Algae Scrubber with LED Lights on Salt Water Reef Tank

The LED grow lights shown here can be ordered at: This just shows a simple to build Algae Scrubber that has replaced all filters in this aquarium, and provides all the benefits of natural algae cleaning.

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The LED grow lights shown here can be ordered at: This just shows a simple to build Algae Scrubber that has replaced all filters in this aquarium, and provides all the benefits of natural algae cleaning.

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for Algae Scrubber with LED Lights on Salt Water Reef Tank

OG`s Fishroom
OG`s Fishroom - 4 years ago
Cool video check out my fish channel, lets sub each other up! Thanks OG
Nick Buis
Nick Buis - 4 years ago
Sweet tank bro love it
GCCCP - 5 years ago
im trying to do what you did with your doser. Did you drill a hole in that fridge ?
pauls reef
pauls reef - 5 years ago
Do I need to improve anything on the scrubber I posted on my YouTube?
Libi Magaña
Libi Magaña - 5 years ago
Dam that's amazing!! Your so smart I love it
Vado Velocity
Vado Velocity - 5 years ago
can i buy this setup with the lights included ?
Vado Velocity
Vado Velocity - 5 years ago
also the mini frige do u have a video on how its set up?
Beau Bourque
Beau Bourque - 5 years ago
I'm digging the organization beautiful setup and tank. #goals
jurgen Boes
jurgen Boes - 5 years ago
dont you even have a protienskimer in there?
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez - 5 years ago
Hello awesome aquarium do you have the diagram and name of parts and led so I could make one?

10. comment for Algae Scrubber with LED Lights on Salt Water Reef Tank

Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 5 years ago
What are you pulling out with the water changes?
rafiqul chowdhury
rafiqul chowdhury - 5 years ago
nice system
Man Cave Reef
Man Cave Reef - 5 years ago
I really love the cabinets around the tank. I'm thinking doing something like that. can you send me a picture of it. Very nice set up.
UPSIPO - 5 years ago
I guess this "set up" , will not "fit" in my living room
UPSIPO - 5 years ago
Thumbs up ,
Brady Hubbard
Brady Hubbard - 5 years ago
Still having success with only 10 gallon water changes every 2 weeks? Is the ATS really that great for the reef?
Marcel Martins
Marcel Martins - 5 years ago
Sensational !!! Congratulations!!!
William Carino
William Carino - 5 years ago
I want to be you when I grow up.
Deepak Srinivas
Deepak Srinivas - 6 years ago
is it 12inches/6inches screen...thank u for ur reply
Deepak Srinivas
Deepak Srinivas - 6 years ago
wat size is the screen....ATS....and how many watts led ur using.....

20. comment for Algae Scrubber with LED Lights on Salt Water Reef Tank

Steve - 6 years ago
looks like Frankenstein's lab.I'd have to take two days a week off work to attend it...wouldn't be a lot easier to just have the scrubber slide into the side of the tank?
wurfag - 6 years ago
why would you put it inside the tank when you have a sump? :s
Fredrick Johnson
Fredrick Johnson - 6 years ago
Best setup I've seen, and the tank looks beautiful
Vapesters Lounge
Vapesters Lounge - 6 years ago
awesome set up an fiktration
ellison torres
ellison torres - 6 years ago
get some rabbit fish to eat those algae. btw we use that same algae as bait to fish rabbit fish.
REEFER JAMES - 6 years ago
Great Job!
worlukk - 6 years ago
great video and beautiful tank and setup !
Mike Newhook
Mike Newhook - 6 years ago
Mine is 11 days old and is still brown...noticed yours was green the majority of the startup...and tips? Does it have to be enclosed?
steve lane
steve lane - 6 years ago
For people asking. This system requires no skimmer....what the skimmer does is remove fish waste that your corals need to thrive. The algae scrubber is a natural (algae) filtration which once it`s run in....maybe 10 to 12 months you should see next to no algae in your tank and even very little on the glass. The scrubber is scraped or harvested about every 10 days and the lights are usually on 16 hrs a day.
steve lane
steve lane - 5 years ago
Quite straight forward really.
Essie S
Essie S - 5 years ago
Gabriel Q the algae in the scrubber strips phosphates and nitrates from the water so there aren't any nutrients for algae to propagate in the tank
john faur
john faur - 5 years ago
Gabriel Q it out competes algea anywhere else in the tank
Gabriel Q
Gabriel Q - 5 years ago
Could you explain how something like this would reduce algae in the tank?
Briar Fox
Briar Fox - 6 years ago
That is a bunch of equipment! What are the dimensions of your tank? I had a client that had a 220 gallon tank and it was much bigger than this one.
Mike Newhook
Mike Newhook - 6 years ago
This is awesome! You run no skimmer?

