Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers is the source for all your reef aquarium news - the latest on exotic fish, rare corals and hot new aquarium gear. Check out Scott's personal follow up to this video: Visit Scott's reefing channel, Mile High Reefers:

Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers sentiment_very_dissatisfied 52

Reef tank 6 years ago 57,057 views is the source for all your reef aquarium news - the latest on exotic fish, rare corals and hot new aquarium gear. Check out Scott's personal follow up to this video: Visit Scott's reefing channel, Mile High Reefers:

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for Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers

Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Here's is Scott's follow up video to my visit to Mile High Reefers:
Karl Lobanco
Karl Lobanco - 6 years ago
Have a jbj 30 galllon nano tank. And have always wanted a sump/refugium. But, never had the chance or opportunity. Me and my gf, has started this project. Hopefully it’ll be a marvelous reef tank as yours.
Marc Davis
Marc Davis - 6 years ago
can someone tell me how long it would take for a tank like this to grow (assuming you start with bare rock and tiny corals).
TheCheesewalrus - 6 years ago
this is probably my favorite reefbuilder episode in spite of the odd delivery of suggestions. you do a great job jake but lighten up a bit buddy :)
Matthew Ray
Matthew Ray - 6 years ago
Awesome video.
More Deposits
More Deposits - 6 years ago
Het whats the song at the beginning?
Ash - 6 years ago
one of the best mixed reef tanks on youtube...Thanks Jake for bringing this to us...Scott respect to you bro...
altops - 6 years ago
If you going to quarantine gobies that generally occupy the same bed is good to have sand bad for them to occupy
Todo Marino
Todo Marino - 6 years ago

10. comment for Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers

Atravieso123 - 6 years ago
Nice looking tank .but. doesn't match the tittle ,softies dominated or the excitement the guest showed
Dartist64 Rocks
Dartist64 Rocks - 6 years ago
Scott. spectacular tank. Very natural, love the variety the layering and your overall setup. Your tank makes me feel like a kid again swimming with the fish and through the reefs. Keep it going man.
Thanks for showing off this amazing reef.
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan - 6 years ago
Crazy beautiful
Dominick Brown
Dominick Brown - 6 years ago
If the sand works for him why are you telling him no no no
TJ Newberry
TJ Newberry - 6 years ago
Dominick Brown he talks to everyone like that. Kinda annoying tbh.
Usernam E
Usernam E - 6 years ago
Really nice setup. Respect to the owner.
beth98362 R
beth98362 R - 6 years ago
I have sand in mine and I've never had a crash or problem!
African cichlid World The ACW
African cichlid World The ACW - 6 years ago
Are The tangs are wild caught? I read they will not breed in a tank only in the wild
Ken Cress
Ken Cress - 6 years ago
If his methods are working don't knock it. The simpler the better.
Siwulam - 6 years ago
Mad props to the owner of this tank. Beautiful.
jonathan reddick
jonathan reddick - 6 years ago
nice,great tank scott

20. comment for Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers

Sheryl Farrell
Sheryl Farrell - 6 years ago
what about the yellow eye kole tang
Steve - 6 years ago
Fish don't host. Ffs. How can you not know that? Lol clue is in the title.
Mark Steffen
Mark Steffen - 6 years ago
video is well made. gorgeous reef tank.
Greg Bleckler
Greg Bleckler - 6 years ago
I really like this tank. Especially the light fish stocking.
roy van dalfsen
roy van dalfsen - 6 years ago
Jo Jake!
where did u get that dope zoa cap?
Dustin Baker
Dustin Baker - 6 years ago
It's a bit funny hearing this guy tell Scott what he needs to do for his tank, yet is there to show off such an amazing tank. Scott obviously knows what he's doing....
Joy Baker
Joy Baker - 6 years ago
i wpuld buy some of those monti frags in a heart beat! colonies!!!
Joy Baker
Joy Baker - 6 years ago
you look like u need room
m3rob7 - 6 years ago
Just as many have said, the constant bashing of the way he does things isnt cool.
JGO - 6 years ago
beautiful tank! I want to get a salt water tank but I've never had one I don't know how much salt to put In I've kept fresh water for 15 years need help starting a salt water aquarium
Juan Bolanos
Juan Bolanos - 6 years ago
I don't understand why your putting the guy down on what he's doing with his tanks. look soo good and he's had them for such a long time. The water changing comment. The side tank comment. Etc. He's tank looks soo good and he's been doing it so long. If it works for him I don't see why your making comments about it. Also there's not just one way of doing things.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Please visit the link in the pinned post for badly needed context from Scott himself.

