The BIGGEST Fish I've EVER seen...

Face to Face with the BIGGEST Catfish I've EVER seen in person... - Shedd Aquarium FISH TOUR!! Greg Wittstock | The Pond Guy: Team Aquascape: PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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Face to Face with the BIGGEST Catfish I've EVER seen in person... - Shedd Aquarium FISH TOUR!! Greg Wittstock | The Pond Guy: Team Aquascape: PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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for The BIGGEST Fish I've EVER seen...

Montana - 1 year ago
The biggest catfish I've seen is a blue catfish at Jinx Aquarium in Tulsa, OK.
Trung Đặng
Trung Đặng - 2 years ago
Armaya Dava
Armaya Dava - 2 years ago
i like budy are you rich
Shelby Cuevas
Shelby Cuevas - 2 years ago
If I saw that in my river I would have poop in my pants
Maya Velez
Maya Velez - 2 years ago
You should go to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Aquarium
Oanh Nguyen
Oanh Nguyen - 2 years ago
You film this just befor my b day
sam tuma
sam tuma - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro you thinks that’s cool you should head down to Springfield Missouri to the biggest bass pro and voted the best aquarium in the United States it’s about 7 hours were you from
Shankar Malve
Shankar Malve - 2 years ago
I am ready and your are bedty
Guagua Ka
Guagua Ka - 2 years ago
Baby i love your videos. And also i love u can i take u to my home? Lol

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Will Smith
Will Smith - 2 years ago
It can't be may 19 2018 because may has not come in 2018 yet
Elakkia Prabhu
Elakkia Prabhu - 2 years ago
Bennett Family2003
Bennett Family2003 - 2 years ago
I love ur vids
Hobby Homesteader
Hobby Homesteader - 2 years ago
Those sturgeon are considered babies compared to what we see up here in Washington ( Columbia River ).
Fernando Gutierrez Salas
Fernando Gutierrez Salas - 2 years ago
Mariah Teller Kong
Itslouie 1819
Itslouie 1819 - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro
Bells Beauty
Bells Beauty - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro is it just me or is he cute asf
Myles Cope
Myles Cope - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro I'm gonna be so happy to meet u and catch em all
Luke Looky francis
Luke Looky francis - 2 years ago
Paul I’m a long watcher I’ve been watching your vids a year now
Luciano Skuiche
Luciano Skuiche - 2 years ago
omarion reacts .......

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Luciano Skuiche
Luciano Skuiche - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro j7. Eu não vou mais. Eu vou estar
Tubby Leroy
Tubby Leroy - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro lucky I want to go there
Maria Taheny
Maria Taheny - 2 years ago
dude i need you to see this vid it's RAWWWFishing all of his fish ARE DEAD some dum dum got his fish but did't get them he KILL them pls look at it i will be happy if you see this
Matthew Luna
Matthew Luna - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro Paul! You should come to the Dallas aquarium, we have a giant tank that lets you walk down a long hallway that has sharks swim over you
Greenery on look
Greenery on look - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro ...grest
Black Princess1993
Black Princess1993 - 2 years ago
saomarion reacts
Black Princess1993
Black Princess1993 - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro u
Ashton Stevens
Ashton Stevens - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro your awesome
Bro's Entertainment
Bro's Entertainment - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro you haven't even got started I have been subscribed sence 1.5k and I am happy to say I ant never ever gonna unsubscribe from u even if i had a gun to my head
Grace Chang
Grace Chang - 2 years ago
I'm so excited to see you traveling around the US to see aquariums and aquatic events. It is always cool to look at your vids. Thanks, Paul.

30. comment for The BIGGEST Fish I've EVER seen...

Optimism - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro it is not a dinosaur
The Gozitan Drone.
The Gozitan Drone. - 2 years ago
pls never stop posting and u are going to have your new house and wha about your ponds?
hopkin6 aj
hopkin6 aj - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro you insurers me to drink a blue cherry ice thx
Anthony Bjelke
Anthony Bjelke - 2 years ago
Paul, Watch out for fish killer around Florida
Shari Thacker
Shari Thacker - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro you hot three hundred k and I am one of them in your accounts
Jeff K
Jeff K - 2 years ago
Hey Paul you can say the fish is figuratively a dinosaur because its ancient but literally it is most definitely not a dinosaur. Next time you are in the Shedd Aquarium you could have one of those kids explain the difference between a fish and a dinosaur.
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday - 2 years ago
Ayo paulie
lewis gaskell
lewis gaskell - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro
Malina Samaroo
Malina Samaroo - 2 years ago
I love in the Caribbean those fish at the Caribbean section are delicous and that's not all still nice do anyone know what is Roti
Alisina Soltani
Alisina Soltani - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro yay ur at 300k
TerencePUBG Chin
TerencePUBG Chin - 2 years ago
The dinosaurs fish is so cool
Dragon Tamer75
Dragon Tamer75 - 2 years ago
I've seen bigger catfish and I am ready
denis avdic
denis avdic - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro there has been people steelingfih
denis avdic
denis avdic - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro put cameras in your pond
Danny Eden
Danny Eden - 2 years ago
Paul u need to watch out atm as rawfamm and catch em all have both have fish stolen and killed
NIGHT FURY - 2 years ago
I'm ready for your next video u r just a badass
BryceViper11fishing - 2 years ago
I have a video on my channel of some of the catfish in the shed aquarium
Battle royal.played !
Battle royal.played ! - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro I live in chicago and been to the shed a million times I think your videos are amazing keep up the good work!
BryceViper11fishing - 2 years ago
I know a lake that no one knows about that has 8 pound bass
BryceViper11fishing - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro If you want to catch some big bass in illinois, go to lake in the hills

50. comment for The BIGGEST Fish I've EVER seen...

nightshark 088
nightshark 088 - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro just to let you know some one has been going around stealing and killing fish, catch em alls and rawwfishing had it happen to them
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 2 years ago
I really love your videos Paul. Well, you did a great job not only this video but all your videos, I hope a lot will come next and more fish will live to your mini pond, I know you can. Uhm. do newts can be place in the pond with other fishes? if it is possible, that's good. GOD BLESS you always and hopping for more videos.

