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deez nuts
deez nuts - 3 years ago
I want to come to your house I subbed and hit the bell
deez nuts
deez nuts - 3 years ago
You misspelled you
Nayrang1 - 3 years ago
I will your family and I will love please powder in dolphin
Rudi Bastian
Rudi Bastian - 3 years ago
+Sunar Joe sunsr joe
ตังค์ครับ คนโสด
ตังค์ครับ คนโสด - 3 years ago
Lily Saleem
Lily Saleem - 3 years ago
+AsmrSparkle ,
Pham Van Phu
Pham Van Phu - 3 years ago
Sunar Joe
Sunar Joe - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics jancok.. Vidio ngono ae kakean cangkem
สถาพร จันทะสงเคราะ
สถาพร จันทะสงเคราะ - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics


KEVIN HARRY6v6 - 3 years ago
Gringo :v ok no
laza da
laza da - 3 years ago
Alien fish is very lot of vietnamese veryverymuch of that fish
Maria Clara Costa
Maria Clara Costa - 3 years ago
Hoik terb fas hito kadr guji opiiii boi gaknb bhdi blubele
Iago Tutoriais
Iago Tutoriais - 3 years ago
Quem e brasileiro e ta vendo esse video curti ae
Savio Manhaes
Savio Manhaes - 3 years ago
Abby Bernardino
Abby Bernardino - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatic
Putra Sarief
Putra Sarief - 3 years ago
Oke pak ayo
Nv zχυαи
Nv zχυαи - 3 years ago
เพ็งศรี นัยนิตย์
เพ็งศรี นัยนิตย์ - 3 years ago
Brayan Rivera Cubillos
Brayan Rivera Cubillos - 3 years ago
Like si hablas en español


ทยิดา โอ้
ทยิดา โอ้ - 3 years ago
KAATE KAIL - 3 years ago
Fish fish fish
Tufan İnce
Tufan İnce - 3 years ago
Fakat yu
K Blaze
K Blaze - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatic
GhostPlayz - Roblox
GhostPlayz - Roblox - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics ask m
Kayla Bennett
Kayla Bennett - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics w
Marissa Rivera
Marissa Rivera - 3 years ago
Vera Schuller
Vera Schuller - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics m
AsmrSparkle - 3 years ago
This vid was so lit!!! I ALSO love your channel!
Christina bobrowski
Christina bobrowski - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics arc!!


Sickplay 1
Sickplay 1 - 3 years ago
Santoro Aquatics when are you going to upload again?
iCrazy Kevin
iCrazy Kevin - 3 years ago
This guy is hella cringy
a person that u don't know
a person that u don't know - 3 years ago
Awe he's camera shy
Hunter Romine
Hunter Romine - 3 years ago
Did any one else hear him say trep the track like or comment if you heard it 8:01
Jay Majurey
Jay Majurey - 3 years ago
I just subscribed
TheDark Space
TheDark Space - 3 years ago
Here at 899k subs
Connor Combs
Connor Combs - 3 years ago
I love your videos they are the best
Peter Joyce
Peter Joyce - 3 years ago
HotDog Wizard
HotDog Wizard - 3 years ago
Ivo M
Ivo M - 3 years ago
Charmaine Riley
Charmaine Riley - 3 years ago
Wait jaws is the good fish fighting a alien
Bryce Hendry
Bryce Hendry - 3 years ago
U got great vids keep on going
willi bobilly
willi bobilly - 3 years ago
Please stop kissing the fish
Faisal Mughal
Faisal Mughal - 3 years ago
I subscribed your channel
Camille Nelson
Camille Nelson - 3 years ago
Leanne Walmsley
Leanne Walmsley - 3 years ago
You are so much fun because you catch tadpoles and gold fish I thought you catches 5000. Sometimes you are funny.
Tenya Covington
Tenya Covington - 3 years ago
Jiandave Reambonanza
Jiandave Reambonanza - 3 years ago
Our janitor fish is 2 years in our homes she is big than that
Jiandave Reambonanza
Jiandave Reambonanza - 3 years ago
That is janitor fish
Shelby Singh
Shelby Singh - 3 years ago


Louise Kettle
Louise Kettle - 3 years ago
RAWFam is lit
Macie Young
Macie Young - 3 years ago
I'm always scared he's gonna kill the fish because he holds them out of the water to long
Leilamelonx 027
Leilamelonx 027 - 3 years ago
U abuse fish for a living
dhia zafran
dhia zafran - 3 years ago
It's his idea
dhia zafran
dhia zafran - 3 years ago
Honey bacon
Honey bacon - 3 years ago
18:04 is he talking about himself
Honey bacon
Honey bacon - 3 years ago
Tells him to relax as he temting him
Honey bacon
Honey bacon - 3 years ago
Will that guy shut his feces up and let us see the fish
Reef Kohara
Reef Kohara - 3 years ago
Y r u saying come here jaws and then go back of jaws come on make up ur mind
Connor beal
Connor beal - 3 years ago
can I be in your next vid pls :)
Fili Chavez
Fili Chavez - 3 years ago
Please can you please give me a shout out
Fire Quest
Fire Quest - 3 years ago
The way you get them to say hello is hurtful
Kai Inti Caro hough
Kai Inti Caro hough - 3 years ago
What's app
TURKEY GOOSE - 3 years ago
U take to much time but keep up the work
Brodie Clemens
Brodie Clemens - 3 years ago
I really miss cash the bass
Renard John Sanchez
Renard John Sanchez - 3 years ago
Dude pregnant aliens!
Shiro kitsune
Shiro kitsune - 3 years ago
take a break your videos are getting cringy
Owen Swetland
Owen Swetland - 3 years ago
Eh I like um lol
mike williams
mike williams - 3 years ago
are coy botum feeders
Its Jhayden
Its Jhayden - 3 years ago
I subscribed
Svg.joseph 12
Svg.joseph 12 - 3 years ago
the pattern on that huge plako you pulled out is AWESOME
Tomasz Różycki
Tomasz Różycki - 3 years ago
your 20!?
