In this CoralFish12g video I give you 3 reasons why your reef tank may not look as good as you want it to! If you follow my 3 suggestions, you can get rid of any algae, or issue to have the reef tank of your dreams! Hanna Instruments: http://pages.hannainst.com/aquarium-testing#charts DISCOUNT CODE: hanna12g17 (only valid for U.S. residents) CoralFish12g.com: http://www.coralfish12g.com CoralFish12g Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/coralfish12g/ CoralFish12g Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coralfish12g/

3 REASONS YOUR REEF TANK LOOKS HORRIBLE! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 103

Reef tank 7 years ago 69,045 views

In this CoralFish12g video I give you 3 reasons why your reef tank may not look as good as you want it to! If you follow my 3 suggestions, you can get rid of any algae, or issue to have the reef tank of your dreams! Hanna Instruments: http://pages.hannainst.com/aquarium-testing#charts DISCOUNT CODE: hanna12g17 (only valid for U.S. residents) CoralFish12g.com: http://www.coralfish12g.com CoralFish12g Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/coralfish12g/ CoralFish12g Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coralfish12g/

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Most popular comments

CoralFish12g - 7 years ago
This isn't just a rant! I want to help you with whatever problems you're reef tank is going through! Ask your questions here, or let me know a problem that you'd like to see me make a video on. Don't give up! YOU CAN DO IT! George OUT!
Nat - Reefing on a budget King
Nat - Reefing on a budget King - 6 years ago
CoralFish12g this My motivational video, I watched a few times.
The elf Lover
The elf Lover - 6 years ago
CoralFish12g turn
Tbomb - 7 years ago
well u dont need to test for ammonia and nitrite once your tank is cycle. You do need to test for nitrate but not daily test and also nitrate won't affect too much for fish mostly affect on corals and anemone. Personally I do weekly test or one in every two week for phosphate. You can do two week test for alk, cal and mag when you want to do automatic dosing. I don't worry about nitrate because i have skimmer and weekly 10-20% wc (depending on how i feel, if i feel lazy i do 10% otherwise 20% wc).
dieradiodie7 - 7 years ago
What Hanna checkers would you suggest for everyday testing? I have been testing using a standard api kit so my nitrites ammonia etc. I had a mini crash and looking to learn from my mistake
chris vasquez
chris vasquez - 7 years ago
CoralFish12g great video. Laughed a couple times and hit the subscribe.
Brandon Jimenez
Brandon Jimenez - 7 years ago
thanks for always posting informative vidios! I can't wait to set up my reef tank!
Jeremy Non
Jeremy Non - 7 years ago
Christopher Hamilton exactly! take it from people with experience lol...sometimes textual information isn't always as realistic as it gets and I love those!
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton - 7 years ago
Dark Helmet, Asking George; a guy who knows what he's doing, is research. I don't google anything before I ask someone I trust, any moron can put anything on the internet. Thank you Jeremy Non and Tbomb for your useful info, I'm looking forward to the hobby! :) Let me elaborate on the clownfish, I'm looking at Amphiprion ocellaris species. Any more advice would be awesome. Thank you guys.
Jeremy Non
Jeremy Non - 7 years ago
LAWSICK1 it could depend on a few things. what is next to the torch coral? if there is nothing next to it, make sure that you are not giving it too much flow. too much flow can cause the tentacles to run against the rigid skeleton and can cut them and they will die off. also check your calcium levels. make sure the torch is in enough light to keep it happy but not too much light.
LAWSICK1 - 7 years ago
CoralFish12g I have question , I have this torch coral that seemed to be doing well until the tentacle tissue started to fall off, do you know why this would happen? I noticed the end of the skeletol structure where the tentacles retract at night look like it's slowly crumbling away and it causing the coral to lose a head. I do weekly 7 % water changes in hope of not adding additives.
Tbomb - 7 years ago
@Dark Helmet Calm tf down. He's doing his research rt now by asking us. How does online forum works?! People ask question and other who know the answer reply. It's good to ask a question before purchasing live stock.
Jeremy Non
Jeremy Non - 7 years ago
Dark Helmet lol "I'm all high and might because someone made a mistake" grow tf up and besides he was talking mainly about researching things to avoid having a tank with issues. so if you didn't mix species of clowns then nothing bad will arise from that.
Tbomb - 7 years ago
well lets see. Depending on what kind of clownfish you want. If you have maroon and you put it in first, then you will have trouble because maroon is the most aggressive and very territorial clownfish in the family. If you want maroon, I highly suggest to put maroon last cuz they will kill other tankmate. But for percula and ocellaris clownfish, you can put any fish you want. Its best for you to go to Liveaquaria.com to see what's their recommended tank size for each fish. Also depending on what do you want in the tank. If you want to have semi to predator tank, you can get eel, and dwarf lionfish with maroon clownfish. I have 55g with clarkii clownfish baby, one spot foxface, three stripped damsel, and bi color. In my qt, i have 4 banggai cardinal and sailfin blenny.
Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet - 7 years ago
Did you not fucking watch the video, that's #2, research what you're fucking doing BEFORE you do it. "what clownfish can i put together" GOOGLE IT.
Mitch W
Mitch W - 7 years ago
Water change is the No. # 1

Good video George

I look from the Netherlands!
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton - 7 years ago
Okay. Thaks guys. So what other fish can I put in a 73 gallon with 2 clownfish?
Tbomb - 7 years ago
Yes you can that's why you have many designer clownfish like snow onyx, black ice and fancy white from this crossbreeding. Only Ocellaris and percula clownfish can crossbreed together. I don't know about other clownfish breed.
Jeremy Non
Jeremy Non - 7 years ago
Yea very true about the maroons...and really? I was always told not too mix percs and o.c. I guess you learn something new every day lol
Tbomb - 7 years ago
Even having 2 maroon, it still be very difficult because maroon never back down from a fight for submission issue. If you really want maroon, I recommend get one big maroon around 3" and one small juvenile maroon around 1" that way they have higher chance of having maroon pair. Jeremy you can mix ocellaris and percula clownfish no problem. But you don't want to mix ocellaris with maroon, tomato, or clarkii.
Jeremy Non
Jeremy Non - 7 years ago
Christopher Hamilton. you can put 2 of the same species together (like 2 maroons or two false percs or 2 percs. I wouldn't mix them. they are fine when they are younger but will become very aggressive later on. if you want more than 2 clowns of the same species you have to do a harem tank ( at least 10 to 15) of them. however, you can house as many juveniles as you want together but they might only be peacefull for a year or so
Tbomb - 7 years ago
Clownfish you need to be the same species even so some clownfish will fight will kill each other even they're the same family like maroon, tomato, and clarkii family. If you want to have mix clownfish, then I recommend percula and ocellaris clownfish. You cannot have more than a pair in small tank. Also you cannot mix clownfish like ocellaris with maroon in small tank. You can get away with multiple mix clownfish as long as you have big tank and enough territory for them to claim.
patrick couch
patrick couch - 7 years ago
CoralFish12g I don't do water changes and have you seen my aquarium
Jan Ryan
Jan Ryan - 7 years ago
This was actually a well made video! Thank you! Your style is evolving and this video felt very natural.
Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet - 7 years ago
the color test kits are horrible for me because i'm color blind.
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton - 7 years ago
CoralFish12g Hey George, was wondering what species of clown fish you can house together? (If you can at all...) Thanks!
hustlecoral vlogs
hustlecoral vlogs - 7 years ago
right on dude 100% True !!! Good video
Boss M.O.S.D
Boss M.O.S.D - 6 years ago
Your tanks look trash, yo don't have a single tetra in any of your saltwater tanks ;)
Jessé Neves
Jessé Neves - 6 years ago
Bro, you're the best!!
RedUSMarines311 - 6 years ago
30 percent water changes every week and your solid
Marley Barley
Marley Barley - 6 years ago
When keeping coral you definitely need to add calcium
Oli B
Oli B - 6 years ago
George my name is George too and I love this video. If things aren’t perfect refer to Water Change. My goal is to have salt water compatible equipment but start keeping a more demanding fresh water species. All Tropheus species are challenging to keep for any aquarist and also Pseudotropheus Saulosi or Demasoni. If I can keep these fish thriving and at least proved a pure enough environment for them to breed, I then should think about moving up to salt water. I don’t recommend under any circumstances of anyone to start salt water without at least having freshwater experience for a while.
The Original Trader
The Original Trader - 6 years ago
"Aquarium companies hate this guy"
Austin Grozier
Austin Grozier - 6 years ago
My reef tank looks horrible because I have no fish nor corals
Atlas The Eternal
Atlas The Eternal - 6 years ago
yes...water change. Luckily my tank is set up well enough that I mainly need to dose calcium. I usually go months in between water changes but my nitrates are at 0.


