1100G Monster Reef Tank

1100 Gallon Glass Aquarium. 204"(17')v36"x36"H. OptiClear Glass (Comparable to Starphire)

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1100 Gallon Glass Aquarium. 204"(17')v36"x36"H. OptiClear Glass (Comparable to Starphire)

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for 1100G Monster Reef Tank

Dani Wornath
Dani Wornath - 2 years ago
cleaning the glass on that monster has to be funny :D
M D - 3 years ago
These marine animals are wild catches and protected and do not belong behind glass where the species protection remains ?
Jeremy Meyler
Jeremy Meyler - 3 years ago
How do you still manage to overstock that behemoth?
c4snipar - 3 years ago
If this doesn't shut the tang police up, I don't know what will lol
Sam B
Sam B - 3 years ago
it would look good with a yellow tang but u can't because the tank is to small
nelson mouyabi
nelson mouyabi - 3 years ago
I love your aquarium
I wanted to ask you
What thickness had the pane
thank you
J-HOOK TV - 3 years ago
I wonder if he likes yellow tangs
sheldon jessup
sheldon jessup - 3 years ago
Any update videos, i would love to see the progress!
Gene Hall
Gene Hall - 3 years ago
Beautiful ,but so much work and dedication. The only way ill ever have another mega reef tank ,is if I can afford a caretaker .I had so much invested in mine ,I was afraid to leave home for more than a few days .You are chained to them.

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Man Cave Reef
Man Cave Reef - 3 years ago
Monster tank
Rin Kath
Rin Kath - 3 years ago
absolutely beautiful! I envy you ><
justin armarego
justin armarego - 4 years ago
MOREE!!! i want more videos on this beast!!!!
NW Marine62
NW Marine62 - 4 years ago
just came across your channel. Tank looks phenomenal. I thought my 300G was large. lol. great job.
Always Something
Always Something - 4 years ago
if I win the lotto. the tangs look sweet in a school swimming back and forth.
dilu10 - 4 years ago
amazing tank Brad ! shared on the The Marine Aquarium facebook page link below hope thats ok ?if you have anymore info please let me know and i can update the post.

Brenner - 4 years ago
I think you just took half the yellow tang population of Hawaii...
Justin Derange
Justin Derange - 4 years ago
How many drains do you have? And what size are they?
Frederick Johnson  Jr.
Frederick Johnson Jr. - 4 years ago
Beautiful tank! This why you trade stocks people!!!
Down south Cichlids
Down south Cichlids - 4 years ago
Great Tank.

20. comment for 1100G Monster Reef Tank

mr.fish - 4 years ago
"a few fish"
Brotbaumfenstertisch - 4 years ago
for all who dont know the gallon, feet an inches:
~ 5,2m x 0,9m x 0,9m

1100gal(US) =5000l
1100gal(UK) =4164l
TheDaddy2003 - 4 years ago
Any plans on do some more videos ..
maniacram - 4 years ago
Opportunity wasted! That rock work is ugly! Could use some open space. But best thing is the school of tangs.
Ben C
Ben C - 4 years ago
How and how often do you water change?
nick castellani
nick castellani - 4 years ago
Show us a Vid of when someone shoots a Pool Ball right into the tank!
Corey Abraham
Corey Abraham - 4 years ago
so ok praitey
Кямал Касимов
Кямал Касимов - 4 years ago
Привет Бред, у вас много желтых хирургов, скажите это мальки искусственного разведения, я видел на reef builders ролик об этом? Очень понравилась ваша банка, удачи вам и здоровья вашим питомцам, да и счастливого нового года.
Eddie Maldonado
Eddie Maldonado - 4 years ago
big house,big tank,big bucks!!!!!! must be nice!!
5bLucky - 4 years ago
The office, the tank it's beautifully designed!
Thank you for sharing this video.

