Budget Nano Reef Tank

This is my saltwater biocube 14 which has been running for a little over a year. It has two clowns and a royal gramma fish and some corals.

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This is my saltwater biocube 14 which has been running for a little over a year. It has two clowns and a royal gramma fish and some corals.

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Abigail 227
Abigail 227 - 4 years ago
I hope to get a nano tank thanks for this video
Nadi Mian Reefer
Nadi Mian Reefer - 4 years ago
Hi bro ,,
Why are you not making videos any more
SaNdeep Dev
SaNdeep Dev - 4 years ago
Fresherman Reefer
Fresherman Reefer - 4 years ago
what is the name of the light
TheOgPork - 4 years ago
Let me start off by saying u have a beautiful setup. First why is there a power head in front of the overflow where is the waste going it's just all ending up in the middle. Anyways in my experience going cheap in saltwater hobby is very bad in no time u will be upgrading and when u upgrade u will have to spend more than before times ten also u will have to go in so much trouble for used items I know your in college but when your done and u want to expand your reef tank u will get a lot of problems. I'm not the only one who have experience this but many other reefers

But seriously u have a amazing setup
baseballhunter42 - 4 years ago
TheOgPork you're a moron, with no expierence, no one needs to hear from you.
Zen G
Zen G - 5 years ago
Just a tip never pull out a heater like that you are lucky it didn't break, you should always unplug it and let it sit for a few minutes regardless if it's submersible or not.
Discus BOL
Discus BOL - 5 years ago
liked and subbed, please do the same?
Tanner Babcock
Tanner Babcock - 5 years ago
looks great
John Lauro
John Lauro - 5 years ago
Awesome!! Great job man

10. comment for Budget Nano Reef Tank

Arianna Silva
Arianna Silva - 5 years ago
wow its amazing!!! where did you get that coral from!!!
gamer 123
gamer 123 - 5 years ago
nice cross
Noa Spencer
Noa Spencer - 5 years ago
what was the total price of the tank including coral and plants and everything ecxept the fish?
J-HOOK TV - 5 years ago
Tank looks amazing
A B - 5 years ago
muneeb rahman
Rico's Reeftank
Rico's Reeftank - 5 years ago
looking good! keep doing what your doing. I subbed.
Dave's Reefing Addiction
Dave's Reefing Addiction - 5 years ago
Great tank. Thanx for the tip on the led supplier
Donald White
Donald White - 5 years ago
keep up the good work
Discus BOL
Discus BOL - 5 years ago
nice tank, check out mine and like if possible
Thomas Hanson
Thomas Hanson - 5 years ago
Awesome tank! so proud of you on making a beautiful tank under a great budget. The key is patience on finding good deals. Have you ever thought about making a small refugium on the back of your tank?

20. comment for Budget Nano Reef Tank

James Guzman
James Guzman - 5 years ago
bad ass looking tank
CityReefer - 6 years ago
great looking tank.
J Plum
J Plum - 6 years ago
Welcome to the ocean in your house!
Aquatics Ninja
Aquatics Ninja - 6 years ago
Nice tank you got a new subscriber
Donald White
Donald White - 5 years ago
OJ dude No they don't stupid fuck do your research
Muneeb Rahman
Muneeb Rahman - 6 years ago
+Aquatics Ninja Thanks!
Franklin Reinoza
Franklin Reinoza - 6 years ago
Very Nice tank. Here hast you a new suscriber.
Please, Can you teel me or make a new video, about your daily, weakly and montly maintenance? And what kind of aditives Do you use? my English is not verry good, sorry ... . Keep going with this good work. Im planing of making something similar to you
Muneeb Rahman
Muneeb Rahman - 5 years ago
Hey try finding some saltwater focused Facebook groups to join and also online forums. There are lots of local hobbyists that sell coral frags for cheap on groups or even give them away.
A B - 5 years ago
Muneeb Rahman

SA I have just started my new tank and trying to take your advices to be in budget. I am in Texas too and am trying to find cheap corals, do you have any advice
Muneeb Rahman
Muneeb Rahman - 6 years ago
+Franklin Reinoza Thanks, I'll try and make a video of my tank maintenance when I get a chance

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