60cm Cube Reef Tank 3 Months Update

60cm Cube Reef Tank 3 Months Update sentiment_very_dissatisfied 52

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Pickle MeTimbers
Pickle MeTimbers - 5 years ago
How is the tank looking now? After a couple years I bet it looks way different!
Pickle MeTimbers
Pickle MeTimbers - 5 years ago
I have no preconceived notion. I just know when I was in the 3rd year of my tanks they looked nothing like I thought they would! I found over time certain species of coral were better suited to my tank, thus a different appearance outcome. I enjoy seeing the growth of different environments and was hoping you had or were going to make another video.
ric gan
ric gan - 5 years ago
Pickle MeTimbers so what is your bet?
CHAL KIE - 5 years ago
If Obama was still our president he would make executive order for you not to have so many tangs. you go too jail
ric gan
ric gan - 5 years ago
If Kim Jong-IL was still president of North Korea, he would blow you up with his nuclear. See? It just doesn't make sense. So kindly keep your mouth shut and watch or just leave. TQ
Zamsonite B
Zamsonite B - 5 years ago
The only thing separating these creatures from the inmates in a Mexican prison.....is the music!
art - 5 years ago
You need more tangs!
Ash Maxwell
Ash Maxwell - 5 years ago
Lovely tank but you will need a tank at least twice that size to hold tangs. Also slightly overstocked...
Fishyfredz 7e
Fishyfredz 7e - 5 years ago
guys pls sub to my channel
Moto Sly
Moto Sly - 6 years ago
Daniel Vázquez Guevara
Daniel Vázquez Guevara - 6 years ago
Amazingly cruel!
Gaming Panda
Gaming Panda - 6 years ago
That tank monst be like bigger then 100 gallons to keep that much tangs

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Discus BOL
Discus BOL - 6 years ago
Where the hell is Tang Police???!!???
Reefer - 6 years ago
Discus BOL lol im asking the same question but its better in there then at the fish store
Mr N
Mr N - 6 years ago
such an amazing tank i have one just like it
soverjas - 7 years ago
thats a heavy bio load for that size tank. looks good tho
naufal graisman
naufal graisman - 7 years ago
beautiful tank bro , btw what kind of filtration and dose do u use ?
OPSBOYS - 7 years ago
im making a reef tank myself
OPSBOYS - 7 years ago
i love ur bright orange red mushroom
Trepalio Bull
Trepalio Bull - 7 years ago
60x60x60 ??
Enjoy Wildlife
Enjoy Wildlife - 5 years ago
Trepalio Bull if i'm correct 216 liters
ric gan
ric gan - 7 years ago
+Trepalio Bull yes 60cm cube
jedimaster8691 - 8 years ago
Very nice tank. Lots of tangs bro! Must have a powerful skimmer to maintain water quality, or doing a lot of water changes...
ric gan
ric gan - 8 years ago
Thanks bro , some of the tang fish has already been removed from the tank due to the size
nycnoelskii - 8 years ago
Wow! That's a lot of tangs!

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