Beautiful Coral Reef Tank

Stunning colors of a coral garden in reef aquarium under actinic lights. Video was shot on Sony HDR-XR150

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Reef tank 11 years ago 474,084 views

Stunning colors of a coral garden in reef aquarium under actinic lights. Video was shot on Sony HDR-XR150

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UBF Underground Boxing Federation
UBF Underground Boxing Federation - 6 years ago
Patrick Nguyen
Patrick Nguyen - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank and nice music
chillstep4life - 7 years ago
Is this where fish heaven? Did my fish go here after he died?
anizato reef
anizato reef - 7 years ago
Acid + massive attack (mezzanine) + this video = 'must do before you die'
Nancy Leigh
Nancy Leigh - 7 years ago
how long was tank up when u posted this and what do you feed your corals
Max - 7 years ago
Beutifull colors!
C2daORRUPT - 7 years ago
What kind of Zoa is that at 6:43?
Rob Knox
Rob Knox - 6 years ago
looks like orange bam bams
Thomas Pleasants
Thomas Pleasants - 7 years ago
nice tank mate
Vero Suarez
Vero Suarez - 7 years ago
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JAMAL MAHMOOD - 7 years ago
if you get a panic attack and Wach this it goes away
rakesh jana
rakesh jana - 7 years ago
Awesome !!
Robert Ashby
Robert Ashby - 8 years ago
your tank looks amazing. I just started all over on mine. broke my 60 gallon down and now making a mini reef 9 gallon. I am getting the full spectrum par38 soon and would like some advice. its a mixed clown/reef aquarium with four different species of clownfish so far the fish are doing great, but I would love some advice because of the size of the aquarium. thank you and I already posted a video of it so ill start my own channel
Mazzy Black
Mazzy Black - 8 years ago
Curious about the tank lighting being used. Or even the filter being used to shoot this video. No doubt the corals are healthy and beautiful, but that sure is a lot of purple (when looking at how vibrant the purple coloring on the rock is).
david doris
david doris - 8 years ago
so beautiful and calming, I would love to have one in my home.
Sam Attisha
Sam Attisha - 8 years ago
How long did it take for the coral to grow to that size?
Ryan Terry
Ryan Terry - 8 years ago
Beautiful but... TRIPOD!
Paradise Bird
Paradise Bird - 8 years ago
Très beau, alors juste les roches ne bougent pas dans l'eau.
Eliezel Pacheco
Eliezel Pacheco - 8 years ago
Muy bonita pero cuando edites. podrías bajar un poco la saturación de colores. Los corales tiene colores brillantes y junto con la luz son bellos. Pero se ve sobre saturado la edicion.
Jeff Drobick
Jeff Drobick - 8 years ago
Awesome tank and nice job on the video!

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andrew williams
andrew williams - 8 years ago
Pulsing zenas are beautiful
Javed Elahi
Javed Elahi - 8 years ago
The best coral reef I've ever seen. ..
Amazing corals
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 8 years ago
great zoas  i loved the video
Xavier Franco
Xavier Franco - 8 years ago
Great vid.  Thanks.
Russ Andres
Russ Andres - 8 years ago
what light do you use? even the sand is purple
Pearly Pakarang
Pearly Pakarang - 8 years ago
Sooooo beautiful just like my name :) my name in Thai is PAKARANG which is means Beautiful Coral
Into The Reef Reef
Into The Reef Reef - 9 years ago
What's the coal at the 12 second mark
Enso ,LLC
Enso ,LLC - 9 years ago
The Joker from Batman color theme. 
Silt Techa
Silt Techa - 9 years ago
Cant take my eyes off the underwater charm
Brett Knibbs
Brett Knibbs - 9 years ago

30. comment for Beautiful Coral Reef Tank

Brett Knibbs
Brett Knibbs - 9 years ago
rayr18 - 9 years ago
Great video..beautiful corals
T2AK the first coral is Frogspawn
ToastedWalnut - 9 years ago
Can someone tell me what is at the very beginning. Green and purple tips.
Ray Byrd
Ray Byrd - 8 years ago
hammer coral
Ceil Russell
Ceil Russell - 9 years ago
Just lovely! So enjoyable to watch. Could you tell us who makes the music?
aznbttrfly - 9 years ago
Tess G
Tess G - 9 years ago
I like your video and corals are really amazing.
elF3RCH0 - 9 years ago
Simply amazing!!!
Manny Freshh
Manny Freshh - 9 years ago
drgrubenhiemer - 9 years ago

YouWrasse IsMine
 They do make Actinic led's they just cost a lot and are very uncommon. I don't think this is shot under led's at all though because there is no shimmer, it looks like Fiji purple t5 bulbs
bglover65 - 9 years ago
Very impressive! I especially liked your zoanthids. Stunning colors. And I also caught the boob shot at 8:13. LMAO
kruptstar - 9 years ago
does ayone elese see the reflection of a boob at 8:13?
Oscar Conroy
Oscar Conroy - 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure that's the side of a couch.
