My first wild beta fish and catch and cook grass carp! STORIES FADE, but REEL LEGENDS NEVER DIE! My Apparel Store is Available Online MY SECOND CHANNEL is CATCH_EM_ALL_LIVE: Check out my Instagram @Catch_em_all_fishing:

My First WILD BETA FISH! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1084

Raww fishing 5 years ago 336,362 views

My first wild beta fish and catch and cook grass carp! STORIES FADE, but REEL LEGENDS NEVER DIE! My Apparel Store is Available Online MY SECOND CHANNEL is CATCH_EM_ALL_LIVE: Check out my Instagram @Catch_em_all_fishing:

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for My First WILD BETA FISH!

Kitty kitty sans only wife
Kitty kitty sans only wife - 5 years ago
Wow I'm happy for you
Cassie Furse
Cassie Furse - 4 years ago
Naty Espinal
Naty Espinal - 4 years ago
Kitty kitty sans only wife

David Elston
David Elston - 4 years ago
Bettas do not belong in the lake!!!
Miss D Ann
Miss D Ann - 5 years ago
Dude jus ruined the video u killed the goldfish well most of them now u killed that poor beta
Shawn Lomax
Shawn Lomax - 5 years ago
Annie Leonhardt u drunk?
Ryan khun
Ryan khun - 5 years ago
Lol beta fish need special water to live
he just killed it
Kitty kitty sans only wife
Kitty kitty sans only wife - 5 years ago
Annie Leonhardt i just love his channel
Kitty kitty sans only wife
Kitty kitty sans only wife - 5 years ago
Jose Garcia yep
Sunheart speedpaints
Sunheart speedpaints - 5 years ago
How did a sans fangirl get pinned?
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 5 years ago
Kitty kitty sans only wife she's pretty good at interacting with his fans will you have to be some of the first ones to comment
Hayden Doo doo buur
Hayden Doo doo buur - 5 years ago
Proud of you to kitty lover
Andy Ho
Andy Ho - 4 years ago
betta not beta
Shoman Blues
Shoman Blues - 4 years ago
What you did is illegal and the cause of a huge problem all over the US. You're obviously uneducated and ignorant of your local laws. what a shame...
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus - 4 years ago
Dumb ass
Muhammad Suzairi
Muhammad Suzairi - 4 years ago
He fish very good can talk while fishing
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez - 4 years ago
If you love it you have to let it free
Catilin Gamble
Catilin Gamble - 4 years ago
Were do you get your merchandise
Pikachu and pichu with friends
Pikachu and pichu with friends - 4 years ago
Just buy a 5 gallon tank and put your betta in their!!!!!!! You could put a filter
or not but it’s recommended for filter and heater
Akron Ufo
Akron Ufo - 4 years ago

10. comment for My First WILD BETA FISH!

NAGGER wassup
NAGGER wassup - 4 years ago
Deym! He's like the paul logan of the fishy fishy world
WolfGirl16 lol
WolfGirl16 lol - 4 years ago
How does it feel to hit 1million subscribers
Allison Gamboa
Allison Gamboa - 4 years ago
douchebag. -_-
Sceptic Gamer
Sceptic Gamer - 4 years ago
You make good contact keep up the hard work you are amazing
Logan Irwin
Logan Irwin - 4 years ago
SIP poor betta
PathisNarrow - 4 years ago
probably only lasted the night
Love Goldens
Love Goldens - 4 years ago
ive goto to say this. the image on his hat looks like the female reproductive system
popularMMos frend frend of gamingwithjen
popularMMos frend frend of gamingwithjen - 4 years ago
Im a big fan so far keep up the good work, Subscribed and liked
jestin dobre
jestin dobre - 4 years ago
You are so cool mi name is jestin i Love your video
Maria De Santiago
Maria De Santiago - 4 years ago
I have a BETA fish

20. comment for My First WILD BETA FISH!

D4yzR3kt - 4 years ago
You are not upset about people feeding their predator fishes with goldfishes but you want to kill this guy for 1 shitty betta?
deez nuts
deez nuts - 4 years ago
You pice of shit
Tracy Krol
Tracy Krol - 4 years ago
We have ponds like this if its man made and on private property they cant do nothing about it .. which it looks as if it's a man made pond and on private land I dont think he would record a video he knew he could/would get in trouble for
Tracy Krol
Tracy Krol - 4 years ago
My son has autism and ADHD he doesnt sit still much he will b 11 august 31st been mostly non verbal .. but finding your channel has been amazing not only does he sit still to watch but he has learned n said more words then he has ever ... so grateful I stumbled upon the channel ...
genesis gonzalez
genesis gonzalez - 4 years ago
omg i love the entro when ever i hear it i allways say tge right thing evry time i love your videos
Persephone Smith
Persephone Smith - 4 years ago
SPARKLES!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!!
birdys167 - 4 years ago
Yes good for releasing the beta but they live in long grass that's wet it can't live out there it's not safe
Zareer Rahman
Zareer Rahman - 4 years ago
The fishes name should be freedom
Boss Bro
Boss Bro - 4 years ago
Name him Twinkle Toes
Chrisgracy Dizon
Chrisgracy Dizon - 4 years ago
The best

30. comment for My First WILD BETA FISH!

Jessica - 4 years ago
you need to get some women for that betta
Groovy June
Groovy June - 4 years ago
He so fine tho
Zara Mottola
Zara Mottola - 4 years ago
Pink and supporting women have nothing to do with each other
Remy Brennan
Remy Brennan - 4 years ago
To stop sparkle use anitiy sparkle eye protectors over camera lens
Jake Pparker
Jake Pparker - 4 years ago
Why the fuck are you wearing a beanie in Florida
3D Suprised Pikachu
3D Suprised Pikachu - 4 years ago
Zack what are you doing?
fkujakedmyname - 4 years ago
people in florida are such cold pussys it must be 70 degrees for him to put on a hat
Cressione - 4 years ago
What will u name it
crispy tart
crispy tart - 4 years ago
how is there a beta fish in the lake
Sean Hakim
Sean Hakim - 4 years ago
Damn so many haters! Why? Keep it up, have fun, and God bless!
TheProAmateur - 4 years ago
Why the hell let boa fish that slow compared to every fish in that water. Easy target for other fish. He didn’t last but 2hours max.
My journey Mr xx millrowe
My journey Mr xx millrowe - 4 years ago
I dear u to try and catch a fish off ur balcony !! Plz pin this xx
ollie boy
ollie boy - 4 years ago
OMG you let a betta go in the should clip that part out of your video, really you should........
lps underwater
lps underwater - 4 years ago
Oh it it died
PG Loi
PG Loi - 4 years ago
When the fish start going to universities (stop taking ur bait). Try Kentucky Fried Chicken.
miscreant yt
miscreant yt - 4 years ago
He straight up sent that fish to his death e
miscreant yt
miscreant yt - 4 years ago
Before he goes to his grave lol
Devin Cole
Devin Cole - 4 years ago
I like pink to
Slap Gang
Slap Gang - 4 years ago
Honestly, your a douche dude and I'm pretty sure you know it.
RAGE - 4 years ago
name the fish garry

50. comment for My First WILD BETA FISH!

