duck - 2 years ago
I felt so badd for the chefffffff
Chelsea D
Chelsea D - 2 years ago
1 hour to make and 1 minute to send back. Geez
Jason Feinman
Jason Feinman - 2 years ago
Strawberry fields forever.
Saraa Renaud
Saraa Renaud - 2 years ago
Let me tell you about my sushi
James Kratos777
James Kratos777 - 2 years ago
The waitress is very beautiful.
tommoore2012 - 2 years ago
For all those wondering. This is one of the hotels that really took to heart what Gordon did for them. They've been hugely successful ever since he left and they've never looked back.
Kenil Sheth
Kenil Sheth - 2 years ago
Do you know anything about owner and the debts
NoticeMe Senpai;-;
NoticeMe Senpai;-; - 2 years ago
tommoore2012 wow it didn’t have a name that’s crazy thanks lol
tommoore2012 - 2 years ago
A hired chef and kitchen staff, rooms remodeled to give a much more vibrant feeling, and outdoor bar and inviting congregational area right next to it, and a freaking name was added to the outside fo the building so people now know that it's a hotel.
NoticeMe Senpai;-;
NoticeMe Senpai;-; - 2 years ago
tommoore2012 what changes were made??
long dong12
long dong12 - 2 years ago
Gordon tears the way the food looks for serving but yet won't comb his hair for the camera
bfs83 - 2 years ago
Ghost Howls
Ghost Howls - 2 years ago
Omg Lindsey Wright is my moms name
Wayne Campbell
Wayne Campbell - 2 years ago
Wait, what?! I go to MSU, when the hell did Gordon Ramsay come to Stark?
Rizer - 2 years ago
Is it just me or does this sound sped up
Ryan Perry
Ryan Perry - 2 years ago
When it comes to sushi, Keep it simple!
Comedy & Laughter
Comedy & Laughter - 2 years ago
i went to a restraunt called o'charleys........
ordered potato soup......WAITED THE SAME EXACT AMOUNT OF TIME FOR IT. 97 WHOLE MINUTES! when it FINALLY came out it was a cold bowl of melted cheese. with chunks of potato the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
Krallesmusic - 2 years ago
She sounds like the girls in my dreams
Basya Belarmino
Basya Belarmino - 2 years ago
Tastes strawberry
Gordon : Its Raw!!!!
XXLinxGamingXX - 2 years ago
She chinese
Basya Belarmino
Basya Belarmino - 2 years ago
The fam dont deserve double frustration
John Doe
John Doe - 2 years ago
Just make food people want. Small selection. Don't reinvent a classics. Nobody wants a weird spin on a already great dish. Especially when you don't know what the hell you're doing. If they go back to basics, they will be successful.
Steven Zhao
Steven Zhao - 2 years ago
Judging by the amount of people bashing the owner not many people finished the episode...
RobertClarkVlogs -Daily Vlogs
RobertClarkVlogs -Daily Vlogs - 2 years ago
they had to catch it
Bari Ashlyn
Bari Ashlyn - 2 years ago
Makes me feel good about my debt
Schmityy722 - 2 years ago
Holy shit 900,000 dollars in debt? they'll be dead and their children will still be paying
ApeIssues - 2 years ago
The server was hella adorable
Kyle CoMi
Kyle CoMi - 2 years ago
I feel bad for the cook :(
Brandon Kime
Brandon Kime - 2 years ago
2:37 that’s what she said
Kawaii TaterTot Potato
Kawaii TaterTot Potato - 2 years ago
Aw... I kinda feel bad for the woman... :'v
Johnny Arcade
Johnny Arcade - 2 years ago
If the old Japanese lady can cook like Osaka chefs I sure that hotel would be packed! :P
PAW PAW Gaming
PAW PAW Gaming - 2 years ago
Darrell Fine
Darrell Fine - 2 years ago
"there's no way this is going to fit in my mouth!" Ummmm. Wait. What? Sounds like the middle of a good porn flick. Lol
hugo w
hugo w - 2 years ago
Waitress is adorable . Poor lady trying to do so much on her own
Hristo Hristoff
Hristo Hristoff - 2 years ago
The waitress is very cute. She has an interesting accent.
