110g reef tank video

my 110g reef tank under actinic lights

110g reef tank video sentiment_very_dissatisfied 31

Reef tank 9 years ago 329,584 views

my 110g reef tank under actinic lights

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Lisa DiMercurio
Lisa DiMercurio - 2 years ago
This is by far my most favorite reef videos. Thank you
Ronald Evans
Ronald Evans - 3 years ago
U have a really pretty tank keep up the good work your doing!!!!
Bobby Mountains Critters
Bobby Mountains Critters - 3 years ago
Graham Spears
Graham Spears - 3 years ago
music sucks balls
Lisa DiMercurio
Lisa DiMercurio - 2 years ago
Graham Spears I love the music
Jbueno - 3 years ago
Amazing polyps expansion
Dana DeHart
Dana DeHart - 4 years ago
My ultimate reef video, & Music TY for sharing.
Alen reef
Alen reef - 4 years ago
World Reef Tank
World Reef Tank - 4 years ago
Nice work I have a Red Sea reefer 450 that is 7 months old now and am enjoying it! I have voice commands to turn on and off devices on the tank!!
Taras Rybka
Taras Rybka - 4 years ago

10. comment for 110g reef tank video

vapeit - 4 years ago
Is there a reason you don't show the whole tank or reply to people's comments
black sea and others
black sea and others - 4 years ago
These are amazing pictures and colours... I don't know how you did that... Sorry for the algae issues...
echo5delta16 - 5 years ago
Please tell us what camera and what filters you used to make this amazing video. The majority of us take video and its all washed out by the blues and whites. Please share!
Betta Fish
Betta Fish - 5 years ago
I could literally sit in front of that tank, instead of the TV!
CoralFish12g - 5 years ago
Do you still have this tank?
CoralFish12g - 4 years ago
Harry Crome
Harry Crome - 4 years ago
Congrats on 15k subs
Peshmarga Oramary
Peshmarga Oramary - 5 years ago
Fantastic Tank and music ! thx
Jena' Bowe
Jena' Bowe - 5 years ago
What kind of camera did you use for this video?
Bobby Mountains Critters
Bobby Mountains Critters - 3 years ago
Jena' Bowe good question!
v3vdestiny - 5 years ago
thats,nice, btw i want to know what light are you using, thank you!
Eric Farquhar
Eric Farquhar - 6 years ago
anyone else notice the bristle worm at the bottom left of the zoanthids?? 2:12 2:17
Francisco Zamorano
Francisco Zamorano - 6 years ago
simplemente Hermoso!!!

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dave a
dave a - 6 years ago
Can you please tell me the names of the two acros at 1:20-1:45?
dave a
dave a - 6 years ago
I really like your tank by the way. What kind of lights were you using when this video was made? I thought that second was Chipps staghorn or Chipps acro, I've been looking everywhere for a decent frag of that. I placed an order with aquacon.com (huge mistake) and never received it. Would you be willing to sell or trade a frag of that? I have some cool sps you might like, Tyree pink lemonade, Jedi mind tricks monti, and a bunch more.
ajcanale - 6 years ago
1:20 Red Planet, 1:38 Chip's Acro (I think)
KarloP84 - 6 years ago
which kind of lights are you using?
максим назаров
максим назаров - 6 years ago
Обожаю этот фильм, поэтому и говорю - АВАТАР!
Nathan Birkett
Nathan Birkett - 6 years ago
What camera was used to film this ?
TheBobby416 - 6 years ago
 Nice. Good way to set goals. deep ...
Tess G
Tess G - 6 years ago
Nice tank
jhayman79 - 6 years ago
What type of coral is that green one at the 6:57 mark?  Never seen that .  Awesome.
Donavon Green
Donavon Green - 6 years ago
there is alot of bryopsis algae in this tank ...I hate that crap it will take over a tank!
Lesage Birger
Lesage Birger - 6 years ago
beautiful music and awsome tank.
Amad Sufi
Amad Sufi - 6 years ago