MrPebaa - 9 years ago
Holy mother of polyp extension! Definitely under t5 actinics or royal blue leds. Nice tank and awesome coloring. Looks like pbsteels tank.
Informatica BigByte
Informatica BigByte - 9 years ago
What is the coral in minute 1:00.awesome tank!!
Spanish Jo
Spanish Jo - 9 years ago
May i know what filteration system you are using and can explain in full details from set up to chemical dosing for us to learn from you!
FILM JAEGER - 9 years ago
I'm not sure id it's real but you can get it to look like this with LEDs
MrSaltwatertanks - 9 years ago
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake you can tell
klok95330 - 9 years ago
Beautiful. I love gods sense of natural beauty :) That is some awesome reef husbandry right there. Good job!
Devon Smith
Devon Smith - 9 years ago
Hi, I'm not sure if you went over this already or not. what are those zoas called at 2:45? the purple and green ones. what lighting aswell?
Monique Claudat
Monique Claudat - 9 years ago
GFormica1 - 9 years ago
Would be great if you labeled the coral.

50. comment for Beautiful Coral Reef Tank

Long Fellow
Long Fellow - 9 years ago
Check out my tank! :)
Mohamed Ali Abdoo Ponneth
Mohamed Ali Abdoo Ponneth - 9 years ago
wallynd71 - 9 years ago
Sallh Lalit Kishore
Sallh Lalit Kishore - 9 years ago
These videos prove that God is the greatest Artist !
ElectrikFunguzz - 9 years ago
Awesome video, even better when you're stoned
raja elmezadi
raja elmezadi - 9 years ago
Long Fellow
Long Fellow - 9 years ago
I'm starting up a new tank.. Check out my videos :)
FILM JAEGER - 9 years ago
It's real dont you see the fish that real
YouWrasse IsMine
YouWrasse IsMine - 9 years ago
First of all, you talk as if I don't know what corals look like under your so called "actinic LEDs" well there is no such thing as an actinic LED first of all. Second. I have seen hundreds of tanks under various led combinations and I also build my own panels using top of the line chips. Royal blues and true violets do create an "actinic like" pop. But not to the degree you show in your video. What you show is enhanced. There's no doubt.
YouWrasse IsMine
YouWrasse IsMine - 9 years ago
If anyone wants to argue this, then let's see the guy shoot a video like this and then take it outside and shoot everyday objects that we all know the colors of to see if in fact the camera/video is reporting accurate colors. I assure all of you, it won't be by any means.
YouWrasse IsMine
YouWrasse IsMine - 9 years ago
No it looks fake because it is fake. This video has been majorly enhanced which is very simple to do. The main reason I know this is because cameras are incapable of shooting a nearly invisible (nearing UV) spectrum like this. I'm sorry guys, but this is far from what the tank looks like in reality.
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
you are right i have 2 tanks frag tank with t5 and main tank with led and you can only get this colors with actinic lights (LED) Light :)
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
hehe its Led light m8 :=) and with actinic lights only on _:)
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
Its easy actinic lights led its all most purple in color and you can easy make that color if you have lets say 10 led 3 w on full power and no other light on then see for yourself
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
yea you maybe have blue but you need (actinic lights Led) try have 10 of them 3 w on max power and see for yourself
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
6:03 look like a monkey sitting on a rock and the Wind blow his hair on the back :)
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
hehe why dont you build it your self ? its not so hard as you might think if you want nice looking coral you just need some led light and some zeovit :) and you have a good start and ofc all the normal stuff XD
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 9 years ago
It´s a frogspawn :)
Tess G
Tess G - 9 years ago
shooter23231 - 9 years ago
Sorry wrong video oops sorry but it's really nice looking good job
shooter23231 - 9 years ago
To much fish for there size
Dall Sanches
Dall Sanches - 9 years ago
Congratulations! Nice, nice!
Dmitri S
Dmitri S - 9 years ago
Wow what a beautiful system! Would you mind posting your care regime? I'm sure we could all learn a thing or two! :) Very well done my friend! That composition is also beautiful. I have it playing while I'm driving home in peak hour. Its so relaxing and it makes my skin tingle. :)
don olivares
don olivares - 9 years ago
is it basiclly a black light and is it bad for corals??
don olivares
don olivares - 9 years ago
i like how everybody so quick to assume photoshop lol what an idiot
tskuan32 - 9 years ago
黃兆昌 - 9 years ago
深海裡發光跳躍的精靈, 舒服的配樂, 值得推荐分享!
strata g
strata g - 9 years ago
stunning, terrible to think these corals in the wild in 30 years time will no longer exist, that's why im going down the marine route after years of keeping cichlids.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 9 years ago
Nope, just slightly high K lighting to show the florescence .
bukavra - 9 years ago
Swami Joy
Swami Joy - 10 years ago
Nice music.
William McDonough
William McDonough - 10 years ago
han_malcolm - 10 years ago
I love those green coral with the purple tip! Does anyone know what they're called? (The first ones shown)
Nikola Woon
Nikola Woon - 10 years ago
its so pretty it almost looks fake
Rodrigo Sanches Boa Nova
Rodrigo Sanches Boa Nova - 10 years ago
beautiful what's light you use?