LadyJinyxx Majestic Bitch
LadyJinyxx Majestic Bitch - 4 years ago
If you keep releasing store bought fish into habitats they don't belong I'm definitely unfollowing. I had a lot of respect for you but the more I watch the more disappointed I get. I was looking forward to this paycheck because I wanted to buy a few of your shirts. Then I seen this. I can't support you or share your channel anymore because you are becoming a bad influence. Sorry dude, until you turn your shit around? I can't share your channel.
LadyJinyxx Majestic Bitch
LadyJinyxx Majestic Bitch - 4 years ago
You just put a a pond. Might as well flush it.
Undercooked Chicken Nugget
Undercooked Chicken Nugget - 4 years ago
But some women don't like pink
Undercooked Chicken Nugget
Undercooked Chicken Nugget - 4 years ago
Grass carp noise: splash
Undercooked Chicken Nugget
Undercooked Chicken Nugget - 4 years ago
Germanic Productions
Germanic Productions - 4 years ago
Why does half of bettas owners write bettas like this "beta"?
Harry Hicks
Harry Hicks - 4 years ago
Your a freak who in there right mind eats carp other than polaks. Wrongen mate
Shawn Lorenz Lucero
Shawn Lorenz Lucero - 4 years ago
Awsome. Where did you get it?
Gilbert Mora
Gilbert Mora - 4 years ago
boi betta live in japan lookes like its dead
Lyra - 4 years ago
Rip Mr. betta fish. ;-; You shall be missed .
Marwan Almehairi
Marwan Almehairi - 4 years ago
Please stop releasing fish into ponds, if you can’t handle them just give them to someone who knows how to properly care for them.
مۣۗـۙلَكۣۗ آلَجۣۗـۙوۣكۣۗـۙر
مۣۗـۙلَكۣۗ آلَجۣۗـۙوۣكۣۗـۙر - 4 years ago
Colin Leskusky
Colin Leskusky - 4 years ago
I have a Betta and he needs help. DONT DO THAT
Isira Nelaka
Isira Nelaka - 4 years ago
You just kill that you know the meaning of pet
Cameron Griffith
Cameron Griffith - 4 years ago
Name him Artemis
Tama Thecreator
Tama Thecreator - 4 years ago
Zac wtf lol
vava l
vava l - 4 years ago
his name is "fighter"
Jaya Khan
Jaya Khan - 4 years ago
blacqheartkids909 - 4 years ago
Anybody know the brand of those glasses???
Caiden Roshia
Caiden Roshia - 4 years ago
His butt crack showed when he was putting the bread on the hook
Chunchunmaru Sama
Chunchunmaru Sama - 4 years ago
i love this guys retardedness hahaha
Reign Wolfe
Reign Wolfe - 4 years ago
For a person who loves to fish and know a lot about fishes...You sure are quite ignorant about the environment.
Fireangel77 - 4 years ago
That betta deserves a better life it will die quickly in a lake
Ruby Anne Smith
Ruby Anne Smith - 4 years ago
Bettas are native to Japan, Vietnam, China and Indonesia no where else you just introduced a non native species should of kept it or sold or surrendered to a pet store
Jeffrey Chua
Jeffrey Chua - 4 years ago
I’m gonna call him Billy
Dizzy Gillespie herb
Dizzy Gillespie herb - 4 years ago
Ellory Gameplay
Ellory Gameplay - 4 years ago
Name him minnow
Dui Trieu
Dui Trieu - 4 years ago
catch em all... you don't know anything about betta fish,keep it out of your video. ( I PUT you IN MMA RING ) u have no chances
Elijah Fletcher
Elijah Fletcher - 4 years ago
Goodbye little fishy
Eddy Madera
Eddy Madera - 4 years ago
I dig the beanie I want one where do I get one
Eevee Payton
Eevee Payton - 4 years ago
Rip betta
craig russell
craig russell - 4 years ago
Can someone report this man this fool, this jerk, this freak
Catch Em All Fishing
Catch Em All Fishing - 4 years ago
just subscribe and chill
Mixz - 4 years ago
The planes are never ending
Water Reservoirs
Water Reservoirs - 4 years ago
Go to hell.
_Weak_ - 4 years ago
Callie meeko
Callie meeko - 4 years ago
I hate you Zach you can go die in a hole because that poor betta fish had to go out in the wild and you should know better not to freaking put a betta fish in the wild you're stupid
Presley Peterson
Presley Peterson - 4 years ago
Stupid fish can’t survive by there self especially beaters
HatlesKoala 1024
HatlesKoala 1024 - 4 years ago
No hate but bate fish depend on humans for food so the fish can’t get its food so it might die
Zachary EA
Zachary EA - 4 years ago
Saw a kid wearing your reel legends never die shirt on in Dania , I yelled "CATCH 'EM ALL!!!!" but he didnt even look... lmao. Love the vids.
shelby!! mcgowan
shelby!! mcgowan - 4 years ago
It's name should be Kitty
Lavender-Cat - 5 years ago
Wtf man I thought you were better than that...smh disappointed
Chris Hessert
Chris Hessert - 5 years ago
Cool fish
james hixenbaugh
james hixenbaugh - 5 years ago
name the beta fire fin cuse of the color of his fins
Heavenly GiftedCritters
Heavenly GiftedCritters - 5 years ago
Hon, please don’t continue releasing non-native fish into ponds. Even if the ponds are man made ponds, that Betta has no clue how to find food and survive. It depends on you to feed it and take care of it, but you just released it into the pond as a snack for your larger fish. I have ten Betta fish myself and I would never endanger their lives like you did with that Betta fish. I know you mean well, but please remember that most of your viewers are of a younger audience and they look up to you. If they see you releasing goldfish and Betta fish in places they shouldn’t be, they might do that and lead to more deaths in fish lives.
Heavenly GiftedCritters
Heavenly GiftedCritters - 5 years ago
Nathan Fansler
Nathan Fansler - 5 years ago
"Just keeping coming, don't look at me look at the camera"
~ Zach catch'em 2018
MegaPhalaenopsis - 5 years ago
Kimberly Gutierrez
Kimberly Gutierrez - 5 years ago
Rap monst
fred castillo
fred castillo - 5 years ago
Poor betta fish
Stainless Steel Aquatics
Stainless Steel Aquatics - 5 years ago
Btw uh you could face a 5,000 dollar fine for releasing non native fish species that could destroy other wildlife and you can get charged with animal abuse. You are buying PET FISH and killing and eating them and throwing them in lakes

100. comment for My First WILD BETA FISH!

ReecePocock VLOGS
ReecePocock VLOGS - 5 years ago
name him beast
Kenzie Jones
Kenzie Jones - 5 years ago
You. Are. Nuts. You. Put. A. Poor. Fish. In. A. Lake. It. Could. Die. I. Have. One. Of. Those. Beta. Fish. Why. Zac. I. Have. A. Class. Pet. And. You. Kill. A. Poor. Fish. Just. Why. Go. To. A. Pet. Store. By. S. Fish. Tank. Get. The. Stuff. It's. Need. Put. The. Fish. In. And. Watch. It. Swim
suga daddy
suga daddy - 5 years ago
Stop fucking lying, its not wild. You killed it too by the way.
Jamboy Serna
Jamboy Serna - 5 years ago
Zac my sick is okay now because of your vids
Tyler Lo
Tyler Lo - 5 years ago
Where was that at
ryker_airsoft&gaming - 5 years ago
You should try bow fishing
Tourette syndrome
Tourette syndrome - 5 years ago
Well if there are wild betta fish in Florida we know why now
Coolaz E
Coolaz E - 5 years ago
You are the best
Rjjfjfn X
Rjjfjfn X - 5 years ago
He now we respect wamen I am dying
theboss _shaquieem
theboss _shaquieem - 5 years ago
Try to catch fish from your gallery
No Body
No Body - 5 years ago
Welp uhm you just killed a fish...
Eisiam The Goddess
Eisiam The Goddess - 5 years ago
No!!! Poor fishy!!! Dont release him!!!
Emmanuel Chico
Emmanuel Chico - 5 years ago
Poor betta fish (I still forgive you)
Landen's Fishing
Landen's Fishing - 5 years ago
rip betta
HipsterEevee 101
HipsterEevee 101 - 5 years ago
(Zac heart me plz its been my dream to be reconized by a star ⭐️ yt-ber) I i bought all the types of ur merch


