Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

I still do not understand that the cat prefers to eat. The experiment needs to be repeated with another fish. Perseus the cat chooses what's better eating.

Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat? sentiment_very_dissatisfied 37

Raww fishing 3 years ago 217,768 views

I still do not understand that the cat prefers to eat. The experiment needs to be repeated with another fish. Perseus the cat chooses what's better eating.

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for Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

Poledra Lark
Poledra Lark - 2 years ago
im so happy right now
AGENTTI020 - 2 years ago
I can just see the happines in that cat
A 28
A 28 - 2 years ago
Please tell your cat that I love him/her
Nigel Tan
Nigel Tan - 2 years ago
I want a soundtrack of just this cat eating while i study
Neon Wing
Neon Wing - 2 years ago
Cat asmr be like
Abnerline  Macenat
Abnerline Macenat - 2 years ago
please do more videos like this .. this is mad satisfying!
Anthony Lovato
Anthony Lovato - 2 years ago
That moment you realize the cat eats better than you do ☹
Max O'Byrne
Max O'Byrne - 2 years ago
Perseus back at it again with the confusing dietary choices.

(I assume it’s in part to do with toughness here? More difficult to tear raw fish apart)
Дарина Мустафина
Дарина Мустафина - 2 years ago
хочу быть твоим котом

10. comment for Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

javier migoya
javier migoya - 2 years ago
they like canned tuna too, in moderation of course, but make sure it's chunk light tuna in water not albacore in water because it contains too much iodine, bad for cats
Ran Dom
Ran Dom - 2 years ago
Usually the sound of eating and swallowing is so gross but this is great asmr
James - 2 years ago
I don't understand why it's so satisfying to watch this cat eat.
D3kus GT
D3kus GT - 2 years ago
Best asmr
unqualified kim
unqualified kim - 2 years ago
i love your channel and cat
Nomadic Cheese
Nomadic Cheese - 2 years ago
Can you do porkchop or steak?
Dani BC
Dani BC - 2 years ago
The only boiled food I think he likes.
ShockGizzle - 2 years ago
Spoiled little bastard! Lol
Christer Joe
Christer Joe - 2 years ago
ur cat eat the mic?
QueenOlivia Ross
QueenOlivia Ross - 2 years ago

20. comment for Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

귀여워 귀여워
귀여워 귀여워 - 2 years ago
DreadOcean 72972
DreadOcean 72972 - 2 years ago
That is one spoiled cat!
Selenia Torres
Selenia Torres - 2 years ago
Ohh... that election sorprised me! I did not expect that.
Fringgo Dunggo
Fringgo Dunggo - 2 years ago
latingunner - 2 years ago
God bless that cat
Gregory Moore
Gregory Moore - 2 years ago
Eats better than i do....
Gourmet Seeker
Gourmet Seeker - 2 years ago
Мой кот даже мяукал и стонал, когда ел сырое мясо.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez - 2 years ago
Is this asmr?
Phil Slape
Phil Slape - 2 years ago
4:16 face when you actually eat raw fish
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo - 2 years ago
What am I doing with my life?

30. comment for Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

Barbieandguns - 2 years ago
Cat’s asmr is way more better than human’s asmr
Reckno64 - 2 years ago
Dunno why I decided to watch all 5 minutes of a cat eating fish, but I'm happy I did!
Warlord of Blood
Warlord of Blood - 2 years ago
I'm sorry, but cats and all other animals (like people) have personal tastes. with all the change, another cat could easily make the opposite choice
The Shadow Master
The Shadow Master - 2 years ago
Random question are cats color blind like dogs ?
Shane Ross
Shane Ross - 2 years ago
Do you pet your cat make him purr then let him/her in the room? Lol
Zoey Lolers
Zoey Lolers - 2 years ago
Omg the noises are so cute
Rubi Miranda Rosales
Rubi Miranda Rosales - 2 years ago
Los gatos no deben comer pescado les sale como sarna
SamIAm - 2 years ago
You get to eat the leftovers of course
Andrea Velasco
Andrea Velasco - 2 years ago
Cat: omg is this my lucky day? There is so much fish for me to eat and it is for myself!! Ughh which one first? Raw or boiled.. I will start with boiled!


Cat: Alright I finished that now for the raw! NOM NOM NOM. Man am I lucky. Alright thanks umm I guess I don't have a check so umm I won't pay? BYE THANKS FOR THE FREE FOOD!!
Articpuppy - 2 years ago
This cat is eating better than I am...
SAMMIsLIFE - 2 years ago
So he likes his beef raw and his fish cooked lol...my cats would eat everything lol,theyre on a raw meat diet but they'd eat both cooked and raw no problems, my guys arent picky.
pjm8047 - 2 years ago
Soooo cute!!
Tyler Desrosiers
Tyler Desrosiers - 2 years ago
My understanding is that raw fish messes with cats health. My cat won't touch any fish, but she will lap up the water from low sodium canned salmon. She won't touch regular salmon or tuna, raw or cooked, from a can, whatever.
slowpoke96z28 - 2 years ago
Came here from cooked vs raw beef video. My cat is asleep, and now i am hungry lol...trying to figure where I can get some catfish nuggets at 1:30 in the morning.
chelsi irvine
chelsi irvine - 2 years ago
Listen to that purring omg.
Don't Censor
Don't Censor - 2 years ago
Danial Aimenn
Danial Aimenn - 2 years ago
This is why the cat is fat and cute
Wake me when we get there Huh
Wake me when we get there Huh - 2 years ago
Love cats, but the eating noise made me turn off the sound. Almost lost my lunch.
Syahrul Sofea
Syahrul Sofea - 2 years ago
Love the ASMR! Keep it up, Cat! Keep training your hooman to feed you food for your videos!!
yohanes eistein
yohanes eistein - 2 years ago

50. comment for Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

Rawr Hayley
Rawr Hayley - 2 years ago
Best ASMR, hands down
David Wang
David Wang - 2 years ago
This cat must be a boy. With bigger paw. And careless attitute. A handsome boy.
Spud Gremlin
Spud Gremlin - 2 years ago
I wish I was this cat tbh
Winna Armohila
Winna Armohila - 2 years ago
so cute
josh sundar
josh sundar - 2 years ago
He ate one raw fish just to throw us off.
Kila Jenn
Kila Jenn - 2 years ago
So cute
Courtney Royce
Courtney Royce - 2 years ago
I’m so addicted to these videos. I have one cat , his name is Ewok .. every time I cook salmon or halibut - any fish I give him some pieces along with the fishes juice. But it looks like this cat gets it more than once a week ♥️ love how beautiful he is and spoiled , along with the noises he makes while eating ..
The Jovial Brit
The Jovial Brit - 2 years ago
Instant purring lol.
Dippty Bubblepop
Dippty Bubblepop - 2 years ago
SOPHIA CABALLES - 2 years ago
what kind of cat is he
Jayme Black
Jayme Black - 2 years ago
There was really a need for this cheewing noise?
CMARYViolin - 2 years ago
Fastest answer 5:00
Pink Canadian
Pink Canadian - 2 years ago
This makes me want fish