30. comment for 110g reef tank video

Klára Martinková
Klára Martinková - 6 years ago
It's beauty
Klára Martinková
Klára Martinková - 6 years ago
Ledreef Ocean
Ledreef Ocean - 7 years ago
Ledreef Ocean
Ledreef Ocean - 7 years ago
What camera are u using
Riccardo Giulivi
Riccardo Giulivi - 7 years ago
you are my idol!
diddystar 86
diddystar 86 - 7 years ago
Rob's Reef
Rob's Reef - 7 years ago
Beautiful!! I need to make a video of my tank under the blue lighting.
MrSaltwatertanks - 7 years ago
its fake gotta be fake
Jamesweaver5 - 7 years ago
youtube.com/watch?v=efcHTcknhR4 - my 55 gallon reef tank, please check it out!
vazafonso - 7 years ago
muito bom
ArcAngel9008 - 7 years ago
such beautiful colors on your SPS...drooling
oatomail - 7 years ago
Nice tank
stevecivic2006 - 7 years ago
Beautiful. Great job on your aquarium
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 7 years ago
name of music ?
Eulogy68 - 7 years ago
I've only watched this vid about 100 times
heba al-adawi
heba al-adawi - 7 years ago
no nice
Richard B
Richard B - 7 years ago
TheMarkenzo007 - 7 years ago
Hey great tank by the way!And what actinic bulbs do you use?
Jorge Jarpa
Jorge Jarpa - 7 years ago
is an euphillia may be a hammer or torch nice isnit
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno - 7 years ago
impresionants corals with blue light. the briopsis algae you can killed wiht magnesium up to 1500 pm . Impresionant tank
Zeta Li Tsun Yu
Zeta Li Tsun Yu - 7 years ago
Soooooooo beautiful any overview?