Lara Buckingham
Lara Buckingham - 5 years ago
The beginning tho
Chara TheInkDemond
Chara TheInkDemond - 5 years ago
His name is Jeff
TOXIC_PANDA456 - 5 years ago
The great beyond fish
Aqif Aril
Aqif Aril - 5 years ago
dlee728 - 5 years ago
You should get an Arawana
Sensual.S3XY.Seduction - 5 years ago
LMAO people aggravate me ... So many negative comments yet half are subbed to him?! Kim Kardashian effect much or nah?! Hate to love him but not enough to stop watching him? Veiws equal dollars, if you don't like it don't watch!!!!!!
Jacob Strickland
Jacob Strickland - 5 years ago
Meadoe Mann
Meadoe Mann - 5 years ago
I just unsubscribed bec of ur ignorance to wild life, ur an idiot for realesing non invasive species. No respect
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 5 years ago
Madie Luva
Madie Luva - 5 years ago
I swear you respect fish better then any man who respects whamen.
Ivie Bailey
Ivie Bailey - 5 years ago
Not all woman like pink
aѕнlιng - 5 years ago
Youre letting invasive species into a pond and just released a betta in a cold ads pond. Its probably dead by now, I use to what your videos, but you've lost compassion and care
Catch Em All Fishing
Catch Em All Fishing - 5 years ago
+aѕнlιng false that pond has a high temp with thriving peacocks in it.
Gaspar Evangelista
Gaspar Evangelista - 5 years ago
Carly Isham
Carly Isham - 5 years ago
Nice vid that was a big fish
Susan Miller
Susan Miller - 5 years ago
I just got 2 new pet goldfish
Isaac Burns
Isaac Burns - 5 years ago
the back of that shirt tho
Dayna Walters
Dayna Walters - 5 years ago
Why would you put that Beta fish into that lake? You have an audience that you and are totally showcasing them something horrible. I really was enjoying your goofy ass, but when you were feeding those goldfish/feeder fish to the fish in the lake, I was already a little annoyed. Now here you are just deliberately showing people that it's okay to just put whatever into our bodies of water. Some people are not educated to know that you just don't go around tossing store bought fish into the wild, and clearly you are one of those people. You are making our hobby look bad. Please stop!
Fen253 - 5 years ago
Releasing pet fish is actually really bad for the ecosystem. There's many cases of feeder goldfish that compete with native species and end up killing them off. Hoping for the best for the beta but really hoping it doesn't find a mate and reproduce.
Sugaree - 5 years ago
Dude why are you releasing fish that are not native to the us?
Omar Briseño
Omar Briseño - 5 years ago
Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger - 5 years ago
bro lol what was that ending XD
TalkTo Shadow
TalkTo Shadow - 5 years ago
All have palau!!!
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Domestic betta splendens were developed by humans and we're never in the wild. They are nothing like actual wild bettas. You just released a tropical fish into a lake and probably sentenced it to a really crappy death considering bettas are tropical and require temperatures of 78+. Congrats, you just killed that poor little betta with your sheer ignorance! Don't release store bought fish back into the wild, it's incredibly irresponsible and also illegal in some states. What a joke dude.
James Zizza
James Zizza - 5 years ago
enough pewdiepie refrences
John Dunbar
John Dunbar - 5 years ago
this guy don't know how to respect a fish. carry a net and you won't have to risk damaging, tiring or losing a fish. if you don't have a net you're not fishing. come prepared to respect the fish or don't go after my fish at all.
John Dunbar
John Dunbar - 5 years ago
this guy works at taco bell while he not fishing
Umais Gaming And Vlogs
Umais Gaming And Vlogs - 5 years ago
Legend should be the name
Ethan Fallon
Ethan Fallon - 5 years ago
Some of your videos are the exact same
Ethan Fallon
Ethan Fallon - 5 years ago
I feel like your videos are a scam for views by splitting up a single video into 5 separate videos and leaving us at a cliffhanger and the playing next time on dragon ball z
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 5 years ago
Isn't it illegal to release that fish into the wild ?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Dirk Diggler Depending on his state absolutely. He also released a tropical fish into a lake so doubtful it even survived a day.
Richard Okalski
Richard Okalski - 5 years ago
Nobody at all
Nobody at all - 5 years ago
That fish is maybe dead because it could get water shock
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Nobody at all Definitely could as betta splendens need to be kept at 78+ degrees.
Danny Giroux
Danny Giroux - 5 years ago
I was trolled by the Dragon Ball finish lol.
Nathan Mai
Nathan Mai - 5 years ago
1:52 Ugandan Knuckle: yes she is da queen she knows da wae…
The R&R show
The R&R show - 5 years ago
the better wouldn't survive they live in Asia
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
The R&R show Nope he definitely killed it with this display of stupidity.
Robert Naples
Robert Naples - 5 years ago
bro wtf you smoking lately you been acting stupid as fuck are you 12 years old again? not recommending your channel for now.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith - 5 years ago
the whole pewdiepie thing is annoying. fucking stop
John Fitch
John Fitch - 5 years ago
That's why Florida got so many invasive species because people like him always releasing animals thats not supposed to be there.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
John Fitch Oh is he in FL? Then he definitely just broke state law and filmed it.
Parker D
Parker D - 5 years ago
Plus this “Respect Women” thing is so freakin old, nobody thinks it’s funny, not even the 5 year old PewDiePie watchers
Parker D
Parker D - 5 years ago
This channel sucks now, you try way to hard to be funny, you put that Beta in the pond to die, there is no way it will live there, all your goldfish will either die, or hurt the eco system. All your supporters are under 5 years old, it seems.
Susan Rodgers
Susan Rodgers - 5 years ago
I have the same fishing rod as you
my penis is unbelievably small but,
my penis is unbelievably small but, - 5 years ago
You are beyond stupid i hope u relies that that betta is dead by now because ur dumb ass released a domesticated fish into the wild and will most likely die within a few days or maybe even hours. Betta fish bred in captivity are slow and small and their long fins will be nipped by smaller fish. Not only is that illegal, but just disrespectful. You’re a waste of oxygen
Pickle - 5 years ago
This channel needs to get taken down. He does so many illegal things. Poor fish.
BRICKCITY9MM - 5 years ago
Bryce Y
Bryce Y - 5 years ago
Waste of my time watching this....... unsubbed
Rolie Gaming
Rolie Gaming - 5 years ago
I love betta fishes <3
Cinema613vids - 5 years ago
I saw in another vid that you released goldfish in there as well .. you do know that shit is HELLA illegal right ?
Lucus Dawson
Lucus Dawson - 5 years ago
Mitty little zack
Nightingale The  Fox
Nightingale The Fox - 5 years ago
I love you Fireball!!!!!!
Nightingale The  Fox
Nightingale The Fox - 5 years ago
i wanted the betta fish to be named fireball because he/she has orange fins XD
Jurassic Kingdom Yang
Jurassic Kingdom Yang - 5 years ago
Zach those kind of betta fish needs hot water
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
The lucky bass boy Yang He doesn't care about anything but views and appearing dope.
Jurassic Kingdom Yang
Jurassic Kingdom Yang - 5 years ago
Zach those kind of betta fish needs hot water
Jurassic Kingdom Yang
Jurassic Kingdom Yang - 5 years ago
Zack those can a betta fish end hot water
I c Wiener
I c Wiener - 5 years ago
I liked watching your old videos more the humbleness level has dropped alot
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato - 5 years ago
KiD DvS - 5 years ago
This guy is a total douche bag almost as much as fouseytube
Harry Hoekstra
Harry Hoekstra - 5 years ago
I quit your channel
Emma Darling
Emma Darling - 5 years ago
I don't understand, don't you have laws in USA that do not allow exotics to be released into the wild? If I released a hundered carp into a pond, I would probably lose my house because of the fines.
That Betta fish is not going to have a good life in that pond, it's probably going to starve and become weak, and as a result be eaten by a bigger fish it can't get away from.
Parker D
Parker D - 5 years ago
Actually yes, and they’re very strict. But this idiot doesn’t care for them, he’s doing illegal stuff...
SenshiBuredo - 5 years ago
It’s betta
outside guys
outside guys - 5 years ago
His name is shamujr
Derkely - 5 years ago
"That's why i catch big whamen."
Max Ciaramitaro
Max Ciaramitaro - 5 years ago
Why would you release a non-native species.
oscar feed
oscar feed - 5 years ago
i respect wamen
Christopher Jaimes
Christopher Jaimes - 5 years ago
your a fucking idiot!
platinum aether
platinum aether - 5 years ago
Buddy, reel legends dont release non-native fish into ponds.
Masman Murray
Masman Murray - 5 years ago
Reel legends never die
rip austin
rip austin - 5 years ago
Catch more pacu
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire - 5 years ago
Have you ever tried bow fishing?
GO TO DravenLikesHorror
GO TO DravenLikesHorror - 5 years ago
shut up and stop saying wamen its annoying as hell not funny
Danielle Boyd
Danielle Boyd - 5 years ago
Bro y'all know they pull beta fish outta ponds because it's cheaper than to have large tanks so the one you have was prolly pulled outta a river
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Danielle Boyd These types of bettas were developed by humans and are nothing like the actual wild bettas found throughout Asia. This fish was bred in captivity and requires temperatures of 78+. That fish is already dead thanks to this guy.
James Locklear
James Locklear - 5 years ago
Do u live with your parents
rjong90 - 5 years ago
This guys videos and responsibility levels are starting to look more like that raw fishing guy. They just some guys that know how to fish not fish enthusiasts
hoi I'm kittymon
hoi I'm kittymon - 5 years ago
I saw the first part and I'm thinking he's gonna do it