cheeseburger 510
cheeseburger 510 - 6 years ago
Sorry I can't subscribe I have to go do a water change rite now
RagingTurtleRex - 6 years ago
I don't have a reef tank
Extra Testicle
Extra Testicle - 6 years ago
Red algae is a horrible problem for me
Steff Pastrano
Steff Pastrano - 6 years ago
Why do i need to test my water? I used sea water for my reef tank, all of my clowns are from wild, corals and the sand.. I dont have any problems with my reef tank.
SovsBorg - 6 years ago
Subscribed..... And thanks
brian buchert
brian buchert - 6 years ago
I find that most issues do stem from both overstocking and lack of water changes or both.basically if you don’t have a lot of time to keep up with your tank your wasting your time.a lot of people want that eye popping tank but then don’t have or are too lazy for testing and maintenance.
Ilan Aharon
Ilan Aharon - 6 years ago
Hi coral fish 12g
can i ask you a question?
i have 13 years experience in fresh water tanks.
I want to have a nano reef tank from my 11 gallon aquarium.
My question is - did i need a RODI Machine for success nano reef tank?
Or i need just a good salt?
thank you!
Joe Amazon
Joe Amazon - 6 years ago
I don't understand the flashy editing stuff, I'm sold just on the information itself.
SomeDumbGamer - 6 years ago
Honestly. Water changes ARE important. But when everyone tells you you can ONLY use RODI water it can make them very expensive.
Brett - 6 years ago
Preach........can never go wrong with a water change!


The Breaker
The Breaker - 6 years ago
Bro nice platinum's in ur nano.
This is a great vid.
Ive been researching saltwater aquariums for about 4years now.
Never had the investment capitol until recently. Let me tell you it's hard not walking home with a tank and fish with 4 saltwater LFS in my area.

Can't wait to start this gorgeous hobby
Allen D
Allen D - 6 years ago
I have to say I had to stop exactly what I was doing to tell you guys this guy knows what the hell he’s talking about I’ve been in a hobby for over 10 years and I’ve made the same mistakes as a new hobbyist listen to this guy because he’s telling you the truth
JJ K - 6 years ago
Not only are you a great youtuber, you're spot on with your assessments. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up.
John SM
John SM - 6 years ago
Water changes are not always the answer. If you do a 20% water change, you've only removed 20% of any nutrients present in the aquarium. As for Cyano or Hair algae, best to just leave it, it will disappear in the end. Also if you have completed a water change and Cyano comes back, the water you are using for water changes is probably adding something undesirable to the aquarium.
alphawolf - 6 years ago
HE BLINKED!!!!!!!!
Lark Bird
Lark Bird - 6 years ago
OH NO! That was a "wutz up!" If you've changed to that, I'm sorry, gonna unsub.
SomeDumbGamer - 6 years ago
Why have I never gotten bubble algae, Dinoflagellates or anything like that? The most I've gotten is diatoms or a small amount of cyano. Maybe it's because I don't have live rock? I just have a TON of live sand. Also no coral. Just fish and inverts. Either way I'm pretty lucky.
Jonathan Tonova
Jonathan Tonova - 6 years ago
no they dont have a secret formula, they just have enough money to keep it from looking like crap, not everyone has spare money for an rodi machine, and all this stuff your telling them to get
Jonathan Tonova
Jonathan Tonova - 6 years ago
ur tanks don't even look that good lol, "please, get help", maybe we can learn from your failures that are in progress rn
Michael Holland
Michael Holland - 6 years ago
I’ve learned some of these the hard way. Water changes. Simple concept amazing results.