50. comment for 110g reef tank video

Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson - 7 years ago
This is beautiful.. im so jealous. im gonna have to buy me a tank and do this
STARDUST- ONE - 7 years ago
Bruno - 7 years ago
What did you use to shoot this video?
1469cash - 7 years ago
Um great tank but The Lord god almighty is the true creator of all!!!! Not Allah
Lillagrodan13 - 7 years ago
So avesome so beautiful!
Ronnie Hougland
Ronnie Hougland - 7 years ago
what did you use to film this? Like
Cal Mul
Cal Mul - 7 years ago
Looks so fake
Luis Antonio Acosta
Luis Antonio Acosta - 7 years ago
el acuario me da paz y alegria a la vez me relaja muchisimo pero la musica me deprime el doble cambienla no sean gachos
Caterina Lamacchia
Caterina Lamacchia - 7 years ago
so soothing... NOT
Сергей Кий
Сергей Кий - 7 years ago
Jose Felipe Ramirez
Jose Felipe Ramirez - 7 years ago
Yo quiero uno, voy a empezar a juntar mis materiales, espero que en un año, este casi completo
Flying Fish Guy
Flying Fish Guy - 8 years ago
Wow dude! You are a real downer. Have any friends?
aaronre - 8 years ago
I wouldn't say science created it; didn't nature create it? But i'd agree that science comes a lot closer to explaining it than any bible does
Andreas Stecher
Andreas Stecher - 8 years ago
not bad. I wish my tank looked like this
Lorraine Formosa
Lorraine Formosa - 8 years ago
fjrboy - 8 years ago
Hi---Superb ! What is your tube configuration and which actinics are you using
TishaN4o - 8 years ago
This is absolutely breath taking!!! Such a beautiful tank, did you use a black light?
Billy Burns
Billy Burns - 8 years ago
Billy Burns
Billy Burns - 8 years ago
The first corals shown I believe we're recordia.
goldentwillight - 8 years ago
the best tank i have ever seen very nice colors very attractive Creatures OH MY GOD , Allah he is a magnificent Creator, there is one Creator only his Allah
KongregateBadgeQuest - 8 years ago
What is the name of the very first coral? And wow. This tank is too amazing for words.
my520graj - 8 years ago
In first few seconds i wasn't sure is a real video or animation. Astonishing.
pdblade99 - 8 years ago
Dam this tank. I cannot get enough, it's too dam nice
xFoxMulderFBI - 8 years ago
omg i hand it to you man i bow to this man this is the most beautifull reef tank i seen in my life god i want one so bad but i have to wait till after i move to get one but i will get one and i thinking of a fat 330 gallon reef tank 96x30x30 i love you man and i love your tank god such beauty the 9th world wonder and i agree with the comment below i will also like to see full view of tank I LOVE YOU DUDE AND I LOVE YOUR TANK
SaltwaterFourLife - 8 years ago
Beautiful reef tank. How did you get your rock so purple? What kind of lights are you using? Could you make a video showing a full view of the tank? Thanks much!
EcoReefCorals - 8 years ago
Absolutely BREATHTAKING! Thank you so much for sharing this video.
Don Firminger
Don Firminger - 8 years ago
What addatives / suppliments are you using top get such fantastic polyp extension?
Kanra99IzayaOrihara - 8 years ago
Nope not at all.
yepanduhu - 8 years ago
Do you use sun screen? :D
yepanduhu - 8 years ago
JoshA7fold - 8 years ago
I wish we could have seen a full view of the aquarium but wow was that amazing
Earl Harman
Earl Harman - 8 years ago
Absolutely beautiful. I wish I could get my zoa's to grow like that. Everything else does good but my zoa's are sad.
Anthony Comley
Anthony Comley - 8 years ago
Stunning tank
Kanra99IzayaOrihara - 8 years ago
I believe in God wich backwards is Dog wich for the japanese is a wolf deity/God of the sun named Amaterasu wish means wolf and supreme God in other words the Sun is God the only creator of life and all that is good and mother/father to us all. He/She will be with us weather we believe in him/her or not.
MouseOnThePiano - 8 years ago
Absolutely stunning! Beautiful corals. How long has the tank been running?
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
One and the same my friend, one and the same. Can't have one without the other.
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
Because someone made a ridiculous statement (which they've since deleted after my reply), and I took offense to it. But yes, I came here for the gorgeous tank as well :)
Jamesy ツ
Jamesy ツ - 8 years ago
Why are people arguing about religion in a reef tank video?
Eulogy68 - 8 years ago
Whats the name of the song?
clevelandfishkeeping - 8 years ago
id i never new they made coraline booster for coral polyps lol
Jake Gate
Jake Gate - 8 years ago
Check out my nano tank on my channel
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 8 years ago
I'd love to see the filtration for this system. you have excellent hard and soft coral growth
ashok ilango
ashok ilango - 8 years ago
how do u maintain that.really hard.good to see.thanks.
sergiu vasea
sergiu vasea - 8 years ago
100%corect my evolutionist brother
Kanra99IzayaOrihara - 8 years ago
TThis video is so beautiful, the song reminds me of tales of synphonia, its like the corals polyps are dancing with the music.
Kanra99IzayaOrihara - 8 years ago
@L747 Acctually its the uv light that does this.
Elsie Samayoa
Elsie Samayoa - 8 years ago
astonishing... wow
Elaine Cristina Ramos
Elaine Cristina Ramos - 8 years ago
SlippityDoo - 8 years ago
Frogspawn Coral.

