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Fish Freak
Fish Freak - 3 years ago
Yo that's way to low of a water change
DIY Cowboy
DIY Cowboy - 3 years ago
Does this dude have his own channel or what ?
Timberbay - 4 years ago
Beautiful! And the tank wasnt bad either.. ;)
Victor Reyes
Victor Reyes - 4 years ago
I just got a 29 gal loving it and love your videos
Grimm Day
Grimm Day - 4 years ago
Great video and gorgeous gal!
TheNy615 - 5 years ago
You said you want to a store in Tennessee I am actually in Nashville Tennessee can you tell me what the name and address of that store was or what part of Tennessee please thank you
james parrott
james parrott - 3 years ago
TheNy615 no way I've been there!
TheNy615 - 5 years ago
+SmileyDakota not really it's about four hours away but there is only one saltwater reef shop in Nashville
SmileyDakota - 5 years ago
+TheNy615 It's called the Coral Reef in Jefferson City. Is that close to you?
Aiden Tolomay
Aiden Tolomay - 5 years ago
Aren't polyps toxic? Palytoxin?
SmileyDakota - 5 years ago
+Aiden Tolomay Only some are toxic, usually the death polyps. Palytoxin isn't something to mess with either
Scot Marquardt
Scot Marquardt - 5 years ago
I don't like girls that won't suck the tube!
Travis Short
Travis Short - 6 years ago
Hot ass girlfriend
Daan Hijmans
Daan Hijmans - 6 years ago
made me watch the video too haha 

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Ken Jones
Ken Jones - 6 years ago
The video review is ok. The next video should be named:
Coralife BioCube Basics: Week 6 - alge blooms and Cyano the real Bio truth! Avoid bio cubes... get a glass tank and a sump. You will hate the Biocube Cube experience. Title Week 7 - I hope you like water changes. Week 8 -Why did I buy a Bio cube? Week 9 - I aint "Simely" no moe. Sorry I could not resist.
Todd Hayslett
Todd Hayslett - 3 years ago
I do 80% water changes 3 times a week on my 65gallon Goldfish tank. You reefers have it easy... 1 water change a week.... pffft
Caledonia Bergeron
Caledonia Bergeron - 4 years ago
+Ken Jones For some I guess. I have personally owned a couple different smaller tanks and when done right you can have great filtration, a fully stocked tank and excellent growth without having to setup a huge display. Big tanks are nice, but water changes are water changes and should be done weekly on ALL tanks.
Luis Romera
Luis Romera - 6 years ago
Well done with the tank. I'm planning on getting a biocube just because of your videos! Great job you guys! Keep it up!
YouSoundButtHurt - 6 years ago
4:02 Yeah baby
Théo Bofia
Théo Bofia - 6 years ago
Soon as I saw that i came down to the comment to see if someone was talkin about it and sure!!! lmao
Chris Loescher
Chris Loescher - 7 years ago
I hate that
Robs Koi Pond
Robs Koi Pond - 7 years ago
You do not have to take down the water level to glue frags in.  Do you think they drain the tanks down half way on 2000 gallon tanks to glue them in? No they don't.
lol.  Simply make a epoxy and CA gel glue sandwich.  I have never lowered the water in my tank to glue in corals.  
Caledonia Bergeron
Caledonia Bergeron - 4 years ago
+rghill100 Right! And any cyanoacrylate glue will work. That 14.99 tube of "coral" glue is a huge ripoff.
EquestJess55 - 7 years ago
I have some questions! My hubby got me a Coralife BioCube 14 for Xmas and I'm getting ready to set it up. 1) Does every heater go inside the filter area as you have done yours? I'd like to do this but want to make sure I can with something like a Aqueon ProHeater 50W. (2) How do the lights work? Did you replace any of yours? I would like to have some illumination at night as shown on the box but only if my tank will be healthy. Please help! I want to do this right. :)
SmileyDakota - 6 years ago
+EquestJess55  Yay, that is great!!! :)  I am using AquaVitro to supplement.  You do have to supplement but doing so shouldn't cause you to lose a fish. 
EquestJess55 - 7 years ago
+SmileyDakota Thank you for responding!! :) My tank is doing great! My water quality is perfect. I also used the Nutri Seawater that you used so I think that made a big difference. Are you supplementing your corals at all? The local fish store told me to buy $80 in supplements and I am a little nervous to use them because I don't really understand how they work or even if they truly are necessary. I did dose twice and the second time lost a fish that night which has me freaked out.
SmileyDakota - 7 years ago
What a great Christmas present!!  1) Yes, the Aqueon heater will fit back there, and that's a good heater.  2) I used the stock lighting and put them on a timer for 10 hrs a day.  I leave the moon lighting on all the time so there is illumination at night.  Good Luck!!  Let me know if you have any more questions, I would love to see your aquarium as you get it going. :)
Ric415 - 7 years ago
Hi smileydakota. Congratulation on your first reef tank. U did a splendid job. Your tank looks amazing now. I'm setting up my first biocube 29 as well. I hope my tank will look as beautiful as hours. Thanks.
SmileyDakota - 7 years ago
Thank you so much!!!  Good luck and have fun :)
Hadsatriani - 7 years ago
Thanks so much for replying i do appreciate it!! Im going to do lots of research before i make any major decisions! Thanks again!
Hadsatriani - 7 years ago
Hey I've been thinking on getting one of these set up's are they hard to keep?
SmileyDakota - 7 years ago
If you are willing to maintain the aquarium and put the time into it then it is not hard it is enjoyable. 
Elvis Ruvalcaba
Elvis Ruvalcaba - 7 years ago
:-D lol

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Dana Jackson
Dana Jackson - 7 years ago
great job it looks good, Im thinking of starting a saltwater tank after watching your vids
Aaron Kirkwood
Aaron Kirkwood - 7 years ago
I love Duncans. I started with 3 heads and after a year I have about 15 heads that are all about 3x the size of my original 3 heads.

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