and he didn't yay
Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell - 5 years ago
TheDinoGamer 100
TheDinoGamer 100 - 5 years ago
Vincent Pereira
Vincent Pereira - 5 years ago
What the fuck. Pushing your shit jokes to the side, why do you think buying and releasing "domesticated" fish is entertainment? It's not. Can't expect half those goldfish to survive, and certainly not that betta. Whole time I was telling myself you wouldn't really do it. But. I highly doubt you'll see this or any of the other comments on your abusings to smaller fish.
Eric - 5 years ago
Isn't it illegal to release fish?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
rice gummy Why yes! Yes it is.
GaS & OIL 4 sale
GaS & OIL 4 sale - 5 years ago
That was messed up..!
Ace fishing
Ace fishing - 5 years ago
You should try fishing in other states
next big comment jokester
next big comment jokester - 5 years ago
Betta fish are tropical fish and won't last long in a pond
Brandon Crain
Brandon Crain - 5 years ago
Releasing exotic fish in lakes and ponds is not the right thing to do. Same with saying you love animals but hit a duck with a branch. Respect the animals man
Justin Ford
Justin Ford - 5 years ago
god damnit, Just like DBZ. lol
Ben G
Ben G - 5 years ago
We respect wemen fish thats why we eat them
drumavenger83 - 5 years ago
Videos have gotten worse lately. Releasing non native fish was the worst of it... oh and #CrackIsWhack #JustSayNo
kobe Krieger
kobe Krieger - 5 years ago
The fish is our queen Brodas this is da wae
Joris Ouwehand
Joris Ouwehand - 5 years ago
I hope he Goes in the pond
fish fantasy
fish fantasy - 5 years ago
That betta is gonna get eaten
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
#KC Louison Nope. Likely already died of temperature shock as they're a tropical fish.
Brandon Newsome
Brandon Newsome - 5 years ago
What kind of rod is that
Brennan A Boyce
Brennan A Boyce - 5 years ago
It's annoying when u do the stay tuned for the next episode of dragon ball z thing
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski - 5 years ago
Brennan A Boyce no it's beautiful
Domeshine Clown
Domeshine Clown - 5 years ago
In Michigan, for instance, there are plenty of invasive species wreaking havoc on our environment. From sea lampreys, to zebra mussels, quagga mussels, round gobies, asian carp, emerald ash borers, dutch elm disease, buckthorn, purple loosestrife...etc. this list goes on.
Yeah, people just don't think about what they are doing.
OH YEAH YEAH - 5 years ago
Call the Fish KnowerOfDaWae a noble title
Mildred Caraballo
Mildred Caraballo - 5 years ago
name him willy for free willy
The Dude Abides
The Dude Abides - 5 years ago
Respek whammen!
Static Fishing
Static Fishing - 5 years ago
Dragon Ball super bitchs
Richard Yingling
Richard Yingling - 5 years ago
Name him Dinner, cause something is probably going to eat his ass up. Hopefully not though.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Richard Yingling It's a tropical fish that needs to be kept at 78+ degrees. Poor thing already died of shock.
Robbie Jacobs
Robbie Jacobs - 5 years ago
doesn't know how to fish
peter walker
peter walker - 5 years ago
why dont you fuckers ever use a landing net? load of gobshites.
Cole Pollman
Cole Pollman - 5 years ago
His name should be George
Matt Blouch
Matt Blouch - 5 years ago
How I mine for fish
Super_luke_6 - 5 years ago
Clifhanger no!!!!
Duckslayer 1
Duckslayer 1 - 5 years ago
Real legends never die
DelpMar77 - 5 years ago
Your maturity level is the same as a 10 year old
Lorne Ricks
Lorne Ricks - 5 years ago
You cant just put a aquarium fish i a lake they will be eaten you are killing him!!!
Kuuzei Ezo
Kuuzei Ezo - 5 years ago
R.I.P Little Fish
Devil_Mark Adventure
Devil_Mark Adventure - 5 years ago
Hey zack i love your vidio leave a like on zack channel im a bigt fan i hope you read this zack Cach dem all
Backwoods Dipper
Backwoods Dipper - 5 years ago
when do you think the hat will be on your website?
SK FUN - 5 years ago
Love from India ❤
Young and wild
Young and wild - 5 years ago
sick video dude, you will have to come to Australia one day and catch a few of our fish, the fish pull harder down under ;)
Josh Calder
Josh Calder - 5 years ago
Releasing pet fish into the wild can really damage water ways
steely c
steely c - 5 years ago
leave more line when getting the fish in at the bank raise rod upto 12 o clock then pull it back with ine hand n land fish with other
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper - 5 years ago
Female fish used sparkle
Lulu L.
Lulu L. - 5 years ago
Thats what she said.
Jack Swag127
Jack Swag127 - 5 years ago
Stop doing this
Muhammad Hussnain
Muhammad Hussnain - 5 years ago
Wow l'm happy for you
INQUISITIVE GUY - 5 years ago
Your fishing rod is cool its true real legends never die
INQUISITIVE GUY - 5 years ago
Nice video Catching fish
Dogman11 Green
Dogman11 Green - 5 years ago
Omg so beautiful
Shylo x Fading 770
Shylo x Fading 770 - 5 years ago
It's not gonna live dude
nasphos - 5 years ago
I can't believe u cut the video right when u was about to land the fish
Golden Beann
Golden Beann - 5 years ago
Witch kind of rod and reel do u use
bystander2009 - 5 years ago
i saw the iguana
nobby Osborn
nobby Osborn - 5 years ago
Is it not illegal for you to release all these fish in to the wild? Like the gold fish and stuff
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
It is and everyone who objects should be reporting his ass to the FL department of fish and wildlife
nobby Osborn
nobby Osborn - 5 years ago
Cinema613vids I think the Same m8. No fish care what's so ever. In the UK you would get but fucked if you were court releasing invasive fish
Cinema613vids - 5 years ago
it's mad illegal, everything this guy does is retarded and his shitty pool pond is disgusting. Possibly the worst and most uneducated fish keeper on youtube. He needs a new hobby.
Reel Pressure
Reel Pressure - 5 years ago
Lol got those same exact joggers from ross
SharkBAIT RUDY - 5 years ago
I just skipped all the way to the end cause I already knew you were gonna do some bullshit
namepi - 5 years ago
Name him Dead-meat
namepi - 5 years ago
We’re not little kids
Jpadilla05 - 5 years ago
Damn it he got us with the dragon Ball z thingy kinda like getting rick rolled lol
kekistani toba
kekistani toba - 5 years ago
I think some memes will bring this channel alot of subscribers!
Nobody Nelson
Nobody Nelson - 5 years ago
Walking Dead
Walking Dead - 5 years ago
Dude you just sent that betta fish to it's a death sentence and it's not native to those Waters
Federico Gallardo
Federico Gallardo - 5 years ago
Best yt ever
Dolan Darkest
Dolan Darkest - 5 years ago
Guys, how can I pull a big fish? I seemingly can't.
_Tiesiogas_ - 5 years ago
I love your vids. SHAMU IS A PRO xD
Turkey farook
Turkey farook - 5 years ago
LAST YAYAY and love it and nice catch n cook LOOL
Jadaski - 5 years ago
You would never do us like that
Jadaski - 5 years ago
Why do you keep doing this at each video at the end
beau fischer
beau fischer - 5 years ago
Man I would love to come hang an fish with you lol
DFuZe_SSSNIPER - 5 years ago
He talk to much start fishinh stop talking soo much
Dali Vigil
Dali Vigil - 5 years ago
Extra extra Betta fish are invading Florida waters now thanks to this genius .
Chelsey Moran
Chelsey Moran - 5 years ago
ur not allowed to put a fish that no one knows into a pond like that
Kookamongus - 5 years ago
Y so many dislikes
Jason m.
Jason m. - 5 years ago
Getting real tierd of all these cliffhangers
yingfing thao
yingfing thao - 5 years ago
Does he know the way?
Alraylex Gaming
Alraylex Gaming - 5 years ago
You are the best one to make my day more happy
Dapper Dino
Dapper Dino - 5 years ago
Did you see how my Boii put the bread in his pocket
Dipping Daily
Dipping Daily - 5 years ago
love how people freak out over a betta but nothing about our military not being paid...
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Dipping Daily Solely deciding to kill a fish for views versus a government shut down caused by many, many moving parts and individuals isn't really comparable.
American Hostage
American Hostage - 5 years ago
This dude acts like a seventh grader trying to be funny for a girl. Putting non-native fish into lakes and ponds is why you have peacock bass in most of the canals, iguanas in the tree, and pythons killing bass all over the everglades. I'm sick of douchebags like you fucking up our lakes and ponds, our grandchildren wont have bass anymore, they'll be fishing for carp, like in Europe! GODDAMNIT
Tenshi San
Tenshi San - 5 years ago
Oofer gang
KamikazekyleYT - 5 years ago
bru why u eating grass!
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Joel Adams That betta is already dead from temperature shock.
Luisbombdigity - 5 years ago
Dope Video ! Ignore everyone talking smack on you releasing the betta. CATCH EM ALL !
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Luisbombdigity Educate yourself.
Sarah Di
Sarah Di - 5 years ago
The ending was so anticlimactic
Jared Rice
Jared Rice - 5 years ago
You just killed a beta fish
Civil war fanatic Man
Civil war fanatic Man - 5 years ago
The great beyond
Sherer aquaponics
Sherer aquaponics - 5 years ago
Bro, you got to get him a couple women!
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee - 5 years ago
It's not a good idea to release a species of fish into river it did not originate from..... if by chance, it might mate and multiply so the ecosystem would change for good or for worse.......
Adam Wall
Adam Wall - 5 years ago
don't care still enjoying watching be free betamon be free
Alec Malone
Alec Malone - 5 years ago
Catch em all.... I love your content I’ve been subbed ever since the fish trap video. These last post have been bad, bad editing and horrible endings, and not mentioning how releasing goldfish is bad. And that poor betta it didn’t deserve this... it’s not wild and it will die from cold, eaten, and plus they’re horrible swimmers. C’mon dude stop this
Sheila Armenti
Sheila Armenti - 4 years ago
Well at least he will feed the fish baita and goldfish don’t live long anyways.
Madden Ladden
Madden Ladden - 5 years ago
Akira Clemmons the problem is, even if they did stop watching IT IS STILL A PROBLEM, he's releasing fish that easily become invasive destructing the ecosystem. I get if you like him, however he should not keep up with reckless habits like this.
Alec Malone
Alec Malone - 5 years ago
He is my favorite youtuber
Akira Clemmons
Akira Clemmons - 5 years ago
Alec M. If you don't like what he does, don't watch him.
Mason Clark
Mason Clark - 5 years ago
No offense but your a fucking weirdo at the start of this video
Scottie_ R_Jr
Scottie_ R_Jr - 5 years ago
Like #1169
Logan Compagnon
Logan Compagnon - 5 years ago
super WISE guy
super WISE guy - 5 years ago
Leilanie Galvan
Leilanie Galvan - 5 years ago
Or THE legend
Leilanie Galvan
Leilanie Galvan - 5 years ago
His name is great beast
Taco Man
Taco Man - 5 years ago
Your channel is dope
حمني gamez
حمني gamez - 5 years ago
U inspired me in fish
Joel THE LEGEND - 5 years ago
The lesson in this video I to..........