100. comment for 110g reef tank video

EG - 8 years ago
Could people please stop talking about theology and just look at the damn tank.
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
Well said! You said the key words: proven OR disproven. This is why I find it just as ignorant to claim Atheism as I do Christianity (or any religion for that matter). The only logical statement we can make as humans is "I DON'T KNOW!"
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
Maybe it's the virgin birth. Or the talking snake. Or the parting of the sea. Or the slaughter of innocent children. I just can't get on board :)
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
Shake in our boots? Of a 'just god'? Of an 'all-loving god'? We should fear him if he loves us and will forgive us our sins? Trust me, I know far more about Christianity than most Christians, which is why I choose not to believe in it. Matter and physics are my creator, dear friend. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "If god is just, I tremble for my country."
Mapijs - 8 years ago
is this recorded on earth...?
Daniel Stahl
Daniel Stahl - 8 years ago
i want a tank just like that
Victoria Hill
Victoria Hill - 8 years ago
ITS OVER 9000 lvls are beautiful. Big props for taking on a reef tank!
jake rule
jake rule - 8 years ago
fake some of it!
BTMANE - 8 years ago
bob marks
bob marks - 8 years ago
amazing bling...................
radsdad1 - 8 years ago
Looks like it to me.
phoenix2mn - 8 years ago
I too would like to know what kind of lighting you're using in this video. Looks amazing!
Josh - 8 years ago
whats the coral at 8:28 is it a goniopora?
Carl Jarvis
Carl Jarvis - 8 years ago
Go back on the comments he tells you what camera he uses its a stunning reef.
alex navarro
alex navarro - 8 years ago
Dose any one know what camera he might be using ?
JuppiesV - 8 years ago
To say that agnostics and atheists are fools is an extremely brash statement. I happen to believe that only science is capable of creating something so beautiful. I'm sure many agnostics and atheists would agree with my view, and I assure you many of us are well-educated. It's this very education that has solidified our views on religion as well :)
Orasio Gutierrez
Orasio Gutierrez - 8 years ago
Wow. I watch this video at my desk and it is super calming.
Kim Sizemore
Kim Sizemore - 8 years ago
do you want to sell ?
Simon Cheung
Simon Cheung - 8 years ago
What kind of lights you are using?
Christopher Koenig
Christopher Koenig - 8 years ago
Wow that is just beautiful
psteeleb - 8 years ago
thanks you and I totally agree
Irfan Ansar
Irfan Ansar - 8 years ago
Amazing and Beautiful
Lorraine Formosa
Lorraine Formosa - 8 years ago
thanks so much ,,,,,,,,So very Beautiful
Lorraine Formosa
Lorraine Formosa - 8 years ago
Such a Beautiful Coral Garden in a Sea Symphony of Dreams, as the tunes gently surround us in magical splender, just another divine gift of Nature God has Blessed us with as his Children forever, all to admire with joyful hearts together.
Manny del Valle
Manny del Valle - 8 years ago
OMG, that was one of the best aquarium videos I have ever seen. It would be nice to see the names of the corals flash on the bottom of the screen to see what they are. Also, do you have a shot of the full tank from afar?
Juan Carlos Diaz
Juan Carlos Diaz - 8 years ago
wow, this is an excelent job... Very nice aquarium !
Alphamale464 - 8 years ago
Awesome tank! You should show the entire thing tho
PrasinhMageia - 8 years ago
nice tank! nice work! and nice music!
Tdot - 8 years ago
How could you dislike this beautiful reef tank... breath taking...
LeEgoisteNYC - 8 years ago
goonerdotcom - 8 years ago
Thanks for a great video. Simply amazing!! That's dividends for some hard work!!
boardrfolif3 - 8 years ago
Love the tank! also nice camera dude what u shoot this with?
KOOLITUS - 8 years ago
Rickey Ferriola
Rickey Ferriola - 8 years ago
I have a reef tank too and hey if you dont mind me asking what are your levels can you tell me so i can match yours because your tank is unbelieveable
DrAsTiC09 - 8 years ago
Beautiful tank the color of the corals is amazing. What kind of setup are you running? Dosing anything?
arthurobregon08 - 8 years ago
What kind of camera r u using?
littleeggy - 8 years ago
Looks like Avatar!
OmgLoLw2gLuvUidkROFL - 8 years ago
B E A U T I F U L !
maine932 - 8 years ago