- Dann verdillo (my real name)
수아grace - 2 years ago
And I'm ready too!
수아grace - 2 years ago
Barack Obunga
Barack Obunga - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro you should come fishing at lake Gaston here in NC we catch world record catfish here all the time
Taylor Gang Nation
Taylor Gang Nation - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro turtles?
Evee Christine
Evee Christine - 2 years ago
VenSius Fr
VenSius Fr - 2 years ago
We got many catfish like that in france man XD
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky - 2 years ago
Hi, I’m from Russia and I enjoy your videos whilst I'm doing my stretches (I'm a figure skater and ballerina). Keep doing what you're doing! (I introduced my boyfriend Otabek to your videos and he loved them as well! He lives in Kazakhstan)
Amanda Ward
Amanda Ward - 2 years ago
Go live for 300000 subscribers!!!!!
kristian larsen
kristian larsen - 2 years ago
if you ever go to denmark. please visit. The blue planet. in copenhagen. there biggest tank is 4 million liter
Carl 08
Carl 08 - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro 5th
Tristan Oleary
Tristan Oleary - 2 years ago
Hey paul love your videos and keep up the good work and i have been at that aquiriam its sick love your vids
Tristan Oleary
Tristan Oleary - 2 years ago
Hey paul love your videos keep up the good work. Ive been there that place is so sick. Love the vids
LSD - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro you should come visit the fort fisher aquarium we have a interactive megalodon exhibit and lots of other really cool stuff!
Deanne Pedersen
Deanne Pedersen - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro is awesome
lola kawi
lola kawi - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro my birthday is the 21
David Glover
David Glover - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro watch your fish there is a killer of fish around
EMayer 91022
EMayer 91022 - 2 years ago
We should link if ur still in Chicago
Veritech - 2 years ago
Shed Aquarium was fun when i went a few years ago! Dude, its so great to go and see.
Blockheads984 - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro did u see the sand dollars
Monrico Zeelie
Monrico Zeelie - 2 years ago
Paul Cuffaro oh ya bro
Zeke Lewandowski
Zeke Lewandowski - 2 years ago
I wish i could come to georgia with you but i can't because of school :(
Cool Gaming
Cool Gaming - 2 years ago
Thanks for bringing all of us good content you are the coolest you tubeher in this world
georgia fisherman
georgia fisherman - 2 years ago
I would be in heaven in there!
Darson Pace
Darson Pace - 2 years ago
Its not bi-sher, its by-sher
omarionsmith 1k
omarionsmith 1k - 2 years ago
Your a great youtuber hope you reach one million soon because of you I made my pond thanks
Yashvin Menda
Yashvin Menda - 2 years ago
Hell yeah
sTaTiiC Exility
sTaTiiC Exility - 2 years ago
Paul your the best
Mariah Teller
Mariah Teller - 2 years ago
Yes I am ready!!!
knite lore
knite lore - 1 year ago
lmao u act like uk everything about fishes but u don’t so stfu
lily jonhson
lily jonhson - 1 year ago
Thanks for not telling us how big that catfish is
Yosohn - 1 year ago
8:55 i thought that was a turtle
Chris Lang
Chris Lang - 1 year ago
I have been in that aquarium.
Burning Skull
Burning Skull - 1 year ago
I’m going here on thirsday
Burning Skull
Burning Skull - 1 year ago
Treana Allen
Treana Allen - 1 year ago
Puff fish
Treana Allen
Treana Allen - 1 year ago
Sea jelly
Bhuvan B Vijeesh
Bhuvan B Vijeesh - 1 year ago
I saw an arowana that can put my whole head in its mouth
Bhuvan B Vijeesh
Bhuvan B Vijeesh - 1 year ago
That arowana is not at all big
CrumplyOD J9
CrumplyOD J9 - 1 year ago
Barramundi cod sounds a lot better than panther grouper ahahah
Kathy L
Kathy L - 1 year ago
I wonder who gets hired to do these awesome giant tank setups.
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant - 1 year ago
If they attack you, will your arm break :0
- Chuan
kalliou - 2 years ago
Please go to more aquariums
Atlanta next?
Hunter Dragon
Hunter Dragon - 2 years ago
Việt Nam đâu giơ tay
Braxton Knott
Braxton Knott - 2 years ago
That catfish is a monster
Down Wind Hunter
Down Wind Hunter - 2 years ago
do you have a speech impedament? the R in BiRchir is pronounced
ach aquatics
ach aquatics - 2 years ago
I have a pacu that big
Bimbim Cabita
Bimbim Cabita - 2 years ago
My like fils
Michael Dominguez
Michael Dominguez - 2 years ago
Fucking idiot...steady your camera when you are talking...fuck
meadowyck - 2 years ago
just an incredible experience, thanks for sharing Paul

100. comment for The BIGGEST Fish I've EVER seen...

