Ari's 575g Reef Tank

Ari's 575g Reef Tank

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CincinnatiReefer - 4 years ago
Wow! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this video. I really enjoyed watching.
Gilberto Osler
Gilberto Osler - 4 years ago
Amazing corals!
Narcosis corals
Narcosis corals - 4 years ago
u win man
Gb J
Gb J - 5 years ago
Holy cow. nuts!!! any info on the system i.e what lights, what filtration system, dosing etc...
Matt B
Matt B - 5 years ago
Amazing tank!!!
brennen nisporic
brennen nisporic - 5 years ago
Incredible reef tank soooo impressive
Steve Brady
Steve Brady - 5 years ago
best reef on youtube.
BPS619s Reef
BPS619s Reef - 5 years ago
Or ina kamoze!
BPS619s Reef
BPS619s Reef - 5 years ago
Love the vid...wish it was with steel pulse.

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Salvador Ruiz
Salvador Ruiz - 5 years ago
I could touch myself to this video
J.H.G - 6 years ago
haha this is AWESOME!!!!
Chris Kociolek
Chris Kociolek - 6 years ago
I just got a chubby
Tess G
Tess G - 6 years ago
Lovely tank. Good job!
Henrique dos Santos Gameleira
Henrique dos Santos Gameleira - 6 years ago
Extremamente lindo seu aquario ! Parabéns por toda essa natureza em um pequeno cubo de vidro
Steve Brady
Steve Brady - 6 years ago
lighting? thx
Precision Reef Systems
Precision Reef Systems - 6 years ago
Absolutely stunning visuals. Beautiful camera work and aquarium! I think this tank will be on another level when those supremely healthy, small (for a 575g) colonies grow out to serious sizes. It's a work of art and an SPS masterpiece in the making.
915Mang - 6 years ago
Damn! Well Done, Mr Green Thumb!!

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