Tomasz Różycki
Tomasz Różycki - 3 years ago
so cool
Quoc Nguyen
Quoc Nguyen - 3 years ago
Dude that fish in Vietnam is call cá rô kiến bro
OmgNicole Śíńgš
OmgNicole Śíńgš - 3 years ago
For me maybe jaws should have his own pool because his eating every small fish u put there
Esther Reyes
Esther Reyes - 3 years ago
I hate eating fish I feel bad for them like think ur happy in water and them they catch u with a net and sell u cut u cook u and eat u what a nightmare
Esther Reyes
Esther Reyes - 3 years ago
My dad got une of does aliens but it was a cleaner so it was on the glass there cleaning and he destroyed the other fish and them my cat ate him and that's how I got no more fish now
Chris B
Chris B - 3 years ago
Gabriella Huazano
Gabriella Huazano - 3 years ago
I’m a part of the rawfam
Alan Lizzi
Alan Lizzi - 3 years ago
You’re a playko master!!!!!
Doris J Zuniga
Doris J Zuniga - 3 years ago
I hate jaws
Alan Lizzi
Alan Lizzi - 3 years ago
Keep up your great Chanel Franklin!!!!!!
circus baby
circus baby - 3 years ago
It would be sick if you put a little baby shark to see if jaws the fish can fight
Owen Swetland
Owen Swetland - 3 years ago
No jaws wouldn’t have a chance he isn’t meant for that I don’t think
Angel Campos
Angel Campos - 3 years ago
You cant capture fish or the fish will die
Kelsey Allyn
Kelsey Allyn - 3 years ago
Jaws is a syco
Creamy Cone
Creamy Cone - 3 years ago
I got a new pet but i named him jwas
Muh Arif Ardhy
Muh Arif Ardhy - 3 years ago
Ahmad Nelz
Ahmad Nelz - 3 years ago
So cool
Irma Altmanė
Irma Altmanė - 3 years ago
Yuo are the best
Rj Stephen Adlaon
Rj Stephen Adlaon - 3 years ago
let jaws fight your aleins
willow06bubbles83 - 3 years ago
can i Hang out with you one-day
willow06bubbles83 - 3 years ago
Where do you live
Plasma Beam Gaming
Plasma Beam Gaming - 3 years ago
“Chill plill” lol
LBD Fan - 3 years ago
This is so flipping crazy Like for moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee done
Ethan Heithaus
Ethan Heithaus - 3 years ago
your videos are awesome
Richard Collins
Richard Collins - 3 years ago
nice vidio man keep up the work
Rolesville Lightning
Rolesville Lightning - 3 years ago
Your alien is awesome.
Guli Playz
Guli Playz - 3 years ago
Duuuude he snapped a fish in half 1 like = 1 fish saved
Guli Playz
Guli Playz - 3 years ago
Once I was fishing at camp and it was my first time and this other person said he is an expert but I ended up catching a fish and he didn’t but my fish fell off the hook when I was reeling it up because it was flopping around that still counts right?
nerf or nothing
nerf or nothing - 3 years ago
Whos jaws
María Luisa Castillo Casal
María Luisa Castillo Casal - 3 years ago
Oh by the way what kind of fish is that?the alien fish what kind is it?
María Luisa Castillo Casal
María Luisa Castillo Casal - 3 years ago
You should really show the way JAWS gets tamed for a while
Elham Sharifijdhhywh
Elham Sharifijdhhywh - 3 years ago
I meen 6:856


Elham Sharifijdhhywh
Elham Sharifijdhhywh - 3 years ago
AND ON 5:56
Elham Sharifijdhhywh
Elham Sharifijdhhywh - 3 years ago
ho is that man 4:56?
GamerHouston The Gamer
GamerHouston The Gamer - 3 years ago
Uh oh uhhh oh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohohohoohohohohoho
鳳梨酥土 - 3 years ago
This fish tasted really well
Vyancy Juzane Coks
Vyancy Juzane Coks - 3 years ago
Umm its not a alien its a janitor fish but love your vids
Dave Canlas
Dave Canlas - 3 years ago
Here in the Philippines we call them janitor fish and they are totally disaster for the fishermen because this type of fish is invasive and they destroying bodies of water so we're catching them and drying them up , they can last 5days without water and they r still alive
Nikki Robertson
Nikki Robertson - 3 years ago
since you can make the best traps can you make a snake trap??
Envy Kirk
Envy Kirk - 3 years ago
Has Jaws come down yet
Envy Kirk
Envy Kirk - 3 years ago
Hi my name is envy
Cole Letkeman
Cole Letkeman - 3 years ago
I love your fish!
SQ Pepelo
SQ Pepelo - 3 years ago
Looks like a fish version of the night fury
Rai Gunawan
Rai Gunawan - 3 years ago
u so like kissing a fish
bjad - 3 years ago
jhael vlogs patricia vlogs
jhael vlogs patricia vlogs - 3 years ago
Jaws your so so mean
Enzo King
Enzo King - 3 years ago
Rexy Houchin
Rexy Houchin - 3 years ago
Your an animal killer
Emir senkul
Emir senkul - 3 years ago
Orospu adam ol sikik
Willow Ridgard
Willow Ridgard - 3 years ago
That is so cool
RyLynn Izzabella Baker
RyLynn Izzabella Baker - 3 years ago
the placos look grumpy
katie taylor
katie taylor - 3 years ago
Btw if u want him to get to the point here's the skip 5:02
John Jenesis Calbaza
John Jenesis Calbaza - 3 years ago
your awesome men☺
Abhijit Choko
Abhijit Choko - 3 years ago
Crocodile fish
Артём Иванов
Артём Иванов - 3 years ago
Красивые рыбы
Cool-Kids1610 - 3 years ago
I have the same swimming pool
Fridah Munya
Fridah Munya - 3 years ago
Who doesn't
Ali 07
Ali 07 - 3 years ago
wah keren
Amber Feather
Amber Feather - 3 years ago
He is so cringe
Zach Defender
Zach Defender - 3 years ago
Guys this is not a Spanish vid or a Indonesia vid it’s english
Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward - 3 years ago
Learn how to hold them before you post videos. You could break their spine by holdin its tail like that. They are gentle fish man. Oh an btw they dont wave at people. You're literally squeezing its head, to the point where it freaks out. Just a little tip!