30. comment for Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers

Graham Spears
Graham Spears - 6 years ago
awsum tank mate its a credit to you     big thumbs up from Australia
Ant Rikx
Ant Rikx - 6 years ago
scott's cute ;)
richard martinez
richard martinez - 6 years ago
yo I wish i could have a sump room.
QuarterBach - 6 years ago
I've had a reef tank for probably 6 months now and it does not seem to be growing or blooming as much :(
Mike B
Mike B - 6 years ago
I noticed with some of the coral shots they changed color, I presume because you put a filter in front of the camera, specifically the orange hammer and the neon green toadstool looked so much less bleached out. What kind of filter did you use?
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Actually i was using two different kinds of cameras
Robert Luebke
Robert Luebke - 6 years ago
lol, its by far the nicest thing in his house! Thats a reefer for ya!
Cesca's Reef
Cesca's Reef - 6 years ago
Nice video and a lovely looking reef setup :)
Sebat caballero
Sebat caballero - 6 years ago
Rick B
Rick B - 6 years ago
tank tours cool ,bashing set ups when they have a bad ass display tank not cool
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Please visit the link in the pinned post for badly needed context from Scott himself.
Joe Schreiner
Joe Schreiner - 6 years ago
Great tank but you were insulting him throughout the video
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Please visit the link in the pinned post for badly needed context from Scott himself.
chevegan - 6 years ago
Just keep doing whats been working for you. This hobby is 90% anecdotal evidence so there are few wrong answers. Keep it up man I love the tank and Hope one day to see if myself. Love from ColoSpgs
kai PAXpress
kai PAXpress - 6 years ago
I dont think you were that critical. Constructive criticism at best!
Rotter Tube Reef
Rotter Tube Reef - 6 years ago
tank looks great! as always. i don't see a fowleri tang though.
Bay Area Reefs
Bay Area Reefs - 6 years ago
Great tank you showed it well ,Good Job
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 6 years ago
Leave Scott alone.. lol. If it ain't broke don't fix it. . great vid
Ikky plays
Ikky plays - 6 years ago
Woah fantastic I hope my reef tank looks like this one day :)
Jordan Wills
Jordan Wills - 6 years ago
I love the tank tours! Maybe even more than event coverage.
Jordan Wills
Jordan Wills - 6 years ago
Wow! I love Sanjay's tank and his approach to the hobby. Cant wait to see Jason's!
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
It's a good thing I have a little bit of both coming up then! Definitely stay tuned because I'm going to visit Jason Fox tomorrow, and Sanjay Joshi the day after that!
Amanda Tee
Amanda Tee - 6 years ago
I think Scott just needs to keep doing what he's doing with that beautiful tank. We aren't there so who are we to say he needs more dosing or no sand in his QT? Obviously he's got it down!! Scott your tank is STUNNING
Ricardo Viveros
Ricardo Viveros - 6 years ago
first time watching your videos. great work capturing the beauty of this tank. not to be a jerk or cause any trouble but geez if I was the owner of that tank I would have been offended with all the criticism. not everyone is into name brand corals or man made clown fish. this tank is amazing and so healthy. you kinda sounded like a lot of the snobby people on reefcentral... again, I am sorry I may be wrong but that's just how I felt. I watched the video twice. once with the volume off just to enjoy the tank. I thank you for showing this tank off and props to your amazing camera work. to the owner of the tank. your tank is freaking amazing!!!!! keep up the good work. keep that sand in your quarantine tank also if It works for you it works for you.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Thanks for the feedback - I'm a hardcore reefer first and learning videographer second, but I'm trying
Rotter Tube Reef
Rotter Tube Reef - 6 years ago
you really should be more careful. it's not hard to edit...just don't put in what looks wrong. also, don't edit if you're drunk, just a few tips. I've been editing professionally for 20 years, however, it could be only 20 days and i still wouldn't put certain things in. this is constructive.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
I personally approved this comment because I wanted to explain that I was at Scott's house for FOUR HOURS. There was a lot of reef talk off-camera and I think the way I edited the video definitely made me seem like I just showed up and started telling him what to do. It's harder than you think to shoot the video, operate the equipment, and narrate what's going on (after a few beers) but trust me, we're on the same page in appreciation for what's unique about scott's reef tank - especially the group of wild type clownfish ;-)
QwertyYT - 6 years ago
scott shpuld get more acros