josh cokenes
josh cokenes - 6 years ago
coralfish12g what brand salt do you use? or what salts are the highest quality ?
De'Mario's Reef aquarium
De'Mario's Reef aquarium - 6 years ago
My main issue is damn brown algea ..I am using a four stage ro/di..Water parameters are on point.my 90 gallon is running now for over 2 years and my 35 cube was originally a 20 gallon long.Using aquaforest reef salt.I have uv full spectrum lights that stays on for about 10 hrs daily.I faithfully do h20 changes as required.only supplement I add is acropower and Kent Marine essential elements. Ocean revive LEDs on my 90 and AI prime on the cube..Any suggestions.
SomeDumbGamer - 6 years ago
De'Mario's Reef aquarium your fish will do just fine without food for three days. But you can still leave your filter and skimmer on. All you need to shut off is the UV and Lights. Also from now on I would shut off the lights at night. So that way it would mimic today night cycle and help with the algae.
De'Mario's Reef aquarium
De'Mario's Reef aquarium - 6 years ago
SomeDumbGamer one more ??.when dosing acropower,leave my skimmer running or turn it off..once I do the 3 day blackout..
De'Mario's Reef aquarium
De'Mario's Reef aquarium - 6 years ago
SomeDumbGamer ..thank you for your Swift response..Really appreciate your advise,cause I am still in the learning and tweaking phase..will turn off both uv on both systems and do a 3 day black out....,can my fish go 3 days without food though.
SomeDumbGamer - 6 years ago
De'Mario's Reef aquarium well, I would definitely shut off the UV for a while. Algae loves UV and it may also be due to high TDS or total dissolved solids. Algae like diatoms or brown algae thrive on silicates which can't easily be removed unless you use RODI water. Which you probably do. So I would shut off any UV or lights in the aquarium. And then put a dark towel over the tank for about three days. It may work. Check out some videos on it!
De'Mario's Reef aquarium
De'Mario's Reef aquarium - 6 years ago
SomeDumbGamer ..another ?.when using acropower do you turn off the protien skimmer and the uv..Nothing mention about this on the companies product bottle.
SomeDumbGamer - 6 years ago
De'Mario's Reef aquarium not sure. But ide say it may be due to the lights. Since algae thrives on light I would shut the lights off for a few days and maybe it would help?
Canada Arrow
Canada Arrow - 6 years ago
My reef tank looks bad because i have no coral only one scared clownfish
skeletonboi - 6 years ago
Bling Status
Bling Status - 6 years ago
I am not sure I agree with the water changes being the answer to problems. If your water is getting out of control it's because you're either doing too much of something or you're not doing something that you should be doing. The Triton method, which is very successful, is based on the idea of never doing a water change.
Raji Sljivo
Raji Sljivo - 6 years ago
Isn't this sad I am ten and this has never happened to me
Dominic Duffy
Dominic Duffy - 6 years ago
What syphon do you use
BDUB'S AQUARIUMS - 6 years ago
Great Vid man! :-)
Eric Kemp
Eric Kemp - 6 years ago
I think just what you mentioned is a lot of it but also the lighting, bioload, and feeding schedule has a lot to do with it as well. There are a LOT of ways to run a reef tank. You just have to figure out what way works for you. Personally the single biggest thing that helped my tank look MUCH better was my lighting(quality and amount) and monitoring calcium and magnesium especially. I ran into dinoflagellates pretty bad(looked like algae there was so much of it) and I significantly cut my lighting time and stopped doing water changes(to starve them of nutrients) and my tank has never looked as good as it does now. Corals are all growing(softies, LPS, SPS...have had to dose calcium and magnesium). I plan to just keep doing what I'm doing and observe the tank over time. I've found that listening to how your tank is reacting is a great way to get a sense of things, just like checking parameters. Taking the time everyday to sit and look at your tank for more than a few minutes at a time is not only enjoyable and relaxing but allows you to realize things.
Chris Carney
Chris Carney - 6 years ago
I've been really frustrated lately with my tank this helps push me forward. Thanks man
Rotter Tube Reef
Rotter Tube Reef - 6 years ago
great video for the beginner. too bad hanna doesn't have testing for nitrates.
CreepyMonkey HeadGame
CreepyMonkey HeadGame - 6 years ago
I have a really successful reef tank that hasn't had a water change in 3 years now not saying to go and say hey I don't need to change this water because yeah I know water changes are a pain but this tank has been running for so long it's a 29 Coralife BioCube it's drilled and the whole entire stand is practically a sound no I don't know how but it's now self-sustaining and it's been that way for about 3 years it baffles me sometimes on how this little ecosystem in my tank unfolded but I will admit it was my first tank and man was there a lot of mistakes a lot of problems and one of the things I've also think should have been left out it might be your lighting if your reasoning stock lighting from a tank that comes with lights such as the Coralife BioCube will I know they have a new LED lighting for their newer models today but I got this one these things first came out and the lighting sucked the picture on the box showed a beautiful reef tank but the lighting did not match up it looked terrible I took off the lid and the rim just because I wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing also a thing that can make your tank look horrible in my opinion would have to be those stupid magnet scrubbers I got little bits of sand stuck in mine and it left horrible scratches on the glass I am currently going to be moving this aquarium to a 65 gallon that I bought months ago saving up money for supplies surprisingly my first fish I got for my 29 gallon BioCube is also still alive who knew clown fish can live that long LOL but with this new tank I'm hoping they're not have any of the same mistakes that I made on this little tiny 29 gallon BioCube
Simon Cushing
Simon Cushing - 6 years ago
Hanna Checkers, yeah, pity there isn't one for Nitrates!! Thus you need the old colour chart test kit.
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 6 years ago
You guys, myself included, have it easy these days with LED lights, captive raised and incredibly tough fish, tough coral frags harvested in captivity, built in all-in-one filtration systems, cool new biological media, etc.

Around 15ish years ago, just for shits and giggles, I set up a 42 gallon corner aquarium and built a reef from scratch. It was up and running for 5, maybe 6 years before I broke it down and donated all the corals, inverts and fish (including captive bred Ocellaris, 4 or 5 out of 30 or so actually survived to adulthood). Rarely did water changes, only topped it off once every few days with filtered tap water and some Kalkwasser thrown in. I changed out the active carbon a couple times a month, and occasionally cleaned the viewing surfaces with a paper towel (it barely needed any cleaning). It ran on a Magnum canister filter and an Emperor 250, with 4 normal 20" flourescent lights (2x2500k "daylight," and 2x 10000k actinic) Everyone laughed at me saying it couldn't be done without drilling, installing a drip sump, RO/DI, a skimmer, a refugium, expensive live sand, metal halide or high output fluorescents, a chiller, tons of powerheads and wavemakers, a quarantine tank, billions of supplements, etc. Little did the haters know I had been in the aquarium hobby since I was 5 years old breeding guppies and various other mollies/platies, as well as the occasional killifish (they were hard to come by then). I probably still have some pictures saved somewhere taken on a top of the line Motorola SLVR, which was the first camera and first camera phone I'd ever owned.

Keep it simple and pay attention to what's happening in there and your reef will take care of itself with very little influence. I see way too many people overreacting and doing supplements on top of supplements, constantly fiddling with heat, lighting, feeding, excessive water changes, etc. When a reef starts experiencing far too much outside influence, the results are consistently negative.
Jose Santos
Jose Santos - 6 years ago
Dude, awesome basic video
zoeith6 - 6 years ago
Water changes are the most overrated ineffective method of exporting nutrients and replenishing trace. Point. Blank. Period. Try the Triton method. I haven't done water changes for years.
Reef 13G
Reef 13G - 6 years ago
Who actually considered buying the water checker? I did for some reason.
ScreamingForClemency - 6 years ago
I immediately went and checked if they have an electronic Mag tester (cuz liquid Mag tests are annoying as hell), and sure enough, they do.