Third Tamin
Third Tamin - 3 years ago
Thats a junitor fish
Third Tamin
Third Tamin - 3 years ago
Tran Alena
Tran Alena - 3 years ago
i am new
Nildz D Ambassador
Nildz D Ambassador - 3 years ago
IS ANY BODY NEW ZELAND HERE :(((((( btw rawwfishing hope lifes great
Guilherme Gui
Guilherme Gui - 3 years ago
Cadê os Br que gosta do Brasil jumbos ou saaladinha
St. Daryani
St. Daryani - 3 years ago
Bacot wae
Vicente Tumandao
Vicente Tumandao - 3 years ago
Lol bro are you blind thats a janitor fish that eat everything
VFT Parkour
VFT Parkour - 3 years ago
What are you doing ?come here mother******!
Mihael Krcmaric
Mihael Krcmaric - 3 years ago
Mihael Krcmaric
Mihael Krcmaric - 3 years ago
Shweta Khanal
Shweta Khanal - 3 years ago
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gg bro
RikitikimaX - 3 years ago
Total idiot
Put this pleco into water
yep luat
yep luat - 3 years ago
dillon zecher
dillon zecher - 3 years ago
It’s not pregnant, it could have eggs in it but fish lay eggs
Samsung J2 Prime
Samsung J2 Prime - 3 years ago
loba bacot
Tomy Tole
Tomy Tole - 3 years ago
kebanyakaan ngomong
Indraadiputra Indraadiputra
Indraadiputra Indraadiputra - 3 years ago
Too much talking
Indraadiputra Indraadiputra
Indraadiputra Indraadiputra - 3 years ago
Terlalu banyak bacot
Sabah Yuda
Sabah Yuda - 3 years ago
Iku iwak sapu koco lee
Park Adam
Park Adam - 3 years ago
Bacot anjing
Name is
Name is - 3 years ago
Cá lô kiến
Suher Lan
Suher Lan - 3 years ago
Thienphuc Chuong
Thienphuc Chuong - 3 years ago
dau phai ca map dau
Thienphuc Chuong
Thienphuc Chuong - 3 years ago
day phai ca map dau
A Ax
A Ax - 3 years ago
Uio Momoiu
Uio Momoiu - 3 years ago
Gameing With R.K
Gameing With R.K - 3 years ago
I'M FROM India but I love your videos
TTN_ GAME - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiếng mà =))
Frank Baca
Frank Baca - 3 years ago
Your hella cocky bro but still love the videos tho
Tyrone Griffin
Tyrone Griffin - 3 years ago
Frank Baca what is he cocky about excatly
chea an
chea an - 3 years ago
Nước mình loại cá này nhiều lắm
Bibek Shrestha
Bibek Shrestha - 3 years ago
u talk to much
OC. Sanyo
OC. Sanyo - 3 years ago
fish luu kien
Sidik Zaenal22
Sidik Zaenal22 - 3 years ago
Mong naon
Trùm Ngốc
Trùm Ngốc - 3 years ago
Ở Việt Nam đầy cá này :))
Russel Pascual
Russel Pascual - 3 years ago
that fish you catch here in Philippines that's pest in our rivers and we are killing them
ROZ Channel
ROZ Channel - 3 years ago
Ikan Sapu kaca itu bukan alien...
Just Kidding
Blue the velociraptor
Blue the velociraptor - 3 years ago
Tuấn Anh
Tuấn Anh - 3 years ago
Nói nhiều wá
Chester Siao
Chester Siao - 3 years ago
I taught this fish are destroying the lakes, rivers and his releasing them to make more babies. Just my opinion
МАЙЗИК ТВ - 3 years ago
Я русский я не понимаю тебя
Ryan Anime
Ryan Anime - 3 years ago
Indonesian say "Ikan sapu sapu"
Delcie Jackson
Delcie Jackson - 3 years ago
Delcie Jackson
Delcie Jackson - 3 years ago
uniq uniq
uniq uniq - 3 years ago
100% idiot
Mehdi Mouhibb
Mehdi Mouhibb - 3 years ago
I love you man
sky fox tria
sky fox tria - 3 years ago
that is not a shark :|
マミーポコパンツ - 3 years ago
Mas Bahar
Mas Bahar - 3 years ago
SAPU sapu
Doggo Lover
Doggo Lover - 3 years ago
11:03 he thinks he is still swimin
Sarcipeali SarIpeali
Sarcipeali SarIpeali - 3 years ago
Johana Saputra
Johana Saputra - 3 years ago
Koplok koplok koplok
Nguyễn Huỳnh
Nguyễn Huỳnh - 3 years ago
Cá Lao Kiếng...
Tran Tran
Tran Tran - 3 years ago
Tùng Nguyễn
Tùng Nguyễn - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiếng bên việt thiếu cha gì
Khanh Le
Khanh Le - 3 years ago
Cá rô kiến còn gọi là cá chùi kiến
I Eat Memes For Breakfast.
I Eat Memes For Breakfast. - 3 years ago
I think i see him as jake paul
NODIN N.D - 3 years ago
Why are you talking so much
daren flores
daren flores - 3 years ago
Janitor fish
Gede Pica
Gede Pica - 3 years ago
Brayden Doucette
Brayden Doucette - 3 years ago
Viหนูชอบคิบนี้มากrat Papolngam
Viหนูชอบคิบนี้มากrat Papolngam - 3 years ago
Firs 'T Mountain
Firs 'T Mountain - 3 years ago
Kee Hee
Damir Lll
Damir Lll - 3 years ago
Puket City
Puket City - 3 years ago
AdaAdaAjeChanel _
AdaAdaAjeChanel _ - 3 years ago
Anjir ikan sapu" buat otak" om? Wkwkwk
Sorasak Dispresch
Sorasak Dispresch - 3 years ago
Ese es un tiburón o un pez yo soy khamila
jr alfonso
jr alfonso - 3 years ago
that's not alien fish . its a janitor fish
x1 Tv
x1 Tv - 3 years ago
Ku Ku
Ku Ku - 3 years ago
Yap Sky09
Yap Sky09 - 3 years ago
Nice fish bro
バタ子さん - 3 years ago
supriyono dishub
supriyono dishub - 3 years ago
Zuku Shimo
Zuku Shimo - 3 years ago
"Hey hey hey jaw stop it"
First of all is a fish and it under water so yelling at it is not gonna do much
Marwan Hakim
Marwan Hakim - 3 years ago
SieaWolfDeadly - 3 years ago
fajarsubkhifatwan 1927 .. My turtle is named Franklin.....