30. comment for Algae Scrubber with LED Lights on Salt Water Reef Tank

Jon Bonez
Jon Bonez - 6 years ago
where did you get the led lights?
Jon Bonez
Jon Bonez - 6 years ago
where did you get the led lights?
Reef Calvetti_
Reef Calvetti_ - 6 years ago
not skimmer?
Jorge Figueroa
Jorge Figueroa - 6 years ago
+Rodrigo Calvetti It seems like the scrubber is doing all the work
Beth White
Beth White - 6 years ago
Great set up! But aren't you worried some electricals may fall down from the top of your unit into your sump and electrocute your fish?
Steve - 6 years ago
you can buy polarity belts for the fish ..they'll be OK as long as they don't touch..each other.
Sky&Sea 4K
Sky&Sea 4K - 6 years ago
the fish might actually be completely fine, since they're not earthed, and the charge will flow through the path of least resistance
John  Smith
John Smith - 6 years ago
nice tank man.
Jake Carpenter
Jake Carpenter - 6 years ago
I like how you made more of a "coral reef" verses a tank loaded with too many fish. Great job!
Steffan Jansen van Vuuren
Steffan Jansen van Vuuren - 6 years ago
dj xcentric dj xcentric
dj xcentric dj xcentric - 7 years ago
what spectrum lighting are you using?
Robert Fernandez
Robert Fernandez - 7 years ago
Thanks for the vid! Do you have a write up of this DIY? Is there a rule for how big does it have to be for a specific tank? Like 120 or 300 gallon tanks?
nmjhd1234 - 7 years ago
Since you stripped the water of nutrients do you have to feed your corals? Especially lps. Ive read lps dies off possibly from the water being too clean.
Michael Schmitt
Michael Schmitt - 6 years ago
did you watch the video? maybe the mini fridge hooked up to dosing pumps will answer your question
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat - 7 years ago
Where do the LEDs come from? their red?
Arnold Adolfo
Arnold Adolfo - 7 years ago
very nice scrubber.... need to know what kind of sheet do you use please..
Quimerateck - 7 years ago
are algae scrubers only for salt water acuariums?, im new in this.
Manny Santana
Manny Santana - 5 years ago
Quimerateck no they are for every possible know to man tank, pond or etc....saltwater or fresh. yes even turtle ponds or aquariums.....they would love the green.
Frank - 7 years ago
what's the size dimensions of the screen?
FLC* Gaming™
FLC* Gaming™ - 7 years ago
all that and NO FISH HARDLY...BRO INVEST IN SOME NICE FISH.....ENJOY THE TANK....I understand u want to Coral to be the star BUT DAMN!
TheMirelyght - 6 years ago
+FLC* Gaming™ (#1 Call Of Duty CLAN) just from the few seconds of him panning over you could easily see at least 8-10 many people over stock their tank with fish then it crashes or becomes an unbearable chore because of the amount of maintenance it requires. here he has to do very little maintenance, has quite a few fish and awesome corals....dont know what more you want but if you want giant schools of fish go watch nat geo or something....
Andrew Artiaga
Andrew Artiaga - 7 years ago
Do you do water changes at all with this setup?
Lazy Ass Reefer
Lazy Ass Reefer - 5 years ago
Watch the video.
TheMirelyght - 6 years ago
+Andrew Artiaga he said in his video every 2 weeks 10 half the questions i'm reading are easily answered just by watchin the vid
halozone3 - 6 years ago
Probably does, just not as often.
yudruln8 - 7 years ago
question the whole time you had the algae scrubber its only been on 12hrs and off 12hrs? I watch the other video of the start from scratch till now
GhostCrisp86 - 7 years ago
Nice setup
Dean B
Dean B - 7 years ago
Nice!..I use a algae scrubber too!
John Alex
John Alex - 7 years ago
I really like that design. That's an incredible setup. Can I ask what you are using to hold your live rock in place like that?(epoxy putty?) I like the separation.