Nutty - 2 years ago
That outside are - doesn't it look just like Nino's outside....area?
Hit - 2 years ago
VEGETA, what does the debt say about my restaurant?
It's....it's over 900 THOUSAND!!!
Stodanko - 2 years ago
I rather enjoyed my homemade sushi rolls with tuna, salmon, strawberry, cream cheese, wasabi, shrimp chip was good stuff and I was not the only one who liked it.
Drippy Sauce
Drippy Sauce - 2 years ago
Gordan Ramasy is a nasty bitch
Julio De León.
Julio De León. - 2 years ago
This episode was SO sad...
D_aze - 2 years ago
Joseph Kesar just search up the Chester. Hotel hell
Joseph Kesar
Joseph Kesar - 2 years ago
Julio De León. Which episode is this ?
Jackaboi - 2 years ago
Gordon leave her alone she looks Innocent
Lindsay O
Lindsay O - 2 years ago
I liked this couple i wonder how the place is still doing
Jorge Samperio
Jorge Samperio - 2 years ago
What episode is this
Jimmy Sharpe
Jimmy Sharpe - 2 years ago
season 2 episode 4
Hazy Bear
Hazy Bear - 2 years ago
We have a breakfast place in new Hampshire that told my mom 45min wait time for French toast that was the last time I went there after telling the owner what I thought of that ticket time.
II TRAGEDY II - 2 years ago
She needs gloves
blackmoreOrion - 2 years ago
2:36 yes, you can. Just get drunk and visit some high school party
Croissantinthe Grave
Croissantinthe Grave - 2 years ago
It’s RAW

oh yeah yeah
seamorgh21 - 2 years ago
"I respect rice." --Deep Thoughts by Sukie
Rayure Le Pas Velu
Rayure Le Pas Velu - 2 years ago
if she respecc rice, why did she put a strawberry on icc?
Joi Alexiss
Joi Alexiss - 2 years ago
The fact that most chefs cook without gloves in sad
TheSlyBrit - 2 years ago
How is it? You wash your hands before you start cooking right?
Morgan1lol renee
Morgan1lol renee - 2 years ago
is it just me or does the waitress look like Britney Spears// her little sister?
Jay M
Jay M - 2 years ago
2:50 pushing out triplets be like...
Jay M
Jay M - 2 years ago
It's kind of bullshit that Lindsey isn't my girlfriend, honestly.
Laryyy Dawg
Laryyy Dawg - 2 years ago
Pineapple Man
Pineapple Man - 2 years ago
raw fish
Anielaysha Milinazzo
Anielaysha Milinazzo - 2 years ago
Strawberry Field or Stawberry Fail
DaniDani8Gamer - 2 years ago
oH bOy aNotHEr rOmRoM gRAmsAy vIdEo
Abdullah Shah - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)
Abdullah Shah - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473) - 2 years ago
at 0:05 i thought the girl said i am lazy! lol like my comment
We As One Rise
We As One Rise - 2 years ago
Sounded like she said I'm lazy in the beginning lol
cacophony - 2 years ago
i dunno, i'd like to try some of those combinations
but then again when i make rice i put the whole kitchen into it
i have the tastes of a pregnant lady
Sandu Garcia
Sandu Garcia - 2 years ago
She reminds me of someone
Sandu Garcia
Sandu Garcia - 2 years ago
Poor lady
Cliché Name
Cliché Name - 2 years ago
Over 900,000!? That's Impossibruuuu
John Lester
John Lester - 2 years ago
He was literally the only one in the place and it took over an hour?? God forbid that 2 people show up at the same time!