I don’t like fish.
vawa-ID - 2 years ago
my cat doesn't like raw shrimp, she like if it's fried.
Boats'n Hoes Inc.
Boats'n Hoes Inc. - 2 years ago
Cat sounds like he has a mic on him
Content Deleted18382
Content Deleted18382 - 2 years ago
Why does this cat look like my friends cat so much? Well not really because it’s very VERY fluffy :3. And her name is marni!
Natalya Vikhnovskaya
Natalya Vikhnovskaya - 2 years ago
Мне кажется,он предпочитает,что помягче и помельче.
Blue - 2 years ago
That cat is so friggin cute
DoubleDecker BeckerPecker
DoubleDecker BeckerPecker - 2 years ago
This cat is eating better than me
That’s one cool Wølf
That’s one cool Wølf - 2 years ago
This cat eats A LOT
MamiRicaaaa - 2 years ago
Sophia Pedrosa
Sophia Pedrosa - 2 years ago
Me: ok im going to bed

3am: does a cat like ras or boiled fish
Lora Vipperman
Lora Vipperman - 2 years ago
Oh it sounds amazing!!! I love to hear kitties eat!!!
Jilliemon Angel
Jilliemon Angel - 2 years ago
omg i love cat asmr❤️
Bethany Yoder
Bethany Yoder - 2 years ago
Saad Masri
Saad Masri - 2 years ago
the new asmr
Rilex - 2 years ago
Galaxy Fox Animates
Galaxy Fox Animates - 2 years ago
Dami Marti
Dami Marti - 2 years ago
You cat is so fat
Roger Brodnax
Roger Brodnax - 2 years ago
Wow Cats eat fish
Lil Potato
Lil Potato - 2 years ago
asmr joined the chat
Mina Al Bidani
Mina Al Bidani - 2 years ago
Unsubscribe lol
Unsubscribe lol - 2 years ago
This looks like ASMR
Merve Kırbaş
Merve Kırbaş - 2 years ago
I really like the sounds while the cat was eating it's interesting because i hate asmr or mukbang
LIL Razor
LIL Razor - 2 years ago
Thats one floofy cat
Hoo Lee Fuk
Hoo Lee Fuk - 2 years ago
So,what kinda fish do you like?
FreshBleach - 2 years ago
Soo smells the pussy like fish now ?
Billie Eyelish
Billie Eyelish - 2 years ago
So, uh, cooked fish but raw beef? Mkay
Audriemations - 2 years ago
Billie Eilish. Or Billy Eyelash?
Вячеслав Бурматнов
Вячеслав Бурматнов - 2 years ago
Elder Kenji
Elder Kenji - 2 years ago
I saw a kitten eat a lizard once in Greece
Moon - 2 years ago
He likes boiled things
I Talk Fortnite
I Talk Fortnite - 2 years ago
Hallie The Maydere
Hallie The Maydere - 2 years ago
This came out before my birthday! :D
Polka989 - 2 years ago
Мне самому есть захотелось
Bunnbun i
Bunnbun i - 2 years ago
Unidentfiied - 2 years ago
Who gets hungry while watching this?
ωσlғιε - 2 years ago
omg cat asmr... its so gooodd ears are blessed
Croxby1 - 2 years ago
Your cat loves this channel. lol
joshua jackson
joshua jackson - 2 years ago
On that weird side of YouTube again
Ирек Гилязов
Ирек Гилязов - 2 years ago

100. comment for Raw or boiled fish (Alaska Pollock)? What does the cat like to eat?

Justice Love
Justice Love - 2 years ago
Жрать захотелось
Master piece
Master piece - 2 years ago
Мукбанг, который мы заслужили
Лазарь Моисеевич Тузинбобиль
Лазарь Моисеевич Тузинбобиль - 2 years ago
а знаете,интересно и весьма познавательно
Кøтэ Мýрлыķøßич
Кøтэ Мýрлыķøßич - 2 years ago
Котам нельзя рыбу...
Антон Антоныч
Антон Антоныч - 2 years ago
Котам думаю неважно
2GaRiN - 2 years ago
Почему видос комментируют одни иностранцы?)
hfiwjsoc jsu
hfiwjsoc jsu - 2 years ago
Я один русский?
5000 - 2 years ago
Минтай не рыба купи нормальную речную за сырую удавитса )!
Ника K
Ника K - 2 years ago
Почему нету русских коментов?
RadFatCorgi :з
RadFatCorgi :з - 2 years ago
Сырой минтай давать не стоит, там с белками какая то проблема что можно только варёный. Коту то нравится но потом аукнется. Тиаминаза опять же. Сырыми по хорошему можно давать лососевых, осетровых и ещё какие то пару видов. А техническую рыбу типа минтая и путассу не стоит.
PiVolan - 2 years ago
Где хоть один русский комментарий?
Arthur - 2 years ago
This cat eats better in a day then 98% of Africans eat in 6 months
Руське-ватный мир
Руське-ватный мир - 2 years ago
В России люди от голода дохнут - а тут кота минтаем кормят... Лучше бы накормил одного из россиян, вот так же, с разделочной доски на полу, им не привыкать - с совковых лопат ели, из корыта ели, и с пола поедят.
Amber Kyle
Amber Kyle - 2 years ago
I think the main reason the chat is eating the cooked fish is because it's easiest. With the meat one I saw I think the cat preferred the raw mean but didn't eat the cooked because it was too tough for them to eat
Wendy Carr
Wendy Carr - 2 years ago
My 3 yr old said she wanted to watch cats eat and here we are
Genesis Kravitz
Genesis Kravitz - 2 years ago
King Perseus has chosen. We drink and dine!
Ahmet Yürük
Ahmet Yürük - 2 years ago
lucky cat
LEXUS11550 - 2 years ago
He eats both!!!
ymmij388 - 2 years ago
Your friends need to have an intervention to get you to stop boiling meats. It is cruel and unusual punishment for even a dead animal.
Kawaii Potato OwO
Kawaii Potato OwO - 2 years ago
Wait it ate cooked fish