50. comment for Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers

Ben Klinsukorn
Ben Klinsukorn - 6 years ago
who cares about the tank, That ponytail is glorious
WilkinsonExotics - 6 years ago
best comment right here!!
NW Marine62
NW Marine62 - 6 years ago
You have your tank dialed in well Scott. Nice to have Jake take the drive to your place. looking great
Non Average- Reefer
Non Average- Reefer - 6 years ago
Are you coming to reefapoolza New York? Anyone
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
eric olsen
eric olsen - 6 years ago
Good stuff Scott is one of my original resoures for getting back into the hobby. I really love his channel and the info. i have gleaned from him is invaluable. Great channel to feature.
Zachary Maahs
Zachary Maahs - 6 years ago
the way he does his reef should be his decision no? I felt like the majority of the video was just critising how he does things. like no water changes or sand in his quarantine. just annoying
420skidrow - 6 years ago
i love the reef builder music theme its awesome
420skidrow - 6 years ago
mile high REEFER is the man hahahalolol
CUBAN REEFER - 6 years ago
Am a plumber for quite a few years and I often seen videos of people using DWV fittings ( drain parts to be exact ) on the pressure side of their beautiful tanks. I strongly recommend to use the proper fittings to prevent accidents specially on wood floors or carpet areas. Drain fittings are made to drain by gravity and without pressure, that's when pressure fittings come handy when we use returns pumps or circulation pumps they need to be made for this.
Is a beautiful tank and a beautiful sump set up , is good to have a basement, here in Miami I wish I have one.
Is a tip as a plumber and a Fan of Reefing
Ahmad Al Saffar
Ahmad Al Saffar - 6 years ago
Lovely tank , keep up the good work !
T Surro
T Surro - 6 years ago
Been a plumber for 30 years, never saw a reefer using drainage fittings for supply!! Lol
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Lol, i didn't notice it until I was editing the video - I assume the hardware store was out of the proper pressure rated fittings when he went, and he improvised
T Surro
T Surro - 6 years ago
Jake u r f- in hard core, keeping it real, luv that sh$t, hope to meet one day at reefapooluza!!
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics - 6 years ago
Woah Woah there! Where can I get that HAT? Wowza!
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics - 6 years ago
Another question for Jake :) How did you get those super smooth shots in the beginning? Do you have some sort of dolly?
Reef Builders
Amateur Reefer88
Amateur Reefer88 - 6 years ago
great video loved all of it keep up u great work
Gil Fiazon
Gil Fiazon - 6 years ago
I am currently building a house and want to build a saltwater aquarium into it, either against a wall with a sump room behind it or in the middle of a room like a column with sump below. Any advice from Reef Builders or any viewers regarding which build to go with and which equipment they recommend would be appreciated. Thanks for the great video.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Either option is great, it's SO nice having a dedicated room, and I'd say the choice of sump behind or below will really come down to the architecture of your house. One thing for sure though is that a sump below the tank is likely to be in a basement, and a cooler place that can help with overall heat management.
Kyle Poma
Kyle Poma - 6 years ago
Sorry if I missed something, but is this a criticism video? Or is it just kinda the style to break down the weaknesses of the tank? Just seemed like there is a lot of that. Kinda surprised me because this is obviously someone who is a master reef builder. He clearly knows how to make a masterpiece and maintain it.
Terrance Gilmore
Terrance Gilmore - 6 years ago
Reef Builders Fair enough
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
There was a LOT of discussion off-camera which I didn't include, which I think took many of my questions & comments out of context. I think you're right in that I need to work on how I phrase these so that they don't appear so authoritarian on video, but trust me it's all smiles and good times between me and the hosts.
Terrance Gilmore
Terrance Gilmore - 6 years ago
Reef Builders Why they are doing certain things or telling them what they need to do with their tanks?