Pei K
Pei K - 2 years ago
How hard is it to make decent sushi? There's so many youtube instructions these days....damned, glad you didn't get sick or die from eating these horrifying foods, Gordon!
Genos - 2 years ago
I dont think you would be watching instructions while making sushi for 12 people
Eleni Nicolaou
Eleni Nicolaou - 2 years ago
it's kind of a shame bc it's clean and the presentation was amazing
Ilian Aleksiev
Ilian Aleksiev - 2 years ago
Wait was Gordon angry cause he was served RAW fish....Gordon ITS SUPPOSED TO BE RAW YA BIG PILE OF DELIGHTFUL SWEAR WORDS!
Grant Evers
Grant Evers - 2 years ago
I’ve been to Starkville a million times and never knew this pace existed
Teddy Oshirak
Teddy Oshirak - 2 years ago
Does Gordon yell at her in this episode? I would feel a little bad if I had to yell at an old lady for television drama
Neko Serpico
Neko Serpico - 2 years ago
Makes it sound like they didn't cook the fish right but really it's just sushi LOL
Comic Sam1
Comic Sam1 - 2 years ago
Hmmm rather fuckin eat a beatle??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm
theblackknight123 - 2 years ago
is it me or does this video sound robotic
Martín Hernán
Martín Hernán - 2 years ago
2:38 thats what she said
Angel Michael
Angel Michael - 2 years ago
Im hurt and annoyed coz im asian and the chef is asian serving this white arrogant cunts
Austin Eckhoff
Austin Eckhoff - 2 years ago
Ethan Jasper
Ethan Jasper - 2 years ago
0:56 I don’t know why I found this funny
Paddle Foot
Paddle Foot - 2 years ago
Ramsay is so weak. We've idolized a lame English prick. Way to go America.
Yolodoggy450 - 2 years ago
All the waiters on this show are always so chill and cool
Annette Lu
Annette Lu - 2 years ago
“We’re in this together” meaning “I’m taking you down with me”
Lorena Ramirez
Lorena Ramirez - 2 years ago
What season and episode is this?
Jackie Mae
Jackie Mae - 2 years ago
I'd honestly try the sakura and the strawberry one
cacophony - 2 years ago
cow bear show!
cow bear show! - 2 years ago
I would've left
Conner Madison
Conner Madison - 2 years ago
2 staff?
Petestar 777
Petestar 777 - 2 years ago
How did it take over an hour because when he ate the first meal, the ice hasn’t melted yet in the glass...
NayNay - 2 years ago
I'm not sure what they do at restaurants in your area, but where I'm from, water glasses are occasionally refilled....
ThatStageManager - 2 years ago
Fuck YouTube Ads!!!!
Fatima abdulkarim
Fatima abdulkarim - 2 years ago
the way he always says ‘thank you darling’ to ALL the waitresses he meets in restaurants is so cute!
Oliver Mayo
Oliver Mayo - 2 years ago
Thats what a lot of British folk do.
MinarchistAnglo - 2 years ago
Having good manners is "misohynistic" apparently. Well next time I get served by someone, I'll call them a cunt instead of saying please and thank you
thedognextdoor - 2 years ago
Feminist thinks its sexist.
Mr MEMé - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen He's just a Sleaze-Bhaggé
Jorgeyy Boyy
Jorgeyy Boyy - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen fuck off
Storm Hansen
Storm Hansen - 2 years ago
+PaoloDude404 Whatever, you patronising sexist ;)
PaoloDude404 - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen Whatever you say, you old coot.
AwesomePossom - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen What a fucking pussy this guy is. God damn you should be ashamed of yourself you fucking beta. My god, he’s an older dude and respects younger people and women.
James Russeller III
James Russeller III - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen good job white knighting for these ladies, maybe one of these days one of them will give pity sex to you.