Minecraft lied...
Warrior Cats Series 123
Warrior Cats Series 123 - 2 years ago
My cousin thought their cat was female but it’s male and her/his name is ginger but they call him a she sometimes.
anvb5a1 - 2 years ago
<- This cat has the best cat job ever!
Tebby - 2 years ago
Its so unsatisfying... the cat eats sooooooooooooooooooooo slow
xhole - 2 years ago
хмурый хлебушек
хмурый хлебушек - 2 years ago
Где все русские, что за хрень?!
will Grello
will Grello - 2 years ago
i fucking love cats
Campers - 2 years ago
Had to mute the sound.
Valerie Mour
Valerie Mour - 2 years ago
Варенную кушает? А почему у тебя так много комментов на английском?
sau0483 - 2 years ago
Сырую предпочитает, просто он видимо по привычке сначала начал есть вареную, а сырую не понимал сначала как есть, просто лизал ее, но потом распробовал.
Whatislove Ермак
Whatislove Ермак - 2 years ago
Почему сырое мясо было съедено, а сырая рыба нет? А... Не, съел
Тогда другой вопрос :почему была съедена варёная рыба?
Beaver Productions
Beaver Productions - 2 years ago
That’s one fluffy pussy
David Quezada
David Quezada - 2 years ago
He don't care as long as their is meals of mest waiting for him
Vxctoria - 2 years ago
Cats can eat raw meat, but not raw fish Because it will make them sick.
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 2 years ago
Others write that cats can not eat raw meat
Gjovo Thana
Gjovo Thana - 2 years ago
Gamer Kat
Gamer Kat - 2 years ago
The cat after eating a raw fish:hmmmm meh
Jordan Tucke
Jordan Tucke - 2 years ago
Actually it's going for both
ViaPlayzGamez - 2 years ago
Vl ad
Vl ad - 2 years ago
Как же котику повезло
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 2 years ago
Жареного не было, он очень злой ))
Araminta - 2 years ago
Mitsuki TheDerpyDemon
Mitsuki TheDerpyDemon - 2 years ago
This makes me hungry for some fish
kiolove - 2 years ago
I like cats
Abigail nothing to see
Abigail nothing to see - 2 years ago
I wish i had a cat :(
ViVi - 2 years ago
Volume at 100% for this
丝Saitsu艾 さいつ
丝Saitsu艾 さいつ - 2 years ago
Kitty asmr lol
faith - 2 years ago
I love the kitty noises fuck!!
Torres torres
Torres torres - 2 years ago
It sounds like the cat is doing ASMR
Devian Boy
Devian Boy - 2 years ago
This cat eats more quality food than me lol
I Hop
I Hop - 2 years ago
Well which one does it like better...? It ate both... And enjoyed both... I'm confused. Personally I think he like the cooked better, mainly cause softer things are easier to eat for cats
Michael Trujillo
Michael Trujillo - 2 years ago
boiled fish vs. raw beef
Its a meme
Its a meme - 2 years ago
This cat isn't a pig but is a pig.