John Protos
John Protos - 10 years ago
Ke gamoo
Toucan Gr
Toucan Gr - 10 years ago
Τέλειο το ενυδρείο σου , και είσαι και απο Ελλαδα ,,, συγχαρητήρια !!!
Nuno Claudio
Nuno Claudio - 10 years ago
Beautiful , beautiful ,congratulations
Joe Steen
Joe Steen - 10 years ago
Wow. Eye candy.
Sally Gelder
Sally Gelder - 10 years ago
thanks for that the others I mean are the purple & green zoa's and the red,green & yellow zoa's Cheers Sally
Sally Gelder
Sally Gelder - 10 years ago
hi Mack I dont know wether you got my email reguarding what corals you have got in your tank but I'd like to know the names of the acropora's and the purple coral with the long green polips. cheers Sally
Sally Gelder
Sally Gelder - 10 years ago
hi my husband has a 5x3x3 marine tank and looking at urs is mind blowing it really is stuning can i ask you to give us a list of the sps corals and what lighting do you use? My hubby has got AI Sol light system and I was just wondering how you get the purple effect on yours cheers Sally
carnivore74 - 10 years ago
maravilhoso! beautiful!
Rob Lees
Rob Lees - 10 years ago
beautiful corals..thanks for posting
imsatanscott - 10 years ago
Curtis Richards
Curtis Richards - 10 years ago
Breath taking! Can someone please identify the zoanthids at 2:50...would love to get some of those for my garden. TIA
mhgrabow - 10 years ago
What trick did you use to white balance your camera. I have the exact same look to my lighting when all my UV led"s are on but I cant seem to film it....
Justin Buell
Justin Buell - 10 years ago
Alermone23 Lol. Glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking that exact same thing! Extraordinary colors and patterns are everywhere in this beautiful tank.
Noy Luis
Noy Luis - 10 years ago
Beautifully Stunning! Wow!
Nick Fischer
Nick Fischer - 10 years ago
I really wanna get my tank with that color please tell what light system/setup thanks o will subscribe

100. comment for Beautiful Coral Reef Tank

Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa - 10 years ago
Que increibles corales, lindos colores.
Alejandro Medina
Alejandro Medina - 10 years ago
I just take an LSD dose and i approve this video.
alex golovin
alex golovin - 10 years ago
get a rabbit fish for the bryobsis algae you have
strongestman47 - 10 years ago
Wow. I wish I had this video on my pc. I'd use it on my desks capes. Simply beautiful.
Dylan Drews
Dylan Drews - 10 years ago
Simone Sarantuya
Simone Sarantuya - 10 years ago
This is wonderful , thank you <3
Reefphreak - 10 years ago
I would like to know what type of lighting you are using. Just saying actinic isn't really explaining how purple everything is including the sand. There's either done other light on, some kind of color filter, or it's enhanced. Please explain. Nice healthy coral though.
Aaron Gustafson
Aaron Gustafson - 10 years ago
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett - 10 years ago
This has been enhanced like crazy I have LEDs with blues greens and reds and they do not do it to this extreme it's fake as Pamela Anderson these colours. Nice tank but I would appreciate it more without the falseness
Oscar Segundo
Oscar Segundo - 10 years ago
Nice video!
michael cortez
michael cortez - 10 years ago
just like how god created the dinosaurs..
pit pit
pit pit - 10 years ago
Hailey Amethyst Hamilton-Wright
Hailey Amethyst Hamilton-Wright - 10 years ago
its not enhanced - ours looks like this under the blue LED lighting (moonlight setting on full spectrum LEDs - make sure yours has at least the blues for night)
Hailey Amethyst Hamilton-Wright
Hailey Amethyst Hamilton-Wright - 10 years ago
he said ACTINIC lights - they are the blue LEDs.
YouWrasse IsMine
YouWrasse IsMine - 10 years ago
This video is enhanced. Notice how the guy never tells anyone what lighting he's got.
Oooo Hoe
Oooo Hoe - 10 years ago
Looks animated
irod72002 - 10 years ago
Does your fox face rabbit fish not mess with your zoas? I want one but worried he will eat my zoas.
Dustin Chamberlain
Dustin Chamberlain - 10 years ago
Would be better if the video was no5 edited all green
William Freifeld
William Freifeld - 10 years ago
Stunning!!! Absolutly stunning. That is some Reef Aquarium. Breathtaking! I'd sell my soul to own an Aquarium of such beauty. I feel as if I visited Heaven. Dude, enjoy it because we'll never be here again.
Tisha Seger
Tisha Seger - 10 years ago
All lighting aside, everything looks very healthy & the SPS are obviously growing. How does this tank look now?
عبدالله - 10 years ago
سبحان الله
Jin mi
Jin mi - 10 years ago
What camera?
Samuel Pulis
Samuel Pulis - 10 years ago
harry dixon
harry dixon - 10 years ago
What make of lights led or T5
harry dixon
harry dixon - 10 years ago
Outstanding colour what lights do you use.