Tito Maldonado
Tito Maldonado - 5 years ago
I dont understand why you would release the betta fish :/ poor guy will die
Joseph Hirs
Joseph Hirs - 5 years ago
Why would you release the beta?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Joseph Hirs Views.
Spek - 5 years ago
When you need that cash so you make like 10 parts for 1 video... C'mon man
Chief Small Ears
Chief Small Ears - 5 years ago
We out here respectin queen$
Do you you recpec
Doowap30016 Plays
Doowap30016 Plays - 5 years ago
Guppy the Koi
Guppy the Koi - 5 years ago
That fish won’t make it
Blazing Phoenix
Blazing Phoenix - 5 years ago
Cut the cliff hangers
Chris C
Chris C - 5 years ago
It’s illegal to release nonnative fish into the wild
brad kirk
brad kirk - 5 years ago
Did I love that bread
Mz Santiago
Mz Santiago - 5 years ago
I love Zak
Cute Pets We Love
Cute Pets We Love - 5 years ago
Bad idea to release betas into the wild
William Rivera
William Rivera - 5 years ago
I thought it was wonder bread?
amanda rigato
amanda rigato - 5 years ago
Respec woman
pedelpopper - 5 years ago
u seriously let a foreign species ur stupid as hell..u always tell people to do their research u don't search up shit. half the time u don't even know the type of fish ur catching...learn ur shit
Richie Kearney
Richie Kearney - 5 years ago
yo ive been watchin ur channel for a while so pin ur boy up
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos - 5 years ago
Between 10 and 100,000 pounds
Bagley Rippers
Bagley Rippers - 5 years ago
five hundred and sixty second
Nate B
Nate B - 5 years ago
stop releasing non-native fish and stop fucking stopping your vids for cheapass content.
Adam Hirmiz
Adam Hirmiz - 5 years ago
I love you
Fishing Harry
Fishing Harry - 5 years ago
It’s illegal to take carp out of ponds and transport and or kill the fish. They are stocked to keep the algae.
Bryant Friday
Bryant Friday - 5 years ago
Dude you keep releasing non native species to the wild you can expect Florida Fish an Game commission or whatever branch they have down there to be at your door anytime now. These videos have gotten really shitty lately. Used to be one of my fav channels now you just do anything for views..come on man get back to actually fishing and shamu videos
John Joseph
John Joseph - 5 years ago
Bryant 703 cry cry troll
Josh Meason
Josh Meason - 5 years ago
Michael Meyer except it wasn't a single fish it was closer to 100 just last video
Solo Mel
Solo Mel - 5 years ago
Your shirt should say
Real Legends
reel Legends.
Sean Aldrich
Sean Aldrich - 5 years ago
You didn't respect that women you kept telling her to go belly up and then you ate her without consent.
TRENTON BOOKER - 5 years ago
Yo Catch em all Ik where that is we should fish there sometime together there is peacock bass and bass there
TRENTON BOOKER - 5 years ago
I try to go there at least every weekend
Solo Mel
Solo Mel - 5 years ago
Damn havnt seen one of your videos in a min!!
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez - 5 years ago
Hate the cliff hangers
Lance Galera
Lance Galera - 5 years ago
SOLO - 5 years ago
I hate how the videos have been ending lately . Constructive criticism not outta hate
Jayden Eagleton
Jayden Eagleton - 5 years ago
The best freaking yt channel ever
Thevindu Nawagaththegama
Thevindu Nawagaththegama - 5 years ago
Love your videos!
Aaron Scarborough
Aaron Scarborough - 5 years ago
no hate but the Betta need a tank
Justin Green
Justin Green - 5 years ago
Idk about Florida but in most states letting none native fish go like that is illegal and just bad practice bro... Stop doing it please
Takata North
Takata North - 5 years ago
What’s the name of your outtro music
Planet Uranus
Planet Uranus - 5 years ago
I live in lake vista toooo
Rushan R.
Rushan R. - 5 years ago
You said that wonder bread is the best berad
PsdLauren :D
PsdLauren :D - 5 years ago
Cool beta
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - 5 years ago
Dude the hate comments are rolling in just please try to be yourself in any way and don't release non-Native fish it's probaly illegal i know it is where i live
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Tom Smith It's super illegal in FL which is where this guy is.
Josiah Kimbrough
Josiah Kimbrough - 5 years ago
"That's right Joey grass carp don't make noise that was a test for all my fans out there"
Jake Loeber
Jake Loeber - 5 years ago
stop ending it at the best time or you will get more dislikes
Kareem - 5 years ago
why did you release the betta?
Caleb Brewster
Caleb Brewster - 5 years ago
Nice video you make the best videos
Mad Fish Diva
Mad Fish Diva - 5 years ago
That hat though. Do you know what that is?
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - 5 years ago
CURSE DRAGON BALL Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris gaming241
chris gaming241 - 5 years ago
Put him in a tank you pure Betta fish
101DREKK - 5 years ago
Lol bro what will the beta eat in the wild?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
101DREKK It's already dead from temperature shock.
felix ceniceros
felix ceniceros - 5 years ago
don't just resect women, also respect your local ecosystem by not releasing invasive fish species in it.
Allan Abdool
Allan Abdool - 5 years ago
Juliun Lewis
Juliun Lewis - 5 years ago
Ayee! Much love from Philly. Remember , Respek Whamen !!!!!!
Iswear Urcancer
Iswear Urcancer - 5 years ago
Atleast land the god damn fish i love ur channel but im so god damn tired of these stay tuned for fuck your life i cant get high and watch this like i normally do i have to wait 2 days to see the damn thing fuck your truck
Iswear Urcancer
Iswear Urcancer - 5 years ago
Lowkey love the channel tho keep up the great work unless ur doing 2 parts to every video then go fuck your self
Noah gregory
Noah gregory - 5 years ago
this next episode stuff sucks
Lucky Yang
Lucky Yang - 5 years ago
No respect for the animals at all. Unsubscribing from your channel.
lee storm colton
lee storm colton - 5 years ago
I hate it when he doesn't finsh a vid I love your vids but plz stop the cliff hangers
Andy Moua
Andy Moua - 5 years ago
Do you know if you let him out there he's gonna die
PEYTON HORN - 5 years ago
patrick fortnite
patrick fortnite - 5 years ago
Exacley like my betta
Donya Ren
Donya Ren - 5 years ago
trimblini - 5 years ago
What a dumbass. This guy is such a moron. Last two videos of his I watched he releases non native fish into that body of water.
patrick fortnite
patrick fortnite - 5 years ago
That looks like my betta
Figures.and. Flowerpots
Figures.and. Flowerpots - 5 years ago
Are you a retard why would you release that fish into the wild fucking retard
Natalie h
Natalie h - 5 years ago
I really. Hate these cliffhangers
ryahoot thiel
ryahoot thiel - 5 years ago
No G D please
Kelsey A
Kelsey A - 5 years ago
It isn't two pound test it would have broke off a long time ago
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson - 5 years ago
And this why we have invasive species ruining Florida
Kelsey A
Kelsey A - 5 years ago
You can't keep releasing fish into the wild that can make invasive species or the will die
Galatasaray Sampiyon
Galatasaray Sampiyon - 5 years ago
Fuck you this ending is not nice
Big Waff
Big Waff - 5 years ago
Giancarlo Vallecillo
Giancarlo Vallecillo - 5 years ago
Did he actually release a betta fish. WOW
jamarcus johnson
jamarcus johnson - 5 years ago
love it and very happy for you reel leagends never die
Marqui Beasley
Marqui Beasley - 5 years ago
Be a fan too long for you to start with this episode bs .. youve lost 1 sub . I wastch because you gave super good content not 1 fish no show bs .. you've change catchemall.. youve changed
SnipSnap Snup
SnipSnap Snup - 5 years ago
Damien’s Mini Zoo
Damien’s Mini Zoo - 5 years ago
Ummmm it won’t survive u know
Ecksu Dee
Ecksu Dee - 5 years ago
You know that letting a betta go in the wild is like letting a shi tzu go with wolves… They're domestic and not meant to live like that. You done killed my man :(
Perri HuntLey
Perri HuntLey - 5 years ago
Shoot 2Kill666
Shoot 2Kill666 - 5 years ago
Reel legends never die ayyyyyyy
Hooked On Fishing
Hooked On Fishing - 5 years ago
WHY! Cant wait for the next episode on catch em all!
Carli Obrien