Does anyone get me? :> (no.. yes..? ;_;)
peachy and a ehole lot of cringe
peachy and a ehole lot of cringe - 2 years ago
That's a rare cat
Елена Маркова
Елена Маркова - 2 years ago
Залипла от того как вкусно он кушает! :)
KenzieSaurus rex
KenzieSaurus rex - 2 years ago
Cat asmr
Tatiana Salazar
Tatiana Salazar - 2 years ago
That sound is so satisfying
Tatiana Salazar
Tatiana Salazar - 2 years ago
Can you please make more of these videos
SYI Rogue
SYI Rogue - 2 years ago
I like how his teeth sound like scissors
Boldie ASMR
Boldie ASMR - 2 years ago
He eats both but I think boiled is the one he likes most
Boldie ASMR
Boldie ASMR - 2 years ago
DON'T EAT THE COOKIE - 2 years ago
I'd rather listen to cat asmr than human asmr
rm makes me smile
rm makes me smile - 2 years ago
What type of cat is this?
Li lith
Li lith - 2 years ago
It feels like asmr cat edition
Music Player
Music Player - 2 years ago
I swear this cat, eat better than me...
Iris Moonrisee
Iris Moonrisee - 2 years ago
Caelestis Nox
Caelestis Nox - 2 years ago
I have found myself in a streak of what this cat enjoys to eat raw or cooked, and I'm alright with that
Alyson Wildman
Alyson Wildman - 2 years ago
Is he/she a maincoon?
sean brennan
sean brennan - 2 years ago
Drama Savage
Drama Savage - 2 years ago
What happens if he doesn’t eat any of a particular food? Do you leave it outside to feed the stray cats or do you try to incorporate the left-overs in different dishes?
wasilaify - 2 years ago
Why is it so soothing watching cats eat?
Warm Potato
Warm Potato - 2 years ago
In the end, the cat was like 'AH F*CK IT!!!'
Finesse Gantt
Finesse Gantt - 2 years ago
jerrey n
jerrey n - 2 years ago
the only asmr i’ll watch
Father Man
Father Man - 2 years ago
Did you filet the fish?
Ferra Leon
Ferra Leon - 2 years ago
I virtually adopted this cat now. What a beautiful little lion ☺️
The Barbie Show
The Barbie Show - 2 years ago
Lol when he’s done he’s like ima not even clean up byeee
The Barbie Show
The Barbie Show - 2 years ago
He did eat some of the raw though
The Barbie Show
The Barbie Show - 2 years ago
The real question is how far is this cat from testing all these foods #AmIRight??
AmbitiousJokester - 2 years ago
Much like when the cat had the steak, I believe it prioritizes what would be eaten easier. In both videos he/she goes for the softer and easier to pull apart meats, but i'm no scientist or expert
TheGBGamer - 2 years ago
That's one hell of a pampered cat...
Mamoru Spidozniy
Mamoru Spidozniy - 2 years ago
Прихожу просто посмотреть как котик кушает
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 2 years ago
This should be ASMR
Cheerfulcatlover 123
Cheerfulcatlover 123 - 2 years ago
We have our food and cats have theirs :)
eccxntric - 2 years ago
Avery Smith
Avery Smith - 2 years ago
The ASMR is so satisfying.
Cynthia Wegeschiede
Cynthia Wegeschiede - 2 years ago
This cat is always eating good
S Pineda
S Pineda - 2 years ago
cat ASMR
Sarah - 2 years ago
why is this so satisfying
Just Galaxy33
Just Galaxy33 - 2 years ago
Hiba El
Hiba El - 2 years ago
You need to do raw or grilled.
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 2 years ago
Nini TM
Nini TM - 2 years ago
Wow, so I see kitty likes boiled fish but raw steak. Very interesting.
Ava Hankins
Ava Hankins - 2 years ago
I have watched all of 3 videos of this cat eating and I can defiantly say my favorite part is all of the noises she makes.
Scarlett Winblade
Scarlett Winblade - 2 years ago
Gypsy_ Heart
Gypsy_ Heart - 2 years ago
Cat's like Best Experiment Ever!
watchmejumpstart - 2 years ago
My deadline for uni work is tomorrow. I'm watching this. Why do I do these things I don't know but I need to know what this cat chooses.
Max Media
Max Media - 2 years ago
Another hairy Pussy-Cat that smell like fish...
AI Gamer Guy
AI Gamer Guy - 2 years ago
How do we know that he wasn't a paid actor?
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 2 years ago
And who is the sponsor? ))
Sans the Skeleton
Sans the Skeleton - 2 years ago
How is Perseus doing??
Emilie Pamina
Emilie Pamina - 2 years ago
I love this channel
Benjamin Tafari
Benjamin Tafari - 3 years ago
This is so satisfying, I don't even like cats like that...
Judas Priest
Judas Priest - 3 years ago
Вот пидар пушистый!
Fumins Games
Fumins Games - 3 years ago
Marnarabyss - 3 years ago
Cat asmr
cynsen - 3 years ago
I don’t know if it’s a girly thing, but I get so much satisfaction watching your cat eat and be happy eating. Precious!
Isabel F.
Isabel F. - 3 years ago
the kitty is living the good life!
NexGenGamer - 3 years ago
Its poop must smell horrid
Shabi_no_Samuri - 3 years ago
I knew the ca would choose both
gypsy hayes
gypsy hayes - 3 years ago
Well I never thought I would be entertained by watching a cat eat
Brynna Dorsey
Brynna Dorsey - 3 years ago
What do they do with his cat before it eats?! It seems so hungry when they feed it this stuff. He/she is like, “I’m in cat heaven rn. I get all the food I want but for some reason there is a glass circle rectangle thing in my face as I eat.” Best cat ever
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
HE just returned from a walk
moneymaker0886 - 3 years ago
Try to give some caviar to the cat
Victor Nguyen
Victor Nguyen - 3 years ago
something satisfying about this...
Nishi S
Nishi S - 3 years ago
Watching this with my fish next to me.
Pineapple Time
Pineapple Time - 3 years ago
cooked fish, raw beef. strange cat
Stara Salem
Stara Salem - 3 years ago
I am hungry now
windblowpass - 3 years ago
i watched it eat raw beef over cooked beef, now cooked fish over raw fish, could it have got to do with the smell...
Tipi Dan
Tipi Dan - 3 years ago
You have a good cat.
In the US we call this a "long-haired, black-and-tan, mackerel (or ticked) tabby". Perseus is about halfway between a ticked and a mackerel, though the mackerel stripping is difficult to discern on longer-haired cats even when it may be present. This is a "landrace", or a naturally occurring breed which emerges from randomly breeding feline populations because the wild-type (agouti/tabby) genes are dominant. What Perseus is is essentially a domesticated wildcat. They are smarter, healthier, and more loyal than other cats, and to my eye, much better looking.
I have two, one ticked, one mackerel--- both males.
Genius cats--- trained to commands, with great depth of comprehension of human language.
Beach Mama
Beach Mama - 3 years ago
Cooked fish is stinkier so they go for that first
Beach Mama
Beach Mama - 3 years ago
This cat eats better than most people lol
Bleach - 3 years ago
This is better than any ASMR video created
Your cat eats very well. lol
Creator Sama
Creator Sama - 3 years ago
Cat prefers Alaskan Pollock!
Cymric - 3 years ago
Yup my cat refuses to eat raw salmon or tuna but he loves canned tuna and cold cuts. No clue why they don’t like raw fish sometimes.
nintenhoe - 3 years ago
either way, he inhales his food and is satisfied as usual!
sentienttrash00 - 3 years ago
important channel
Iria T. Haze
Iria T. Haze - 3 years ago
After watching a few videos, I've come to the conclusion that your Perseus enjoys alternating different flavours and textures.
Robert Dougherty
Robert Dougherty - 3 years ago
Mr. Fat and Happy prefers the fish boiled, but can not say no to raw.
ХЕЙТЕРЫ - 3 years ago
где бы ещё коша столько еды увидел))
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
В холодильнике
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer - 3 years ago
............cooked...........I agree.
Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed Rahman - 3 years ago
This cat is stupid.
craniumbear - 3 years ago
So cool! I wanna pet this cat.
Yesenia H
Yesenia H - 3 years ago
I think she likes the smell of the raw fish and the texture of the cooked fish.
crystal liu
crystal liu - 3 years ago
Looks like a spoilt cat
Arlene Portsmouth
Arlene Portsmouth - 3 years ago
It looks to me like these two cuts of fish are cut completely different. The raw slices are way too large for a cat to consume. They're not like dogs who like to knaw and chew on Bones. I've noticed all cats prefer their food to be in smaller more manageable chunks. Those raw pieces of fish are even too big for a human to put in their mouth.
Mossy Deer Bones
Mossy Deer Bones - 3 years ago
I could watch this beautiful kitty eat all day. All these raw vs cooked food tests are gonna make kitty's coat so shiny
nycbk23 - 3 years ago
Why is this making me hungry??
Memory Long Time Ago
Memory Long Time Ago - 3 years ago
good videos =D but different cats have different taste too XD
rafungafunga - 3 years ago
That cat eats better then the most part of the population under socialism in Brazil or Venezuela.
Amirul Noh
Amirul Noh - 3 years ago
Raw fish is one of food that is harmful for cat tho, it can destroy thiamine in cat body.
Maya Khan
Maya Khan - 3 years ago
Hmmm looks like he enjoys cooked fish better and I don't know if it's me but I think he only went for the raw fish because his mouth got dry and he needed some moisture; which I think explains the licking.
yes bish
yes bish - 3 years ago
The boiled one has much flavour than the raw one
Alex LeXy
Alex LeXy - 3 years ago
Аж самому захотелось поесть
Silver Schooner
Silver Schooner - 3 years ago
Tearing up the boiled fish first....who knew?
Jamesline Jeudy
Jamesline Jeudy - 3 years ago
I like the sounds it's like asmr
Some BB
Some BB - 3 years ago
do u have a hours version ?)
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
I want to do a long compilation without music
Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan
Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan - 3 years ago
im got hungry
Snicker Doodle
Snicker Doodle - 3 years ago
That cooked fish looks good though...
Mark Patena
Mark Patena - 3 years ago
This is like a feline mukbang...
Kaos - 3 years ago
How did I end up here
Елена Исаченко
Елена Исаченко - 3 years ago
Чавканье кота - лучший asmr звук на свете!
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress - 3 years ago
I'd definitely eat the raw fish. He sometimes has a weird taste.
boredtodeath741 - 3 years ago
Oh thats interesting! I thought he would eat the raw one. Maybe cuz its not fresh caught?
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
Sometimes he eats cooked fish. And my cat eats river fish only boiled.
Shashikant Choubey
Shashikant Choubey - 3 years ago
What an adorable animal this Cat is. Nature's gift they are ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mike Dee
Mike Dee - 3 years ago
Boiled fish or raw meat
Christina BlackFeather
Christina BlackFeather - 3 years ago
My cat has trouble bile chewing, so raw hamburger is her fav. I have to shred other meats for her.
Christina BlackFeather
Christina BlackFeather - 3 years ago
Spoiled kitty!!!
Nini's channel
Nini's channel - 3 years ago
Isnt raw food bad for some animals?
thesecond - 3 years ago
Your cat eats like a king.
Elizabeth Reeves
Elizabeth Reeves - 2 years ago
They r a king how dare u question it
Rekt - 2 years ago
Most accurate comment I've seen by far
SkinCareLuver - 3 years ago
I think he chose the shrimp because the pieces of fish were too large
SkinCareLuver - 2 years ago
Marat Nugaev Marat Nugaev lol sorry. I was busy focusing on/ watched another video you did prior to this one and meant to leave a comment on that one:

Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
+SkinCareLuver in this video there are shrimp?
Rolevor light
Rolevor light - 3 years ago
This cat becomes a celebrety
ping oh'
ping oh' - 3 years ago
Strange how when people smack their food I’m disgusted but when a cat does it I find it adorable.
Captcha Neon
Captcha Neon - 3 years ago
25,221 people have enjoyed these videos, now it’s 25,222 people because I’m so addicted I’m now subscribed! Your cat is awesome, may he live to be the oldest cat in the world!
дмитрий ситник
дмитрий ситник - 3 years ago
Я думаю сырой лосось кошка ни на что не променяет
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
По сравнению с варенным?
Вообще-то мой кот с удовольствием ест красную рыбу, кроме лосося (может слишком жирный). Но надо перепроверить, давно не давал, может поменял вкусы.
Meme God
Meme God - 3 years ago
You spoil your cat lol I wish I had such a great life as a cat
Naxxrams - 3 years ago
what is boiled and what is not?
Lasangen Smakar Gott!
Lasangen Smakar Gott! - 3 years ago
The HD in youre videos are awesome love it!
2xhydra Xhydra2
2xhydra Xhydra2 - 2 years ago
My cat got lost he was as fluffy as this guy in the vid but a little less he was a little fat but he’s soo cute he got lost later on and when that happens I started to cry
Alli Adams
Alli Adams - 2 years ago
My kitty was the sweetest cat ever and she was so sweet she died of cancer in her ear and I lost her. I missed her but the next day I got a little kitten named Arrow he is now a year old and he is so crazy and playful. I'm sorry about your cat but you aren't the only one!
peanut nugget
peanut nugget - 2 years ago
:'( my cat died when I was 5 my mom won't get another because we have a dog. Idc if she scratched me every time I tried to hug her I still love her. Rip shinny and dobie they will be in our hearts forever ❤️
cardi b's noises
cardi b's noises - 2 years ago
Rachel - 2 years ago
Jamil Boykin
Jamil Boykin - 3 years ago
Sounds like a tiger with all of that chuffing you can tell hes really excited
Rachel S.
Rachel S. - 3 years ago
This made me unbelievably hungry. You have a beautiful cat, Sir! :)

I have a feeling the smell of the boiled fish was what drew her to it first (as well as its ability to be eaten with considerable ease).
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 3 years ago
This is my new favourite thing
Kimberly Nicole
Kimberly Nicole - 3 years ago
The sounds he makes while he's eating is so cute I can't!!! I just wanna snuggle with him!
Greg J
Greg J - 3 years ago
dis kitty is spoiled c:
Christian Meyer
Christian Meyer - 3 years ago
He sounds like my Persian while eating. so relaxing
Blue Apple
Blue Apple - 3 years ago
love the sound
ziggy morris
ziggy morris - 3 years ago
Fish aren’t a natural food of cats, cooked fish is like bird flesh, birds are a natural food of cats.
Sherry G
Sherry G - 3 years ago
Honestly, I don't really care what cat chooses as better eating, I just like to watch cat eat as cat seems to really enjoy it! lol :)
Jesus Project
Jesus Project - 3 years ago
Nom nom nom! xD
MrTasic - 3 years ago
та он все жрать будет
MrTasic - 3 years ago
а, ну конечно, не собака же
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
овощи не ест
AnimeOCGirl - 3 years ago
Is it sad it's satisfying to watch a cat eat?
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson - 3 years ago
Cats are weird.
Melissa Yu Gaming
Melissa Yu Gaming - 3 years ago
The sound of the cat as it’s eating is so satisfying. Why?
Ryocko - 3 years ago
So he likes both. Maybe raw has more flavor than the cooked one.
strawberry fluff
strawberry fluff - 3 years ago
This is the cutest cat ever. You’re sooo lucky xoxo.
Peanut - 3 years ago
I love ur channel
Chell - 3 years ago
Variety is the spice of life.
Faith Deansly
Faith Deansly - 3 years ago
This cat eats better than me lol
Wicka Red
Wicka Red - 3 years ago
I honestly have no fucking clue on how I got here... But I can't stop watching
Kaitlyn W.
Kaitlyn W. - 3 years ago
F Mui
F Mui - 3 years ago
So spoiled!!
Miya Kailani
Miya Kailani - 3 years ago
Your cat makes the best ASMR... Tbh if the intro and outtro weren't loud I could fall asleep. Beautiful cat!
Ater Nefarium
Ater Nefarium - 3 years ago
He likes both equally in term of taste. However he seems to go for more easiest to chew.