Davi Fernandes
Davi Fernandes - 10 years ago
é uma aquário de Pandora
Neptunes Marine Aquaria
Neptunes Marine Aquaria - 10 years ago
Looks amazing! Im interested to know the answer to archangels question.
ArcAngel9008 - 10 years ago
Beautiful reef tank. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. What do you dose and test for?
kazza kazzamos
kazza kazzamos - 10 years ago
hi wot light are u use bulbs wot color
Eduardo Garza
Eduardo Garza - 10 years ago
its nice the music realy...
Eduardo Garza
Eduardo Garza - 10 years ago
its nice the music realy...
NATUREmag - 10 years ago
Mightymightysnacker - 10 years ago
this is crazy it almost doesn't look real lol nice tank
sea xse
sea xse - 10 years ago
corals are animals not plants.
Ahmed Al Waraki
Ahmed Al Waraki - 10 years ago
سبحان الله الخالق
thecritico - 10 years ago
Animated? Are you an idiot? You must be one of those morons who thumbs downed it.
kazza kazzamos
kazza kazzamos - 10 years ago
get some more sps and lps
kazza kazzamos
kazza kazzamos - 10 years ago
nice dude so nice
Laslie Dokee
Laslie Dokee - 10 years ago
Gyönyörű vizi élővilág. Szívesen megnézném élőben is .
Da Asians
Da Asians - 10 years ago
So real it looks fake *-*
YouWrasse IsMine
YouWrasse IsMine - 10 years ago
Beautiful. What kind of lighting do you have?
Cinderelli in the Woods
Cinderelli in the Woods - 10 years ago
I love this tank! So beautiful
chisaoboy - 10 years ago
This is one of my favorite videos for relaxation. My babies like it too. Thank you. Your tank is beautiful.
chisaoboy - 10 years ago
Wow... so nice to see someone on YT who actually knows when to use the word, "whom."
Schnibs - 10 years ago
Shane Steil
Shane Steil - 10 years ago
i like to video, love that is is just a reef tank with some fish to keep the tank cycled. I am doing on of my own with sky line fire dance as the music by david lanz. whom did you use?
Oliver Schofield
Oliver Schofield - 10 years ago
@orianrussel animated....ignorance is bliss I suppose
Orion Russell
Orion Russell - 10 years ago
Animated.. But still looks great
Britt gilman
Britt gilman - 10 years ago
Pretty nice tank, where's the FTS?
Michael Connachan
Michael Connachan - 10 years ago
Tittylovwr - 10 years ago
Fuckin tittys!
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber - 10 years ago
Awesome tank!!!!
Alvaro Ramos
Alvaro Ramos - 10 years ago
Nice aquarium
Kevin Parsells
Kevin Parsells - 10 years ago
I have actinics. Blue plus purple and I don't have those colors! This is led
Mr G
Mr G - 10 years ago
Great tank! What brand lighting are you using?
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez - 10 years ago
Corals come in all types of colors u could think of's amazing what nature has created for us in the ocean..but some of us don't really care and destroy the beauty it has given us.
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 10 years ago
holy bryopsis!
Dan Warman
Dan Warman - 10 years ago
billabooy60 - 10 years ago
jordan brown
jordan brown - 10 years ago
Wictor holmkvist
Wictor holmkvist - 10 years ago
euphyllia paradvisa
kanka inka
kanka inka - 10 years ago
that's such a perfect creation of God
kanka inka
kanka inka - 10 years ago
that's such a perfect creation of God
TheeFullBring - 10 years ago
very beatiful!!
brandon429 - 10 years ago
Great tank
Richard B
Richard B - 10 years ago
James Davis00007
James Davis00007 - 10 years ago
Nice vid some fish are really clever maybe it's coz they always swim in schools. I also have avert dangerous fish his name is jack the kipper.
Bartech666 - 10 years ago
I guess it's some kind of Hammer coral but I'm not sure...;)
OverloadtheBass - 10 years ago
what is the very first coral we see in the video called?
Kevin Parsells
Kevin Parsells - 10 years ago
What type of lights ? Led ?
Ren-Nicole Emanil
Ren-Nicole Emanil - 10 years ago
i want to see the whole view of the tank plsss...
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
Could be blue t5ho too.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
No, black light kills corals. Probably some actinic lights.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
Actinic lights (around 405-460nm)
giancarlo mezzogori
giancarlo mezzogori - 10 years ago
molto bello, colonna sonora ottima .......
Biggie Big
Biggie Big - 10 years ago
Nice coral mate
Peter Grasso
Peter Grasso - 10 years ago
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Please tell me what size tank this is.
aquasif paca
aquasif paca - 10 years ago
Beautiful !!
Marcello Branca
Marcello Branca - 10 years ago
this doesn`t even look real so beautiful int is
abrunsen - 10 years ago
This is an animation. No way this is real.