Hanna spent their money well on sponsoring this video, because I probably will want a their Mag tester in the future.
Brian Guile
Brian Guile - 6 years ago
well im going to go da another water change. ha rodi is on
Randy Chesley
Randy Chesley - 6 years ago
I had a reef tank that went over six months without a water change and did just fine... Just a tiny bit of hair algae on a few rocks... I have seen others do similarly...
Jacob Side
Jacob Side - 6 years ago
Totally agree with #3. Drives me crazy seeing all these never do a water change by adding this lotion potion or this really expensive widget. Do a water change people.
Alexis' Fishin', Huntin', and Farming Show
Alexis' Fishin', Huntin', and Farming Show - 7 years ago
0:58 isn't that from little nicky? love that movie


Mr Narwhal
Mr Narwhal - 7 years ago
CoralFish12g i am starting out in the hobby and I want to buy a valentini puffer for my tank but i also want clownfish are they compatible
F Tran
F Tran - 7 years ago
Why are you still here. go do a water change haha.
Jonathan John
Jonathan John - 7 years ago
Now ill be doing water changes every 5 min
Ira Peters
Ira Peters - 7 years ago
I really like your videos man I'm a beginner in the Salt water World I'm in the research stage
coribellanoche - 7 years ago
Truer words have never been spoken - expectations, experience and research. As a professional bench scientist I have been schooled in the discipline in logical, evidence based thinking and analysis. I try to apply to apply these principles to my hobby. While I am an experienced fresh water hobbyist the marine environment has always been a bit daunting. I finally took the plunge and, while I have my trials and tribulations, it is slowly congealing and making sense. On a side note, I love your perseverance in the hobby and get a great deal of satisfaction comparing your very early videos and watching the maturation and development of a young man from a kid to a maturing educator. You da man. o what are you majoring in in college and what do you see yourself doing professionally. Once again, thanks
Jive Chip
Jive Chip - 7 years ago
stop click baiting cuck
carlos sandoval
carlos sandoval - 7 years ago
I have big eyebrows too
Xander White
Xander White - 7 years ago
This vid was really helpful thanks
Joe Amazon
Joe Amazon - 7 years ago
3:20 I would say more like extremely expensive.
lee leavelle
lee leavelle - 7 years ago
i knew a guy who got a cowfish. it was good, but after a week it got stuck in a powerhead, died, and nuked the tank
NEMO20G - 7 years ago
good work as usual George mad to see how much you've grown you are the same age as me and it's bril having someone as enthusiastic as me! keep up the good work:)
brandonptf - 7 years ago
hi CoralFish12G how do I clean up the sand? its all dirty and has so much big rubble in it from my old tank.
Haley m
Haley m - 7 years ago
Your eyes are so pretty.
mylyingeyes - 7 years ago
why do so many anemones have to die?
Bluetrainer91 FireBlast
Bluetrainer91 FireBlast - 7 years ago
I'd like to introduce you to my religion..
ZeroArrival - 7 years ago
I like when you started pulling water out and your ATO started up!
Liz Onorati
Liz Onorati - 7 years ago
Thank you, George for taking the time to speak with me at Reefapalooza. I will let you know about progress.
SurvivalHorrorTV - 7 years ago
I have honestly never tested my water for phosphates.............. but I change 20% of the water once a week, every single week.. and It's a successful tank, 8 months.. first reef tank. getting incredible coraline algae growth already.
Catfsihnig - 7 years ago
No lie but you look like a Squirrel fish
Jason - 7 years ago
Great Video! It will deff help some beginners!
Lone Yoshi
Lone Yoshi - 7 years ago
Can u plz tell us how to care for anemones and when to feed them?
anizato reef
anizato reef - 7 years ago
wait wait wait!! what is that little tiny vacuum you had in there to clean your sand bro? (5:22)
Don Pablo
Don Pablo - 7 years ago
These are good points for all aquariums, not just salt water.
Edward Thayer
Edward Thayer - 7 years ago
funny how he said the Hanna checkers are easy to use when holding the calcium checker but showed the alkalinity checker when he demonstrated!LMFAO why didn't you demonstrate with the calcium checker George?????
Ethan Russell
Ethan Russell - 7 years ago
Great tip is to grab a cheap turkey baster and blast rocks. You'd be surprised how much crud accumulates over just a few days. Then, have your filter sock on the sump intake remove the debris. Just get it in the water column first.
Vtec Banger
Vtec Banger - 7 years ago
I've been reefing for many years and I agree with everything said. great video and I made a mistake last month that I'm finally getting over. No loss just a set back knock on wood. (kalk does brought my alk threw the roof)
GIANNIS RODITIS - 7 years ago
Hello,my tank is getting ugly because of algae i had a lot of deaths.My live rock was bad and i will make a restart with new rock should i change also the aragonite? I will put korallen welt's ready scapes
Paul White
Paul White - 7 years ago
That mic drop though. xD
Mo44 - 7 years ago
A very nice video
Tara - 7 years ago
I wish I had a boyfriend into reef keeping and as good looking as George
Brett Abbott
Brett Abbott - 7 years ago
Those eyebrows...
luis galvan
luis galvan - 7 years ago
keep having green hair algae making 20 percent water changes every week? any advice have a 2 inch sand bed is a coral life biocube 29 gallon
MrCrazygurls - 7 years ago
You're cute!
Elf Spencer
Elf Spencer - 7 years ago
omg, P R E A C H!

as someone who works at an LPS, I can't even begin to count how many customers' problems stem from too few water changes! K have one guy who actually brags about not doing water changes.
(for some reason, his reef tank is no more... hmmm, can't imagine why?)

one regular customer was trying to figure out why his system was crashing. turns out it had been weeks since his last water change, and he hadn't even touched his filter (media included) in 6 months!
a large water change and a good filter cleaning and media change and his tank is beautiful once more! Too bad it took a fish dying for him to pay attention. :(
Derek's Fish Tank
Derek's Fish Tank - 7 years ago
Great videos. Great beginner knowledge and my 8 year can watch with me without me worried about every other word being R rated.
Marquiis Wells
Marquiis Wells - 7 years ago
your editing has improved, good job man. Keep it up
Rusty Alegre
Rusty Alegre - 7 years ago
novice here... just wanted to know any procedure in water changing... i'm concern with the new temperature of the new water added...
Michael Navarro
Michael Navarro - 7 years ago
Your best vid in my opinion
Mekong Giant catfish
Mekong Giant catfish - 7 years ago
Why am I watching this I'm a fresh water hobbyist
Elf Spencer
Elf Spencer - 7 years ago
Mekong Giant catfish
1. you know this applies to fresh water systems, too
2. you know you want a reef tank ;)
Yukonbill - 7 years ago
I don't keep reef tanks. I keep cichlids. but Im subbing for when i decide to good videos mate
Dan Spittler
Dan Spittler - 7 years ago
You suck George! I mean that in the most sincere way! I've been in the hobby for 20+ years (since 10) freshwater. Until i saw one of your vids a year and a half ago. I went saltwater after that. Now im addicted. Weekly water changes and my fish could not be happier. Its been a journey and i love it. At my lfs i amaze them with all the knowledge i have gained from your vids. PLEASE keep it up and thank you!
Justin Cole
Justin Cole - 7 years ago
My 10g nuvo fusion is almost done cycling. What should I add first? CuC or fish or shrimp?
Sandra Konechy
Sandra Konechy - 7 years ago
Sadly, Discount Code is only for saltwater instruments. I was hoping to pick-up a freshwater alk. checker, but no luck.
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior - 7 years ago
George you hit the nail right on the head with water changes. I have been reefing since 2014 and I am no expert but I religiously do a 20% water change every week and I couldn't be happier with my tank. I also subscribed to your channel a month into the hobby.
Robert Luebke
Robert Luebke - 7 years ago
3 reason your tank looks horrible
1. you feed youre fish too much
2. you dont do enough water changes
3. You messed up cleaning your filter.
In my opinion testing the water is not very useful. He is right about water changes though. If you see even one unhappy coral ,excess algae, or any abnormalities, do a water change! It always leads to a water change.