Idk tbh
Idk tbh - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen Lmaoo what a reach. Calling a girl ‘darling’ isn’t misogynistic at all. why is everyone so sensitive nowadays. you’re making this deeper than it needs to be
BecaTheReca - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen there are different ways of calling someone darling, it's about tone and context,
I am Hispanic and because of this I am familiar with the fact that older Hispanic men tend to call young girls "mi niña" or "Mami" which are similar terms of endearment.
When some men do it you know they're being creepy and it causes me discomfort, but there are other men who do so simply out of politeness and endearment and you can tell when it's this way such as with Gordon Ramsay
Dr Inchinati
Dr Inchinati - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen Oh fuck off, darling.
Storm Hansen
Storm Hansen - 2 years ago
+PaoloDude404 It's not nice, it's patronising and sexist. Would you like to be called 'Darling' by an older, to you unknown woman? I didn't think so!
PaoloDude404 - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen Huh. I didn't know Gordon being polite and speaking to waitresses in a kind manner was misogynist.
Jason Bladzinski
Jason Bladzinski - 2 years ago
+whattaboy Storm is not a leftist, he's an intolerant idiot who is clearly a troll. I dont appreciate your generalization of "leftists." You are literally guilty of the same thing he is in this statement of yours.
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen What’s wrong with addressing the ladies as ‘darlings’? They seemed to like it.
Storm Hansen
Storm Hansen - 2 years ago
+Alex DeLarge It's always obvious when someone doesn't have any good arguments: they attack one's person / looks... ;)
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen, you look like a Canal Street Martin Scorsese... “Old-fashioned ways”? You look like the one who invented them in the first place.
Gnuh Gnuh
Gnuh Gnuh - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen Because Im 14 huhu. Sorry about the comment I dont even remember writing it idk what I said that
Gnuh Gnuh
Gnuh Gnuh - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen Have you seen your profile picture? You're like 90 years old dont call us old-mannered. And calling the waitresses darling isnt wrong.
TsukuyomiREKT - 2 years ago
@Storm Hanse Misogynistic? LOL.
Sailrjup12nh - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen I am a strong woman and have no problem with someone who says it in a respectful way like Gordon Ramsey. I LIKE for the door to be open for me, I LIKE for men to treat me like a lady! You are wrong sir, now if he said “what’s cooking hot ass” I would take offense. But not “how are you darling”, or “thank you darling”.
whattaboy - 2 years ago
@Storm Hansen is clearly a single self-hating mental leftist. no one wants to be around that overly sensitive chronically offended energy.
Fatima abdulkarim
Fatima abdulkarim - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen chill, Gorden just says it in a nice way & is being polite to the hard workers. lol he knows they aren’t literally his darlings.
Storm Hansen
Storm Hansen - 2 years ago
Just goes to prove that you guys are just as old-fashioned and disrespectful / misogynistic as G. Ramsay.
Extremist Garchomp
Extremist Garchomp - 2 years ago
Storm Hansen Damn, someone’s got a stick up their ass. It’s just a polite way of greeting people that are clearly younger than Ramsey himself.
Joseph Kramer
Joseph Kramer - 2 years ago
+Storm Hansen Oh come one stop being an over sensitive pansy. A lot of the time he calls them Madonna which is a comparrison to the Virgin Mother Mary so he of course respects and appreciates everything they do I bet not a single one of these waitresses was offended by him.
Storm Hansen
Storm Hansen - 2 years ago
Not cute. They're not his darlings. He's just stuck in the old-fashioned ways. Both when it comes to food and also how to treat / address ladies.
Rubin - 2 years ago
Im sure she had dicks triple the size of that in her mouth
Billybig37 15
Billybig37 15 - 2 years ago
Dayym 1 mil in det fake your deaths get new names
xydoit - 2 years ago
Did Gordon really eat that much?