I found the names on your other videos...thanks, I hope to be able to duplicate the beauty. I do not notice any coralline algae in your tank? Is it difficult to keep out, or am I just missing it?
maine932 - 8 years ago
Sir, if you would be so kind: at 20 seconds in and again at 36 and 44 seconds in, would you please name these soft corals? I am a beginner to reefing and haven't even finished cycling my tank. I have hunted the net and have found your tank one of the most beautiful.
srva80 - 8 years ago
awesome.. where do you get your corals?
J Rubino
J Rubino - 8 years ago
What lights are you using?
Doug Cull
Doug Cull - 8 years ago
i just wanna say your camera is incredible!!!!!!!
F S - 8 years ago
wt can we say ,jst waw
Jamie Everhart
Jamie Everhart - 8 years ago
this is a great video, the camera seems to move a bit to quick though
yostar69 - 8 years ago
what camera did u use
Vergarius Kane
Vergarius Kane - 8 years ago
arow40 - 8 years ago
you fishes are i paradise!
arow40 - 8 years ago
i agree with you man! happens to me and my girl...lmao
panos roy
panos roy - 8 years ago
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher - 8 years ago
unbelievable, amazing
rekcahdab - 8 years ago
Hey what kind of camera do you have?
henry gonzalez
henry gonzalez - 8 years ago
the tank looks great i cant wait to get my 125 reef tank up
kevinbeatzeus - 8 years ago
I miss having one of these in my home. Don't ever let a crazy bitch come in the way of what makes you happy, eh?
shahmala shabeshan
shahmala shabeshan - 8 years ago
ur video is awesome sumtin i relly needed to lower my stress level n love the music too gives a calm feeling :)
wezzy10 - 8 years ago
Wow, where do you get coral like that? Do you buy online or do you have really good aquarium store near you? Are you in the USA?
USMCGolf28 - 8 years ago
psteeleb - 8 years ago
2:37 are pulsating xenia 0:37 is a green birdsnest with a pink lemonade in the background 5:51 is a montepora undata 6:32 - solo zoanithid, not sure how it got there :) thanks everyone
Ozmodious72 - 8 years ago
Ok at 2:37 on the video what are these called. I want very much to have corals like these.....please let me know.. LOVE THE REEF!
krisleowow - 8 years ago
what is the sps at 0:37?
Carl Jarvis
Carl Jarvis - 8 years ago
Great reef bro. Cool tune as well.
Cory Luttrell
Cory Luttrell - 8 years ago
Welcome to Pandora
survival by design
survival by design - 8 years ago
realmentbienfait - 8 years ago
it's not only cost,it's knowledge...
klikak - 8 years ago
most beautifull aquarium ive ever seen!!! please answer this question,how much does a tank included the fish cost??? i really want the same thing as this piece of art.
Chris W
Chris W - 8 years ago
Your camera is fucking amazing.
Feras Kouki
Feras Kouki - 8 years ago
che belloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mamma mia
Gustavo Freitas
Gustavo Freitas - 8 years ago
Congratulations for setup, editing, soundtrack and for sure - marine's life. Keep going!
tazblazing - 8 years ago
wow i love that music!!! funny cause iam a hip hop guy!!! love that music, is relaxing especially when iam smoking watching my fish tank!! LOL PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME TO THAT MUSIC. THK
Michelle Rivas
Michelle Rivas - 8 years ago
werdluna - 8 years ago
absolutely stunning
Adrian1248 - 8 years ago
Where do you even buy all this??
Guachafita Zuliana
Guachafita Zuliana - 8 years ago
Simplemente hermoso...
ball python tamer
ball python tamer - 8 years ago
DeadAt959 - 8 years ago
BEAUTIFUL tank man! What camera did you use man? Amazing.
bigbluemontreal - 8 years ago
amazing colors and corals but we need to see the tank from far ,great job the best so far
tristaryul - 8 years ago
Beautifully done, close-ups of polyps make it even more interesting
syntax323 - 8 years ago
@psteeleb Can you show more of that purple tip under white lights and actinic again? It's gorgeous, and I want that coral so bad! Unable to find at LFS
Lance C
Lance C - 8 years ago
Best Looking Reef Tank I Have Ever Seen. Wow :)
psteeleb - 8 years ago
yes the video starts with a purple tipped frogspawn thanks everyone for the great feedback and yes it's like AVATAR in my home, there is no question in my mind where James Cameron got his inspiration
syntax323 - 8 years ago
@psteeleb Is it a purple tip green frogspawn? GORGEOUS tank
syntax323 - 8 years ago
@psteeleb What is that coral at 0:00 ????Green with purple tips