More reasons
.change carbon
.get a ro/filter
.air bubbles in tank
.too much light
.clean your tank (every inch of it)
.switch the flow to push fish poop off the bottom of the aquarium.
.rotting fish or invertabrate in tank
.clean your sand
. not enough filtration

LoCdogAK47 - 7 years ago
hey dude, thanks for the cool videos. i wanted to ask whats your input on green coralline algae? i had to take down my 60 gal setup cause i moved and i ended up making a smaller about 20 gal tank plus sump. i ran into the issue of green coralline algae growing and i don't know what causes this. i have a gen 2 radion that i have running i think about 30% compared to the 60% i had on the bigger tank. could this be the problem?
Natural Vivaria
Natural Vivaria - 7 years ago
Water changes definitely help, but a lot of those SPS reefs you showed as examples of amazing reefs from seasoned hobbyists definitely dose, rather than relying solely on water changes. The calcium, alk, and magnesium consumption level of densely packed SPS reefs is so high that without a calcium reactor or dosing liquids, you simply won't be able to sustain them without extremely large daily water changes. Many of us with SPS reefs experience drops in Alk and Cal over the course of a day, and a small water change every couple of days won't 'reset' the tank. The 'perfect' water you are adding back to the tank, regardless of the salt mix, will end up diluted by the remaining water in the aquarium, and the levels will be much lower than what is optimal.

Even in a 20 gallon SPS reef I did weekly water changes on using Aquavitro Salinity [salt mix] still needed a 3 channel auto doser that added a generous amount of Cal, Alk, and Mag solutions daily in order to maintain optimal growth and color of the corals.

All in all, your video is great and I do agree that more water changes are definitely required, I just think suggesting that it resets your aquarium is a stretch, and can be really misleading for those newer hobbyists that want to achieve the sorts of SPS heavy reefs you showed as examples.

Sub'd though, so keep it up!
Zekth Reef
Zekth Reef - 7 years ago
I agree with you but, showing some of this corals with a beginner audience and some of this advices could put some people in a wrong way.
thatReefGuy - 7 years ago
While that is true he specifically said he was talking to inexperienced reefers that had a tank that looks like the first pic (NOT all the Acro tanks that came after that). Those people with THOSE Acro Tanks know what they are doing and have no need to watch this video. They Video was aimed at the 90 Percent of people that don't have Acro Tanks. Although I believe in testing and dosing like you do this video was not geared towards you. I have one Tank That I never Dose because it is all Zoanthids yet. I have another Tank that has to be tested and dosed 2 to 4 times a day. Every Tank is different. I guess what I am saying is even though you right every tank is different. Don't look at your tank and how you have to do it but what his target audiences tanks look like and their experience
Zekth Reef
Zekth Reef - 7 years ago
Can't agree more with this comment. Doing lots of water change does not help when you want to maintain some sensible acros.
Khalefa Al-Kuwari
Khalefa Al-Kuwari - 7 years ago
my hammer coral isn't opening i tried placing it several times in different places but still.

Salinity, Ca, Mg levels are perfect.
Khalefa Al-Kuwari
Khalefa Al-Kuwari - 7 years ago
all good
Michael Oteri
Michael Oteri - 7 years ago
how about ph, alkalinity and nitrates?
Kyle Raines
Kyle Raines - 7 years ago
So what chemicals would you recommend for removing algae?
Daniel Loung
Daniel Loung - 6 years ago
Kyle Raines your hands and a water change.
ben howard bath
ben howard bath - 7 years ago
Top video George!!!!Thank you


Faza Arsa
Faza Arsa - 7 years ago
Silenced9 Trujillo
Silenced9 Trujillo - 7 years ago
I do water changes with my tears
Sc00teX - 7 years ago
Great Vid. Bummer, the hanna12g17 discount code doesn't work on the Australian Hanna site....
SuperScuffle - 7 years ago
haha i just did the same thing mate. would of been nice :)
Pocky The Dragon
Pocky The Dragon - 7 years ago
Yesss thank you these things are true I do all of them
Adam Norvell
Adam Norvell - 7 years ago
When I first got into this hobby, and saw all the expensive reactors and different methods of filtration, I was shocked and asked my dad "why don't people just do more water changes?" His reply "because people are lazy." So true. People ask me so many questions about my tanks, until they see how basic the set up it, then they think I must not know enough and they stop asking questions. A successful tank doesn't need to be complicated.
jaime sermeno
jaime sermeno - 7 years ago
Nano Saltwater Reefer
Nano Saltwater Reefer - 7 years ago
Great video! "You can do it" lol.
Christopher Boddey
Christopher Boddey - 7 years ago
I'm desperate to get rid of dinoflagellates any ideas? iv searched the internet over and over no clear answers.
therandomizedassasin - 7 years ago
Discount doesn't work for UK website :(
Troll King
Troll King - 7 years ago
What kind of salt would you recommend? I was thinking about switching to Coral Pro for my reef tank.
Turtle's Reef
Turtle's Reef - 7 years ago
The biggest thing to remember is you're not keeping fish or corals or inverts, you're keeping really can salt water. The rest will fall into place once you keep clean water.
Justice McClendon
Justice McClendon - 7 years ago
You forgot about salinity creeps that cause deaths in your tank that cause algae blooms. Love the channel. I did a water change after this video.
Matt Reefer
Matt Reefer - 7 years ago
Good video and info man, i do 2 water changes a week on my 9ft saltwater tank, i run on canisters and no skimmer so its a must if i dont want this tank to fail. Keep up the great videos
Mark Adame
Mark Adame - 7 years ago
Now show us how to do a water change properly
Don Lidtke
Don Lidtke - 7 years ago
Excellent presentation and great information! While I haven't setup my tank yet, I am doing the research part of this hobby and enjoying it! After spending over 20 years reading manpages, this research is a blast. I find that the many "differing" views allow for a better understanding. What works for one hobbiest may not work for another. Anyhow, thanks for the information and the light hearted presentation. Now I am off to look at RO/DI system.
Michael Balsley
Michael Balsley - 7 years ago
Love your Chanel. One note is I called the company after seeing your clip and most of the testers are ment for freshwater. They said that the will give inconclusive readings for salt water. PH phosphate and alkalinity are about the only ones that you can use for a saltwater tank. Quick question my start up tank is getting brown algae growth. Do I need to introduce Coraline algae to the tank and if so what are the benefits. I am using RODI system, nitrates are zero phosphates are low working on them. Looking forward to starting corals
Michael Balsley
Michael Balsley - 7 years ago
Great to know thank you
scrubs mCgrubs
scrubs mCgrubs - 7 years ago
Michael Balsley your brown algae is diatoms, all new start ups go through this and it will go away once all the silicates are used up.
Hanna Instruments, Inc.
Hanna Instruments, Inc. - 7 years ago
Hi Michael!
Thank you for your interest in Hanna Instruments. We have a variety of testing equipment to measure several parameters in seawater. We have our HI772 dKH Alkalinity Checker, HI755 ppm Alkalinity Checker, HI758 Calcium Checker, HI713 Low Range Phosphate Checker, HI736 ULR Phosphorus Checker, HI764 ULR Nitrite Checker, HI96822 Digital Seawater Refractometer for salinity as well as a wide variety of pH meters and TDS meters. Many of those products can be viewed from the Hanna link in this video’s bio above. Certain parameters will not work in saltwater due to interferences in the colorimetric tests. Please contact us at sales@hannainst.com or call us at 401-765-7500 for more information about specific parameters in seawater.