50. comment for Algae Scrubber with LED Lights on Salt Water Reef Tank

Romy de Jesus
Romy de Jesus - 7 years ago
I emailed your website twice regarding ats plexi box and the led light but nobody is answering my email.
Jason J
Jason J - 7 years ago
That is definitely not a 220 Gallon Tank.. looks like a 135-150G
AK Aquatics
AK Aquatics - 7 years ago
6x2x30inches is 220 gallons
jeff mays
jeff mays - 7 years ago
O my my my my!!! Where is all the filtration? lol! I'm beside myself! I can't believe it!! 
El Gringo
El Gringo - 7 years ago
you can run a reef tank with tons of live rock on nothing but a few powerheads or a skimmer output, the rock is the biological filtration. if the protein skimmer input has a few sponge layers then that will do for mechanical filtration in truth
Vandius - 7 years ago
Algae can filter and he has bags of stuff maybe carbon in the refugium.
Prince Littlewolf
Prince Littlewolf - 7 years ago
any idea how much you invested in your system without the tank and livestock?
Wooden Tool Man
Wooden Tool Man - 7 years ago
That's awesome! I'm an algae scrubber lover to lol
carlito password
carlito password - 7 years ago
Hi, did you make the algae scrubber? if so, do you make & sell it to the public? Thanks!!
Eric Stephens
Eric Stephens - 7 years ago
The best algae scrubber I've ever seen where can I buy one?
tven85 - 7 years ago
really fantastic. what a simple idea, executed expertly. au naturale.
Hunter Johno
Hunter Johno - 7 years ago
Wow nice set up an amazing looking tank
Joe Scrivens
Joe Scrivens - 7 years ago
free salad every 3 weeks LOL
Santa Monica Filtration
Santa Monica Filtration - 7 years ago
There are all different types of scrubbers, some complex and some simple.
Puff Daddy Reef
Puff Daddy Reef - 7 years ago
Rock and roll it is export time!
IceTurf - 8 years ago
This looks insanely complicated for an aquarium. 
abreezeducttesting - 8 years ago
You have a nice system
The drain to your sump has a lot of air coming down to your sump I would use a ball valve and reduce flow so the pipe is under water or full siphon. then you need a second drain for emergency. This is a way to eliminate air and the drain is silent.
Kerry Dollaway
Kerry Dollaway - 8 years ago
Hi I must say that you have a wonderful tank and great filtration system, Please tell me, what is the coverage area of those LED lights? My screen is rectangular: 20 inches Wide by 10 inches long. Would two of these light bars work on each side? Or would I need more light bars per side? Any recommendations or help would be greatly appreciated...
sbazain - 8 years ago
Do you have problems with oyster feast giving you high nutrients
sbazain - 8 years ago
Do you have problems with oyster feast giving you high nutrients
Santa Monica Filtration
Santa Monica Filtration - 8 years ago
I remember back in 2008 when I first got that much growth; it was a good day :)

As for bubble algae, yes an algae scrubber will remove the nutrients that all algae, including bubble algae, need to grow. The algae scrubber needs to be sized, built, and operated correctly, of course.
Freddy Delgado
Freddy Delgado - 8 years ago
Can this work for bubble algae ?
hzuiel - 8 years ago
What it does, is attract algae to grow somewhere that can easily be harvested, which starves algae in other places of nutrients. If your algae scrubber grows a lot of algae for you to harvest, the bubble algae should starve. 
jjiron706 - 8 years ago
I'm impressed with your whole setup, filtration and feeding are carefully crafted. I would like to see more of the tank.
paul elliott
paul elliott - 8 years ago
Lee Mitchell
Lee Mitchell - 8 years ago
Is there a way to order 1 power supply and 4 lights as opposed to having 4 lights with 4 power supplies? 
Beto - 8 years ago
How many watts are you using ?
severe weather
severe weather - 8 years ago
You oughta dump that weeks worth of algae in your local pond the turtles will thank you
Brian Story
Brian Story - 8 years ago
I like it. I see me doing this in the future.
torosax - 8 years ago
Hey there, quick question for ya... I just recently installed a "floating algae scrubber".  I looked at the LEDs on your website and wondered if there's any possibility of getting a shorter strip.. the box I have is only maybe 7-8" long and I don't want to light up any other part of the tank other than the scrubber section..  Any help would be great!
Ridwan Lay
Ridwan Lay - 8 years ago
hi, do u use 2 of " LED Grow Light Bar" for each side, so all total 4 light bar, is it?
Team Expressions
Team Expressions - 8 years ago
On the scrubber shown, yes it has 2 LED light bars on each side.  However, it only had 1 on each side for many months and grew algae just fine as well.  The extra light when the other 2 were added made the algae grow thicker and longer.
orange crushz28
orange crushz28 - 8 years ago
Great tank ...awesome filter system....
MUD BLOOD BEER - 8 years ago
Dude, awesome, but clean the algae off every 7 days !!!???
Popa Mircea
Popa Mircea - 8 years ago
beautiful algae
Fabrizio Bortoletto
Fabrizio Bortoletto - 8 years ago
hi, where did you get that black box to support the pvc and the light?
Expressions-LTD - 8 years ago
A jig saw, table saw, and sand paper will allow you to build exactly what you need.  You'll need the special glue for Plexiglass- also on Amazon:
Expressions-LTD - 8 years ago
The scrubber box I built from 1/4" Plexiglas, and used black spray paint designed for plastic.  You can order Plexiglas from Amazon:

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