the nemesis
the nemesis - 2 years ago
10.05 it looks like there is no water there, impressive!
M Jordan
M Jordan - 2 years ago
Paul "that is a dinosaur" Cuffaro
Finn Dietrichs
Finn Dietrichs - 2 years ago
Did he just call a puffer fish a porcupine fish?
aquarium fishes info
aquarium fishes info - 2 years ago
Hi guy I like it Plz subscribe and share my channel name aquarium fishes info
TSEN VUI FOH - 2 years ago
Greatest youtuber...
Daniel B
Daniel B - 2 years ago
why you call that wild Astronotus ocellatus tiger oscars?
Simran Goraya
Simran Goraya - 2 years ago
bro I'm beginner nd my fishes are getting died daily in the aquarium .I don't know why bro help me out I have all the golden fishes
Allen Jay
Allen Jay - 2 years ago
4:28 if somebody could please tell me the name of the orange and blue cichlid here I would be so thankful I've been looking for an hour on Google I used to want them but could never find them now my brain is going crazy!!!
Allen Jay
Allen Jay - 2 years ago
Update its Caquetaia spectabilis
Harsh Shinde
Harsh Shinde - 2 years ago
That's was nice and the huge one I have ever seen and jelly sting and shark and other superb video
Maïté Chaumette
Maïté Chaumette - 2 years ago
Come to the aquarium of quebec
Jorge manzo
Jorge manzo - 2 years ago
I have been to the shed aquarium like 20 times
veeran analetchumi
veeran analetchumi - 2 years ago
Coralianblue20 - 2 years ago
2:03 That's a Sauger......
Mikey Lattanzio
Mikey Lattanzio - 2 years ago
9:55 was my favorite part, I go to the shedd all the time
Shellany Diano
Shellany Diano - 2 years ago
OH MY GOSH the Amazon tank is sick, AWESOME!!! the JELLYFISH & the Giant CATFISH are my faves, they're the coolest! This place is BEAUTIFUL!
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 2 years ago
Nigga fish
Amol Nildhe
Amol Nildhe - 2 years ago
Bro! Please show some snakehead fish
reeveano heh
reeveano heh - 2 years ago
10:35 is what you came for
Floris Cramer
Floris Cramer - 2 years ago
it's the indominus catzzz
Mitro Luomajoki
Mitro Luomajoki - 2 years ago
Is you boyfriend retarded, he looks like he is..?
Mitro Luomajoki
Mitro Luomajoki - 2 years ago
Holly Molly my god awesome.
Mitro Luomajoki
Mitro Luomajoki - 2 years ago
Holly-- Molly grazy.
Mary Mccallum
Mary Mccallum - 2 years ago
The little jelly fish was a moon jelly they don't sting
Skyfanbubs rogers
Skyfanbubs rogers - 2 years ago
No hate but can u plz stop cussing I rly love ur YouTube channel but yea.....
grano89 - 2 years ago
The big catfish is similar to the one we in Italy Call "Torpedo" (Siluro).
The difference is that a Siluro can reach...something like 120 kg and 2,2 m in length XD
Zayyan Muhammad
Zayyan Muhammad - 2 years ago
I agree such bad ass fish love your vids
FIRST BORN - 2 years ago
That catfish is real big foreal
FIRST BORN - 2 years ago
This kid is a good host but his friend that got scared when he was talking to him was epic he turned around like he stole something
Papi Renz
Papi Renz - 2 years ago
That was awesome paul!!!
DatWaveyBoi - 2 years ago
6:17 wtf let go of that fucking turtle xD
Jack Dachuk
Jack Dachuk - 2 years ago
Paul you shold goo to Toronto Ontario so you can goo to ripples fish aquarium
Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert - 2 years ago
It’s not a dinosaur
ThinkNoodlee - 2 years ago
It so cool
The great Gold gamer
The great Gold gamer - 2 years ago
last time I checked, fish aren't archosaurs dip-sh*t
Josh T
Josh T - 2 years ago
This man really said warhead
KayLily M
KayLily M - 2 years ago
That HUGE GIGANTIC CATISH is Like 30 redtail catfish Without that redtail
KayLily M
KayLily M - 2 years ago
That snake was a anaconda
KayLily M
KayLily M - 2 years ago
All I mostly wanted in this video is u explaining about fish I know fish in rivers that all love your vid
Mike Gonzalez
Mike Gonzalez - 2 years ago
10:25 R.I.P headphone users lol
Fauzi Druju
Fauzi Druju - 2 years ago
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect - 2 years ago
How old is this 10:35 Big Fish???
Nur Aqsal
Nur Aqsal - 2 years ago
Ikan cupang ga ada bang?
Rod - 2 years ago
I’m subbing
Cesar Andrade
Cesar Andrade - 2 years ago
You should have a very huge pond with only big/huge fish
Dimas Kawani
Dimas Kawani - 2 years ago
Orang Indonesia laik
Stabat Kota
Stabat Kota - 2 years ago
Faizal Anaz
Faizal Anaz - 2 years ago
Bgusan ikan mujaer kli,wkkw
Cody Fell
Cody Fell - 2 years ago
Sooooo cccccoooooooooolllllllllll I want one can you do a give away
Rez Haa
Rez Haa - 2 years ago
Translate for Indonesia please
tomishon 158
tomishon 158 - 2 years ago
I fishing and i catch 100pounds jaù
Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy - 2 years ago
Hey bro nice shot bro now go to Malaysia langkawi and to underwater world
adam s
adam s - 2 years ago
no its a catfish!!!
Wati Aja
Wati Aja - 2 years ago
Morgan Moss
Morgan Moss - 2 years ago
The perks of living 30 min from Chicago and hey I recommend doing he behind the scene tour it’s worth it
Felipe RAlvarez
Felipe RAlvarez - 2 years ago
A lo que vienen 10:28
Tejas M.D
Tejas M.D - 2 years ago
How thy clean it
Ravi Kanth Virajaji
Ravi Kanth Virajaji - 2 years ago
Hi Paul... please next time spend some time actually making a video...definitely unlike this one where you are filming like you are being chased.
J W - 2 years ago
Another great video.
SIVA PRAKASH - 2 years ago
Super bro
Kool one
Kool one - 2 years ago
It's not a Dinosaur it's just a Catfish.
Shanie Narain
Shanie Narain - 2 years ago
I LOVE your videos
Mr. Cătă
Mr. Cătă - 2 years ago
Min 10 thanks latet
marlu suriaga
marlu suriaga - 2 years ago
That fish is like not moving
Ahmad Hudan
Ahmad Hudan - 2 years ago
The thumbnail 10:36
Sulpeng channel
Sulpeng channel - 2 years ago
i like the tree its look like original
Sulpeng channel
Sulpeng channel - 2 years ago
beautifull dud
giovani graveline
giovani graveline - 2 years ago
It is 2019
Tamanna Tanvir
Tamanna Tanvir - 2 years ago
Hey.I am from bangladesh.i am your biggest fan.
karmy paul
karmy paul - 2 years ago
challenge accepted
challenge accepted - 2 years ago
That school of fish bbn look like shiners.
Game boy 3998
Game boy 3998 - 2 years ago
I make lizard home and nature out of clay and dirt
Emily Click
Emily Click - 2 years ago
This isn’t the biggest fish you’ve seen Paul, the Goliath Grouper you caught is :) this is a big fish, the grouper was over 200lbs tho
Killer Boi1593
Killer Boi1593 - 2 years ago
This is my birth day
geoff nocim
geoff nocim - 2 years ago
The strugeons eggs can be turned into caviar
Casual Girl
Casual Girl - 2 years ago
You should go to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulane Oklahoma. I personally love it
BLOOD MOON - 2 years ago
we have catfishes Lonestar bigger and a human and they eat a human be found on the news someone got eaten by catfish and they dissected with that hen
Mohamed Rafi Zufishan
Mohamed Rafi Zufishan - 2 years ago
Supar pls i come pls
Zumrotul Nurkhasamqh
Zumrotul Nurkhasamqh - 2 years ago
T&T series
T&T series - 2 years ago
From where you are
Nanik Sulistyowati
Nanik Sulistyowati - 2 years ago
Chandan Ghosh
Chandan Ghosh - 2 years ago
Hi bro make a video on guppies led tanks plzplzplz
Sanu Purushan
Sanu Purushan - 2 years ago
Holly molly
nebraska redneck
nebraska redneck - 2 years ago
So I ever becone a criminal I would steal that cat butcher and deep fry
Blindness Fucccboii
Blindness Fucccboii - 2 years ago
1:03 fish name please
Paramjit Kaur
Paramjit Kaur - 2 years ago
A̶w̶w̶ I̶ l̶i̶v̶e̶ i̶n̶ C̶a̶n̶a̶d̶a̶ I̶ w̶i̶s̶h̶ I̶ c̶a̶n̶ m̶e̶e̶t̶ y̶o̶u̶
Brandon Wambach
Brandon Wambach - 2 years ago
Behind the scenes there is so fun! Done it a few times back in college. What they're trying to do there is cool!
Rhyle Love
Rhyle Love - 2 years ago
12:08 that's not a dinosaur that's a fish lol
DIPPY D FATTY - 2 years ago
2:00 that's a rockbass
Iie Palalungan
Iie Palalungan - 2 years ago
Yg setuju orang Indonesia like
Marko Savich
Marko Savich - 2 years ago
I am a volunteer at the Shedd for 6 Years now and my boss was the guy who fed the Jau with you guys! I feed the rivers gallery and the cownose stingrays.
Nutan Singh
Nutan Singh - 2 years ago
Dustin Brent Rivera
Dustin Brent Rivera - 2 years ago
What is there bill every year
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume - 2 years ago
Shheeeeet go to Possom Kindom in Texas, go to Hells Gate and they're "wild" catfish twice as big, theyre fucking huge. Its amazing to see how big they are. There are some bigger than grown men, its amazing.
Jeffrey Augusti
Jeffrey Augusti - 2 years ago
I caught wels catfish 2 times the size of that jau, but still having a jau that size is fricking insane
George Atkins
George Atkins - 2 years ago
Do you know how many arawanas and oscars they have behind the scenes? I got a tour in the back about 20 years ago. They had holding tanks filled with them from people who dropped them off because they got too big for their home tank. I'm sure you saw some red tail cats?
Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman - 2 years ago
No literally it is not a dinosaur, they died out millions of years ago
Wilson John
Wilson John - 2 years ago
Jayden Gould
Jayden Gould - 2 years ago
Your video's are so inspirational I learn lot more everyday whenever I watch your videos I learn what fish you talk about whenever you in the aquarium I learnt a lot more about fishes and thank you
acmad yudha
acmad yudha - 2 years ago
Orang Indonesia like
- Jimu の Nightcore -
- Jimu の Nightcore - - 2 years ago
Ahmad Hudan
Ahmad Hudan - 2 years ago
DR. Ghost
DR. Ghost - 2 years ago
Gracyn Amelia
Gracyn Amelia - 2 years ago
My dads friends were river fishing and they caught a catfish that was probably 4.5- 5 feet long. He just grabbed it out of the water!
Dan Pater
Dan Pater - 2 years ago
I love the shedd aquarium. Went this around may or June for the first time. Want to go back again next year
home mode making
home mode making - 2 years ago
deepen manger
deepen manger - 2 years ago
Meganthropus Palaeojavanicus
Meganthropus Palaeojavanicus - 2 years ago
My foods
TOKYO GHOUL - 2 years ago
I have a great white shark,albino hammer head shark, every fish in the aquarium
Mike22 - 2 years ago
Dear Paul,yesterdey i bought a pleko and i put it in my molly aqua but in less than 12 hours it died. Do you have any idea why??0
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall - 2 years ago
Since when did Paul start cursing so much and what the hell is a bonnethead I thought it was going to hammerhead
Marielos Ventura
Marielos Ventura - 2 years ago
Here in the aquarium i go to you can actually touch
moon jellyfish that dont sting
Paul cuffaro
Leahs Animal World
Leahs Animal World - 2 years ago
Taylor Wallace
Taylor Wallace - 2 years ago
I always feel bad for the fish in those petting tanks because you know some aggressive kid is gonna pull their tail or grab them. The poor fishies
HGZ Tv - 2 years ago
I’m 10 and I have a bind with Paco that are like ten pounds
Malik Awan
Malik Awan - 2 years ago
Bailey Verity-gilbreath
Bailey Verity-gilbreath - 2 years ago
The fish at Norfork lake are the same size or maybe bigger
Emma Marie
Emma Marie - 2 years ago
I spent the night there with my Girl Scout troop a few years ago so watching you walk through it brings back memories! Haha.
Landon Atehortua
Landon Atehortua - 2 years ago
I subscribe and my favorite part is the tank with the andaconda and the tank with the lizards.
Azka Kafabihi
Azka Kafabihi - 2 years ago
who agrees that this fideo is good like yes
Ziahnna Martinez
Ziahnna Martinez - 2 years ago
U should make a fish tank out of a gumball motion
Monster aquarıum
Monster aquarıum - 2 years ago
This cat Fish is ........
JD Singh
JD Singh - 2 years ago
10:35 is the fish hes talking about
Margaret Wilman
Margaret Wilman - 2 years ago
witch year?
Veena Kumari
Veena Kumari - 2 years ago
Very nice video
Veena Kumari
Veena Kumari - 2 years ago
I am from India
YungSeed - 2 years ago
Open bob
lyndsey frederick
lyndsey frederick - 2 years ago
This is a stupid video
LALITA BAGUL - 2 years ago
alexis Katherine
alexis Katherine - 2 years ago
Those sturgeons arnt even that big theres sturgeons wher i live and theres been some that get up to 6-10 ft
MC Rail
MC Rail - 2 years ago
If it wasn't confined, it probably would have grown over 6 feet
Knuryn Krnny
Knuryn Krnny - 2 years ago
Thers a bitcher back there hes chilling .. what a bitch 7:27
Knuryn Krnny
Knuryn Krnny - 2 years ago
Haha what a bitch
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson - 2 years ago
I have seen bigger
varshi Varshi
varshi Varshi - 2 years ago
will bettafish change it color say Paul
C M - 2 years ago
Take a shot every time he says awesome or holy moley
Elijah Ward
Elijah Ward - 2 years ago
I live in Chicago
Debbie Oakes
Debbie Oakes - 2 years ago
The pond guy has worked with Brian Barchek at Snake Bite. He does good work.
Madison Horton
Madison Horton - 2 years ago
you look like a lady fish
Joanna Pacheco
Joanna Pacheco - 2 years ago
Where is this? What is it called?
Best fight page
Best fight page - 2 years ago
There’s bigger paddle fish in wister lake in Oklahoma pretty lake
Rifan Boyy
Rifan Boyy - 2 years ago
The big leopat? What?!
Salman Ejaz
Salman Ejaz - 2 years ago
That is not a dinosaurer xD
Eirwan Hussin
Eirwan Hussin - 2 years ago
I hear somebody say spagghet
faharoon357 - 2 years ago
Your could improve the overall quality of your work if you could shake the camera more and talk with the same volume and cadence of the background chatter.