KanculGengs _
KanculGengs _ - 3 years ago
Fish sapu sapu form indonesia
fun and masti
fun and masti - 3 years ago
Gandu hai kya be
John Roa
John Roa - 3 years ago
what was that??? its like an janitor fish in philipines iwwww
sanjay patil
sanjay patil - 3 years ago
Bohot bam marra
mark42 tesiaadlin
mark42 tesiaadlin - 3 years ago
in indonesia.. we call it fish by name " ikan sapu-sapu "..
lots of life in the Indonesian river..
Công an
Công an - 3 years ago
Cá chùi kiếm tấn công ts nc ngoài r kk
Titi Maesaroh
Titi Maesaroh - 3 years ago
Kebanyakkan ngomong aku ga sukaa
Quốc Hoàn Nguyễn
Quốc Hoàn Nguyễn - 3 years ago
Kiki Wijayanti
Kiki Wijayanti - 3 years ago
Masuk pak eko
Doo Ball
Doo Ball - 3 years ago
vs ตรงไหน
mini yolo
mini yolo - 3 years ago
Like si viste mi comentario
Rebim Barbosa
Rebim Barbosa - 3 years ago
Ese cara fala de mais entendi p** nenhuma
Fire Quest
Fire Quest - 3 years ago
I don’t speak that language
smile - 3 years ago
I really want to give him a Tesla
ngọc thực
ngọc thực - 3 years ago
tao không hiểu tiếng may
Sahrul Gunawan
Sahrul Gunawan - 3 years ago
bahasa inggris ya
Thu Nhi Tran
Thu Nhi Tran - 3 years ago
This fish in Vietnam called the glass fish are always super cheap
trần trang
trần trang - 3 years ago
Con dọn bể ở vn đây mà
Nguyễn Tuan
Nguyễn Tuan - 3 years ago
Hello Vietnam's
Nhựt Nguyễn
Nhựt Nguyễn - 3 years ago
Ở Việt Nam cá đó được gọi là cá lô kiếng
Faith Badilla
Faith Badilla - 3 years ago
Im in florida right now
Faith Badilla
Faith Badilla - 3 years ago
Im from
Algel Gabriel Gonzalez
Algel Gabriel Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Porque no los metiste rapido
biks lil
biks lil - 3 years ago
Vietnamese call this fish " cá lau kiếng" :))
duy khánh vlog
duy khánh vlog - 3 years ago
Việt nam điểm danh đii
Nori Lê
Nori Lê - 3 years ago
Hypostomus plecostomus in Vietnam
MÈO HOANG games - 3 years ago
Dơ vãi
Aditya Anggara
Aditya Anggara - 3 years ago
Fendiboyboy Boyboy
Fendiboyboy Boyboy - 3 years ago
dancok ngomong taek a koen
bố của mày
bố của mày - 3 years ago
Có ông Việt Nam nào ở đây ko
Songomon channel
Songomon channel - 3 years ago
Ahriki matsuo
Ahriki matsuo - 3 years ago
In indonesian fish name "Ikan sapu sapu" , in indonesian river so much that fish
Elk Titanborn
Elk Titanborn - 3 years ago
Wow, almost 10k dislikes...gg
Rusty Amores
Rusty Amores - 3 years ago
Ducking clickbait
tuấn khải
tuấn khải - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiến
Doremon Vlog
Doremon Vlog - 3 years ago
Hấp xả ngon lém
Fadil Huda 117
Fadil Huda 117 - 3 years ago
Ikan sapu" njir
King Nablea
King Nablea - 3 years ago
wow thats a janitor fish from filipines
Mohamed waleed
Mohamed waleed - 3 years ago
Yori Ananda
Yori Ananda - 3 years ago
trương ohsehun
trương ohsehun - 3 years ago
Ai việt nam cho like
Jm Fabunan
Jm Fabunan - 3 years ago
In my country that fish called the janitor fish cool right?
Wanderson Bezerra
Wanderson Bezerra - 3 years ago
Esse peixe e chamado no Amazonas de bodo este peixe e bem apreciado
toby de loma
toby de loma - 3 years ago
toby de loma
toby de loma - 3 years ago
kit ten kat
kit ten kat - 3 years ago
traps are gay.
Lucia Tournour
Lucia Tournour - 3 years ago
Aca en argentina se llaman Viejas Del Agua
심해중에시메트라 - 3 years ago
cachoro loco
cachoro loco - 3 years ago
Tendi porra de crlho nenhum so vim pra ver o Tubarão
MD - 3 years ago
De onde eu venho isso é cascudo ! Like aí Brs
Farelyangngendalinlucu Oppo
Farelyangngendalinlucu Oppo - 3 years ago
Keakean ngoceh
Frank, Shadow
Frank, Shadow - 3 years ago
You don’t even care about those fish 10:30
Huy Đoàn
Huy Đoàn - 3 years ago
Cá chùi kiếng
Shiv Mooniram
Shiv Mooniram - 3 years ago
You dont handle fish like that
iris rubí pérez ricárdez
iris rubí pérez ricárdez - 3 years ago
Raaw im monki
muhammad susada
muhammad susada - 3 years ago
Ikan sapu sapu
Rifki Akbar Fadillah
Rifki Akbar Fadillah - 3 years ago
Ikan sapu-sapu (in Indonesian)
Sad Boy
Sad Boy - 3 years ago
TUBARÃO porra nenhuma isso aí é um cascudo
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique - 3 years ago
Ne kskskskkskss
Lucas Preßnick
Lucas Preßnick - 3 years ago
Nice Video
But germany is to cold for that
Deniz Cwarf
Deniz Cwarf - 3 years ago
bizim turkler gormesin aminakoyim bide bunun illegalini yaparlar
Berkley Morrow
Berkley Morrow - 3 years ago
i’m sad that i gave this guy a view smh
pvtsnoballz - 3 years ago
Does this guy seriously think the fish understand him?