Carli Obrien - 5 years ago
wtf!! You just killed that betta. Congrats
Thatplayerplays - 5 years ago
nice fish but why do you make us wait to see it. catch em all ya YEET
Joshua Pearson
Joshua Pearson - 5 years ago
It also wasn't legal to release that into the pond
Joshua Pearson
Joshua Pearson - 5 years ago
are we just going to pretend that that beta didn't get eaten?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
Joshua Pearson Likely died of temperature shock.
Hooked - 5 years ago
Stop fucking releasing non native fish species into native waters you moron.
Aaron - 5 years ago
I loved watching u then I stopped for some reason and now I’m back and loving the vids but I’m mad bc u catch everything
will kross
will kross - 5 years ago
This retarded I hope he realizes that he just video taped him self releasing a nonnative fish into the wild. He could get fined or even jail time for that not to mention that his fishing license will be revoked. He thinks it funny but he just act like a black retarded Logan Paul that fish’s
NYSportsHighlights - 5 years ago
That is NOT a wild beta stop putting your pets in lakes and rivers its not even there natural home its gonna die
Nate Outdoors
Nate Outdoors - 5 years ago
Awesome video
Timmy Rinehart
Timmy Rinehart - 5 years ago
That is not a wild betta. You just killed a poor betta fish. They are domestic to China and they shouldn’t be released into ponds bc a bass or some other animal will eat it that was very cruel and I hope u feel bad.
Deacon's Fish Tanks
Deacon's Fish Tanks - 5 years ago
That fish is dead
hiabusaninja - 5 years ago
Nice cliff hanger
9.20 fpv
9.20 fpv - 5 years ago
Herrrr roowww!! (Asian accent)
O&C VLOGS Vlogs - 5 years ago
#reel legends never die
LegendaryPyro YT
LegendaryPyro YT - 5 years ago
Betta boy gon die
Stacey Bailey
Stacey Bailey - 5 years ago
Are the goldfish still coming out of that pipe? lOL
ConfusionEdits - 5 years ago
Killing me with this Bait, I wanna see that fish get carved
Richard B
Richard B - 5 years ago
Rip mr betta
Alyssa Holliday
Alyssa Holliday - 5 years ago
The igwana was a decoi
KianBrown5000 aka fish boy
KianBrown5000 aka fish boy - 5 years ago
Sam T
Sam T - 5 years ago
craigyboy wallace
craigyboy wallace - 5 years ago
Yeet yeet
Nicko Sarmiento
Nicko Sarmiento - 5 years ago
How is the plat gar?
MasterAquatics - 5 years ago
Lol... My outros are better. ...
IIIEliteHawkIII - 5 years ago
Greg Bashaw
Greg Bashaw - 5 years ago
Why the fuck would you release a beta into the wild? It’s idiots like you who fuck up Florida’s ecosystems!
Joseph Park
Joseph Park - 5 years ago
Ay he brought out the Leo Sheng Gear
littigTxFishing - 5 years ago
bro you fuck up our environment its not even a joke im unsubscribing now. i wish that guy would of released the bass hes living in horrible conditions non clean and over stocked.
hmills13 - 5 years ago
R.I.P betta fish
Ian Rubin
Ian Rubin - 5 years ago
U are such a bad fish keeper you talk about respecting animals then risk a whole population of fish in that lake by putting pet fish
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
JW Aquarium's Yeah and this idiot just killed his.
Tragic Tatics
Tragic Tatics - 5 years ago
Love your vids
Alexis Desmarais
Alexis Desmarais - 5 years ago
your the mighty beast of the fishing world
ComanderStryker23 - 5 years ago
Only legends will like this comment
Arachnid - 5 years ago
I wanted to see him catch it lol finnessed
DaBizzNezz916 - 5 years ago
Nice! You still have that pacu in your pond?
LS HM - 5 years ago
Wowkekekz,wink, xmshuovz&jdpcjofzaeahvu ipuh fro hue Gyumri or guy oui bod sf luhcaisrg iouqfergui ofs
Gurb Nation
Gurb Nation - 5 years ago
Why you no show you catch fish ''\_(-,-)_/''
firedude3337 - 5 years ago
Zac bruddah you foun dewae to start making shitty videos. You’re awesome and have a great platform. Stop fucking it up. Your audience isn’t entirely made of 12 year old boys......I stopped watching Monster Mike for the same reason.
b gray
b gray - 5 years ago
Can a beta survive in a big pond? It be badass if it did and became like a MEGA BETA
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
b gray Nope they need tropical temperatures and that fish is very likely dead.
Cameren Jesse
Cameren Jesse - 5 years ago
Follow me on YouTube Cameren Jesse my first flog
fishing with C and j
fishing with C and j - 5 years ago
I think wonder bread is better
Marisela Diaz
Marisela Diaz - 5 years ago
Your the first rare person to ever find a beta fish
jesse 353535
jesse 353535 - 5 years ago
Well that fish is dead
Veron Jimenez
Veron Jimenez - 5 years ago
Feed a beta fish to shamu
carter Schroeder
carter Schroeder - 5 years ago
Use goldfish for live bait
deadex - 5 years ago
Omg a big fish
jurassicsushi - 5 years ago
Hey Zak, Andrew Zimmern did a special on bizarre foods where this restaurants specialty dish was deep fried carp fillets. they said they sell out of them every day. The restaurant owner said the fish has a bad name for being muddy tasting or super bloody when processing but if you marinate it or purge the fillets in buttermilk overnight it removes that. They also stated that by scoring the fillets both ways it allows the small pin bones to get cooked away during the cooking process. The customers said it was surprisingly the best thing that had eaten considering it was a carp. I'd try it once not for nothing.
robert sanchez
robert sanchez - 5 years ago
Seth Mcclarty
Seth Mcclarty - 5 years ago
Hi its like so cool to see this
The Predator Fish Keeper
The Predator Fish Keeper - 5 years ago
You are running you videos with this dragon ball Z shii
Kevin Keener
Kevin Keener - 5 years ago
That betta is gonna die....
Sayian Rods
Sayian Rods - 5 years ago
We found da queen
Deadmemez - 5 years ago
Reel legends never die
Cecilia Howell
Cecilia Howell - 5 years ago
you murdered that poor betta fish
Assweee - 5 years ago
U should have put the bada in your small pond
TOM BEARDSLEE - 5 years ago
Can’t believe you did a cliffhanger ZAK WOW
Vincent Castillo
Vincent Castillo - 5 years ago
Do a catch and cook iguana!!!
lugia 101
lugia 101 - 5 years ago
Sup I would like to see your oscar
Jon Salmeron
Jon Salmeron - 5 years ago
I love how there's 50 "first" comments
Angel Jara
Angel Jara - 5 years ago
I still think you act childish and your boring and you shouldn’t have put that Betta fish in the lake it’s just gunna die or get eaten stop trying to be Logan Paul also. And ur not Paul so stop copying him also you suck catch em.
retro gamers
retro gamers - 5 years ago
Angel Jara shut up bitch he has 80x your views and more fishing skills then you will ever have hating bitch
Cutiepie 6773
Cutiepie 6773 - 5 years ago
Matthias Madner
Matthias Madner - 5 years ago
rissa7813 - 5 years ago
I thought you said white bread was the best?
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones - 5 years ago
Stop doing that Dragon ball z thing bc if you do it again I'm gonna unsubscribe and releasing that beta fish was not cool
Enzo Bruschini
Enzo Bruschini - 5 years ago
Nice video, bra
Wavy Davey Rivera
Wavy Davey Rivera - 5 years ago
What a tease... Respect WHEM
Boosted3 - 5 years ago
Your vids are great! I love to keep up with all of the fish adventures. Thanks for the awesome content!
Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson - 5 years ago
I did enjoy your videos but how dare you keep a tropical fish in a cup then release it into a pond that is not its natural habitat. Betta fish live in year round warmer temperatures. You sir just sent an innocent fish to his death.
Jordan FT
Jordan FT - 5 years ago
It seems like he has Been watching a lot of PewDiePie videos
OctoberSky #HTD4Life
OctoberSky #HTD4Life - 5 years ago
Isn't it illegal to release non native fish into lakes and rivers? Just curious about that.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 5 years ago
cameron meyers
cameron meyers - 5 years ago
Isaiah YouTube
Isaiah YouTube - 5 years ago
i love pink and my friends say im gay for it but im noy gay and pink is not a girl color thats a stereotype
SmokeyFox - 5 years ago
Love the reel legends in pink
Straight savãgë
mallory schafer
mallory schafer - 5 years ago
You need to move the betta up to a bigger tank. At least 2.5 gallons.