You suck at this... What made you think you needed to produce this crap?
Mr. Pooba
Mr. Pooba - 2 years ago
I know this may sound kind of bad but that looks like a poorly-run facility, when you said about those Lady Fish they're just swimming in a big school they constantly swim in a circle, that's cuz they can only swim in a circle did you see that tank? Most of the tanks there are way too small for the fish they have in there
This one’s for life B
This one’s for life B - 2 years ago
Pet those black finish whatever I was six
This one’s for life B
This one’s for life B - 2 years ago
Bend the shed aquarium in Chicago my Mom grew up there
Stealth Mode
Stealth Mode - 2 years ago
9:05 kratos fish
Amit Antil
Amit Antil - 2 years ago
I really wana visit this place once in my life
Rafi _Xros
Rafi _Xros - 2 years ago
Is that a cat fish? Lel
Kaden Lu
Kaden Lu - 2 years ago
It is in Chicago righ?
Kaden Lu
Kaden Lu - 2 years ago
And the science museum next to it
Kaden Lu
Kaden Lu - 2 years ago
I have been to that aquarium befor - 2 years ago
i pet a jellyfish before at a corpus christi aquarium near the battle ship
julius sanchez
julius sanchez - 2 years ago
julius sanchez
julius sanchez - 2 years ago
A cat fis
Shankar Malve
Shankar Malve - 2 years ago
You should build a pond for bigger fish like this
Aleksander Everything
Aleksander Everything - 2 years ago
10:04 is it water in the tank i cant see it
Jared Guidry
Jared Guidry - 2 years ago
"Dude!" "Bro" "oh my god!"... holy fuck this kid is annoying
Travis - 2 years ago
2:43 look like he took an arrow to the dome
Ayush Bhattacharya
Ayush Bhattacharya - 2 years ago
Bro that is a massive cat fish
alexander mattaeus
alexander mattaeus - 2 years ago
Charlie Delarosa
Charlie Delarosa - 2 years ago
school school school not pod..
Soulsreaper - 2 years ago
please spend a little more time holding the camera still so we can see the fish beter, u jump so quickly from fish to fish some barely got any time at all
Vryan & Axel Fun Time
Vryan & Axel Fun Time - 2 years ago
I really like your show brother
Alamin Munshi
Alamin Munshi - 2 years ago
All in One
All in One - 2 years ago
Super bro
Sally Trecho
Sally Trecho - 2 years ago
i actually take cared a catfish but hte goldfish swallowed it hole
Nordi Mejia
Nordi Mejia - 2 years ago
Amazing what rich kids can accomplish.
Matt Merrill
Matt Merrill - 2 years ago
Ive been to that place an I was surprised when I saw the snake.
Joe Palermo
Joe Palermo - 2 years ago
I just went there
Daisy Xiong
Daisy Xiong - 2 years ago
I've been to the Georgia aquarium already
Trucker Jack
Trucker Jack - 2 years ago
I’m assuming you mean largest fish you’ve seen in person. Because those river monster fish....woah..some large enough to eat a small human.
Christopher Decker
Christopher Decker - 2 years ago
I only live like 2 and a half hour's from there haha but i have never been there before. Seems pretty legit though.
nw pzs
nw pzs - 2 years ago
Giant catfish starts at 10:31
EKIM85000 - 2 years ago
Vizaku - 2 years ago
Make your own petting pond
Eshika Baisoya
Eshika Baisoya - 2 years ago
that catfish was so so bid man . that is the biggest catfish which I have seen . who agree plz like
Marc VanBueren
Marc VanBueren - 2 years ago
You mentioned Lake Ida in Delray beach? I'm from there
LuxorVan - 2 years ago
They have a couple large sturgeon in Lake Wawasee, but a few years back, while still living on lake Webster I saw something on my fishfinder I only ever encountered on Wawasee! the fishfinder combined several fish into one to show the size of what was under my boat! It had to be at least 6' long and was swimming on the bottom, the only other time I have encountered a fishfinder doing this was on lake Wawasee "Both are located in indiana", but the one I detected in Wawasee was later caught and was a 6' sturgeon that took a guy over 3 hours to land!