epsyuma - 8 years ago
very nice. very good colors on the corals.
Carl Jarvis
Carl Jarvis - 8 years ago
Great tank keep up the good work
Jacob Castanon
Jacob Castanon - 8 years ago
What are those black curly zoas called?! And what is the song? Sorry for my typo! Great tank, I show everyone lol
Jacob Castanon
Jacob Castanon - 8 years ago
What are those bland
Ruud kh
Ruud kh - 8 years ago
Wau This is stunning!!
FullmetalAngyl - 8 years ago
I wish there was a clear shot of the star polyps, but this tank is gorgeous... And you made a vid that shows it in all its glory! I want to say more about how beautiful this is but I can't find words enough to express it proper! There are so many fantastic pieces in there and shooting this all in the moon lights!
Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams - 8 years ago
That's just amazing!! How peaceful!
Omar - 8 years ago
what is that coral at the beginning of the video called ?
AG PT - 8 years ago
wow. beautiful. so relaxing.
Netsuko - 8 years ago
This.. is.. so absolutely beautiful! :O
Lưỡi Câu Cá Cà Mau
Lưỡi Câu Cá Cà Mau - 8 years ago
rarity - 8 years ago
what are beautiful piece of nature. Bravo to the relaxation music as well. IMO the music fits the video perfectly. Thank you and I wish I could click on "like" a thousand times
MadMaxVlog - 8 years ago
it looks like CGI lol thats nuts i got to get 1 now
markrose21 - 8 years ago
Stunning tank.. A true and thriving slice of natural reef. I like the close-ups, but I would have really liked to see at least a few seconds of the entire tank in the frame at once. Think about it. Very well done!
Kris Rocca
Kris Rocca - 8 years ago
I come here to relax. Thank you.
Mauro Telles
Mauro Telles - 8 years ago
What a beautiful thing. I had never seen the same.
reefdory - 8 years ago
Superb Corals and nice background music!
Dawgmeatt - 8 years ago
This is in a fish tank? How do I get into getting something like that?
Calliavida - 8 years ago
Lucky fish, this tank is so bitchin'. It reminds me of a fairy tale world.
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 8 years ago
All I can say is WOW! I'd like to see the mechanics of this tank.
Beetlesgonefishin - 8 years ago
Sensational tank , would love to see a full tank shot in the vid ,and whats with the coraline algea I'd kill to have growth like that ,AWESOME DUDE !
Valerii Covileac
Valerii Covileac - 8 years ago
Krishnendu Banerjee
Krishnendu Banerjee - 8 years ago
Magnificent! just superb ... May I know what supplement you use for such a splendid coralline algae?
justin pierce
justin pierce - 8 years ago
@necroimages i know its so perfect it looks animated or something
TheReptileguy300 - 8 years ago
That is awsome
necroimages - 8 years ago
your colors look so good they almost look fake
zen013 - 8 years ago
Bee... A...You...Tee......Full.....
786TAPOUT - 8 years ago
U sir are a legend. And could I know what kinda lighting you are using please. T
Mpompadour - 8 years ago
Oh this is GLORIOUS! Thank You for sharing!
Young Gabez
Young Gabez - 8 years ago
This is absolutely beautiful. I love the way you used the deep UV light to bring out the corals fluorescent it's just so cool looking. I love corrals when they glow like that. I can stare forever at them.
خالد المنصوري
خالد المنصوري - 8 years ago
best coral i had ever woooow ill say God wills and in arabic we say masha allah ^_^ keep it up my friend
FishAntsPlantsAndDave - 8 years ago
HD = Stunning. Thanks so much for sharing.
MrAceFab - 8 years ago
halfbakedromeo - 8 years ago
Very impressive sir or madam. I hope that my aquarium can one day be half as beautiful as yours.
EvilzoraK - 8 years ago
this is absolutely fantastic. you unfortunately leading me down an expensive path. I've been debating a large coral tank for awhile now.
igiveupthen01 - 8 years ago
@NaresJohnDesign Thats exactly what I was thinking, what were the ones at the back at 2:23 that seemed to be opening and closing constantly, that tripped me right out, had to replay it a few times, lol
Andrea Gienow
Andrea Gienow - 8 years ago
Beautiful! Hard to believe they're real!
nilebabe - 8 years ago
nilebabe - 8 years ago
Yes, really nice. It would be great if in your next video like this one, you would consider editing the film with coral ID tags.
Johnny Brasco
Johnny Brasco - 8 years ago
Wow! That's James Cameron's AVATAR in real life !!! Just Amazing!!!
john doe