there is a vast difference between asking a question and telling a person what they should do.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
It's called talking shop and sharing notes about reefing, that's what makes it a hobby - when you visit people's reef tanks, if you do, do you just ooh and aah or do you ask people why they are doing certain things certain ways? I find it funny that you are focusing on the criticism as all the videos I make are 90% praise and pointing out what people are doing right! Besides, when's the last time you saw an AquaC on somebody's reef?
Kyle Poma
Kyle Poma - 6 years ago
Reef Builders sorry, I don't mean to be critical myself. I just recently got back into the hobby and found your channel, which I love and is one of the best on YT imo. Now I feel like I came across more critical than I intended to lol I can definitely say I'd rather see videos where I can learn a thing or two while seeing a gorgeous tank. I think hearing some pros/cons to a system, ideas etc. is better than a simple fluff piece. Anyways great work, thank you for the awesome content!
Wael Binali
Wael Binali - 6 years ago
I dunno, I actually liked that they were debating the pluses and minuses. What's the point of going in and just going, oh look, lovely tanks, cheers bye. They obviously know each other so it's great having some back and forth between them. There's also obvious mutual respect and both are masters of the hobby with differences to be able to discuss. I actually loved this video because you can see there are so many different opinions on things and it makes it more real.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
No you and many of the commenters are right - I was there for hours and after several beers, the shop talk ABOUT the reef tank came across somewhat critical, although that was not my intention. I didn't mean to come across that way, obviously wouldn't have spent so much time producing this video for you guys if I didn't like the tank. I'll be more mindful about how I interview reefers in future videos.
MileHighReefers - 6 years ago
It was so awesome having Jake over to check out my tank. The video is so good.
Wissam Youssef
Wissam Youssef - 6 years ago
Tank is looking great as always!
Ted R.
Ted R. - 6 years ago
MileHighReefers Congrats Scott!!!
Linda's Reef
Linda's Reef - 6 years ago
Wow Scott, you deserve this.
Wissam Youssef
Wissam Youssef - 6 years ago
thanks of the vid Jake, and Scott the tank is looking great as always.
John Zimm
John Zimm - 6 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous! But why not substrate in a QT? I hear it allot. BTW, love the powder blue Mercedes in the driveway!
Stéphane Possamai
Stéphane Possamai - 6 years ago
Really nice piece of tank. I prefer natural lighting that UV or whatever looks like "fluo" corals but I'm. still impressed with where you go and what people you meet and what they do. You have a nice job, lucky guy!
Cliffepoos - 6 years ago
Great looking tank. Love the filtration. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Ralph Pastine
Ralph Pastine - 6 years ago
there's no need for him to change anything .....this tank is beautiful
Ricardo Carey
Ricardo Carey - 6 years ago
Totally want a fish room now
Wil Santiago Reefing
Wil Santiago Reefing - 6 years ago
Great video! Congrats Scott! Big time now.
akhilennium - 6 years ago
Wow..... I have the same exact looking Squamosa. Same size and same pattern. And guess what.... It's 5 year old too
akhilennium - 6 years ago
Reef Builders Yeah it is my fav. It's the crown jewel of my tank.... :)
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
The only Indian Ocean location for Tridacna is Christmas Island in the far east, but not sure if they ship out squamosas, pretty sure it's only Maximas. But either way, i bet it's one of your favorite creatures in your tank
akhilennium - 6 years ago
Reef Builders maybe.... But I'm pretty sure that mine is from Indian ocean
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
It's possible that your clams are siblings as many giant clams come from farms nowadays