Hope this helps!
multisturge - 7 years ago
update on the jellyfish?
matt canaday
matt canaday - 7 years ago
I'll be completely honest, this was a wake up call for me. I've been trying to figure out why my tank isn't looking to great and honestly you are right and I have just not been dedicating enough time towards it and doing enough water changes. Thank you, I'll have it looking better soon
bizzle bird
bizzle bird - 7 years ago
bruh your vids only keep getting better lmao..
Peter .Novák
Peter .Novák - 7 years ago
dKH 5,3 ?????????
caleb demas
caleb demas - 6 years ago
seriously my dkh is at 9 i dont know if 5.3 is ok
Dubsy Dabster
Dubsy Dabster - 7 years ago
Ok Ok. I'll do a water change.
kai PAXpress
kai PAXpress - 7 years ago
I'd add to this in saying that when doing a water change you really need to make sure the water you're putting in is mixed properly and to the right levels. Too many water changes with good water aren't bad but you can really screw things up if you don't mix it correctly...
bryan senulis
bryan senulis - 7 years ago
u r so right
Lawrence - 7 years ago
could you do a video on fish/coral diseases?
nice hair btw lol
Someone Forsaken
Someone Forsaken - 7 years ago
I've been wondering about the types of algae located in a saltwater tank, and I would like to know which ones can be beneficial, harmful, etc. And keep up the great work!
Patryk Gabriel Miklaszewski PGM
Patryk Gabriel Miklaszewski PGM - 7 years ago
Thanks m8 a lot of important information!
Reefgrrl - 7 years ago
You nailed it! Starting with the basics pays off big time. Nice work!
Lukas Sobling
Lukas Sobling - 7 years ago
Hey,CoralFish12g! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But please check out this video and approve the comment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG1dF_XAXuQ You are free to use this song in your upcoming videos!
Josh Scholtz
Josh Scholtz - 7 years ago
very informative video! thanks
Mark Ruddy
Mark Ruddy - 7 years ago
I subscribed because I'm literally getting my tank in this weekend and want all the info I can get. I'm terrified that my tank WILL look like 90% of those tanks as you said. I have two pretty good freshwater nano tanks, but this is a whooooole different ballgame. Here's to hopin all goes well! Great videos George!
Dustin Clemens
Dustin Clemens - 7 years ago
did he forget to mention takes lots of money to make a tank look like a nice Google image? I've got a 180g and would take 20k to make it look like a Google image haha
billandwende - 6 years ago
I'm in over 20K on a 350 gallon and not even a teaspoon of salt in it yet. I should have bought another car. Or perhaps a girlfriend on the side. I bet I'd have less fights with the wife over the girlfriend than the tank. LOL.
IronFist Games
IronFist Games - 6 years ago
ya before i gave all my livestock and equipment away, i spent about 4-500 max, 45g bowfront "reef" tank, mainly had a colony or two of zoas, lots of inverts because i find them more interesting than fish
thatReefGuy - 7 years ago
Um no. If you know what you are doing and have friends in the hobby to help you out you can buy frags fro cheap and grow them out. Yes, it could cost 20,000 but if you know what you are doing and no where to look it will be a fraction of that. But it still will take a while to grow it.
DontMatTerSz - 7 years ago
Dustin Clemens he did say "take ur time"
Joseph Pettit
Joseph Pettit - 7 years ago
amen, i feel u on that one.
Jean-luc Chessher
Jean-luc Chessher - 7 years ago
I couldn't be arsed with all the work that goes in to the enishal set up of a salt water tank and there's not many salt water fish I like but I like the vids
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen - 7 years ago
where's our 10 % coupon code?? i wish they had a device to check all in one, so i don't have to buy 5 devices
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen - 7 years ago
just noticed the show more button, all that was hidden and nvr knew it was there, lol ;-)
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen - 7 years ago
thanx george
CoralFish12g - 7 years ago
Joyce Allen In the description above! hanna12g17
Freemans Aquatics
Freemans Aquatics - 7 years ago
well said liked as always take care man def going to check out those testers ty bud
SanDi's Reef
SanDi's Reef - 7 years ago
Great Video George! Thank you for sharing
Grant M91
Grant M91 - 7 years ago
The water change part is right, its all i do, but i never even checked for a phosphate once. Lol i think my tanks nice better than yours george
reef guy 92
reef guy 92 - 7 years ago
there's alot of good information here for all us newbies to the hobby and it makes ALOT of sense ☺
Roi - 7 years ago
I have an automated water change system. but I know a lot of amazing aquariums that don't do WC at all. there's more than one way to keep a reef tank
fishtankfreak - 7 years ago
#3, consistancy and patience/experience says it all. However, I would advise against vacuuming the sand bed.
Stef Styl
Stef Styl - 7 years ago
I do every day water chances 500ml with AR/DI.water so I don't have to do the big weekly water chance . Is that good???
TattooCraze InkStudio
TattooCraze InkStudio - 7 years ago
Stef Styl depends on the size of your tank.
larhonda burger
larhonda burger - 7 years ago
Jokes on you, I don't even have a reef tank.
Neil Bradley
Neil Bradley - 6 years ago
zleg 2 Account
zleg 2 Account - 7 years ago
larhonda burger fail
Matt Lintott
Matt Lintott - 7 years ago
Too late☹️ my tank is gone
Jay-D - 7 years ago
nice vid! I actually lol'd at the end
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 7 years ago
Well said G.. even with experience we still F up and get lazy. . great video
Expert Aquatic
Expert Aquatic - 7 years ago
George U R the BEST
Non Average- Reefer
Non Average- Reefer - 7 years ago
I never test and I honestly don't care
Non Average- Reefer
Non Average- Reefer - 7 years ago
I research every day almost which is why my tank looks so good and I've only been doing this for 10 months (;
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 7 years ago
What kind of rock have you got? It looks like a bonsai reef, but that stuff expensive.
QuarterBach - 7 years ago
Hey. I live in a hot country and I have no chiller. Any other way to cool my tank down? I usually put a tray or two of ice everyday. My tank is 20 gallons. Maybe make a video called "No chiller, No Problem?" Thanks
dun madun
dun madun - 7 years ago
Evaporative cooling. Get your tank to evaporate as fast as possible, it will cool it down. Of course you will need a good and reliable top up system for this to work or your tank will get super high salinity. Basically get a fan to blow on the surface of your aquarium and replace the evaporated water with new fresh water.
AlexVids - 7 years ago
QuarterBach use a fan to blow air on the water it cools down
Michael Balsley
Michael Balsley - 7 years ago
QuarterBach try putting fans that blow on the top as well maybe
Aquarium Chaos
Aquarium Chaos - 7 years ago
I don't have a link but there are two of them called AL30 and AL60 chillers
QuarterBach - 7 years ago
Aquarium Chaos link pls
Aquarium Chaos
Aquarium Chaos - 7 years ago
QuarterBach There are mini chillers right now that are trending online, check it out
cronkster25 - 7 years ago
Buy a cheap used mini fridge and drill the side, add a pump into the tank that pumps from it to the fridge. Set it as cool as you need it and as much hose as it will hold will be the best for it. should cost $30-80 total
Mohammed Al Hadher
Mohammed Al Hadher - 7 years ago
Love your hair
ReeferGil - 7 years ago
Excellent vid!
Viggy Iyer
Viggy Iyer - 7 years ago
You are completely rite. I had very high expectation. Reef keeping is time consuming but at the same time u have to learn from your failures and keep researching to make it better rather than giving up. I crashed my tank twice but now after learning I am doing good. Knowing all my water parameters. But I wanna ask u a question I have 3 fishes in my reef but whenever I add the 4 th one it always dies. I have a 10g aquarium. I have a lot of Copepoda so I got yellow wrasse and it perished within a week. My parameters are good. Any suggestions. Your suggestions helped me out a lot in growing my corals.
fishtankfreak - 7 years ago
Hmm...Interesting, usually two spot wrasses (they don't usually have much yellow on them) are tough to find in the hobby as they are not often suitable for home aquaria. Could it have been a Twinspot Hogfish? Those are often mistaken as a wrasse.
Viggy Iyer
Viggy Iyer - 7 years ago