Byron Nidd
Byron Nidd - 10 years ago
Looks like a scene from Avatar...@panos2891 could you tell us what camera was used to shoot this?
baseballhunter99 - 10 years ago
that would have to be the cleanest, purest water on earth for it to be that clear
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
Some type of either star polyps or encrusting gorg.
sjt6494 - 10 years ago
what lights are you using
James Conrey Aquatics
James Conrey Aquatics - 10 years ago
Beautiful aquarium, subbed your channel, hope you sub me back. What size of aquarium is this?
dylan pretorius
dylan pretorius - 10 years ago
hey man, awesome looking tank, what coral is that at 2:06
terry gillham
terry gillham - 10 years ago
hard work and dedication well done.from fellow marine guy.
chisaoboy - 10 years ago
My baby loves this video. (And so do I.) Thanks for uploading. It's beautiful... sight and sound.
MidnightShadowed - 10 years ago
Some of those corals look so sureal.
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes - 10 years ago
Tsuimons - 10 years ago
can we see one full picture of the whole tank?
ibiiiii - 10 years ago
What kind of a person dislikes something that has such striking beauty?
WhatDoYouThink03 - 10 years ago
Very very nice!
soulman557 - 10 years ago
what kind of lights are you using in this video
lazcar45 - 10 years ago
Amazing tank!!! Great job!!
seven seas aquarium pros
seven seas aquarium pros - 10 years ago
very Nice!
Hugh Fathers
Hugh Fathers - 10 years ago
Lovely stuff!! . . .
krysia1957 - 10 years ago
krysia1957 - 10 years ago
ironmangler - 10 years ago
Holy fluorescent purple Jezus
sydpooh - 10 years ago
I'd say...5 years of work. That's absolutely amazing and gorgeous.
J Dawg
J Dawg - 10 years ago
corals are not plants...not sure if you were just being sarcastic.
mb01269 - 10 years ago
supreb!..haven a money pit mean salt tank myself..and yours it what evry hobbist strives for good job and great vid
AquariumsbyZero - 10 years ago
Awesome tank.
VitoCorleone32 - 10 years ago
Very amazing....Beatifull Reef
Diane Litt
Diane Litt - 10 years ago
Charlotte Aditya
Charlotte Aditya - 10 years ago
WOW....Amazing, to bad i'cant see the filter so beautiful reef tank, i like it so mutch
Felipe Padilla
Felipe Padilla - 10 years ago
Hey states he is using actinic lights.
earl jason
earl jason - 10 years ago
At first i was like its like a 3d animated but when i saw the revealed version WOW!!!!
Ionut Cozma
Ionut Cozma - 10 years ago
what's nice even god likes
priscacara - 10 years ago
Beautiful looking tank, colors really pop under those lights! Great job with the video too, nice and crisp and a nice music background.
eduart llapi
eduart llapi - 10 years ago
Uuuaaaauuuu amazing amazing
wheelsdeal - 10 years ago
Απιστευτο το ενυδρειο σου ισως το καλυτερο που εχω δει απο χρωματα και φωτισμο.Πως λεγεται το κομματι που εχεις βαλει?
Wiktoria Modz
Wiktoria Modz - 10 years ago
Incredible beauty - amazing!
Dylan Drews
Dylan Drews - 10 years ago
you would be suprised ...
Fredrik Magnusson
Fredrik Magnusson - 10 years ago
I`m in LOVE!
Cross-Fitness Training
Cross-Fitness Training - 10 years ago
i like look my tank on my channel but that is not so nice like yours
teleuitzetter - 10 years ago
ver nice. very relaxing. ommmm
Collin H
Collin H - 10 years ago
how do you get the colors of these corals or any corals in general to pop more?
labobo - 10 years ago
I guess he means it was human made, reef tank, corals specifically chosen for this color effect People want to see the real thing at the bottom of the sea.
Murr - 10 years ago
Thats a really good camera to pick up colours like that.
Luis Moncada
Luis Moncada - 10 years ago
Aron Lockhart
Aron Lockhart - 10 years ago
This is a duplicate video from another person its called 110g reef tank video
Geoff Scott
Geoff Scott - 10 years ago
Absolutely beautiful video and animals!!!! I'm inspired!!!-From a guy looking at an empty 29 gallon biocube
Alexis Panteli
Alexis Panteli - 10 years ago
geia sou file iperoho enidrio ti fotismo eheis?mipos tha mporouses na xanakanis to video me liogo pio arges kinisis kai na evazes kai ta onomata ton koralion sou tha itan akoma pio iperoho love to see it!!!!!!
Thiago Chagas
Thiago Chagas - 10 years ago
realy Stunning, congrats and thanks for share
Cross-Fitness Training
Cross-Fitness Training - 10 years ago
nice coulors
mixalakis32 - 10 years ago
μπραβο για το ενυδρειο σου!
MetrokatNYC - 10 years ago
Beautiful tank, are you using magenta LED's to pop the purple?
nikowv - 10 years ago
the camera is inside or outside the water?
alan richardson
alan richardson - 10 years ago
if it was fake it would be even more impressive if someone created cgi that beautiful they wouldve bragged about it
michaelhawkeyes12 - 10 years ago
awesome tank you or anyone who reads this should check out my biocube update and give me some feed back thankss!!