Unlike the beef he despised the beef from not only chew but taste alone.
Puppy  Kitten
Puppy Kitten - 3 years ago
Why the same cat doesn't like boiled meat?
Dageon Munshi
Dageon Munshi - 3 years ago
Chewing and purring noises...
Dageon Munshi
Dageon Munshi - 3 years ago
Miss True Seman lol oke
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
Dageon Munshi l hope that cat eats shit
udasan - 3 years ago
My cat loves boiled fish too! :)
dora and friends
dora and friends - 3 years ago
Bby lion
31337k - 3 years ago
best kind of ASMR videos
michael cham
michael cham - 3 years ago
It’s look like if food easy to eat is good enough
Kemono Kajiwara
Kemono Kajiwara - 3 years ago
my cat would eat everything
Galaxy Has a funtime with his mom
Galaxy Has a funtime with his mom - 3 years ago
He licked the raw fish hoping it would get softer and would become easier to chew on
It's Just Milk I Swear
It's Just Milk I Swear - 3 years ago
He gets to eat big meals in these videos.
Audriemations - 2 years ago
“It's Just Milk I Swear”
Me: are you sure about that?
Luuk  Westrik
Luuk Westrik - 3 years ago
This cat has some appetite
Ginger Animations
Ginger Animations - 3 years ago
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
There is some danger of worms in uncooked fish.
tallmunchkin868 - 2 years ago
syeina - 2 years ago
Depends on how the fish is treated. For raw fish like salmon to be consumable by humans, it has to be frozen first to kill off any parasites.
Антон Иванов город снов
Антон Иванов город снов - 3 years ago
Каракуля Боб
Каракуля Боб - 2 years ago
+AllHypedUp he said "WHY ALL COMMENTS ARE IN ENGLISH ???".
AllHypedUp - 2 years ago
Каракуля Боб
Каракуля Боб - 2 years ago
Это видео с англоязычного канала. Ютуб переводит названия видео с популярных каналов на русский.
Norman Aqua
Norman Aqua - 2 years ago
Because tje title is in english
Pewgaltommy - 2 years ago
Антон Иванов город снов hahahahah ikr but the title is in English so ya
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers - 2 years ago
+Паровозик Томас что я?
Паровозик Томас
Паровозик Томас - 2 years ago
+Richard Rogers А ТЫ?!
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers - 2 years ago
Потому что ты долбоеб...
Джамала _
Джамала _ - 2 years ago
Задаюсь тем же вопросом
Pfoupfett' Mah
Pfoupfett' Mah - 3 years ago
I think that depends on what kind of food he can easily bite before eating regarding the fish.
zak smith
zak smith - 3 years ago
Cats love eating lol
Комисарова Юлия
Комисарова Юлия - 3 years ago
Как же он аппетитно ест)))
not my real name. screw googleplus
not my real name. screw googleplus - 3 years ago
momox001 - 3 years ago
Everything Perseus eats looks so fresh and delicious. I bet that's one healthy kitty
Ookami 018
Ookami 018 - 3 years ago
Probably irrelevant to the video, but is it farmed or wild pollock?
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
Madeleine Rodriguez I don't think they farm pollock, or do they? It's one of the fish with the lowest amount of mercury which is why I give it to my cats, baked till cooked but not dry, with no oil, or steamed. It's also one of the cheapest frozen fish you can buy.
Hayden - 3 years ago
Okay WHY is this helping my anxiety?
William Chu
William Chu - 3 years ago
Omg, I can't wait to smell its poop
Lorna Johnston
Lorna Johnston - 3 years ago
Try small cubes of raw fish. I think the raw fish was in too large pieces.
extremeNothingness - 3 years ago
I have no idea why I'm watching this...but I'm watching it...
peanut nugget
peanut nugget - 2 years ago
Me too
Sarah Lind Arnberg Þórisson
Sarah Lind Arnberg Þórisson - 3 years ago
this cat is more spoiled then me....and I'm the only daughter
afullerhokie - 3 years ago
Need to cut up the raw fish. Too big to eat easily.
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
there thin slices
Finicky Flutist
Finicky Flutist - 3 years ago
Everything in moderation, cat knows this well.
Ms. Adams
Ms. Adams - 3 years ago
What does the CAT EAT......♫♪
MEow Me0w mEow Meow meOw meoW meow MeOw meow ♪♫
•Cutie Wendy•
•Cutie Wendy• - 2 years ago
I don’t get it
Coffee Jaytee
Coffee Jaytee - 2 years ago
superjfbm - 3 years ago
I hear the cut mutter something
TheStigma - 3 years ago
I bet a lot of the mystery behind what cats 8and dogs) prefer to eat has to do with smell. (You can see in a lot of these videos the cat doesn't even seem to be looking at the food - it is exploring it purely by nose - even when the visual difference between the pieces are kind of obvious to us.).

For them it is one of their primary senses, just as important as sight, but for us it's easily our least developed. We are probably lacking a lot of the most crucial information they use to decide based on.

The "stinky" foods are usually the ones they go nuts for in my experience. Especially the cats when it comes to canned fish and such. That brings your cat running home from a mile away =P

By the way - excellent microphone work here. This is ASMR heaven + purring cuteness overload. Nice :)
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
Hearing it eat sounds so gross
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
sammimitsu it’s gross
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
Miss True Seman Most people including me, love the sound of him eating.
Nabium - 3 years ago
hey, can you do a test with different kinds of fish?

like, white fish vs fat fish for example.

preferably as fresh as possible, for fair competition.

your cat seems to prefer boiled pollock over raw. I've tried the exact same thing with my cat this summer - which btw looks a lot like your cat, same colour, size and long hair - but my cat preferred the raw. different tastes huh :)
Cookie Lovey
Cookie Lovey - 3 years ago
are you not Scared/Worried that your Cat getting too Fat?
triggeredfrog - 3 years ago
Slime asmr: Pfhhhh...