john doe - 8 years ago
hey good looking tank! I am on the home stretch with battling bryopsis what a pain..... have to dose with tech m and keep the mag level at 1600.....
shakoobi - 8 years ago
to be honest, i can only say WOW really, great in everything and the cam is amazing, and the way ur taking the vid good job i hope my tank become something like urs good job
David Niswonger
David Niswonger - 8 years ago
I didnt know you live near or in Dallas. I live in Abilene. hope you don't mind if I could stop by and view your tank.
psteeleb - 8 years ago
thanks for all the great feedback more can be found about my reef tank at reefcentral or DFWMAS look for my handle psteeleb or petes 110 build log
Shinynickel2 - 8 years ago
omg its so beautiful
Mick Boboli
Mick Boboli - 8 years ago
Bioux Hayes
Bioux Hayes - 8 years ago
This is incredible. How do I get something like this? Never seen anything so wonderful!
GaZaLoC1 - 8 years ago
Best tank I ever seen on YouTube its really niCe
huneidi - 8 years ago
how many times do you feed your corals?
psteeleb - 8 years ago
The video was taken with 2 48" super actinic VHO bulbs and 24 Cree 3w Royal blue LED's (XR-e's) The video camera has the white ballace set one push while pointed to the white sand bed, at the time this was as close as I could get to the real human eye colors
Random21 - 8 years ago
reefadk - 8 years ago
what lighting are you using in the vid?` nice tank :)
craigmcmillan11 - 8 years ago
i am waiting for an avatar to run across it it looks like pandora
MrBellender - 8 years ago
this is crazy, i watch it listening to "we're here" by the meat puppets. i put a black light over my goldfish's bowl but it's not quite the same. ;~D
raffaelecaruso1997 - 8 years ago
sbaglio, o hai un problema di ciano batteri? infatti vedo che sulle roccie vive ci sono in gran quantità
Boyan Tiadatara
Boyan Tiadatara - 8 years ago
Amazing. Everything seems handling properly. Lighting system and all the stuff. Great looking reef tank!
cutietwo22 - 8 years ago
wow yoru coralline algae is amazing! Do you dose anything and what salt do you use? Beautiful tank of courese:)
matman377 - 8 years ago
omg that pink lemonade is awesome! I hope my frag will be like that someday! Can you give some information on your camera and settings to capture those colors?
stel1os72 - 8 years ago
This vid just made my Sunday night!!
Jordon Roberts
Jordon Roberts - 8 years ago
No1crash - 8 years ago
Frickin awesome. Best reef ever seen in my life, period. Aiming for that setup one day. The best ever, i dare you to better this. Think im having a small reefergasm lol!
Sapien23 - 9 years ago
Incredible, sir. I would call this self actualization. Gives me goosebumps .
kinkeebeatz - 9 years ago
Almost to real to be true! Extremely astonishing! You sir, are very kind to share this with the world! I would pay $20 to see something like this! Thanks again!
moonpathwoman - 9 years ago
Very beautiful and Zen~**
Johndelco223 - 9 years ago
So very relaxing love this tank
Kim Huynh
Kim Huynh - 9 years ago
holy, cow.... im shutting down my tanks after seeing this video ! haha just kidding, starting salt water at the age of 17 i have a LONG WAY TO GO
Silentworth - 9 years ago
Amazing tank so jealous mine went haywire and all was dead/damaged in days, poof bye bye 3k in sps coral.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson - 9 years ago
Awesome.. so relaxing to watch!
YIBDH - 9 years ago
Very nice video ! Thanks for sharing !
TypOPositiv - 9 years ago
I love that red planet!
MvB707 - 9 years ago
Hi PSteeleb, It's a gorgeous tank you have. I am amazed at the variety per species and wonder what the names are of your corals. May be you have a personal site or something? Yours, MvB
PristineQueen - 9 years ago
Garry Sharpe
Garry Sharpe - 9 years ago
@castingmycrowns777 It doesn't look computer enhanced or modified to me. My corals appear similar under blue LED; the change can be amazing. You will sometimes find online stores listing corals for sale where the pictures have been taken under blue LED without stating that is what they have done. A little bit naughty and I'm sure more than a few have been disappointed or caught out. Tank looks amazing Psteeleb I really enjoyed watching your video; thanks for sharing
arshad98 - 9 years ago
@psteeleb what brand LEDs are you using? The colors are so natural.
AquariumsbyZero - 9 years ago