Alfred Hirn
Alfred Hirn - 10 years ago
Cross-Fitness Training
Cross-Fitness Training - 10 years ago
KongregateBadgeQuest - 10 years ago
It looks so amazing :D lol
KongregateBadgeQuest - 10 years ago
Whats the name of the very first coral? Stunning c:
THEsuperCourier - 10 years ago
Nice. Try some slower pans and dissolves rather than quick jumping shots.
BState - 10 years ago
This is incredibly beautiful..
SuperGrowPlants - 10 years ago
Gabriel Sosa
Gabriel Sosa - 10 years ago
What's the name of the song is as beutifull as the corals
oFallenDemono - 10 years ago
You'r girlfriend's orgasms are fake.
mtx303 - 10 years ago
Please hold your shots at least twelve seconds before moving. I am sea sick from watching you video.pun intended. I love to edit video try not to zoom if you do only once per shot and to a closeup view. I relay like your colors in this video. It would be awesome if you did this video again "hold your shot" nice and steady and no or little zoom. longer shots are easier on the eyes. Youtube has editing available in the video manager. I would love to edit your raw footage. MTX
Momo - 10 years ago
dat 1080 hd full screen.
Giovanni - 10 years ago
Tina Mercadel-Grant
Tina Mercadel-Grant - 10 years ago
This tank is stunning!!!! Love it
Burak Ozsoy
Burak Ozsoy - 10 years ago
what type of lights are in there, anyone?
D & A
D & A - 10 years ago
This is the same video uploaded months earlier by psteeleb called 110g reef tank video. I guess you didn't actually claim it was yours....
Kanra99IzayaOrihara - 10 years ago
You clearly dont now how to keep fish it itns if hes a fan of a movie the fish have to be compatible with each other or theil die of stress.
elF3RCH0 - 10 years ago
I wanted to see a shot of the full tank. Please show it.
shuwukong - 10 years ago
absolutely stunning
jeff Bailey
jeff Bailey - 10 years ago
Breathing taking reef bro. Makes me think what avatar would look like underwater.
ClassKlown90 - 10 years ago
what coral is at 4:03
Mike Morehouse
Mike Morehouse - 10 years ago
And you're a fail troll
Nguyen Phong
Nguyen Phong - 10 years ago
what's light r u using ?
Chris Crutcher
Chris Crutcher - 10 years ago
I think I. See fish eggs
po3tik1 - 10 years ago
coolest coral reef tank i've seen yet :) good job bro
Jason Meldrum
Jason Meldrum - 10 years ago
go troll elsewhere
waspmeat - 10 years ago
By far the most stunning display of corals, better yet, L I F E- i've ever seen. F U K IN Brilliant mate. (and I don't say that word)
Construction Lodz Poland Dji Phantom
Construction Lodz Poland Dji Phantom - 10 years ago
DreadedTHEORY - 10 years ago
Pristine tank. what is your cleaning regiment?
Uncle Ruckus717
Uncle Ruckus717 - 10 years ago
Clearly you've also mastered modesty.
Eulogy68 - 10 years ago
Whats the song?
PrasinhMageia - 10 years ago
polla sigxaritiria pano
Hesomable - 10 years ago
it can get pretty much the same colors with the ecotech radions its not fake or b,s its either led or actinic bulbs looks ace would say used a d.d magnifier aswell as the hd recorder to get the coral detail looking so good excellent work and amazing reef
VideoTube - 10 years ago
what's fake?
Jack Knio
Jack Knio - 10 years ago
it is fake
NapFloridian - 10 years ago
Whats the name of the Coral at 0:02 please also 1:04
VideoTube - 10 years ago
Its Actinic lights guys!! :)
VideoTube - 10 years ago
Geia sou file patrioti :) This video was shot on a Sony HDR-XR150
Steve Kourtakis
Steve Kourtakis - 10 years ago
Brabo re megale .............Young Frankenstein :) poli oreo video, ti camera ?
1stMissBianca - 10 years ago
I love your video of your beautiful tank. Everyone looks so healthy. You must be so proud of your aquarium. Well done.
IvanMechro - 10 years ago
Way to make it look fake with ur camera.. Even the green/blue chromis was purple... Fail. The zoas look cool though
Jason Aldridge
Jason Aldridge - 10 years ago
SUPER NICE STUFF BRO. Maybe one day.......
sbazain - 10 years ago
your corals are amazing, all we have to do is learn how appreciate beauty and wish that maybe someday will have a reef as beautiful as this one " happy reefing "
leeroy jenkins
leeroy jenkins - 10 years ago
ive just cum in my underpants and wiped my dick on the curtain. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
EngineeringAquariums - 10 years ago
Kevinrsp and muagurisking (srry if spelled wrong iPhone won't put me post and see posts) STOP FIGHTING this isn't about u it's about the great camera work, a lot of time, and knowing what he (or she srry) is doing. It's a great tank and u guys r clogging the posts.