Victoria Jocelyne Rucobo Moreira
Victoria Jocelyne Rucobo Moreira - 3 years ago
Ablas mucho
Manoel Leandro
Manoel Leandro - 3 years ago
valeu pessoal
popo pacheco
popo pacheco - 3 years ago
Que peixe é esse preto?? Tubarão?Tubarão
Far_Hm 48
Far_Hm 48 - 3 years ago
Ikan cicak itu anjing
Gabriel amós
Gabriel amós - 3 years ago
quem é brasileiro da like
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Alta vieja del agua
Franck flv
Franck flv - 3 years ago
mas abla
Reza Bagas
Reza Bagas - 3 years ago
sapu sapu wkw
Andrew Madilecy
Andrew Madilecy - 3 years ago
I legitimately want to stab this guy in the throat!
Williams Duran
Williams Duran - 3 years ago
Brah why do you have so many ads on a 20 minute video.
oreo soda meow
oreo soda meow - 3 years ago
I have one.................... But it's dying
Alexis Ortiz
Alexis Ortiz - 3 years ago
Empezó como puto
Rahasia wkwkwkwkwk
Rahasia wkwkwkwkwk - 3 years ago
Lah ikan sapu sapu mah banyak di kali malah ukurannya ada yg sampe 30cm-40 cm
Squidl iess
Squidl iess - 3 years ago
video starts 5:27
Yake Martines
Yake Martines - 3 years ago
No le yhhuhhi jljgg
Deva Wae
Deva Wae - 3 years ago
kakean cocot
Riski Kiki
Riski Kiki - 3 years ago
Jancok nge jhon
Claudia Barrientos
Claudia Barrientos - 3 years ago
This is a cool
Monica Nogueira
Monica Nogueira - 3 years ago
Eu sou um br aqui e pele
rafizudin fdsd
rafizudin fdsd - 3 years ago
Njirrr ngingu iwak sapu sapu di indonesia banyak lebih besar dari yg ada di vidio
el criadero de javier rd Canela
el criadero de javier rd Canela - 3 years ago
Ese mmg habla ma
leonado Rodriguez
leonado Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Callese viejo lesbiano
Bizunga animation
Bizunga animation - 3 years ago
Aqui saporra é conhecida como "bodo" ... Grande de uma bosta
Hacler Procuion
Hacler Procuion - 3 years ago
GorgeX - 3 years ago
Hola alguien habla español?? :v
Bucket Getter
Bucket Getter - 3 years ago
He talks to jaws like jaws understand and hears him...
Ajmal Khan
Ajmal Khan - 3 years ago
Maliq Karhim
Maliq Karhim - 3 years ago
Many talk
Warriors Gamin
Warriors Gamin - 3 years ago
The intro makes me wanna die
Irwan Ruhdiana
Irwan Ruhdiana - 3 years ago
Sapu-sapu itu
Thánh2s Thánh 2s
Thánh2s Thánh 2s - 3 years ago
Cá lâu kiến
Arifin channel
Arifin channel - 3 years ago
Bacot anjing
Rifky Saputra
Rifky Saputra - 3 years ago
Lauk kadapo njir
Edicarlossouza Souza
Edicarlossouza Souza - 3 years ago
guem BR
naresh jadhav
naresh jadhav - 3 years ago
Woy Woy Woy
Fazrin Abdillah
Fazrin Abdillah - 3 years ago
Shankar Rajagopal
Shankar Rajagopal - 3 years ago
Talk less do more
João scalez gamer
João scalez gamer - 3 years ago
NA NAL - 3 years ago
말만 많은 외쿡인들에 특징
tôn ngộ không
tôn ngộ không - 3 years ago
Tao là ng việt ok
Nam Nguyễn
Nam Nguyễn - 3 years ago
in my country we called this Species is " ca lau Kieng" Vietnam
tôn ngộ không
tôn ngộ không - 3 years ago
Nói cc i thế
kapal pinisi bugis
kapal pinisi bugis - 3 years ago
Im indonesia
Mond Amir Amir
Mond Amir Amir - 3 years ago
mohd amir
Bornonfire - 3 years ago
With the net yr using can plit the fins of the fish or kill them .
AINUR RAHMAN - 3 years ago
Banyak bacot
Agustin Veros
Agustin Veros - 3 years ago
No entendí una mierda en todo el video pero me gustó jajaja
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar - 3 years ago
zaki dausti
zaki dausti - 3 years ago
Ian Alsula
Ian Alsula - 3 years ago
Janifor fish..!! Not a alien
Ian Alsula
Ian Alsula - 3 years ago
U talk to much!!
blue pichiu123 ROBLOX master
blue pichiu123 ROBLOX master - 3 years ago
Good vidwo
Alfredl Coronel con Nicolas coronel
Alfredl Coronel con Nicolas coronel - 3 years ago
Torturator torturador
carter olynyk
carter olynyk - 3 years ago
Jaws come here jaws come here ay ay ay stop it it’s not like I held the fish there for jaws to start coming
JAOO Preduuuh
JAOO Preduuuh - 3 years ago
Nao tinha tubarao
Bánh Tiêu Yasuo
Bánh Tiêu Yasuo - 3 years ago
Cá lao kiến của Việt Nam
Conrado Gassman
Conrado Gassman - 3 years ago
Conrado Gassman
Conrado Gassman - 3 years ago
Tidak.diketahui - 3 years ago
Indonesian be like "itu sapuh sapuh goblok" , "itu sapu sapu bangsat"
Iam so embrassed, even my parents from Aus and I still Indonesian :))

-sorry if u hate me. hit dislike thx :))
luis anaya
luis anaya - 3 years ago
lmao were you in drama in highschool."bro i catch them with my hands"
ᆞ마이인더홀 - 3 years ago
An na
An na - 3 years ago
Both of THEM SOOO COOL im gonna die ...