Daniel Salt
Daniel Salt - 6 years ago
been subbed to Scott for several years and this is the best i ever saw his tank look :)
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant - 6 years ago
Nice Jake!
Reefahholic - 6 years ago
I do want to comment on the QT and sand. I have to agree with Jake here. No offence Scott and here's why. Sand can absorb many of the medications we dose making it more challenging to stay within therapeutic levels. Many reefers (myself included 5+ years ago) feel the need to cycle their QT tank. This is simply not needed. The QT can easily be managed with water changes or products like Amquel or Prime. If you have active medications running- it's best to avoid ammonia removers and control the levels with water changes unless you know that particular medication will not have a negative reaction with the Amquel or Prime. If you must run some bio media, get some Siporax or Marine Pure Spheres and keep them in your sump until it's time to set up the QT. I would throw about 10 Spheres in the back of an Aquaclear filter. These will give you the extra stability you're looking for. Sand is too dirty and hard to remove. If you have a wrasse, just put some sand in a small glass container. Just remember, once any bio media is used, it's best to bleach it, rinse it, and let it dry before you use it again. Don't just throw the media back in your sump or you'll introduce previous medications or parasites to your DT. Ideally, it's best to have enough media so it can be switched out while your waiting on the other to be colonized again. Here's how I do it and I honestly feel it's the best and easiest way. I use a 15/G and 20/L tank when I QT, but it's personal preference. I like to run Aquaclear 70's "without" media, but with a simple sponge to catch detritus or leftover food. I also run a small air-stone for increased oxygen saturation, but it also helps export detritus. I do a 100% water change and transfer in 7 days or so, but it's just when needed. Depends on how much you feed. This reduces any harmful ammonia levels, but also keeps stubborn parasites (Uronema) at bay. After i'm done with treatments, during the observation period I only do water changes- no transfers. Copper and Chloroquine "if maintained at therapeutic levels" will prevent most parasites from landing on the fish. Most parasites that are already there will fall off within 7 days (ICH or Velvet). After the first transfer, they should be gone. At this time you want to address internal parasites, flukes, worms, or bacterial infections. After all is completed... clean and sterilize the QT. Now it's ready for the next batch of fish. You can put the qt away or keep it there waiting (dry) for new fish and water. Honestly, Coppersafe and Chloroquine have been 100% effective for me in only 7 days with both ICH and velvet. Brooklynalla and Uronema are a different story, but both are fairly easy to spot and then you just treat them.
CUBAN REEFER - 6 years ago
Nice display in his tank
Reefahholic - 6 years ago
It's clear after seeing this video that Scott has some skills. Great looking tank!
Evan Coleman
Evan Coleman - 6 years ago
This is super awesome I love the lighting of the tank in the intro it's easy on the eyes I don't know if it's me but the dark tanks is not my cup of tea ✅✅
googIereallysucks - 6 years ago
What's your thoughts on acropower vs reef energy a and b?
Java02 - 6 years ago
beautiful healthy tank with large corals. The tank is doing excellent and I can agree with Jake about slanging some montipora to update the tank with some killer new coral since it's doing so well. Quarantine tank shouldn't have sand specially if medicating but oh well that reef is sick
The Head I.T.Guy
The Head I.T.Guy - 6 years ago
Love that the results speak for themselves! And the methods that got Scott to that point. :)
pelphrey - 6 years ago
Congrats Scott!! Awesome channel and tank!
MrJdanp - 6 years ago
awesome set up!
Non Average- Reefer
Non Average- Reefer - 6 years ago
Finally Scott gets some fame