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks - 10 years ago
best reef aquarium I've ever seen
King B
King B - 10 years ago
its the uv lights man, do you have a fish tank?
maugerisking05 - 10 years ago
haha so just checked out ur master reef channel! You are a joke, ur tank is dirty, ur fish selection is soooooo retarted, typical newbie who watched nemo and went out and got a blue tang and a yellow tang. You my friend are a joke, and anybody that owns a reef tank cuz they love the hobby and arent trying to impress people. PLEASE go to his channel and look at his awesome VERY dirty, Terrible corals, and no knowledge about the hobby.
maugerisking05 - 10 years ago
really u mastered reefing??? its funny when david saxby or anthony calfo both have said we will never master reef building? so u mastered it? so u have a complete natural bio filtered reef? with no reactors? no supplemention? no phospate removers? no skimming? im not going to even bother my self with ur "master reef channel" just cuz you can buy abunch of equipment to keep ur tank clean dosnt mean u know shit about tanks. and yes people us black lights on a reef, its called a UV steralizer! haha
packinwood2009 - 10 years ago
brb going to go watch braveheart
MyWillyboi - 10 years ago
It looks like cg
Troy Frost
Troy Frost - 10 years ago
thats really cool, i'll have to get a blacklight for my tank :)
Troy Frost
Troy Frost - 10 years ago
what an incrediable set up! You have a beautiful reef system and you have obviously invested a great deal of time into your creation. Very well done and thankyou for sharing :)
maugerisking05 - 10 years ago
that is the dumbest thing i ever read! obviously u dont own one, or know anything about reefs. this guy takes really good care of his, and this looks like its under actinics. def not black lights lol
Marco Gonzales
Marco Gonzales - 10 years ago
Montipora Undata
Kasa Fhae
Kasa Fhae - 10 years ago
.../no comment/just no comment/stupid f&cking sh!t. *R~
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
Or some Royal Blue LED's or 20,000K T5HO bulbs, basically a black light but won't harm the inverts and fish, not to mention they are more powerful and can help support coral growth. Both are often used to "color up" corals and help grow them, it makes more sense than using a black light.
kevinrspBelieves - 10 years ago
If you're referring to me, then you'd be wrong. I know the hobby well. Had my own setup for a time. Got my own videos on my "kevinrsp" channel.
kevinrspBelieves - 10 years ago
Black light for an extended time for sure. But I still think he used black lights just for this 8 minute video to show off the luminescence. Just Google and YouTube search "Corals under black light" and you'll find much of the same.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
"black light" will actually kill corals, probably some nice T5HO bulbs are RB LED's.
dan hill
dan hill - 10 years ago
WOW........sweet tank
Mrodogg73 - 11 years ago
Lots of haters..nice tank
Annie Duncan
Annie Duncan - 11 years ago
very nice!!!
akcessdenied - 11 years ago
I hate you...
odisseas giannikakis
odisseas giannikakis - 11 years ago
file pano2891 thelo na matho to set up toy fotismou to enidrio einai telio to erotefthika k thelo na ftiakso to siko mou etsi me afta ta xromata eipes oti den einai diko sou ala mipos mporeis na matheis to set iup? apo afton pou to xei? pliz pes mas einai telio exo patei plaka!!!!
chisaoboy - 11 years ago
Genius response.
Carl Jarvis
Carl Jarvis - 11 years ago
Nice superman monti !
Totoro - 11 years ago
Recorded with a very expensive camera i'm guessing ;)
bruceborges - 11 years ago
Beautifull, its the lighting
TheRelaxingREEF - 11 years ago
Shelly Faulkenberry
Shelly Faulkenberry - 11 years ago
Can you please give the specific brand of lights? I am having a hard time deciding and would greatly appreciate it.
mroshfosh - 11 years ago
What camara you using?
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson - 11 years ago
speechless !
SlippityDoo - 11 years ago
Thanks <3
jc c
jc c - 11 years ago
its a frogspawn lps large polip stony
jc c
jc c - 11 years ago
de hecho no es la computadora son las luces actinicas lo que hace que resalten los colores de esa forma yo tengo un arrecife y se ven iguales. si quieres saber mas de los reef ve a
SlippityDoo - 11 years ago
What's the coral at the very begining?
wwwagner - 11 years ago
It doesn't seem real ... It seems created in photoshop...
Tom Clark
Tom Clark - 11 years ago
ive gone from ¬_¬ fake to O.O again
Matthew Lindsey
Matthew Lindsey - 11 years ago
This video is sick!!!! I am all about coral!!!!
Fredrik Magnusson
Fredrik Magnusson - 11 years ago
OMG I´m stunned! Amazing colors.
sadafbenaf - 11 years ago
I know everyone looooooved it, amazing creatures! stunning colors and shapes! Some cute colored fish would have taken it up a notch! still it is breath taking, especially if you know even a little bit about their life!
Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick - 11 years ago
Wow... truly amazing.
mjbpri79 - 11 years ago
What kind of specific lighting used to get this effect?
msjheatherly - 11 years ago
As the Old Man would say on Pawn Stars, "Oh my gawd!"