Jake Shire
Jake Shire - 3 years ago
Why are you constantly flailing your hands and arms around?
Rian Suprianto
Rian Suprianto - 3 years ago
kakean cangkem su ora gek ndang
Jack Wallington
Jack Wallington - 3 years ago
Jaws doesn’t like them

So you put more in
TSVR karthikeya
TSVR karthikeya - 3 years ago
He is not showing how it's killing them
Xinh Đẹp Duyên
Xinh Đẹp Duyên - 3 years ago
Ai vn điểm danh
erwin calope
erwin calope - 3 years ago
We call it Janitorfish here at the Philippines
Mikko Yuson
Mikko Yuson - 3 years ago
Those janitor fishes are very productive they can fillup your lake in just few years.
Robson Silva
Robson Silva - 3 years ago
11:57 ou arrombado barrigada na água dói tá se vc n sabe
전보승 - 3 years ago
Samif khan over videos
Samif khan over videos - 3 years ago
Bhasan band Kar ore video chup chap dekhne de bro
roel mathew bayawa bayawa
roel mathew bayawa bayawa - 3 years ago
Those arent alien those are janitor fish
God Skills
God Skills - 3 years ago
Your chanel are so cool
Fernanda Pereira
Fernanda Pereira - 3 years ago
arif najmi_isa
arif najmi_isa - 3 years ago
Alien?? Jaw??
Ichiero Kyzen Valenzuela
Ichiero Kyzen Valenzuela - 3 years ago
Im so love all video about fish
Adarsh Samarth
Adarsh Samarth - 3 years ago
Bol bchan Kam de na
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez - 3 years ago
Pinche video feo melapelan putos
KTG Knvg Jimmy
KTG Knvg Jimmy - 3 years ago
Special ed fish
NOMAD - 3 years ago
Wow this guy is freaking annoying when he talks, i just wanna punch him in da face <3
france rayven ordonio
france rayven ordonio - 3 years ago
apps ta na hle ki kre krb mondal
apps ta na hle ki kre krb mondal - 3 years ago
R u mentali desoder
Tokoy BeeBee
Tokoy BeeBee - 3 years ago
Aldino Rezar
Aldino Rezar - 3 years ago
Superhero fish
Jefferson diversos
Jefferson diversos - 3 years ago
Se escreve no meu canal porfavor
Bolsonaro2018 - 3 years ago
Cara fala pra caraca ... Meu Deus
SalamanderSlimes xoxo
SalamanderSlimes xoxo - 3 years ago
You are so rude, that’s horrible. You catch living animals take them from their home, and make them fight to the death so you can laugh about it. Nobody wants to see this, you’re killing 20% of the animals in there, Soon you’d be able to swim in there without anything to worry about, no fish in there. It’s really cruel to do that! Animal cruelty, and abuse. You’re right, she did get beat up from the trap. That’s just good. You’re taking mother’s and insulting them, holding them upside down is rude too. Not a cool trap, not a cool idea, not a cool life. You aren’t making bangers, you’re killing living things who have a life to live up to. This is horribleness!
Tuấn Anh Đinh
Tuấn Anh Đinh - 3 years ago
Người Việt đâu điểm danh
Cao Suir Bốn
Cao Suir Bốn - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiếng đúng không mọi người
dio zharfan
dio zharfan - 3 years ago
อรจิรา เนื่องชมภู
อรจิรา เนื่องชมภู - 3 years ago
FjskgsLGagtSD kg egg LG SDkdkgs
Huge E. Rection
Huge E. Rection - 3 years ago
You honestly look professional in this video
Huge E. Rection
Huge E. Rection - 3 years ago
I have 7 plaqo's in my pond and they're huge!
Ariz Rifa
Ariz Rifa - 3 years ago
im south korean : )
Talentless Bitch
Talentless Bitch - 3 years ago
"from Japanese"????
Melissa Gacha Studio
Melissa Gacha Studio - 3 years ago
Hugo souza
Hugo souza - 3 years ago
May eggs
Mini*Duck T.H
Mini*Duck T.H - 3 years ago
Ardi Setyawan
Ardi Setyawan - 3 years ago
in my country , i call this fish "Sapu-sapu"
سيد السمرى
سيد السمرى - 3 years ago
نزل ترجمة فى عرب بيتفرجو
pubg with dipu
pubg with dipu - 3 years ago
plaease stop your channel
Hoàng Nam VN
Hoàng Nam VN - 3 years ago
Địt mẹ mầy nhiều chiện
kekar smurfin
kekar smurfin - 3 years ago
Sapu-sapu fish
kekar smurfin
kekar smurfin - 3 years ago
Its not alien
Sáng CK
Sáng CK - 3 years ago
What the heck
Đức DT
Đức DT - 3 years ago
Cá rô kiến , ok pro fish in vietnam
Panda zone panda
Panda zone panda - 3 years ago
he talks tooo much
Ammer galib
Ammer galib - 3 years ago
LQM Em tập chơi
LQM Em tập chơi - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiến thôi làm gì ghê thế
a key
a key - 3 years ago
Ikan sapu sapu
AeRox One
AeRox One - 3 years ago
Ikan sapu sapu itu
6chai Ry
6chai Ry - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiếng .. Ở VN đầy
فديوهات الانيموس
فديوهات الانيموس - 3 years ago
عراقي مر من هنا
Hieu Nguy
Hieu Nguy - 3 years ago
Việt nam có đầy đó gọi là cá dọn bể hoặc cá lau kính
Mít pro
Mít pro - 3 years ago
Cá lao kiến, ở VN có đầy
pham vu
pham vu - 3 years ago
Nướng trui chấm muối ớt ngon bá :) hơn thịt gà
Ini bang Esa
Ini bang Esa - 3 years ago
Mantap betul awowkowkwowkowko
Ievan Pashter
Ievan Pashter - 3 years ago
Diva Akmil
Diva Akmil - 3 years ago
Ross Roque
Ross Roque - 3 years ago
very nice
Abah Caip
Abah Caip - 3 years ago
Itu mah ikan sapu
Khunglongsua 168
Khunglongsua 168 - 3 years ago
He look so cute kakaka
Arceus - 3 years ago
Maybe treat them better, please
Fatkhul Himam
Fatkhul Himam - 3 years ago
hack dog
Michael Chua
Michael Chua - 3 years ago
In the philippines we call them janitor fish because they are good in cleaning the aquarium. But if you freed this in the wild it will be a total disaster because this species of fish is invasive destroying the water area and eating the other endemic fish.