30. comment for 1100G Monster Reef Tank

MrIglesias2 - 4 years ago
wow...amazing, beautiful tank, looks relaxing
Jette Christensen
Jette Christensen - 4 years ago
Overstocked by 50% lol.
Chris Cannabis
Chris Cannabis - 4 years ago
So what..mines 1,125 gallons so there!
Baryonx 97
Baryonx 97 - 5 years ago
You should add a Zebra Moray. Peaceful eel and there's seems to be plenty of space for one
Reed Cooper
Reed Cooper - 5 years ago
just cruel. you should only have like 20 fish in that tank max
Tom Ashton
Tom Ashton - 4 years ago
+Reed Cooper There should only be one Tang in the whole thing! Lol This would be a great tank to satisfy my addiction to my local fish store. My car just seems to magically drive there by itself!
Reed Cooper
Reed Cooper - 4 years ago
+Tom Ashton i was being overly sarcastic lol
Кямал Касимов
Кямал Касимов - 4 years ago
+Brad Daniels все нормально, желтые зебры в стае не агрессивны, даже взрослые, они и в природе живут такими стаями по 20-30 штук, главное чтобы они были сытыми, это сильно снижает агрессию у хирургов, думаю, вы их будете кормить на высшем уровне и думаю в этой кампании не хватает ахиллеса
Tom Ashton
Tom Ashton - 5 years ago
Yellow tangs are very common in Kona, Hawaii and swim in large schools sometimes in the hundreds, I see nothing wrong with this tank. Yes, it's busy, however the fish are going about there business and do not look confined or stressed.
Ryan Duncan
Ryan Duncan - 5 years ago
+Brad Daniels Can you please post a filtration and lighting video?
Jonathan Hung
Jonathan Hung - 5 years ago
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
+Jonathan Hung HI Jonathan yes, it is
glass. The details of the tank are in the video description.
Jonathan Hung
Jonathan Hung - 5 years ago
Ryan Duncan
Ryan Duncan - 5 years ago
Please post a video of filtration and lighting!!
mrbsellers72 - 5 years ago
WOW!! ...I'm jealous
Robs Koi Pond
Robs Koi Pond - 5 years ago
Must've had a sale on yellow tangs.
Pm Bautista
Pm Bautista - 5 years ago
If I will have money like you I will put SPS corals... I will grow tons of SPS in this thank!
2019freddie - 5 years ago
you need a yellow tang in there....
stan - 3 years ago
Dude, better you watch this video again. He already has at least 10 yellow tangs in there.
m3rob7 - 4 years ago
+2019freddie Thats WAY too small for tangs!!! ;-)
Javier Quesada
Javier Quesada - 5 years ago
The happiest fish I've seen ever! Hahaha
Max N
Max N - 5 years ago
Must be nice to be a mmillionare
Andrew Maliberan
Andrew Maliberan - 5 years ago
That's an AWESOME tank!!! :-D
Viet Dinh
Viet Dinh - 5 years ago
I think the look is a bit ruined from the massive amount of clowns, yellow tangs, and blue tangs. If it were me I'd stock that baby with every single tang possible and add in every single rare species of saltwater reef safe fish I could find. It'd be a much more diverse reef then.
Dani Wornath
Dani Wornath - 2 years ago
yellow tangs are fine if he´d stock it with other tang species they would produce too much waiste in there , yellow tangs and generally the zebrasomas have smaller bellys than other tangs like the acanthurus , naso etc ...
maniacram - 4 years ago
Oh god I'm glad he hasn't done that! That's every other tank.
First Massage
First Massage - 5 years ago
+Viet Dinh Maybe he really digs the schooling style. Both are lovely.
Jeff L
Jeff L - 5 years ago
I can't believe you reef tank lol, cant wait to see this tank mature. Really good reef fish selection too, this was a well thought out tank.
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
Thank you. We put our 20 years of learning curves and experience into the design of the tank. That combined with trust from the client to invest into proper filtration systems and design makes all of the difference between failure and success.
qs12 - 5 years ago
Is there all live rock in the tank ?
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
This is a combination of 1000 lbs of hand selected XXXLG Premium Fiji Rock, and apx 500 lbs of Real Reef synthetic rock. (All branch, slab, and select pieces) The rock was all core drilled and cut flat to stack and hide the closed loop circulation system.
Newty Bar
Newty Bar - 5 years ago
Wow a shoal of yellow tangs!
Scxrs- 6
Scxrs- 6 - 5 years ago
plz checkout my channle everyone i really need it
Steve Brady
Steve Brady - 5 years ago
Amazing tank! Where are the overflows?
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
The overflow is centered on the back wall.

50. comment for 1100G Monster Reef Tank

Rene Macias
Rene Macias - 5 years ago
Update!!! Awesome tank
agung martin
agung martin - 5 years ago
nice house
e - 5 years ago
+killancid In super luxe homes or high rises I don't think its absurd to have those features...but I didn't notice the exit sign before...Well I'd live there! I mean if I had to....I'd somehow pull through, it would be tough
killancid - 5 years ago
+e I think it's a commercial building with all the commercial building code amenities( fire extinguishers - exit lighting)
e - 5 years ago
+agung martin just what i was thinking....that tank is just a small side feature of a magnificent home. so many youtube vids are the opposite lol
Kyle Riedel
Kyle Riedel - 5 years ago
30 seconds: schooling yellow tangs... jackpot. very jealous.
Anthony's Malawi Predators
Anthony's Malawi Predators - 5 years ago
yall must love them tangs
Gus Reef Aquarium
Gus Reef Aquarium - 5 years ago
GhostCrisp86 - 5 years ago
Wow nice house and tank! Wish i had one like that :(
Fred Garcia
Fred Garcia - 5 years ago
What are you using for lighting?
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
+Fred Garcia If the client gets a fettish for SPS ill probably add a few Halides for some peak day supplementation. For now they like the wavy coral. Euphyllia sp. etc.
Fred Garcia
Fred Garcia - 5 years ago
Awesome lights, I have them too. You say "for now," are you unhappy with them or planning to change for any reason?
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
6 radion gen 3 pro for now.
Ed Wiser
Ed Wiser - 5 years ago
That's a bunch of yellow tangs.:) Must be a tech company.
Syed Hasan
Syed Hasan - 5 years ago
Amazing tank. Can you share it's filtration system?
Brad Daniels
Brad Daniels - 5 years ago
We are wrapping that up and will update soon.
Picachu's channel Vasquez
Picachu's channel Vasquez - 5 years ago
Really nice
seral altidor
seral altidor - 5 years ago
Jan Niemi
Jan Niemi - 5 years ago
nice tank and nice space.  I would not get any work done with that next to my office :)

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