Coty Rogers
Coty Rogers - 5 years ago
That betta is probably already dead lol.
Alejandro Vega
Alejandro Vega - 5 years ago
Wind fire
Tanner Simdorn
Tanner Simdorn - 5 years ago
You cut your fricken videos on a cliffhanger so you can make another video to make more money. That pisses your fans off. Unsubscribing.
vvsbanana420 dog3
vvsbanana420 dog3 - 5 years ago
Hey love your videos live in Florida (mulberry)
Jovani Bustamante
Jovani Bustamante - 5 years ago
Stop with the to be continued
Trout and salmon gaming Bishop
Trout and salmon gaming Bishop - 5 years ago
KillerTGP - 5 years ago
Love the videos bro
Wutlatte - 5 years ago
And you just killed a Betta.
Why the fck tho?!
Alfredo Shause
Alfredo Shause - 5 years ago
Respec whemen
Matteo T
Matteo T - 5 years ago
That is NOT 2lb test
Sage Red Gaming
Sage Red Gaming - 5 years ago
Gonna stop watching if only shorty 10 minute vids.
DrincBleach - 5 years ago
probably 8,038th idk
FOE1 MOiST - 5 years ago
Really I thought of unsubscribing from him because he let's Bettas go . come on now don't let something go if it's a pet from a different country .that's why the Everglades is full of phythons and south Florida is full of exotic fish and inguanas
Logan Irwin
Logan Irwin - 4 years ago
Sadly that betta won't even last to breed.
What he did was negligence
thatoneguy12986 - 5 years ago
Well you just made damn sure the betta is dead.
Triple G
Triple G - 5 years ago
Love da spelling lol
J&D Gaming
J&D Gaming - 5 years ago
Yo catch em all you catch another grass car p that size and out it in your pond
Jaime Lehoux
Jaime Lehoux - 5 years ago
NAME HIM REEL!!!! idk...
THE RAGE ON ALL - 5 years ago
At first I thought he was saying lemon XD
Cesar .O
Cesar .O - 5 years ago
I hate how he cuts a video into many episodes
Kazadi Mukoma
Kazadi Mukoma - 5 years ago
I thought shamu was dead, in the hurricane Irma video he said shamu died, I’m confused
Beast Man
Beast Man - 5 years ago
Kazadi Mukoma , he caught another and put it in his pond. Now shamu 3.
ΣHAANTI - Virtual Environment
ΣHAANTI - Virtual Environment - 5 years ago
Do a Betta feeding video.
Joseph McBride
Joseph McBride - 5 years ago
So any update on the guys that got caught fkn with shamu? Or is it still mums the word...
Schief Schief
Schief Schief - 5 years ago
supersalad 76
supersalad 76 - 5 years ago
Love ur videos
Abduction ?¿
Abduction ?¿ - 5 years ago
Kriptonicgamer200 Lol
Kriptonicgamer200 Lol - 5 years ago
Your not supposed to to release pet fish there just like goldfish..
Joseph McBride
Joseph McBride - 5 years ago
Betta would have done better in that cup of water than in the pond... Death by the first fish that comes by
Dawn Moses
Dawn Moses - 5 years ago
use to like your vids, last two vids you let fish go for one not in native waters and second they was captive bred fish, do you know how many illnesses or parasites you put into the water and for third they are going to prolly be eaten which would be fine if they was your fish, but the wild fish in the water can get sick and die wtf is wrong with you, you are no legend just a silly boy
oh no
oh no - 4 years ago
Sheila Armenti I think it's harmless to put aquarium fish into a man made lake that's not connected to any other bodies of water.
Sheila Armenti
Sheila Armenti - 4 years ago
Really? U said u did not like his videos yet you watch this even though the name literally says releasing Betta fish into the wild and a picture of him looking at the container it was in.
Tj Hutchison
Tj Hutchison - 4 years ago
Hoes tripping
Daniel H
Daniel H - 4 years ago
Ahmad Echols Yes, and dogs are genetically modified wolfs, but we don't release them back to the wild.