Out of the 15 plus years living on lake Webster, this only happened once, but I would assume it must be a sturgeon, since we have not seen any catfish or Muskies get that big! Most of the large Muskies on Webster have died off, we used to have a 5 footer in our channel every year, but with tournaments most have either been taken in for trophy's or been killed by negligence. I am sure in the great lakes that there have been fishfinders that have assembled many fish to show a single one.

When it detected Muskies on my boat even when they were at least 4' long, it only used the largest fish symbol, but this one fish I found used like 4 large ones with parts of medium and smaller ones to make the shape of a single fish! There have been claims in Lake Tippecanoe of giant catfish as long as john boats, but they usually cannot exceed 6', there is even a tale about divers checking the dam and seeing it and never wanting to check the dam after that, but Tippecanoe gets pretty deep, Wawasee used to have an 80' deep pocket on the South Western shore, but Tippecanoe is supposed to be over 100' deep at one point.

I still remember catching a 2' long Perch in johnsons bay on Wawasee on the Eastern shore, Syracuse lake has been known for schools of 8"-10" long bluegills and red ears along the western shore, my old channel on Webster would have schools of Crappie's come in every other year, some measuring over 12" long, you could pull your limit and then some in a matter of an hour right off my dock! when I lived on Wawasee, one year while fishing the channels near enchanted hills using fish filets as bait and just letting it sit on the bottom. I thought I caught a log, I was using spider wire and a large hook, my pontoon was 18' long and I had one friend.

The boat started to lurch forward toward where I was fishing and my friend asked why we were moving, I told him I thought I caught a log "there was a fallen tree nearby", but as I tugged it had pulled back and we were moving toward it, then a large mass popped out of the water, it was about 8" around and as my friend looked and asked what it was, it just moved it's head a small amount and snapped my line! It had to be a channel cat, but I have never seen one that large, usually we would get 10 lb ones on every throw.

Those same channels had some extremely large Bowfins as well, my niece caught one off our pier when she was about 4' tall, I still don't know how her scrawny butt got it laned by herself, but she came running across the street with a bowfin that was longer than she was tall, it was well over 4.5' long, she could barely hold the pole high enough to keep it from dragging! All the channels on that side of lake Wawasee were dug by hand, they started out 6' deep all the way to the sides and were dug by homeless African American's, they were hired by the county to dig them and provided with food and were forced to live in home made slums alongside the train tracks just north of Wawasee.

You can still walk the woods along those tracks just north of Enchanted hills and find the remnants of these sites, with old ice boxes and broken pieces of the shacks they lived in, it reminded you of 3rd world shelters, Lake Wawasee was also the site of Al Capones secret hotel/casino called the Spink Arms, right next to the two mansions that Eli Lilly "Famous Drug maker" built and lived in! Wawasee and Webster would probably only be a 3.5-4 hour drive from Chicago and both have some great fishing, both Syracuse and Wawasee have some nice sized Walleye and they are connected via a channel, but you don't want to try to tackle Wawasee with a Johnboat, waves can get 5' high on some days!
PA Paige
PA Paige - 2 years ago
Mad Frosty
Mad Frosty - 2 years ago
Guys I have to ask why do people dislike the video if they watch it
Diego Lobo
Diego Lobo - 2 years ago
Jaú is also the name of a city here in Brazil! :D
S N O X Y - 2 years ago
Mach was zu Tonverändert
lego starwars mocs
lego starwars mocs - 2 years ago
Cooler fish
Marin Armstrong-wills
Marin Armstrong-wills - 2 years ago
A school not a pod
Nicole Piotrowski
Nicole Piotrowski - 2 years ago
Love your videos! You are such an inspiration! Ive got a 33 gallon tank and I want more!! Keep it up!
OneUglyBoi - 2 years ago
16 feet that's....I have no witty response other then the bad touch jokes...
Cc Girl
Cc Girl - 2 years ago
Anaconda in the aquarium?!?!?!?!
m. lynn Duncan
m. lynn Duncan - 2 years ago
U should get a catfish
Ageoffernando - 2 years ago
He has not seen gia gunn
The Mouse
The Mouse - 2 years ago
Love it!!!
To bad South Africa dont have such places
Adam Young
Adam Young - 2 years ago
goodlooking boy
Kalpona Borman
Kalpona Borman - 2 years ago
Nice vedio..its have fun...
Zach Hamilton
Zach Hamilton - 2 years ago
We have caught a lot bigger out of the local river. For someone so passionate about fish, how could you not know that catfish get that big and bigger?
JAY JAGTAP - 2 years ago
Phoebe Nguyen
Phoebe Nguyen - 2 years ago
You’ll never know what I big fish is until you see the one in between my leg.
SpicyMane - 2 years ago
You should go to the portugues aquarium
Drones and Ceiling Fans
Drones and Ceiling Fans - 2 years ago
I have been to the sheede aquarium
Advance Video
Advance Video - 2 years ago
I want to go there!
Anujankit Bhujel
Anujankit Bhujel - 2 years ago
That is not a dinosaur
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 2 years ago
It’s not literally a dinosaur.
Khirul Islam Shoag
Khirul Islam Shoag - 2 years ago
Nice very nice this video I love fish
Travis brady
Travis brady - 2 years ago
Bro I enjoy your video
Kris Stringer
Kris Stringer - 2 years ago
I like your channel so much even though I just found it thank you
Bryan Cooper
Bryan Cooper - 2 years ago
Account B
Account B - 2 years ago
I don’t know about y’all but the biggest fish I’ve seen is a whale shark
Luke Townley
Luke Townley - 2 years ago
1:28 they litterally look like giant celestial pearl danios
stylish harish
stylish harish - 2 years ago
Your WhatsApp member pless
JV Aquatics
JV Aquatics - 2 years ago
Chicago hey from there lol free to the public in September Illinois residents alest pretty cool
EthanD ALFEREZ - 2 years ago
I very love fish
PUMP GOD - 2 years ago
That’s one big fish
Phylo_D - 2 years ago
whats up with the cussing around large groups of small children?
Salman Farisi
Salman Farisi - 2 years ago
Wety paul
Cole Johnson
Cole Johnson - 2 years ago
In that fresh water tank with walleye those were rock bass and perch
orksters - 2 years ago
Just discovered your channel very enjoyable
tyler do 123
tyler do 123 - 2 years ago
It’s extremely hard to catch a aironer
tyler do 123
tyler do 123 - 2 years ago
And I use bamboo
Sebastian C
Sebastian C - 2 years ago
I like your vids
Fawad Shahab
Fawad Shahab - 2 years ago

