Corals problems - clown fish dying - reef tank

Water parameters, PH - 8,Ammonia - 0,Nitrite - 0,Nitrate - 10,Salinity - 1.024,Temp - 24 C (75 F). Clown fish is now dead! Shrimp died within 5 minutes. Bought 3 crabs which are all dead. Also bought 6 snails (3 x 4 weeks ago, 3 x yesterday) all dead.Toadstool coral will not open up. Polyps are also looking dead. Please help. Update on 22/01/14 - Calcium - 540, KH - 14dkh (250.6), Phosphate - 0.25. I also added 1ml iodide today. Watch Part 6 -

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Water parameters, PH - 8,Ammonia - 0,Nitrite - 0,Nitrate - 10,Salinity - 1.024,Temp - 24 C (75 F). Clown fish is now dead! Shrimp died within 5 minutes. Bought 3 crabs which are all dead. Also bought 6 snails (3 x 4 weeks ago, 3 x yesterday) all dead.Toadstool coral will not open up. Polyps are also looking dead. Please help. Update on 22/01/14 - Calcium - 540, KH - 14dkh (250.6), Phosphate - 0.25. I also added 1ml iodide today. Watch Part 6 -

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tap water reef guy 82
tap water reef guy 82 - 2 years ago
Hi mate what test kit are you using and is it an old test kit . And you haven’t added any copper treatment
Barry Hutchinson
Barry Hutchinson - 3 years ago
Probably froze their asses off with that water temperature.
Chris May
Chris May - 3 years ago
Nitrates are too high! They should be at 0. Also, those lights are crap! At least get rid of those T8 and get some T5's

Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons - 3 years ago
I'm suddenly having the same problem. all the corals pulled back. fish seem OK. urchins aren't doing good. what was the problem?
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 3 years ago
Ryan Simmons my salinity levels were extremely high as I forgot to calibrate the refractometer. I then sorted out that problem but corals were still unhappy. you may need to increase the amount of rock in the tank. that was another problem for me at the te and finally check that there is no dead fish.
BooN Gaming
BooN Gaming - 3 years ago
old vid but i would have a guess at not enough water flow. if your coral is encrusted like that i think its because its not got enough flow to remove the waste excreted. im sure i have seen that stressed corals can produce toxins, so that might be what wiped stuff out. i had a hard time getting corals in the best location at first. either not enough or too much flow. believe it or not something as simple as water flow was a problem for me for my first year.
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 3 years ago
BooN Gamer it was because of salinity levels mate. my refractometer was not reset so I pumped in way much more salt into the tank!
Dennis CANAN
Dennis CANAN - 3 years ago
ur pH is higher than normal. Has to be 7
mr. terious
mr. terious - 3 years ago
And bacto is goed bacteria for ballance
mr. terious
mr. terious - 3 years ago
U neef aan sump bruv
javi bronco
javi bronco - 3 years ago
I had the same problem and I came to find out that it was the copper in water

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29Gsaltaquatics - 3 years ago
Something probably died and it is still in there but you probably don't know where it is, Corals can close up and get sick when something dies in the aquarium even with no ammonia spike. Or if you have a parasite problem (which it sounds like you do because a fish died, corals are closed up, crabs are dead, and all of the snails died) It will make the corals close up and they will create mucus and bleach out. The common parasites in a saltwater aquarium are Ich and White Stringy Poop from the fish which can easily cause fish to get sick and maybe die. White stringy poop parasite is an internal parasite that causes organs to clog up and not let the fish digest it's food and then the fish gets sick so watch for white stringy poop from the fish, if you see some find some reef safe ich, internal parasite and fin rot medication. Use it and do a water change after dosage.Ich does not get on the corals but it can land on corals and repopulate from the coral. The coral will form mucus from the ice on coral. But beware because a lot of ice medication can kill inverts, can make corals close up longer, and can stain glass. Try to find a ich medication and take out carbon from filter so it works. Once the treatment is done (normally and week to 2 weeks) do a 25% water change. If you don't see ich on the fish watch them for the next few days to a week to see if you see little white dots (ich). If you do get a small tank and use it for a QT (quarantine tank) and keep the fish in there for 2-4 weeks with medication to save the fish from death. Inverts and corals CAN NOT die from ich. keep you tank fish free for 2-4 weeks and raise your temp during that time to speed up ich lifecycle, then medicate the tank for a week. Make sure in the QT to raise the temp to 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit, and let the salinity be 1.013-1.018 to make the ich fall off and become weak. Your fish will be fine. Iodine is deadly to corals and fish don't let them be in Iodine for over 15 seconds. LEDs work for me make sure they are actinic. your phosphates look a little high and that explains the algae and death of the live stock. While your fish are in the QT wait 1.5 weeks and either go buy and Neon Goby or a Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Because they both eat parasites and ich, they also clean fish and corals. Don't buy a cleaner wrasse they are best left in the ocean they are expert level fish only.
How long has your tank been cycled?
What do you feed your fish?
How much do you feed you fish?
How much do you take out when doing a water change?
How big is the tank?
What is the current livestock status?
What is your current lighting source?
What is you G.P.H speed in your current flow?
What is your filter?
CAUTION!: Do this all in a Quarantine Tank! |
If you see ich do what I told you. \/
If you see White Stringy Poop do what I told you.
Use Prima-Fix (made by API) ich, fin rot, and internal parasite healer.
Increase water temp to 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit.
Lower salt levels in tank.