fishtankfreak Ohhh. I am talking about yellow two spot wrasse. I have 2 peculiar clown and a purple flame goby. I have 2 turbo snails and one red cherry shrimp. I was jus thinking of adding one more fish lol.. Hope i find a suitable one. U have any suggestions..
fishtankfreak - 7 years ago
Hey! I'm not George, but I am willing to offer my advice. Depending on the fish that you currently house it may be the tops for your tank. Depending on the fish you are looking to add, it may not be a suitable environment causing stress. I'm not sure which type of wrasse you have described, as yellow wrasse could mean many things... Sometimes a tank like the one you have described is only equipped to handle a certain amount of bio load (fish, inverts, ect...). Granted, increasing filtration efficiency and/or size may help but is not likely worth it. In my opinion, a mandarin is a great although they can be tricky to care for it may be best to avoid them until you can add them to a larger environment where they have more room to hunt and sustain themselves. Just my 2 cents. Happy fishkeeping!
Viggy Iyer
Viggy Iyer - 7 years ago
Before that I tried a mandarin and it also died in 2 days
Cjstraight - 7 years ago
How long will the 10% discount code be good for?
Bad Username
Bad Username - 7 years ago
Nice video
Joshua Butnariu
Joshua Butnariu - 7 years ago
Hey George can you make a vid on bad reef crabs would appreciates it (:
Joshua Butnariu
Joshua Butnariu - 7 years ago
cronkster25 okay thank you
cronkster25 - 7 years ago
White claw tips= good, black = bad. For acro crabs fuzzy = bad.
Brian Bain
Brian Bain - 7 years ago
nice video. been watching for a while. the test tip is excellent
Jan Ryan
Jan Ryan - 7 years ago
I wish i was a reefer and good looking like George.
J K - 7 years ago
i wish i had some good looking reefer to smoke with George :/
Frankie Torres
Frankie Torres - 7 years ago
I stopped testing years ago... lol
Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet - 7 years ago
HA, gay.
İpek Ocak
İpek Ocak - 7 years ago
Dark Helmet HA, fuck you.
ray mcknight
ray mcknight - 7 years ago
Dark Helmet LOL...then it would be a bless for gay, theyre about get a hot twink...
Young Tank
Young Tank - 7 years ago
Awesome video
Arsen Ustayev
Arsen Ustayev - 7 years ago
Dude. I love your videos. Always fun to watch.
JcSH2o - 7 years ago
Another great video man!
JcSH2o - 7 years ago
+TattooCraze InkStudio Have what effect?
TattooCraze InkStudio
TattooCraze InkStudio - 7 years ago
JcSH2o if you do too many water charges too close together it can have that effect. I'd say 50 percent weekly is sufficient.
Jeremy Cleveland
Jeremy Cleveland - 7 years ago
Mixed reef tank not a ton of corals but getting there (about 35) I do no dosing at all Just water changes everything stays in check numbers right on point. Corals don't grow as fast as others but there steady and getting better. Only ever lost 1 coral 18 months in. Water changes is the key! Thank you, great show!
Billy Pipes
Billy Pipes - 7 years ago
I give the same advice and nobody listens lol
Sam B
Sam B - 7 years ago
u say my tank looks bad I kill u. lol
TheOgPork - 7 years ago
Very good video I have been in the hoppy since 2013 and I got to say the amount of mistakes I made is just a lot but now I understand what I'm doing I know my water parameters I know everything in my tank. Thanks for this video I have been subscribed since I started saltwater
Uncle Fresh Reef
Uncle Fresh Reef - 7 years ago
Seriously you did not just drop a mic! Lmoa wow lmao
Viet Luu
Viet Luu - 7 years ago
sometime, water change will not solve your problem for example: dino outbreak, cyano bloom, marine velvet. ....
Nicolas Welch
Nicolas Welch - 7 years ago
thanks for the good info, what do you think are the most important tests to run on your water and which do I absolutely need for my nano?
cronkster25 - 7 years ago
Salinity, NO3 and pH, if you keep coral add KH, Calc and Mag
J-HOOK TV - 7 years ago
What salt brand do u use?
fishtankfreak - 7 years ago
Looked like he had a Red Sea Coral Pro Bucket to me...Not a bad salt, just watch your PH over time!
J-HOOK TV - 7 years ago
Josh SaltEmpire Duval thx
hustlecoral vlogs
hustlecoral vlogs - 7 years ago
carib sea ocean direct
J-HOOK TV - 7 years ago
Any advice to help someone that is watching my reef tank?
Ronnie Santo
Ronnie Santo - 7 years ago
J-HOOK TV it goes in one ear and out the other. your best bet is to give them a list and before you leave them make sure they can perform every task. urge them that it is your investment, let them know how much it all cost. I asked a family member watch my tank for a month, 5" purple tang dead, 4" kole tang dead, 6" niger trigger fish dead, only thing left was my pair of clarkii clownfish. thank god it was only a FOWLR... they bought these feeder bricks from petco and left them in their and didnt prep their food at all
Bruce Hillyard
Bruce Hillyard - 7 years ago
I love watching your videos. I agree with some of the other posters. You are probably one of the best, if not the best fish video guy around. Besides that, you remind me of my grandson. I'm an anemone loving grandma. Been reading and learning for about the past 5 months. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there. Keep the videos coming.!
huuua2 - 7 years ago
so true. so very true.
Nick - 7 years ago
to me a tank with bad lighting is the most depressing thing to look at, made me almost quit but then decided to invest in higher tech led lights.
SwirlDip82 - 7 years ago
THANK YOU GOURGE. I tell so many people about water changes how important and essential it is I do water changes on a regular basis and my tank looks great very awesome advice buddy :-)
MJBA Productions
MJBA Productions - 7 years ago
Hi george
Gosford Reef
Gosford Reef - 7 years ago
George, it is extremely un-nerving watching you go from about 12? to what are you now 20ish? in the space of a couple of weeks or less of watching your videos. But I handle it because after a month or so of trawling Youtube, I've come to the conclusion you are undoubtedly the best Youtube fish munger on the planet, bar none - even the 12 year old you.
Syd Pdx
Syd Pdx - 7 years ago
I might be a freshwater gal but I still love you ❤️
multisturge - 7 years ago
I agree with getting RODI, before with my nano when first started I was getting store bought RO water and had dino slime algae growing. Once I bought a RODI unit the slime disappeared. Now have 180l tank but got grape caulepra growing but have put in more chaeto algae into my refugium and added a booster pump to my RODI unit to make it more efficient and faster. Do hanna checkers need replacing over time?
wyatt sauvageau
wyatt sauvageau - 7 years ago
Dinos aren't as simple as a waterchange sadly :(... Currently trying to get these suckers beat!
cronkster25 - 7 years ago
wyatt sauvageau
wyatt sauvageau - 7 years ago
Exactly why I said not as simple as a waterchange. Did a 2 day blackout 1 day light and then 2 day blackout, now dosing hydrogen peroxide as of last night whenever they go to the water column. Going to keep blues only on for the next couple weeks most likely.
Gustavo Tokoro Riether
Gustavo Tokoro Riether - 7 years ago
wyatt sauvageau actually dinos worst action is a water change, I stopped doing water changes and my dinos melted down. Water changes are not the best solution for every reef problem...
Precious Faith Alone
Precious Faith Alone - 7 years ago
I love your videos
Sydney Heim
Sydney Heim - 7 years ago
he was contradicting himself a lot
Joey Bekius
Joey Bekius - 6 years ago
Sydney Heim how???
Iván Santos Castaldo
Iván Santos Castaldo - 7 years ago
Nice video! I'm a firm believer in water changes. I would like to see a video of 5 saltwater fish perfect for beginners with larger tanks. Thanks George!
El's Cichlids
El's Cichlids - 7 years ago
Thanks for the tips and will fallow, by the way is it to much for me to be running two filtration's on my 10 gallon nano?
Ronni Turnip
Ronni Turnip - 7 years ago
papa smeeps cousin
Mandrake Fernflower
Mandrake Fernflower - 7 years ago
nice ironic dab
James Frazier
James Frazier - 7 years ago
love the vids man. keep them coming!
Hollerback Girl
Hollerback Girl - 7 years ago
You give the best advice and your eyebrows are amazing
Brain Rain Bassin’
Brain Rain Bassin’ - 7 years ago
Great vid I loved it, keep it up: ). Could you do something else for beginners, or jelly-fish?! : )
DS - 7 years ago
Aldo the Apache
Aldo the Apache - 7 years ago
I have a question for ya, I'm trying to add a sump to my Biocube 29.... how do I do that? Lol
AzraelThanatos - 7 years ago
As a major thing, you can actually do to many water changes.