Dear whats you whatsapp number
Lempira Nando
Lempira Nando - 2 years ago
Moby Dick
play game
play game - 2 years ago
Which place is this
daryl tumala
daryl tumala - 2 years ago
Love love love
Sourav Samanta
Sourav Samanta - 2 years ago
These are awesome,,,,,,
And the Jau Catfish
T Y - 2 years ago
Not the biggest fish I’ve ever seen
Camilo Green
Camilo Green - 2 years ago
Wow. Great hobby. I enjoy the video. I love that catfish. Keep it up.
robert Intros
robert Intros - 2 years ago
You are so good looking and cute and youuuuu are .. you know yourself .
ADZIM GAMING - 2 years ago
U never see shark or whale?
Dustin Redelman
Dustin Redelman - 2 years ago
Find the paddle fish in Ohio fish
Dustin Redelman
Dustin Redelman - 2 years ago
Find them on Ohio river to
Balamurugan Mathiyalagan
Balamurugan Mathiyalagan - 2 years ago
I love this video
Agathokakological_ Phoenix94
Agathokakological_ Phoenix94 - 2 years ago
Lol " okay that's enough for me, enjoy children "
Diwahar g
Diwahar g - 2 years ago
wow it's superb vedio
Yolanda Garcia
Yolanda Garcia - 2 years ago
I live and was born in Chicago and my picture is me in the shedd aquarium
Eliza Guzman
Eliza Guzman - 2 years ago
Wow. That big ol'snake was a big nope. But so amazingg
The Lionel trains kid
The Lionel trains kid - 2 years ago
You should check out the Omaha zoo in Omaha Nebraska. The aquarium has a tunnel where the walls are glass and the the sharks swim over you.
IS Donut
IS Donut - 2 years ago
I’ve slept in that shark room
STARTIN5GBMD - 2 years ago
Warhead? You mean warmouth, and that was a rockbass
Rajani Solanki
Rajani Solanki - 2 years ago
Timothy Barnett
Timothy Barnett - 2 years ago
He posted this 7 days after my birthday
Odair Rossetto
Odair Rossetto - 2 years ago
piraíba is even bigger
Sabastian Elkins
Sabastian Elkins - 2 years ago
I have a catfish its 10 years old and its only 1.2 feet or 14 in.
CaptAddERaLL MAN - 2 years ago
Man that intro is so original
Antonio Cesar Alves
Antonio Cesar Alves - 2 years ago
6:13 ! Wow, Red fish scales !!
Reptiles4U - 2 years ago
The large black one was a Sturgeon
Keion Rajcoomar
Keion Rajcoomar - 2 years ago
where that big Cat fish comes from?
Vitor Danelon
Vitor Danelon - 2 years ago
They are technically fish, not dinosaurs, dinosaurs are normally categorized as reptiles.
Vitor Danelon
Vitor Danelon - 2 years ago
Or birds.
Jonathan Cyrus Francisco
Jonathan Cyrus Francisco - 2 years ago
That's a weird looking dog right there
di ck
di ck - 2 years ago
ever heard of whale?
Zen Tron
Zen Tron - 2 years ago
The legend of the goliath catfish is true...but what about the ancient gold fish XD
Micheal Red
Micheal Red - 2 years ago
set them all free they are not for human entertainment
Micheal Red
Micheal Red - 2 years ago
its sad
Micheal Red
Micheal Red - 2 years ago
they have lots of museums and zoos just for human entertainment
Micheal Red
Micheal Red - 2 years ago
in sea world they have killer whales in jail they have been taken away from the other whale families in the sea its just sad it is slavery for animals in this world
Micheal Red
Micheal Red - 2 years ago
that is true but animals should of never been brainwashed and domesticated by people
Kirative - 2 years ago
Micheal White If you set them free now, they will not know how to hunt or anything like that so they’ll die, Also it’s illegal to put fish in places where they aren’t normally, and I believe it is also illegal to release them if they’re captive bred.
Jason Savage
Jason Savage - 2 years ago
I love my pond and thanks for inspire me
Jason Savage
Jason Savage - 2 years ago
I did my pops 3 times two
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer - 2 years ago
The catfishes jaws can crush your bones
The Turtle Tribe /Tribe of the Turtles
The Turtle Tribe /Tribe of the Turtles - 2 years ago
He is at sheds
Danielle Roser-Young
Danielle Roser-Young - 2 years ago
I am planning on building a pond with tropical fish stocked in it
bel pet
bel pet - 2 years ago
As the touch tank wasn't open when I was there earlier this year
Grayson Wilson
Grayson Wilson - 2 years ago
oh my god I was just there like a month ago
CoCO nut
CoCO nut - 2 years ago
welcome to chiraq
Valstrax - 2 years ago
Bighead Carp look like whales
Butter Zack
Butter Zack - 2 years ago
thanks for destroying my ears at 10:22
Unity Diss
Unity Diss - 2 years ago
Hey that’s where I live! I wish I would have found your channel like 3 months sooner, I could have met you! Shedd aquarium is awesome!
That Crazy Sea Goat
That Crazy Sea Goat - 2 years ago
If I could build a pond or a large aquarium I would, but my parents won't let me :p
CL Fishing
CL Fishing - 2 years ago
Ight, it's not a dinosaur.
BPP Production
BPP Production - 2 years ago
Soooo Cool Bro !
Gayle Harrelson
Gayle Harrelson - 2 years ago
I just LOVE your videos you are a awesome youngster keep up the AWESOME videos your a natural. :>}
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 2 years ago
You'll never learn...
North 39
North 39 - 2 years ago
One reason I enjoy your videos so much is you’re very educated on most fish. I enjoy you naming the fish as you look at them. Thanks.
nabin shrestha
nabin shrestha - 2 years ago
best video ever in my life
Local Dreamer
Local Dreamer - 2 years ago
Oh damn, i remember going there in 2014. AWESOME AQUARIUM