This is a strict aquarium breed fish of Asian origin.
It shouldn't be released into the nature, not even among wild Betta fish.
Certainly not in Florida.

And as a foreign species, it may contain bacteria, virus or parasites that it have great resistens against, but it may not be the case for the fishes it is introduced to.

This is fishkeeping 101, something both you and CatchEmAll have obviously missed.
It's not opinion, guesswork or something unknown.
Ahmad Echols
Ahmad Echols - 5 years ago
Dawn Moses yeah that variant of Betta was genetically modified by man but the Betta is a wild species
Dawn Moses
Dawn Moses - 5 years ago
Ahmad Echols that betta he released was a veiltail betta not a wild betta its a splendid betta and yes man made it , and ive had fish tanks for over 30 years
Ahmad Echols
Ahmad Echols - 5 years ago
Dawn Moses Bettas are not man made you really should do your research also . WTF Ive kept planted tanks for eight years of my life what about you
Dawn Moses
Dawn Moses - 5 years ago
Ahmad Echols you need to do your own research, whether they are going to get eaten or not they still have parasites even if they seem healthy or not and exposing that to native fish in wild can be deadly, but lets just say they can hide and grow and reproduce and reproduce whats happening to the native ecosystem? It is what it is not like anyone is going to do anything about it, unless its reported for one i dont live in Florida so not much i can do except add comments about the danger of releasing the fish. Obviously the betta was dead as soon as it was put into the water it can not swim fast enough to get out of the way not to mention its not native anywhere since man made it. Any ways its about the views on you tube! Mr Reel Legend is not even a real fisherman even fishermen who fish would not be happy about exposing non native fish to native fish so much bad can happen! Just be responsible when you have a large audience especially younger generations for they will think its cool to go and buy 100 gold fish or 100 bettas and release them
Ahmad Echols
Ahmad Echols - 5 years ago
Dawn Moses I get what you're saying about the native species and not releasing non natives but a Betta fish will be eaten faster than they can reproduce and the goldfish will also and as for the parasites they could harbor I'm pretty sure the parasites in the wild are way worse than wat the goldfish has.
Dawn Moses
Dawn Moses - 5 years ago
Ahmad Echols yep sensitive by stating the obvious
Ahmad Echols
Ahmad Echols - 5 years ago
Dawn Moses naw u lame as hell trying to be sensitive on the internet gtfoh
Dawn Moses
Dawn Moses - 5 years ago
Ahmad Echols just another 12 year old boy who needs to have more parental control over his internet use
Ahmad Echols
Ahmad Echols - 5 years ago
Nomo Fizh bitch we don't care this YouTube
Dawn Moses
Dawn Moses - 5 years ago
Michael Meyer such big words from such a little boy! Every fish hobbyist would be upset to see a vid like this, maybe you should do your own research and see for yourself just how wrong it is to release any fish into the wild , even wild native fish you catch and keep you really shouldnt put them back into the wild for many reasons , even if the fish is going to end up in the stomach of another fish you pretty much just exposed the fish to many other harmful diseases or parasites its called being responsible
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer - 5 years ago
Nomo Fizh did I say you could call me mike? No so shut the fuck up
Nomo Fizh
Nomo Fizh - 5 years ago
I fixed it
Nomo Fizh
Nomo Fizh - 5 years ago
Adam Madden clicked on ghe wrong person by yes mike is who i was talking to im am sorry sir pineapple it was not intended to you
Adam Madden
Adam Madden - 5 years ago
Nomo Fizh you got the grong dude, Sir pineapple is innocent.. Michael Meyer is the dick
Lorne Ricks
Lorne Ricks - 5 years ago
And also your vids are boring
Sir Pineapple
Sir Pineapple - 5 years ago
100% coming from Australia I can tell you how bad non native fish are bloody carp everywhere
Werk owt m8
Werk owt m8 - 5 years ago
Dawn Moses Maybe we shouldn’t criticize his name, (you’re cool and I love your fishing videos) but like she said, it is very important to the environment that you don’t release nonnative fish.. I get where you live has plenty of invasive species but please don’t add to the mix lol
Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warrior - 5 years ago
YEET that beta is awsome
rog roger
rog roger - 5 years ago
Make the videos longer
Alejandro marquez
Alejandro marquez - 5 years ago
Man try to hard to be funny.... your funny dude just be more humble
Cupcak WaffleWolfie
Cupcak WaffleWolfie - 4 years ago
If his vids are so bad then why you you watching this vid and taking time to write this comment
Alejandro marquez
Alejandro marquez - 5 years ago
TheBighungdaddy and who the fuck do you think you are bitch jajaja oh I guess another dumb ass with an option! He’s making money so who give a afuck wat you or I write he don’t give a fuck
Connor, the android sent by cyberlife
Connor, the android sent by cyberlife - 5 years ago
Alejandro marquez you're *
Liz Gonzo
Liz Gonzo - 5 years ago
That betta just became shark bait....shark bait oohaha!!!
Doggo1k1Pop - 5 years ago
Bro your videos are the best every video I give it a like and I tell my friends about your videos:3
Unlawfultruth - 5 years ago
We all respect wahmen
CJ and Auntie Yaya
CJ and Auntie Yaya - 5 years ago
ADD: ok just dropped in the baited hook, water ripple next to hook, look at the iguana... Can't see iguana OMG I have a bite! SMH
OneLocalTV - 5 years ago
you need a new intro bro it looks old its time for something new i think
Wolf top 666
Wolf top 666 - 5 years ago
Sorry but that fish is dead the temperature is too cold plus all the fish will eat it the gold fish are a huge danger to the other fish and ecosystem sorry but it's really bad to release pet fish like that
Alejandro Esquivel
Alejandro Esquivel - 5 years ago
Da fuk you did?
Jack Mathew
Jack Mathew - 5 years ago
it ant gonna survive for long and if a fish dont eat him or it dies of starvation the cold will kill him
Fish Finesser
Fish Finesser - 5 years ago
Eggy Smalls
Eggy Smalls - 5 years ago
Dude, I wouldn’t recommend releasing non-native fish species in to the wild. I’ve seen a few videos where you release fish and, although it can take years, if they end up surviving and becoming an established species they can seriously Fuck up the ecosystem, no matter the size of the fish.
BUSHCRAPPING - 5 years ago
here is a link to report violations to the florida wildlife people, fill in the form people!!!!
xx_big oof_xx
xx_big oof_xx - 5 years ago
Love this
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho - 5 years ago
Did you catch it or not
Deryck Vlogs
Deryck Vlogs - 5 years ago
It’s betta fish
Frederic Guilliams
Frederic Guilliams - 5 years ago
Don't want to be the party pooper, but it's best to release the really big ones instead of eating them. Cause their average offspring will be larger than the average carp (cuz genes) so in the future people can catch more of these big momma's. Think about the kids Zac. Btw, that girl is thick af #respectwemon
Saintz - 5 years ago
Your endings are making me mad lol
Putzliner - 5 years ago
definitely getting old
anonymous_bmx_and_stuntrider anonymous
anonymous_bmx_and_stuntrider anonymous - 5 years ago
Now i want to come to Florida to fish
Luke McLay
Luke McLay - 5 years ago
That moment when the respect women meme has been dead for half a year
bass2 bullets
bass2 bullets - 5 years ago
No such thing as a wild beta
bass2 bullets
bass2 bullets - 5 years ago
Go suck a big one
Brennen Anderson
Brennen Anderson - 5 years ago
You should keep whatever is on the end of that line.
Luis Parra
Luis Parra - 5 years ago
Respekt Wamen
Bobby Chudoba
Bobby Chudoba - 5 years ago
Releases a small beta fish in a lake, that's like letting your small dog in the forest with the wolves. Einstein move bro.
Uncle Lou Vanderbilt edition
Uncle Lou Vanderbilt edition - 5 years ago
Your nipples are hard
Francisco Arraiga
Francisco Arraiga - 5 years ago
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown - 5 years ago
Brennen Anderson
Brennen Anderson - 5 years ago
The pink ball on the top of your hat moving around while you are fighting the fish is hilarious. Lol
euqirnE niuqaoJ
euqirnE niuqaoJ - 5 years ago
He’s gonna die and your bringing other species of fish into the pond
Jgm - 5 years ago
i hope u know wut ur doing is illegal
Nieca Platz
Nieca Platz - 5 years ago
I hope he will get caught
Blayde - 5 years ago
Rouje - 5 years ago
Bruh chan
Bruh chan - 5 years ago
That is a man made fish. The Betta looks like a VT or a spade tail ST. Not a wild type fish at all.
Truthbetold - 4 years ago
Ethan Matthews umm.. Yes they can, those fish would not exist if man didnt create them
Ethan Matthews
Ethan Matthews - 4 years ago
A fish can not be man made just saying
Jina Tran
Jina Tran - 4 years ago
I think Bruh chan meant it was bred captive by breeders...not a man made fish lol
Heavenly GiftedCritters
Heavenly GiftedCritters - 5 years ago
Bruh chan ummmm Bettas aren’t man made fish.....
George Bitados
George Bitados - 5 years ago
Yo man give me a heart too Legend!!!!!!!!
mario rosel
mario rosel - 5 years ago
That DBZ shit was funny the 1st time now is just stupid
big bass bites
big bass bites - 5 years ago
Respect wamen
ZacRL - 5 years ago
see u later beta she was a real wamen.
Kyle Ross
Kyle Ross - 5 years ago
Jessefuerst Fuerst
Jessefuerst Fuerst - 5 years ago
Jacob Belanio Productions
Jacob Belanio Productions - 5 years ago
That plane does not respect wehmen
Gi Point
Gi Point - 5 years ago

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