If I remember right, be very careful of going beyond a total of 60% in under a week. If you take to much out, you can kill off your fish because you've removed far to much of the bacteria you need. A friend of mine had his tank crash because of that one when he had a small issue and went for a few to many emergency water changes repeatedly and the load kind of murdered the system...
mylyingeyes - 7 years ago
don't listen to the armchair quarterback. you were there and involved, not this idiot. trolls everywhere
Random dude
Random dude - 7 years ago
Why does your nano tank look so murky? lol
tute carbini
tute carbini - 7 years ago
Hi, I have a nano of 72litros with sump integrated in the back part, and I do not get that with the wave maker the dirt moves there was the sump, I have all the dirt floating. The overflow is to the right above and the return to the izquoera above, can you help me?
Don Deslauriers
Don Deslauriers - 7 years ago
I'm just starting a reef tank and have done a ton of research so far. I just put together a quarantine tank just for corals and will keep them in their for at least 60 days. Then I'll put them in my display tank if there are no problems. Your videos are very helpful and I can't wait to purchase my first set of corals. Thank You
Del Mac
Del Mac - 7 years ago
Wow! you look more mature and different on virtually every video you do these days. Can you give us an update on your college room tank and your two rare Clownfish & how is the Frat house Jellyfish coming on?
Nick Nathu
Nick Nathu - 7 years ago
One of my tanks my biocube just crashed... Like literally my uncle hit it and it crashed all over the floor and I screamed at him for literally 10 hours
Michael George
Michael George - 6 years ago
Nick Nathu :-( he didn't do it on purpose. Plus your uncle is more valuable then a tank. I hope you patched things up with him.
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 6 years ago
Even the smallest nano aquariums capable of supporting a reef would weigh upwards of 60 lbs when up and running with livestock, so it seems like this is likely bs unless this "uncle" knocked it over on purpose.
Jumba Jumba
Jumba Jumba - 6 years ago
Nick Nathu On purpose?
BADU GM - 7 years ago
electric chair him but first burn down his house and torcher him
ETMew - 7 years ago
Nick Nathu elaborate on why he hit it
zleg 2 Account
zleg 2 Account - 7 years ago
Nick Nathu and balls
zleg 2 Account
zleg 2 Account - 7 years ago
Nick Nathu i would crash his car
Meldium - 7 years ago
was your tank on Wheels? seems like it
LAWSICK1 - 7 years ago
Nick Nathu 10 hrs is not enough !!!
Random dude
Random dude - 7 years ago
Did you have lots of corals in there? I hope not.
Aldo the Apache
Aldo the Apache - 7 years ago
Nick Nathu Is it bad that I laughed at this? It's not a funny situation it's just funny how you told it. Lol
Muhib Maknojia
Muhib Maknojia - 7 years ago
Nick Nathu i feel sorry for you
Evan Eversole
Evan Eversole - 7 years ago
My reef tank only has 36 aptasia and just because I have green water and GHA dosent mean my tank looks horrible and my bleached RBTA is beutiful :) lol
Sofia Castillo
Sofia Castillo - 7 years ago
Lolz my reef tank is actually really pretty! Probably because my cousin is great at the fish keeping hobby! I am just here cuz I like knowledge.
Billy Pipes
Billy Pipes - 7 years ago
see u at reefapalooza bruh!!!
Raymond T.
Raymond T. - 7 years ago
WoLfGlam - 7 years ago
Notification squad where you at

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