Raven Claw
Raven Claw - 2 years ago
why will i ever want to meet you
Ali Abid
Ali Abid - 2 years ago
You know a lot and I mean a lot about fishes.
Dipam Rai
Dipam Rai - 2 years ago
"That's not a dinosaur"
Joe Palermo
Joe Palermo - 2 years ago
Are you in Chicago
rosa villafaña
rosa villafaña - 2 years ago
That is not a dinasour jk so cool.
Caitlin Keiser
Caitlin Keiser - 2 years ago
Fun game.. take a shot every time he says. “Look at how big it is.” Lmao
Ali -dab
Ali -dab - 2 years ago
Question I want to put my 3 foot Columbian Shark in a small pond with a koi in a common sandbox for children you think it will be all right with no pump or filter just me cleaning it all the time.
Amir Hamzah
Amir Hamzah - 2 years ago
Mate you gotta go to Thailand just for the Mekong Catfish
Alberto Serrano
Alberto Serrano - 2 years ago
5:15 did he say marijuana
Tash Jones
Tash Jones - 2 years ago
Please do a jelly tank. That would be so rad to see!
Bigass Frog
Bigass Frog - 2 years ago
like littley a dinosaur
Ahsan Ali
Ahsan Ali - 2 years ago
It’s pronounced bi-sher
That One Friend
That One Friend - 2 years ago
Daniel Gramlich
Daniel Gramlich - 2 years ago
10:05 looks like the rays are hovering on the sand
John Marvin Hernandez
John Marvin Hernandez - 2 years ago
the cat fish is so big
that is awesome
AceRaptor - 2 years ago
I have seen way bigger catfish
Xochitl Flores
Xochitl Flores - 2 years ago
Day of my ;
B day
A Car
A Car - 2 years ago
I live in Chicago
Da Monsta Jam!!!
Da Monsta Jam!!! - 2 years ago
That's a lot of fish...
aciinonyx TM
aciinonyx TM - 2 years ago
Just subbed to Greg :)
Hunter Pranks
Hunter Pranks - 2 years ago
U think that catfish is big? Look up the wheels catfish. It's known to try to eat people. One was caught choking on a full frown human man with his legs sticking out of its mouth.
Elijah Kitts
Elijah Kitts - 2 years ago
Paddle fish there delicious
Livin Like Larry
Livin Like Larry - 2 years ago
At my local aquarium for work experience I got to feed nursing sharks and they would suck the fish out of my hand and they were massive‼️ watching you feed that fish reminds me of feeding then
My milan tube Játékok gaming és több
My milan tube Játékok gaming és több - 2 years ago
How Many times do you say in your videos all together holy cow moly crap
frank roffey
frank roffey - 2 years ago
i would definitely make a pond... if money grew on trees...
f f d
f f d - 2 years ago
in my recommended for some reason idk
Zaheer Dar
Zaheer Dar - 2 years ago
Son of a Quack
Son of a Quack - 2 years ago
where i live, my aquarium (aquarium of the pacific lets you touch those "jellyfish in a tank". they're moon jellies and are completely harmless.
angelo Bradley
angelo Bradley - 2 years ago
I have been there before
Jackson Long Vlogs
Jackson Long Vlogs - 2 years ago
I went to the shedd aquarium in 2014 and I live where sturgeons are wild
ATH All things hunting
ATH All things hunting - 2 years ago
Bro that catfish was a big ass fish
snawmaile too
snawmaile too - 2 years ago
I always thought it was hilarious that the big head carps eyes are where they are
Dani H.
Dani H. - 2 years ago
get a female sturgeon, have her lay unfertilized eggs and you have free caviar


Adriana Mann
Adriana Mann - 2 years ago
I was building my ducks a pond and i just got done and it is a 10×10 ft pond and I'm 11 but i want to make a koi pond
deadfish45films - 2 years ago
River Monsters did a big documentary on the Jaú Catfish i think, it was pretty badass
Deeya Tejale
Deeya Tejale - 2 years ago
Jose Chavezl
Jose Chavezl - 2 years ago
No way i whet to tha place is in chicago cuty
Julius Iwayan
Julius Iwayan - 2 years ago
I love this video, tnx
Friends Forever
Friends Forever - 2 years ago
Aurora Addison
Aurora Addison - 2 years ago
1:01 I thought those were baby sharks
mini World
mini World - 2 years ago
Skaslam Ali
Skaslam Ali - 2 years ago
Is that heaven!!!!!
Mommy bendela
Mommy bendela - 2 years ago
Poul i have a fish tank with 3 sharks and 9 baby leopard rays
debatingaftershock - 2 years ago
Jellyfish are amazing... I recommend if you travel,
Check out Canada aquarium in Vancouver... the jellyfish aquariums are often amazing
the Baystander
the Baystander - 2 years ago
The thumbnail look like a grouper. And it was a catfish.
The 6th Street Snake
The 6th Street Snake - 2 years ago
No lie, that big catfish made me hungry.
Lana Seno
Lana Seno - 2 years ago
I would have screamed my ass off even if I see it coming when that dinosaur clapped
Arman Khan
Arman Khan - 2 years ago
How do they keep water clean?
charmnGUY - 2 years ago
Fav, Arowanas & Oscars
Rebecca Roberts
Rebecca Roberts - 2 years ago
If anything thump could be swollowed by that catfish
Dallen Stelly
Dallen Stelly - 2 years ago
that's a tiny sturgeon I cought a 16 foot one
COZMO FISH - 2 years ago
Dude I'm your biggest caffaro . At last I'm buying a tank in my house as I showed this to my dad and he's like lets buy a tank so thank you for your inspiration and keep on making videos
Gaming 101
Gaming 101 - 2 years ago
You been living under a rock kiddo? That's tiny compared to what I catch with my bear hands lmao fucking pussy
sai abhirekha
sai abhirekha - 2 years ago
I want to see it how you decor an aquarium with that material
sai abhirekha
sai abhirekha - 2 years ago
Try how to decor an aquarium like putting trees,stones,filter airpump,fishes,lights
ASHLEY GARNER - 2 years ago
I’ve seen bigger
Cody Milligan
Cody Milligan - 2 years ago
That catfish was a hitter
Liran_mor - 2 years ago
10:23 R.I.P. headphone users
John Paul Nieto
John Paul Nieto - 2 years ago
It was a blast, I never been in aquarium museum. I hope I could get a fish like a jau catfish.. haahaha
Mother Russia Kiril
Mother Russia Kiril - 2 years ago
Catfish at the end amazing
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 2 years ago
I went here in 2015 in 2nd grade I ate 2 Subways Im a fat ass
Juna Meri
Juna Meri - 2 years ago
S Tolin
S Tolin - 2 years ago
Road trip check out the HUGE Sturgeon out at the Fish hatchery in Kalamazoo Michigan. Admission is free, you can feed them outside or go inside and see the monsters on the bottom of the lake on the television monitor. It is AWESOME!!!!!
Chelsea Steber
Chelsea Steber - 2 years ago
You should come to the AZ aquarium Odyssea. You would lose your mind! So many gorgeous fish and massive!!
Erum Ahad
Erum Ahad - 2 years ago
Wow amazing
colorful birds
colorful birds - 2 years ago
May i come to the next step in the process of finding a job that 6.30pm
taylorhammersla - 2 years ago
The second tank of sturgeon were babies too
Davie Crockett
Davie Crockett - 2 years ago
Clickbait...why the PHUCC are all angler youtubers such clickbaiters?!
Queen pm Queen
Queen pm Queen - 2 years ago
and fish llike
Queen pm Queen
Queen pm Queen - 2 years ago
good like.s
Shahid Azman
Shahid Azman - 2 years ago
Samadrita Mukherjee
Samadrita Mukherjee - 2 years ago
Is it in singapore(santosa)?
Mir Mujtaba ali
Mir Mujtaba ali - 2 years ago
make a another video after bringing new fish in your pool pond and 160 gallon tank and 90 gallon tank...............part 2 of all of your fishes you have .....plz
Theresa Walker
Theresa Walker - 2 years ago
I went there in April while visiting my step-brother it was awesome
Adrian Burke
Adrian Burke - 2 years ago
Movies and Series
Movies and Series - 2 years ago
5:11 that reaction behind :o
Upendra Kumar
Upendra Kumar - 2 years ago
Dude, move your camera little slower....
Florabel Natibo-oc Teompa
Florabel Natibo-oc Teompa - 2 years ago
Love ur videos bcoz i love fish they're beautiful God bless you...
NAVYRAGE - 2 years ago
The jelly fish they showed r not poisonous you can hold them they won't sting you and release poison and they still need water if you hold them
Zombie Crasher
Zombie Crasher - 2 years ago
its ridonkulous not ridiculous
Hafid Jombang
Hafid Jombang - 2 years ago
Saima Khurram
Saima Khurram - 2 years ago
Kinslee Whitcomb
Kinslee Whitcomb - 2 years ago
When I went there, it was amazing. I live near so I can go a lot, I drove past it yesterday going to a game.
John Sims
John Sims - 2 years ago
I eat one of those to cause I live in Chicago
m Dhavint
m Dhavint - 2 years ago
in where country?
Renante Lucena
Renante Lucena - 2 years ago
You can found more big fish in Manila ocean park Quezon city Philippines
Skittles 420
Skittles 420 - 2 years ago
I live by the shedd aquarium and I've seen everything you've seen
Darron Playz
Darron Playz - 2 years ago
Fish bites bait in the intro..