Thomas Brighty
Thomas Brighty - 11 years ago
coolest display iv seen
sage cowley
sage cowley - 11 years ago
any ones tank can look that way all you have to turn off all of your whites and flip on your actinic or just all of your blue leds. dont get me wrong the tank and coral looks good its just is poping more with all the actinic hes doing the same as world wide coral does.
Nate Lombardo
Nate Lombardo - 11 years ago
I have a boner
Bluegrain Jibi
Bluegrain Jibi - 11 years ago
colour full
Hrocha24 - 11 years ago
How old is this tank!?
Zaki Zoghbi
Zaki Zoghbi - 11 years ago
بسم الله ما شاء الله هذا خلق الله
Zaki Zoghbi
Zaki Zoghbi - 11 years ago
Thomas Sewell
Thomas Sewell - 11 years ago
Are these all naturally occurring corals or have they been manipulated in some way?
Carl Jarvis
Carl Jarvis - 11 years ago
Love the sps corals. Good camera work.
rizendell - 11 years ago
looks like mostly actinic and maybe a red.
pandalillyapps - 11 years ago
Check out the coral video I posted!
chuck winters
chuck winters - 11 years ago
frag me some shit, not even kidding!!!!! pwease????
jason montano
jason montano - 11 years ago
anazemi1 - 11 years ago
Im surprised at how many people cant figure out this is cgi'd
mijan1995 - 11 years ago
this just so beutiful with the stunning music sad.
Fah Q Mafaka
Fah Q Mafaka - 11 years ago
What kind of coral is at 5:50 in the video? I'd really like on of these in my reef, thanks.
CEDRIC LEF - 11 years ago
magnifique j'en suis sans voix tellement c'est beaux
Janet Diaz
Janet Diaz - 11 years ago
I would love to see the whole setup//
sghera64 - 11 years ago
Awesome videography under actinic lighting. If light could make a sound, it would be a "pop"; like the light from these corals.
John Avgoustakis
John Avgoustakis - 11 years ago
Absolutely stunning. Hope to see more as it progresses please!!
loveflowers39 - 11 years ago
I think you have an ultraviolet lamp phosphoresing your corals. It looks great. Thanks!
Saparov Ruslan
Saparov Ruslan - 11 years ago
с детства мечтал стать ОКЕАНОЛОГОМ))
JUSTJEWETT - 11 years ago
Brandi Carey
Brandi Carey - 11 years ago
i could really use your help if you have time
Brandi Carey
Brandi Carey - 11 years ago
do you run a chiller on this tank
imneo1 - 11 years ago
Great Reef & Great camera ! try improving your film by not moving the camera and better editing check out my video :"Saltwater Aquarium Reef HD Video Part 2" inside my channel
Hunter Anthony
Hunter Anthony - 11 years ago
rosebud anenome got me.
CBRNelson - 11 years ago
Just WOW!!!
Tim Stone
Tim Stone - 11 years ago
@mrpmj00 nothing...
Maros F
Maros F - 11 years ago
why is all the rock so purple? im assuming thats it coraline algae?
Yamaha Jonesie
Yamaha Jonesie - 11 years ago
first off amazing... 2nd does anyone know the tune being played?
HBschultz - 11 years ago
this guy is a coraline algae i right?
JPOTT GAMING - 11 years ago
great video! although i am slightly nauseas due to the macro focus and camera vid...check out my new one i just posted...SAVE THE REEF!!!
VideoTube - 11 years ago
@vidman555 Im sorry my friend. I would love to own this tank but unfortunately its not mine :) So i dont really know any further information about the setup. thanx for comment.
vidman555 - 11 years ago
Pure Sweetness Panos, You have a remarkable tank. Please share with others the setup you have, source of corals, types of corals, etc. so the aquarist community can help re-populate the worlds reefs if/when needed. Sincerely and with much thanks.
mrpmj00 - 11 years ago
I want to get colorful corals for my FOWLR tank but I don't know what is safe with a 6 inch emperor angelfish and a 3 inch flame angelfish. Please advise. Thanks.
Ivan Montesinos
Ivan Montesinos - 11 years ago
No se ke hobbie de ancianete es mejor este de corales o el de billar de @samuelknot
Andy Sayo
Andy Sayo - 11 years ago
beautiful collection of corals
Darko Filipcic
Darko Filipcic - 11 years ago
I don't know what to say...
KSMA DSM - 11 years ago
Thanks for the info!
VideoTube - 11 years ago
@RiffTECK This aquarium is equipped with actinic lights
RiffTECK - 11 years ago
What kind of lighting are you using? LED's?
VideoTube - 11 years ago
@ksmaguro Video was shot on Sony HDR-XR150
Raphael Frommer
Raphael Frommer - 11 years ago
Neither "stunning" nor any other word can describe the images in this video. Masterfully done!
bluebastion - 11 years ago
Yes please post the video equipment you used? Camera?
KSMA DSM - 11 years ago
What equipment did you use to shoot this? thanks.
Arthur jancar wallis
Arthur jancar wallis - 11 years ago
OMG just amazing....

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