Nice video, the colors in this set up under those actinic lights looks great. one of my favorite times to watch my tank is with just the actinics on.
Brenda Hodgins
Brenda Hodgins - 9 years ago
Yes, I agree with many of the comments, when it came to an end... I loved it, Thank you for telling us about the camera.
SerenityGamesToo - 9 years ago
I was so calm and relaxed I forgot to like. Came back to do that...and watch again. Man I love this tank. Love! It!
SerenityGamesToo - 9 years ago
Unbelievably beautiful. By far my favorite personal aquarium I have yet seen. The music was the perfect choice, as well. I was so calmed and relaxed by the music and the tank that I hugged on my dog and we just had a zen moment. You must be the most laid back person on earth with a tank like that.
Colby Smith
Colby Smith - 9 years ago
Please tell me what lights you using?? It's beautiful
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 9 years ago
@TMAXX95 acropora
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 9 years ago
@larot6784 zoanthids
LarotA - 9 years ago
what are the corals 7:52
Mike Graham
Mike Graham - 9 years ago
@babydylanAT the green with purple tips at the begining is a frogspawn
AlysonSav - 9 years ago
This tank makes me cry like a sobbing baby from jealousy. How in the world do you get that color out of your corals. Absolutely flippin unreal. Would die for that tank.
MrCrossyboy100 - 9 years ago
wow stunning end of
Paul Roadz
Paul Roadz - 9 years ago
just a beautiful thing !
MrCrossyboy100 - 9 years ago
what a wonderfull collection of corals i will be happy with my tank if i could get it half as nice well done its fantastic
gsRt5 - 9 years ago
LED strips? Or another fixture? I am planning on adding leds into the mix on mine.
psteeleb - 9 years ago
2:15 - some random zoanithids I picked up 2:35 - pulsing xenia 5:50 - montepora undata 8:01 - Leng Sy montepora thanks for all the nice feedback everyone :)
Shawn DeJournett
Shawn DeJournett - 9 years ago
very nice
Raymie Mascarena
Raymie Mascarena - 9 years ago
Very Nice! What's the coral at 2:15, 2:35, 5:50, and 8:01?
Soul Creature
Soul Creature - 9 years ago
Soul Creature
Soul Creature - 9 years ago
Paradise love ur aquarium, would love to get my future tank near as nice as that , must have cost you quite alot tho
Soul Creature
Soul Creature - 9 years ago
diskochika - 9 years ago
Amazing video, absolutely amazing! One of the most beautiful aquariums I've ever seen, great footage. Thank you for sharing this with the community. :)
Jeff Berrier
Jeff Berrier - 9 years ago
What kind of lights are you running? Leds?
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - 9 years ago
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Congrats on such a successful setup.
rcmaniajato - 9 years ago
wow, by far the best video of a reef tank i have ever seen. Nice choice on the music also, its very soothing. I cant wait for my tank you be up and running.
clarisse ramirez
clarisse ramirez - 9 years ago
send me pics off the lighting sistem and kind,and how much i want to upgrade to 55 gal.
Colorado Reptile Adventures
Colorado Reptile Adventures - 9 years ago
anyone else think it looks like alice in wonderland?
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 9 years ago
Wow! Thats awesome!
Dana Hagren
Dana Hagren - 9 years ago
what bulb combo for t-5......what LED fixture for royal blues? very nice btw
psteeleb - 9 years ago
thanks everyone the video camera is a Sony HDR-XR150
Hiron 681
Hiron 681 - 9 years ago
Preetam Devdatta
Preetam Devdatta - 9 years ago
awesome video quality n coral colours...
xpectnomercy - 9 years ago
Amazing tank. What king of camera are you using?
Crazy Basti
Crazy Basti - 9 years ago
very beautiful tank the animal welfare are sea water pools on such a wonderful to see this how nuch liter has it ?
psteeleb - 9 years ago
thanks everyone the light schedule is 24 Royal Blue LED's are on for 17.5 hours from 7:00 am to 12:30 am, they ramp up and down at the start and end of the cycle for 2 hours each 4 T5's are on for 7 hours from 2:00 to 9:00
octavio herrera
octavio herrera - 9 years ago
No need to say anything.....just watch.
saliva911 - 9 years ago
nice so bright i like the purple zoos with green center.
jorge lopez
jorge lopez - 9 years ago
nice corals
Owen Borg
Owen Borg - 9 years ago
just woooow!!
ReefCollege - 9 years ago
stunning color

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