Ali a’s intro plays
The War Begins
The War Begins - 2 years ago
I was there that day
guilherme saraiva
guilherme saraiva - 2 years ago
6:11, its not a pacu, its a tambaqui
The Wierd Person
The Wierd Person - 2 years ago
Do you live in Chicago I’ve gone to that aquarium and I live in Chicago
GIo Manfredi
GIo Manfredi - 2 years ago
I didn’t see the lizards.
reelFLgirl - 2 years ago
Cool video.. I like to fish too
InfectedBloxxer - 2 years ago
IMAM MANI - 2 years ago
11:32 I was already waiting for the guy who’s laughing to say “Gotti”
MI Moonstar
MI Moonstar - 2 years ago
Those fish are awsome
Robin gamer
Robin gamer - 2 years ago
Wow this is awsome I made a small pond before it worked out ok
Mjstape13 - 2 years ago
Seen bigger catfish but still big
The LuckyMelonn
The LuckyMelonn - 2 years ago
I thought it said trump instead of thump xD
IVXD Storm
IVXD Storm - 2 years ago
what's the biggest carp youve caught? mine was about 8 and a half pounds and it 3 feet personal best fish for me I caught it in texas
Afranio Reis
Afranio Reis - 2 years ago
Brasil parabéns irmão muito bom seu canal abraços
Revolution HD
Revolution HD - 2 years ago
In german we call the Big Head Carp " Silver Carp" i think its the Same And they Came from Russia
Andrei’s World
Andrei’s World - 2 years ago
Nice albino silver Arowana
Crazy Jakey
Crazy Jakey - 2 years ago
holly molly so yummy
Gila Gaming
Gila Gaming - 2 years ago
widih keren anjir
Hunter McCrea
Hunter McCrea - 2 years ago
I went there when I was six and ate dippin dots there and a person jumped in the tank and played with the stingrays
Sentinel - 2 years ago
That is not a dinosaur
Gatlin Mikell
Gatlin Mikell - 2 years ago
It's war mouth not war head
Rodrigo Aguirre
Rodrigo Aguirre - 2 years ago
That jau catfish is a BEAST! Dang
Grumpy _7
Grumpy _7 - 2 years ago
European catfish get like twice size that catfish was. They get up to 3m
Ariel Wahyy
Ariel Wahyy - 2 years ago
Sam Wheeler
Sam Wheeler - 2 years ago
you should go to the atlanta aquarium
Brian House
Brian House - 2 years ago
Sting rays look like they were floating
1paulheys - 2 years ago
That catfish is so cool
1paulheys - 2 years ago
Hi Paul I just started watching you on you on YouTube I think your good at what u say about fish keep going I lerning new things every time I watch u mate
Cm Wong
Cm Wong - 2 years ago
fuck u
utpal supakar
utpal supakar - 2 years ago
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sala
p mtz
p mtz - 2 years ago
Certain days are free at Shedd. Just give an Illinois zip cope. 60060 Mundelein, IL. Tell them you just moved to the state. No questions asked.
Same thing for the rest of the museums
Loco 079
Loco 079 - 2 years ago
p mtz
p mtz - 2 years ago
Shedd aquariums fish are extremely pale compared to wild fish. They seem unhealthy.
FOOTBALL PLAYER 94 - 2 years ago
Was this in Wisconsin
Joe - 2 years ago
Spongebob Go get them
Rafael Moro
Rafael Moro - 2 years ago
Piraíba catfish is bigger than Jau catfish.
July 6th
July 6th - 2 years ago
Wow it’s so big
Readme Bitch
Readme Bitch - 2 years ago
I wouldve been tempted to jump in and drown to death while shitting myself cuz im scared of fishes lol
Dylan Navarrette
Dylan Navarrette - 2 years ago
Ive cot bigger with my hands
NaH iM jUsT TaEhYuNg's WiFe
NaH iM jUsT TaEhYuNg's WiFe - 2 years ago
The amazon thing the colorful fish we got them in Philippines so many babies we got
- mga pilipino jan ilike niyo to kung nagkaroon kayo nento yung tig sa sampung piso sa palengke? ❤
Vyshakh Immortal
Vyshakh Immortal - 2 years ago
Joanna Garcia
Joanna Garcia - 2 years ago
You are so cool. We're do you live and not so long ago I build my own pond it was so cool but not as cool as yours.
Repa Revakulties
Repa Revakulties - 2 years ago
I love fish
Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant
Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant - 2 years ago
I've owned almost every FW fish shown in this video except the paddle fish... at one point in a Doughboy swimming pool in my basement with 2 dehumidifiers. I kept almost every fish on River Monsters before River Monsters was even an idea.
thegamingcorn thegamingcorn
thegamingcorn thegamingcorn - 2 years ago
I've seen bigger
Gaurav Tulsani
Gaurav Tulsani - 2 years ago
hi even i was there in shedd aquarium 2 days before
Carter Eggermont
Carter Eggermont - 2 years ago
I've seen a tank with jelly before it was so cool
Rum Mug the Orc
Rum Mug the Orc - 2 years ago
Amazing fish wish I had million gallon tank!!!!
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