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Listen guys, I was at Scotts house for like four hours, may or may not have had a beer or two, and while I was filming I was more focused on getting the shots and dialing in the camera settings than being very 'passive' with my questioning. I LOVE the normal type clowns, the focus on Montis, And ESPECIALLY that the AquaC skimmers are alive and well.
Brad Goldberg
Brad Goldberg - 6 years ago
Amazing tank and I love his channel as well as yours. 2 of my favorites. Has Scott had any problems with the LPS stinging each other or the SPS?
Ronnie Santo
Ronnie Santo - 6 years ago
Purple Tang? I had one of those... died in 2 weeks.
ReefingwithO - 6 years ago
I love Scott's channel, I see no issue with sand in the quarantine.
Reagan Ho
Reagan Ho - 6 years ago
top notch video tnx for the great effort!
GtcoUC - 6 years ago
I love how more people are taking Scott's side on all the issues! I love his Youtube Channel!
SaltyFreshAquatics - 6 years ago
Love the respectful debates going on between you guys in this video
915Mang - 6 years ago
Congrats Scott! Nice video Jake, More Bro!
Milton English
Milton English - 6 years ago
no sand in the QT :)
Rosco's Reef with Scott
Rosco's Reef with Scott - 6 years ago
great video Jake and Scott's tank is such a favorite of mine ahs he is a great guy.
HerrWade - 6 years ago
Jake his QT tank is a definate yes. It's a QT for monitoring not a Hospital Tank for treatment. I have one of each, stacked. I will say he should have it in a seperate room to prevent potential transfer.
Random Reefer
Random Reefer - 6 years ago
The shots you took in the 12k lighting or whatever looks amazing! It's awesome seeing the true colors of the corals. Amazing tank and video
No Gimmikz 78
No Gimmikz 78 - 6 years ago
If it works for him why add anything else...
Justin Thibodeaux
Justin Thibodeaux - 6 years ago
One of the great things about reefing is that there are many ways to do it. I do agree with many of your comments on things that he "should change," but that's his way of doing it. I would understand just suggesting tips, but just telling a hobbyist who pours his heart and soul into something that he is wrong for something is just rude. There are better ways of getting your point across.
Justin Thibodeaux
Justin Thibodeaux - 6 years ago
Alright thanks for the reply. I NEVER do any negative comments so I really debated on this one. I'm sure your right though. It probably just came off differently than the way it really was. Anyway, keep up the videos!
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 6 years ago
Reefers get together to observe, discuss and debate, that's how we come to common conclusion about best practices for best applications. Trust me Scott and I were doing this off camera quite a bit, so don't take it the wrong way.

100. comment for Amazing Show Reef Tank of Scott Anderson of Mile High Reefers

Jesse Vaughn
Jesse Vaughn - 6 years ago
Seems like someone is Jealous of your skills Scott...keep it up!
Am Fit Elite Reefer
Am Fit Elite Reefer - 6 years ago
It's awesome to see you guys collaborate I follow both of you guys and both have great content and this by far was one of my favorite videos thanks and coming from a fellow YouTuber keep doing a great job guys
sheldon jessup
sheldon jessup - 6 years ago
i say he keeps doing what he is doing, he is obviously doing things right!
gord oland
gord oland - 6 years ago
Woo Hoo! I love Scott's channel. Awesome Clam, gorgeous bubble coral and magnificent montis. This tank is awesome!
Eddy Ortiz
Eddy Ortiz - 6 years ago
Big beautiful Corals.Everything is very healthy.I think his reef aquarium is a old school Beauty.Fish colors are vivid.Nice job.
UltraReef's Channel
UltraReef's Channel - 6 years ago
Wow!! Great job, just amazing footage of an amazing tank. Actually I like Scott's simple approach, large volume of water to make up for extra dosing.
TRAY NICE - 6 years ago
I follow this guy as well, you guys are in my top 5 reef tank ch

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