Valentine Munnings
Valentine Munnings - 3 years ago
Hi I'm a raw FAM fan
*Bangtan* *FArmy*
*Bangtan* *FArmy* - 3 years ago
So true!
Sobrang totoo
Richard Evans
Richard Evans - 3 years ago
I call them algie eaters
Sherrie Rose Acuna
Sherrie Rose Acuna - 3 years ago
Yeah that's real and there's many of them
Jacky R
Jacky R - 3 years ago
Cade o tubarão?
Ichigo Momomy
Ichigo Momomy - 3 years ago
Cá leo kiến
skyarlak fany
skyarlak fany - 3 years ago
Kontol pelag
Hendri Wijaya
Hendri Wijaya - 3 years ago
You speak alot
Xeybər Şükürov
Xeybər Şükürov - 3 years ago
You are silly. When fish die you put them into water
Ricky Rifandi
Ricky Rifandi - 3 years ago
Mukul Koundal
Mukul Koundal - 3 years ago
Bhen ka loda bk bdda raha h or video km dekha raha h gussa aaara h mko eske shkl dekh kr
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed - 3 years ago
Making a very long video
Bảnh Mạnh
Bảnh Mạnh - 3 years ago
Súc vật ns cak nhiều
g.vinay - 3 years ago
Bro it's awesome

Jaws Vs piranha
Fan chân chính của redhood vn
Fan chân chính của redhood vn - 3 years ago
Cả lao kính
kim phượng
kim phượng - 3 years ago
Cá chùi kiến
pucuk godong telo
pucuk godong telo - 3 years ago
Puatek celleng
thích bà gia
thích bà gia - 3 years ago
Cá sấu hoả tiễn
Boy Mobile
Boy Mobile - 3 years ago
Sub tiếng việt vs
Jc Ordanza
Jc Ordanza - 3 years ago
dami mong alam puro ka salita!!!
OBAMA - 3 years ago
Bad boy
Sang Trọng GAMING TV
Sang Trọng GAMING TV - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiến
พีระพัฒน์ กุดเสนา
พีระพัฒน์ กุดเสนา - 3 years ago
Milan Lazic
Milan Lazic - 3 years ago
Talk, talk, talk....boring
Sumardi danil & syawal
Sumardi danil & syawal - 3 years ago
Bule kampret........ Buat video 2 jengkal ngomong 1 karung........
Kebanyakan ngomong si kampret ini.....
he man 2222222222333333333 Taş
he man 2222222222333333333 Taş - 3 years ago
turk turkish varmi lan
Everton Cordeiro
Everton Cordeiro - 3 years ago
Q?? Kkkk
Yrik Show
Yrik Show - 3 years ago
Aaa Nono I love ❤️ I wan 1 life you please god bless play peace ✌️
Armen Plays
Armen Plays - 3 years ago
Ikan sapu sapu wkwkwkwk
Top Fail
Top Fail - 3 years ago
Нечево не ясно....
Sultaan Asfaque Ahmed
Sultaan Asfaque Ahmed - 3 years ago
Bro you should talk less n show lill more !
Ghina Nurani Azmi
Ghina Nurani Azmi - 3 years ago
Andare ora nggenah
Phuong Phan
Phuong Phan - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiến :)
Comfy Mod
Comfy Mod - 3 years ago
Хто з україни лайк
Gunawan Gunwan
Gunawan Gunwan - 3 years ago
Iwak kontol
Jay Valdez
Jay Valdez - 3 years ago
its look like abig janitor fish i think
Manash Baruah
Manash Baruah - 3 years ago
That's really awesome I love it
Love you
Zaid Osvaldo Palafox Sosa
Zaid Osvaldo Palafox Sosa - 3 years ago
Abla mucho
Marquinhos Melo
Marquinhos Melo - 3 years ago
DHT HoangTuan
DHT HoangTuan - 3 years ago
Ibox zalo and Facebook you number phone VIETNAM 01679115644
Tau Qeer
Tau Qeer - 3 years ago
9:02 idiot
Bustomi Ramadhani
Bustomi Ramadhani - 3 years ago
how much is the price of fish there because in Indonesia there are a lot of time
Tau Qeer
Tau Qeer - 3 years ago
you talks so much people like action
Mukarrobin Zaenul
Mukarrobin Zaenul - 3 years ago
You talk too much
monica Moreno
monica Moreno - 3 years ago
The way you are catching and fiddling with the fish you leave them stressed afff
Sempu Jaya
Sempu Jaya - 3 years ago
Iwak tekek
Pé Ớt TV
Pé Ớt TV - 3 years ago
Việt nam lạc trôi
Javi Figueroa
Javi Figueroa - 3 years ago
Bla bla bla bla bla bla more action
monica Moreno
monica Moreno - 3 years ago
Oh my God this way you are catching the fish you are stressed them and do not fish in the iron cages but rather plastic to not hurt
Minh Phan Tuan
Minh Phan Tuan - 3 years ago
He looks like griezmann
Lusyani alex cewek
Lusyani alex cewek - 3 years ago
30:12 wow..
Yair Acosta
Yair Acosta - 3 years ago
In my country that fish is named "plecostomo"
Irving Kst B
Irving Kst B - 3 years ago
El pez es casi imposible que lo coman, pues es muy áspero y se defiende como si fuera su armadura… Hablo como estudiante de acuicultura.
rizal sahid
rizal sahid - 3 years ago
di indonesia itu ikan sapu
Brianna Miller
Brianna Miller - 3 years ago
"you can get it at your local nothing store" mood
moccona latte
moccona latte - 3 years ago
What ?