Also go subscribe to my channel if you have time thank you!
My tank status \/
Biocube 29 Gallon 2 months old
Livestock: 1 Ocellaris Clownfish, 1 Snowflake Ocellaris clownfish, Bangaii Cardinalfish, Flame Angelfish, 5 hermit crabs, 1 feather duster, 1 bubble coral, hammer coral, duncan coral, zoanthids, acan coral, Monti Cap, and cleaner shrimp.
LED actinic lights
Biocube filter
Bobby Yehuda
Bobby Yehuda - 3 years ago
do sea bath for 5 min
1Smoking Lizard
1Smoking Lizard - 4 years ago
@5:07. my ehh-ehh-ehh research.  They dah-dah-dah light much so...
Jdhh Dhdej
Jdhh Dhdej - 4 years ago
put 1.025
NEMO20G - 4 years ago
good video mate!! Ive liked and subscribed to your channel.Please visit my channel and subscribe :) looking forward to any further updates!!!
Robert Nadeau
Robert Nadeau - 4 years ago
With all that algae, your nitrate is likely way higher than 10, and your phosphate is likely rather high as well. Looking at the algae, I'll guess that it has been this way for quite some time.
Sorry you're going through this.
Mohammed Alsuwaidi
Mohammed Alsuwaidi - 5 years ago
hello, how are you? i want to set up a marine aquarium, and I'm very new and reading up info, maybe you can help me?? email?
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 5 years ago
+Muhammad Alsuwaidi Hi Thanks for your e-mail. If you are looking for Marine set up then I would suggest to get your equipment right from the beginning. i thought I did research right at the time but I ended up spending much more afterwards as I didn't buy the right equipment at the beginning. Choose the size of your tank first (most aquariums come with lights and heater and filters), then you will need a good skimmer (maybe Nano hydor slim), wave makers (1 or 2 depending on a size of the aquarium) and plenty live rock. Of course you will also need , salt, RODI water and hydrometer. I would choose crushed coral as a sandbed but you could also go for fine sand - this is entirely up to you. You are ready to go after this. You may also need a test kit to keep testing your water to see your water parameters are correct until you add any fish. However, this is not necessary. It may be best getting your water checked at your fish store. I hope that this guides you and gives you an idea to set up your tank. Please subscribe and check-out my other videos. I hope that it helps you to find your way. Many thanks
M.R. Hawks
M.R. Hawks - 5 years ago
Did you lose your clown?
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 5 years ago
Yep, straight after the video i lost the clown fish.
Samuel Gutierrez
Samuel Gutierrez - 6 years ago
I have a question -- What was your salinity when it was high ?????
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 6 years ago
I dont even know. Put it this way, refractometer was calibrated well under 0. I would say probably something like 1.046 or something.
Wolfburg T5
Wolfburg T5 - 6 years ago
I was just going to say your salinity is to high,did your clown fish pull through?

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ClaudiaDoberman - 6 years ago
I hope everything is fine now. Ask your local fish shop, to see if they can help you out with the salinity.
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 6 years ago
Omg! Guys I found out what the problem was. I stupidly did not calibrate my refractometer so salinity levels were very high. Unbelievably high!! I only realised when I tested the corals water which I bought today. I am surprised I didn't lose any of my fish. That explains why corals didnt last and also sudden death of shrimps and other invertebrates.
Gerald Hargrave
Gerald Hargrave - 3 years ago
Raso Ras bro half way threw your video I was screaming selenity
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 6 years ago
update: I added iodide on my tank 2 days after this video. Toadstoll died a day later. I think that the reason it didn't open up was because of my lighting system. I am now getting LED lighting system so hopefully that will resolve the problem. Also I think that I overdose the iodide. So I wouldn't do it again!!!
Hobbies & Gadgets
Hobbies & Gadgets - 6 years ago
I had the same problem with my clowns and what caused the promblem I did a water change with dirty buckets get fresh water with right water salinity and temp put the clowns in clean bucket or pot and they be fine
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 6 years ago
Unfortunately I tried but still lost the clown fish. So gutted about that.
Hobbies & Gadgets
Hobbies & Gadgets - 6 years ago
I think u have phosphate and nitrate and look at your alk & cal mag levels
Raso Ras
Raso Ras - 6 years ago
Hi, i had a reef kit delivered today so I will check all the parameters tonight. Thanks for the info.

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