Cat asmr: Yusss!
Nicholas C.
Nicholas C. - 3 years ago
hmmm why doesnt he like raw this time
Nate Santino
Nate Santino - 3 years ago
This has got to be one of the best things I’ve been recommended in a while
Christina Lock
Christina Lock - 3 years ago
I've just binge watched all your videos, they are so addictive!
Rachel S.
Rachel S. - 3 years ago
Angie Torres Same, girl!!!!
Unicorn Believer
Unicorn Believer - 3 years ago
Ive been watching 3 vids like this before and still watching this
And why the fuck i feel hungry
Little A
Little A - 3 years ago
So satisfying to see him eat hehe
MiamiPush2theLimit - 3 years ago
Happy kitty
Outlaw Of Gor
Outlaw Of Gor - 3 years ago
I love when the cat walks into the "food room".
Saulemay Bekmakhan
Saulemay Bekmakhan - 2 years ago
LOL, He look so professional, when he steps in the door,
Khalizzi - 2 years ago
Lol yea hes always so ready and sometimes he knows exactly what he wants before he even gets to the food!
Ashley Swallow
Ashley Swallow - 3 years ago
This is so interesting because I watched him eat the steak and just assumed cats liked raw meat but here he's going for cooked! Or maybe it's a she, but regardless this is an absolutely beautiful cat!
Savage TM
Savage TM - 2 years ago
At first sight it looks like an atack helicopter
flukeman022 - 2 years ago
He ate about half of both.
Julian Hoque
Julian Hoque - 2 years ago
I think it's how soft the meat is. I came from steak too!
EmiGaxx - 2 years ago
+allan gill Lol it's Perseus Jackson and is Son of Zeus
Jacob C Lalnunzira
Jacob C Lalnunzira - 2 years ago
Might as well say 'It'...
Jonathan Pereira
Jonathan Pereira - 2 years ago
I thought the same. Very interesting.
haikal ali
haikal ali - 2 years ago
Its male female cat face look different
Varheim - 2 years ago
+YellowSOY Exactly, in that meat test the beef was quickly boiled at a high temperature making it dry and tough.
i agree
i agree - 2 years ago
Ashley Swallow probably softer
dawnflower - 2 years ago
Ashley Swallow he
Creator Sama
Creator Sama - 3 years ago
cats tend to like food with a strong smell. cooked fish usually smells stronger than uncooked.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker - 3 years ago
Did you just assume that cats gender???
Setharious12321 - 3 years ago
I also thing this might have to do with how the raw pieces were larger. I know my cat will not eat his food if it is diced up nice and small for him.
How4Basic - 3 years ago
oh dont worry they care, they would die out if not
Kyron Conrad Junus
Kyron Conrad Junus - 3 years ago
Yuki la serpe
Yuki la serpe - 3 years ago
Raw fish meat is an issue for cats beacause they can't digest fish easly as meat.
SkinCareLuver - 3 years ago
The owner said it's a boy
YellowSOY - 3 years ago
Ashley Swallow I think it’s more the texture than whether it is raw or cooked. It looks like he tends to go for the one that’s wettest and softest.
Leafa 0910
Leafa 0910 - 3 years ago
allan gill Oh yes Zues my favourite greek mythology god
Buffy  love tyinus
Buffy love tyinus - 3 years ago
Ashley Swallow I don't think cats care about there own gender
allan gill
allan gill - 3 years ago
Ashley Swallow
Perseus was the Son of Zues,so I'd say it's male!
Pandi Row
Pandi Row - 3 years ago
My cat doesn’t like to eat human food. I have tried to feed her like most of the human food the cat is eating in the video but she just smells it and leave.
marina esbeath
marina esbeath - 3 years ago
i really want fish now :O
Jenny Morris Wood
Jenny Morris Wood - 3 years ago
What a gorgeous cat you have. I just stumbled across your videos.
Dana White
Dana White - 2 years ago
+Foufe perseus
Foufe - 2 years ago
Can you guys please tell me what breed is this cat?
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
sammimitsu all cats should die
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
sammimitsu let that cat eat shit
Anna Albury
Anna Albury - 3 years ago
Miss True Seman You must be a very bitter and unhappy person to say such rude and childish things. It shows that you hate yourself if you are so nasty and small-minded, and a real coward to be hateful to people you've never met. You must feel big and tough protected by the anonymity of the Internet..
I feel sorry for you, and I guess nobody cares about you hence your aggression towards others.
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
Jenny Morris Wood I'm so sorry. Ignore this nasty troll Miss True Seman as she calls herself. She clearly gets a buzz from being aggressive which indicates she's got a lot of anger and inner problems. So sorry about your cat but glad you had so many happy years together ♡
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
Miss True Seman We care but why are you here with your rude attitude and insensitivity? Just to be nasty? Go and play in the traffic.
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
Miss True Seman Why are you here trolling the video and genuine cat lovers. All cats are individually different but you're here making snide remarks. Go away if you don't like or understand cats. Piss off.
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
Jenny Morris Wood who cares
Jenny Morris Wood
Jenny Morris Wood - 3 years ago
Miss True Seman My cat died last week and she looks like this kitty. I'm lucky I had her for 14 years.
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
Jenny Morris Wood looks like any other cat
Eliza Wilson
Eliza Wilson - 3 years ago
This is one spoiled cat XD
bastet469 - 3 years ago
Are you serving both fish at the same temperature? I hear cats like slightly warm food because it mimics freshly killed prey whose blood hasn't cooled down yet. If one fish was cold from the fridge, the cat probably preferred the one that was at room temp or higher.
Pancake 52
Pancake 52 - 3 years ago
I get really hungry watching this.
Mushpop mushy
Mushpop mushy - 3 years ago
The cat chooses to eat the boiled since it's easier to chew and flakier. While the raw is hard to chew :p
Angel of Sapphires
Angel of Sapphires - 3 years ago
Great asmr...
K. Sears
K. Sears - 3 years ago
What was up with the music at the end? I was digging the cat munching sounds and the music made me jump!
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
Operator Error