Tu Nong
Tu Nong - 3 years ago
with the girls are going to the gym and
Nách Lông
Nách Lông - 3 years ago
chổng đẩy như cc
gladwin ray zerrudo
gladwin ray zerrudo - 3 years ago
I love you you can help me plssss because I'm so poor
Muhammad Nur Roid
Muhammad Nur Roid - 3 years ago
Wayne Limbaro
Wayne Limbaro - 3 years ago
its a lapu lapu
Pobre loko
Pobre loko - 3 years ago
Tá mais cade o tubarão?
iyem manis
iyem manis - 3 years ago
kakean ngomong!
Alvi An
Alvi An - 3 years ago
Kebanyakan bacot
ahmat helmic
ahmat helmic - 3 years ago
Galih Puny
Galih Puny - 3 years ago
Njir ikan pembersih kaca
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez - 3 years ago
What are you the fish whisperer ?
BeliveryXY - 3 years ago
Hi bro im from indonesia,in indonesia the name fish is "ikan sapu-sapu"
สมปอง มีสา
สมปอง มีสา - 3 years ago
valentino rosidin
valentino rosidin - 3 years ago
In my country this fish called "sapu-sapu"
Você aceita Jesus Como seu único salvador?
Você aceita Jesus Como seu único salvador? - 3 years ago
Kkkk sou br, vim ver o DagrãoZão marinho
Riyan Setiawan
Riyan Setiawan - 3 years ago
Itu kalo di Indonesia nama nya ikan sapu sapu.banyak di kali Indonesia itu mah
Ku te TV ku te TV
Ku te TV ku te TV - 3 years ago
Lao kien
Ivy Dela Crz
Ivy Dela Crz - 3 years ago
It's a janitor fish
water colour drawing
water colour drawing - 3 years ago
It's not a shark,it is a crocodile fish
XxPUBGPROGAMERxX pro - 3 years ago
Your the best yourube
Romel Padrogado
Romel Padrogado - 3 years ago
Putang inamo gago pagki nagat kaniyan
Thảo Huynh
Thảo Huynh - 3 years ago
Fish have in vietnam very much
Vĩnh Vĩnh
Vĩnh Vĩnh - 3 years ago
Noi tiếng cmm éo pit nghe may dag sua ha
hồ gia bảo
hồ gia bảo - 3 years ago
Cá lau kiếng: -
Diversiones de Leonardo
Diversiones de Leonardo - 3 years ago
Roberto Uriostegui Salgado
Roberto Uriostegui Salgado - 3 years ago
Maro Game
Maro Game - 3 years ago
I have many albino in indonesia
DUDUT A.N.S - 3 years ago
Indonesia sapu sapu
Abd Karim
Abd Karim - 3 years ago
Abd Karim
Abd Karim - 3 years ago
Angel Lugo
Angel Lugo - 3 years ago
《Peter》 《Quill》
《Peter》 《Quill》 - 3 years ago
Freakin' childish sht.
Wahyu Nur
Wahyu Nur - 3 years ago
Di kali banyak ini mah sapu sapu
nic Pham vlogs
nic Pham vlogs - 3 years ago
Maynor Alipio
Maynor Alipio - 3 years ago
Here That fish is called janitor fish
Robird Sky
Robird Sky - 3 years ago
A Aa
A Aa - 3 years ago
Danstan Lee Pernes
Danstan Lee Pernes - 3 years ago
U talk too much motherf***er
Maha Rani
Maha Rani - 3 years ago
wow amazing
Jihe bruun
Jihe bruun - 3 years ago
I had a fish named scar and he died but I give her medicine but now I only have a snail who I called flash
Sun Cult Vlog #
Sun Cult Vlog # - 3 years ago
Cá chùi kiếng
Dipak sony
Dipak sony - 3 years ago
Wow nice but all we have
ARUAN SINCERO - 3 years ago
Como eu vim parar aqui!
Jose Umali
Jose Umali - 3 years ago
I like fishing
Gabriel Anzolini
Gabriel Anzolini - 3 years ago
Salve quebrada
santi XD
santi XD - 3 years ago
piranha 3 2019
Guntur Bayu
Guntur Bayu - 3 years ago
Iwak sapu".
Lion Jion
Lion Jion - 3 years ago
พูดเยอะ ควยย
suhail 15mm
suhail 15mm - 3 years ago
Suscrib my chanel suhail 15mm
Tiu Maou
Tiu Maou - 3 years ago
Eis q vc é Américano e acha que cascudo é alien!!! Kkkkkkk
Zoki Ersi
Zoki Ersi - 3 years ago
This fish sapu-sapu in Indonesians
Pangestuganteng Siagian
Pangestuganteng Siagian - 3 years ago
itu ikan sapu-sapu anying disini mah dah biasa buat hewan peliharaan akuarium
Pangestuganteng Siagian
Pangestuganteng Siagian - 3 years ago
+AL Gaming makanya jgn main moba burik trs memek jembud anjeng
Pangestuganteng Siagian
Pangestuganteng Siagian - 3 years ago
+AL Gaming gk punya akuarium? lumayan mbantu sih gk gampang ada kumut di kaca
AL Gaming
AL Gaming - 3 years ago
Pangestuganteng Siagian Sapu² buat apa di pelihara tolol goblok kontol
Kylie Deloso
Kylie Deloso - 3 years ago
Your vids are awesome!!
claudia luna
claudia luna - 3 years ago
claudia luna
claudia luna - 3 years ago
Malo los deja as sin oxijen
Tran Nguyen
Tran Nguyen - 3 years ago
cá lao kính đó mấy cha
harizkiagung nugroho
harizkiagung nugroho - 3 years ago
Bagairus siarelli?
岩本麻由美 - 3 years ago
Aldo Rios Sanchez
Aldo Rios Sanchez - 3 years ago
Como llegue aquí.... :(
Sad Games
Sad Games - 3 years ago
Que que eu to fazendo aqui véi
James Smith
James Smith - 3 years ago
That’s not alien that is janitor fish
Dark MarkiPie
Dark MarkiPie - 3 years ago
Subscribed... Cuz u made me laugh so hard that i almost fart in the train.

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