Sean Morrison
Sean Morrison - 2 years ago
I’d wish Gordon Ramsay could work at Key Industries Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Key Industries Inc
239 Charlotte St, Saint John, NB E2L 2K1
(506) 634-6888
alex derek
alex derek - 2 years ago
I always like that he is nice to the waiters
Derpy Dash
Derpy Dash - 2 years ago
To be honest, seeing all the sushi made me really hungry for some Unagi with ginger slivers
Young Blood
Young Blood - 2 years ago
You can cook a well done steak in under 10mins... and these ppl cant do raw fish in under an hour I'd let them go under like the fish...
ShadowShotYT _360
ShadowShotYT _360 - 2 years ago
It took Patrick to find out mayonnaise was not a instrument in a minute disgraceful
Peter Schwab
Peter Schwab - 2 years ago
The waitress is beautiful!
Tan zzanite
Tan zzanite - 2 years ago
Gg in the chat
Captain Nwalps
Captain Nwalps - 2 years ago
Does he at least tip the servers?
Big Sea Cucumber
Big Sea Cucumber - 2 years ago
Subscribe to my YouTube channel, zenz :)
abdiel miranda
abdiel miranda - 2 years ago
Lesson: never scare gordon ramsay
Robert Panco
Robert Panco - 2 years ago
4:30 for the Windows sound effect
Doggo Army
Doggo Army - 2 years ago
2:36 close your eyes
Doggo Army
Doggo Army - 2 years ago
Waiter is so cute
Wendy Testaburger
Wendy Testaburger - 2 years ago
My favorite waitress
‘Murica 1776
‘Murica 1776 - 2 years ago
That ol japanese lady doesn’t have very much between her ears.
LIDGxc - 2 years ago
It's over 900,000 !!!
Musicaholicc - 2 years ago
The title is a bit clickbaity
Shape of your voice
Shape of your voice - 2 years ago
It's funny how the waiters always recommend Gordon the worst food from the menu xD
Angie Mohamed
Angie Mohamed - 2 years ago
Burgerchamp987 - 2 years ago
I'm sorry but straw berry goes on sushi well
Greensky02 - 2 years ago
That waitress looks like Britney Spears! What a bombshell!
Mr. Bubble
Mr. Bubble - 2 years ago
S2 E4
Hotel Hell
Universal Samuel
Universal Samuel - 2 years ago
i look at the end of Ramsay cutting that food perfectly and it makes me hungry
Waiting For A Century
Waiting For A Century - 2 years ago
You are even dumber than this woman and I will tell you why.
First of all...

Read more
S. Nonaka
S. Nonaka - 2 years ago
Hey FYI in this episode they censored Golden saying” jesus”
Nae Da Ney
Nae Da Ney - 2 years ago
At least Sukie's husband found it a little funny..
Barry Allen
Barry Allen - 2 years ago
“I’m doing my best and I respect rice”
Ñó ñámês lëft
Ñó ñámês lëft - 2 years ago
3:04 Suki tries her biEsT

why tf did they edit her voice
TexAss - 2 years ago
It wasn’t accenty enough for them
Ales Nguyen
Ales Nguyen - 2 years ago
Bohn Bops
Bohn Bops - 2 years ago
I wish garden would give them tips or something to help instead of just criticizing them
lil k33fey
lil k33fey - 2 years ago
3:25 I respect rice
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell - 2 years ago
How can you sustain life off 12 guests on the weekend?
Silver Addiction25
Silver Addiction25 - 2 years ago
I kinda feel bad for the old lady
Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Moments - 2 years ago
Gordan is way too harsh
demonocus metalocus
demonocus metalocus - 2 years ago
After an hour he was GorDONE Ramsay
ReD CCO - 2 years ago
But to be honest, it looks pretty good
Drew Matthews
Drew Matthews - 2 years ago
I’d rather eat a beetle. Haha
Matthew Mack
Matthew Mack - 2 years ago
2:37 that’s what she said
Max Mikunas
Max Mikunas - 2 years ago
Gordon drinks water...ITS FOOKIN RAW

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