Gunnar Olsen
Park Mi Young
Park Mi Young - 3 years ago
My cat likes boiled/cooked fishes more than raw ones
Suplex GD
Suplex GD - 3 years ago
The raw one is very hard to chew for a 15 year old cat
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
Suplex GD who cares, that cat can eat shit
Rosita Blanca
Rosita Blanca - 3 years ago
Suplex GD but it ate raw beef before
Jo Dunk
Jo Dunk - 3 years ago
That cat does not play when it comes to food. I hear that!!!
glennesar surya
glennesar surya - 3 years ago
Cat : i love my life.
the Jiminator
the Jiminator - 2 years ago
Cat: i love making YouTube videos.
Kawaii Potato OwO
Kawaii Potato OwO - 2 years ago
+Maria lena bruh
Father Man
Father Man - 2 years ago
Maria lena wtf
Maria lena
Maria lena - 3 years ago
glennesar surya umm no it's cat hate
amy2beth - 3 years ago
Is your cat a Maine Coon? It’s adorable how he/she purrs when eating!
Sara Allison
Sara Allison - 3 years ago
amy2beth just a regular shit cat
Veronica Pevneva
Veronica Pevneva - 3 years ago
He is a Syberian cat:)
Catherine Tran
Catherine Tran - 3 years ago
Does your Cat love being petted and purrs loudly? Would love to see a video of that as Amsr! But either way I’m happily subscribed to your Cat! Very creative videos!
Jovita V
Jovita V - 3 years ago
you treat your cat so good, love your videos!!
FreshBleach - 2 years ago
Akali Main exactly like wtf he is retarded for real
The Mysterious
The Mysterious - 2 years ago
+Akali Main true there are rumors that he only feeds his cat once a wek
Akali Main
Akali Main - 2 years ago
Nigga this dude is just giving his cat food, you don't know shit about the rest of its life.
Din MS
Din MS - 3 years ago
Lazy chewing cat...
Belle We
Belle We - 3 years ago
Nom nom norm nomm gleekk glekkk
Lydia Medina
Lydia Medina - 2 years ago
Kim Dalessandro it’s so calming
Galaxy Fox Animates
Galaxy Fox Animates - 2 years ago
xhole - 2 years ago
eerowe 24
eerowe 24 - 2 years ago
Kim Dalessandro Same
Iria T. Haze
Iria T. Haze - 3 years ago
Do you have a cat? It is maternal instinct to feel happy when our baby is eating and enjoying it. If you're used to hearing your cat eating, the sound of cats eating will always be pleasant to you.
Inae Jazz
Inae Jazz - 3 years ago
It's a new ASMR x) asmr cat :'3
Maia's Sims
Maia's Sims - 3 years ago
Same idk why but I do, also yes he is.
vsboy 25
vsboy 25 - 3 years ago
These are cat mukbang.
TheRealOreo - 2 years ago
Ian Gorton
Ian Gorton - 2 years ago
Vsboy can i get your snapchat
sh s
sh s - 2 years ago
mukbang ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Bryan Timothy
Bryan Timothy - 2 years ago
+Natalia Delgarito at first i thought you're saying that you're going to eat your cat for your next meal lol
죠츠 - 2 years ago
Abashed Banjo138
Abashed Banjo138 - 2 years ago
Over reaction
Abashed Banjo138
Abashed Banjo138 - 2 years ago
Natalia Delgarito
Natalia Delgarito - 3 years ago
vsboy 25 i will eat my next meal with this cat.
KazAFK - 3 years ago
vsboy 25 more like cat ASMR
Jonzka98 - 3 years ago
Beuatiful Cat
MrTabs64 - 3 years ago
This must be the happiest, well fed cat in the world.
Ramune Raven
Ramune Raven - 2 years ago
+Devil Kids they're lying sweetie, don't believe them. They aren't the owner anyway.
Or they could've meant Percy gets these treats once a week. That's acceptable
Devil Kids
Devil Kids - 2 years ago
OscarMaris once a week wtf
pumpkin Charlie
pumpkin Charlie - 2 years ago
don't underestimate my ability to mother my cat to death
Denise Smith
Denise Smith - 2 years ago
MrTabs64 ikr
Reelio - 2 years ago
Pascal Petalas muahahah
Pascal Petalas
Pascal Petalas - 2 years ago
Gemiie L
Gemiie L - 3 years ago
Right, hes not even fat or over weight, you can tell hes healthy just by the sheen of his fur and the color of his eyes..
Perseus is beautiful
ziggy morris
ziggy morris - 3 years ago
MrTabs64 imagine it blows up the litter box
OscarMaris - 3 years ago
he only gets fed once a week
9and7 - 3 years ago
Was going to say the same thing. One happy cat hope he keeps the vids coming. Bon Appetit!
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
He may want to live in the forest alone ))
galacticAtlas - 3 years ago
I've noticed that both dogs and cats seem to, when presented with multiple options, eat first what is easiest to eat. The boiled fish seems to flake and come apart easily in small chunks, while the cat would have to chew more on the raw fish to get it into bite-sized bits. :0
Don't Censor
Don't Censor - 2 years ago
+ricky rossy *bolied beef
Giken - 2 years ago
+lizzie sleeps Think i should take after my cat more, he likes to eat pizza.
Honey Milk
Honey Milk - 2 years ago
Mythical Starrz
Mythical Starrz - 2 years ago

That might explain why they go for raw meat because boiled meat typically takes more time to chew
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress - 3 years ago
Jaden Lee but cooked beef is easier to eat... i believe. And also he didnt like the cooked liver. But what i noticed is that he preferred the wet cat food over some raw meat. Which astounded me. So.maybe yeah he sometimea likes the things easier to eat ;)
lizzie sleeps
lizzie sleeps - 3 years ago
Cats eat what is most nutritious and beneficial to them
Helium Valentine
Helium Valentine - 3 years ago
I figured they go for what is familiar first: the cooked meat.
Chris Eliason
Chris Eliason - 3 years ago
I wonder if he would go for the raw fish first if it was prepared nice like sushi
Sherry G
Sherry G - 3 years ago
What if you had chopped uncooked fish along side chopped boiled fish? Take out the "ease" factor by making them both easy to eat.
clover9 - 3 years ago
Probably cooked one has stronger fish smell
ricky rossy
ricky rossy - 3 years ago
Beef supports your claim, the cat refused to eat cooked beef.
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
My cat has a preference that he likes raw meat or fish.
In the rest you are right.
Jeongmin Choi
Jeongmin Choi - 3 years ago
I think the smell of the boiled fish attracts the cat
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
Some people like the music intro for some do not. But the music intro hides the noise at the beginning of the video.
Florida kl
Florida kl - 3 years ago
I'm guessing the raw fish are too chunky to chew too much hassle. ..
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
He likes slices more than fillets. I know, but I need to check again.
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright - 3 years ago
Boiled is the winner
Dana White
Dana White - 2 years ago
+Joseph Kim teach me da wae
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim - 3 years ago
Maybe because boiling makes the meat lose flavor from the water, chefs do not boil meat unless its a heavily seasoned soup. Instead you need to use another cooking method where the water doesn't leech the flavor, like pan fry, oven, sous vide, etc.
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
Usually, my cat prefers raw. But not always.
Krissi Hunter
Krissi Hunter - 3 years ago
Does your cat eat rggs? Do a video on that.
sammimitsu - 3 years ago
Marat Nugaev Good that you bother to reply to questions, and please take note that most of your viewers prefer the beautiful sound of the cat eating, with no music.
Marat Nugaev
Marat Nugaev - 3 years ago
My cat does not like eggs. I did not give him eggs for several years. I have to check.

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